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(143) TaliesinNYC: k
(143) TaliesinNYC: so anyone need a recap from last time?
(141) Garret: a bit of one wouldn't hurt
(140) Calehan: We opened the door to 8, and then...
(139) Helisandra: we were attacked by somrthing...
(140) Calehan: Also, we killed Irinia and she melted. The barrier in 20 is still present
(143) DM: You basically explored the keep and managed to recover most of the other shards, but are still missing the emerald shard and the amethyst shard.
(143) DM: (sounds right)
(143) TaliesinNYC: The passage opens into a large comfortable room of dark smoked quartz. Bright tapestries hang from the wall. Two smaller doors and a grand translucent blue crystal door open into this room. Crouching by the door to the north are three small, filthy creatures with cruel claws and red-glowing eyes. When they see you, they rise and shamble forward.
(141) Garret: (which room is this again?)
** (139) Helisandra quickly draws out her sister rapiers and takes a defensive stance, not positive just yet that these creatures were attacking. **
(139) Helisandra: (( 8 ))
(141) Garret: (ok)
** (141) Garret cocks a brow at the approaching creatures, resting a hand to the hilt of his sheathed sword. **
** (140) Calehan raises his daggers, readying for more battle. **
(140) Calehan: "At least this can't go on much longer; that's probably the last spire."
(143) DM: The creatures stop, cocking their heads momentarily, then snigger and vanish.
(139) Helisandra: "Besides the amethyst one, yes."
(141) Garret: "Eh?" :looks about curiously after the vanishing of the creatures, wondering if they've used some magic to teleport or go invisible. Carefully he listens for any movement.
** (142) Daelan La'neral watches the 3 creatures disappear,mutters to himself about how they should have killed the creatures. **
(143) DM: The odor of brimstone seems to have been left in their wake.
** (139) Helisandra starts to slowly move forward, keeping her eyes peeled for any sign that they might still be nearby. (heading towards the door to the right, to 7) **
(141) Garret: :While keeping alert, asks aside to Cale: "Any idea what those were?"
(140) Calehan: "I'd have to say..."
(140) Calehan: "Some kind of demons, not too strong if they ran, right?"
** (139) Helisandra will start looking over the door (to 7) when she arrives at it. **
(141) Garret: :skeptically: "Yeah... right."
(142) Daelan La'neral: " I do not believe they ran away,they left because soon we shall be facing thier master."
(139) Helisandra: "But we already took care of Kaxathros."
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+12] -> [11,12] = (23).[1d20+12] -> [11,12] = (23)
(142) Daelan La'neral: " I am speaking of the mage."
(139) Helisandra: "Oh, Irinia. Well, let's not be standing here then when they arrive."
(140) Calehan: "There's really two reasons to run. To get a better position to fight, or to get away. I don't think they can get out of the castle so they'll probably try to ambush us later. That's the usual way of dealing with being outnumbered."
** (139) Helisandra reaches out and tries to open the door to 7. **
(142) Daelan La'neral: " I believe the final battle here will take place when we enter the room to place the crystals. That would be the logical place to wait for us."
(143) TaliesinNYC: Once set aside for servant's quarters, this room is small but comfortable with four small neat bunks, a writing desk, a common table, and large trunks at the foot of each bed. You notice an oiled rag and a whetstone lying out, and also find a small leather punch and buckle similar to those used in suits of plate armor.
(141) Garret: "If it's at the logical place, it's not much of an ambush." :offers as he listens to their surrioundings.:
(142) Daelan La'neral: " It will not be an ambush,they know we are here,and we know they are here,nothing more than gathering whats left of your forces in one area and hoping for the best results."
** (139) Helisandra enters the rooms and looks over the trunks before searching through them. (Serarch traps). **
(140) Calehan: "More of a last stand then?"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+12] -> [5,12] = (17)
(142) Daelan La'neral: " So to speak,either for them or us.
(141) Garret: "Yes, that's more an act of desparation really."
** (139) Helisandra opens the trunks and searches through them. **
(142) Daelan La'neral: " Not really desperation,they have several things on thier side which we do not. They have more men than we,and they have had several weeks to explore this place,so they know the terrain better than we,that gives them the advantage."
(140) Calehan: "There's still two more pieces to get before we can move on to that anyway. We'll have to deal with Irinia again before then, it seems."
(141) Garret: "Hmmm... frankly I'm worried of her mind tricks than her helpers anyway."
(141) Garret: "You about done in there Heli?"
** (139) Helisandra walks out of the room holding a parchment in her hand. "Yeah, found a few simple weapons, but also this. It seems to be a note from someone named Tiran. I think he is, or was, one of the guards here that started to break the enchentment Irinia placed on him." **
(141) Garret: "Good for him."
(139) Helisandra: "Yes. Other than this however, not really anything in there."
(141) Garret: :shrug: "Not everyroom is a safehouse."
(139) Helisandra: (( ok, where are the other doors in this hallway? to 10, to 9, and the small unnumbered room?" ))
(141) Garret: (onto 9!)
(143) DM: ((one door to the other 7, one to 9, one to a balcony overlooking the ground below and one to 2))
** (139) Helisandra has had enough playing around and heads to the large blue translucent doors. "Well, we ready? My guess is the big doors go somewhere interesting" she says, with a playful tone. **
(139) Helisandra: (( k. Sorry, sometimes the map is hard to tell. ))
(140) Calehan: "The sapphire spire I suppose. I wonder if there's guards there too."
(139) Helisandra: "Irinia sent a few this way as I was dragged into the amethyst spire earlier, so I would expect some company."
** (141) Garret follows to the big blue doors **
** (139) Helisandra starts looking over the door, knowing Irinia's love of trapped doors. **
** (142) Daelan La'neral moves up beside Garret,looking him over,then hands him a dark green potion. " Drink it,from the looks of you,and the others you need it." ( potion CSW) **
** (141) Garret holds up a hand to Daelan's offer, "I have a couple of my own. This much won't kill me. Save it for a more dire moment." **
(142) Daelan La'neral: " As you wish." putting the potion back in his pack.
** (139) Helisandra pulls out the crystal key, sheathing one rapier. She listens at the door for a moment before makig sure everyone is ready. **
(141) Garret: :ready:
** (140) Calehan takes the spare moment to concentrate on his dagger and store a fresh spell in it. (magic missile of course) **
** (140) Calehan nods. **
(142) Daelan La'neral: " Open it,you are not getting any younger human."
(139) Helisandra: (( now, just waiting for the result of the listen check... ))
** (139) Helisandra frowns at Daelan for a moment, but then looks away from him and back to the door. She touches the crystal to the sunburst rune on the door and as the door opens, quickly puts the crystal away. **
(143) TaliesinNYC: Emerald light bathes this room in a verdant glow. Plants and flowers of all types fill this great arboretum. Stone benches and small statues are lost in the riotous growth of vegetation that rules here. Winding pathways lead farther into the garden. This room is inside one of the great spires of the crystal castle, and the crystal walls meet in an apex 100' above the floor. You are surprised to see a small green gem or crystal hovering in the air over the center of the room, easily 60' above the floor and 10' to 15' above the highest of trees.

While you stand in the doorway observing the scene, a beautiful woman appears among the lush leaves of the pathways. She holds a finger to her lips, silencing you and beckons for you to follow as she turns and heads deeper into the room.

** (142) Daelan La'neral looks around at the green plants and vegitation," Finally a room that feels good to me." **
** (141) Garret glances after the woman, scrutinizingly **
(143) DM: She smiles faintly, turns around and disappears into the underbrush.
** (139) Helisandra looks to Garret and nods to the side, indicating that she is going to take a flank position through the shadows of the trees. **
** (142) Daelan La'neral slips into the room,disappearing into the underbrush. **
** (139) Helisandra moves into the underbrush as well, on the opposite side of the path that the woman took. She stops once in the shadows and melds into them. **
(139) Helisandra: (( *woman took from Daelan ))
** (141) Garret ignores the woman and elf's disappearances and begins following a pathway toward the the center of the room, using the gem in the air as a guide. **
** (140) Calehan sheathes one dagger to keep a hand free with all the vegetation and follows directly after the woman. **
(140) Calehan: :Quietly:"A clear invitation; and to what."
(143) DM: There is a strong, acrid odor in the chamber that contrasts sharply with the vegetation and scenery.
(141) Garret: :gives an errant call out as he progresses: "Splitting up may not be the wisest decision here." :continues along the path, watching the vegetation for signs of danger and listening for his allies.:
(143) DM: The woman seems to have disappeared, as your efforts to find her seem to be for naught.
(140) Calehan: "How big are these rooms anyway? The plants make it hard to tell here."
** (142) Daelan La'neral steps out of the underbrush right in front of Garret,holding his hand up to stop them. **
(142) Daelan La'neral: " The plants are real enough,but I am not sure of the female human,she maybe a nymph."
(141) Garret: :stops beside the elf: "Yes?"
(142) Daelan La'neral: " She moves through the woods as I do or a Druid,but I did not get the feeling she is of the wood."
(141) Garret: :shrugs: "I have no problem with that. If so, let's just try to decent guests in her home."
(142) Daelan La'neral: " Continue along the path,I shall follow beside you in the brush."
(141) Garret: :nods and continues along the path:
** (142) Daelan La'neral slips back into the brush,following the others. **
(141) Garret: (how high's the gem floating?)
** (139) Helisandra continues to do as she had been doing (( just so you all know i am still here. :) )) **
(143) DM: (80')
(143) DM: All of the paths loop around to the door.
(139) Helisandra: (( with, or without reaching the gem? ))
(143) DM: (without)
** (139) Helisandra whispers from the side of the path near Garret. "Garret, we must enter the forest to reach the gem. This path goes nowhere." Then, there is silence once again. **
(141) Garret: "Alright. alright. into the brush." :heads into the garden, following the sight of the gem above.:
** (139) Helisandra moves along with Garret and Calehan, even though she isn't seen or heard. **
(143) Voice: (soft feminine voice): So, do you seek the shard?
** (141) Garret glances about. "Aye, we do." **
(143) Voice: (giggles): And how much are you willing to pay for it?
(141) Garret: "Want a partially disturbed green elf?"
(143) Voice: (giggles): I am not interested in elves.
(141) Garret: :shrug: "Can't blame ya. he's kind of annoying so far."
(141) Garret: "Afraid I don't have much to offer in the way of precious jewels or gold though. Perhaps you have a price in mind...?"
** (141) Garret tries to focus his ears of the voice to find it's speaker's location **
** (141) Garret continues his stroll toward the room's center(or whereever is directly below the gem) **
(143) Voice: (giggles): A pity.
(143) Voice: I will release the shard to you if you release me from your service.
(143) DM: Someone fires an arrow at the shard from a tree. The arrow misses its target.
(141) Garret: "I didn't know you were in our service." :as he approaches:
(141) Garret: :guesses: "Daelan... don't shoot things haphazardly"
(143) Voice: You have slain the one who bound me here, so now I enter into your service.
(141) Garret: "And who are you exactly?" :in after thought.: "Forgive my rudeness, miss. I am Garret, and you are...?" :continues toard the center of the spire:
(143) Voice: I am forbidden to reveal my name to one who has not earned it, but you may call me "Jestira"
(143) Voice: There are rules, mortal.
(141) Garret: "Forgive me. I'm unfamiliar in these matters." keeps walking: "Then in what way are you bound to serve us.. may I ask?"
(143) DM: The beautiful woman appears next to the tree that Daelan climbed. A pair of horns can be seen on her head.
(143) Jesitra: I am bound to serve you, until you release me from your service, you are slain, or the master of this tower returns. However, I desire freedom and I sense that you seek the shard. If you release me from my service, I shall give you the shard. I swear this on the first circle.
** (143) Jesitra smiles faintly, flicking out a forked tongue. **
** (139) Helisandra frowns from the shadows upon seeing the current form of the woman, but says nothing. **
(141) Garret: :cocks his head aside: "If you are bound to serve us, then by all means aren't you bound to give us the gem should we request it of you?"
** (142) Daelan La'neral stands after finishing his prayer to the tree,walking over to Garret. **
(143) Jesitra: Clever, mortal. I cannot give you what has been contained by hands not my own.
(143) Jesitra: I can show you the means to gain it however.
(142) Daelan La'neral: " It does not work like that Garret,she is bound to this room and this room only,once she is freed she can freely give us what we seek."
(141) Garret: "Then how can you give it to us should you be set free?"
(143) Jesitra: I can give you the means to gain it, mortal. (explains patiently)
(141) Garret: "Then you would be bound to show us the way... regardless of self serving deals." :speaks dryly:
(143) Jesitra: I am bound to your service, mortal, only within this room. The means to gain the shard lie elsewhere, outside of this chamber. (smiles faintly, flicking her tongue)
(141) Garret: "Do tell then, please."
(143) Jesitra: Only if you release me from my service, my master. (smiles sweetly)
** (142) Daelan La'neral stands and listens. **
(141) Garret: "You don't even answer a question when asked, though you claim to be in our service, and I'm to trust you after you are freed?"
(143) Jesitra: I am a daemon. It is my nature, my master.
(142) Daelan La'neral: " Forgive him,he is a Human."
(141) Garret: :casts an annoyed glance to the elf before turning back to their "servant"
(142) Daelan La'neral: " When she is asked a question Garret she answers in one,so be careful how you speak."
(143) Jesitra: I did answer your question. When Kaxathros lived, I was bound to slay all who entered this chamber who was not under the service of Irinia. Now that you have slain her, I am bound by you although not free to leave. (smiles faintly and flicks her tongue)
(143) Jesitra: Release me, and I shall give you what you seek.
** (139) Helisandra steps out of the shadows behind Jesitra. "And what, daemon, does your release mean? That you can reutrn home, or that you can terrorize others of your own free will?" **
** (139) Helisandra turns to Garret, not really expecting a reply from the deamon. 'Garret, if we release her, and she harms another - that would be on our hands." **
(142) Daelan La'neral: " Make her oath speak."
(141) Garret: "I understand that."
(143) Jesitra: I only answer to he who is my master. (smiles sweetly at Helisandra)
** (139) Helisandra nods to Garret, then turns her attention back to Jesitra, watching the deamon coldly. **
(141) Garret: :looks to the elf: "She's a demon. they're not particularly trustworthy.
(142) Daelan La'neral: " She is bound by her word if she swears to the oath."
** (141) Garret pays little attention to Daelan and the demon, as he stares up to the gem in contemplation **
(141) Garret: "Demon.. can you fly?"
** (142) Daelan La'neral sits down and eats a freshly picked apple. **
(143) Jesitra: No, my master.
(141) Garret: "Hmph.... wonder if we could get a net up that high."
** (142) Daelan La'neral speaking around a mouthful of apple," Would do you no good,even an arrow from my bow would not bring it down." **
(141) Garret: :turns an odd glance to the elf, but doesn't bother to speak:
** (139) Helisandra gets a questioning look on her face for a moment, then steps back into the shadows of the trees, disappearing from sight. **
(141) Garret: :sighs and relents to speak to Jestira: "Tell me demon. how did you come to be bound here?"
(142) Daelan La'neral: " It seems she has us at a disadvantage,either we help her or we sit here until the end of time."
(143) Jesitra: I was brought here, by Kaxathros, who gave me to his mistress, Irinia. She made me swear an oath, but the oath did not terminate upon her death. It is the nature of such an oath, that mastery passes on to a successor or until a set of conditions has elapsed.
(141) Garret: "What conditions?"
** (141) Garret gives a slight nod for no distinct reason **
** (142) Daelan La'neral pulls his legs up close to him,crosses his legs,places his bow ontop on his lap,then folds his hands over his bow,lowers his head and begins to meditate. **
(143) Jesitra: I told you already, my master. Until you are slain, or the master of this tower returns.
(141) Garret: "And if you were to swear an oath to me that you would return to your own realm once freed and never return to the mortal realm again. should I believe that you would?"
(143) Jesitra: Certainly. (smiles sweetly, flicking her tongue)
(141) Garret: Sense Motive Skill Check: [1d20+6] -> [9,6] = (15)
** (141) Garret lets out a heavy sigh and glances to his companions, the ones he can see, for their reaction. **
** (141) Garret raises a hand to rub the bridge of his nose, while muttering something under his breath **
(143) DM: (folks, I need a decision)
(141) Garret: (hai hai)
(141) Garret: [1d2] -> [2] = (2)
** (141) Garret turns a stern eye to the demoness. "If we're going to do this, then I want you to swear an oath with me. Swear that you will harm no mortal beings once you are freed and will flee to your own realm." **
** (143) Jesitra bares her teeth in a grin and says, "I swear to harm no mortal beings once I am released and to depart for my realm forthwith." **
** (143) Jesitra flicks her tongue at Garret as she says this. **
(141) Garret: "I know I'm going to regret this." :shakes his head and settles his hand on his sheathed sword: "Just don't forget you owe us a gem shard before you leave."
** (143) Jesitra giggles. "Thank you for releasing me. Never trust a daemon, mortal. Good bye." **
** (143) Jesitra vanishes. **
(141) Garret: "I didn't say you were released yet." :quirks an annoyed brow:
(143) DM: A cloud of brimstone appears when she departs.
** (142) Daelan La'neral lifts his head at the smell of brimstone,looking around. **
** (142) Daelan La'neral looks up at the gem,then at Garret. **
(143) Voice: Release me and I shall reveal to you how you may gain the shard, mortal.
** (141) Garret groans and slaps his head at the demon's demand after it's careless exit attempt. "You must be the dumbest demon ever." **
** (141) Garret turns away in annoynace heading back toward the exit **
(142) Daelan La'neral: " You released one only to gain another Garret."
** (139) Helisandra appears beside Garret as he turns and she walks with him. **
(143) Voice: You dealt with a daemon who needed no release, mortal.
(143) DM: This is a masculine voice.
** (142) Daelan La'neral sits and waits,knowing the others will return. **
** (139) Helisandra looks to Garret as they walk. "Finish this now, or later?" **
(141) Garret: "Don't care." :keeps walking: "I'm not dealing with demons one after another. she said the secret is in another room. We'll figure it out ourselves if we must"
(143) Voice: I am not a daemon, mortal.
** (139) Helisandra continues walking with Garret. **
(142) Daelan La'neral: " Seems the Humans do not wish to speak to you."
(141) Garret: "Once more... don't care."
(143) Voice: So be it then. I can wait. What is time to a celestial?
(142) Daelan La'neral: " Infinate,as is time to us elves."
(143) Voice: Even elves must die. (dryly)
(142) Daelan La'neral: " As do gods,when the worshipers forget them."
** (139) Helisandra pauses and places a hand on Garret's shoulder. "What if he, it, is telling the truth and is a celestial? How about we try one more time?" **
(143) Voice: A truth, an eternal truth.
(141) Garret: :to heli: "Or it's the same rediculous daemon, masking it's voice and making up a bull story to get us to release it again. I'd rather leave it for the Master of the Keep to deal with... if he comes back alive."
(139) Helisandra: "Except that we will need the green gem to free him. And we have explored almost all of this keep, and I don't remember anything that would help us with obtaining it."
(142) Daelan La'neral: " Which are you? A fallen diety? or a bound one?"
** (141) Garret looks to the shorter girl wearily. Stretching an arm back to the center of the room. "Chat away." **
(143) Voice: I am a spirit from Sul who Alarius has kept for his purposes. I desire release and a return to my realm. I will reveal to you a path to that which you desire. And I swear this on the first circle.
** (139) Helisandra looks back to the center of the room, to where the gem floats high and speaks in that direction, knowing that this being will hear her. "You say that you need to be released, but why are you here only now?" **
(143) Voice: I have been here all this time, mortal. (dryly)
(139) Helisandra: "Why did you not speak earlier then?"
(143) Voice: She was here, the one who you know as Jelistra.
(139) Helisandra: "Of course.." (sarcastic dryly)
(143) Voice: She will return to the mortal realm, some time later, bound she will be to a man who seeks dominion over the spiritual and the infernal, and the temporal. And she will be released out into the world by those who know not of her nature. (dryly)
(143) DM: You get the sense that this last was directed at Garret.
(142) Daelan La'neral: " So both of you were bound here,she tricked Garret to get her release,and now you are seeking the same."
(141) Garret: "I never set she was released. Besides. if you wanted it stopped, you really should have spoken up."
(143) Voice: She never NEEDED release, mortal.
(139) Helisandra: "Then why would she ask for it, and not just leave?"
(143) Voice: She was free to leave when you slew her master.
(141) Garret: "Just needs the vindication I suppose. Most other women just want to hear they're pretty."
(142) Daelan La'neral: " I am begining to understand,she was never bound by the mage,she was bound by the other deamon,she would have known we did not kill the real mage."
(143) Voice: I do not know. You would do better to count the number of stars in the sky than to talk sense with a daemon.
** (139) Helisandra glances at Garret, "Well, he talks like a celestial would..." **
(142) Daelan La'neral: " She kept saying we killed the mage,when we in fact know we did not."
(141) Garret: :skeptically to Heli: "How many celestials have you spoken to?"
(143) Voice: She entered into this world by the command of the one known as Kaxathros, who then gave her to the one known as Irinia, who is a creation of the one known as Almeena, the Ever-Maiden. Irinia bound her to her service. This service ended as soon as you slew her.
(139) Helisandra: "Well, like I would imagine that they would."
(142) Daelan La'neral: " So how may we free you?"
(141) Garret: "Hmph..." :shakes his head:
(143) Voice: I can only be freed if you would accept to be my master, and to call upon my service at a time of your choosing. Thus would the binding of Alarius be passed on to you.
(142) Daelan La'neral: " How many times may we call upon you?"
(143) Voice: You may call upon me not less than once and not more than three times. You may not keep me in service for longer than a period of one day. Because the mage has been absent for more than a day, I cannot be released until his return.
(143) DM: (erp, one hour. my bad)
(143) DM: (you can't keep him in service for more than one hour and he has been absent for more than one hour)
(143) DM: (is what I meant to say)
(143) DM: (what he means is that because Alarius isn't around to release him, he wants to leave and the only way he can be released is if someone else accepts the burden.)
(142) Daelan La'neral: " What name are you called spirit?"
(139) Helisandra: (( ahh - why didn't you just say so... I was trying to understand that... ))
(143) Voice: It is not given to mortals to know the name of a spirit of Sul, but you may call me Mnemone, of Potmos.
(143) DM: A floating, disembodied beheaded male human head appears next to Helisandra.
(143) Mnemone: This is the form by which I am empowered to appear on the mortal realm.
(142) Daelan La'neral: " Ok just so I understand how this works,we agree to take you with us and become your master,we can only call upon you up to 3 times per day but only an hour each time,if we do this you agree to give us the crystal?"
(141) Garret: (beheaded head?... that mean bald?)
(143) DM: (as in a beheaded person. what happens when a guillotine chops off your head?)
(139) Helisandra: (( but you said disembodied beheaded.... ))
(141) Garret: (the body's there too?)
(143) DM: (he's a pale, ghostly human head, his neck torn off from his body)
(139) Helisandra: "Ahh, there you are. Well, that does make it a little easier than talking to a room. So, if one of us agrees to be your master, you will help us a few times, and then be freed, right?"
(141) Garret: (not very attractive for a celestial)
(143) Mnemone: Correct, mortal. Release me, and I shall return to the celestial realm. Call upon me in a time of need, for no longer than an hour, and you may do so three more times.
(143) Mnemone: After the third time, I am released from your service for all eternity.
(142) Daelan La'neral: " Well seems it likes you Helisandra,so agree or not."
(139) Helisandra: "Very well. What kinds of things would you be able to help us with?"
(143) Mnemone: Lore, knowledge, prophecy and fate. I serve the god Potmos, who is an Aspect of Oneiros.
(143) Mnemone: I know that you are aspects of other beings, who live in dreams. You have seen a person who you shall meet again. You yourselves will remember THIS conversation in dreams.
(139) Helisandra: "I see. Then I shall help you, even though that was confusing just now." *clears her through and tries to sound important and official* "Mnemone, I bind you to serve me for the alloted time, until the set conditions of your release are met."
** (143) Mnemone closes his eyes and nods, if a disembodied head could nod. "What would the Lady Helisandra wish of a servant such as I?" **
(139) Helisandra: "Well, first of all - just so that you will be able to be realsed. What enemies do we still face within this keep in our attempt to free Alarius?"
(143) Mnemone: None.
** (139) Helisandra looks to Garret. "Got any questions?" **
(141) Garret: "just one." :rather than speaking, points to the gem above them:
(142) Daelan La'neral: " So they are all gone,dead,not here anywhere on this floating castle? If that were true why can we not get the crystal from the other room?"
(143) Mnemone: Alarius built this citadel so that a portion of this magic would reside in the shards which together summon the White Spire from the realm of the Beyond. When the Spire disappeared, his magic activated certain restrictions which would only be overcome by those with the proper knowledge. The reason you are unable to recover those shards is because you lack that knowledge.
(142) Daelan La'neral: " Well enlighten us with your knowledge on how to retrieve the last crystal."
(143) Mnemone: To recover the amethyst shard, you must think of the shard in your hand while within the amethyst spire. You must be of good character for this to occur. Do so, and it will be done.
(143) Mnemone: To recover the emerald shard, you must somehow fly up to the shard, touch it and it will be released from its cage. Do so, and it will be done.
(143) Mnemone: Bring all six shards to the pedestal in the courtyard, and the White Spire will return from the realm of the Beyond.
(141) Garret: "Right..... so you know any possible ways for us to fly?"
(143) Mnemone: I am many things, you who are known as Garret, but I am not a wizard. (chuckles)
(139) Helisandra: "Calahan said there were many potions we found, maybe one of them will help."
(142) Daelan La'neral: " So one of the Humans has to think the crystal into thier hands? and for the last one,one of them has to fly."
(139) Helisandra: "Mnemone - for your final question, how can we return this keep back to where it was when we came to it?"
(143) Mnemone: It does not have to be done by a human, mortal.
(143) Mnemone: Alarius will return it once he returns.
(141) Garret: "Hmph.. maybe we can ask the dragon to go get it then."
(141) Garret: (drake rather)
(139) Helisandra: "Very well. That is our three questions Mnemone. You are released, and.. thank you for your knowledge."
(143) Mnemone: Until you call upon me again, my lady. A foretelling: you will not meet the one known as Jelistra again in this time. Your other selves have met her once before and will meet her again in the future.
** (143) Mnemone vanishes. **
(141) Garret: :shakes his head: "Other selves...?"
(142) Daelan La'neral: " Humans,daemons and floating gods,whats next dwarves and orc?"
(139) Helisandra: "Other selves?" she mutters. She then shakes her head and looks to Garret. "Let's finish this, shall we?"
(143) DM: ((that's a reference to a very early part of the campaign, but only Lunauc remembers this, because none of you were playing back then))
(141) Garret: "Gladly. We just have to figure out how to get up there"
(139) Helisandra: (( yeah, I think I remember something about that in the logs, but it has been a long time since I read them.... ))
(139) Helisandra: "Well, let's get the Amethyst one, and then search for a way to get up to the emerald."
(142) Daelan La'neral: " Well all you have to do is hold out your hand and think the crystal in your hand Garret."
** (139) Helisandra starts walking back to the amethyst spire, via the path they took to get here. **
(141) Garret: ("Have to go to the amethyst spire for that on. In here... we need to fly." :to Daelan: "Don't suppose you can instruct a bird to go get it or something..?"
(142) Daelan La'neral: " Can you jump Garret?"
(141) Garret: '"yes... not quite that high though." :dryly:L
(142) Daelan La'neral: " Can you climb?"
(141) Garret: "up the sheer insloping walls of a spire.. no."
(142) Daelan La'neral: " No can you climb a tree?"
(141) Garret: "Trees aren't tall enough."
(142) Daelan La'neral: " Climb to the top of the tree and jump up to get the crystal."
(141) Garret: "Do I look like a flea to you? I can't jump that high."
(142) Daelan La'neral: " Then perhaps Calehan can do it.
** (139) Helisandra keeps heading straight to the amethyst spire. **
(142) Daelan La'neral: " May as well wait here for her,since there is nothing to fear now."
** (142) Daelan La'neral tosses Garret a fresh apple. **
** (141) Garret catches the fruit and bites in, as he stares up at the gem thoughtfully **
(141) Garret: "Worst comes to worst we bilt a ladder."
(142) Daelan La'neral: " Why not form a human chain at the top of the tree,I was within 15' of the gem when I was up there."
(141) Garret: "Alright, When Heli gets back, we'll see if she wants the pole position"
(142) Daelan La'neral: " I figure you,then Calehan,then Helisandra and finally me,I am the smallest and the lightest."
(141) Garret: "I wouldn't say that to Heli if I were you."
(142) Daelan La'neral: " Why not,it is a fact."
(140) Calehan: "Do we need to actually touch the gem ourselves, or could we touch it with something?"
(142) Daelan La'neral: " The god did not say,just that we needed to fly somehow,so I am guessing we have to touch it."
(142) Daelan La'neral: " And Garret being a fighter,he is the strongest,then you Calehan being a human male means you are taller than the female human Helisandra,and then Helisandra since she is the thieving type she would have good balance,and me at the top since I am the smallest and the lightest one here."
(142) Daelan La'neral: " It is merely an idea,one that I am not fond of mind you,the last time I touched one of those crystals,I was almost killed."
** (142) Daelan La'neral sits back down,looking up at the floating gem. **
(140) Calehan: "If I can get to the top of a tree near it, I could try to nudge it down with a simple spell." :Looks at the nearest trees: "Though I'm really not a climbing sort of person."
** (142) Daelan La'neral points to the largest tree nearby," At the top I was 15' from the gem." **
(141) Garret: "just go slow and mind your hand holds."
(140) Calehan: "I just need to get within 40."
(142) Daelan La'neral: " My arrow did not even budge the gem."
(142) Daelan La'neral: " I believe you have to touch the gem with your hand Calehan."
(140) Calehan: "That's what I'm afraid of."
(142) Daelan La'neral: " Garret mentioned some potions you found,any idea if any of them can help you fly?"
(140) Calehan: "I haven't had time to examine them that closely. One of them might do though."
(142) Daelan La'neral: " No time like the present."
(140) Calehan: "Right."
** (141) Garret takes a seat against a tree to relax a moment **
** (140) Calehan takes one more look around and sets to rummaging for the potions to try to identify them. **
(140) Calehan: "25 -- Identify a potion. Requires 1 minute. No retry." There, no forgetting [1d20+13] -> [15,13] = (28)
** (139) Helisandra runs into the room, and heads for where she left the others at, near the emerald gem. When she finds them, she is almost out of breath, but she holds forth several potion vials, a scroll case, and a gleaming dagger with a silver hilt in Calehan's direction. "The butler said something here would help us get to the emerald gem." **
(140) Calehan: "Wow."
** (139) Helisandra bends over, putting her hands on her knees as she tries to catch her breath once Calehan takes the items. After a few moments, her breathing starts to return to normal. **
(143) DM: (unlike the others, these are labelled: health, vitality, healing, healing. the scroll case contains one scroll.)
** (140) Calehan holds up the golden liquid filled vial gotten from Kendel and says. "This one should do the trick." **
(140) Calehan: "I wonder if he was supposed to retrieve it....? Nevermind now though. This should be a potion of flight; just what the head called for."
** (142) Daelan La'neral looks at Helisandra. **
(139) Helisandra: "Then have at it. Go get us that last gem."
(140) Calehan: "Right." :stands up:
** (142) Daelan La'neral reaches into his tunic,drawing out the yellow crystal,holding it out to Helisandra. **
** (140) Calehan takes one last look at the oily yellow potion. "Better taste more like honey than..." and drinks it. **
** (139) Helisandra declines the crystal. "Hold onto it for now. You will have a chance to use it for good soon enough." **
(142) Daelan La'neral: " As you wish."
** (142) Daelan La'neral puts the crystal back inside his tunic. **
** (142) Daelan La'neral watches Calehan to see what happens. **
** (139) Helisandra goes and sits under a tree, enjoying the darkness of the shade it provides. **
** (140) Calehan takes a look to the sky, and begins to float upwards at a fast walking pace. **
(140) Calehan: "Here I go; shouldn't be any more surprises."
** (140) Calehan flies up out of the trees and floats over to grab the crystal. **
(142) Daelan La'neral: " With him flying up there,how does he get back down?"
** (139) Helisandra watches Calehan go after the emerald gem, glad that they are almost finished. **
** (142) Daelan La'neral pulls out some leaves,roots and flowers,and begins to crush them together,putting them into an empty vial when he is done. **
** (140) Calehan flies back down, and hovers a few feet from the ground, facing the ground "above" him a moment before righting himself. **
(140) Calehan: :while holding out the gem: "Got it."
(139) Helisandra: "Great, let's go see to Alarius then, shall we?"
(141) Garret: :stands up: "The the court yard then?"
** (139) Helisandra stands and begins walking slowly to the door, making sure the others are coming as well. **
(139) Helisandra: "Yep, that would be the next stop."
** (142) Daelan La'neral frowns as the mixture does not seem quite right to him. **
** (141) Garret follows along **
** (140) Calehan floats after, ducking through the door, making the most of the magic while it lasts. **
** (142) Daelan La'neral stands up,placing the remaining herbs in his belt pouches,then turns and follows the others. **
** (139) Helisandra leads the group back past the bottomless swimming pool, and into the small hallway before it. She then leads them straight forward, through the next door and into the courtyard. **
** (142) Daelan La'neral looks around the courtyard,moving towards the place that is colored yellow,taking out the yellow crystal. **
(142) Daelan La'neral: " Does anyone know if there is an order to which they are to be placed?"
(141) Garret: "Maybe we should ask the apprentice."
** (139) Helisandra approaches the pedastal in the courtyard and looks it over. **
(143) DM: (stopping at 2 am)
(140) Calehan: "Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Violet if I had to guess."
(142) Daelan La'neral: " Guess?"
(139) Helisandra: "Or, they might be based on the location of the spires. After all, this is the center of the keep."
(140) Calehan: "Well? Tensil might know I suppose."
** (139) Helisandra looks over the pedastal for any markings that might tell them the answer. **
(143) DM: There are six holes in the pedestal, and no markings.
(139) Helisandra: "Yeah, go ask. I don't see any clues here."
(142) Daelan La'neral: " Once you are done here,where are you off to next?"
(141) Garret: "No idea"
** (139) Helisandra pulls out the blue gem and tries to judge where it might fit, just by looking, not actually setting the gem in any position. **
(140) Calehan: "Probably something urgent having to do with a prophecy this guy has been deciphering. Since Irinia's master wanted it."
(143) DM: All the holes seem to be the same size
(142) Daelan La'neral: " If you are heading towards Tolmara I would like to travel with you."
(139) Helisandra: "I wonder if it even matters how they are placed on here..."
(141) Garret: "try it in any order. We have nothing to worry over it doesn't work"
** (139) Helisandra mutters to anyone listening, as she concentrates on the pedastal, blocking out the other conversation. **
(142) Daelan La'neral: " It may make this place fall Garret.''
(141) Garret: "I severly doubt it."
(142) Daelan La'neral: " Or worse."
** (139) Helisandra looks up. "Huh? Fall? Oh. Wasn't someone going to go ask Tensil?" **
(142) Daelan La'neral: " Calehan went to get him."
** (141) Garret gives a nod and heads off to go find the apprentice. **
(141) Garret: ... and Cale...
(140) Calehan: "I suppose I should go too."
** (140) Calehan goes with Garret in case something comes up. **
** (143) Tensil, of Prism Keep is reading a book in his room when you enter. **
(139) Helisandra: (( actually - he hadn't gone yet Daelan - which is why she said that. :) ) ))
(141) Garret: "Tensil. We need some preofessional aid."
(143) Tensil, of Prism Keep: What do you need?
(140) Calehan: "Good news: We melted Irinia and got the 6 gems. Just want to make sure we don't set off a trab setting them up to bring back the white spire."
(143) Tensil, of Prism Keep: You can set them in any order.
(143) Tensil, of Prism Keep: (continues reading)
(141) Garret: :to Cale: "See?"
** (141) Garret heads back to the yard with the good news **
(140) Calehan: "Oh. That's kinda disappointing you know? Oh well, let's go."
(139) Helisandra: (( what - does no one here care that we are about to return Alarius to them, or that Irinia, whom they feared, is dead?!? ))
(143) DM: (maybe, maybe not)
** (139) Helisandra pulls out the amethyst and is seeing if the size of it looks different than any of the holes. Then, she looks at the blue one again, while waiting for Garret and Calehan. **
(142) Daelan La'neral: " You know Helisandra,for a Human,you are not entirely unpleasant to look upon."
(141) Garret: :re-entering the yard: "No order. just shove em in and get this mess over with."
(140) Calehan: "Far be it for me to interrupt, but it doesn't matter. Put them in whatever order, wherever. Nothing special, no chants."
** (139) Helisandra smiles sweetly. "Tha..." Just then the others walk in and she stops. "That's great" she says to their news and she sets the blue one n the pedastal;. **
(142) Daelan La'neral: " Perhaps it is my distrust of Humans,but does this not seem rather to easy?"
(143) DM: The pedestal begins glowing blue.
(140) Calehan: "Perhaps it's my distrust of magic, wait, what am I saying? This is too easy. Oh well, they weren't easy to get."
** (139) Helisandra smiles and directs someone else to add theirs. **
** (142) Daelan La'neral stands,walks over and places the yellow crystal in the next hole. **
(142) Daelan La'neral: " This still does not feel right."
** (140) Calehan shrugs and puts the green crystal into a pedestal. **
(143) DM: A green glow diffuses the pedestal.
** (142) Daelan La'neral moving away from the petastal. **
(143) DM: The crystals fuse with the pedestal when you insert them, by the way.
(143) DM: (and since Tian isn't here, we're stopping)
(139) Helisandra: (( wait - we got two more we can add... ))
(139) Helisandra: (( :) Helisandra is ready to leave this place... ))
(141) Garret: (think we're just assuming the gems are all put in
(143) DM: ((lol, so you add them, but since a player isn't here, his PC isn't and you need that to continue))
(139) Helisandra: (( ok - that's fine. it will save us... oh... aboiut 15 seconds next week... :) ))
(143) DM: :)
(142) Daelan La'neral: ( we will need him for the fight.

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