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(1913) TaliesinNYC: What's your PC's name, Donovan?
(1931) Kyla: Morti, do you happen to have mirc?
(1913) DM: Before we begin, does anyone need a recap from last time?
(1922) Morti: maybe a teensy one
(1914) Zalabim: Sorry I was working math... um...
(1938) Trayn : ((probably))
(1913) DM: Last session saw the characters in the group leave Highkeep on their way to the yuan-ti lair.
(1938) Trayn : ((lets see after the slavers in a cave as i remember))
(1913) DM: There was a lengthy combat involving the three merchants. Xavick ultimately betrayed Tarth and Shagath, then fled the battle, leaving both of them to their fates, once the PCs won.
(1913) DM: You discovered the entrance to the yuan-ti lair, negotiated a trap involving spinning blades, and fought a troll.
(1913) DM: that's it.
whispering to Morti, send me the loot node please.
(1922) Morti has sent you a tree node...
(1922) Morti (whispering): thought I e-mailed it to ya
(1938) Trayn : "lets continue..."
whispering to Morti, I lost that along with the stuff when I reformatted my drive.
(1922) Morti: "Hai hai..."
(1922) Morti (whispering): okey
(1938) Trayn : "more of the same to check out"
(1922) Morti: (what room are we in now? I forget)
(1938) Trayn : ((map is fetching with no success for me))
(1931) Kyla: ((I don't even see it fetching))
(1938) Trayn : ((if you move around it will show the fetching box a bit))
(1931) Kyla: ((ok,I see it screwing up now, thanks))
(1914) Zalabim (whispering): I guess this will do for now
(1914) Zalabim has sent you a tree node...
(1913) DM: ((Donovan, your PC's name is Albert?!? Can you pls change it to something more fitting? lol))
(1914) Zalabim: ((I can't think of good names, I'm sorry))
(1913) DM: ((using the whiteboard for now till I can get the Apache issues resolved))
(1913) DM: ((in the meantime, pls load minis.))
whispering to Trayn , pls send me a good mini library I can use for monsters if you have one
whispering to Zalabim, I'll accept it for now, but you might want to check out names suitable for a fantasy setting that fits a Conan-centered world
whispering to Zalabim, Albert is a little er...wrong
(1914) Zalabim (whispering): Hmm, that sounds like a bood title for some reason.... Names suitable for a fantasy setting that fits a Conan-centered world...
whispering to Zalabim, heh
whispering to Zalabim, just do a little research on the web, should be able to find something
(1913) DM: You're right where the troll died.
(1913) DM: A door stands closed in the center of the left wall. The passage slopes down and to the right. There is a strong odor of rotting flesh and vegetation in this passage.
(1938) Trayn (whispering): nope one i had died
** (1922) Morti gives a bow to the deceased troll, offering oddly, "I'm sorry for your loss" **
(1938) Trayn (whispering): got one
(1938) Trayn (whispering): http://rivendell.fortunecity.com/spell/1066/Miniatures/Fantasy/
(1938) Trayn has sent you a tree node...
(1938) Trayn (whispering): in there
(1922) Morti: :looking up to the others: "So where to next?"
(1938) Trayn : "this door perhaps"
** (1938) Trayn looks at it and having no skill in such things tries to open it **
(1931) Kyla: "We should probibly check out the door first, so we aren't surrounded when going down there"
(1913) DM: It seems to be jammed shut.
** (1922) Morti nods and lifts his crossbow. **
(1938) Trayn : "stuck"
** (1938) Trayn gives is a shoulder shove **
(1938) Trayn : Baby Time! (afk)
(1922) Morti: (and us without our muscle)
(1931) Kyla: ((we don't need muscle, give me another hour of guzzelign caffeen, and we'll have half a brain))
(1913) TaliesinNYC: ah success.
(1922) Morti: (brains... we could use some of them...)
(1922) Morti: (brb)
(1913) DM: you should see a map now
(1949) Silverlocke (enter): 17:31
(1949) Silverlocke (exit): 17:32
(1931) Kyla: ((I see it fetching....))
whispering to Zalabim, have to settle the question of where you come in.
(1914) Zalabim (whispering): Yeah...
whispering to Zalabim, I can place you inside that room. we can say that you were looking for shelter and you found this cave. you encountered the troll further down the passage and fled into this room and sealed it shut. where you came from, how you got here, what you're doing here, what you want to do is entirely up to you
whispering to Zalabim, I'm going to assume you have that worked out. if you don't, well now is the time when I get to see what your winging skills are made of lol
(1914) Zalabim (whispering): I have it sort of worked out...
(1914) Zalabim (whispering): This is a Yuan-ti slaver's cave? Must have come here looking for yuan-ti slavers...
whispering to Zalabim, ok
(1913) DM: (hopefully it'll stop fetching soon.)
(1922) Morti: (uh... is it a map of a grassy field?)
(1913) DM: (lol. it's a map of the cave complex. might take a while)
(1931) Kyla: ((lol))
(1922) Morti: : to trayn as he tries to unstick the door: "Can I help?"
(1938) Trayn : (bak)
(1938) Trayn : "sure"
(1914) Zalabim (whispering): Well, that sounds like a plan, should I make a listen check to see if I hear them outside?
** (1922) Morti moves to help Trayn knock open the door.(aid in his strength check, trust me, ya don't want mine) **
whispering to Zalabim, k
** (1938) Trayn bashes into the door [1d20+3] -> [7,3] = (10) **
whispering to Zalabim, fyi, unless I specifically say otherwise, I roll ALL Listen, Search and Disable Device rolls.
(1938) Trayn : "ummph"
whispering to Zalabim, you defintely heard that
whispering to Zalabim, and it didn't sound like a troll
(1931) Kyla: "While that was a very imprssive collision, it's not exactly the kind of thing we need right now.
(1922) Morti: "Ow ow..." :frail boy comes away rubbing his ramming shoulder:
(1914) Zalabim (whispering): Exactly, ok
(1914) Zalabim: (From inside the room) Hey out there! Is the troll gone?
whispering to Zalabim, fyi, the interior of the room is a small altar room that's bare except for a basalt altar. you've searched the room and it contains nothing except the altar, a sacrificial bowl and a dagger stained with a dark red substance.
(1922) Morti: "Eh?"
** (1922) Morti stares at the door, "Depends... who's asking?" **
(1938) Trayn : "uh.... yes it is in fact"
(1931) Kyla: "This would be exactly whey we don't want to be banging into unknown doors"
(1914) Zalabim: "Thank the gods, I thought I'd never be able to leave"
(1938) Trayn : "its safe to come out.. if thats your next question"
** (1922) Morti cocks his head toward Kyla, offering a dumbly nervous chuckle... "Uh... hehe.. right" **
(1914) Zalabim: "I came to the cave because I'd heard it was a den of slavers, but when I met the troll I knew I wasn't going to be able to go on alone. I barred the door to keep it out, let me open it here..."
(1914) Zalabim: *Unblocks the door from inside*
(1938) Trayn : "yes please do...."
(1922) Morti: :through the door: "So... how long have you been in here?"
** (1938) Trayn steps back **
(1938) Trayn : "my name is Trayn... of Solnor"
(1914) Zalabim: "At least a day I think"
whispering to Zalabim, stop fetching?
(1914) Zalabim (whispering): Still fetching
** (1938) Trayn introduces himself semi-formally **
(1914) Zalabim: "You can call me Albert for now"
(1922) Morti: :after Trayn, Morti calls out: "And I'm Morti. Are you going to open the door?"
(1914) Zalabim: *Opens the door*
** (1938) Trayn looks at this supposed savior of the enslaved **
** (1922) Morti watches curiously for the appearnace of their new acquaintance **
(1914) Zalabim: ((darn, can't laugh, must type description even though they beat me to it))
(1914) Zalabim: *A male human of average height and build, you see he wears studded leather armor and has a shaved head, tanned skin, and oddly, blue eyes.*
(1938) Trayn : Description: Trayn is a strong strapping lad with deep green eyes and curly brown hair.
Just under 6' tall, he is an imposing if not attractive human male. He wears a suit of plate mail and carries a large shield. He is armed with a few weapons and wears a Tabard depicting a shining Sun upon it.

(1914) Zalabim: *He carries a small flail, a quiver bristling with arrows, a buckler on one arm, and a very large bow*
** (1922) Morti , an odd slight form barely five feet tall and masked by a scarf wrapping his round head stands at natural ease with a crossbow lowered at his side. His clothing is loose and disordered, and some air of wierdness surrounds him. Strangely you can tell he's smiling, as it seems to play out on the folds of his scarf in a holy unnatural manner **
** (1931) Kyla glances at her comrades, the dead troll, the blocked door, and the new guy, then walks inside teh now ropen room ignoreing all of them **
(1938) Trayn : "hmmm what were you going to do here?"
(1938) Trayn : "a bit... alone for this enterprise"
(1938) Trayn : "did you lose your party... or did it get eaten by the Troll?"
** (1931) Kyla is dressed in a very black suit, with large amounts of bright, deep red accents which only add to her already foreign appearence. She has extreemly weather dried skin with a almost supernatural tan over already darkish skin. Around her waist is a 5 band silver chain belt supporting a dagger sheath. Nothing else is easily visible, or easily concieled on her, except ehr black hair peekingout from under a red scarf. Her shoulders are bare, as is her belly, and there is no loose clothing for easily concieling other items, yet she walks with a well armed attitude. **
(1922) Morti: "Or are you some kind of legendary hero who faces entire armies on his own?" :asked quite excitedly and sincerely:
(1931) Kyla (whispering): what time are we quitting tonight? I have to be afk for 40 min before 8pm tonight
(1914) Zalabim: "Sadly, I'm no legendary hero. I came alone because highkeep didn't have many who felt the same about slavery. No one should be forced to live in chains. No one
whispering to Kyla, 11 most likely
whispering to Kyla, 10:30/11 pm
(1931) Kyla (whispering): when should I go? returning my kid's blanket, he left it here yesterday, and won't sleep without it.
(1914) Zalabim: "If I may ask, what brought you to this place?"
** (1922) Morti 's excitement fades to a simple smirk on his scarf and he offers a nod. "In that case. Would you mind if we accompanied you in your quest?" **
(1922) Morti: "Horses"
(1922) Morti: :spoken without a lick of sarcasm:
(1938) Trayn : "Morti..."
whispering to Kyla, go whenever you need to. don't worry about me, really. if I had issues with you not being around, you'd know. do what you have to do, we'll be here.
(1914) Zalabim: "Well, I suppose I did ask."
** (1922) Morti looks trayn searchingly **
(1914) Zalabim: *Chuckling*
(1961) Funy Skywalker (enter): 17:58
(1931) Kyla (whispering): ok, afk, back in 40 min (jsut starting so probibly least chance for disruption)
(1914) Zalabim: "I would be glad to have help in here"
whispering to Kyla, ok. if we're not around when you come by, look for the server Andurin
(1914) Zalabim: "Out there rather" *Gestures down the stairs*
whispering to Kyla, might have to switch servers if you're not seeing the map
** (1922) Morti glances down the stairs and nods again, "Deal. Welcome aboard" **
(1914) Zalabim: ((Still!? Fetching))
(1961) Funy Skywalker (exit): 18:00
(1938) Trayn : "ok... lets proceed into the bowels of this snake pit"
(1938) Trayn : ((fetchless))
** (1938) Trayn leads the group downward to their doom **
(1913) TaliesinNYC: switching to Andurin (my server)
** (1922) Morti follows after Trayn (also to his doom) **

(1478) TaliesinNYC: This smooth stone room is bare except for a small altar of basalt to the west. There is a stained stone bowl and a crude dagger on top.
(1478) DM: (that's the room Albert was in)
** (1473) Trayn disrupts the altar offerings... clattering them in a corner **
(1474) Morti: (... don't wanna know how he stained the bowl... did we come down from the stairs on the left?)
(1478) DM: (yes)
(1478) DM: (the "X" is the troll's corpse)
(1474) Morti: then the southern stairs around the corner to the south is where we'd be heading now)
(1478) DM: (ok)
(1478) DM: The second set of stairs leads down to a short passage ending in a closed stone door covered in phosphorescent blue moss.
(1473) Trayn : ((ok Morti leads us...))
(1474) Morti: (...eh? ... interesting idea...)
(1472) Zalabim: (If it comes to it, I'll lead, bow first)
(1473) Trayn : ((as in directs our destination))
(1473) Trayn : (Trayn is in front)
whispering to Zalabim, spot
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+9] -> [2,9] = (11)
** (1474) Morti scratches his head as they come before the massive stone door. "Why do doors in these kinds of places always havta be so heavy?" **
(1473) Trayn : "and why do they have fungus on them?"
(1478) DM: (pls resize the minis or use one mini to represent the group)
(1472) Zalabim (whispering): Spot is at +6 mod
(1474) Morti: (there is only one mini)
(1478) Bulghvus: Interior decorating?
(1472) Zalabim: Spot Skill Check: [1d20+6] -> [9,6] = (15)
(1472) Zalabim (whispering): Like that?
(1474) Morti: "It's kind of a nice look actually. Don't care for the smell much though"
whispering to Zalabim, the ceiling of the passage is lined with small holes the size of a pea.
(1472) Zalabim: *looking up* "Something seems odd in the ceiling. It has small holes"
** (1473) Trayn attempts to open the door **
** (1474) Morti glances up to the ceiling on Albert's cue. **
(1478) Bulghvus: It's just lantern moss, nothing special. Common in this part of Wylund, actually.
(1474) Morti: Spot Skill Check: [1d20-1] -> [20,-1] = (19)
(1474) Morti: (wow... hope that's not my one and only 20)
whispering to Morti, exactly. LOTS of small holes
whispering to Trayn , the door seems jammed shut
(1474) Morti: "Trayn. Maybe you shouldn't open that yet"
(1473) Trayn : "stuck again"
(1473) Trayn : "ok... let me know when"
(1472) Zalabim: "Bulghvus, maybe you should check for a trap"
(1472) Zalabim: "Or, anybody?"
** (1478) Bulghvus grins **
** (1474) Morti grabs Trayn's sleeve and pulls him back up the stairs past the holes before slinnging his crossbow back around his back and poking his staff up into on of the holes curiuosly **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+11] -> [2,11] = (13)
(1478) Bulghvus: Funny you should say that. That door isn't exactly welcoming.
** (1473) Trayn waits until given the all clear **
(1474) Morti: :to Bulghvus: "Whatcha mean?"
(1478) Bulghvus: Mmmm, let's just say that if you open the door, we'll be pin cushions.
(1474) Morti: "Figured..."
(1474) Morti: (how far from the door do the holes reach in the ceiling?)
(1478) Bulghvus: I thought I saw something peculiar earlier though...(turns around to check the walls)
(1473) Trayn : "so is this the way?"
(1478) Bulghvus: (the last 20' of corridor, so from the stairs to the door)
(1474) Morti: "Ya mean like a release switch?"
(1478) Bulghvus: No, well yes it's the way to certain death. I mean, back this way, near the troll.
** (1478) Bulghvus turns and goes back up the corridor. **
** (1474) Morti begins to help Bulghvus search the walls **
(1473) Trayn : "alright show us"
(1474) Morti: Search Skill Check: [1d20+1] -> [15,1] = (16)
(1478) Bulghvus: No, I mean like a secret door.
(1474) Morti: "Oh, one a' those"
(1473) Trayn : "ah even better"
** (1478) Bulghvus pokes and prods along the wall and comes to a stop near the door to the altar room. "Ah ha!" **
(1478) DM: A section of the wall slides back, and reveals a dark, musty room that reeks of decay...
(1473) Trayn : "by the suns rays... this place hasnt seen in a long time"
(1486) Kyla (enter): 18:54
** (1474) Morti scrucnches his scarfed nose at the familiar scent, "Heavy doors and bad odors... obligatory..." **
** (1473) Trayn enters boldly **
(1472) Zalabim: *Enters cautiously, looking around the room*
(1488) Lycan (enter): 18:57
(1488) Lycan (exit): 18:58
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (1486) Kyla...
(1455) Sephi (enter): 18:59
(1478) TaliesinNYC: The interior of this room is dark and musty. As you flash your torch inside, you can see the outlines of several skeletons chained to the wall. The room is otherwise empty.
(1478) DM: About nine skeletons...all of them human, by appearances.
(1472) Zalabim: "It looks like it's too late for these"
(1490) DM Heimdall (enter): 19:00
(1455) Sephi (exit): 19:00
** (1474) Morti waves the flaming end of his unsheathed staff into the room "Yeah... I'd say so" **
(1478) DM: Each is chained to the wall in a gruesome fashion.
(1490) DM Heimdall (exit): 19:00
(1478) DM: The room is empty otherwise and no visible means of egress.
(1473) Trayn : "this is a terrible sight"
(1473) Trayn : "lets look around for another of these hidden doors
(1473) Trayn :



(1473) Trayn : [1d20+1] -> [8,1] = (9) searches about
** (1474) Morti heads in cautiously, sweeping the ground a few feet ahead of him with the magically burning head of his staff as he moves in to search the walls **
(1474) Morti: Search Skill Check: [1d20+1] -> [10,1] = (11)
(1472) Zalabim: *Albert joins in the search for a way forward*
(1472) Zalabim: Search Skill Check: [1d20+1] -> [18,1] = (19)
whispering to Zalabim, one of the iron rings that a skeleton is attached to, is the opening mechanism
(1472) Zalabim: *Examining one of the skeletons bindings, Albert pulls on the ring*
(1486) Kyla: "Does anyone know if a troll is smart enough to use chains on people, as opposed to simply ripping off their limbs,a dn letting them die.?"
(1473) Trayn : "no... I don't know"
(1473) Trayn : "you would think a Troll would just eat you though"
(1472) Zalabim: "I'm pretty sure that if these had been a trolls victims they'd have been eaten, not chained up"
(1474) Morti: "The snakemen must have chained them here" :gulp* "Maybe as dinner"
(1486) Kyla: "Right, that was my thought on the mater, so unless no one is home now there are more people here. I rather doubt teh troll did this."
(1473) Trayn : "no the snake people are here"
whispering to Zalabim, reflex
(1472) Zalabim: Reflex save: [1d20+6] -> [11,6] = (17)
(1473) Trayn : "we just need to find them"
(1478) DM: As Albert twists the ring, a small needle flies out of a nearby skeleton's eye socket and nearly impales him....
(1486) Kyla: "If they are still here, thy will be behind some strongly locked, or secret door to keep away from teh troll
(1478) DM: ...as a section of the wall slides open.
(1473) Trayn : "what in the blazing heavens was that?"
(1472) Zalabim: "That was close"
(1473) Trayn : "woah"
(1472) Zalabim: "But, here's another door"
(1474) Morti: "Eh?" :Good job hero.:
(1486) Kyla: "That would be where the snakes are hideing, if they didn't manage to get out before the troll set up housekeeping here"
** (1474) Morti moves over to see what the next chamber offers **
** (1472) Albert moving on **
** (1473) Trayn continues as well **
(1478) DM: The next area is a gently sloping passage, that curves to the right and leads further downward. A faintly spicy odor wafts up to greet your nostrils, teasing your senses with familiarity. Rustling leaves can be heard every so often...well it sounds like rustling leaves, or it could be rustling scales...
(1478) DM: The walls are engraved with scenes of ritual slaughter as snakes and various snake headed creatures swarm over humans, elves and dwarves in gruesome depictions that make your stomach turn.
(1472) Albert: ((Ok, I've found out how to move minis, now I just need to know how to get my own))
(1478) DM: (switching maps)
(1486) Kyla: ((I'll help you twith that later albert))
(1472) Albert: ((I'll come up with a better name eventually))
** (1474) Morti grimaces in disturbance of the pictures **
(1474) Morti: :whsipering: "I don't like this place at all"
(1473) Trayn : "you aren't supposed too"
(1486) Kyla: "Easy Morti, I can draw pictures of my slaying 20 dragons, doesn't mean they happened"
(1473) Trayn : "this is a cavern of evil..."
(1478) DM: (the "X" is where you eventually enter)
(1472) Albert: "Such horrible things"
(1474) Morti: "For some reason when they draw it, it seems realer"
(1474) Morti: (is it dark below?)
(1478) DM: As you make your way down the passage, the spicy odor mutates to become a sour burnt aroma that increases in intensity. A glowering faint orange glow illuminates the other end of the passage...
(1478) DM: It definitely getting warmer.
(1473) Trayn : "here is where it will start..."
(1478) DM: Rattling chains can be heard at the far end of the passage...
** (1473) Trayn moves down the inclined passage **
** (1474) Morti stows his staff on the back of his belt as he follows down, crossbow first **
** (1472) Albert wrinkles his nose in disgust. "Do I really want to know what might be burning, or worse, cooking, downt here..." **
** (1474) Morti shivers a bit as he listens for any signs of threats or threatened **
(1474) Morti: Listen Skill Check: [1d20-1] -> [15,-1] = (14)
(1499) Gobby the Goblin (enter): 19:22
** (1472) Albert has his bow at the ready **
(1486) Kyla: "Something doesn't add up here."
(1478) DM: You peer in from the passage exit into a rough, man-made stone-lined chamber. Massive iron chains restrain a reptilian creature with five sinuous scaly heads, each of which opens to contain a tooth filled maw and a flickering tongue. One of them breathes a cone of fire into the air.
(1478) DM: The creature is chained to the far east wall of the chamber, right before a pair of closed gleaming bronze double doors. It does not appear to have noticed you...yet.
(1498) nes'tas (enter): 19:24
** (1486) Kyla quietly backs around the corner out of sight **
(1474) Morti: :scarf expression twitches nervously: "Uh.... is that their idea of a guard dog?"
(1478) DM: (the room btw, is not to scale. the room beyond is really 30' square.)
(1473) Trayn : ((end up here?))
(1474) Morti: (brb)
(1478) DM: (I could redraw the room...if you want. (This is one disadvantage of using the white board, not my maps. heh, The big circle is their "watchdog")
(1472) Albert: whispering, "We should back away a bit, and decide what we're going to do about this."
(1473) Trayn : "attack?"
(1486) Kyla: ((wow, we have ourselves a regular old einstein here...))
** (1498) nes'tas can i join? **
(1478) DM: (where's Rainur when you need him. lol)
(1472) Albert: "If this is their front door, they must have a way of getting through."
(1472) Albert: "It doesn't look like it's too friendly, since it's chained up."
(1474) Morti: "Maybe he just looks nasty"
(1486) Kyla: "Tha's not the problem, the doors are."
(1474) Morti: "What about the doors?"
(1474) Morti (whispering): disbelieve.. just for the heck of it
(1498) nes'tas (whispering): can i join
(1474) Morti: Will save: [1d20+5] -> [4,5] = (9)
(1486) Kyla: "If they were open, we could get past the lizzard, but the delay in getting them open will make that rather impossible"
(1498) nes'tas (whispering): say Hi
(1473) Trayn : "lets just kill it.. its not like its a dog... it wont bark and give an alarm"
(1498) nes'tas (exit): 19:32
(1474) Morti: "No... it'll just blast us with fire, kill us and eat us"
(1472) Albert: "Not if we stand out of reach, then it'll only blast us with fire and kill us, but it won't be able to eat us."
(1486) Kyla: "There's a comforting thought"
** (1474) Morti peers curiously at Albert. "That sounds like something I'd say... do I always sound that dumb?" **
(1499) Gobby the Goblin (exit): 19:34
(1486) Kyla: "Not even close, Morti"
(1473) Trayn : "I'll draw out its flame attack"
(1473) Trayn : "Then you rush and help me defeat the beast"
(1474) Morti: "It has five heads... hence five ways it can shoot fire"
whispering to Morti, Will save
whispering to Morti, nm
whispering to Morti, it's real
(1472) Albert: "I have no problem with that plan, it just seems like there should be some easier way."
(1486) Kyla: "Get it drunk"
(1474) Morti: "as big as that thing is... probably take a lot of alcohol..."
(1474) Morti: "Wonder how long it takes him to eat though"
(1474) Morti: "...and if he likes troll..."
(1486) Kyla: "we do have ranged weapons, any guess on the range of it's fire breath thinhg?"
(1473) Trayn : "more than a few paces is what I'd figure"
(1472) Albert: "actually, no, I don't have a guess"
(1474) Morti: "Can we kill it with arrows and bolts though? It's kinda big and we don't know if it can cry out somehow to alert guards"
(1486) Kyla: "Yes, but then it's a very large room, and it's chained to a wall, so maby it won't have the necessary trange."
(1473) Trayn : "let me know and I will proceed"
(1486) Kyla: "If it can cry out to alert teh guards, it will before we can beat it up too, this way might be safer"
(1473) Trayn : "fire your arrows and if it comes forward... Is shall engage it"
(1472) Albert: "I think the guards, if there are any, are more likely to notice it if it Stops, firebreathing."
(1474) Morti: 0.o "You're gonna 'engage' a humongous five headed snake monster?"
(1473) Trayn : "well we must defeat it... its not an option to go around"
(1472) Albert: "If that's the plan, then I'll test its range"
(1486) Kyla: "I can't think of any other way. No experience with fire breathing 5 headed lizzards."
(1473) Trayn : "well I will also attemp to rebuke it... but it may not work"
(1473) Trayn : "if it attacks me attack it... if it stops attacking me... let it be"
(1474) Morti: "Feed it... five hungry heads probably don't have very civil table manners"
(1486) Kyla: "I'm going to have to let it be untill the need to charge it comes up, I've got no ranged attack"
(1472) Albert: "I actually agree with feeding it the troll for some reason..."
(1478) DM: Seconds later, a section of the far wall slides open and a snake-headed human emerges and peers out into the room. Seeing that the creature's attention is otherwise engaged, it slinks back inside, and closes the door.
(1478) DM: (see the secret door on the other side that I revealed now)
(1473) Trayn : ((yes))
** (1472) Albert coughs. "Did you see that?" **
** (1473) Trayn casts two spells on himself **
(1474) Morti: "Yeah... that door's closer"
(1472) Albert: "And that's where the guards are"
(1473) Trayn : ((actually 3 spells))
(1486) Kyla: "And more importantly, doesn't look like the chain will let the lizzard reach that far."
(1473) Trayn (whispering): protection from energy (fire), resist energy (fire), & shield of faith
(1474) Morti: "But does his flame?"
whispering to Trayn , ok
** (1486) Kyla looks aroud that room real quick,a dn sducks back **
(1486) Kyla (whispering): looking for scorch marks close to teh lizzard, adn the north wall to see of the fames reach that far
** (1473) Trayn moves around till he can see the fire lizard (and no more) **
(1472) Albert: "I just had a bad thought, what if they have a way to release that? Maybe we should kill it anyway?"
(1473) Trayn (whispering): im going to rebuke it as its a fire creature
whispering to Kyla, nope
(1486) Kyla: "That will be the least of our worries if that happens"
whispering to Kyla, no they don't reach that far. yes scorch marks 10' to the lizard
whispering to Trayn , ok
** (1472) Albert moves forward until he can just see the multiple headed creature **
(1486) Kyla: "Looks safe, anyone witha clue would have noticed that the flames leave scorch marks near the lizzard, adn the large doors, but no where close to the wall wthe door is on."
(1472) Albert: "So, do we want to kill that, or just go to the secret door?"
(1486) Kyla: "I see no reason not to just walk over to the secret door,a dn open it."
(1474) Morti: "Head over to the hidden door, hide against the wall, and when the snake starts making a ruckus and brings the guards out we pounce"
(1472) Albert: "All agreed?"
(1486) Kyla: "The lizard can't reach us from here, adn right now, extra noise from it won't be out of place"
(1486) Kyla: "sure."
(1473) Trayn : "let me see what can be done about the lizard"
** (1473) Trayn gets it in view and states "by Solnor bow down before his power!" **
(1473) Trayn : Check for: Rebuke Fire Creature: [1d20+2] -> [1,2] = (3)
** (1486) Kyla walks over to the secret door staying clsoe to the wall. **
(1474) Morti: "We shouldn't take the risk of fighitng with the monster if we don't have to"
(1473) Trayn : ((((ooooooooook))
(1473) Trayn : ((next round!))
(1486) Kyla: ((Trayn, maby your pork chop holy symbol isn't such a good thing to get a hungry beast to leave from))
(1478) DM: (init pls)
(1486) Kyla: Initiative: [1d20+4] -> [13,4] = (17)
** (1474) Morti moves into the hall, out of the beasts view and trains his aim toward the secret door, waiting for it to open to fire **
(1473) Trayn : Initiative: [1d20+1] -> [11,1] = (12)
(1474) Morti: [1d20+2] -> [6,2] = (8)
(1472) Albert: Dex check: [1d20+5] -> [2,5] = (7)
(1472) Albert: (Because I don't have an initiative section?)
(1474) Morti: (same diff)
(1472) Albert: "Here goes"
** (1473) Trayn watches as everyone unwisely disregards his orders **
(1473) Trayn : : )
** (1474) Morti was never wise to begin with **
(1478) DM: (17, Kyla)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+3] -> [5,3] = (8), [1d20+5] -> [5,5] = (10)
** (1486) Kyla just walks over to the secret door, and starts looking for traps,a dn an opening mechanism (ignoreing the lizard totally) **
(1478) DM: (12, Trayn)
(1486) Kyla (whispering): so yes, if the lizard can do anything, I'm flat footed to him
(1478) DM: The creature spies Kyla moving to the far wall and roars excitedly, but is brought up short by the chains.
** (1473) Trayn rebukes again **
(1473) Trayn : Check for: Rebuke Fire Creature: [1d20+2] -> [16,2] = (18)
(1473) Trayn : Turn Results: 16-18 = Turns/Rebukes 8 HD Level
(1473) Trayn : ((not sure what its HD is... is it 8 or lower?))
(1478) DM: It seems cowed by Trayn's might.
(1473) Trayn : ((4HD and its my bet but i know it has at least 1hd per head))
(1473) Trayn : bet = pet
(1473) Trayn : "proceed now"
(1473) Trayn : "it shall not harm you"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+11] -> [10,11] = (21)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [Bad dice format] - [1d20+!1]
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+11] -> [19,11] = (30),[1d20+11] -> [3,11] = (14)
whispering to Kyla, no traps, unlocked the door. sounds of running receding.
(1473) Trayn : "go get to the door"
(1478) DM: Now it seems to have woken up and is fully engaged, except that for some reason it's cowed into submission.
(1473) Trayn : "I must stay.... focused on it"
(1472) Albert: ((Are we leaving initiative?))
(1473) Trayn : ((im just yapping))
(1474) Morti: (stan, ya still there?)
(1478) DM: (waiting for Kyla)
(1486) Kyla: "Come on, the door is safe" *pushes the door open, and walks through*
(1478) DM: (8, Morti)
(1486) Kyla: ((was waiting to be told to go))
** (1474) Morti moves into the room, crossbow still up as Kyla opens the door, watching for any enemies to pop up **
(1474) Morti: "Wonder where the snakeman went
(1478) DM: As Kyla opens the door, you hear the sound of another door closing, elsewhere in the complex, and sounds of running, receding into the distance.
(1478) DM: (7, Albert)
(1472) Albert: I move towards the secret door and ready an action to attack if a snake man comes into view
(1472) Albert: (Done)
(1478) DM: (7, Rhian and Bulghvus)
** (1478) Rhian Aes Sedai follows Bulghvus and the rest of the party into the adjoining passage. **
** (1473) Trayn waits for everyone to get thru and does himself... closing the door behind him **
(1474) Morti: :not seeing the recent snakeman: "So... think he went for help?"
(1473) Trayn : ((sorry jumped the gun))
(1486) Kyla: "nope, probibly getting back to lunch."
(1478) DM: As the priest does so, you hear the sound of chains being strained as the creature rushes forward and breathes. A backblast strikes the door just in the nick of time as the door closes.
(1478) DM: (Reflex those near the door, that includes Trayn and the NPCs)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+4] -> [6,4] = (10),[1d20+7] -> [3,7] = (10)
(1473) Trayn :

Reflex Save

[1d20+1+1] -> [15,1,1] = (17)

(1486) Kyla: Reflex: [1d20+10] -> [10,10] = (20)
(1473) Trayn : ((im nigh but impossible to fry at this stage))
(1472) Albert: Reflex save: [1d20+6] -> [4,6] = (10)
(1478) DM: (heh)
(1474) Morti: Reflex save: [1d20+3] -> [12,3] = (15)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [3d8] -> [6,3,3] = (12)
(1478) DM: (Albert, Rhian and Bulghvus take 12 each)
(1478) DM: The passage leads to a dead end...
(1472) Albert: "I think we know the drill, where's the door?"
(1474) Morti: "Are you all alright?" :Morti asks as he moves back near Rhian and looks to Al and Bulghvus:
(1472) Albert: "I'm a bit scorched"
(1486) Kyla: "you'll be fine, how are the other two?"
(1474) Morti: "Miss Rhian? are you burnt badly?"
(1478) Rhian Aes Sedai: I'm fine, thank you Morti.
(1474) Morti: "Bulghvus?"
(1473) Trayn : "hmmm I guess my talents are needed"
** (1478) Rhian Aes Sedai embraces the Source. **
(1473) Trayn : "those that require healing shall not be denied... just ask"
** (1474) Morti lets Trayn help the wounded while he heads to the end of the hall, checking the wall for the snakeman's exit **
(1478) DM: She concentrates, and waves of white light pour forth from her hands, clearing away her injuries.
(1474) Morti: Search Skill Check: [1d20+1] -> [7,1] = (8)
(1478) Bulghvus: 'Twas just a scratch, but I'll survive. Your skills are appreciated however.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+11] -> [16,11] = (27)
(1472) Albert: "I should be fine for now"
** (1486) Kyla helps Morti find the secret door **
whispering to Kyla, You found it
** (1473) Trayn heals the unworthy [1d8+5] -> [2,5] = (7) **
** (1473) Trayn heals the Kyla [1d8+5] -> [6,5] = (11) **
(1472) Albert: (Heals the unworthy?)
(1473) Trayn : (unworthy being Bulghvus)
(1474) Morti: (well ain't we snotty)
(1474) Morti: (and did Kyla need healing?)
** (1472) Albert searches for a hidden door **
(1472) Albert: Search Skill Check: [1d20+1] -> [7,1] = (8)
(1474) Morti: (guess so)
(1486) Kyla: "Thanks for the offer of healing, Lord Trayan, but I earned this current injury being stupid, and am well capeable of helaing it myself, I just feel I need to let this one heal naturally."
(1486) Kyla: ((yes, that is a real injury, yes I can heal it, no, I;m not goign to))
(1486) Kyla: "the door is over here" *points it out*
(1478) DM: (love this group lol)
(1486) Kyla (whispering): check it for traps
(1478) DM: (A section of the wall slides back, revealing the exit.)
(1473) Trayn : ((ok 11 for Albert then...))
(1472) Albert: "Ok then, as long as we're waiting around."
(1486) Kyla: ((thanks trayan, but I got it doing something really stupid, so I think I earned the right to heal this one naturally))
** (1473) Trayn moves forward... **
** (1474) Morti readies his crossbow and moves in after Trayn **
** (1472) Albert moves forward **
(1478) DM: The passage beyond is a marble/malachite lined corridor, less crude than the preceding passageways which suggests that some craftsmanship went into their construction. Flickering torches light the corridors beyond. Faint chanting can be heard, reverberating through the hallways.
** (1474) Morti moves in examining the room and listening to the chanting(spellcraft arcana to interpret if I can... your choice) **
(1474) Morti: Spellcraft Skill Check: [1d20+12] -> [1,12] = (13)
(1474) Morti: Knowledge: Arcana Skill Check: [1d20+12] -> [6,12] = (18)
(1478) DM: The corridor is empty. (1) A closed bronze door can be seen further down the passage to your left. (2) A second corridor doubles back to another open area to the west.
whispering to Morti, seems to be a divinely inspired. You're unsure what it is though.
(1474) Morti (whispering): does it have a beat ya can groove to?
whispering to Morti, lol
** (1472) Albert moves to the intersection **
(1473) Trayn : "we should skip this door.. if we hear nothing within"
** (1474) Morti quietly makes his way to hallway 2, peering down the length for any sign of the snakeman they spotted **
** (1472) Albert examining the door bronze door at 1, any sounds? **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+6] -> [15,6] = (21)
whispering to Albert, you hear a faint cry for "help" beyond
whispering to Morti, Chanting can be heard coming from this area...
whispering to Morti, from the area beyond.
(1472) Albert: "It sounds like there's someone in there"
(1474) Morti (whispering): from 1 or 2?
whispering to Morti, 2
(1486) Kyla: "Great more refugees hideing from trolls"
(1472) Albert: "is it safe to open the door?"
(1486) Kyla: "That would depend on who is hideing in there, wouldn't it?]
** (1474) Morti moves down to the door with the others, keeping a watch down the halls, I dunno about in there, I'm just spooked by the chanting down the hall" **
(1473) Trayn : "perhaps its slaves we are here to free... we must open the door"
(1546) Adam500 (enter): 20:36
(1473) Trayn : "If they were slaves and tried to leave... the fire creature would kill them"
(1546) Adam500 (exit): 20:36
(1474) Morti: "Wouldn't the slaves be deeper down? From this room it's too easy for them to run for the exit"
(1472) Albert: "I don't know who's in there, but I heard a call for help."
(1474) Morti: :looks back to Albert: "Ok then. We go in"
(1473) Trayn : "they could be.... food for the beast... who knows I'm not a slaver"
** (1472) Albert wary for another trap, tries to open the door. "It's probably locked anyway." **
(1486) Kyla: "Or rigged to blow up whomever is inside when teh door is opened"
(1478) DM: (it's locked all right)
** (1474) Morti carefully makes his way down to the southern intersection to peer down either end of the hall **
(1472) Albert: "So, time to break it down?"
(1486) Kyla: "Back off"
(1472) Albert: "Ok"
(1474) Morti: "Bust it in and the chanters will hear us"
** (1473) Trayn backs off **
** (1486) Kyla nspects it for traps, then unlocks it **
(1473) Trayn : "they know we are here"
(1486) Kyla: "They might know we are here, we don't know why that lizzard was running."
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+11] -> [16,11] = (27),[1d20+11] -> [11,11] = (22)
whispering to Kyla, no traps and easily unlocked
whispering to Morti, all clear...
(1486) Kyla: "now you can open the door" *moves away*
(1472) Albert: I open the door
(1551) Linc (enter): 20:44
(1478) DM: The door opens to reveal a dark room with an offensive, putrid smell that assaults your senses. It seems to be a torture chamber: guillotine, rack, fire pit, branding irons, thumb screws, flogs, iron maiden, water torture chamber and other implements. A vaguely humanoid form can be seen in the rear of the chamber, motionless.
(1551) Linc: Disconnecting from server...
(1551) Linc (exit): 20:45
** (1474) Morti keeps a watch down the hall until the door is open and he goes to back up his friends. **
(1473) Trayn : "oh save me... " upon seeing this horror room
(1474) Morti: *gulp* "I think I liked my slavers better..."
(1478) DM: The humanoid form stirs, and begins to move slowly towards you.
(1472) Albert: "Hello...?"
** (1474) Morti cautiouslt approaches the humanoid, kneeling down a few feet away, he whispers "Don't worry, we're here to help" **
(1474) Morti: (and then it jumped me...)
(1478) DM: It appears to be a snake headed human....or perhaps a more accurate term would be a human with the head of a human and the torso of a snake. (below his chest is a snake's body)
(1478) DM: It has a black substance in its mouth and scrawls a message on the floor. "HELP" is what it reads.
** (1474) Morti reads the note and assures in a kind, cracked voice, "Like I said, that's what we're here for." **
(1486) Kyla: "Of course wel'll help"
(1472) Albert: "What happened here?"
(1473) Trayn : "oh god of healing and justice... get me thru this"
** (1473) Trayn examines this abomination **
** (1486) Kyla checks the snake for serious injurys" **
(1474) Morti: "Can you speak?"
(1473) Trayn :


[1d20+5+5] -> [17,5,5] = (27)

(1478) DM: It scrawls out "NO"
whispering to Kyla, it's critically wounded
(1474) Morti: "That's okay. We're gonna get you out of here. Do you know where the other slaves are being kept?"
(1486) Kyla (whispering): heal it for up to 16 points of damage (my max amount)
(1473) Trayn : ((is this a tortured human or a tortured snake thing?))
(1473) Trayn : ((or a human being turned into a snake thing?))
(1561) DM Heimdall (enter): 20:52
(1561) DM Heimdall (exit): 20:52
(1561) DM Heimdall (enter): 20:52
(1473) Trayn : ((heal check above))
(1561) DM Heimdall: Disconnecting from server...
(1561) DM Heimdall (exit): 20:53
(1478) DM: It then scrawls out using the piece of coal in its mouth "SEEK MAGE SCROLL"
(1478) DM: ((you're not sure.))
(1474) Morti: "Mage scroll? Can you point us in a direction?"
** (1486) Kyla offers it some water **
(1478) DM: "DOWN"
(1478) DM: It gratefully accepts the water and coughs.
(1474) Morti: :smirking: "Thanks.... do you want that coal out of your mouth?"
(1474) Morti: (guess it would be if he's drinking)
** (1478) Verstis spits the coal out of its mouth and drinks. "Thank you..." **
(1486) Kyla: "There is a large flameing lizzard close by, but chained up, it's pissed off, and not at all hurt. it's up to you weather tyou come with us, wait ehre,a dn we'll come back for you, or try to make it out alone."
(1474) Morti: (did he say thank you or write it?)
(1478) Verstis: My friends had infiltrated this lair weeks earlier and now they're gone. We were picked off one by one. I fled in a moment of weakness and now I am all alone...(hangs his head in shame)
(1486) Kyla: "If you hadn't stayed alive, we wouldn't know about the naga lair ambush, or a mage scroll. what you did turned out to be a good thing."
(1566) Xeriar (enter): 20:58
(1566) Xeriar (exit): 20:58
(1472) Albert: Says quietly, "This might have been my fate..." *looking around the room*
(1478) Verstis: Unfortunately I used up my only spell to save myself and now I cannot reverse it
(1474) Morti: "Do you know what's going on over there?" :refering to the chanting:
(1478) Verstis: They are making the Black Broth.
(1474) Morti: "The wha-wha?"
(1473) Trayn : "and what they did to you?"
(1478) Verstis: My apologies...who are you?
(1474) Morti: "I'm Morti" :matter-of-factly:
(1472) Albert: "We came here to put an end to them. Of course. You can call me Albert"
(1474) Morti: (Is Albert really a bad name compared to Mortimar?)
(1478) Verstis: My name is Verstis, and I am the last member of Five Favored Venturers, a company of adventurers formerly based in Highkeep. We had heard about this den of filth and evil and tried to cleanse it, but failed in our task. We infiltrated this lair but did not account ourselves against the ingenuity of the snakemen.
(1478) DM: ((it's not a fantasy name that fits the world and it needs to be changed))
(1486) Kyla: ((what about a subtle change to say, Alvert?))
(1474) Morti: (... Mortimar's a real name...)
(1478) Verstis: The Black Broth is a substance that the snakemen use to create more of themselves. They cannot produce offspring naturally, so they use slaves as breeding stock with which to use as both food and material for more snakecreatures.
(1473) Trayn : "how did they defeat you... they may try to do the same to us... the Naga you speak of?"
(1478) DM: ((I don't care how its done so long as it fits the setting. Alvert is barely acceptable.))
(1474) Morti: "Eeewwww... no thanks. I've been altered enough without swimming in mutating ooze"
(1473) Trayn : "well If i can... I will cure you... at least ease your pain"
(1478) Verstis: My head hurts...
(1478) Verstis: Below this level is a large complex consisting of various caverns and passageways that lead to a temple dedicated to the snake creatures' god. The yuan-ti, it seems, are ruled by a leader both wise and powerful, not only in the dark arcane arts but also in the skills of merchants and kings.
** (1473) Trayn tries to eas his pain (not sure if he is officially injured) **
(1478) Verstis: We encountered a naga, a creature that can cast arcane spells of power and fight with great skill. It serves and in turn is served by abominations, the snake-headed creatures that you may have seen before.
(1474) Morti: "Guess they're gonna be a problem"
(1478) Verstis: This place is laden with traps of all kinds and in our passing, we triggered a few of them, thus making ourselves vulnerable to their attacks. We should have seen signs of poison but discounted it as weariness.
(1486) Kyla: "And you cast an illusion on yourself to appear like they do to try to bkend in while escapeing?"
(1478) Verstis: I...well...it is a spell that changes one's form. It should have worn off hours ago. (looks perplexed)
(1474) Morti: "Polymorphing?"
(1478) Verstis: With each passing hour, I feel more snake like and less human. If you do not find our belongings, of which one is a spellbook and a mage scroll that belonged to me, I shall never become human again.
(1474) Morti: "Gee... that does sound bad"
(1486) Kyla: "How long do you think you have left before you loose your self to the change?"
(1473) Trayn : "oh... that is nothing I can cure then"
(1581) Sean (enter): 21:13
(1478) Verstis: I...I am unsure.
(1486) Kyla: "Trayan, we can cure it by hgetting his scroll and book in time."
(1474) Morti: "When was the last time someone checked on you in here?"
(1478) Verstis: If you could find this scroll and my belongings, I would be most grateful indeed.
(1478) Verstis: Ages ago. Days? I do not know.
(1581) Sean (exit): 21:15
(1474) Morti: "Then it might be safer for you to wait here. Unless you feel up to the risk that is...?"
(1486) Kyla: "Sir Virstis, you will need to make a hard decision, that is weather you want to come with us to advise us on anything you remember being down there, or be chained up in this room. I know I offered you your freedom, but in light of the change happening, I will not allow you to wander around till you become one of them."
(1478) Verstis: That I leave up to you. I know little magic left to me, however.
(1473) Trayn : "Kyla is right... we cannot let you become a snakecreature"
(1478) Verstis: Of course I shall then, if that is the choice offered to me. The sooner I can become human again, the sooner I can begin my revenge against the Tempest.
(1474) Morti: "The tempest?"
(1478) Verstis: You know that vile creature?
(1586) * (enter): 21:18
(1486) Kyla: "If you can think of a nother choice that will prevent you from becomeing one of them, or at least prevent you from doing harm after becomeing one, we will gladly add that to your options."
(1587) Rainur Swiftblade (enter): 21:19
(1587) Rainur Swiftblade: (Hello everyone)
(1478) Verstis: I shall accompany you then, and if I should act otherwise, you may do what you think you must.
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(1474) Morti: "Can you walk?"
(1474) Morti: (you're late)
(1473) Trayn : "then it shall be that way"
(1478) DM: (and stopping in 1 hour)
(1473) Trayn : "let us proceed then"
(1478) Verstis: I can only crawl
(1478) DM: (bring Alfred up to speed someone pls)
(1474) Morti: "Guess you're being carried than..."
(1474) Morti: (way ahead of ya)
(1587) Rainur Swiftblade: (already done)
(1586) * (exit): 21:23
(1486) Kyla: "Do you know where your book and scroll are being kept?"
(1478) Verstis: No, not really.
(1473) Trayn : "well lets proceed..."
(1474) Morti: "Probably somewhere down the hallway to the left" (south east hall)
(1478) DM: (here that? Alfred, that's your cue)
(1587) Rainur Swiftblade: "I guess I will be the pack mule"
(1587) Rainur Swiftblade: "Let us go then...do I have permission to carry you Verstis"
(1478) Verstis: I can crawl along, no need to carry me.
(1478) Verstis: I am not an invalid...not yet anyway.
(1474) Morti: :while Rainur helps Verstis: "Now what were you saying about the Tempest?"
(1587) Rainur Swiftblade: "Very well...."
(1478) Verstis: As I was saying, it is because of the Tempest that I am here in my present condition. If she had not condemned my family to slavery, none of this would have occurred.
(1587) Rainur Swiftblade: "She will be dealt with in due time"
(1474) Morti: "So the Tempest does work with the Yuan-ti?"
(1478) Verstis: It is a long story with many things in the telling.
** (1587) Rainur Swiftblade starts to walk in the direction suggested **
(1478) Verstis: Not directly, no.
(1587) Rainur Swiftblade: "She is in league with the litch isn't she!"
(1478) DM: (well that's the thing, Alfred. where you go is up to one person. so let me know where and I'll get to it)
(1478) Verstis: What lich?
(1587) Rainur Swiftblade: Almeena"
(1478) Verstis: Who is Almeena?
(1473) Trayn : ((she was a few sessions back))
(1474) Morti: "Don't think so... the yuan-ti don't even know about her."
(1473) Trayn : ((she was mentioned..))
(1587) Rainur Swiftblade: "Ye do not know her? She was the ambassador from Kern until she was found out to have plotted to assasinate the king"
(1478) DM: ((right, but Verstis is an NPC.))
(1474) Morti: "The Tempest is involved in the slave rings though, huh?"
(1478) Verstis: I am confused.
(1587) Rainur Swiftblade: "The king rebuked her and she was sent back to Kern. She is behind much of the slavery here"
(1478) Verstis: Ah....I never paid much attention to royal politics anyway.
(1473) Trayn : ((ah put it in ""))
(1473) Trayn : ((then we know you are "talking" IC not as DM))
(1478) Verstis: In a manner of speaking, yes, Morti. But not directly.
(1472) Alvert: ((We have to put up with "" but as the DM, we know it's the DM speaking if it's DM speaking =)))
(1478) Verstis: (If you see me talking without parentheses I am being IC)
(1478) DM: (strike that LOL)
(1587) Rainur Swiftblade: "Tis not my politics either although I am DaKhan, but it will effect us all Verstis"
(1478) DM: ((folks, have to remember that even though you know what the plot is about, not all the NPCs you meet will be connected with some of those plots))
** (1587) Rainur Swiftblade proceeds down the hallway to the left (south east hall) **
(1474) Morti: "Nevermind the details for now... you said your family was sold to slavery here?"
(1472) Alvert: "Well then, down the hall"
(1587) Rainur Swiftblade: "Come on everyone we need to et out of this place"
whispering to Rainur Swiftblade, corridor to the left? which one?
whispering to Rainur Swiftblade, the one that spirals to the right?
(1473) Trayn : ((can't blame us for being paranoid... we are trying to "trip them up"))
(1587) Rainur Swiftblade (whispering): spirals
** (1474) Morti moves in front of Rainur, checking round the corner before proceeding **
(1478) DM: ((noted lol))
(1478) Verstis: Ays, my family was sold into slavery for being unable to pay their debts.
(1587) Rainur Swiftblade (whispering): spider senses on snake mage boy
** (1587) Rainur Swiftblade concentrates for a minute **
(1478) Verstis: I was too young at the time and grew up as an indentured servant to a mage. I made my way into the world and delved into the matter of my family, and it has come to this.
whispering to Rainur Swiftblade, not evil
** (1474) Morti lets out a weary groan and whispers to Verstis, "Do you think we'll find them here?" **
(1587) Rainur Swiftblade (whispering): are you moving the mini?
whispering to Rainur Swiftblade, need to redraw the map
(1478) Verstis: No, we won't.
(1587) Rainur Swiftblade: "Ays Verstis, we all have our own axes to grind with these evil ones!"
(1478) Verstis: I have resigned myself to never finding them....but at least I will be able to bring justice against the head of she who brought this fate to me.
(1474) Morti: :hangs head: "Sorry,,,:
(1473) Trayn : "This justice I shall help you find Verstis"
(1478) DM: bio break guys
(1473) Trayn : "or bring to bear for you"
** (1474) Morti hugs to the wall of the curving hall as he makes his way out front watching round the bend (take 10 move silent, 16) **
(1478) TaliesinNYC: (do you see the map above?)
(1472) Alvert: (Care to guess?)
(1478) TaliesinNYC: (actually, I'd like to know, so no.)
(1486) Kyla: ((That same one of a bunch of green bears haveing a picknick in a field of grass?))
(1478) TaliesinNYC: hm
(1473) Trayn : ((if this is a map of the 18th hole we do))
(1473) Trayn : ((dogleg to the left with a few grassy bunkers?))
(1474) Morti: (yes I see a bit of the Etching river in the top left corner)
(1478) DM: (ok nm)
(1587) Rainur Swiftblade: "Alvert where are ye from?"
(1486) Kyla: ((I think it's times like this that the gm wishes he could take back statements like "I like this group" ))
(1472) Alvert: "Here and there..."
(1587) Rainur Swiftblade: "Have ye ever been to the plain?"
(1587) Rainur Swiftblade: plains
(1474) Morti: (the plains... it looks something like the map up yonder)
(1472) Alvert: (I may have seen them before =P)
(1478) DM: ((next time, you'll need to have access to the site. I'll post the map to the site. that way we can get around this stupid issue of the map))
(1474) Morti: (except less griddy)
(1472) Alvert: "No, I can't say that I have particularly explored them."
(1587) Rainur Swiftblade: "That bow of yours would be great to hunt buffalo"
(1486) Kyla: "Don't bother, they'r flat and green everywhere."
(1474) Morti: :glance back curiously to Kyla to ask in a whisper: "Buffalo are?"
(1478) DM: (stopping in 30 minutes, fyi)
(1473) Trayn : ((well im not sure if we want to "get into anything" at this time))
** (1486) Kyla adopts ehr best WTF look, and sasys "Um, ....sure" **
** (1474) Morti scratches hi head and continues on down the hall looking for its end **
(1587) Rainur Swiftblade: "It is much easier to shoot one than to tackle one from horseback and bring it down"
(1472) Alvert: "I've never really had to hunt for food I must admit."
(1478) DM: As you descend the gentle sloping ramp, you notice three columns bathed in an iridescent green glow from below. The passageway is actually open to the area below to the left after a short distance. (there is no left wall after the first 20' feet of corridor.) In this manner, you can see the area below as you climb down the passage. The three columns act as support for the ceiling above. The appear to be carved giant cobras, the hoods of the cobras acting as support arches for the ceiling.
(1587) Rainur Swiftblade: "Ays, there is nothing more thrilling than the hunt...I miss them"
(1478) DM: The floor of the chamber below is moving.
(1473) Trayn : "well start hunting snakes"
(1473) Trayn : "if that floor is anything like what I think it is"
(1474) Morti: "Uh... Verstis...what was in here?" :whispers as he stares to the floor:
** (1587) Rainur Swiftblade looks at the floor **
(1478) Verstis: Those? Those are black racers. Harmless snakes, for the most part. There is however, an anaconda somewhere in the mix.
(1472) Alvert: ((I've found a name generator, and I just had it make 50 names, how do any of...Arijar, Asamar, Asteitlan, Afedritram, Acirer, Adrardo, Aforeth, and Agroi sound of the A's?))
(1474) Morti: *gulp*
(1478) Verstis: It claimed the life of our barbarian, Ursult.
(1587) Rainur Swiftblade: "That is a jungle snake is it not? Very large correct?"
(1473) Trayn : ((i like Aforeth myself))
(1474) Morti: ""Maybe it's not hungry anymore then"
(1478) DM: ((do a search on the web for Conan. one of the links on the site refers you to a Conan site. the name has to fit or conform to the setting, that's all I ask.))
(1478) DM: ((I made Alfred change his character's name from Reiner to Rainur. so its not just you.))
(1474) Morti: o.0
(1587) Rainur Swiftblade: "They are not poisonous?"
(1478) Verstis: Aye, it is a large snake that hails from the wilds of Ayaran.
(1478) Verstis: Nys, but they can swallow a grown man whole.
(1587) Rainur Swiftblade: "I have only head but have never seen one"
(1486) Kyla: "So all we have to do is advoid the large pregnamt looking snake?"
(1474) Morti: "How hard can that be?"
** (1474) Morti looks about the room searching for the next passageways **
(1478) Verstis: And that is not all. The entrance to the temple level is trapped.
(1587) Rainur Swiftblade: "Well, it knows we are here...snakes can sense prey"
(1486) Kyla: "which way to the temple entrance?"
(1473) Trayn : "well it may attack one of us... the rest must free them by defeating it"
(1587) Rainur Swiftblade: "What sort of trap do you speak of?"
(1478) Verstis: A secret door at the far end of the passage.
(1478) Verstis: A spike trap, inside the entrance corridor. But to enter the entrance corridor, you must do battle with the anaconda.
(1587) Rainur Swiftblade: "Snakes dislike fire"
(1486) Kyla: "so the trap you speek of is past th snake?"
(1473) Trayn : "I shall bring some if that is the case"
(1587) Rainur Swiftblade: "Morti, do you have any spell that can displace the snakes and expose the anaconda?"
(1474) Morti: "How about fake fire?" :reaches back and brings forth his staff unsheathing the contnual flame on the one end:
(1478) DM: ((the S marks the secret door, and coincidentally, the location of the anaconda))
(1587) Rainur Swiftblade: "Well let us get this over with"
(1473) Trayn : "I will try to drive it off"
(1474) Morti: "My spell pools kind of running dry"
(1473) Trayn : ((bah i used that slot already... ignore my now apparent ramblings))
(1587) Rainur Swiftblade: "Do not hurt the snakes if ye can, just drive them off"
(1478) DM: As you round the bend, you notice an overly large, overly albino appearing snake coiled around the base of one of the columns. The snakes on the floor give it a wide berth.
(1478) DM: It's easily triple the height of Rainur in length.
** (1587) Rainur Swiftblade clangs his swords together to get its attention **
(1486) Kyla: "Give me some cover, I'm going after the trap"
(1474) Morti: "Uh... he looks sleepy, let's not bug him.."
(1478) DM: It uncoils with surprising speed and lays in wait at the foot of the ramp, mixing in with the other snakes which slither on top of it.
(1472) Alvert: "How about I shoot it, would that be cover enough?"
** (1486) Kyla slinks off down the hallway trying not to disturb the large snake towards the trap **
(1587) Rainur Swiftblade: "Ays"
(1587) Rainur Swiftblade: "Tis an idea Alvert"
** (1474) Morti tries to keep an eye on the snake, staying back a ways, he kneels down toward the floor, waiting to see if it will approach(ready an action to cast burning hands if it approaches..?) **
(1486) Kyla (whispering): will be horibly late next week (do have kids over then, but can join after tehy go down for bed) so trying to get to the trap to disarm it tonight
whispering to Kyla, ok np, thanks for letting me know
(1478) DM: (guys, this combat will take longer than 10 minutes...so let's stop here and resume next week then.)
(1474) Morti: okay
whispering to Kyla, I'll run your PC next time
(1473) Trayn : agree
(1472) Alvert: (alright)
(1478) TaliesinNYC: folks should be 5th level now, so adjust your sheets if you have not done so.


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