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(109) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(102) Tian Keth' from room...
(102) Tian Keth (exit): 21:44
(102) Tian Keth (enter): 21:44
(122) Dj Gilcrease (exit): 21:44
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (102) Tian Keth...
(111) Helisandra: (( I'm good to go. ))
(109) DM: (k)
** (111) Helisandra is freaking out about the strange thoughts and memories that just entered her mind and she steps back to a nearby shadow from a tree and hides for a moment, collecting herself. **
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(112) Agaren (exit): 21:46
(109) DM: You emerge from Etienne's portal, in the midst of a grassy field on the edge of a forest. A road runs past you and enters the forest. In the distance to the west can be seen smoke, perhaps coming from a chimney. The scene is pastoral and calm.
** (102) Tian Keth looks around still a bit confused "We should head there" Pointing to the smoke **
** (111) Helisandra watches the rest of the group from the shadows. **
(102) Tian Keth: "What ever just happened it gave me the impression we need to find a sword in this area and to do that we have to find the singer of a specific song"
** (115) Calehan lowers his hand from his shoulder and comments simply, "Hmm, no bow after all." **
(115) Calehan: "The singer of the lineage of kings, right?"
** (111) Helisandra finally has calmed enough to step back out of the shadows towards the rest of the group. "Weren't we headed east? Now west? Oh, it seems strange, doesn''t it?" **
(102) Tian Keth: "Yes I think that is the song, hard to understand all these new memories but not that differant then when the wolves first started talking to me"
(111) Helisandra: "So, should we trust these thoughts?"
** (102) Tian Keth opens his mind to make contact with any wolves in the area (( 70 miles)) just giving an introduction of himself **
** (115) Calehan looks around carefully. **
(102) Tian Keth: "They came from someware, either the gods or magic gave them to us for a reason, I will trust them"
(115) Calehan: "I don't see any reason to distrust our own thoughts out here."
(111) Helisandra: "It's not my thoughts I distrust - but the thoughts that are added to my own. But, either way - until we know more, we might as well go along."
** (102) Tian Keth continues toward the soke keeping an eye out for anything **
(102) Tian Keth: Spot Skill Check: [1d20+18] -> [11,18] = (29)
(102) Tian Keth: ((*smoke))
(109) DM: There are farms that dot the landscape, here and there.
** (111) Helisandra shrugs and follows Tian, but taking a path off to the side, using her scouting training. **
(109) Drenla: By the looks of things, we are in eastern Damrosil, near Loring's Wood.
(102) Tian Keth: "There are farmers in the area, and if what Garret tels me is tru we should aproch them with our weaqpons shiethed so we do not scare them"
(115) Calehan: "That's right."
(111) Helisandra: "Yes, they would not respond very well."
** (115) Calehan wonders how long it'll take Tian to get the hang of this humanoid life thing. **
(109) Drenla: I don't think we'll have much to fear here. Damrosil is a peaceful kingdom, although beset by political turmoil.
** (111) Helisandra runs ahead of Tian and Calehan a little bit, scouting out the area - making sure there is no danger or surprises. **
(102) Tian Keth: "Hard to get used to being around pople again after ten years alone with the wolves"
(109) DM: Horses can be heard in the distance...
** (102) Tian Keth secures his weapons but making sure they are easy to access in case of danger **
** (115) Calehan is following along behind letting others with a better sense of country travel lead the way. **
** (111) Helisandra moves back to the other two and points off to the left, ahead of them. "Five riders. Coming from the forest, heading in this direction." **
(102) Tian Keth: "Who wants to talk to them first I dont think it should be me, I am still getting used to dealing with people"
** (111) Helisandra glances at Calehan with a pleading look, since she is talkative enough around those she trusts, but not around strangers. **
(115) Calehan: "I'll handle it, I suppose I'll think of something."
** (102) Tian Keth ajusts his course to intercept the riders **
(125) erendor (enter): 22:04
** (111) Helisandra moves back off to the side, using the forest edge as shadowy cover to watch the exchange. **
(102) Tian Keth: "I'll be close, make your way to them and talk I'll be on the lookout for danger"
** (102) Tian Keth heads off and a rapid pace to circle around **
** (115) Calehan moves ahead to greet the riders, moving to the side of the road as he's on foot. **
(109) DM: The riders come into view. They appear to be knights, clad in plate armor and light blue cloaks, trimmed in silver. The lead rider holds forth a white and blue banner on which can be seen a stag rampant.
(111) Helisandra: (( and we leave the poor sorcerer all alone... :) ))
(109) Cerwyn: What, ho! Hold and be recognized!
(115) Calehan: "Hail and well met good knight on this good day."
** (115) Calehan smiles cheerfully. **
(111) Helisandra: (( do we recogonize the banner colors as a certain group? ))
(109) Cerwyn: Hail and well met. Peace be thy sword....where comest thou?
(109) DM: ((Knowledge roll))
(111) Helisandra: Knowledge (any): [1d20+2] -> [17,2] = (19)
(115) Calehan: ((Where comest thou? I have to admit I have no idea which that means.)
(102) Tian Keth: ((Where did you come from))
(109) DM: ((the banner of Lord Pereneve, the Regent of Damrosil.))
(125) erendor (exit): 22:09
(115) Calehan: (Is everyone else actually hiding?)
(109) DM: ((at this time in Damrosil's history, there is no ruler and there hasn't been one for several years))
(109) Cerwyn: Art thou daft? Where comest thou?
(115) Calehan: "From Wylund. We're looking to meet a singer I've heard about. The Singer of the Lineage of Kings."
** (109) Cerwyn raises his eyebrow **
(111) Helisandra: (( No - he's Calehan - not this Daft person. :) ))
(109) Cerwyn: What didst thou say? The Lineage of Kings? (glances at his fellows)
(115) Calehan: "The singer of such."
(115) Calehan: "I'm sorry for troubling you, but you look like that means something to you. Do you know of him?"
(109) Cerwyn: These are troubled times, sirrah. We have need of men, good men, in service to the Crown. If thou be of good cheer, mayest thou come with us to meet with Laird Gwydion, at yonder wayrest. He would speak with thee.
(109) Cerwyn: (indicates the smoke in the distance)
(115) Calehan: "It can never hurt to talk to someone and learn. We will surely pay him a visit."
(109) Cerwyn: The Lineage, sirrah, is an ancient poem that tells of the history of our kingdom and foretells of a prophecy that shall bring a King to the throne. Most do not know of it, save sages, scholars and bards.
(130) Agaren (enter): 22:23
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (130) Agaren...
(111) Helisandra: (( he's back.... ;) ))
(115) Calehan: ((I'm sorry, I'm still dazed from his earlier speech. I'll recover soon))
(102) Tian Keth: Sense Motive Skill Check: [1d20+11] -> [11,11] = (22)
(132) Git (enter): 22:27
(102) Tian Keth: ((Cheer my teacher of human inter action is here =P ))
(115) Calehan: "I thank you for that knowledge. Are you a scholar yourself?"
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (132) Garret...
(109) DM: ((bring Garret up to speed pls))
whispering to Garret, send me Morti and Garret
whispering to Garret, game tree got corrupted
(132) Garret has sent you a tree node...
(132) Garret has sent you a tree node...
** (109) Cerwyn laughs heartily. **
(109) DM: The other knights grin widely.
(111) Helisandra: (( my guess - that means 'no'... ))
(109) Gaevin: Cerwyn? A scholar? Nay, sirrah, more like a lover of good food, fine wine and jousting.
(109) Gaevin: He doth still owe me a falcon from a jousting meet not long anon.
** (132) Garret stands still and disinterested as he looks about the knights **
** (102) Tian Keth steps out of the woods behind the horsemen so his friends can see him but staying silent **
(109) Cerwyn: 'Twas half a farthing, thou knowest. (laughs) Nay, sirrah, I am not a sage or a graybeard, but one learned of lore.
** (130) Agaren folds his spear into his crossed arms, and watches quietly with steely grey eyes. **
(109) Cerwyn: Well, wilt thou come with us to meet the good laird? There are but fifty score falcons in the offing for thee.
(133) No Name (enter): 22:35
(133) No Name (exit): 22:36
(115) Calehan: "Certainly. While we're going, introductions are in order. I am Calehan."
(130) Agaren: "If ye commend his house, I don't think our path is such that we can't pay him visit, though I know not what he would want with us."
(130) Agaren: (( if this has already been explained, bear with me, I wasn't given a very good recap ))
** (115) Calehan makes introductions for each of the members in sight. **
(111) Helisandra: (( well - there were five knights, and three of us. When they invited us, we weren't going to say no... ))
(109) DM: (I'm assuming ppl were in PC limbo as is normal)
(130) Agaren: "Agaren the Warmage, t'is a pleasure to meet fine blades such as ye." he says in greeting.
** (111) Helisandra steps out behind the knights, standing next to Tian just as Calehan goes around introducing everyone. **
(132) Garret: :with a sigh, offers dryly: "Garret."
(109) Cerwyn: Hail and well met. I am Cerwyn, of the Order of the Aster. This is Gaevin, my squire. That's Alyssa, Sharna and Joffrey.
(115) Calehan: "So let us not make waste of this fine day."
(109) Cerwyn: Thou canst tell thy friends to come to the front, if they be honorable men.
** (102) Tian Keth moves around to the fron of the riders **
** (111) Helisandra smiles, impressed as she walks to the front of the knights, joining her companions. She curtseys to the knights. "I am Helisdanra." **
(111) Helisandra: (( or Helisandra.... wow, I can't even type my own name. ))
** (102) Tian Keth looks at the others trying to decide if he should introduce himself **
(115) Calehan: "Simply a precaution, in these troubled times."
** (132) Garret glances to Tian and gives him a meager confirming nod **
(130) Agaren: "Aye that."
** (109) Cerwyn nods, smiling slightly. "Aye, mayest it be so, though only a twig can sing louder than a sword from a sheath. **
(115) Calehan: "A precaution relievedly unneeded."
** (102) Tian Keth steps forward "I am Tian Keth" **
(109) Cerwyn: So, let us be off. (slows his horse to a canter)
(102) Tian Keth: "To where the smoke is from?"
(109) Cerwyn: As a knight in service to the laird, I bid thee welcome to our fair kingdom, long may the land stand in good stead.
(132) Garret: "I suppose so Tian." :follows after the horses:
** (111) Helisandra follows with the group. **
(115) Calehan: "Yes, to meet with Laird Gwydion." :Following alongside Cerwyn:
** (102) Tian Keth starts to lope ahead of the others going strait toward the smoke **
(132) Garret: brb
(109) Cerwyn: 'Tis a wayrest called The Kindly Hand. A friend, Maeve of Widdershin, runs it for travelers sore in need of rest and those such as yourselves in need of work.
(109) Gaevin: Thou would know of it as an inn. Poor Cerwyn sometimes has his head in the clouds. (grins)
(109) DM: ((brb))
(130) Agaren: "It speaks well of these knight's vigilance to have heard or seen you, Helisandra, for I could not."
(130) Agaren: (( I'm going to send a description node ))
** (111) Helisandra simply nods to Agaren as she watches the knights in some admiration. **
(111) Helisandra: (( you know - I don't think I ever did that either... ))
(109) Gaevin: Thou art most brave to have travelled all this way from the Kingdom of Diamonds. I have heard that the eastern ways are beset by orckin and others of their ilk.
(109) DM: ((another name for Wylund is the Kingdom of Diamonds))
(102) Tian Keth: ((Figured since thats where the Dimond citidel is ))
(130) Agaren: "In fear of sounding overboastful, we are strong of blade and spell."
(109) Gaevin: With the death of old king, things are no longer as safe as they once wert.
(109) Cerwyn: If thou art, then so much the better.
(109) DM: (pls describe your appearance as well)
(102) Tian Keth: Discription:: Tian is a man of average height of about five foot ten. His long light brown hair appears to have leaves and twigs in it that have been there for years, as if he has never fully washed it. As you look into his eye you are rather disturbe by how his eyes seem to glow slightly in the light and are a bright golden color appearing much like those of a wolf.

His clothing though obviously several years old is in good condition, He wears some supple leather boots the seem to make each step he takes cover twice the normal distance. His shirt and pants are of high quality deer hide, you notice a small copper and silver ring on his right and left hand, the silver ring has a small ruby embede in it, and round his neck you can see a glint of gold.

Straped to his hip is a Scimitar of extream quality, Even from this distance you can see that if the edge of that weapon even came close to you it would likly sever your entier arm. The bow on his back appears well made and extreamly powrfull as well

(109) Cerwyn: Not much farther now, as thou canst see.
(130) Agaren: A loose mane of curled brown hair tumbles down the sides of his sharp, attractive face. Steel gray eyes scrutinize the world with an intense and burdensome gaze. A high collared, deep red leather outfit covers most of his body; long sleeves, a long tabard that falls before and behind him, leaving his legs open for mobility. Over this is a smoky chain hauberk, and tight, practical black pants cover his legs. Half finger gloves adorn his hands, and a long cloak drapes off of his shoulders without a hood, held on by a pair of brooches connected to each other with a light pair of chains. A metal buckler covers his left, lower arm, and he usually holds his spear in that hand. The spear is long, with an extended and sharp spearhead attatched securely to a handsome haft.
(111) Helisandra: Helisandra Description: Helisandra is a fairly plain looking human female. Currently, her jet black hair is cut on the short side, falling to right at shoulder length, and wisps of it regularly fall over her face, drawing attention to it. Her smooth skin is tanned from many years of traveling under the sun. Her deep almond brown eyes seem to hide an intelligence that she may not even realize is there. She stands only 5' 5' tall, and weighs a mere 145 pounds, but she doesnt look frail at all. She doesnt really stand out in any one aspect, they all seem to be in perfect proportion with one another.

Helisandra wears a finely made chain shirt, although it seems to make almost no noise - opposed to what one would expect. She carries a rapier on her each hip, one with a dark red hilt and the other with a golden hilt, although neither can be seen easily due to the dark gray cloak that is draped over her shoulders. She also always wears a pair of tight dark brown gloves, and a few rings over the gloves. On her right hand is a dark black ring that seems to hide itself from sight. On her left hand is a simple dark brown ring and a gold signet ring, with a symbol of a circle enclosing wavy lines.

(132) Garret: (well if everyone else is..)
(115) Calehan: (I was just going to send it to you all but oh well
(132) Garret: Garret Description: A statuesque figure stands at six feet tall. Dark brown hair spikes from his head and cool blue eyes stare you down. Sleek, sharp features compose an acceptably handsome face, marred by a rough scar from his left cheek cutting the corner of his mouth to end at his chin, and smaller nick parting his right eyebrow. A high stiff collar of his faded maroon jerkin hides his neck, and a loose robe of stitched lamb's hide hangs to his calves. Beneath it, armor of unnaturally polished steel guard's his torso, ornamented in gilt images of warriors in heated combat. At his hip hangs a foreing blade of grand quality, with fine crystal handle and an engraved square hand guard. Below that rests a similarly designed curved short sword, both in matching ivory scabbards. Coldly, he scrutinizes you.
(109) DM: It's a small inn, though much travelled to and from as you can see by the wagon ruts and hoofprints in the road. A stable can be seen off to the side.
(115) Calehan: Physical Description: Calehan would be a handsome a man, though a bit shorter than average. He doesn't brandish his daggers all the time around town, but often fingers their hilts fondly. He dresses in rich clothes, of quality, but not colorful. Gray is the predominant color, with a black vest secondary and a little blue at the cuffs of his sleeves. He wears a ring on his left hand with a pair of thin dark leather gloves. A light cloak rests on his shoulders. His black hair is kept short and he has no beard to speak of. All combined with his pale-looking untanned skin makes him look at little grim, and he stands out amongst normal folk.
(109) DM: ((game will be ending at 2:15 am tonight instead of 3 so that y'all can talk to John and FireBall. FireBall will be joining both Friday and Saturday, fyi. Not sure about John))
(132) Garret: (both games right off. good initiative, and good luck)
** (102) Tian Keth looks around, obviously nervous **
** (130) Agaren surveys the small building, finding it much like any other place he has been to in his years of journey. "The Kindly Hand say ye?" **
(135) Sniklis (enter): 23:02
(135) Devor (exit): 23:03
(109) DM: You reach the inn after about a half hour of walking. The knights carry on a jovial conversation. Apparently there was a tourney about a week ago and Cerwyn lost several wagers, not to mention his own turn.
(136) Kask (enter): 23:03
(136) Kask (exit): 23:03
** (102) Tian Keth turns to Garret "What is this jousting they keep talking about?" **
(109) Cerwyn: Here we are. Enter and make thyselves welcome.
** (109) Cerwyn dismounts, as does Gaevin who leads both horses into the stable. **
** (132) Garret offers plainly to Tian, "A passtime for people who like to watch fools charge eachother on horse back and batter eachother with wooden lances" **
** (130) Agaren holds the door for Helisandra, and then slips in, putting a leather cap over the head of his spear and looping it across his back. **
** (111) Helisandra nods in thanks to the knights as she enters through the door being held by Agaren. **
** (102) Tian Keth looks scepticly at Garret "They run at eachother with wooden sticks while sitting on a horse?" **
** (132) Garret strolls into the establishment casually, taking an evaluating view of the company and layout **
(132) Garret: :nods: "Pretty much."
(109) DM: The other knights do the same, and take off their helms. One of them, Alyssa, does so, revealing a cascade of honey-blonde hair.
** (102) Tian Keth enters with Garret and looks around the room for anything suspicious **
** (111) Helisandra looks around the inn as she enters and awaits the rest of her companions. **
** (115) Calehan follows the knights into the tavern, yes last. **
** (130) Agaren stops slightly in his tracks as he notices the waterfall of hair, always having had a weakness for lovely women. **
** (111) Helisandra notices Alyssa's hair as she enters and she glances at a strand of her own jet black that has fallen in front of her face with a slight sigh. **
** (132) Garret pays the knights little ,mind and strolls toward the bar to find a seat **
(109) DM: It's a simple inn, with an adjoining tavern. It's half full, as it's slightly past midday. Most of the people within are farmers, by the looks of things, with perhaps one or two merchants. Well, most. One person out of place, with a noble air about him sits off in the corner, near the fireplace. You are the only adventuring types in the room. People look up as you enter the common room, nod and smile at the knights and then go back to their conversation.
** (102) Tian Keth takes a seat near Garret and orders something to drink **
(109) DM: (he's dressed as a noble would be, with a fine white shirt and tailored pants, breeches and boots)
** (132) Garret asks for an ale and whatever warm food is ready **
** (102) Tian Keth whispers "I bet that is Laird Gwydion" **
** (111) Helisandra smiles at Tian. "You are indeed learning well." **
(109) Robar: What'll it be? Cathurian white, Cathurian red, greensmere or alespout?
(102) Tian Keth: "The way those fools talks made it hard to understand them"
(132) Garret: "Most likely." :agrees: "He's the only that looks like he has money here"
(132) Garret: "Cathurian Red"
(102) Tian Keth: "Greensmere for me, and some warm meat"
(109) DM: The knights take a table next to the noble and order food for themselves.
(109) DM: ((OOC: Greensmere is a pale green-yellow wine with a flavor reminiscent of sassafras and mint, and the kick of a mule to the uninitiated))
** (102) Tian Keth starts toward the table with the noble "Guess we need to talk to him to get information on this singer" **
(102) Tian Keth: ((Sounds good))
(132) Garret: (mmmm... mule hoof booze)
** (130) Agaren sits down at a corner bench, one in the cool shadows with a clear view of the rest of the taproom, ordering food and Cathurian Red (red wine I assume?) to go with it. **
(139) Untitled Jedi (enter): 23:14
(109) DM: The noble eyes you coolly and takes a sip of wine.
** (102) Tian Keth pulls out a chair and sits down with the noble and looks around for the others while waiting for his food **
(109) DM: ((OOC: Cathurian red is a full-bodied red wine, with hints of oak, plum and woodsmoke.))
(140) Untitled Jedi (enter): 23:15
(111) Helisandra: (( and while we are at it - alesprout? ))
** (102) Tian Keth sips his drink but says nothing **
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(139) Untitled Jedi (exit): 23:16
(109) DM: ((alespout is the Damrosilian term for ale. it's called alespout because it's commonly served out of HUGE barrels of ale that are aged for over two years, and the spouts of the barrels are often nicked and dented from constant use))
** (115) Calehan trailing in last goes to greet the noble. **
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Server Administrator-> Kicking '(140) Untitled Jedi' from server... Removing dead client
(140) Untitled Jedi (exit): 23:18
(109) DM: ((OOC: Alespout tends to have a mellow flavor not unlike that of beer but with a roundness of depth that comes from having been aged for a long time. Think of beer with a little cognac or brandy mixed in.))
(144) Cyber Tuxedo kamen (enter): 23:20
(132) Garret: (this is starting to sound like a Sam Adam's commercial)
** (109) Drenla takes a seat next to you, picking at his food as he observes the room. **
(111) Helisandra: (( no wonder I am getting so thirsty. ))
(144) Cyber Tuxedo kamen (exit): 23:20
(115) Calehan: "A pleasant afternoon? My name is Calehan, and would you perhaps be the Laird Gwidion?"(should I roll bluff to sound like Cerwyn?)
** (102) Tian Keth takes another sip of his wine waiting for somone else to do the talking **
(109) DM: (if you want to. he's sitting next to the table, lol)
(102) Tian Keth: ((Think he ment speach menerisums))
(115) Calehan: (I mean, I should call him Lord Gwidion, instead.)
(132) Garret: (*meant speech mannerisms*)
(115) Calehan: ((Yeah, that))
(115) Calehan: Bluff: [1d20+16] -> [4,16] = (20)
(111) Helisandra: (( isn't it 'Gwydon'? ))
(115) Calehan: ((Yes, with the Y?))
(109) Gwydion: Give thou good afternoon and well met. Be thou welcome to the Hand.
(109) Gwydion: Thou mayest order what thou doth wish. 'Tis on my account.
(111) Helisandra: (( ok - speeling is not a forte today - Gwydion. At least - that's how it was spelled the first time. ))
(109) Gwydion: Aye, 'tis I. And thou art?
(109) DM: (nm)
(109) Gwydion: I have heard from Sir Cerwyn that thou art adventurers of strong steel and spell, in need of work.
(115) Calehan: "I am Calehan, as I said, the quiet one here is Tian. Cerwyn informed us and the others who just recently entered that you were looking for good men in these troubled times."
** (130) Agaren drifts up behind the others, not quite able to catch the noble's words. **
(109) Gwydion: Why, yes. Is this all that thou have in thy company, or wilt there be more?
** (102) Tian Keth looks at Calehan "Why would we want to work for him, we need to find the singer" **
(130) Agaren: "I am Agaren the Warmage, a part of this company. We might need work, depending on the task and price..."
** (102) Tian Keth shrugs looking confused **
(146) Arleak (enter): 23:30
(115) Calehan: "There's no harm in finding out what's going on."
(109) Gwydion: 'Tis a dangerous mission that I shall be asking of thee. Of course, thy payment will be substantial, as well as the gratitude of the Crown.
** (102) Tian Keth decides to listten hopping it will lead to the information they need **
(130) Agaren: "Speak of it if ye will, and we will judge the danger for ourselves," Agaren says, sitting down.
** (132) Garret glances back to his comrades speaking with the noble, and shakes his head. Downing a quick gulp of his wine, he takes a moment to let it slide down his throat before moving. He gravitates over to the table and takes a seat to hear what they're getting involved in this time. **
(146) Arleak (exit): 23:33
** (111) Helisandra muches on a piece of bread and follows Garret over, figuring she might as well get the information first hand. **
(132) Garret: "Well, don't keep us in suspence, please give of some details to deliberate over."
(109) Gwydion: I am the seneschal of this province and I speak for the Regent, Lord Pereneve.
** (115) Calehan takes a seat to listen. **
(130) Agaren: (( which province is this? ))
(109) Gwydion: A sage by the name of Alarius, who is also a wizard of some repute and a member of the Order of Brie, has come across an ancient prophecy that foretells of a new King or Queen that shall come forth to rule us in these troubled times.
(109) DM: ((Jerhein is the province))
** (132) Garret has little more reaction than a raised brow. **
(109) Gwydion: Here is the prophecy. (takes a sealed scroll from his vest pouch and passes it to Garret)
** (132) Garret takes the scroll, breaks the seal and rolls it out on the table for everyone to read **
(109) Gwydion: We have not been able to contact Alarius in the intervening weeks. We think that something may have happened to him and that he might be in need of rescue.
(132) Garret: :reads: "Rescue from where?"
(109) Gwydion: Alarius is known to reside in a crystal castle that flies amongst the clouds. It is accesible by flying steed or by means of a magickal crystal enchanted by his spells.
** (111) Helisandra reads a little of the prophesy over Garret's shoulder, but pauses after a few lines and steps back to listen more. **
(132) Garret: "Has anyone tried going up to meet with him?"
(130) Agaren: "We have neither enchanted crystal nor flying steed," he notes.
(109) Gwydion: As a servant of the Crown, he hath given a crystal to those who might need to gain entrance to his hold should his services be required. There was also an enchantment that would bring a crystal to us should he fall or be beset by forces beyond his ken.
(109) DM: ((sent prophecy node))
(109) Gwydion: We received the access crystal a week anon.
(132) Garret: "Has such a crystal arrived?"
(130) Agaren: "I might accept based soley on the chance to see such a sight as a floating, crystal castle," he says more to himself than anyone.
(109) Gwydion: If thou doth accept this mission, I shall make arrangements for the crystal to be sent to thee, and I shall give thee half of the payment with the other half to come when thou hath completed this task.
(130) Agaren: "And you just want us to see what befell him, and rescue him if there is need?"
(102) Tian Keth: "Is he the singer of the Liniage of Kings?"
(109) Gwydion: The payment shall be five thousand falcons, as well as thy right to keep monies and items gained, free of taxation by the Crown.
(109) Gwydion: Aye, for he is the one who can translate the prophecy.
(109) Gwydion: (looks at Tian) Nay, I do not know. None have sung the Lineage in many a year.
(130) Agaren: "It is a tempting offer, and while my companions chew on it, I have some questions. Are these knightly orders you speak of? Cerwyn spoke of the Order of the Aster, and Alarius of Order of Brie.. what are these Orders?"
(109) DM: ((OOC: falcons are gold pieces))
(150) Undercover Ninja (enter): 23:46
(150) Undercover Ninja (exit): 23:46
(132) Garret: "Wonderful. By the way, does anyone know what type of defenses we should watch for in this castle? Magick traps? Unnatural creatures? guardians and the like?"
(109) Gwydion: The Order of the Aster is an order of knights in service to the Crown of Damrosil. Knights and paladins.
(109) Gwydion: The Order of Brie, otherwise known as the Brothers of Brie, are an order of wizards, sages and loremasters who work their arts in service to the Crown.
(109) Gwydion: I have some information to give to thee, but only if thou doth agree to the terms.
(132) Garret: "Fair enough."
** (109) Cerwyn listens as he eats. **
(151) RyanDG (enter): 23:48
(115) Calehan: "I have no objections. I can think of no better person from whom to learn about the Lineage of Kings. Anyone else?"
** (111) Helisandra has no problems with the mission and nods her acceptance to any of the party that looks. **
(132) Garret: :nods to Calehan: "I suppose we'd be going there regardless."
** (102) Tian Keth shrugs **
(132) Garret: "I suppose your terms are agreed upon then Laird."
** (109) Gwydion smiles. **
(109) Gwydion: Very good. (reaches into a pouch and brings forth a small sack, placing it in front of Garret) I presume thou doth speak for thy company?
(109) DM: The sack clinks satisfactorily as it lands with a soft thud.
(132) Garret: "Don't presume too much. I do very little speaking."
(109) Gwydion: That is half the agreed payment, in golden falcons and gems.
(109) Gwydion: The other half shall be paid to thee when thou hath rescued Alarius from whatever fate hath befallen him.
(132) Garret: "Shall we expect those details on the castle's layout along with the crytstal then?
(109) Gwydion: As for wards and traps, it is well known that Alarius was a gentle soul save when his life was threatened. Thou canst but expect that wards and spells have been placed that would do thee harm. Alarius is known to eschew creatures when a spell would suffice. Be thou wary.
(111) Helisandra: (( suddenly wishes Thom was here - as he was better trained to deal with traps and such... ))
(115) Calehan: "We also must be wary of whatever fate has befallen Alarius."
** (111) Helisandra finishes off her piece of bread, having been slowly muching on it during the discussion. **
(132) Garret: "Aye, even if he didn't prefer monstrous guards, his attackers may swear by them"
(109) Gwydion: Aye. Thou wilt find rooms prepared for thee in the inn. I shall have the crystal for thee on the morrow, in the morning. The castle itself, Prism Keep, doth move from place to place but slowly. The Keep's last known location was at the edge of Loring's Wood, travelling to the east. The crystal will work within five miles of the castle's location.
(132) Garret: "Alright then. PLease have a transport prepared for us as well"
(109) Gwydion: Already done. Horses in the stable.
(109) DM: (OOC: riding horses, lol)
(109) TaliesinNYC: With six hands of Loring the Lost upon the Wheel of Time, at the moment Bazel mounts his Chariot to do battle with the Seven Daughters, the Dead King shall rise to seize the triad with hands that cannot grasp and eyes that cannot see. All wards broken and the mystic barriers pierced with mating swords, three sinners and saints will struggle in the dust, both and neither to triumph. And while the sundered earth spews forth the dregs of centuries, a new Order shall come upon the Land.
(132) Garret: "Very well. We'll be awaiting on the morrow then"
(109) DM: ((that's the prophecy for the lurkers' benefit))
(102) Tian Keth: "I'll decline a room and a horse" turns to his companions "I will meet up with you again in the morrning I will sleep in the woods a little to the east of this place"
** (109) Gwydion nods satisfied, leans back and finishes his wine. Then he claps for a waitress and settles his bill. "These gentles are on my account. They can order what they like during their stay here." **
** (132) Garret nods to Tian, "Have fun. and try not to eat anyone's stock animals or pets" **
** (102) Tian Keth stays seated with his friends though while he finishes his meal **
(102) Tian Keth: "So this wizard has something to do with the Liniage of Kings?"
** (130) Agaren moves back to his bench, finding his food and wine waiting for him, pondering over the particulars of the mission in a somewhat familar expression. **
(132) Garret: "Thank you for your generosity, Laird. Do have a good day." :stands to give a brief but respectful bow:
** (111) Helisandra smiles to Gwydion as he leaves and she turns to her companions. **
** (109) Gwydion leaves the common room and heads to his room in the inn. **
(132) Garret: :turns to the waitress: "We're going to need a few bottles of your most expensive wine and the finest meal you can muster."
** (111) Helisandra sits close to her companions and asks in a quiet voice, "Did anyone else read any of that parchment that he gave us?" **
(115) Calehan: "It's very familiar. I wonder what's special about singing it though."
(132) Garret: :adds: "And while you're at it, send a bottle to the knights over there from us."
(111) Helisandra: "I don't know, but as I was reading it, it seemed like I already knew it - at least, to some extent."
(132) Garret: "Perhaps it just sounds similar to a song you already knew."
(111) Helisandra: "But it was the words that were familiar, not like a bard's song - more like a recitation."
(132) Garret: "FIne, a poem then."
(111) Helisandra: "I don't know, maybe."
(109) Alicia: Aye, certainly. (flounces off)
** (102) Tian Keth listens to the debate while eating **
** (109) Cerwyn turns back to his companions, raising a cup in acknowledgement of you before he does so. **
(132) Garret: "No point in worrying over that. We only need concern ourselves with the sage. Othe issues will just get in our way
** (111) Helisandra sits back and blows at the strand of hair that has fallen in her face, which ends up causing another couple strand to join it. **
(151) RyanDG (exit): 00:14
(115) Calehan: "I wonder what could happen to a mage in a flying castle though."
(102) Tian Keth: "He could fall"
** (102) Tian Keth smiles at his own joke **
(115) Calehan: "I think we'd have noticed if it had fallen. Since it's near the woods."
(132) Garret: "Maybe only he fell"
(111) Helisandra: "And there are those that would find a way to reach it, with the right resources."
(115) Calehan: "I suppose, but who and why are what I want to know."
** (111) Helisandra just shrugs. "I guess that's what we'll find out." **
(109) Drenla: Alarius....hm. (thinks)
(132) Garret: 0.o
(109) Drenla: I have some research to do. That name is familiar to me.
(111) Helisandra: (( and Morti takes over Garret's body... 'Master!' :) ))
(102) Tian Keth: "Who ever does not want this prophacy translated, or fufilled. Regardless we have to go save him"
(111) Helisandra: "Yes Tian - we do."
** (132) Garret turns back to the man who spoke up, "How familiar, sir?" **
(102) Tian Keth: "I shall retire to the safty of the woods. and meet with you again in the morning"
(109) Drenla: He was a wizard who refused to take the Test but was instrumental in....creating several spells that have to do with jewel magic.
** (111) Helisandra chuckles as Tian's idea of 'safety', but nods to the man. **
** (102) Tian Keth pushes his chair back and stands **
(132) Garret: "Sleep well Tian"
** (102) Tian Keth leaves the small Inn and begins to run east as soon as he is in the woods **
(109) DM: ((you know who Drenla is, btw. I'd say more but that would be a spoiler.))
(132) Garret: :to drenla: "And now he leaves in a floating crystal castle. So yes, I assume he's very gifted with them. Do you know anything of his habits? His pursuits? his enemies?"
(111) Helisandra: (( as in - our characters know who he is? ))
(132) Garret: (know him personally or of reputation?)
(132) Garret: *lives even*
(109) DM: ((the alternate characters know about Drenla. There's some OOC information I need to impart but that can wait until later.))
(132) Garret: 0.o
(109) DM: ((it's a bit weird. lol))
(132) Garret: (agreed)
(130) Agaren: "You know me, Drenla, I have little experience outside of my realm of magic. Praytell, what details jewel magic?"
(109) Drenla: It's a bit difficult to describe, but essentially it entails casting spells using jewels or gems as either material components or as the focus of the spells themselves. Some spells require you to consume a jewel in order to feel or produce effects.
(109) Drenla: Other spells make it possible for the jewel mage to cast spells into a crystal in order to amplify their effects or to combine crystals in order to produce multivaried spell effects.
(132) Garret: "Sounds expensice"
(132) Garret: *expensive even*
(109) Drenla: It can be. There is a plane, it is rumored, where nothing else exists but crystals, jewels and gems.
(109) Drenla: Where ioun stones come from, for example.
(130) Agaren: "Hmm. I see," he says in thought, "That would be a plane to see indeed."
(132) Garret: "Nothing but jewels? no plants? no animals? no food? Pretty but pointless"
(130) Agaren: "No air.."
(105) John (exit): 00:33
(132) Garret: "Aye, lethal as well."
** (132) Garret glances over to see what the knights are up to." **
(159) Gul-Shad (enter): 00:34
** (111) Helisandra imagines the sight of a land of nothing put shiny jewels and crystal for a few moments. **
(109) Drenla: Well...there are creatures, but they consist of jewel like creatures.
(109) Drenla: It is nothing like you expect.
(159) Gul-Shad (exit): 00:35
(109) DM: ((OOC: I love players who join the site and then say, oh, the hours don't work for me. Why bother joining the site then?))
(132) Garret: "Still sounds depressing. Too hard and bright."
(102) Tian Keth: ((OOC: It isnt as if the hours are hidden behind a section you need to be a member to access))
(109) DM: (ok, going to fast forward, unless you want to do some more RPing)
** (111) Helisandra comes back to reality and listens to what Drenla has to say about Alarius, **
(111) Helisandra: (( please - let's FF... ;) ))
(115) Calehan: ((the questions have been asked, we do not have answers))
(109) DM: ((k, bio break))
(130) Agaren: "Sounds like many things. A lovely facade covering fatal defenses, like so many poisonous butterflies. The brightest mushrooms are always the deadliest. Then there is the other extreme, the dandies with nothing but beauty, like so many peacocks." He says, musingly, "That's why I like Helisandra, daggers behind those big brown eyes," he says, grinning like the fox he fancies himself.
** (111) Helisandra just smirks at Agaren, and wags her finger at him. **
(109) DM: ((ffing. morning.))
** (130) Agaren finds himself up early, and after some time, back in the taproom, his mind heavy with spell energy. **
** (132) Garret wakes early and goes out to practice his swordsmanship before breakfast **
(109) DM: You enter the common room to find that it's full of farmers and commoners come in for the morning meal. Gwydion is there, along with Cerwyn and Gaevin, but not the other knights.
** (111) Helisandra arises easily enough and goes downstairs. **
** (115) Calehan goes downstairs after getting dressed and meditating on the nuances of magic. **
** (130) Agaren raises a hand in greeting to the companions finding the taproom after him, soon after taking a sip of the hot cider and returning to his morning sausages. **
(111) Helisandra:
(130) Agaren: (( empty! ))
(111) Helisandra: (( oops - sorry.... ))
** (132) Garret practices a bit of shadow dueling in the yard **
** (111) Helisandra makes her way to the window, sees Garret outside, then turns to see who else has arrisen. **
** (111) Helisandra approaches the pair. "You two about ready to go? It would be nice to get moving as soon as possible." **
(109) Gwydion: Well met.
(109) Gwydion: Here is the crystal as promised. (quietly) (gives a pouch to Garret)
(132) Garret: (he came outside to give it to me?)
(109) Gwydion: Should something befall thee, may the Silverseal protect thee from harm, the crystal wilt return to my safekeeping by magickal means.
(109) DM: (then he gave it to someone in the room, not you.)
(109) DM: (Calehan most likely)
(130) Agaren: (( oh oh me! ))
(115) Calehan: "I hope it will not come to that. And can you tell me, is there some signal when it is close enough to be used?"
(130) Agaren: (( :p ))
(109) Gwydion: When you can, speak the words on the crystal to be taken to Prism Keep. Not here, the farmers are a superstitious lot.
(109) Gwydion: You see that it is clear now. When the castle is within range, it will glow like an incandescent beacon. One side effect of the beacon is that undead find it quite painful to look at.
(109) Gwydion: Thou would do well to shield thine eyes as well.
(132) Garret: :Bare-chested and sweating(need a Fabio moment) Garret strolls back into the inn, carrying his breastplate and jerking:
** (111) Helisandra nods in understanding. **
** (115) Calehan nods, "Clear as day." **
** (132) Garret drops his things on the floor and takes a seat at the table, "Will we have an escort to where it should be?" **
** (130) Agaren raises a bow, "Have we need of one?" **
(115) Calehan: "Someone to take care of the horses?"
** (109) Gwydion glances at Cerwyn. **
(109) Cerwyn: We shall escort thee to the edge of the Wood. We are barred by tradition and treaty from entering the Wood without the sanction of the druids or the High King.
(109) Cerwyn: There hath not been a High King since the days of Llewellyn the Just.
(132) Garret: :sigh: "Underdstood. Directions will do fine then."
(109) Cerwyn: By all accounts, the castle hath not drifted far. Take the road into the Wood and DO NOT stray from the path. Once thou hath lost sight of the banner of the Regent, use the crystal.
(132) Garret: :nods: "Alright then. we'll leave after breakfat... assuming our wold friend returns by then."
(115) Calehan: "Alright, once everyone has breakfasted we'll depart."
(115) Calehan: "And we'll find Tian if he hasn't come by yet."
(132) Garret: (hai hai... FF again?)
(109) DM: The knights escort you to the edge of the Wood, and true to their word, go no further. Gaevin takes the banner out and holds it forth.
** (111) Helisandra pulls forth her pack onto her lap to show she is ready to get going. **
(111) Helisandra: (( or that.... ))
(109) Cerwyn: Remember -- DO NOT stray from the path. (peers into the Wood) There are forces within that do not take kindly to the presence of humans in this land.
** (132) Garret rides into the woods, being careful to follow the path **
** (115) Calehan waves to the knights as we leave them behind. **
** (102) Tian Keth comes striding out of the woods onto the path ((Assuming the wolves let me know that a group of pople had left the Inn)) **
** (111) Helisandra heads into the woods with Garret. She leads her horse from one shadow to another along the path as she hums slightly. **
** (130) Agaren rides with the others, spear held at his side. **
** (102) Tian Keth waits untill they are out of earshot of the knights before talking **
(102) Tian Keth: "The wolves told me much last night"
(132) Garret: "Like what?"
(102) Tian Keth: "The wolves said a Wizard and sever soldiars entered the castle using a crystal a few days ago, shortly after that it began to drift east, which is not it's normal route. They also said that a man who was not a man was with them. the felt as if they were dying with him just in the area. They said It smelled like death and corruption. It smelled like blood, anger and betrayal. It smelled like lies, fear and terror. It smelled like a murderer and his victim.: It smelled like all of these things, and more."
** (111) Helisandra listens intently to Tian's information. **
(102) Tian Keth: ((*several))
(132) Garret: "Those are some very informed animals."
(102) Tian Keth: "So if what Laird said is true this wizard was an authorized visitor to the castle since he used a crystal"
(109) DM: As you enter the Wood, the air seems to take on a different quality. Gone are the sounds of the field and the plains, the twitter of birds and the rustle of grass. It seems as if something or someone watches your steps and your every move, waiting...waiting for you to stray from the path.
(130) Agaren: "Or he stole the crystal from someone who was.."
(115) Calehan: "A wizard with soldiers and some man shaped monstrous thing."
(109) DM: The forest canopy seems to close in on you and grow thicker, more oppressive and heavier. Sunlight quickly becomes twilight.
** (111) Helisandra visabbly relaxes as they continue on - contrary to how most would feel. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+8] -> [9,8] = (17)
** (132) Garret watched the woods cautiously as they ride. **
** (115) Calehan casts Mage Armor on himself now that they're out of sight of the knights. **
** (102) Tian Keth strides esaly along side the horses enjoying the woods compleatly **
(130) Agaren: "Nice place," he mentions, "I could make a nice summer home here."
** (111) Helisandra looks off to the right as she continues to hum. **
(132) Garret: "Did the wolves tell you where the castle is now? Is it really where we're headed?"
(102) Tian Keth: "Yes it is just drifting very slowly to the east"
** (130) Agaren looks caustiously in either direction despite his jests. **
** (115) Calehan takes out the crystal to see when it starts glowing better. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+9] -> [15,9] = (24)
(132) Garret: "I wonder what is to the east."
(111) Helisandra: "Uh, we have company guys."
(115) Calehan: "Where?"
** (111) Helisandra stares off to the right, then just smiles. "Now - everywhere." **
(109) DM: The crystal seems to glow slightly...but not as bright as you might expect.
** (115) Calehan looks around in the twilit woods. **
** (130) Agaren urges his mount a little faster **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+9] -> [6,9] = (15)
(109) DM: An arrow strikes the trunk of an oak, narrowly missing Garret's head.
** (115) Calehan holds up the crystal, "I guess we're getting close." **
(111) Helisandra: "Go! Now!"
(130) Agaren: "That's good, cause that arrow was rather close as well.."
** (111) Helisandra urges her horse faster as well, wanting to get away from those just trying to defend their homeland. **
(132) Garret: "Can we help you?" :asks to their stalkers, expecting that as a warning:
** (115) Calehan urges his mount on to keep up. **
** (102) Tian Keth looks into the woods "Stop shooting" **
(102) Tian Keth: "Stay calm I think that was a warning shot"
(109) Saeryssal: And why should we, human?
(111) Helisandra: "I don't." she calls back.
** (109) Saeryssal jumps down from a tree branch right near Helisandra's horse. **
** (102) Tian Keth goes into the woods to get a better look at the ones sooting at his friends **
(102) Tian Keth: "Because I said so"
(132) Garret: "We mean you no harm. We are only passing through along this path."
** (111) Helisandra pulls her horse to a stop to keep from running into the elf. **
(109) DM: You see a green elf step forward from the shadowy boughs of the trees that line both sides of the path.
(102) Tian Keth: "Hello, your woods provided a nice shelter last night, I thank you for your hospitality" **Turns back to Garret "Is that right?"
(109) Saeryssal: No humans have entered our land for several of your years till now, when a wizard slew several of our number, along with a man that was not a man. Why should we let you live?
** (102) Tian Keth turns back to the elf **
(132) Garret: "Because we're hunting that wizard and not-man"
(109) Saeryssal: It was a shadow daemon. We tried to stop it but it slew us, many of us...including my mother.
** (111) Helisandra lowers her head and lets the guys talk, but she keeps an eye on things. **
(102) Tian Keth: "Yes my wolf brothers did not like this man that is not a man, though they did not tell me they killed people on the way"
(109) Saeryssal: We have no quarrel with you who sleep with wolves, but with those who walk with you.
(132) Garret: "I give my condolences to your loss." :bows from horses back: "If we do not hurry though that daemon may go out of our range. May we go?"
(109) Saeryssal: We are honorbound not to should you stray from the path. Stray from the path, human.
(109) DM: (er, should say "We are honorbound not to should you stay on the path.")
** (102) Tian Keth looks confused "But they are with me, we are on our way to the castle to save it's owner. Probably killing the wizard and no-man on the way" **
(132) Garret: "I have no plans to stray from it."
** (109) Saeryssal glares at you with hatred and climbs up the tree she jumped down from. "All humans are the same." **
(115) Calehan: "Wait, it killed several of your people. According to the wolves it left with a wizard and soldiers using a crystal like this one."
** (102) Tian Keth shrugs **
** (115) Calehan holds up the faintly glowing crystal. **
** (132) Garret heels his horse to continue riding **
(115) Calehan: "We're going to follow it, as it also has attacked someone important to the regency of Damrosil."
(102) Tian Keth: "Hey Garret did my greeting sound right?"
** (111) Helisandra starts to ride again, but at a very slow pace, waiting for everyone to leave. **
(132) Garret: "Yes Tian. Very polite."
(115) Calehan: "I expect we'll have to kill it, if we do, would you like proof of it's destruction?"
(109) Saeryssal: We care not for a human king. Go then, and do not return.
(102) Tian Keth: "Good I am trying to use the thing you are teaching me about interacting with others."
(109) Saeryssal: IF you do manage to kill it (calls down from the branches), then perhaps we can talk. IF you do manage to kill it.
(115) Calehan: "Then until we meet again, I am sorry for your loss."
(102) Tian Keth: "Strange that I did not even know they were in these woods last night, they are very skilled in the ways of nature" **Clearly impressed**
** (115) Calehan bows from his horse and is ready to continue. **
** (111) Helisandra rides along at a normal pace once Calehan and Agaren decide to get moving as well. **
(109) DM: As you continue deeper into the forest, suddenly, the crystal blazes with light. (after about 20 minutes of riding)
** (130) Agaren continues as well, not having any words beyond those already spoken. **
** (130) Agaren shields his eyes. **
** (111) Helisandra shields her eyes from the bright light. **
** (102) Tian Keth blinks "Does that meen it is ready?" **
(132) Garret: :glances to the crystal: "I'd say so."
(111) Helisandra: "I hope so Tian."
(115) Calehan: "I suppose that's the signal."
** (115) Calehan watches the crystal carefully out of the corner of his eye. **
(115) Calehan: "I certainly hope it does not get any brighter, that was quite abrupt as it is."
** (102) Tian Keth draws his weapon and readies himself to attack if they are surpprized when they appear **
** (111) Helisandra only focuses on shielding her eyes from the light. "So, let's go save us a wizard then." **
(115) Calehan: "Is everyone ready to go?"
(132) Garret: "Ready"
** (115) Calehan looks around to everyone briefly. **
(102) Tian Keth: "Ready"
** (111) Helisandra nods. **
(115) Calehan: "Drenla? Agaren?"
** (102) Tian Keth calls out to the wolves "I hope to slay this no-man that felt like death to you my brothers" ((Noone else can hear this BTW)) **
(132) Garret: (drenla's with us?)
** (130) Agaren moves his spear into his offhand, and nods slightly. "I am ready." **
(109) DM: You look up and through the canopy, see a magnificent crystalline castle drifting in a blanket of clouds above. Eerie, beautiful towers of colorful glass and delicate spires grace the mystical castle. Even from below, you can still make out the glimmering of light shining through the clouds.
(109) DM: (yes)
(132) Garret: o.0
(115) Calehan: "Very well then."
** (115) Calehan states calmly and precisely, "Crystal key and bridge of light, return me to my Castle bright." **
** (130) Agaren puts a hand on Calehan, just in case. **
(109) DM: A great rainbow springs forth from above, rising all the way to the castle.
** (111) Helisandra pulls her cloak hood over her head, in preparation to protect against the glare. **
(111) Helisandra: "Now what?"
(109) DM: In answer...
(132) Garret: "Follow the rainbow road...?"
(109) DM: Suddenly you find yourself hurtling towards the sky! The ground recedes at a frightening rate, and your voices are drowned out by the rushing tumult of your flight. You are enveloped by brilliant streams of dazzling color, dancing and sparkling in the sunshine.
(109) DM: It is a beautiful rainbow, springing from the castle to the forest floor below, and it's carrying you with it. In the blink of an eye, your ascent ends as you are swiftly deposited in a silver glen of mystical cloudstuff. Loring's Wood is but a scattering of trees below, and you realize that you are thousands of feet in the air. About 100 yards away, the glittering cloud castle rises from the misty cloud banks.
** (102) Tian Keth checks the surroundings for any sign of ambush **
(109) DM: The castle is made from different types and colors of jewels. Razor sharp edges and sheets of chiseled glass and dark, smoky quartz combine with a weird alien beauty. Six great towers rise to spearlike points, each a different color: orange, red, yellow, green, blue and purple.
** (132) Garret works to quickly regain his footing and looks about their surroundings **
** (111) Helisandra finally get her bearings after the strange trip. "Let's not do that again..." **
(109) DM: Directly before you is a clear crystal gate centered between the topaz and emerald towers.
(115) Calehan: "Hmm, no pot of gold exactly."
(109) DM: Nothing else is around you.
(130) Agaren: "Better than a jump down, nay?" He says to Helisandra
(111) Helisandra: "True, but remeind me to close my eyes next time."
(130) Agaren: "You can just cling to me next time, I'll keep ya safe."
** (130) Agaren grins. **
(109) DM: (15 minute warning.)
** (132) Garret approaches the gate **
** (102) Tian Keth check his footing on the clouds then walks up to the door **
** (111) Helisandra laughs a little and walks along the same path as the others. **
** (115) Calehan follows to the crystal gate. **
(132) Garret: (human size gate or big barricade?)
** (102) Tian Keth turnds to Garret "Should we knock first or just enter. We are entering someone elses house, but we are trying to save him so I would guess we just enter" **
** (111) Helisandra looks though the clear gate as they approach, to see if anything is on the other side. **
whispering to Agaren, items are fine with me
(109) DM: (human)
(132) Garret: "No knocking. It's best not to alert any intruders already within"
(102) Tian Keth: "As I thought, so I am learning"
(109) DM: The castle's main gate rises before you. The doors are delicate curtains of clear crystal, 20' high, flanked by cascading sheets of dark glittering glass. To your left and right, the topaz and emerald spires flank the gate. You can see no handles, hinges, or seams in the crystal gates, only a shining rune in the form of a sunburst.
** (132) Garret tries pushing the gate open. **
(109) DM: The gate doesn't budge.
(111) Helisandra: "May I?"
(115) Calehan: (Is the crystal still glowing too?)
** (111) Helisandra looks over the door, espically the rune with an idea. **
(132) Garret: :leans against the door in defeat: "All yours"
(109) DM: (no)
** (102) Tian Keth stands aside to let Helisandra do her work **
(132) Garret: :moves aside:
** (130) Agaren tries casting a light spell on the door, taking a hint from the sunburst. **
(109) DM: The gate seems to absorb the spell.
(111) Helisandra: "Can I see that crystal?"
** (115) Calehan hands over the crystal. **
** (130) Agaren rubs his chin, "Hm" **
** (111) Helisandra tries to see if the crystal fits someway with the rune. **
(132) Garret: (is the sunlight hitting the door directly?)
(109) DM: (yes)
(109) DM: The gates swing open, with a click.
(111) Helisandra: "Master key." Helisandra says smiling as she hands the crystal back to Calehan.
(132) Garret: "That's good."
** (132) Garret strolls into the castle, looking about **
** (115) Calehan accepts the crystal. **
(115) Calehan: "I hope so."
(162) Birched (enter): 02:08
** (111) Helisandra heads into the castle behind Garret. **
** (102) Tian Keth scans the room qickly before entering **
** (115) Calehan enters behind Tian. **
(109) DM: A breathtaking ceiling of clear, arching glass sparkles in the sunlight overhead. The walls are made of smoky gray quartz and are tastefully adorned with several tapestries, small statues and busts, and perfectly preserved paintings of different subjects. Several gilded doors lead out of this room, including a magnificent set of double doors, apparently made out of crystal, in the opposite wall. Two suits of very unusual armor flank the double doors.
(109) DM: Suddenly, one of the armored forms speaks, its voice booming through the hall!
(109) Voice: Who dares intrude in the keep of Irinia, Queen of Beauty and Mistress of the sorcerous arts?
** (132) Garret reaches quick for his sword in response, but does not draw **
(132) Garret: "Who the hell is that now?"
(109) DM: (and on that note, we'll stop)
** (102) Tian Keth stops and looks at the Armor "I though a male wizard owned this place" **
(115) Calehan: "It's Calehan, surely Al has mentioned me." *holds up crystal for inspection* (Oh well)
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 (109) TaliesinNYC: a little bit about Drenla
(115) Calehan: If only I could roll better on my bluffs =/
(132) Garret: I think your bluff rolls are fine
(132) Garret: Bluff Skill Check: [1d20+8] -> [3,8] = (11)
(115) Calehan: Wow, apparently so
(111) Zane: Bluff: [1d20+12] -> [6,12] = (18)
(115) Calehan: Glad we didn't need those dice today after all
(111) Zane: yeah - I seem to really like rolling 6's on d20s [email protected]
(109) TaliesinNYC: first, he's not visible to anyone.
(109) TaliesinNYC: except for you
(132) Garret: what?
(109) TaliesinNYC: yes, you heard me
(113) FireBall: Drenla?
(109) TaliesinNYC: Drenla
(130) Agaren: Intimidate! [1d20+15] -> [14,15] = (29)
(115) Calehan: I'd have probably done 9 damage with my lightning bolt, and they'd have made the save to boot
(109) TaliesinNYC: Drenla didn't take Etienne's offer to have an alternate identity
(111) Zane: So, everyone else in the inn thought they were talking to the air last night then?
(115) Calehan: Al!
(109) TaliesinNYC: so he's trapped in Etienne's prison plane
(115) Calehan: Sucker
(109) TaliesinNYC: BUT
(109) TaliesinNYC: he exists in your subconscious
(109) TaliesinNYC: BUT
(109) TaliesinNYC: it takes a great effort for him to manifest in this way
(132) Garret: and our alternate pc's are perfectly comfortable with this?
(109) TaliesinNYC: so you were communicating with him via your subconscious
(111) Zane: So we better listen when he talks?
(109) TaliesinNYC: remember, Etienne said that your subconscious would retain memories of your normal forms
(130) Agaren: what did he say last? something about not letting the bed bugs bite? I dunno, who listens?
(130) Agaren: :p
(109) TaliesinNYC: and when you return to the future, you will remember only the past in dreams
(109) TaliesinNYC: oh whatever
(130) Agaren: lol
(132) Garret: right, I understand completely
(132) Garret: Bluff Skill Check: [1d20+8] -> [4,8] = (12)
(111) Helisandra: LOL
(115) Calehan: Clear as day
(109) TaliesinNYC: your alternate PCs don't enter into it at all except through their subconscious
(115) Calehan: Bluff: [1d20+16] -> [17,16] = (33)
(109) TaliesinNYC: is it?
(115) Calehan: Pretty much...
(109) TaliesinNYC: I'm not sure sometimes about myself
(130) Agaren: I understand
(130) Agaren: poo
(115) Calehan: Only question I have is to what extent do the alts know about what's going on?
(111) Zane: That's ok Stash - sometimes we're not so sure about you either. :P
(109) TaliesinNYC: well it's like this
(109) TaliesinNYC: you know what deja vu is like
(113) FireBall: yep
(109) TaliesinNYC: when he's talking, he's talking to your normal PCs
(115) Calehan: Yes, it's printed on page 72 and 74 of the expaned psionic's handbook I believe =P
(109) TaliesinNYC: your normal PCs are always there in the background except they can't interact in any way with anyone in the past
(113) FireBall: its like everything happening at once
(130) Agaren: kinda like on autopilot, just observing
(130) Agaren: and influencing maybe?
(109) TaliesinNYC: your alternate PCs have a sense that they're experiencing something but they don't know how or why, only that they are experiencing something, like deja vu
(111) Zane: Thus, why we are now worried about this prophesy.
(113) FireBall: not actually there but remembering it has it had happened
(130) Agaren: well
(130) Agaren: im out of here
(113) FireBall: as if they were there
(130) Agaren: seee ya
(109) TaliesinNYC: lol
(113) FireBall: laterz
(109) TaliesinNYC: have fun
(111) Zane: later
(102) Dj Gilcrease: Understood
(109) TaliesinNYC: so when Drenla talks, don't worry
(130) Agaren: Disconnecting from server...
(130) Agaren (exit): 02:37
(109) TaliesinNYC: it's extra info that you can use
(113) FireBall: voices from beyond
(132) Garret: ignore the magus. gotcha
(109) TaliesinNYC: something like that
(132) Garret: well, goodnight then
(109) TaliesinNYC: what about your Fri PC?
(113) FireBall: bouncing and skidding off the space time continuum
(109) TaliesinNYC: later
(132) Garret: "Everyman's a genius, until he opens his mouth."
(132) Garret (exit): 02:39
(113) FireBall: not sure
(111) Zane: So - were we (myself, Donovan and DJ) correct when we started off, and how we reacted with new thoughts in our heads and such?
(113) FireBall: me thinking about it
(109) TaliesinNYC: yes
(111) Zane: cool - just checking
(109) TaliesinNYC: think of it another way
(102) Dj Gilcrease: As I recomended earlyer a healer type would be nice but not required
(109) TaliesinNYC: it's like your normal PC is dreaming
(111) Zane: a healer with a sling for range attacks?
(113) FireBall: lol
(102) Dj Gilcrease: no for the Friday game
(113) FireBall: sling powa
(109) TaliesinNYC: which explains why the normal PC is in the background and Drenla's talking to your normal PC and you can hear him
(111) Zane: oh. gotcha.
(109) TaliesinNYC: except that the alt PC is alive and awake
(109) TaliesinNYC: and the alt PC has kind of a clue that the normal PC is there but isn't worried about it
(168) Cyber Tuxedo kamen (enter): 02:41
(111) Zane: so - from the stance of the normal PC - all this occurs in a dream state and we might actually remember bits and pieces when we 'wake up' (i.e. our souls return).
(109) TaliesinNYC: yes, got it
(109) TaliesinNYC: except that it's really happening
(115) Calehan: Ah, the feeling you get when you're in a dream and try to change it and it works.
(109) TaliesinNYC: :)
(113) FireBall: so my jester would remember this
(109) TaliesinNYC: your jester isn't here, Chris
(113) FireBall: well if i have a alt character
(109) TaliesinNYC: your jester never took part in Castle Amber
(111) Zane: and from the stance of our alt PC - we have some new ideas and thoughts, but we aren't worried about them? I would think we (or maybe some of us) might be a little worried about the new thoughts there.
(113) FireBall: ah yes makes sense
(113) FireBall: thats the one day ten years place
(109) TaliesinNYC: your alt PC doesn't know about your normal PC remember?
** (111) Zane has figured out the normal PC angle, but is still working on the alt PC angle... **
(113) FireBall: yep
(113) FireBall: well its the past how would he know
(113) FireBall: the future
(109) TaliesinNYC: ok, think of it this way
(109) TaliesinNYC: Stash and TaliesinNYC
(109) TaliesinNYC: Stash is dreaming that TaliesinNYC is running a game on Saturday night
(109) TaliesinNYC: TaliesinNYC doesn't know about Stash
** (111) Zane tries to follow Stash's line of thinking, once again - hoping to finally get it so he can stop bothering the poor DM. **
(109) TaliesinNYC: but
(109) TaliesinNYC: Stash knows about TaliesinNYC
(109) TaliesinNYC: TaliesinNYC can't affect Stash's actions
(109) TaliesinNYC: Stash can't affect TaliesinNYC's actions
(113) FireBall: run spot run
(109) TaliesinNYC: When Stash wakes up, Stash will remember TaliesinNYC's actions in bits and pieces
(111) Zane: Ok - I got that.
(168) Cyber Tuxedo kamen: (whoa, that's cool)
(115) Calehan: Notice how we're doing what we'd normally do, only thing that got us started on this was that oddly, we already had heard of the lineage of kings
(169) No Name (enter): 02:46
(109) TaliesinNYC: you can make the argument that you heard about the lineage of kings in a dream or something
(109) TaliesinNYC: if it helps you to think of it that way
(169) No Name: Disconnecting from server...
(169) No Name (exit): 02:47
(113) FireBall: yep
(115) Calehan: Eh? I read about it in a book somewhere, I think. I mean why else would it look so familiar? And I read a lot of books back in the citadel.
(109) TaliesinNYC: right
(115) Calehan: That sorta thing
(111) Zane: ok - so Helisandra was overreacting in the very beginning then, she would have not really felt new thoughts.
(109) TaliesinNYC: clear? I know this thing gets confusing sometimes
(109) TaliesinNYC: its not your normal D&D game
(111) Zane: no joke
(113) FireBall: i understood it the first time you explained it
(111) Zane: That's why I like it so much though
(109) TaliesinNYC: so when I throw a curveball like Drenla existing in your subconscious, you might get confused lol
(102) Dj Gilcrease: no but it is oh so much more fun
(109) TaliesinNYC: s
(109) TaliesinNYC: so
(113) FireBall: yep fun i wish to partake
(109) TaliesinNYC: Drenla can't be your invisible spy
(113) FireBall: partaketh
(109) TaliesinNYC: Drenla can't do Spot checks that you want done
(115) Calehan: I caught on to the drenla thing real quick
(109) TaliesinNYC: Drenla can't cast fireballs
(115) Calehan: He's Al -1 =(
(115) Calehan: He can do knowledge checks though
(109) TaliesinNYC: what Drenla can do is be the DM's mouthpiece which was my original intent when I created the PC
(113) FireBall: can he do the mash potato?
(109) TaliesinNYC: heh
(168) Cyber Tuxedo kamen: nvm, lol
(113) FireBall: i was thinking a green elf ranger for my alt character
(109) TaliesinNYC: this part of the log won't be edited because I need the people who weren't here to be able to understand the concept

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