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(507) DM: So, here's a recap for Kyla's benefit
(524) Trayn : ((crosses fingers))
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: shoot stan
(507) DM: Blaine left with the party to go to Tolmara. In Tolmara, they attended Court and were witness to the unmasking of Lady Almeena Darlastair, ambassador from Kern.
(507) DM: Apparently, Almeena was behind a recent assassination attempt against Ayyers, not to mention she is the person behind the plot to spread the bloodcoins throughout the Kingdom.
(507) DM: She is also a lich of great power, but her disguise was overcome by Ayyers' personal magicks.
(507) DM: In order to prevent a diplomatic incident, she was banished from the Kingdom instead of destroyed outright by all those in attendance.
(524) Trayn : ((yes that was nice of us wasnt it?))
(524) Trayn : : )
(530) Kyla: ((mostly here))
(507) DM: Following this, the party proclaimed themselves allied or in allegiance to the Crown and became formally known as The Company of Freeswords Eternal, and is now granted the right to adventure within Wylund. They've retired to The Magister's quarters in the Castle where Drenla gave his report.
(507) DM: And they were about to question the two mages when we broke last week. Today, Morti will go to the Diamond Citadel to take his Test, which will determine his future as a mage.
(528) Morti: (maybe I should have studied...)
(513) Je'rar: (commence?)
(507) DM: ((technically Steve should be here, but since he can't run Open not to mention he's a bit computer challenged, that sucks.))
(530) Kyla: ((just for the public inquirey (cause I don't feel like dealing with several whispers) I was arrested for felony endangering the welfare of a child. No clue what that is exactly, they won't tell me, but I was/am on probation for a similar charge, so it may be double jeopardy. you won't get more info, cause I don't have any.))
(507) DM: ((thanks but I wasn't going to ask you.))
(513) Je'rar: (like, they have to inform you as to what the charge is about)
(507) DM: ((most likely double jeopardy, but I'm only a paralegal. can't give you advice.))
(513) Je'rar: ( I've been arrested before several times; they just were never able to make any of the charges stick :P
(513) Je'rar: [Bad dice format]
(507) DM: ((ok, back to the game. So, you're in Garath's quarters, ask away.))
** (524) Trayn has never been arrested... thats all that matters in this game : ) **
(513) Je'rar: {yes, I won a golden horseshoe}
(513) Je'rar: *have a
(513) Je'rar: "WHat more can you tell me about thses slavers?"
(513) Je'rar: "They had a box that they were guarding very carefully.. perhaps that's where they keep their blood coins?"
(524) Trayn : "That might be true.. but we cant really just break into their box and look without proof.."
(513) Je'rar: "Also, thse guys were allegedly in need for us to help protect them,as there's a place on their route that's been savaged by orcs lately..."
(513) Je'rar: "Trayn.. if I break into their box, that'll supply all the proof I need"
(513) Je'rar: "And if by some miraculoyus chance it doesn't..well.. I still wouldn't return it.. thery are slavers, and as such, deserve all the ill-fortune that befalls them"
(513) Je'rar: *miraculous
(524) Trayn : "But if we didnt find anything, would we break others boxes.. assuming we would eventually find the coins?"
** (528) Morti clears the dryness from his throat to suggest weakly to Jer'ar, "You do have to find them first..." **
(513) Je'rar: "Well Trayn , if I know somebody is a confirmed slaver, then I feel no remorse for them whatsoever"
(513) Je'rar: "Good point Morti..but we happen to know their path of travel..."
(507) Drenla: The three "merchants" are apparently, the middlemen in this covert ring. The top echelon of their little group is something that I have never been able to discern. It would not surprise me if Lady Almeena was somehow behind their group, but somehow, I doubt it. Almeena has a history that precedes her current position as ambassador of Kern. She has a reputation for disdaining anything that smacks of worldliness. On the other hand, she is also an enchantress of great skill...so it's plausible.
** (514) Rainur Swiftblade stands quietly in the corner **
(513) Je'rar: "Often if you trail after the man in the middle long enough, you can discern who his master is"
(507) Drenla: Their path split from ours after we departed from Wintershivven. They were on a southbound route. I think they mentioned something about going to Griffonsmere, to catch a ship.
(528) Morti: :raising a scarf brow, inquires to Drenla: "How long have you been investigating all this?"
(507) Drenla: Griffonsmere is one week away from Tolmara, by horse. Or we can travel by magick and be there in a moment. I would imagine that if we departed from Tolmara tomorrow, that we would arrive there around the same time that the merchants were arriving.
(513) Je'rar: "How well can we coincide our trek to rescue Rhian's sister with these bozos?"
(513) Je'rar: "Wait a second..."
(513) Je'rar: "We can go somewhere in an instant?"
(507) Drenla: For at least a year, Morti. (glances at Garath) I first became involved when your moth...Lady Almeena first arrived in Tolmara but on business as a wizard to the Diamond Citadel.
(507) Drenla: I will never forget meeting her. Like gazing into a crimson drake's mouth. (shivers)
(524) Trayn : "thankfully... though I was initially worried we were in a terrible rush to save this woman"
(524) Trayn : "I know longer think so"
(533) Arkhandus (enter): 16:28
** (514) Rainur Swiftblade speaks "We must assess what is the most important thing for us to do at this time...what path we shall take and what to accomplish my friends. What almost consumed Drenla and what consumed Asflag worries me" **
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (533) Arkhandus...
(533) Arkhandus (whispering): Hail Taliesin
Attempting to assign the role of LURKER to (533) Arkhandus...
(528) Morti (whispering): reiterating, Morti's never called her mother. unlike the other childern he was a defined servant, small point
(533) Arkhandus (whispering): forgot what the server/room was supposed to be named, thought I had missed it earlier
(530) Kyla: "The most important thing right now is to rescue the elf."
** (528) Morti bows his head at his mentor's words **
(513) Je'rar: "Don't you see? Much as i dislike magic in general... there can be a good use for it in certain situations.. and if it means we can both rescue rhan's sister and still get these guys, then why don't we go and use the instant travel to get to the lady?"
** (514) Rainur Swiftblade catches the slip of Drenla's tongue **
(507) The Magister: Yes, 'tis possible to travel in an instant to a place ye have been to before. (accents the word before) If ye have not been there before, ye may end up trapped within a tree or a boulder, and die a horrific death.
(513) Je'rar: "We all die someday...today is just as good and as bad as tomorrow"
(530) Kyla: "could someone who'se been there before act as a guide?"
(530) Kyla: "So we don't end up in a rock"
whispering to Arkhandus, np
** (528) Morti glancing up to Tremaine, "Well.... what if we take someone with us who's been there?" **
whispering to Arkhandus, sit back and enjoy the show. be sure to stick around after, so we can discuss somethings, if you can make it
(528) Morti: (great minds ;D )
(533) Arkhandus (whispering): will if I can.
(507) The Magister: Well, that depends on where you want to go.
whispering to Arkhandus, might want to set up a time we can talk then, if you can't
(513) Je'rar: "To Rhian's sister"
(530) Kyla: "to wherever that bastard kidnapper went."
** (514) Rainur Swiftblade gives Drenla a look after the slip of the tongue **
** (513) Je'rar states it simply,as if that should explain all **
(528) Morti: "Well... I doubt we'll find someone who's been where Rhian's sister is"
(507) The Magister: I do not know anything about this "Rhian". Drenla?
(513) Je'rar: "Then place us just outside of the place"
(524) Trayn : "a task we accepted before coming to Tolmara your magesty"
(513) Je'rar: "If we can't go directly to her side, put us as close as is safe"
(524) Trayn : (magesteristy)
(507) Drenla: She is an Aes Sedai witch, that I met whilst travelling with these folk. Shai'tan is on the move again in the world. (grimly)
(513) Je'rar: "Yeah..some shiten guy..whoever he is.. damn shit's getting on my nerves..monsters that don't bleed? Grrrr"
(507) The Magister: Why have you not told me this before? This is dire news indeed, and trumps even that of what we are facing.
** (513) Je'rar is obviously not at all comfortable with that **
** (528) Morti blinks at the Magister's declaration, "Why, who's he?" **
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: "Aye my lord, that was my point. It nearly consumed Drenla's soul"
(507) Drenla: (bows his head) Because I did not think much of it until now, having just pieced a few things together. We faced a myrdraal, otherwise known as a shadow assassin. It was an incomplete specimen and had not yet grown in power, nor was it armed with a Shadowblade.
** (530) Kyla glares ar Jerar "It's one thing to be direct durring a time crises to one's superior, if he's indeed worth the respect, He'll forgive the intrusion into due respect at the time,a dn subtelly mention it when it's more approiate. You should however refrain from such vulgarity." **
(507) Drenla: The witch, Rhian, sacrificed herself to save our lives and my soul. For that, I am eternally grateful and am bound to return the favor, if I can.
(513) Je'rar: "A shadowblade?"
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: "Drenla's words are true my lord"
(513) Je'rar: "What vulgairty? I just repeated what he said the guy's name is?"
(513) Je'rar: "He said he's a shiten..."
** (530) Kyla whispers "some shittin guy, dam shittin..." to remind him. **
** (524) Trayn ignores this issue **
(535) Cade (enter): 16:38
(507) The Magister: A Shadowblade is, according to legend, a sword crafted from a place on another world, where this being, "Shai'tan" otherwise known as The Dark One, resides. The place, Shayol Ghul, is a mountain on this world, where the plane where The Dark One resides, comes into contact with the world, thus making it possible to create things that the Dark One touches or makes manifest on.
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: "My lord, I fealt evil as I have never fealt before when facing the myrdral"
(507) The Magister: A Shadowblade, can, according to legend, consume the soul of those that it slays if its wielder so desires.
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: "It must be stopped!"
(507) The Magister: A creature slain by use of a Shadowblade cannot be ressurected, not even by use of a divine wish.
** (528) Morti gives hard gulp as he takes in the Magister's cryptic words **
(513) Je'rar: "Can this blade hurt him?" ::pats the pommel of the flametongue::
(535) Cade (exit): 16:40
(530) Kyla: "is this assassin in training the same as the one who kidnapped the elf?"
(507) The Magister: The Aes Sedai know about this "Shai'tan", more than I do, I fear. After all, they have been fighting a war with this being for longer than the lives of most mortals. Unfortunately, there has been some strain between Wylund and Nith'Tar Valon as of late.
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: "How so My Lord?"
(507) The Magister: Whilst they are welcome at Court, they are not quite welcomed with open arms. Many think of the witches of the Shawl as meddlers in things they should best leave alone.
(513) Je'rar: "Hmm.. not good.. when facing a foe, especially as great as this one appears to be, one needs all the help one can get"
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: "Ah...a difficult situation"
(528) Morti: "Why? what do they do that's so bad?"
(530) Kyla: "I don't see how this complicates our task any."
(507) Drenla: The assassin you speak of, friend Kyla, is slain. I know nothing of the elf you speak of. Apparently, there is a task that this group has accepted, that involves rescuing a sister of this Rhian. I know nothing about this task, only that which has been told to me.
(524) Trayn : "things are never as simple as one side is bad and one side is good... though your decisions may have to reflect that ideal"
(513) Je'rar: "Suppose if I should attain the title of Khan-na... I could pledge the aid of many many good men ..but in exchange, I'd want for the people of the plains to be recognized as something better than as just a bunch of wild barbarians.. some social recognition would be nice I should think.."
(530) Kyla: "trayan, things are that simple."
(524) Trayn : "well then they are.. then things are dire indeed"
(513) Je'rar: "In some cases, I have to agree with kyla.. there most certainly are times when its a simple matter of right and wrong"
(530) Kyla: "They are always dire, also. Always simple, always an emergency."
(507) The Magister: The Council of Nobles, who advises His Majesty in his reign, seems to think that the Aes Sedai have an undue influence on the workings of our government and the King, and so wish that their presence at Court and in the Kingdom be reduced to a minimal presence. Common people fear them, for their magick is different from what we use. They have a reputation for calming and stilling wizards who threaten them and their existence.
(513) Je'rar: "This shiten guy or whatever isclearly wrong and needs to be stopped, as are these slavers"
(530) Kyla: "Everything when broken down to intent is either good or bad. Never in between. the grey arias are when the intent goes wrong."
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: (Rainur gives his studded leather +2 to Kyla) "This is a gift to you from Rainur, Blademaster of the Swiftblade clan, In the name of the War Father, wear it in good health Kyla"
(530) Kyla: "I will find a way to repay you for this, Sir Renier."
(507) Drenla: He is more commonly known as "The Dark One". "Shai'tan" is an ancient name that is used to describe him. Our problem is that "The Dark One" is also a name used to describe or give name to, the god Gorgauth. (shivers when he says "Gorgauth")
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: "Do good"
(513) Je'rar: "Bah! Just leave me to soak up the damage like I usually do..."
(524) Trayn : "That name .. however vile... is known to me"
(530) Kyla: "I always attempt to"
(528) Morti: "So... what are we supposed to do about him?"
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: "Aye Drenla..."
(528) Morti: :obviously spectacle about offering personal aid in the matter:
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: "Aye it would be unwise to stir the ire of them both"
(530) Kyla: "so we don't get causght interfeering with his plans."
(513) Je'rar: "Both are one and the same, my brother"
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: "One evil at a time"
(524) Trayn : "yes... and lets pursue the nearest..."
(513) Je'rar: shiten is the dark one is gorgauth"
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: "They are seperate, but both are evil"
** (513) Je'rar shows no fear **
(524) Trayn : "my heart grows heavy with moments past and actions not taken"
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: "Fear is an ally my friend once conquered it serves well"
(507) Drenla: What indeed. There is a legend that only one person can stop or halt the plans of this "Shai'tan" from overwhelming all of the planes of existence, not just our own world of Andurin. This person is called "The Dragon Reborn". On the world where The Dark One originates, he is called Rand al'Thon. On our world, I have not been able to determine the identity of The Dragon Reborn, as of yet.
(528) Morti: :blinks: "As in a dragon that's been resurrected?"
(513) Je'rar: "Well whether I am or am not that man, I hope to at the very least screw the bastard up "
(528) Morti: "Like the one we killed in Mistmoor?"
(524) Trayn : "well if it is his or her destiny to become this Dragon Reborn.. then lets hope that is will come to pass"
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: "No my dear morti that is what is called a construct...it is neither alive nor dead"
(530) Kyla: "there are many ways of stopping an elvil, most of which do not involve killing."
(507) Drenla: If we are to stop The Dark One from whatever is planned for Andurin, then we must recruit others to help in this cause, namely the Aes Sedai as principals. However, they have a reputation for manipulation, so ye should be wary when asking for help. The tongue of a snake, however silvered and honeyed words that comes forth, is still the tongue of a snake.
(528) Morti: :with a waggle of his head to Reiner he corrects: "Undead really"
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: "no not undead...a creation that just....functions"
(513) Je'rar: "A snake can still serve its purposes; if after its purpose is still determined to be a snake..you just cut off its head"
(528) Morti: :inquiring to Drenla: "Well, maybe the Aes Sedai will talk to us if we explain that we're friends of Rhian"
(530) Kyla: "why kill it, when you can release it in a barn to rid the place of mice?"
(507) Drenla: There is a prophecy which the Aes Sedai believe in...but I am unlearned in this matter. It involves finding the one who is The Dragon Reborn on our world, and empowering him with the knowledge and skills necessary to defeat The Dark One. However, although we should concern ourselves with this prophecy, more immediate things must be attended to. (glancing at all of you in turn)
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: "Hm...that sounds like bias to me...perhaps we should judge the witches on their word first"
(513) Je'rar: "Ah but that is the purpose I had in mind" ::grins::
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: "I am listening my lord"
** (528) Morti goes quiet and listens to his mentor **
(530) Kyla: "I hope you are refeering to the rescue of the Elf."
(541) Ruin (enter): 16:57
(507) The Magister: It is a bias that is well deserved, for they are skillful at working behind the scenes, heedless of laws and justice, preferring instead to work their will on all, comfortable in the knowledge that they oppose the Dark One....and who would oppose the enemy of an evil as dire as Shai'tan? The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Or is the enemy of my enemy my enemy?
(530) Kyla: "exactly, Renier, those who complain about their meddleing in court are the ones doing business they are ashamed enough of to not want outside knowledge."
(513) Je'rar: "Rhian's sister.. I was to protect Rhian as best I could, and this shiten guy rendered me unable to do so, and rescuing her sister is the very least i can do"
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: "I see my lord"
(507) DM: (OC: Reiner's name has been changed to Rainur, to more closely conform with my world. FYI, moving forward, his name is now changed to Rainur. thanks.)
(530) Kyla: ((sorry))
** (524) Trayn remains patient... even in the face of this dawdling **
(507) The Magister: Now then, ye have three things ye must concern yourself with:
(507) The Magister: Ye have a task which ye must attend to, namely the rescue of this Aes Sedai. Secondly, ye may, if ye wish, look into the matter of the bloodcoins. We have a lead or two which ye may act on.
(524) Trayn : "certianly... the existance of those coins we all find quite vile and disturbing"
(513) Je'rar: "Good..I would love to strike back at those guys..."
(507) The Magister: Third, there is the matter of the slavers. Drenla and I have managed to determine the direction ye must go, if ye wish to aid us in this matter. I must emphasize, that ye are not being asked to aid us in the second or third matters...however if ye do, we will be grateful for your assistance and are well prepared to reward ye if you do.
(507) The Magister: So, we are prepared to assist ye in the first matter, to the extent that we can on the basis of the knowledge with which ye have provided us. If ye wish to assist us with regard to either of the other two matters, please, let me know.
(530) Kyla: "The action is the reward, however I promised to free Aes Sedai before learning of theese other maatters, so it must take presidence."
(513) Je'rar: "Ah yes! Nothing like ridding the world of such ...vermin"
(513) Je'rar: "I'd be happy to do what I can in both of ourmutual problems"
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: "My Lord ::with great intesity and anger:: there is NOTHING I would love better than to behead as many slavers as possible. Binding another to the will of another is for me one of the ulitmate evils"
(542) Lyra{Tal} (enter): 17:03
(542) Lyra{Tal} (whispering): Mind If I lurk?
(507) DM: (OC: ok, folks. which is it going to be? Rhian's request AND either the bloodcoins or the slavers? can only do two things out of three.)
whispering to Lyra{Tal}, fine
(544) Whearp (enter): 17:04
** (528) Morti gives a timid tug on Reiner's sleeve, "Beheading may be a bit over enthusiastic. If they work for Lady Almeena, we should make sure they are doing it of their own will at least." **
(530) Kyla: "I appreciate the pasion of that, though Beheading is something only a noble should order. It would be murder, adn I won't allow you to do so."
(513) Je'rar: (well, the slavers introduced me to the blood coins; they are my first threat/target..maybe can link the two together somehow)
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: "However I feel that we must first rescue the witch and deal with those bloodcoins. To me they are both more crutial matters my lord"
(542) Lyra{Tal} (exit): 17:06
(528) Morti: (the slavers are supposedly heading toward griffonsmere. There we can get a ship to head south to the island where her sister is held)
(524) Trayn : "I say we go after the slavers"
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: "I am a Da'Khan Kyla, I can give that order"
(513) Je'rar: "The "witch" aor, Rhian's sister, is the first priority; that's the whole reason we're here in the first place"
(507) DM: ((so the slavers then? ok.))
(528) Morti: "Xavick and them may be able to give information on the bloodcoins we don't have"
(524) Trayn : "Those overcome with greed from the coins... are at least partially at fault for their fate"
(513) Je'rar: "As well as lead us to the rest of the ringleaders"
(524) Trayn : "Those captured by slavers... are probably not responsible for their situation whatsoever"\
(513) Je'rar: "I agree with you Morti"
(513) Je'rar: "Yes trayn, there is also that: we may be able to save a good many people from their bondage"
(524) Trayn (whispering): maybe i should have a vision that getting to the "sister" isnt that pressing
(530) Kyla: "the coins should be the last of our worries, they will be around longer. the kidnapper might be hurting her, and the slavers are bound to pack up, and move to a new location.
(524) Trayn : "yes..."
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: "The coins present a universal problem as does the evil being"
(507) The Magister: Very well, your choice is made. As to your task which ye have been bound to, on the morrow, we shall transport ye to the city of Griffonsmere, from which ye can procure a ship to take ye wheresoever ye need to go. There are three or four islands in the immediate vicinity of the Azure Sea, to the southwest. Beyond that, after about fifty leagues, is open water and the realm of the pirates who call Vesicant and Scrape their home.
(530) Kyla: "I ahte to allow the spread of elvil, but if we concentrate on the other two evils first, the coins will become more known, adn we will have an easier time of tracking them down."
(528) Morti: :to the magister: "Do you think we could bring some of Wylund's soldiers with us to detain the slavers? Then you could take them into custody and the army can deal with the coin matter much quicker."
** (513) Je'rar covers one eye and calls out: "Avast me hearties!" **
(513) Je'rar: ::laughs::
(524) Trayn : "well and the coins may fix themselves"
(524) Trayn : "soon everyone will know of them... and be wary"
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: "Aye that is a good point"
(524) Trayn : "both good and wise people will know to avoid them"
(524) Trayn : "only the wicked will suffer their foul magic"
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: "Very well...rescue the witch and behead the slavers"
(528) Morti: "True, Wylund should really start spreading word of the coins"
(524) Trayn : "perhaps a town crier could be dispatched to alert the masses"
(530) Kyla: "Innocent people are suffering directly under ithe influence of the slavers, and the kidnapper. the coins are more voluntary,but I will see if I can do anything about them when there is a slight calming of the emergencys."
(524) Trayn : "yes..." to morti
(507) The Magister: Seek Andura, whilst ye are in Griffonsmere. She can provide ye with more information regarding the geography and locations in the Azure Sea, not to mention provide ye with the names of two or three reputable captains that ye can ask to take or transport ye. She can be found in the Serpent's Tooth, a tavern of....shall we say, low repute, in the Dock district.
(524) Trayn : "and bards could sing tales of their evils"
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: "Aye..tis done my lord...Shall Drenla accompany us?"
(507) The Magister: She is a personal friend of mine as well. (smiles slightly) She provided the inspiration for a certain spell that...ahem, I am famous for. (smiles slightly)
(507) Drenla: Certainly. Wouldn't miss it for the world, Master Windbag.
** (528) Morti raises a brow to the magister, "Really? what is it?" **
(530) Kyla: ((bigby's gropeing fingers))
(528) Morti: (honk-honk)
(507) Drenla: Hush, Morti. It's (glancing at Garath) a very advanced spell, for mages of a certain rank.
(514) Rainur Swiftblade (whispering): what does Garath say to the Master Windbag comment?
whispering to Rainur Swiftblade, nothing
(528) Morti: "Eh?"
(507) Drenla: If ye pass the Test, I shall be glad to teach it to ye. (chuckles)
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: "Ok Magus of Flatulent wind"
** (528) Morti smiles wide **
(507) The Magister: (smiles and says nothing)
(507) Drenla: As for the slavers, this will eventually involve going to Kern, but for the forseeable future, I have determined that we should focus our efforts in Highkeep.
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: "Well we should be off then"
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: "They you my lord for your wise council"
(507) Drenla: Ye are aware of the guild known as The Silent Network?
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: "Dangerous thieves"
(528) Morti: "Hai, hai"
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: "Yes, I have heard of them"
(524) Trayn : "yes...Be true to yourself so you can be true to others... that is the true test of life"
(507) Drenla: The Network controls all of the thieves' guilds within Wylund, but not within Highkeep...apparently.
(524) Trayn : (has a misplaced idea of what this test contains)
(528) Morti: :blinks: "Who controls highkeep then?"
(530) Kyla: "The silent network is only dangerous to it's self."
(507) Drenla: Highkeep, otherwise known as The City of Secrets, and the City of Thieves, is controlled by three guilds, only one of which answers to the Network. The three guilds are The Rose of Midnight, The Ebonfire and The Crimson Masques.
(528) Morti: :scratching his neck: "You think one of them has to do with the slave ring?"
(507) Drenla: Of the three, The Ebonfire is Kernin in origin and the most dangerous and/or unpredicatable of the three. Traditionally, thieves' guilds in Wylund have always looked out for the people, it's what has endeared them to the common people and is the primary reason why His Majesty has been so tolerant of their existence. The Ebonfire seeks to change that and is ruthless in its dealings with all who cross their path.
(507) Drenla: The Rose of Midnight is determined to win the hearts of the people and thus concentrates only on those capers that seem dangerous in the face of overwhelming odds. Lately, it's even managed to embarrass the other two guilds. Highkeep is a city where public opinion determines which guild survives, something that the thieves' guilds must count on if they are to exist for long.
(549) Gathis (enter): 17:27
(507) Drenla: The Crimson Masques are first and foremost a guild of assassins. I would imagine that they shall be the first to go, in any event.
(530) Kyla: "why?"
(507) Drenla: Now, the Network has issued a mysterious challenge. The challenge is this: Solve the mystery of the House of Cards, and gain rulership of the city! The problem is that no one has determined exactly what that means.
(528) Morti: :to Kyla: "Assassins can't have very good public image"
(530) Kyla: "I'd love to talk to you later on this, I have a much different opinion on the matter."
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: ::Rainur is noticbly uncomfortable with the mention of thieves and assasins::
(507) Drenla: A guild of assassins has no function other than to sell themselves to the highest bidder. Its function is to kill those whose existence is threatening. Its function is to spread fear and terror. Not quite what would win the hearts of most people, I think.
(530) Kyla: "We aren't all bad, adn you yourself, Lord Rainur are an assassin, or will be soon."
(544) Whearp (exit): 17:30
(507) Drenla: In most discussions that I noticed the three merchants had, Highkeep seemed to be prominent in their dealings, as if they wanted to center their operations in the city. And that is why I believe we must concentrate there...eventually.
(528) Morti: "So... most likely the slavers are meeting with the ebonfire... if anyone, right? but didn't you say they were heading to griffonsmere?"
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: "LOOK HERE WOMAN, when an assasin attacks,it is with cowardess and stealth. They do not face their opponents with honor they hide until they are vulnerable and they kill for profit. Ye would do well to never compare me to an assasin again, understand??"
(549) Gathis (exit): 17:32
(530) Kyla: "I'm only pointing out that an assassin is someone who takes payment for killing a human. and from what I understand, that's the intent you have witht eh slavers."
(507) Drenla: The city is a major trade center and a bustling port AND it is close to the border between Wylund and Kern. The part of the country where Highkeep is located is notorious for being lax in patrols and has a reputation for being a wild and lawless place. The baronies and city-states located in Toralin are known for looking the other way when it comes to enforcement of the local laws.
** (528) Morti flinches as Rainur bellows forth, stepping a bit aside with no interest to enter that conversation **
(524) Trayn : "that wont be my intent..."
** (513) Je'rar waits til he can ...resist the urge to yell at his fellow party member...for daring to say such a despicable thing to my blood-brother **
(507) Drenla: It would make sense that such a locale would be ideal for the Seal of Fire to concentrate their efforts on, especially after having been in an area where vigilance is common.
(524) Trayn : "The slavers will submit to the tenants of the law and with goodness associated with free peoples"
(530) Kyla: "right, we don't have to kill them. doing so makes us assassins."
(524) Trayn : "failing that... they shall recieve vengence should they decide to prolong their wanton actions"
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: "Yes it is better to not kill, but evil must be destroyed if it harms others."
(507) Drenla: They may be heading to Griffonsmere, Morti, but why they are is unknown to me. Perhaps they will return to Highkeep at a later date. *shrugs*
(528) Morti: :to drenla: "Then... do we even know which way they're going now?"
(530) Kyla: That much, I totally agree with."
(507) Drenla: As for the silver coffer, I too was unable to peer inside. However, it contained an item of great magick. Or so it seemed.
(507) Drenla: I have been able to keep track of their movements to a certain extent. A spell that I placed on the coffer itself. (grins)
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: "Perhaps it was something that allowed them to communicate with their leaders"
(507) Drenla: At the moment, they are within a day's travel of Griffonsmere.
(528) Morti: "Oh good, then we can meet up with them there"
(507) Drenla: If such is your wish, then let it be so. In the meantime, I believe ye have a Test to take?
** (507) Drenla glances at Rainur. "So, did ye wish to see me about something, Master Windbag?" (Grins) **
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: "Yes little shaman...is it time?"
** (528) Morti 's grin, thins to a determined expression upon his enchanted scarf. Giving a nod to his he agrees, "You're right. I do." **
** (514) Rainur Swiftblade walks over to Drenla and turns from the others" **
(507) Drenla: Meet me then, Morti, at the Citadel, this evening.
(507) Drenla: (jovial mood disappearing as he walks to Rainur)
(528) Morti: :grin quickly returning he nods again: "Yes, Master Drenla"
(507) The Magister: I believe ye have some items that ye wished for me to identify?
** (507) Drenla gesticulates to Rainur, pointing to him time and again. **
(514) Rainur Swiftblade (whispering): to Drenla, I thought that ye had nothing to say to me.
whispering to Rainur Swiftblade, this is the scene we spoke of, remember?
** (528) Morti strolls over to the Magister as Drenla walks away with Reiner, "COuld you tell me if this does anything?" :holds out Asflag's steel flask: **
(524) Trayn has sent you a tree node...
whispering to Rainur Swiftblade, this takes place towards the end of the conversation. didn't want to interrupt the flow of dialogue
(528) Morti: (er.... rainur)
(514) Rainur Swiftblade (whispering): ok...so then the garath conversation occured after the incident
whispering to Rainur Swiftblade, yes
(514) Rainur Swiftblade (whispering): ok
(507) The Magister: (glances at it)
(507) DM: ((OC: he doesn't even touch it, just looks at it))
(507) The Magister: It appears to be a potion that when imbibed, heals the drinker for a certain amount of health.
(528) Morti: "Wow, really? How many uses is it good for?"
(507) The Magister: Depending on the amount drunk, anywhere from three doses to one dose. The amount drunk determines the amount of health restored. To use the potion to full efficacy, drinking it all would be the wisest course of action.
** (528) Morti nods in understanding **
** (507) Drenla leaves the room, slamming the door after him. **
(528) Morti: (did we ever find out what was in that little silver casket?)
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: "alliance but not alliegance"
** (514) Rainur Swiftblade looks troubled **
** (528) Morti looks up suddenly at Drenla's harsh exit, then to Rainur **
** (514) Rainur Swiftblade shakes his head and goes to get a drink **
(524) Trayn : "He seems to have a temper on occation"
(524) Trayn : His face twitches in dissapointment
(524) Trayn : "so... The
** (514) Rainur Swiftblade mutters to himself "Why is he so difficult?" **
(507) The Magister: Is there anything else? If there is nothing, I have things I must attend to. Ye are all welcome to stay here for as long as ye iwsh. Ring the bell pull in the room if ye wish the maids or butler to get ye something. (to Morti) Ye should use this time to prepare for the Test tonight. May the light of Lady Hurishta watch over you in your trials to come.
(524) Trayn : "so....The Guardians of Dawdling... that our company name?"
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: "One secod my lord"
(528) Morti (whispering): it's the morning now, right? could I spend the rest of the day up until the test trying to learn a new spell from asflag's book
(507) DM: (what silver casket?)
** (514) Rainur Swiftblade asks the Magister to speak with him in private **
whispering to Morti, yes
(528) Morti: (the casket we found in one of the trunks in quyjanoth's
(507) DM: (ok, R and the Magister speak in private)
(528) Morti: lair)
** (514) Rainur Swiftblade listens to the words of the Magister intently **
** (514) Rainur Swiftblade nods his head at certain things that Garath says **
** (514) Rainur Swiftblade goes to get another drink **
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: (can we fast forward?
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: )
(528) Morti: "oh, we have those potions, and that casket thing... and .... uh..."
(507) DM: (no, but The Magister can id it for you)
(530) Kyla: ((would be fine with me, I have nothign official to do here))
(528) Morti: (yeah, we can do identifying offstage_
(507) DM: (ok then. I'd like to get all the items done quickly, so prepare a list of what needs to be identified and then send it to me as a node. thanks.)
(507) DM: Later that evening....
(528) Morti (whispering): spellcraft check to learn protection from evil
(528) Morti: Spellcraft Skill Check: [1d20+7] -> [20,7] = (27)
(507) DM: Morti is in front of the Diamond Citadel, with Drenla.
(528) Morti: ( :whistles, impressed with himself: )
(507) Drenla: Remember, as before, speak only when ye are spoken to. Take my hand.
whispering to Morti, heh
** (528) Morti looks to his mentor and takes a deep breath. Taking Drenla's hand, he asks, "Right... any pointers?" **
** (514) Rainur Swiftblade has gone out and purchased some finery for this occasion during the afternoon **
(560) Luria (enter): 17:59
(507) DM: You pass through the walls of the Citadel with ease, although you are unable to shake off the feeling of unease that overwhelms you for just a brief second. Out of the corner of your eyes, you notice people standing in the corner, talking, or moving all around you, but when you turn to look, there's no one there. It seems as if there are people all around you but for some reason, they're displaced.
(560) Luria (exit): 17:59
(524) Trayn : ((someone take charge of that list.. im incapable today to do that))
** (528) Morti glances back to the wall as he follows, mumbling, "That is such a creepy entrance." **
(528) Morti: (I'll do it later)
(507) Drenla: The Test has many components. There are two principal parts, a test of character in which ye must face yourself and the judgment of those who have known ye. There is the test of skill, in which ye must wield the magick that ye have learned, and face the truth about yourself. Truth is sometimes painful to learn, and painful to bear. If ye can face these and come out unscathed, then ye are worthy to be a mage, and thus pass the Test.
** (528) Morti nods along, though he's obviously nervous **
(528) Morti: "Right. I'll do my best, Master"
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: ((Master of the Flatulent Winds)))
(507) DM: Presently, you come to the audience chamber in which you have been in once before. The chamber is vast, and bathed in light...which on reflection, is only one single light source but seems to be a multitude since its reflected on all of the gemstones and diamonds which are embedded in every imaginable surface in the room. A pillar of diamonds supports a throne made from one single piece of diamond, that stands 50' above the floor. The central throne dominates the room, amidst a semi-circle of similar thrones, each of which is filled with a man or a woman, each in colored robes. Most of the mages are garbed in white robes, however there are six, as before, who are garbed in other colored robes -- green (the Magister), red (the Master of the Inner Circle), silver (the Master of the Silver Circle), gold (the Master of the Radiant Circle), blue (the Master of the Circle of Souls) and black (the Master of the Ebon Circle)
(507) Master of the Silver Circle: So, ye come amongst us once again, Morti. Are ye ready to take the Test of Sorcery?
** (528) Morti offers a gracious bow his would be surperiors about to greet them before, glancing back to Drenla to ask, "Should I wait for them to talk first?" **
(507) Drenla: The Test has begun, Morti. (whispers) May you have all the luck in the world to guide ye. But ye don't need it. (squeezes your shoulder affectionately)
** (528) Morti straightens up instantly at the Master's question. Surely, though a bit shaky he replies, "Yes, your ...Silveri...ness." **
(528) Morti: :grimaces
(507) Master of the Silver Circle: (smiles) Master, will do, Morti. State your full name, and where ye have come from, so that this can be entered into the Book of Names.
(528) Morti: :grumbles to Drenla: "I think I could use a bit.."
** (507) Drenla whispers an incantation, and levitates up into the air, taking a seat into an empty throne. **
(528) Morti: "My name is Mortimar Boyle. I come from a small village in Kern originally."
** (507) Master of the Radiant Circle nods. **
** (528) Morti nervously begins to scratch at his left arm **
(507) Master of the Radiant Circle: Why do ye want to become a mage, Morifran?
(507) Master of the Radiant Circle: (er Mortimar)
(563) Gabriel (enter): 18:11
(528) Morti: "Well... there are a few reasons. Firstly, I'm hoping that joining into your organization will aid me in my search for my family, who I've been looking for for a while now."
(528) Morti: "Secondly, due to ... twist of fate I suppose... I find my self in a position where I am capable of becoming a respected mage. I admit, I would like the chance to be respected for a change."
(528) Morti: "Also..."
(528) Morti: :takes a moment to consider his next words: "I've come upon a lot of very powerful wizards and sorcerers, and a lot of them have spread fear and distaste among citizens who don't have it themselves..."
(528) Morti: "I don't know if I can, but.... I'd really like to show that mages don't have to be all deathly arcane arsenals and curses and weapons of war. I want... I want people to stop being afraid."
** (528) Morti looks to the Masters, rather unsure and visibly uncomfortable as he scratches at him self **
(507) Master of the Ebon Circle: Ah, all good reasons to want to become a mage. Although, your last reason shows promise, for we have not heard such a reason for many ages. Ye show much promise, Mortimar Boyle. Much promise indeed. Have ye chosen a path to tread upon and an alignment?
** (528) Morti smiles at the praise, but goes blank at the next question. Taking a second to consider it, he answers thoughfully, "I believe we're following the path to Griffonsmere." **
(528) Morti: :blinks, obviously not understanding any further meaning:
(524) Trayn : ((going for snacks))
(507) Master of the Ebon Circle: The Paths available to a mage are determined during his or her Test, if such has not been chosen yet. The Paths are, the Path of the Citadel and the Path of the Pattern. Choosing the Path of the Citadel means that ye cast or wield magick for the sake of knowledge, to spread that which is known so that all may share in its discovery and use, and to discover knowledge so that all may benefit. 'Tis power, but the power which comes from respect born of love and kindness.
** (528) Morti grins, "I think I'd like the path of the Citadel very much" **
(530) Kyla: ((you've passed the suck-up portion of the test with flying colors...))
(528) Morti: (yeah... ain't he sweet?)
(507) Master of the Ebon Circle: Choosing the Path of the Pattern means that ye cast or wield magick for the sake of power...your own power and the power that comes from knowing the magick, living the magick, and being the magick. Ye devote your live to furthering your development as a mage, to the exclusion of all else. 'Tis an easy road to follow, for ye have access to spells of great power, but it comes with a price -- for the respect ye desire shall be born from fear, from the fear ye inspire in others. Choose your path, Mortimar, and let it be so.
(528) Morti: :grimaces at the description of the Pattern path: "Definately the Citadel." :mutters: "You'd have to be a real jerk to want the other"
(566) dicemistress (enter): 18:24
(507) Master of the Ebon Circle: Then let it be the Path of the Citadel. Know that this is a difficult road to follow, and your spells will not be as swift to come unlike those who walk the Path of the Pattern. Ye may find that the spells ye find are not as powerful nor as deadly as those who choose the latter path. There is no right or wrong path, Mortimar Boyle. There is only right or wrong action.
(566) dicemistress (exit): 18:25
(528) Morti: "That's okay. I really don't want deadly. If I can help people, that's all I want."
(507) Master of the Circle of Souls: Now, we move to the Test of Judgment. We summon to our presence, the one known to ye by the name of Je'rar, who is a barbarian knight of the Ulu'taari.
Server Administrator-> Kicking '(563) Gabriel' from server... connection timed out.
(563) Gabriel (exit): 18:25
** (513) Je'rar steps forward **
** (528) Morti offers his barbarian friend a brief wave and grin **
(507) Master of the Circle of Souls: He is here, as a shade, not in physical form. He shall not remember this encounter, save in dreams. Speak, the one who is known as Je'rar, of the Ulu'taari and answer this: Is Mortimar Boyle, whom ye know as Morti, worthy to become a mage? What of his character? What are his flaws and his faults? Is he ready to face himself? Do ye believe in him and his skills? Are ye ready to believe in his powers and will ye place faith in him as a mage?
(513) Je'rar: {dammit..doorbell..}
** (528) Morti grimaces. "All my faults? This might take a while. Is it alrigt if I sit?" **
(571) Nimbus (enter): 18:28
(530) Kyla (whispering): want me to go first then, if he';s not availible?
(513) Je'rar: (ok)
(507) Master of the Circle of Souls: We summon also to our presence, your friends and companions, the ones known to you and to us as Kyla of Hurishta, Trayn of Solnor, Arinth Scornfallow and Rainur Swiftblade. They shall speak also, one at a time, in turn. To these shades we ask the following, as we have asked Je'rar: Is Mortimar Boyle, whom ye know as Morti, worthy to become a mage? What of his character? What are his flaws and his faults? Is he ready to face his truths? Do ye believe in him and his skills? Are ye ready to believe in his powers and will ye place faith in him as a mage?
(513) Je'rar: "I think he is,yready,yes"
(513) Je'rar: "I think he's a good guy..and is worthy..moreso than most others I've met in the past.."
(513) Je'rar: "Flaws..well...
(528) Morti: "Wow, thanks Je'rar" :face faults as he moves on to the faults:
(513) Je'rar: sometimes he seems a bit..timid..unsure of himself..."
(513) Je'rar: "however...
(513) Je'rar: "yes, I do think he's ready to face his truths? not quite sure what you mean by that"
(524) Trayn : (BAK)
(507) Master of the Circle of Souls: We ask of ye, do ye think he is ready to believe in himself? The truth about yourself is a painful thing to bear, for often what ye believe is different from what is real.
(513) Je'rar: "but if you're asking if I believe in him, yes. His skills as well.. I've sen him act admirably a few times..and he's saved my biscuit on a couple of others as well"
** (528) Morti scratches at his itchy neck, while cocking his head to consider the same truths **
(513) Je'rar: "Ah... well. that's an answer only Morti can give"
(513) Je'rar: "but iI
(513) Je'rar: *I'll aid him as best i can; a man thatstands alone is only in the end, half a man"
(507) Master of the Circle of Souls: We thank ye, Jer'ar of the Ulu'taari. Speak, Kyla and let us hear your judgment.
** (513) Je'rar steps back **
** (528) Morti bows to jer'ar "Thanks" **
(530) Kyla: Morty is most deffinately not ready to become a mage. While his character is more than adequately developed, he still tends to take the easy way out. First with a mask he wears to hide his physical faults, then with his reluctance to tell th whole truth, and now, and most importantly, his decision to walk the pacificistic path. If he really wants to change people's minds, he needs to use the tools they fear in mages, not the ones that could be mistaken for clerical pseudo spells. I do believe in him, and his skills, he's just still holding onto some secret he needs to let go of. It is not necessary for him to tell it to anyone but himself, but untill he does, he won't go at it whole hearted. I've seen him do nothing that would constitute evil, but the seeds are there being slowly nurtured by his fear. I would support his following teh more demanding path, it would keep him more foccused on the problems at hand, knowing that he's useing a sledge hammer, not a pillow. With the pillow, he won't have to pay attention to his actions as much, as there is less effect from them. This will not earn him respect he will deserve when he's ready to recieve it."
** (513) Je'rar looks at Morti and just smiles in asurance **
** (513) Je'rar looks sternly at Kyla's harsh words,and shakes his head in disapproval **
(530) Kyla: "If a paladin can teach people to love and respect a great sword, then morti can do the same with a fireball."
(507) Master of the Circle of Souls: We thank ye for your words, Kyla of Hurishta. Speak now, Trayn of Solnor, and let us hear your judgment.
** (528) Morti lowers his head in consideration of Kyla''s statement thinking for a second. **
(524) Trayn : Text: Morti seems to be a fine person from what Trayn has seen of his actions and character. I would say a few of his faults lie in the beholder alone. He seems enamoured with magic which in itself I have no issue with other that anyone that is obsessed with anything. Whether Morti follows his disire and allows it to consume him will be up to him. At any rate, that is for the future to hold and not for I to determine. Morti should seek to expand his kindness to others, respect others boundaries and work to forment good with his talents.

Morti seems worthy to wield magick.. I have not seen him abuse it for power or his sole benefit. His skill with magery is not to be judged by I.. but by others who have expertise. I've seen him use it and if that is what qualifies worthy then he must be. I feel Morti is straightforward with his dealings.. whether he is an honest man is for all to judge. His reputation with his associates, family and friends is the just of his honesty. An honest man has many friends, a dishonest man has few. Is that not the purpose of any test. He seems to feel he is ready.. its not for myself to judge him.. someone who knows nothing of his test. I think Morti is ready to weild his magic well and true. From what I've seen, very few are able to stand alone with no assistance anyone. However, I believe this is a question of spell selection. Again, these are questions only the future can answer. Although I can say he hasn't needed any assistance that I have seen to accomplish his magic. I am ready to trust my faith in Morti himself. I believe that the man, if kept in balance, will always be worthy of faith rather than just his magic.

(578) El Guapo (enter): 18:40
(578) El Guapo (exit): 18:40
(507) Master of the Circle of Souls: We thank ye for your words, Trayn of Solnor. Speak now, Rainur Swiftblade, who is known to us as a priest of the War Father. Let us hear your judgment with regards to Morti.
(528) Morti: :looking to her he offers perspectively, "Maybe I would have made a better cleric then... I don't know. BUt if you're looking such a path from me, how about I offer a tiny bit of religious background I do have? Acording to Tevesh, a man can wield a blade and be called a hero, but can't a man who gets others to put down there blades be called one as well?"
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: I am Da'Kaan Rainur Blademaster and servant of the War Father...and this Master of the Windbags ::glances at Drenla on his thrown::has many things to say about this young man.
(528) Morti (whispering): hope that's in line with the pacifist deity's teachings. I'm planning on having it the original religion of his family
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: Morti has shown that he has fine character. He is always kind, always thoughtful and always willing to learn new things. He questions things and how they are to be, he learns from his successes and from his failures.
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: I come from a family where there are many shamans...perhaps some have stood here before you. From what I have seen, Morti shows great promise and will wield his arcane craft for the forces of good
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: "We all have our failings, but in Morti I see none that are detrimental to society and to others. He is truly an innocent and is as if he is clay for the moulding. He is young and inexperienced but that is not a failing, it is a matter of circumstance.
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: He has been my pupil as well, learning how to wield a staff and dagger with confidence,,,obviously not a skill give him by his family.
(530) Kyla: "then go for it"
(530) Kyla: ((ack, sorry))
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: I would trust his skills, which I feel will only improve and grow in years to come. I am comfortable with this young man and see him as a future hope for those who practice the arcane
(507) Master of the Circle of Souls: We thank ye for your words and your judgement, Rainur Swiftblade.
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: Ibelieve he is ready to wield this power"
(507) Master of the Circle of Souls: As I said before, when we met before, Mortimar Boyle, that The Test will ask many things of ye. It will ask that ye give life and blood to the magick, it will ask that ye devote your entire existence to the Lady who makes it possible for us to wield the magick, for the magick is all, the magick is reality, the magick is life, the magick is blood. But as with all things, balance is key. There are those who pursue the magick for its own sake, and there are those who pursue the magick for the purpose of development of knowledge, shared by all. Ye have chosen the hard path, the difficult road. There is no right or wrong path, only right or wrong action. Remember though, that regardless of whichever path ye have chosen, ye must first and foremost uphold the magick. The magick is life, the magick is blood. Use the magick well, and it will reward you a thousandfold. Never abuse the magick, or it will demand a price from ye which ye may find that ye cannot pay.
** (528) Morti smiles to Trayn and then to Rainur in turn, boiwing to them both,"Thank you, my elder brothers." **
(517) Arinth Scornfallow (whispering): Um, I'm here too.
(524) Trayn : "the truth cannot be hidden..."
(530) Kyla: "Lord Morti, I'm sorry I couldn't give you a report like they did, but they asked for my opinion on your faults, of which there are few. I do hope they will overlook the harshness of the words my path forced me to use."
(514) Rainur Swiftblade (whispering): enough wind?
(528) Morti: "Yes Master, I will do everything I can to progress in my path. I will look to all of you for guidance in this." :looks among the Master's and offers a nod to Drenla:
(507) Master of the Circle of Souls: Speak, the one who is known as Arinth Scornfallow. Let us hear your judgement.
** (517) Arinth Scornfallow appears out the ether draped in his familiar dark robes and holding his trademark raven-head staff. He stands tall and emotionless. **
(528) Morti: :to Kyla: "Don't worry, I still like you."
(517) Arinth Scornfallow: "I think young Mortimer is not so much a fool as he is nave. He has a curiosity that knows no bounds. Such as it is, he's often so wrapped up in his thoughts or entranced by some trifle that he's not at all aware of the world around him. I've seen young halflings that require less supervision than him."
(541) Ruin (exit): 18:53
(517) Arinth Scornfallow: "But, is he worthy? It is true that Mortimer holds great power. I also admit that I've felt more than once that I would be more deserving and better able to use that power properly than the boy. However, is it not those who covet such power who should be kept the farthest from it? While I would reach out and discover all the secrets of this world for the pure, selfish satisfaction of knowing, this boy in his limitless innocence, may do something more for the sake of right. Mortimer holds no bias, no grand agenda, no hatred for anyone or anything. He has an intuitive sense of right and unfailing belief in the good in people. I can imagine no better person to wield the power of the Pattern so long as pride not sway him. Pride from his growing power and want for respect can lead even the most innocent of children to their undoing" ::throws a hard look at Morti on that last note::
(507) Master of the Circle of Souls: We thank ye, Arinth Scornfallow, for your judgment. May Lady Hurishta look over you in this time.
(507) Master of the Circle of Souls: And now we come to the Test of Skill, Mortimar Boyle. Ye have one last chance to deny the Test and to move on with your life. Ye have heard the judgement that others have given...now is the time for ye to face yourself. Let it be known that if you deny the Test, we deny ye the right to call yourself mage. Make your decision now, if this is to be your path. Once the Test begins, ye cannot return to this point.
** (528) Morti gives a swift bow, "Of course Master Arinth... and it's nice to see you again." **
** (517) Arinth Scornfallow nods back. **
(528) Morti: :turning back from Arinth, he nods to the Soul Master: "I will not turn back now. Pass or fail, this is what I've decided"
(507) Master of the Inner Circle: Very well. Ye have the assistance of those we have summoned, should ye desire them. They are not here, not physically present. All that happens to them they shall not remember, save in dreams. Ye may die as the Test progresses. Ye may in fact, resolve the Test. How ye die shall determine whether or not ye shall pass. All that is important, is that ye try your best, for that is all the Lady ever asks of us.
(528) Morti: :brow shoots up: "My goal is to die?"
(507) Master of the Inner Circle: Your goal shall be revealed to you when the Test begins.
(507) Master of the Inner Circle: If ye desire their aid. indicate that ye wish to do so. Close your eyes after ye have done so. The Test shall begin when next ye open them.
(507) DM: (OC: Arinth, you are now 5th level. Adjust your hp, skills, spells and feats accordingly. this is only for today, fyi.)
** (528) Morti nods sorely, "As long as they won't die as well.... I'd definately love the company" :closes his eyes **
(507) DM: (Ok, gimme 5 min)
(528) Morti: (hai hai, I'm gonna grab a bite to eat then, brb)
(524) Trayn : ((jealously looks at 5th level pc!))
(528) Morti: (bak)
(524) Trayn : : )
(533) Arkhandus (whispering): hey there Taliesin, I'm gonna leave for a few minutes, then I should be back. Just in case, my e-mail is [email protected] but I think you already have it
(528) Morti: (don't worry Trayn. some day you'll grow up to be a big strong 5th leveler too. :pinch cheek:)
(530) Kyla: ((lol))
(533) Arkhandus: The mist phantom fades from sight, an illusion, a memory, a fleeting thought
(533) Arkhandus (exit): 19:08
(590) Jachra (enter): 19:09
(590) Jachra (exit): 19:09
(507) Master of the Inner Circle: The goal of your Test is a simple and yet, complex one, Mortimar Boyle. Ye must attempt to stop an infernal knight from acquiring an item of great power, known as an orb of drakes. A wizard who met an untimely demise, by the name of Loren Kenither, was to hand over the orb in exchange for vast power over the infernal legions whilst he was alive. Sad to say, he met a horrific death fairly recently. Your task is to prevent the knight from acquiring this item....which is an event that shall occur shortly. Ye have been given the location of his tower, which is now destroyed. All that ye must do, is explore the dungeon, defeat the guardians therein, locate the orb and defeat the knight. Beware though, of the orb and the knight, who shall offer ye power in exchange for a price. There is one in this Test who will ask to ally with ye. Consider carefully your actions, and may Hurishta watch over ye.
(517) Arinth Scornfallow: ((Don't be jealous folks. I'm practically recreating this guy since I've lost a lot of his PC data.))
(507) DM: As you open your eyes, a cold and bitter wind slaps you in the face. You stand on a hillside, overlooking the ruins of a tower. The sky is clouded above, as if a storm is brewing. It is about noon. Your companions are with you. A spiral staircase strewn with rocks and debris descends into the dark earth. The staircase is 10' wide.
(528) Morti: "Eh? I chose the path of knowledge, can't I just organize the library?" :grumbles for a second then forces him self to a steeled stance, "Right then...let's do it"
(592) Jachra (enter): 19:14
** (528) Morti looks among his comrades, "Is everyone alright?" **
(530) Kyla: "why wouldn't we be?"
(594) Jachra (enter): 19:15
(528) Morti: :shrug: "I dunno. I'm not too experienced with this whole out of body dimensional shift stuff"
(517) Arinth Scornfallow: "I am unharmed."
Server Administrator-> Kicking '(571) Nimbus' from server... connection timed out.
(571) Nimbus (exit): 19:17
(507) DM: (ok, what now?)
(528) Morti: "Great then, off to the big gloomu tower to face the infernal knight." :begins walking the steps: "What is an infernal knight anyway?"
(530) Kyla: "normally, I'd defer to Lord Rainur for general strategy here, but I believe that this is your test, so you should be boss."
(507) DM: The steps recede into gloomy darkness below. (Marching order please?)
(528) Morti: :to kyla, in surprise: "Me? I'm not even a mage yet"
** (513) Je'rar checks himself over **
(513) Je'rar: "yep...still in one iece "
(524) Trayn : "as am I (fine)"
(513) Je'rar: *piece
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: You set us up Morti...
(530) Kyla: "It's your test, I'm sure they want to see not only how you die, but how you get others killed too."
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: "Who should be up front morti?
(528) Morti: :grimaces at the notion of getting his friends killed.:
(524) Trayn : "well.. sure Morti should make the choices"
(528) Morti: "Fine..."
(528) Morti: :takes a moment to consider: "Kyla should take point. she can react to anything that springs out quickest. Reiner should be next to support her."
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: (Rainur)
(528) Morti: "Me and Je'rar can pull up the back and make sure nothing sneaks up on us and Trayn and Arinth in the middle can be protected and support with magic and healing"
(528) Morti: "Good?" :coyly:
(528) Morti: (sorry, Rainur)
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: "Sounds good"
(595) Arkhandus (enter): 19:23
(513) Je'rar: "Aye..sounds fair enough to me"
(530) Kyla: "It's your show."
(517) Arinth Scornfallow: "Sounds like a good plan. Let us hope it holds."
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: "Yes...I'll stay behind her and "support" her
** (528) Morti gives a nod, "Yeah I hope so too..." **
(595) Arkhandus (whispering): hey Tal, I can't stick around, so e-mail me later or something, or drop by my server. Can't run OpenRPG twice at once right now while I also need my notes files open :(
Server Administrator-> Kicking '(592) Jachra' from server... connection timed out.
(592) Jachra (exit): 19:25
whispering to Arkhandus, ok
whispering to Arkhandus, like it so far?
(596) Valas (enter): 19:25
** (528) Morti begins the path to the tower, hoping that he isn't the doom of his comrades **
(507) DM: (load your minis and be sure to resize them)
Server Administrator-> Kicking '(594) Jachra' from server... connection timed out.
(594) Jachra (exit): 19:26
(597) Valas (enter): 19:27
(595) Arkhandus (whispering): yeah, think so. I'll get back to you later
whispering to Arkhandus, ok, ciao then
(595) Arkhandus (exit): 19:27
(530) Kyla: ((was that ranger supposed to have a bow, or swords?))
(507) DM: A corridor of cold stone lies before you. The corridor opens into a wider unlit area 40' away, and its walls are painted with mosaics of peculiar runes and designs. Pebbles and dust, loosened by the tower's explosion, have fallen from the ceiling to the floor.
(507) DM: (pls move them into position and rename the mini with initial caps from your PC name)
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: (not fetching it today)
(507) DM: (guys? if you're lagging pls let me know and we'll move to a different server)
(530) Kyla: ((replying to lagging comment))
(513) Je'rar: (only thing that lags for me is loadingminis)
(517) Arinth Scornfallow: ((I think I'm okay. Holla back when you see this.))
(507) TaliesinNYC: right
(530) Kyla: ((Holla))
(507) DM: (ok, if people are lagging I want to know IMMEDIATELY)
(517) Arinth Scornfallow: ((I'm good))
(524) Trayn : ((not lagging just husbanding))
(528) Morti: (no lag here)
(507) DM: As you descend the steps, you hear a "CLICK".
(530) Kyla: ((I think I'm not lagging))
** (530) Kyla stops moveing, and puts up a hand **
(517) Arinth Scornfallow: "What was that?"
** (528) Morti instantly freezes at her gesture, crossbow in hand he peruses the surroundings **
(530) Kyla: "Not sure yet, I need a little time to check it out thouroughly.
(524) Trayn : "hmmm... it begins" seemingly not worried
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: (Shit...finally!)
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(596) Valas (exit): 19:37
(507) DM: The passage leads into a wide room, which you can't exactly make out at present time. A section of wall begins to move across the passage behind you, slowly but surely.
** (528) Morti nods silently, holding his position **
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: ::turns around::
(530) Kyla: "that would be a already sprung trap."
(528) Morti: :frowns: "Guess it's a good thing escape isn't a priority in this.... yet"
(530) Kyla: "getting out of the way of the wall might be a good idea..."
Server Administrator-> Kicking '(597) Valas' from server... connection timed out.
(597) Valas (exit): 19:39
(528) Morti: (if it isn't already closed) "Can we wedge it open with anything?"
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: "Well Morti shall we go onward?
(530) Kyla (whispering): going to try to keep hints down to a minimum, it's morti's test.
(507) DM: (it's slowly moving across the passage, sealing you in)
(507) DM: (you can try to wedge something in, if you like)
(528) Morti: (is there a good deal of rocky debris around?)
(528) Morti: (good enough anyway)
(507) DM: (yes)
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: ::tosses Je'rar an iron spike:: "Try this""
** (513) Je'rar deftly goes to drive the iron spike in the way of the wall to keep it from closing **
(513) Je'rar: (hopefully leaving enough space for egress)
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: Well morti, where next?
(507) DM: You're barely able to wedge the passage open. There remains less than half a foot of space with which to move.
** (524) Trayn lets Morti prove himself...making little decisions other than obviousl ones **
(528) Morti: :taking a breath: "looks like the only way is forward. we should get torches ready and proceed."
(507) DM: The passage opens up into a 30' square chamber. Lying in the middle of the floor are two dead goblins, crude spears still clutched in their hands. At the far end of the chamber, a statue of a horned bipedal creature stands in a shallow alcove. The statue points towards you with a cruel finger and its stony visage bears a menacing grin. The chamber has four doors, two of which hang open on their hinges.
(507) DM: (brb)
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: "Well this is a delightful site"
(528) Morti (whispering): btw, knowledge arcana check on the mosaics in that chamber
(530) Kyla: "yea, anyone up for a picknick?"
(528) Morti: Knowledge: Arcana Skill Check: [1d20+6] -> [9,6] = (15)
(528) Morti: "Did you bring honey bread?"
(530) Kyla: "Um, no. Didn't think to pack any on this dream quest."
(524) Trayn : "I didnt"
(530) Kyla: "can't you jsut magick up some?"
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: So when do all the dancing maidens appear in this dream?
(528) Morti: :shrugs to Kyla: "Not yet. Maybe when I'm more experienced. Don't think they'd taste as good 'magicked up' though"
(530) Kyla: "When he hit's puberty"
(528) Morti: :looking about the chamber, trying to avoid eye contact with the statue, just out of discomfort with the visage: "What's puberty?"
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: (behind door #1 it's a can can line!)
(530) Kyla: ((lol))
(528) Morti: (Jenna Jameson is behind on of these. I'm sure of it)
(517) Arinth Scornfallow: "We don't have time for this. There's obviously a trap here. We should find out if it's still active or if the knight has done the work for us."
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: (behind door #2 its the Dallas Cowboys Chearleaders ...nekid)
(524) Trayn : "what is our goal here?"
(524) Trayn : "or is it simply to stay alive"
(530) Kyla: "This is Master Morti's test, let him set the pace."
(528) Morti: (and behind door number four... a sheep...................... I don't want to know...)
(507) DM: (so, what now?)
(528) Morti: "WEll first, we should find what killed them, pointing to the goblins."
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: (up game over door number 3 , it's an evill succubus, yearning to suck out your life force)
(530) Kyla: ((I'm just waiting on some sort of decision from morti))
(528) Morti: "Be careful, the statue might be a magical device, watch out for a trigger on the floor... or.... something"
(517) Arinth Scornfallow: "Well then let Master Morti be mindful that this is in part a race against the knight."
** (530) Kyla checks the floor for traps **
** (528) Morti moves into the room, taking a deep breath and focusing his energies on the room before him, (detect magic) **
(530) Kyla (whispering): +10 search
(528) Morti: : to Arinth: "Good point... he might have killed the goblins on his way up, which would mean... he's already ahead of us"
** (517) Arinth Scornfallow lets his eyes unfocus as he tries to detect any magic devices. **
** (524) Trayn waits patiently **
(528) Morti (whispering): take time to scan the room and the four doors, start from statue
(530) Kyla: "so should I stop looking on the grounds that we have to catch up, or keep looking since we may be infront of hom, an traps might still be active?
(517) Arinth Scornfallow: ((God, I missed having that little trick.))
(528) Morti: "maybe Kyla... and while this might be my test, I'm not adverse to suggestions."
(507) DM: No magic seems to come up in your spell...
(530) Kyla: "if he's ahead of us, why wasn't the entrance sealed off like it ried to do to us?
(524) Trayn : "Ill be here to defend and heal our wounds"
(528) Morti: "Maybe he avoided the trap"
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: pick a door morti
whispering to Kyla, a secret door in the far end of the room. no traps other than what you triggrered already
(528) Morti: "I don't sense any magic though. so he might know this place well. anyway to track where he might have headed?"
whispering to Kyla, a niche right in the base of the statue
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: Arinth is right we must hurry
(530) Kyla: "could be, but the point I'm hinting at is we are supposed to prevent him from leaveing this tower with the device, right? so why leave him an opening to enter, if he hasn't already done so, and leave incase he's already here?"
** (528) Morti strolls in apprehensively to examine the goblins for a moment **
(528) Morti: :shrugs to Kyla: "True... but for all we knows he can fly.. or teleport."
(530) Kyla: "Morti, I've found a nitch in the base of the statue.
** (524) Trayn looks like he wont be volunteering suggestions or performing heroics **
(528) Morti: :to Kyla: "What is it?"
(528) Morti (whispering): can I tell what killed the goblins?
(530) Kyla: "still checking it out."
(517) Arinth Scornfallow (whispering): Not actually a spell. I believe it was one of those birthsign abilities. Very handy.
(530) Kyla (whispering): pick a skill for identifying the device...
(507) TaliesinNYC: (food brb)
(530) Kyla: "I think it's safe to assume the knight can't fly, or teleport."
(513) Je'rar: (hey new dad.. when the kids get sick, life's a major pain in the a** )
(528) Morti: :shrug: "If you say so, I'm happy to hear it"
whispering to Morti, combat. a sharp, jagged weapon is what killed them.
(524) Trayn : ((yes have lots of friends with kids))
whispering to Kyla, its a secret panel in the base of the statue. slides back to reveal a compartment.
** (530) Kyla checks he compartment for traps, then opens it **
** (528) Morti begins to search through the pockets of the goblins hoping they had a map or some clue to this place on them, while muttering apologies for robbing their bodies **
(530) Kyla: "it might have been a good idea under the rushed circumstances for other people to be checking out rooms while I'm wasteing time here."
(524) Trayn : "four doors... and how many correct choices?"
(528) Morti: :to kyla: "Oh.. guess you have a point. We should start from the first door on the right then(which would actually be lef to nt he map). I remember hearing once, when all else fails.. go right."
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: "Do you wish us to do that Morti?
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: We can each take a door
(528) Morti: :nods to Rainr while he searches the goblins:
(530) Kyla: "I think I;m jsut about done here, so no real point, but...
whispering to Kyla, there is one item in the compartment....a glowing white pearl.
(528) Morti: "No... stick together in case something jumpout... at least in pairs."
** (530) Kyla hands Morti a bglowing white pearl **
whispering to Morti, spears, leather armor, a dagger. one of them clutches an iron key in its right hand.
(530) Kyla: ((glowing))
(530) Kyla: "No clue wha it is, but it was hidden fairly well."
** (528) Morti picks up a key from the goblin studying it curiously before glancing up to the pearl: "Woah." **
(528) Morti: "I only found a key"
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: Maybe that is the divise?
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: The pearl?
(528) Morti: "Well.... it is an orb"
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: "I have heard that pearls are common place to hold magic"
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: See if it is magical morti?
(524) Trayn : "let morti decide what to do... this is his test"
** (528) Morti takes the pearl in hand looking it over curiously, before focusing his magic on it (detec magic) trying to decipher it's strength and school **
(528) Morti: Spellcraft Skill Check: [1d20+7] -> [9,7] = (16)
whispering to Morti, Intensely magical
(514) Rainur Swiftblade (whispering): Rainur looks on the ground searching for tracks in the rubble and sediment
whispering to Morti, If you take me along, I shall be your guide in this test, O Seeker.
whispering to Rainur Swiftblade, tracks go east.
(528) Morti: "Well... " :gulp: "It's strong alright..."
whispering to Rainur Swiftblade, lower right hand door.
(528) Morti: "and it talks...."
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: "There are tracks here folks"
(528) Morti: :curiously to the pearl: "What are you?"
** (528) Morti stands, pocketing the key as he walks after Reiner, listening for the pearl to answer **
whispering to Morti, One who like you, seeks power and knowledge. Let us say, a friend.
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: Did everyone hear me? There are tracks that lead to this door.
(528) Morti: "Then let's hope it's the right door"
(507) The pearl: Tracks lead to the farthermost eastern door, which stands closed.
(528) Morti: "Kyla, can you give a trap check quick?"
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: Can you check this door Kyla?
(517) Arinth Scornfallow: "Shall we go?"
(507) DM: (er, strike that. meant to say that)
(513) Je'rar: "Yes,lets"
(528) Morti: :then to the pearl: "Depends what kind of power and knowledge you seek, you could be an evil glowing pearl for all I know"
whispering to Morti, so could ye, no?
whispering to Morti, I seek a way to leave this place, so I can serve one and call one master. And you?
(528) Morti: :blinks at the pearl: "Well I'm not evil... and I'm definately not a glowing pearl"
whispering to Morti, point taken.
(528) Morti: "Oh..." :turns to Trayn and Reiner: "COuld one of you see if there's any evil to the pearl?"
(524) Trayn : "I heard you... this is not my test,,"
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: I could do the honors
(528) Morti: "Thanks Rainur"
whispering to Rainur Swiftblade, of course. LOL
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: He is also being tested on how he works with others
** (514) Rainur Swiftblade concentrates **
(528) Morti: "Hai hai... sociological testing"
whispering to Rainur Swiftblade, quite evil. heheh
(514) Rainur Swiftblade (whispering): gonna fall to the ground clutching his head
(524) Trayn : "still not my test"
whispering to Rainur Swiftblade, ok
(528) Morti: :bows to Trayn: "I acept that. And Kyla, can you get the door?"
** (514) Rainur Swiftblade falls to the ground clutching his head "Make it stop!....Yes it is quite evil!!!!!" **
** (514) Rainur Swiftblade is writhing in agony **
(517) Arinth Scornfallow: "Don't even joke Rainur."
** (514) Rainur Swiftblade does not appear to be "joking" **
** (528) Morti quickly grabs a pouch from his pocket dropping the pearl in with the Orend within, before asking the war priest, "Rainur..... are you alright?" **
(507) The pearl: What did ye expect, Seeker? (chuckles evily)
(507) The pearl: I offer ye knowledge and power, in exchange for a price. The knight ye shall face is beyond your ability to fight. Ye will die, and the orb ye came to recover, shall not be yours. Only by taking me along will ye and your companions have a chance. Consider wisely, Seeker. (laughs)
** (530) Kyla gets the gdoor after unexplainable forces (family) cause a momentary distraction **
** (514) Rainur Swiftblade finally breaks free from the evil...and backs off" **
(507) DM: The door opens revealing a dusty passage beyond.
(530) Kyla: ((will do anything mort says, nomater how stupid here.))
(528) Morti: "There's no way in heck, I'm using something that does that to Master Rainur." :looking to his friends: "So.. who wanst to smash it?"
(528) Morti: :to the pearl: "Besides... if you aren't around, then the Knight can't have you."
(513) Je'rar: "I will"
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: Do ye think that is the wisest choice Morti? What if you release the evil inside?"
(513) Je'rar: ::shows the other uses for the Dantrag key::
(528) Morti: :to Reiner: "Eh?"
(507) The pearl: (clucks sadly as you drop it into the sack) I'm sure your tune will change when you feel the power of the knight as he tightens his grip upon your weak throat and squeezes with his magick. (chuckles)
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: "There is evil within that pearl...what if you release it by destroying the pearl?"
** (528) Morti takes a moment to think back on his readings of artifice magics trying to recall what happens if you break them **
(528) Morti: Knowledge: Arcana Skill Check: [1d20+6] -> [17,6] = (23)
(612) Bobar (enter): 20:28
(513) Je'rar: "We take it back to the magic counsel; they'll best know what to odo with the accursed thing"
(524) Trayn : "Morti shall have no need for the pearl... if he wishes to pass the test alone"
** (528) Morti flicks the pouch with his finger, "Shut up" **
(530) Kyla: "Or he could fight fire with fire."
whispering to Morti, usually what occurs is that the spirit is freed and needs a host body to possess. If there isn't a host body, it attempts to possess one, usually the one who broke the item in question.
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: Aye but sometimes the fire may grow
(528) Morti (whispering): yep.. that's be bad
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: I say we test our skills against this knight...but it is your decision Morti"
** (528) Morti pockets the pearl. "Just ignore it. we'll take it to the Citadel to be disposed of" **
(507) The pearl: The tracks continue, this time to the door on your immediate right.
(528) Morti: "Now.... was facing the knight a prerequisite? or just keeping him from getting the pearl?"
(507) DM: (strike that. hehe. whoops.)
(528) Morti: (heh... my mini disappeared... strange)
(528) Morti: (nm, just suffocated beneath the bulk of Rainur)
(528) Morti: [1d4] -> [2] = (2)
(528) Morti: (oops, ignore that)
(530) Kyla: "I've been thinking, if we were allowed to help Morti on his test, and left with most of our memorys intact, at least for now, then maby we should put him back in his usual role, and let them test how he'd act under more normal circumstances. They've had enough of a sample of his supprise leadership abilitys."
(517) Arinth Scornfallow: "We need to prevent the knight from claiming the orb. By what means, I believe, is up to you Mortimar."
** (513) Je'rar whips out the flametongue along with his mace **
(528) Morti: "Well.. if we leave now with it, he won't have it. If we fight him... and lose... it's his."
(530) Kyla: "Do you agree with that, Morti, or do you wish to continue as leader for this test?"
(530) Kyla: "this might not be the orb he's supposed to get..."
(528) Morti: :to Kyla: "I don't care. I'm not really a leader anyway."
(528) Morti: "oh.... good point..."
(530) Kyla: "Probibly isn't, it's more of in a rogue test location, than a mage test location."
(528) Morti: :giving the pocket with the pouch a slap: "Are you what the Knight is after?"
(524) Trayn : "does Morti need to show more than just ample knowledge of magic?"
(530) Kyla: ((and the jarring sets off the bead from a necklass of missles, BOOM!!!!!))
(524) Trayn : "that will determine what he needs to do"
(528) Morti: "Are you the Orb of Drakes?"
(530) Kyla: "I have no idea what they are testing for, but to keep him always in an uncomfortable position will blind them to some aspects of how he acts."
whispering to Morti, A mage needs to listen as well as know when to use his skills. You are not a mage. You are nothing. (chuckles)
(528) Morti: :groaning at the pearl, he tries more forcefully: "That's not what I asked. Are you the Orb of Drakes?"
(507) DM: The door to your right opens slightly, then is slammed shut.
** (528) Morti glances up to the door **
(524) Trayn : "hmm resistance..."
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: me draws his swords
** (514) Rainur Swiftblade draws his swords **
** (514) Rainur Swiftblade heads to the door **
** (530) Kyla readies her chain. "waiting for orders, boss **
** (524) Trayn closes his shield protectively **
** (524) Trayn seems to wait as well **
(514) Rainur Swiftblade (whispering): rainur checks for evil from behind door
(528) Morti: "I'm still boss, huh?"
(507) DM: The door opens once again, this time revealing a humanoid figure with reddish, blistered skin, except that its got the body of a man and the head of a dog, which snarls in anger and frustration. It's garbed in tarnished, blackened plate mail and it holds a glowing sphere of crystal in one arm.
(528) Morti: "First thing's first, then.. who's behind the mystery door"
(617) King of Darkness (enter): 20:39
whispering to Rainur Swiftblade, no need, you're clutching your head
(617) King of Darkness (exit): 20:39
(616) Guard (enter): 20:40
(616) Guard (exit): 20:40
(616) Guard (enter): 20:40
(528) Morti: (arcana check to determine species?)
(507) Zozpox: Ah, the Seeker comes. And too late, as well. Come then, Seeker. Best me in combat if ye dare. The winner has the orb as a prize. (barks in laughter)
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: "Ye shall not pass!"
whispering to Morti, ok
(528) Morti: Knowledge: Arcana Skill Check: [1d20+6] -> [10,6] = (16)
(528) Morti: "Uuuuuhhhhhhh....."
(507) Zozpox: Now, ye command shades to do your bidding, mage? (barks again in laiughter)
whispering to Morti, daemon
** (528) Morti has his crossbow reay though he's rather at a loss **
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: morti be brave..if ye do not have the spells, use your weapons!
(530) Kyla: "Sir Guardian, will you permit me to hold the orb in safety for the victor so it won't be broken accidently durring the fight?"
(528) Morti: "I... guess... who are you?"
(507) Zozpox: I thought ye were a mage, not a child. A child mage who commands phantoms at best. (barks)
** (507) Zozpox drops the orb and begins chanting. **
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: "Conquer your fear morti, conquer it with resolve!"
(528) Morti: (the crystal orb he's holding, can we get a desciption?)
** (514) Rainur Swiftblade strikes at dog boy **
(507) DM: (initiative)
** (517) Arinth Scornfallow tries to ID the spell. **
** (528) Morti fires his crossbow to stop the chanting **
(513) Je'rar: [1d20+7] -> [15,7] = (22)
** (530) Kyla slides inbetween morti, an the zoz guardian **
(517) Arinth Scornfallow: (Spellcraft check)
(517) Arinth Scornfallow: [1d20] -> [4] = (4)+8
(528) Morti: [1d20+2] -> [10,2] = (12)
(524) Trayn : Initiative: [1d20+1] -> [14,1] = (15)
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: [1d20+3] -> [19,3] = (22)
(528) Morti: (and if I get the attack off...)
(530) Kyla: Initiative: [1d20+4] -> [2,4] = (6)
(528) Morti: Crossbow, light Attack Roll: [1d20+3] -> [14,3] = (17)===> DMG: [1d8+0] -> [6,0] = (6)
(517) Arinth Scornfallow: [1d20+2] -> [2,2] = (4)
(528) Morti: (and spellcraft to determine spell)
(528) Morti: Spellcraft Skill Check: [1d20+7] -> [16,7] = (23)
(507) DM: (hit)
whispering to Morti, magic missile
(528) Morti: (does it disrupt the casting?)
(507) DM: (yes, of course)
(528) Morti: (goody)
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: (6 pts of whoopass)
(528) Morti: (hehe... Fear the might which is MORTI!!!)
(524) Trayn (whispering): would be 10+ damage delt per a spellcraft check
whispering to Trayn , Yes, Dad. lol
(507) DM: (22, Je'rar)
** (513) Je'rar launches into a furious attack on the dog-face **
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: and rainur
(507) Zozpox: Come and face me, child. I promise your death shall be quick and painless.
(513) Je'rar: Longsword [1d20+5] -> [9,5] = (14) DMG [1d8+4] -> [6,4] = (10)
(513) Je'rar: Mace, Light [1d20+5] -> [6,5] = (11) DMG [1d6+4] -> [4,4] = (8)
(507) DM: ((one at a time folks))
(507) DM: (hit twice)
(528) Morti: "Um-I'd rather not die... thank you."
(513) Je'rar: *16 for the sword,as my base awent up,and am using flametongue
(513) Je'rar: [1d8+5] -> [8,5] = (13)
(507) DM: Je'rar's blows do little to hurt the creature, much as Morti's crossbow bolt did. It doesn't even flinch from his attacks.
(513) Je'rar: [1d6+4] -> [6,4] = (10)
(513) Je'rar: wowser...23
(507) DM: (22, Rainur)
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: [1d20+8] -> [1,8] = (9)
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: [1d20+8] -> [14,8] = (22)
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: (22 with the elf sword)
(507) DM: The creature just stands there grinning, as Rainur launches into it with fury.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+2] -> [15,2] = (17)
** (528) Morti gulps at the lack of pain from the demon, then looks down to the orb it dropped **
(507) DM: It doesn't seem particularly concerned.
(616) Guard (exit): 20:50
(507) DM: (17, Zozpox)
(514) Rainur Swiftblade (whispering): no damage?
whispering to Rainur Swiftblade, nope
(514) Rainur Swiftblade (whispering): I see...morti is gonna have to nail it
(507) Zozpox: Perhaps ye shall learn to fight your own battles, child. (spreads his claws apart and hurls forth two streams of fire at Morti, which take the form of flying snakes)
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: "I see, your battle is not with us but with morti, I will yield"
(528) Morti: :to Rainur: "WHAT?!"
(507) DM: The snakes fly through the air, spitting and hurling streams of fire at Morti and incinerate your scarf.
(528) Morti: :tries to avoid the snakes (reflex?)
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: "Reiner use the lessons Drenla and I taught you!"
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: Morti
(507) DM: (can't, auto hit)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [2d4+2] -> [4,1,2] = (7)
(507) DM: (take 3 damage, your scarf is burning)
(517) Arinth Scornfallow: ((Ha ha ha... character turning point))
(507) DM: Rainur disappears.
(507) DM: (15, Trayn)
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: "You must use the force that lies within you Morti...the arcane that is in your blood..."{
** (528) Morti falls back a few steps as he mask catches a flame. he pats at it desperately before realizzing he has no time for it. With barely a second's hesitation.... he rips it away **
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: **poof**
** (524) Trayn steps back...out of site **
(524) Trayn : (done)
(507) DM: (12, Morti)
(528) Morti: :the skin beneah is.... inhuman, dull copper from around his eyes and back over the dome of his bald head and over his floppy, pig like ears, and blotchy crimson from his jaw and down his neck, while a streak of black crawls the back of his neck:
(507) Zozpox: What a revolting little creature you are. Time to put an end to your misery....(grins and launches into another incantation)
** (528) Morti gives a silent curse before whispering a few sacred words and pointing forth his fingers at the demon and shooting frth a dark blue bolt,. Magic Missil: [1d4+1] -> [1,1] = (2) **
(625) Everach (enter): 20:58
(528) Morti: (what the hell... you guys won't remember anyway. ;-P )
** (507) Zozpox shrieks in pain, disrupting the incantation and snarls in anger **
(507) Zozpox: Trayn disappears. (6, Kyla)
(528) Morti: "I ain't that miserable"
** (517) Arinth Scornfallow manages to keep from making a face. **
** (530) Kyla sits down to watch (done)) **
** (528) Morti grimaces seriously... for the first time before his friends without the use of his scarf **
(507) DM: Kyla vanishes from sight. (4, Arinth)
** (517) Arinth Scornfallow begins to make gestures, but then decides against it. **
(612) Bobar (exit): 21:01
(507) DM: (22. Je'rar)
(517) Arinth Scornfallow: "This is your moment, Morti. Be strong, but be yourself."
(507) DM: Arinth vanishes. The daemon begins to chant another incantation.
** (513) Je'rar tries it again **
(513) Je'rar: Longsword [1d20+5] -> [14,5] = (19) DMG [1d8+4] -> [3,4] = (7)
(513) Je'rar: Mace, Light [1d20+5] -> [10,5] = (15) DMG [1d6+4] -> [2,4] = (6)
(513) Je'rar: [1d8+4] -> [2,4] = (6)
(528) Morti: :coyly: "Gee thanks... I wouldn't be shamed with a little help though"
(513) Je'rar: [1d6+4] -> [4,4] = (8)
(513) Je'rar: *15
** (507) Zozpox completely ignores Je'rar and continues chanting. **
(528) Morti: (spellcraft)
(528) Morti: Spellcraft Skill Check: [1d20+7] -> [17,7] = (24)
whispering to Morti, magic missile
(528) Morti (whispering): he really likes that spell
whispering to Morti, yup
** (507) Zozpox spits forth another two streams of fiery snakes at Morti. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [2d4+2] -> [2,4,2] = (8)
(507) DM: 8 damage
(528) Morti: "Urgh..." : groans as the snakes bit in:
(507) DM: (12, Morti)
(513) Je'rar: "Methinks only you can defeat this guy, Morti"
** (528) Morti steels himself and quickly waves a flat handed gesture before himself, murmuring an incantation as he does (shield) **
** (513) Je'rar stands aside, but ready to lend assistance if needed **
(507) DM: A shimmering multi-colored shield composed of drake scales and patches of daemonic skin appears for an instant over Morti, and then melds into his body, like a second skin.
(507) DM: (17, Zozpox)
(528) Morti: (ooo... cool)
(507) DM: Call upon your ally! It will do you little good! (chants)
(507) Zozpox: (blah blah blah) (chants)
(528) Morti: "In that case... I'd love to call upon Reiner or Trayn for a blessed healing... hehe"
(528) Morti: Spellcraft Skill Check: [1d20+7] -> [3,7] = (10)
** (507) Zozpox levitates into the air. **
whispering to Morti, fail, but it doesn't matter
(507) DM: (12., Morti)
(528) Morti (whispering): yeah, think I get the gist of it
(507) The pearl: As you command...master. (chuckles)
(641) Everach (enter): 21:11
(507) DM: Miraculously, wounds on your body heal and close up...although you know for certain that Trayn and Rainur did not cast those spells...)
(641) Everach (exit): 21:11
whispering to Morti, take back 8
(528) Morti: "Cheh.... I can do that." :employing his new boots, he lifts into the air, and holds forth his fanned hands, "and more" with a grunt a sheet of azure flame burst forth. Burning hands: [2d4] -> [2,1] = (3)
(528) Morti: (who's that thing talking too?)
(507) DM: (you, of course)
(528) Morti: (uh oh....)
(507) DM: Zozpox grimaces with pain and launches into another spell attack.
(507) The pearl: 'Tis still not too late, master. Use me, and call forth upon my power to defeat this pitiful daemon. I am yours to command. (chuckling)
(528) Morti: :eyes go wide, and he grumbles to the pearl, "Don't you help!"
(528) Morti: Spellcraft Skill Check: [1d20+7] -> [12,7] = (19)
whispering to Morti, flaming sphere
(528) Morti (whispering): eesh... how high off the ground do I float?
(513) Je'rar: Longsword [1d20+5] -> [12,5] = (17) DMG [1d8+4] -> [2,4] = (6)
(513) Je'rar: Mace, Light [1d20+5] -> [11,5] = (16) DMG [1d6+4] -> [1,4] = (5)
(513) Je'rar: {whoops}
(528) Morti (whispering): I mean can I float high enough in here to be above it and safe?
(507) DM: (as per the spell)
(642) Thomas (enter): 21:15
(507) DM: (yes, but no higher than the ceiling, 20')
(642) Thomas (exit): 21:16
(528) Morti: (I'm floating at dof-faces height now, is that high enough?)
(528) Morti: (dog-face even)
(507) DM: (yes)
(528) Morti: (cool)
** (507) Zozpox barks and spits forth a crimson and black sphere of flames that shoots forward, overwhelming Morti in scarlet and ebony fire. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [2d4+2] -> [3,4,2] = (9)
(507) DM: (take 7)
** (524) Trayn stews in limbo... partially irritated with his nonexistance! **
(528) Morti (whispering): not flaming sphere I presume
(524) Trayn : : ))
** (514) Rainur Swiftblade does the same **
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: :-)
whispering to Morti, yes it was actually
** (513) Je'rar dips a ladle into the Trayn stew,takes a taste,and spits i t back out **
** (528) Morti flinches in pain trying to keep himself sturdy to continue **
(530) Kyla: (("Have faith, he's got a good soul."))
(528) Morti (whispering): oh... thought you said I was high enough to avoid it... nm
whispering to Morti, make a Reflex save actually. they changed it in 3E
(528) Morti: Reflex save: [1d20+2] -> [20,2] = (22)
(507) DM: (that didn't happen. actually what occurs is that Zozpox summons a sphere of crimson and black flames into being and then tries to direct it to burn Morti. Instead, Morti leaps aside and the sphere misses.)
(507) DM: (your turn Morti)
(528) Morti: (you can leap while levitating?)
** (528) Morti focuses back on his enemy, thrusting forth a burned gloved hand and uttering his incantation before bursting forth with a cone of bustling colors and light (color spray). Then he reaches into his pocket, hopefully while it's stunned.. **
(528) Morti: :grabbing out the pouch with the pearl, he hands it over to Je'rar, instructing: "Get this thing out of here"
(507) DM: (no)
(528) Morti: (oh....)
(507) DM: The pouch drops to the ground. Je'rar disappears.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20] -> [20] = (20)
(528) Morti: :as Je'rar vanishes: "Eh?"
** (513) Je'rar takes the pouch and exits:: **
(513) Je'rar: ..then again...
** (513) Je'rar *BAMF* **
(507) DM: The creature drops to the ground, unconscious.
(625) Everach (exit): 21:29
(528) Morti: :scratching his head: "Wow... that was more potent than I expected..."
** (528) Morti quickly retrieves the pearl, and moves beside the demon. taking a breath **
(507) DM: The orb lies on the ground, where the creature dropped it, pulsing in response as if to your thoughts.
(507) The pearl: Seize it and make use of it, what are you waiting for?!?
(528) Morti: "Okay now..." :draws his dagger: ".. creature of pure evil.. pure evil... and not real" :takes a breath before lining up a stab for the demon's jugular (coup de grace)
(528) Morti: :to the pearl: "Shut up you."
(507) DM: The creature dies, exhaling its last.
(507) The pearl: A hundred thousand mages come and take the Test and I am stuck with a mere child! For shame!
** (507) The pearl mutters... **
** (528) Morti gulps as the demon is slain and turns back to look at the crystal orb, consideringly. Then taking off his packing and opening it, he reaches his hand out and directs his will to grasp it (mage hand) lifting it up and placing it safely in his pack **
(528) Morti: :to the Pearl: "If it makes you feel any better, when I get you back to the Citadel, you're dust."
(507) Malyx: Ah! Thank ye for freeing me from the clutches of the knight, Zozpox. To what do I owe ye, O Seeker?
(507) Malyx: Stop! (as it goes into the pack)
(507) Malyx: Mmmm-f!!!
(528) Morti: "Eh?" : to the crystal orb, opening the flap of his packing: "Now what?"
(507) Malyx: As I was saying...put your hands upon me, so that we can communicate better.
(528) Morti: :blinks before answering plainly: "No. I can hear you fine"
(507) DM: The orb glows white, and is a non-descript crystal sphere with milky white mists within.
(507) Malyx: Very well. Now that you have me with you, you have one final thing to do before you may return to the Citadel.
(528) Morti: "And what's that?"
(507) Malyx: All you need to do, to return to the Citadel is to declare yourself a mage, and to declare the Path that ye wish to tread. Choose wisely, O Seeker, and may power that you seek be thine!
(648) Parn (enter): 21:38
(648) Parn (exit): 21:38
(528) Morti: :scratches his head thinking before he speaks: "I don't know if I am a mage. that's for the Council to decide. But I have already stated that I'll walk the path of the Citadel, whether I'm a mage or not, it sounds like the right life."
(507) DM: As you state those words, a door in the passage opens, and you hear footsteps.
(507) Lady Almeena: Is that you, Morti, my sweet? Come out, come out and play, my darling.
** (528) Morti freezes and his spine goes straight as his face seems to go pale **
(528) Morti: :cautious he glances back: (disbelieve)
(528) Morti: Will save: [1d20+5] -> [20,5] = (25)
(524) Trayn : ((nice))
(507) Lady Almeena: You've been a bad little boy, Morti, hiding in Court while that bad nasty man with the bright white sword made accusations at your poor mother in front of all those children. Come around the corner and give your mother a nice sweet kiss to show her your gratitude!
(528) Morti: (probably auto though)
whispering to Morti, (nope)
(507) DM: You turn around and see Almeena, lovely and beautiful as ever, come around the corner, pale blue eyes glittering with malice...or is it pride?
** (528) Morti swallows hard, and turns back to the crystal, closing the flap, and shouldering his pack, calm as possible, before looking back to her. **
(507) Lady Almeena: Ah, ye defeated the guardian! I knew ye would Morti, I knew it! Your skills and powers as a mage are growing even more now that ye are coming into your own! I'm so proud of you. Now, hand over the orb to your dear, sweet mother. Now. (smiles sweetly)
(528) Morti: "I don't know who yu are... and I don't care. I was never your child. and you never calle me such before."
(507) Lady Almeena: (holds out her hand expectantly)
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: (this autta be good!)
** (528) Morti begins to stroll from the hall, watching his former Mistress (magic missile ready) **
(507) Lady Almeena: Morti! MORTI! How ungrateful you are! All those years! It was just a test, to see what kind of person you would turn out to be! And you have passed admirably well, my darling child. Now all will be forgiven if you just hand over that little trinket you have in your pack. Now. (smiles)
(530) Kyla: ((some pacifist you are, readying magic missle against your own mother.))
(528) Morti: (ain't my mama)
** (528) Morti backs up to the door, stating firmly, "I don't take orders from Almeena anymore. And I surely don't take orders from Imposters" :hops aside and shuts the door: **
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: ((little brother from another mother...yo mama's wack!))
(507) Lady Almeena: That bad nasty man, he called himself King did he? Kingy doesn't know what magicka Almeena has in store for Kingy, no Kingy doesn't. You know, Morti what Mother can do. What storms of fury Mother can summon. What magick she can lay that will make Kingy swear that he had never ever embarrassed Mother in front of all those lords and laidies.
** (507) Lady Almeena screams in fury and chants in response **
** (528) Morti chargesback toward the entrance **
(507) DM: The door flies open, as a lightning bolt shatters it into splinters.
(507) Lady Almeena: Don't bother fleeing, Morti. You tripped the trap that sealed the dungeon entrance, so I wish you the luck of Lord Gorgauth in opening it. How I shall delight in picking the bones off your flesh, live one!
** (517) Arinth Scornfallow wants to scratch his nose, but he can't find it. **
** (528) Morti grunts at the explosion of the lightning, "That's new..." **
** (528) Morti hopes it's still barely wedged open **
(507) The pearl: I can help ye, Master! Use me in your battle against that lich! I can help ye overcome it with my magick!
(507) DM: It's still barely wedged open
(528) Morti: :to the pearl: I said be quiet!"
(507) Lady Almeena: Come, Morti. Dear sweet Morti. I never meant what I said, dearest.
** (528) Morti quickly squeezes through and reaches down to pull out the spike **
(507) DM: You turn the corner into the entrance chamber. The block bars your way, just barely. You could squeeze through and out the door...if you do so now.
(507) DM: (nm)
(528) Morti: (half a foot, that's enough for scrawny ass lil Morti)
(507) DM: As you do so, Almeena enters the chamber, shrouded in crimson and purple lightning. She begins to chant and raises a finger at Morti.
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: ((Run morti Run!!!))
(528) Morti: Spellcraft Skill Check: [1d20+7] -> [7,7] = (14)
** (528) Morti thrusts out his finger to fire forth his last blue bolt **
** (507) Lady Almeena sends forth a bolt of lightning, crackling with hate and fury, at Morti. **
(528) Morti: :if he can... [1d4+1] -> [4,1] = (5)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [5d6] -> [3,1,4,1,3] = (12)
(528) Morti: (guess not... eep)
(507) DM: Reflex. The bolt strikes at Almeena as she releases her magicka.
(528) Morti: Reflex save: [1d20+2] -> [19,2] = (21)
(528) Morti: (woohoo)
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: (whoohoo!))
(507) DM: The bolt misses you even as your bolt crashes into her skull, sending her backwards.
(528) Morti: (hope I survive long enough to cures at her)
(507) DM: The scene fades to black, as you wake up on the floor of the audience chamber. Your companions surround you.
** (513) Je'rar runs up **
(513) Je'rar: "Morti..you alright?"
(528) Morti: :blinks the confusion from his eyes as he looks up at his comrades, then examines himself for damage: "I'll live... I think"
(507) Master of the Inner Circle: We must apologize in our deception. Your companions were here as we had summoned them prior to your coming here.
(528) Morti: "Eh?"
(507) Master of the Inner Circle: They SHALL remember all that has occurred, for they were a part of it as much as your Test was your own.
(530) Kyla (whispering): is his scarf still burned off?
(528) Morti: "They.... were.... " :eyes widen as he reaches for his mask, and suddenly grimaces as his head sags:
** (513) Je'rar claps a hand on Morti's shoulder: "You did good lad, you did good" **
(507) Drenla: Ays, we summoned you here to sit in judgement over Morti.
whispering to Kyla, yes
** (528) Morti looks up to Je'rar a bit dumbfounded **
** (530) Kyla offers her scarf to Morti. "It wouldn't let me just watch, but you started doing good when it counted. **
(513) Je'rar: "So this is what you look like without the scarf"
(517) Arinth Scornfallow: "I couldn't have done better myself, lad."
(528) Morti: (is the damage we took real? including his mask?)
(530) Kyla: ((yes, your mask is toast))
(507) Drenla: You must face yourself, apprentice, in order to use the magick. The magick demands no less. And you are doing so, even now.
(507) DM: ((real to you. not to the others.))
(528) Morti: :head lolls a bit as he nods to Je'rar: "Yeah.. this is it"
** (528) Morti accepts Kyla's scarf with an awkward grin, "Thanks... " **
(507) Drenla: If you had not, you would have found that the magick would have failed you during your trial.
(528) Morti: :doesn't bother to put it on yet though:
(513) Je'rar: "Haha! Ye've nothing to be ashamed of man...and all this time I thought maybe you were horribly disfigured or something..."
** (530) Kyla smiles thinly, and bows her head to the mage. **
(507) DM: The orb and the pearl however, are gone.
(507) The Magister: The Test is but a foretelling. (grimly)
** (528) Morti nods to Drenla, "Still.... " He suddenly quirks a brow to Je'rar's dumb comment though **
(507) DM: All of the wizards' eyes turn to The Magister, as he speaks.
** (528) Morti glances up to the Magister, "Foretelling...? of what?" **
(507) The Magister: The Test shapes those who take it and shows scenes in the future of one's life should they pass and become a magus. Ye will face that creature, once again, in a trial of spells.
(507) The Magister: And ye will find an item that will try to seduce ye with power and promises, that takes on the appearance of a pearl.
(507) The Magister: And ye, will find an item that promises much power, but of a different sort, akin to an orb of drakes.
** (528) Morti nods, but follows up, "Okay... but what was that Almeena imposter? She doesn't use spells like that?" **
(507) The Magister: Oh, but she does.
** (528) Morti raises a brow. "Uh.... now she doesn't" **
(507) The Magister: She may not at this time, but the Almeena who took the Test did at one point. I remember....
** (507) The Magister shakes his head. **
(528) Morti (whispering): before I continue this line of possibly stupid questioning, Did you forget my original statement of her as an evocationist who foregoes the evocation school?
whispering to Morti, nope
whispering to Morti, an invoker
** (528) Morti blinks looking to his hands in thought. "That's strange" **
(528) Morti (whispering): oops, meant enchanter who forgoes evocation
(507) The Magister: Regardless, you will face this creature again, in a trial of spells.
whispering to Morti, haven't forgotten
(528) Morti: :shrugs, moving on: "Well we already know about the black pearl, the other, I'll try to avoid I guess"
** (507) The Magister nods **
(659) Trayn (enter): 22:09
(660) Jera (enter): 22:09
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (659) Trayn ...
(528) Morti: "So...." :coylt: "Have I passed yet?"
(507) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(524) Trayn ' from room...
(524) Trayn (exit): 22:09
** (514) Rainur Swiftblade stands there with arms crossed and s smile **
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: a
(528) Morti: *coyly even
(507) The Magister: Of course. And now comes the most difficult part of all.
(507) The Magister: Ye must take on a name.
** (528) Morti cocks his head at the magister, "I have no idea what name I'm meant to have. For now, I just want to be Morti" **
(507) The Magister: This will be the name by which ye are known, for the old name, Mortimar Boyle is cast away. This new name shall be your true name, a secret name, and none shall know of it save the one you take as your familiar, and the one you take as your mate.
(528) Morti: :blinks: "Then it definately isn't going to be Morifran"
** (513) Je'rar walks off to one side"whoa Morti, I like you, but not that much" :starts to laugh:: **
(660) Jera (exit): 22:12
(507) The Magister: If ye know not of it at this time, ye will find it eventually, or make one for yourself. But it is a law of the Lady that any mage who becomes a mage and passes the Test, must arise, anew, and take on a name for him or herself.
** (528) Morti gives the Magister a thoughtful nod. I will... when I've found my name" **
(507) The Magister: I name ye, Mortimar Boyle, otherwise known to us as Morti, magus. And ye have the right to call yourself, "Magus" and act, with all the responsibilities and powers that come along with the title. Use the title well, and use the magick well.
** (528) Morti smiles wide with his inhumanly skinned lips, and gives a sincere bow. "I'll do my best to uphold the title with honor and dignity, Master" **
(528) Morti: :throwing up a victorious fist: "Now let's hit the Gluttony Hall!!"
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: "Aye that is a good idea lad"
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: Tomorrow...we leave
(530) Kyla: "And I was expecting something to change after the test. ...Good Job, Magus."
** (528) Morti flinches as he jumps up...."Ow... forgot... still burned" **
(507) The Magister: To ye, Magus, I, the Magister of the Diamond Citadel give you this gift, for use in your travels. Behold this dagger, which I made when I was younger, when my name was such there were those who called me "The Thunder That Roars Across The Desert". (smileS)
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: "I have never seen a desert..."
** (507) The Magister produces a dagger, crafted from adamantite with a hilt of mithril and platinum, into which is inset an aquamarine in the pommel of the dagger. Arcane runes cover the length and breadth of the dagger, both front and back. **
(530) Kyla: "There are several tkinds of desert's."
** (507) The Magister hands it reverently to Morti. **
** (528) Morti eyes the knife curiously, uttering back, "Uh.. I don't reallly like to.. stab.... peop-uh...." :quickly shifting to "due" excitement over the gift: "Thank you, Master Tremaine, I'll use it well" **
(513) Je'rar: "I have seen the desert..I care for it not"
(530) Kyla: "I miss it terribly."
(507) The Magister: This dagger is named Ilendus, Mistress of Battles. Ye will find that her powers are useful for one such as yourself. (smiles)
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: "Is it true that they have these beasts that one rides that spit at you?"
(530) Kyla: "If you are mean to then, then yes, they can spit, but perfer simply biteing."
(507) The Magister: (glances at Rainur) Oh, certainly. And there are those who live in the desert, who value a warrior by the skill of his blades and the loudness of his boasting. I have no trouble in seeing ye in such a place.
(513) Je'rar: "Desert is all sand, and hot sun,and sand, and more sand..and oh yes..more sand.. I much prefer the trees,the tall blades of cool grass..the gentle trickle of the river..."
** (528) Morti eyes the dagger consideringly, and returns a forced smille to the Magister. inquires a bit dumbly though after he says it would be of use to Morti, "Does it cut bread and cheese well?" **
(507) The Magister: Oh certainly, Morti. As well as it pierces the hide of those who would threaten ye. (smiles)
(530) Kyla: Yes, but would a diamond be as beautifull if they were as common as any other rock?
(530) Kyla: "Or does teh rarety of them make them seem mor beautifull?"
(528) Morti: :snickers nervously: "Heh... right. Thank you"
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: "Sand? Heat? sounds uncomfotable"
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: No...give me the plains and the forest and the north wind at my back"
(530) Kyla: "and the thorn bushes, burrs, sharp rocks, unpredictable weather, and a rediculous variety of busgs, that's comfortable?"
(528) Morti: :idly listening in on the talk of deserts, utters: "Sand.... would be itchy in my scarf..."
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: ::rainur begins to squirm:::"MNot fer me"
(513) Je'rar: "I agree, my brother"
(528) Morti: "Oh yeah, gotta buy a new scarf."
(514) Rainur Swiftblade: "My lord forgive me but why would anyone want to live in a place like that?"
(528) Morti: :glancing at his burned attire: "And clothes"
(530) Kyla: "anywhere you lay down, the ground contours it's self to cradle you without some unidentified sharp pointy object stabbing you in the back.
(507) DM: (OC: +2 dagger, allows wielder to jump three times a day and mirror image once per day. Spells are as wielder's level.)
(507) DM: (on that note, we'll stop here)
** (517) Arinth Scornfallow claps a hand on Morti's shoulder, chuckling. **
(528) Morti: (ooohhh.. that's more Morti's style)

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