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(22849) Rainur Swiftblade: (Hello folks...was caught up in family duties)
(22825) TaliesinNYC: so before we begin, who remembers from last session what happened?
(22779) Thom: (( just glad that you made it Rainur ))
(22839) Miragon: moi
(22779) Thom: I was listening a lot at the door after passing though the bloody stones.
(22849) Rainur Swiftblade: (oh yeah...forgot my entrance...ARGGG!!!)
(22779) Thom: I head that Simon and Charles were waiting for us, and casting things.
(22779) Thom: *heard
(22779) Thom: Umm... and then I was going to tell everyone else what I heard - and we cut at that point.
(22849) Rainur Swiftblade: Ok Thom...what's going on?"
(22825) DM: ((all right, so you're in front of a pair of closed wooden double doors, leading to the heretofore unexplored part of the d'Amberville chateau)
(22849) Rainur Swiftblade: (About to get nailed by some nasty spells LOL)
** (22779) Thom tells the party what he heard. **
(22839) Miragon: "I hope those boys like wrestling.."
(22779) Thom: "I... well, I have an idea that might get us some more information. Of course, only if it works right.
(22839) Miragon: "It might be hard to bargain for information when they're slinging hell fire at you."
(22839) Miragon: "What's your plan?"
(22779) Thom: "Oh, I wasn't going to bargain for it. I was going to try and sneak in. There is a throne that I should be able to hide behind."
(22849) Rainur Swiftblade: (where is our other priest?)
(22779) Zane: "They seem to not mind talking a lot when they are around each other, so I was hoping they might keep talking and give more info."
(22839) Miragon: "If you want to try it I don't care, but if they start acting up they're finished."
(22779) Thom: "The only problem, is I doubt I could make it in and out safely, without being seen. I'm not even sure I can make it in. But we need all the info we can get."
(22839) Miragon: "They likely are prepped for combat."
(22856) Morti (enter): 21:31
(22779) Thom: "I am sure that they are."
(22849) Rainur Swiftblade: "Their majouka is stong, so we will need to be careful"
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (22856) Morti...
(22839) Miragon: "And may have beasts and monsters at their command, spells reading to hurl us into oblivion as soon as we enter."
(22849) Rainur Swiftblade: *strong
(22839) Miragon: "We need to surprise them somehow, perhaps wait several hours, and then enter."
(22839) Miragon: "But likely they are patient foes, they have been here for ages."
(22779) Thom: "Most likely, they have been. So would waiting any longer really help us?"
(22849) Rainur Swiftblade: (what are the walls made of around the door? Does it look possible to break through the wall behind them and surprise them?)
(22847) Atross: "They do seem to be expecting us. And I haven't seen any other way in."
(22825) DM: (stone, Alfred)
(22779) Thom: (( they are not immediately on the other side of the door... ))
(22779) Thom: (( MORTI!!! Yay!!! ))
(22849) Rainur Swiftblade: "Mortimer, do you have a majouka incantation that will help us walk through stone as I have seen some do?"
** (22856) Morti quirks his brow at the barbarian. "Do I look like the Magister to you?" **
(22779) Thom: "Or, a way to see what exactly waits us on the other side?"
(22849) Rainur Swiftblade: "Aye that would also be good to scry to know our enemies"
(22856) Morti: (what room are we in?)
(22847) Atross: (We're in the garden)
(22839) Miragon: "Atross, when we enter, try and ready your bow until one of them begins to cast a spell, this should disrupt his magic if you're lucky."
(22779) Thom: (( the main big forest center room ))
(22839) Miragon: (ie ready an attack if he casts)
(22856) Morti: "Heh... I wish I could do stuff like that. Unfortunately I haven't had the time to really study asflag's books"
(22779) Thom: "Very well, then I will have to try it my way."
** (22779) Thom looks at the door nervously. **
(22856) Morti: (Oh, so where at the door with them casting on the other side, can I hear the spell?)
(22849) Rainur Swiftblade: "no there is one here
(22779) Thom: (( nope, we are 20' from the door. ))
(22849) Rainur Swiftblade: who perhaps can" ::looks at Pierre
(22779) Thom: "Huh?" ::to Rainur::
(22839) Miragon: (dont forget your number)
(22856) Morti: (.. well... if I move to the door can I hear them?)
(22779) Thom: (( still got mine.... ))
(22849) Rainur Swiftblade: "Pierre, can you tell us if you have such a spell to look inside and describe what we are about to face?"
(22847) Atross: ((Right, Morti needs a number doesn't he?))
(22839) Miragon: (there a keyhole on the door?)
(22856) Morti: (I'll take number 7 then)
(22781) Frederick (enter): 21:39
(22781) Frederick (exit): 21:39
(22825) Pierre d'Amberville: Non.
** (22856) Morti moves to the door, making his best effort to listen through the door and try to hear the chanting. (spellcraft if I can hear) **
(22825) DM: (you haven't rolled init yet.)
(22856) Morti: Spellcraft Skill Check: [1d20+14] -> [14,14] = (28)
(22779) Thom: (( init? ))
(22856) Morti: (sorry... didn't know we were in battle)
whispering to Morti, some sort of abjuration spell.
(22825) DM: (not yet)
(22779) Thom: (( neither did I... Not yet... ))
(22856) Morti: Init: [1d20+2] -> [5,2] = (7)
(22856) Morti: (whatta ya know... got 7 after all)
(22779) Thom: (( oh! Stan, Morti needs a number for passing under the blood... ))
(22825) DM: (you're not in battle. was confused about the talk of numbers.)
(22779) Thom: (( that was the number we meant, but I think we all got confused. ))
(22825) DM: (you all should remember the numbers from last session)
(22849) Rainur Swiftblade: brb..
(22856) Morti: "Hmmm..." Stepping back from the door: "Abjuration... maybe a ward. Maybe strengthening themselves... dunno..."
** (22839) Miragon stands guard at the door listening while the others discuss plans. **
(22839) Miragon: guess morti needs a descript of me
(22825) DM: (As I mentioned last session, that number will count only while you are within the next room, as far as bonuses to your AC, saves, attack and damage rolls, as well as initiative.)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d6] -> [3] = (3)
whispering to Morti, you get +3
(22779) Thom: (( ok, I think we finally got the number thing worked out... ))
whispering to Rainur Swiftblade, dude my arms have grown 1/2" in a year lol
(22839) Miragon: Miragon is a hulking figure of steel and muscle, towering over most men. He stands an impressive 7' 1" tall and weighs in at 350 lbs. When seen, his face is handsome, but worn from his hardships. He has long dark brown hair reaching his shoulders, and an unnerving gaze that emanates from his golden irises. For battle he wears a fortress of metal, a darkened steel suit of templar heavy armor trimmed in gold and covered in beautiful etching and engraving. A plain's horse can be seen displayed on the breastplate. A long black cloak hangs from his shoulders. His weapon of choice is a massive imperial greatsword, its blade often resting comfortably on his shoulder instead of in its scabbard. A large quiver filled with javelins hangs from his waist, as does a brutal looking heavy flail. He has a dagger sheathed in each boot as well. He carries his few belongings in a pack, slung across his back. Miragon speaks little, but when he does it's in a deep resonating voice.
(22839) Miragon: (oh sorry Lunauc, missed your PM)
(22860) Danae (enter): 21:45
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (22860) Danae...
(22847) Atross: "So do we charge in and hope to catch them still preparing right now?"
(22779) Thom: (( there we go, Jack's back. ))
(22860) Danae: (I need a new computer..)
(22856) Morti: "Why don't we just knock? They already know we're coming. Talking through the door maybe best."
(22779) Thom: "How about I try to get in? Everyone get ready in case it doesn't work...."
(22849) Rainur Swiftblade: (Back)
(22849) Rainur Swiftblade: (crying baby...)
(22807) Ari (lurking) (exit): 21:47
(22839) Miragon: "I say we bash the door in, followed by their skulls."
** (22856) Morti stands petting moiraine's head as she peeks from his coat pocket **
** (22779) Thom just looks at Rainur, as it's his call. **
** (22860) Danae puts a hand on rainur, invoking Oneiros and sending a cool energy through the barbarian's body to purge the damage done by poison. [1d4] -> [4] = (4) Lesser Restoration... **
** (22839) Miragon draws his massive imperial greatsword and holds it ready. **
(22849) Rainur Swiftblade: "I am still weak from the posion I say we let stealth give us the upper hand...then we smash their skulls in"
(22856) Morti: "Stealth? ... but.. uh... don't they already know we're here?"
(22856) Morti: "And I don't think there's another entrance...."
(22779) Thom: "Sounds good. But be ready in case I am not stealthy enough. It has been many years since I worked on any type of stealth."
(22839) Miragon: "I only fear you are going to make yourself a target."
(22839) Miragon: "You should at least let me enter first to stave off their onslaught."
(22779) Thom: "Most likely, but we need more information."
(22849) Rainur Swiftblade: "They are expecting us but Thom may be able to get passed them and give us an advantage...hey..I fell much better... thank you Danae"
(22839) Miragon: "Its not worth dying over Thom."
(22856) Morti: "You... understand that the spell their casting may involve the door.. right?"
** (22779) Thom looks back at the door. **
(22839) Miragon: "If you get killed, I'm going to drag you back from hell and put a knot on your head, ya hear?"
(22849) Rainur Swiftblade: ""Thom, what do you propose to do?"
(22779) Thom: "Well, since it opens in, if someone has a stick we could try to open it from a distance..."
(22849) Rainur Swiftblade: (are there any fallen trees in the forest?)
** (22839) Miragon looms overhead and smirks at Thom. **
** (22839) Miragon extends his arm and sword. **
(22779) Thom: "I was going to barely open the door, and slide into the room. There is a thone 40' from the door that I could take cover behind.
(22839) Miragon: "This big enough fer ya?"
(22856) Morti: Knowledge: Arcana Skill Check: [1d20+13] -> [4,13] = (17)
(22779) Thom: ::To Miragon:: "If you feel it is."
(22849) Rainur Swiftblade: "We will provide your diversion" ::looks around for a fallen tree::
(22839) Miragon: (well the sword is 2 foot longer than a greatsword in the desciption in the magic doc)
(22839) Miragon: (so its at least a foot longer than miragon is tall)
(22779) Thom: (( wow - that's some good reach... ))
(22839) Miragon: (thats why he just carries it most of the time)
(22779) Thom: "Let me take a look quickly" ::Thom moves back to the door, kneeling to peek into the keyhole.::
(22849) Rainur Swiftblade: "Do not touch it Thom"
** (22856) Morti creases his brow at the apparent straight forward plan. Taking Moiraine from his pocket he sets her down and instructs "Take cover back int the bushes someplace and if something happens head back to the dragon and unicorn. They seem pretty nice." **
** (22847) Atross gets into position to have a good view through the door when it's open and stands ready with his bow in hand. **
** (22779) Zane holds a hand up to the others, trying to keep them quiet. **
(22847) Atross: "Just yell if they spot you, Thom. I'm ready as I'll get."
(22847) Atross: ((We're all whispering right?))
(22779) Thom: (( I'm just making sure... ;) ))
(22862) Orion (enter): 22:00
(22849) Rainur Swiftblade: "Yes, I feel much better"
(22862) Orion (exit): 22:00
** (22849) Rainur Swiftblade draws his sword looking not as pale as before **
** (22839) Miragon waits. **
** (22779) Thom returns to the group. "Ok, that was strange. They were mentioning things about a prodigal. And they said that once we enter the room, Catherine's enchantment will take effect, releasing her." **
(22779) Thom: ::turns to Pierre:: "Anything else you need to tell us?"
(22839) Miragon: "And what the hell does all that babble mean?"
(22865) no name (enter): 22:03
** (22825) Pierre d'Amberville shrugs. "Seems more like family intrigue." **
(22865) no name (exit): 22:04
(22856) Morti: "They weren't talking about us.. were they?"
(22825) Pierre d'Amberville: Catherine was a mage of great power. A necromancer. She was the reason we fled Averoigne, since necromancy is against the law of the land, or so our family lore has it.
(22849) Rainur Swiftblade: "Hm"
(22779) Thom: "necromancy... that doesn't sound good."
(22849) Rainur Swiftblade: "More living dead things"
(22825) Pierre d'Amberville: As for the prodigal, or a prodigal, that I do not know.
(22779) Zane: "Well, enough of this. If you all are ready, I am."
(22847) Atross: "Did they sound like they wanted Catherine released? Or like it was an unfortunate event?"
** (22839) Miragon nods. "I am" **
(22779) Thom: "Like it was soemthing that just happened... I don't know, it was quite confusing."
(22866) Selerik (enter): 22:07
(22849) Rainur Swiftblade: "And this is the only entrance correct?"
(22868) Magnetbox (enter): 22:08
(22847) Atross: "So, like saying 'it was sunny yesterday'? That would be confusing."
(22779) Thom: "As far as we know - yes"
(22839) Miragon: "Then lets get it over with."
(22849) Rainur Swiftblade: "Thom, we hace seen many hidden doors...is it possible that there would be one out here?"
(22866) Selerik (whispering): Greetings. Closed Campaign?
(22867) Overmind (enter): 22:09
(22849) Rainur Swiftblade: have
(22779) Thom: "Well, Charles seemed a little afraid of the whole thing, and Simon seemed, well - less afraid.
(22867) Overmind (exit): 22:10
(22867) Overmind (enter): 22:10
(22867) Overmind (exit): 22:10
(22847) Atross: "Maybe she's undead herself. Simon would have less fear of such things."
(22779) Thom: "The whole Catherine thing that is. neither seemed worried with us..."
(22868) Magnetbox (exit): 22:11
(22779) Thom: "Well Rainur, we would have to go back through that blood to search for more doors..."
(22849) Rainur Swiftblade: "Well that is good information, we will be careful of Catherine, but we must continue on"
whispering to Selerik , closed. 6 players with 1 person joining.
(22847) Atross: "If we don't have a way to avoid this room, and don't know what's going to happen anyway, I can't give any reason to ponder tis now."
(22866) Selerik (whispering): If you're full, I wouldn't want to trouble you. :) Best of luck with your campaign.
(22779) Thom: "Exactly. let's do this. The door is clear of traps on this side, and unlocked already."
(22849) Rainur Swiftblade: "It weighs heavy on me to release evil "
(22839) Miragon: "Fine, shall I knock the door down?"
whispering to Selerik , its been going for a year and a few months. thanks.
** (22856) Morti stands scratching his head as he tries to think it all over. **
(22779) Thom: "Well rainur, we will send it back then. After all, don't you wants to get to Charles? And we don't know that Catherine is evil, but we do know that Charles is."
(22849) Rainur Swiftblade: "Miragon, you may do the honors of leading us into battle, Danae, ready your holy smite, Atross knock your arrows!"
(22866) Selerik (whispering): If you ever need fresh cannonfodder, I'll be around :)
(22866) Selerik (exit): 22:13
(22839) Miragon: "Very well, all ready on my mark?"
(22856) Morti: :to Rainur, proudly: "And me?"
(22779) Thom: "So, we just charging in then?
** (22839) Miragon nods. **
** (22860) Danae nods her head slightly, gripping her holy symbol tightly. **
(22847) Atross: "That seems to be our best option. It's worked before anyway."
** (22779) Thom draws out his rapier and nods. **
(22849) Rainur Swiftblade: "Ready your majouka Morti...we'll need it I fear!"
** (22847) Atross nocks an arrow, ready to fire. **
(22856) Morti: "Um... in that case... are we going right now?"
(22825) DM: (roll init and load minis pls. see the throne. this room is to scale. one square = 5'. resize minis to half size please.)
** (22849) Rainur Swiftblade draws his second sword , an elven short sword **
(22779) Thom: "No time like the present"
** (22839) Miragon moves back from the door then in a few powerful quick steps lunges into the door blade first impaling the door and kicking it with his massive armored foot. **
(22860) Danae: (i dont see a map?)
(22825) DM: (you don't see a map. that's the map above.)
(22860) Danae: (the line drawing?)
(22839) Miragon: Initiative: [1d20+1] -> [19,1] = (20)
(22779) Zane: (( Zoom out ))
(22847) Atross: (Which side are we on?)
** (22856) Morti nods and reaches into his pocket, pulling out two little piece of black cloth. "I assume Miragon and Rainur are taking the lead?" **
(22779) Thom: Initiative: [1d20+9] -> [13,9] = (22)
(22825) DM: (that's the line drawing of the throne. the actual room is too big to show.)
(22856) Morti: (damn my slow typing!)
(22779) Thom: (( do we get the bonus in this case to init? ))
(22825) DM: (behind the throne.)
(22847) Atross: Initiative: [Bad dice format] - [1d20+5+1 blood]
(22825) DM: (as soon as you enter the room, your bonuses will apply)
(22860) Danae: Init:: [1d20+4] -> [10,4] = (14)
(22847) Atross: (I was afraid of that, I'll fix them then)
(22849) Rainur Swiftblade: [1d20+3] -> [7,3] = (10)
(22847) Atross: Initiative: [1d20+5+1] -> [11,5,1] = (17)
(22779) Thom: (( ok, so add them to init then? ))
(22849) Rainur Swiftblade: Disconnecting from server...
(22849) Rainur Swiftblade (exit): 22:16
(22825) DM: (well, if you're not in the room then they don't apply, right?)
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade (enter): 22:17
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (22872) Rainur Swiftblade...
(22779) Thom: (( true, that's what I'm trying to figure out, have we entered, or are we going on init to get into the room, or what? Sorry, I'm just a little confused... ))
(22847) Atross: (I think we plan to enter the room. Maybe. Possibly. Probably.)
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: (sorry got booted out))
(22856) Morti: "Eh?" :seeing the rush forward, he mumbles nervously, repocketing the clothes and resteadying his staff to follow the others.. a bit behind now
(22825) DM: (ok. no one is in the room just yet.)
(22779) Thom: (( k, gottcha then ))
(22779) Thom: (( so, we are charging the doors then, I'm guessing with Miragon leading... ))
(22839) Miragon: (yar)
(22825) DM: (need an init from Mort)
(22856) Morti: init: [1d20+2] -> [17,2] = (19)
** (22779) Thom sticks to the middle of the group, not wanting to be on the front lines, but knowing that he needs to get into the melee. **
(22856) Morti: (sorry.. thought my roll from early was still in effect for some retarded reason.Hehe...)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+2] -> [19,2] = (21), [1d20-1] -> [15,-1] = (14)
(22825) DM: (22, Thom)
(22779) Thom: (( has Miragon busted the dorrs open? ))
(22825) DM: ((yes))
** (22779) Thom runs into the room, trying to get behind the throne he saw earlier. **
** (22779) Thom ducks behind it, trying to hide a little. **
(22825) DM: When Thom enters the room, Simon immediately appears next to him, and tries to brush his face.
(22822) Lared (enter): 22:24
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+8] -> [16,8] = (24)
(22779) Thom: (( that's it, that move would take my entire turn.... ))
(22822) Lared (exit): 22:24
(22825) DM: The priest leers with an evil grin, appearing in a haze of amber sparkling lights next to Thom, and brushes his shoulder (AC 24), chanting all the while.
(22825) DM: (this is a touch attack)
(22860) Danae: (spellcraft?)
(22856) Morti: Spellcraft Skill Check: [1d20+14] -> [5,14] = (19)
(22779) Thom: (( still get + blood value, right? ))
(22860) Danae: Spellcraft [1d20+9+3+2] -> [11,9,3,2] = (25)
(22779) Thom: (( actually, 24 is still too high, hit. ))
(22825) DM: ((yes))
whispering to Danae, a death spell of some sort
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [3d6+11] -> [3,4,1,11] = (19)
(22825) DM: (20, Mirag)
(22878) Noname (enter): 22:27
(22878) Noname (exit): 22:27
(22825) Simon d'Amberville: I was hoping for the fat one, but you'll do nicely... (chuckles evilly)
(22825) DM: (22, Mort instead. sorry)
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: (FINALLY a mini that works LOL)
** (22839) Miragon sprints forward as he begins to make a growling, charging the evil priest with his blade drawn, when he nears him he swings it in a powerful strike. **
(22839) Miragon: (ah nm lol)
** (22856) Morti rushes forward as he notices Simon's attempt getting into clear fire range and whipping something from his belt pouch in a quick motion he speaks off a plethora of arcane babble before letting loose his arm in a slinging fashion, suddenly letting loose a glimmering spear of liquid at simon. Melf's acid arrow: [1d20+4] -> [8,4] = (12) **
(22856) Morti: (hope that's enough to touch)
** (22779) Thom steps back a little in pain from Simon's touch, but does not fall. **
(22825) DM: (miss)
(22856) Morti: (shoot!)
(22825) DM: (20, Mirag)
(22825) TaliesinNYC: 34: The walls of this room are covered with mosaics depicting courtly scenes. The floor is polished marble. Two thrones sit atop a raised dais. At the E end of the room a red velvet carpet runs from the double doors to the thrones. A skeletal figure sits in each throne. The skeletons are dressed in rotting velvet. One skeleton holds a jewled mace. 20 more skeletons stand guard, ten each along the N and S walls. The skeletons wear rusted armor and carry halberds with rusted blades. Another dozen skeletons, wearing decayed court dress, stand in front of the thrones.
(22825) DM: (a description of the chamber, fyi)
(22847) Atross: ((Grisly))
(22825) DM: (the dimensions of the room are 150'x 100' and 60' high ceiling)
(22839) Miragon: Charge, -5 Power Attack, using Headless charge (- to hit goes to my AC for the rnd)
(22779) Thom: (( we came in the west door, right? ))
(22825) DM: (yes)
(22839) Miragon: Attacks: +1 Keen Imperial Greatsword (15-20/x2) [1d20+12+0] -> [10,12,0] = (22)
(22825) DM: (there is a distinct odor of charred burnt flesh in the room, even though nothing is burning)
(22839) Miragon: actually that should be +3
(22839) Miragon: for my bonus number thingy
(22839) Miragon: so 25 to hit
(22860) Danae: (what's your AC? lol)
(22839) Miragon: 17
(22839) Miragon: for this rnd
(22825) DM: In the far NW corner of the room, flying above you, 40' in the air are several Charleses.
(22839) Miragon: (and +2 for charge, gah so 27 total to hit, sorry)
(22839) Miragon: (ac is 15, that 17 was a typo, its in my status window)
(22825) DM: (k. (seriously wounded))
(22839) Miragon: i didnt roll dmg yet :p
(22839) Miragon: was waiting to know if i hit
(22839) Miragon: Damage: Imperial Greatsword [2d8+4+12+10] -> [6,3,4,12,10] = (35)
(22779) Thom: (( gotta love that sword.... ))
(22839) Miragon: (yup)
(22825) DM: As Miragon closes his slash on Simon, Charles shouts, "You should have left well enough alone with me and my sister!"
(22839) Miragon: (done for my rnd)
** (22825) Charles d'Amberville sends forth black and crimson flames from his mouth and eyes that coalesce into a large ball of fire that hurls forth into your midst and explodes. (Reflex) **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [10d6] -> [2,6,3,4,2,3,1,1,6,3] = (31)
(22847) Atross: Reflex: [1d20+7] -> [14,7] = (21)
(22779) Thom: Reflex: [1d20+14] -> [20,14] = (34)
(22860) Danae: (i havent actually come into the door yet...)
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: [1d20+4] -> [11,4] = (15)
(22779) Thom: (( yeah - I'd guess only those of us in there would have too.... ))
(22856) Morti: Reflex save: [1d20+3] -> [10,3] = (13)
(22847) Atross: ((If I were a fireball slinging mage, and I'm not, but if I were I would put the fireball right behind Rainur, to hit out the door
(22856) Morti: (16 with blood?)
(22839) Miragon: (wouldnt we get a cover bonus for the throne against that?)
(22825) DM: (center of the spell is where the X is, 20' radius)
(22839) Miragon: (or was it a burst on top of us?)
(22839) Miragon: (ah ok)
(22825) DM: (it was a burst in your midst)
(22839) Miragon: Saves: Reflex: [1d20+3+3] -> [16,3,3] = (22)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d6] -> [6] = (6)
(22847) Atross: ((technically the people who haven't gone are just off screen to the left, if the throne is 40' from the door.))
(22779) Zane: (( yeah, but it goes 5' outside the door.... ))
(22860) Danae: Reflex: [1d20+2] -> [12,2] = (14)
(22847) Atross: ((well, someone was playing with my mini))
(22825) DM: ((folks, you have to read the logs if you miss a session.))
(22860) Danae: (20)
(22856) Morti: (I did...)
(22860) Danae: (i didn't, sorry)
(22825) DM: (all take 31 damage)
(22825) DM: (17, Atr)
(22825) DM: (except for Thom who takes half.)
** (22856) Morti cries out as the fires scorch him. **
** (22779) Thom nimbly dodges the fireball and even avoids taking any damage. **
** (22847) Atross hustles into the room heading northeast with a pair of arrows nocked to fire on Simon as the smoke clears... **
(22825) DM: ((there are players here who did not.))
(22825) DM: ((except for Thom who takes none.))
(22847) Atross: Greatbow /w Manyshot Chance to Hit: [1d20+8+1+1] -> [6,8,1,1] = (16)
(22779) Thom: (( but I took enough from Simon before that... :( ))
(22825) DM: (miss)
** (22847) Atross does not look cool. **
(22847) Atross: (Done)
(22825) DM: (14, Dan)
** (22860) Danae swipes her hand in charles' direction, a swarm of magic descending on him and trying to devour the power of his own enchantments (target dispel on a 20ft radius centered on charles) **
(22860) Danae: i make a caster level check against 11+his caster level
whispering to Rainur Swiftblade, will save
(22860) Danae: for spells on him starting at the highest level, if i beat the check, the enchantment is gone
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: [1d20+7] -> [15,7] = (22)
(22860) Danae: only once enchantment is broken like that- not enchantment, but magic in general
(22860) Danae: like-- flight, or mirror image
(22839) Miragon: magic items can be surpressed temporarily as well
(22860) Danae: not with area dispel
(22839) Miragon: and wouldnt an area of effect hit us? might want to make a targeted
(22860) Danae: in charles?
(22860) Danae: on
** (22872) Rainur Swiftblade found the F12 macro key **
(22839) Miragon: ah thought you said simon
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: (he is 40 ft in the air)
(22860) Danae: i have a 160 ft. range
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: (sounds good)
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: (I'd like to see his ass fhit the ground)
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: hit
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: (LOL)
** (22872) Rainur Swiftblade yells "No you will not have me evil one..." **
(22860) Danae: okay, this is just for the highest level, if it fails, i go down the list until I succeed, basically
(22860) Danae: [1d20+6] -> [11,6] = (17)
(22860) Danae: [1d20+6] -> [6,6] = (12)
(22860) Danae: shite
(22860) Danae: [1d20+6] -> [6,6] = (12)
(22860) Danae: gah
(22860) Danae: [1d20+6] -> [6,6] = (12)
(22860) Danae: 6, 6, 6! im dead!
(22860) Danae: [1d20+6] -> [13,6] = (19)
(22779) Thom: (( wow - three in a row.... ))
(22860) Danae: [1d20+6] -> [14,6] = (20)
(22860) Danae: (this guy is buffed all to hell)
(22779) Zane: (( noticed that.... ))
(22856) Morti: (succeed or... miss em all... *grimaces with worry*)
(22825) DM: (10, Rainur)
** (22860) Danae hides outside the door with her move action. (ill be back next round, hehe) **
** (22872) Rainur Swiftblade unleashes a savage attack on simon **
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: [1d20+11] -> [11,11] = (22)
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: [1d20+13] -> [19,13] = (32)
(22825) DM: (32 hits)
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: (possible crit with the eld sword)
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: [1d20+13] -> [9,13] = (22)
(22825) DM: (and is a threat. roll for crit.)
(22825) DM: (normal)
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: 22 for crit\
(22825) DM: (not a crit)
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: [1d6+7] -> [5,7] = (12)
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: (12pts)
(22825) DM: (critical)
(22825) DM: (22, Thom)
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "Finish him off thom!"
** (22779) Thom ignights his blade on fire and lashes at the liar. **
(22779) Thom: Flaming Rapier Attack (+blood #): [1d20+15] -> [8,15] = (23) ==> DAMAGE [1d6+8] -> [6,8] = (14) normal and [1d6] -> [6] = (6) fire damage
(22856) Morti: (charles still up on the wall with his clones?)
(22825) DM: (23 misses.)
(22825) DM: (yes)
(22825) DM: (22, Mort)
(22856) Morti: (just making sure)
(22779) Thom: (( of course, no one went to the opposite side so I could get flanking.... ))
(22779) Thom: (( Zane grabs a new d20 die. ))
** (22856) Morti shivers from the pain of his burns, but bites his scorched lip and moves forward with determion. Pulling a bit of webbing from his pouch he points up toward charles and speaks off a hissing chant. Suddenly, a phantasmal spider springs into being and jumps off the great distance to the hovering mage , exploding before him in a mess of sticky webbing (web dc 14) **
(22825) DM: (hm)
(22856) Morti: (no?)
(22825) DM: There is an area that's clear of Charles (although some of his images are within the affected area) that's not affected by the webbing.
(22856) Morti: (eh? how spaced are they?)
(22847) Atross: (Like a chorus line)
(22779) Thom: (( huh? Anyone else get confused by that description??? ))
(22825) DM: (charles1, charles5 and charles2 are in the area affected by the webbing. morti, indicate where the webbing is in relation to the party.)
(22856) Morti: ( *shrug* I just figured since they all packed int hat corner it was in range if I hit the middle
(22839) Miragon: my action correct?
(22856) Morti: (was aiming for the x)
(22825) DM: (20, Mirag)
(22825) DM: (outside of that zone (the circle) is affected by the webbing)
(22856) Morti: (20' radius is bigger than that circle..)
** (22839) Miragon takes a quick step to flank Simon with Thom and begins to swing madly at the priest (Using Rage, 5 step, full attack on simon) **
(22856) Morti: Spot Skill Check: [1d20-1] -> [4,-1] = (3)
(22825) DM: (what can I say, I'm a poor artist)
(22825) DM: (it's supposed to be 20')
(22839) Miragon: Attacks: +1 Keen Imperial Greatsword (15-20/x2) [1d20+12+7] -> [7,12,7] = (26)
(22825) DM: (strike)
(22839) Miragon: Attacks: +1 Keen Imperial Greatsword (15-20/x2) [1d20+7+7] -> [2,7,7] = (16)
(22856) Morti: (20 foot radius... as in from the center. not 20' diameter)
(22839) Miragon: Damage: Imperial Greatsword [2d8+4+12+3] -> [5,8,4,12,3] = (32)
(22825) DM: (er 10' radius. sorry. each square = 5')
(22856) Morti: (eh? my phb says 20 ft..)
(22839) Miragon: add +3 dmg to that for 35
(22839) Miragon: raging
(22825) DM: (this is 3.5 rules, remember?)
(22856) Morti: (yeah.. that's the book)
(22856) Morti: (says so on the binding ^_^)
(22890) Larik (enter): 23:11
(22890) Larik (exit): 23:11
(22847) Atross: ((I think what DM means is that there is an area of charles' in the middle of the webbed area that are not in webs, there are no webs in that little circle at all))
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: (but it would make it at least hard to see)
(22847) Atross: ((As per the rules in web, yes. but some aren't stuck.))
(22825) DM: (time out here)
(22825) TaliesinNYC: to be clear
(22856) Morti: (uh.. okay... just kinda confused. thought they were up in the top of a corner wwhere I could get walls and cieling supprt. eh?)
(22825) TaliesinNYC: SOME of Charles' images are outside the circle
(22825) TaliesinNYC: please listen
(22825) TaliesinNYC: SOME of Charles' images are outside the circle
(22839) Miragon: (yeah you just dont know if you got the real one morti)
(22825) TaliesinNYC: You centered the web where? at the X?
(22856) Morti: (yup)
(22856) Morti: (can I draw where I thjough the 20' radius would be?)
(22856) Morti: (er.. thought even...)
(22825) TaliesinNYC: (checking with Atross, sec, ok?)
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: brb
(22856) Morti: (hai hai)
(22856) Morti: (sorry to hold things up, just hate being confused)
(22825) TaliesinNYC: ok, please indicate on the map WHERE the web is anchored
(22825) TaliesinNYC: if its a wall, indicate WHICH wall please.
(22860) Danae: (don't worry morti, remember the saying, "If your DM ain't cryin', the wizard ain't tryin'")
(22856) Morti: (my drawing sucks but.. basically... that's 20' radius.. right?)
(22856) Morti: (hey.. where'd it go?)
(22856) Morti: (er.. if you can see that ignore that last diagonal..,,)
(22825) TaliesinNYC: stuff: Web creates a many-layered mass of strong, sticky strands. These strands trap those caught in them. The strands are similar to spider webs but far larger and tougher. These masses must be anchored to two or more solid and diametrically opposed points or else the web collapses upon itself and disappears. Creatures caught within a web become entangled among the gluey fibers. Attacking a creature in a web wont cause you to become entangled.
(22825) TaliesinNYC: Where is the web anchored?
(22856) Morti: (well you said him and his images where up in the corner, so I though I could get ceiling and wall anchoring, both walls that is. depends now where they are)
(22825) DM: I said, each square is 5' and the room is to scale.
(22856) Morti: (right.. so 20' from the x)
(22825) TaliesinNYC: Unless you indicate where the web is anchored, then I don't know anything.
(22856) Morti: (blasts out from the x, it should anchor to the walls and cieling)
(22825) TaliesinNYC: ok. let me check with Atross then, ok?
(22856) Morti: (not sure what you're asking.. sorry)
(22894) Nightcat (enter): 23:22
(22779) Thom: (( Zane sits back, relaxing. ))
(22825) TaliesinNYC: all right
(22856) Morti: 0.o
(22825) TaliesinNYC: so no one is confused, within the small circle, there is no webbing
(22825) TaliesinNYC: Charles1, Charles5 and Charles2 are in the webbing
(22856) Morti: (oh.... that's what the circle is...)
(22894) Nightcat (exit): 23:23
** (22847) Atross looks around for the lightbulb appearing over someone's head **
(22825) TaliesinNYC: I thought my initial description was clear but let me make it even MORE clear.
(22856) Morti: (I got it now)
(22825) TaliesinNYC: whisper me if you're still confused
(22825) DM: (resuming combat)
(22825) DM: Simon drops, dead.
(22825) DM: (17, Atr)
(22856) Morti: A sparking flint and steel light a tinder over Morti's head (best his mind can do...)
** (22839) Miragon looms over the corpse of the priest and turns his attention to Charles as his heaving breathing can be heard rattling under his helm. **
** (22847) Atross looks over at the mass of webs with charles in them **
** (22825) Charles d'Amberville glares from within the webbing. **
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "All right, lets surround him"
(22779) Thom: (( Sorry to go back to this, but does the webbing reach down to the ground? ))
** (22847) Atross tries to hit random web free charles's with arrows **
(22856) Morti: (shouldn't it, the center's at least 30' up I figure)
(22847) Atross: ((It should be at least 20ft from the ground at it's lowest
(22779) Thom: (( k - thanks ))
(22825) Charles d'Amberville: ((no, since as stated before the room has a 60' high ceiling and he is flying 40' above you.))
(22825) DM: ((er what he said))
(22847) Atross: (As charles is 40 ft up. Math strikes you for 20 feet of damage)
(22779) Thom: (( got it. Moving on.... ))
(22856) Morti: (feel the wrath of my Geometry!!)
(22847) Atross: (scooting a bit closer after I fire too)
(22847) Atross: Greatbow Attack 1 Chance to Hit: [1d20+12+1] -> [6,12,1] = (19)
(22847) Atross: Greatbow Attack 1 Chance to Hit: [1d20+12+1] -> [1,12,1] = (14)
(22847) Atross: Greatbow Attack 2 Chance to Hit: [1d20+7+1] -> [8,7,1] = (16)
(22856) Morti: (can we actually see the unaffected charles')
(22847) Atross: (That wouldn't hit a lame squirrel in webs like that)
(22856) Morti: (?)
(22825) DM: Two images disappear.
(22856) Morti: Spellcraft Skill Check: [1d20+14] -> [16,14] = (30)
(22825) Atross: Ah ha. (looks around dazedly)
** (22825) Atross stumbles around as if unused to walking, glancing up at Rainur and narrowing his eyes. **
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "Morti, we need some majouka from you!"
(22825) Atross: (14, Dan)
(22825) DM: (you can barely see him)
(22856) Morti: "Eh?" :looks up as he holds his badly burned body. "Whatta ya expect me to do to that?"
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "Atross is possessed by what tried to take me...grab his weapons Thom!"
** (22860) Danae uses some healing energy on herself.. [2d8+6] -> [5,1,6] = (12) **
(22825) DM: (10, Rain)
(22860) Danae: (done)
(22779) Thom: "He's what?"
(22779) Thom: (( since I can't act yet - had to say something.... ))
(22856) Morti: "I don't know anything about possessions either... Ya need an exorcist."
** (22872) Rainur Swiftblade grabs Atross and strarts to drag him out of the room **
(22825) DM: (roll to hit then)
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "Danae, I will need your help"
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: [1d20+7] -> [5,7] = (12)
(22825) DM: (miss)
(22825) DM: (22, Thom)
(22779) Thom: "What are you doing?" Thom asks Rainur as he drops his rapier, and draws his crossbow, taking a shot at #2
(22779) Thom: Crossbow Attack: [1d20+15] -> [5,15] = (20) ==> DAMAGE [1d8+5] -> [6,5] = (11)
** (22839) Miragon looks to Rainur. "Go for charles, I'll restrain Atross!" **
** (22856) Morti watches Rainur's antics through glazed and confused eyes **
(22825) DM: An image disappears.
(22825) DM: (22, Mort)
** (22779) Thom reloads his crossbow. **
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "Aye will do"
(22856) Morti: (delay)
(22779) Thom: (( I thought Moragon went after me.... ))
(22825) DM: (20, Mirag)
** (22839) Miragon reaches for Atross in a bearhug as he drops his sword. "Dont let anything happen to her Rainur." **
(22839) Miragon: Touch Attack [1d20+15] -> [9,15] = (24)
(22825) DM: (got him)
(22860) Danae: (to who?)
(22779) Thom: (( I guess the sword ))
(22839) Miragon: grapple check
(22839) Miragon: baba + str
(22860) Danae: (ah)
(22839) Miragon: grapple check [1d20+15] -> [8,15] = (23)
(22839) Miragon: he has to roll an opposed roll
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "It comes from that throne!"
(22779) Thom: "What is???"
** (22825) Atross tries to break free... **
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "A maelevolant spirit that at first tried to dominate me"
(22847) Atross: ((Only info I can tell you is that my strength mod is +3, don't know the BAB in this case))
(22779) Zane: "Catherine...."
** (22839) Miragon wraps his arms around Atross and holds him with a tough squeeze . "No offense pal" **
(22779) Thom: (( guessing of course... ))
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "Aye... perhaps"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+5] -> [11,5] = (16)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+8] -> [6,8] = (14)
** (22825) Atross is pinned, and murmurs softly, glaring at Miragon all the while. **
(22825) Atross: Me permettre d'aller, vous l'idiot ! !
(22856) Morti: :to Rainur: "What do ya mean dominated?"
(22839) Miragon: "Chipe down you!"
(22825) Atross: (17, Atr)
(22856) Morti: "Eh?"
(22901) Duo (enter): 23:49
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "Yes it must be her"
** (22825) Atross shouts "Relâchement!" at Miragon **
(22901) Duo (exit): 23:50
(22779) Thom: "Pierre!!"
(22825) DM: Pierre is nowhere to be found.
(22779) Thom: (( oh well - it was worth a shot.... ))
(22825) DM: Suddenly, Miragon's jaw falls slack, as he releases Atross.
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "Ok, we have a big problem here"
(22825) DM: (14, Dan)
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "I hope she hates him more than she hates us right now"
(22860) Danae: (hm)
(22779) Thom: "She doesn't... not by the tone she was using..."
** (22872) Rainur Swiftblade points at Charles **
(22860) Danae: (ill try a turn endead)
(22860) Danae: (undead..)
** (22825) Atross glances at Charles and smiles, laughing harshly. **
(22825) Atross: Mon mari ne peut pas être ici, mais vous ferez le plus sûrement pour ma vengeance, Charles.
** (22860) Danae raises her holy symbil high, the shadowy divine presence descending and seeking out the tie of negative energy. **
(22860) Danae: Most Powerful Turned: [1d20+2+2] -> [6,2,2] = (10)
** (22825) Charles d'Amberville peers at Atross, and grows pale. **
(22860) Danae: (at most 7 HD affected)
(22860) Danae: Turning Damage: [2d6+7+2] -> [6,3,7,2] = (18)
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "Ok, looks like there is going to be another family squabble...we should give them a wide berth"
(22860) Danae: (18 total HD)
(22825) DM: Atross seems to be unaffected by this.
** (22872) Rainur Swiftblade goes to Miragon and checks him **
(22825) DM: (10, Rain)
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: hold action
(22856) Morti: "Eh?" :looking back and forth between Atross, Charles and now Rainur.: "I don't get it."
(22825) DM: (22, Thom)
(22860) Danae: (i dont guess all those creepy corpses about the throne?)
(22860) Danae: (are affected)
(22860) Danae: (if they .. nevermind)
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "Morti, what happens when two high level mages are about to duel?"
(22825) DM: (they're not moving, just fused into place)
** (22779) Thom picks up and sheathes his sword, keeping his crossbow in hand and he moves around the far side of the throne, trying to see what, if anything, is in the thronw. **
(22856) Morti: "Don't know... Never saw it."
(22860) Danae: (ok)
(22839) Miragon: (high level? :p)
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "Don't you see, they hate each other"
(22825) DM: (22, Morti)
(22839) Miragon: (just sounded weird a character say high lvl in game lol)
(22856) Morti: :turns a strange eye to Atross: "You have a husband?"
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "Morti stay away from him" ::as he treats Miragon
** (22856) Morti pulls his crossbow to ready, watching the webs for movement from charles (ready to fire) **
(22825) Atross: Oui, jusqu' à ce saut de papier bâtard de Etienne nous pendant notre jour des noces. Et il paiera après je tue cet indiscret. (chants)
(22856) Morti: Spellcraft Skill Check: [1d20+14] -> [13,14] = (27)
(22856) Morti: "Eh...?" :stares at Atross: "Since when can you...."
(22825) DM: (20, Miragon)
(22860) Danae: Spellcraft [1d20+9+3+2] -> [18,9,3,2] = (32)
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "Are you allright Miragon? "
(22860) Danae: "He is possessed by the spirit of Catherine, Morti.."
(22825) Charles d'Amberville: If you help me kill my sister, I promise to aid you!
(22856) Morti: :takes a second to piece it together: "Oooooooooooohhh... IS that bad for us?"
(22839) Miragon: "Wha....what....huh....?"
(22779) Thom: ::looks at Charles:: "Forget it."
(22860) Danae: "She is in the body of one of our friends!"
** (22839) Miragon shakes his head and gather himself noticing the hovering charles overhead. **
(22839) Miragon: "I'll kill this one!" *points to Charles*
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "Danae, we must vanquish this spirit from Atross"
(22860) Danae: "Charles is one that can weild the blade..."
** (22839) Miragon reaches and throws 2 javelins from his quiver at the mirrored images of charles. [1d20+8] -> [6,8] = (14) **
** (22825) Charles d'Amberville grows even more pale, the words of a spell on his lips, as he chants nervously, voice-breaking. **
(22856) Morti: :to Atross: "Uh... why'd you possess Atross?"
(22839) Miragon: [1d20+3] -> [19,3] = (22)
(22779) Thom: "Charles is the one that planted a trap for us...."
(22825) DM: (miss)
(22825) DM: (and hit.)
** (22860) Danae cries, "I don't care I just want to get out of here!!" **
(22825) DM: (an image disappears)
(22839) Miragon: Damage: Javelin [1d6+6+4] -> [4,6,4] = (14)
(22839) Miragon: ok
(22839) Miragon: done
(22825) DM: (17, Atr)
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "/me now takes his held action
(22856) Morti: Spellcraft Skill Check: [1d20+14] -> [17,14] = (31)
(22825) DM: Atross spreads his hands, as five crimson flying serpent-like bolts of light stream out of his fingertips, and sink their fangs into Charles' flesh.
(22825) DM: One image dissappears and the other four bolts penetrate Charles' cocoon before dissipating.
** (22872) Rainur Swiftblade to atross **
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "SLEEP!"
(22779) Thom: (( cocoon??? ))
(22825) Atross: Ah ! Un globe d'invulnérabilité. Bien, nous verrons de cela, mon animal favori.
** (22872) Rainur Swiftblade touches atross' shoulder **
(22779) Thom: (( oh - cocoon = web spell.... ))
(22825) Atross: Que? Vous osez!?
(22856) Morti: :to atross: "I coulda told ya that."
** (22825) Atross falls to the ground, asleep. **
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "Charles younhave little time to plead your case...make it quick!"
(22779) Thom: "Rainur, what are you doing?"
(22856) Morti: :cocks his head at Atross' fall: "It wasn't that shocking."
(22825) DM: (no, the clear area inside the web)
(22825) Charles d'Amberville: Release me and I swear to aid you return your friend to his rightful senses.
(22779) Thom: (( so, now Rainur wants to talk to the same man that he hurled axes at without even thinking earlier.... ))
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: ((she is MUCH more evil))
** (22856) Morti moves over to check Atross, shaking his shoulder to try and wake him **
** (22839) Miragon stands silent unsure as who to ally with. **
** (22825) Atross sleeps soundly **
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "I take your word as a noble...free him morti"
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "Quckly before she comes to"
(22839) Miragon: "I say you die now Charles d'Amberville."
** (22856) Morti looks up to rainur in surprise. "You're sure?" **
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "Yes I am sure"
(22839) Miragon: "What?!"
(22779) Thom: "WHAT?!? You trust him to not kill us afterwards Rainur??"
(22860) Danae: "Don't Miragon, we need someone to help us defeat the guardian- this is our chance.."
(22839) Miragon: "You're going to trust this worm?"
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "I do not want a beign around that posesses others..."
(22825) Charles d'Amberville: (14, Dan)
(22839) Miragon: "She may just be the ally we need for your so called guardian."
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "I do not trust him, but at least he is technically alive and not undead"
(22860) Danae: "No, she is an evil spirit you loaf!"
(22839) Miragon: "I dont trust either of them."
(22860) Danae: "Nor do we, but the truth is- we need help."
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "Miragon, there is no good in her ... I sense it as a priest of the War Father...that is my judgement"
** (22856) Morti rubs the scorched cloth atop his head. "Well... if Rainur says so..." But he dismisses his spells first." **
(22839) Miragon: "Fine, I dont care about the wench. I just say dont ally with this scourge, he is a deceiver."
(22839) Miragon: "He will try to kill us all."
(22825) DM: (10, Rain)
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "As are most in this place"
(22825) DM: ((guys, combat has not stopped. so if you're not going to do anything, then I'm skipping you.))
(22860) Danae: (i didnt even see my thing, sorry)
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "You are free charles, do what you must and do not make us regret our choice"
(22860) Danae: (just skip me
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: The group releases charles from the web
(22856) Morti: (as free as he can be hovering in a globe of invulnerabilty trapped in a web spell..)
(22825) Charles d'Amberville: Very well. She must be forced to enter her prison and NOT slain, or your friend's life is forfeit.
(22856) Morti: "I'm not dropping my spell til he drops all of his."
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "Dammit morti DO IT!"
(22856) Morti: "Tie Atross up. How long could the spell last?"
(22825) Charles d'Amberville: You will have to render her unable to speak. My sister was a mage of great power.
(22839) Miragon: "I have a knife"
** (22839) Miragon smiles jokingly. **
(22856) Morti: :turns shocked to Miragon:
** (22872) Rainur Swiftblade asks Danae for a spell of silence **
** (22860) Danae shakes her head **
(22856) Morti: "Haven;t ya ever heard of a gag?"
(22825) DM: (22, Thom)
(22839) Miragon: "It was a joke you runt."
** (22779) Thom looks over the throne, espicallt aqt one gem in particular. **
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: We do not have such a majik prepared Charles
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+9] -> [4,9] = (13)
(22779) Thom: (( *espically at ))
(22825) DM: (22, Morti)
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "What if her prison is destroyed, will that work?
(22825) Charles d'Amberville: If her prison is destroyed, then she and your friend both die.
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "We must drive her out then destroy her prison
(22825) Charles d'Amberville: There is but one person who can reverse this state of affairs but I shall not disclose this person's identity until all of you swear to withhold harm from me.
** (22856) Morti move to Atross, pulling the half burned scarf from his head to reveal his deforemed face and uses it to bind Atross' hands and shoves a glove in his mouth for a temporary gag as he looks for something better **
(22856) Morti: :to charles as he ties: "Never said we'd harm you. Just want you to lower your spells since we don't trust you."
(22860) Danae: "Swear the same to us, and I think that can be done..."
(22825) Charles d'Amberville: I shall, if all of you shall.
** (22839) Miragon stands on looking weary as he picks up his dropped sword from earlier. **
(22825) DM: (17, Atr)
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "Agreed at least from me"
(22839) Miragon: "Fine, I do wizard."
** (22839) Miragon grumbles. **
** (22825) Atross wakes and struggles violently. **
** (22856) Morti picks out a length of string from his belt pouch and uses it to tie the glove in place. "Yeah yeah. I swear." **
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "Quickly, we have little time...my spell will soon be lifted"
** (22860) Danae nods, "Ill swear." **
(22825) Charles d'Amberville: So then shall I swear by the First Circle.
** (22779) Zane keeps looking at the throne, moving a hand around some. he glances up at Atross, then back at the throne. **
** (22825) Charles d'Amberville flies down to the ground, some distance from you. **
** (22825) Atross tries to break free of his bonds. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+5] -> [10,5] = (15)
** (22856) Morti snaps his fingers and the webs suddenly suction back to the core of the spell, reforming the phantom spider which poofs from existance **
(22779) Thom: (( who? which? ))
(22856) Morti: "Someone got something stronger to tie with?"
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "Yes Charles, I sense that she is ...dangerous...
** (22825) Atross fails, shaking his neck this way and that as if to try to spit the gag out from his mouth, glaring at you. **
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "It seems like the women in your clan generally are"
** (22825) Charles d'Amberville peers at Atross sadly. **
(22825) DM: It's the first glimmer of emotion you've seen in his eyes since meeting him.
** (22856) Morti offers an instinctive bow and apology to Atross: "Sorry." **
(22825) Charles d'Amberville: And quite insane as well.
(22825) Charles d'Amberville: As for that person, you must take her to Claude, my brother.
(22779) Thom: "Says the man that just tried to kill us."
(22825) Charles d'Amberville: Only Claude can restore Catherine to her prison and return your friend to his senses.
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "That is what happens when your majouka is of the unliving"
(22839) Miragon: "Perfect"
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "And where is Claude?"
(22825) Charles d'Amberville: Somewhere here. I do not know. None of us speak to him, for he has chosen to live apart from us. Hence, we refer to him as the prodigal.
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "Can you blame him?"
(22779) Zane: "So that's wht Simon had not spoken to him then, huh?"
(22779) Zane: (( *why ))
** (22779) Zane glares at Charles as they all speak. **
(22839) Miragon: "Whats the deal with that jeweled mace over there?"
** (22825) Charles d'Amberville nods. Many centuries ago, my brothers came to a disagreement that almost led to blows. No d'Amberville had raised hands against each other since we were imprisoned. In order to prevent a bloodbath from occurring, Claude took it upon himself to depart from our sight and live elsewhere in the chateau. I do not know where however. **
(22825) Charles d'Amberville: He is most unlike us. *shudders*
** (22860) Danae still wonders what happened to morti anyways, but she seems rather disinterested in his looks.. **
** (22856) Morti quirks his ugly head. "Ya mean he's sane?" **
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "How so Charles...are we going to face more perils from Claude?
(22825) Charles d'Amberville: In a manner of speaking, perhaps. Or perhaps he sees more than we do. No matter. I have helped you and now I shall leave you.
(22825) Charles d'Amberville: Do you trust me? If you do not, then how will you trust my brother?
(22779) Thom: "One moment Charles."
(22856) Morti: "Leave? Oooohh.. no... you gotta help us get passed the guardian."
** (22825) Charles d'Amberville smirks at Morti. "I swore to do nothing of that sort." **
(22839) Miragon: "Then what if we just kill you now?"
(22856) Morti: "And there's no way you're leaving our sight after trying to kill us so you can set up some other little trap."
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "No, he has kept to his word Morti"
(22839) Miragon: "There's something he's hiding..."
** (22825) Charles d'Amberville shrugs. "Suit yourself." **
(22779) Thom: "You commented to Simon that you wanted to be released, but yet you laughed in our faces when we said we were trying to free you all."
** (22856) Morti keeps his crossbow hefty ready to fire at the first sign of casting **
(22856) Morti: (er... hefted even)
(22825) Charles d'Amberville: No one has freed us since our imprisonment by Etienne. None. What makes you think I should believe you?
(22779) Thom: "First time for everything."
(22856) Morti: :sighs and answers sincerely: "Yeah... who else are you going to believe in here?"
** (22872) Rainur Swiftblade glares at him with his imposing figure "We have come this far....why do you doubt us now?" **
(22825) Charles d'Amberville: Oh? Like you (indicates Rainur) who attacked me for no reason? A first time for anything indeed.
** (22825) Charles d'Amberville ignores Rainur. **
** (22860) Danae sighs, rubbing her eyes, "Let's get out of here." **
(22856) Morti: :cocks his head: "Whose the one shooting off fireballs out of nowhere?"
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "You were evil and I am sworn to destroy it...this place is more complicated than I am accustomed to"
(22825) Charles d'Amberville: I swore to aid you and I have kept my bargain. Now either let me go or let us fight and be done with this.
** (22779) Zane snaps his croosbow to be aimed at Charles. "Don't tempt me..." **
(22779) Thom: (( *crossbow ))
(22839) Miragon: "Thats fine with me. You're not such a threat now."
** (22825) Charles d'Amberville seethes, saying nothing. **
(22825) Charles d'Amberville: Don't tempt me. (smirks)
** (22779) Zane holds his fire, but keeps his crossbow trained on Charles. **
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "Let him go"
(22856) Morti: "Once more.... we don't want to fight you. We just don't trust you. Please understand. We came here to help you and yours and all we've gotten is attacked by you for it."
** (22860) Danae moves over to morti, putting a womanly(lol) hand on his shoulder [2d8+6] -> [5,5,6] = (16) **
(22839) Miragon: "I would back down if I were you wizard."
** (22839) Miragon draws his sword. **
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "We have to go find Claude who may actually be the sanest of the bunch here"
(22860) Danae: "Stop Miragon...just stop"
** (22825) Charles d'Amberville seems a bit more subdued after seeing Miragon. **
** (22856) Morti 's stern expression melts into a relaxed grin as the womanly touch washes over him in a healing wave... "Aaaaaahhh... better..." **
(22779) Thom: "Go, now Charles. And leave us alone if you are sincere."
(22839) Miragon: "Indeed"
(22825) Charles d'Amberville: Oh, I shall leave you alone. (smirks) I shall be the least of your worries.
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "Well at least we have a little more information"
** (22825) Charles d'Amberville leaves the room. **
** (22856) Morti calls after the retreating Charles. "Please keep your word. We really are here to help your family. Even if you don't believe in us. PLease let us try." **
** (22779) Thom finally lowers his crossbow, a couple moments after Charles leaving, reattaching it to his belt. **
(22825) Charles d'Amberville: If you are here to help (turns around and glances at Morti once he is in the garden), then why did you release my sister?
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "Allright men, and ladies we should be off"
(22839) Miragon: "Hmpf, lets go then."
(22839) Miragon: (wasnt there some gear or simon?)
(22839) Miragon: on even
** (22860) Danae moves to miragon, touching his shoulder [1d8+6] -> [3,6] = (9) **
** (22779) Thom ignores charles' comment **
(22860) Danae: (you guys are marking these, yes?)
(22856) Morti: :shrug: "She was trapped. How were we to know one evil from the next in this place? You should've hung a sign or something." Offers in achildish manner
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "As your family has its ways we have ours, but we will do our best to bring this curse to an end"
** (22825) Charles d'Amberville leaves the room, and disappears into the indoor garden. **
** (22779) Thom moves over to the statue holding the mace - lookig it over. **
** (22860) Danae continues on her circuit, to Thom, administering the same touch, [1d8+6] -> [3,6] = (9) **
** (22856) Morti settles down to a seat on the floor, letting his x-bow lower. Breathing heavy as he still feels the effects of the burns. **
** (22779) Thom mutters a thanks while he concentrates on the mace and skeleton. **
** (22839) Miragon nods and tells Danae thanks. **
** (22825) Drenla's spirit appears in the middle of the chamber, his pale ice blue eyes taking in the majesty of the room. **
** (22860) Danae raises a brow, "Him again.." **
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "As they say here Bon Jour Mon Ami" to Drenla
(22825) DM: (you're in room 34)
** (22825) Drenla's spirit nods respectfully at Rainur and nods at Morti. **
** (22839) Miragon sighs and draws out his jug filled with spirits, taking a drink. **
** (22856) Morti raises his head to his master's image. A grin weakly forming at the sight. "Good day Magus Drenla, sir." **
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "This is a crazy place...I hope I made the correct decision"
** (22860) Danae will touch Zane again, not pleased with his condition yet. **
** (22825) Drenla's spirit comes over to Morti and stands silently next to him. **
(22860) Danae: [1d8+6] -> [7,6] = (13)
(22860) Danae: (there you go zane, 21 total)
** (22779) Thom mutters another Thanks. **
** (22872) Rainur Swiftblade shakes his head "What have we gotten ourselves into" **
** (22856) Morti breathes out a tired breath lowering his gaze, feeling a lecture coming on, and waiting obediantly. **
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: he is 31 down...but don't worry
(22825) Drenla's spirit: I am proud of you...magus.
(22825) DM: The words come with great difficulty and yet they are clear.
(22856) Morti: "Eh?" :lifts a confused eye upward:
** (22860) Danae watches the interaction with interest **
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "Miragon...watch and learn"
** (22825) Drenla's spirit lays his spectral hand on Morti's shoulder gently, reassuringly. **
(22856) Morti: :not wanting to jinx possible praise, he changes the subject: "Can I ask a question, Sir?"
** (22872) Rainur Swiftblade raises his hands in the air **
** (22839) Miragon looks on confused as he smokes his pipe. **
(22839) Miragon: "Man oh man..."
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "Hayona ho yana hey yana ho!"
(22825) Drenla's spirit: Certes, Morti.
** (22779) Thom looks up a little to see the newest 'addition' to the party, but he pays only slight attention to what is occuring. **
** (22839) Miragon walks over to Thom. "Seems like you could use a drink" **
(22856) Morti: :zealously: "I was wondering how you keep appearing? Are you like ghost haunting us? Or have you risen to a higher plain of being? Are you remotely projecting from somewhere else? Or... I'm not hallucinating you am I?"
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: ::a amber light glows around Rainur's body as he completes several chants at first you see the image of an eagle circle over rainur's head with his second chant you hear a rumbling
(22779) Zane: "Thanks, but not right now. I'm thinking about this..."
(22856) Morti: "I get enough strange stares without talking to myself."
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: ::of a stampede of horses and then see an image of a stallion circle around his body
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: [1d8+3] -> [7,3] = (10)
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: [1d8+3] -> [3,3] = (6)
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: [1d8+3] -> [1,3] = (4)
(22825) DM: You see a tall, thin, almost willowy human man, with a shock of gray hair and dressed in pale blue robes with a white sash around his waist. His pale ice blue eyes sparkle with humor, and an area of skin around his neck seems blistered and raw as if something enclosed the skin for a great deal of time. Of course, his appearance is startling for he is translucent and insubstantial.
** (22872) Rainur Swiftblade continues to chant **
** (22779) Thom has seen way to many strange thins in this place.... **
(22779) Zane: (( things ))
(22825) Drenla's spirit: No, Morti...you are not hallucinating us. I am...for lack of a better word...bound to you and to Rainur. Rhian's ceremony spell enabled me to begin a spiritual journey that has redeemed my soul for becoming enslaved to the Dark One, Shai'tan. I am now ready to return to you...but there is something I must do first.
(22825) Drenla's spirit: ...and to you, mistress Shaper. (to Danae)
** (22839) Miragon walks over to the Mace where its fused with the skeleton. **
(22839) Miragon: "Wonder how this thing comes out."
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "Thank you War Father for the gifts that you have given to me and for bringing to me this fellow warrior, may our swords strike true, may we always know good from evil and may we always have the power to be free of its grasp"
** (22860) Danae raises her brows. **
(22779) Zane: (( you are already there Miragon - that's where I am when you came to talk to me. ))
(22856) Morti: :leans in to murmur.: "Drop some frieds off in the watering hole... try the bushes outside."
(22839) Miragon: "It could fetch some gold or be enchanted."
** (22860) Danae looks at morti and rainur as if to say, why me? **
(22856) Morti: (you're the only cute chick here)
(22825) Drenla's spirit: You are a priestess of Lord Shaper and I shall have need of your aid in my trials to come. (bows deeply at Danae)
** (22860) Danae stops leaning on the wall and bows back. "You shall have it." **
** (22872) Rainur Swiftblade looks rejuivinated and again ready for battle **
(22779) Thom: ::to Miragon:: Yeah, I think it might help us... But I'm am not sure with these burns makrs all over here."
(22856) Morti: :excitedly to Drenla: "You'r really coming back to life?!"
(22825) Drenla's spirit: I thank you, mistress Shaper, for your promise.
** (22825) Drenla's spirit smiles at Morti. "Yes, Morti, but not for a while longer. However, it is permitted for me to aid you whilst you are here and whilst you are on Averoigne." **
(22825) Drenla's spirit: I have a feeling that a certain master of windbags will be glad to have me as well. (smiles slightly)
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "Taste the fire water of your people Miragon"
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "I most certainly will master of the ill scented gas"
(22839) Miragon: "There isnt a drink in the land I haven't tasted I'd imagine."
** (22860) Danae nods again, and then turns in a new direction, touching her own temple, channeling the prepared energy into her own wounds. [2d8+6] -> [6,5,6] = (17) (only 1 more second level and 1 more first, still have all domains and only spent 1 third level spell so far) **
** (22856) Morti 's smile widens to the brim and his wounded body seems to recover energy as he stands to bow to his former Master. "We will be glad to have you back Magus." **
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "This is unique to our people"
(22839) Miragon: "Being in the imperial armor lets you see a large scope of the world"
** (22839) Miragon takes a drink from Rainur. **
** (22872) Rainur Swiftblade offers his special brew to Miragon"If you can drink this and smile you are a Swiftblade **
** (22779) Thom notices Miragon chatting with Rainur now, so he looks back to the mace. **
(22825) DM: Wounds close, revealing pink new skin.
** (22839) Miragon smiles and goes "Ahhhhh". **
(22839) Miragon: "I was expecting more." *he winks at Rainur*
** (22839) Miragon then laughs jockingly. **
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "Well then, give it time"
(22839) Miragon: "I'm only good, its good."
(22825) DM: (90 minute warning. stopping at 2:30 so you can chat with the new player.)
(22839) Miragon: only kidding that is
** (22860) Danae saunters over to miragon and rainur, her frame much smaller than the warriors. "May I?" **
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "If you wish" ::chuckles
** (22860) Danae shrugs and takes a swig **
(22856) Morti: :to Drenla: "So Mas.. er.. Magus... What kind of Trials do you have ahead?" :takes a seat by the phantasmal mage as he watches the drinking
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+9] -> [17,9] = (26)
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: After a few minutes both Miragon and Danae start to feel a burning sensation in their gut as therir sinuses start to clear and eyes tear a bit
** (22779) Zane reaches for the mace, trying to see just how fused it is. **
(22825) DM: Danae seems just fine.
** (22860) Danae gulps down the mouthful, and even goes, "Ah!" like a little girl finished with a glass of cool milk **
** (22839) Miragon walks back over to Thom to examine the mace. **
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "We use this best when we have a cold...good for clearing your nose"
** (22779) Thom turns to Miragon. "You wanna try to bust this skeleton to bits?" **
** (22839) Miragon tugs on the mace. **
** (22856) Morti looks to the bound Atross, apparently in deep thought as he listens for Drenla **
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "Well ladies and gents, let us go find Claude"
(22779) Thom: "It's fuesd in there... We'd have to bust the statue apart."
(22860) Danae: "Does this make me a Swiftblade?"
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "It might take a bit more than that I'm afraid"
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "He is my blood family you see"
(22860) Danae: "Ah. but you said..."
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "Well, you can be an honorary swiftblade"
(22860) Danae: "I demand to be made an honorary member- to keep your word true." crosses her arms o'er her chest.
(22839) Miragon: "It's solid Thom, aint budgin'"
** (22825) Drenla's spirit looks at Morti. "I must face that which I desire most and master it. I must face the Dark and overcome it, and it will not be easy." **
(22860) Danae: (heh, if we switch the order of what rainur and danae said- we are peachy)
** (22779) Thom takes his mace off of his belt. "Think we could bust the statue apart?" **
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "What are you two doing?"
(22839) Miragon: "Trying to get this weapon"
(22856) Morti: :to Drenla: "What does that mean? Are you gonna take on that pearl thing again?"
(22779) Zane: "This mace might be useful."
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "And why do you need such a weapon?
(22825) Drenla's spirit: Having been a servant of the Dark One if only for a short time, I still feel his pull and so I shall forevermore feel his pull until I master myself.
(22839) Miragon: "Gotta make some coin ofa this place somehow"
** (22860) Danae draws her hands up to high level, blue eyes glowing with a foggy energy. [Bad dice format] - [detect magic.] **
(22779) Thom: "Well, everything else here seems to serve a purpose... So maybe this mace would help us."
(22856) Morti: "Hai hai. Can we help? or is it something you have to do alone?"
** (22872) Rainur Swiftblade shakes his head "If you must...enjoy the spoils" **
(22860) Danae: "I think everything but the weapon is magical..."
** (22779) Thom shrugs at Rainur. **
(22921) Evil Joe (enter): 01:15
(22839) Miragon: "Hmm then what about getting that gem, it could be worth a bit!"
** (22860) Danae seems distracted by the walls and a glowing diamond in the armrest of the chair **
(22779) Zane: "Danae - you can tell what's magical and what's not?
(22921) Evil Joe (exit): 01:15
(22825) Drenla's spirit: As a matter of fact, yes, you can help. I cannot do this without your help. (smiles gently)
(22860) Danae: "I am now.. the mace is not. the throne is, the gem is, the walls are.... "
** (22779) Thom notices Danae noting the diamond. "Yeah, I saw that too. I think it dela with Catherine." **
** (22872) Rainur Swiftblade strolls over to Drenla and Morti "Good to see you again lod friend" **
** (22860) Danae nods at Thom. **
(22779) Zane: "What about this mace?" Thom holds up the silver mace found in the water fountain.
** (22839) Miragon walks back over to the ghost and Morti and sits down to rest. **
(22856) Morti: "That's good. I'm sure will be able to do it. After all, everyone here's real strong, and I 'm sure you'll pass your trial. I believe in you sir." :Smiles up at Drenla then grimaces: "Besides. I don't want to be the one who has to tell your wife we messed up."
(22825) Drenla's spirit: In so doing, it is permitted for me to say that Rainur will fulfill his destiny and you will fulfill yours as well. There are lifethreads amongst your friends that are too new for me to see much in the spirit world and so I cannot comment much about theirs.
(22856) Morti: "Eh? Destiny again, huh?" Sighs once more:
(22839) Miragon: "Spirit" *Miragon addresses Drenla "You were of Imperial blood in life, correct?"
** (22860) Danae nods at the silver mace, "It has a slight dweomer." **
(22923) Jade (enter): 01:19
** (22825) Drenla's spirit regards Miragon. "Ays, barbarian, I have the blood of the Empire in my veins." **
(22923) Jade (exit): 01:19
** (22860) Danae looks interestedly at the spectre at the mention of destinies- wondering exactly what that man has seen. **
(22839) Miragon: "As do I, even if it is not my own blood."
(22839) Miragon: "I spent my life there."
(22825) Drenla's spirit: And so now you know that you are free to make your own life, your own Destiny.
(22839) Miragon: "Of course, it is the one thing my real father taught me as a boy before I was drafted off and away into the Imperial ranks."
(22856) Morti: "My own destiny, huh? Hehe.. that sounds nice."
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "We have no fate but the fate that we make"
(22825) Drenla's spirit: ...or the fate you are given.
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "Ays my friend, ays"
(22860) Danae: "Given? By whom?"
(22839) Miragon: "The future is irrelevant, we only have here and now."
(22825) Drenla's spirit: This is the future, barbarian. The here and the now.
(22856) Morti: :rolls his head, thinking: "Just because your given something doesn't mean you have to keep it... right?"
(22825) Drenla's spirit: It is a mystery, Morti. A mystery of the world. You can keep what you are given, or you can make what you are given.
** (22825) Drenla's spirit smiles slightly. **
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "Here is a my silk rope. Tie Atross up well. It can hold a horse at bay, so it will certainly hold him."
(22839) Miragon: "Do you know any information regarding my legion (squad, whatever)?"
** (22825) Atross glares evilly at Rainur. **
(22860) Danae: (we need a permanent marker, draw on his face)
(22866) Lucky Jack (enter): 01:24
** (22779) Zane gives up with the mace, and looks around the room. He notices the big door, and also the small door off to the side. **
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "Catherine, you will not give us any problems mais non?
(22866) Lucky Jack (exit): 01:24
(22825) Drenla's spirit: I know that a few of them have joined with me, here in the Beyond.
(22856) Morti: (on Atross' forehead: "Evil Bitch present; Do Not TOuch")
(22839) Miragon: "I heard rumors of experimentation on soldiers by some of the wizards, do you know anything of that?"
(22856) Morti: "What's the .. Beyond anyway?"
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "Do not torment Atross too much"
(22839) Miragon: "Dark things happening, odd transformations and breakings of a man's will and mind."
** (22779) Thom moves over to the small door in the southwest corner of the room. **
(22825) Drenla's spirit: Your legion has since been disbanded, at the command of the Overlord of Cyradia, to help buttress his fortress against the march of the army of the dead in dread Mel'Nethra.
(22856) Morti: "/gw hai hai.. god bless the bald. It makes you brother to dome head Morti!
(22856) Morti: (er.... close enough)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+9] -> [2,9] = (11)
(22839) Miragon: "Disbanded? Unbelievable....the empire truly is crumbling."
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "Drenla, I do not like being in this room. do you think we can move on from here?"
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "There is too much death here"
(22825) Drenla's spirit: The Beyond is the mortal term for that region of the ether that separates the mortal realm of Andurin from the celestial realm of Sul.
(22856) Morti: :to Miragon: "Is that good or bad?"
(22856) Morti: "So... you're meeting people as they pas through?"
(22825) Drenla's spirit: It is the place where we are judged by the gods before we are sent on our way into Sul or if we are to return to Andurin.
(22839) Miragon: "Not good for the empire apparently. They're being overwhlemed by the dead."
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "Correction...UNdead"
(22825) Drenla's spirit: Rainur, I will be unable to manifest again until you reach a nexus of power within this place. This room is a nexus of power, as is the dungeon below.
(22856) Morti: "Um.. my condolences..?" :offers to Miragon, though not entirely sure what empire he means: (Morti's not very well travelled)
(22825) Drenla's spirit: Much has gone on in this chamber, and the concentration of magicka in the room is overwhelming.
** (22839) Miragon sits and ponders while having another drink. **
(22860) Danae: "I don't suppose the same is true for Madmoiselle Christine" (did i -even- spell that right)
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "Ays and the evil here is giving me a headache or is it just Chatherine over hiere"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+1] -> [19,1] = (20)
(22825) Drenla's spirit: Just Catherine.
(22856) Morti: "So... have you met anyone interesting in the Beyond?"
** (22872) Rainur Swiftblade passes the plains special brew to Miragon **
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "Ays she is one bad apple"
** (22825) Drenla's spirit laughs. Well, that would depend on how you view inrterest, Morti. **
(22856) Morti: "Ooo... do dragons come there? Probably not often. I'd love to see a full grown dragon"
** (22860) Danae wonders what Morti thinks the sunset drake we met was. **
(22860) Danae: "Didn't.. we..?"
(22856) Morti: "Or maybe someone famous or talented. Any good performers?"
(22856) Morti: (that was a young drake .. sorry keep saying dragon)
(22825) Drenla's spirit: The ghosts of drakes do not pass through the Beyond. They are a part of the realm of Andurin, effectively immortal. When one dies, another is reborn elsewhere.
(22927) Veav (enter): 01:33
(22860) Danae: (well sheesh, not good enough for ya, sheesh i say)
(22856) Morti: "Well.. that sort of makes me feel better." :looking at the skin on his hand. "Oh...what about great chefs? can they come through and cook? or athletes or fighters.."
** (22860) Danae ponders drenla's words, "Hm, that makes mortal soils kinda unique- as far as the intact individualism of each soul.." **
(22928) Zarris (enter): 01:35
(22856) Morti: "Or...." :goes silent and asks seriously: "No one who knows me.... right?"
** (22779) Thom draws out his rapier - igniting the flame on it. He cracks the door open - peaking inside. **
** (22839) Miragon drinks the swiftblade brew. **
(22825) Drenla's spirit: For instance, I had a long conversation with the former Magister, Olorin Lugoves.
(22856) Morti: "Who?"
(22825) Drenla's spirit: That was a bit illuminative.
(22927) Veav (exit): 01:36
(22825) DM: (so what's going on, folks?)
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: Danae, do you know how long you can go before your change becomes permanent?
(22856) Morti: (nuttin, just sitting and talking from me to pass the time)
** (22860) Danae shakes her head, "I know nothing of my condition." **
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: (Rainur would like to see what is behind the double doors)
(22779) Thom: (( pokin' around - as usual.... ))
(22825) DM: (50 minute warning)
** (22860) Danae looks over at thom, "I guess we should get back to work." She nods at Drenla, "Nice to meet you." **
(22856) Morti: :glancing to Rainur and Danae, "Oh yeah..." :to Drenla: "Magus... how much do you know about gender chaning majicks?"
** (22825) Drenla's spirit bows. "A pleasure." **
** (22860) Danae blushes **
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "Ok Thom, can you check this door?"
** (22825) Drenla's spirit chuckles. **
** (22860) Danae is still embarassed by the change, and hasnt really given it any thought for a while **
** (22779) Thom closes the door and walks back toward the other doors, extinguishing his blade and putting it away. **
(22779) Thom: "yeah, coming."
(22825) Drenla's spirit: In my experience, they are usually permanent until such time as a reversal takes place.
(22856) Morti: :suddenly corrects: "Uh for him" :points to Danae: "er... her..uh.. hi.. he.... ":shuts up and points:
** (22779) Zane checks the door for any nasty surprises. (Search for traps ) **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+9] -> [2,9] = (11)
** (22856) Morti nods to Drenla. "I'll leave that to you then when you're whole again, sir." **
** (22779) Zane listens at the door for a moment. **
** (22872) Rainur Swiftblade says to Atross "Catherine, you behave in there and let him walk with us" **
** (22839) Miragon stands up and goes to stand near Thom while he examines the door. **
** (22856) Morti heads back to the entrance to collect his kitten **
** (22779) Zane then pulls out some tools and begins working on the 'lock'. **
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "Hello Moraine, do not be frightened by the evil spirit that is traveling in Atross' body"
(22928) Zarris (exit): 01:44
** (22856) Morti strolls toward Rainur, cocking his head at the Barbarian. "You can understand her too?" :lifitng the tabby to eye level he hmuses aloud, "I never knew that. I gotta study more" **
(22825) Catherine d'Amberville: Mmmph.
(22825) Moiraine: Mrr,
(22825) DM: An orange tabby, tail held stiffly, scoots into Morti's arms.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+9] -> [16,9] = (25)
** (22856) Morti shifts Moiraine over to sit on his partially burned shoulder as he rejoins the others **
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "Well Thom is it clear?"
(22932) Sauro (enter): 01:48
(22932) Sauro (exit): 01:48
(22779) Thom: "It's ready for you Rainur."
(22779) Thom: (( unlocked and everything. ))
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "Lets go Miragon"
** (22872) Rainur Swiftblade opens the double doors **
** (22839) Miragon darts inside sword drawn. **
** (22779) Zane follows. **
(22825) DM: You see a corridor, leading out of the throne room. Red carpeting covers the floor. It proceeds several feet (60') down and then turns right. A door can be seen at the far end of the hall, one on the far left side, and one on the right. Chandeliers spring into light as you open the doors.
(22856) Morti: :Seeing them rush into another room unannounce, Morti takes his time to collect his staff and resling the crossbow to his back before following, offering to Drenla: "See you soon Mast... Magus."
** (22825) Drenla's spirit disappears as soon as the doors open. **
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "Thom, try these doors as well"
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: (doors to rm 36)
(22779) Thom: (( to the right, or farther to the left? ))
** (22839) Miragon moves slowly down to the first door. **
** (22779) Zane checks the door for any nasty surprises. (Search for traps ) **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+11] -> [4,11] = (15)
** (22779) Thom listens at the door for a moment. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+1] -> [13,1] = (14)
** (22856) Morti strolls into the corridor, staring at the automatic chandeliers. "I wonder how that works." **
(22779) Thom: :whispers to Rainur.:: "Someone's in there - rustling through something."
** (22779) Zane then pulls out some tools and begins working on the 'lock'. **
(22839) Miragon: "Probably Charles..."
** (22872) Rainur Swiftblade knocks on door **
(22825) Voice: Come in, the door's open.
** (22860) Danae whispers to morti, "likely a magical sensor spell tied to a series of light spells..." **
** (22779) Thom stops working on the lock and moves before Rainur runs him over. **
(22839) Miragon: "Who goes there?"
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "Master Claude are we disturbing you?
(22856) Morti: "Hai hai. I wish I could make studff like that"
(22825) Claude d'Amberville: No, no, come right in please.
** (22872) Rainur Swiftblade opens the door **
** (22839) Miragon steps inside. **
(22825) TaliesinNYC: 36: This room is obviously a library. Its walls are lined with shelves filled with books and scrolls. There is someone sitting in a leather chair in the center of the room reading a book. Though the individual has the body of a human, his head is that of a collie dog. Around his neck is a small amber whistle.
** (22839) Miragon looks at the bizarre man. **
** (22860) Danae looks at the accumulated books as she steps in, "impressive..." she says softly **
(22825) Claude d'Amberville: He's garbed in white robes, with an amber sash around his waist.
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: Master Claude, we are here to help free the family of this dreadful curse"
(22825) DM: (whoops)
(22825) Claude d'Amberville: I see. And why do you wish to do this?
** (22856) Morti looks into the room and his serene expression threatens to crack into a bought of hysterical laugher. Out of respect he covers his mouth to keep from laughing aloud **
** (22779) Thom enters the room, moving to stand beside the door along the wall. **
(22825) Claude d'Amberville: Please, come in. Have a seat. Welcome to my abode.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+9] -> [13,9] = (22)
** (22860) Danae plops down in a chair, folding up her legs into the seat with her and looking over a book. "You are a scholar, Claude?" **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+1] -> [20,1] = (21)
(22825) Claude d'Amberville: Mais oui, madame. (nods)
** (22856) Morti holds his mouth shut as he steps into the room hesitantly. Looking about to try and forget the man with the dog's head his gaze catches upon the rows upons of scrolls, and he goes serene once more. "Wow...." **
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "We are doing this for Pierre D' Amberville, a relative whose part of the family was not invovled in the family mess with Ettienne et all"
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "In the course we have seen countless horrors and wish to finish our task"
(22825) Claude d'Amberville: So my message did get through. But I do not see Pierre here.
(22856) Morti: :Rather than take a seat, Morti begins walking among the shelves, viewing the scrolls for anything of interest.:
** (22825) Claude d'Amberville notes Morti's interest. **
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "One of our brave warriors was take over by Catherine and now he is bound as you see"
(22825) Claude d'Amberville: If you wish to search this room for anything of use, you may, but first you must pay a tithe.
** (22779) Thom stares at a spot of the room almost across from the door they entered, but they he watches Claude. **
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: Pierre has disappeared and was with us for most of the jouney until recently"
(22825) Claude d'Amberville: I see. (nods)
(22825) Claude d'Amberville: She did? (alarmingly)
(22856) Morti: "Eh?" :flinches as if he was caught stealing from a cookie jar: "Sorry..." :leans to Danae: "What's a tithe?"
(22860) Danae: "Indeed.. that one" points
** (22847) Atross gets pointed at. **
(22825) Claude d'Amberville: We must act swiftly then, for the longer she is within his body, then the less chance you have of reclaiming your friend.
** (22860) Danae whispers to Morti, "An offering, of what? depends on whom you are offering it to.." **
(22825) DM: (29 minute warning)
(22856) Morti: "Oh..."
(22839) Miragon: afk a bit
(22779) Zane: "Then will you help us?"
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "What do we need to do to free our Comrade Master Claude?"
(22825) Claude d'Amberville: But of course! It is my duty as a priest of Solnor and as a member of my family to help you.
(22856) Morti: :goes wide-eyed and smiles: "A priest of Solnor!? Do you know Trayn?"
(22856) Morti: "Er.. I guess you wouldn't.."
** (22872) Rainur Swiftblade breaths a sigh of relief **
(22825) Claude d'Amberville: You must ensconce your friend on the throne and let me perform a spell that shall reverse the process.
** (22860) Danae slips out of the chair. **
(22825) Claude d'Amberville: No, should I?
(22856) Morti: "Heh... nevermind. Off to the thrown then?"
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "Wait, would your family members use us to trap you?"
(22825) Claude d'Amberville: You've met my family, I take it.
(22779) Zane: "Yes. Let's get Catherine back in her diamond." :;Thoom watches Claude's reaction as he says this.
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "Ays...an interesting bunch"
** (22825) Claude d'Amberville shrugs **
(22856) Morti: "Hai.. bunch of bananas."
(22860) Danae: (bio-break)
(22825) Claude d'Amberville: We have our differences. I am content to remain here in my library, and they are content to wreak chaos. I have long given up desire but I still have hope that they can be cured.
(22779) Zane: "Then, let us cure or friend and we can talk more of how to help each other.
(22825) Claude d'Amberville: There is order here in this room that is not present elsewhere in this chateau. (glances lovingly at the books and returns to look at you) And so I am at peace.
(22779) Thom: (( *our ))
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "Let us make haste then...we cannot complete our duty I fear with Catherine among us"
(22856) Morti: :offers perspectively to Claude: "Well... maybe after we free you all from this curse, the shock of returning to real life will help bring them back around."
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "Yes, it is a peaceful place, a sanctuary in this evil"
(22825) Claude d'Amberville: (gently) That is what we fear most of all, mage. Freedom. Freedom from Etienne's curse means that we shall go to our fates, and pay for our sins.
(22825) Claude d'Amberville: That is why my family has met you with swords and spells. Should you be successful, then they shall die. Here in the chateau, they are immortal but imprisoned.
** (22856) Morti lowers his head, taking a moment before returning, "You have to face things sooner or later, or they just eat you alive from the inside." **
(22825) Claude d'Amberville: True, true.
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "Ays, but their time was long ago. Fate has brought us here and the will of the gods"
(22825) Claude d'Amberville: The will of the gods? (laughs)
(22825) Claude d'Amberville: What of the will of your boots?
(22856) Morti: "Right..." :cheering up: "Lets go do this uncursing then. ...please?"
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "Excuse me?" ::looking confused
** (22825) Claude d'Amberville stands up and heads out into the hall, to the throne room. **
(22825) Claude d'Amberville: The will of your boots, friend. They brought you here as well, eh?
** (22856) Morti walks after the priest, asking as they stroll, "By the way.. what's the tithe to read?" **
** (22779) Zane stays behind, in the hallway as the others go to try and save Atross. **
** (22860) Danae pats rainur's back, "Brother swiftblade, he only means that perhaps you are here by your strength of will instead of some fickle twist of fate." **
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "Ah...yes...I have not been able to laugh since I have been here."
(22825) Claude d'Amberville: (to Morti) A sum of no less than five thousand francs, and you may take any book or scroll in the library.
(22856) Morti: "Francs? How much is that in Crowns?"
** (22860) Danae 's eyes widen **
(22825) Claude d'Amberville: One franc is equal to one crown. I forget you are not of Averoigne.
** (22872) Rainur Swiftblade brings Atross to the thrown "What do we do now" **
** (22856) Morti 's eyes widen. "They must be really good books." **
(22860) Danae: "Put atross upon it."
(22825) Claude d'Amberville: Hold him in place as I pray to the god.
(22856) Morti: "I don't have that kind of money though... would a trade suffice?"
** (22825) Claude d'Amberville prays to Solnor, meditating. **
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "Mirongon on one side and I on the other"
(22856) Morti: :Hearing Claude's command, Morti backs off to let the man concentrate. Atross' rescue being muck more important at the moment:
** (22825) Claude d'Amberville gets up and stands, eyes blazing and in a loud, clear voice says, "By the might of Solnor, of the Silverseal and First among the gods, I command you, Catherine d'Amberville to come forth and return the one known as Atross to his proper self!" **
(22935) Nightcat (enter): 02:17
** (22825) DM lays his hand on Catherine's shoulder and a silver flash of light escapes from Catherine's hand, transferring into the throne. A glowing diamond on the throne no longer glows, and Atross slumps backwards, unconscious. **
(22825) DM: (I have to edit the log lol)
(22825) Claude d'Amberville: He will waken in a short time.
(22856) Morti: "Ooooooooo ..." :Applauds the light show: "Is he cured?"
(22825) Claude d'Amberville: Yes, and immune to my sister's charms.
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "Is it safe to carry him...I would prefer not to have him recover in this room"
(22825) Claude d'Amberville: By all means.
** (22779) Zane walks up to the double doors, but does not enter the room as this happens. **
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "If that is what you call it... She tried to charm me as well"
(22935) Nightcat (exit): 02:21
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "Do you hold the sword to the gate to your world?
(22856) Morti: "Great!" "Now about the tithe. I don't have the money. can I trade you a magical item?"
(22825) Claude d'Amberville: I am charged with a sword, oui.
(22825) Claude d'Amberville: A worthy item? (to Morti)
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "Would you care to accompany us to help perform our duty...I would be honored if you could join us"
(22856) Morti: "Uh... what's worthy? A magical dagger?" :pulls asflag's dagger to show the priest:
(22825) Claude d'Amberville: Unfortunately, I cannot. However, I know of one who can assist you.
(22839) Miragon: back
(22825) Claude d'Amberville: (to Morti) It must be an item of incalculable worth or enough to be equal to the sum of five thousand francs.
(22860) Danae: "who?"
(22825) Claude d'Amberville: My cousin, Gaston. However, he lies within a cell, at the mercy of one of Charles' pets.
(22856) Morti: "mmm... how about levitating boots?" :begins to hover from the ground as he activates them: "Huh? huh?"
(22825) Claude d'Amberville: If he were released, he will join you and be able to defeat the guardian of the gate.
(22779) Thom: "Gaston... in a cell? I take it this cell is in the dungeon then..."
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "Is he like...well..the others?"
(22825) Claude d'Amberville: (to Morti) Very well, if you think it a worthy item, you may have a scroll for the boots.
(22856) Morti: "really?! Great!" :Smiles wide... then thinks: "Wait... what scroll? Maybe I shoulda thought this through... Can I browse a bit?"
(22825) Claude d'Amberville: Is Gaston like the others? (chuckles) If you mean is he evil? No. Is he insane? Yes. Will he kill you or try to kill you? It depends on what you do first and what your intentions are. Gaston's gift is that he is blind, and yet can see into your heart.
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: "Muy apologies, Claude...but I have one more thing to ask...I was drained of both strength and endurance...can you help me? One was from a spell and the other from an undead"
(22872) Rainur Swiftblade: My
(22825) Claude d'Amberville: (to Morti) You can browse, oui.
(22839) Miragon: "Do you have anything of use for a warrior Claude?"
(22825) DM: (ok, well hold your questions folks. on this note, we'll stop.)
** (22856) Morti bouce a bit like a giddy child and rushes back into the library to peruse the shelfs **

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