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(6) TaliesinNYC: before we begin, a couple of things
(6) TaliesinNYC: so pay attention Alfred
(11) Trayn : haha
(10) Je'rar: (aww yeah Stan..damn it man, I gotta say..you d some of the damndest nice work with these maps ! )
(6) TaliesinNYC: Clerics receive 3 skill points per level. it's always been the case, but in case you didn't know, now you do
(10) Je'rar: Tangers get 10 ,right ?
(6) TaliesinNYC: also, clerics in this game, receive 3 domains BUT access to the 3rd domain (your choice) is not possible until you reach 9th level
(10) Je'rar: (say yes, oh please say yes ...)
(6) TaliesinNYC: (hah)
(6) TaliesinNYC: so Alfred, if you didn't know, adjust your skill selection and your spells
(11) Trayn : and your domains
(10) Je'rar: (whoa STan..that last part's def. big.. very handy thing for any cleric to know)
(11) Trayn : you only get 2 right now
(6) TaliesinNYC: there is a document on the site which lists domains for each Aspect that is commonly worshipped in the part of the game world where we're currently located
(3) Reiner Swiftblade: giot it
(6) TaliesinNYC: so if you don't know what domains The War Father has access to, refer to that list
(3) Reiner Swiftblade: got
(12) ShadowBane (enter): 13:38
(12) ShadowBane (whispering): shall i leave?
(3) Reiner Swiftblade: Have the document
(6) TaliesinNYC: granted powers are different for each Aspect even though the domains are the same
(6) TaliesinNYC: so basically a granted power for a Fire domain varies from Aspect to Aspect even though two Aspects might have access to the Fire domain
whispering to ShadowBane, stay if you want
whispering to ShadowBane, up to you
(11) Trayn : hmmm
(6) TaliesinNYC: ok? finally
(11) Trayn : now i have to look
(6) TaliesinNYC: if you want to know what granted powers you get, send me an e-mail. there are too many Aspects for me to list
(6) TaliesinNYC: all right, finally
(6) TaliesinNYC: Clerics, like their arcane counterparts are Tested but the difference is that arcane casters are Tested on or before they reach 5th level, clerics can be Tested by their god at any time
(6) TaliesinNYC: the Test, regardless of whether its a cleric or a mage is basically the same: a magical, physical and spiritual challenge that will truly determine whether it is for you to be a mage or a cleric
(11) Trayn : and all the time
(5) Morti: "And so on the streets of Tolmara, the high and mighty Solnor appeared before his servant Trayn, holding forth a hand and instructing..."
(12) ShadowBane (exit): 13:43
(5) Morti: "Oh faithful one...."
(6) TaliesinNYC: lol
** (11) Trayn looks around at his continual never ending test **
(5) Morti: "...balance this egg on your nose for ten seconds"
(5) Morti: :checking watch: "Okay.... go"
(10) Je'rar: LOL
(6) TaliesinNYC: ok, I need to mention those things b/c someone brought it up in the Friday game and wasn't clear
(3) Reiner Swiftblade: (I guess getting squashed against a wall by a Emerald Drake construct is not test enough LOL)
(6) DM: Today's game begins three days after your defeat of Narbius.
(5) Morti (whispering): (GW): haha... I only have to get tested once
whispering to Morti, so? they only get tested once as well
(6) Blaine: Now that ye have returned my legacy to me, we must make haste to Tolmara so I can present myself to His Majesty at Court.
(5) Morti (whispering): hehe, nm. Didn't mean to toggle you to group whisper
(6) Blaine: So, if ye have any business in the City, ye can pursue that after we conduct ourselves at Court.
(3) Reiner Swiftblade: "Aye t'would be an honor"
(11) Trayn : ((so these 3 days havent been lounging around days but travel and organization days with Blaine..))
(10) Je'rar: "Hmm.. guess that means I'm supposed to get myself all cleaned up..."
(11) Trayn : "Yes... lets make your preparations"
** (5) Morti is a bit tired from his faulty, if not dedicated training with Reiner. Hopefully he won't have to do much more of that. "Ok, let's get going. **
** (3) Reiner Swiftblade looks spiffy after putting on the chain **
(5) Morti: :to Blaine: "So... what are you going to do about your ancestral home? Will the new generation be returning to it?"
** (10) Je'rar takes a bath,cleans his armor,tries wielding the rapier,seing how well it complements his attire **
(11) Trayn : "It would seem fitting for you to regenerate your families position and manor"
(3) Reiner Swiftblade (exit): 13:51
(11) Trayn : "As befits someone of your now regained station"
(13) Reiner Swiftblade (enter): 13:52
(6) Blaine: Oh indeed. I have plans and preparations ready, to restore this house to a semblance of its former glory.
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (13) Reiner Swiftblade...
(5) Morti: "Great. I hope you can make it a peaceful place"
(6) Blaine: I truly cannot thank ye enough for what ye have done for me. (smiles)
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: "Well good fer you...I know you will make good on yer promise to us"
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: "Make this world a better place with yer actions"
(5) Morti: "Yeah... just don't make us regret making you rich again"
(11) Trayn : "You have rewarded us in kind.. but setting things straight with your family was the right thing to do"
(6) Blaine: Why would ye say that, lad?
** (10) Je'rar looks on at Morti, a bit taken aback by his comment **
(5) Morti: :grins: "Nothing, I'm sure you'll do just fine"
(6) Blaine: (looks relieved)
(10) Je'rar: "Morti..I have no regrets; we all lived,yes?"
** (13) Reiner Swiftblade rubs the maine of his horse and pats her on the neck..."Ye are a good mare" **
(11) Trayn : "what is our responsibility with your visit to the King?"
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: "I think we are visitin King AAyers on the request of Drenla as well"
(11) Trayn : "I wouldnt want to overstep or underprovide for your spotlight into the royal circle"
(6) Blaine: Oh, merely presentation at Court. (smiles mysteriously)
(11) Trayn : "well let that remain a side issue"
(6) Drenla: And my own report as well (smiles just as mysteriously)
(11) Trayn : "to shoot 2 birds with one stone may seem.... unseeming"
** (5) Morti moves to saddle up, scooping up Moiraine from his saddlebag as he does **
(11) Trayn : "and will certianly detract from Blaines... presenting"
(6) Drenla: The journey to Tolmara is swift, and occasionless. After two short days, you are within sight of the City of the Citadel once again, the sparkling towers of the Diamond Citadel looming on the horizon.
(6) DM: (lol)
(13) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): how are you today? to drenla
(6) Drenla: (during the journey) As I said earlier, the time for secrets is about to come to an end. I am, and shall always be, an agent for the Citadel and also for the Crown of Wylund. I was acting on behalf of His Majesty when we first met at Jeroth's Well, lo those many weeks ago, and I apologize for any deceptions I have laid upon ye.
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: ::To Drenla:: "Sut naa Lle sina re Drenla?"
(5) Morti: :to Reiner: "Eh?"
(6) Drenla: Your elven is flawless, if a bit accented, Reiner.
(10) Je'rar: "haha..and a great many they have been, Drenla..at one time, I was unsure of we were making the right choice in rescuing you.. but I guess it turned out to be the right decision"
** (10) Je'rar msmiles **
(6) Drenla: You would do well however to remember that it is a bit impolite to speak what is not understood, even though the Queen Consort is of star elven descent.
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: "I have always loved the sound of the language ...it just rolls off the tongue"
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: "Need to practice as well"
(5) Morti: :sourly: "Yeah, it's unfair to speak in a way I don't understand"
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: "Tamuril would always correct me...we would always work on my diction"
(6) Drenla: Now, as I was saying, you were all in grave danger, when you were in the company of those Kernin slavers. And you may still be in grave danger, but we shall not know the extent of this danger until matters are put to the test. This business of the coins of blood is most disturbing.
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: ::look of deep loss comes over his face::
(10) Je'rar: "Simple solution: we kill the slavers"
(11) Trayn : "yes... anything that subverts the will is to be discouraged"
** (5) Morti notes Reiner's sore disposition, before Drenla's words catch him back **
(11) Trayn : "and thing drawing you into evil acts is much more so"
(11) Trayn : "Je'rar..."
(11) Trayn : "Killing is rarely the best answer"
(5) Morti: "Isn't kill a bit harsh? Shouldn't we try to capture instead?"
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: "I will face any danger my friend...may it be the will of the War Father that I should triumph over that danger"
(11) Trayn : "it may be the easiest.... but not the best"
(10) Je'rar: "Well? Seems easy enough,they are the kinds of people that my people hate,keeping others from living wild and free.. why, I remember once back in my youth...."
** (10) Je'rar grimaces at an old memory **
(10) Je'rar: "Anyway..the only good slaver is a dea one..they're even lower than orcs"
(10) Je'rar: *dead one
(6) Drenla: (continuing and not noticing Reiner's disposition) I realize you have things which draw you away from the City, and so I shall not endeavor to dissuade you from your pursuits. However you should know the extent of what you are about to become or have become involved in.
(5) Morti: :grimaces a bit, uneasy to stick up for them for certain reasons, however...: "They're still people. They can change"
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: "Drenla, her family gave me the name Ecthelion Seregon, now they are all gone"
(10) Je'rar: "Ectheli..what?"
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: (an odd time for reiner to be opening up to Drenla )
(5) Morti: :once more to Reiner: "Eh?"
(13) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): Reiner the blademaster
** (13) Reiner Swiftblade senses that his life is going to change yet again with Drenla's words **
(6) Drenla: Hmm?
(6) Drenla: Ah, my apologies for your loss.
(5) Morti: (and with that monumental statement from Drenla, Reiner's life was changed)
(6) Drenla: I assume it was orcs, eh?
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: Partly...we do not know....no one was left to tell."
(6) Drenla: Not surprising. Your people have ever been at swords' odds with orcs of all stripes.
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: Saw a few dead ones and some creatures that we did not recognize"
(5) Morti: :scarf drops into a sorrowful pout as he listens to Reiner talk:
(6) Drenla: Know that I share the pain of your loss even though I am as far removed from you as a staff is different from a sword. We have fought as allies, shared pain and loss and death. I am truly sorry, Reiner.
(10) Je'rar: "Well cheer up my brother,for on our journey i am sure we will get to slay a great many of them"
(10) Je'rar: ^said rather grimly
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: "There were shredded pieces of Kernian scarves, but that could have been from the conquests of the orcs"
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: "We do not know"
(6) DM: (not Kernian, Alfred. KERNIN; Kernian is actually an insult.)
(5) Morti: (if they killed his people, makes sense why he'd insult them)
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: "Well no matter now...you were saying Drena"
(6) DM: ((Kern is the country; Kernin describes the point of origin or a citizen from Kern; Kernian and Kernite are insults; Kernish is the language))
(5) Morti: "Don't worry. Things can always get better" :ridding up beside Reiner: "here hold Moiraine. She makes me feel better" holding out the kitten in offering:
(6) DM: ((just being technically accurate))
(5) Morti: (and kernel is a piece of corn)
(10) Je'rar: ( *pop*)
(5) Morti: (he makes good chicken too)
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: ::stoic look comes over his face::
(6) DM: ((well, setting it straight b/c y'all don't know. =)))
(6) DM: (continuing and switching the subject) Thirty years ago, as you may know, we were invaded by Kern. Kern has always had designs on its neighbors, to use as resources for its own expansionist ambitions, and the invasion was not a surprise, for diplomatic incidents had hinted as to its occurrence. The swiftness of the invasion took us by surprise, however.
(5) Morti: (and I really should to, being from Kern and all)
(6) Drenla: The Kernin had magical assistance, from their ilythi'iri allies and from a band of villains, whose members have passed into legend. Some of those members are still alive. (grimly)
(5) Morti: (MUAHAHAHAHA)
** (13) Reiner Swiftblade pulls out a little woven trinket from his pouch looks at it and smiles then puts it away **
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: "Nadorhuanrim!"
(6) Drenla: Mention of their allies and these individuals has not passed into history, save for those such as sages and loremasters, who know the truth of what occurred. If common individuals knew that the emergence of the god Illaenth was related to the defeat of the Spider Queen, then no one would believe it for the tale would be too well-crafted in the telling.
(13) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): mangy dongs
(11) Trayn : "all of this is highly disturbing"
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: "Aye"
** (5) Morti situated betrween the morning Reiner and ongoing Drenla looks confused and not too anxious ask what they have to do with a Spider Queen **
(6) Drenla: Officially, in the year 3030 of the Praxthian calendar, Wylund was invaded by Kern, who then annexed the Kingdom to their Duchy. The Kernin were then driven back to their homeland by the Wylundi along with their allies, the Ulu'taari, the Council of Alalminor and the elves of Feandoril. Unofficially, the Wylundi also employed the assistance of Gairlandia, a country ruled by wizards and priests of Hurishta, and the assistance of a group of adventurers known as The Prophecy of Light.
(5) Morti: "Wow, sounds complicated"
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: "My grandfather gave me some of this history in song but not as detailed as this...it was a pround moment in our history"
(6) Drenla: The members of the Prophecy of Light numbered six: Ayyers Falconedge, who is now our beloved King, Garath Tremaine who is now The Magister of the Diamond Citadel, a dwarven monk of Tevesh, my....Asianna Corsair, the Mistress of the Night's Eye, a guild belonging to the Silent Network in Tolrindel, and two others.
(11) Trayn : "Sounds like a group I would appreciate"
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: "That was THE Asianna Corsair?"
(5) Morti: "Ayyers Falconedge, that's the King we're going to meet, right? And Master Tremaine too? Wow"
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: ;;mouth opens wide with amazement::
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: "Ye are truly blessed Drenla"
(11) Trayn : "ah I see.. well people of power, law and justice dont get to their appointed place by accident"
(6) Drenla: Ever since the events of the invasion those thirty years ago, ever since the Kernin were defeated, Kern has vowed revenge on all who have crossed their path. My lords, The Magister and His Majesty have uncovered stirrings of a plot meant to destroy Wylund along with their allies, but we have not discovered any connections. I say this to you as background so that you are suitably armed with this information.
(5) Morti: :arches his clothed brow: "And that's where the slavers and ....Almeena come in, right?
(6) Drenla: In the time that His Majesty has been King, he has attempted to be a good ruler to the people of our Kingdom, and to bring into line notions of justice, law and chivalry that were unknown even in the days when Wylund was a far-flung province of the Mel'Cendian Empire.
(13) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): Harpers
(6) Drenla: I'm getting to that, Morti.
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: "Are the Nandorors still around?"
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, no, Alfred. wrong
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, oh ok
** (5) Morti takes an unsure gulp and nods back to Drenla **
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, hah,. I'm trying to get away from the Forgotten Realms here. bear with me
(6) Drenla: Ays, they are, but not in numbers as they once were.
(5) Morti: "nando-wha?"
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: ;;reiner's face turns sad::
(6) Drenla: Slavery is one such evil that he has yet to successfully stamp out. He is trying, but I fear he shall be unsuccessful because of certain influences such as those merchants whom we were travelling with.
(10) Je'rar: "Aw damn..guess this means we have to try to take those slavers alive as prisoners to beat information out of"
(6) Drenla: Perhaps, perhaps not.
(6) Blaine: (listens but his thoughts are preoccupied elsewhere)
(11) Trayn : "and I would prefer to bring them.. at least their leaders... to justice"
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: "This is beyond us Drenla we are mere humble workings in this"
(6) Drenla: His Majesty wishes to permanently stamp out the root of this evil, but is not prepared for an undertaking that this would require, so he has enlisted the help of various adventurers throughout the Kingdom to assist the Kingdom in these endeavors. I am not about to ask ye to assist however. I sense that your efforts lie elsewhere, where there is a great need.
(10) Je'rar: "Maybe they can question their dead bodies?"
(6) Drenla: This brings me to you, apprentice. (to Morti)
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: ;;looks at morti::
(5) Morti: :gulps: "What about me?"
(10) Je'rar: "and Drenny old buddy... I don't see why we can't assist the kingdom along the path of our adventures"
(6) Drenla: You should know that I was tasked with two things: to observe the merchants known as Xavick, Tarth and Shagath, three members of a ring of Kernin slavers who call themselves the Seal of Fire. I was also called upon to watch for signs or hints of an items known as bloodcoins. You saw some of those recently.
(5) Morti: "Hai... we've seen em a few times now"
(10) Je'rar: "Hmm... just whar are those bloodcoins,and, can you tell us more about this Seal of Fire? They obviously hold grievance with us..and me sespecially,as it was I who was handed the coins in the first place."
(6) Drenla: These coins are believed to be the work of an artifice-mage of considerable skill, whose delvings have also gone into the paths of necromancy. (staring at Morti) This mage, who is ruthless in her practice of the dark arts, both in procuring material for her work and also in silencing those who would unmask her, calls herself Almeena the Ever Maiden.
(11) Trayn : "finding who is crafting them and putting a stop to it would be key"
(11) Trayn : "yes!"
(10) Je'rar: "So you see Drenal, the kingdom and I have a shared concern in this matter, as it became kinda...
(10) Je'rar: personal"
(10) Je'rar: *Drenla
(5) Morti: :shirnks down into his saddle as Drenla speaks. he croaks out: "Yeah... I heard at the citadel"
(6) Drenla: It so happens that the ambassador from Kern, who has recently arrived to take up residence in the Castle, as a special "guest" of His Majesty, is none other than Almeena Darlastair. The coincidence in first names is unusual, all the more so because "Almeena" is a rare name in Kern.
(6) Drenla: Yes, you did.
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: ::gasps::
(5) Morti: :goes shock still, and cautiously looks up to Drenla. Finding his old stutter: "Y-yo-you mean.... sh-she's ah... at the Castle?"
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: "She will try to turn King Aayers to her ways....how was that accepted?"
(6) Drenla: I mention this because I find it unusual that one of our number, who speaks Common with a Kernin accent, should also bear markings that resemble magicka worked by Almeena. Her magickal signature is unmistakeable, not to mention infamous for the crudity of her work. Perhaps you can explain, apprentice?
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: "This is a serieous problem...strike from within....a real problem"
(10) Je'rar: "perhaps, reiner..the king allows it to see his enemy up close and first-hand?"
(11) Trayn : "keep your friends close and your enemies closer?"
(11) Trayn : "only in court politics... not for those with blood on their minds"
(10) Je'rar: "or..maybe we ought to try and find the time to follow this magic person who wants to betray the kingdom.."
** (5) Morti gives a sharp shake of his head in the negative. **
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: "Morti, what are ye hiding?"
(5) Morti: :visible shivering: "I don't want to go to the castle"
(13) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): intimidating morti
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: Intimidate Skill Check: [1d20+9] -> [1,9] = (10)
(13) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): failed
(11) Trayn : ((and didnt that suck))
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: "Ye are really scared aren't you?"
(5) Morti: (don't matter, he's scared enough at the moment)
(6) Drenla: She is at the Castle, as a result of negotiations between the Grand Dukes of Kern and His Majesty, along with arbitrations by the members of the Treaty of the Shieldbearer.
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: ;;reiner shakes his head:: "A deal with snakes will surely result in a bite"
(6) Drenla: (calmly) Morti, you are under my protection and under the protection of the Citadel. If this Almeena bears you ill-will, she will not strike, not whilst you bear the mark of The Magister.
(5) Morti: :gulps hard: "Yeah, r-right... You aren't strong enough."
(5) Morti: :swallows hard:
(6) Drenla: If ye do not wish to answer, then I shall not force ye. But it would help if ye did.
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: "and if she dares morti, I will kill her with my bare hands!"
(6) Drenla: (stops his horse)
(6) Blaine: Eh?
(5) Morti: :loos to Reiner horrified: "No! Don't try that!"
(10) Je'rar: "Morti's right,Reiner..better to use cold steel"
(5) Morti: :eyes fall toward the ground: "Y-you'll never get near her...bef-before...." :shiver:
(6) Drenla: SHE HAS NOT SEEN THE MIGHT OF A CITADEL MAGE! (draws himself up to his full height and holds his staff menancingly, blue and purple lightning crackling, lending an aura of menace to Drenla that none of you have ever seen before.)
(6) Blaine: Er...I have not done anything.... (cringes)
(10) Je'rar: "WHoa..easy killer"
(6) DM: Drenla's eyes flare with silver fire, as silver light streams out from his eyes, mouth and hands. Then just as suddenly, the effects fade away.
** (5) Morti looks up to Drenla, tears soaking a bit of his mask beneath his eys, while quietly taking in the spectacle and judging **
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: "Aye....you see morti, ye are protected lad"
(6) Drenla: My apologies, my lord. Friends. (bows humbly and settles back on his horse)
(5) Morti: :to Drenla wearily: "Only until she makes that might hers...."
(11) Trayn : "well if it bolsters Morti's courage... its wasn't folly"
(6) Drenla: I repeat (with deathly calm), this Kernin necromancer has no idea whom or what she is dealing with.
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: "You know her then Morti, come on tell us so we are prepared when we face her"
(6) Drenla: She dares not work her dark arts whilst she is on holy ground. Did ye not know? The Castle is a temple to Solnor. 'Tis one of the scandals amongst the priests resident in the City. That the King would favor one god amongst the pantheon...but then again, His Majesty IS a paladin of the Lightwalker. (grins widely)
(6) Drenla: Not just a temple, but a holy cathedral. No doubt, her very body is on fire even as we speak. (grins)
(5) Morti: :to Drenla: "Necromancy is a hobby to her. She's an Enchantress of immense power. For years I watched her control people of impressive power just like you with ease. I should know..." :takes faulting breath: "I was her hand servant for those years"
** (13) Reiner Swiftblade chuckles **
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: "Is she the reason you wear these bandages?"
** (5) Morti turns away from Reiner's question **
** (11) Trayn confirms this is true (about the temple being the castle) **
(6) Blaine: (listens with awe) I am truly honored to be in the company of such heroes. I cannot...words cannot express the debt which I have, in your debt...
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: "That bitch hurt you didn't she!"
(6) Blaine: (falls silent with respect)
(11) Trayn : "please lets rein in this language"
(5) Morti: :ignoring Reiner and Blaine, he continues to Drenla: "And even if she is... mildly upset by the castle.... it doesn't mean her servants are.."
** (11) Trayn scolds Reiner **
(13) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): whispers to Drenla...do you think that Blaine should be privvy to this information?
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, he won't remember any of it, after we enter the City, the spell I cast previously will take effect
** (13) Reiner Swiftblade is visibly upset that Morti may have been abused by the mage **
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: "May the will of the War Father and the grace of Solnor help to bring her to justice"
(6) Drenla: Very well, then Morti. You've answered my question without answering it. I must caution ye however, that the Test will cause ye to face your fear, or let it conquer ye forevermore. We shall not speak of this again, until ye are ready.
** (5) Morti nods to Drenla **
(11) Trayn : "yes" he states simply to Reiners statement
(6) DM: Eventually, you enter Tolmara. It is the dead of winter, as farmlands pass by you, you see the fields covered with a mantle of snow and ice. Even the walls of the City are frozen, with scales and shingles of snow and ice.
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: "Oh everpresent War Father, help me to do thy will and help to purge the evil from this land...may it be your will"
(6) DM: Blaine, true to Drenla's words, seems to have forgotten what he'd heard previously, although his respectful manner has not changed.
(5) Morti: :as they ride into the city, Morti having been silent up until now, cautiously inquires to Drenla: "How long has Almeena been here again?"
(6) Blaine: Come! I have sent word ahead for us to be expected at the Castle. Court is tomorrow, after breakfast. Afterwards, you may pursue whatever you need to within the city. (smiles gently)
(6) Drenla: Two months. The time for her to return to her homeland is drawing near, however.
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: "Perhaps we can go on the prowl for some feminine companionship afterwards Blaine" ::laughs boisterously::
(5) Morti: :gives a discrete grin to Blaine before returning to whisper to Drenla: "By then it may be too late. She probably has control of most of the facets of the city by now. Many guards are probably under her sway as well as officials... maybe even the justicars that indebted Blaine"
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: ::looks around:: "There are sure a great deal of pretty faces to look at here "
(11) Trayn : ((let me know if i should respond to that - right now im out of earshot))
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: "Where are we all staying tonight?"
(6) Drenla: This is your fear speaking, Morti.
(13) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): reiner looks around to see if they are being followed or anything out of the ordinary is happening
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: "I could use some northern lamb pie Drenla
(6) Drenla: At Court tomorrow, ye shall see whether this is true or no. Another thing ye do not know is that the magic of the Diamond Citadel is linked to the Castle. Nothing can occur within the Castle that The Magister does not will...especially given the events of a month ago. (grimly)
** (11) Trayn will dissaprove of any lewd behavior **
(5) Morti: :stares to the ground: "Maybe... but.... she has her ways..."
(5) Morti: :glances back: "W-what happened a m-month ago?"
(6) Drenla: We shall see, one way or another. Now, no more of this.
(6) Drenla: There was an assassination attempt. 'Twas foiled by The Magister.
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: "hmm"
(5) Morti: :chews his lips nervously, obviously on edge:
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: "who was the target?"
(6) Drenla: It involved an item of great power. 'Twas countered because of another item that The Magister was wearing at the time of the attempt.
(6) Drenla: His Majesty, of course. (quietly)
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: "HE was the target?"
(11) Trayn : "well a man of such position needs such things it seems"
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: "hmm"
(6) Drenla: Ays. Now, we must not talk of this until we are within the Castle. No telling who might be listening.
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: Can we talk about northern lamb pie?
(6) Drenla: And cider. (grins)
** (13) Reiner Swiftblade 's stomach is growling **
(11) Trayn : "certianly"
(6) Drenla: I shall remember to ask for plenty of tage to accompany the pie. (grins)
(5) Morti: :even the mention of food and cider doesn't seem to ease him:
(13) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): do we pass that bar as we enter the city?
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: "Two days without any real food...."
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: "I still do not know how you knew that I would finish that pie?"
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: "Ye casted a gluttony spell on me didn't ye drenla?"
** (11) Trayn proceeds in silence **
(10) Je'rar: "He knew reiner,because I wasn't there to take a slice from you at the time"
** (10) Je'rar laughs at this joke **
(10) Je'rar: *his
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: Reiner makes his way to the tavern
** (5) Morti follows quietly after Reiner **
** (11) Trayn will head to a temple of Solnor is he doesnt need to be here **
(10) Je'rar: "hm..tavern...good thinking..."
** (10) Je'rar trails after **
(5) Morti: (rp or fast forward?)
(6) DM: (Fast forward)
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: ok
(6) DM: After breakfast the next day, you make your way to the throne room at the Castle.
(13) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): Sturrok the Wise was Reiner's grandfather just in case you wish to incorporate it
(6) DM: The throne room is filled with all manner of dignitaries, courtiers, nobles, servants and attendants. Seated on the throne is a man of about fifty winters, with a dignified and statesman-like air, graying brown hair and solemn clear blue eyes, in full plate armor, with an ermine-trimmed purple robe. Next to him is a stunningly beautiful half-star elven maiden in a crimson and white gown. Around her tanned, bronzed skin is a choker of pearls, emeralds and rubies. A simple golden circlet adorns her head.
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, ok
** (5) Morti has been quiet and displaced since the day before and stays to the middle of the group, pratically trying to hide, as they enter to the throne room **
** (13) Reiner Swiftblade removes his coif and cloak out of respect **
** (11) Trayn looks honorable but avoids acting proud **
(5) Morti: :trying to stay calm and still he peruses the audience:
(6) Vorik, Royal Herald: May it please Your Majesties, The Company of the Fires of Truth
(5) Morti (whispering): btw... preped spells: Resistance, daze x2, magic missile x2
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: ;;looks at Drenla with confusion::
** (10) Je'rar adopts a court-like presence in the manner of his people **
(6) DM: A venturing group, numbering five, all women it seems like, garbed in armor ranging from emerald drakescale to full plate to silver chain approach in a straight line down the red carpet leading from the throne room double doors to about five feet from the dais on which the thrones are set.
(6) The Company of the Fires of Truth: We, the members of the Company of the Fires of Truth, duly chartered and recognized by the grace of King Ayyers Falconedge, the First of Solnor and Defender of the Crown, do so pledge our loyalty to the sovereign ruler of Wylund. By this pledge, we vow to obey Wylund's laws when within the kingdom's borders, to neither plot nor aid an action against the kingdom's well-being, to come to her aid when summoned against a threat to the kingdom, and to faithfully renew our charter within the prescribed time allowed. This we pledge in the name of each of the gods that we follow.
(5) Morti: (My god.... there still doing these after a month? how many are there!?)
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: ((LOL))
(6) DM: Each member of the company recites this in unison, on bended knee, and then stands as one, saluting the King with raised swords, then sheathe them, and retreat to one side.
** (10) Je'rar pointedly takes note of the whole ceremony **
(6) Ayyers Falconedge: Are there any other companies who are present who wish to be presented?
(5) Morti (whispering): and I left Moiraine back at Blaine's just to be safe
(6) DM: ((There are A LOT of adventuring groups who pass through and make Wylund their home. A LOT))
(6) DM: ((About five groups a day actually, go through the ceremony))
whispering to Morti, ok
(5) Morti: :to Drenla: "What's going on?"
** (13) Reiner Swiftblade stands like a soldier at ease **
** (11) Trayn is not surprised by this it seems **
(6) Drenla: The Ceremony of Presentation. It is a tradition that His Majesty started, about a month ago, on the eve of his betrothal. Companies swear allegiance to the Crown, are entered into the Book of Names, and are given or granted the privilege to adventure in Wylund whilst they are within the Kingdom's borders.
(11) Trayn : "you've never taken an oath?" he whispers to Morti
(6) Drenla: Previous to this, they were not officially recognized by the Crown, and thus were not accorded legitimacy by the King and the Realm.
(13) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): too bad I am not Garath...I would make Drenla fart in rhythm
(5) Morti: ".. granted the priviledege... does that mean we've been breaking the law until now?"
(5) Morti: :shakes his head to Trayn:
(11) Trayn : "certainly not..." he whispers again
(11) Trayn : (he hopes this is the truth)
(6) Drenla: (ahem) Officially, no. Not whilst ye are within the company of an agent for the Crown as ye have been. (smiles)
(5) Morti: ".... ah"
(6) Drenla: But then, ye did not know that until recently. (grins)
(11) Trayn : "I would consider an recognized member of Solnor's church an ample agent as well"
** (11) Trayn puts on a stoic face **
(6) Vorik, Royal Herald: Certes, Your Majesty. May I present The Company of Deron's Tusk?
(10) Je'rar: "SSo we're supposed to make up a name for ourselves or something?"
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: "Deron's Tusk? Where do they get these names?" ::chuckles::
(10) Je'rar: "I am of the free peoples of the open land"
(5) Morti: "What's a Tusk?"
(10) Je'rar: "there..sound like good name to me"
(6) DM: A troop of dwarves and halflings solemnly approach the pair of thrones, plate and chain armor clanking as they troop down the chamber. They don't bend their knees, but instead bow deeply.
(11) Trayn : ((bah where were these yesterday!))
(6) The Company of Deron's Tusk: We, the members of the Company of Deron's Tusk, duly chartered and recognized by the grace of King Ayyers Falconedge, the First of Solnor and Defender of the Crown, do so pledge our loyalty to the sovereign ruler of Wylund. By this pledge, we vow to obey Wylund's laws when within the kingdom's borders, to neither plot nor aid an action against the kingdom's well-being, to come to her aid when summoned against a threat to the kingdom, and to faithfully renew our charter within the prescribed time allowed. This we pledge in the name of each of the gods that we follow.
(6) DM: (lol)
(11) Trayn : ((Vrondard could have changed to a better group))
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: ((LOL))
** (6) Ayyers Falconedge nods, and seems especially pleased **
(6) Ayyers Falconedge: May the light of Lord Solnor bless ye and your axes in your travels, friends.
** (11) Trayn beams **
(6) Ayyers Falconedge: Adz-kharak!
(5) Morti: (but we all would have missed the half-sized jerk. I know Git would)
(6) Drenla: Stone dwarven for "Rise, friends!" (quietly)
(6) DM: The dwarves and halflings rise, proudly beaming.
** (13) Reiner Swiftblade starts to stir a bit uncomfortable with all the padgentry **
(6) Gorn Granitehelm: Ye speak well of our fathers, Yer Majesty. We are proud to call ye dwarf-friend.
** (6) Gorn Granitehelm bows, then leads his company off to one side. **
(6) Drenla: Ye may wish to present yourselves. Ye don't have to. 'Twill make your lives easier, of course.
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: "Aye we will follow your lead Drenla"
** (5) Morti does his best to scratch an itch on the back of his head considering the high mannered setting **
(6) Ayyers Falconedge: Very well. Before we continue with our work for the day, are there any others who wish to be Presented?
(10) Je'rar: "the company of freemen who choose to make their own fate"
(5) Morti: (rather, NOT to scratch)
(10) Je'rar: "?"
(10) Je'rar: "hmm.. the company of freewill"
(5) Morti: :to Jer'ar: "EH?"
(6) Drenla: (chuckles) Is that the name ye wish to use? Bear in mind that once chosen, it cannot be altered unless the Company is dissolved.
(10) Je'rar: "well this while thing about naming ourselves is rather silly"
(10) Je'rar: "We are so diverse from one another.."
(10) Je'rar: "Well..except for reiner and I"
(6) Drenla: Perhaps, perhaps not. But 'tis necessary.
(11) Trayn : "Certianly not that name"
(10) Je'rar: "The company of Ogrebane"
(10) Je'rar: "least that sounds respectable"
(10) Je'rar: "Ogrebane? They kill ogres for a hobby? omigod..."
(5) Morti: "We've never faced ogre's though.... and isn't that your family name?"
(11) Trayn : "I'd say the Company of True Light... but I wouldnt insult Reiner with such an obvious tribute to Solnor"
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: You pick the name Drenla...it is of no matter to me...I am Swiftblade and by no other name am I associated
(10) Je'rar: "And I am of Clan Ogrebane"
(10) Je'rar: (clan within my peoples..sub-clan?)
(11) Trayn : "our name should be uplifting to those that just here it"
(6) Drenla: (chuckles) Very well, Master Windbag.
(6) Drenla: (pauses)
(11) Trayn : (clan and family name)
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: "If we must have a label then give us one you deem appropriate Drenla
(5) Morti: "Hm... the Company of Windbag.... does sound interesting..."
(11) Trayn : "absolutely not"
(10) Je'rar: "bah if he does, it better not sound girlish or weak or stupid or ..."
** (10) Je'rar grins slyly at Drenla,aware that he knows what he's getting at **
(11) Trayn : "we would be thought of as polititians or musicians"
** (6) Drenla leads you out into the main passage of the chamber. **
(10) Je'rar: "Musician? Me? HAhahaah the only music I play is the song of my blade "
(6) DM: All eyes turn to face you, as Drenla leads you to the dais. The King nods perceptibly at Drenla, as he whispers into Vorik's ear.
** (11) Trayn quiets immediately **
(10) Je'rar: "And I seriously doubt anyone will ever mistake me for a politician.." looking at Trayn
(10) Je'rar: *tries to listen in on what drenla whispered
(10) Je'rar (whispering): listen check ?
(6) Drenla: Remember, repeat the oath after me.
(6) Drenla: (quietly)
(5) Morti: "Eh?"
(6) Vorik, Royal Herald: Your Honored Majesties, may I present The Company of Freeswords Eternal?
(10) Je'rar: "hmm..yeah,that works"
** (5) Morti looks around for the company in question **
** (11) Trayn frowns slightly at this violent and chaotic name **
** (10) Je'rar nods at that **
(6) Drenla: Honored Majesties, lords and ladies. This august company is standing here, and 'tis their first time, so please forgive this unusual manner of oath-taking.
(5) Morti (whispering): Nice name. I like it
(10) Je'rar: "....."
** (10) Je'rar stands as I would before a council tribunal **
(6) Drenla: We, the members of the Company of Freeswords Eternal, duly chartered and recognized by the grace of King Ayyers Falconedge, the First of Solnor and Defender of the Crown, do so pledge our loyalty to the sovereign ruler of Wylund. By this pledge, we vow to obey Wylund's laws when within the kingdom's borders, to neither plot nor aid an action against the kingdom's well-being, to come to her aid when summoned against a threat to the kingdom, and to faithfully renew our charter within the prescribed time allowed. This we pledge in the name of each of the gods that we follow.
(15) Valuk d'lil tresk'ri (enter): 15:59
(11) Trayn : .
** (5) Morti glances to Drenla, and rememberin what he said about repeating, stiffens at the long dissertation **
(6) DM: (I'll assume you repeat that oath. No need to type it)
(15) Valuk d'lil tresk'ri (whispering): sup tal
** (10) Je'rar nudges renla **
** (11) Trayn repeats this pledge adding "in the name of Solnor" **
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: (no)
(6) Drenla: (bows and leads you off to one side)
(10) Je'rar: whispers.."does this thing work both ways?"
(11) Trayn : at the last portion
** (5) Morti follows along repeating with the rest, faulting a few times, but talking so lowly it's probably missed **
(6) Drenla: (you are bound by the terms of the oath as long as you are a member of this Company.)
(6) Drenla: (glances at Reiner)
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: I am Ulu'taar, as member of this company, duly chartered and recognized by the grace of King Aayers Falconedge
(15) Valuk d'lil tresk'ri (exit): 16:01
(5) Morti: :to Drenla: "Um.... ok...."
(6) Drenla: (You put this company at jeopardy by refusing to utter the oath, Reiner)
(10) Je'rar: *but herein lies the conundrum: what to do if my peoples should ever have occaison to confront the kingdom? Not very likely I admit, but still.. my duty is to my people first,last,and always"
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: the First of Solnor and Defender of the crown
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: (the rest is as dictated)
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, just amend that to whatever you wish to say. don't bother typing it out
(5) Morti: :aftering hearing Jer'ar: "He makes a point... and um... what if you're from another country? Say... Kern?"
(10) Je'rar: < waits,and sees the reaction to Reiner's statement,to deicde whether or not to folow his lead
(6) Drenla: (rolls his eyes)
(10) Je'rar: waits,seeing the reaction to Reiner' statement, before deciding whether or not to follow his lead
(6) Ayyers Falconedge: (frowns at the amended oaths but nods his head and then glances at Drenla with a penetrating gaze)
(6) Drenla: (bows his head at the silent rebuke)
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: (Reiner basicly pledges alliance but does not recognize him as his soveriegn)
(11) Trayn : ((her fault for cowboying this whole deal))
** (5) Morti notes the Drenla's interaction with the King but says nothing **
(6) Ayyers Falconedge: Very well then, so noted. Let your oaths stand and let it be known that you are bound to their terms so long as your Companies are affirmed. Renew them at this date one year hence.
** (6) Sesprina Eveningsong whispers into the King's ear and lays a hand on his arm. **
(6) Ayyers Falconedge: As the first order of business, let the ambassador from Kern come forth.
** (5) Morti turns away from the throne as their part is over... and he freezes as the ambassador is called, not yet redy to turn around **
(6) Vorik, Royal Herald: Lady Almeena Darlastair, the Duchess of Whytecoin, the Ever Maiden, Sister of Almaril the Rosewarden and Evening Star, come forward!
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: (shows Aayers infinite amounts of respect though)
(11) Trayn (whispering): im going to be gone for the next half hour or so....
(11) Trayn (whispering): pregnant wife wants to eat...
(11) Trayn (whispering): so maybe i can traipse off the the temple for what passes for mass around here
(6) DM: At those words, a tall, statuesque woman with icy facial features, alabaster skin and overweening pride so thick you could slice it with a jagged dagger, with hair the color of damp straw that falls to her waist and eyes the hue of an angry stormy sky strides confidently towards the throne. Her very demeanor speaks arrogance in the way she presents herself to all assembled. The King frowns, his brow knitting closely as he grips the throne tightly, his knuckles turning white.
whispering to Trayn , ok
(6) Ayyers Falconedge: Isilar, come forth.
** (6) Isilar strides forward. **
** (13) Reiner Swiftblade has the same reaction as the king and grits his teeth tightly **
** (10) Je'rar grimaces as he thinks to himself how ugly she is **
(6) DM: A half-star elf in ranger's leathers, with an oak shortbow across his back comes forth, bearing a sword with blue veins running across its blade, and a black hilt.
(6) DM: The ranger stands before the king and faces the ambassador silently, sword pointed downwards. Hilt turned outward, you see the symbol of a target, etched in white.
** (5) Morti hugs his arms around himself tightly, trying to quiet his mind and body, while seeming to wish he were a few hundred miles away. It's more morbid curiousity than bravery that makes him glance sideways toward Almeena. **
(6) Ayyers Falconedge: I see ye recognize this blade.
** (6) Lady Almeena glances at the sword, quivers and then catches hold of herself. **
(6) Ayyers Falconedge: (smiles grimly)
(6) Ayyers Falconedge: As you can see, the attempt was unsuccessful. My lord Magister, come forth.
** (6) The Magister becomes visible, standing next to Ayyers. **
** (13) Reiner Swiftblade is noticely disturbed and is fighting the urge to cause a scene in court **
(6) The Magister: (in barely controlled fury) The magicka surrounding the assassin has been determined to be of Kernin origin. Curious that your magickal signature was found surrounding the blade, "my lady". (contemptuously)
(6) The Magister: Shall ye explain, my lady?
(13) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): spider senses are obviously going off on her
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, yup
** (10) Je'rar smiles inwardly at this turn of events.. **
** (5) Morti watches the scene nervously. **
(6) Lady Almeena: I...I do not know what ye are talking about. This is news to me.
** (10) Je'rar keeps an eye open for any would-be traitors or attackers i n the area **
(6) The Magister: No? Then, what about these? (produces a sack, jingling and tosses it at her feet)
** (13) Reiner Swiftblade as he looks at Almeena, his face filled with rage and his sword hand twitching and the veigns in his head throbbing **
(6) DM: The sack opens, and a coin comes tumbling out. It's blood red...
(10) Je'rar: "Then she's behind the attack on me.."
** (10) Je'rar grips his sword and mace firmly **
(10) Je'rar: anger evident on his face
(6) The Magister: Those have your sigil, all over them. And don't attempt to deny it. All know that the Lady Hurishta has forbidden duplication of a mage's sigil on pain of the removal of our ability to weave magicka.
(6) DM: Silence in the chamber is so thick you could hear someone cough.
** (5) Morti whispers to Jer'ar and Reiner, "Don't move... please" :Quickly he looks about the room **
(6) Lady Almeena: (calm yet speechless)
(6) Lady Almeena: This is nothing. A simple illusion, nothing more.
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: ::under his breath to Drenla:: "I am being given a sign from my lord of her great evil...it is hard to control my mailice and anger towards her"
(6) The Magister: No illusion, lady. As real as your fear. Pick one up, why don't you?
(5) Morti (whispering): spot check for any of Almeena's servants that Morti would be able to recognized followed by a spot for invisible foe moving about
(6) Drenla: Control it you must, Reiner. (calmly)
(6) Lady Almeena: My station forbids me from soiling my body with the ground or anything touching it. (sneers)
(6) Ayyers Falconedge: I command you to, Lady.
** (13) Reiner Swiftblade 's hands start to sweat **
(6) Lady Almeena: (swallows, then the placid iciness is back) Very well.
** (6) Lady Almeena bends and picks up the coin. **
** (10) Je'rar maintains a cooly vicious level of control,just waiting for an appropriate excuse tp opounce **
** (6) The Magister notes her reaction **
** (6) Lady Almeena gasps and releases the coin, which drops to the floor with a tinkle. **
** (6) Lady Almeena holds her hand as if burned. **
(6) The Magister: As I thought. Your Majesty, she is as guilty as a common thief.
** (5) Morti flinches as she does and watches on nervously **
(6) DM: The chamber erupts in gasps all around.
(6) Lady Almeena: YOU WOULD NOT DARE!!!
** (13) Reiner Swiftblade puts hands on the hilt of his sword **
** (10) Je'rar whispers to Drenla.. "I think he already did dare" **
(5) Morti: :whispers to Reiner: "Please, if she tries anything the Magister and the castle guards should be able to handle her... I hope"
(6) The Magister: Too late, "lady". Did you know, as you surely do, that necromancy is forbidden on pain of death, within the borders of this Kingdom?
** (6) Lady Almeena says nothing, eyes burning with hatred. **
(6) The Magister: Your Majesty, proof of her guilt lies before ye. I remain your servant.
** (5) Morti cocks his head extremely unnerved as he mutters, "I've never seen her like this..." **
(10) Je'rar: "Well in death I hope she looks like that and worse"
** (6) Ayyers Falconedge stands drawing himself to his full height. Almeena trembles at the awesome display of kingly power and presence. **
(6) Ayyers Falconedge: I banish you, the one known as Lady Almeena Darlastair, otherwise known as Almeena the Ever Maiden, from the Kingdom of Wylund. Be gone, immediately and do not return except on pain of dissolution and death!
(5) Morti: :seeing her afrain, he calms, getting a far off look in his eyes: "Really never seen her like this..."
(10) Je'rar: "Aw damn..what a let-down..I wanted to see her hang"
(6) Ayyers Falconedge: You deserve worse, foul creature! (unsheaths his sword, which shines forth a ray of harsh golden light at Almeena, stripping her magickal disguise...and revealing herself to be a lich.)
(10) Je'rar: "better yet, burn!"
** (13) Reiner Swiftblade gives Drenla the "what" look **
** (5) Morti goes wide eyesd at the sight of the Lich **
(6) DM: The chamber erupts in more gasps and screams, as several people faint.
** (13) Reiner Swiftblade stands ready **
** (10) Je'rar ,seeing her for what she truly is, is wanting to slay this foul..thing **
** (10) Je'rar takes a step forward **
(6) Lady Almeena: You think you have won this round, live one. You are wrong!  Silver path, bone tower!
** (6) Lady Almeena vanishes with a soundless implosion and a foul odor. **
** (5) Morti is frozen in place as he stares on in utter disbelief **
** (6) Ayyers Falconedge settles back onto the throne and with an effort, controls himself. **
** (10) Je'rar calmly walks up to the magister,weapons unclenched **
(10) Je'rar: "wWell done sir; assuming you can spare a moment later, may I have a word?"
** (13) Reiner Swiftblade 's tense stance is softened **
(6) Ayyers Falconedge: Let it be known that in continuance of this edict, her retinue is to return to Kern, and is banished from this land, on pain of death.
** (5) Morti drops to his knees in shock **
(6) The Magister: (glances at Je'rar) Put your weapons down! (hisses at the barbarian)
(6) Ayyers Falconedge: Let us proceed with more business.
(10) Je'rar: (my weapons are down :P )
(10) Je'rar: ( scroll up ^^ you'll see I clearly stated that)
(6) DM: (you say weapons unclenched. what exactly is that supposed to mean?)
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: to morti:: "That is what happens to those that abuse the arcane weave , morti"
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: "Ye become one of those foul things"
(6) Vorik, Royal Herald: (recovered) Lord Blaine Mistmoor, Your Majesties.
(6) The Magister: (turns his attention outward) (to Je'rar) Later. (sniffs) Ye stink of horse. (wrinkles his nose)
(6) Blaine: (smiles gently) (turns back to you all) Never a dull moment with you around. (walks up to the dais)
(10) Je'rar (exit): 16:37
(5) Morti: :glances blankly back up to Reiner, traces of tears in his eyes. Saying nothing, he slowly rights him self, standing shyly, head down and arms wrapping his torso protectively:
(6) Blaine: My lords, ladies. Honored Majesties. Your Grace. (to the Magister)
(16) Je'rar (enter): 16:38
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (16) Je'rar...
(16) Je'rar: back
(16) Je'rar: darn kids
(6) Blaine: I come to present to you my payment to release myself from debt to the Crown. I also come to you to present those who rescued me from such a sentence, those who restored to me and my lineage the name of House Mistmoor.
(16) Je'rar: (had my hands on them, but then took my hands off,as I was going to maybe attack her if needed,but then let them go after she went *poof* )
(6) Ayyers Falconedge: (smiles broadly) The Crown gladly accepts your payment, Lord Mistmoor, and in furtherance of your payment...
** (6) Blaine kneels **
(5) Morti: (brb)
(6) Ayyers Falconedge: ...I, with the power vested in me by the people of the Kingdom and the might of my lord, the Lightwalker, Lord Solnor, restore you and your House to its rightful place as a noble of this land. Furthermore, I grant you and your heirs the title of Viscount Mistmoor, as a hereditary title until such time as your House is dissolved.
** (6) Blaine glances up, shocked and pleased. **
** (13) Reiner Swiftblade smiles with that pronouncement **
(6) Ayyers Falconedge: Further, as laird of the county of Mistmoor, we grant you and your heirs those dispensations as you are entitled to receive until such time as your House is dissolved. You shall be tithed an amount no less and not to exceed one harpstar per family or head of household within your lands once a year.
(6) Ayyers Falconedge: Further, as laird of the county of Mistmoor, we grant you and your heirs the privilege of knights which are answerable to your calling, and to our calling, should we need them in defense of our sacrosanct body.
** (16) Je'rar girins hugely at **
(16) Je'rar: Blaine upon hearing that
(6) Ayyers Falconedge: Further, as laird of the county of Mistmoor and as a noble with all due rights and titles that ye shall receive, ye and your heirs are granted a seat in the Council of Advisors until such time as ye or yours quit, or your House is dissolved.
(6) Ayyers Falconedge: This we swear in the name of the Lightwalker.
(6) Ayyers Falconedge: Rise, and be, Lord Mistmoor.
** (6) Blaine rises, a bit shocked, and grins. **
** (16) Je'rar ,looking at Blaine,smiles and applauds **
(6) Blaine: Thank ye, Majesties. I remain in your debt and your service.
(6) DM: The hall applauds, as people smile and cheer in recognizance of Blaine's good fortune.
** (5) Morti listens idly, too preoccupied with recent event to smile for the new Viscount **
(6) Blaine: My King, my Queen, lords and ladies. I would not be here were it not for the members of the Company of Freeswords Eternal, whose acts have gained me a new life. I would see them rewarded, please.
** (6) Blaine turns to you, and beckons you to stand before the thrones. **
** (13) Reiner Swiftblade 's face turns red with embarassment **
** (6) Ayyers Falconedge leans back, smiling. **
** (16) Je'rar stands by Blaine's side **
(16) Je'rar: "Blaine? After..we go to the bar,and your first one's on me"
(16) Je'rar: Big smile
** (5) Morti makes no move, partially because he's not very concerned with reward... and partially because he's already forgotten that was the groups new name **
** (16) Je'rar looks around,sees Morti,waves him to the front **
** (16) Je'rar motions to the others as well **
(5) Morti: :barely notcing Jer'ar's signal from the corner of his vision, Morti strolls over a few feet behind the Ranger and the others, not exactly presenting himself... but there
** (16) Je'rar shakes his head at Reiner and Trayn's reluctance to come to the fore **
(6) Ayyers Falconedge: I see. Very well then, in recognizance of your efforts, we name each of ye Knights of the Realm. Ye may enter the service of Lord Mistmoor should ye wish it.
** (13) Reiner Swiftblade pulls out the elven trinket from his pouch and says under his breath "Tamuril, if you could only be here to see this my beloved ye would be proud" **
(6) Ayyers Falconedge: We shall only do this with your assent. A title cannot be forced upon those who do not wish it.
(16) Je'rar: "Umm.did I hear that correctly? I'm a knight?"
** (16) Je'rar blushes at the high praise **
(6) Ayyers Falconedge: Know this however, that although ye choose not to enter Lord Mistmoor's service, if we require your blade, 'tis ours should we need it.
(16) Je'rar: < never had a bigger smile than the one he's wearing right now
** (16) Je'rar is siling bigger than he ever has at this **
(13) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): you're making this hard for me...LOL
(16) Je'rar: *smiling
(6) Ayyers Falconedge: The title is yours should ye wish it. We also grant ye the following items.
** (16) Je'rar bows graciously **
(5) Morti: :Finally he croaks humbly, staring to the ground: "No thank you, your Majesty."
** (13) Reiner Swiftblade looks around and and wonders how he will respectfully decline the title **
** (16) Je'rar wonders if there's some sort of token to stand as proof of his newly attained title **
** (6) The Magister comes to the throne with a silver chest floating in the air. He gestures at the chest, which opens to reveal an assortment of items. **
** (16) Je'rar gingerly approaches the chest,and peers inside **
(6) Ayyers Falconedge: To ye, Je'rar Ogrebane, a sword to match the skill of one who would wield it.
** (16) Je'rar gasps aloud in astonishment, easily recognizing the fine quality of the blade **
(13) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): would it be out of line to ask him to be recognized as a visiting allied diginitary grandson of Sturrok the Wise?
(6) DM: (OC: longsword +1, flaming)
** (16) Je'rar with the well-mannered ease of a true warrior,hefts the blade and feels it in his hands,truly appreciating the workmanship **
(16) Je'rar: (OC: I think I just shat my pants 8o) )
(6) Ayyers Falconedge: To ye, Reiner Swiftblade, a suit of armor that deserves a warrior to wear it.
(16) Je'rar (whispering): wow..suddenly I feel like I'm the only one here :P
(6) DM: (OC: chain +1)
** (16) Je'rar looking up , offers to acept it on Reiner's behalf **
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, nope
(16) Je'rar: *accept
(11) Trayn : (bak)
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: King Falconedge, I am the grandson of Sturrok the Wise, and ask instead of knighthood that I be recognized as a visiting dignitary of the Swiftblade Clan. (with complete respect)

(6) Ayyers Falconedge:  Therefore, I name you Da'kaan Swiftblade, as an ambassador from your people to the Kingdom of Wylund, whom we are proud to have known as allies and friends for lo, these many long years and years to come.
(6) Ayyers Falconedge: To ye, the one known as Morti, a pair of fine supple leather boots, which will enable ye to rise into the air should ye wish to.
(6) DM: (OC: boots of levitation)
(11) Trayn : ((Trayn will take a Holy Relic of Solnor... you know the one.. Banishes Evil Demons and cures Arthritis in poor ole ladies))
(13) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): already have +1 chain so will probably give it to another in the party unless it is elven chain
** (5) Morti cocks his head at the King, an odd look of confusion in his eyes as he seems about to talk, yet reigs himself with a simple bow and, "Thank you for this gift" **
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: Thank you King Falconedge for the geneous gift"
(6) Ayyers Falconedge: To ye, Trayn of Solnor, a blessed weapon that allows ye to call forth the might of Lord Solnor whenever ye wish it or whenever ye need it.
(6) DM: (OC: footman's mace +2, of spell storing)
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, nope
** (11) Trayn almost passes out he forgets to breathe **
(16) Je'rar: ((Trayn..does it work for middle-aged men as well?))
(11) Trayn : "Surely this weapon would be put ot better use in someone elses hands"
(11) Trayn : "I am only a humble servant of the Shining God"
(6) Ayyers Falconedge: To the one known as Kyla, a cloak of sheer spidersilk, which will enable your friend to become invisible when she should wish it.
(6) DM: (OC: cloak of invisibility)
(16) Je'rar: "Not so Trayn; you've seen howo ften we get cut and slashed up.. you can use it to help better heal our sorry asses"
** (11) Trayn decides not to question this gift and the kings judgement **
** (11) Trayn nods his humble acceptance **
(6) Ayyers Falconedge: And finally, we grant, in the name of our august bodies, a sum no less and not to exceed five thousand crowns to you as a whole. May ye enjoy the fruits of your labors.
(6) DM: More cheers and applause for you.

 (6) DM: Even the other adventuring companies are happy for you.
 ** (16) Je'rar "..." is obviously stunned and in awe **
** (16) Je'rar bows as deeply and as nobly as he knows how **
** (5) Morti is too dazed by the hectic morning to react to the applause **
** (13) Reiner Swiftblade offers a respectful nod **
(6) Ayyers Falconedge: No thanks are needed, for 'tis we who give thanks where thanks are clearly due.
(6) Ayyers Falconedge: Now then, is there further business?
(16) Je'rar (whispering): brb..think a diaper change is in order...
** (6) The Magister whispers into the King's ear. **
(6) Ayyers Falconedge: Ah, yes, Drenla Whitefire, come forth.
** (6) Drenla comes forth...and bows. **
(6) Ayyers Falconedge: In furtherance of your deeds and acts, we recognize your efforts and elevate you to the position of Magus of the Realm, should ye desire it.
(6) Drenla: I....I... (is struck speechless)
** (6) The Magister grins **
(16) Je'rar: "Very good Drenla,very good" < smiles for his comrade in arms
(6) The Magister: Consider it a gift, apprentice. (grins)
** (13) Reiner Swiftblade reiner grins with his friend's elevation **
** (16) Je'rar smiles for his comrade-in-arms **
(6) Drenla: Er...um... (mumbles)
** (13) Reiner Swiftblade starts clapping for his friend **
(6) Drenla: My thanks, but no, Majesties. I am thankful to be just a humble mage of the Citadel. (glances helplessly at you)
(16) Je'rar: "Oh come on Drenny..you've well-earned it"
** (5) Morti looks up to Drenal, cocking his head curiously **
** (11) Trayn admires her humble nature **
(6) Ayyers Falconedge: Very well then, Drenla. We shall not force upon ye what you do not desire. (smiles gently) But we are sorely disappointed.
(6) DM: (it's a guy, David. a guy!!! hehhe)
(11) Trayn : ((bah who knows whats beneath his robes...))
(16) Je'rar: "perhaps he can be recognized as such and yet not made to bear it in public?"
(6) Drenla: It's just, Majesties, I am not for this life of titles and such. I'm more comfortable listening to the wind. (grins and winks)
(6) Ayyers Falconedge: The wind? (puzzled)
(16) Je'rar: (oh I'm so tempted to break wind upon hearing that )
(6) Drenla: Ays, the wind as it blows and blusters over the plains and forests. So calming and peaceful. (grins)
(16) Je'rar: [Bad dice format]
(16) Je'rar: (EG)
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: ((he does not want to get stuck behind a desk))
(5) Morti: (go for it)
(16) Je'rar: (fort check to try and NOT fart?)
(16) Je'rar: ( lmao)
** (5) Morti breaks a meager grin on his scarf in consideration of Drenla's words, but remains silent **
(5) Morti: (hehehe)
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: ((Break like the wind Drenla, break like the wind))
(6) Sesprina Eveningsong: We thank you for your humility, Drenla. Go forth with our blessings.
(6) Drenla: My thanks, Your Majesty. (bows to the Queen and withdraws eagerly)
(16) Je'rar: "Your majesty..if I may ask, what is the meaning behind those bloodcoins?"
(6) Ayyers Falconedge: Well then, let us move on to other matters. Let the Aes Sedai known as Elaida come forth.
** (16) Je'rar bends to his knee as he asks **
(6) Ayyers Falconedge: (holds up his hand) This is a grave matter which cannot be discussed here. Garath....talk to these people. You may act as my proxy.
(16) Je'rar: "Thank-you, your highness"
** (6) Ayyers Falconedge proceeds to other business of the Realm. **
** (16) Je'rar arises and walks off to one side **
(6) The Magister: (wrinkles his nose as he approaches Je'rar) Come, let us retire to my quarters.
** (16) Je'rar follows the magister **
(6) The Magister: Summon your fellows. (holds his nose as he walks)
** (16) Je'rar calls out to the rest to come along **
** (11) Trayn gladly moves from their present location **
** (5) Morti walks aside from the throne, following slowly behind the others **
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: Lord Magister, my grandfather once said you are as the storm that crosses the desert, he had nothing but praises for you...now I see that all this is true"
(6) DM: (stopping at 7 folks)
(6) The Magister: And now I am the eye of the storm of horse manure. (holds his nose)
(6) The Magister: You must take a proper bath when you manage the chance. (to Reiner and Je'rar)
** (13) Reiner Swiftblade is taken aback at his comment after the praise that he gave him **
(13) Reiner Swiftblade: "My lord I am certainly a frequent bather...but I cannot speak for my disciple here"
** (6) The Magister enters his chambers and settles down. "Beverages of whatever ye drink, at the bar." There is a plate of fruit, cheese and bread in the middle of the room, along with a platter of boar sausage and fish cakes. **
** (5) Morti grimaces at the Magister's words about odor. Without a word he pulls a handerchief from his pocket and with a bit of focus imbues a bit of his magick to it. Holding it out to the Magister, he offers "Here" **
(5) Morti (whispering): Prestidigtation to make it smell like flowers
** (6) The Magister takes it and breathes into it. "Ah, much better." (smiles sheepishly) "Am a bit sensitive to odors after a spell backfired last night. My apologies." **
whispering to Morti, ok
(5) Morti: :after that he moves into the chamber uncharacteristically not gravitating to the food:
(6) The Magister: So, ye must have many questions. What can I do for ye?
(18) Je'rar (enter): 17:35
(18) Je'rar (exit): 17:35
** (11) Trayn picks at the fruit and cheese, briefly as a guest should do **
(19) Je'rar (enter): 17:36
(11) Trayn : "What questions are most important to us"
(11) Trayn : "We have been concerned of late of a child named Umbra"
(5) Morti: (uh... wrong game)
(20) Je'rar (enter): 17:37
(11) Trayn : (crud)
(13) Reiner Swiftblade (exit): 17:38
(20) Je'rar (whispering): loks like I can only whisper?
(11) Trayn : ((think we should pause until our OOC players can retain Open stability))
(19) Je'rar (exit): 17:38
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (20) Je'rar...
(6) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(16) Je'rar' from room...
(16) Je'rar (exit): 17:39
(6) DM: (continue)
(21) Je'rar (enter): 17:40
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (21) Je'rar...
(21) Je'rar: hoping this works
(6) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(20) Je'rar' from room...
(20) Je'rar (exit): 17:40
(21) Je'rar: huh?
(6) DM: (ok let's pause then)
(21) Je'rar: did you see me type huh?
(6) TaliesinNYC: yes
(21) Je'rar: good..it finally went through
(21) Je'rar: *whew*
(11) Trayn : ((yes a J-21))
(5) Morti: (Good for you Jer'ar, I knew you could do it. ;-D )
(11) Trayn : ((we could post our questions on the boards))
(11) Trayn : ((and maybe get them answered as well))
(6) DM: (we can continue until 7, and continue on the boards)
(5) Morti: (so... we still pausing then?)
(6) The Magister: If you wish Drenla and I to explain some things, we can. I would suggest that you ask and we shall, to the best that we can, answer.
(11) Trayn : ((id have to do research to ask the right questions... already fouled up once : )
(21) Je'rar: (looks like Alfred skipped)
(21) Je'rar: "What are they? What do they do?"
(6) DM: (he had to leave early, is why we started early today)
(21) Je'rar: (ahh...ok)
(6) The Magister: I believe you had a question about the bloodcoins.
(11) Trayn : "well Drenla had told us earlier about a mage"
(6) The Magister: What exactly do you wish to know about them?
(11) Trayn : "someone he believes or has been told has been the source of their creation"
(21) Je'rar: "I want to know why somebody would hand some over to me; luckily, I sensed something was amiss,and opened the pouch onto a table,as opposed to handling it like I normally woould "
(6) The Magister: Ye saw the unmasking of their creator today. 'Twas the lich known as Almeena the Ever Maiden.
(11) Trayn : "I was wondering if you also believed that this person was the crafter"
(6) The Magister: I would think 'tis obvious. There is a grand conspiracy, of which this Almeena is a but a member. I am certain the conspiracy does not stop there. She is a principal member however.
(11) Trayn : "yes... but do you think that was the only person... thing involved"
** (5) Morti doesn't speak up at the moment, his eyes peering into spaces as he idly listens **
(6) The Magister: This conspiracy ranges from the slaver ring known as the Seal of Fire to Almeena. I wonder where else it goes. Perhaps the Grand Dukes themselves? (strokes his chin)
(21) Je'rar: "How did that come to relate itself to me? iIn order for me to know my enemy, I have to better ynderstand my enemy"
(21) Je'rar: *In order for me to know
(6) The Magister: I would think that you were a passerby. Perhaps 'twas because Drenla was accompanying you.
(11) Trayn : "I have no illusions I could go against one such as her"
(11) Trayn : "but we may have the ability to hamper her other associates"
(21) Je'rar: "Well if so, they made a mistake; we now truly do share a common foe"
(11) Trayn : "and reduce the flow of these vile red coins into the hands of the public and innocents"
(21) Je'rar: "Drenla..as soon as we take care of our first piece of business, I would really love to hunt those guys down"
(6) The Magister: I think they wanted to test you. Or convert you. The true reason will never be known I fear. But now, you have been drawn into this web, you should know what you are up against. Drenla and I have been in communication and we agree that you should not be unduly burdened with these occurrences as you are innocent bystanders, and so we have arranged for a way for you to leave Tolmara, sight unseen.
(11) Trayn : "yes perhaps the Seal of Fire should feel the true pure fire of Solnor's justice for what they do"
(21) Je'rar: "I appreciate that, but as they made an attack upon my person, I cannot turn a blind eye..especially to slavers..they are lower than orcs, and I just love killing orcs"
(21) Je'rar: "besides..they are a threat to my people's entire way of life"
(6) Drenla: You have made mention of prior business with a captive Aes Sedai, so you should take care of that first. In the meantime, I shall accompany you, because I want to. I consider you my friends first and foremost, in the time we have been together. Some of you (looking at Morti) I have grown fond of and would see safely through.
(11) Trayn : "they are a threat to freedom... and to good"
** (21) Je'rar goes on to relate how one time when he was very little his clansmen came across a small band of slavers that tried to take some of our women-folk,and the justice that was meted out against them **
(11) Trayn : "were I to develop a wrath.. surely they would be the first ones to bear witness to it"
(6) Drenla: Morti? You seem distracted.
** (5) Morti glances up to Drenla, wearily speaking, "Sorry... it's just been a ....distracting day...." **
(5) Morti: "Surreal even...."
(6) Drenla: How so?
(11) Trayn : "yes it seems to me we dalliance while she still remains a captive"
(11) Trayn : "what seems a long time ago... we were to decide how we were going to arrive at her jaoler's door"
(21) Je'rar: (guys..I feel like I'm burning up here.. I gotta take something (whatever works or even might work) and lie down
(5) Morti: :shaking his head: "I...." :looking to Garath: "it's nothing."
(5) Morti: :coughing to clear his throat he straightens up:
(11) Trayn : "and our two options seemed.... unwise or lengthy"
(5) Morti: (fever? try tylenol)
(11) Trayn : "perhaps with your considerable powers... we could develop a third option"
(21) Je'rar: did that already
(5) Morti: (try bathing in ice water.... with a rubber penguin)
(21) Je'rar: later on guys..will try to follow up on the board/group
(11) Trayn : "one that doesnt involve incorrigible people or a lengthy ride on a ship through pirated seas"
(21) Je'rar: lol rubber woman too,hm?
(21) Je'rar: LOL
(21) Je'rar: Disconnecting from server...
(21) Je'rar (exit): 18:00
(5) Morti: (no.... penguin. it encourages the notion of cold)
(6) DM: hm. well this won't work
(6) DM: (ok, let's stop then)

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