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(239) TaliesinNYC: first change: if a player is late without telling me, he's shot
(238) Morti: ...
(241) Atross: That'll help punctuality
** (238) Morti nods, and readies beebee gun **
** (241) Atross draws his greatbow, "Let's aim for the dice hand first." **
(239) TaliesinNYC: lol
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane (enter): 16:17
(239) TaliesinNYC: no I'm serious
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (242) Je'rar Ogrebane...
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: there..that might help :P
(239) TaliesinNYC: Alfred is late
(238) Morti: serious? :lowers aim to groin level
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: entering the right room works better when you hit the right fkn button
(239) TaliesinNYC: :)
(239) TaliesinNYC: we're not starting where we left off because I want to talk first
(239) TaliesinNYC: David is leaving the Saturday game
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: ?!?
(239) TaliesinNYC: yes
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: but then he'll never meet my new guy that I thought for sure he'd really like
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: damn
(239) TaliesinNYC: that e-mail that he sent me is a wake up call because I've been doing a lot of things wrong apparently
(239) TaliesinNYC: but so has the group. so we're not going to do much gaming today until we've had this little chat
(238) Morti: instead we'll be starting of in a wonderful paradise, being serviced by lovely bikini models and bringing us margeritas
(239) TaliesinNYC: since Alfred is not here, he automatically has a strike against him for being late
(239) TaliesinNYC: folks, this game is an epic quest game
(239) TaliesinNYC: if you don't like epic quests, I'd advise you not to play in them
(239) TaliesinNYC: it means that you'll be moving around a lot, there won't be a lot of time for rest and lots of prophecy and destiny
(239) TaliesinNYC: if you want a game with a plot that's more down to earth, the Friday game is for you
(239) TaliesinNYC: the Saturday game is up in the clouds
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: destiny is but a fickle flick of the finger from the noses of the gods :P
(239) TaliesinNYC: that's number one
(239) TaliesinNYC: number two is that Andurin is a low magic world
(238) Morti: I be the booger of prophecy then
(239) TaliesinNYC: I've been doing something wrong because you think its a highly magical world
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: rotfl lunau
(239) TaliesinNYC: so the item count will drop
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: no Stan
(239) TaliesinNYC: yes Mike
(239) TaliesinNYC: the item count will drop
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: you've mentioned several times from the very beginning and on that it isn't
(238) Morti: no prob there
(241) Atross: Yeah, I don't know why he thought it was high magic?
(241) Atross: I'd say what you've done with this place has really been fine
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: as for dropping the item count.. it's not like we have an awful lot anyway (or do we?)
(238) Morti: and by the way, I'd like to apologize about grumbling over the prophecy stuff. I really do enjoy the storyline, and I was letting my own narrow and ill-confidance effect my opinion of my character. You're doing great, keep at it
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: good; at least we all seem to be in agreement on that end of things anyway 8O)
(238) Morti: yeah, Jer'ar... we've got a lot, and a lot more that we haven't even bothered to identify
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: oh
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: well.. lol
(238) Morti: we have so many scrolls and potions that people stopped even taking count since we never bothered to use them
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: ahh.. as a non-magical kind of guy and character, Je'rar wouldn't take notice of scrolls
(239) TaliesinNYC: I want to mention something
(238) Morti: that and it's some times hard to get a description of the stuff we do have. Ok, Stan that is one flaw for you to work on. don't give us more stuff than you can keep track of
(238) Morti: yes?
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: umm Morti?
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: That shouldn't lie squarely on Stan
(239) TaliesinNYC: Andurin is a low magic world in the sense that there's not a lot of magic like as in FR or Greyhawk. the item count is actually on par with most 3E settings but its not as high as FR
(238) Morti: good point. nevermind
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: he gives us the stuff, those of us who have those items should also stay on top of them
(239) TaliesinNYC: let me kind of put it this way -- you hear a lot of legends about really powerful magic but very little of that actually comes home to roost
(241) Atross: Someone in the party should keep track of what the party has and make that information available to the dm, a Party Bookeeper.
(238) Morti: that was Dave...
(245) Vrondard (enter): 16:29
(238) Morti: oro?
(245) Vrondard: heylo
(245) Vrondard: ((Baby Time! (afk)))
(238) Morti: HOI!
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: < has his magic item listed in the group page
** (242) Je'rar Ogrebane has his magic item listed in the group page **
(238) Morti: I understand. It's a low magic world with just concentrated source like the citadel or lost stuff from ancient times
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: lol powerful magic
(238) Morti: I remember when Morti visited the citadel with drenla, he said something about Rainur would be shocked at how much magci was really around him in this city
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: Je'rar thinks his sword is powerful magic; it is magical, and lights up like a torch
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (245) Vrondard...
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: not mocking it at all
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: from his standpoint, that's pretty heady stuff
(241) Atross: It struck me as the circle of shoot, sorcery was it? Is in charge of magic, and so it's all there in normal amounts, but it's only where they allow
(239) TaliesinNYC: yes but you're coming from a stand point of FR where magic is commonplace
(239) TaliesinNYC: I'm trying to get you to think differently
(239) TaliesinNYC: here, magic is uncommon. yes there's powerful magic in the background but in the foreground where most PCs exist, very little powerful magic actually comes to the foreground and when it does, you'll really know it
(239) TaliesinNYC: so yes, you'll have potions and scrolls and what not, but when you have something like a really nice weapon, then you'll say WHOA
(238) Morti: I've only played FR a few times. I usually go homebrew systems, and frankly I prefer low magic camps when DMing, so to me this place is pretty high. In all truth we've just been hitting the high magic spots of Andurin
(239) TaliesinNYC: but very little of that WHOA stuff actually makes it to the forefront. that's what I mean by a low magic world
(238) Morti: gotcha gotcha
(239) TaliesinNYC: sigh
(241) Atross: As long as whoever has the super duper magic greatbow is shooting it, we should be fine
(241) Atross: =D
(245) Vrondard: ha
(239) TaliesinNYC: the magic in Andurin is less about flashy fireballs than it is about the stories of legend
** (238) Morti gets Stan an ice pack for his head **
(239) TaliesinNYC: that's why PCs can't be Aes Sedai, because Aes Sedai are supposed to be legendary
(241) Atross: Sorry, just a lame joke off of the point about enemies using their equipment, not just leaving powerful treasure for us to find later.
(238) Morti: We're prophecized heroes, don't that make us legendary?
(238) Morti: Hehehe.. just kidding
(239) TaliesinNYC: not really
(241) Atross: No we're not
(241) Atross: We *might* be
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: well then good, because that's a big part of Je'rar's motivation... to become a hero of legend
(239) TaliesinNYC: the prophecy we're talking about is something most people won't ever know
(241) Atross: But if you were to die today, obviously it was someone else
(241) Atross: It's like some of the prophecies in Sword of Truth. One of the ones that the high ups know about and take measures becuase but common people shouldn't know.
** (238) Morti spits up blood and bile as he's scewered to death... "I th-thought I w-w-was... des-tined.. **
(239) TaliesinNYC: ultimately if you think the game works, then I suppose I won't have to scrap anything but some things will be changing
(239) TaliesinNYC: I need you to be serious Lunauc
(241) Atross: Seriously funny? Sorry sorry
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: thus far, I've been liking it
(238) Morti: Oneiros speaks forth: "Oops, misread the name, It was Martin Bollin
(239) TaliesinNYC: LUNAUC!
(238) Morti: sorry. I'll be good now
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: I still enjoy that well of enroth scene
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: that was cool
(239) TaliesinNYC: so the item count will drop, AOOs and combat rules will be used more frequently, and you need to be on time.
(239) TaliesinNYC: the PC composition needs work
(238) Morti: I understand. Is there anything else I need to work on?
(239) TaliesinNYC: I'm not entirely sure if I should just scrap the game anf begin from scratch
(238) Morti: NO!! GAME GOOD!!
(238) Morti: SCRAP BAD!!
(239) TaliesinNYC: so David, what do you think?
** (241) Atross like a lightbulb over his head just switched on, he snaps his head up and opens his mouth to offer an idea. **
(245) Vrondard: me?
(245) Vrondard: ha
(239) TaliesinNYC: even though you're leaving
(241) Atross: Could make a mini of a spell template =D
(245) Vrondard: a more focused party would be an advantage
(238) Morti: spell template mini?
(241) Atross: A 20. ft radius mini for example. If you can't see your mini under this thing, it's dark
(245) Vrondard: someone that knows they are supposed to be involved in the destiny business
(245) Vrondard: baby is cranky
(245) Vrondard: : (
(241) Atross: Just grab a picture of a circle, size it to proportion
(238) Morti: you can't really KNOW you're involved in destiny. It's really something you have to figure out and decide on your own
(245) Vrondard: ((Baby Time! (afk)))
(238) Morti: good idea on the spell template though
(241) Atross: We could use the lines on the whiteboard function some too
(241) Atross: It helps for ranged combat in closed areas
(241) Atross: And when I say, I cast it there, I could do this
(241) Atross: And the DM is able to clear all the lines whenever you want
(238) Morti: only problem is we don't always have a working map going
(241) Atross: We only need the grid to be in use to do it
(238) Morti: that'd be cool then
(241) Atross: And about the medusa, I admit, I have the SRD on my hard drive...
(238) Morti: SRD?
(239) TaliesinNYC: about the destiny thing
(241) Atross: System Reference Document
(239) TaliesinNYC: all my epic style plots have a certain pattern
(245) Vrondard: free Players Handbook and DMG
(245) Vrondard: on the internet
(239) TaliesinNYC: they're all open ended enough to reflect the fact that players come and go
(252) Kyla (enter): 16:50
(241) Atross: I'm not about to say, hey, I'm 40 ft from the medusa, it can't petrify me though.
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (252) Kyla...
(239) TaliesinNYC: we're discussing what needs to change in the game
(241) Atross: And, where would you like to be shot?
(252) Kyla: in the left butt cheek
** (238) Morti takes up his beebee gun and aims. "What a blindfold?" **
** (241) Atross draws his greatbow back, takes aim. "Damn, I just can't do it." *Twang* "Err, my finger slipped." **
(252) Kyla: heh
(241) Atross: More seriously, it's not a high magic world and people need to show up on time
(238) Morti: People REALLY need to show up on time
(238) Morti: ... and I need to be more serious. Sorry
(241) Atross: It's okay, you rode in on a horse, I understand =D
(239) TaliesinNYC: its not supposed to be a high magic world
(239) TaliesinNYC: remember Conan the Destroyer?
(239) TaliesinNYC: the movie with Arnold and Grace Jones
(238) Morti: which one was that?
(239) TaliesinNYC: not the first Conan but the second one
(238) Morti: was that the one where the raid the cavern temple is all whit and black body paint?
(238) Morti: or the one where they fight the big ass horned god thing at the end?
(239) TaliesinNYC: the one where Conan goes to get a jeweled horn that's supposed to belong to Dagoth and raises up an evil creature...
(239) TaliesinNYC: horned god thing
(238) Morti: gotcha
(239) TaliesinNYC: ok, well Andurin's magic level is supposed to be like the magic level of the second Conan movie
(238) Morti: this snake man temple reminded me of that movie coincidentally
(239) TaliesinNYC: that's what I'm talking about
(239) TaliesinNYC: on the one hand, you have common magic which isn't really all that common and on the other hand, you have high magic that's heard about in legends
(238) Morti: i admit, I was almost tempted to pry out one of the jewels in the statues just to see what would happen
(239) TaliesinNYC: if you think Andurin is like FR, then something's wrong and I need to work on it
(241) Atross: ((I blame it on the elves. Sorry sorry.))
(238) Morti: Not like FR. We just go a lot of places with magic, like the citadel or chasing magic users.
(239) TaliesinNYC: focused party:
(239) TaliesinNYC: it would help if the PCs were of a good alignment mix but with a focus towards being the champions of the Light
(238) Morti: Of course I am curious why there wouldn't be more uproar over things like Morti's magic tricks with the unseen servant and ghost voice at the execution or even just his enchanted mask trick
(239) TaliesinNYC: (not the gods of good, big difference)
(239) TaliesinNYC: oh there was an uproar all right
(239) TaliesinNYC: alot of things that go on in the game also go on offstage and you hear about it at a later date
(239) TaliesinNYC: when you get back to Highkeep you'll find out what I mean
(238) Morti: hai hai
(252) Kyla: ok
(239) TaliesinNYC: I mean really, when it comes down to it...why is the group together?
(239) TaliesinNYC: Rhian and Je'rar are leaving after this scenario
(239) TaliesinNYC: Trayn is leaving to go his own way
(239) TaliesinNYC: Why is the group together?
(241) Atross: Troll bad
(238) Morti: I agree we aren't really a crack team of saviors or anythig. But are we really that bad?
(239) TaliesinNYC: I'm asking you why you're together
(239) TaliesinNYC: I know why you're together, but I want to hear from you why YOU think you're together
(252) Kyla: I'm working off a suit of armour from lord Reinur. no clue why I'm with the rest of them.
(238) Morti: I've pretty much given my reasons for Morti. This is his makeshift family, and it may be false, but it is what he's clinging too. Also even though all he's REALLY not comfortable with the idea of himself as a person of destiny, he is a good hearted kid and when he knows people need help, he wants to do all he can to make things right. That's why he follows
(241) Atross: I obviously agree with principles others in the group have. I'm not too good on the creative aspects, but for now leaving a military unit after service because doing what you're told is not as fulfilling as doing what is right. Obviously, these people are doing what is right.
(239) TaliesinNYC: Je'rar?
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: ahh..here we go
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: Je'rar is with the party for mthe reasons I'd posted to the group in re sat game
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: also, because he wants to DO something
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: he relishes the idea of being a heroic persona
(239) TaliesinNYC: ok
(239) TaliesinNYC: well since Alfred isn't here to answer being that he's in London England with his wife, I'll skip him
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: why else do you think he sacrificed himself that time ? lol
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: of course, he's sweet on Rhian as well...
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: lol
(239) TaliesinNYC: so what exactly is the group's purpose now...?
(241) Atross: (Ah, to choose between love and glory. Hmm.)
(238) Morti: the only reason to be heroic... booty
(239) TaliesinNYC: forget the destiny crap
(239) TaliesinNYC: if you take out the destiny crap, what do you think the group's purpose is now, and why?
(238) Morti: Right now, save the slaves. stop the company of dark and helps our selves along the way
(239) TaliesinNYC: after this scenario
(239) TaliesinNYC: forget the company of dark
(239) TaliesinNYC: After Highkeep/the Tempest/the slaves, why are you all in this together?
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: end the slavers; save the city of highkeep from the bitch
(241) Atross: Lacking destiny, I'd say we would see an end to the slavers incursion. I don't know what will happen after that. Atross isn't too likely to know about an oppressed community of elves deep in the woods held under bootheel by an immortal dark knight.
(238) Morti: can't forget them. they threaten other people. and Knowing that Morti can't stop if he knows other people are expecting him to act
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: lol
(239) TaliesinNYC: ok, so you're all in this together because you see yourselves as useful towards a certain end
(239) TaliesinNYC: is that right?
(238) Morti: Morti may not think himself the rightman for the job. But he suree isn't going to leave the job undone!
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: yeah..besides which, Je'rar is gaining experience and skills along the way that might enable him to be a better leader for the Fhaard
(239) TaliesinNYC: ok
(238) Morti: If we aren't the ones of destiny, they can always come along later. This is our decision
(252) Kyla: doing something is great, but I'm starting to wonder why I'm with a group at all. every thing I have is designed around self suficiency, some work better alone. the only reason to stay with this group is the armour I'm wirking off, even hif he calimed it was a gift, I'm still keeping track of common rogue prices for tasks (borrowed from a similar game, so close enough for morality reasons) but there is a reason to be in a group in general, and that's to teach me to rely on others for help too, not jsut teh skills I've got that let me operate independantly. destiny can go to hell, it will sort it's self out based on teh combined efforts of lots of individuals on both sides.
(239) TaliesinNYC: we'll get some gaming in today but this is necessary
(239) TaliesinNYC: wish Alfred was here
(239) TaliesinNYC: ok, see that's what I mean
(239) TaliesinNYC: this game is meant to be an epic quest plot, so the PCs need to reflect that
(239) TaliesinNYC: if you're playing in this game, you need to create a PC that will fit the plot
(239) TaliesinNYC: Kyla doesn't fit the plot
(238) Morti: Git 'r' dun!
(239) TaliesinNYC: sorry to say
(239) TaliesinNYC: Morti actually fits the plot perfectly
(252) Kyla: I've only got a small reason to be with this group specifically, a slightly larger reason to be in some sort of group, and both are only temporary reasons.
(239) TaliesinNYC: Je'rar fits sort of ok
(239) TaliesinNYC: Trayn fits to a T
(239) TaliesinNYC: Rainur sort of fits ok
(245) Vrondard: ha
(252) Kyla: my own personal goal (as close to destiny as I'll admit to) is to change the more or less evil ways of the clasic paladin.
(239) TaliesinNYC: ah
(238) Morti: people change as we go though. One that may not fit now, might fit as we go. Or someone who's perfect for it might fall out of favor later
(252) Kyla: that'
(239) TaliesinNYC: well maybe I'm overanalyzing things too much.
(239) TaliesinNYC: my problem is that I'm still stuck in 2nd edition mode
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: ehehe
(239) TaliesinNYC: normally I would begin to hand out a +2 item at 6th or 7th level
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: I forgive ya for that.. do something long enough, it does get pretty ingrained
(238) Morti: keep in mind, what makes Morti so 'perfect' is the fact that he's weak minded. He follows the others because he doesn't really have the confidance to decide his own path yet. He is slowly gaining inner strength though, and some day may trek out in search of his family, breaking from the group
(241) Atross: Atross would be a do'er more than a follower or leader. He knows that he can't do it alone though. He will try if he has to. He would stand by any who share the side of good, and stand against any on the side of tyranny. He never really took orders as orders, more like opniions that he agrees with.
(252) Kyla: that's something that really can't happen though, since paladins are by deffinition the epitemy of good, and as long as they have their powers, then everyone will jsut know whtat they are workin for good, no matter how evil the actions are.
(239) TaliesinNYC: ok, well I'm not going to change what you have at the moment, but the item count will drop significantly, and you'll see more combat/tactics used
(238) Morti: cool, can't wait ^_^
(239) TaliesinNYC: as well as other changes. and the time thing is an issue, so please be punctual (unless you inform me otherwise in advance like Kyla does), or we'll begin without you (and your XP will suffer for it))
(239) TaliesinNYC: if you're late often enough, you'll be dropped
(239) TaliesinNYC: stopping the session early tonight btw, around 7.
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(239) DM: You're in room X.
** (238) Morti reties his scarf into position before leaving the bedroom to head back in to check on progress, **
(238) Morti: "We find the sceptor thingy?"
** (241) Atross comes to the doorway. **
(241) Atross: "I didn't hear anything explode."
(238) Morti: :to atross: "She must be getting better at it"
(261) Vexer (enter): 17:23
(261) Vexer (exit): 17:24
** (238) Morti strolls into Room X cautiously peering over Kyla's shoulder to what she'd found in the chest **
** (242) Je'rar Ogrebane stands there calmly while Kyla finishes her work **
(262) Belac (enter): 17:24
(252) Kyla: "Or you're learning to be quiter while I'm working"
(245) Trayn : .
(262) Belac (exit): 17:24
(252) Kyla: "they are all unlocked, and disarmed, I think."
(238) Morti: :toi quiet remark:"Your welcome"
** (252) Kyla gets up from teh wood chesta, and leaves the room. **
(238) Morti: (didn't we already open them?)
(252) Kyla: ((thought so, but then you started in on it, so I played along)
(241) Atross: (Just one, I don't have any memory of what's in the two wooden ones so)
(238) Morti: (Morti was in the other room end of last session, I was just coming back in)
(238) Morti: ( :shrug:)
** (238) Morti uses the butt of his staff to carefully flip the lids open (unless they already are...) **
** (241) Atross peers curiously at the treasure. **
(263) Jultach (enter): 17:29
(263) Jultach (exit): 17:29
(238) Morti: (Stan? you there?)
(241) Atross: "It certainly looks valuable. And it does look like what Rhian described doesn't it. Is this what you said may help the slaves?"
(239) DM: (which one, left or right?)
(238) Morti: (ok...left)
(239) DM: (oh, you flipped both. nm)
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: "Yees,assuming this thing can turn them into people again"
(239) DM: The left is filled with a pile of gold and silver coins. On top of the coins lies a platinum chalice decorated with three enameled tigers inset with deep blue spinels for eyes. Next to the chalice lies a highly ornate silver jewelry box with a beautiful swan engraved on the lid.
(239) DM: The second chest is filled with a mound of platinum royals and golden crowns.
(245) Trayn : "this could really put our slaves onto a road of recovery"
(245) Trayn : "and to being functional citizens again... that is if they can be saved"
** (238) Morti peers hopefully to trayn, paying the riches no mind, "Really?" **
** (242) Je'rar Ogrebane eyes light up.. with this, he could really help his people alot.. thinks of trying to get Regnak to bring the money back to the Fhaard **
(252) Kyla: "they have to want to save them selves, riches generlly only compounds the problem."
(241) Atross: "Wow. That's as much money as... one two three. Umm. wow."
(238) Morti: (we got the sceptor from one chest right? I remember it mentioned at the end of last session)
** (242) Je'rar Ogrebane finally finding his voice: **
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: "Aye.. that be a whole lotte loot and booty
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: "
(239) DM: (yes)
(238) Morti: (brb, afk)
(238) Morti: "Miss Rhian.. is it the real sceptor?"
(239) Rhian Aes Sedai: It appears to be, Morti.
** (238) Morti 's smile can even be noticed through his mask, even though he didn't bother with his enchanted movement of it. Bouncing a bit in excitment, he joyfully burts out, "WOOHOO!! This is great! Now how do we use it?" **
** (239) Rhian Aes Sedai glances at Trayn, speaking carefully, "Hold it in your hand, Morti, and concentrate on the effect you want to cause. The Scepter will do the rest...but your intent must be pure or it will be for naught." **
(239) DM: (brb)
(238) Morti: "Eh?" :head quirks: "Don't we need to see the slaves for that?"
(245) Trayn : "true... try it not if you are not of the most serious mind"
** (238) Morti gulps at Trayn's words, and holds the sceptor out to him, "You better do it" **
(241) Atross: "I'll leave the scepter to you. What about finding where the slaves are held
(241) Atross: ((?"))
(239) Rhian Aes Sedai: The Scepter is an item that was created betwixt a priest of this world and an Aes Sedai. It will work for a channeler of pure heart or a priest of great will.
(245) Trayn : "what shall I try to enact..."
** (245) Trayn takes the Scepter with no hesitance **
(239) Rhian Aes Sedai: This is an item created with the One Power and filled with magicka from a divine source. It will seek out that which was created by its opposite and remove all traces of their existence...but you must be near those afflicted or 'twill not work.
(238) Morti: "Hmm... focus on turning everyone in the temple who had been altered into a trolloc back to human"
(238) Morti: "So we do have to seek them"
** (245) Trayn concentrates to begin to feel the power of the item **
(238) Morti: "Lets not waste time then. We have to find them quick."
(252) Kyla: "Does anyone else think this is a bad thing?"
(238) Morti: "Huh? Why? This is progress"
(245) Trayn : Seemingly satisfied the item holds no harm for him...
(252) Kyla: "No, this is genocide"
** (242) Je'rar Ogrebane looks at Kyla,hearing the question, and shakes his head **
(238) Morti: "Genocide? We're turning them human again"
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: "Kyla.. we ned to stop the Trollocs; Trolocs are vicious monsters.. "
(245) Trayn : "we can continue.... lets find our soon to be charges"
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: "And.. yes, exactly Morti"
(252) Kyla: "I agree with that much."
(252) Kyla: "But what exactly is the opposite of waht created it?"
(238) Morti: "I dunno." :casually strolls out of X and back to y. (we been in Z?)
(239) DM: (no)
(274) Jade (enter): 17:55
(274) Jade (exit): 17:55
whispering to Trayn , its fairly thrumming with power...divine and something else that feels almost divine in nature but is an arcane magicka.
(238) Morti: "What is the opposte Miss Rhian? Shai'tan, right?"
(241) Atross: "I don't claim to understand, but Dranthis said the medusa was a worshiper of a different dark deity. The medusa turned the slaves into trollocs. If this can reverse that, then we have to try. The alternative is...much worse"
(245) Trayn : "indeed.. I hope to use this to change them back to once they were"
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: "I think you have it wrong,Atross"
(239) DM: The door to the south in room Y (the luxuriously appointed bedroom) is a sealed iron door.
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: "Trollocs are made by that Shai'tan .. the medusa just makes people turn to statues"
** (242) Je'rar Ogrebane tries to open the door **
** (238) Morti knocks loudly on the door to Z, "Hello, any trollocs in there?" **
(275) Nes'tas (enter): 17:59
(275) Nes'tas (exit): 17:59
(275) Nes'tas (enter): 17:59
(239) Rhian Aes Sedai: The Scepter will change that which was tainted by Shai'tan and remove his taint.
(275) Nes'tas (exit): 17:59
(239) DM: It's locked.
(239) DM: The door clangs.
(245) Trayn : "then lets find them...."
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: "Rhian.. would the scepter work on Shai'tan also?"
(238) Morti: (clangs in response?)
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: (is there a keyhole?)
(252) Kyla: "That's a much nicer description. if it works that way, I'll feel better about it."
(239) Rhian Aes Sedai: You would need a ter'angreal of far greater power than that which this item would provide.
(239) DM: (yes)
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: "I wish we could have found the key for this thing.. Kyla.. care to take a crack at it?"
(252) Kyla: "sure."
(241) Atross: "What was that clang? Is there someone inside?"
** (252) Kyla checks for traps, and noises from inside. **
(273) Velarn (enter): 18:02
(238) Morti: "I'd say... yes. Trayn, might wanna stay handy with that sceptor"
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: "Atross..that was from me trying to open the sucker"
(238) Morti: (brb)
(273) Velarn (exit): 18:02
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: "The Dantrag key doesn't work very well against doors made out of iron"
(252) Kyla (whispering): +13 for search, and disarm, +9 listen
(245) Trayn : "I shall..."
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+13] -> [7,13] = (20)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+9] -> [15,9] = (24)
whispering to Kyla, unlocked and disarmed
(252) Kyla: "all clear"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+9] -> [6,9] = (15)
whispering to Kyla, you hear nothing...
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: Wonderful"
(277) Nes'tas (enter): 18:06
(277) Nes'tas (exit): 18:06
** (242) Je'rar Ogrebane steps forth to appreciate Kyla's handiwork as he opens the door **
** (238) Morti takes a defense stance w ith staff in ready **
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: * sword at the ready
(239) DM: The door opens to reveal an empty room, save for a marble pedestal. Atop the pedestal is a glowing sphere filled with clear amber light. It's pulsating gently.
** (242) Je'rar Ogrebane then holds his mace in hand after he nudges the door open **
** (238) Morti glares to jer'ar and his sword. "no killing" **
(273) Velarn (enter): 18:08
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: "Better to kill than be killed, Morti"
(252) Kyla: "I guess breaking the curse isn't as easy as smashing that orb with this mace thingey?"
(238) Morti: "Eh?" :lowers staff at the sight:
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: "When we are far from here, and in a relaitvely safe plaxce, then I'll lower my blade, but not until"
** (241) Atross lowers his bow, "That's a bit of a change from the usual decorations." **
(238) Morti: :to Jer'ar: "It may be a risk, but we can't chance hurting these people. We're here to help them. Remember"
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: "Trayn,Morti.. you guys have any idea what that thing is?"
(273) Velarn (exit): 18:10
** (238) Morti sighs as he looks into the room, studying the place carefully (will to disbelieve) **
(238) Morti: Will save: [1d20+6] -> [2,6] = (8)
** (238) Morti then stands ready, focusing his mind forth upon it (detect magic into room toward pedestal and orb) **
(245) Trayn : "not really"
(245) Trayn : "something magic"
** (242) Je'rar Ogrebane warily approaches the crystal **
(239) DM: (oh its there all right)
whispering to Morti, yes, only the orb
** (242) Je'rar Ogrebane decides to risk peering into the orb **
(238) Morti: (spellcraft to determine school/strength
(238) Morti: Spellcraft Skill Check: [1d20+12] -> [13,12] = (25)
whispering to Je'rar Ogrebane, you see the faint image of a hall shrouded in darkness, pierced by a single shaft of light coming from off to the side. The image wavers and is gone.
** (242) Je'rar Ogrebane shivers **
(238) Morti: "I wouldn't play with that thing Jer'ar"
** (242) Je'rar Ogrebane hurries back to the group **
whispering to Morti, transmutation, strong
(245) Trayn : "this holds not the slaves... its not our task to fool with this"
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: "Do any of you remember seeing a hall shroude in darkness?"
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: *shrouded
(238) Morti: "yeah...we fought the medusa in one"
(241) Atross: "Like a hallway? Or like a grand hall?"
(241) Atross: "Because it got pretty dark when we fought the medusa."
** (242) Je'rar Ogrebane thinks back hard to determine if he'd been in a room such as he'd seen **
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: "yes Atross.. a hallway,not an actual room
(241) Atross: "I'm sure this place has lots of dark halls then. Why?"
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: "Because that's what I saw in the crystal.. and there was a shaft of light "
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: (afk/brb)
(238) Morti: :shrug: "Maybe it's a picture from there homeland."
(238) Morti: "Doesn't matter. We should be looking for the trollos instead"
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane (whispering): awesome..the Belmont Stakes is going to start soon.. gotta watch it.. here's hoping I win some $$ 8O)
(245) Trayn : "yes... all the rest of this is a distraction"
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: "hmm.. that might be it.. the hallway is probably where the trollocs are"
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: "But I wonder the dsignificance of that shaft of light..."
(252) Kyla: "cave in maby?"
(241) Atross: "Maybe it's nothing. Maybe it's supposed to be a trap. Maybe a warning. Maybe a direction. We don't know what that sphere is supposed to do. Let's find the people."
** (238) Morti heads out for the northern tunnel. "Yeah, we can fiddle later... and I plan to... hehe" **
** (241) Atross exits the room to the northern tunnel. **
(241) Atross: "Maybe they're kept farther down."
(239) DM: (k)
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: "Well there's stil some unexplored area left..towards the south"
(241) Atross: "We don't know where this hall goes to either."
(245) Trayn : "lead on"
(241) Atross: "Well, let's try a different route from the main hall."
(239) DM: (room location?)
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane (whispering): sorry,having bitchy discussionm with my dad about my mom's health
(239) DM: (30 minute warning)
(241) Atross: (Return back down through W, okay?)
** (238) Morti continues on northern in tunnel y1 to next map area. "We can check back that way on the way out **
(238) Morti: "
(238) Morti: (unless...)
(241) Atross: "Je'rar? Trayn? Kyla? Any hunches?"
(239) DM: The tunnel leads to a dead end.
** (241) Atross waits at the door to W1. **
(252) Kyla: "I like the idea of heading in further to find the slaves."
(241) Atross: (A cave in perhaps? =D)
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: "I say we go this way instead..follow me"
(239) DM: (It seems more like a deliberate cave-in, yes.)
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: (oh wait..n/m.. mis-read what was typed above)
** (238) Morti scratches his head and feels at the wall of the dead end **
** (242) Je'rar Ogrebane starts to try and dig away some of the rubble **
** (241) Atross follows behind to the dead end. **
** (241) Atross is looking around. **
(241) Atross: "Another trap maybe?"
(239) DM: Seems to be more rubble...
(238) Morti: (any idea how long ago the cave in was caused, based on loose debris or half fallen stones, etc)
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: "No idea..."
** (242) Je'rar Ogrebane keeps digging **
** (241) Atross listens at the cave-in **
(252) Kyla: (did I miss something, or did jerar never tell us ic what he saw?))
(238) Morti: (he did... darkened hall with a shaft of light)
(241) Atross: ((He said he saw a dark halll with a shaft of light. I'm thinking he had a brush with the afterlife OOC))
(241) Atross: ((Don't know what it could be in here))
(252) Kyla: "Hold on, there' probibly a much easier way gto do this."
(239) DM: (that would be Knowledge: Engineering if you have it)
(238) Morti: (not Morti, nope)
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: (tries for a knowledge architecture/engineering check)
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: [1d20+2] -> [11,2] = (13)
** (238) Morti groans irritably, "Maybe this was the way to the gate and they closed it off on their way out." **
(252) Kyla: "you saw a dark hall with a shaft of light. light shafts show from dirt i the air, so the cave in is probibly fiarly recent, and more importantly, the light is saomeing from somewhere, like above it, why not find the tunnel above it,a dn go dow through the hole?"
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane (whispering): doh.. just realized I have no ranks in that... guess I failed anyway :P
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: "Well.. we can always go around through the main corridor"
whispering to Je'rar Ogrebane, it seems to be a natual cavein
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: (go through W towards T )
(241) Atross: "Digging this open will take awhile, and I don't think they're going to be behind it."
(238) Morti: "Ok then." :turns to Kyla: "Where would that be, ya suppose?"
(238) Morti: (on to T!!!)
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: "Because this digging looks like it's gonig to be a waste of time"
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: *going
(239) DM: (ok, so you go to T then)
(245) Trayn : (T)
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: (aye aye captain)
** (238) Morti moves into the middle of T, trying to decide which way to go. Standing his staff up on it's butt, he lets go and steps back to let it fall where it may **
(238) Morti: [1d4] -> [3] = (3)
(239) DM: The chamber is deserted, except for the corpses of the medusa's guards, and the headless corpse of the medusa herself.
** (238) Morti noids, and speaks seriosly, "We go south then." **
(295) Media123 (enter): 18:44
(241) Atross: "I don't think that's the best way to search. After all, we can look there on our way back."
(238) Morti: "Eh? oh... sorry."
(241) Atross: "How about the lower hall that way" *Points north*
(238) Morti: (that leads to V where the gong and broken mirror were)
(296) Snowghost (enter): 18:46
(241) Atross: ((we went up the ramps))
(241) Atross: ((The gonging was coming from the lower hallway))
(252) Kyla: "what bout through theese rooms (east)?
(295) Media123 (exit): 18:47
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane: (I don't think we've been to Q,R, or S yet)
(241) Atross: "Whichever. No difference to me."
** (238) Morti looks toward Kyla and follows over. "Okay. guess my stick fall idea's never worked much for me before" **
(239) DM: (which then?)
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane (whispering): And They're Off! Whoohoo go Smarty Jones
(252) Kyla: (q)
(296) Snowghost (exit): 18:48
** (238) Morti knocks on door to Q like he did for Z. "Hello?" **
** (241) Atross watches the door to R, meanwhiles. **
(239) DM: The door to the northern chamber is closed. Strange, sinuous drakes are carved onto the surface of the iron door.
(298) Nes'tas (enter): 18:51
(239) DM: (this is the same for the door to the E and the door to the S)
(298) Nes'tas (exit): 18:51
(252) Kyla: "Nice decorations..."
(238) Morti: "I wonder if they can make anything less creepy looking. If I ever own a door, I'd like it to look so well done. Won't even need a house"
** (238) Morti tries the handle on Q to see if it will open... slowly" **
** (242) Je'rar Ogrebane backs Morti up ,weapons drawn **
(295) Media123 (enter): 18:54
(295) Media123 (exit): 18:55
** (242) Je'rar Ogrebane keeps his ears open and listens for the sound of anything other than us **
(239) DM: (pls send me a node with your PC on it J)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+7] -> [15,7] = (22)
(239) DM: (since I don't know Je'rar's skills and stats, I'll have to wing it)
(239) DM: ( you hear nothing)
(241) Atross: (Nice cover =D)
(239) DM: (locked)
(242) Je'rar Ogrebane (exit): 18:58
** (241) Atross listens at the S door (R) **
** (238) Morti futily pushes and pulls at the door, before giving up, "All yours Kyla" **
** (252) Kyla unlocks it **
(252) Kyla: ((maby....))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+13] -> [4,13] = (17)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+9] -> [18,9] = (27)
whispering to Kyla, yes
(252) Kyla: "done"
(239) DM: It appears to be a spartan bed chamber....that could play host to two snake creatures. The chamber is furnished...but empty.
(241) Atross: (Any weapons left behind, arrows maybe?)
(303) Je'rar Ogrebane (enter): 19:03
** (238) Morti heads over to try knocking on the door to S and hollering again. **
(303) Je'rar Ogrebane (whispering): my game tre got corrupted
(303) Je'rar Ogrebane (whispering): I just lost absoplutely everything
(239) DM: The door is locked.
(241) Atross: "These are the snakes' barracks I guess."
(238) Morti: "We should have asked Dranthis for keys. If they were leaving anyway did they really need to lock everything up?"
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (303) Je'rar Ogrebane...
(241) Atross: "Probably just a habit."
(303) Je'rar Ogrebane: mmm
(303) Je'rar Ogrebane: my game tree got corrupted somehow; I just lost absolutely everything
(239) DM: (on that note, we'll stop for this week.)

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