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Damrosil Game

Moving to room 'Damrosil'..
TaliesinNYCnot too much planned for tonight, just RP
DMI want to make something clear
DM13k to 15k is only a baseline guide for items. the power level is also important
Rainur Swiftblade"Monsieur Ettienne, I have another question if you will indulge me?"
DMok, questions
DMThere's the matter of what Dranath would like to ask.
DMif it'll help, I can give a summary of the campaign so far
** Sevis Goloens bows before Ettienne "I thank you for the reward even though I just recently joind with these travelers and realy do not know why they were seeking to release you yet. I hope I come to understand what is going on and to actualy earn the reward you have given me some day" **
Thom: (( sure - that might help Stash ))
Rainur SwiftbladeFor the benefit of the newbies a short summary would be good.
Sevis Goloens((I am good to go. I know whats going on though Sevis does not  ))
Dranath(( Same boat. ))
Atross((Yes, it seems we'll have some spare time on our hands))
TaliesinNYCWhereas the Friday game is all about saving the kingdom of Wylund, the Saturday game is more about saving the world of Andurin...both from an external evil and from evil within the world
TaliesinNYCI'm not going to disclose anything here that the new characters won't know, so don't worry about finding out material that will make the game easier for you
TaliesinNYCit's all in the logs anyway
TaliesinNYCyou need to know some OOC background that only Alfred knows
TaliesinNYCthis background doesn't appear in any of the materials on the site but is hinted at in many places
TaliesinNYCAlfred was a player in the original tabletop game that took place between 1994 and 1997 that basically created the campaign setting
TaliesinNYChis original character was Garath Tremaine, now the Magister of Tolmara
TaliesinNYCin a nutshell, the 1994 campaign was another epic quest that was at its heart not just a battle between good and evil, but a battle between Light (all that is not necessarily evil) and Dark (all that is evil)
TaliesinNYCthat distinction is important
TaliesinNYCif anyone reads David Eddings, you'll know where part of the literary background comes from
TaliesinNYCother sources include philosophy of religion (e.g., the problem of evil)
TaliesinNYCso basically, in the religion file you have something called an Event that occurred in the distant past where the gods conspired amongst themselves to gain more power by imprisoning one of their own
TaliesinNYCthis Event caused the order of the universe to disrupt and the unity of Sularin to become disordered
TaliesinNYCthe 1994 campaign was about trying to undo the damage that was caused by Illaenth's imprisonment
TaliesinNYCIllaenth is the god of the self, individuality and patron of psionicists among other things
TaliesinNYCthe metaphysical boundaries of Sularin were repaired as a result of the end result of the 1994 campaign
TaliesinNYCbriefly OOC, this involved killing Lolth (the module Q1) and a war with the ilythiiri (drow)
TaliesinNYC(1st edition module Queen of the Demonweb Pits)
TaliesinNYCgot that? if your eyes glaze over, let me know 
Thom: (( good so far. ))
Morti(nope, mine are powdered)
TaliesinNYCSularin by the way is the name of the campaign setting -- Sul = the celestial realm, Andurin = the mortal realm
TaliesinNYCin the 1994 campaign, we have events such as the Kernin invasion
TaliesinNYCthe plague that wiped out most of SW Telluria
TaliesinNYCMorti's birth and family history occur during this period
TaliesinNYCRainur's birth and history occur during this period
Morti(I don't think I was born yet)
TaliesinNYCpretty much, you all come of age in the intervening time between the events of 3000 and 3032
Morti(brat's only 15, so midway, yeah))
TaliesinNYCthe metaphysical events such as killing Lolth and the war with the drow ARE NOT mentioned in the histories for good reason
TaliesinNYCno one IC would ever believe that the goddess of the ilythiiri was slain by mortals
TaliesinNYCa few people would, but not enough for things to matter IC
TaliesinNYCso, for the most part, 99% of the world thinks that Lolth still exists
Morti(Only the company of light, and a few wenches who got the Magister drunk enough)
TaliesinNYCincluding your characters
TaliesinNYCwhy is this important? I'm getting to that in a second
TaliesinNYCLike I said, the 1994 campaign pretty much caused the rupture caused by the original Event to heal
TaliesinNYCas hinted at in the files on the site, an Evil from outside the realm of Sularin is now in the world 
TaliesinNYCand needs to be expelled
TaliesinNYCthis Evil, henceforth known as Shai'tan (from the Wheel of Time books) has taken on the part of Dark, and all those in Andurin not of Shai'tan are of Light
TaliesinNYCthe battle between Light and Dark is part of Andurin
TaliesinNYCas long as Sularin exists, there will always be a battle between Light and Dark.  
Thom: (( bah - then what's the point?  ))
TaliesinNYCagain, this isn't information your characters can use to gain advantage in the game
TaliesinNYCit's in the logs
** Morti begins injecting jelly into his glazed eyes **
Dranath(( there is a battle because neither side gives up, not because it's a rule  im sure ))
TaliesinNYCthe point is that there are many battles in preparation for the final battle.
Atross(Oh yes, philosophy be damned, we just don't want to stop)
TaliesinNYCthe problem is that no one knows if this is the final battle. 
TaliesinNYCYes, Robert Jordan trained me too
Atross(No no, the battle won't always exist, that's the point. There just will always be another later)
Morti(no such thing as a final battle unless ecerything is destroyed  )
TaliesinNYCyou know I changed a lot about WoT to make it incompatible with my campaign world
Atross(Or at least there's probably going to be another later. But we won't live to see it, so let's make this one good)
TaliesinNYCso reading the WoT books while its nice, won't give you an advantage either
TaliesinNYCwhen the campaign begins, the PCs are just another adventuring band looking for work
TaliesinNYCthey come across a trading post and in the encounter at Jeroth's Well, get their first hint that something is wrong in the world
Morti(Then they found a sign: "Saviors of the World Wanted" and the prophecy was fulfilled)
TaliesinNYCthey encounter a creature that seems unworldly and horrific, beyond what nature intended.
DranathThat's where they fought the Slaad larvae thing, right?
TaliesinNYCThey meet Rhian Sedai, they meet Drenla, they witness Drenla's temptation to become a servant of Shai'tan, they have all these adventures that involve saving Rhian Sedai from agents of the Dark One
Morti(and then we left the Neverland ranch)
** Dranath nods **
TaliesinNYCin the process, Drenla dies and becomes redeemed, they rescue Rhian from the Dark One's agents, they run afoul of a Kernin slaver ring, they release a daemon into the world and they enter into the service of the King of Wylund
TaliesinNYCagain, this is all in the logs
Dranathand not news to me
** Dranath nods **
Dranathbut it's a good refresher
TaliesinNYCthen, they come to Highkeep and see that the city is in the clutches of a loathsome creature called the Tempest
Rainur Swiftblade(that bitch)
Thom: (( Grrr.... evil contemptable Tempest... ))
TaliesinNYCsomehow the Tempest rules the city without the true rulers of Wylund knowing what she does
TaliesinNYCthey learn that the Tempest has made a deal with the Kernin slavers they encountered
TaliesinNYCand a tribe of yuan-ti
TaliesinNYCthe slavers run slaves through Highkeep, giving them to the yuan-ti, who turn the slaves into breeding stock and in exchange provide the Kernin with red gold and weapons.
TaliesinNYCWhat the Tempest gets, you've not found out
TaliesinNYCthe red gold has potential to turn people who come into it into mindless slaves or lycanthropes.
TaliesinNYCoh yes, the Tempest is looking for a Sword of Power
TaliesinNYCthe Tempest is NOT part of the Dark 
Thom: (( but I still want to destroy her...  ))
TaliesinNYCbut one of the Kernin slavers (Xavick) was working for Almeena, who is part of the Company of Dark
TaliesinNYC(again, this is in the logs)
Morti(but we hate her anyway, and that's reason enough for us!)
TaliesinNYCthe Tempest sees the PCs as a threat to her rule in Highkeep so they get sent to Castle Amber, while Rhian is the Tempest's guest
TaliesinNYCpeople who get sent to Castle Amber never make it out, or they've never done so
TaliesinNYCthe PCs have adventures in Castle Amber
TaliesinNYCOOC, one day in Castle Amber = 10 years in the real world
Thom: (( oh - wow.... ))
TaliesinNYCyou spent how many days in Chateau d'Amberville
Thom: (( 3 ))
Atross(We spent a couple at least, too...)
Dranath(( you did, I spent like a month there ))
Morti(who knows? there was no sun)
TaliesinNYCEtienne will tell you this IC, no worries
Atross(well, we spent one night in the library, and I have no idea how long it took other than that)
TaliesinNYChe's probably telling this to you now, I'm just giving you the condensed version since it's easier for me to type this out and faster too
Morti(then we traveled back in time thrrough the gate, right?)
TaliesinNYCAveroigne is on a different plane
TaliesinNYC1 day in Averoigne is an hour on Andurin
Atross((So it's like the future almost. Except not))
Morti(yeah, but everything went all rewind when we passed through  )
TaliesinNYCand now you're in Etienne's tomb, which is beyond time and space
TaliesinNYCok, backtrack
Thom: (( so, I'd guess 30 years from the Chateau. Then and additional 4 or 5 hours from 'France' ))
TaliesinNYCthe Tempest has Rhian as her guest while the PCs are in Castle Amber
Morti(No, we're in Ettienne's Tomb. Try to keep up)
Dranath(( Hey Stan, by that reasoning, and by the fact that you told me I was there for like a month before they found me, I would likely be from 300 years in the bulk of the parties past, right? ))
TaliesinNYCsomething like that
Morti(that sounds right)
Atross((Well, that explains ya))
Thom: (( let's hope you don't automatically age when we get back.... ))
Dranathand so I would've been from before... PARADOX ~splat~
TaliesinNYCexcept that in my view of time travel, paradoxes are impossible. 
Morti(Unless you time traveled back 300 years when you entered the castle. *nod nod* )
Dranathno one denies the existance of paradoxy, it's what happens is the interesting point
Etienne d'AmbervilleAnd so now we come to this...
** Morti stops trying to remove his glazed jelly donut eyes as Ettienne speaks **
Etienne d'AmbervilleYou will be given an opportunity to return back in time to accomplish certain things which you will need to do in order to resume where you left off AFTER entering Chateau d'Amberville. You will need to gain in power and skill before you can confront the Tempest. It is for this reason and this reason alone that I am sending you back, where you can do some good and perhaps lay the groundwork for events to come.
Rainur Swiftblade"Ays"
Etienne d'AmbervilleYou cannot do anything, however, that would change the course of history substantially in the future. To do so would unmake you.
Morti:sourly: "We're still not going home are we?"
Etienne d'AmbervilleYou will be going home....in a fashion.
Thom: "So, what CAN we do? How do we know what will cause us to be, unmade?"
Atross"Sounds like we're going somewhere dangerous to delicately put into place changes that will make something possible in the future."
** Morti plops down, moping, "I know that tone. This is gonna stink." **
Etienne d'AmbervilleYou may come into an opportunity to kil the Tempest before she becomes the Tempest. That would change your future radically and possibly unmake what is now happening. If you never suffer the Tempest's rule, you will never have the opportunity to free me.
Sevis Goloens"Does that apply to me as well, other than doing something that would unmake one of my friends here, there is nothing I can not do since I am not from this Andurin world correct?"
** Dranath gets lost in the perplexity of time travel, it is an aspect of his diety that Dranath will likely never understand. **
** Etienne d'Amberville turns to look at Sevis **
TaliesinNYCIf they change the past, you will not be here for they will have never met you.
Dranath(( I don't mean an actual aspect, like the intelligences that are part of your world, but just, a facet of Oneiros, since he is god of time.. ))
Rainur Swiftblade"What must we do Monsieur?"
Etienne d'AmbervilleThat is entirely up to you, Rainur. You have several choices at this point in time.
Sevis Goloens"Oh.. I guess I will have to watch them to make sure they dont un do me. I have no desire to return to the world where the Inquisition grows in power daily"
** Dranath tucks some blonde hair back under the ear flap of his skullcap like helmet, and watches the patriarch of the d'Ambervilles curiously. **
Etienne d'AmbervilleYou can seek to discover a Sword of Power. You can seek to divine questions in your pasts. You can seek to gain items central to the Prophecy of Andurin'ith-en. You can seek out fame and power in the world during the time of the Kernin invasion. Much is up to you.
MortiWon't becoming famous in the past effect our future?
Thom: "Would not the fame and power in the past effect the future?"
Rainur Swiftblade"Ays, she is a great evil and her power does not belong in our world, how do we cut her chord so to speak?
TaliesinNYCYou already know that the one known as Rhian Sedai is sister to Rand al'Thon, otherwise known as The Dragon Reborn.
Thom: (( smacks himself, realizing that he must be starting to think like Morti. ))
Morti( fools rarely differ )
Etienne d'AmbervilleYou will not be known as Morti in this time. (smiles slyly)
Morti"Kernin Invasion? Maybe I could meet Old Baggus in his Soldier days. Not sure how he'd respond to me before he turned pacitist though"
TaliesinNYCNone of you will be known by your true names. You will create new personas and be them, in your time. When it comes time for you to return to your own time, you will shed those personas and become your true selves.
Morti"Eh?" 0.o
Rainur Swiftblade"Ays...it would seem good"
Dranath"I suppose that's one way to do it."
DM(In other words, you'll create new characters, at the same level you are now. Yes, you also get a chance to reroll for new items, but for these PCs only.)
Atross"That way we can do important things without us realizing we're going to do them before. After? Whatever. Or is it whenever?"
Thom: (( but, we would be the same classes and skills, right? ))
Morti"So.... we're like.. going to possess the bodies of people in the past?"
DM(that's your homework for the next session. )
DM(no, completely new PCs.)
Sevis Goloens"We are all part of this Prophacy of Andurin`ith-en correct? If so should we not find items to further it?"
Etienne d'AmbervilleIn a manner of speaking. (smiles)
Dranath"When one is gone, they are identified through the memories of those whose lives they touched. Identity is almost mutable in that case, and if we trick the people of the past into accepting our personaes... say, you're pretty clever, Etienne."
Thom: (( oh - wow, that's cool... hmm, things to think on. ))
Morti"Cool. Can I be the Magister?" 
Atross((I understand the point of this session better at least))
Etienne d'AmbervilleHah
Etienne d'AmbervilleNow, then, there are many many questions you have, and I shall do my best to answer them.
Etienne d'AmbervilleAbout the Prophecy of Andurin'ith-en.
Rainur Swiftblade"What of Tamuril Monsieur, is she still alive?"
Sevis Goloens"When we become these personas of the past will we remember who we truly are or will we become them compleatly untill it is time for us to return to the world?"
Thom: (( and how are we going to become stronger if we are not actually the ones getting the experisnce? ))
TaliesinNYC((XP will transfer over))
Etienne d'AmbervilleI will get to that in a moment, Rainur.
Dranath"What about the Prophecy of Andurin'ith-en?"
Thom: (( so - with different bodies - if someone dies (or say.. sacrifies themselves) in the past, will they be alive when the party returns to our present/ ))
Etienne d'AmbervilleYou will not remember your experiences, save in dreams.
DM((you'll be alive in the present))
Thom: (( so, we rob everyone, hide the treasure, and let our dreams tell us where it is when we get back.  ))
DM((basically everything is the same except your PCs are different))
DM((well, time sure does have a way of fucking shit up when you least expect it, lol))
Atross((Let me make an analogy for everyone. We're going to quantum leap))
Morti(Half-orc monk here I come :P)
Atross((Yes, adventurers like to find hidden treasure for example))
Dranath(( and tarrasques like to eat children you father in the past ))
TaliesinNYCThe Company of Light is as follows: The Hammer of Justice, the White Lion, the Walker in Radiance, the Dragon Ascended, the Sword of Honor and Freeswords Eternal. You are identified as Freeswords Eternal. It remains to be seen if you are those others.
Dranath"Who?" He asks, looking over at the group that found him in the Castle Amber, "Rainur, Morti, Thom, Atross?"
** Thom shakes his head at Dranath. " **
Etienne d'AmbervilleAs for the Company of Dark, it is known that there is a group that mirrors yours, they are known as the Company of Whispered Secrets, but it remains to be seen if they are what Dark demands of them for those titles.
Thom: "I only joined with them right before entering the Chateau
Etienne d'AmbervilleYes, Dranath, this group is known as the Company of Freeswords Eternal.
Etienne d'AmbervilleNow
Atross"And I didn't bring a sword, actually. I blame Rainur for the title."
Etienne d'AmbervilleThe prophecy states the following:
** Thom glances at Dranath, "Guilty by association I guess." **
Etienne d'AmbervilleThe Sword of Valor triumphs over the Queen of Eternal Night,
yet the night is not yet over. The Shadow grows longer with each passing day
for the Song has yet to be sung, the Pattern has yet to be made,
and the threads of Fate have not yet been woven.

Morti:shrugs to Thom: "I was just acting as a porter in a merchant caravan they were in"
Etienne d'AmbervilleThis describes the events that occurred 30 years ago, when certain events occurred in the realm of the gods that caused an event that occurred a great deal of time in the past to be healed.
Etienne d'AmbervilleThe Shadow is a reference to Shai'tan, the Dark One.
Thom: (( lol - that's a mouthful.... ))
Etienne d'AmbervilleThe Song is a reference to the fate of the world, as to whether it will be ruled by the Dark or if the Light shall bring balance to the world.
Etienne d'AmbervilleThe Pattern is the choice that mortals face, whether to choose for Light or for Dark. The final battle between Light and Dark has not been fought or decided, and it is not known if this battle, the battle we are in now, is the final battle. It is known that if Dark wins, if Shai'tan wins, then all is lost.
DM(if you're confused, let me know.)
Dranath(( Im soaking it in ))
TaliesinNYCNow. The Prophecy further states:
Etienne d'AmbervilleTherefore, whether a blade of light and of shadow, or a sword of fire and of ice;
whether a crown of truth and of courage, or a gauntlet of might and of mists;
whether an orb of drakes unbidden and unbroken, or a pearl of daemonic desires; and whether a shield created with love and with passion, or a whip formed from malice and from despair: such are the tools which must be gathered by those who walk with Light or those who follow Dark in preparation for the Meeting Which Is Yet To Come.

Thom: (( Thom is pleased to actually be hearing about this stuff, since comments have been made - but no one ever explained it to him. True, it seems like just a lot of words to him, but he's getting a bit from it.  ))
Etienne d'AmbervilleLight and Dark must each gather items or attempt to stop each other from gaining their items for successful completion of Andurin'ith-en.
Atross((Now does Meeting Which Is Yet To Come really need the capitals?))
Atross((That's really ominous))
Etienne d'AmbervilleFor Light: there is a blade of light and of shadow, a crown of truth and of courage, an orb of drakes unbidden and unbroken, and a shield created with love and with passion.
Thom: (( so, we just steal the other items and they can't win...  ))
Etienne d'AmbervilleFor Dark, there is a sword of fire and of ice, a gauntlet of might and of mists, a pearl of daemonic desires, and a whip formed from malice and despair.
Atross((Same goes for them with ours though))
Thom: (( yeah.. drn it, why can't everyone just get along? ))
Etienne d'AmbervilleThese tools must be gathered for the Meeting Which Is Yet To Come -- a reference for the meeting between Light (yourselves and others) and Dark (Almeena and her ilk, and others) where the choice that will determine the fate of this world will be made.
Thom: (( heads or tails? ))
Etienne d'AmbervilleNow.
Etienne d'AmbervilleA King must be crowned, a Sword must be wielded, a Knight must be slain.
Three things to pass and that shall pass and will pass for Light.

Etienne d'AmbervilleThis refers to events that must and will happen for those who follow Light.
Etienne d'AmbervilleA King overthrown, a Sword shattered asunder, a Knight eternal.
Three things to pass and that shall pass and will pass for Dark.

Etienne d'AmbervilleThis refers to events that must and will happen for those who follow Dark.
Etienne d'AmbervilleI shall endeavor to explain these at this time.
Etienne d'AmbervilleA King must be crowned, is a reference to the White Khahan of the Ulu'taari. You (points to Rainur) must become Khahan and rule your people.
Rainur Swiftblade::bows his head::
** Morti pats Rainur on the back. "Congratulations!" **
** Sevis Goloens is listening intently **
Rainur Swiftblade"If it comes to be my fate, it will be an honor"
Etienne d'AmbervilleA Sword must be wielded. This refers to a Sword of Power, but not the Sword required to rule the Ulu'taari. This you will accomplish both now and in the future. You will gain the memory of a Sword, which Sword is up to you. When you return in the future, you will then quest to locate and recover the Sword you have chosen. Choose wisely.
** Thom raises an eyebrow. "Rainur - king?" **
Etienne d'AmbervilleA Knight must be slain. This refers to a Knight of death, who shall come to you willingly. You must find a way to slay this Knight, for doing so will release his soul to the grave. And in so doing, you will save a kingdom from despair.
Dranath(( coinspinner! ))
Morti(woundhealer should theoretically destroy undead. Double win!)
Morti(nah, coinspinner may be like its book counter part and decided to up and leave us when it feels like it)
Etienne d'AmbervilleA King overthrown. This refers to a plot to overthrow the Grand Dukes of Kern. Should the Grand Duchy fall, then will the Dark gain a foothold over those who would serve it.
Etienne d'AmbervilleA Sword shattered asunder. This refers to a Sword that shall be destroyed. Which Sword of Power it is, I do not know.
Etienne d'AmbervilleA Knight eternal. I do not know the meaning of this passage except that it involves the same Knight that you are meant to slay.
Etienne d'AmbervilleA choice must be made, and the Balance maintained.
Etienne d'AmbervilleThis refers to the Meeting That Is Yet To Come.
Etienne d'AmbervilleThis will determine who saves the world, and who dies as a result.
Etienne d'AmbervilleAs for the items:
Thom: "So, it is possible that both sides will accomplish their tasks, depending on what the Dark have to do with the Knight/"
** Morti sits taking notes **
TaliesinNYCA blade of light and of shadow. This lies on a plain where both kingslayers and kingmakers rest for all eternity. Look in the Kingdom of Damrosil. Seek out the singer of the Lineage of Kings.
Etienne d'AmbervilleA crown of truth and of courage. This is part of the regalia of Wylund, the Crown of Solnor, and was lost several centuries ago. The Crown is currently located in an ancient tomb, somewhere near the Forest of Miir, ironically within a day's travel of Tolmara.
Etienne d'AmbervilleAn orb of drakes unbidden and unbroken. This refers to an Orb of Drakes, one of seven created in the world. For this, you will need to best the emerald drake Briocht. Briocht's lair is located in southern Hyboras.
Etienne d'AmbervilleBriocht is especially formidable and has a love of puzzles and riddles.
Morti"Best a drake? Hope he does just mean puzzles."
Etienne d'AmbervilleA shield created with love and with passion. This refers to the Eye of Solnor, a powerful weapon in the hands of those who would follow Light. This item is truly lost and has not been seen for several centuries.
Dranath(( solnor solnor solnor, bah, oneiros doesn't get any lovin ))
Morti"Sure... an eye can't see itself"
Dranath"Not without help, anyhow.."
TaliesinNYCIt lies within Mel'Nethra, and this is a most perilous journey, for at this time, the city at the center of the Empire has not yet become a dread necropolis. The Barrier has not yet been raised. But it soon will be...in a few years.
Thom: "At this time? Which time is that?"
TaliesinNYCWhy, at the time of the Kernin invasion. The year, 3000.
Thom: "Oh, ok."
** Etienne d'Amberville turns to Rainur. "Tamuril, your love, is alive at this time....you cannot change her fate, but you can learn the truth of what will befall her." **
Rainur Swiftblade"What do you mean Monsieur...I need to know...It is better I know now"
Etienne d'AmbervilleAs to you, Thom, you cannot slay the Tempest at this point in time. What you will be doing is gaining in skill and power, and learning of her weaknesses for when you do return in the future.
Thom: "As long as she is defeated. Or, the deamon is defeated. Whichever."
Etienne d'AmbervilleYou will then have the opportunity to defeat her in the future. You will learn of her nature, for defeating her true nature is what you shall face.
**TaliesinNYC turns and faces Rainur. "She is alive, but is now a Kernin slave and serves a Kernin master." **
Rainur Swiftblade"Those bastard dogs...they will taste their own blood as I slice my blade through their throats!
Morti"Can't do that. Remember? No changning past. Unless that was supposed to happen... Hmmm..."
Morti"How do we know what was supposed to happen?"
Rainur Swiftblade"I will find her once this is all done, and make them pay!"
Atross"That'll be now though, not then."
Atross"So it'll be alright on the unmaking us front."
Dranath"Im well versed in history... but I have been absent for a while, it seems.."
Rainur Swiftblade"Is she at least treated with some measure of decency?"
** Dranath remains quiet, in respect for Rainur **
** Rainur Swiftblade is seething with anger and is having a tough time controlling his temper **
Etienne d'AmbervilleEvents you cannot change are anything that have to do with your own individual circumstances. That means, you cannot change the manner of your lives, or something that would radically alter your life prior to this point without some drastic change occurring in the future.
Etienne d'AmbervilleThat includes killing the one who would become the Tempest, for instance.
** Thom frowns for a moment, but relazes, knowing that it is the truth. **
DM(in other words, that means, no tracking down Morti and finding out what happens to him.)
Atross"Wait, you say we cannot change these events or we risk altering our lives such that we never even will be here ot free you. Wouldn't that prevent us from making the changes as well?"
Morti"What if we do something that seems insignificant, but has dire consequences." :runs off on a tangent: "Like, in the past I get hungry so I stop to have a meal.."
Sevis Goloens"I think that prevents a paradox from happening Atross"
Morti"That was the last of the food a the inn and now when a starving messenger on his way back to a post in wylund arrives there's no food. Now he's hungr and starves on the way, passing out and never delivering message of an oncoming invasion force."
Morti"This results in a large military victory by the Kernins overturning the war and altering all our futures!"
Rainur Swiftblade"I do not understand this talk...I will do my part for the light"
Atross"In that case, Morti, you will likely let slip some knowledge from the future assuming they already knew about the invasion force and effictively take the place of the messenger so that everything works out. We'll make sure of it since I'd rather continue to exist."
Morti"But what if we mess up and the Kernins were suppose to win that battle?"
** Morti is looking very nervous **
Atross"Then how did you change anything by stopping the messenger and causing us to lose?"
Morti"Because he was hungry!"
Etienne d'AmbervilleVery well, then. To make it easy on yourselves, the only thing that you need to worry about is to avoid, if possible, from slaying the Tempest.
Rainur Swiftblade"If possible?"
Etienne d'AmbervilleThe temptation will be great, considering that you will have the opportunity to do so.
** Thom sits down trying to take this all in as he digs through his bag a bit. **
Morti"Phew. That's a load off"
Thom: "But, if we do, it will be bad - worse than how things are now, correct?"
Rainur Swiftblade"Well, let us find Morti's family"
Rainur Swiftblade"That seems a logical place to start"
Morti"Eh?" :raises a brow at Rainur: "30 years ago, my family didn't even exist yet. My parents were just teenagers who hadn't even met yet."
Rainur Swiftblade"Or rather Rhian's brother"
Etienne d'AmbervilleIf you wish to defeat the Tempest in the future, you will need to recover an item in the place known as the House of Cards. There is a great possibility you will come face to face with the one who will become the Tempest.
** Morti scratches his scabby head **
Rainur Swiftblade"Or perhaps that is our first option"
** Thom gets a twisted smile on his face. "Now, would her say... getting a broken leg from falling change the future?" **
Morti"I wonder if I still have citadel access in the past"
** Sevis Goloens shakes his head **
Sevis Goloens"Did he not say you will not remember these lives except partialy in dreams, so who is to say you will remember to go meet certain people. I say just focus on what is important getting this item from the house of cards, and posible gathering a sword of power, or some of the other items for the Prophacy. If you try to focus on too many things your dreams will be unclear and you may remember none of it"
** Thom nods to Sevis, "Very true." **
Morti"Concentrate. Got it.... I think..."
Dranath"Speaking of this House of Cards.."
Dranath"And the item within it"
Dranath"Where is it and what item?"
TaliesinNYCThat is not for me to reveal to you.
Etienne d'AmbervilleWell...
Etienne d'Amberville(has second thoughts)
Morti"S'okay, we'll ask Master Tremaine in the past"
Etienne d'Amberville30 years ago, the Kernin managed to infiltrate a guild based in Highkeep, who attempted to turn the city into the unholy city of the god of evil, Gorgauth
TaliesinNYCThey established a temple beneath the city called The House of Cards. They were almost successful, but for a group of adventurers who desecrated the temple.
** Sevis Goloens focuses his thoughts attempting to clear everything from his mind except; House of Cards, Sword of Light and Shadows, Crown of Truth and Courage, Orb of Drakes, Eye of Solnor, And their respective locations as revield by Etienne **
Etienne d'AmbervilleHowever, the adventurers failed to thoroughly desecrate the inner sanctum and left a gate operating by which a denizen of Sul could enter Andurin and maintain a link to the mortal realm. The creature who would be known as the Tempest was an avatar of Gorgauth.
Etienne d'AmbervilleWhat you will need to do is desecrate that temple, and cast a spell which will close the gate at a future point in time. There is also an item in the sanctum that will enable you to defeat the daemon when you dispel the magicka that the Tempest surrounds herself with.
Etienne d'AmbervilleIt will be quite obvious as to what the item is.
Etienne d'AmbervilleIn addition, one of you will need to sacrifice him or herself, for the gate can only be closed by someone on the other side.
Rainur Swiftblade"We can desecrate the temple surely, but we are mostly not spell casters"
Etienne d'AmbervilleFor obvious reasons, I do not recommend embarking on this endeavor until you are ready to return to the future.
Thom: "We can figure that out when we get to that point Rainur."
Rainur Swiftblade"Ays"
** Morti nods along with Rainur's arguement, before realizing the implicationg. "Hey..." **
Sevis Goloens"Who knows what you will be in our persona's of the past Rainur"
Morti(Past Rainur = Drenla's long lost Twin)
Morti"So... where will we be when we arrive in the past?"
Rainur Swiftblade"Eat"
Etienne d'AmbervilleThat is entirely up to you.
Rainur Swiftblade"Some real food would be good"
Etienne d'AmbervilleI will be returning you to the year 2999, eight months prior to the beginning of the Kernin invasion.
Morti:to rainur: "Ah... but you won't be eating, your past counterpart will"
** Thom rubs his forehead. "This is getting to be abit much." **
Morti"Yeah, you'd figure there'd be easier ways to do this stufff, huh?" :shrugs:
Dranath"If my family is still in the time I left behind, and I never return.." the idea just seems to come to him.. He withdraws slightly, thoughts brooding behind blue eyes.
Etienne d'AmbervilleVery well...if there are no further questions, then I shall leave you for a time, until you are ready to make the leap. As for the daemon, "J", it shall have to wait until you return to your own time.

(3130) Etienne d'Amberville:  I must begin preparations to cast the spell to send you back in time.
 (3188) Morti: "Oooo..." :Takes a seat watching what Ettienne does to prepare for chronomancy
** (3130) Etienne d'Amberville begins to meditate **
** (3136) Sevis nods at Etienne but continues to meditate keeping his mind clear except for what they must do in the past, Seek the four items, get a sword of power, find th House of Cards and do what we need to do there **
** (3136) Sevis Goloens adds a mental note 'Do not kill the tempast of all will be lost' **
** (3161) Dranath leans against a wall, and looks at the others. "Does anyone else have anything they might need to take care of in 2999?" **
** (3188) Morti shakes his head to Dranath, **
(3188) Morti: "I don't think I do."
(3136) Dj Gilcrease: "I have never been to your world so there is nothing for me to do except that which is required"
(3133) Thom: "I wonder if we might make it to the Highkeep area at some point."
(3161) Dranath: "And I am from before that time, so I am not sure of what else besides those things suggested are valid and useful."
(3133) Thom: "It would be nice to see that city not in the control of the Tempest, even if I will only remembr it in my dreams."
(3188) Morti: "i'd like to do some sightseeing. BUt I don't think I'll remember any of it anyway"
** (3129) Atross puts away his new bow, dons his new cloak, and stands. **
(3129) Atross: "I suppose we might see Farthing sometime, I do wonder what it was like."
(3136) Sevis Goloens: "I wonder what type of person I will be in this past of yours. Should prove to be a very strange experiance all around"
(3188) Morti: :nods to Sevis: "Maybe you'll be a woman."
** (3133) Thom shudders slightly. "That could not make for good memories." **
(3136) Sevis Goloens: "I know many men back in my world would love to know what a woman is thinking, so that could be a very benificial experiance"
(3188) Morti: "Hmmm? Women think different?"
(3133) Thom: "I'd rather stay sane, thank you very much."
(3188) Morti: :turns to dranath: "How do women think?"
** (3136) Sevis Goloens turns to Darnath "You were a woman for a time, was it any differant?" **
** (3161) Dranath raises a brow, "The problem lies in grouping all women together. They think as unalike as we think from one another, so really it's hard to say." **
(3188) Morti: "Eh?" :Morti's odd face twists in curiosity of the statement:
(3136) Sevis Goloens: "Interesting interpretation"
(3161) Dranath: "Well, not all women think alike, so I can't say. I know how I thought as a woman.. it wasn't much different of how I normally think."
(3133) Thom: "That must be because you were a man transformed. But if one of us was placed into someone that was always female - I can't imagine."
(3188) Morti: "Hmmm..." :Morti stares on confused as he scratches Moiraine's ears as she settles in his lap. Suddnly glancing down to the cat, he calls out to Ettienne, "OI, what's going to happen to my kitten during this time displacement thingy?"
(3161) Dranath: "Alot of what makes men different from women are their roles and raising. They are raised to be women, so their thought is shaped thusly."
(3136) Dj Gilcrease: "Maybe thats because you did not start out as a woman, so you were raised as a man and still thought mostly like a man?"
** (3161) Dranath nods, "Likely." **
(3133) Thom has sent you a tree node...
** (3136) Sevis Goloens slips back into meditation waiting for Etienne to finish **
(3161) Dranath: "Well then, We should likely focus on the things we need to do, and perhaps others will come along and find us."
(3229) Daxia (exit): 01:42
(3133) Thom: "So, what all do we need to do, and what should we do first?"
(3133) Thom: "In the past that is."
(3161) Dranath: "There is the sword, and the items, and then the House of Cards thing."
(3243) Rayman (enter): 01:44
(3243) Rayman (exit): 01:44
(3136) Dj Gilcrease: "I think we should seek the four items first, we have to do the house of Cards latter anyways, and a Sword of Power, though I dont know what one is brings images of greedy people trying to take it from us"
(3247) Undead Sephi (enter): 01:46
(3247) Undead Sephi (exit): 01:46
(3133) Thom: "Hmm. Sounds good to me. So, where should we start? And where are we going to have Etienne send us?"
(3188) Morti: "Yeah, plus we get to meet the singer of the Lineage of kings. Wonder what that'd be like."
(3129) Atross: "We should start with one near areas we know. If we're going to be out of time it'd be best to at least know our place."
(3188) Morti: "BUt even if we don't know it our past selves might"
(3136) Dj Gilcrease: "I do not know the layout of this new land, but the four items are in Damrosil, Hyboras, Mel'Nethra, and a day outside Tolmara, which is the city you thought my drawing looked like"
(3136) Sevis Goloens: "Are arey of you able to scetch a map so we can all look to see what the best order to fetch the items is?"
** (3161) Dranath attempts to draw out a map for Sevis. **
(3161) Dranath: Knowledge: Geography [1d20+9+3+1] -> [20,9,3,1] = (33)
(3130) DM: (nice)
(3133) Thom: (( damn - you even account for platonic shift during the 300 years that you haven't been there... ;) ))
(3161) Dranath: (( thanks ))
(3188) Morti: "So... start in Damrosil, travel up to Tolmara and then catch a boat near Highkeep off toward Hyboras?" :drawing a finger in the air as if he were pointing to a map:
(3136) Sevis Goloens: "Is boat travel very safe in your world, I dont know why but I have a fear of boats and open water unless land is within swiming distance. Though I sapose my past persona may not have that fear. I hope not"
(3188) Morti: "Well, i didn't have much luck on my first voyage. But lots of other people sail all the time. It should be alright"
** (3136) Sevis Goloens looks at the map and finds the places morti mentions. "Yes that looks like a good rout to take" **
(3133) Thom: (( I just thought, I should have made a pirate - that I would have been fun... ))
(3133) Thom: "Yeah, there were always ships coming and leaving Highkeep. I never took one though."
(3136) Dj Gilcrease: "Well lets just hope my past persona is not afraid of boat travel"
(3133) Thom: "let's hope none of ours are.
(3188) Morti: (give him a couple of swashbuckler levels in stead ^_^ )
(3133) Thom: (( lol - yeah... ))
(3245) Daxia (enter): 01:57
(3161) Dranath: (( actually Thom, I was kinda thinking of that ))
(3161) Dranath: (( a kinda shipmage ))
(3136) Sevis Goloens: "So do any of you know who this Singer of the Lineage of Kings that can be found in the plains of Damrosil may be, I hope it isnt just some random bard that happens to sing this song on occation"
(3188) Morti: (yeah could have have taken up a piracy position afte splitting up and heading south in Toralin)
(3133) Thom: (( hmm - although I like my current class more, it works with my background. ))
(3133) Thom: "I have no idea Sevis."
(3188) Morti: Knowledge: History Skill Check: [1d20+7] -> [12,7] = (19)
(3161) Dranath: (( could knowlede His.. ))
(3161) Dranath: Knowledge: History [1d20+9+3+1] -> [7,9,3,1] = (20)
(3251) Sevren Loreat (enter): 02:02
(3136) Dj Gilcrease: ((Wouldnt that be knowlage future for you Dranath?))
(3188) Morti: (make that 20, for my nifty new headband)
(3161) Dranath: (( depends on how long the singer has been there! ))
(3129) Atross: ((I don't want to think about that))
(3249) Lothoris (enter): 02:03
(3249) Lothoris (exit): 02:04
(3133) Thom: (( BRB ))
** (3130) Etienne d'Amberville opens his eyes and glances at you. "Ah yes, the Lineage of Kings." (smiles mysteriously) **
(3130) Etienne d'Amberville: The Lineage of Kings is a famous poem that describes in detail, the history of the Kings and Queens of Damrosil. It foretells of a future King that shall arise in a time of need when Damrosil will need him again.
(3188) Morti: "Again?" :cocks his head: "Wouldn't he have had to have been a previous king then?"
(3130) Etienne d'Amberville: Oh yes, he was. The prophecy of Brie is clear on that point.
(3188) Morti: "Oh... who is he?"
(3129) Atross: "Was."
(3188) Morti: "Sorry. Was he..?"
(3133) Thom: (( back ))
(3130) Etienne d'Amberville: It is a previous King. There has only been one Queen in all of Damrosil's history and that is a recent development. Although...during the war, she will die. (dispassionately)
(3129) Atross: "Oh. Does she have to?"
** (3130) Etienne d'Amberville closes his eyes and recites, "With six hands of Loring the Lost upon the Wheel of Time, at the moment Bazel mounts his chariot to do battle with the Seven Daughters, the dead King shall rise to seize the triad with hands that cannot grasp and eyes that cannot see. All wards broken and the mystic barriers pierced with mating swords, three saints and sinners will struggle in the dust, both and neither to triumph, and while the sundered earth spews forth the dregs of centuries, a new Order shall come upon the Land." **
(3188) Morti: "That's too bad. But who was the former king that will return?"
(3188) Morti: "Ooo... was it Falconedge?"
(3136) Sevis Goloens: This pome sound like the legand of King Artus from my lands, a Once and Futur king"
(3130) Etienne d'Amberville: That is the Prophecy of Brie. I shall endeavor to explain this at this time. (opens his eyes)
(3253) Evil Joe (enter): 02:14
(3130) Etienne d'Amberville: With six hands of Loring the Lost upon the Wheel of Time
(3245) Daxia (exit): 02:15
(3130) Etienne d'Amberville: This refers to a king of Damrosil, Loring the Lost, who was once a bard of great renown before he became a king. Loring created many magical items, one of which is a magical glove that grants its user the ability to tell truth from falsehood amongst other things. The Wheel of Time is a stone calendar in Loring's Wood, used by druids who live within to predict astronomical phenomena and other such celestial events.
(3130) Etienne d'Amberville: The Wheel is also used as an oracle.
(3130) Etienne d'Amberville: ...at the moment Bazel mounts his chariot to do battle with the Seven Daughters....
(3133) Thom: "A glove? Nice..." Thom mutters.
(3133) Thom: (( sorry, wrong alias on that... ))
(3129) Atross: "Would that be an astrological reference?"
(3130) Etienne d'Amberville: This passage refers to the constellation of Bazel which is another name for the god Solnor. The Seven Daughters is another name for the god of darkness and vengeance, Gorgauth. Many legends of Damrosil name the Daughters as the sins of anger, pride, gluttony, avarice, sloth, envy and lust.
(3130) Etienne d'Amberville: Thus the Seven Daughters is another name for the constellation that corresponds to Gorgauth.
(3130) Etienne d'Amberville: The celestial event behind the Meeting between Light and Dark is a battle between Solnor and Gorgauth, whereas the event behind the Meeting of Light and Dark at your time is a battle between Andurin and Shai'tan.
(3130) Etienne d'Amberville: ...the dead King shall rise to seize the triad...
(3130) Etienne d'Amberville: This refers to the regalia of Damrosil's monarch.
(3130) Etienne d'Amberville: ...with hands that cannot grasp and eyes that cannot see...
(3130) Etienne d'Amberville: I do not know the meaning of this passage, unfortunately.
(3251) Sevren Loreat (exit): 02:24
(3133) Thom: (( a clock and potatoes! ))
(3130) Etienne d'Amberville: All wards broken and the mystic barriers pierced with mating swords...
(3130) Etienne d'Amberville: The phrase mystic barriers pierced with mating swords are a reference to locks and keys. What keys and which locks remains to be deciphered.
(3188) Morti: :leans to Dranath: "Can swords have babies? That must break some celestial barrier"
(3130) Etienne d'Amberville: ...three saints and sinners will struggle in the dust, both and neither to triumph...
(3161) Dranath: "Mating swords is just two swords crossed one atop the other."
(3130) Etienne d'Amberville: Another passage I do not know the meaning of. The final phrases "and while the sundered earth spews forth the dregs of centuries, a new Order shall come upon the land" must mean that the successful completion of the Prophecy will reveal the King once again.
(3188) Morti: "oh"
(3136) Dj Gilcrease: "The passage about hand that can not grasp and eyes that can not see I would hazzard a guess that it means the king will not be returning in phsical form but in spirit, maybe like we are about to do going into the past. Some person in the past who has lived their own lives is about to have memories from us, and know what needs to be done."
(3129) Atross: "Or maybe a statue of the king, the hands don't move and the eyes don't really see anything."
(3130) Etienne d'Amberville: Now, if you are ready, join hands and I shall begin the casting. It is important that no matter what happens during the casting, that you do not let go of one another. No matter what happens during the casting.
(3130) DM: As he says this, he glances at each of you in turn.
(3129) Atross: "What's going to happen during the casting?"
(3133) Thom: "One more question for you first, if you would."
** (3136) Sevis Goloens reachest out both hand grabbing others nearby **
(3130) Etienne d'Amberville: You may see images that disturb you. The temptation to act will be great.
(3130) Etienne d'Amberville: Certainly, Thom.
(3188) Morti: "Shut my eyes. Hold on tight. Gotcha."
(3129) Atross: "Oh, that helps to know."
(3133) Thom: "Madame Marie said that we had to free one from the Chateau that would stand against us in order to pass and free you. How is our choice going to affect us, or is that not a concern until we return?"
** (3129) Atross reaches out to the two nearest him after a last check of his weaponry. **
** (3188) Morti reches out for to taken hands in the circle **
** (3133) Thom keeps his hands to himself until Etienne answers. **
** (3161) Dranath joins the circle, waiting, and watching Etienne. **
(3130) Etienne d'Amberville: That is not a concern until you return.
(3133) Thom: "Very well." Thom reaches out his hands to those near him and prepares himself.
** (3130) Etienne d'Amberville begins the casting and closes his eyes, chanting sonorously as the lights in the chamber dim. **
(3130) Etienne d'Amberville: The stones in the chamber begin to sing as the air shimmers in front of you.
(3130) DM: Suddenly, there is a loud explosion in front of you and you can see the Tempest about to hurl a bolt of ice at Thom!
** (3133) Thom resists the urge to act, even though every fiber of his being says to dodge it. **
(3129) Atross: "Remember, don't break away."
** (3188) Morti keeps his eyes closed **
** (3136) Sevis Goloens closes his eyes so he cant see whats going on **
(3130) DM: Moments later, hands reach out in front of Thom -- slender, feminine hands garbed in white robed sleeves, that quickly create a glowing shield that bears the brunt of the Tempest's attack.
(3130) DM: The image of the Tempest snarls at her unseen foe, and then is gone.
(3130) DM: The stones of the chamber now begin to vibrate even louder, singing even louder and grander...
(3130) DM: ...then there is a myrdraal, the one that you engaged in battle deep beneath the Killing Keep...
(3130) DM: It too lunges at one of you. The stones' song reaches a crescendo, and with a flash of bright white light....
** (3136) Sevis Goloens squints his eyes even tighter close at the bright flash **
(3129) Atross: "Hold the line."
(3259) Xarti (enter): 02:46
** (3133) Thom keeps his eyes open, wanting to watch the sights. But if he could resist attacking the Tempest, he feels confident in his ability to stay put. **
(3259) Xarti (exit): 02:46
(3259) Xarti (enter): 02:46
(3130) DM: ...you appear in the middle of a forest. It is evening, and the moons have just risen.
(3130) DM: Of Etienne, the myrdraal, the singing stones or the Tempest, there is no sign.
(3259) Xarti (exit): 02:47
** (3136) Dj Gilcrease open his eys as the noise stops and looks around **
(3133) Thom: "So, is it over then? Or is this another image?"
(3260) Victor (enter): 02:48
(3188) Morti: "I dunno. Were we supposed to end up in the woods?"
(3130) DM: (switch to new characters btw)
** (3133) Helisandra notices his voice is higher now and he looks down. "What the?!?" **
** (3136) Tian Keth looks around a bit confused "What was that?" **
(3129) Calehan: "I'm not sure. Aren't we supposed to find, uh..."
** (3188) Morti looks about curiously, his grip tight on his sheathe ready to flick his sword free. "Weird..." **
(3129) Calehan: "The singer, right? The singer of the lineage of kings."
** (3129) Calehan reaches over his shoulder as he talks, though nothing is there. **
DM(on that note, we'll stop for tonight)

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