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(2578) DM: so do we need a recap or are we all set?
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: read the log
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: I'm set
** (2577) Trayn is watching them go forth to their eventual deaths **
(2578) DM: ok...
(2577) Trayn : (from Room 41)
(2578) DM: As you open the door, you are greeted by the sight of an enormous emerald drake coiled upon a mound of treasure, its head reared back and its mouth thrown open in the classic pose that has been the last sight of too many adventurers.
(2569) Morti: I'm set.... frozen in fear at the sight of a huge ass drake
(2577) Trayn : (most everyone else is in the hallway/door from 41 to 39)
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): dibeleive
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, will save
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): disbeleive
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, Will save then
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: Will save: [1d20+5] -> [6,5] = (11)
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, still there
** (2569) Morti grips the door, calling up to the drake, "Sorry to bother you, we'll come back another time" Slamming the door he leaps back down the stairs hoping to be caught **
(2578) DM: It seems as if its about to breathe....
(2578) DM: Then Morti slams the door (to 39)
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: My friends,we have a problem here
** (2577) Trayn hears the talking and commotion...and the slam **
(2577) Trayn : "whats down there?" he semi-shouts
(2569) Morti: :straigthening him self up, "Yeah, I noticed"
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "oh just an emerald drake"
(2578) Drenla: Er...an emerald drake. (gasps)
(2578) Drenla: (quivers with fear)
** (2569) Morti listens for movement from 39 **
(2578) Drenla: How?!?
(2569) Morti: "how what?"
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "although, he did not breath on us oupon sight... I have heard that they are quite fierce"
(2578) Drenla: I'm not sure I want to know.
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: upon
(2578) DM: For the first time, you've seen Drenla exhibit real fear.
(2578) DM: The mage presses himself against the wall, knees shaking, It's almost as if he's been scared literally to death.
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "Relax Drenla"
whispering to Morti, notihng
(2577) Trayn : "well.. shall we proceed in another direction?"
** (2578) Drenla turns around swiftly and grabs Reiner by the shoulder. **
(2569) Morti: "Uh.... Drenla? I know he's intimidating and all... but I don't think he can fit through the door"
** (2571) Reiner Swiftblade is calm but you do notice an underlying fear **
(2578) Drenla: That's an emerald drake in there, you ninny! Not just a she-warrior in heat! Time to show me what your god can do for us!
** (2577) Trayn is even more self assured... having correctly stated this was the wrong way to go **
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "We are safe here for now"
** (2569) Morti stares up at the door curiously, "Still though..." quieltly he climbs back up the stairs and lies down on the steps to take a peek under the door **
(2578) Drenla: If after this you manage to best that thing, I swear, by the Lady that I shall be a believer in your War Father to the end of my days.
(2578) Drenla: (face blanches with fear)
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "My only question is why he has not tried to claw the door down or breath....it is most unusual"
(2578) Drenla: Probably because he wants to see what we're made of! (grips his staff tightly)
(2577) Trayn : "or it lacks carpentry skills and doesnt wish to ruin its abode"
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "We have seen drakes in the past...they eat our cattle and horses and ocassionally us "
(2569) Morti: "Mostly skin muscles blood and assorted gore." (can I see under the door?)
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "on the plain ye are a target."
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(2580) Terl (enter): 16:11
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, barely. no movement.
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (2580) Terl...
(2577) Trayn : "or its not hostile.... or its hoping you will venture back in"
(2569) Morti: (hoi terl)
whispering to Morti, barely
(2577) Trayn : "many reasons..."
(2580) Kyla: ((hi, sorry for being late))
whispering to Morti, no movement
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): I am going to cast sanctuary
(2569) Morti (whispering): can I see anything of the dragon's body?
(2578) Drenla: Well, Reiner, I stand behind you, ready to serve.
whispering to Morti, just the pile of coins
(2578) DM: (they opened the door to 39, saw the drake and slammed the door. they're in the connecting passage to 39 atm)
(2569) Morti (whispering): what about peeking through the keyhole, should there be one...?
(2580) Kyla: ((ok))
(2577) Trayn : "well... here is a question"
(2577) Trayn : "if those two went this way"
** (2571) Reiner Swiftblade starts to cast a spell and a glowing red aura comes into being around him **
(2577) Trayn : "and came from this way"
(2577) Trayn : "are they in league with the dragon?"
(2580) Kyla: "Then they are either dead, or in laeague with it some how."
(2569) Morti: "Or is the dragon even there?"
** (2571) Reiner Swiftblade starts to walk towards the door to the dragon **
(2580) Kyla: "Personally, I think it's a fake."
(2577) Trayn : "well they would be dead earlier unless they were living in this hallway"
(2577) Trayn : "they would have come from yonder room I would think"
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "All of you please stay at least 40 feet behind me"
(2569) Morti: "EH?" :looks to glowing Reiner: "What are you planning?"
(2580) Kyla: "If that si waht you wish, however I think I'm better suited for this, lord Renier."
(2577) Trayn : "enter quickly and then retreat"
(2577) Trayn : "thats a sound plan for going forth" as he steps to the top of the stairs
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "You may join me if you wish but I may not be able to defend you"
** (2571) Reiner Swiftblade goes to open door **
(2569) Morti: "And how are you going to defend yourself?"
(2580) Kyla: "If this is what it appears, then I believe I have a slightly better chance of getting out fast enough."
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "The war ffather will defend me"
(2569) Morti: "Eh?"
(2580) Kyla: "Then, let's go. maby one will live to protect the others."
** (2580) Kyla readies ehr chain, and waits for renier to open the door **
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "Lord Drake, we must ask why you inhabit this manse instead of a more suitable place for your great stature?"
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "This small place is beneath you"
(2580) Kyla: "It's the inheretance he's after. some sort of family treasury he can use to buy his honor clear."
(2578) DM: Nothing seems to have changed....
(2577) Trayn (whispering): ((Je'rar may be in soon))
** (2569) Morti takes a crouching position ready to rush back down the stairs, though he stares to the door waiting for it to open and give a second view of the drake **
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "That is odd... it remains the same"
(2569) Morti (whispering): disbelieve once the door opens
whispering to Morti, roll
(2569) Morti: Will save: [1d20+4] -> [19,4] = (23)
(2582) Je'rar (enter): 16:20
whispering to Morti, still there
(2582) Je'rar (exit): 16:21
(2582) Je'rar (enter): 16:21
(2582) Je'rar (exit): 16:21
(2582) Je'rar (enter): 16:21
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (2582) Je'rar...
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): is that enough doubt to reroll disbelief?
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, you can always try
** (2569) Morti gulps.... **
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: Will save: [1d20+5] -> [15,5] = (20)
(2582) Je'rar (exit): 16:21
(2582) Je'rar (enter): 16:21
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): 20
whispering to Je'rar, As you open the door, you are greeted by the sight of an enormous emerald drake coiled upon a mound of treasure, its head reared back and its mouth thrown open in the classic pose that has been the last sight of too many adventurers.
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, still there
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (2582) Je'rar...
(2569) Morti: :to drenla: "So what exactly did you mean by him wanting to know what we're made of?"
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "Why do ye not attack us?"
(2582) Je'rar (whispering): eek..sorry I'm way late..not feeling good and had to lay down for a bit
(2578) DM: Perhaps this drake wishes to see if we are in fact bold and foolish venturers. It appears we are not....
(2578) DM: The drake does not seem to move.
** (2580) Kyla takes a slow step foreward **
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): does it seem to breath?
(2569) Morti: "Maybe he's sleeping?"
(2578) DM: As she does so, the image of a ghostly raven comes into being, perched on top of the mound of treasure.
(2567) Gester (whispering): if it turns out to be a statue i'm gonna break my desk laughing
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, nope
(2582) Je'rar: "Or..maybe its really just an ornate statue..?"
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: It is not alive
(2580) Kyla: "that's more likely"
(2578) Narbius: I think ye have come far enough, live ones.
** (2569) Morti glares at the bird "Not you again..." **
(2577) Trayn : "hmmm do I hear that foul bird again?"
(2569) Morti (whispering): ready action, prepare to cast magic missile
(2578) Narbius: Ye bring much dread and doom upon the head of this Mistmoor by being here. Leave now and never come back!
** (2577) Trayn steps down halfway the stairs to see and hear **
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): how is Reiner's head feeling?
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, clear as a whistle
whispering to Morti, ok
** (2580) Kyla checks the dragon for traps. **
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: Who are ye!
(2578) Narbius: Come not closer, lest I waken my pet with all the might of his full fury!
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+9] -> [1,9] = (10)
whispering to Kyla, no traps it seems
(2569) Morti: "And how do you waken him exactly?"
(2578) Narbius: Like this! (spreads his wings)
(2582) Je'rar: "If you do, I'm going to cook myself a raven for dinner"
(2569) Morti (whispering): fire
(2578) DM: There is a sudden flash of gray light, and the raven is gone. The creature, the emerald drake begins to breathe in with a mighty intake of breath....
(2580) Kyla: ((how far is that ghost bird?))
(2578) DM: (initiative)
** (2569) Morti mutters a few words under his breath and points his fingers toward the bird, sending forth a blue bolt of energy **
(2569) Morti: [1+1d4] -> [1,4] = (5)
(2580) Kyla: [1d20+4] -> [2,4] = (6)
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "Ye are the poison that fills this manse"
(2569) Morti: [1d20+2] -> [16,2] = (18)
(2582) Je'rar: [1d20+7] -> [1,7] = (8)
(2569) Morti: (darn)
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: [1d20+4] -> [3,4] = (7)
(2577) Trayn : Initiative: [1d20+1] -> [1,1] = (2)
(2578) DM: (18, Morti)
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): how's my head onow? LOL)
(2578) DM: A blue bolt emerges from Morti's fingers, striking the drake in its neck...
(2578) DM: (lightly wounded)
(2569) Morti: (too bad, wanted to hit the stupid bird)
(2578) DM: (8, Je'rar)
(2584) Groovelord (enter): 16:29
(2582) Je'rar: ::moves forth to attack the beast from one side::
(2582) Je'rar: Longsword [1d20+5] -> [2,5] = (7) DMG [1d8+4] -> [2,4] = (6)
(2582) Je'rar: Mace, Light [1d20+5] -> [12,5] = (17) DMG [1d6+4] -> [4,4] = (8)
** (2571) Reiner Swiftblade pulls out two longs swords **
(2578) DM: (17 hits)
(2578) DM: (lightly wounded)
(2582) Je'rar: [1d6+7] -> [5,7] = (12)
** (2571) Reiner Swiftblade attacks from the side **
(2582) Je'rar: whoops
(2584) Groovelord (whispering): Hi! Sorry if I'm late. I'll just watch quietly. :)
(2582) Je'rar: thatwas at +4
(2582) Je'rar: 9
(2578) DM: As Je'rar slices into the creature, you notice that bits of dried, dessicated, scales flake away from the blow of his sword and green brittle scales fall to the floor, scattering like leaves.
whispering to Groovelord, and you are...?
(2578) DM: (7, Reiner)
(2584) Groovelord (whispering): Chris Bell, the new player you wanted to have watch a game first.
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: [1d20+7] -> [16,7] = (23)
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: [1d20+7] -> [19,7] = (26)
whispering to Groovelord, ok
whispering to Groovelord, which e-mail is this?
(2582) Je'rar (whispering): psst..the d6 is for my lt mace ;)
(2584) Groovelord (whispering): [email protected]
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: (two hits one possible crit I presume
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: [1d20+7] -> [1,7] = (8)
whispering to Je'rar, doesn't matter one way or another
(2580) Kyla: ((no crit if it's a construct))
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: (just full damage_
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, crit
(2578) DM: ((roll to see if a crit))
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: [1d20+7] -> [11,7] = (18)
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: [1d8+7] -> [2,7] = (9)
(2569) Morti (whispering): spot check to determine the substance of the drake based on the damage induced and falling scales?
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: [1d8+7] -> [6,7] = (13)
(2578) DM: (total damage?)
whispering to Morti, sure
whispering to Morti, roll
(2580) Kyla: ((40))
(2578) DM: (seriously wounded)
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: 35
(2582) Je'rar (whispering): ok..just had to point it out in case it was one of those things where weapon types applied
(2569) Morti: Spot Skill Check: [1d20-1] -> [17,-1] = (16)
(2578) DM: Reiner smashes into the creature, almost berserk but not quite. As he carves into the drake, you notice that no blood seems to emerge from its wounds, even as it turns its head this way and that, even as dried emerald scales fly off its brittle hide like autumn leaves on a dead tree.
whispering to Morti, dried dessicated flesh
(2578) DM: (6, Kyla)
** (2580) Kyla moves around it to flank it with renier, then attacks **
(2580) Kyla: [1d20+7] -> [19,7] = (26)
(2569) Morti (whispering): arcana knowledge to determine if it's a flesh golem or undead, you're call
(2569) Morti: Knowledge: Arcana Skill Check: [1d20+5] -> [14,5] = (19)
(2578) DM: (possible crit)
whispering to Morti, it's a zombie
(2580) Kyla: ((not for my weapon))
(2580) Kyla: [3d6] -> [4,2,6] = (12)
(2578) DM: (all right)
(2580) Kyla: ((but do fget sneak dice))
(2578) DM: (critically wounded)
(2578) DM: (2, Trayn)
** (2577) Trayn moves down the stairwell and scoots off the the right... staying away from the thing for now **
(2577) Trayn : (done)
(2577) Trayn : ((assuming its not right in front of the door))
(2569) Morti: "Uh.... I didn't know you could make a zombie like this...."
(2578) DM: The drake sluggishly lunges at Reiner, almost as slow as a moving glacier, scattering piles of coins all over the room.
(2577) Trayn : "zombie?"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+12] -> [17,12] = (29). [1d20+10] -> [5,10] = (15), [1d20+8] -> [11,8] = (19)
** (2569) Morti nods to Tryan though he doesn't tuen his head from the action **
(2578) DM: (AC 29, AC 27, AC 22)
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "Aye sun priest...this is more your speed
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: all hit
(2577) Trayn : "by Solnor!"
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "I am hit!
(2578) DM: It seems not quite as fast as it could be, perhaps it's the cramped quarters in which it resides or perhaps lack of food. Whatever the reason, it does not bother to use its wings or its ponderous tail, instead preferring to slap the barbarian priest aside like so much a rag doll and then crunching around Reiner's sword arm as if it were a delicate chicken wing.
(2569) Morti: "Reiner!"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [3d6+5] -> [2,3,3,5] = (13), [2d6] -> [6,5] = (11), [2d6] -> [3,6] = (9)
(2578) DM: take 33 damage
(2582) Je'rar: :grimaces at the sight :
** (2571) Reiner Swiftblade backs away in agony **
** (2569) Morti cringes at the site of his friend being treated as a chew toy **
(2578) DM: At the same time as the creature slaps Reiner around with its attacks, three crimson spears of light flash from Drenla's outstretched hand, striking the drake in its flank.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [3d4+3] -> [4,2,1,3] = (10)
(2578) DM: (critically wounded)
(2569) Morti (whispering): I know but that's the inf Morti surmised and he could be wrong. or we're getting a break
(2578) DM: (18, Morti)
** (2569) Morti whispers a few words gritting his teeth as he focus, then holds for th his hands and lets forth a miniscule shockwave of energy (disrupt undead) **
(2569) Morti: ranged touch: [1d20+3] -> [9,3] = (12)
(2569) Morti: (+ how much for size?)
** (2571) Reiner Swiftblade stumbles back **
(2578) DM: (+9)
(2569) Morti: [1d6] -> [5] = (5)
(2578) DM: The drake falls, lifeless.
(2569) Morti: (21 for hit and 5 dmg if it does)
(2577) Trayn : "well that was not what I expected"
(2580) Kyla (whispering): I hope you are simply ignoreing damage from the sneak attack dice, and crit dice. undead are immune to it
whispering to Kyla, hehhe no worries
** (2569) Morti lowers his hands staring at the fallen drake for a moment before rushing to the barbarian's side, "Reiner! Reiner! Are you alive?" **
** (2571) Reiner Swiftblade sheaths his swords and falls to the ground **
** (2582) Je'rar runs to Reiner's side **
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "my arm is broken
** (2582) Je'rar Cries out to the Warfather to aid his loyal follower **
(2582) Je'rar: "..."
(2578) Drenla: I'll never mock your faith again. Not bad for a windbag. (grinning weakly)
(2582) Je'rar: "You bastard.... when you dropped like that I took you for dead.. don't scare me like that ever again ,my brother"
** (2569) Morti gives a smiling cloth at the less than fatal response" **
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: I think I may have some broken ribs and I think I lost a tooth
** (2582) Je'rar lets out a weak grin in obvious relief that Reiner lives **
(2580) Kyla: "It's ok, he will be fine, just needs a little time to heal. This is slightly more than I expected when acompanying you, but I do know that this is where I needed to be today."
(2582) Je'rar: "open your mouth "
(2569) Morti: "Don't worry. I'm sure Tryan can heal you. By the way, I killed it." :smiles proudly to Reiner
** (2582) Je'rar peers at Reiner's teeth **
(2582) Je'rar: "Bah ! You've got plenty of others"
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: Good job Morti...ye will become a warrior yet!
(2577) Trayn : "Indeed..."
** (2582) Je'rar gets up from Reiner's side,walks up to Morti,and gives him a true warrior's clasp **
(2569) Morti: "Thanks" :grimaces a bit: "That doesn't mean I have to get bitten by a drake does it?"
(2582) Je'rar: "Good work man"
** (2571) Reiner Swiftblade caughs up some blood and pats the blood coming from his nose **
** (2577) Trayn looks at Morti... offering up his gods gifts as his own with slight disdain **
** (2577) Trayn softens to the reality seeing Reiners blood dribbling down his chin **
** (2569) Morti happily accepts the clasp , though fumbles a bit **
** (2571) Reiner Swiftblade yanks out a tooth from his arm **
(2577) Trayn : "Yes lets see what Solnor will bless you with... if you desire" to Reiner
(2580) Kyla: "Are you just going to let him suffer there, or should I do something about it?"
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "He has already blessed me...ye are here"
** (2571) Reiner Swiftblade gives the tooth to morti **
** (2577) Trayn casts a spell of healing and touches Reiner... [2d8+4] -> [2,4,4] = (10) **
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "here is a souvenier fer you"
** (2569) Morti moves to kneel back beside Trayn and Reiner, offering a constant smile to both, and takes the dragon tooth in hand. "Whoah... big" **
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "feels even bigger when it is in yer arm"
(2569) Morti: "i'll take your word for it"
(2578) Drenla: Keep it well, Morti. A drake's tooth has many powers, depending on its origin and its owner's intent.
(2577) Trayn : "well... a pile of coins and an undead dragon"
(2577) Trayn : "like I said... not what I expected"
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "Yes Trayn...that feels a lot better"
(2577) Trayn : "It seems we have two doors ahead of us"
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): does the arm heal with his spell?
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, yes
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, take back 10
** (2571) Reiner Swiftblade moves his arm as if it is no longer broken **
(2569) Morti: "Eh?" :glances back to Drenla: "what kinda uses?"
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "Yes, at least I will be able to defend myself
(2577) Trayn : "just take the tooth... lets not dawdle"
(2578) Drenla: Anything, from having an armed warrior spring up from the soil to material for potions and poultices. Much of what a tooth is used for is determined by need. Ye should use it only when ye need to, when no other solution is at hand.
** (2582) Je'rar grabs a small handful of coins and stuffs them into a pocket **
(2580) Kyla: "I would love the chance to take some of the skin later, to see if it can be tanned still."
whispering to Je'rar, Gold paint flakes off, revealing much of what you grabbed to be copper pence.
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "Ney...this all belongs to
(2569) Morti: "Hmmmm..." Morti stares at the tooth for a moment before pocketing it: "I'll have to research the matter later"
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: Blaine"
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: Except the dragon
(2582) Je'rar: "And I'll be happy to hand it to him,though I think he's going to be a bit disapponted"
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "Put it back Je'rar
** (2582) Je'rar hands Reiner a couple of the "coins" **
** (2569) Morti moves up to inspect the dragon, **
(2578) Blaine: I thank ye, but take a few for your troubles.
(2577) Trayn : "Yes lets not lose sight of our employers goods"
(2569) Morti: "Where is Blaine?"
(2582) Je'rar: ?me whirls around and hurls the rest of them back into the pile
(2569) Morti: "Ah.."
(2577) Trayn : "up the stairs I believe"
(2578) Blaine: (emerges from behind the door where he had been hiding)
(2582) Je'rar: "Blaine..its mere copper pence"
(2569) Morti: "A lot of em though"
(2578) Blaine: Still, it's not much but more than I had before.
(2582) Je'rar: "I'd not want you to think you got yuorself a fortune when in fact you really don't"
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "Well Trayn I can travel now...lets get going"
(2582) Je'rar: "Aye...true enough"
** (2569) Morti stares at the drake corpse with a look of unnerved nostalgia before beginning to dig into the pile of coins (search check) **
whispering to Morti, nada
** (2582) Je'rar joins Morti in his search **
(2578) DM: (which door?)
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "Ye might want to check here fer clues...he went through a lot of trouble to protect this room
** (2580) Kyla searches the north door for traps **
whispering to Kyla, unlocked already
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): Reiner will heal himself
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, ok
(2582) Je'rar: [1d20+1] -> [17,1] = (18)
** (2571) Reiner Swiftblade starts chanting **
(2577) Trayn : "yes remember we follow the steps of those two bandits"
(2582) Je'rar: (pile of coins)
** (2580) Kyla opens the north door **
(2569) Morti: :after scouring the coin pile, Morti goes to join Kyla at the north door:
(2578) DM: The passage heads off for a few feet before coming to a flight of stone steps, spiraling upwards.
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: [1d8+2] -> [8,2] = (10)
(2569) Morti: :staring at the stairs: "Guess that's how they got down"
(2580) Kyla: "Other door?"
(2577) Trayn : "where does it go?"
(2582) Je'rar (whispering): did Morti and I find anything?
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): 10 points plus healing for 3
(2578) DM: Wounds close on Reiner's body, as he heals himself.
(2569) Morti: "Back up to one of the rooms near the ballroom, I'm guessing"
whispering to Je'rar, nothing but pence and worthless armor
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: Ok where are we going
** (2580) Kyla wanders over tot he east door, adn checks it for traps **
** (2571) Reiner Swiftblade follows her **
(2569) Morti: (about what time is it in game?)
whispering to Kyla, locked
(2580) Kyla (whispering): unlock it then
(2578) DM: (9 pm in the evening)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+9] -> [2,9] = (11)
whispering to Kyla, jams
(2580) Kyla: "Not good"
** (2577) Trayn awaits behind the nearby alcove near teh door **
** (2569) Morti follows Kyla east **
** (2582) Je'rar watches them search for traps and other harmfu; nasssty surprisesss asss we searchesss for our preciousss **
(2578) DM: heh
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: (LOL)
(2580) Kyla: "This door is jammed. can't open it nicely."
(2582) Je'rar: "No problem..one Dantrag key coming up"
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "no wait"
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: Can ye see within the room Kyla?
whispering to Kyla, short passage leading to another wooden door
(2580) Kyla: "I doubt it, the lock is jammed up"
whispering to Kyla, that's what you saw prior to attempting to pick the lock
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: Do ye want me to open it by force?
(2580) Kyla: "can giess there is a short hall to more wood, probibly a doorr, not much visible though
(2569) Morti: "Think those two jammed the lock?"
(2580) Kyla: "Or I did, not real sure there."
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: Lady, what do ye want us to do? I can try to open it without destroying it with force or I can destroy it...the choice is yours"
(2577) Trayn : "lets force it.. if doing so wont harm us"
(2580) Kyla: "they could have set it to jam when unlocked, or I could have simply screwed up."
(2578) DM: Faint cries for help can be heard from the east.
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: ok that is our answer
(2580) Kyla: Up to blane. it can probibly be fixed, but that would take time."
(2588) Je'rar (enter): 17:13
(2578) Blaine: If one is in need, then by all means, do so.
(2580) Kyla: "or we can use the brute force key"
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (2588) Je'rar...
(2569) Morti: "eh?" :listens for the cries beyond: (check to determine identity of screamer?)
(2578) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(2582) Je'rar' from room...
(2582) Je'rar (exit): 17:13
** (2571) Reiner Swiftblade kicks in the door **
whispering to Morti, no one you know
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+4] -> [18,4] = (22)
(2569) Morti (whispering): not exact identity, just basic; gender, approximate age
(2578) DM: The door flies open, revealing a short stone passage that leads to another closed wooden door.
whispering to Morti, can't determine, but male.
(2577) Trayn : "hmm someone in trouble"
(2588) Je'rar: (damn..that's my job..thanks kid)
(2577) Trayn : "its good we have come.."
(2580) Kyla: "no time to be carefull"
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: kyla check this on
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: e
(2578) DM: Stronger now. "HELP!!!!"
** (2580) Kyla opens the next door **
(2569) Morti: "It might be the guy from earlier. they're in trouble"
** (2588) Je'rar goes to smash through the next door if need be **
** (2569) Morti rushes to the next door **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+9] -> [11,9] = (20)
whispering to Kyla, Reflex
(2569) Morti: "Don't worry we're coming!!"
whispering to Kyla, A needle juts out of the lock as you pick it.
(2580) Kyla (whispering): +11
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+11] -> [8,11] = (19)
whispering to Kyla, success
(2578) TaliesinNYC: Prison: Several barred cells are recessed into the walls of this room, and a ladder of iron rungs on the north wall leads up and out. The room itself is comfortably appointed with a hodge-podge of furnishings scavenged from the rest of the house, including a rather nice bed.

A young man is asleep on a pallet in the cell north of the door. A chess set has been set up on a small table just outside the cell, the pieces left in mid-game.

** (2580) Kyla shoves open the door, and rushes blindly into into the trap..... **
(2577) Trayn : "hmmmmm"
(2578) DM: The voice fades away as you enter the room.
** (2569) Morti notes the boy sleeping and looks around for any other candidates for screamer **
(2589) No Name (enter): 17:18
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "WHAT TRICKERY IS THIS!"
(2580) Kyla: "Morti, relax, it was jsut a trick to get us to set off a trap in the last door."
(2577) Trayn : "well the sounds didnt come from him"
(2577) Trayn : "lets awake him...."
** (2577) Trayn approaches the mans cell **
(2588) Je'rar: "wait a second...didn't we see a similar chess set somewhere else?"
(2578) Psyche's voice: Don't try to follow us. The game's up, so we shall quit this place...for now.
(2569) Morti: "Eh?" :a bit annoyed by the ghost sound, Morit strolls toward the cell to to call in to the boy, "Um... are you alive?"
(2577) Trayn : "hey!"
(2578) DM: As you enter, a pair of female lips appears on the opposite wall and repeats that message.
(2577) Trayn : "hmmm a bit startled"
(2569) Morti: "Let em go, sounds like they're leaving"
(2577) Trayn : (ha)
(2577) Trayn : "hmmmm" a bit startled
(2577) Trayn : "excellent.. they have decided to cease their illegal activities"
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): how is reiner's head?
(2578) Psyche's voice: Don't try to follow us. The game's up for us, so we shall quit this place and your company....for the time being. May the Servant of Masques bless your shadows in leaving no stone unturned.
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, still have that dull sense of unease.
** (2580) Kyla checks and unlocks the cell door the boy is in. **
** (2577) Trayn frowns at the end of the message **
(2577) Trayn : "Indeed"
** (2569) Morti snickers at the magic mouth and calls to the boy again, "I said are you alive" **
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "There is still something evil here"
(2569) Morti: (can we see the boy's face?)
** (2578) Joshua snores fitfully. **
(2577) Trayn : "Is it him?"
(2569) Morti: "Him who?"
** (2571) Reiner Swiftblade holds his head **
(2578) DM: yep, a young man of about twenty two, straw blond hair, sallow complexion
(2588) Je'rar: "Who's the Servant of Masques?"
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "BOYee wake up!"
whispering to Kyla, one of Benvolio's names, Aspect of Llyndeiras, god of thieves, luck and the poor
(2580) Kyla: "please don't do that while I'm working on a lock."
(2577) Trayn : "the young man here... I gather not since your blade is not at his throat"
whispering to Kyla, success
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): concentrates his spider senses on the boy
** (2580) Kyla wraps her chain back around her waist, and goes to wake the cute guy up. **
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, lol, nothing
** (2569) Morti bends down to inspect the chess set **
(2578) Joshua: uuiuhhh...I'm not hungry Psyche. Your move...
(2578) DM: (white is winning.)
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "Psyche is not here lad"
(2580) Kyla: "I'm not that bitch"
(2578) Joshua: (blinks awake)
(2577) Trayn : "hmm what an ominous name...."
(2569) Morti: "Yeah, she left it seems"
(2578) Joshua: Oh, a goddess.
(2580) Kyla: "no, not that either"
(2578) Joshua: Ah, the face of a goddess. I am indeed dreaming. Who are you?
(2578) Joshua: (snaps awake)
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): are all the cells empty?
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, no
(2580) Kyla: "Kyla Djarum, self appointed protector."
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, all of them, except one which has items
(2569) Morti: :casually to the others at his calling Kyla a godess: "He seems delusional. COuld he be a ghost too?"
(2577) Trayn : "fret not... we aren't here to hurt you"
(2577) Trayn : "by what means and reasons do you find yourself locked in this cell?"
(2578) Joshua: Oh, Joshua Strongbow. Just a huntsman who happened here one day, and woke up as a captive of the one called Psyche.
** (2571) Reiner Swiftblade sheaths weapons **
(2578) Joshua: That girl and her companion. Couldn't speak, but an excellent chess player.
(2569) Morti: "hai hai... she white?"
(2580) Kyla: "Well, you are free to leae at any time, but we would like to ask you a few questions first."
(2577) Trayn : "ah... then you seem free of mischief for they certianly aren't"
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "Discribe them lad"
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): intimidate
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: [1d20+9] -> [3,9] = (12)
(2578) Joshua: Well, she dressed herself as a ghost. Funny you asked that. Effective for a time, but I could tell she was tired of that ruse. And you are?
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): 12
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, not easily intimidated
(2569) Morti: "Ghost?"
(2588) Je'rar: "LAd,after what I can only guess you've been through, I hope when your people see you, they make you a chief...Chief J. Strongbow.. a manly title at that"
(2588) Je'rar: ((lLMAO))
(2578) Joshua: Well she made herself up to look like one. I've never seen a real one mind you.
(2569) Morti: :recalling her similarity to the girls of mistmoor: "Something comes to mind.... but I'm not sure what..."
(2577) Trayn : "members of an expedition for a Master Blaine"
(2577) Trayn : "decendants of this Manor... of the family Mistmoor"
(2578) DM: To the south is a table containing a quiver of arrows and a longbow as well as a suit of leather armor. In the cell is a pile of items and coins.
(2569) Morti (whispering): is Moiraine in range to contact outside with the horse?
(2577) Trayn : "we are trying to settle his inheritance by venturing here"
(2578) Joshua: Ah, my lord. I did not recognize you. My apologies for staying here, 'twas a ruin as you know.
(2577) Trayn : "Master Blaine....come forth"
(2578) Blaine: None taken, young sir.
(2577) Trayn : "oh so you know him Blaine?"
whispering to Morti, yes
(2578) Blaine: (chuckling)
(2569) Morti (whispering): calls out to Moiraine in his mind, "Have you seen anyone leaving the builiding?"
(2578) Blaine: Joshua is well known in these wilds for being an excellent bowshot and lorekeeper. But I'd not heard of him for a while and wondered what he was about. 'Tis good to see he is safe and sound.
whispering to Morti, mrr...'tis funny ye say that. A girl and a man. They left a few hours ago, in the rain.
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): where is that dull sense of evil coming from?
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, all over the place
(2580) Kyla: "Excuse me, Joshua, but do you know of Blane? and of this house? does it indeed belong to him as he claims?"
(2569) Morti (whispering): "Ah shoot.... that got away. we're they carrying anything with them?"
(2588) Je'rar: doorbell...brb
(2578) Blaine: Ye need not fear for him. He is a good man. His family once served my own, but an ancestor of mine granted his fathers leave to be free.
** (2578) Joshua bows his head to Blaine, acknowledging the compliment. **
** (2569) Morti groans and looks up to his comrades, "Moiraine says those two took off a few hours ago **
(2577) Trayn : "well... that is just as well"
(2577) Trayn : "we shall not have to worry about them"
(2580) Kyla: "Thank you, Lord Blane, that will do nicely for the proof I required. Sorry for any inconvienence, I just wanted to make sure the property went to it's rightfull owner."
(2569) Morti: "Still... I wonder why she was impersonating a ghost..."
(2577) Trayn : "Its simple really"
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "I still feel evil here"
(2578) Joshua: And I would assist ye, m'lord, but I must return to my family. May the Lightwalker give you good luck this evening.
(2577) Trayn : "to scare everyone away while those two looted the place"
(2580) Kyla: "if the place is haunted, people stay out."
(2577) Trayn : "common tricks of criminals...very distasteful"
(2569) Morti: "But how would they have carried off all the supposed fortune then?"
(2580) Kyla: "a bit at a time."
(2577) Trayn : "they would take what they could"
(2577) Trayn : "yes a bit at a time... the most valuable at a time"
** (2578) Joshua overhears talk about the treasure. **
(2580) Kyla: "That's why the pile of coins is coppers. they got the most valueable first."
(2578) Joshua: My lord? Are ye here to reclaim this house? I heard them speaking of hunting it down but could never question them successfully. I do believe though that the girl knew where the vault was located. (excitedly)
(2578) DM: Blaine's eyes light up at mention of the word "vault".
(2569) Morti: "Really? do you know if they found the treasure?"
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: Was her companion a warrior type?
(2578) DM: Pray, what did they say? (glancing at Joshua)
(2578) Joshua: Ays, a warrior with great hands and a large blade. He could not speak, but knew his letters and was a marvel of a chess player, as was the girl.
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: We have been had!
(2577) Trayn : "well they are intelligent... and it seems wise as well... for they have left"
(2578) Joshua: She said (thinking)...she said something about the vault being located somewhere in this manse, behind the symbol of this house. Or something like that. Something about a flying horse.
(2577) Trayn : "lets go upstairs and rest"
(2578) Joshua: Or perhaps it was a flying pig. I'm not sure, really.
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: brb
** (2578) Joshua scratches his head. **
(2577) Trayn : "oh..."
(2569) Morti: "Pegasus..."
(2577) Trayn : "lets get out of this hell hole and talk more comefortably"
(2577) Trayn : "send you off with a good meal... as much as we can scrounge up"
(2578) Joshua: Ays, right. A pegasus. (shrug) That's the symbol of House Mistmoor, a pegasus. Old legend that their paladins once summoned them as war horses. But that was an age ago.
(2580) Kyla: "That's probibly your stuff, or at least what they didn't take of it."
** (2580) Kyla points to the bow **
** (2569) Morti moves to the ladder climbing up to check out the next floor **
(2578) Joshua: My thanks. My lord? I would assist ye, but my family beckons.
(2578) Joshua: But if ye are come with your title reclaimed, we shalll return to serve ye once more.
(2580) Kyla: "Then good luck, and be carefull, those two are sitill loose in the aira"
(2569) Morti: :to joshua: "You can hear your family from here. that must be convenient"
(2578) Joshua: (to Morti) (puzzled)
(2578) DM: He dresses, not quite sure in his good fortune, stretching as he does so....then leaves, waving good bye.
(2569) Morti: (there was a ladder, right? or am I delussional?)
(2578) DM: The ladder leads to a crawlspace underneath the house.
whispering to No Name, are you lurking?
** (2569) Morti searches around for anything around or an exit (dancing lights if it's too dark) **
(2591) Lich (enter): 17:45
whispering to Morti, it's raining and quite wet
whispering to Morti, yes, you emerge out in the garden, near the stables.
whispering to Morti, still raining
(2591) Lich (exit): 17:46
(2578) DM: (where does everyone else return to?)
** (2569) Morti heads back down the ladder, "It's the garden up there" **
(2592) Trayn (enter): 17:46
(2578) DM: He's wet and disheveled.
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (2592) Trayn ...
(2578) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(2577) Trayn ' from room...
(2577) Trayn (exit): 17:47


(Note from Stan:  Missing a huge portion of the log due to server issues.  Resumes with the party in front of the mirror gate which leads to the vault.)

(2588) Je'rar: "Reiner..don't you go bumping into this thing..last thing we need is an evil you trying to hack us to shreds"
(2623) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(2578) TaliesinNYC' from room...
(2578) TaliesinNYC (exit): 18:30
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "aye I will stay away from it
(2623) DM: The mirror doesn't budge from the wall, even as Je'rar tries to move it.
whispering to Kyla, no traps
** (2580) Kyla pushes on the mirror. **
(2588) Je'rar: "Hmmm.."
(2623) DM: No response.
** (2571) Reiner Swiftblade picks up axe **
(2569) Morti: "Maybe there's a password or something"
(2580) Kyla: "maby blane has to open it"
(2623) Blaine: Me....?
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: maybe it needs to be dispelled?
(2580) Kyla: "it is magickal, so maby only part of the family can open it."
(2592) Trayn : "this thing is evil and creates copies that attack us"
(2623) Blaine: I don't want it....
(2580) Kyla: "and how much of a threat would an evil blane nbe, anyway?"
(2569) Morti: :to kyla: "Guess you're right"
(2592) Trayn : "i dont think this is what we are looking for"
(2623) Blaine: It's only a mirror behind a pegasus...
(2580) Kyla: "and the pegasus was behind a book case infront of a thick wall.
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "This is beyond my comprehension lord drenla
(2569) Morti: "And behind the mirror might be the vault door... "
(2623) DM: Suddenly, there is a howling sound and a silent explosion. The blanket falls to the floor.
(2580) Kyla: "this si exactly what we are looking for."
(2569) Morti: "... unless this is just a trap"
(2623) DM: The mirror is gone, and within, is the entrance to a dimly lit chamber.
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: Did ye do that Drenla?
(2569) Morti: "Hehe... maybe we don't need you after all. Nevermind Blaine"
(2623) DM: (each square above = 5', load your minis)
(2588) Je'rar (exit): 18:34
(2623) DM: and RESIZE THEM!!!
(2623) Drenla: Nay. The passage appeared when Lord Blaine spoke the word "pegasus"
(2623) Drenla: Most impressive I must say. (beams) A gate that functions as a warding device. Quite brilliant whomever built this.
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: Ah...very well
(2623) TaliesinNYC: The Vault: The floor of this grandly vaulted stone room is covered with mounds and bags of coins. Golden goblets, crystalline statuettes and a multitude of other beautifully wrought objects of the most valuable materials protrude from the mass of coins. Chests full of jewels spill out here and there in dazzling sparkles of color, and suits of glittering ceremonial armor stand smartly at attention about the perimeter of the room. This is truly a hoard fit for the emperor of drakes.
(2626) Je'rar (enter): 18:36
(2623) DM: (who is within the vault?)
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (2626) Je'rar...
(2626) Je'rar: (raises a hand)
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: stays at door
(2623) DM: (and how far within?)
** (2592) Trayn stays back **
(2580) Kyla: (not me, I'm just outside it)
(2626) Je'rar: (about 2-3 feet)
(2623) DM: (if you are within the vault, your mini should be there. the entrance to the vault is the left side of the window above
(2580) Kyla: "Lord Blane, your inheratence awaits."
(2626) Je'rar: ((enough to be able to get a good look inside))
(2623) DM: If you are not within the vault, your mini should not be there.
** (2569) Morti stands in the doorway to the vault staring in with a wide smile on his soggy scarf **
(2626) Je'rar: (lol dammit.. my mini loader still hates my az... )
(2569) Morti (whispering): disbelieve just to be sure
(2569) Morti: Will save: [1d20+4] -> [5,4] = (9)
** (2623) Blaine faints. **
(2623) Narbius: At LAST I AM FREE!!!!
** (2623) Narbius chuckles evilly **
(2580) Kyla: ((use the dark archer))
(2569) Morti: "Eh?" :glares in annoyance to the voice of the bird:
** (2626) Je'rar sees Narbius,charges in to attack **
(2623) DM: Suddenly, a shadowy figure emerges from within the piles and piles of coins that litter the vault, along with a horde of undead warriors.
(2623) DM: (hold on, have to place minis)
(2626) Je'rar: (then again....)
(2626) Je'rar: LOL
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): I take it this is where the headache was coming from
(2630) Nikhir (enter): 18:40
(2630) Nikhir (exit): 18:40
** (2569) Morti gulps hard. "I think I know why they left the treasure here..." **
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "War Father, grant me your gifts of strength and constitution that is my birthright, so I can fight in your name!"
(2623) DM: The shadowy figure which reveals himself to be a man-sized creature wrapped in a tattered cloak from within you can only spy a misty plume of black vapor and two purple crimson eyes, standing atop a mound of treasure. At his beck and call, are also five flitting shadowy beings and ten skeletons that rise to do his bidding.
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, yup
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): is it more effective for two clerics to turn together?
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, not sure, ask David
(2584) Groovelord (whispering): Wow, that looks Scary! I hope the PC's win!
(2623) DM: (all right, initiative IF you are within the vault)
(2580) Kyla: ((this is one hell of a hick wall.....)
whispering to No Name, they might. heheh
(2626) Je'rar: [1d20+7] -> [14,7] = (21)
(2580) Kyla: ((thick))
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: steps in
(2623) DM: You have the sense that the vault is larger than the dimensions of the room outside would indicate.
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): I'm juiced up Stan
whispering to Groovelord, they might, hehe
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: Reiner becomes noticely hertier and stronger
(2592) Trayn (whispering): should i step in... they will get slaughtered if i dont
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: heartier
(2592) Trayn (whispering): is this viewable from the outside?
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: [1d20+3] -> [9,3] = (12)
(2623) DM: (all right, if you're in the vault, place your mini and roll init. if you're not in the vault, just roll init. you cannot attack anything outside the vault and vice versa.)
(2592) Trayn : Initiative: [1d20+1] -> [7,1] = (8)
whispering to Trayn , yes but not affected
(2580) Kyla: Initiative: [1d20+4] -> [11,4] = (15)
(2569) Morti: [1d20+2] -> [18,2] = (20)
(2623) Narbius: I certainly hope ye know how to return. (laughing hollowly) The gate will not remain open for longer than a few minutes. And when it closes, your souls are MINE!
(2569) Morti: :whispers to Trayn: "Can you take out these undead like you did the ones in the bath?"
** (2571) Reiner Swiftblade starts to chant **
(2623) Narbius: (21, Je'rar)
(2592) Trayn : ((im just outside the thingy here... not that close... yet))
(2626) Je'rar: (where exactly is the vault entrance ?)
(2623) Narbius: In the meantime, I shall let my children feast on your entrails. (chuckling)
(2623) DM: The vault entrance is the left of the screen. (not shown)
(2626) Je'rar: ok
(2623) DM: (doing anything?)
(2626) Je'rar: *attacks this shadowy form that stands before me
(2626) Je'rar: Longsword [1d20+5] -> [18,5] = (23) DMG [1d8+4] -> [1,4] = (5)
(2626) Je'rar: Mace, Light [1d20+5] -> [16,5] = (21) DMG [1d6+4] -> [1,4] = (5)
(2580) Kyla: (setting snap to grid would help here))
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: (in elvish) Sir we may need your help on this one
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: (to drenla
(2626) Je'rar: (whoa.. it was in melee range..it just moved)
(2623) Drenla: Already on it, ye old windbag.
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): gonna turn the skellitons
(2623) Drenla: (hit)
(2626) Je'rar: [1d8+4] -> [7,4] = (11)
(2626) Je'rar: [1d6+4] -> [2,4] = (6)
(2626) Je'rar: 17
(2623) DM: The shadow fades away, its essence torn to shreds from Je'rar's attack.
** (2626) Je'rar roars in defiance **
(2589) No Name (exit): 18:56
(2623) DM: (20, Morti and Drenla)
** (2569) Morti steps into the vault, takes out a piece of cured leather, speaking a fewwords under his breath and holds out the items which vanishes as an ethereal essence envelopes Reiner as he chants(mage armor +4 ac) **
(2623) DM: (Morti first)
** (2571) Reiner Swiftblade feels protected all of a sudden **
(2623) DM: Drenla mutters and frowns, saying something about all that gold being a hindrance. Setting forth his staff so that its light flares brightly onto the shadowy figure who shields himself from its gaze, he mutters an incantation that sends forth three miniature spears of crimson light from his fingers at a shadow.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [3d4+3] -> [4,1,4,3] = (12)
(2623) DM: (seriously wounded)
(2623) DM: (15, Kyla)
** (2580) Kyla runs in to that sopot readying her chain (done)) **
(2623) DM: (12, Reiner)
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: [1d20+3] -> [11,3] = (14)
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): can effect 14 hd
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, ok
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: [2d6+6] -> [5,4,6] = (15)
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, so describe it
(2592) Trayn (whispering): undead 1/2 his level will be destroyed instead of being turned
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "BACK FOUL ABOMINATIONS!" Streaking white longswords fly from Reiner's hands and strike the skellitons
(2592) Trayn (whispering): 1/2 his cleric level
whispering to Trayn , right, I want him to describe it
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "in his eyes you see a searing white light
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "Thanks be to then might of the War Father!"
(2623) Narbius: An impressive opening gambit, but this will avail ye not, priest of the Red Sword. I think ye will be first.
** (2623) Narbius flies forward, spreading his hands as a longsword of black sputtering energy comes into being. Glancing within, you can see that the blade is crafted from the souls of the three triplet ghosts, whose faces press forward in utter anguish within the blade. **
(2623) Narbius: With your fall, my triumph over the Mistmoor family is but begun. DIE!!!
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+6] -> [4,6] = (10). [1d20+1] -> [17,1] = (18)
(2623) DM: AC 24, AC 18
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: one hit one miss
(2580) Kyla: ((hold on, where is narbus? was that a ranged attack, or did he violate aoo space?)))
(2569) Morti: :noticing the sword: "The girls..."
** (2623) Narbius plunges the blade deep into Reiner's heart and twists, chuckling as life force begins streaming out from the hapless priest's body, soaking the shade in his life energy. **
(2623) DM: Lose 2 Strength and take 7 damage.
(2580) Kyla: ((did he blink there, or move? there?))
(2580) Kyla: ((I atleast can aoo if he moved))
(2623) DM: (Kyla and Je'rar, AOO)
(2580) Kyla: ((and before he attacked))
(2626) Je'rar: [1d20+4] -> [15,4] = (19)
** (2580) Kyla disarms him of that nasty looking weapon. **
(2626) Je'rar: 8O)
(2569) Morti: (flanked aoo even..)
(2623) DM: (I can only type so fast folks, give me time, ok?)
(2580) Kyla: [1d20+15] -> [2,15] = (17)
(2580) Kyla: ((make that a 19, flanked))
(2623) DM: (what are you striking with?)
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "Not nice...mage"
(2580) Kyla: ((chain))
(2623) DM: (enchanted?)
(2580) Kyla: (large 2 handed vs a med 1 handed weapon on a disarm.))
(2580) Kyla: ((nope, jsut a chain))
(2623) DM: (if it's not enchanted, damage reduction applies)
(2580) Kyla: ((he makes an opposed to hit roll against me))
(2580) Kyla: ((not for disarm))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+2] -> [8,2] = (10)
(2580) Kyla: ((not doing damage, I'm disarming))
(2623) DM: The sword falls to the ground and dissipates.
(2623) DM: (Je'rar?)
(2580) Kyla: ((now he can attack renier unarmed, adn provoke aoo's for doing that))
(2580) Kyla: ((not drain crap from that evil sword))
(2569) Morti: (nice one Kyla)
(2623) Narbius: If I die to ye, I still win. The gate closes in less time than it takes to win this fight, priest!
(2580) Kyla: ((thanks, this is whyy I liove the under damageing heavy dumb chain. it's a fantastic disarmer.))
(2626) Je'rar: rolled a 19 to hit
(2623) DM: (Je'rar? Are you doing something?)
(2623) DM: (ok, hit then)
(2626) Je'rar: I rolled my aoo
(2626) Je'rar: got a 19; did i hit ?
(2626) Je'rar: ok
(2626) Je'rar: [1d8+4] -> [3,4] = (7)
(2626) Je'rar: 7
(2623) DM: (attacking with what?)
(2626) Je'rar: longsword
(2626) Je'rar: my primary weapon
whispering to Je'rar, is it enchanted?!?
(2569) Morti: "If what he's saying is right, maybe we should get out of here... NOW!"
(2623) DM: (folks, if I'm asking what you're attacking with, I'm really asking if it's an enchanted weapon)
(2626) Je'rar (whispering): I wish..if I ever see one, I'll gladly take it and make it my own though 8o)
(2623) DM: (seriously wounded)
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): I'm hating to do this but I am pulling out the elf sword
whispering to Groovelord, sometimes I wonder if going to the dentist is less painful than dealing with this group of players
(2623) DM: (8, Trayn)
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, ok
** (2592) Trayn sees the terrible threat before them and storms in shouting "Behold the power of the sun and the flames of retribution... Behold the power of Solnor!" he presents his holy symbol and glares at the dark shadows before him **
(2592) Trayn : Turning, Commanding and Rebuking: Turn Undead [1d20+2+2] -> [19,2,2] = (23) Turn Check [2d6+2+3] -> [1,5,2,3] = (11) Power Check
(2592) Trayn : Turning, Commanding and Rebuking Check Results: 10-12 = 4 Level
(2592) Trayn : scratch that
(2592) Trayn : Turning, Commanding and Rebuking Check Results: +22 = 8 Level
(2592) Trayn : i turn 8th level undead!
** (2623) Narbius shrieks with agony as the light stabs at him from all angles. **
(2623) Narbius: (21, Je'rar)
(2580) Kyla: ((that would have been 11 hd worth of up to 8th level undead))
(2623) DM: (oops heheh)
(2592) Trayn : ((yes))
(2623) DM: ((yes, turning damage?))
** (2626) Je'rar takes advantage of my flanking position,and strikes at Narbius **
(2626) Je'rar: Longsword [1d20+5] -> [17,5] = (22) DMG [1d8+4] -> [2,4] = (6)
(2626) Je'rar: Mace, Light [1d20+5] -> [14,5] = (19) DMG [1d6+4] -> [3,4] = (7)
(2592) Trayn : yes turning
(2626) Je'rar: aww yeaahhhh
(2580) Kyla: ((so 3hd would have gotten all 3, 4+ hd would have been only 2 of them, 6+ hd = only 1 gone))
(2626) Je'rar: 13 pts
(2592) Trayn (whispering): 2nd hd are destroyed - 3rd to 8th level are turned up to 11 HD
whispering to Trayn , right, but he's still here, so that should tell you something.
(2592) Trayn (whispering): not exactly - the shadows would be affected first and i didnt get them all
(2592) Trayn (whispering): only tells me he is better than a shadow which is a given
(2623) DM: As Trayn's chant fades away, the rays of his holy symbol produce gleaming blades of light that strike at the shadows surrounding you, bathing the chamber for an instant in a healthy glow of sunrise which causes the shadows to fade harmlessly away. Or perhaps more precisely what happens is that when the shadows fade away, Narbius absorbs its essences, healing him.
(2623) DM: Je'rar closes in on the shade who still stands before Reiner, weaponless.
whispering to Trayn , actually you did
(2623) DM: (lightly wounded)
(2623) DM: (20, Morti and Drenla. Morti first)
** (2569) Morti thrusts forth his hands as he did against the zombie drake uttering through a strained jaw and lets forth a wave of positive energy at narbius (disrupt undead) **
(2569) Morti: [1d6] -> [6] = (6)
(2569) Morti: oops
whispering to Trayn , my point is that he wasn't affected by your turning, so that should clue you in
(2569) Morti: ranged touch[1d20+3] -> [7,3] = (10)
(2623) DM: (miss)
** (2623) Drenla chants, laying a pair of hands atop Je'rar;s sword arm. **
** (2571) Reiner Swiftblade readies his short sword and longsword and states the elvish name **
(2623) Drenla: For when your blade needs to strike truly.
(2623) DM: (15, Kyla)
** (2580) Kyla takes the flanking oppertunity to kidney punch Narbius. (unarmed attack for subdual damage) **
(2580) Kyla: [1d20+3] -> [6,3] = (9)
(2580) Kyla: (miss))
(2623) DM: (12, Reiner)
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): short sword is stilll a mystery long sword is +1 to hit
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: [2d20+6] -> [18,17,6] = (41)
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: (strike that)
(2623) DM: hah
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: [1d20+6] -> [3,6] = (9)
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: [1d20+6] -> [10,6] = (16)
(2623) DM: (hit once)
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: 9/ 16
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: (16 with the elf sword )
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: (do not know plusses or special abilities)
(2623) DM: (seriously wounded)
(2623) DM: (I do and that's all you need to know at this juncture.)
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: (1d6 + ?)
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: k
(2623) DM: Ignoring Kyla and Je'rar, Narbius reaches hold of Reiner and attempts to strangle you directly. (AOO if need be.)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+8] -> [17,8] = (25)
(2623) DM: AC 25
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: hit
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d6+1] -> [1,1] = (2)
** (2580) Kyla attempts to trip the evil..... **
(2623) DM: Lose 2 Strength and take 2 damage from chilling attack.
(2580) Kyla: [1d20+7] -> [3,7] = (10)
(2623) DM: (miss)
(2580) Kyla: ((failed, he may try to counter trip if he wants to....))
(2623) DM: (Je'rar?)
(2626) Je'rar: [1d20+7] -> [7,7] = (14)
(2626) Je'rar: heh
(2626) Je'rar: that probably missed
(2623) DM: (miss as well. 8, Trayn)
** (2592) Trayn heals Morti for [1d8+4] -> [3,4] = (7) healing and then steps back through the threshold... heeding the threats thrown at them by the evil spirit **
(2592) Trayn : (done)
(2623) DM: As Trayn steps through, the gateway begins to glow.
** (2623) Narbius chuckles loudly **
** (2569) Morti welcomes the healing though he doesn't bother to follow through the portal **
(2623) DM: (21, Je'rar)
(2626) Je'rar: tries to finish him off
(2626) Je'rar: Longsword [1d20+5] -> [20,5] = (25) DMG [1d8+4] -> [8,4] = (12)
(2626) Je'rar: Mace, Light [1d20+5] -> [6,5] = (11) DMG [1d6+4] -> [2,4] = (6)
(2626) Je'rar: threat :)
(2569) Morti (whispering): can I perform a vertical burning hands?
(2623) DM: (crits are ignored)
(2626) Je'rar: [1d20+5] -> [2,5] = (7)
whispering to Morti, sure
(2626) Je'rar: ah well lol
(2626) Je'rar: 18 pts
(2623) DM: (seriously wounded)
(2623) DM: (well then critically wounded)
(2623) DM: (20, Morti and Drenla)
(2623) DM: (Morti first)
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): trayn leaving in the face of evil? that is pretty wild for a LG cleric! LOL
** (2569) Morti rushes in beside Reiner, his hands fanned in ready of a speall, but turning the to the side for a change, he thrusts them forth aimed for Narbius and unleashes a vertical plane of blue fire from the ceiling to the floor **
(2569) Morti: [2d4] -> [2,2] = (4)
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, someone needs to open the gate from the other side...
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): good
** (2623) Narbius screams AAAAAAAAAAAGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! **
(2569) Morti: :cries out as Narbius does: "We have to get out of here!"
** (2623) Drenla hurls forth a ball of scarlet flames at the conflagration before him. **
(2626) Je'rar: "I agree"/me runs like hell out the vault
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [2d4] -> [3,2] = (5)
(2623) DM: (critically wounded)
(2626) Je'rar: (assuming he goes down)
(2623) DM: (15, Kyla)
(2623) DM: (Je'rar, you went already)
** (2580) Kyla grabs a couple of the more vuleable items. **
(2623) DM: (12, Reiner)
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "I may have less strength, but be sure I will destroy you!"
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: [1d20+5] -> [10,5] = (15)
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: [1d20+5] -> [15,5] = (20)
(2580) Kyla (whispering): so blane can pay his debt incase we can't get back
(2569) Morti: :calls to Kyla pleadingly: "Forget that junk, we don't have time!"
(2623) Narbius: When the gate closes, you are MINE, priest!
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: (15 long sword , 20 elf sword
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: (20 + elf sword )
(2623) DM: (hit twice)
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: [1d8+5] -> [1,5] = (6)
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: [1d6+5] -> [4,5] = (9)
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: 15 + any additional damage the elf sword does)
(2623) DM: As you plunge both swords into the creature's essence, it lets out a death howl as its body is ripped to shreds, releasing the torment of the spirits which it absorbed from those centuries past. (Fort save, -3)
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "This is a gift from the War Father"
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: [1d20+6] -> [13,6] = (19)
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: 19 fort save
(2623) Narbius: Ye may have slain me, but curse ye I shall, till your soul come to the Hall of Judgment!! May ye never know the light and laughter of one begat from your blood!
(2580) Kyla: "someone get his sword"
(2626) Je'rar: "Back to the grave,fool"
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, lose half your hit points
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: (it disapated)
(2569) Morti: (the sword disipated)
(2580) Kyla: ((ok))
(2623) DM: The shade dissipates as Reiner collapses.
(2592) Trayn : ((woo hoo... glad im not in here... i can still have kids))
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, and age 1 year.
(2569) Morti: "Reiner!"
(2626) Je'rar: ( what of the two I already have? :P )
** (2569) Morti kneels beside the war priest to get him up, "Come on, we have to go" **
** (2571) Reiner Swiftblade reiner is out cold **
(2645) X-Codes (enter): 19:44
(2623) DM: The gate closes.
(2580) Kyla: "hmmm....."
** (2569) Morti gapes at the sight of the closing gate. **
(2569) Morti: :dropping back onto his posterior: "i hope they can still open the door."
** (2626) Je'rar hoists reiner out the vault **
(2626) Je'rar: hm? aw damn..can only type so fast sometimes
(2580) Kyla: "Gate's closed"
(2569) Morti: (is there still a shadow left or is that just a rogue mini?)
(2623) DM: As the gate closes, the entire chamber is bathed in darkness save for the sound of your own breathing and the tinkle of coins.
(2592) Trayn : ((/me takes the loot, kills Blaine and takes over the Manion of Mistmoor for himself))
(2626) Je'rar: "Might as well search for treasure and goodies while we're here; might even find a way to open the frikkin' door"
(2580) Kyla: ((lol))
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: ((LOL))
(2592) Trayn : ((tracks down Psyche and marries her... having 8 ruthless brats the roam the countryside))
(2580) Kyla: "How are we going to search it? I can't see a dam thing"
** (2569) Morti casts dancing lights forming several balls of light as he begins to look around the chamber for a torch or fire pit **
(2623) DM: The chamber is literally awash in treasure.
(2626) Je'rar: (better you than Reiner; he just got pronounced kid-less)
(2580) Kyla: "Fire here would be bad, it's like haveing a torch in a cave. It will fill with smoke fast, and choke us."
(2569) Morti: (mystical visectomy)
(2623) DM: In fact, the dimensions of the vault are easily half of the prison chamber beneath the manse.
** (2580) Kyla starts looking over the wall for a way to open the door again. **
(2569) Morti: "well this little spell ain't gonna last us long"
(2623) Drenla: Pegasus. (frowns)
(2569) Morti: (only a couple minutes)
(2580) Kyla: "then search for some light source with it.
(2623) Drenla: I have a light stone that can last for a little while. hm. Pegasus, pegasus. (frowns)
(2580) Kyla: "maby something inn the treasure will glow, or something."
(2592) Trayn (whispering): ha let the stew for a bit.... ill be waking Blaine in the mean time
** (2569) Morti breathes heavily, "That would be nice, cause my magic is tapped" **
(2623) Drenla: Something's wrong here and I have to think things through.
whispering to Trayn , ok
** (2569) Morti looks around the walls and about the treasure for any scriptures or such **
whispering to Trayn , the mirror is back just so you know
(2580) Kyla: "I'm only going through the motions here, if this vault could be opened from the inside, why didn't that evil jerk leave earlier?
(2592) Trayn (whispering): right but ill have Blaine activate it before I'd give myself a try
(2623) DM: Just images of flying pegasi and mounted warriors atop them.
(2569) Morti: "Most likely because it can't be opened from inside"
(2580) Kyla: "exactly."
(2623) Drenla: That's just it, I do think this vault can be opened from here, but the answer is just out of reach.
(2569) Morti: :looking rather tired: "And we're about to be in the dark again. my spell's gonna run out any minute"
(2649) No Name (enter): 19:52
(2623) Drenla: Well, while we're here, I should tell you all something. I must apologize for deceiving ye all.
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): let me know when I come to again
(2623) Drenla: Ye know me as a mage of the Diamond Citadel, as the mage Drenla.
(2569) Morti: "Yeah..."
(2649) No Name (exit): 19:53
** (2569) Morti strolls over to try shaking Reiner awake as Drenla talks **
(2623) Drenla: That really is my name, and that really is from whence I hail. However, I do not work merely for the magic alone.
(2580) Kyla: "It's ok, we all have our secrets, and half truths. now is not the time to worry about them."
(2569) Morti: "So?" :then calling to the unconcious war priest: "Come on, wake up!"
(2623) Drenla: I answer to The Magister of the Citadel, and I serve His Majesty, the King of Wylund.
(2623) Drenla: Well, it is in a way. Ye see (to Morti), it was not by chance that we travelled with ye from Jeroth's Well. It was because I had been on the trail of those merchants for some time to come.
(2569) Morti: "The Magister is the glowing guy in the diamond throne, right? Didn't know you worked for the King though"
(2580) Kyla: "Everyone works for the king somehow"
(2623) Drenla: And your friend, Reiner is correct, I am a bit more powerful than I have let ye to believe. But it was for your sake more than mine.
(2645) X-Codes (exit): 19:57
(2592) Trayn (whispering): time could work much differently in the vault... they could be in there for 1 minute but it would seem like an hour
whispering to Trayn , right
(2569) Morti: :cocks his head: "That's only going to annoy me if the next words out of your mouth are you're strong enough to have beaten birdboy before the gate closed"
whispering to Trayn , actually the reverse. for every minute that passes in the vault, an hour passes in the real world
(2651) Tek (enter): 19:58
** (2580) Kyla kneels down next to Renier opposite of morti, and strokes his unconsious forehead. **
(2592) Trayn (whispering): so am i trying to teach them a lesson and resting the evening on them?
(2623) Drenla: Unfortunately, I was not. But it was necessary for me to keep up my deception so that no suspicions would be aroused.
(2569) Morti: "And I already figure you were in the caravan because of the merchants. Like they said at the citadel, they're working for Kern, right?" :head bows as he groans out: "And Almeena..."
whispering to Trayn , hah
(2569) Morti: :on the mentioning of that name the short term light spell winks out leaving the room dak again:
(2623) Drenla: (cocks his head) What do ye know of Lady Almeena?
(2623) Drenla: Mulath.
(2569) Morti: "You mentioned the name in the citadel"
(2580) Kyla (whispering): laying hands on renier 12 damage.
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): just got healed 12 points
(2569) Morti: :is silent for a moment: "Anyone have a light?"
(2623) DM: Drenla's staff glows an eerie sapphire blue light, bathing the chamber in a dim radiance.
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, you waken, but feel tired.
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, you're unsure from what, but you know you're older.
(2580) Kyla (whispering): er, healing 12, not inflicting 12....
(2569) Morti: "Thanks" :seems dour as he gives the unconcsious Reiner another prodding:
(2623) Drenla: Ays. I did, and ye did just now.
(2623) Drenla: (glances at Morti)
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "Uggg! What happened....there is a pain in my groin....I feel ...uh...older...."
(2623) Drenla: In any event, this deception was necessary, but no more at this time.
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "What deception?"
(2623) Drenla: Now is the time for secrets to be revealed and truth laid bare.
** (2569) Morti ignores Drenla's question as he smiles to Reiner's awakening "Reiner! G'morning" **
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "What is going on here?"
(2569) Morti: "We're trapped in the vault"
(2580) Kyla: "we're trapped in a vault, and drenela is telling us stories.
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "My groin hurts" ::feels to see if he was stabbed down there
(2623) Drenla: 'Tis no story, woman!
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "What did that bastard do to me and is he dead?"
(2569) Morti: :to Reiner: "Maybe you pulled it"
(2580) Kyla: "It's still not the entire truth either."
(2652) dicemistress (enter): 20:04
(2623) Drenla: These folk were in grave danger though they knew it not. I thank the Lady they are alive and not dead this day.
(2569) Morti: :nods to Reiner: ".. and gone"
(2580) Kyla: "he exploded on you when you killed him"
(2652) dicemistress (exit): 20:05
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "Well thanks to the War Father that I am still alive"
(2623) DM: There is no more of Narbius or the undead, save piles of ash and bone.
** (2569) Morti suddenly looks up to Drenla, "What about the sisters? Do you think they were freed?" **
(2623) Drenla: Ays, thank your god that ye are.
(2623) Drenla: Better alive than dead at the hands of Kernin slavers.
(2623) DM: You notice it's the first time that Drenla has not insulted Reiner on his faith.
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "Aye tis true....I would kill a Kernin slaver with my bare hands!"
(2623) Drenla: It's quite possible. But I am no priest, so who knows?
(2580) Kyla: "No. it would be far more approiate to let them live as a slave for a few years."
(2623) Drenla: They were slavers, ye know. Although what they were carrying is anyone's guess.
(2569) Morti: "Too bad we're stuck in here. maybe I could have gone to see if she showed up on the tower tonight"
** (2571) Reiner Swiftblade looks dour at that comment "no one should live as a slave" **
(2580) Kyla: "No one should be murdered either"
(2655) Aus the unDM (enter): 20:08
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "Do you think my strength will return Master Drenla?
(2623) Drenla: I see your whining already has.
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "I feel weak...."
(2580) Kyla: "heh"
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: ::defiantly:: "I will make due with what I am given"
(2623) Drenla: Show ye a hunk of cheese and a loaf of bread and your hunger will go away, as flighty as a flying pig.
(2623) Drenla: (acidly)
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "Ye are back to yer old self I see"
(2655) Aus the unDM (exit): 20:10
(2623) Drenla: Ays, you have no fate but the fate you are given. A common saying in the lands of the desert lands.
(2580) Kyla: "This slow degredation towards chaos may be fun in a nother place, but we are rather stuck here now. any ideas on how to get out?"
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "and on the plains"
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "Where is Trayn?
(2623) Drenla: Have I ever changed? I swore not to insult your faith, but not your will.
(2569) Morti: "Good point with the bread and cheese, I'm starved" :sits on the floor and reaches into his pack for some bread and jerked beef to have a snack"
(2580) Kyla: "He got out in time."
(2623) Drenla: He stepped through the portal before it closed. A wise man and a gentleman. May he open the gate so that we can away.
(2626) Je'rar: "I carve out my own fate"
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "What? That coward!"
(2623) Drenla: Don't be a fool. He has half a brain more than ye in the face of a wineskin. (snort)
(2580) Kyla: "That was not a cowardly act. we need someone outside who can re open the gate.'
(2569) Morti: "Ya can't really blame him for being smart. Why do you think I kept yelling for us to run?"
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "Can ye do that magecraft werk and ask him to open the vault then?
(2623) Drenla: I'm thinking on it. The answer to opening the gate was in our face all along that I can't help the answer to opening the gate from here is in our face. What does a mirror have to do with a pegasus?
(2569) Morti: 'Not sure that would work when we don't know where we are" :bites at the bread:
(2569) Morti: "The story of the hero"
(2580) Kyla: "mabya reflection of the opening phrase.
(2569) Morti: :chews his bread:
(2656) Ben (enter): 20:14
(2580) Kyla: "susagep"
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: susagep
(2623) DM: No response.
(2580) Kyla: "Unicorn"
whispering to Groovelord, do you and Gester know? give you a brownie if you can guess. heheh.
(2623) DM: No response.
(2569) Morti: :casually: "That guy Perseus who had a pegasus used a mirror to fight the Medusa, right?"
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: what is the opposite of a pegasus?
(2569) Morti: :continues eating:
(2623) DM: The mirror opens.
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "Morti you are a genius!
(2569) Morti: :stops in mid chew to stare at the opening:
(2656) Ben (exit): 20:15
** (2571) Reiner Swiftblade pats him on the back **
** (2626) Je'rar reaches into his p ack **
** (2580) Kyla tossess the few valueables back on the pile **
(2626) Je'rar: "Yu mean a mirror such as this one? Or the one on the other side of the... sonuva..."
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "no no they are Lord Blaine's
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: Put them back
** (2569) Morti almost chokes on his bread as Reiner pats him, but after a few coughs he straightens **
(2623) DM: The chamber beyond is deserted. Trayn and Blaine are nowhere to be found.
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: He owns this treasure not us
whispering to Trayn , I'll assume you're outside the chamber.
(2580) Kyla: "I did put them back. I was trying to get some value out for him before it closed up, ut now that we know the commands to open the vault, it's all good.
(2592) Trayn (whispering): ok
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): does it look like the chamber?
(2580) Kyla: only, was it persius, or medusa that openied it?
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: medussa/ pegasus
** (2569) Morti heads out of the vault, calling out for the priest: "Trayn!" **
(2623) Drenla: When we get back to Tolmara, ye shall have an audience with His Majesty.
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "It will be an honour
(2569) Morti: "Tryan! Where are you?!"
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, yes, it looks like where you were before you entered
(2569) Morti: (what time is it in game?)
** (2571) Reiner Swiftblade looks for a sign of a struggle **
(2580) Kyla: "I hope he didn't have to gfight a duplicate of himself alone."
(2623) Drenla: The next day (morning).
(2623) DM: (No struggle.)
(2623) DM: (Apparently, you spent a great deal of time in the vault, for its morning, the next day.)
(2623) DM: (Even though it was only a few minutes.)
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: Well maybe they went back to town
(2569) Morti (whispering): contact the kitty, "Moiraine, are you there?"
whispering to Trayn , whenever you're ready
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): has my strength returned?
whispering to Morti, Mrrr.
whispering to Morti, was wondering where you were
(2569) Morti: "Maybe he has breakfast started"
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, no
(2592) Trayn (whispering): assuming ill be upstairs they seem to be downs tairs as of yet
(2651) Tek (exit): 20:21
whispering to Trayn , ok
(2569) Morti (whispering): "Phew... I was worried for a second. How about you meet me at the front door. You didn't see Trayn or Blaine leave, right?"
whispering to Morti, they're upstairs in a servant's room
(2569) Morti (whispering): great
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: Well I would like to go back and see a higher level priest...There is something very wrong with me
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): how's my head?
(2569) Morti: "Moiraine says they're in the servant room"
(2592) Trayn (whispering): tell them they are in the basement... might urge them to move their ass
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: Let us go there then
(2580) Kyla: "might we rest some first, I'm still very wet, cold, an hungry."
(2626) Je'rar: "You gonna be ok my brother?"
(2660) MagnaZero (enter): 20:24
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: I don't know....I feel very strange
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: Reiner concentrates around him
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): headache still there?
** (2569) Morti heads out of the room, stopping off to pick up Moiraine before heading up to the second floor servant's room to knock on the door **
(2660) MagnaZero (whispering): Was someone else on my computer?
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): yes
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): there is still a big difference between 16 and 18 so he would still feel it
(2660) MagnaZero (exit): 20:26
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): not to mention he is crotch cursed! LOL
(2661) VeRiZoN (enter): 20:27
** (2592) Trayn hears the knock? **
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, no, no headache
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): is there still evil around?
(2569) Morti: (unless he's deaf... I assume yes)
(2592) Trayn : "who's there... enter in peace if you will"
** (2571) Reiner Swiftblade suddenly smiles **
whispering to Trayn , yes you here the knock
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, no evil
** (2569) Morti opens the door walking in holding out Moiraine, "Don't strike, I have a kitten" **
** (2592) Trayn laughs **
(2592) Trayn : "and even without your feline... why would I do that"
** (2571) Reiner Swiftblade stops concertrating and breaths a sigh of relief **
(2592) Trayn : "I see that you got out of the vault... well done"
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, your Str has not returned and will not for some time to come
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "aye...no thanks to you!::laughs::
** (2569) Morti gives a smile of his scarf and steps toward Tryan to state jovially, "I'm a genius" Then he collapses to the side to fall on the bed cradling Moiraine as he yawns tiredly. **
(2580) Kyla: ((is Blane here too?))
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): I understand
(2623) DM: ((yes he is, sleeping on the bed))
(2592) Trayn : "Blaine was a bit frazzeled"
(2592) Trayn : "So I brought him up here"
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "I imagine"
(2592) Trayn : "He's been sleeping since"
(2580) Kyla: "That's understandable, but why didn't you re open the vault?"
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "my question too"
(2592) Trayn : "I know its been a long time but he wasnt in any condition to do so"
(2592) Trayn : ((he intimates that Blaine would be required))
(2592) Trayn : "It's only been half a day... not the end of the world"
(2592) Trayn : "I'm sure he would have awakened soon"
(2661) VeRiZoN (exit): 20:32
(2580) Kyla: "He wasn't required to open it from the inside. you didn't even try it your self."
(2592) Trayn : "its important for someone to recover fully before facing stress again"
(2569) Morti: :murmurs sleepily: "I'm really hungry"
(2592) Trayn : "well I'm not an heir to the Mistmoors"
(2580) Kyla: "like Lord Renier?"
(2592) Trayn (whispering): i was thinking Blaine said the password...
(2592) Trayn : "I was assuming his presence would be required..."
whispering to Trayn , no
(2626) Je'rar: "I'm all for re-opening that thing and seeing just what's in there that we risked our ases for"
(2592) Trayn : "But would have tried if he wasnt available"
(2580) Kyla: "I guess the stress of saying a single word would have been too much, but not the stress of being locked in a magical room overnight with no apparent way out, no light sources, and only te hope of aid from the outside, while being severly wounded isn't too much stress?"
(2592) Trayn : "Im surprised it opened for you..."
(2665) Lycan (enter): 20:34
(2592) Trayn : "Hmmm well that vault is not very secure"
(2592) Trayn : "just a simple word? thats all it takes?"
(2580) Kyla: "then it would have been easy for you to have done so."
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "We risked our ASSES to serve the cause of GOOD Je'rar....to help a fellow man
(2592) Trayn : "and such a common word for the family... must have been tripped on a daily basis"
(2665) Lycan (exit): 20:35
** (2592) Trayn is starting to feel defensive and apologetic **
** (2569) Morti ignores there arguement over the treasure and the door, raising up on his elbows and reaching out to give a tug on Trayn's sleeve to ask the priest hopefully, "Do you think the sisters are free now?" **
(2580) Kyla: "you do have a point there, but I'm not worried about the stupidity of useing such a common word. what they do with their money is their business."
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: Well it is Blaine's now.
** (2623) Blaine snores and turns over, farting. **
(2666) Lidda (enter): 20:36
(2580) Kyla: "Uggghh."
(2666) Lidda (exit): 20:37
(2592) Trayn : "I wouldn't imagine them to be"
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: Well. my groin still hurts...can someone tell me what he did to me?
(2592) Trayn : "passing gas usually has a negitive effect..."
** (2592) Trayn gets up and goes out into the hall **
(2580) Kyla: "He exploded when you killed him."
(2571) Reiner Swiftblade: "so why does my groin hurt?"
(2592) Trayn : "anyone need some healing?"
(2580) Kyla: "not sure."
(2592) Trayn : "I dont know"
** (2623) Rebecca enters the room. **
(2626) Je'rar: "Aye"
** (2569) Morti sours at Trayn's response and lays back on the bed wearily, petting Moiraine protectively **
(2623) Rebecca: I'd like to say something.
(2592) Trayn : "hello...."
(2626) Je'rar: "I could benefit from a touch of that"
(2592) Trayn : "oh someone missed their appointment..."
** (2569) Morti sits up suddenly at Rebecca's arrival, cradling the kitten to his chest **
(2623) DM: The ghost Mistmoor emerges from the wall, nightcap in hand and seeming sheepish.
(2580) Kyla: "Yes, and we are very sorry about that."
(2592) Trayn : "wasn't something that I thought should be made... "
** (2592) Trayn smiles deviously **
(2623) Rebecca: I'd like to apologize for treating you the way I did (to Morti). You're not my Tommy and I'm not alive, as I thought.
(2580) Kyla: "Please, rebecca, is there anything else we can do for you?"
(2592) Trayn : (a foreign expression on his face)
** (2623) Reveri comes into view. **
(2623) Reveri: You've done more than you can know for both of us and for my sister. And you've done more than you can know for our kinsman.
(2569) Morti: :nods to Rebecca: "Th-that's alright. But what about you... and your sisters?"
(2569) Morti: :smiles to reveri:
** (2592) Trayn has a curious look of sadness and joy mixed on his face **
(2623) Reveri: I would like to say, thank you, on behalf of Regine and ourselves, for releasing us. This is our last act as spirits before we go into the Beyond.
(2580) Kyla: "can you and your sisters change the passwords for the vault?"
(2623) Reveri: But before we go, we have a payment to deliver, of sorts.
(2569) Morti: "No payment needed. It's just nice to know we helped you"
(2623) Reveri: (to Kyla) The power to do so now resides in my kinsman's hands. Blaine can if he wishes, make the passage permanent, although such a decision is not wise.
(2670) Lidda (enter): 20:43
(2580) Kyla: "thank you, I only wanted them changed so that only he knew the words. too many right now do, and that's not safe for your family."

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