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(3945) Dj Gilcrease (enter): 21:43
(3999) DM: before we get down to business, let's take care of XP.
(3978) Danae: cool
(3985) Atross: Ok
** (3982) Zane whips of the calculator **
(3982) Zane: *out
(3979) A Lurker (enter): 21:44
(3999) DM: lol
(4002) Rayman (enter): 21:46
(3788) Lartian (enter): 21:46
(3999) DM: ((pls divide 37892 by 5))
(3983) Morti: [37892/5] -> 7578
(3982) Thom: 7578.4
(3982) Zane: ;)
(3999) DM: ((Rainur gets that amount, but will be placed on a separate track for the next few sessions.))
(3999) DM: ((round up please.))
(3978) Danae: that's enough to level
(3983) Morti: : P Screw your petty decimal places!
(4002) Rayman (exit): 21:47
(3982) Zane: 7579?
(3999) DM: ((well if over .5... :) ))
(3985) Atross: 7578 then
(3982) Zane: that's what I thought, but you send round up... ;)
(3982) Zane: *said
** (3982) Zane has gremlins in his keyboard tonight **
(3983) Morti: cool.. but what to level... I can start into my citadel mage prestige class now... hmmm
(3999) DM: ((this is effective as of the end of last session. calculate hp now please.))
(3978) Danae: 21,000 xp is level
(3999) DM: ((if you've decided. moving on, who needs a recap?))
(3978) Danae: (( how do we do HP? I forget ))
(3999) DM: ((roll it of course.))
(3985) Atross: [1d20+2] -> [9,2] = (11)
(3983) Morti: hp: [1d4+4] -> [4,4] = (8)
(3985) Atross: I put 20 agani =(
(3985) Atross: [1d10+2] -> [8,2] = (10)
(3978) Danae: [1d8+1] -> [2,1] = (3)
(3982) Zane: [1d6+3] -> [5,3] = (8)
whispering to Rainur Swiftblade, that involves you too
(3979) A Lurker (exit): 21:51
(3989) Rainur Swiftblade: [1d12+4] -> [12,4] = (16) - > [11,4] -> (11, 4) = (15)
(3989) Rainur Swiftblade: gah..what was that
(3989) Rainur Swiftblade: I'll take either
(3985) Atross: I don't even know
(3999) DM: Lurkers tonight: you can whisper me during the session. There are two spots open. Several things: 9 pm EST to 3 am EST every Saturday, long term campaign, original world; we prefer older players for the most part; we like players who prefer RP over combat. if you have questions, please feel free to ask me via whisper or stay till after the game. also see the node I will send you.
(3999) DM: ((if no one needs a recap, the game begins one game hour after last session ended.))
(3983) Morti: (I'm good)
(3985) Atross: ((Then this should take care of character sheet updates)
(3982) Thom: (( Did I get to ask the cleric - Lev anne - about preserving the body? ))
(3985) Atross has sent you a tree node...
(3999) DM: ((he cast a cleric cantrip that will take care of it for the next day.))
(3982) Thom: (( k ))
(3985) Atross: ((I presume we dispensed with the healing, and we'll be able to take care of corpse duty from here)
(3999) DM: ((yes))
(3982) Thom: (( and Morti went and got horses, so we should be ready to leave - heading to Ximes? ))
(3982) Thom has sent you a tree node...
(4001) Jade (exit): 21:59
(3985) Atross: ((Ximes sounds right)
(3999) DM: ((k))
(3958) Elaith (enter): 22:00
(3983) Morti: (horses and a wagon to lug around big and battered Rainur)
(4008) No Name (enter): 22:02
** (3982) Thom mounts his horse and prepares to leave town, in search of the Archbishop whom was recalled to Ximes. **
(3982) Thom: (( there is a short end re-cap for everyone. ;) ))
(3999) DM: You leave Vyones and head to Ximes. According to what Levann told you, the journey should take you about four or five days if nothing happens to detain you.
** (3989) Rainur Swiftblade 's body lies in the wagon **
(3983) Morti: (can I scribe some new spells while riding in the wagon?)
(3982) Thom: (( and why do I get the feeling that's a BIG 'if'? ))
(4008) No Name (exit): 22:04
(3978) Danae has sent you a tree node...
(3999) DM: You were given the Viper Circled Mirror by Gaspard, shortly before he died.
** (3982) Thom has the mirroe **
** (3982) Thom also has the mirror **
(3788) Lartian (exit): 22:04
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (3945) Dj Gilcrease...
(3788) Lartian (enter): 22:04
(3999) DM: ((DJ will enter play later tonight, making him a player for now.))
** (3978) Danae sits in the drivers seat, not driving but just sitting on the bench near whoever is, quiet in the aftermath of the Collosus. **
whispering to Lartian, all requirements have to be fulfilled before you enter the game with a PC. you won't be able to get everything taken care of by next Friday, guaranteed. that's why I said its not negotiable.
** (3982) Thom rides alongside the party, watching the countryside for threats. **
** (3983) Morti sits in the back of the wagon with dead Rainur, casually studying **
** (3985) Atross must be driving then. **
(3982) Thom: (( guess so... ))
(4009) Lost One (enter): 22:08
(3978) Danae: "I hope the Archbishop is able, and willing, to call Rainur back."
(3983) Morti has sent you a tree node...
(3982) Thom: "We shall see. After stopping that colossus, it would be the least they owe us."
(3982) Thom: (( we are going to pass by where we entered this world, right? ))
(3978) Danae: "I'm afraid of what it will be like in Ximes- if Richard is an example of the standard Ximes citizen..."
(4009) Lost One (exit): 22:13
(3983) Morti: :casually as he reads: "Well, the people seem pretty nice so far."
(3982) Thom: "I find it hard to believe that that family is an example of much, besides selfish greed."
** (3978) Danae nods to Thom, "May it be so." **
(3999) DM: ((yes))
(3982) Thom: (( ok, let me know when we get there. ))
(3999) DM: The countryside seems almost ironically peaceful. Nothing out of the ordinary except for farmhouses and steadings empty because of a sudden flight....due to villagers and townsfolk leaving before and during the confrontation with Nathaire's colossus.
** (3978) Danae rides quietly, lounged out on the wagon's seat next to Atross, watching the terrain jostle by slowly. **
** (3982) Thom stares closely at the spot where they entered this world from the chateau, but can find nothing that appears out of the ordinary - at least as ordinary goes in this place. **
(3982) Thom: "Back at the beginning, in a way."
(3985) Atross: "Not nearly the beginning really."
(3982) Thom: "Just in a way. The beginning of us in this land."
(3985) Atross: "Hmm, I suppose
(3983) Morti: "Have to wonder if it's also the way out though. It seems to be a fixed temporal junction. But I don't know much about this world's astral cycle." :offers idly over his books
(3982) Thom: "I can honestly say that I have no idea Morti."
(3978) Danae: "A one-way fixed temporal junction, most likely."
(3983) Morti: :nods:
(3985) Atross: "You mean that we might have to go back to where we started to go back, basically?"
** (3985) Atross looks around the countryside and continues, "Doesn't look like it'd be a problem, if so." **
** (3982) Thom glances at Atross as he tries to work though the word jumble, then just gives up and shrugs. **
(3983) Morti: "No Danae, the D'Ambervilles seemed to have used it to enter their pocket dimension, so, it may not even be a way to lead us back to our world. Really wish I'd asked Pierre about some of this."
(3999) DM: It is a perfect spring day. Birds sing sweetly in the treetops, and the air is fragrant with the scent of wildflowers. Quite a change from the chaos and destruction a few hours ago.
(3958) Elaith (exit): 22:27
(3978) Danae: "We won't know until we find Etienne D'Amberville's casket.. and we won't do that until we can gather the three other items."
(3982) Thom: "Not sure if Pierre would have told us, if he even knew the answer..."
(4015) GM Wraith (enter): 22:28
(3978) Danae: "Good point Danae, but we aren't trying to get back there, in any event."
(3978) Danae: (( Hah! ))
(3978) Danae: "Good point Morti, but we aren't trying to get back there, in any event."
(3999) DM: After an hour of riding, Vyones is just a thin line on the horizon, with plumes of smoke rising into the sky, marking the wanton destruction inflicted by the undead colossus.
(3983) Morti: "Hai. hai." :teases Moiraine with his dangling pen as he reads:
** (3989) Rainur Swiftblade 's head flops to the side and Rainur's staring dead gaze fixes on Morti, his eyes not closed as he died. **
** (3983) Morti glances back to the smoke trails, frowning in disappointment, but continues his reading... until Rainur's jostling spooks him. "Yeep.... ungh..." He leans over the body to shut his eyes again and resettled the body **
** (3978) Danae looks back at Morti's noises, blue eyes watching him, brow aloft, for a moment before casting back to the trail ahead. **
(3999) DM: You pass by the occasional farmer or refugee from Vyones. Some recognize you, but others are too wrapped up in their own misery or thoughts to care.
** (3982) Thom pays little heed to the farmers and refugees, as long as they don't threaten the party, Thom doesn't really care right now. He keeps his attention focused on the surrounding forests for potential enemies. **
** (3978) Danae watches the men and women drift by, wishing she could help but knowing there is little her divine magic can do to heal these woes, especially in this plane. **
(3982) Thom: (( brb ))
** (3983) Morti is consumed by his books, as they ride along, scribbling errant notes and occasionally scratching his illlusion masked scabs **
(3982) Thom: (( back ))
(3982) Thom: (( which way are we heading? North, south, east, west? ))
** (3983) Morti suddenly lifts his head after a while, looking around for... something, before shaking his head and returning to his spellbook **
(3999) DM: ((south by southwest))
(3982) Thom: (( and it what? 10am? ))
(3999) DM: ((10 am, yes.))
(3982) Thom: (( ok - so sun is behind us and rising. just trying to paint a picture in my mind. ))
(4021) Elaith (enter): 22:42
(3999) DM: After a short while, the fields give way to light forest, as the road to Ximes enters an area of Averoigne known for encounters with the ancient inhabitants of the land -- the fae. Whispers amongst those you kept company with in Vyones mentioned that to stray from the road while within the Wood of Sylaire could prove injurious to your health. Sylaire, as you recall is both the name of the land surrounding the Chatelaine of Sylaire and the chateau itself. Sylaire itself lies within the Wood.
(4022) Jelly Elemental (enter): 22:44
(4022) Jelly Elemental (exit): 22:45
(3982) Thom: "Sylaire... So this must be it."
(3999) DM: The borders of Sylaire are ever-shifting -- but according to old tales, one knows of their entrance by the position of the sun in the sky. In Sylaire, it is eternally summer and eternally twilight.
(3999) DM: (sun is ascending in the east)
** (3982) Thom watches the forests, but almost more trying to find any road than watching for any potential enemies. **
** (3985) Atross keeps focused on following the trail. **
(3962) The Black Hood (enter): 22:48
(3982) Thom: (( *any road in ))
** (3989) Rainur Swiftblade appears as you enter the forest and is dressed in traditional ceremonial Swiftblade Klan armor that gleams in the sun of twilight. He is sitting in the cart next to Morti and is looking down at the body. **
** (3989) Rainur Swiftblade shakes his head and looks at all of you. **
(3982) Thom: "What the?"
(4015) GM Wraith (exit): 22:49
** (3982) Thom shakes his head. "More magic..." **
** (3983) Morti sits with his face buried in a book, oblivious **
(3962) The Black Hood (exit): 22:49
** (3989) Rainur Swiftblade observes the injury to his skull that killed him and looks over the condition of his body **
(3985) Atross: ?me turns to look, upon the startlement of Thom, at the back of the cart.
(3999) DM: You spot a body lying in the middle of the road ahead....
** (3978) Danae looks back, raising a brow, then when she catches sight of the spirit she gasps slightly, quickly reclaiming composure. "Rainur?" **
** (3989) Rainur Swiftblade then moves over to sit across from morti and just stares at him **
** (3982) Thom keeps riding, figuring that the image he sees is nothing to worry about. **
** (3985) Atross turns to look, upon the startlement of Thom, at the back of the cart. **
** (3989) Rainur Swiftblade nods his head **
** (3982) Thom pulls to a stop to avoid running over the body. **
** (3989) Rainur Swiftblade crosses his arms **
** (3985) Atross stops the cart as well, at the new developments. **
** (3983) Morti glances over at Danae's gasping, just after Rainur moves in front of him, "Eh?" Quirking his brow at a strange presence just aside of his turned vision, he straigthens his view to the ghostly barbarian.. and stares **
(3982) Thom: "I'll check that one out," *points at the body in the road*
(3985) Atross: "Alright, would someone care to explain what's going on?"
(4021) Elaith (exit): 22:53
(3985) Atross: "Rainur, aren't you dead?"
** (3989) Rainur Swiftblade nods **
** (3983) Morti glances to the body, then up to Rainur, trying to sort this out in his mind. (obligitory disbelieve) **
(3983) Morti: Will save: [1d20+8] -> [18,8] = (26)
(4024) Elaith (enter): 22:54
** (3989) Rainur Swiftblade looks at everyone **
** (3982) Thom slowly heads toward the body in the road, letting the others deal with the image of Rainur that he feels is just more inexplicable magic. **
** (3983) Morti cracks a wide smile after a moment and lowers his book, greeting in his own way... **
(3983) Morti: "You stained my boots"
** (3989) Rainur Swiftblade smiles **
(3999) DM: It appears to be an unconscious young man, garbed as a monk. His wounds are closed, but it appears as if he has lost a great deal of blood.
** (3985) Atross sighs, "Morti...honestly." **
(3983) Morti: :still hasn't noticed the body in the road: "So, what're you doing here?"
** (3989) Rainur Swiftblade points to his body **
** (3982) Thom looks around, knowing the tricks of some thieves to use a "injured and near dead" body as bait. **
(3983) Morti: "Oh, just following huh? Does that mean your spirit can't rest from this dimension?"
** (3989) Rainur Swiftblade nods **
** (3945) Dj Gilcrease groans **
(3983) Morti: "Then we must really be seperated from Andurin if even the Astral Planes don't connect. Can you speak?"
(4027) Xxian (enter): 22:57
** (3989) Rainur Swiftblade shakes his head **
** (3982) Thom gets off the horse and kneals down near the monk, checking to see if he is still alive. **
(3788) Lartian (exit): 22:58
(3983) Morti: "Ummm... can you write, like on your spiritual figure?"
(3999) DM: He appears to be unconscious.
(3982) Thom: "Danae! Come here."
** (3989) Rainur Swiftblade shakes his head **
(3985) Atross: "So dead or alive we're stuck here until the end."
(4027) Xxian (exit): 22:59
(3983) Morti: "So charades it is."
** (3978) Danae stops watching rainur and hops off of the wagon easily, moving over to Thom. "What is it, Thom?" **
** (3989) Rainur Swiftblade looks confused at Morti's comment **
(3982) Thom: "Can you help this man, he's alive, but unconscious right now."
(3983) Morti: "Eh?" seeing Danae hop down, Morti looks ahead to inspect, and notices the prone man: "Uh oh."
** (3989) Rainur Swiftblade floats after Morti **
** (3978) Danae kneels down, whispering a soft prayer to Oneiros, casting a quick spell, a shadowy healing energy moving between her worn silver rosary affixed with the symbol of Oneiros and the man. [1d8+5] -> [3,5] = (8) healing. **
** (3982) Thom stands as Danae gets to work, his hand resting visably on the hilt of his rapier. **
** (3985) Atross follows Morti off the cart but stays near it. **
** (3978) Danae slips the necklace back around her wrist several times and slides it into her sleeve. **
(3983) Morti: :still in the cart actually, calls out in concern: "Is he alive?"
** (3945) unknown monk groans **
** (3982) Thom nods to Morti. **
** (3945) unknown monk rolls onto his back, and starts when he sees two people hovering over him **
** (3982) Thom looks to Atross and indicates the trees around them, wanting to make sure he keeps an eye on the area. **
(3983) Morti: "That's good." :glances to Rainur: "Thought you were about to have company." :Eyes widen: "Say, have you met anyone interesting while you've been dead?"
(3945) unknown monk: "Who are you" **Starts to slide backwards to make room to stand up**
** (3989) Rainur Swiftblade frowns angrily at Morti **
** (3985) Atross nods and keeps watch while they talk with the stranger **
** (3978) Danae looks rather non threatening, soft blue eyes looking down in concern, "Please sir, we are not enemies. Are you okay?" **
** (3982) Thom then looks down at the monk. "We are merely travelers on this raod. And yourself?" **
(3983) Morti: "What? If I met any ghosts I'd tell you about it."
** (3982) Thom makes sure to give the man room so he is not threatened. **
** (3945) unknown monk stands slowly hearing the calming voice **
** (3989) Rainur Swiftblade shakes his head at Morti and returns to watch over his body **
** (3982) Thom lets Danae take lead on questioning, since she seemed to calm him greatly. **
(4028) Adam500 (enter): 23:05
(3945) Sevis Goloens: "I am Sevis, I was attacked by a pack of wolves lastnight, and one that was and was not a wolf"
** (3945) Sevis Goloens checks himself over **
** (3983) Morti shrugs to Ghost Rainur and turns to see how the monk is doing. "Was but wasn't...? Lycanthrope?" **
(3982) Thom: "A what?"
** (3978) Danae raises a brow slightly, then nods slightly in greeting. "Greeting Sevis, you may call me D-Danae." She stands back, letting him get his bearings before saying, "Both wolf and not wolf?" She nods to Morti. **
(3945) Sevis Goloens: "Lycanthrope yes I believe that is the word, though I have only heard stories of them never seen one, so I may be mistaken, but it was larger than any wolf I have ever seen"
** (3945) Sevis Goloens stretches and cleans the dirt off his robe, and takes a more relaxed stance **
(3902) Ilythiiri (enter): 23:08
(3945) Sevis Goloens: Discription:: You see a short human, with bloond hair cut like a bowl was placed on his head before they cut it. Hit eyes are a stunning green, and for some reason it is hard to move your gaze from them, once you do however you notice he is wearing a dark brown robe, that had seen its share of use, and a worn back pack. He is wearing black gloves with the fingers cut off, and on his left hand he has a dull copper ring, on his right he has a silver ring with a red ruby embeded in it. When he takes a step you notice some smoth leather bracers on his lower legs. Though short he seems to have extream grace
** (3978) Danae nods slightly. "Where are you headed?" **
** (3985) Atross raises his free hand in greeting announcing briefly, "And I'm Atross." before returning to his inspection of the surrounding woods. **
(3983) Morti: "Wow... I've never seen one either. Though I've heard stories. Ol' Baggus use to tell us this one about a wolfman who terrorized then lands during his childhood and ate their of his freinds, before he killed it with a silver shovel." :nods his head back thoughtfully: "In hindsight, he probably made that one up."
(4028) Adam500 (exit): 23:09
(3945) Sevis Goloens: "I am headed to Ximes"
(3815) Tek (exit): 23:09
(3945) Sevis Goloens: "Was headed north of Vyones but I have heard the collosus has destroyed everything there"
(4024) Elaith (exit): 23:10
(3982) Thom: "Not everything, but enough."
(3945) Sevis Goloens: "Have you heard any news of the thing?"
(3978) Danae: "And you travel there, through the forest of Sylaire, alone? Have you not heard the stories?"
(3983) Morti: "Us too. And we just destroyed the collosus."
** (3945) Sevis Goloens steps back at Morties words **
(3983) Morti: "Unfortunately, our friend Rainur was ghostified for it." :gesturing to the ghost in the cart after all the unnecessary news
(3815) Tek (enter): 23:12
** (3982) Thom watches the monk carefully. **
(3945) Sevis Goloens: "You" **Glances at all the people then nods his head** "Yes I see you all have skill, though I would not have thought any mortal had that much skill"
(3985) Atross: "We were more like the bearers of its destruction, honestly. The tools are as important as the weilder in this case."
(3999) DM: Rainur's spirit vanishes abruptly.
(3945) Sevis Goloens: "Ghost? I see no Ghost"
(3983) Morti: "Eh?" :looks around when the barbarian goes poof: "Hey... where'd you go?"
(3945) Sevis Goloens: "As for traveling alone, I have been traveling alone for three years"
** (3978) Danae puts a hand over her face, shaking her head slightly. "Morti, please continue your studies." Looks back to Sevis, "the Imagination of children, eh?" **
(3982) Thom: "Well, this time it almost brought about your death. A group would be safer, yes?"
** (3983) Morti glances back at Danae and gives a nod, staring at the spot where Rainur was and giving a grin as he obediently returns to his spellbooks **
(3945) Sevis Goloens: "Stories of Ghosts may be a wise thing to keep quite, child told or not"
(3945) Sevis Goloens: "Yes, I would enjoy the company, and maybe you could help me."
(3982) Thom: "Why do you say that sir? (the part about stories of ghosts)"
(3978) Danae: "You are wise, but I still question the wisdom of travelling these woods alone. I insist you accompany us to Ximes."
(3945) Sevis Goloens: to Thorn: "There are those who would react violently"
(3904) Conclavia (enter): 23:16
** (3982) Thom mods in understanding, expecting such an answer. **
(3982) Thom: (( nods ))
(3978) Danae: "You said you needed help; what with? We are pressed for time, slightly, but perhaps if it is nothing much."
(3982) Thom: "Well, then let us travel. We can talk more while we continue."
(3945) Sevis Goloens: "Help? Oh yes I have been searching for information for a number of years"
** (3982) Thom perks up a little at the mention of information. **
(3982) Thom: "What about?"
** (3945) Sevis Goloens digs in his pack "One second I know it is here someware" **
** (3982) Thom gets back on his horse as he asks, ready to get moving again. **
(3945) Sevis Goloens: "Ah here it is" **Hands Thorn the scetch of the symbol**
** (3982) Thom moves his horse over near Sevis. **
** (3982) Thom takes the scetch and looks at it. **
(3982) Thom: (( looks up and sees the scetch is a map of Tolmara.... ))
(3945) Sevis Goloens: "Do you mind if I tell you my story while we travel?"
(3982) Thom: "Please do, that would be good."
** (3978) Danae hops back into the drivers seat. **
** (3985) Atross returns to the cart. **
** (3945) Sevis Goloens walks along side the wagon and begins his story **
(3945) Sevis Goloens: ((Gona just give it all at once.. it isnt short))
(3945) Sevis Goloens: Background: I was born in Nice, 25 years ago. My father was a simple carpenter, who was forced to move his wife, my mother, and I to Tours when I was only three years old. We never made it there, both my parents died on the journy, and I have as yet been unable to determin what forced them to leave Nice. The only reason I know they were forced insted of willingly leaving is because of a now tattered letter my father had in our packs when we left. The letter and a simple copper ring are all I have left of my father. The letter was from my uncle, though he does not sign it, it begins with "My dearest Brother". It goes on to say that my father must leave Nice as soon as posible or risk having his entire family killed. The signature, if it is one, is a strange symbol that I have never seen, but when I drew it and asked the monks who raised me about it they told me to never draw it again and never speak of it again.

As I just said I was raised in a Monistary near Salbris. Well thats the closest large city, which is a two week journy on foot. There are however several Thorps within a two day journy, but I digress from my story. How I came to live with the monk is unclear to me since I get differing stories from time to time. Though generaly it is something along the lines of a local herbalist was out gathering herbs and found me trying to wake my dead mother and father, I have no memory of this since I was only three at the time. This herbalist brought me to the monks hoping they would rais me since she already had a large family to care for.

As I grew up I learned much about religion, living in a monistary it was imposible to not. As I gew older the Clerics taught me how to read and write, as well as teaching me about politics. I did not always agree with their views, but I quickly learned not to question them, their answers were rather painfull. The Monks taught me how to fight, and defend myself should I ever be attacked, this I enjoyed much more then the Clerics teaching. When I was old enough the clerics taught me about herbs, and healing and required me to tend the sick that came in from the Throps.

When I was twelve I was in one of the nearby Throps with several other monks and cleric when we were confronted by a group of people that said our views were evil, and some other antagonistic things. Most of the people rallied to our support and silenced the group, I didnt think about this incedent untill several years later when I heared that the entire Thorp we had been in was destroyed and all were killed. This I learned happened shortly after the monks and clerics left. The elderly farmer who told me this tale said he thought it was the monks that did it.

I did not think that was posible at the time, though when I asked about it I was told that it was in deed the monks of our order who did it, because those people posed a threat to us. This rather disgusted me, but I had learned early to never openly disagree with them so I kept silent, and soon forgot about the incedent. I went on with life, learning how to fight, tend to the sick, and I was learning who I could trust and not trust as well. Political menuvering was rampent in the Monistary, though it would have been invisable to any who had not lived there for years and had the time, and sense to develop the skills required to undertant the goings on.

When I was eighteen I was recived as a full monk of the order, durring the ceramony they gave me this robe, and this silver ring with the ruby stone. It is hard to see but the ruby is etched with a protective symbol as well as the symbol for the oder. When I was twenty I atained the second rank in our hiarchy, and recived another gife, and again when I was twenty-two.

After the ceramony where I recived the theird rank I was informed that I had to leave the monistary and travle before I could advance any further, and that I must leave with only what I was currently wearing, a pack, bedroll, a few rations, and a waterskin. If I returned before three years time I would never be accepted fully into the order. Which to be honest with you was fine with me since I did not realy see eye to eye with them on many things.

After I left I didnt know where to go or what to do, so I just wandered the wilderness, the rations and water quickly ran out, though I never noticed, since I was eight or nine, I have never had to eat, though I did more out of habit then desier. I still have not figured out why I do not require food like everyone else, but it has been a great benifit in my travels.

About a month after I left I still had not visited a town, and eventualy decided to head to Tours, where my father had been heading to see if I could find out about my Uncle. Again I drew the symbol that the monks had forbiden me to draw, and showed it to a few people in small towns I passed though on my way. I always got very strange looks from people I showed it to, but they would never explain them saying they had never seen the symbol before, though it was obvious they were lying.

When I reached the city of Amboise, and showed the symbol around I was chased out of town by several guards. I eluded them in the surounding woods faily easy, wich isnt saying much since I dont think they would have pursued me very far anyways, the people of that town seemed more scared of the symbol then anything else. After this I was more subtle about who I asked and showed the symbol too, which made my seach alot harder, though safer.

It has been three years I have been searching, and was finaly lead here.

(3983) Morti: (wow,... fast talker)
** (3978) Danae motions to see the sketch of the symbol. **
(3945) Sevis Goloens: "So do any of you knnow what this symbol might be?"
** (3982) Thom passes it off to Danae. **
(3982) Thom: "Well, I am not sure..."
** (3983) Morti leans over to the front to examine the symbol on demand **
(3978) Danae: (( any pertinent knowledge checks? ))
(3978) Danae: (( or are we all 'not from the right plane' ))
(4036) Raven65 (enter): 23:26
(3982) Thom: (( far from it Danae... ))
** (3945) Sevis Goloens walks along with sure easy steps of someone who is used to long travel by foot **
(3983) Morti: "Tolmara...."
** (3982) Thom looks at Sevis to watch his reaction to Morti. **
** (3985) Atross examines the symbol as it's bassed around. **
(3945) Sevis Goloens: "Tol what, Is that a city? I have neaver heard of it"
(3978) Danae: (( im from keenreach, in the white alliance, so I probably wouldn't know ))
(3982) Thom: (( yeah Danae - I was told, but to Thom, it definately looked like a city, one that he had seen maps of once or twice, but he wasn't sure either. ))
(3999) DM: ((Tolmara is rather famous, what with being the seat of a Citadel, not to mention the capital of a kingdom. Yes, you've heard of it.))
(3983) Morti: "Its not in this world. Maybe this is just a map of a similar city here, but I swear it's close. There's the Diamond Citadel, there's the castle, and Asflag's manor would be just around there." :pointing at the map:
(3982) Thom: (( oh, I just meant he didn't recogonize which city it was. ))
(3978) Danae: (( Oh, it says it? I thought we were just recognizing the city or something, okay. sorry ))
(3999) DM: ((Keenreach is in the Council of Alalminor, not the lands of the White Alliance. :) ))
(3978) Danae: (( been a while :p ))
(3999) DM: ((no it doesn't say it. lol. ))
(3945) Sevis Goloens: ((I have..Ok scratch what I said before then, didnt know there was a Tolmara in this France =P ))
(3999) DM: ((Morti recognized the symbol as an apparent likeness of Tolmara's outline, if viewed from above. (ooc)))
(3945) Sevis Goloens: ((OK))
** (3983) Morti turns to apparently empty space, "Looks about right, don't it Rainur?" Talks to his imaginery friend for all the monk's concerned **
(3985) Atross: ((Well, he's good at seeing things from different perspectives certainly. This isn't always helpful))
** (3982) Thom moves back to Danae, to retrieve the paper. **
** (3978) Danae hands it to him with a nod **
(3982) Thom: "But why would this map cause such fear and hate here?
(3945) Sevis Goloens: "If a map it is, it looks like no city I have seen maps of and why would a map of a city that I have never hear of get me chaced out of a tow, and others seem to know what it is and fear it."
(3945) Sevis Goloens: "But you know this Tolmara, you have been there?"
(3983) Morti: "Hmmm.." :leans to the monk and tries cautiously: "I don't know if this is an offensive question, but... did your parents practice arcane arts?"
** (3945) Sevis Goloens shrugs **
(3945) Sevis Goloens: "They died when I was three, I was told by the monks who raised me that my father was a simple carpenter"
** (3983) Morti scratches his head, allieving an itch as he considers possibilities. **
(3945) Sevis Goloens: "If you know this city I must go there, what direction is it from Ximes?"
(3983) Morti: :murmurs to himself: "It's possible..." :but shies away back to his books:
** (3982) Thom studies the map for a little while. **
(4041) Tai (enter): 23:36
(4040) Rayman (enter): 23:36
(3904) Conclavia (exit): 23:37
(4040) Rayman (exit): 23:37
(3983) Morti: "You can't reach it from here, if that is the city of Tolmara"
(3982) Thom: "Sevis, would you mind if I hold onto this symbol for a little while?"
(3945) Sevis Goloens: "Feel free thats just a copy I drew"
(3945) Sevis Goloens: "And what do you mean I cant get there from here, if you have been there there is a way to get there"
** (3982) Thom folds the paper up and places it in a inner pocket. **
(3983) Morti: "Aye.... but not for you." :offers unconsciously cryptically:
(3985) Atross: "
(3945) Sevis Goloens: "What?"
(3982) Thom: "It is a distant land, far away."
(3904) Conclavia (enter): 23:41
(3985) Atross: "I think it may be safe to say at the moment that while we have been there in the past there is not currently a way for anyone here to get there." (trying to be vague)
(3982) Thom: "And you are not in the shape to make that trip.
(3978) Danae: "If you truly are dedicated to going, you may get there, and we may help you. We shall see."
(3945) Sevis Goloens: "Distance means nothing, I need to find that city so I can find my uncle and find out why he thought my father was going to die if he staied in Nice"
** (3982) Thom looks at his shoulder to see who is there. **
(3983) Morti: :sigh: "Look, it may not even be the city I speak of, in which case, heading out for it would take you further out of your way than I expect you could return from. It may be a city here that is now gone or hidden or in a far away land. I shouldn't be giving you simple opinions with all considered"
(3904) Conclavia (exit): 23:43
** (3983) Morti eyes the symbol a moment, chewing his lip: **
** (3982) Thom has put the symbol away... **
** (3945) Sevis Goloens ignores Morti and turns to Danae **
(3945) Sevis Goloens: "You might be able to help me get there, but cannot tell me how to get there?"
** (3982) Thom glances at everyone, hoping they are careful with what they say in this place. **
(3978) Danae: "I can't promise you anything," she says, and then continues, "Sevis, just wait, we must be on alert for now."
** (3945) Sevis Goloens grubles **
(3983) Morti: "Perhaps we'll show you the way." :offers in consolation as he returns again to his books
** (3945) Sevis Goloens crosses himself **
** (3945) Sevis Goloens takes out the origional from his pack and carfully unfolds it **
(3945) Dj Gilcrease: "This is the origional, I may not be the best artists, but it is a fleur d'lys
(3945) Sevis Goloens: "Pe carefull with it, it is one of the few things I have left in conection to my father"
(3982) Thom: "Wait, that is what you meant to draw?"
** (3982) Thom goes to try and look at the original. **
** (3945) Dj Gilcrease crosses himself again and looks over his sholder **
(3945) Sevis Goloens: "Your childs story is watching us"
(3945) Sevis Goloens: "Yes is that not the map of this Tolmara then?"
** (3982) Thom places a hand on Sevis's shoulder. "Trust me when I say that you need not fear that one." **
(4045) Elaith (enter): 23:50
(3982) Thom: "No, it is not. And the reason that everyone has reacted the way they did was because of the same reason that we are here."
(3945) Sevis Goloens: "What do you mean?"
(3983) Morti: :to Thom, cautiously: "Should we be telling him about this?"
(4036) Raven65 (exit): 23:52
(3945) Sevis Goloens: "About what?"
(3982) Thom: ::to Morti:: "I trust him." :to Sevis:: "That symbol is not a map, but the symbol of an old family from these parts, one that is feared, and for good reason."
(3983) Morti: :reiterates: "Careful, you'll put ideas in his head... bad ones."
(3945) Sevis Goloens: "So you know this family, you have met my relatives?"
** (3983) Morti grimaces to Sevis , then looks back to his book **
** (3945) Sevis Goloens breaths deep and closes his eyes a moment and says to noone inparticular "If you wish to examin me be done with it" **
(3982) Thom: "Distant relatives, maybe. I do suggest that you be very careful of this. We seem to be traveling a similar path for now, and we will explain what we can as we go."
(3982) Thom: :mutters: "Rainur, please leave him be."
(3945) Sevis Goloens: "Well I have been searching for three years and I never get more then 'might try asking in such and such a city' You have been the first one to tell me anything more"
** (3999) Drenla's spirit manifests. **
(3999) Drenla's spirit: Very well, I shall.
** (3982) Thom stops, his mouth open. **
(3983) Morti: :sighs explaining to Sevis: "It's not that we do not wish to help you. I'd just simply prefer you not assume you are related to ... people... like that with out proof."
** (3945) Sevis Goloens starts walking again "I hope your story is satisfied, very discomphorting feeling" **
(3982) Thom: "Uh..."
** (3978) Danae isn't too surprised, as these enchanted woods seemed to allow spirits to manifest. **
(4048) Lightfaith (enter): 23:58
(3982) Thom: "Sorry, I thought you were someone else..."
(3983) Morti: "Eh? Mast.. uh Magus Drenla.." :bows and grins: "How'd you get here?"
(3999) Drenla's spirit: You are meddling with forces beyond your ken, little priest.
** (3945) Sevis Goloens looks to Dabae "More childhood stories?" **
(3945) Sevis Goloens: ((*Danae))
** (3978) Danae sighs, nodding. "You'd think..." **
(3978) Danae: (( who is the little priest? Sevis? ))
(3999) DM: An image of a tall, thin, aquiline-nosed human man appears, garbed in sky blue and white robes that appear transparent even in the shade of the forest. He grips an oaken staff capped with an amethyst tightly, ice-blue eyes staring intently at Sevis.
(3999) DM: ((yes))
(3999) Drenla's spirit: I am no childhood story, monk.
** (3945) Dj Gilcrease stairs back at the spirit **
** (3982) Thom looks at Morti. "You know this one?" **
(3983) Morti: :nods gladly to Thom: "Hai. he's my former Master."
(3945) Sevis Goloens: "Sure you are, does not mean you are not real though"
(3999) Drenla's spirit: Those symbols are reminders of a family that still holds power in this world. You wish to know of them? Then know of them, you shall.
(4048) Lightfaith (exit): 00:02
(3982) Thom: "But then.. how..." Thom gives up trying to figure out magic for the moment.
** (3983) Morti shrugs to the locksmith and looks up to the incorporial mage **
(3945) Sevis Goloens: "Thank you "
** (3999) Drenla's spirit glances at the rest of you. "She would see you, if you wish to gain the Sword of Sylaire." **
(3983) Morti: "Eh? Who?"
(3945) Sevis Goloens: "Why do you offer me this?"
(3999) Drenla's spirit: Why, Sephora, of course.
(3983) Morti: "Ooooh.. from the scroll. We have to see her anyway."
** (3978) Danae nods. "I was thinking that we must pay her a visit, since we are in her woods. Where can we find her?" **
(3945) Sevis Goloens: "I have just met your former student, and never met you, yet you offer to answer the question I have been looking for an answer to for three years and none have been willing to answer"
(3982) Thom: "Yes, Gaspaurd did say to travel here, I'd assume to see her."
(3999) Drenla's spirit: Because, little priest, each time you draw that symbol, you loosen the magicka which keeps the prison plane sealed.
(3945) Sevis Goloens: "Prison plane? My family was imprisoned?"
(3999) Drenla's spirit: Now then, if you will, join hands with each other, I shall transport you to Sylaire's chateau though my power be drained for a time.
(3982) Thom: "Execuse me, Drenla was it? How is it then that a map of Tolmara came to on the paper when he drew the image?"
(3999) Drenla's spirit: The plane of the d'Ambervilles, monk.
(3999) Drenla's spirit: Sephora will explain further. (mutters)
** (3945) Sevis Goloens still appears confused **
** (3982) Thom looks at the others and shrugs. **
(3983) Morti: "Good, we can make that deliver for Magdalene."
(3945) Sevis Goloens: "So I am to go to this Sylaire's as well?"
(3999) Drenla's spirit: Join hands please. (begins chanting)
** (3978) Danae nods, slightly, and offers her hands out to the others. **
** (3945) Sevis Goloens shrugs and hold out his hands **
(3999) DM: Your horses whuff nervously...
** (3982) Thom joins hands with the others. **
(4045) Elaith (exit): 00:10
** (3985) Atross joins hands. **
** (3983) Morti packs up and joins the hand holding. "Uh... will this work with Dead Rainur and th horses?" **
(4050) Sir Davian (enter): 00:10
(4050) Sir Davian (exit): 00:10
** (3999) Drenla's spirit spreads his hands and releases a spell. The familiar feeling of your stomachs being wrenched from under yourselves returns, as your surroundings blur for a brief instant, and then, you are in clearing deep in the midst of the forest. It seems that you are in Sylaire, for now it is almost evening, and twilight is upon you. An amber arch can be seen in at the edge of the clearing. Of Drenla's spirit, there is no sign. A flaxen haired human woman, in a diaphonous silver-trimmed gown sits at the base of the arch, munching on an apple, watching you with interest. **
** (3982) Thom steps toward the woman, getting way to comfortable with magical travel. **
** (3983) Morti staggers a second to let his stomache settle, before looking to the woman, and offering a lopsided grin on his plain face, "Sephora?" **
(3945) Sevis Goloens: "That is amazing, I have never travels in such a maner"
** (3982) Thom bows low to her. **
** (3978) Danae opens her eyes, and looks around, her gaze catching onto the woman. She waits for her to answer Morti. **
** (3999) Sephora stands up, smiling coquettishly. **
** (3985) Atross scans the new surroundings for signs of danger. **
** (3945) Sevis Goloens looks around the clearing **
** (3999) Sephora waves her hand demurely, as amber and gold gilted chairs appear in the midst of the clearing, one for each of you. **
(3999) Sephora: Sit, and be refreshed.
(3999) DM: Her voice seems like a multitude of chimes, like harp strings plucked by a master harpist.
** (3945) Sevis Goloens looks around at the chairs in amazment **
(3982) Thom: "Thank you madame, but we are in a rush to aid a friend."
** (3945) Sevis Goloens takes a seat **
** (3982) Thom does not take a seat. **
whispering to Danae, her voice seems perfectly normal
(3982) Thom: "We were told that you sent for us. What would you need of us?"
(3999) DM: Her beauty is unearthly. Never before have you seen a woman as stunningly gorgeous as the Chatelaine of Sylaire.
whispering to Danae, actually, she is quite plain looking.
** (3983) Morti hops down from the cart and approaches the woman, bowing coyly before taking a seat, "Actually, Thom, we need her. Ma'am. We have travelled far to bring you a token from Lady Magdalene." **
** (3945) Sevis Goloens continues to look around in amazment **
(3999) Sephora: You have need of the Sword of Sylaire, yes?
(3982) Thom: "Ah yes Morti, I had forgotten about that." Thom stands and takes a step back to the side so that Morti can be front and center and present her with the item.
whispering to Danae, Will save pls
(4054) Sy'gandus-mere (enter): 00:20
** (3983) Morti goes digging into his pack for the box they were given. "Yes Lady Sephora. It is a dire necessity." Finally finding the gift, he brings it forth to the Lady, holding it out tentatively, "THis is for you." **
(3985) Atross: "We have a delivery for you, actually. I suspected we'd meet you sooner than later, but not so soon."
(3945) Dj Gilcrease: "So this ones former master" **points to Morti** "Said you waould explain about the fleur d'lys and the d`Ambervills"
(3999) Sephora: Are you always so direct, mon cher?
(3999) Sephora: (to Sevis)
** (3982) Thom frowns at Sevis's actions, but understands them at the same time. **
** (3978) Danae narrows her eyes, wondering if everyone else had heard that. **
(3945) Sevis Goloens: "Not always, but generaly yes"
(4054) Sy'gandus-mere (exit): 00:22
(3999) Sephora: Now, ma petite... (kneels to receive Morti's gift) ....what do you have for me? A gift?
(3983) Morti: "Yes Madame... The Lady Magdalene D'Ambervile, requested we deliver it to you."
** (3978) Danae moves to morti, snatching the box away and positioning herself between Sephora and the young magus. "Don't touch him." **
** (3999) Sephora seems surprised **
** (3982) Thom moves over to behind Sevis and places a hand on his shoulder and softly tells him, "I understand your desire for information, but please relax some. Rushing will not make things any easier." **
(3983) Morti: "Eh?" :glances to Danae in confusion:
(3999) Sephora: I would not harm you, for you are my guests. (smiles)
** (3945) Sevis Goloens turns to Morti at the mention of the family name **
** (3978) Danae narrows her eyes, "Your illusions are feeble.. We come only for the sword, and if there is a way in which we shall gain it, please name it." **
(3999) Sephora: Now then, please, sit and be refreshed, and I shall see this gift that you have brought to me from one whose name I have all but forgotten.
(3999) Sephora: You do me wrong by saying so.
(3982) Thom: "I think you again Madame, but we are indeed on a schedule and need to return to it."
(3983) Morti: "Wha-?" :listening to Danae's statement, Morti take his time to focus around the area, trying to see such illusions.
(3983) Morti: Will save: [1d20+8] -> [19,8] = (27)
(3945) Sevis Goloens: Will save: [1d20-1] -> [16,-1] = (15)
** (3982) Thom moves over towards Sephora and Danae. **
** (3978) Danae suddenly bolts away from the others. **
(3983) Morti: Will save: [1d20+8] -> [3,8] = (11)
** (3982) Thom stops before Sephora. "We came in peace at your request, and this is how you treat us? Try to make us turn on our compainion?" **
** (3983) Morti gives a groan and shakes his head. Staring to Sephora dumbfounded, he quickly makes sure no one else was effected **
** (3982) Thom keeps his hands away from his weapons, showing no hostilities, just a small dose of ire. **
(3945) Sevis Goloens: "Why would you want me to strange Danae?"
(3992) Formock (exit): 00:30
** (3999) Sephora frowns deeply **
** (3978) Danae grins, it appearing her companions are quite loyal. "There Sephora, your tricks will not suffice." **
(3999) Sephora: I see my sister's meddling in this. (sighs)
(3982) Thom: "I am sorry that we will not play your games, but we are indeed in a hurry to help a friend."
** (3985) Atross returns his gaze to the group, from the forest, and asks, "Just what tried to happen here?" **
(3983) Morti: "Sister...?"
(3945) Sevis Goloens: "I dont know your sister"
** (3999) Sephora leans back against the arch, hands by her sides. **
** (3978) Danae whispers softly, "Thanks, Rainur." **
(3999) DM: Your vision blurs and you see your surroundings as they really are: a clearing in the forest, yet the grass is overgrown and brambles and thorns appear around you. The trees surrounding the clearing appear menancing with branches that loom over you. Sephora is a plain human woman in a tattered amber gown, leaning on a oaken staff. Her eyes glitter with malicious spite.
(3999) Sephora: You have won, mortals, although I do not know how. I have never lost a test of seduction until now....and perhaps due to my sister's magicka helping you. I am Sephora, Chatelaine of Sylaire, but in another time, I was known as the Lady Sephora d'Amberville, and betrothed to Etienne.
(3945) Sevis Goloens: "So are you going to tell me about the d`Amberville's insted of trying to make me strangle people I dont know very well?"
** (3983) Morti looks about, chewing his lip, but asks the woman only plainly: "Which sister is it that you fear?" **
(3999) Sephora: What would you like to know? (bitterly)
(3999) Sephora: I am honor-bound to help you for you have bested me at my contest.
** (3978) Danae runs a finger along the edge of the box she now holds. "We only want the sword..." **
** (3982) Thom stands before Sephora, watching her carefully. **
(3945) Sevis Goloens: "Because apperantly as these kind people told me, my uncle was a member of your family"
(3999) Sephora: I fear no one....except for Marie-Helene, my grand-mere, and Magdalene.
(3999) Sephora: If he was a mage, he may have been inducted into our house...but that would have been before the Inquisition. There are none of my line left in Averoigne.
** (3978) Danae moves back to the others warily, "What of the sword?" **
(3982) Thom: "So, how was it that you did not escape with the rest of your family?
(3945) Sevis Goloens: "It was 22 years ago, but I will wait for my answers till these people get theirs since they obviously came to get something from you and I knew nothing of you intill a few minutes ago"
(3999) Sephora: I chose not to. Do you have a name?
(3982) Thom: "I am Thom Lox."
(3999) Sephora: Thom Lox. Thom Lox....
(3983) Morti: "Magus Mortimar Boyle." :Still bows:
(3999) Sephora: What a delicious name. A pity you will never be my slave.
(3999) DM: She says your name over and over again, as if tasting it. It sounds quite obscene.
(3982) Thom: "Very well. Now, what of the enchanted sword?"
(3999) Sephora: Ah, a magus! (eyes light up)
** (3978) Danae sighs, her question of the sword not being recognized. **
(3983) Morti: "Uh... yeah." :glances up to her curiously:
(3999) Sephora: Mortimar Boyle. (narrows her eyes at Morti)
(3999) Sephora: Yes, the sword. Why should I give you the sword?
(3982) Thom: "Because as you said, we bested you in your own game."
(3999) Sephora: You will have to kill me to get it, mortal.
(3983) Morti: :cringes: "Rather not.."
(3983) Morti: "Mortal though... does that make you immortal?"
(3985) Atross: "So then I presume you don't want Etienne's spirit to rest."
(3999) Sephora: Then leave and never return, on pain of death.
(3825) Orion (enter): 00:45
(3982) Thom: "Agreed. Is there nothing that you need or want in exchange for the sword?"
(3825) Orion (exit): 00:46
(3982) Thom: (( agreed to Morti's comment... ))
** (3945) Sevis Goloens taps his foot attempting to wait paitently **
(3999) Sephora: I do not care if my brother rots for all of eternity! (eyes flashing at Atross)
(3983) Morti: "Granted. But we still need it."
(3985) Atross: "It shows. I suppose Sevis should start asking now. My name is Atross, and I'm sure you care."
(3982) Thom: "So, you do not care for the rest of your family, correct?"
** (3999) Sephora glares with hatred at Danae. "You who are a woman but not a woman!" **
** (3945) Sevis Goloens pulls the letter to his father of of his pack again **
(3983) Morti: :turns to danae: "Wow... she's good."
(3815) Tek (exit): 00:48
** (3978) Danae grins, "It's confusing for me as well." **
** (3999) Sephora grips her staff tightly, stepping back against the arch. "They are sealed in the prison plane. Why should I care? I am free. And my brother is dead, forevermore." **
(3982) Thom: "Yes, but they live in that plane? What if they were no longer alive? Would that appease you?"
(3945) Dj Gilcrease: "Wasnt Etienne your betrothed?"
(3983) Morti: "Thom!" :calls forcefully to him for proposing what seemed murder:
(3982) Thom: "Trust me Morti, I will explain later."
(3999) Sephora: My family was exiled from this plane to another world for crimes committed against the Inquisition. For crimes against the Inquisition! The Inquisition used them in the war against the Britons, and then discarded them like puppets on a string when we were of no more use to them. That is why they left, but I am free!
(3983) Morti: "Free? way out here, aay from everyone?"
(3945) Sevis Goloens: "Why would me drawing the D`Amberville fleur d'lys weaken the prision plane?"
(4062) Evil Joe (enter): 00:52
(3815) Tek (enter): 00:53
(3999) DM: Out of the corner of your eyes, you see a glimmer of amber light. Danae opens the box that Magdalene gave to the party for safekeeping and peeks inside.
(3978) Danae: (( cringe ))
** (3983) Morti looks to the light with trepidation **
(3978) Danae: (( curiousity killed the Oneiran priest ))
(3999) DM: The amber light glimmers for a second, then roars out of the box and expands to an incandescent wave in the space of a second. Your eyes are blinded and Sephora begins screaming.
(3999) Sephora: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(3945) Sevis Goloens: ((Must be a traid of those clerics :) ))
** (3982) Thom dodges away from Sephora. **
(3999) DM: An angelic chorus escapes from the box, growing louder and louder by the passing minute, and then....
** (3978) Danae throws upen the lid and presents the light to Sephora! **
** (3983) Morti shields his eyes from the engulfing light **
(3999) DM: Danae is no longer Danae....but what she used to be before her transformation.
** (3945) Sevis Goloens looks around confused, but then calms listening to the chorus **
(4065) DMHelen (enter): 00:56
(3982) Thom: (( yay!!! wait - no more Joan of Arc look alike? ))
(3999) DM: Sephora is gone, disintegrated, and left in her place is a steel-hilted adamantine sword engraved with amber runes.
** (3985) Atross shields his eyes and tries to shout over the rising chorus, "I had planned that for later!" **
** (3982) Thom goes over to the pile and grabs the sword, looking it over. **
(3999) DM: A large chunk of amber is embedded in the hilt, and the sword radiates a peaceful inner light.
(3983) Morti: "Uh....." :stares at the sword: "... that's unfortunate."
(3999) DM: You are where you were, before Drenla transported you.
(3999) DM: Rainur is alive.
** (3978) Dranath hardly seems to notice, closing the box as the radiance dies down. He tucks the box under an arm, and grins slightly. **
(3945) Sevis Goloens: "Hey she didnt answer my questions"
(3989) Rainur Swiftblade: "Where am I"
(3985) Atross: "Nope."
** (3989) Rainur Swiftblade looks around **
(3982) Thom: (( was I able to grab the sword before being transported? ))
(3978) Dranath: "Welcome back Rainur."
(3999) DM: ((the sword is with you, silly))
(3985) Atross: "Hey, the ghost spoke." (turns to look at Rainur.)
(3989) Rainur Swiftblade: "You are...well yourself again"
(3989) Rainur Swiftblade: "Wow, I feel great!"
(3989) Rainur Swiftblade: "What happened here?"
(3983) Morti: "Eh? Eh?" :Looks around at the sudden restoration of Dranath and Rainur's revival. "Wow! Hey I wonder..."
(3978) Dranath: "Evil was triumphed o'er, Rainur."
(3999) DM: And...Drenla is alive as well.
(3989) Rainur Swiftblade: "Well that is always a good thing"
(3985) Atross: "I have to admit, from the way she treated her family, I didn't think any gift to her(from one of them) would be wanted. But that was more of a gift to us, now."
** (3982) Thom puts the sword away for a moment as he realizes that Rainur and Dranath have been returned to their former selves. **
** (3945) Sevis Goloens looks around "Hey Mortimir your former master lied, she did not explain anything about the d`Amberville's to me." **
** (3989) Rainur Swiftblade turns to look at Drenla and give him a great big bear hug **
(3999) Drenla: That was not me.
(3999) Drenla: Eeerp!
(3982) Thom: "Sevis, she told you more than you realize."
(3983) Morti: "Rainur! Drenla" : charges them and dogpiles on:
(3989) Rainur Swiftblade: "It is so good to see you again my friend, oh magus of the ill wind"
(3999) Drenla: Ah yes...I have forgotten what it was like for so long. (feels his neck)
(3982) Thom: "I will explain more later, I promise you, ok?"
** (3985) Atross regards Drenla in the flesh. **
(3945) Sevis Goloens: "That they were imprisoned in some plane, that you all obviously come from, and that she cared nothing for them and she was betrothed to her brother"
** (3989) Rainur Swiftblade smacks Drenla on the back **
(3999) DM: Where once there was a silver collar around Drenla's neck, there is only pink skin, healed anew.
(3983) Morti: "I can't believe you're both back so soon!" What was it like being dead? Did you bring anything back with you? Are you really Drenla this time?"
** (3978) Dranath walks over as well, crossing arms over his chest. **
(3999) Drenla: Yes, Morti, I am really he.
(3983) Morti: :peers at him: "Are you sure?"
** (3982) Thom looks to Dranath. "And it looks like you are back to being yourself as well." **
(3989) Rainur Swiftblade: "The War Father is good..."
(3999) Drenla: And the taint of the Dark One is gone from my soul as well.
** (3945) Sevis Goloens shakes his head trying to figure out who is who and who is alive and was not **
(3983) Morti: "That's good." :nods, smiling widely:
** (3982) Thom chuckles at Sevis. "Yes, that is the way we have all felt during this ordeal." **
(3999) Drenla: You were in Sylaire from the moment you encountered your friend, the monk, and under the influence of Sephora.
(3989) Rainur Swiftblade: "Sevis, It is good to meet you, well in the flesh"
(3999) Drenla: We (Rainur and I) were her prisoners and could not act. She took on my semblance and acted as I would have.
** (3978) Dranath nods to Thom. "Seems as such.. Turns out it was a gift afterall, the transformation, I mean. But It is good to be returned back to my proper form." **
(4065) DMHelen (exit): 01:04
(3945) Sevis Goloens: "And you would be the 'childhood story' of Mortimir's?"
(3999) Drenla: It is not possible for a spirit to wield magic. That was your first clue that all was not as it seemed.
(3983) Morti: :looking around at all the miracles, he suddenly gets an odd thought. "Say..." Suddenly ripping off Dranath's magic cap, he reveals his true disfigured red and copper head, asking the others, "Am I restored too?" (have to spook the new guy)
(3982) Thom: "Yes, your God of Fate did gift you after all."
(3999) DM: (no)
(3989) Rainur Swiftblade: "Sorry about the examination...I was told that you fight with no weapons but the wind and your hands"
(3982) Thom: :to Drenla: and your image appeared when i called Rainur's name. I should have known..."
(3989) Rainur Swiftblade: ::to Sevis:
(4066) (enter): 01:05
** (3978) Dranath coughs slightly, pushing the hat back onto morti's head. **
(3983) Morti: :frowns his head: "Sorry, Master, I don't know much about the abilities of ghosts"
** (3945) Sevis Goloens looks at Morti with open curiousity **
(3999) DM: If you require explanations, I shall attempt to answer them. (to everyone, including Sevis)
(3999) DM: (oops, that was supposed to have been Drenla)
(3989) Rainur Swiftblade: "Ays, it is a good day indeed"
** (3982) Thom turns to Sevis, who has the most burning questions and motions for him to ask away. **
(4066) (exit): 01:06
(3983) Morti: "Best day ever!"
(3945) Dj Gilcrease: "Yes I fight with no weapons, much easyer to defend yourself at all times when you need not wory about where your weapon has gone"
(3999) Drenla: I do not know you or your past, but I do know how magicka works in this world, to a certain extent.
(4066) Visicount of Dispair (enter): 01:07
** (3989) Rainur Swiftblade just smiles at Drenla **
** (3945) Sevis Goloens shows Drenla the letter to his father **
(4066) Visicount of Dispair (exit): 01:08
** (3982) Thom allows the others first shot at questions, as his can wait. He pulls the sword out and looks it over. **
(3945) Sevis Goloens: "I am trying to find who wrote this, and why my father was forced to leave the city of Nice"
(3999) Drenla: The symbol you have been drawing is a spell glyph, a very very minor kind of spell that even someone untrained in magicka can cast.
** (3978) Dranath hops back into the wagon seat as everyone else speaks and rejoices, watching the others, but his lips move in a silent prayer. **
(3999) Drenla: This particular spell glyph is designed to draw on the energy which binds the prison plane of the d'Ambervilles and keeps it separate from this world and our own world.
(4067) Foxhound (enter): 01:09
** (3982) Thom listens to Drenla as he examines the sword. **
(4067) Foxhound (exit): 01:09
** (3989) Rainur Swiftblade gives morti what is essentially a noogie **
(3945) Dj Gilcrease: "This world is my own, though I have figure out that you all must have come fom the other prision plane"
(3999) Drenla: Each time you draw upon the energy by casting the spell glyph, you siphon off the energy of the prison plane, thereby making it weaker. Eventually, the plane will be weakened enough causing the inhabitants of the plane to escape.
(3989) Rainur Swiftblade: "Good to see you again Morti"
(3982) Thom: "Indirectly, yes Sevis."
(3983) Morti: "Ack..." :struggles to pull his head free and kicks the barbarian in the shin. "Missed you too."
(3999) Drenla: Magicka in this world functions differently than in other worlds. You can layer several functions on top of one another in one spell.
(3945) Sevis Goloens: "So it would be a bad thing to free them?"
** (3983) Morti listens to the older mage's explanation, pondering aloud, "I wonder what I could do here..." **
(4068) Rayman (enter): 01:12
(3978) Dranath: "They are rather insane, as a whole, from their imprisonment, I'm afraid."
(3999) Drenla: Well...yes. At least prematurely.
(3982) Thom: "That's a good question. Can we return home if they are freed siomply by the prison beomcing too weak?"
(3989) Rainur Swiftblade: "Go on, Drenla..."
(3999) Drenla: That is the reason why, when you drew the symbol, you saw a map but in reality, it hid the real symbol underneath, which was a fleur d'lys
(3999) Drenla: And in this world, a fleur d'lys is the symbol of the d'Ambervilles. It is their personal heraldric badge.
** (3982) Thom pulls out the copy that Sevis had drawn and opens it up. **
(4062) Evil Joe (exit): 01:13
(3999) Drenla: Those of you from our world of Andurin see a map and a fleur d'lys. Those from this world of Averoigne see only a fleur d'lys.
(3989) Rainur Swiftblade: "ah"
(3815) Tek (exit): 01:14
(3982) Thom: "But how did a map of Tolmara come to be here, in this world?
(3983) Morti: "So.. if he sees the map.. that means....?"
(3999) Drenla: A very good question and one I cannot answer.
(3989) Rainur Swiftblade: "So sevis is actually from Andruin"
(3989) Rainur Swiftblade: "Brought here as a baby perhaps?"
(3999) Drenla: It is quite possible.
(3989) Rainur Swiftblade: "By a magus of surts?"
(3989) Rainur Swiftblade: sorts*
(3999) Drenla: Now then, you are here for a very dangerous reason, my friends. And you MUST listen to me.
** (3989) Rainur Swiftblade listens **
** (3983) Morti nods to his former master, listening intently **
** (3982) Thom continues to listen. **
(3999) Drenla: I suggest we continue on our way. (motions to the cart)
** (3945) Sevis Goloens is still confused but needs time to sort out all the information **
(3983) Morti: "Right." :climbs back into the cart.:
** (3982) Thom chuckles a little. **
** (3982) Thom moves back to the horse he had been riding and mounts it. **
** (3989) Rainur Swiftblade looks at the horse "Now now my friends you will run well for me" **
(3999) Drenla: The Tempest sent you on a mission to the manse of the d'Ambervilles. She wanted to get rid of you, knowing that any who entered the manse would fall prey to the imprisoned d'Ambervilles. You see, the prison plane exists in all times and in all worlds.
(3989) Rainur Swiftblade: Handle Animal Skill Check: [1d20+7] -> [5,7] = (12)
(3989) Rainur Swiftblade: Handle Animal Skill Check: [1d20+7] -> [17,7] = (24)
(3999) Drenla: Many have entered the plane and many have failed to escape over eons.
(3983) Morti: "That's a.. very exaggerated prison"
(3989) Rainur Swiftblade: "I will take the reigns while Drenla fills us in"
(3999) Drenla: You are the first to escape to Averoigne, as much as I know.
(3982) Thom: "That makes sense, From what I was told as well."
(3999) Drenla: There IS a way to leave this plane, but it is very dangerous. Even more dangerous is the consequence of escaping.
(3978) Dranath: "Is this not the steps we have been given thus far? The process with the four artefacts?"
(3983) Morti: "How so?"
(3999) Drenla: You see, the only way you can leave Averoigne is to summon Etienne's tomb from beyond space and time. When you do, you will be, in effect, travelling through time. You cannot return to your time. You can only return to the past....your past.
** (3945) Dj Gilcrease continues walking along beside the wagon and looks up and opens his mouth like he is going to say something but then goes back to contimplating **
(3983) Morti: "Who's past?"
(3999) Drenla: Your past.
(3983) Morti: "How far into my past?" :cringes uncomfortably:
(3999) Drenla: I do not know. I DO KNOW that if you change your past, you will unmake yourself.
(4072) Xxian (enter): 01:21
(3982) Thom: "Our past?.... Then.... I see. That's what she meant."
(3983) Morti: "Unmake? That sounds... upsetting."
(3999) Drenla: Therefore, you cannot unchange yourselves, your past circumstances. You know this to be true, Morti. Unmaking the past is a violation of a law of wizardry.
(3945) Sevis Goloens: "Would it not just be easyer to just return to the prision plane and escape back to your place, or destroy it all together?"
(3983) Morti: "Hai."
(3999) Drenla: You cannot, Sevis.
(3982) Thom: "Besides Sevis, there is no way that I would return to that place."
(3999) Drenla: There is no way to enter the prison plane from here, at least that I know of.
(3982) Thom: "And, the only way we found to escape the prison was to come here."
(4072) Xxian (exit): 01:24
(3989) Rainur Swiftblade: "Is there a way once we are in the past to return to the point where we left the present?"
(3999) Drenla: Sevis, there is a prophecy at work in our world that I am bound to see to fruition. And these, your friends now, are also involved in it. If you travel with us, you too will become involved, although it remains to be seen if you ARE involved in it. You have no Fate but the Fate you are given.
(3985) Atross: "Or the fate you make."
(3999) Drenla: (to Rainur) Yes....there is. But it is a powerful magicka, beyond my ken.
(3982) Thom: "A prophecy? What are you talking about?"
(3999) Drenla: (smiles sadly)
(3983) Morti: "So... once in the past, we find a mage powerful enough to send us to the future. Right?"
(3989) Rainur Swiftblade: "Of that of the Magister? or...::gulps:: "Greater?"
(3999) Drenla: It is a power greater than that of the Magister, Rainur.
(3978) Dranath: "What happen when we catch up to when we left? Are we doomed to enter back into the prison?"
(3945) Sevis Goloens: "Prophacy, that sounds more interesting then avoiding the Inquisition for the rest of my life since I dont agree with them, I will travel with you for now and see what comes to pass"
(3989) Rainur Swiftblade: "Well, if it is the will of the War Father...so be it!"
(3982) Thom: "Back to this prophecy... what do you mean, are you saying that I am involved in it now? I only came along to try and find my father."
(3999) DM: (lol, I can see the lurkers watching now, lol)
(4074) Orion (enter): 01:27
(3999) Drenla: If you travel with us, Thom, you will be involved with us...although it remains to be seen if Fate has determined that you yourself are part of the prophecy of Andurin'ith-en.
(3945) Dj Gilcrease: "I like that saying 'You have no Fate but the Fate you are given' So I guess I will see what Fate I was Given" **smiles**
(3982) Thom: "I don't know, after all the puzzles, riddles, and magic - I'd be happy just to return to my shop and work on a few simple locks."
(3983) Morti: (oh crap, he's turning into Kha already)
(3989) Rainur Swiftblade: "May I see that sword Thom?"
** (3945) Sevis Goloens turns to Rainur "Why were you interested in the fact that I fight with no weapons?" **
(3983) Morti: : to thom: "Don't worry. I doubt I'm in any prophecy either."
(3982) Thom: "Sure." Thom hands the sword of Sylaire over to Rainur. "I can tell that it is indeed enchanted, it is higher quality than anything I have seen before."
(3999) Drenla: The Sword of Valor triumphs over the Queen of Eternal Night, yet the night is not yet over. The Shadow grows longer with each passing day for the Song has yet to be sung, the Pattern has yet to be made, and the threads of Fate have not yet been woven.

Therefore, whether a blade of light and of shadow, or a sword of fire and of ice; whether a crown of truth and of courage, or a gauntlet of might and of mists; whether an orb of drakes unbidden and unbroken, or a pearl of daemonic desires; and whether a shield created with love and with passion, or a whip formed from malice and from despair: such are the tools which must be gathered by those who walk with Light or those who follow Dark in preparation for the Meeting Which Is Yet To Come.

A King must be crowned, a Sword must be wielded, a Knight must be slain. Three things to pass and that shall pass and will pass for Light.

A King overthrown, a Sword shattered asunder, a Knight eternal. Three things to pass and that shall pass and will pass for Dark.

A choice must be made, and the Balance maintained.

(3945) Dj Gilcrease: ((No Kha would have asked for a full recounting of the Prophacy, and been pestering all of you for details for then next hour and a half =P ))
(3989) Rainur Swiftblade: "I am a warrior priest. I live by the sword"
(3999) Drenla: This is the prophecy of Andurin'ith-en.
(3982) Thom: (( and there it is, none-the-less. ))
(3999) Drenla: Six number the members of the Company of Light: The Hammer of Justice, The White Lion, The Walker In Radiance, The Dragon Ascended, The Sword of Honor and Freeswords Eternal.
(4075) Adam500 (enter): 01:31
(3999) Drenla: Six number The Company of Dark: The Circlet of Treachery, The Ebonfire Throne, The Statue In Shadow, The Wyvern of Hatred, The Sword of Lies and Whispered Secrets.
(4075) Adam500 (exit): 01:32
(3999) Drenla: This company -- has been identified as Freeswords Eternal.
(3982) Thom: "So, that means only one of us are part of the Company of Light?"
(3999) Drenla: So...proceed at your peril. (smiles sadly)
** (3945) Sevis Goloens listens quietly **
(3999) Drenla: Light is not necessarily good, Thom. Light, according to the Balance, is that which is not evil.
(3983) Morti: "Or maybe the team just counts as one member"
(3999) Drenla: Dark, according to the Balance, is all consuming evil.
(3989) Rainur Swiftblade: "As long as we fight with honor and for the cause of good, I am content"
(3982) Thom: (( did I say anything about good? ))
(3989) Rainur Swiftblade: "The War Father is good to us"
(3983) Morti: :nods to Rainur:
** (3945) Sevis Goloens comments to noone imparticular "God and the Devil" then crosses himself **
(4074) Orion (exit): 01:35
(3983) Morti: "So... what's our next step?"
(3989) Rainur Swiftblade: ((Rainur is a bit of a religious zealot if you have not guessed by now))
(3999) Drenla: And so, the history of Andurin has been a constant struggle between Light and Dark. And it is coming to a head, for now, the true purpose of the prophecy is revealed -- to defeat the Dark One, Shai'tan, from conquering Andurin.
(3978) Dranath: "And I have little doubt the Lord Shaper gave us favor this day."
(3983) Morti: "continue to Ximes? or is Perigon closer?"
(3982) Thom: (( have we been riding all this time, or just standing in the middle of the road? ))
(3945) Dj Gilcrease: "Shai`Tan, I have never heard the Devil called such, but it sounds as if your world is aproching the apocolyps, or the day of judgment"
(3985) Atross: ((Riding, at Drenla's suggestion))
(3999) Drenla: No, Ximes should be our next stop. A friend will meet us there, and we will be that much closer to leaving this place.
(3982) Thom: (( thought so, just wanted to make sure. ))
(3983) Morti: "We have friends here?"
(3999) Drenla: You might say that. (mysteriously)
(3982) Thom: "Who is this friend?
(3999) Drenla: While I was "dead", I managed to do a little investigating of my own.
(3989) Rainur Swiftblade: "He is quite good at that you know"
(3999) Drenla: The white wizard Jehan Mauvaissoir.
(3999) Drenla: (winks at Rainur)
(3985) Atross: "A white wizard consorting with ghosts? The inquisition must be slacking. I hope so."
(3982) Thom: "I remember hearing of him!"
** (3989) Rainur Swiftblade laughs **
** (3945) Sevis Goloens continues along quietly listening and absorbing the conversation **
(3999) Drenla: I have a few tricks of my own that I used. Jehan has agreed to meet with us to give us a potion of time and travel.
(3983) Morti: "That's nice of him"
(3999) Drenla: Of course, I was hoping that this turn of events would come about. (indicates you and he)
(3999) Drenla: It's hard to do anything when you're a spirit. (smiling with a twinkle in his eye)
(3999) DM: (ok, stopping in 20 minutes, so we can give the lurkers a chance to talk. lol.)
(3999) DM: (and also because I need to prep for next time.)
(3999) Drenla: You asked what next to do.
(4074) Orion (enter): 01:43
(3989) Rainur Swiftblade: "Let us ride hard then"
(3999) Drenla: You have several choices, but it depends on when we return, and where. Remember, that Rhian may not be alive when we return to Andurin. And that things may be different....for instance, some of you may not have been born yet.
(3945) Dj Gilcrease: "Keep a look out for wolves, remember I was attacked lastnight by a pack of them, lead by one that may have been a wearwolf"
** (3978) Dranath coughs **
(3989) Rainur Swiftblade: "Sevis, hop on the cart. I will push these steeds to get us to Ximes faster!"
(3978) Dranath: "This should prove interesting indeed..."
(3982) Thom: "What is it Dranath?"
(3945) Sevis Goloens: "I can keep up with the horse on foot, especialy since it is pulling this cart"
(3978) Dranath: "The time travel matter is hard to wrap my mind around."
(3983) Morti: "True, Chronomacy is mostly forbidden"
(3982) Thom: "Yes... but there are also good aspects to it possibly...."
(3945) Sevis Goloens: "Yes existing before you were born is a strange thought, too confusing for me"
(3989) Rainur Swiftblade: (how long to Ximes?)
(3982) Thom: "Rainur, might I see that sword again?"
(3999) DM: (four days)
(3989) Rainur Swiftblade: "Ays"
(3999) DM: (three and a half days by now)
** (3989) Rainur Swiftblade hands him the sword **
** (3985) Atross quietly gives thought to what happened before he was even born. **
** (3945) Sevis Goloens picks up pace as Rainur speeds up the horses **
** (3982) Thom takes the short sword, amazed by the craftmanship. **
** (3983) Morti settles back into the cart, and back to his studies **
** (3982) Thom has his horse follow along with the cart. **
(3999) DM: (might as well stop here then.)
(3978) Dranath: "Oneiros holds dominion over time, I know, I just.. well.. it will certainly be a good story, after all is done."

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