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(851) Atross: A lot
(856) TaliesinNYC: well eventually the map will load up
(866) Morti: love that new mapping system you got
(865) Terl: I had to format hard drive, can I get my character sheet?
(856) DM: before we begin, anyone other than Mike need a recap?
(856) DM: unfortunately I reformatted my hard drive so I don't have Kyla's node. =(
(866) Morti: as I recall we were all about to be horribly slain
(856) DM: OOO scratch that
(851) Atross: Except you, you passed the saving throw
(865) Terl: Thanks
(851) Atross: And if I must say so myself, I wasn't going to be horribly slain after what I'm about to do to them, more like slowly tortured to deah
(851) Atross: death* too
(866) Morti: yeah... morti's gonna save the day by battling off three or four powerful snake men
(856) DM: see the map above. PCs are in the lower left hand corner of the white room.
(856) TaliesinNYC: desc: A green humanoid with a snake's tail and a human head, wielding a katana and a shorter looking sword (OC: a wakizashi), a handsome human male in his early 20s in chain mail and two curved short swords, and an attractive Eastern human female in jade armor and two curved katanas, her long brown hair tied back in a knot.
(856) DM: facing those NPCs at point C
(856) DM: the monk from the previous combat is at point B
(851) Atross: It should be perhaps pointed out now that we are in fact looking at the map of rooms 15 through 19 and not the map of where we are
(851) Atross: But when we are, that will make sense
(866) Morti: true true
(851) Atross: Oh yeah, and you did not get eaten by a gigantic snake last session, nope
(856) DM: sent you a recap of last session's last combat
(856) DM: pls review it, since we'll be using the same initiatives. Kyla should roll init starting this round.
(865) Kyla: Initiative: [1d20+4] -> [17,4] = (21)
(856) DM: let me know when the map loads on your screens. you should have a white room with the letters A B and C.
(865) Kyla: ((that map has been there for a few minutes))
(860) Trayn : ((no such garanimal))
(865) Kyla: ((try scrolling down...))
(860) Trayn : ((kyla here or going to show up here shortly?))
(865) Kyla: ((am here, who'se lagging?))
(860) Trayn : ((as in the combat sequence))
(851) Atross: (If your map says "anaconda chamber" on it, raise your hand)
(866) Morti: well we left off after Jer'ar so... we're in mid turn I think
(865) Kyla: ((reading the combat, delay me))
(860) Trayn : ((raises hand boldly presenting holy symbol of solnor))
** (866) Morti raises hand **
(860) Trayn : (("I banish you anaconda chamber map.... with the power of justice and good!"))
(860) Trayn : ((/me fails to turn the wicked map))
(856) DM: (if you're all lagging then we should move to another room)
(859) Rainur Swiftblade: Don't think that we are
(856) DM: k
(866) Morti: I ain't laggin
(860) Trayn : nor i
(859) Rainur Swiftblade: just no maop
(856) DM: (6, Morti)
(859) Rainur Swiftblade: map
(865) Kyla: ((don;t think I'm lagging, jsut treading the combat, adn mess they are in. very nice. heh))
(851) Atross: (I seem not to be lagging, I'm just spacing out)
(860) Trayn (exit): 04:27
(860) Trayn (enter): 04:27
(865) Kyla (whispering): feel free to roll a reflex/whatever save for me and tell me if I'm in the entagle, or not. wouldn't be fair to be excluded from the reffect cause I wasn';t here in first part of the fight....
(876) Mathos (enter): 04:28
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (860) Trayn ...
whispering to Kyla, was running you and you're not
(859) Rainur Swiftblade: Disconnecting from server...
(859) Rainur Swiftblade (exit): 04:29
(860) Trayn : i have the map now
(860) Trayn : if you dont see it
(878) Rainur Swiftblade (enter): 04:29
(860) Trayn : hit the lobby and come back in
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (878) Rainur Swiftblade...
(851) Atross: (brb)
(856) DM: (new round then.)
(851) Atross (exit): 04:29
(851) Atross (enter): 04:29
(856) DM: (21, Kyla)
(878) Rainur Swiftblade: Disconnecting from server...
(878) Rainur Swiftblade (exit): 04:29
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (851) Atross...
(851) Atross: (Indeed)
(880) Rainur Swiftblade (enter): 04:30
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (880) Rainur Swiftblade...
(865) Kyla: ((delay))
** (860) Trayn found the F10 macro key **
** (860) Trayn found the F9 macro key **
** (860) Trayn found the F9 macro key **
** (860) Trayn found the F9 macro key **
** (860) Trayn found the F9 macro key **
(860) Trayn : ((damn cat))
(866) Morti: aw.. and next was my turn too
(856) DM: (21, Rainur)
(866) Morti: (I think...)
(880) Rainur Swiftblade: ARG!
** (880) Rainur Swiftblade pulls out daggars **
(856) DM: stop with the minis. just use one mini to represent the group. this is ridiculous.
(880) Rainur Swiftblade: lets them fly at the woman
(876) Mathos (exit): 04:32
(856) DM: (roll then)
(880) Rainur Swiftblade: [1d20+10] -> [16,10] = (26)
(880) Rainur Swiftblade: [1d20+10] -> [5,10] = (15)
(856) DM: (15 misses)
(880) Rainur Swiftblade: [1d4+10] -> [4,10] = (14)
(856) DM: (severely wounded)
(856) DM: (20, Atross)
(865) Kyla (whispering): set a ready action to partial charge teh lady when she tries to go.... (for spell interruption purposes.)
** (851) Atross rapidly fires arrows into Shan-che still trying to ignore the binding snakes **
(880) Rainur Swiftblade (whispering): daniel just hit enter ...have to reroll
(851) Atross: Greatbow, composite Attack Roll: [1d20+8] -> [4,8] = (12)===> DMG: [1d10+3+0] -> [7,3,0] = (10)
(851) Atross: Greatbow, composite Attack Roll: [1d20+8] -> [6,8] = (14)===> DMG: [1d10+3+0] -> [7,3,0] = (10)
(856) DM: (both miss)
(851) Atross: (Wow, that was bad)
(880) Rainur Swiftblade: [1d4+6] -> [4,6] = (10)
(880) Rainur Swiftblade (whispering): actually 10 is the damage
(866) Morti: (what's the three snakes formation? are they next to eachother?)
(856) DM: On 20, the attractive Eastern woman gesticulates at Morti and seems to whisper something...
whispering to Morti, will save
(866) Morti (whispering): me?
(856) DM: Triangular formation, two in the front and one in the rear. (woman in the rear, the two fighter types out front.)
whispering to Morti, yes you
(866) Morti: Will save: [1d20+0] -> [11,0] = (11)
(860) Trayn (whispering): make me DM for a second when you have time
(866) Morti (whispering): sorry missed the last line. and now I'm screwed
whispering to Morti, you think that backing away is a nice idea right about now
(866) Morti: (wait a minute...)
(860) Trayn : ((morti you must have a mod to your will save thats more than zero))
Attempting to assign the role of GM to (860) Trayn ...
(851) Atross: (no, he doesn't have to, if he had 1 wisdom, he might not =D)
(860) Trayn : ((tack it on to that roll))
(866) Morti: (that should be +5, 15)
(860) Trayn : ((16))
(866) Morti: (er... right)
whispering to Morti, still think that
(856) DM: (7, Rhian)
(866) Morti (whispering): thought that from the beginning.... so... not much change..."
whispering to Morti, right but that effect now has the force of a spell
** (866) Morti shivers visible as he stares to the serpentess caster **
(856) DM: Rhian concentrates and tries to break free of the entanglement...
(866) Morti (whispering): hai hai... can't take actions? forced to flee?
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20] -> [5] = (5)
(856) DM: (and fails)
(856) DM: (6, Morti)
whispering to Morti, go right ahead
(866) Morti: (can I act?)
(860) Trayn : ((those that can't see the map should look at the node i sent you))
(860) Trayn : ((otherwise ignore))
** (866) Morti reaches under his coat with trembling hand and pulls out a tanglefoot bag and with the other, he thrusts his hand forth and breaths out a shuddering hiss, to send forth a blast of color and lifght from his hands down the tunnel, (color spray, dc 14) **
(866) Morti: (unless the spell is effect my casting? roll concentration?)
(866) Morti: (just in case)
(866) Morti: Concentration Skill Check: [1d20+6] -> [15,6] = (21)
(860) Trayn (whispering): if they are not within 10' of Morti that is not going to reach them
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+9] -> [16,9] = (25),[1d20+9] -> [11,9] = (20),[1d20+9] -> [18,9] = (27)
(866) Morti: (not sure if there's a morale penalty on that)
whispering to Morti, you'
whispering to Morti, are you within 10' of them? probably not going to reach them
(865) Kyla: ((exactly how far away is she?))
whispering to Morti, in effect your spell doesn't seem to have any effect on them.
(856) DM: (40')
(866) Morti (whispering): you're thinking of burning hands, color spray is a cone 25 ft +5 ft /lvl
whispering to Morti, ah, well then scratch that. the spell reaches them, but does not seem to affect them.
(856) DM: (2, Trayn)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+8] -> [12,8] = (20)
(884) Kyla (enter): 04:47
(860) Trayn (exit): 04:47
** (856) Bulghvus breaks free of the entangling snakes. **
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (884) Kyla...
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (884) Kyla...
(866) Morti: (do'h!!!!!)
** (866) Morti beats head against desk for not asking the exact distance before hand **
 (5472) Trayn : (rolled a strength check to break free... got a 20)
(5473) Dirty Dave (enter): 04:52
(5473) Dirty Dave (exit): 04:52
(5473) Dirty Dave (enter): 04:52
(5472) Trayn : [17+3] -> 20
** (5472) Trayn works against the vile serpents to break free **
(5472) Trayn (whispering): if you want a fresh roll... [1d20+3] -> [9,3] = (12)
(5472) Trayn (whispering): blah!
whispering to Trayn , 1st roll is fine
whispering to Trayn , not lol
(5469) DM: (21, Kyla)
** (5470) Kyla charges the lady, lashing her through the 2 front guards.... **
(5470) Kyla: [1d10] -> [1] = (1)
(5470) Kyla: ((worng button))
(5470) Kyla: Attack: [1d20+6] -> [3,6] = (9)
(5471) Atross: (ok ok, mimic Trayn, not me)
(5468) Morti: (yeah,... we're cursed)
(5470) Kyla: ((and missing miserably))
(5469) DM: (21, Rainur)
** (5467) Rainur Swiftblade charges the man in chain **
(5467) Rainur Swiftblade: [1d20+9] -> [11,9] = (20)
(5469) Sirrus: Quite a brave one, fool!
(5469) Sirrus: (hit)
(5467) Rainur Swiftblade: [1d20+12] -> [15,12] = (27)
(5470) Kyla (whispering): that would be moveing 30 feet straight towards her, so in hand to hand with guards, and useing weapon's 10' reach to attack her.
(5469) DM: (and hit again)
whispering to Kyla, ok
(5467) Rainur Swiftblade: (sorry danile makes me a bit slow
(5467) Rainur Swiftblade: )
(5467) Rainur Swiftblade: [1d8+5] -> [3,5] = (8)
(5469) DM: (damage?)
(5467) Rainur Swiftblade: [1d6+8] -> [2,8] = (10)
(5467) Rainur Swiftblade: 18 total
** (5467) Rainur Swiftblade 's short sword glows with a white light as it strikes the man **
(5468) Morti: (brb)
(5472) Trayn (whispering): kyla might need a will save for whatever that was last session..
** (5467) Rainur Swiftblade looks him straight in the eyes as he strikes him **
(5472) Trayn (whispering): and a save vs the entangle.. might have done it for all i know
whispering to Trayn , did that
whispering to Trayn , done
(5469) DM: (severely wounded)
(5469) DM: (20, Atross)
(5469) Shan-Che: Kill him, Xian.
** (5471) Atross raises his bow and sights on Shan-Che. **
(5467) Rainur Swiftblade (whispering): last round of shield of faith
(5471) Atross: "Go ahead, one more spell, just try it."
(5471) Atross: (readying an action to shoot her when she casts)
(5468) Morti: (bak)
(5474) Jade (enter): 05:05
(5474) Jade (exit): 05:05
(5469) DM: On 20, the yuan-ti attack. two on Rainur, Shan-Che casting.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+10] -> [18,10] = (28),[1d20+5] -> [9,5] = (14),[1d20+10] -> [12,10] = (22),[1d20+5] -> [11,5] = (16)
(5471) Atross: *The bow goes *twang* and atross fires at shan che*
(5470) Kyla (whispering): AOO on mage?
(5471) Atross: Greatbow, composite Attack Roll: [1d20+9] -> [1,9] = (10)===> DMG: [1d10+2+0] -> [4,2,0] = (6)
whispering to Kyla, yes
(5469) DM: (10 misses)
(5471) Atross: (Or at least, he thinks it's at shan-che =/)
(5467) Rainur Swiftblade: (rainur better duck)
(5468) Morti: (yep.... cursed)
** (5470) Kyla takes the distraction as an ooppertunity to make a cheap shot.... **
(5469) DM: (AC 28 and AC 22 on Rainur, two misses)
(5470) Kyla: Attack: [1d20+4] -> [11,4] = (15)
(5469) DM: (15 hits)
(5467) Rainur Swiftblade: ac 28 hits this time
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+11] -> [5,11] = (16)
(5470) Kyla: [1d6] -> [1] = (1)
(5467) Rainur Swiftblade: next round the 22 will hit
(5470) Kyla: ((1 damage....))
(5469) DM: (made concentration check)
(5469) DM: A zone of darkness fills the entire room except for the area where Kyla and Rainur are located.
(5469) DM: (minor wounded)
(5468) Morti: Spellcraft Skill Check: [1d20+12] -> [3,12] = (15)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d6+2] -> [4,2] = (6)
(5469) DM: (Rainur, take 6 and make a Fort save)
(5471) Atross: (dark dark, or shadowy dark, just to clarify)
(5469) DM: (dark dark)
(5469) DM: (7, Rhian)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+2] -> [9,2] = (11)
(5467) Rainur Swiftblade: Fortitude save: [1d20+10] -> [4,10] = (14)
(5469) DM: (fails to break free)
(5469) DM: (6, Morti)
(5471) Atross: (cursed)
(5469) DM: (failed Fort save)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d6] -> [1] = (1)
whispering to Rainur Swiftblade, lose 1 Con point
(5467) Rainur Swiftblade (whispering): ok
(5467) Rainur Swiftblade (whispering): which one hit rainur
** (5468) Morti bites his lip and runs forth to the front with his comrades, pulling the tanglefoot bag in hand to bag, he throws it toward Shan-che in desparation(can I get the others in grenade range) [1d20+4] -> [1,4] = (5) **
(5468) Morti: (ugh... karma please)
(5468) Morti: [1d20+4] -> [4,4] = (8)
(5471) Atross: (Cursed)
(5470) Kyla: ((lol))
(5468) Morti: (screw it... I really am cursed)
(5472) Trayn : ((a suitable roll for being in the dark!))
(5471) Atross: (the only thing our karma is doing today is...)
(5470) Kyla: ((is it too late to take them up on the surrender option?))
(5471) Atross: (Depends, how well can you convince them you want to be breeding stock?)
(5471) Atross: (oh, and you probably shouldn't answer that)
(5468) Morti: (breedingstock sounds fine to me ;-D )
whispering to Rainur Swiftblade, the one you chopped in half of course
(5469) DM: (2, Trayn)
(5471) Atross: (Oh, I get it, that was my thirteenth arrow)
(5472) Trayn : Residing within the dark... and disliking it... with great distaste... Trayn casts a spell so he and everyone else can see "Solnor let the glory of your light come forthe! and let it banish this dreary darkness"
(5467) Rainur Swiftblade (whispering): needed to know for next attack]
(5471) Atross: (I'm sure we're cured now)
(5469) DM: (Concentration pls)
** (5472) Trayn will stroll forward to engage as well (assuming he can move now) **
(5472) Trayn :


[1d20+7+2] -> [1,7,2] = (10)

(5471) Atross: (he broke free last round, actually, shouldn't we be rolling reflex saves to stay free in the area anyway?)
(5472) Trayn : ((ok joins the cursed))
whispering to Trayn , did you break free? because if you did, ignore that
(5472) Trayn (whispering): well i rolled a 20 figured that was a break free
(5469) DM: (if you broke free, you should be rolling reflex saves. I'm not keeping track of who did and who didn't. only you know that for sure.)
whispering to Trayn , then ignore that
(5471) Atross: (Well, not me, since I'm already entangled, but as I recall, which as you know is remarkably well when it's a bad thing, everyone in the area who is not entangled has to save again every round, on Shan-Che's turn. I'd guess not everyone read the spell)
(5469) DM: (corrected that then. strike the previous comment. Light banishes the darkness.)
(5472) Trayn : ((depends if it works that way.. custom spell of DM's))
(5471) Atross: (The dm said the customness was the snakes, otherwise, "see entanglement"
(5467) Rainur Swiftblade: "That ye for the light my brother"
(5471) Atross: (Because a snake priest should be able to cast snake spells)
** (5472) Trayn tries to move... reflex if needed [1d20+2] -> [7,2] = (9) **
(5469) DM: (the appearance of the spell is the only thing that varies from the book. the spell works as the book, it just doesn't look like entangling vines.)
(5471) Atross: (Though it could be a snake druid, jade is not metal)
(5470) Kyla: ((jsut a wild guess, but I doubt I'm still in aira effect of it anyway....))
(5469) DM: (get used to it guys. you're going to see fireballs that don't look like fireballs that behave like fireballs.)
(5469) DM: (Rainur and Kyla are not in the aoe.)
** (5467) Rainur Swiftblade 's look of bloodlust intesifies a little **
(5469) DM: (21, Rainur.)
(5467) Rainur Swiftblade: "ARRRRRRRRRRR!!!!
(5467) Rainur Swiftblade: "
whispering to Dirty Dave, no body listens to me lol
(5467) Rainur Swiftblade: [1d20+9] -> [4,9] = (13)
(5467) Rainur Swiftblade: [1d20+12] -> [18,12] = (30)
(5469) DM: 30 hits of course. lol
(5467) Rainur Swiftblade: [1d6+8] -> [4,8] = (12)
(5467) Rainur Swiftblade: 12 pts
(5471) Atross: (I keep forgetting that "windbag" is a BARBARIAN Cleric)
(5469) DM: (critically wounded)
(5469) DM: (21, Kyla)
** (5470) Kyla takes another swipe at teh mage.... **
(5467) Rainur Swiftblade: (shit 56 pts and still kicking)
(5470) Kyla: Attack: [1d20+4] -> [8,4] = (12)
(5470) Kyla: ((12 missess, right?))
(5467) Rainur Swiftblade: Intimidate Skill Check: [1d20+10] -> [3,10] = (13)
(5469) DM: ((right))
(5469) Xian: I do no fear you, human!
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+10] -> [6,10] = (16),[1d20+5] -> [8,5] = (13),[1d20+10] -> [18,10] = (28),[1d20+5] -> [4,5] = (9)
(5467) Rainur Swiftblade: "Nor should you fear the man behind ye!"
(5469) Xian: (AC 28 on Rainur and three misses.)
(5470) Kyla: "That's ok, I don't fear myself either."
(5469) Shan-Che: Shan-Che casts at Rainur
** (5469) Shan-Che sends forth a gray bolt of light at Rainur's eyes **
(5467) Rainur Swiftblade (whispering): damagge?
(5471) Atross: (Should I just roll my 1 and be done?)
(5468) Morti: (I don't think he's gonna fall for the "there's a big scary guy behind you' act)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+5] -> [17,5] = (22)
(5470) Kyla: ((aoo first...))
(5470) Kyla: Attack: [1d20+4] -> [12,4] = (16)
(5470) Kyla: Damage: [1d6] -> [3] = (3)
(5469) DM: (Fort save, Rainur)
(5469) Shan-Che: Become one of us!
(5467) Rainur Swiftblade: Fortitude save: [1d20+10] -> [6,10] = (16)
(5470) Kyla: "Why?"
(5469) DM: (fails)
(5469) DM: (if you want to use Karma, use it now.)
(5467) Rainur Swiftblade: ok
(5467) Rainur Swiftblade: Fortitude save: [1d20+10] -> [5,10] = (15)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d6+2] -> [1,2] = (3)
whispering to Rainur Swiftblade, another failure
(5467) Rainur Swiftblade: one more?
(5471) Atross: (You fool, didn't you see our rolls? =P)
(5468) Morti: (oh crap... the curse has gotten him too!)
(5467) Rainur Swiftblade: Fortitude save: [1d20+10] -> [7,10] = (17)
(5470) Kyla: ((can my karma be used to force her rto reroll a concentration check?))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+11] -> [2,11] = (13)
(5470) Kyla: ((for the aoo damage.))
(5471) Atross: (doomed, doomed I say)
(5469) DM: (she failed the conc check so ignore that)
** (5467) Rainur Swiftblade takes back his karma **
(5471) Atross: (A horrifying vision of the future... or a future)
** (5468) Morti begins writing his will **
(5469) DM: (Rainur, take 3 and make a Fort save)
(5469) DM: (20, Atross)
(5467) Rainur Swiftblade: Fortitude save: [1d20+10] -> [8,10] = (18)
(5469) DM: (made)
(5468) Morti: (at least it will be death by breeding... how I always wanted to go)
(5471) Atross: (See if this function works)
** (5471) Atross fires rapidly and angrily at Shan-Che **
(5471) Atross: "Curse this luck and curse you"
(5471) Atross: Greatbow, composite Attack Roll: [1d20+7] -> [9,7] = (16)===> DMG: [1d10+2+0] -> [8,2,0] = (10)
(5471) Atross: ###> Greatbow, composite Attack Roll: [1d20+7] -> [13,7] = (20)===> DMG: [1d10+2+0] -> [8,2,0] = (10)
(5469) DM: (if you are in the area, when it's your turn to go, make a reflex save)
(5469) DM: (both hit)
(5469) DM: (critically wounded)
(5469) DM: (7, Rhian)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+2] -> [13,2] = (15)
(5469) DM: (and fails again...)
(5469) DM: (6, Morti)
(5468) Morti: Reflex save: [1d20+3] -> [7,3] = (10)
(5469) DM: (you're entangled)
(5468) Morti: (I moved last turn, unless I was unable... I should be up near Rainur and Kyla. Am I?)
(5468) Morti: (nm)
(5471) Atross: (You couldn't have gotten that far, so n/m)
(5477) Elledan (enter): 05:33
(5469) DM: (2, Trayn)
** (5472) Trayn tries to move... reflex if needed [1d20+2] -> [13,2] = (15) **
(5472) Trayn : (and if thats good enough closes to engage)
(5469) DM: (yes good enough)
** (5468) Morti fights futily against the vines, as he sobs feebly **
(5467) Rainur Swiftblade: "Good to see ye Trayn"
(5472) Trayn : Attack: Trayn swings his +2 Heavy Mace [1d20+3+3+2] -> [12,3,3,2] = (20)
(5467) Rainur Swiftblade: "I think she will enjoy the radiance of yer mace"
(5472) Trayn : "yes... by the light of Solnor we can all see"
(5469) DM: (20 hits)
(5467) Rainur Swiftblade: "Good strike my brother"
(5472) Trayn : Damage: Trayn's +2 Heavy Mace does [1d8+3+2] -> [1,3,2] = (6) of damage
(5469) Shan-Che: My mistress will have her revenge, fleshling!
(5472) Trayn : "hmmmm" frustrated by his blow
** (5469) Shan-Che collapses, and the snakes vanish on her death. **
(5469) Shan-Che: (21, Rainur)
(5467) Rainur Swiftblade: "Come join us my brothers and sisters!"
(5467) Rainur Swiftblade: ARRRGGG to Battle!"
(5467) Rainur Swiftblade: [1d20+9] -> [14,9] = (23)
(5472) Trayn : "ah a telling blow... regardless of its strength" he states
(5467) Rainur Swiftblade: [1d20+12] -> [14,12] = (26)
(5467) Rainur Swiftblade: [1d8+5] -> [8,5] = (13)
(5469) Shan-Che: (26 hits)
(5467) Rainur Swiftblade: [1d6+8] -> [1,8] = (9)
(5469) DM: (strike that lol)
(5467) Rainur Swiftblade: 22 pts
(5469) DM: Xian dies, his swords clattering on the ground.
(5469) DM: The sole remaining warrior engages Kyla resolutely.
** (5467) Rainur Swiftblade takes his head **
** (5467) Rainur Swiftblade turns to the other warrior **
(5467) Rainur Swiftblade: Intimidate Skill Check: [1d20+10] -> [18,10] = (28)
(5469) Sirrus: (21, Kyla)
** (5470) Kyla attempts to disarm the last warrior. **
(5470) Kyla: Disarm: [1d20+8] -> [11,8] = (19)
** (5467) Rainur Swiftblade looks him in the eyes with bloodlust **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+6] -> [20,6] = (26)
** (5467) Rainur Swiftblade has druel dripping from his mouth **
(5471) Atross: (That's Drool, or spittle if you prefer)
(5467) Rainur Swiftblade: "You will yield"
(5470) Kyla: ((more likely slobber from reinur heh.))
** (5469) Sirrus leaps over Kyla, landing behind her (AOO) and proceeds to stab her in the back with her swords **
(5469) Sirrus: You will be silenced!
whispering to Rainur Swiftblade, Will save
(5467) Rainur Swiftblade (whispering): barbarian enough?
(5471) Atross: (Impressive, most impressive)
(5477) Elledan (exit): 05:41
** (5470) Kyla attempts a second disarm witht he aoo... **
(5470) Kyla: Disarm: [1d20+8] -> [12,8] = (20)
(5467) Rainur Swiftblade (whispering): guess the 28 did not intimidate her
whispering to Rainur Swiftblade, its a he. and you need to make a will save
(5470) Kyla: ((disarm is opposed to hit rolls,a dn has nothing to do with ac.))
(5467) Rainur Swiftblade: Will save: [1d20+7] -> [16,7] = (23)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+6] -> [16,6] = (22)
(5471) Atross: (But doesn't sirrus have two swords anyway?)
(5470) Kyla: ((yes, but 1 attack is better than 2))
whispering to Rainur Swiftblade, you feel like you're almost stunned...but the feeling passes.
(5471) Atross: (You could still be punched =D)
** (5469) Sirrus evades Kyla's attack easily **
(5467) Rainur Swiftblade: "Ye will have to do better than that snake!"
(5470) Kyla: ((athat would be both nicer than sworded, and provoke more aoo's for me))
(5469) Sirrus: I had preferred to skin you alive, but I shall take your heart as payment!
(5471) Atross: (Take them if you got them)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+10] -> [3,10] = (13),[1d20+5] -> [13,5] = (18)
(5469) DM: (miss and AC 18)
(5470) Kyla: ((both miss, ac 19))
(5469) DM: (20, Atross)
(5467) Rainur Swiftblade: "They ye will feel the bite of the War Father!"
(5467) Rainur Swiftblade: then
** (5471) Atross fires a pair of arrows more at the last one standing. **
(5471) Atross: Greatbow, composite Attack Roll: [1d20+9] -> [8,9] = (17)===> DMG: [1d10+2+0] -> [5,2,0] = (7)
(5471) Atross: ###> Greatbow, composite Attack Roll: [1d20+9] -> [6,9] = (15)===> DMG: [1d10+2+0] -> [7,2,0] = (9)
(5469) DM: (both strike, and he dies.)
(5471) Atross: "It's good to be free of those snakes finally"
(5469) Dranthis: An impressive display of your skills.
(5470) Kyla: "thanks for the save there, I was bout to be skewered."
(5469) DM: You turn around and spot the monk from earlier, on the wall opposite you, observing the battle below.
(5469) DM: (at point B)
** (5467) Rainur Swiftblade recovers his thrown weapons **
(5469) DM: (well not at point B...he's at the x)
** (5470) Kyla waves to the monk **
(5470) Kyla: "Hi"
(5469) Dranthis: Perhaps a cease-fire is in order, for you shall need more than skills to enter the temple.
(5471) Atross: "We have brains too if that's what you're suggesting."
** (5467) Rainur Swiftblade looks at trayn..."your call" **
** (5468) Morti drops to a seat on the ground, finally free, though his teeth chatter audibly as he hugs himself to regain composure **
(5472) Trayn : "and what do you propose?"
(5469) Dranthis: Suit yourself then. I have not lived all this time to tarry with fools and incompetents.
** (5472) Trayn seems willing to Parley **
(5470) Kyla: "I'd love a stopping of hostility."
(5470) Kyla: "may I come up there?"
(5469) Dranthis: I propose an alliance: Slay my mistress and I will help you escape with your lives. Leave me to my purposes and I shall leave this land, never to return.
(5469) Dranthis: And you are here for the scepter, no doubt.
(5472) Trayn : "well that seems like an arrangement we can accept"
(5472) Trayn : "assuming your mistress is deserving of death at our hands"
(5471) Atross: "What are your purposes, anyway?"
(5470) Kyla: "I'm terribly sorry if you've gotten the wrong impresssion. I'm not an assassin, so unless you have a very good reason for her death, I won't agree to taht part of your bargain."
(5472) Trayn : "and I'm assuming she is..."
(5472) Trayn : "if she is the one behind all of this slavery, torture and forced breeding"
(5470) Kyla: "...Then we should try to capture, and take her to a city for trial."
(5469) Dranthis: Why to leave this land, never to return. Have no fear, I am a creature of honor and can be held to my word.
(5472) Trayn : "if she allows it... Kyla... she might fight to the death"
(5469) DM: (to reiterate, Dranthis is a human-headed snake creature.)
(5472) Trayn : "if she surrenders... I'm afraid we will have to break our bargain"
(5470) Kyla: "All I ask is that if she falls unconsious, to let me tend to ehr wounds, and take her in alive, as opposed to killing her."
(5469) DM: My mistress holds me here in thrall, obedient to her word. I long to be free of this shackle.
(5472) Trayn : "do you accept those terms?"
(5472) Trayn : "certianly Kyla"
** (5472) Trayn is carrying a conversation with both Kyla and Dranthus **
(5470) Kyla: "Is there any way we can force her to release the enthrallment without killing her?"
** (5468) Morti sits staring at the groundd before him paying no attention to the ongoing conversation **
(5469) Dranthis: There are some of us who long to be free from our shackles. Take me with you and you will have allies at your command. Fight me to the death and you will perish long before you engage Yith'sehta. It is your choice.
(5469) Dranthis: You would be better served by looking into her face and facing eternal imprisonment as a statue.
(5472) Trayn : ((we didnt actually fight this guy correct?))
(5469) Dranthis: The slaves are meaningless to me. Free them if you must. Loot the caverns if you must. Only slay her, and we shall be free of this unending torture.
(5472) Trayn : ((just making sure i'm being consistent))
(5469) DM: ((actually you did. prior to this combat. recall that he fled.))
whispering to Rainur Swiftblade, he's evil to the core. you're getting a headache
(5470) Kyla: "Excuse me, but is there some way to break the curse on you without killing her?"
(5472) Trayn : "we aren't here to fight you... you have ceased your attacks... and thus we will cease ours"
(5469) Dranthis: Not to my knowledge, lady.
(5469) Dranthis: No doubt you're here for the scepter.
(5470) Kyla: "That would seem to be the best bet as to why we are here."
(5472) Trayn : "this scepter... what do you know of it?"
(5472) Trayn : "and what did you mean by looking into her face and being imprisoned... that is a power Yith'sehta has?"
(5467) Rainur Swiftblade (whispering): teri just made a demand and I have to sign off or there will vbe a major fight
(5469) Dranthis: Oh ye did not know? (smiles a sinister smile)
whispering to Rainur Swiftblade, ok
(5467) Rainur Swiftblade (whispering): at least I acted as the local cuissinart
(5467) Rainur Swiftblade: I'll tell you later
(5469) Dranthis: My mistress is a medusa, and a priestess of our god, Ssith'tarn.
(5467) Rainur Swiftblade (whispering): i'll tell you later but she is out of control
(5472) Trayn : ((and do we know what a medusa is?))
(5469) Dranthis: She has great power at her command, which is all that has enabled her to resist the wiles of that vile human enchantress who calls herself Almeena.
(5472) Trayn : "a medusa?"
(5470) Kyla: "But I've got something slightly more important I'm looking for."
(5469) DM: ((no, you don't IC.))
(5467) Rainur Swiftblade: ((all, have a family issue to deal with))
(5467) Rainur Swiftblade: ((gotta go))
(5467) Rainur Swiftblade: Disconnecting from server...
(5467) Rainur Swiftblade (exit): 06:04
(5469) Dranthis: Ays, a creature with the power to turn those foolish enough to gaze in her face, to stone.
(5472) Trayn : "is that some special type of snake?"
(5470) Kyla (whispering): the mage scroll for that guy I left up stairs, taht is time critical, this is not.
(5468) Morti: (no, you're the only one keeping us alive!)
(5468) Morti: (crap)
(5472) Trayn : "that is dire news indeed"
whispering to Kyla, natch
(5470) Kyla (whispering): so right now the mage scroll for the person turning ointo a snake is more important
whispering to Kyla, of course lol
(5472) Trayn (whispering): religion check [1d20+6] -> [9,6] = (15) on this snake god
(5469) Dranthis: So you do, lady.
(5472) Trayn : "and her powers as a priestess? what do they generally entail?"
(5472) Trayn : "spells of protection on herself or offensive in nature.."
(5469) Dranthis: The scepter...well, I know little of it, save that it is a tremendous magickal item in its own right and enables one to wear an item known as the Crown of Solnor. Other than that, I know almost nothing about this insignificant item. (smiles slightly)
** (5469) Dranthis holds up his hands. "All I know his that she has much power, as a priestess, and as a creature of her own kind. You would do well to have allies at your call in order to engage her and her guard. Of course, you can refuse me, and we will finish our previous fight. (smiles) **
whispering to Trayn , CE yuan-ti Aspect of Gorgauth
(5470) Kyla: "I try to understand how the scepter is more important, but I find it much easier to deal with one problem at a time, an let them work them selves out as the larger problems are built on a foundation of smaller ones, so time spent on the large problems will degrade faster if no one is helping the foundation. "
(5469) Dranthis: The scepter is of insignificance to me, I had just assumed you were here for it. You wouldn't be the first tomb raiders to infiltrate our lair, you know.
** (5469) Dranthis shrugs **
(5469) Dranthis: So what shall it be? Shall we join together? Or finish our battle?
(5472) Trayn : "a resumption of our previous fight is not in order"
(5470) Kyla: "There was a group of people recently, one of them, a mage, is currently turning into a snake. I wish to know where his scroll is, he claims he can halt his transformation with it."
** (5472) Trayn thinks upon this **
(5472) Trayn (whispering): sense motive [1d20+5] -> [19,5] = (24)
(5469) Dranthis: Oh, you must mean the thief from earlier. (shrugs and sniffs) His difficulty is of little importance to me. His belongings are in the naga cave.
(5470) Kyla: "To me more honest, he sorta turned himself into a snake, but, he's looseing his mind, and needs the scroll to reverse his spell. Do you have any knowledge of this?"
(5472) Trayn : "well they are an interest of ours"
(5472) Trayn : "we plan to enter the Naga's cave and retrieve it"
(5472) Trayn : "should you wish to help in that endeavor.. we will be able to proceed to defeating Yith'sehta
whispering to Trayn , you get the sense that he's telling the truth...to a point.
whispering to Trayn , you're unsure what he's hiding though.
(5470) Kyla: "You seem to be able to move around freely, what would you ask in return for bringing the scroll here?"
(5469) Dranthis: I know where the naga cave is, of course. And I could show you there. His fate is of little concern to me.
(5472) Trayn : "hmmm excellent idea Kyla"
(5472) Trayn : "and so should you think as well... avoiding a confrontation with any other than your Mistress will increase our chances of defeating her"
(5470) Kyla: "His fate is probibly the top concern on mine, at least I can't think of anythign more important right now than this is."
(5472) Trayn : "his fate is a concern of ours"
(5469) Dranthis: If I do this, you will assist me in ridding the world of my mistress. If you fail to keep your word, why, I shall have no compunction against slaying you all for food. Agreed?
(5472) Trayn : "a vile statement... but one you won't have to decide to do"
(5470) Kyla: "You are asking me to trade one human life for another. I cannot do that, but I will promise to get you unbound from your enslavement. If that does require killing, then so be it, if not, then I won't kill without reason."
(5469) Dranthis: Your ideals are amusing. Very well, I shall agree to this. You will have your scroll soon. I shall return.
** (5468) Morti finally murmurs out after prolonged silence, "The slaves..." looking up from his diminutive place on the floor, he speaks clamer, "Are any of the slaves still alive or... unchanged?" **
(5470) Kyla: "Thank you"
(5468) Morti: *calmer even
(5472) Trayn : "bring the scroll to the torture chamber..."
** (5469) Dranthis watches you warily as he makes his way on the walls, using handholds to move carefully until he is above the corpses of the fallen. "Loot them if you wish. They are of little concern to me." **
(5469) Dranthis: The slaves...you mean the cattle? They are alive, for the most part. (snickers)
** (5469) Dranthis opens a secret door behind him. (see map) **
(5468) Morti: :glares at Dranthis argue back in his cracked voice: "They aren't cattle..."
(5469) Dranthis: Wait here, humans. I shall return with your precious scroll.
(5468) Morti: "And if we stop your mistress they go free!"
(5472) Trayn : ((by 'C'...seen))
(5469) Dranthis: They are of little concern to me. If you wish.
(5468) Morti: "And you're kind takes no more as slaves again"
** (5469) Dranthis steps back into the passage. "I cannot promise that, little one. But I shall see what I can do." (laughs) **
** (5469) Dranthis closes the door as he leaves. **
** (5468) Morti pushes himself to a stance glaring at the snake, tears plainly streaking face and staining his scarf **
(5470) Kyla: "Morti, this is enough of a victory for now, he has not the authority to maek that kind of deal."
** (5468) Morti groans whining, "And what will he have when he's free?" **
(5472) Trayn : "however...he hides something... and if i had to guess what it is"
(5470) Kyla: "The right to make choices, and be judged for he choices he makes."
(5472) Trayn : "it would be that he desires her out of the way so he can be the boss"
(5472) Trayn : "other than what he hides... I believe him"
(5481) Reinette (enter): 06:28
(5472) Trayn : "he speaks the truth"
(5468) Morti: "I don't...." :strolls off down the hall toward B idly: "He knew about Almeena... none of them know her I thought."
(5481) Reinette (exit): 06:29
(5470) Kyla: "Probibly, but I also get th feeling he's not speeking the whole truth"
(5471) Atross: "i'm sure he's doing this for his own purposes. I'd like to beleive it's because he wants his freedom."
** (5468) Morti strolls over toward where Dranthis was hiding (near x) looking around in boredom, letting his staff torch light the way **
(5470) Kyla: "Personally, I think he cares about as much for us as he does the slaves. the only difference is we might be able to dela with his boss, while the slaves are probibly in chains, adn too weak fo put iup a significant struggle."
(5469) DM: (ok, it's going to be a while before he returns actually, so if you want to do anything, now is the time to do it)
(5472) Trayn : "I agree"
(5470) Kyla: "He knew taht I believe the scroll is more important than this scepter, so there's some level of mind reading here, possibly only emotion csence, but he bmay be able to flat out read thoughts.
(5469) DM: (brb)
** (5468) Morti begins to search the area of B and the corner at the x search for anything Dranthis may have hidden before coming out (take 20 for 21) **
(5483) Xavier (enter): 06:36
** (5471) Atross looks around for any arrows that survived **
(5472) Trayn : "lets drag these bodies out of the way and hide them"
(5472) Trayn : "and we might as well take their valuables..."
(5472) Trayn : "perhaps we can sell them and compensate the freed slaves with the proceeds"
(5468) Morti: "That would be nice
whispering to Morti, nope
(5471) Atross: "Other than that, we should probably rest. There's sure to be more dangers ahead."
(5469) DM: (see node)
(5472) Trayn : "and I must figure out a way to protect us from this stone gaze of hers"
** (5468) Morti comes back around the corner to C slumping into a seat against the wall. "I don't have the time to rest up to any kind of usefulness. I've almost expended all my spells for the day... and achieved practically nothing for it." Pouting through his scarf, "I'm way to weak to be mixed up in this kind of thing" **
(5470) Kyla: "He said if we were to gaze upon her, so if we fought her in the dark....."
(5472) Trayn : "or a mist"
(5472) Trayn : "something to avoid viewing her or her viewing us fully"
(5470) Kyla: "Tha would probibl also work. I know it's going to be a tough one, but she'd be hopefully as handycapped by it as we would."
(5472) Trayn : "however if she is a powerful priestess.... possessing greater spells and powers than I do"
(5472) Trayn : "she may be able to counter what I or someone else comes up with"
(5471) Atross: "If that happens we'll have to remember not to meet her gaze."
(5471) Atross: (Rainur should be told especially)
(5468) Morti: :in a somber tone: "You use a reflection."
(5468) Morti: "ya know... like that guy we heard about in Mistmoore... Perseus. He used his shie;d's reflection to fight the medusa."
(5468) Morti: "Then again... he had a pegasus on his side too"
(5468) Morti: "And we don't have a shield... or a mirror... hmmm..."
(5470) Kyla: ((and a stupid clockwork owl))
(5469) Drenla: (whisper) You need to believe in yourself, Morti.
(5470) Kyla: "maby we can simply put a bag over her head."
(5468) Morti: "Eh?" :head lifts to look about curiously, before rubbing his weary head.: "Great now I'm hearing htings."
(5470) Kyla: "no, you heard right. what's wrong with me simply bagging her?"
** (5468) Morti cocks his head toward Kyla.... "Um... nothing... I guess... if you can..." **
(5471) Atross: "The only thing wrong with that plan is how to execute it."
(5471) Atross: "Do you think you could get close enough without being seen, or seeing her?"
(5470) Kyla: "No problem, I just alter a large sack so it's got a draw string, er rope, like a pouch, sneak up on her,a dn bag her. when I do, the rest of you grab teh other end of the rope, and keep it tightso the bag can't come off.
** (5469) Rhian Aes Sedai meditates, singing a faintly familiar song. **
(5470) Kyla: I"I'll be behind her most the time, if not behind, tehn will be watching her feet, no her head."
(5470) Kyla: ((not her heard))
** (5468) Morti sits back, listening to Rhian's song to calm him self **
(5470) Kyla: "with her head covered, she won'tbe able to see us, or us her gaze, but we can see her, adn will be an easy matter to beat her into submission."
(5471) Atross: "It all sounds so simple
(5469) Rhian Aes Sedai: The fallen of battle
Those struck by disease
Nothing to nothing
From death into dream.

(5469) Rhian Aes Sedai: In dark dwarven caverns
In bright elven trees
Nothing to nothing
From death into dream

(5469) Rhian Aes Sedai: On his black sky-throne
The dead all he sees
Nothing to nothing
From death into dream

(5483) Xavier (exit): 06:56
(5469) Rhian Aes Sedai: There in that high place
The judgment is said
Nothing to nothing
From death into dream

(5472) Trayn (exit): 06:56
(5469) Rhian Aes Sedai: Thus spoke the god
"And so it shall be.
Nothing to nothing
From death into dream."

(5489) Trayn (enter): 06:57
(5469) Rhian Aes Sedai: So it has been,
So it shall be,
From nothing to something
From dream unto dream.

From dream unto life,
From words into song,
From song into memory,
From memory redeemed.

Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (5489) Trayn ...
(5469) Rhian Aes Sedai: And in from that high place,
And in from the low place,
A soul goes from memory,
To the body received.

From death unto life,
From life unto breath,
Nothing to something,
A memory redeemed.

** (5469) Rhian Aes Sedai meditates. **
(5471) Atross: (It sounds mystic and prophetical, I like it)
(5468) Morti: (sounds like a queen song...)
** (5468) Morti decides to try to meditate in mimicry of Rhian to relax **
(5469) DM: After a long while (enough for you to rememorize your spells...about ten hours or so.), you see the door opening, and Dranthis returns.
** (5489) Trayn searches for an answer to their next problem **
(5489) Trayn : ((i have enough spells to cure everyone of any damage))
(5469) DM: He is accompanied by two green-skinned humanoids, both with scale-covered arms and bodies (human-headed), each armed with katanas and wearing scale mail. Dranthis himself is wearing a simple brown monk's robe.
(5469) DM: He holds in his hands a backpack, bulging with contents, and a smaller pouch.
(5469) Dranthis: I see you have awaited my arrival, as I bid you. Here is the thief's belongings. This is for you, for your injuries. (tosses the pouch to Kyla)
(5469) Dranthis: I shall wait here with my guards for your return. Remember our agreement, humans.
(5492) Unnamed (enter): 07:08
(5492) Unnamed (exit): 07:08
(5468) Morti (whispering): sweet... prepped spells: Read Magic, Resistance x2, Daze, Magic Missile x2, Protection from Evil, Melf's Acid Arrow
whispering to Morti, ok
(5470) Kyla: "Thank you for your offer, but I need to heal theese naturally, I earned them form an act if stupidity."
whispering to Morti, you feel a warm, comforting hand on your shoulder. turning around, you see no one there...
(5469) Dranthis: As you wish.
** (5469) Dranthis shrugs **
** (5468) Morti puts away his spell book into his pack and suddenly spins round to look behind him, blinking as he stares off into space for a moment **
(5470) Kyla: "Should I jsut go upstairs alone to take back the scroll, or is this going to be an un necessary parade?"
(5471) Atross: "Well, there is that anaconda, isn't there?
(5468) Morti: "can we even go back that way?"
(5471) Atross: "Probably not, but surely there's another way?"
(5489) Trayn : "perhaps he knows a way less frought with danger"
** (5489) Trayn means Dranthus of course **
(5468) Morti: :to dranthis: "Is there a fast wa back to the anaconda room?"
(5470) Kyla: Yea, run"
(5469) Dranthis: If I go with you, the anaconda shall not harm you.
(5468) Morti: "Good... lead the way, please"
(5470) Kyla: "I'm ready."
(5471) Atross: ((Smacks forehead, the door opens for snake's blood!))
** (5469) Dranthis leads the way to the guardian chamber. **
(5493) Arianrhod Cehba Sadb (enter): 07:15
(5471) Atross: ((Which all the snake men obviously possess, but which we do not, that's why we had to use the anaconda's))
(5497) Greebo (enter): 07:16
** (5469) Dranthis disarms the traps in the entrance corridor and opens the door to the anaconda chamber. **
(5469) Dranthis: Find your friend. It is all one to me. (shrugs)
** (5468) Morti calls into the chamber, "Verstis... are you still... here?" **
(5469) Verstis: Yes...(weakly)
(5470) Kyla: "I know where we left him." *heads out door 16
(5470) Kyla: ((we left him in a ndifferent map....))
(5469) DM: (do you go down the corridor to 16, Kyla? pls whisper if yes)
(5468) Morti: "phew... " :strolls into the room: "Good news we brought your scroll!" :looks around for the mage:
(5471) Atross: (We left him when we went through the door to room 18 or 19)
(5470) Kyla: ((we left him in the same room we found him in, but if he's here now, this is fine))
** (5469) Verstis slithers to the foot of the ramp. **
(5469) Verstis: "I see you brought...friends."
(5469) Verstis: (warily)
(5489) Trayn : "but more importantly we have your scroll"
(5470) Kyla (whispering): guess not, but this isn't the map we left him in, unless they moved him after the last game I was in, he was going to dstay in a different place.
(5471) Atross: "Those with something to gain from our presense more like."(quietly)
(5468) Morti: "Hardly..." :pouts dourly while making his way over to Verstis:
(5468) Morti: "Can you still use the scroll?"
(5489) Trayn : "give him his equipment.. let him find out"
** (5489) Trayn gestures for the backpack to be given to Verstis **
whispering to Kyla, right
whispering to Kyla, well it doesn't matter now
** (5469) Verstis receives it. "Thank you,...thank you." **
(5470) Kyla (whispering): we left him in a room on the map with the chained up fire breather.
** (5469) Dranthis watches with amusement. **
whispering to Kyla, don't worry about it
(5470) Kyla (whispering): This is fine too
** (5469) Verstis trembles as he opens up the backpack, and sighs with relief. **
(5469) Verstis: I..am afraid that you will need to cast the spell on me.
(5469) Verstis: ...as I am unable to do so in my present state.
** (5468) Morti cocks his head woefully, "I think something like this is too advance for me... Kyla, you probably can though... right?" **
(5489) Trayn : ((assuming that is Morti...))
(5470) Kyla: "No, but it's something I've been intending to pick up along the way."
(5489) Trayn : ((as long as you have the ability score to do it... it comes down to a caster level check))
(5471) Atross: ((Yeah, just so long as your luck is not too bad =/)
** (5468) Morti groans, "What circle of magick is it of?" **
(5469) Verstis: Fourth.
(5489) Trayn : ((and the spell being on your spell list))
(5501) Crylynn (enter): 07:29
whispering to Morti, you feel a warm, comforting hand on your shoulder and Drenla's voice in your ear as if he were standing right next to you. "You can do this, apprentice. The magick will not work unless you believe in yourself."
(5468) Morti (whispering): it occurs to me I've been ignoring my sorcerer aspect which uses cha as a recquisite, so while my Int is only 13 and can't cast it, if I cast from my sorcerer aspect...
(5471) Atross: ((You're probably 75% likely to succeed))
whispering to Morti, heh ok
** (5468) Morti looks up from his worry a moment to glance back over his shoulder, uttering a wistful, "Master..." Shaking his head.. ok then, I'll try" **
(5469) Verstis: May the goddess bless your efforts, my friend.
(5471) Atross: "Believe in yourself, and do it. That's the way. Besides, no one else here is able to try."
 (5501) Crylynn (exit): 07:32
 (5497) Greebo (exit): 07:32
 ** (5468) Morti takes up the scroll and focuses his mind to read the enchanted scripture (read magic) and begins to read off the encantation (I forget what to roll.. heheh) **
(5504) JohnnyfiveDM (enter): 07:34
whispering to Morti, d20+8
(5468) Morti: [1d20+8] -> [8,8] = (16)
(5468) Morti: (doubt it would be above 10)
(5489) Trayn : ((you roll a caster level check which at 5th level is 5... 1d20+5))
(5471) Atross: (Let me put it this way, if it's a 4th level spell it's caster level default 7, therefore dc 8 caster level check)
(5489) Trayn : ((and you needed that to beat 8 so you made it))
(5471) Atross: (you *rolled* an 8)
(5469) DM: As the diminutive sorcerer reads off the scroll, a ray of cool blue light emerges from the scroll and bathes Verstis in its aura. When the aura fades, a handsome half-elf stands before you, in tattered blue robes. He's severely injured.
** (5469) Verstis collapses in Morti's arms. "Thank you...." **
(5489) Trayn : "wow it worked"
(5468) Morti: (that's good to know.... my first scroll playing 3e)
(5471) Atross: (Of course, failure could have resulted in a mishap =D)
(5471) Atross: (But it's best you don't think about that =D)
** (5468) Morti stands frozen for a moment before quickly dropping under the weight of Verstis, "Ooof... help.. please" **
(5470) Kyla: "Nice job Morti."
** (5470) Kyla helps hold the halfelf **
** (5471) Atross moves forward to help verstis up. **
(5471) Atross: "Steady there. How's it feel to be humanoid again?"
** (5469) Verstis replies weakly, "I need to learn how to walk normally again." **
(5471) Atross: (Bet we're not as tall as he thought, heh)
(5469) Dranthis: I shall wait in the entrance chamber. Remember our agreement.
(5468) Morti: me drops to a kneeling position letting out a tired breath. "at least you have the legs to walk again" :smiles for the first time in the least ten hours:
(5470) Kyla: "I am ready now to honor our part of the agreement. Thank you gfor putting up with what must seem like a petty indulgence to you."
** (5469) Dranthis snickers **
(5469) Dranthis: I recognize that humans such as yourselves must respond to your whims. Almost like us.
(5469) Dranthis: If you are ready to proceed, we shall wait for you in the entrance chamber.
(5470) Kyla: "So it was a whim to humore us?"
** (5468) Morti nods to Dranthis soberly **
(5469) Dranthis: A whim to agree to the agreement, and now we are bound to it. Reject it at your peril.
(5468) Morti: "You keep your word as well."
(5469) Dranthis: Oh, we shall, we shall, little one.
(5470) Kyla: I will fight to the death to honor my part of the agreement."
** (5469) Dranthis bows and leaves the room along with his guards. **
(5470) Kyla: "It would be a good idea to stay close, that anaconda is still out there."
(5471) Atross: "Yes, we must not tarry."
(5468) Morti: "Right, lets get going. Do you need help walking Verstis?"
(5504) JohnnyfiveDM (exit): 07:45
** (5470) Kyla follows Dranthis **
(5469) Verstis: I'll need to read my book...I'm afraid I'm useless without my spells.
(5469) Verstis: I'll be all right. My thanks, my friends. I shall help you as I can.
(5471) Atross: ((I just had plain toast, and it was good....how long has it been since I ate anything? =D))
** (5468) Morti gives a grin to the mage and follows along to the meeting place **
(5489) Trayn : "then lets let you study... we could actually use some help"
(5489) Trayn : "we face a creature that can hurt us with just a gaze"
(5489) Trayn : "defending us from this would be very helpful"
(5489) Trayn : "even fixing its effects afterward would be of assistance.. though I know naught of your abilities or your spells in that book"
(5469) Verstis: (smiles gratefully)
(5469) Dranthis: I see your friend is injured, so I shall wait until he is ready to proceed. We have time enough for our purposes in any event.
(5470) Kyla: I hate to be the only practical one here, but we have an agreement to hold up, and a person of far superior ego to our own waiting for us to do this. we are on a time limit between this fight,a nd haveing to bdeal with him thinking we are defaulting,a dn whateve he can do about it."
(5468) Morti (whispering): curious... would an illusion that we see rather than the medusa nullify the gaze effect? like an illusion of a sack or fog covering her head?
whispering to Morti, nope
(5468) Morti (whispering): didn't think so, but worth a shot
(5471) Atross: "I would think that as long as we don't run away, what's another day to freedom if haste means we fail?"
(5471) Atross: "Sorry, but I've tried that method already"
(5507) Torin (enter): 07:54
(5489) Trayn : "I can heal Verstis... but that means less spells for later"
(5507) Torin (exit): 07:55
(5489) Trayn : "if Verstis is to battle with us... then this is acceptable to me"
(5471) Atross: "I don't like the idea of waiting around in here, but if we can't wait as a group, I don't want to leave anyone to wait alone. If we don't let him rest he would need to come with us, and I don't think he's up to that without rest. But that's just my thoughts."
(5470) Kyla: "if we are going to wait for spell memorizeing, then why would it matter?
(5469) Dranthis: I will not hold you to a time limit, human. I would rather you were refreshed and ready to face my mistress rather than sickened and useless.
(5489) Trayn (whispering): i believe previously you told me he wasnt injured... caught me with that
(5489) Trayn (whispering): but this seems to work anyway
(5468) Morti: :to Dranthis in habitual politeness: "Thank you. for understanding."
whispering to Trayn , as a snake, no, but in his original form, yes.
** (5469) Dranthis takes it as his due. **
(5470) Kyla: "Thank you Sir. it will be done with haste."
(5469) Dranthis: We shall wait on the other side of the entrance. (bows and enters the passage)
(5489) Trayn (whispering): if that was a polymorph spell... that would have healed him like he rested for one night... not a lot of healing regardless
whispering to Trayn , right.
(5470) Kyla: "Just one more question, something to hthink about, not to answer to me. Does your mistress know your thoughts as yo do mine? it could be increaseingly dangerous for us to wait more than the minimum time."
whispering to Trayn , but not all of his hit points
(5469) Dranthis: I am adept in hiding my thoughts from those who are of...shall we say...less skill in certain arts than I. *snort*
(5469) Dranthis: Do not attempt to question me in this matter, fool.
(5468) Morti: "What kind of arts?"
(5468) Morti: "Stingggyyyyy..."
(5469) Dranthis: Arts you could not possibly comprehend.
(5468) Morti: "Of course I can't if you don't explain them"
(5469) Dranthis: She is a lesser creature than I, and I and others of my kind long to be away from her as much as possible.
(5468) Morti: "If she's a lesser creature than why is she in control?"
(5469) Dranthis: Because she is in favor of the god!
(5471) Atross: "Why is he being controlled by a lesser creature?" (Quietly to himself) ((D'oh))
(5468) Morti: "What god?"
(5469) Dranthis: Our god, human. (looks at Morti as if he's an idiot)
(5468) Morti: "Oh... well why does a lesser being have your god's favor?"
(5471) Atross: ((this being nothing new, fails to faze him))
(5469) DM: His eyes bulge out of his head and Dranthis forcibly restrains himself.
(5470) Kyla (whispering): just a thought, not saying it... if you're suck a master of your arts, then how is it your mistress has power over you? (trying to think other thngs, cause I believe he can read thoughts)
(5469) Dranthis: I have agreed to be bound to an agreement with children in tow. I am a fool. (*snort*) Prepare your friend. We leave when you are ready.
whispering to Kyla, lol
** (5468) Morti flinches at the sight, "It just seems strange to me... did she do something to take favor away?" **
(5470) Kyla: "Thank you for your understanding, knowledge, and patience with us mortals."
** (5469) Dranthis blurts out "She slew my consort and now holds us enthralled with her powers. That's why!" **
** (5468) Morti looks to the ground thoughtfully, offering back, "I am sorry for your loss." **
** (5469) Dranthis leaves the chamber and slams the secret door shut. **
(5489) Trayn : "well..." a bit shocked
(5470) Kyla (whispering): thinking again... Sorry for your loss, an that is an offence worth killing for. There will be no mercy for a murderer.
(5471) Atross: *Once Dranthis is outside* "I'm sure that was not a set up. I'm certain he wants rid of the medusa. What he will do after that I do not know."
** (5468) Morti flinches once more at the harsh exit, then quietly takes a seat by Verstis as he goes through his book **
(5470) Kyla: "Does anyone object to my attempting to bag her?"
(5469) DM: By the looks of Verstis' book, he really is an advanced mage.
(5468) Morti: "If you can. I'm aaaalllll for it."
(5471) Atross: "No objection here, just be careful. We don't know what it'll be like when we meet her."
(5489) Trayn : "well let us prepare... Verstis.. you let us know what you can do against this gaze"
** (5468) Morti sits back pulling out a scrap of paper to scrawl a few notes on the experience of scroll use, while doing his best not to pester Verstis with inane questions **
(5470) Kyla: "I have a feeling it will not come to physical as much as that gaze advoidance, so unless we have a way, several ways would be better, then our current injurys will not be a significant factor in ths fight.
(5470) Kyla: "If we could keep at least 2 methods of eliminationg that going durring the fight, we will have a good chance. Perferably keeping the methods as different as possible, so teh medusa can't fend them all off at the same time.
(5489) Trayn : "well she has minions as well I'm sure"
(5469) Verstis: I can keep her busy whilst you engage her. Sadly, I have nothing to deflect her gaze, but I am able to save you should you fall to her petrifying powers.
(5489) Trayn : "I would expect it wont be just her alone"
(5489) Trayn : "then I shall cast a spell of mist"
(5469) Verstis: I can summon creatures as well as amplify your own fighting skills and I have more than a few spells of my own creation. (smiles)
(5489) Trayn : "it will be like darkness until you get immediately next to another person"
(5470) Kyla: "your mist is a good idea, darkness would also be good for when she deals with the mist.
(5489) Trayn : "and then I would suggest closing your eyes"
(5468) Morti: :beams at Verstis: "Reallt?! I've been dying to try making my own spells. I just haven't gotten the time or resources"
(5468) Morti: *really even
(5489) Trayn : "or averting your gaze... for my spell will be much less effective once near"
(5514) Chronos1 (enter): 08:20
(5468) Morti: "Only problem is how do we attack her once we can't see her?"
(5471) Atross: "Use your ears. And failing that, swing at anything that hits you."
(5514) Chronos1 (exit): 08:23
(5470) Kyla: "if it comes to that, or fighting in the light where she can see us fine,a dn we can't look at her, I'm all for takeing chances with the dark.
(5469) Verstis: You'll need to determine her location by listening for her.
(5470) Kyla: "Is this a naga, or a medusa?"
** (5468) Morti nods along paying attention to the proffered advice **
(5469) Verstis: It sounds like a medusa to me.
(5471) Atross: "A medusa, Dranthis said."
(5470) Kyla: "Then why is this the entrance to the naga lair?"
(5468) Morti: "Maybe they're just both that way"
(5468) Morti: "Won't know until we go."
(5469) Verstis: There is much more beyond that door than a temple, Kyla.
(5469) Verstis: The naga cave that creature spoke of lies along the shore of a vast underground lake.
** (5468) Morti has moved on to jabbing at the mess of his missed tanglefoot bag and scribbling notes in retrospect as they wait for Verstis to finish **
(5469) Verstis: The way to the temple lies through that door, as does the way to the cave.
** (5469) Verstis reads his book. **
(5468) Morti: "See?"
** (5489) Trayn heals Verstis **
(5520) Christa (enter): 08:35
(5520) Christa (exit): 08:36
(5471) Atross: ((So we rest?))
(5470) Kyla: ((ok))
(5489) Trayn : ((seems like it))
(5489) Trayn : ((anyone have marshmallows and graham crackers?))
(5469) DM: (brb)
(5468) Morti: ( :gets out guitar and begins to sing trail songs: )
(5489) Trayn : ((this would be a good place to stop))
(5489) Trayn : ((doubt we want to tackle too much without Rainur))
(5470) Kyla: ((that's a good idea.))
(5470) Kyla: ((brb, getting food))
(5471) Atross: (I'm fine with that
(5469) DM: (if you want, we can stop here.)
(5469) DM: (or we can continue, up to you.)
(5489) Trayn : ((would be good for me on a OOC level))
(5468) Morti: (either's fine with me.... though I admit... none of us have been rolling very well tonight)
(5469) DM: (ok, we'll stop here.)
(5469) DM: the two tanks in the group aren;'t here so that's bad
(5489) Trayn : woot
(5471) Atross: ((Not rolling very well is not the same as rolling 1d5's for combat))
(5489) Trayn : i went out drinking last night
Attempting to DISABLE moderation in the current room...
Server Administrator-> This channel is now unmoderated
(5489) Trayn : and am still suffering
(5469) TaliesinNYC: still sure you don't want to join Dave?
(5469) TaliesinNYC: lol
(5489) Trayn : though if you have a few hordes of undead somewhere
(5469) TaliesinNYC: ppl can talk even tho they're gray
(5489) Trayn : i guess we could destroy them
(5489) Trayn : depends on the moderation....
(5469) TaliesinNYC: lol
(5469) TaliesinNYC: well its up to you
(5489) Trayn : since that would only take Trayn 5 mins
(5469) TaliesinNYC: heh
(5489) Trayn : : )
(5469) TaliesinNYC: you basically have two options:
(5469) TaliesinNYC: you can explore the temple at your leisure....with Dranthis in tow...
(5468) Morti: shall we 'flip a coin'?
(5469) TaliesinNYC: OR you can go directly to the high priestess and try to defeat her
(5489) Trayn : wouldnt Dranthis get all pissed off?
(5471) Atross: He said he doesn't care if we loot and free the slaves...
(5471) Atross: That is, loot the temple, free the slaves
(5470) Kyla: going to be makeing a draw string large sack. sorta a double whammy attack. setting it up like a garrot for the choke attack,a dn as a bonus, if it hits, she'll be blind,a dn chokeing for the 1 round it will take to toss me aside.
(5471) Atross: Not loot the slaves, heh
(5489) Trayn : thats like taking a man shopping.. saying you are going to a hardware store
(5489) Trayn : and then taking him shoe shopping
(5489) Trayn : and to the JCPenny white sale
(5471) Atross: And then a hardware store
(5470) Kyla: does anyone have a bag of holding???? evil idea,,,,
(5471) Atross: Got another tanglefoot bag?
(5489) Trayn : i didnt know Kyla was allowed to have evil ideas
(5468) Morti: yep 2 of em
(5470) Kyla: we aren't playing
(5471) Atross: She's supposed to be accomplished at some mystical arts
(5470) Kyla: me???
(5471) Atross: Besides, it's evil acts
(5471) Atross: No, the medusa
(5471) Atross: well, entanglement sucks for spellcasters
(5470) Kyla: right, so we should be attacking her gaze with physical, an magical attacks so she can't countr both in the same round
(5489) Trayn : have Verstis summon a Giant Weasel (Mongoose)
(5489) Trayn : thats my idea
(5489) Trayn : not so
(5489) Trayn : Gaze attack is serious mojo
(5468) Morti: yes... the weasel!!
(5471) Atross: Well, I'd try to put an arrow through her eyes, but that would require me looking at her
(5470) Kyla: if ewe had a bag of holding, I sould bag,a dn stab....
(5489) Trayn : works independent of her actions... she doesnt have to do anything for it to work
(5489) Trayn : AND if she wants
(5470) Kyla: bye bag of holding, but tehn bye contents of it too...
(5489) Trayn : she can specifically gaze again vs a single victim as her action
(5469) DM: I think you should spend the week deciding what to do about exploring the temple and defeating the medusa. Remember, you have Dranthis and his guards to accompany you, and Rhian and Verstis as well. Bulghvus failed the fear spell and fled the complex.
(5471) Atross: And bye everything within 15 feet, isn't it?
(5470) Kyla: that's for one bag in another
(5471) Atross: *Sigh* Coward =D
(5470) Kyla: jsut ruptureing a bag of holding only kils the bag,a dn its' contents
(5468) Morti: Bulghvus charged off? wonder if he made it out safely
(5489) Trayn : hopefully not
(5470) Kyla: do we care?
(5489) Trayn : evil sack of shit
(5469) DM: in addition, you also have to worry about the slaves.
(5489) Trayn : only the fact that he is pathetic has kept him alive
(5469) DM: Dranthis didn't say where the slaves are, but apparently, there are a lot of them
(5468) Morti: hai hai.. priorities and all
(5469) DM: so three things: explore the temple, what to do about the medusa and Dranthis, and the slaves.
(5470) Kyla: if we could parade around with the head of the medusa, or some dsafer bur tequally recogniseable part, tehn we should have less resistance to what we do.
(5471) Atross: Kill em all and let...
(5471) Atross: Tharnak, Lithos, or the god of death of your choice, sort the two of them out =P
(5469) TaliesinNYC: in the meantime, there is one more opening in this group for 1 player
(5469) TaliesinNYC: so if you know of ppl who you think would be a good fit, send them my way
(5468) Morti: hey marcia
(5469) TaliesinNYC: she can't
(5469) TaliesinNYC: I've asked her
(5489) Trayn : kill the queen... free the slaves
(5471) Atross: Really, we might not beat the medusa, so if we can get the slaves released first, that would be great... that's part of why we're here anywa, right?
(5468) Morti: eh?
(5489) Trayn : take the gold and ... well lets be nice to the women
(5468) Morti: the slaves were the whole reason til now
(5469) TaliesinNYC: the scepter (hint hint) is also a needed item
(5489) Trayn : right cept now Trayn wants the scepter
(5470) Kyla: if we release teh saves first, th medusa will know we wre here, and will ahve time to get ready for ius
(5471) Atross: Oh sure, we know that now
(5469) TaliesinNYC: remember the prophecy thing for this campaign. you need the scepter for one of the four items
(5471) Atross: It's likely the medusa knows that Dranthis wants her dead regardless
(5469) TaliesinNYC: I know ppl are going to forget so I'm kind of reminding you now
(5471) Atross: Regardless of what he said
(5526) cameron315 (enter): 08:59
(5526) cameron315: Disconnecting from server...
(5526) cameron315 (exit): 09:00
(5471) Atross: Crown of Solnor, Yo! =D
(5469) TaliesinNYC: Dranthis mentioned something about the scepter being needed for the Crown of Solnor, which is one item that's needed to complete the prophecy of Andurin'ith-en. (from about six sessions ago)
(5468) Morti: so first thing's first, smack down the medusa, and hopefully dranthis will free the slaves, lest we gotta bitchslap him round too
(5471) Atross: How about first we free the slaves, then we smack down the medusa, and bitchslap Dranthis if he tries to turn on us
(5471) Atross: Show him who's "lesser"
(5468) Morti: yeah, but what will we do with the slaves in the meantime?
(5471) Atross: We could just unlock them, and then even if we fail they might make it free, if we succeed then we lead them out.
(5489) Trayn : i say keep the slaves put until later
(5489) Trayn : that way they wont get hurt by the violence
(5471) Atross: And violence there will be, oh yes =D (Suddenly thinks of Cespinar)
(5468) Morti: exactly, better not to risk them
 (5471) Atross: Alright, you've convinced me...What about the loot though?
(5489) Trayn : can always come back and get it
(5489) Trayn : unless you desire something
(5471) Atross: We might even be able to just ask Dranthis if there's anything that would help us in a fight against the medusa
(5489) Trayn : then take it now... like take the ring since its easy to carry
(5471) Atross: I mean, elsewhere in the temple?
(5471) Atross: Which reminds me, we really ought to check if any of that is magical
(5470) Kyla: I'd like to try on the jade mail, if she was casting in it without much problems, maby I can use my skills in it same way...
(5470) Kyla: Besides, it's pretty.
 (5471) Atross: I think she was a priest, but it definitely has that for it, if you discount its previous wearer
(5489) Trayn : plus the extra room in the cup size will be good for spell components
(5471) Atross: (Ouch)
(5489) Trayn : just stuff em in there and grab when you need it
** (5471) Atross edges away from trayn **
 (5471) Atross: So that's it for now then, right?
(5468) Morti: well, goodnight all, I'm gona go grab a later supper.
(5489) Trayn : yep im gone... cya all
(5468) Morti: Disconnecting from server...
(5468) Morti (exit): 09:11
(5470) Kyla: ((yes, but then I'm not a mage, so have no clue))
(5489) Trayn : Disconnecting from server...
(5489) Trayn (exit): 09:11
 (5469) TaliesinNYC: yep
(5469) TaliesinNYC: see you in a week

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