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(218) DM: Does everyone (with the exception of Eric's PC) need a recap or are we all set?
** (213) Morti has just fainted away in the ball room, at the delayed shock of his first kiss from a cute ghost girl **
(218) DM: Right, when last we left off, he did that after Blaine faints.
(219) Trayn : "sheesh..."
(218) DM: But really, the reason why Blaine fainted was because as soon as the ghost disappeared, a half-orc appeared in its place. Seconds later, Morti faints.
(219) Trayn : "hey!" alarmed at this developement
(218) DM: (Please load your minis, and resize them
** (213) Morti lies unconcious on the floor, a content grin stretching across the enchanted fabric of his mask **
** (219) Trayn prepares to defende himself **
(217) Kyla: "Settle down, it's jsut another of those stupid delusions."
(216) MagnaZero: **The half-orc stares focused, at the man in front of him who just fainted. He then looks around at his unfamilar surroundings.**
(216) MagnaZero: "What is the meaning of this?"
(219) Trayn : "hey this ghost is talking"
(219) Trayn : "though... its not very filmy"
(216) Eldrak: "I am NO GHOST!"
(216) Eldrak: "No...could someone please explain the meaning of all of this?"
(217) Kyla: "It may be right, I've never known anything dead to smell this bad...."
(216) Eldrak: **Eldrak gives a cold look to
(219) Trayn : "hmmm maybe its a ghoul"
(217) Kyla: "Guess they've upped the level of the illusions
(216) Eldrak: Kyla after the remark*
(219) Trayn : "back fiend!"
** (218) Drenla rubs his chin, frowning **
(217) Kyla: "Let's ignore it for a few minutes, and get back to finding that ghost girl. It looks harmless enough"
(218) Drenla: It's possible a spell of mine may have misfired. I've done that in the past from time to time, but this is the first time I've conjured a half-orc.
(216) Eldrak: **Eldrak mumbles a deragtory remark about "ignorant bastards"**
** (217) Kyla wanders over to Morti to check on his health **
(219) Trayn : "well as long as it doesnt want to dance..."
(219) Trayn : "or claw us... leave it alone"
whispering to Eldrak, type "/me X" where X is whatever you want Eldrak to do
** (213) Morti is peacefully unconcious, though he does mumble something along the lines of, " .... bu-buh... miss... I realleh shooden..." **
(219) Trayn : "its going to unsummon itself right?"
(216) Eldrak (whispering): ok, thanks
** (216) Eldrak , deciding to get a better look of this new place, starts to walk around a bit, but still keeps his eye on everyone **
(219) Trayn : "well get up you fools... stop blathering"
(218) Drenla: Describing the room once again to everyone so they know what their surroundings look like.
(218) TaliesinNYC: Great Hall: This large, sparsely furnished chamber has a high ceiling and a balcony running around the inner walls, 15' up. Footprints lead back and forth the wide northeast corridor and the stairs along the south wall. A large portrait of the first viscount of Mistmoor hangs over the fireplace.
(219) Trayn : "hmmm"
(218) Drenla: Probably not. (squints at the half-orc) Looks real enough.
** (218) Drenla mutters incomprehensibly **
** (218) Drenla wrinkles his nose **
** (216) Eldrak walks toward the portrait and stares at it curiously **
(218) Drenla: I suppose we might as well let it tag along, as long as it doesn't try to kill us.
(219) Trayn : "what do you mean?"
(213) Morti: "E-eh?" :morti's eyes flutter open to stare toward the ceiling: "I just had the wiedest dream"
(217) Kyla: "Yea, that was my thought on it, but when it didn't respond to my insults, I figured it must be another illusion. Most halforcs would take some sort fo offence to being told they stink."
(219) Trayn : "well it was real... get a hold of your senses"
(218) Drenla: (mutters) It'll be the first time since being at the Well that I've been in the company of an orc though. I never got used to their smell.
** (216) Eldrak turns to Kyla sharply. "And is suppouse human dont take any offence when they are called bastards, eh?" **
(218) Drenla: You heard me. Might as well let it tag along as long as it doesn't try to kill us. (Or as long as Reiner doesn't try to kill it.) (chuckling)
(219) Trayn : "hey... its a real thing"
(219) Trayn : "or really good magic"
(213) Morti: "Orc.. smell?" :raises up to look around the room and finds the new arrival. sniffing the air, he comments honestly toward the stranger: "You smell like Reiner"
(217) Kyla: "If the boot fits..."
(213) Morti: :cocks his head curiously as he sits up. asks Kyla: "He is he anyway?"
(218) DM: (OC: there are about three other PCs in the group and their players are not here at present. A house rule I have is that players who are not physically present have their characters in "PC limbo". You must be physically in the room for your character to be in the group if I am not playing him or her as an NPC)
(217) Kyla: "still undecided between a improved issusion, and some total screwup of a magic spell.
(217) Kyla: ((Illusion))
(219) Trayn : "well lets get on with this.... ready or not"
** (219) Trayn aproaches the next door and opens it **
(218) DM: (also, pls describe your characters so that Eric (and Eldrak) knows what you look like and vice versa)
(217) Kyla: "...A third possibility jsut occured to me. I remember a story about a kiss turning some frog into a prince, and the half orc just appeared when you kissed that gohost. could only be a coincidence."
(213) Morti: "Hai hai..." :stands up and looks over the Eldrak, cosideringly: "I've never met a half-rc before." :scratches head: "Never met an orc for that matter." : strolling to the stranger he thrusts out the same hand he was scratching his scarfed head with for a shake: "My name's Morti. Nice to meet you."
** (216) Eldrak , the half-orc in front of you, is a hulking figure, standing a 6'8, and 284lbs. He has wild black human hair, a mix of greyish and greenish skin, and solid brownish eyes. No matter what armor he wears, he usually always a cloak with a hood on at all times, to hide his identity. **
(213) Morti: "Eh?" :glances back to Kyla, then to the half-orc... grimacing: "I kissed you....?
(217) Kyla: "no, the ghost you kissed. She disappeared, and the half orc showed up, though I'm not sure how this happened. I was watching you feint at the time."
** (216) Eldrak stares a Morti coldly, as if he was an enemy, and simply says, "The name is Eldrak." **
whispering to Morti, actually you have, at Jeroth's Well, if you remember that far back
(213) Morti (whispering): was I with the group yet?
whispering to Morti, yes you were
** (217) Kyla is dressed in a very black suit, with large amounts of bright, deep red accents which only add to her already foreign appearence. She has extreemly weather dried skin with a almost supernatural tan over already darkish skin. Around her waist is a 5 band silver chain belt supporting a dagger sheath. Nothing else is easily visible, or easily concieled on her, except her black hair peekingout from under a red scarf. Her shoulders are bare, as is her belly, and there is no loose clothing for easily concieling other items, yet she walks with a well armed attitude. **
(213) Morti (whispering): oh... ok then
whispering to Morti, I could be wrong of course though
(213) Morti: The odd boy with the scarf masking his face... At only ten and five winters this frail and innocent boy is a walking mystery. Though, with a shy and gentle demeanor and a trick to his scarf making it act out his expression in rather comical exaggeration few people to no one would ever be concerened with him. A slender figure just over five feet tall is covered head to toe at all times. He wears a faded navy blue canvas jacket embroidered with thin, vine like, copper-color swirling patterns down the arms and joining on the back in a swirling vortex design. Its fastened by three buckles in the front and the cuffs end with three forks which reach over the back and sides of his gloved hands. That is worn over a plain, loose white linen tunic. His brown dark hide breeches are fitted and ornamented with the same copper embroidering in columns down the sides, and are tucked into knee high brown leather boots. His trademark is the checker pinstriped, white cloth scarf which thoroughly wraps his head, leaving only a sliver of copper tone skin visible around his kind dark blue eyes.
(219) Trayn : Trayn is a strong strapping lad with deep green eyes and curly brown hair.
(219) Trayn : Just under 6' tall, he is an imposing if not attractive human male.
** (213) Morti nervously retracts his hand offering a meak chortle as he gives a last friendly: "Well.. uh... welcome aboard then" **
(213) Morti: (brb)
** (216) Eldrak currently wears studded leather armor, his cloak just over it. A longsword is at the side of his hip. **
(218) DM: (which door, Trayn?)
(219) Trayn : (the one im next too)
(218) TaliesinNYC: Kitchen: The room is cluttered with typical cooking paraphernalia and furnished with counters and cupboards, a small table and two chairs.
(218) DM: A faint odor of fried bacon seeps through the open door.
** (219) Trayn enters **
(219) Trayn : "outside door... and what is this a pantry?"
(218) DM: The room appears to have been recently used.
** (219) Trayn opens a door **
** (216) Eldrak decides to have a little bit of fun, and enters the kitchen. **
** (213) Morti asks eldrak tentatively, "So... your first time in a haunted house?" **
(213) Morti: :follows along with the half-orc:
** (216) Eldrak doenst even look at Morti when he answers. "Yeah." **
(219) Trayn : "hmm someone was cooking in here... I smell bacon"
** (213) Morti gives a smirk, "mine too. tonight's the first time I've seen ghosts" :leans in to whisper: "One kissed me." **
(219) Trayn : "and ghosts dont cook real food I believe"
(213) Morti: "Eh?" :sniffs at the air and looks around for recent signs of cooking or new ashes in the fireplace:
(217) Kyla: "maby the orc illusion isn't one, adn was just in here. I didn;t actualy see him materialize, he was jsut standing there when I looked up.
** (216) Eldrak looks at Morti as if he was crazy after the statement. **
(216) Eldrak: "Hmm...meat. Recently cooked i believe."
** (219) Trayn pulls on the doors before him **
(218) DM: There's a door to the north and a door to the left of that. Both are closed. A passage leads further into the house. A door on the south wall stands closed. Outside, thunder booms as the rain continues to fall.
(213) Morti: "that could be an illusion too. you can make people smell things"
(218) DM: (North door or the one to the left?)
(213) Morti: (any windows?)
(218) DM: (Yes, looking outside. It's raining heavily.)
(219) Trayn : (north door... but was your choice really)
(218) DM: (just want to clarify)
(213) Morti: (can we see a wing out the windows that the southern door leads into or is it an exit. if there's a wing to we see an lit windows in it?)
(218) DM: This appears to be a pantry. Several sacks and boxes have been dragged into or stored here recently. A few are open.
(218) DM: As you open the door, a strand of garlic falls to the floor.
(218) DM: (its an exit)
** (219) Trayn opens the other door **
(219) Trayn : "pantry... someone has been in there too":
(213) Morti: "Probably where they got the bacon from..."
** (219) Trayn opens a door leading to a stairwell? **
(218) DM: (yes)
(218) DM: (leading down)
** (216) Eldrak gets a sucpicous look in his eyes. "I cant shake off the feeling that someone other than us is here." **
(219) Trayn : "stairs down... we want to go down there?"
(213) Morti: "yeah... ghosts and possibly corrupt debt collectors..."
whispering to Eldrak, later I'll need to go over with you as to where you are in terms of geography.
(217) Kyla: "Deffinately."
(213) Morti: :to trayn: "Vault's probably downstairs. but we should probably check up in the tower for clues about it's location and how to open it."
(219) Trayn : "well lets check ou tthis hall ... roudn there and then go downstairs"
** (219) Trayn leaves the door open and thne hits the hallf finding more doors **
** (217) Kyla follows **
** (213) Morti follows the priest **
** (219) Trayn opens the door **
** (216) Eldrak follows everybody **
whispering to Eldrak, you're still going to have to read the files even though you're playing a half-orc ranger. don't think you're getting off that easily. =P the reason is because you have to conform your character to the world. I haven't yet done any documents on half-orcs but I'll get around to it eventually.
(218) TaliesinNYC: Servants Quarters (F): This small bedroom is furnished with a single wardrobe and bunks for six people.
(213) Morti: :as they walk, Morti asks Blaine: "So.... do you know anyone named Tom?"
(213) Morti: (btw... about what time is it in game?)
(218) DM: Two of the beds look recently slept in. One of those beds is quite rumpled up, as if the person was heavier than the bed.
** (219) Trayn hits the next one "sleeping quarters" **
(218) DM: (around 2 in the afternoon)
(218) TaliesinNYC: Servants Quarters (M): This small bedroom is furnished with a single wardrobe and bunks for six people.
(218) Blaine: No...not to my knowledge.
(219) Trayn : "same thing here"
(218) DM: (OC: Drenla and Blaine's descriptions)
** (216) Eldrak decides to look around the wardrobe, looking for anything valuable **
(218) DM: (Drenla is a human man, about the height of a spear, with ice-blue penetrating eyes and sharp, patrician features, and a long white beard. Usually garbs himself in long flowing light blue or sky blue robes, he also carries an ivory staff that's capped with a star sapphire. The staff is carved with all manner of runes.)
(213) Morti: "Well could he be an ancestor? your grandfather? long lost cousin?"
(218) DM: (The mage is about four and thirty winters. Blaine is a human man, in his late twenties, and is simply dressed -- or perhaps under-garbed in this party of adventurers. You have the impression that he leads a life unknown to an adventurer and more like a city or country dweller or a noble aristocrat.)
(218) DM: (brown hair, dark brown eyes, fair and soft complexion)
(219) Trayn : ((bah.. i wanted Drenla to be a hot chick... figures the DM ruins that))
(217) Kyla: ((lol))
(216) Eldrak: (hehehehe)
(218) Blaine: I don't really think so. None of my immediate relations have the name "Thomas" or "Tom". Seems more like a Western name to me than anything. Our line is of Imperial blood, although none of us have returned to our ancestral lands in the North.
(217) Kyla: "Maby he was a servant then"
(213) Morti: "Well did you ever here about a Westerner named Tommy staying here?"
(248) Trayn (enter): 18:20
(213) Morti: (we all still here?)
(217) Kyla: (maby)
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (248) Trayn ...
(216) Eldrak: (im still here)
(218) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(219) Trayn ' from room...
(219) Trayn (exit): 18:23
(250) Trayn (enter): 18:23
** (218) Blaine thinks a moment, then stops, shaking his head. **
(213) Morti: "Wow, you really don't know much about your family..."
(218) Blaine: I'm sorry, I can't remember. It's possible, but my family hasn't been here in many years. Ever since the tragedy of two centuries ago, we've lived elsewhere.
(251) Greebo (enter): 18:24
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (250) Trayn ...
(218) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(248) Trayn ' from room...
(248) Trayn (exit): 18:24
(251) Greebo (exit): 18:24
(213) Morti: :nods to Blaine: "Sorry to hear that.... again."
(217) Kyla: "we've been in her for a few hours, seen several harmless ghosts, and one infected bath tub. Does anyone else think this is clean enough?"
(218) Blaine: Well, I don't know much about my ancestors. As I said, our life as we knew it was destroyed the night of the tragedy. I'd read about it, but until the events of today, never knew the truth of the matter.
** (213) Morti heads into room 15, searching around for any personal effects, letters, or the like. the name Tommy in mind **
(213) Morti: :to Kyla: "No... we can't leave without helping them."
(213) Morti: "Oh, and I just remembered... Rebecca told me to meet her in the loft at midnight"
** (216) Eldrak decides to follow Morti, and starts looking for anything of value **
(218) Drenla: It's not quite moonrise yet....surely you're not intent on meeting her, are you?
(217) Kyla: "Help them with what though? It seems to me that evry time we find one, they run off. If they wanted help, they'd show us some way in which we could."
(213) Morti: :to Drenla: "Well... it's be rude not to show... wouldn't it?"
(217) Kyla: "Um.... Never mind. that just answered my doubts."
(259) Trayn : ive got fog
(285) DM: much better
(285) DM: As you open the door, a musty smell of dried grapes wafts up to your nostrils.
(285) DM: You descend the wooden, rickety stairs, into a wine cellar.
(285) TaliesinNYC: Wine Cellar: This room is filled with casks and wine racks, though only a few bottles remain and many of them are broken.
(259) Trayn : "hmmmmm"
(285) DM: There is a flight of stairs that leads down, in the recesses of the chamber. A stone door stands closed to the east. The sound of rushing water can be heard.

** (1304) Morti listens for the source direction of the water **
(1306) Trayn : "ok... whats that over there... another staircase?"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+4] -> [7,4] = (11)
(1305) Eldrak: "Hmm...i smell grapes...and water seems to be near here...
whispering to Morti, you think underneath you and to the east
(1302) TaliesinNYC: Wine Cellar: This room is filled with casks and wine racks, though only a few bottles remain and many of them are broken.
(1306) Trayn : "and a door... there between those shelves"
(1302) DM: The door is a stone door and is closed.
(1308) Tron (enter): 18:59
** (1306) Trayn looks down the stairs **
whispering to Trayn , You can hear the sound of sobbing from below...
** (1304) Morti moves to listen through the stone door **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20-1] -> [1,-1] = (0)
whispering to Morti, you can't hear anything...
** (1305) Eldrak goes to the stone door, looking around caustiously **
(1306) Trayn : "hey something is crying down there"
** (1306) Trayn moves down the stairs **
(1304) Morti (whispering): there's a fountain in the middle of the estate, right? was it running?
whispering to Eldrak, when you get a chance, send me a completed character sheet so I know how many skill points you have. I make certain rolls like Listen, Search and Disable Device
** (1305) Eldrak turns to Trayn "What?" **
** (1303) Kyla follows **
whispering to Morti, yes
whispering to Morti, no it wasn't running but you could be unsure
(1304) Morti: "crying?" :heads over to the stairs near trayn: "is it another of the girl's?"
** (1305) Eldrak slwoly makes his way to the stairs "Something is not right about this." **
(1305) Eldrak: *slwoly
(1305) Eldrak: *slowly
(1303) Kyla: "Let me check this out first then."
(1306) Trayn : "not sure" stepping down the stairs with some concern
** (1303) Kyla searches the door **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+8] -> [17,8] = (25)
whispering to Kyla, locked, trapped
** (1304) Morti follows behind Trayn, quiet as possible and hiding in his shadow (move silent, hide as you please) **
(1316) Terl (enter): 19:08
(1306) Trayn : "hmmmm"
whispering to Trayn , There is a girl, dressed in a bloodstained nightgown, sitting by the pool. She's washing her hands frantically
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (1316) Kyla...
(1317) MagnaZero (enter): 19:08
(1302) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(1303) Kyla' from room...
(1303) Kyla (exit): 19:09
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (1317) MagnaZero...
(1317) MagnaZero: my OpenRPG got screwed up, sorry
(1306) Trayn : "there is a stream down here.... and a girl"
(1302) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(1305) Eldrak' from room...
(1305) Eldrak (exit): 19:09
(1306) Trayn : "hey you"
(1306) Trayn : "are you hurt... or..." a wary tone enters his voice
whispering to Kyla, stone door is locked and trapped
(1302) Regine: It won't come off....
** (1302) Regine doesn't look up. **
** (1304) Morti peeking out from behind Trayn, "What won't?" **
(1316) Kyla (whispering): disable the trap (+10) and pick lock (also +10)
** (1302) Regine holds up her bloodstained hands. **
(1302) Regine: It won't come off! (frantically)
(1306) Trayn : "well... thats because you are a spirit... I think"
(1317) Eldrak: "What is it? What wont come off?"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+10] -> [11,10] = (21)
(1306) Trayn : "do you know that?"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+10] -> [20,10] = (30)
(1304) Morti (whispering): theory I wanted to ask about: since mage armor has to be treated like real armor to ethereal creatures, I was wondering, does that mean a character could touch an incorporeal being while enveloped by the mage armor?
whispering to Kyla, done and done (needle trap, recently set)
whispering to Morti, no, heheh
(1306) Trayn : "the stain of blood is on your soul... not your clothes.... not any longer"
(1302) Regine: Why won't it come off? Why?!?
** (1306) Trayn is down the stairs **
(1306) Trayn : "because you haven't atoned for your trangressions"
(1316) Kyla: "That's what we are here to find out, and help you with."
** (1304) Morti moves around trayn, cautiously coming nearer to Regine **
(1306) Trayn : "tell me how the blood came to be... tell me what happened... from the beginning"
(1316) Kyla: "Tyran, it's more than just that. she needs forgiveness too."
** (1302) Regine continues to scrub her hands in the pool, repeatedly dipping them into the water and scraping as if something were covering them. **
(1304) Morti (whispering): but could a ghost touch the mage armor as if it were a solid surface?
whispering to Morti, no, the armor is magic, not solid
whispering to Morti, I know what you're thinking, but no it can't
(1304) Morti (whispering): hai hai, just testing theory
(1306) Trayn : "tell me child.... the truth shall be known from the sharing"
** (1306) Trayn attempts to gain her trust and a confession **
** (1304) Morti kneels down a few feet from Regine, looking into the water. **
(1302) DM: As you approach the spirit of the tortured girl, it's clear that not only are her hands bloodstained, but her arms and the sleeves of her dress which she has rolled up to her elbows, as well as spatters on her face as well.
whispering to Morti, Spot
(1304) Morti: Spot Skill Check: [1d20-1] -> [12,-1] = (11)
(1302) Regine: It just won't come off...! (sobbing)
whispering to Morti, something in the water up stream through the tunnel, a skeleton perhaps?
whispering to Morti, the north tunnel
(1304) Morti (whispering): does she have a reflection in the pool?
(1306) Trayn : "just tell me what happened"
** (1302) Regine turns to face Trayn. **
(1304) Morti (whispering): how deep's the water? and how strong the current?
(1316) Kyla: ((???))
(1302) Regine: Help me, please! Help me get it off! (screams and fades away)
(1306) Trayn : "tarnation"
whispering to Morti, 2 feet deep and somewhat weak
(1316) Kyla: Disconnecting from server...
(1316) Kyla (exit): 19:18
whispering to Morti, nope
whispering to Morti, no reflection
** (1304) Morti looks up stream. "There's something up there" :points to something in the water: **
whispering to Trayn , Spot
(1323) Kyla (enter): 19:20
(1306) Trayn (whispering):


[1d20+4] -> [11,4] = (15)

(1306) Trayn : "what?"
(1304) Morti: "In the water... looks like a skeleton"
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (1323) Kyla...
whispering to Trayn , a skeleton of a girl, stuck in the tunnel, in the water.
whispering to Trayn , it appears to be limed over.
(1302) DM: The tunnel is 4' wide by 4' high and narrows eventually.
(1306) Trayn : "its a skeleton.. down there"
(1306) Trayn : "its in the tunnel there"
** (1306) Trayn ponders **
(1306) Trayn : "remember when i was telling you about putting spirits to rest"
(1304) Morti: :nods to Trayn:
(1306) Trayn : "well sometimes is just a decent burial"
(1306) Trayn : "maybe we can do that... and this spirit will be put to rest"
(1306) Trayn : "its worth a shot... and would be the decent thing to do anyway"
** (1306) Trayn looks up the stairs and those around him **
(1317) Eldrak: "Well, lets get to it."
(1304) Morti: "Okay then. let's do it"
(1306) Trayn : "so who is a good swimmer?"
(1317) Eldrak: (scrap last statement)
(1323) Kyla: "Yes, but it might be a good idea to wait till after Morti's meeting tonight to do it."
** (1304) Morti hops into the water (only 2' feet deep) **
** (1304) Morti takes a second to make a few gestures and whispers a few words before several balls of weak light appear above the submerged body to light it (dancing lights). then he head trudges forth toward it **
(1306) Trayn : "well I dont need to wait"
(1302) DM: The skeleton is that of a girl, with a dagger plunged into her breast. The dagger itself seems to have limed over the ribs of the skeleton and is now part of the corpse.
(1325) Mace (enter): 19:28
(1306) Trayn : "thats it... get it all"
(1304) Morti: :grimacing: "Rebecca I think"
(1302) DM: You eventually recover the corpse...
(1304) Morti: "Be kind of hard to bury her in the rain"
(1325) Mace (whispering): hey
whispering to Mace, hi
(1325) Mace (whispering): whats the game
whispering to Mace, campaign
(1325) Mace (whispering): dnd
whispering to Mace, yes
(1325) Mace (whispering): what edition
whispering to Mace, 3e
(1306) Trayn : "why... the water should have softened the ground"
(1325) Mace (exit): 19:31
** (1304) Morti gives a shrug **
(1306) Trayn : "well if its really coming down.. the whole would just fill up with water"
(1306) Trayn : "ill try to give her some last rites"
(1306) Trayn : "lets go find a spot outside if we can"
(1323) Kyla: "What about the mauselium?"
(1304) Morti: "We should look for her sisters too, besides..." :stares back into the water where Regine was furiously scrubbing her hands.: "I don't think they have the choice of departing with a burial alone"
(1306) Trayn : "well thats another option..."
(1304) Morti: (there was a mauselium?)
whispering to Tron, so I see you followed us from the other server. interested in joining or just lurking?
(1302) DM: (yes there was a mausoleum, and also other buildings that you saw)
(1323) Kyla: ((one of the buildings on the origional map of the mansion complex))
(1306) Trayn : ((not sure i wasnt here for the 1st session.. but most rich folks do have them))
(1304) Morti: (not usually in the front yard.. okay then, that problem solved)
(1302) DM: (that was the rear of the manse actually)
(1304) Morti: (hai hai)
(1302) DM: (you came in through the front. the window in the kitchen looked out into the rear, with the stables, the fountain, etc.)
** (1306) Trayn organizes a trip to the buildings outside...looking for religious symbols **
(1302) DM: As you leave the pool room, you hear a voice say, "Ok, that's far enough."
** (1304) Morti looks back for the voice's owner **
(1306) Trayn : "who's there?"
(1323) Kyla: "Not again...."
(1302) DM: Looking up the stairs, you spot a girl whose appearance is not entirely unlike the spirits you've seen thus far, except that she's holding a crossbow aimed in Trayn's direction. Behind her is a large, hulking human man in black leather armor and armed with a giant two-handed sword.
(1302) Psyche: I thought I heard someone tramping around in here....
(1302) Psyche: Who are you and what are you doing here?
(1304) Morti: "Uuuuuuuuhhhhhhh..... hello?" :raises a greeting though unnerved hand:
(1304) Morti: "Are you a ghost?"
(1302) DM: She's also similarly dressed, except in dark brown leather armor and a dark green hooded cape, black thigh boots
(1302) Psyche: Don't be ridiculous. Does this look like I'm a ghost? (waves the crossbow in Morti's direction)
(1323) Kyla: "My name is Kyla Djarum. I'm here helping a Noble named Blane recover what was his by birthright. Are you here to help also?"
(1304) Morti: :scratches head, and speaks honestly: "If I could tell so easy I wouldn't ask"
(1306) Trayn : "so the real question is... what are you doing here?"
(1302) Psyche: (turns to Kyla) Actually no, I'm here, along with my companion, just as a refuge in the rain. Miserable weather we're having. If it's all right with you, we'll stay out of your way.
(1302) DM: The fighter grunts in response.
(1304) Morti (whispering): ready action, prepare to cast color spray up the stares at them on first sign of danger
(1323) Kyla: "That would be acceptable, but you really should ask Blane if it's ok with him for you to be here. I'dt Not my manse."
(1302) Psyche: Who in the withering blazes is Blaine?
(1302) Blaine: Er, I am. (raises hand)
(1302) Psyche: I don't see your name written anywhere on these walls.
(1304) Morti: "Did you guys kill a huge spider in the stables?"
(1302) Blaine: Actually, friend, it's my family's manse by right and title of birth.
(1302) Psyche: Oh? Is that so? And I'm sure ye have the papers to prove it, eh? Seems like a piece of shoddy workmanship to me. Couldn't even keep out the rain in one of the bedrooms.
(1302) Psyche: (ignores Morti)
(1304) Morti: "At least it's free and you don't have to work for it"
(1302) Psyche: Well, milord, we'll stay out of your way while ye go looting and pillaging. If ye were really who ye said you were, you wouldn't be traipsing around with a bunch of hooligans and commoners like my companion and I.
(1323) Kyla: "To be Honest, I'd feel better seeing some papers too. I Just have faith in one of the other men who was helping out. It's his word I believed, not Blane';s."
(1302) Psyche: (bows insincerely and backs off, motioning her companion to watch you as well and retreats into the room above)
** (1304) Morti cocks his head to the side, "They seem... interesting" **
(1323) Kyla: "Was that your work?" *points to the stone door
(1306) Trayn : ((have we seen proof that Kyla seeks?))
(1302) Psyche: Why, yes it was. (retreating along with the fighter into the stone door) Bron, be a good man and close this for our friends. Wouldn't want them murdering us in the middle of the night whilst we're asleep, eh?
** (1302) Bron grunts, beginning to pull the stone door shut as Psyche retreats into the passage beyond, never keeping the crossbow out of your range **
(1302) DM: (no, you haven't, only gone on Blaine's word and from your recent experiences, and Reiner's spell)
(1304) Morti: :to the strangers: "We wouldn't do that. but I'd watch out for the phantom raven. that thing's deadly. be careful"
(1306) Trayn : "hey" rushes for the door
(1302) Psyche: I wouldn't. (aims at Trayn)
(1304) Morti (whispering): tenses ready to color spray as she aims for trayn
(1306) Trayn : ((are we going to be trapped in here? or is this just the door they came thru))
** (1317) Eldrak found the F11 macro key **
(1317) Eldrak: (im in the room with them, right?)
(1323) Kyla: "Please, there is no need for threats. we are simply looking for the remains of several people murdered here centuys ago.
(1304) Morti: (I think that's the stone door in the wine cellar, apparently we got back upstairs)
(1323) Kyla: ((It's jsut a stone door they came through))
(1302) DM: (see the passage I just revealed above? They're retreating into that passage and Bron the fighter is closing the door that gains access to it.)
** (1306) Trayn stops... reconsidering hostilities **
(1302) DM: (They're inside and you're in room 41)
(1317) Eldrak: (k)
(1302) DM: (you were in room 42, and she and her companion were on top of the stairs in 41. as you ascended into 41, they backed into the tunnel and now they're retreating, but still pointing a crossbow in Trayn's direction)
(1304) Morti: "The ghosts here need to be freed. would it be ok for us to follow behind you. feel free to keep the crossbow aimed on us"
(1302) Psyche: What ghosts? (pauses a moment)
(1323) Kyla: "I'd be willing to go alone, adn without my dagger, if it amkes you feel safer."
(1304) Morti: "The ghosts in this house. Three sisters who are being controlled by a raven... thingy, I think. We have to set them free. please"
(1323) Kyla: "this corpse is the remains of one of them. we are seeking the remains of the others so they can be properly laid to rest."
(1302) Psyche: And why should we do this? For all we know, you might be from the Network.
(1304) Morti: :cocks his head: "Network?"
(1302) Blaine: Because it's the right thing to do?
(1323) Kyla: "sort of a thieves guild."
(1323) Kyla: "not as nice though"
(1302) Psyche: Ays, the Network. Don't play dumb with me.
(1306) Trayn : "well I worship Solnor...."
(1306) Trayn : "and if you know anything about the god of truth and justice"
(1304) Morti: :glances to Kyla then back to Psyche: "Oh... the silent Network. I heard of them. Uh.. we aren't joined with them though."
(1306) Trayn : "you would know I could never serve this Network you speak of"
(1302) Psyche: (to Blaine) The only right I believe in, is the right to live my life without having to worry about the rights you nobles believe in, such as the "right" to ruin the commonfolk with your petty desires and wants.
(1304) Morti: (hope she can sense motive, cause Morti is incapable of bluffing anyway)
(1323) Kyla: "...Then you'll know his followers are the cause of much needless suffering, adn death, but that's besides the point."
(1302) Psyche: Hm. Well, Bron and I will think about it. In the meantime, don't try to follow us or you'll regret it.
** (1302) Psyche retreats further as Bron continues to pull the door shut. **
(1323) Kyla: "You may want to reset your simple needle trap then."
** (1304) Morti goes quiet for a moment, before commenting. "You kind of look like them, ya know? The sisters that is.... There's a picture up in the ball room if you wanna see" **
(1302) Psyche: Good, I'll do that.
(1302) DM: The door closes firmly, and you can hear footsteps retreating.
(1306) Trayn : "well... house is haunted not just by spirits"
(1317) Eldrak: "Hmph. They decide to run, ah?"
(1323) Kyla: "At 5 to 2, I'd run also"
(1304) Morti: :still staring at the door: "They got down there somehow, maybe we should go find the staircase they used?"
(1323) Kyla: "There is a better way to do this."
** (1304) Morti looks to Kyla **
(1323) Kyla: "I need some kind of spike, or chisel, and a nhammer."
(1306) Trayn : "its up to Blaine... its his house"
whispering to Tron, I'll take that as a no then
(1323) Kyla: "We seal of this door from this side first so they can't get out here. then we look for a second way in."
(1341) Ruin (enter): 20:08
(1341) Ruin (exit): 20:09
(1304) Morti: "No reason to seal them. they aren't enemies"
(1302) Blaine: (looks relieved)
(1323) Kyla: "we don't know that yet."
(1323) Kyla: "for that matter, we don't know that blane can be trusted either. they had a point."
(1302) Blaine: Thank ye for believing in me. I truly appreciate it. Ays, no reason to seal them in, but I wouldn't want them to remain here much longer either.
(1323) Kyla: "There is a very good wreason to dseal them in."
(1308) Tron (exit): 20:10
** (1323) Kyla holds up a needle **
(1302) Blaine: They might be thieves from the sound of her story. All the more reason to be wary of them, but they haven't shown us reason to injure them however.
(1304) Morti: :looks to the needle: "What about it?"
(1302) Blaine: Ah...
(1302) Blaine: Eh? What is this?
(1306) Trayn : "I trust those with open hands than weapons pointed at my chest"
(1323) Kyla: "They planted this as a trap in that door. if we let them wander around, they could do similar things elsewhere in the manse"
(1323) Kyla: "I haven't bothered takeing a closer look, but I'd bet there was something mroe than jam on this one."
(1302) Blaine: Then seal them in. But they may have another way of leaving, so let us make haste then.
(1323) Kyla: "That's the idea.
(1304) Morti: "Like they were expecting friendly visitors in this place... that still doesn't make them enemies"
(1323) Kyla: "they will know they are sealed in, and being rogues, unless there is a third way in, they will get out before we can find the other way in."
(1306) Trayn : "and its not like they cant be hearing us right now"
(1317) Eldrak: "I dont like these guys at all. Im going with seal them in.
(1323) Kyla: "I'm counting on that also"
(1323) Kyla: "The have a right to not trust us. we out number them, and are mostly well armed. We also have a right to not trust them, they are trapping doors in the manse that could seriously injure or kill one of us."
(1323) Kyla: "This forces some sort of action on our part as a agressive defence."
(1323) Kyla (whispering): is there anything sticking out on the outside of the stone door?"
(1304) Morti: "Then they'll just be aggressinve in return. We should trust them first." :looks to trayn: "Shouldn't we?"
whispering to Kyla, nope
(1323) Kyla: "
(1317) Eldrak: "Trust THEM? And then have them backstab us when our guards down? Im here to survive, not die by trusting somebody."
(1323) Kyla: "I won't be a part of killing them just to make you feel safe."
(1323) Kyla: "I want to force them into a corner, and see what they do about it. If they are people we can trust, they will compromise."
** (1323) Kyla goes to work with further examinations on the needle trap they have n the door. (trying to see if it's reversable to fire inward, not outward) **
(1302) Blaine: They haven't yet spilled blood, but at the same time, their actions show them to be untrustworthy folk. Ye have my leave to defend yourselves and take appropirate action.
(1304) Morti: "Or they'll lash out in panic. they were worried about us being from that network. they might be being hunted"
(1323) Kyla: "Our actions haven't been that noble either."
(1302) Blaine: (glances at Eldrak warily but reservedly)
(1306) Trayn : "I dont know how we should proceed"
(1306) Trayn : "its really up to Blaine"
(1306) Trayn : "if he wants them evicted...."
(1323) Kyla (whispering): Can their trap be reversed to fire inward, not outward?
(1302) Drenla: No, but we're not going around trapping doors and windows, right?
whispering to Kyla, yes, reversed
(1323) Kyla (whispering): reverse it then. +10 disable device skill
(1302) Blaine: I not only want them evicted, I want them delivered to justice.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+10] -> [10,10] = (20)
whispering to Kyla, ok, done
(1323) Kyla: "for waht, exatly?"
(1323) Kyla: "What law have they broken here?"
** (1323) Kyla taps on the stone door with her dagger hilt trying to get attention. **
(1302) Blaine: Possibly injuring folk such as I? Theft and breakage? And who knows what other crimes? 'Tis clear they are rogues and possibly worse. I would have let them go free but for the needle ye showed me.
(1323) Kyla: "was for their own defence. will you hold me guilty for carying a dagger?"
(1302) Blaine: An empty house is not necessarily an unowned house.
(1323) Kyla: "Or the others for haveing even greater weapons?"
(1317) Eldrak: "Blaine is right. Sure, you have a dagger, but they are clearly rogues, and they broke in here somehow."
(1323) Kyla: "One that has been empty for 2 centurys is."
(1304) Morti: "But if it's a place to get out of the rain and no one's living there, who's it hurting?"
(1302) Blaine: But owned by my family by right and title of birth.
(1323) Kyla: "Did I not jsut demonstrate the same nefarious skills a rogue has? Shouldn't I be guilty to then?"
(1302) Blaine: And though ye do not know me, I am well known by those at Court and others who can vouchsafe for me and my title. (wryly)
(1323) Kyla: "We all jsut broke in here. even you, since you have no keys...."
(1323) Kyla: "Then Maby it's time we met theese others, and estabolished your right beyond a doubt."
(1302) Blaine: Yes. you should,. but 'tis intent that determines action and ye have shown honor thus far. I have seen none on their part.
(1323) Kyla: "I've seen no laws broken on their part."
(1302) Blaine: (seems desparate) We have no time! I am due to present my debt at Court in six days time. Why would ye do this and ruin me?
(1323) Kyla: "I have no proof of ownership here, till I do, we are jsut as guilty as the skeletons we saw in the bathtub."
(1317) Eldrak: "Im with Blaine on this one. Lets just move on. If we see them, Im going to help bring them to justice."
(1302) Blaine: What proof do ye require?
(1306) Trayn : "Thats all I need to hear"
(1302) Blaine: Shall ye go on the word of an honorless rogue?
(1302) Blaine: I thought ye better, Kyla. (disappointed and despaired)
(1306) Trayn : "The rightful owner of this house wants bandits removed from it"
(1306) Trayn : "I require none... I can hear the truth in your voice"
(1323) Kyla: "anything will do for now. so afar, I've been nelieveing a holy man, not you. your actions and words however make me believe you have him decieved."
(1304) Morti: :uncharacteristic coldness: "I don't care about titles or deeds or ancestral birthrights. In the tavern you said you needed help.. really needed help, and so we're here. BUt we aren't here to judge or hurt anyone. Don't ask us to, or at least I have to rethink my decision to help you."
(1323) Kyla: "well said, Lord Morti."
(1304) Morti: :looks to the the noble with a slightly pleading expression on the scarf:
(1302) Blaine: Well then, don't hurt them needlessly then. But I want them gone from this house. The most important pursuit we have right now is to locate my family's legacy. The rest can follow after.
(1323) Kyla: "That's probibly exactly what they are doing right ow."
(1306) Trayn : "well we shall follow the middle ground"
(1323) Kyla: ((now))
(1306) Trayn : "we shall let them escape now they know they shouldnt be here"
(1304) Morti: "Let them stay out of the rain. What good is there to a man who would have so much wealth if he can't so much as share a roof over the heads of those who need it?"
(1306) Trayn : "and should they accost us in the fure they will have to answer for it"
(1306) Trayn : future
(1302) Blaine: But even the pursuit can wait if it means giving my ancestor a rest all the more deserved. (indicates the skeleton)
** (1304) Morti begins toward the stairs back up to the kitchen. "We going or what?" **
(1323) Kyla: "Their own trap has been turned inwards, but they are aware of it's location, and will surely see what I've done to it. Blane. Your being with us is not exactly helping matters. It would be good if you would wait here, and warn them when you hear them comeing towards this door."
(1302) Blaine: Morti, they probably do have means to stay out of the rain. I just want them out of here. (shaking his head and walks up the stairs)
** (1304) Morti knits his scarf brow at the noble's cold words **
(1302) Blaine: If ye wish it then, my lady. But please resume the search, after ye bury or give last rites to my dear departed ancestor.
(1323) Kyla: "I don't want harm comeing to them, or you. I will resume the search. putting the spirits to rest is a good thing. the matter of ownership can wait, but will be proved one way or the other before I allow you access to the legacy."
(1355) Meyarloyn (enter): 20:41
(1355) Meyarloyn (exit): 20:42
** (1304) Morti moves back to the girl's remains "FIrst thing's first" Bow's down to pick up the decayed body **
(1323) Kyla: "we will take a sufficient amount to cover your debt to where ever it needs to go, but before you can use it for your debt, I want proof of ownership."
(1306) Trayn : "yes.. lets do what should have been done a long time ago"
(1317) Eldrak: "Lets put the soul to its rest finally."
(1306) Trayn (whispering): kyla is an insane alignment
** (1304) Morti heads up the stais, carrying the remains, heading outside for the mauselium, unless there's objection **
(1323) Kyla: ((none from me))
(1306) Trayn (whispering): lawful.... chaotic.... who the fuck knows whats next
(1306) Trayn : "perhaps a funeral pyre would be best.... hmmm damn rain that wont work"
whispering to Trayn , she's actually neutral
whispering to Trayn , heh
(1302) Blaine: A simple burial will do. My family was never one for ceremony when it didn't need to be done.
** (1304) Morti doesn't speak as he continues onward **
(1306) Trayn : "alright... to the site then"
(1306) Trayn : "I'll say a few things and if you would Blaine.. that would be nice as well"
(1323) Kyla: "Let's just get the remains in the mauseleum, and give them a ceremony. I'll wait by the door here while the ceremony is preformed, so blane can be a witness to it. as a probible family member, he wshould be there to see it, and not guarding a door."
(1323) Kyla: "should we give them seperate burials, or all at the same time?"
(1302) Blaine: I think a separate burial would be nice, there being no skeleton for the other two at the moment.
(1302) DM: You emerge out onto the first floor.
(1323) Kyla: "Then go with them to the mauseleum. I'll wait here for your return."
(1304) Morti: "Her sisters will join her when we find them"
** (1304) Morti heads for the southern door ouside **
(1306) Trayn : "that will be necessary..."
** (1302) Blaine follows **
** (1317) Eldrak follows along **
(1304) Morti: (fastforward to the mauselium after a happy trek through the rain?)
(1302) DM: Although it's raining quite heavily, you manage to make your way to the mausoleum.
** (1306) Trayn looks to put 1/3 of this problem to rest **
(1302) DM: Opening the door to the mausoleum releases a rush of dank odors out into the air.
** (1304) Morti waits for someone else to open the door, since his arms are full **
** (1317) Eldrak opens the door for Morti **
** (1306) Trayn opens the door **
(1302) DM: The interior of the mausoleum is dark. The entry chamber is a simple stone room with a staircase leading down.
(1306) Trayn : "stand back... there could be problems I may have to deal with here"
(1306) Trayn : "need some light in here.."
(1317) Eldrak: "Here."
** (1317) Eldrak lights a torch **
(1306) Trayn : "hmmm thanks... what is your name again? Mine is Trayn"
** (1306) Trayn realizes this person is still here and he should start to operate under this scenario **
** (1317) Eldrak gives an slightly annoyed look to Trayn. "Eldrak." **
** (1306) Trayn enters when there is enough light **
(1302) TaliesinNYC: Crypt: Three sarcophagi, torn open, lie side by side at the west end of the room. Skeletal remains have been strewn about the place. The walls are covered with frescoes of pastoral fields, now defaced wtih claw marks.
(1302) DM: There is a raven perched on top of one of the sarcophagi. It glares balefully at Blaine and at Trayn.
** (1304) Morti descends after Trayn with the body **
(1304) Morti: :looking around, Morti's gaze falls on the Raven: "What do you want now?"
(1306) Trayn : "shoooo"
** (1306) Trayn works to provide last rights for the child **
(1302) Narbius: So. The last Mistmoor comes. Very soon, ye will fall and my triumph shall be complete.
(1306) Trayn : "darn... what a mess"
** (1317) Eldrak stares at the raven. "Hmm. A raven in a crypt...." **
(1302) DM: The raven caws and vanishes.
(1306) Trayn : "the work of one has turned into the work of four"
(1323) Kyla (whispering): Disableing, and opening he stone door. if noone is visible, will place my dagger on the bottom step, and back off to the door, then call for them. I really only am seeing if they take me hostage/kill me, or if they can be trusted. There was no way to talk to them on an even ground with us outnumbering them 5 to 2. Hopefully, this will allow them to talk to us as a group, but if they insist, it can be with me, or any of the others alone.
** (1304) Morti lays the body down in one of the sarcophagi **
** (1306) Trayn cleans up the ruined 3.. and turns to the the childs skeleton... finding a suitable resting spot **
(1306) Trayn : "what was that?"
whispering to Kyla, ok. no response when you do that however.
(1306) Trayn : "did you hear that bird speak?"
(1304) Morti: "A persistant jerk"
** (1302) Drenla chuckles. **
(1302) Drenla: Ye said that about me once, I believe.
(1317) Eldrak: "I cant believe it....when will this madness end?"
(1304) Morti: "Yeah... don't think it's really a bird though"
(1323) Kyla (whispering): leave door open, and continue calling to them. ignore me till pc's get back, or they respond
whispering to Kyla, all right. The passage has a stair which descends a short way and a closed door at the far end.
(1304) Morti: "eh?" :glances up to Drenla:
whispering to Kyla, your voice echoes in the chamber, but there is no response even after a few minutes.
(1302) Drenla: I said, ye once said that I was a persistent jerk. No? I must be mistaken then.
(1302) Drenla: (chuckling)
(1304) Morti: "Maybe Reiner did"
(1304) Morti: "Say... Blaine.... do you know much about your family's ancient history? say powerful wizards or fiends or somesuch they may have taken down, who would want revenge?"
(1323) Kyla (whispering): check stairs for traps, then door at bottom for traps. if none, knock on the door.
(1306) Trayn : "well its gone.. just another bit of crazyness"
(1304) Morti: "Perhaps defeated by the one who used that shield in the manse?"
** (1306) Trayn continues with his work **
** (1317) Eldrak head perks up at the sound of the word 'wizard' **
** (1304) Morti watches over Trayn's ministrations while awaiting an answer **
whispering to Kyla, no traps
(1302) Blaine: Hm, now that you mention it, ays there is. (frowns)
(1306) Trayn : and eventually....
(1302) Blaine: A necromancer-priest of Morgaul who was an archnemesis of one of my ancestors. He swore revenge eternal at the moment of his destruction, that even the grave would never be able to conquer his spirit and that he would see us to ruin. However, we never gave that story much credence.
(1323) Kyla (whispering): knock on the door
(1304) Morti: "What was his name?"
(1306) Trayn : "yes credence is becoming stronger with these poor ghost girls"
(1302) Blaine: I remember reading somewhere that Shaundra, a famous justicar of Solnor, led a war party that completely decimated a necropolis that he was constructing in what is now Banehold, near the Dead Marches.
(1302) Blaine: Hm? I can't recall. Started with an N. (scratches his head)
(1302) Blaine: Narlus or something like that.
whispering to Kyla, no response
(1323) Kyla (whispering): still voices in there?
(1323) Kyla (whispering): ((listen +8))
(1302) Blaine: Rest, O harried spirit. May ye find what rest ye are denied, ye who lived so short a life. May the Eternal Judge find you worthy to seek your rest in the plains of the Beyond and may your sojourn be a short one. Go with my blessings and my love, sweet sister.
whispering to Kyla, no
(1304) Morti: (knowledge check anyone?)
** (1302) Blaine kneels and prays over the skeleton as Trayn lays it to rest. **
(1323) Kyla (whispering): go back, and wait for the party. re close, and set the stone door trap
whispering to Kyla, ok
(1306) Trayn : "that was very nice Blaine..."
** (1302) Blaine rises and blinks. **
(1302) Blaine: 'Twas only what was right, my friend. And now, let us resume, but after you send her away.
** (1304) Morti bows his head in reverence as the rites our carried out **
(1304) Morti: "Send who away?"
** (1306) Trayn recites a few words... **
(1306) Trayn : "... and take this child... who too few summer knew.... into your embrace... o blessed Solnor"
** (1306) Trayn finishes the eulogy and prayer.... **
(1306) Trayn : "well it is done"
** (1304) Morti gives a final bow to the body, promising, "We'll go find your sisters now" **
(1306) Trayn : "lets continue with our task"
(1302) Blaine: Very well, then. Let us resume our search. (walks up the stairs)
** (1304) Morti heads back up stairs out into the rain **
** (1317) Eldrak follows up the stairs **
(1302) DM: You return to the room where Kyla remains.
** (1304) Morti heads back toward the house **
** (1306) Trayn gets back in the house **
(1302) DM: (map's acting up so won't reload)
(1302) Blaine: She's laid to rest. What now, Kyla?
(1304) Morti: :to kyla: "Anything from the otherside of the door?"
(1323) Kyla: we look for the remains of the other 2
(1306) Trayn : "well lets check out more rooms"
(1323) Kyla: "There were voices behind a second door in there, but they stopped when I knocked on that door.
(1306) Trayn (whispering): when are we stopping... i could go for 22 or 52 mins
(1323) Kyla: "I think they really intend to leave us alone, if we don't bother them."
(1306) Trayn : ((i just got map and fogish))
whispering to Trayn , when do you need to go?
(1304) Morti: "Which door?"
(1323) Kyla: "Behind the stone one is a stair case down, and a nother wooden door."
(1317) Eldrak: "I say we go after them."
(1304) Morti: "Think the voices were the other two?"
(1304) Morti: "the big guy and the girl that is..."
(1323) Kyla: "It's very likely they are after the same thing we are, so it does sound like a reasonable thing to do, even if it comes from an appiration."
(1323) Kyla: "Yes."
(1323) Kyla: "we may even be able to recruit their help"
(1306) Trayn (whispering): need to go shopping eventually before store closes... "earlier the better"
(1306) Trayn (whispering): but i have some time...
(1304) Morti: "Well, maybe we can try reasoning again, just for the righ to search that part of the basement for any more remains"
whispering to Trayn , in 30 min then
(1302) DM: (stopping in 30 min)
(1317) Eldrak: "Recruit there help? I dont think so. Not a bunch of thieves"
(1306) Trayn : "they will be leary of us seeking them out"
(1306) Trayn : "will lead to a misunderstanding and most likely violence"
(1323) Kyla: "I only counted one rogue, and you've already enlisted one with the same skills, so watch your toungue."
(1304) Morti: "we have to try."
(1306) Trayn : "nor would I welcome their company"
(1317) Eldrak: "I will watch my tounge when i wish to, human."
(1323) Kyla: "this door seems to be the most likely place to hide a fortune behind in this manse. It may be elsewhere, but this is my best guess."
(1323) Kyla: "besides, if they are after the same thing, we should keep close incase they find it."
(1304) Morti: (is the stone door open?)
(1302) DM: (no)
(1302) DM: (Kyla closed it I believe and reset her trap)
(1323) Kyla: "Little orkling appiration. You are not an invited conjuration, and would do well to understand fully that while I dont like violence to living beings, you are a spell gone bad, and have no rights yet."
(1323) Kyla: ((no))
(1323) Kyla: ((it's closed, adn trapped tright now))
(1323) Kyla: ((yes))
(1323) Kyla: "it's ok though, the trap is set to fire inward if tampered with, not out."
(1306) Trayn : "I don't remember anyone putting you in charge Kyla"
(1306) Trayn : "and I tire of your bossy attitude"
(1323) Kyla: "May as well let it fire when you openit. we don't twant it going off on us if we decide to make a hasty retreat later."
(1317) Eldrak: "You have no authority to tell me about my rights. Now, if you may excuse me, I must move on, and stop wasting my time with the likes of you."
(1323) Kyla: "Funny, I seem to remember just beign asked what to do now. That to me was an invitation to give at least an opinion, if not an order."
** (1306) Trayn looks to figure out more information... and chooses the next door **
** (1306) Trayn shakes his head... and tries to ignore her **
** (1304) Morti shakes his scarfed head wearily, getting frustrated with all the pointless argument. Without further discussion he moves forward to push open the stone door to head forward **
(1302) DM: ok, hold on.
(1306) Trayn : "Don't listen to her.. she just seems to be in a foul mood"
(1306) Trayn : to eldrak...
(1304) Morti: (do I need a str check or anything?)
(1302) DM: The fog insists on acting up, so just try to keep OC knowledge out of the way, ok?
(1302) DM: If Trayn opens the next door, that's the door to 39.
whispering to Morti, you're opening the door to the passage that leads to 39?
(1323) Kyla: ((doubt it, it's not liocked, jsut closed))
** (1306) Trayn thinks this is idiocy and lets it known he wont follow them **
(1306) Trayn : "I wont follow a viper into its lair"
(1306) Trayn : ((sorry thought we were on a different floor))
(1306) Trayn : "not without being prepared"
(1302) DM: (no, you returned to the room where Kyla was in.)
(1304) Morti (whispering): yup
(1302) DM: Morti opens the door that leads to the passage to the next room.
(1306) Trayn : "they will take hostile action if you enter... and I dont think i could talk our way out of a fight"
(1306) Trayn : "they have been very clear about their feelings"
(1323) Kyla: "What do you suggest we do to prepare for this bit of necessary stupidity?"
** (1304) Morti heads into the passage, dropping his crossbow, pack and his dagger on the stairs as he makes his way over to knock on the door, calling to anyone within, "Are you two there?" **
(1323) Kyla: "Guess the decision has been made."
** (1323) Kyla hurrys after Morti hopeing he survives this. **
(1302) DM: No response is forthcoming.
(1304) Morti: :holding up his hands in a show of peace, should they be watching through cracks in the door or some such, he offers in consolation: "I'm unarmed, so please don't attack. I just want to talk."
** (1317) Eldrak slinks in the shadows, watching Morti carfully, in case anything backfires. **
(1317) Eldrak: 8carefully
(1302) DM: Still no response.
** (1304) Morti looks back. "I don't think they're in there" **
** (1306) Trayn awaits in the room for disaster to strike **
(1317) Eldrak: "Well, mabey we should just go in then."
(1304) Morti: "Kyla would you mind....?" :gestuing toward the door, figuring it best she test for traps:
(1323) Kyla: ((can only see 3 doors. North, east, and west. is there any to the south?))
(1323) Kyla: "which door?"
(1302) DM: (you're in the passage to 39)
(1302) DM: (as far as I know, no one's opened the door to 39)
(1302) DM: (pls clarify if this is not the case)
(1323) Kyla: ((north one, or east one?))
(1304) Morti: :points to the door to 39:
** (1323) Kyla listens at both doors for noises **
(1302) DM: (my understanding is that Morti opened the door to the connecting passage to 39. he is now in that passage, waiting to open the door to 39. the rest of the party is right behind him. Correct?)
(1304) Morti: (west door... to enter 39)
(1323) Kyla: ((ok))
(1323) Kyla: "this one isn';t trapped.
(1323) Kyla: "already checked it"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+9] -> [9,9] = (18)
(1304) Morti: (yeah, you said you knocked on it and the voices inside stopped)
whispering to Kyla, no noises
(1323) Kyla: ((thought we were in 39 already. thanks))
(1302) DM: (no, you haven't entered 39. you've explored 41 and 42 but not 39.)
(1302) DM: (the map fog is going haywire, so ignore that.)
(1323) Kyla: (yes, it's not trapped. already checked it, jsut never opened it))
(1304) Morti: "okay" :opens the door to head into 39:
** (1323) Kyla opens that door **
(1302) TaliesinNYC: Trophy Room: As you open the door, you are greeted by the sight of an enormous emerald drake coiled upon a mound of treasure, its head reared back and its mouth thrown open in the classic pose that has been the last sight of too many adventurers.
(1317) Eldrak: (yes, from my understanding)
(1306) Trayn : (im in 41... looking at them)
(1302) DM: (OC: Emerald drake = GREEN DRAGON!!!)
(1304) Morti: (correct)
(1304) Morti: (though we are entering now)
(1302) DM: We can stop here then. (grins widely)
(1323) Kyla: ((yes))
(1302) DM: Next session, you're going to have to deal with an emerald drake. (wide grin)
** (1317) Eldrak eyes pop up at the sight of treasure **
whispering to Trayn , now, now, no telling them what it really is hehehe
(1304) Morti: (real emerald drake or a statue?)
(1302) DM: As far as you can tell, it is a real emerald drake, and it's about to inhale.
** (1317) Eldrak gets supcicous though, and inspects the room carefully **
(1304) Morti: "Uuuuuuuuhhhhhhh....."
(1306) Trayn : stay tuned next time
(1304) Morti: "And so death came upon the brave yung adventurers swiftly and without mercy:"


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