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(7) DM: ok, who remembers from a month ago? lol
(1) Thom: (( Atross!! Where are you?? ))
(1) Thom: (( We were all sleeping (except Morti and myself - who had left and missed seeing Etienne. ))
(1) Thom: (( As I remember at least... ))
(11) Morti: (we just beat an amber golem and returned to the library to rest up since he verily raped us... figuratively speaking)
(5) Miragon: i remember a little, but it doesnt really matter from Miragons perspective since he's not mentally there
(7) DM: ((ok, so the consensus is to explore instead of going through the gate, correct?))
(5) Miragon: (i raped him you mean, :p)
(1) Thom: (( That's got my vote. ))
(11) Morti: (right.. mutual raping)
(10) Danae: (( almost makes it consentual ))
(7) DM: (Alfred?)
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: back
(7) DM: (all right.)
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: (Yes)
(7) DM: You waken in the morning, or what passes for the morning in the chateau. Claude is studying a prayer book intently.
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Bonjour Claude"
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Did I say that correctly?"
** (1) Thom pulls his pack around and pears inside, then seemingly content, places it on his back as he stands. **
** (5) Miragon rouses and lets out a loud yawn as he scratches his head. **
** (11) Morti sits at the desk, numerous books scattered open about him as he scribbles notes. He's obviously tired from his effort, yet wasting no time as he worked through the night **
** (5) Miragon 's stomach lets out a growl louder than the mightiest drake as he looks around for something tasty. **
(7) Claude d'Amberville: Oui, somewhat. (absent-mindedly)
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Good morning priestess Danae...how was your slumber?"
** (7) Claude d'Amberville appears to have no recollection of being murdered by his brother. **
** (10) Danae sits up in the corner she slept in, praying softly, fingering the beads of her holy symbol as she recites long complex prayers, rote plees to Onerios mixed with heartfelt sentiment. When she is done, she feels more blessed that she has been previously. She stands up slowly, pushing feathery blonde hair from piercing blue eyes. "Oneiros has shown favor on us.. I think I can perhaps help you, Rainur." **
** (1) Thom finally notices that Claude is alive - very different from how Thom had last seen him. "What?" **
(11) Morti: :Miragon's stomache rouses Morti's attention for a moment, and glancing the the towering figure, the boy grabs up a piece of the salted pork laid on the table for him and Moiraine to snack on and holds it to the warrior
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Can you help my brother instead?"
** (8) Rainur Swiftblade points to Miragon **
(7) Claude d'Amberville: Mmmhmm. Perhaps. (glances up) What seems to be the problem?
** (10) Danae rubs her chin, "I'm not sure." **
** (5) Miragon eyes glimmer through his large helm, and he snatches the thing off and reaches for Morti's treat. It's gone in a single bite, followed by a large grin from the big oaf's face. **
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "He has lost his senses Msr. Claude...perhaps a spell"
(1) Thom: "How did you? What?" Thom shakes his head. "Never mind. It's another example of 'With magic, all things are possible' I guess."
** (7) Claude d'Amberville puts down the prayer book and walks over to where Miragon is sitting. **
** (11) Morti offers aweak grin to the man from a hideous face and pats him on teh shoulder before returning to his studies **
(7) Claude d'Amberville: He seems to be fine. I see you have returned from your sojourn into the basement. Did you find what you were seeking?
** (10) Danae moves to inspect Miragon as well.. **
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Non...we must go back"
** (5) Miragon glances up at Danae and stares at her blankly. **
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Danae, he is in desperate need of your help"
(10) Danae: (( can I determine what sort of damage is done to him? ))
(10) Danae: (( would a remove curse do it? ))
(11) Morti: Knowledge: Arcana Skill Check: [1d20+13] -> [18,13] = (31)
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Please see what you can do...I must give thanks to the War Father who has kept me alive to fight evil"
** (1) Thom studies Claude while he moves around, and then after a moment Thom relaxes. **
(11) Morti: :for his studieds, Morti speaks, "You have to kill Simon to break Miragon's curse"
(7) DM: ((not really))
** (5) Miragon growls at the mention of Simon's name and slams his flail into the wall. **
(7) DM: ((if you recall, he became like this after following through on Marie-Helene's reading.))
** (8) Rainur Swiftblade begins to chant and pray **
(10) Danae: (( yeah ))
** (11) Morti flinches at the giant's outburst and stands to calm him, "Relax, Miragon.. He's not here" **
whispering to Ashoroth, one of the PCs has an Int of 2 atm
** (5) Miragon looks around angrily but relaxes and tugs at Morti. **
whispering to Ashoroth, permanently or until broken
** (11) Morti rubs Miragon's shoulder to calm him while explaining, "I read it last night. Simon made the deck. Killing him ends it's curse" **
(10) Danae: "And he won't die until we break the curse of the d'Ambervilles.."
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: ::as Rainur prays, the faint sound of the hooves striking the ground can be heard circling around him and a faint mist can be seen circling his head::
** (5) Miragon lowers his head and sighs almost seeming to understand his fate. **
(1) Thom: :to Morti "Would that also break the magic of Marie-Helene's other readings?
(11) Morti: :nods: "I mean, there are powerful magics that could also break the curse but... nothing we have at the moment"
(10) Danae: "A miracle, eh?"
(11) Morti: : to thom: "A figure it will undo what spells they have wrought, which it is not too late to."
** (11) Morti nods to Danae **
** (1) Thom nods to morti in understanding. **
** (8) Rainur Swiftblade comes out of his trance after a while and looks a bit more confident "The War Father has been good to me" **
(1) Thom: "So, are we ready to go find Gaston and get on with this?"
** (10) Danae slips up onto the table, rubbing her terrible looking bruises. She prays softly, the cool healing energy running between her fingers, focused into her body as chill shadowy nimbus surrounds her for a moment. [2d8+7] -> [7,3,7] = (17) **
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "May my blade strike true in your name, oh Father"
** (10) Danae looks to Rainur, "I cannot help him, yet.. if you did not hear..." **
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "That is a pity...I do not like to see my people suffer"
(7) Claude d'Amberville: (looks up with alarm at the sound of Gaston's name)
(7) Claude d'Amberville: What do you want with Gaston?!?
** (11) Morti begins straightening up all the of the books he's left laying open, meticulously replacing them where he found them on the shelves before packing up his own belongings **
(1) Thom: "We still need his help."
** (7) Claude d'Amberville sits up straight, trembling. **
(10) Danae: "But perhaps-" She stops at Claude's outburst.
(10) Danae: "What's wrong?"
(7) Claude d'Amberville: You don't. He is not to be trusted.
(11) Morti: :Holding a stack of books in hand: "Who in this house is to be trusted? ...er.."
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Please explain to us your fear."
(11) Morti: "Present company excluded"
(1) Thom: "No one else will aid us, he is the last option."
(11) Morti: :koff: Returns to fixing the bookshelf
(7) Claude d'Amberville: It is....complicated. Gaston is a member of our family who suffered an accident as a child and who has never fully recovered. He became a mage of great renown and chose to use his power for ill. He is not to be trusted, even more than Simon.
** (1) Thom reaches his hand into his backpack and holds it there. **
** (7) Claude d'Amberville seems uncomfortable discussing this subject and loosens his collar. **
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Then how will we get through the gate my lord"
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "If it is not he, then there is no other"
(7) Claude d'Amberville: You can if you have the proper number of keys and you have defeated the guardian.
(1) Thom: "But what about being told we needed a d'Amberville to defeat the guardian?
(7) Claude d'Amberville: Who told you that? (suspiciously)
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "The rest of your family"
** (10) Danae laughs **
(7) Claude d'Amberville: And you believed them?
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "It seemed to be a constant theme my lord"
(1) Thom: "A few different ones had the same story."
** (7) Claude d'Amberville picks up the prayer book and retreats to a lounge chair. **
** (10) Danae continues laughing, laying her arms on the table and sitting her head amongst her arms, laughing and then sobbing softly, "I hate this place." **
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "What is wrong Danae?"
(7) Claude d'Amberville: Most interesting. But please believe me when I say that he is not worth the trouble to find, much less talk to. All lies spouting from his heretical mouth.
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Danae?"
(11) Morti: :placing in the final book from his arm load, he offers somberly to Danaer: "I figure the residents are too fond of it either." :Grins: "Be stronger than them please. I'd hate to see you so crazed too," :Stands and retrieves some more scattered book:
** (8) Rainur Swiftblade walks over to her **
(11) Morti: ( Aren't to fond rather)
(7) Claude d'Amberville: You have slain the golem, what other course of action do you need?
** (5) Miragon stands up and puts his helm back on as he walks to the door and peers outside. **
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "was that the guardian my lord?"
(7) Claude d'Amberville: The guardian of the gate, oui.
** (7) Claude d'Amberville returns to reading the prayer book. **
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Ah..so we can exit this place to your world now...What are we waiting for gorup?"
(11) Morti: brb
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: group
** (10) Danae stands up, facing away from the others, "I know... I know.. leave me be.." She rubs at her eyes, biting her lip. "Should we gather the other keys?" **
(11) Morti (exit): 22:47
(11) Morti (enter): 22:47
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "We have enough keys I believe"
(1) Thom: (( Stan - have you been getting my whispers? ))
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "We must move quickly and get out of this chateau"
(11) Morti (exit): 22:48
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Msr. Claude, thank you for your wise council"
(14) Morti (enter): 22:49
(7) Claude d'Amberville: Thank you. (goes back to reading his book)
** (8) Rainur Swiftblade leads the way out of the library "If we are all ready, let us go" **
** (1) Thom stands his ground, staring at Claude. **
** (10) Danae turns back around, red about the liquidy blue eyes but otherwise back in cool collection. "Let us see if Oneiros favors your body in it's weakened state or if this spell shall work, hm?" **
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (14) Morti...
(1) Thom: "On second Rainur. Claude - what are you not telling us about Gaston?"
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Yes, priestess...many thanks"
(1) Thom: (( One ))
** (8) Rainur Swiftblade waits **
(10) Danae: "There is just one thing preventing me from doing this.. I need a diamond... or diamond dust, to be exact."
(7) Claude d'Amberville: Do not question in affairs not of your concern. (sternly as he puts the book down)
** (10) Danae rubs her arm slightly, "Anyone have a diamond?" **
** (8) Rainur Swiftblade pulls out a sak that contains many different jewels "This is our currency... we have no coin in the Faard" **
(1) Thom: "Not of our concern? We are trying to help your family, and yet information about them is none of our concern
(1) Thom: ?"
** (10) Danae rifles through them, looking for something suitable.. **
(7) Claude d'Amberville: Your help thus far is appreciated and noted, however the one known as Gaston is our province. I ask you not to question what does not concern you. He is not to be trusted.
** (7) Claude d'Amberville stands up and walks to the shelf, replacing the prayer book, and selects another. "Now, if you have nothing else to do, I suggest you make your preparations and leave. I have much to ponder." (coldly) **
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "There should be something suitable...I do not spend much"
** (5) Miragon paces back and forth. **
(1) Thom: "And we are supposed to trust you while you say everyone else has lied to us and you also hold back information?"
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Calm Miragon..."
(7) Claude d'Amberville: I have aided you and now you question my integrity? How appropriate for a thief.
** (14) Morti puts away the last book and goes about rolling up the scrolls of notes he's taken, straigening the desk as he found it. **
** (10) Danae says while she still picks through the jewels, "Drop it Thom, we will soon be from here." **
(10) Danae: (( far from ^^ ))
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Thom, I believe that is enough...right?"
(10) Danae: (( is their a suitable diamond? ))
(10) Danae: (( there ))
(7) DM: ((yes))
(1) Thom: "I question the integrety of this entire household." Thom looks at his companions and with a final glance at Claude, he turns and leaves the room, ready to get away from these people.
** (7) Claude d'Amberville takes another prayer book and walks to the chair irritably. **
** (5) Miragon follows Thom outside as he glances back inside and flashes Claude a look. **
** (10) Danae finds one, "Could you please pulverize this?" she asks Rainur, picking up the jewel. **
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "My Lord, my apologies for his behavior...this house has frustrated us as you may imagine...please have a good day"
(14) Morti: ( ... pulverize ... a diamond?)
(7) Claude d'Amberville: LEAVE THIS CHAMBER AT ONCE, INFIDEL!!!
** (7) Claude d'Amberville stands up and fingers his holy symbol with a blazing look in his eyes. **
** (1) Thom resituates his pack on his back while out in the hallway and checks his gear, preparing for any figh that may come their way. **
** (10) Danae stiffens slightly, and whispers, "we can continue this elsewhere." **
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Yes"
(1) Thom: (( fight ))
** (8) Rainur Swiftblade leads the party out of the library **
** (10) Danae follows briskly. **
** (7) Claude d'Amberville slams the door shut and bolts it. **
(10) Danae: (( its gotta be possible, the spell asks for diamond dust.. ))
** (1) Thom falls into line with the group as they leave the library. **
** (14) Morti packs away his belongings clamly and fastens his pack to his back. With a humble bow to Claude he offers politely, "Thank you for allowing me to study here, Sir." Ignoring the outbursts and aggrevants, he grabs up Moiraine from the table and strolls out after the others **
** (1) Thom walks with the group silently, his jaw set in frustration. **
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Morti, do you have a spell to turn this into powder? I do not have a diamond mortar and pestle"
(14) Morti: "Eh?" Glances the diamond. and shakes his head "That's tough stuff"
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "The only physical way is to strike it against other diamonds to create diamond dust...or a spell"
** (10) Danae frowns slightly, "Perhaps the spiritual hammer I can summon?" **
(1) Thom: (( so, are we just all standing in the hallway outside the library then? ))
** (14) Morti settles Moiraine to her usual seat in his pocket, and readies his staff to get walking, though waiting for a direction **
(7) DM: ((yes...))
(14) Morti: (bacsically)
(14) Morti: brb
** (1) Thom wanders around the corner, heading in the direction they had recently come from. "Be right back." **
(14) Morti (exit): 23:07
(14) Morti (enter): 23:07
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (14) Morti...
** (10) Danae sighs.. "What about a magical weapon?" **
(7) DM: He peeks inside Marie-Helene's bedroom.
** (10) Danae sighs, "Sorry, Rainur..." **
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: I would not waste the time now...Let us continue. I will be fine for now. Perhaps some spell might shatter it..."
** (10) Danae hands the diamond back to him. **
** (5) Miragon looks at Danae and Rainur and smiles at the sparkling gem. **
** (10) Danae groans, "I have a spell that would have worked. I am stupid." **
(7) DM: Thom enters the bedroom.
(14) Morti: :smiling to Danae: "Really?! That's great!"
(10) Danae: (( I guess it's too late to change out the day's spells, hm? ))
(7) DM: ((yes))
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Well, I am fine...let us continue"
** (10) Danae nods. "Let us collect Thom and go to the Gate of Silver Keys. **
** (14) Morti stares after Thom, following after him into Marie-helene's **
** (8) Rainur Swiftblade heads towards where they battled the golem **
** (5) Miragon follows along slouched over as usual. **
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Did Thom go to scout ahead?"
** (8) Rainur Swiftblade turns the corner to where Marie's room is on the way down to the site where the golem was battled **
** (10) Danae follows. **
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Ah morti...what is going on?"
(1) Thom: "So, we do not need to defeate any other guardian in order to break the curse, But to truely aid you, we must die as well?"
(1) Thom: (( Sorry, that was supposed to be a whisper... ))
** (8) Rainur Swiftblade arrives at Marie-Helene's room **
(7) Marie-Helene d'Amberville: And so you see, child. (speaking to Thom)
** (1) Thom bows to marie, thanking her as he backs out of the room, closing the door as he leaves. **
(7) DM: (you catch sight of Morti and the party as you leave)
** (1) Thom looks a lot less upset than he did before, but he looks no less serious. **
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Was she helpful to you Thom? And were you able to dodge the barbs of her forked tongue?"
** (14) Morti backs up after behind thom's back, almost tripping over his own feet as they exit the doorway **
** (8) Rainur Swiftblade clearly does not like her **
** (5) Miragon stops several paces from the room and refuses to enter, apparently remembering bad things happen there. **
(1) Thom: "Yes, she cleared somethings up for me. Well, are we ready to visit Averoigne?"
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Ays ...let's go"
** (8) Rainur Swiftblade continues to the gate **
** (1) Thom follows Rainur, glancing back at the bedroom for a second, thinking on her words. **
(14) Morti: "Uh.. sure.. just let me find a bedsheet to butcher first. I really need a new mask." :Gesturing to his disfigured face in lue of his burnt scarf
** (5) Miragon follows Rainur back to the gate, his blissful ignorance giving way to a more sullen mood today apparently. **
** (10) Danae takes a small pin from her hair, it turning into a floppy brown hat, nothing else on her body changing as she does so. "It's a hat of disguise.. something I picked up in my travels.. you may borrow it..." **
(14) Morti: "Eh? How's it work?"
** (14) Morti carefully looks it over **
(10) Danae: "Put it on and will the changes you would like.. it is only an illusion, it will only veil the truth, not change it."
(14) Morti: "Hai." :Nodding in understanding he takes up the hat and places it on his bald, scaberous head. Closing his eyes he concentrates a moment before the the image of a very plain brown haired youth with sun-tanned healthy skin anf Morti's lusterous blue eyes looks about at his comrades. "H-how do I look?"
** (1) Thom breaks out of his thoughts at Morti's question. "Good look Morti." **
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Danae, that was most kind"
** (8) Rainur Swiftblade reaches the gate **
** (10) Danae shrugs, "I don't very well like the thing, but it has had it's purposes.. this is just another of them." **
** (5) Miragon looks at Morti confused as he cocks his head like a curious dog. **
** (14) Morti gives a grin and for once a reddening of his cheeks is actually noticable, "Yes, Thank you Danae" **
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Where are the keys?"
** (10) Danae retreives the one she has. **
(14) Morti: :assures Miragon: "Don't worry, It's still me"
(10) Danae: "You are welcome, Morti"
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "As locks are not my specialty, I defer to you Thom for the opening of the gate"
** (1) Thom sees Danae's key. "Huh?" **
** (1) Thom pulls out his four keys, then glances at Danae. "Where did that one come from?" **
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "please give all the keys which we have found to Thom"
(7) DM: The gate rises from the floor, its material shimmering in the light. It appears to be made of liquid silver.
** (14) Morti removes his left glove for a moment, marveling at the image of normal human skin there. He grins, in spite of the lack of a pinky. **
** (5) Miragon draws out his sword as he peers around the room and sniffs the air. **
** (1) Thom gets the key from Danae and inspects it carefully, comparing it to the others to make sure it is authentic. **
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Miragon, stand guard"
(14) Morti: :The gate's appearance quickly eclipses the novely of the illusion. "Wow...."
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "We are in your capable hands Thom"
(10) Danae: (( sorry, I had a key written in my inventory.. was I wrong? ))
(7) DM: Your voices echo around the chamber and cause the surface of the gate to vibrate, as if it were water and your voices ripples.
(1) Thom: (( yeah - but like I said on the Yahoo group, thom wasn't around when marie gave you the one - so he had no idea you had one. ))
(14) Morti: (Nah, I think a few people were carrying them)
(7) DM: ((no))
** (1) Thom starts studying the door, loking for any place to put the keys, or any instructions/or warnings on the gate. **
(10) Danae: "Marie-Helene gave it to me," she tells thom, distracted by the ripples along the surface of the portal.
** (8) Rainur Swiftblade concentrates **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+9] -> [9,9] = (18)
** (1) Thom nods at Danae's words, but spends most of his concentration studying the gate. **
** (14) Morti replaces his glove and strolls about the gate, eyeing it's surface curiously as he scratches moiraine's head. **
** (5) Miragon gazes at the gate and looks to the others. **
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Well Thom, what do you make of this?"
** (10) Danae goes over to Miragon, "Want to get out of the house? Go outside?" She asks softly, not unlike how one would speak to a child. **
(1) Thom: "It's amazing. Not like anything I've seen before - pure magic. But, it is still a locked door, so I should be able to get it open." Thom smirks a little at the end of his comment.
** (5) Miragon looks to Danae and smiles and points to the gate as if asking. **
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "A fine locksmith you are"
** (10) Danae looks over at Thom, "The keys will suffice, I think." **
** (10) Danae looks back at Miragon, and nods. **
(7) DM: At Thom's approach, three keyholes coalesce in the door.
(10) Danae: "Just let Thom finish and we will go out."
(1) Thom: ::to Danae. "yes, but with something like this - it's better to be safe than sorry."
(14) Morti: Knowledge: Arcana Skill Check: [1d20+13] -> [20,13] = (33)
** (1) Thom takes three of the keys and places one is each of the keyholes, but does not turn them just yet, waiting to see if more keyholes appear. **
(7) DM: The gate begins to become translucent as it slowly loses its silver appearance....
(1) Thom: "Hmm, I was expecting more. But that works."
(7) DM: ....or perhaps its as if your surroundings are fading...to become in line with the gate. You're not quite sure.
** (1) Thom quickly puts the two remaining keys into his belt pouch. **
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Well, we know what we must do now"
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Is it safe to pass Thom?"
** (1) Thom glances at the surroundings a little, but mainly concentrates on the gate. **
** (14) Morti watches the scene like a giddy child; amazed by the dimensional shift **
(1) Thom: "I have no idea. As far as I can tell - yes. But this is a level of magic that I have never seen.
(7) DM: Slowly trees appear, within the gate.
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Nor have I"
(7) DM: A road....
(7) DM: A field of daisies on the other side of the road...
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Well let us go before the gate closes on us"
** (8) Rainur Swiftblade takes the first step onto the road **
** (5) Miragon smiles at the sight and charges through the gate. **
** (14) Morti nods to no one and steps in after the barbarians **
(1) Thom: "On to the next trials..." Thom then steps though, behind Morti.
** (10) Danae follows. as well. **
(7) DM: You're stopped by a wall of invisible force.
(1) Thom: (( lol - hold on guys, I got it now... ))
** (1) Thom takes his eyes off the scene and notices that he can still see the keys, unturned in their keyholes. **
(14) Morti: "Ow..." :Morti rubs the his face after running into a wall, wondering why he thought he'd make it after the barbarians were bounced off
** (5) Miragon slams into the wall and goes sprawling backwards falling into those behind him like an anvil. **
(10) Danae: "Turn the keys, maybe?" she says after bumping into the multiple person pileup.
** (1) Thom reaches forward and turns each key, one at a atime. **
** (10) Danae pinwheels her arms, squeaking before falling, presumably under the pile of warriors and mages displaced by Miragon. **
(7) DM: At the first turning, your surroundings fade to become in line with the gate and the gate itself becomes translucent. Furthermore, action appears in the gate. A breeze blows through the field...
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Ah...nice"
(1) Thom: "Sorry guys... and gal. Like I said, magic like I've never seen before."
** (10) Danae brushes herself off and stands up. **
(7) DM: At the second turning, the scene within the gate speeds up and you can see that time flies by at an amazing rate. Day turns to night with amazing rapidity, days become weeks, weeks become months and seasons to years. A battle of immense proportions is fought in the field, between two opposing armies it seems, and the death toll is insurmountable.
(7) DM: and within a blink of an eye, that too is gone and grass, daisies and flowers overgrow the corpses.
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Wow..."
** (14) Morti watches the scenes in the gate with blank studious eyes and a slack jaw **
** (1) Thom just stares, frozen in place. **
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "For the love of the War Father...may these soldiers rest in peace"
** (5) Miragon sits back on his haunches unsure of wether to bother with this bizarre door anymore. **
** (10) Danae peers over the shoulders of the others, "Time travel... what a mystery to ponder." **
(14) Morti: "I think the gate's just... catching up."
(7) DM: Horses come with great speed, as if fleeing from some source. You see, that astride them, are the d'Ambervilles. You can recognize all of them....Etienne, Marie-Helene, Simon, Charles, Claude, Richard and so on...the horses are riding on a road made of magic and coming straight for you. they appear to be fleeing from an unknown pursuer.
** (5) Miragon beats his mailed fist at the sight of the battle and howls as he raises his sword, apparently wanting to join the fray. **
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "relax Miragon...you will have your chance"
** (1) Thom doesn't move from the gate, believing that they are just watching a scene. **
(7) DM: They rush through the gate, their physical forms blurring as they pass through into this dimension. Presently, you spot their pursuers....knights armed in gleaming silver and golden armor bearing a standard of a black cross on a sky blue field with a gauntleted hand in its center. The knights send forth cavalry and pikemen, and archers, but to no avail. The d'Ambervilles escape them.
(7) DM: Time blinks in an eye, and this scene is gone too, faster than you can catch, but notable all the same.
** (5) Miragon futiley swings his blade at the figures of the d'Ambervilles as they pass by. **
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Stop miragon!"
(7) DM: At the third turning, time slows down until its barely a crawl. It is mid morning, it is early spring, and a balmy sky overhead. The road is empty, as is the field, and your surroundings are tranquil. The gate disappears as you set foot on a dirt road.
** (5) Miragon looks to Rainus confused and pouts. **
(7) Marie-Helene d'Amberville: (echoes) "Go, in whatever endeavor, whether gate or guardian, with my blessing."
(1) Thom: "Wow..." Thom looks back at the voice and smiles, mouthing the words, I'm sorry.
** (5) Miragon looks around at his surroundings again in a state of confusion. **
(14) Morti: "Eh? Eh?" :Looks anxiously about the field for signs of locals and takes the percaution of trying to make sure they haven't been caught into an illusionary trap. (disbelieve)
** (10) Danae sighs in relief, toeing the dirt road, assuring herself they are in no illusion. "Well, we made it." **
(14) Morti: Will save: [1d20+6] -> [2,6] = (8)
(7) DM: (quite real lol)
(10) Danae: Will: [1d20+5+3+2] -> [18,5,3,2] = (28)
(10) Danae: (( ~danae sees the matrix code~ whoooa ))
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "I am very hungry...let us find a place to eat"
(14) Morti: "Wow..." :A chortle rises in his throat: "I really want to learn magicks like that!"
** (1) Thom takes a few steps around, enjoying the sunlight and fresh air. **
(7) DM: (btw, you all speak the language of the area. automatic. OOC)
** (5) Miragon takes off his helm as he takes in a deep breath and nods to Danae, a smile covering his face, **
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Onward company...onward"
(10) Danae: "Such magic -is- within mortal grasp.." she says, nodding to Miragon.
(14) Morti: :To Rainur: "Last life signs we saw came that from that way." :pointing to where the d'Ambervilles and persuers came from
(10) Danae: "There is a path, choosing it yields two directions..."
(1) Thom: "Lead on Rainur."
** (10) Danae nods to Morti. **
** (5) Miragon puts his helm back on then takes up the rear guard. **
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Yes let us go towards where the D'Ambervilles were being chased from"
(7) DM: There is also a sign with two posts, one in each direction.
** (8) Rainur Swiftblade reads sign **
** (10) Danae slips the holy symbol under her shirt, it the only real sign of her profession. **
** (14) Morti moves to check the sign behind Rainur **
** (10) Danae casts an eye to the sign as well. **
(7) DM: Vyones (one way) and Ximes (the other way)
(7) DM: Also scrawled is "Le Inn of Bonne Jouissance" in the same direction as Ximes.
(10) Danae: "The viper circled mirror is in Vyones..."
(10) Danae: "..and the potion of time travel in Ximes."
** (1) Thom is content to let the others chose the path, and he just looks around at the settings, trying to remember the last time he saw so much open wilderness. **
(14) Morti: "Flip a coin?"
(10) Danae: "Let's try Vyones.. I remember Richard said he was from Ximes, and he was rather.. fanatical.. and if the religions here hate mages or worshippers of other gods...."
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Vyones it is"
(14) Morti: (which way did the d'ambervilles come from?)
** (8) Rainur Swiftblade starts down the path to Vyones **
(7) DM: (you can't quite tell)
** (10) Danae follows Rainur. **
** (1) Thom sees Rainur moving, so he moves to follow him. **
(14) Morti: "Sure you don't want to go to the inn?" :Grumbles in his weariness but follows along obediently:
(1) Thom: (( And according to the map, we go from Tolmara toward Tor Alin. ;) ))
** (5) Miragon brings up the rear and trods along paying more attention to the scenery than the group. **
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "there are bound to other inns on our travels Morti"
(14) Morti: "Hai Hai." Agrees as he walks beside Miragon, making sure the larger man keeps up
** (8) Rainur Swiftblade looks around for any signs of life **
(7) DM: Birds overhead, a twitter.
** (1) Thom watches all around them as they travel, spotting for any movement as he is not used to being in such open places. **
(7) DM: You appear to be the only travellers on the road, for a bit. It's certainly a change from your surroundings of the past two weeks. (OOC: it's the middle of winter in Wylund)
(1) Thom: (( definately different from the walls of my shoppe... ;) ))
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "This is good ...open space...just like I like it"
** (8) Rainur Swiftblade continues on with new vigor **
(10) Danae: (( and im from keenreach, which is further north, eh? ))
(1) Thom: "yeah.. good... sure."
(7) DM: (yes)
** (8) Rainur Swiftblade takes a deep breath **
(14) Morti: "Yes." :Smiles: "I love spring time. Everything's so.. lively"
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: (anything on the horizon)
(7) DM: (smoke in the distance. to the NW)
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Let us head there" ::points northwest::
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Smoke..."
(10) Danae: (( afk ))
** (14) Morti nods, following along as he views the scenery **
(1) Thom: "Sounds good to be, that should mean civilization again."
(1) Thom: (( to me ))
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Perhaps"
(7) DM: ((when I load the city map up, ignore the numbers on the screen and just imagine that's part of a city map. I had a map of Vyones on my cpu except that it was wiped when I reformatted my cpu. either save the cpu or get a new system.))
** (1) Thom starts to relax as he sees the walls of the city (assuming there are some) **
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Now, no mention of the Ambervilles ok folks....they are not liked in these parts"
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: BRB
(14) Morti: "Understood"
(7) DM: After an hour of walking, you come to a fork in the road. The road continues to the north, and splits off to the northwest. A sign says "Vyones" to the northwest and "Paris" to the north.
(14) Morti: (Lets hope we're too early for the revolution)
(7) DM: The northern road wanders off into what seems to be forest, whilst the road to the northwest continues through open field and farmland. Also signs of civilization appear....farmhouses and the like.
(1) Thom: "So, which way now?"
(7) DM: ((oh, by 5 centuries.))
** (14) Morti continues nw, "We agreed on Vyonnes. We haven't even heard of that other place." **
(1) Thom: "Very well. I just want to get to a town."
(14) Morti: "Me too. I'm hungry, tired and begging to be in a house other than the D'Ambervilles'.
** (5) Miragon follows along quietly taking in this strange new place. **
(7) DM: You pass by farmhouses on your way to Vyones.
** (10) Danae nods in agreeance when the plan to continue to Vyones is proposed. **
(7) DM: A horse-drawn wagon appears in the distance, or is approaching you.
** (14) Morti watches the farmhouses, seeing if the locals eye the group strangely, and slightly nostalgic of the simple life **
(7) DM: The wagon seems to be travelling at a rapid rate.
** (14) Morti steps off to the side of the road to give the wagon room **
(7) DM: Some people see you pass by and wave in greeting.
(1) Thom: "Uh, maybe we should move." Thom says as he steps off the road, onto the grass.
(7) DM: Farmers sit atop the wagon, and travel at a rapid pace, with frightened looks on their faces.
** (10) Danae wave back, smiling awkwardly. **
(14) Morti: "Uh.... I think they're out of control..."
** (5) Miragon stares at the strange people but doesnt seem to react aggresively.....yet. **
(1) Thom: "Something is behind them..."
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "They must be running from what caused the smoke"
(7) DM: Nothing seems to be behind them, as far as you can tell...
** (1) Thom tries to look past the wagon (as he is off the road) to see what they are running from. **
(14) Morti: "EH?" :glancing from thom, he tries to look beyond the cart:
(1) Thom: (( ok - strike that. ))
(7) DM: You're not sure. It seems peaceable.
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Let us continue onward"
(14) Morti: (how many horses pull the wagon?)
(1) Thom: "They seem to be frightened of something ahead of us. Let's be careful, ok?"
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Ays, we must be careful"
** (8) Rainur Swiftblade continues towards the smoke **
(7) DM: (2)
** (1) Thom follows Rainur, but watches the shadows carefully. **
** (8) Rainur Swiftblade also looks in the sky hoping it is not a drake **
(7) DM: You glance to the side and farmers are in the fields, working. Some stop and stare at you and continue working.
(1) Thom: (( so, we are at (2)? ))
** (14) Morti ignores watches the wagon go by and follows along. He waves to the farmers politely in passing as they make their way, curious of what upset the wagoneers. **
(7) DM: (not yet.)
(14) Morti: (no... 2 horses)
(10) Danae: (( by the way, nice map ))
(1) Thom: (( ahhh - got it ))
(7) DM: (thanks.)
(14) Morti: (brb)
(7) DM: After an hour of walking, you make your way to the outskirts of Vyones. You see that the land gradually gives way to a more pronounced town-like terrain, as buildings appear with increased frequency. The town has a modest wall and towers that jut from the wall at regular frequencies. Also, most of the activity that you would expect at the outskirts of the town are not present...save for the guards who man the walls, in fear.
(7) DM: The townsfolk are quite afraid, and seem to be congregating in a square just inside the gates.
(1) Thom: "Something seems off...."
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Good day...mssrs..."
(7) DM: (at 95)
(7) Guard: Ah, adventurers! Perhaps you can save us from le dire calamite!
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "And what is that?"
(7) Guard: Nathaire, the necromancer threatens us all! May the heavens above protect us all! (blesses himself)
** (14) Morti whispers to Danae, **
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Why does this person threaten you?"
(7) Guard: If you be men and woman of good heart, make your way to the Archbishop who will tell you of the dark deed that comes to us tomorrow!
(14) Morti: "How'd they know we're adventurers?"
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Morti, just look at us?" ::Rainur laughs::
** (10) Danae whispers back, "Look at us, what else could we be?" **
(1) Thom: "to Morti "Well - look at us. Rainur and Miragon stand out, then we are such a strange combination of people.
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Please point us in his direction"
(7) Guard: He comes to us with a colossus! Of the dead!
(1) Thom: "Colossus?"
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Colossus?"
** (7) Guard points to the direction of the square. **
(1) Thom: (( jink ))
(1) Thom: (( jinx ))
(7) Guard: The Archbishop, may the heavens above bless him, will tell all. Godspeed!
** (8) Rainur Swiftblade heads in the direction of the square **
** (14) Morti looks himself over and shrugs. Hearing the locals clami he cocks his head and screws his fce in a grimace, " ... of the dead?" **
** (1) Thom nods to the soldier(?) that pointed them in the direction. **
(7) DM: The square is filled to capacity, and all are frightened or in an uproar.
** (8) Rainur Swiftblade clanks into the forray **
(7) Passerby: It must be magic. Burn all mages!
(7) Spectator: What are we to do?!?!
** (1) Thom moves around the outer edge of the group, moving to find a place where he can easily see the speaker. **
(7) Spectator: We cannot possibly pay the ransom, we shall all be bankrupt!
(7) Passerby: Why us and not Ximes? The Archbishop there has powers he can save his town! We are poorfolk. We have nothing.
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Uh hum...Messrs...What is a Colossus?"
** (14) Morti gets a bit more anxious hearing the words of the townspeopl and looks about for an explanation **
(7) Spectator: They caught not all mages in the purge. We have sinned, we have sinned, may Heaven protect us from the fires of Hell!
** (8) Rainur Swiftblade 's swords gleam in the sunlight **
** (14) Morti tries to ask among the gathered, "Please. Explain what is happening. PLease." **
(1) Thom: (( are these townspeople talking right now. ))
(9) Ashoroth (exit): 00:50
(7) Passerby: (to Rainur) A tall, immense creature, easily the height of three trees, with arms the size of tree trunks and a head of Death!
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Have you ever seen this creature?"
(7) Spectator: Here comes the Archbishop Evain! All shall be made clear now.
** (8) Rainur Swiftblade listens **
** (1) Thom moves to stand in the doorway of a tavern, watching the Archbishop as he approaches. **
(14) Morti: "Eh?" :tries to move in throught the crowd to get a better look at the archbishop, holding his staff in one hand and protecting moiraine with the other
(7) DM: The crowd parts reverently as a stooped old man in gleaming white robes makes his way through the crowd to a small platform in the center of the square.
** (10) Danae crosses her slim arms, watching the venerable priest. **
** (8) Rainur Swiftblade stands and is sure to listen closely **
** (1) Thom studies the man as he moves, noting the crowd's reaction. **
** (14) Morti watches , his head cocked as he asks one of the passersby, "What god is he a priest of?" **
** (7) Archbishop Evain speaks in a strong, clear, determined voice that belies his age: **
** (10) Danae covers morti's mouth hurriedly, saying to the person he spoke to, "Ignore the child." **
(7) Archbishop Evain: You have heard of the demands that this mage, this foul creature has made of Vyones, this Nathaire:
** (14) Morti gives a stifled groan of questioning as he looks to Danae, but relents and listens to the archbishop **
(7) Archbishop Evain: Fifty thousand dauphins, in uncut diamonds, by the high sun tomorrow. And you know of his threat to follow through: an immense colossus, the twice the height of the Cathedral of Ximes, with arms like trees and a head of a hundred corpses. We cannot pay the ransom, and so I come to you, the people of this city, that if there should be any of you with skill or arms to fight this creature, our dearest treasure shall be yours!
** (8) Rainur Swiftblade gives Danae a nod of approval **
** (10) Danae speaks up, "The mirror?" **
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "How does one destroy this creature, sir?
** (8) Rainur Swiftblade steps forward **
(7) Archbishop Evain: Who speaks?
** (10) Danae steps up with him. **
** (1) Thom watches the two move forward through the crowd, and glances at the villagers around him, to see their reactions. **
(5) Miragon: ((i bet they really do stare at me, considering how short people were back then in med. europe))
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "I am DaKhan...er Prince in your land...Rainur Swiftblade
** (14) Morti stays back, knowing his own tendency to say the wrong things **
(1) Thom: (( the best move Morti has made... ;) ))
(7) DM: ((yes lol))
(14) Morti: (I was bound to make one)
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "I would like to know what needs to be done to destroy this evil"
(10) Danae: "We are warriors far from home, and we would like to help you."
** (7) Archbishop Evain peers at Rainur **
** (5) Miragon walks over to Rainur curious to see what he's up to and oblivious to the situation. **
** (7) Archbishop Evain glances at Danae **
(7) DM: Townsfolk stare at you, especially Miragon.
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "This is my company and we have been sent here by some foul magika...but we are defenders of good my lord"
(14) Morti: (don't worry. I'm sure Miragon'll pick up the slack)
(10) Danae: (( or rainur, for that matter ))
(5) Miragon: (lol i dont think that was the wisest thing to tell them Rainur, foul magic?)
(7) Archbishop Evain: Eh? Magic?
(7) DM: Mutterings in the crowd....
(7) Passerby: Witchcraft!
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "We are here to help if you desire"
(7) Spectator: That woman is a witch!
** (10) Danae mutters to Rainur, "from now on, I talk..." **
** (5) Miragon looks back to Danae. **
(14) Morti: :to the accusing villager, "No, she's a priest!"
(10) Danae: "Excuse my friend, he does not speak well, he means it is the foul magic of this necromancer that we come for.."
** (1) Thom just sakes his head slightly, amazed at how quickly they turned the crowd from amazed to fearful. **
(1) Thom: (( hey=rainur ))
(1) Thom: (( they = Rainur ))
(7) Archbishop Evain: You sir, are a stranger in our land. What have you to offer us? Can you help us? Can you defeat this creature? It cannot be slain through force of arms alone.
(7) Archbishop Evain: Ah, my lady. I sense you to be of good heart and a noble soul. What can you do for us?
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Then tell us what needs to be done and we will help."
** (10) Danae nods, "We may not be the heroes required for this task, but we will do what must be done, and pray to the heavens that it is enough." **
(7) Archbishop Evain: As far as I know, only weapons enchanted with the might of the Holy Church, or those crafted by magic, can harm the colosssus.
** (8) Rainur Swiftblade nods **
(10) Danae: (( taking the prayer he heard from the townsfolk ))
(7) Archbishop Evain: But...
** (1) Thom watches the events, listening as much to the people around him as he does to Rainur and Danae. **
(7) Archbishop Evain: My assistant, Gaspard, has come up with a means to this end. Listen to him, and take his offer, if men and woman of heart you be!
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Oui..."
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "We will listen"
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Monsiour Gaspard..."
** (14) Morti looks about for gaspard **
** (7) Gaspard du Nord strides forth from the crowd and takes his place next to the old man. **
** (8) Rainur Swiftblade looks him up and down **
(7) DM: A tall, burnished man dressed in a green tabard and leather armor takes his place next to the Archbishop.
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Bonjour"
** (7) Gaspard du Nord acknowledges Rainur and speaks clearly **
(14) Morti: "Gaspard..." :Morti rolls the name over in his head as he stares at the man. After a moment of thought he calls out thoughtlessly, "The Mirror!" Just noticing his voice he coughs and slinks down, but signals up to Danae and Rainur, mouthing the word 'Mirror' and making a biting motion with his hand to represent the viper. (total effect: moronic)
(7) Gaspard du Nord: I know of a way the colossus can be defeated. It still requires force of arms, but your lives will be made easier. I was once of Nathaire's pupils, but I have since repented of my ways. I no longer practice magic, since it is a forbidden art. However, I do remember a formula for a black powder of reversion, that when blown into the face of the colossus, will revert it to its normal form, that of a collection of corpses.
(7) Gaspard du Nord: I am not a warrior, so I cannot accompany you to the creature. However, I can create several doses for you to use on the creature. If you travel to Ylourgne, you can use the powder to slay the creature. Should you do this and succeed, we will give you the Viper Circled Mirror, our town's most treasured possession.
** (10) Danae looks at Rainur **
** (8) Rainur Swiftblade looks at Danae **
** (10) Danae shrugs, "Sounds like a plan." **
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Ays"
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Please tell us more about the task"
** (14) Morti smiles, and speaks rhetorically to a stranger, "That was easy to find." **
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "How far is Ylourgne? Can we get some horses? We are injurred...is there a healer?"
(7) Gaspard du Nord: Ylourgne is not far from here, about half a day's travel on foot. It is in the forest north of Vyones. You will know you are near the colossus because you will hear it. When it walks, the earth trembles.
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Ah..."
(7) Archbishop Evain: I shall make my priests available to you, no charge at all.
(14) Morti: *gulp* "Not easy to get though..." muses stoiclly to the same stranger:
(7) Gaspard du Nord: I do not know how you can defeat the creature, but for the powder to work, it must be thrown into its face. There will be enough for five uses.
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "How does it attack? Is there any special things we should know? "
(7) Gaspard du Nord: It uses its fists to attack. It can uproot trees to use as clubs. It can flatten a tower just by stepping on it.
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Is it slow?"
(7) Gaspard du Nord: You could outrun it, if you chose to.
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Is it smart?"
(1) Thom: (( it's undeads, how smart could it be? ))
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Any special abilities?"
(7) Gaspard du Nord: Before the purge, we fought against the Britons and almost destroyed the Tower of Londonium with a previous version of the creature. It was only defeated by a warrior enhanced with a spell of flight who threw some powder at it.
(7) Gaspard du Nord: It has the intelligence of its creator. Its creator controls it.
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "ah"
** (10) Danae only hopes her spells work here. **
(7) Gaspard du Nord: Not that I know of.
(10) Danae: "Let us eat, and make plans, then you can retreive us when the powders are prepared..."
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Ays...that would be a good idea Danae"
(7) Gaspard du Nord: If you can make your way to the Smiling Swallow, I shall meet you there.
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Aye"
** (8) Rainur Swiftblade walks towards the Smiling Swallow **
(7) DM: (30 minute warning. cutting things early tonight.)
(5) Miragon: (afk to a bit to get a bite to eat)
** (10) Danae bows slightly to the men before moving after Rainur. **
** (14) Morti follows after them to th inn, desperate for food and rest. **
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: (to Danae) "This is going to be interesting...an undead giant of sorts"
** (1) Thom has entered the tavern at whom's doorstep he had been standing. **
(1) Thom: (( As in - he doesn't see what you all are doing now. ))
** (8) Rainur Swiftblade enters the Smiling Swallow **
(10) Danae: "Indeed."
(7) DM: The inn/tavern is half full. All of them are human, males ranging from youths to early 30s. a few waitresses.
(7) DM: A roast lamb is laid out on a counter with plates and bowls beside it, as well as loaves of bread and hunks of cheese. Wine, ale and water for the taking. A tillbox for payment on the counter next to what appears to be a barkeep.
(7) DM: People stop and stare at Rainur and Miragon, and then continue eating, but talk is a bit subdued due to your presence.
** (8) Rainur Swiftblade gives those who stare intimidating looks....he does not like being gauked at **
** (10) Danae whispers to Rainur, "We probably do not have the correct currency.." **
** (14) Morti strolls in and asks the barkeeper how much the meal would cost before sitting to eat **
(7) DM: (lol, that works except that youths still stare)
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Ays you are right Danae"
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Jewels are always good currency however"
(10) Danae: "Perhaps we could sell something, and use the coins gained from that.. or.. jewels, good point.. i've never paid in jewels."
(14) Morti: :holding up a coin to the keeper: "Do you accept silver?"
** (7) Barkeep glances up and stares past Morti before replying, "Two ducans." (OC: 2 sp) **
(7) DM: You see why he stared. For a brief second, Drenla's spirit appeared behind Morti and winked.
(14) Morti: "Eh? Du-wha?"
** (8) Rainur Swiftblade holds up an amythest worth 4 gp "Will this do? We do not have your coin yet" **
** (7) Barkeep smiles slightly. "Oui, msr." **
** (8) Rainur Swiftblade looks for Gaspard **
(7) DM: (he's not here)
** (8) Rainur Swiftblade sits down and fills him plate and mug **
** (14) Morti hurries to the table, helping himself to lamb, cheese, bread and wine. Letting Moiraine sit in his lap, feeds from his plate **
** (10) Danae fills her plate as well, sitting down with the others. **
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Sit down miragon...we are going hunting tomorrow"
** (8) Rainur Swiftblade looks around to see if people are still staring **
(14) Morti: :As he eats: "How long do you think Gaspard will be? Should we get a room for the day? I could really use the rest.
(7) DM: (yes Rainur, and everytime you look, they stare but not directly)
(7) DM: (lol)
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "I could really use a bath and a wench or two!" ::rainur laughs::
** (8) Rainur Swiftblade picks out a young man out of the crowd **
** (14) Morti nods to Rainur, innocently agreeing, "Aye. You'd need at least two other people to aid in bathing away that smell" **
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "Come here man...why do you stare at me? I am no different than you..." :::rainur chuckles
(8) Rainur Swiftblade: "I just have a few more scars"
** (8) Rainur Swiftblade laughs a bit more **
(7) Pierre: I was wondering what that smell was. (wrinkles his nose)
(7) Michel: You're in for it now. (snickering)
(14) Morti: :carrying a bit of bread with him, he goes to ask the keeper, "Does that gem my friend gave warrant us a place to rest as well?"
** (10) Danae doesn't pay attention to Rainur's antics, eating the roast duck with her fingers. **
(7) Barkeep: (glances at Morti) Oui. I would not flash that around if I were you. Can't tell who's listening. (winks at Morti)
(7) DM: (and on this note, we'll stop)

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Lands of the Fhaard
Lands of the Sea Realms
Lands of the White Alliance
Magic of Andurin
Philosophical Themes
Races of Andurin
Songs of Andurin
The Southern Kingdoms