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(6359) DM: that post was directed at people who didn't respond to me in person or via e-mail

(6359) DM: that post was directed at people who didn't respond to me in person or via e-mail
(6352) Morti: you can read back to see what I was proposing, to long to re type
(6359) DM: yep
(6359) DM: well I could run a session if 1 more person shows up
(6359) DM: so we'll hope for the best. as for the items, send me a node with them listed pls
(6359) DM: also remind me where we got those items
(6359) DM: (what a sea change from the Alfred I know and love!!! hahah)
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): mike is probably drunk...LOL
(6352) Morti has sent you a tree node...
(6352) Morti: the stuff from the prior loot I can't recall where we got it, but its on the database on the group site. Maybe Al can recall
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: The prior stuff is technically Morti's loot since it came from Asflag's Tower and he has bequeethed all to him
(6359) DM: yep
(6352) Morti: oh yeah, is that where it came from?still don't make it Morti's though, since he believes in a fair split. Heck he even left Asflag's tower to the free usage of the villagers
(6359) DM: the items in the chest are items from Qhyjanoth's lair. so under Reiner's ethos, given that Q is now dead, they're up for grabs
(6352) Morti: lets start with the scrolls then, a simple read magic should be good enough to deciphed them, right?
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: Reiner will detect evil on the loot from Q's loot
(6359) DM: fine
(6352) Morti: out of no where sepia's snake sigils!
(6359) DM: ok Reiner
(6352) Morti: and of course Detect magic already done to decipher what's what
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: "Morti...things are often not what they seem...some things can be cursed"
(6352) Morti: oh and I forgot the amethyst that readiated magic that he found hanging in the cloak
(6359) DM: ok
(6352) Morti: "Cursed? Whatcha mean?"
(6370) Steven Westpoint (enter): 16:18
Attempting to assign the role of GM to (6359) TaliesinNYC...
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: "Well morti, sometimes evil people put a curse on things, just because they are evil...sort of like the violin that I knocked out of your hands...remember?"
** (6352) Morti cringes at the recollection. "Oh right that kind." **
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: "Sometimes the consequenses can be much more dire"
(6359) Drenla: Well, that's not accurate, but it's an explanation that'll do for now. Try not to confuse the lad, eh?
** (6352) Morti reaches into his pack to draw out fiddle he snagged from the wall of Quyjanoth's chamber, "Hope this one's not cursed too" **
(6352) Morti: "Guess I'll have to read up on curses next"
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: "Ays ye are right Drenla...it is the most simple way I know of how to explain it"
** (6359) Drenla mumbles a bit, concentrating on the items. **
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): an hits off of the detect evil?
** (6352) Morti carefully watches the experienced mage's actions **
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, nope
(6359) Drenla: Interesting.
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: "I sense no evil on these items"
(6352) Morti: :excitedly: "What? What?"
(6359) Drenla: Well, it seems our late friend the dire monk was a bit of a priest as well.
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: "Ays?"
(6370) Steven Westpoint (exit): 16:25
(6352) Morti: "Like Reiner?"
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: "How so (in elvish) wise one?"
(6352) Morti: "Or like Trayn?"
(6359) Drenla: I need to investigate further. (crushes a pearl into a goblet and fills it with wine)
** (6352) Morti glances at reiner dumbly for his elf talk **
(6359) Drenla: (downs the goblet)
(6359) DM: (you've never seen Drenla perform an identify spell in this manner)
(6352) Morti: (we can experiment on stuff without such costly requirements can't we?)
** (6360) Reiner Swiftblade watches drenla **
(6352) Morti: (lets see if Morti knows the spell)
(6352) Morti: Spellcraft Skill Check: [1d20+6] -> [9,6] = (15)
(6359) DM: (of course, but don't expect accurate results for the most part heheh)
(6359) DM: Can identify the spell but he might not know it personally
** (6352) Morti scratches his head in his usual habit, somewhat noticing the action, however, "Whatcha doing?" **
(6352) Morti: (heck, identify ain't that accurate. only gives the most basic magical effect. a bit of experimentation though goes a long way)
** (6359) Drenla slips into a trance, ignoring Morti, and concentrates. **
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: "leave him alone Morti"
** (6352) Morti gives Reiner a swift nod and returns to watching Drenla's display **
(6352) Morti: (we need analyze dweomer ;-D )
(6381) Talorgen (enter): 16:34
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: ((reiner kicks Je'rar in the nads for being a bad disciple! LOL))
(6359) DM: Time passes, but eventually he slips out of the trance and leans back, exhausted.
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: ((again for not showing up))
** (6360) Reiner Swiftblade hands drenla a water skin **
(6352) Morti: :meekly: "Uh... are you ok?"
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: "Here...drink
(6359) Drenla: Thank ye, Reiner.
** (6359) Drenla wipes sweat from his brow. **
(6359) Drenla: So, where would you like me to begin?
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: It is up to morti
(6359) DM: (note, this was NOT the first circle spell identify but rather a higher circle divination)
(6359) DM: (which explains why you've never seen him cast the spell in this manner before)
(6352) Morti: well the scrolls we can read so how about we start with the rose quartz vial, provided it readiated magic
(6352) Morti: ?
(6359) Drenla: Very well.
(6359) Drenla: The silver scroll case contains three scrolls. One of those would be of use to a cleric, the others to a mage.
(6359) Drenla: The bone scroll case contains a scroll that would be of use to a necromancer or a charnel priest.
(6359) Drenla: The leatherbound scroll case contains a scroll that would be of use to an artifice-mage or a jewel mage.
(6352) Morti: (can a normal wizard use the necromancer scroll? though if it's only black necromancy, the group may opt to destroy the scrol)
(6359) DM: (yes)
(6359) DM: (Normal wizards can use any magical item that wizards can use and vice versa, unless restricted by class)
(6352) Morti: (great, though considering morti's int right now, he might not be able to do much with them)
(6359) Drenla: The silver casket is not magical, although its contents are.
(6352) Morti: (yeah, you specified though, so I thought I should ask)
(6359) Drenla: The stout leather case is not magical, although its contents are.
(6381) FlockHammer (exit): 16:43
(6359) Drenla: The small leather pouch is not magical and neither are its contents.
(6352) Morti: COuld we get Ken to check the casket and leather case for traps(take 20) ?
(6352) Morti: er at least the casket anyway
** (6352) Morti opens the letaher pouch and case **
(6359) Drenla: The sheathed short sword is magical and, when used, enables its wielder to attack with a slight level of precision, except in certain situations where its own magick is increased.
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: "How so Drenla?"
** (6360) Reiner Swiftblade looks at the sheath and sword to see if there is any writing upon it **
(6359) Drenla: The rose quartz crystalline vial contains a potion that when applied to a surface, dissolves that surface. Only one dose is contained in this vial, and once opened, the vial's contents must be used within minutes, or the liquid within will evaporate.
(6359) DM: (ok, assume he does so)
(6352) Morti: "Acid?"
(6359) Drenla: Even more powerful than acid, Morti. A magical acid, as it were.
** (6352) Morti raises a brow. "Yeesh... I ain't carrying that" **
(6359) DM: Do you unsheathe the short sword?
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: "Drenla, have ye checked this sword to see if it is cursed?"
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: (not until he checks it)
(6359) DM: The leather pouch: a small amount of a finely ground black and white powder with a sharp, tingling aroma that smells faintly of ginger.
(6352) Morti: alchemy check to determine the powder
(6352) Morti: Alchemy Skill Check: [1d20+4] -> [15,4] = (19)
(6359) DM: The leather case: three crystal vials, each filled with a clear liquid and sealed with wax. All are unlabeled. They are: a vial filled with a green liquid, a vial filled with a brown liquid and a vial filled with a gray liquid.
(6352) Morti: (Jersey water samples?)
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: (LOL)
(6359) Drenla: My magick does not allow me to determine the nature of an object in such a fashion. That's what YOU're for.
whispering to Morti, a spice known as orend. Very obscure. Quite addictive.
** (6352) Morti sidles near Reiner to eye the sword's design and look for inscriptions "what's wrong with it Reiner?" **
(6352) Morti (whispering): okay
(6359) DM: (brb, getting a snack)
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): what spell would detect a cursed item? Looking for something
(6352) Morti: ASflag's stuff next
(6352) Morti: hai hai
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, not much
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, nothing you have
** (6359) Drenla tosses Reiner an exasperated look. **
(6359) Drenla: It's just a sword with two enchantments on it. A child half your age can see that.
** (6360) Reiner Swiftblade unsheaths the sword **
(6359) DM: There is an inscription on the blade, in star elven runes.
** (6360) Reiner Swiftblade reads it **
(6352) Morti: (:reads incpription: "put neck here")
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: (LOL)
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): give it to me in whisper
(6352) Morti (whispering): hmmm.... luck blade? don't answer, just want to flex my meager intellect)
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: "It is og elven steel...a fine sword it is"
(6352) Morti: :unfamiliar with elven runes, points to the inscription, "What's that?"
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: of
(6352) Morti: "Ah..."
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: "very light...a good off hand weapon"
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: "hm...very well balanced"
(6352) Morti: :leans in and offers proddingly: "I thought you didn't want any of this misbegotten loot"
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: "The one who held it is dead...it was not meant for his hands"
(6352) Morti: "That's not what you said before"
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: "Aye, I will not touch the other stuff but this may be iok."
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: ok
** (6352) Morti looks back to Drenla, so what about this stuff Asfleag gave us?" :gesturing to the ring, flask, dagger and ring: **
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: "He certajnly did not create it"
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: certainly
(6352) Morti: "Okay Reiner"
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): what does the sword say?
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, "Faranduil sleeps"
(6359) Drenla: Ays, what about it?
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): Faranduil...knowledge check ...who his he?
(6352) Morti: "What kind of magic does this stuff have?"
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: Knowledge: History Skill Check: Untrained
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: Knowledge: Arcana Skill Check: Untrained
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: Knowledge: Local Skill Check: Untrained
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: "Drenla, who was Faranduil?"
(6352) Morti: Knowledge: Arcana Skill Check: [1d20+5] -> [7,5] = (12)
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): is reiner going to get a pearl?
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): LOL
(6352) Morti: (I have knowlede ;-P)
(6359) Drenla: Faranduil is the name of the sword. (rolls his eyes)
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: "I am new to magical weapons Drenla...please forgive my igonrance"
(6352) Morti: "It has a name?" :stares at the weapon curiously before offering it a friendly wave: "Hello Faranduil"
(6359) Drenla: Look, I'm not a bard. Give it to a loremaster of Tammara or something. Isn't there a spell that your almighty god of windbags can grant ye that allows ye insight into swords?
(6352) Morti: :Looks up to Reiner: "You have a god of windbags too?"
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: "Nay...my spells are geared to heal...not divine."
(6359) Drenla: Ays, Morti, it has a name. Names are not only limited to people, ye know.
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: (in Elvish) "Awaken Faranduil"
(6352) Morti: :rolls his head back in thought for a second before offering to his new mentor: "And knowing the name gives us power over the sword, right?"
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: "Perhaps"
(6359) Drenla: Ye have to grasp it or hold it, ye boob.
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: (he is)
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: (remember he unsheathed it)
(6359) Drenla: Not quite. Knowing the name allows ye power over it IF ye are able to master it and not the other way around.
(6352) Morti: "Ah..."
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: "Ays tis true"
(6359) Drenla: No, I mean ye have to use it in battle. (sighs)
(6352) Morti: "You could pick a fight with Jer'ar"
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: "Ays, ok... I will do so "
(6359) Drenla: And ye cannot use it against an elf, lest the elf raise arms against ye first.
** (6352) Morti fishes out the pouch full of rings, pouring them out on the ground. Then focusing his energies, feels out for any magical presence in them **
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: (with distain) "Drenla, I would never consider it ...as ye know I have an affinity towards elvenkind"
** (6352) Morti asks as he concentrates, "What kind of affinity?" **
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: "Ihave put my life on the line to defend the elves of my homeland. That would be the last thing on my mind"
(6352) Morti: "I didn't know you lived with elves"
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: "The elves are a very noble race Morti, much good has come out of their kind"
(6359) Drenla: Not even against an ilythiiri or a novo-thas'alin?
** (6352) Morti shrugs. I guess so, I've only ever met one. **
(6359) Drenla: They're elves too. Just not the kind of elves you would want to meet though. (grimly)
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: "iltythiiri are dark elves...very evil"
(6352) Morti: "er... two... three... maybe a few..."
(6359) Drenla: An ilythi'ri is, for lack of a better translation, a drow or dark elf. A novo'thas-alin is an elf of the shadow.
(6352) Morti: "What's the difference between a dark elf and an elf of shadow?"
(6359) Drenla: Ilythi'ri are elves who have sworn themselves to serve Lolth, the Spider Goddess. They are not without hope, for ever hopeful, the Ara-Cemnari have decreed that even their fallen children can be redeemed in both body and spirit.
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: "Ays"
(6352) Morti: "Ah..."
(6359) Drenla: Novo-thas'alen or elves of the Shadow are elves who have been touched by the Dark One. Elves who serve the Dark Lord, as those who work for the White Tower call him. I know this only because of lore I have studied. These elves are NOT redeemable, having forsworn their makers and the Ara-Cemnari.
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: "Ays"
(6352) Morti: "Ok... better watch out for them then I guess"
(6400) Untamo (enter): 17:36
(6400) Untamo: A cold gust of wind...and then all is silent...
(6400) Untamo (exit): 17:36
(6359) DM: (note the diference in spelling. singular = ilythiiri. plural = ilythi'ri. singular = novo-thas'alin. plural = novo-thas'alen.)
(6352) Morti: (btw, any magic for the rings from the pouch? if so ? what strenght and shall I roll individual spellcrafts to determine school of magic?)
(6359) Drenla: As for your items that Asflag bequeathed to ye, only ye can divine their nature, from using them or from investigating them.

(6359) Drenla: I have been forbidden from doing so. Consider it a part of your training.
(6359) DM: (which rings from what pouch?)
(6352) Morti: (from the velvet pouch from the 2nd chest of Quyjanoth's place)
(6359) Drenla: (clams up)
(6352) Morti: "Hmmm... okay then" :checks the jade ring's design and looks for an inscription:
(6359) DM: Oh, those rings. ok. hold on
(6359) DM: No magic. Eight rings, all gold. Seven set with chrysoprases and one containing a small star sapphire.
whispering to Morti, A plain ring made of jade. Only a rune inscribed inside the ring. No other markings.
** (6359) Drenla gazes at Reiner with incredulity. **

 (6352) Morti: "Hmmm..." :holds the ring out to Reiner and Drenla, pointing out a rune inscribed, "Does that mean something?"
(6352) Morti: "Or can you even tell me?"
(6359) Drenla: 'Tis the star elven rune for protection.
(6352) Morti: "Hai..." :stares at the ring for a moment before deciding, "Well, Asflag wouldn't give us anything curesed" :slips on the ring and waits to see if he feels some effect"
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): (in drow) "I know not why I can speak this tongue or several other elvish tongues, I thought it a gift of the war father"
whispering to Morti, +1 to AC
(6352) Morti (whispering): woohoo
(6352) Morti: :waits for a moment then asks: "How would you know if you're cursed?"
 (6359) Drenla: Ye wouldn't, until 'twas too late. Can ye take the ring off? (grins slyly)
(6352) Morti: "Oh..." :tries to remove the ring:
(6402) Terl (enter): 17:50
(6352) Morti: (long pause to instill worry)
(6352) Morti: (hey terl)
(6402) Terl: ((sorry, this was earliest I could get rid of family for crhristmass)
** (6360) Reiner Swiftblade ponders drenla's reation **
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: reaction
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (6402) Terl...
(6359) TaliesinNYC: well it's about time!!!
(6359) TaliesinNYC: finally I can begin today's session
(6359) DM: The ring comes off easily
(6359) Drenla: If ye can't take it off, then it's a cursed item. Not a very good rule to go by, but it will do for now.
(6352) Morti: aw.... and our little item identifying scene was so entertaining too
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: " (in elven noticebly improved pronunciation) It would seem that holding that sword is part of my fate drenla"
(6352) Morti: "Huh... you don't say..." :tries putting on the bracers then slipping them off:
(6359) DM: (assume this was offstage.) (resuming from previous session.) (Terl, describe your character to the group and vice versa. Also introduce Kyla in the tavern.)
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whispering to Morti, Not cursed. wearing the bracers lowers your AC as if you were wearing a suit of chain.
whispering to Morti, I mean raises your AC
(6352) Morti (whispering): +5? sweet. love bracers of armor
(6352) Morti (whispering): while we're on the subject could I determing the magic of the dagger or flask from inscription, toying, etc? or will I require in field testing?
whispering to Morti, field
(6352) Morti: (I'm strapping on the ring and bracers for the purpose of the session, though techinacally we do still have to give everyne else a fair crack at this stuff)
(6359) DM: ok.
(6352) Morti: (could I figure out the dagger by sparring with Reiner?)
(6359) DM: I believe, last session, we broke off just as soon as Kyla was introducing herself to the party. (Herself? Himself?) So, let's get on with it.
(6352) Morti: (after all, Morti does need severe training in physiacal combat)
(6359) DM: (Not quite.)
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: "Wench! another ale"
(6352) Morti: (hai hai. and I think we were talking to Blaine and just about to head back to the villa)
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: "Blaine, ye do not have any other skellitons in yer closet that will come out if we aid ye right?
(6359) Blaine: Not that I know of. But then again, there aren't very many left as I am the last of my line.
** (6402) Kyla is dressed in a very black suit, with large amounts of bright, deep red accents which only add to her already foreign appearence. She has extreemly weather dried skin with a almost supernatural tan over already darkish skin. Around her waist is a 5 band silver chain belt supporting a dagger sheath. Nothing else is easily visible, or easily concieled on her, except ehr black hair peekingout from under a red scarf. Her shoulders are bare, as is her belly, and there is no loose clothing for easily concieling other items, yet she walks with a well armed attitude. **
** (6352) Morti asks out of the blue, "What can we expect of the manse? Did your family have traps? Guardians? wards? and the ghosts you speak of, how much evidence have you seen of their activity?" **
** (6360) Reiner Swiftblade gazes at Kyla **
** (6352) Morti seems a bit more thoughful after his studies and questioning along the road. **
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: "now that is unusual"
** (6359) Blaine turns around to greet the bar wench, as Tristessa and her companion storm out of the eating hall, nearly knocking over a warrior who enters as they leave. **
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: "I guess I offended her...oh well"
(6352) Morti: "Huh" :Raises a glances to Reiner then following his gaze to Kyla: "Whatcha mean?"
** (6402) Kyla walks up to a waitress, speeks quietly to her for a few seconds, and sits down in the middle of the room. **
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: "Look at that woman....she sure looks different"
(6352) Morti: :looks Kyla over for a moment before asking: "Different than who?"
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: "And her...her navel is exposed....definately not a modest sort"
** (6359) Blaine looks around and returns to his tankard, sitting there morosely. **
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: "Different than most women's clothing that I have seen Morti"
** (6352) Morti glances up to reiner than begins to blatantly stare at Kyla's navel. "So? does that mean something?" **
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: "Cheer up lad..."
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: "Now ye are not alone"
(6359) Blaine: I haven't been back to the manse since that incident. (flatly) But now that ye have decided to help me, perhaps things will look up. And I do not know, quite honestly, what we will find there.
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: "Well where I am from Morti, that has a sexual conotation, our women are fully clothed."
(6352) Morti: :raises a brow to Riener: "Even there heads? like me?"
(6352) Morti: :gesturing to his scarf wrapped head:
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: "No, not the head but everything else is covered"
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: but not the hands
(6352) Morti: "Oh...hmmm..."
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: She looks like she could use a friend Morti, go say hello to her"
** (6352) Morti takes a moment to think the situation over, then stands from his seat and wanders over to Kyla's table, the innocent masked fifteen year old plopping into a seat near her without asking, and speaking forthrightly: "Are you different?" **
(6402) Kyla: "Everyone is,,,, in their own way."
(6402) Kyla: "People, however, are not different."
(6352) Morti: :cocks his head in thought, then looks back to her, his scarf smiling for her in his unique magical way, pleased with her response: "What's sexual conotation?"
(6359) DM: (OOC: OMG!!!)
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: (ROFL)
(6402) Kyla: "aA difference of oppinion"
(6352) Morti: (heahahahahahahahaha)
(6402) Kyla: (good question)
** (6360) Reiner Swiftblade continues to drink **
(6352) Morti: :looks confused at the answer: "Really? I wonder why my friend Reiner over there said showing off your navel was a difference of opinion.." :stares to the table top ion thought:
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: "Wench where is my ale love?"
(6352) Morti: :mask furrows for him in thought:
(6402) Kyla: "Ahhh... It's the way I'm used to dressing in my home lands. I didn't mean to offend your friend, but hif I did, it would be best if he had the stones to tell me ihimself, rather than sending a boy fto hide behind."
(6411) Letharidge (enter): 18:18
(6352) Morti: :mumbels thoughtlessly: "I guess in my opinion I would rather see your navel than his...that's gotten be all hairy and sweaty"
** (6402) Kyla chokes **
(6352) Morti: "Huh?" :looks back to Kyla: "Why would he have stones?"
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: (ROFL)
(6402) Kyla: "sorry"
(6352) Morti: (not getting the metaphor)
(6411) Letharidge (exit): 18:19
(6359) DM: You get your order.
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: "thank ye love"
** (6359) Drenla glances at Morti and the woman, then shrugs. **
(6352) Morti: :the creases of his mask smile proudly, "Well maybe he can tell you himself if you come over to our table. care to join us?"
(6359) Drenla: Seems like the student is about to make a fool of himself. I recommend we stop him before he causes a riot.
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: "What? "
(6402) Kyla: "Why not.....*mumbles* no one else is listening."
** (6360) Reiner Swiftblade is all smiles **
** (6352) Morti happily leads Kyla back to their table, even offering his arm as a gesture of gentlemanliness **
(6413) Letharidge (enter): 18:23
(6413) Letharidge (exit): 18:23
** (6402) Kyla jsut looks at the wierd way he's holding his arm, and follows. **
(6352) Morti: :dropping his armm he heads over, and introduces her to the others: "Hey guys, this is... uh.... what was your name?"
(6402) Kyla: "Kyla"
** (6359) Drenla coughs **
(6359) Drenla: A pleasure, Kyla. (looking up.) I am Drenla, of Tolmara.
(6352) Morti: "Right. I invited her to join us. And Reiner she says everyone dresses like this where she comes from"
** (6360) Reiner Swiftblade turns to see her and meets her navel head on **
** (6360) Reiner Swiftblade chockes on his ale **
** (6359) Drenla coughs **
(6359) Drenla: Out of the mouths of babes (mutters softly)
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: "WHAT did ye tell her Morti....war father give me strength!"
(6415) Lalbany (enter): 18:26
(6352) Morti: "Oh yeah, I'm Morti, nice to meet you." :offers his hand politely though late:
(6415) Lalbany (exit): 18:26
(6359) Drenla: This is Reiner, of Clan Swiftblade, a barbarian of the Fhaard plains. Lord Blaine Mistmoor, a nobleman of this city.
** (6402) Kyla takes it. "The honor is mine, young sir." **
(6352) Morti: "Eh?" :glances down at Reiner: "Just that she had a difference of opinion..."
(6359) DM: (OOC. there are other ppl but the players are not here so their chars are in PC limbo)
(6402) Kyla: ((ok))
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: "Lady, I meerly told the lad that frrom where I am from, it is not custom to dress the way ye are dressed, I did not mean to offend"
(6359) DM: (folks, describe your characters if you haven't done so, so Mike can get a sense of what they look like)
(6352) Morti: "Sir? me?" :shrugs, gives her hand a furtive shake:
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): he's got me
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, huh?
(6352) Morti: The odd boy with the scarf masking his face... At only ten and five winters this frail and innocent boy is a walking mystery. Though, with a shy and gentle demeanor and a trick to his scarf making it act out his expression in rather comical exaggeration few people to no one would ever be concerened with him. A slender figure just over five feet tall is covered head to toe at all times. He wears a faded navy blue canvas jacket embroidered with thin, vine like, copper-color swirling patterns down the arms and joining on the back in a swirling vortex design. Its fastened by three buckles in the front and the cuffs end with three forks which reach over the back and sides of his gloved hands. That is worn over a plain, loose white linen tunic. His brown dark hide breeches are fitted and ornamented with the same copper embroidering in columns down the sides, and are tucked into knee high brown leather boots. His trademark is the checker pinstriped, white cloth scarf which thoroughly wraps his head, leaving only a sliver of copper tone skin visible around his kind dark blue eyes.
(6402) Kyla: "If ye does not work for the church, then ye couldn't possibly offend me today."
(6352) Morti: :glances up in thought: "Does the war Father count?"
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: "Ah well then the offense is twice" ::looks down at his holy symbol
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: "Be quiet Morti"
** (6352) Morti pouts a bit through his mask and plops back into his seat on Reiner's command **
(6402) Kyla: "tis not that church that upsets me today."
** (6360) Reiner Swiftblade laughs nervously "I am a warrior priest but I have no quarrel with ye lady" **
(6352) Morti: "Is the church of the Oracle? That place is creepy"
(6402) Kyla: "Rather, it's the deacon of the large one I was in a rather heavy debate with earlier."
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: "huh...well I will listen if ye like"
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: "how so?"
(6352) Morti: "Are you a priestess?"
(6402) Kyla: "Tis no point, They are being wastefull with their extravogent decor which should be used to aid th people whom are in need, not please the eyes of those who dont. A church is for the ears, and heart, not the eyes."
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: "Ays tis not a good church that does not serve the needy"
(6352) Morti: "Should have pews so technically it's for the arse too. right?"
(6352) Morti: :goes quiet noticing he spoke out of turn:
(6402) Kyla: "ye wouldn't be saying that, if ye spent enough time sitting ain one."
(6352) Morti: :coughs to clear throat: "So what church is it?"
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: "Well, can I get ye a drink lady?"
(6402) Kyla: "Water would be welcome."
(6359) Blaine: (raises his head from the tankard and glances at Kyla) My apologies for not introducing myself earlier. Blaine, m'lady. And if I had gold enough, I would pay for ye, but as it is, there's barely enough coin to clothe myself. (glumly)
(6402) Kyla: ((it's the church I missed my oppening on last week))
(6352) Morti: "Could you order me a cider?"
** (6360) Reiner Swiftblade grabs the wench by the arm gently as she walks by and asks her for a glass of water **
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: and cider
** (6352) Morti forks another mouthful of the pie under his scarf **
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: "Well, what are ye planning to do about it Kyla?"
(6402) Kyla: "think nothing of it, sir blane. everyone has problems that interupt manners occasionally."
(6402) Kyla: "For now, I will wait, and watch. but there may come a time to act for the good of the people."
(6352) Morti: "Can we help?"
(6402) Kyla: "I have no right to demand they change, but I do insist to ad my opinion to their book keeping.
(6359) Blaine: Such as, 'tis my hope, with me to start. These good folk are to come to my aid in reclaiming my manse and driving out the spirits who reside there.
(6402) Kyla: "only by offering your opinions to them, if that's what ye wants to do."
(6359) DM: Thunder booms outside.
(6352) Morti: "Opinions to who?"
(6359) Blaine: Ye're welcome to join them. I believe they leave on the morrow, in the morning.
(6402) Kyla: "The few who make a excessive profit off the people, selling them religeon."
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: "Well Kayla, do ye have a place to stay? Morti, is it ok if she stays at your villa?
(6352) Morti: "Hmm?" :glances curiously back to Blaine, then back to Kyla: "Well, I doubt they'd listen to me, but I'll talk to them if you want." :scarf smiles: "How about you? Care to come to a haunted manse with us in exchange?"
(6402) Kyla: "Haunted?"
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade: "Sounds like it is storming outside, we should make our way home"
(6352) Morti: :to Reiner: "Sure that would be great" :then to Kyla boastfully: "I have two mansions"
** (6352) Morti nods to to her question of haunting **
(6359) Drenla: Ays, haunted. Or so he claims. (sips, observing the tavern folk)
(6359) Moiraine: mrrr
(6402) Kyla: *looks at Drela* "That is the way of most haunted places."
** (6352) Morti looks down and reaches into his coat to pull out Moirraine, petting the tabby lightly, "Wanted to come out and meet our new friend?" **
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade (enter): 18:46
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (6421) Reiner Swiftblade...
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: sorry folks got booted
(6359) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(6360) Reiner Swiftblade' from room...
(6360) Reiner Swiftblade (exit): 18:46
(6359) Drenla: I'm a bit of a skeptic if ye ask me. (glances at Blaine who seems more morose and doesn't hear)
(6359) Moiraine: meow
(6402) Kyla: "I will trael with you to this haunted place, if each one of you will agree to give your opinions to the deacon. ...Your honest opinions. Not what ye thinks I want."
(6359) DM: An orange tabby pokes its head out of the sorcerer's coat.
(6395) GM- Bubba (enter): 18:48
(6359) DM: It gives a plaintive meow, before settling back into the coat.
(6395) GM- Bubba (exit): 18:48
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: "Well, I am tired and would like yo get a fresh start tomorrow."
whispering to Morti, She's a bit full of herself, but I suppose ye could do worse. Mrrr. And a rogue as well.
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: "I sense it would be good for all of us to stay togethert tonight"
(6352) Morti: :scratching at the kitten's ears, nods stiffly to Kyla: "I agree. THough I don't really have an opinion yet"
(6402) Kyla: "then tell him that."
(6352) Morti (whispering): Yeah, she seems nice
(6402) Kyla: "no one will change the way they do things if they don't know what people think"
** (6421) Reiner Swiftblade starts to get up and put on his gear **
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: "Well Kyla , well met...."
(6352) Morti: :cocks his head to Kyla: "Alright, I'll give him my opinion no matter what"
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: "Now as for you Drenla, how did ye know I would finish that pie?"
(6359) Drenla: I didn't.
(6359) DM: (fast forwarding, folks)
(6359) DM: Next morning.
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: (Great)
(6352) Morti (whispering): btw... I have all my initial wizard spells in my spellbook by now, right? or do I still have to wait on that?
** (6402) Kyla stares back at Reiner's stomach, and mutters "I'd never have guessed" **
(6359) DM: (OC: there's a bit of business that Drenla has to take care of at the Diamond Citadel, and takes Morti along with him. You meet both of them at the east gate of the city. (Not shown on the above map.)
** (6352) Morti is up early, studying his spellbook, excited with Drenla's statement yesterday about them visiting the citadel **
(6359) DM: (OC: this offstage business will be done at a later date.)
(6352) Morti: (hai hai)
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: "Alright then, lead the way Blaine"
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: "Do ye have a horse Kyla?"
(6402) Kyla: "no, I gave her to a farmer in need."
** (6352) Morti stands at the gate waving to his comrades (wearing a comical foam wizard hat, waving a penant and wearing a shirt that says "I survived the mystical Citadel Tour") **
(6414) Letharidge (enter): 18:55
(6402) Kyla: "I can walk fine, but would appreciate itif I could place a bag on one of your horses.
** (6421) Reiner Swiftblade offers her his hand "Ye can ride with me" **
(6414) Letharidge (exit): 18:56
(6359) DM: (OC: resuming at dawnwatch rising four (10 am))
(6352) Morti: :honestly to reiner: "Isn't that horse carrying enough weight"
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: "This is a sturdy horse Morti"
** (6402) Kyla shows a badly hidden sigh of relief at the comment **
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: "But if ye like ye can ride with Morti"
(6359) DM: The journey to Blaine's ancestral manor takes the better part of the morning and the early afternoon. A light drizzle continues all throughout your trip.
(6402) Kyla: "Sir reiner, I don't think your horse would mind this extra bag as much as an extra rider. I'll be fine walking."
(6359) DM: By the looks of the clouds above, more rain is heralded on the horizon.
(6352) Morti: "Or if you know how, you can ride me? this thing doesn't really listen to me"
(6402) Kyla: "that might work, if Morti is willing
** (6352) Morti horse gives a snort and a whinny almost dropping its inexperienced rider.... again **
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: "Ays" :smiles:
** (6352) Morti calls to Blaine as they ride. "When's the last time anyone was up here? **
(6402) Kyla: ((brb, 1 min))
(6359) DM: The manor is a large two-story building of stout timber, with a stone tower built into one corner. The manor grounds seem untended. A stone fence, about half the height of a normal man surrounds an unruly garden, overgrown with weeds and thorny brambles. The grass is about waist height.
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: "I think we dismount here"
(6359) Blaine: As for myself, about a month ago.
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: "No sense bringing the horses through the bramble"
** (6352) Morti carefully dismounts on Reiner's suggestion **
** (6421) Reiner Swiftblade dismounts horse and gently says goodbye and feeds his mare an apple **
(6359) Blaine: We can enter at either the front door or in the back. There's a stable in the back, along with some buildings I didn't investigate.
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: "tis your manor, you lead the way"
(6352) Morti: "Why can't we use the front or back door?"
(6402) Kyla: ((back))
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: well lets go see where you have not investigated first
(6352) Morti: (we entering the map from the west or south?)
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: since ye know where everything else is
(6352) Morti: (or east?)
(6359) Blaine: That would be the back. Or just about the entire manor.
(6359) DM: (from the west)
(6359) DM: (top of the map is north)
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: Whereever ye suggest, as I said Blaine"
(6359) Blaine: I leave it to ye, as ye are a seasoned warrior and I am not.
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): where are we know? 1?
(6359) Blaine: I don't remember much, except where I saw the writing.
(6352) Morti: "Okay then. to the stables" :points forth and begins to lead his horse forth before stopping to look back, "Where are they again?"
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, the garden
(6359) DM: (you're at the stone path leading into the garden.)
(6352) Morti: (and the garden is... where?)
(6359) DM: As you enter the garden, you notice a stone fountain halfway between the stables and the rest of the buildings on the grounds
(6359) DM: (sigh) (1 is the manse, 2 through 5 are structures in the garden)
** (6421) Reiner Swiftblade unsheaths blades **
(6352) Morti: (thank you)
(6402) Kyla: "Why are you arming yourself? Tis probibly nothing more than a family of coons that scared off a would be burgler who lied about the shadows to start the haunted sotory."
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: "I always arm myself...it is my way....
(6402) Kyla (whispering): yea, my guess is 1 is the manor, 2 is the stable, 3 servants quarters, 4,5 storage sheds
** (6352) Morti eyes the fountain in passing, checking it's form with mild insterest **
(6359) DM: It seems to be filled with still, brackish water.
(6352) Morti: :comments of Reiner: "He's insecure" :then looks back to Drenla: "That's the word you used right"
(6359) DM: The stables are bordering on neglect, the front door literally hanging off its hinges.
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: "lets look in the stable
(6352) Morti: (Sorry, for putting words in Drenla's mouth, j/k)
** (6421) Reiner Swiftblade gives Drenla a glance "from the mouth of babes? **
(6359) DM: As you pause in front of the building, you notice a low-roofed mausoleum in the middle of the garden. On the eastern border of the grounds are a chapel and some sort of shed.
(6359) Drenla: Ays.
(6431) Sa'alis (enter): 19:14
(6352) Morti: "This place isn't going to collapse on our horses is it" :carefully tries to open the door:
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: "What is that Blaine?
(6424) Loco (enter): 19:14
(6431) Sa'alis (exit): 19:14
(6352) Morti: :without it falling on him:
** (6421) Reiner Swiftblade did not bring his horse in **
(6359) DM: The door does just that....to the ground.
** (6352) Morti gives his horse a pet on the snout, "Maybe you should stay out here. **
(6359) DM: Inside is a corpse of a LARGE spider.
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): reiner looks for signs of life/tracks etc.
(6352) Morti: :noticing the corse: "Definitely"
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, roll
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: that is why I am always armed my lady
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: Wilderness Lore Skill Check: [1d20+7] -> [10,7] = (17)
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): wilderness lore 17
(6424) Loco (whispering): is this D&D?
(6352) Morti: (can we discern how long it's been dead and from what?)
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, several sets of tracks in the vicinity, not just yours
(6352) Morti: (brb)
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: [1d20+2] -> [6,2] = (8)
(6402) Kyla: "to protect yourself from dead spiders?" *starts fiddleing with her dagger sheath while saying this*
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, two sets of tracks made by humans? and three others by creatures like the spider.
(6359) DM: (four days)
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: "There are several sets of tracks here...more than this one spider
whispering to Loco, yes
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: I'd say three more
(6424) Loco (whispering): are you guys recruting?
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: and two sets of human tracks
whispering to Loco, I'm not unless I'm given a good reason
(6402) Kyla: ((exactly how big is "large" tarantual (4-5 inches, or are we etalking monster spider size?)
(6424) Loco (whispering): can i ask what the game times are?
(6359) DM: (HUGE. as in a huge monster spider)
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): spot check?
whispering to Loco, normally 3 pm to 9:30 pm Saturday, EST. started late today so will end late
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, ok
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: [1d20+2] -> [20,2] = (22)
(6402) Kyla: "point well taken, Sir Reiner."
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): 22 looks around for anything else unusual
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, definitely two sets of human tracks and three other spider tracks. there seemed to have been a combat here. the tracks enter and leave the stables.
(6352) Morti: "Maybe travellers who stopped here to rest and were attacked?"
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): actually 23
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, peering into the stables, you spy a second corpse.
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: There is a second corpse in the stables
(6352) Morti: where and what kind?
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): another spider?
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, yes...
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: Tis another spider
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): any animals or motion in the stable?
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, none that you can determine
(6352) Morti: (some one went on a spider killing spree)
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: Lord Blaine, I suggest we burn down the stable. It wil have to be rebuilt anyways
(6424) Loco (whispering): do you have a game node with a background?
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: "This would be a good place for these spiders to incubate
whispering to Loco, it's a bit complicated. just sit back and relax.
(6441) Beau (enter): 19:24
(6359) Blaine: Oh, very well. I defer to ye.
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: It is dark, lots of hiding places, and is a natural place for animals to seek shelter
(6359) DM: Rain continues to fall.
(6402) Kyla: "can you tell how they died?"
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: How say ye all?
** (6352) Morti looks outside to the rain, "Hope you have a lot of oil **
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): were they slain with a sword?
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, Alfred, you know that
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, please don't be dense.
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: They were slain
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, I said there was a combat here. scroll up
(6352) Morti: (by now you've noticed that Morti's soaked mask has lost it's usual animation and clings to his face under the hood of his winter moose skin coat)
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: There was a combat here
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: "Drenla, lord of fire, can ye do the honors?
(6352) Morti: "Burn it if you can."
(6402) Kyla: "I dodn't really want to look at it, but any idea how they died? was it tools, or animals who killed them?"
(6359) Drenla: Don't you think this is a bit hasty?
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: Well, we can investigate if ye like
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: There was a battle here
(6352) Morti: "Yeha, we may need his spells later"
(6402) Kyla: "Yes, I do think it's too soon to be burning things. this is exactly how stories of hauntings start. "
(6359) Drenla: It's raining. Why don't we tie them to a tree or other post and investigate the manse?
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): do the horses seem nervous?
(6424) Loco (exit): 19:28
(6352) Morti: :wonders why Dren;a would want to tie dead spiders to a post:
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, no
(6402) Kyla: ((he means the horses))
(6352) Morti: "Yeah lets get going"
(6352) Morti: (ah.... right)
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: "Allright then lets go to the manse
(6402) Kyla: "please. you wanted me to come along, now I'm offering advice."
(6441) Beau (exit): 19:29
(6402) Kyla: "were the spiders killed by animals, or people?"
(6359) Blaine: Front or back door? I'm more familiar with the front of course.
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: my lady,they were killed by men
(6402) Kyla: "thank you."
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: I am impulsive, but am reasonable
(6352) Morti: "The front then, right guys?"
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade,
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: ays
** (6352) Morti follows blaine to the front of the manse **
(6359) DM: As you troop to the front of the manor (after first seeing to the horses), you note that the rain is starting to fall harder. A light shines in a window on the second floor.
(6352) Morti: :taps blaine on the shoulder, and points to the light in the window: "Uh... should that be there?"
(6359) Blaine: er...nay
(6359) Blaine: (puzzled)
** (6421) Reiner Swiftblade looks towards the light **
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): spot check?
(6359) Drenla: Most curious, indeed. (makes a note of the location of the window) Perhaps we should see to that as soon as possible.
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, if you want
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: focuses on window
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: [1d20+3] -> [11,3] = (14)
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): 14
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, all right, what about?
(6352) Morti: "Hmmm..." (is the window low enough that someone could be boosted up to it?)
(6359) DM: (no)
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): tries to make out a shape or something
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, none that you can determine
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: hm...very curious
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: "Shall we go inside lLord Blanie?
(6352) Morti: (Btw... left Moirraine with his pack and the horse)
(6359) TaliesinNYC: (ok)
(6359) DM: (afk bio break)
(6402) Kyla: "what's so curious about some pesant takeign up residence in an abandoned manor?"
(6359) Blaine: (looks relieved) thought you'd never say that.
(6352) Morti: :shrugs to Kyla: "Might be the giant spider slayers. That's not so bad"
(6402) Kyla: "all the clues are here. minimal outside disturbance, so he knows he's doing it illegally, and doesn't want to call attention to himself, the recently killed spiders.....
(6359) DM: The front doors to the manor are slightly ajar.
(6402) Kyla: "Exactly, morti"
(6359) DM: (Unless I note otherwise, assume all ceiling heights are 15' high)
(6352) Morti: "Of course, they could also be rivals looking for the same family treasure and the ones who are creating the ghost story."
(6402) Kyla: "tht fits too"
** (6421) Reiner Swiftblade keeps quiet and lets the two debate while he stands ready to be attacked **
(6352) Morti: :starts whispering: "Either way, maybe we shouldn't let them know we're here first"
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: starts to chant
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): detect evil
(6352) Morti: :quiets his footfalls best as possible as they apporach the front door:
(6352) Morti: Move Silently Skill Check: [1d20+6] -> [10,6] = (16)
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, you get a slight tingling sensation in your ears, and a dull ache
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: looks in all direction...above and below
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, there seems to be a distinct aura of evil in this place, but its too vague for you to make out details
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: "There is evil in this place
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: I can feel it
(6359) Drenla: Oh? Can ye also feel the rain coming down in droplets on top of your head?
(6352) Morti: :whispers: "That doesn't make me feel better Reiner"
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: "Drenla, have ye ever know me to be wrong about these things...evil his here for certain Drenla
(6359) Drenla: Then we should move in and get rid of it, eh?
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): pans over to Blaine
** (6352) Morti carefully peeks into the door before slipping inside **
(6359) Blaine: (seems hopeful and impatient at the same time)
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: "I am a priest of the war father...this is one gift that I do have Blaine
(6359) Drenla: Priest of the windbag, if ye ask me. (mutters)
** (6421) Reiner Swiftblade has a determined look "let's go in" **
(6359) TaliesinNYC: Foyer: This entry room is empty and unfurnished except for a single tapestry hanging on the west wall. The wall hanging depicts a dark haired female warrior standing on a rocky outcropping. The banner she holds aloft sports a white pegasus rampant on a blue field. The room is thick with dust and cobwebs. Several sets of tracks lead to and from the outer door, the east doors and the south passage.
(6402) Kyla (whispering): I'm jsut wondering why I''m not telling them we should check all the otehr buildings first, so there is no supprises waiting for a call for help from the mansion
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): are they the same as what was outside?
whispering to Kyla, heheh
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, no
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, you're not sure I mean
** (6402) Kyla is very glad that she has a convient scarf to hide her smirk behind. **
(6352) Morti: :glanceing around the tracked floor as he enters, whispers: "Well, sure seems like people have been here"
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: These tracks may be different...lets follow them
(6359) DM: (indicate a direction please)
** (6352) Morti moves in, still at his silent pace to view the tapestry **
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): looks around room scanning for evil
(6352) Morti: (though I guess it's a little silly to move silently when no one else is.... hehehe... nevermind)
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, none at present yet you can't help but notice the aura of evil that permeates your senses
(6449) J.J. (enter): 19:48
(6449) J.J. (exit): 19:48
(6352) Morti: :pointing to the tapestry, asks Blaine in a hushed voice: "Who's that?"
** (6421) Reiner Swiftblade grabs at his head **
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): just let me know when something changes so I don't have to keep asking you
(6359) Blaine: An ancestor of mine, Lady Moira Mistmoor. She was a paladin of Bralvanyr who was a famed knight in her time.
(6359) Blaine: Legend has it she slew an entire division of Imperial troops before falling to her death from exhaustion.
** (6421) Reiner Swiftblade starts towards the east doors **
(6352) Morti: "Really? What'd she do?" :glancing back to Reiner waiting for his call of where they're heading:
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, ok
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: "We go this way
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: (towards the east doors)
(6359) Blaine: She was the last known wielder of the Sword of Warriors.
(6352) Morti: :nerviously: "I... guess... that's... gooo..."
(6359) TaliesinNYC: Dining Hall: This is a large chamber with a fireplace to the north. Two long wooden tables lined with chairs run the length of the room. There are several sets of tacks near the west entrance. One set leads into the middle of the room where it abruptly stops. the message Lord Blaine saw on his first trip to the manor ("Soon, dear cousin, I come for you") remains undisturbed in the dust.

Ancient bloodstains mar the tables.

** (6421) Reiner Swiftblade looks around the room **
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, Same thing.
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): spot for doors and the like
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: [1d20+3] -> [11,3] = (14)
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): 14
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, none
** (6352) Morti follows Reiner into the next room, asking Blaine: "Does that mean your cousin?" **
(6402) Kyla: "Hold on please. we saw a light in an upper window, yet this place is full of dust. wouldn't it be too obvious to jsut find the footprints on the stairwell, an find out hwhere he went in the house?
** (6359) Blaine shudders and blanches at seeing the message again. **
(6359) Blaine: I...I...I think it means me.
** (6421) Reiner Swiftblade goes to the west doors **
(6352) Morti: "So your cousin is haunting this place? What didja do to him?"
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: "my lady, I am following tracks...."
(6359) TaliesinNYC: Barracks: This room is furnished with several sets of bunk beds, footlockers, a few chairs and a table.
(6359) Blaine: I don't have any cousins. (puzzled)
(6352) Morti: "Oh....."
(6402) Kyla: "then what are we still doing talking like this place is haunted? we see a light, see footprints, yet, we insist there are ghosts here... Something si deffinately not right here."
(6352) Morti: "Maybe you look like one of your ancestors who did have a cousin who died here"
(6359) Blaine: Well, perhaps. But that does nothing to solve the mystery of where my family vault lies.
(6359) DM: The room is otherwise empty.
(6352) Morti: :nodding to Kyla, adds: "Or they never did their research on you"
(6402) Kyla: "just a guess, but a hidden vault would be somewhere very secure. either under the tower, or in the stone moselum. those were the sturdyest structures."
(6352) Morti: "OOooo... I know this one" :heads back into the foyer, dragging Blaine along: "In stories, the secret passage is always behind the..." :pulls the tapestry aside to get behind it:
(6359) Blaine: Then perhaps that is where we should proceed next, after we determine who those tracks belong to.
(6359) DM: He comes along reluctantly.
(6359) Blaine: Your hands are remarkably...leathery.
(6359) DM: It reveals a blank wall.
(6352) Morti: "Those are my gloves" :gives a grin that his soggy mask doesn't quite manage"
(6352) Morti: "Hey... where is it?"
** (6359) Blaine recoils, pulling his hand back. **
(6352) Morti: :scratches head in curiousity:
(6359) Blaine: If ye insist.
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: "Morti, what are ye diong?"
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: doing
(6352) Morti: "i was... uh... nothing..."
(6359) Blaine: I just see a wooden wall. (puzzled)
** (6421) Reiner Swiftblade shakes head **
(6352) Morti: "So... upstairs then?"
(6359) Blaine: Aye, seems a good idea.
(6454) Titanio Verde (enter): 20:03
(6359) Blaine: But I don't know how to get there. Reiner?
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, Alfred?
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): where else do the tracks go?
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, down the south passage
(6402) Kyla: "Morti, the secret doors are always along the thick walls. no point in even looking for one till you find a wall thick enough to walk into."
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: "Let's go down the south passage
(6352) Morti: :eyes the nobleman dumble: "We could try walking up the stairs..."
(6359) Blaine: Well (defensively), I don't know where the stairs are located.
** (6421) Reiner Swiftblade goes towards the south passage **
(6352) Morti: ".....oh...."
(6455) Unknown (enter): 20:06
(6402) Kyla: "hold on... why are we in a house when no one even knows where he stairs are?"
(6359) TaliesinNYC: Great Hall: This large, sparsely furnished chamber has a high ceiling and a balcony running around the inner walls, 15' up. Footprints lead back and forth the wide northeast corridor and the stairs along the south wall. A large portrait of the first viscount of Mistmoor hangs over the fireplace.
(6352) Morti: :to kyla: "It's a favor"
(6359) DM: As you enter the hall, you hear a noise above you.
(6359) DM: A rustling sound.
** (6421) Reiner Swiftblade looks up **
** (6352) Morti looks to the cieling. tensing (ready action color spray) **
(6359) DM: Hanging over the balcony, teetering almost, is a youthful girl, perhaps about fifteen or sixteen winters. She peers down at you, then quickly withdraws from view. She seems to be garbed in a pale white shawl and a nightgown.
(6455) Unknown (exit): 20:09
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): evil?
** (6352) Morti cocks his head "Uh... do you know her Blaine?" **
(6359) DM: (In the hall, the ceiling is 30')
(6434) FlockHammer (enter): 20:09
** (6359) Blaine shakes his head vigorously. **
(6434) FlockHammer (exit): 20:09
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: hm...that is odd
(6402) Kyla: "Moe to the point, who'se house is this, and why are we in it?"
(6359) Blaine: Mine, m'lady. Or more accurately, my family's.
(6352) Morti: "His house" :points to Blaine: "We're looking for the secret vault containing his families fortune so he can pay off a bunch of debts"
(6402) Kyla: "ok, it's starting to make sence now."
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, no
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: Here are your stairs
(6402) Kyla: "Sir Reiner, do you believe he is the rightfull air to this manse?"
(6352) Morti: "That wasn't so hard" :referring to the stairs, then of the girl: "Do you think she beat those spiders?"
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: I have questioned him at length and I believe it to be so, but you can question him further if ye like
(6402) Kyla: "I'll take your word on it. thank you. I was getting the impression we wern't supposed to be here."
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: I cannot compel him to tell the truth so I must take him for his word
** (6421) Reiner Swiftblade heads towards the stairs **
(6359) Blaine: Why would ye think I wasn't telling the truth? 'Tis my ancestral home and my manse by right of title. (offended)
(6454) Titanio Verde (exit): 20:14
** (6352) Morti follows up stairs, x-bow ready **
(6359) Blaine: And I asked them to save me from ruin.
** (6359) Blaine follows, slightly miffed. **
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: "Aye Blaine, ye question is with Kayla not I
(6402) Kyla: "if it's your home, then why did ye not know where the stairs are? Teh hidden vault, I can understand, but he stairs are a bit hard to wswallow."
** (6421) Reiner Swiftblade starts up the stairs **
(6359) TaliesinNYC: Gallery: The walls of this balcony are lined with portraits of Mistmoor family members. Nearly all are stained with ancient spatters of blood. Three sets of footprints lead from the stairway out the north passage. They also return the same way.

Toward the south end of the west wall is a portrait of a very pretty dark-haired teenage girl with a raven perched on her shoulder. The portraits to each side of this one have been shredded beyond recognitiuon, as if by the claws of some wild animal.

(6359) Blaine: Well, I haven't been here in ages. I didn't grow up in this manse. I've only inherited it recently and decided to reclaim it as a means of paying back my family debts.
** (6352) Morti moves to inspect the three outstanding portraits, looking for a label or inscription **
(6359) DM: Intelligence check, anyone.
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): does that look like the work of spider claws?
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, no
(6352) Morti: [1d20+1] -> [10,1] = (11)
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: Int check: [1d20+1] -> [1,1] = (2)
(6402) Kyla: [1d20+4] -> [18,4] = (22)
whispering to Kyla, With a start, you realize that the girl you saw resembled the girl in the painting.
whispering to Morti, the paintings are from left to right: Rebecca Mistmoor (shredded), Regine Mistmoor (whole), Reveri Mistmoor (shredded)
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): evil
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, same feeling as before
(6352) Morti: (I'm assuming the middle portait is of the girl we just saw)
(6359) DM: (yes)
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: "Well this is disconerting
(6402) Kyla: "A few other comments also lend me to my observations, but your story is plausable, and I have no reason to doubt Sir Renier's word, so do you know how your family got this debt?
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): perhaps raven claws?
(6352) Morti: :asks Drenla as he looks to the portarait, "Think that Raven's a familiar?"
(6359) Blaine: Well (sheepish), I had been living hand to mouth for a while but I suppose my tryst with His Majesty's ward had something to do with the justicars' uncovering my debts.
(6352) Morti: "If she's a sorceress or something it'd explain a lot"
(6359) Blaine: It's not something I'm proud of, as ye can imagine. But love should not be a crime!
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, maybe
(6359) Drenla: A pet perhaps. Likely.
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): can I make a wilderness lore check
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, ok
(6352) Morti: :glances to Drenla and shrugs:
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: Wilderness Lore Skill Check: [1d20+7] -> [10,7] = (17)
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): 17
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, all right, what?
(6402) Kyla: "That would be a no then."
(6352) Morti: :looks back to Blaine: "Do you know if your family kept a bible or geneology... family tree...something?"
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): was it a raven that clawed the portraits or does it look like a weapon
(6359) Blaine: We were once a proud and noble family. But sometime, I think a hundred or so years back, tragedy struck at my family which caused us to fall from grace. In doing so, we were driven from this manse. I don't really know the details, only that it involved some sort of kinslaying.
** (6421) Reiner Swiftblade glances at the ripped portraits **
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, a slashing object
(6352) Morti: "Uh.... right..." :scratches his soggy head:
(6359) Blaine: (to Morti) If we did, it would make sense to look in the library or some place with books.
** (6402) Kyla walks over to Renier, and whispers to him. **
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: These paintings were slashed by a sword or dagger or something of the like
(6352) Morti: "And I'm guessing you don't know where that is..."
(6321) Orion (enter): 20:29
(6359) Blaine: How did ye know?
(6352) Morti: "I just catch on quick sometimes"
(6321) Orion (exit): 20:29
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): does it look as though the tracks could have been of the little fgirl we saw?
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, perhaps
** (6421) Reiner Swiftblade starts towards the north passage **
** (6352) Morti looks around the balcony area, tryin go to decipher the direction to the lighted room. **
(6359) DM: (the one with the doors?)
whispering to Morti, west
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: where the tracks lead
whispering to Morti, the west door
(6359) DM: The west door.
** (6352) Morti moves to catch up with Reiner whispering, the room with the light should be over there" :Points to the western door: **
(6359) DM: (And the door to the right, in the north passage)
(6359) DM: (Correction: the tracks go to the far right door down the north passage)
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): spot checks the door to the far right for traps etc. or anything unusual
(6352) Morti (whispering): after thought: does mage armor stack with the ring of protection and bracers of defense?
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, roll
whispering to Morti, no
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: [1d20+3] -> [2,3] = (5)
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): 5
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, Not that you can determine.
(6352) Morti (whispering): oh well
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, the door is also ajar.
** (6421) Reiner Swiftblade looks inside since the door is ajar **
(6359) TaliesinNYC: Bedroom (29): This woman's bedroom is well furnished and lavishly decorated. There are footprints in the dust and a message in dried blood on the wall: "I shall not rest 'ere all my kin rest with me."
** (6402) Kyla puts a hand on his shoulder, and gently pulls. **
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: She must have been the murdered girl
** (6352) Morti glances curiously to kyla **
(6359) DM: Outside, the rain begins to fall harder, as thunder booms in the background.
(6352) Morti: "Or the murderER"
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: she must be released from her torment
(6402) Kyla: "wouldn't want to scare the poor child to death with an armed, and scarey looking man bargeing into her bedroom, now would we?
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: Aye, if ye wish to go in front, please do
(6402) Kyla: *whispers* Blane for sure would panic if he knew....
** (6402) Kyla nids. **
(6352) Morti: :looks thoughtfully to Kyla for a minute, then turns to the door, giving a knock on the frame, "May we come int?"
(6402) Kyla: ((nods))
(6359) DM: There is no response.
(6352) Morti: :scratches head: "Guess she doesn't mind"
** (6402) Kyla tossess ehr dagger onto the floor in the room, then pushes the door open. **
(6402) Kyla: "Hello young miss..."
(6352) Morti: :watches Kyla's actions ponderously: "I don't think she's in"
** (6402) Kyla glances around the room. **
(6359) DM: As you do so, suddenly, the scene changes. It is night and the girl that you saw previously is standing over a still form by the bed. Swiftly, dagger in hand, she stabs the form several times. As blood spurts out, she drags the now dead girl to the window, and dumps the body outside as rain falls into the room. Then you're jolted back to the present...
(6402) Kyla: "she's here somewhere. I jsut don't wat her to have to talk to an armed person first."
(6359) Blaine: I...Uh...
(6352) Morti: :eyes wide in shock: "My mistake...."
** (6359) Blaine faints. **
(6359) DM: He falls to the ground with a thud.
(6352) Morti: :blinks a couple of times, paying the feinting man no mind:
(6402) Kyla: *gulp* "um, did anyone else see that?"
** (6421) Reiner Swiftblade revives Blaine **
(6352) Morti: (did we get a look at the face of the girl in the bed?)
(6359) DM: (no)
(6352) Morti: :nods vigorously to Kyla:
(6359) Drenla: I did. (speechless)
(6359) Drenla: We all did.
** (6421) Reiner Swiftblade waves pungent herbs under his nose **
(6359) Blaine: (comes to)
(6352) Morti: "Uh Drenla.... that could have been like a triggered illusion or something, right? Right?"
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: Ye must be strong lad....tell us who they were?
(6402) Kyla: "This is not good. Blane, have you thought about simply selling this manse for the debt owed?"
(6359) Drenla: I heard nothing...(shrugging but not confidently)
(6359) Blaine: Eh? Did you see that? This manse really is haunted!
** (6359) Blaine shudders **
(6402) Kyla: "or better yet, tradeing it to the Justicar who "found" your debt, in return for the debt disappearing?"
(6468) Dry Water (enter): 20:45
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: Well...shall we check this room Kyla?
(6468) Dry Water (whispering): may I lurk?
(6359) Blaine: Eh? Not really. If ye can, could ye please help me reclaim it? I'd be in your debt.
whispering to Dry Water, ok
(6352) Morti: :gulps back his fear and steps into the room, planning to "disbelief" any more "illusions":
(6402) Kyla: "for what? Untill Blane decides wha he wants done.... If that's what you wish, bane, I'll help"
(6359) DM: You enter the bedroom.
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): spot checking room
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): doors, etc.
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: [1d20+3] -> [4,3] = (7)
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): 7
** (6402) Kyla retrieves her dagger before forgetting it's on the floor **
** (6352) Morti breathes out a sigh of relief that nothing happens, then he goes about looking over the room, deciding to start with the bed and under the mattress **
(6359) DM: There is a small collection of crystal bottles on the vanity. A silver, heart-shaped locket hangs on the frame of the vanity mirror. The furnishings are all very well made, if aging.
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: look around for secret doors....
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, roll
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, none found
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: [1d20+3] -> [5,3] = (8)
(6402) Kyla: "what did I tell you about finding the thick walls first, then looking....?"
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: maybe there are some clues here on the vanity
** (6421) Reiner Swiftblade looks at the sheets on the bed **
(6352) Morti: :if he doesn't find anything in the bed, wanders over to inspect the vanity, opening the locket to see what's inside
(6359) DM: The bottles are all filled with various clear liquids, of different colors. None of them are sealed.
(6402) Kyla: "Lord Blane, may ewe have permission to go through the contents of your house?"
(6359) DM: Inside the locket is a picture of a handsome young human man, about seventeen winters.
(6359) Blaine: Certainly, please. Do what ye must to reclaim my title.
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: Blaine, who is this man?
(6359) Blaine: I don't know.
(6352) Morti: "The cousin maybe....?"
** (6359) Blaine shrugs. **
(6352) Morti: :holds up the locket beside Blaine, looking for any similarity with the man in the picture:
(6402) Kyla: "Isn't it rather obvious?"
** (6421) Reiner Swiftblade shows some sign of frustration **
(6359) DM: The bed appears to not have been slept in for a very long time. Dark reddish spots stain the sheets.
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: (mutters) "I am no detective"
(6359) DM: (no similarity)
(6352) Morti: "Isn't what obvious?"
(6359) Drenla: I'd think it was a token of appreciation for a young maiden's love. Isn't this a woman's bedroom of some sort?
(6352) Morti: "Yeah... but whose?"
** (6421) Reiner Swiftblade starts to move out of the room and back doen the hallway to the door on the same side of the corridor **
(6359) Drenla: Perhaps the past owner of this room. In any event, not important now I don't think.
(6402) Kyla: "The person who commited the murders is the girl we saw. This is her boyfriend. that rage we witnessessed is of the kind when someone breaks love, through possibly political means. her parents wanting her to marry some otehr boy, not this one. the debt your family owes is centered on this one incident.
(6359) Blaine: Seems likely, but something doesn't ring true here.
(6402) Kyla: that girl we saw is in oneof the portrates we saw earlier. she's the ghost haunting this villa,a dn wants revenge on her family for the betrayal.
(6352) Morti: "Then... why is the locket of her boyfriend in the room of a girl she killed?"
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, open
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): peeks in
(6402) Kyla: the flash we saw might no have been this room....
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, An empty bedroom.
(6352) Morti: :craning his head back toward Kyla: "Oh...."
(6402) Kyla: or she put her locket here after the murder, a sort of headstone.
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): goes to the door accross the way
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, open
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): peeks in
(6352) Morti: "Or maybe it was her boyfriend" :points to the bloodstained bed"
(6402) Kyla: That locket is almost deffinately belongs to this girl we saw. it all makes a wierd sence, but you are right, somethig is still missing.
(6359) TaliesinNYC: Bedroom (27): This was obviously a woman's bedroom. In addition to the standard bedroom furnishings, the room contains a writing desk and several bookshelves.
** (6402) Kyla goes to the shelf to look for a journal **
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): checks the bookshelves
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): looks on the writing desk
(6352) Morti: :places the locket back on the vanity and follows after Reiner to room 27:
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): spot check
(6359) Blaine: Several of the books seem to be poetry. An open book with quill and ink bottle lies on the desk.
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: [1d20+3] -> [12,3] = (15)
(6359) DM: (strike that. supposed to be me speaking. heheh)
** (6352) Morti moves to the writing desk to see what the last person was writing **
(6402) Kyla: "anyone want to have a bet on weather this is the missing pice?"
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, looking for what? when you make a spot check, let me know what you're looking for
(6402) Kyla: "Wait please, Blane should be the one to read this."
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: secret doors
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, none that you can determine
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): sorry secret doors
(6352) Morti: "Why?" :asks as he reads: "He said for us to do what we needed to find his family treasure"
(6359) Blaine: (perusing the journal) Seems to be some sort of book on poetry.
(6402) Kyla: "Not here Renier, if there were, she would have dumped the body in there, not out the window."
** (6421) Reiner Swiftblade walks out of the room **
(6402) Kyla: "There's a difference between seeing someone's undergarments,a dn watcing them naked."
(6402) Kyla: "journals are a very personal thing, not for strangers to know."
(6352) Morti: "Technically he's a stranger to these people too"
(6402) Kyla: "He's at least related."
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): goes to the door to the south and west (under 27 and left)
** (6359) Blaine places the book reverently on the desk and leaves to rejoin the others. **
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, ok
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, locked
(6402) Kyla: "He's trying to relclaim his family name. what if that would be crushed by what's written in here?"
(6352) Morti: "Eh? How so?"
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): spot for traps
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, roll
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: [1d20+3] -> [19,3] = (22)
(6402) Kyla: "Blane, please check the book for anything you would be willing to ashare involveing the writer, and this boy."
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, none that you can determine
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: "Everyone this door out here is locked"
(6359) Blaine: If ye wish, I give ye permission to read them. The book seemed to be a work on poetry.
(6482) Tinuva (enter): 21:04
(6352) Morti: :mask manages a minorly lopsided quirk of the brow as it's beginning to dry:
(6402) Kyla: "Morti. the motive behind the murder is unknown. I have a good guess from what I saw, but it's only a guess. if I'm right, then this was a justified fit of rage,a dn honor can be safe. if this is a deliberate act, or if other similar events happened elsewhere, it's upto blane to decide what to do, not us."
(6482) Tinuva (exit): 21:05
(6352) Morti: "But if we don't know any of the facts... how can we solve the problem and set any ghost that would be here to rest?"
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: Come everyone!
(6402) Kyla: "morti, it can wit. we're needed."
(6402) Kyla: ((wait))
(6352) Morti: :heads out of the room to meet Reiner"
** (6402) Kyla follows **
(6352) Morti: "Can'tcha break it down? the place is pretty old."
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: "This door is locked. an answer may lie behind this door
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: did not want to do it without Blaine present and with consent
** (6359) Blaine glances at Morti **
(6402) Kyla: "Morti, would you care to do the honor, or should I?"
(6352) Morti: :scratches his head as he looks to Blaine: "I don't think I could break it down"
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: well Blaine?
(6352) Morti: (er... looks to Kyla rather)
** (6402) Kyla offers morti a lockpick set. **
(6483) Dinin Zolond (enter): 21:09
** (6421) Reiner Swiftblade gasps **
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: ye are a rogue kyla?
(6359) Blaine: Please. Do whatever ye must short of destruction of the building to assist me. My thanks.
(6402) Kyla: "Of sorts"
(6352) Morti: :looks down at the lockpicks: "What's this for?"
(6352) Morti: "Oh right... sorry Blaine. No breaking things
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: Well ye have a better chance of opening it than I ::chuckles
(6402) Kyla: "I saw the way you walked, you are not clumbsy like the toheres, when you fell like it.
** (6402) Kyla examines the door fro traps first... **
(6483) Dinin Zolond (exit): 21:11
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: toheres?
(6352) Morti: :To Kyla: "Um.... thanks?"
(6402) Kyla: Skills: Search [1d20+10] -> [19,10] = (29)
(6402) Kyla: ((others))
whispering to Kyla, unlocked
(6352) Morti: :sidles near the door holding her picks for her:
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+5] -> [8,5] = (13)
(6402) Kyla (whispering): that was a search rooll, not a pick roll
whispering to Kyla, strike that then
(6402) Kyla: Skills: Open Lock [1d20+10] -> [8,10] = (18)
whispering to Kyla, no traps or anything unusual
whispering to Kyla, unlocked
** (6402) Kyla opens the door "Be my guest" **
** (6359) Blaine wrings his hands, worriedly. **
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: ays good job kyla
(6485) Dinin Zolond (enter): 21:13
(6352) Morti: "Wow, yer as good at that as Ken"
(6359) TaliesinNYC: Library: This room is lined with bookshelves and furnished with chairs, a table and a couple of writing desks, all concentrated about the fireplace to the south. The large bay window in the south wall was designed to let a maximum of sunlight into the room.

As you open the door, a young girl, dressed in a pale white nightgown is bent over the table with her back to you, writing something.

(6402) Kyla: "thanks for the information, morti. this is why most of us like to work alone.
(6485) Dinin Zolond (exit): 21:14
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): is this where the light is coming from?
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, uh yeah....
(6352) Morti: :Chances in as clam and friendly a voice as he can: "Um... Hello?"
(6359) DM: Outside, you can see it's raining quite hard.
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: This is the room
(6359) DM: A lit lamp is on the desk where the girl is standing.
(6352) Morti: :meanwhile he tries to disbelieve her existence:
(6352) Morti: Will save: [1d20+4] -> [1,4] = (5)
(6359) DM: Suddenly, the girl looks up and whirls around. She drops a pen on the ground and flees to the north.
whispering to Morti, nope, still there
(6402) Kyla: "wait, PLease"
(6352) Morti (whispering): duh....
(6352) Morti: (is it the same girl?)
(6359) DM: The girl vanishes THROUGH the north wall.
(6359) DM: She seemed to be the same. You're not sure.
(6352) Morti: "This is getting creepy"
** (6421) Reiner Swiftblade investigates the room **
(6402) Kyla: "That would be your thick wall"
** (6352) Morti shakes him self from his nervousness and moves in to check around for a a book on the family, geneology, journal, diary, anything **
** (6402) Kyla points north **
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: There is a door to the north if we chose to follow
(6359) DM: Besides the aforementioned lamp, book and pen, there are several books on the bookshelves. (Obviously this is a library.) A door to the north stands closed.
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: lets see what she was writing first
(6359) DM: Several of the books have pages ripped from them.
** (6421) Reiner Swiftblade reads what she was writing **
(6352) Morti: :start with what she was writing and work from the desk to the shelves
(6359) DM: On seeing the ghost, Blaine sits down on a couch, steadying himself.
(6359) DM: It's a poem called "Thrice Cursed"
** (6402) Kyla goes to inspect the north wall. **
(6352) Morti: :looks to Blaine, commenting positively: "Good thinking, people always leave things in between cushions"
(6359) DM: It seems to be a poem about the Mistmoor family but you're unable to tell what else from what you've read.
** (6359) Blaine nods speechlessly. **
whispering to Kyla, the door stands closed.
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: Do ye know this poem Blaine "Thrice Cursed"
(6402) Kyla (whispering): you can roll, or arbitrarily decide. check for traps, see if it's locked, then picklock if necessary. search +10, oen device +10 spot +8 picklock +10 do NOT open teh door, I jsut want it unlocked, and safe.
(6359) Blaine: Not really. No.
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: not really or no
whispering to Kyla, rules in my game are I do all Listen checks, Search checks and Disable Device checks.
(6352) Morti: (any journals or family tomes on the bookshelves?)
whispering to Kyla, I just haven't said anything until now. =)
(6402) Kyla (whispering): cool
** (6421) Reiner Swiftblade moves to the north door **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+10] -> [17,10] = (27)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+10] -> [1,10] = (11)
whispering to Kyla, no traps. unlocked.
(6468) Dry Water (exit): 21:24
(6359) DM: You see that Kyla is busy with the north door.
whispering to Morti, yes, several
(6402) Kyla: "It's safe, whenever we feel like going in.
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: Ready
(6359) DM: (stopping after this room folks)
** (6352) Morti picks out the most recent journals he can find and looks for some kind of birth recordings before heading back to the desk to check his findings **
** (6402) Kyla opens the door,a nd walks in **
(6359) DM: As you open the door, the scene changes swiftly as before...
(6359) DM: It is clearly evening. The girl that you saw earlier opens the door and sneaks in, then switches several chemicals and substances around, mislabelling items. Then, the scene changes yet again, as an elderly human woman dressed in light blue robes trimmed with silver runes enters the chamber and performs an arcane ritual. Somehow, the ritual goes wrong and ensues in a massive explosion that destroys the room and incinerates everything inside, burning the mage alive. Then you're jolted back to the present...
(6359) TaliesinNYC: Laboratory: This level of the tower was obviously used as an alchemical laboratory, but all the glassware has been shattered and the worktables are burned and broken. The stone walls have been blackened by some sort of explosion. A human skeleton in the remains of a mage's robe is slumped against the wall in the northwest corner of the room.
(6402) Kyla (whispering): the woman mage, is she the same one as in the picture with the raven?
whispering to Kyla, nope
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: I should have known that the poor use of magic had some hand in the ruin of this family
whispering to Kyla, but the girl is
(6359) Blaine: If you don't mind, I'll sit down. This is getting too much for me.
(6402) Kyla: "Twasn't magic, but simple thivery that did this last disaster."
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: how so kyla
(6352) Morti: :Grimacing at the scene, heads back to the desk to peruse the books he found and looking for the identity of those from the portraits, especially Regine:
(6402) Kyla: the girl changed lables on the things the mage lady used in her magic.
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: aye...this girl is very evil
whispering to Morti, how long do you read the journals?
(6402) Kyla: same thing as if you switched soap for salt in a stew, only this did more than taste bad.
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: aye
(6402) Kyla: "the real question is still why she did theese things."
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: evil...power...and perhaps...evil
(6352) Morti (whispering): the latest entries of the journals any birth records of people up to twenty years back before the date of those last entries however long that takes, or until there's a cry for help
(6402) Kyla: "yes, but who was the evil one?"
whispering to Morti, ok
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: well, we saw her murder twice
(6402) Kyla: "How many times have you killed?"
(6402) Kyla: "what is the difference between that, and her killing?"
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: If there is one more perhaps that is the key
** (6352) Morti goes into bookworm mode back at the writing desk in the library, a familiar sight as of lately **
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: thrice cursed?
(6359) DM: On that note, we'll stop. Folks, I need to eat, starving. You can RP some more if you want but I'll be afk.
(6359) DM: Lunauc, your bit with Drenla we need to do either later tonight or tomorrow. It's important for the game. If you guys can attend the session (even though your characters are not there, please do so)
(6402) Kyla: ok, will lurk here.
(6421) Reiner Swiftblade: ta ta
(6352) Morti: cool, you'll be back on later then?

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