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Server Administrator-> This channel is now moderated
(18629) Madeline d'Amberville: And your third question is?
(18630) Miragon: anyways i already chose, lets roll
(18595) Thom: "Please tell us what you know of the dungeon below the chateau.
(18629) Madeline d'Amberville: Oh yes, that. (smirks)
(18629) Madeline d'Amberville: Very well, you wish to know of the dungeon below the chateau.
** (18595) Zane relaxes his body, listening intently to the answer. **
(18598) Atross: [1d10] -> [1] = (1)
(18598) Atross: ((Grrr, button got in my way))
(18629) Madeline d'Amberville: You do know how to play chess, oui? There is a room below where each of you will need to play a game, to escape alive. Below also, you will find those creations that Charles, in his madness, has allowed to live. The guardian is an infernal denizen who will offer you an agonizing choice. These and more all await you below.
** (18622) Danae Valhardt shrugs, "I can play chess.." **
(18632) Thistle (exit): 22:00
(18629) Madeline d'Amberville: Tres bien, then you will find the room to be of little challenge.
(18595) Thom: (( the game with the horse and pointy guys? ))
** (18595) Thom waits, hoping for more information. **
** (18627) Rainur Swiftblade waits for more information **
(18622) Danae Valhardt: brb
(18629) Madeline d'Amberville: Oh yes...and how could I forget Gaston? Dear, dear Gaston. A lesson in playing with forces beyond your ken, my nephew. (smirks)
(18629) Madeline d'Amberville: You may find him in a prison cell....that is, if he does not find you first. (giggles)
(18622) Danae Valhardt: (not brb)
(18629) Madeline d'Amberville: Now then, if you do not mind, I have a wizard to hunt. Au revoir.
** (18627) Rainur Swiftblade lets out a sigh of frustration **
(18595) Thom: "Au revior Ma'dam."
(18595) Thom: (( trying to repeat it the way she said it, most likely failing a little. ))
(18621) drastic (enter): 22:06
(18621) drastic (exit): 22:06
** (18629) Madeline d'Amberville leaves the room. **
(18629) DM: (you're in room 31 btw)
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "Ok everyone let us leave this place"
(18595) Thom: ::To Rainur:: "Now, aren't you glad we didn't just kill her?"
(18598) Atross: "Are we still planning to pay Simon a visit then?"
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "I had no reason to kill her...however Charles is a different storry"
(18595) Zane: "Of course, we still need to find someone that will fight that beast..."
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "Let us see what is in this room to the north"
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "Thom, can you do the honors?"
(18595) Thom: "Very well" Thom heads toward the door, looking it over for any surprises.
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: (to room 30)
(18603) Dragnier (exit): 22:09
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+7] -> [3,7] = (10)
** (18595) Thom looks curiously at the door, pointing out to Raiur that it appears slightly opened already. **
(18595) Thom: (( *Rainur ))
(18643) Tiggor (enter): 22:12
(18595) Thom: "It appears ready whenever we are."
** (18598) Atross readies his greatbow. "All set here." **
** (18627) Rainur Swiftblade opens the door **
(18629) TaliesinNYC: 30: As you are about to open the door, you hear a voice softly call: "Please be quiet! I can't stand loud noises!"
(18629) DM: It's Charles' voice.
** (18595) Thom looks at the others and mouths, "Loud?" **
** (18595) Thom grips his rapier tight upon recogonizing the voice. **
(18644) Mikal (enter): 22:15
(18622) Danae Valhardt: "Simon?"
(18643) Tiggor (exit): 22:15
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "Tis not simon..."
(18595) Thom: "At least, it sounds like the other - Charles..."
(18629) DM: It appears to be a library. You can see someone reading a book in the rear. It appears to be Charles', although he's not facing you.
(18622) Danae Valhardt: "they are family...."
(18598) Atross: ::Quietly::"A relative? Or maybe a trap?"
** (18595) Zane turns to Rainur. "Same evil?" **
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "I feel evil it is not the same but similar..."
(18595) Thom: "Then, sounds like it must be Simon..."
** (18627) Rainur Swiftblade speaks in a quiet tone "Turn around and face us you coward" **
whispering to Nooneyouknow, interesting name lol
(18629) Charles d'Amberville: You're speaking too loudly. I can barely hear myself think. (softly and irritable)
** (18595) Thom moves off to the side, so that Atross will have a straight shot, if it comes to that..." **
** (18629) Charles d'Amberville continues reading his book **
** (18598) Atross confers with the nearest person "Look familiar? Why the change in attitude though?" **
** (18595) Thom looks into the room, to see if there is a way to get closer through any shadows. **
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "Something is not right here"
(18595) Zane: "Things are not right with this entire family..."
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: [1d20+7] -> [13,7] = (20)
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: [1d20+7] -> [19,7] = (26)
(18595) Thom: "Well, I think I might try to get closer...
** (18627) Rainur Swiftblade concentrates on the image **
(18598) Atross: ::speaking calmly and maybe quietly::"Excuse me for interrupting, but you remind me of someone. Except I thought he just left. So, who are you?"
(18629) Charles d'Amberville: All right, I warned you!
(18629) DM: He vanishes as soon as he says this.
** (18622) Danae Valhardt raises her brow **
(18595) Thom: "Uhh... not what I was expecting..."
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "There is majouka radiating from where he stands"
(18644) Mikal (exit): 22:24
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "I think this is a trap"
** (18598) Atross looks and listens for any sign of what just happened **
** (18595) Thom puts his rapier away and draws out a light crossbow.** "Well, one good way to check for a trap..." **
** (18595) Thom loads his crossbow and aims for where the image of 'Charles' had been sitting. **
whispering to Atross, well you saw what you saw
(18595) Thom: Crossbow Attack: [1d20+10] -> [17,10] = (27) ==> DAMAGE [1d8] -> [8] = (8)
(18629) DM: Nothing happens.
** (18595) Thom sees his bolt sticking in a book. "Well, any other ideas?" **
(18629) DM: (well apart from Thom making a mess that is.)
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "Let's get out of this room"
(18595) Thom: (( can we see the other door from here/ ))
(18629) DM: (yes)
(18598) Atross: "No one seems to be there now. We could search the place probably."
(18595) Zane: "There is the other door back there Rainur..."
** (18595) Zane puts his crossbow away, it hiding behind his cloak once again. **
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "If you wish to investigate, do so Thom, but I want to get out of this room...evil and majouka are a bad combination"
(18629) DM: (ok folks, what's going on? shouldn't take 4 minutes to decide what to do.)
** (18595) Thom nods and enters the room (( #30 )), searching the room as he does for anything that looks suspicious. ((Search for traps, i.e. tripwires or the such.)) **
(18595) Thom: (( sorry - saw you typing, so I was waiting to see what you had to say... ))
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: (into room 29)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+9] -> [3,9] = (12)
(18630) Miragon has sent you a tree node...
** (18595) Zane walks though the room, and checks out the other door for surprises. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+9] -> [8,9] = (17)
** (18598) Atross follows Thom through the room. **
** (18595) Thom tries to open the door. **
(18629) TaliesinNYC: 29: This room appears to be a storage area for typical cleric items.
** (18595) Thom snifs the air a little, but checks to see if the door is unlocked (( to 29 )) **
(18629) DM: It smells like incense in here.
(18595) Thom: (( oh, which room are we in then? we already in 29? ))
(18629) DM: (you're in 30 and you're opening the door to 29)
(18595) Thom: (( ok - just checking ))
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "This must be the back rooms for their ...priests..."
(18622) Danae Valhardt: (hey, ill brb
(18622) Danae Valhardt: (i need to switch computers)
(18622) Danae Valhardt: Disconnecting from server...
(18622) Danae Valhardt (exit): 22:37
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "Come thom, let us check the next door"
** (18595) Thom ignores most of the equipment in the room. **
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: (to 27)
** (18595) Thom moves to the next door. **
** (18595) Thom checks the door for any nasty surprises. (Search for traps ) **
(18629) DM: As you move through the room, a door opens to the side where there was none before (OC: door to 32). A man dressed in richly gilded amber plate mail and amber-colored robes, wearing a cross of carved amber around his neck, steps through and asks in a polite voice, "May I help you?"
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "We are just passing through my brother...searching for a way out of here...I am Rainur Swiftbalde"
(18598) Atross: "Possibly, are you the head of this chapel?"
(18629) Simon d'Amberville: I am just a humble caretaker. My name is Simon. Simon d'Amberville, templar of this chapel.
** (18595) Zane stays back, letting the others talk once again. **
(18629) Simon d'Amberville: Welcome to our family home. (bows slightly)
** (18627) Rainur Swiftblade bows **
** (18598) Atross nods. **
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "We are here also on a mission to lift the curse from this family"
(18598) Atross: "Thank you for the welcome."
(18629) Simon d'Amberville: Ah yes, my brother's curse. A pity, that. I wish you well in your quest. Is there aught I can do for you at this time?
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "We have been told that to lift the curse, there is a sword that one of your family must wield to defeat the guardian"
(18629) Simon d'Amberville: A sword? (seems amused) And whomever told you that?
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "Many among your clan that we have met"
** (18595) Thom thinks on Madeline's words.... **
(18629) Simon d'Amberville: They were mistaken. (shrugs) What can I say? Millenia of being trapped in this place dulls one's senses and lapses into madness.
(18629) Simon d'Amberville: I on the other hand, have my faith in my god to shield me and to guide me.
** (18629) Simon d'Amberville smiles gently. **
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "Well, that is most noble good sir"
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "Can you tell us about your lord that you serve...we are not from around here"
(18595) Thom: "Sorry to interrupt, but thank you for your time sir."
(18629) Simon d'Amberville: He is a most beneficient lord, for those who follow him faithfully. To speak of his name would be blasphemy. But I can speak of his ideals, which all good people know and understand, for truth lives, even in the most ignorant of hearts.
** (18595) Thom looks at Rainur, his eyes asking him to come along. **
(18629) Simon d'Amberville: My pleasure. Please, visit again.
(18598) Atross: "There is something else. Have you seen any silver keys? The guardian my friend spoke of is supposed to guard a gateway of silver keys. We've found some but have been told there are even more and that every one we can find will aid us to lift the curse."::Takes a deep breath::
(18629) Simon d'Amberville: (shakes his head slightly) Non, I have not seen any.
(18630) Miragon: (BRB in 15 mins guys, my bro hasnt come home since this morning starting to get worried, gonna run next door and make sure he's ok)
(18649) No Name (enter): 22:49
** (18629) Simon d'Amberville steps back through the door **
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "Simon, it was a pleasure to meet you"
(18598) Atross: "Ah. Well I thank you for your time."
** (18595) Thom glares at where Simon disappeared to. **
(18598) Atross: "Good luck with the caretaking."
** (18629) Simon d'Amberville smiles gently, and closes the door. **
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "Thom, what is the matter?"
(18595) Thom: ::whispers to Rainur and Atross:: "He lies more than the Tempest."
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (18649) Danae Valhardt...
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "How do you know?"
(18595) Zane: (( and that's serious lying... ;) ))
(18598) Atross: ::quietly::"You think? There are wights! in this place!"
(18598) Atross: "And he calls himself a caretaker."
(18595) Thom: "If you had to live under her rule, you would learn how to read people when they spoke. And every fiber of me tellsme that he was lying, for the most part at least."
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "Very well, he seemed fine to me, but you would know better than I"
(18595) Zane: "I believe that he knows nothing of the keys - but he was definately lying when he spoke of the sword."
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "Perhaps that is true..."
(18595) Thom: "thank you for listening to me Rainur, I know that you were plaesd to find one that was not evil to you, but I could not trust that one."
(18595) Zane: (( *pleased ))
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "Well, let us continue...we know where to find him if we need him...wait there is one thing I must ask of him"
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "Simon?"
(18595) Thom: "If you wish later to try for more information from him, that is fine - but I thought you should know about it as soon as possible."
(18629) DM: No response.
** (18627) Rainur Swiftblade knocks on door **
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: [1d20+10] -> [8,10] = (18)
(18630) Miragon: (back)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d10] -> [10] = (10)
(18595) Thom: (( find him? ))
(18598) Atross: "Thanks, Thom, it is good to know."
** (18595) Thom waits to see what is happening.... **
** (18595) Thom nods to Atross.** "You're welcome." **
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "AAAK!!!"
(18595) Zane: What is it Rainur?"
** (18627) Rainur Swiftblade removes gloves **
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "I think I have been poisoned!"
** (18598) Atross rubs an ear, "What?" **
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "The door is poisoned!"
** (18595) Thom looks over the door for the nasty surprise that Rainur received. **
(18598) Atross: "Pleasant place."
(18595) Thom: "Will you be ok Rainur?"
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "I hate this place! Danae, please give this a look"
** (18595) Thom looks at the door - and sniffs the air. **
whispering to Danae Valhardt, his skin is covered with a clear liquid that smells like incense. Where the liquid touches, the skin is reddened.
(18595) Thom: "Well, now I know what to look for in the future. Must be scented like incense to hide it's purpose."
** (18627) Rainur Swiftblade concentrates on his hands **
** (18595) Zane looks back at Danae and Rainur, unable to do anything but watch. **
** (18649) Danae Valhardt frowns, "thats not good" **
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "It is a contact poison"
** (18649) Danae Valhardt will try to help his saving throw with heal **
(18649) Danae Valhardt: Heal [1d20+5+3] -> [7,5,3] = (15)
(18595) Thom: "yes, must be. So, don't anyone else touch it..."
** (18595) Thom gets an idea and heads back to the library they just left, grabbing the book he shot. **
(18660) Lightfaith (enter): 23:04
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: [1d20+7] -> [4,7] = (11)
** (18627) Rainur Swiftblade cleans it out using his healer's kit **
(18660) Lightfaith (exit): 23:05
** (18649) Danae Valhardt "If it damages you, I've already used my spell that could help, im sorry" **
** (18595) Zane brings the book back into the hallway, opens it up to the middle and moves to try and wipe some of the poison off with the pages of the book, being careful not to touch the door himself. **
(18662) Xeriar (enter): 23:06
(18662) Xeriar (exit): 23:06
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "Do not touch it, it is very caustic"
(18595) Thom: "Yeah, that's why the book. Although..."
** (18627) Rainur Swiftblade cleans gloves with sovent and purgative from healer's kit **
** (18595) Thom closes the book and carefully holding the binding of the book, away the pages where he wiped the poison, knocks on the door with the edge of the book. **
(18595) Thom: "Maybe that will work..."
** (18595) Zane moves back away from the door, toward the library. **
(18629) DM: The door opens suddenly...
(18595) Thom: (( lol - which one? ))
(18629) DM: (door to 32)
(18595) Thom: (( just checking. ))
** (18595) Thom glances at Rainur, nodding his head toward the open door. **
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "Sir simon, are you there?"
(18629) DM: No answer.
** (18627) Rainur Swiftblade looks inside **
** (18627) Rainur Swiftblade does not GO inside **
** (18595) Thom places the book back on the desk in the library, with his bolt still sticking into it. **
(18629) DM: It looks like a small prayer chamber. There is an amber altar inside, along with furnishings you would expect of a priest's cell.
(18629) DM: No one seems to be inside.
** (18595) Thom returns to the rest of the group. **
(18629) DM: One section of the S wall is dominated by a mirror which looks into the temple outside (area 24).
(18595) Thom: "Hmm... interesting...."
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+1] -> [6,1] = (7)
** (18595) Thom says that upon seeing the mirror and view. **
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "Yes , very interesting...now lets get the hell out iof this place. Ihave seen enough"
** (18595) Thom nods and moves to the far door (to 27) and checks it carefully for surprises. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+9] -> [11,9] = (20)
(18664) Lared (enter): 23:17
** (18627) Rainur Swiftblade does not put on his gloves allowing the puss and salve to dry and seeking not to irritate his rash **
** (18595) Zane tries to crack open the door. **
** (18595) Thom moves back to the door to 32, looking out the mirror. **
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "What is it Thom?"
(18595) Thom: "I heard someone moving away from that door - fast.
(18595) Thom: "Simon!"
(18595) Thom: "Drat... he's gone."
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "Is there anything NORMAL in this house?"
(18595) Zane: "I doubt it Rainur, I doubt it."
(18598) Atross: "Where to then?"
** (18595) Zane walks back to the locked door, pulling out his tools, missing one piece, and works on the lock. "Well, he's gone, for now." **
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "Come on let us get out of this temple...proceed Thom"
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: (to room 27)
** (18595) Thom opens the door. **
** (18649) Danae Valhardt follows quietly **
(18595) Thom: (( Well, I definately think I made a good character for this module... he definately gets enough work... ;) ))
** (18595) Zane enters the next room. (( 27 )) **
** (18627) Rainur Swiftblade opens the door **
(18670) Parn (enter): 23:24
(18629) TaliesinNYC: 27: This room is a shambles. Chairs are everywhere and pieces of wooden furniture. Standing in the middle of the chamber is a LARGE skeleton, of a giant-sized creature. Tattered amber robes hang on its frame. Around its neck is a silver key, although small in comparison to its size. Impaled on its foot is a dead half-elf, his skull crushed.
(18670) Parn (exit): 23:25
** (18595) Thom looks at the key and takes a step forward before stopping. **
(18598) Atross: "Never seen a key, huh."
(18598) Atross: [1d10] -> [2] = (2)
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: brb
(18598) Atross: ((I'm killing that button))
(18629) DM: There is another door leading out, to the S. The body seems to have been dead for at least a day. The statue creaks as soon as you open the door and raises its arm...
(18595) Thom: "Well, it looks like a silver key - and it's where madeline said it would be...."
(18595) Zane: (( well - maybe I don't say that.... ;) ))
(18629) DM: (init)
(18595) Thom: Initiative: [1d20+9] -> [19,9] = (28)
(18598) Atross: Initiative: [1d20+5] -> [10,5] = (15)
(18629) DM: (Alfred? Jack?)
(18595) Thom: (( Alfred said brb, but where is Jack when we really need him?? ))
(18629) DM: (skip them then.)
(18595) Zane: (( or... her... ))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20-3] -> [19,-3] = (16)
(18629) DM: (28, Thm)
(18649) Danae Valhardt: Init:: [1d20+4] -> [6,4] = (10)
** (18595) Thom darts to the side, drawing out his rapier and igniting it on fire. he comes from the side, attacking the beast. **
(18595) Thom: Flaming Rapier Attack: [1d20+10] -> [13,10] = (23) ==> DAMAGE [1d6+3] -> [5,3] = (8) normal and [1d6] -> [6] = (6) fire damage
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: [1d20+3] -> [4,3] = (7)
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: (back)
(18595) Thom: "Danae - get in here!"
(18629) DM: (hit)
(18629) DM: (half all damage from edged weapons)
(18629) DM: (lightly wounded)
(18629) DM: (16, the skeleton)
(18629) DM: It lumbers forward, straightening to its full height, easily the size of a hill giant. It spies you and swiftly tries to snatch Thom in its claws.
** (18595) Zane notices that his blade barely phased it, although he was sure he hit it solidly. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [Bad dice format] - [1d20+!6]
whispering to Atross, [1d20+16] -> [13,16] = (29),[1d20+16] -> [13,16] = (29)
(18629) DM: It scoops up Thom (AC 29) and throws him at the wall.
(18595) Zane: (( ouch... ))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d10+2] -> [6,2] = (8)
(18629) DM: Your friend slams into the wall, and falls to the ground with a crunch (8 damage). You think a rib snapped.
(18629) DM: Perhaps it was your imagination. (15, Atross)
(18598) Atross: "So it's a giant skeleton."
** (18598) Atross glances at Thom a moment before concluding **
(18595) Thom: (( yeah, that hits hard.... ))
** (18598) Atross fires a few arrows at the skeleton **
(18598) Atross: "I'll fight it like a giant, I think."
(18598) Atross: Greatbow Attack 1 Chance to Hit: [1d20+12] -> [11,12] = (23)
(18598) Atross: Greatbow Attack 1 Chance to Hit: [1d20+12] -> [12,12] = (24)
(18598) Atross: Greatbow Attack 2 Chance to Hit: [1d20+7] -> [14,7] = (21)
(18598) Atross: (PBS range?)
(18598) Atross: Greatbow Damage: [1d10+2] -> [8,2] = (10)
(18598) Atross: Greatbow Damage: [1d10+2] -> [6,2] = (8)
(18598) Atross: Greatbow Damage: [1d10+2] -> [6,2] = (8)
(18629) DM: (the room is 20x40, so you're in range...)
(18598) Atross: (right, *smacks forehead* duh)
(18598) Atross: (So, round down as always means, 5, 4, and 4)
(18629) DM: (lightly wounded)
(18595) Thom: (( go, large sized then? or huge? ))
(18629) DM: (H)
(18629) DM: (10 Dan)
** (18649) Danae Valhardt draws her usually nuetral lips into a frown, raising her holy symbol, divine presence lowering in the room, hairs standing on end as she calls on oneiros to sever the ties of negative energy. **
(18649) Danae Valhardt: Most Powerful Turned: [1d20+2+2] -> [12,2,2] = (16)
(18649) Danae Valhardt: is it 9 or less HD?
(18649) Danae Valhardt: Turning Damage: [2d6+7+2] -> [2,6,7,2] = (17)
(18629) DM: (no)
(18649) Danae Valhardt: if it is 9HD or less it's turned, otherwise, its unaffected.
(18629) DM: There seems to be no effect.
(18629) DM: (7, Rain)
(18649) Danae Valhardt: "He is very strong!" she cries
** (18627) Rainur Swiftblade pulls out his swords **
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: [1d20+9] -> [2,9] = (11)
(18595) Zane: (( "Duh..." ))
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: [1d20+12] -> [2,12] = (14)
** (18627) Rainur Swiftblade misses **
(18629) DM: (28, Thm)
** (18595) Thom leaves his rapier on the ground, it's fire extinguishing. he takes the mace off his belt that he found earlier and moves around to flank the skeleton before moving in to attack it. **
(18595) Zane: Footman's mace: [1d20+11] -> [15,11] = (26) ==> DAMAGE [1d6+2] -> [4,2] = (6)
** (18595) Zane does additional sneak attack damage of [2d6] -> [3,5] = (8) **
(18629) DM: Silver light flares as soon as the mace makes contact with the skeleton. (seriously wounded)
(18595) Thom: "Woah! Nice..."
(18629) DM: (16, the creature)
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: (that must have caught his attention LOL)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+19] -> [13,19] = (32),[1d20+19] -> [1,19] = (20)
(18595) Thom: (( yeah, and I wonder who he is coming after... ))
(18629) DM: It tries to bring all of its weight on Thom, narrowly missing him (AC 20). A movement out of the corner of its eye turns its attention towards Rainur. It brings its right hand back with a wide arc and smashes him into the ground (AC 32).
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: ((LOL monster mangnet))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [2d10+8] -> [4,7,8] = (19)
(18595) Zane: (( yep - sorry dude... ))
(18629) DM: (19 damage). It keeps its hand on top of Rainur's form, its fingers easily the size of a bastard sword each, pinning the barbarian.
(18629) DM: Suddenly, the door to the south opens, and a human warrior enters...almost as if Rainur had a twin.
(18629) DM: (13, Miragon)
(18595) Thom: (( yay! We got our other fighter! ))
(18630) Miragon: Miragon is a hulking figure of steel and muscle, towering over most men. He stands an impressive 7' 1" tall and weighs in at 350 lbs. When seen, his face is handsome, but worn from his hardships. He has long dark brown hair reaching his shoulders, and an unnerving gaze that emanates from his golden irises. For battle he wears a fortress of steel, a suit of templar heavy armor trimmed in gold and covered in beautiful etching and engraving. A plain's horse can be seen displayed on the breastplate. A long dark blue cloak hangs from his shoulders. His weapon of choice is a massive imperial greatsword, its blade often resting comfortably on his shoulder instead of in its scabbard. A large quiver filled with javelins hangs from his waist, as does a brutal looking heavy flail. He has a dagger sheathed in each boot as well. He carries his few belongings in a pack, slung across his back. Miragon speaks little, but when he does it's in a deep resonating voice.
(18630) Miragon: "Need a hand?"
** (18595) Thom is in too much awe of the massive man to speak. **
** (18630) Miragon reaches to his waist removing his heavy flail as he charges the skeletal creature. "This is for my employer!" **
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "Yes, that would be good"
(18630) Miragon: Full power attack, charging the skeleton. (That to hit penalty goes to my AC instead via the shocktrooper feat)
(18630) Miragon: Attacks: Heavy Flail [1d20+12+14] -> [11,12,14] = (37)
(18630) Miragon: oops
(18630) Miragon: thats wrong pose to been 14 total
(18595) Thom: (( I was gonna say... wow!!! ))
(18630) Miragon: Attacks: Heavy Flail [1d20+12+2] -> [15,12,2] = (29)
(18630) Miragon: Damage: Heavy Flail [1d10+9+12] -> [6,9,12] = (27)
(18629) DM: (both hits)
(18630) Miragon: (AC is 16 for this rnd)
(18629) DM: (k)
(18630) Miragon: (that was only 1 attack)
(18630) Miragon: (ignore that first roll, it was a booboo)
(18629) DM: (er ok....)
(18595) Thom: (( you got three there... oh, is the d10 damage? ))
(18630) Miragon: (charged anyways, can only make a single attack)
(18630) Miragon: (yes)
(18630) Miragon: (the +12 is from a full power attack)
(18629) DM: (seriously wounded)
(18629) DM: (10, Dan)
** (18649) Danae Valhardt touches rainur's head, a cooling energy flowing into him and healing him. [2d8+6] -> [1,4,6] = (11) "I hope you're talking to us," says the petite woman with stunning blue eyes, a blonde side part, and pretty much male clothing. "Oh, good, you are...I see." **
** (18595) Zane feels his jaw hit the ground for a moment before he collects himself. **
(18629) DM: (7, Rain)
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "War Father grant me your strength!"
** (18598) Atross stands in stunned silence a moment before recovering. **
(18630) Miragon: "Talk later, smash now!"
** (18627) Rainur Swiftblade grabs at the skellliton and tried to snap its hand as he tries to break free **
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: [1d20+10] -> [20,10] = (30)
(18629) DM: The force of Rainur's attack moves it off him.
(18629) DM: (er, moves slightly)
** (18627) Rainur Swiftblade gets up and is ready to deal some more damage **
(18629) DM: (you'll take a round to do that, Alf)
(18629) DM: (28, Thm)
** (18595) Zane gathers himself and attacks again with the mighty little mace. **
(18595) Thom: Footman's mace (+2-size +2-flank): [1d20+11] -> [10,11] = (21) ==> DAMAGE [1d6+2] -> [5,2] = (7) and [2d6] -> [2,6] = (8) sneak attack
(18629) DM: (critical)
(18629) DM: (16, the creature)
(18595) Zane: (( no flash of light? :( ))
(18629) DM: (yes)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+19] -> [8,19] = (27),[1d20+19] -> [6,19] = (25)
(18595) Thom: (( sorry - I liked that flash of silver light... ;) ))
(18598) Atross: ((Shall I shoot him?))
(18595) Thom: (( yeah, Atross got skipped with the entrance and all.... ))
(18629) DM: The skeleton irritably tries to squash Zane (AC 27) and also Rainur (AC 25).
(18629) DM: (make your roll now, sorry.)
(18598) Atross: Greatbow Attack 1 Chance to Hit: [1d20+12] -> [2,12] = (14)
(18598) Atross: Greatbow Attack 1 Chance to Hit: [1d20+12] -> [14,12] = (26)
(18598) Atross: Greatbow Attack 2 Chance to Hit: [1d20+7] -> [11,7] = (18)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [2d10+8] -> [10,4,8] = (22),[2d10+8] -> [4,9,8] = (21)
(18598) Atross: Greatbow Damage: [1d10+2] -> [2,2] = (4)
(18598) Atross: (Just one hit or more?)
(18629) DM: (one more)
(18598) Atross: Greatbow Damage: [1d10+2] -> [8,2] = (10)
(18629) DM: It rises to its full height, and brings all of its weight down on Zane, pinning him on his side unmercifully (22 damage), and doing the same to Rainur (21 damage), although this leaves it slightly unbalanced. Meanwhile, Atross strafes it with his bow (critical).
(18629) DM: (15, Atross)
(18598) Atross: (Sorry, had to use the restroom)
(18629) DM: (attack was from last round)
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "Danae take care of Thom!"
** (18595) Thom feels the effects of the blows and lies still, trying to catch his breath. **
** (18598) Atross fires a "final" volley(maybe?) **
(18598) Atross: Greatbow Attack 1 Chance to Hit: [1d20+12] -> [6,12] = (18)
(18598) Atross: Greatbow Attack 1 Chance to Hit: [1d20+12] -> [19,12] = (31)
(18598) Atross: Greatbow Attack 2 Chance to Hit: [1d20+7] -> [10,7] = (17)
(18598) Atross: Greatbow Damage: [1d10+2] -> [7,2] = (9)
(18598) Atross: Greatbow Damage: [1d10+2] -> [1,2] = (3)
(18598) Atross: (that 17 hit too?)
(18629) DM: (critical)
(18629) DM: (13, Mira)
** (18630) Miragon draws his heavy flail back in a wide arc and makes two quick swings at the creature's head. **
(18630) Miragon: Attacks: Heavy Flail [1d20+12+0] -> [6,12,0] = (18), Heavy Flail [1d20+7+0] -> [4,7,0] = (11)
(18630) Miragon: (Full attack)
(18629) DM: (one hit)
(18630) Miragon: Damage: Heavy Flail [1d10+9+0] -> [6,9,0] = (15)
** (18627) Rainur Swiftblade is engulfed on a golden light and the sound of horses can be heard circling around his body which appears to come out of nowhere **
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: [1d8+3] -> [6,3] = (9)
** (18627) Rainur Swiftblade looks noticebly better **
(18649) Danae Valhardt: (it's not your turn yet..)
(18629) DM: Black light flares when the flail strikes the golem. You hear a tremendous roar, as it ages instantly and splits into ten different skeletons, each wearing tattered amber robes. The skeletons fall to the ground as the creature dissolves into amber dust. The key that was around its neck falls to the floor, clattering noisily.
(18629) DM: (Alfred, your power doesn't take effect until your turn.)
** (18649) Danae Valhardt draws down a pillar of cool and shadowy healing energy that pierces her hand and fills zane as she slides her hand on his shoulder. [3d8+6] -> [8,1,4,6] = (19) **
** (18630) Miragon takes a few steps back away from the group unsure of their intent. **
(18629) DM: (not that it matters)
** (18649) Danae Valhardt looks at Miragon, "Who are you?" **
(18595) Thom: (( so, the mini skeletons are dust as well? ))
(18630) Miragon: "My actions are proof that I come in peace. Who are you people?"
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "Whatm just happened to me?"
** (18598) Atross lowers his bow **
(18629) DM: (yes)
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: what
(18598) Atross: "Thanks for the timely aid."
** (18630) Miragon looks to Danae then to the rest of the group as he takes of his helmet. **
(18630) Miragon: "My name is Miragon."
** (18595) Zane rises to his feet, feeling quite better. "Thanks Danae, that helped." **
** (18649) Danae Valhardt nods **
(18630) Miragon: "I'm a sellsword, my employer came to this place, and well....he didn't make it."
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "Danae, I thought I asked you not to cast anything on me?"
(18630) Miragon: "I was trying to find a way out of here but I got lost, so I hid in the next room to buy myself some time"
** (18649) Danae Valhardt shrugs **
(18595) Thom: (( Rainur - it was on me, not you ))
(18598) Atross: "I am Atross. We came to this place to end the curse."
(18649) Danae Valhardt: (i did a light on rainur)
(18595) Thom: (( oh yeah.. forgot... ))
(18649) Danae Valhardt: "I am Danae, steward of Oneiros.."
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "did you not cast the healing horse spell on me?
(18630) Miragon: "Whatever the reason, I'm glad someone else is here. This place sickens me. Please, in exchange for my blade, allow me to leave this place with you when you are finished."
(18595) Thom: "Thom... Well met."
** (18627) Rainur Swiftblade looks confused **
(18649) Danae Valhardt: "Healing horse? no, I did cure you a little..."
(18598) Atross: "Sounds good to me."
(18595) Thom: "Sounds good to me too, that would have been rough without your aid.
** (18595) Zane makes his way over to the key, picking it up and dusting it off. **
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "That is odd...I wanted to be healed, but I...casted nothing, but was healed slightly
** (18598) Atross looks around the rest of the confused appearing group. "No objections after that performance, right?" **
** (18630) Miragon knocks the bone bits from his weapon and slips it back on his waist as he looks around the room. **
(18649) Danae Valhardt: "You are quite strong.."
(18630) Miragon: "Martreus' favor it would appear fellow warrior."
(18649) Danae Valhardt: (can i spellcraft to see if i recognized rainur's horsey spell?)
(18630) Miragon: (that was to rainur about the effect)
(18649) Danae Valhardt: (nm)
** (18598) Atross starts cleanup, looking for any surviving arrow that missed or glanced off the monster, and collecting the silver key as well. **
(18629) DM: (have to do it as its being cast)
** (18630) Miragon nods to Danae "Thank you" **
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "I was thinking about it and it just happened Danae"
** (18595) Thom then maes his way to the corner where he was first knocked, and places the mace on his belt, picks up his rapier, and places it back on his belt as well. **
** (18630) Miragon eyes Rainur closely almost as if inspecting him. **
** (18627) Rainur Swiftblade is still in confusion **
(18598) Atross: "We are one small step closer to our first goal, as well."
(18630) Miragon: "You bear the markings and objects of the Swiftblade clan, do you not?"
(18649) Danae Valhardt: "Don't worry overmuch... "
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "Yes, I am daKhan
** (18630) Miragon bows respectfully. **
(18630) Miragon: "Forgive me for my rudeness."
(18630) Miragon: "I hope I have not offended you sir"
** (18627) Rainur Swiftblade brushes himself off **
** (18595) Thom watches the show, not understanding, but also not caring - as long as the new muscle was someone that would join with them. **
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "No , it is an honor to stand with a fellow warrior
** (18649) Danae Valhardt rubs her arm with her hand, "How is everyone?" it being hard to tell injuries from general blood splatter and such **
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "I am Rainur of the Swiftblade Clan"
(18630) Miragon: "But you, you are daKhan. I am not worthy of being in such company."
(18630) Miragon: "My blade is yours, brother."
(18595) Thom: "Actually Danae, if you have more in you, I could use a little more healing. That thing hit hard!"
** (18630) Miragon taps his breastplate. **
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "Nay, on the field of battle we are all brothers"
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "Well met"
** (18649) Danae Valhardt nods, sitting her hand on thom's shoulder. She clears her throat, then says a syllable, the healing filling him in a quick burst [1d8+6] -> [6,6] = (12) **
(18630) Miragon: "Thank you for saying so...I only wish I can become the person I was meant to be, and not this mockery I've made of my life."
(18649) Danae Valhardt: (make that 11, it caps at 5)
(18649) Danae Valhardt: (+5 from level i mean)
(18630) Miragon: "I bear the same blood as do you, but I have not been around our people since childhood."
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "We have no fate but the fate that we make"
** (18595) Thom takes in the glowing healing.** "Ahh, thank you so much Danae. **
(18630) Miragon: "You are the first I have spoken with in a very.......very long time."
(18649) Danae Valhardt: "Not a problem..."
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "Well it is good to have you here"
(18598) Atross: ::mumbles::"It's more like a family reunion than a pledging of service."
(18630) Miragon: "Indeed, it is by the Warfather's hand that I have met you. Now I understand why I am here."
(18598) Atross: ::back in general tones::"Still, I guess it's good to find something familiar in all this."
(18595) Thom: ::To Atross:: "Yes, and it is good to have another with us, is it not?"
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "Thank you for your service...now I must rest...I was taken by surprise with this abomination"
(18598) Atross: "This place has more confusion than even the most openminded can encompass. Or survive alone, I agree."
(18630) Miragon: "Family? It would be nice, but I dont think my former brethern would feel so. I was stolen away and made a soldier by Mel'cendia as a boy. I fled those lands not long ago. I've came in search for my true brothers, my people, and now I have met one."
(18649) Danae Valhardt: "I'm sure there isn't a better one to have met, and in such a nice location..."
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "Well, we shall return to the plains someday and you will be welcomed"
** (18595) Thom glances around at the dust that was the skeleton and chuckles a little about 'nice location'. **
** (18627) Rainur Swiftblade starts to show the signs of fatigue **
(18595) Thom: "Rainur, is it the poison?"
(18630) Miragon: "Indeed, I look forward to doing so."
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "No, I am just tired..."
** (18595) Thom looks relieved. "Very well, it has been a tiring few hours." **
(18649) Danae Valhardt: "I have used more spells today that ive had to in a while.."
(18630) Miragon: "You should rest, the room next to here is safe."
(18598) Atross: "It has been . . eventful."
(18630) Miragon: "Follow me."
** (18630) Miragon walks back into room 28. **
** (18595) Thom follows. **
** (18598) Atross follows as well. **
** (18649) Danae Valhardt nods and follows the warrior. **
** (18627) Rainur Swiftblade unsheaths his longswords "Miragon, this is the work of our people" **
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "We fight with honor and the blade"
(18630) Miragon: "Aye, I recognize the work of the Swiftblade upon site, it is one memory I have not forgotten."
** (18595) Thom looks around the new room while the large men talk. **
(18629) TaliesinNYC: 28: While this room looks like a bedroom for a cleric, it is much more lavishly furnished than usual. The room appears to be empty.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d6] -> [5] = (5)
** (18649) Danae Valhardt jumps into the bed **
** (18627) Rainur Swiftblade hits the ground **
(18598) Atross: ::Looking around:: "The floor then."
** (18595) Thom takes a seat at the desk (( assuming there is one )). **
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "I feel very weak"
(18595) Thom: "Danae, do you have that other silver key?"
** (18598) Atross "pulls up" a seat on the floor. **
** (18627) Rainur Swiftblade is now lying on the ground" **
(18630) Miragon: "This armor, it has protected my life many times. I could not abandon it when I fled Mel'Cendia, my blade either. They are my life, but I have marked them with the symbols of my homeland." *taps his breastplate with his mailed hand. A gold plainshorse lies etched and engraved in gold.*
(18649) Danae Valhardt: (anyone need some HPs?)
** (18598) Atross holding up the newly liberated key, "How many is that now? 3? 4?" **
** (18627) Rainur Swiftblade looks pale **
(18649) Danae Valhardt: (can I do a diagnosis of rainur?
** (18630) Miragon looks to Rainur. "What happened to you?" **
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "I have been poisoned"
(18630) Miragon: "I'm afraid I can't help, but I will take watch while you people rest."
(18595) Thom: (( funny, I thought I picked the key up.... ))
(18598) Atross: ((We'll check the logs to see who got to it first))
(18595) Thom: (( either way.. ))
(18595) Thom: "Atross, Danae, may I see those other keys? I want to see something.
(18598) Atross: ((Ah, no log needed it's still on my screen, you beat me by 6 or 7 lines))
(18598) Atross: "Of course. Just don't break it, alright?"
(18595) Zane: (( ok, then just Danae... ))
(18595) Thom: "Of course.
(18598) Atross: ((Argggghhhhh))
** (18598) Atross tosses Thom the key. **
whispering to Danae Valhardt, he seems very weak, as if his health suddenly dropped because of some other condition besides battle
(18649) Danae Valhardt: (i dont think i have any, but if i do, you can have it)
** (18595) Thom deftly catches the key, laying it on the desk next to the other one he had. **
(18595) Thom: (( didn't you get the one from the pool? ))
(18649) Danae Valhardt: (i.. dont know, im sorry)
** (18630) Miragon takes a seat on the floor and begins rumaging through his pack withdrawing a pipe and ceramic jug. **
(18595) Thom: (( Stan, do you remember? I'm for saying he did if no one remembers... ))
** (18630) Miragon he uncorks the container and takes a drink, then offers it to the others. "A drink?" **
(18598) Atross: "Water?"
(18630) Miragon: "Spirits."
(18649) Danae Valhardt: "No thanks.."
** (18595) Zane looks at the drink, but remembers how he woke up the last time he drank... "Uh, thanks, but no thanks..." **
(18649) Danae Valhardt: "Im sorry rainur, I dont know what to do.."
(18598) Atross: "I think I've had enough of spirits today."
(18598) Atross: "But thanks anyway."
** (18630) Miragon takes another drink and lights his pipe then leans against the wall as he loostens and stretches. **
** (18627) Rainur Swiftblade starts to drift out of concsciousness **
** (18595) Thom gathers the three silver keys together, laying them on the desk and looking at them. **
(18629) DM: (you took the key from the pool)
(18649) Danae Valhardt: "looks like we have enough, but finding the others would bode well"
** (18649) Danae Valhardt pulls off her fine boots, wriggling her toes. **
(18595) Thom: "Yes, I do not want to go with only three myself."
(18595) Thom: "As I thought..."
(18598) Atross: "As you thought what?"
** (18627) Rainur Swiftblade is asleep **
(18595) Thom: "They are all the same. I figured as much if we only needed any three, but I had to check."
(18630) Miragon: "Are those the keys to get out of this hell?"
(18595) Thom: "Of sorts.
(18595) Thom: "They allow us to travel to another place. from there, we can get home."
(18598) Atross: "This hell, yes. But out of the frying pan and into the flames the saying goes. We don't think it'll take us back immediately either."
(18630) Miragon: "Hmpf, great..."
** (18627) Rainur Swiftblade has removed parts of his chain armor and is visibly sweating **
(18598) Atross: "From what we know, 3 are required; more are helpful. Whatever that help may be, it shouldn't hurt to find as many as we can.."
(18595) Thom: "Espically since it will make things easier in the next destination... "
** (18630) Miragon puffs on his pipe as he removes his sword from its scabbard and begins to run his whetstone over the edge, slowly but surely honing it. **
(18595) Thom: (( so, we rest for a while? If so, fast forward?? ))
(18629) DM: (yes, next day)
** (18595) Thom stretches from the chair, having placed the keys into his belt pouch. **
** (18595) Zane looks over at Rainur, hoping to see that he looks better. **
** (18598) Atross rolls up his bedroll and does some quick morning streches. **
** (18627) Rainur Swiftblade is still aslee **
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: p
** (18595) Thom smiles and whispers to Atross. "We could ask the new guy to wake him the way Rainur woke me..." **
** (18630) Miragon gathers his belongings and has a morning drink and smoke. When he's finished, he stands silently and vigilantly like a trained guardsmen. **
** (18598) Atross whispers back, "I'm not sure even he could do it, honestly. Worth a try, though how could he be convinced to?" **
(18595) Thom: ::to Atross:: "Actually, I was kidding. Although, I would love to see the look on Rainur's face, maybe he needs his rest - he didn't look good earlier."
(18598) Atross: ::replying::"I doubt it could make him worse; you seem none the worse for a little taste of flight."
(18595) Zane: ::to Atross "true... you're call, you've been with Rainur longer."
** (18627) Rainur Swiftblade wakes up **
** (18627) Rainur Swiftblade does not look good **
(18595) Thom: (( lol - amazing how that works... ))
(18598) Atross: ::Reply::"As I said, I don't think ti could be managed."
** (18627) Rainur Swiftblade starts to replace his armor **
(18598) Atross: "Ah, good morning. Was just talking about you, feeling any worse?"
(18598) Atross: "Maybe a little better in fact?"
(18595) Thom: "Wow, that was some nasty poison...."
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "I do not feel any bettter"
(18630) Miragon: "Please save your strength"
** (18630) Miragon walks over and helps Rainur into his armor. **
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "Strength I have, but or how long I do not know"
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: for
(18595) Thom: "Well, maybe if we get moving, you will feel better."
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "Yes. Let us proceed"
(18630) Miragon: "Or maybe there is something we can find here to help him."
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: Let us get out of this temple"
(18595) Thom: "So Miragon, you been through this door?" *points at the door to the narrow hallway, heading back to 24.
(18630) Miragon: "No"
** (18595) Thom checks the door for any nasty surprises. (Search for traps ) **
(18630) Miragon: (or did I? lol)
(18595) Thom: (( that's why I asked... ;) ))
** (18598) Atross makes sure to collect all his belongings, taking notice of his remaining arrows. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+9] -> [17,9] = (26)
** (18595) Thom tries to crack open the door. **
(18598) Atross: "So many in just a day? This place is rife with conflict."
(18649) Danae Valhardt (exit): 01:01
(18595) Zane: (( and the hand of some God comes down, and plucks Danae from before our very eyes. ))
(18630) Miragon: (nah it just turns her into a half-orc crossdresser this time)
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "Well let us go back the way we came"
(18630) Miragon: (btw could i get character descriptions from you guys? I never saw any)
(18595) Thom: "I believe this way will be quicker, if I can budge the door..."
(18630) Miragon: ( i know rainur's already from the site database and morti's from git in the friday game)
(18595) Thom: Description: You see a human that stands 5'10" tall. He does not apear to be very strong, but by the way he moves, it can be easily seen that he is very dexterous. He sticks to the main path, not trying to hide, but moving where he can be seen. A single rapier hangs on his left hip, a light crossbow on his right hip. He wears a pair of tight gloves that lead into his dark cloak that flows over his entire body.
** (18595) Zane opens the door. "See? there it goes," **
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: Reiner eloquently speaks to Tempest: He stands 6'6" and weighs 320 lbs of pure muscle. For those not accustomed to fighter types, he is just plain scary. For those who know of war, he is seen as dangerous. For those who know him, they say he fights with sight and honor, a true member of the Uluutari. He is also Da Khan, of a noble birth within the Clan Swiftblade and the fourth born of his family. This is why he must be in direct service to his lord and god, The War Father. He is just and kind to those who are good and merciless to those who are inclined to evil. Yet, there is always a glimmer of hope that those of evil will find the errors of their ways.

(18595) Thom: (( yeah, I gotta get mine on there... ))
(18598) Atross: ((That's because I am an unmarked white cube carrying a bow silly. j/k))
(18629) DM: (90 minute warning. stopping at 2:30 so we can talk to the new player, who's lurking now, that is if he's still awake. :))
(18595) Zane: (( cool ))
(18598) Atross: ((Rip and paste away))
** (18595) Thom looks into the hallway to make sure it's clear. **
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: LOL
(18629) DM: This seems to be a narrow access corridor from the main temple chamber. The door (to 24) stands open.
(18598) Atross: Atross is bald and has blue eyes if anyone bothers to check Before you stands a human of average height and medium build. He stands alert; almost to attention but always surveying his surroundings. He wears a flexible armor of leather with metal studs and a buckler at one arm. His carries a greatbow slung at is back and a small flail at his belt.
** (18595) Thom walks down a little ways and enters the massive room again. "Yep, just as I thought." **
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "Let us get out of here"
(18595) Zane: "Well, what about those stairs? I would like to see where they lead. We might get some more information."
** (18627) Rainur Swiftblade heads back to the front doors that they originally came through that leed to the fiorest" **
(18630) Miragon: (well my descrip is easy anyways, just picture Shaq wearing fullplate and swinging a sword big as himself :p)
(18598) Atross: "That's right, more floors to this place."
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "Thom, do you really want to go up there?"
(18595) Thom: "Yes, and as much as I don't like this place, the more information we have, the better."
(18595) Thom: "Yes, I do... At least, I do now. Might change my mind once we get there...."
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "All right :locksmith: ...lead the way"
** (18595) Thom winks a little, trying to keep the mood a little light. **
(18598) Atross: "We really can't afford to leave places unexamined I'm afraid."
(18630) Miragon: "Whatever's up there, it won't be long before it's dead after I set my eyes on it."
** (18595) Zane heads to the east stairs (( to the right of the door when you enter the chapel )) **
** (18627) Rainur Swiftblade follows **
** (18598) Atross follows at a short distance **
** (18595) Zane spots up the stairs, trying to see what's up there. **
** (18630) Miragon brings up the rear as he glances about looking for any signs of danger. **
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: ((what happened to our priestess?))
(18595) Thom: (( told you - the hand of some God took her away.... ))
(18629) DM: This seems to be a choir loft that overlooks the main temple area. The room is filled with amber statues of people whose mouths are gaping open. The statues do not have the d'Amberville family resemblance. Along the south wall is a keyboard to an organ. You do not see any organ pipes.
(18595) Thom: (( most likely - the God of the internet.... ))
(18629) DM: One of the statues is eerily familiar.
** (18595) Thom moves closer to the familiar statue, slowly, trying to see it better. **
** (18630) Miragon removes his sword from its scabbard and rests it over his shoulder as he slowly walks along. **
** (18595) Zane gets very upset and walks away quickly. **
(18595) Zane: "Everywhere I go!"
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "What is it"
(18595) Thom: "That damnable with of a woman, the Tempest!"
(18595) Thom: (( *witch ))
(18598) Atross: "Looking at them, I wonder if they're all just statues."
(18595) Zane: "Well, if it is the real Tempest, than it's better than she deserves."
(18598) Atross: *examining the familiar statue*"Little chance of this one being the real one huh."
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "That is important...she must have some connection here...Pierre, what are your thoughts?"
** (18595) Thom stands off, not believing that even here he has to see the Tempest. **
(18629) Pierre d'Amberville: I think it's time I told you the truth.
(18598) Atross: "The truth, regarding?"
(18629) Pierre d'Amberville: Well...a truth in any event.
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "Yes that would be a good idea sir"
** (18595) Thom glares at Pierre... **
(18629) Pierre d'Amberville: You see, the woman you know as the Tempest and my ancestor have a great deal in common, including some unfinished business.
(18629) Pierre d'Amberville: I should go back thirty years, to the time of the Kernin invasion.
(18595) Thom: (( BRB - while Stan types. ))
(18630) Miragon: (dont let norf here that)
(18629) Pierre d'Amberville: You may have heard of a certain adventuring company who liberated Highkeep from the plots and devices of an offshoot of the Silent Network that made their lair beneath the city. This branch of the Network had among their number, clerics of an unholy god that sought to create its avatar within a secret temple underneath Highkeep. This would have destroyed the city and sacrificed all who lived within. The high priest of this secret cult was none other than the woman who calls herself the Tempest.
(18598) Atross: "So she's the reason that priests are banned, as well as the enforcer now."
** (18595) Thom looks down a little, having heard rumors living in Highkeep. **
(18629) Pierre d'Amberville: Now, this same adventuring band also freed my family from my ancestor's curse, once before.
(18629) Pierre d'Amberville: You know members of this band -- the Magister, your King and a certain barkeep in Tolrindel are among them.
** (18595) Thom scowls, but at himself for not putting two and two together. **
** (18630) Miragon stands silently, not carring much for the conversation. **
(18595) Thom: "Wait... If your family was freed? Why are we here?"
(18629) Pierre d'Amberville: There are events I am forbidden from discussing with you, for now is not the right time, but suffice to say that certain events caused what had once occurred to repeat themselves. Although the band of heroes saved Highkeep from the machinations of the cult of Gorgauth, the god somehow returned. Or rather, a more accurate statement would be that a shadow of the god, an essence of the god, a representative of the god has returned, this time in the body of the woman who now calls herself the Tempest.
(18598) Atross: "It seems an obvious question to be asked."
(18595) Zane: "You are forbidden? We are risking everything to free a group of people that seem to not care about being freed, and you are 'forbidden' from telling us more?"
(18629) Pierre d'Amberville: My ancestor was involved in an encounter of which I am forbidden to speak. He participated in a titanic magical battle which took place in the celestial realm of Sul. Although the battle was won, it had certain consequences which caused some events to be as if they had never happened. History is now repeating itself in some instances.
(18629) Pierre d'Amberville: I am forbidden to tell you because I took an oath. (shrugs)
** (18595) Thom looks up at Pierre. "How convienent..." **
(18598) Atross: "And when will you be unforbidden?"
(18629) Pierre d'Amberville: The reason that statue is there is because at some point in the past, all of those people were victims of the d'Ambervilles in one way or another. Obviously, my ancestor, Etienne, slew her. The woman you know as the Tempest is not a mortal creature. Forget that it is the Tempest, but rather see it as something else.
(18629) Pierre d'Amberville: (glances at Atross) When? When you free my grandpere, when else?
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "So it is even more dire that we free your grandpere for the greater good"
(18629) Pierre d'Amberville: Your presence here is part of a prophecy, of course. (offhandedly)
(18598) Atross: "Ah, now everything makes sense. Why didn't I see it before." ::clearly doesn't view this as a less muddy situation::
(18595) Zane: "Well, I wanted more information, I guess I asked for it..."
(18598) Atross: "So, your grandpere, Etienne. The one who's dead, we're going to free him. And we're doing this at the Tempest's request. Who has also died. Of course, simple. Clear as day."
(18629) Pierre d'Amberville: (smiles gently, genuinely)
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "Pierre, what is her weakness, how can we defeat her and send her back to her master?"
** (18630) Miragon perks up. **
(18630) Miragon: "Yes, how can she be destroyed?"
(18598) Atross: "Or send her master back to himself if that's what the Tempest now is."
(18629) Pierre d'Amberville: The creature who calls herself the Tempest is a daemon who inhabits the body of the woman who served as Gorgauth's chief cleric in the events that took place, 30 years ago.
(18629) Pierre d'Amberville: That is for my grandpere to tell you. Also, I believe Rhian told you a while back.
** (18598) Atross looks at the statue again. **
(18598) Atross: "Right, he did it before, it can be done again."
(18595) Thom: "but before, she was a mortal..."
(18630) Miragon: "I do not know the person you speak of, but it matters little. There is nothing in this world that cannot be ultimately destroyed. We shall find a way..."
(18595) Thom: ::Thom hangs his head a little and mutters:: "The Tempest - immortal... we'll never be freed of her...."
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "Such a great evil upon our world...It is sure that the War Father has sent us to fullfill this profecy...yes we will free Etienne"
(18598) Atross: "Just because she's not mortal now doesn't mean she can't be beaten."
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: Pierre...does the magister know about this?"
(18629) Pierre d'Amberville: You cannot destroy the Tempest now. But you will, at some point in the future. Other things need to occur before she can be banished. The people of Highkeep are a destitute lot, for they do not have those who can shepherd them through this dark time. They need to BELIEVE that there are those who can save them from the yoke of the Tempest. Clerics of the gods must return and take root in the city. However, this is a long road that will not be resolved until in the future.
(18595) Zane: "Maybe not, but an immortal with the entire Highkeep guard at her beck and call.... Won't be easy in any way."
(18629) Pierre d'Amberville: You see, very few people know of this truth. But this is a beginning. (smiles gently)
(18629) Pierre d'Amberville: Now you know why she is able to confuse the Magister and make it seem as if all is normal when it is not.
(18630) Miragon: "This place grows worse and worse."
** (18630) Miragon shakes his head. **
** (18595) Thom picks his head up suddenly. "Pierre! Do you think she, it, whatever is trying to bring about the original plan?" **
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "Lord Garath must be informed about this as should King Falconedge"
(18598) Atross: "There was a cult before, hopefully the Tempest alone would not be enough to complete a ritual like that."
(18629) Pierre d'Amberville: Her act too, was foretold. You are here because of a prophecy. She has set herself on a path towards her destruction. I would take comfort in Destiny. (nods at Danae)
** (18627) Rainur Swiftblade is filled with a bit more energy at least in spirit than before **
(18630) Miragon: "Her follower's are her main weakness."
(18595) Zane: ::to Atross:: "Yes, I would hope as well... but if she is, then all my friends, all the family I have ever know...."
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "Pierre, do we have more business here? If not let us get to that gate"
(18595) Zane: "We're not ready Rainur..."
(18595) Zane: "We still have no way of defeating the guardian...."
(18598) Atross: "Right. . . we still need to find a way past its guardian."
** (18630) Miragon takes a drink from his jug then pops the cork back in as he props up against the wall. **
(18630) Miragon: "Guardian?"
** (18595) Thom leans agains thte wall, trying to take it all in... **
(18629) Pierre d'Amberville: Well, I would say you have more business exploring the rest of my family's home. Madeline did not tell you where the gate was, only that it is beneath this chateau, in a dungeon.
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "A guardian that is from the abyss that only certain members of the family can defeat my brother...we will find that ally"
(18598) Atross: "The gate that those keys are for is guarded. It's said that only a sword of the d'Amberville can banish the creature or something like that."
(18629) Pierre d'Amberville: As the creature was summoned by a d'Amberville, only a d'Amberville can defeat it. That is what Madeline meant.
(18629) Pierre d'Amberville: Your task, is to seek out a d'Amberville, who will accompany you and defeat this creature.
(18630) Miragon: "One of them? Ha! Good luck finding someone"
(18598) Atross: "If you want to put it more plainly, exactly."
(18630) Miragon: "Will a corpse suffice? I can swing a dead swordarm."
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: They are a curious lot Pierre...perhaps we will find one yet" ::looks at Pierre"
** (18630) Miragon props back up against the wall somewhat skeptical. **
** (18595) Zane stops leaning and walks down the stairs. **
(18629) Pierre d'Amberville: It will not be me. It is not yet my time. (cryptically)
(18630) Miragon: "How unfortunate."
(18598) Atross: "Surely there must be one of them that wants to get free."
** (18629) Pierre d'Amberville nods and leaves the temple area. **
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: Let us go back out into the forest and go to the other door"
(18598) Atross: "Well, no keys and no d'Ambervilles up here, right?"
(18598) Atross: "The next place we can go is to the east wing then, I agree."
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "Yes"
** (18595) Thom waits in the forest for everyone else. **
** (18630) Miragon follows the others, clinking and clanging as he goes. **
(18629) DM: (you're at 19)
(18629) DM: (45 minute warning)
** (18598) Atross upon exiting the door, turns left and peers down the path. **
(18630) Miragon: (brb bathroom/drink break)
(18598) Atross: "She said one was in the middle of the forest, and we got that. I guess we won't have to search all the trees at least."
(18629) DM: Golden sunlight lights your way through the trees, as the amber path wends its way through the forest.
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "Over there is the east wing !" (door 18)
** (18598) Atross continues walking to reach the door at (18) **
** (18595) Thom attacks with a firey assualt. **
(18595) Thom: (( sorry... ))
** (18595) Thom follows. **
(18629) DM: The amber path ends in a 10' wide door on the east side of the forest. Three massive stones form an arch over the path. The only way to enter the door is to pass through the arch. A steady patter of blood drips from the underside of the arch, and it looks extremely difficult to pass through the arch without becoming blood-spattered.
** (18598) Atross hops to try to see the top of arch better. (is the blood dripping from something, or just from the stones?) **
(18629) DM: (the stones)
(18598) Atross: "Well that's a decidedly unpleasant welcome mat."
** (18595) Thom looks at the blood dripping. 'That just doesn't seem right...." **
(18598) Atross: "hmm...
** (18598) Atross pulls out an arrow and holds it under the bloodstream. **
(18595) Thom: (( it becomes a red arrow. ))
(18629) DM: ((yes))
** (18598) Atross once it's spattered, he looks a moment to see if it just gets bloody or if it starts smoking or dissolving or something. **
(18629) DM: (just spattered)
(18598) Atross: "Well, it looks normal."
(18598) Atross: "er. ."
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "Touch the stones with that arrow"
(18630) Miragon: (back)
(18598) Atross: "Okay"
** (18598) Atross touches the arrow to a stones **
(18629) DM: (which stone? under the arch or outside?)
(18598) Atross: (From where I don't get spattered and from as far away as possible, then pressing it against it from the side trying to not touch the stones myself)
(18629) DM: Nothing happens.
** (18595) Thom backs away from the front of the stones, but standing where he can watch. **
(18598) Atross: "Okay, what now?"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+8] -> [18,8] = (26)
(18630) Miragon: "We should have just hauled that chatty guy over here and shoved him through."
(18598) Atross: "We do have to go in somehow."
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "I guess touching it from under the arch somehow would be the next step
(18598) Atross: "Right, then."
(18595) Thom: "And why are we touching the stones?"
** (18598) Atross knocks the bloody arrow and shoots it at the bottom of the top of the bloody arch. (bloody blood getting bloody everywhere) **
(18598) Atross: Greatbow Attack 1 Chance to Hit: [1d20+12] -> [13,12] = (25)
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "If there is a poison or magic in connection with this dripping blood we should know first" ::shows his hands::
(18629) DM: The arrow strikes the arch and falls to the ground, splattering blood everywhere.
** (18595) Zane nods in understanding. "Very true," **
(18598) Atross: "Looks like still nothing, just a mess."
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "Well let me give it a once over"
** (18627) Rainur Swiftblade concentrates on the rocks **
** (18630) Miragon stares at Rainur. **
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "Well, it does not radiate evil but it does radiate magic
(18598) Atross: "Not being evil is almost a surprise here.
(18595) Thom: "It's a bleeding rock - that spells magic to me..."
(18598) Atross: "Magic to do with blood is rarely good."
(18598) Atross: "Right?"
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "Well, let us proceed...so we get a little bloody...we can deal with that right men?"
** (18595) Thom walks over the fallen stone, trying to avoid getting much bloodier. **
** (18630) Miragon pulls out his tent from his pack and puts it over his head. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d6] -> [5] = (5)
(18630) Miragon: "The blood of my enemies is one thing, but this I don't like."
(18630) Miragon: "There's room under here for others."
** (18595) Zane gets through the blood and starts examining the door. (( Search for traps )) **
(18630) Miragon: "But who knows what this thing does, it might not be a good idea to all pass through at the same time."
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+8] -> [16,8] = (24)
(18598) Atross: "And there's plenty of others. I'll take my chances and let anyone else who wants the shelter have it."
** (18595) Zane tries to crack open the door. **
(18598) Atross: "Though that gives me an idea now...
** (18595) Thom listens at the door for a moment. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+1] -> [15,1] = (16)
** (18595) Thom holds his hand up back at the others. **
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "Well Thom needs to go first, since he is our locksmith"
(18598) Atross: "If you don't mind lending the tent, we could use it like an umbrella to ferry everyone across and only have to clean it maybe."
(18630) Miragon: "Thats what I was going to do."
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "What is an umbrella?
** (18595) Zane turns back to the others, holding up a finger, asking them to all wait. **
(18598) Atross: "Must be a city thing, sorry."
** (18630) Miragon stretches out his massive arms providing a large space underneath. My arms will be this tent's poles for now." **
** (18595) Zane then pulls out some tools and begins working on the 'lock'. **
(18629) DM: (umbrellas don't exist in this camp. slip of the tongue.))
(18629) DM: (20 minute warning)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+15] -> [1,15] = (16)
** (18630) Miragon holds the shelter while Thom works. **
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "Did you get it Thom?"
(18595) Zane: (( sorry guys, just a sec... working on things, I promise. ))
(18629) DM: (Miragon, go under the arch yet?)
** (18595) Zane stands and walks back to the arch, but not getting in the blood. he keeps an eye on the door the entire time. **
(18630) Miragon: (if i have to to shield Thom, then yes)
(18629) DM: (well, either you do or you don't. :) )
(18595) Zane: (( I'm not entering the blood again ))
(18630) Miragon: (then no))
(18629) DM: (k)
(18595) Thom: (( I already passed through it once, I am on the opposite side from you guys. ))
(18630) Miragon: (ah i didnt know)
(18595) Thom: "It's Charles, and Simon. And they are chanting...."
(18630) Miragon: (I'll go through with him then)
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "Where?"
(18629) DM: (well, then if you did, you needed to let me know. your tent vanishes.)
(18595) Thom: 'In there." *Points at the doors.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d6] -> [3] = (3)
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "At this point, I would kick the door in as a surprise!"
** (18627) Rainur Swiftblade goes through the arch **
(18595) Zane: "Well, I got it unlocked. but I dared not open it until we were all there.
** (18598) Atross readies his bow, "Go for it, don't slip in the blood." **
** (18630) Miragon looks about for his tent. "It's gone." **
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: "No time ...ready yourself for battle!"
** (18598) Atross shields his bow with his body as he rushes through the arch. **
** (18595) Thom moves out of the way of the coming members. **
** (18630) Miragon looks back through the archway. "I am always ready." **
(18627) Rainur Swiftblade: [1d20+10] -> [6,10] = (16)
** (18630) Miragon throws his sword over his shoulder as he waits for the others to pass through the archway. **
(18629) DM: Blood spatters on Rainur and Atross
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d6] -> [3] = (3)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d6] -> [1] = (1)
(18595) Thom: "Welcome to this side of the blood..."
** (18598) Atross surveys the mess a brief moment. **
(18598) Atross: "I specifically did not want blood-red armor too."
(18595) Thom: "Yeah, well it just looks like you were actually involved in hand-to-hand combat. *winks
** (18595) Zane turns then back to the door, motioning for everyone to be quiet, or as quiet as possible. **
(18598) Atross: ::Quietly::"I tried. Oh well."
** (18595) Thom listens at the door again. **
(18629) Charles d'Amberville: I told you not to create more undead! Those intruders slew some of your attendants.
** (18595) Thom puts his head again the door, peering into the keyhole. **
(18629) Simon d'Amberville: You whine too much, for a wizard. If I hadn't rescued you from your pets, you would have been dead years ago.
(18629) DM: (Thom reports this, which I'm repeating fyi)
(18629) Charles d'Amberville: What about our sister?
(18629) Simon d'Amberville: Hmph. My spell seems to have worn off. Or perhaps done its work too well. She hasn't turned against Richard though, like I planned.
(18629) Charles d'Amberville: You're forgetting about the apostate.
(18629) Simon d'Amberville: *HE's* of no consequence. (dismissively)
(18629) Charles d'Amberville: Well, when they enter that door, we have a bit of a surprise awaiting them. (chuckling)
** (18630) Miragon taps his sword and nods his head in reply to the last comment. **
(18629) Simon d'Amberville: I wouldn't underestimate them. The fat one, for instance.
(18595) Thom: (( I am hearing this and will report back to you all what I hear when they are done... At least, that's the way I understand it... ))
(18629) Charles d'Amberville: Do you think the enchantment has held?
(18630) Miragon: (thats fine, i just do my post whenever im told)
(18629) Simon d'Amberville: You're the wizard, you tell me.
(18629) Charles d'Amberville: I remember the day of the coronation, it all happened so quickly...
(18629) Simon d'Amberville: When all is said and done, my brother, we will have our revenge, and another of Etienne's heroes will have fallen. Make that another group. (chants)
(18629) DM: (and on this note, we'll stop)
(18595) Thom: (( lol - good timing ))
(18629) DM: Make note of the number I whispered to each of you
(18629) DM: you'll need it for next session
** (18595) Thom returns to everyone, reporting what he heard. **

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