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(3579) Je'rar: heh
(3582) Morti: (enter the colossal Reiner)
(3548) Terl (whispering): which of the 3 proposed gods do you think would work best? the class ballences as a rogue with the paladin special collum attached to a rogue class. (they do NOT get warhorse)
(3582) Morti: (who's jobell?)
(3587) Trayn : delete
(3548) Terl (whispering): haven't decided on holy weapons, would have to say no for now, will discuss it later with you if we think it wouldn't screw them up)
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: (Reiner is 6'6" and over 3oo lbs)
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: (he is a bif boy)
whispering to Terl, holy weapons? lol getting ahead of ourselves, aren't we?
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: big
(3548) Terl (whispering): I like to think long tearm.
(3542) DM: almost done. does anyone need a recap?
(3587) Trayn : ((put trayn where he is supposed to be))
(3587) Trayn : ((small recap of last few actions))
(3542) DM: I believe Kendric is with Morti, and he's unconscious.
(3548) Terl (whispering): and I want to show this is not disruptive. it probibly will get that way with that much power.
(3582) Morti: yep
whispering to Kilgor, who is this?
(3582) Morti: of course, Ken's not here... so is he in limbo?
(3542) DM: yes
(3542) DM: if you've read the synopsis I sent around last week, you don't need a recap. If you haven't, then let me know
(3582) Morti: in limbo and unconcious...
(3573) Kilgor (whispering): I am observing
(3587) Trayn : read it
(3573) Kilgor (whispering): I am new to OpenRPG and was wanting to see a good dm in action
(3579) Je'rar: synopsis ?
(3579) Je'rar (whispering): sorry; been nonline a lot , yes; busy trying to figure out what I'm doing with my life; gonna be leaving wifey over the early part of next year unless things change real fast and in a hurry
(3608) Sa'alis (enter): 16:07
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Trayn, ya better go up there...they may need your help"
(3579) Je'rar (whispering): might well move all the way out to new mexico
(3582) Morti: (shall I just ignore ken's condition since he's in limbo?)
(3542) DM: sure
(3542) DM: (I'll insert him when he comes back online)
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Can ye climb?"
(3582) Morti: (ok)
(3587) Trayn : "alright... "
(3542) DM: Describing the room again:
(3608) Sa'alis (exit): 16:09
(3587) Trayn : "nothing can been a worse disaster than has already came to pass"
** (3582) Morti backs off from the billowing mist waiting for it to clear off (and in alternative reality drags ken's body away from the mist as well) **
(3582) Morti: :coughing a bit: "Guys, we've got more.. >hegkcoff<"
(3542) DM: The room where everyone else is -- Wall frescoes and plajn cotton wall hangings are this room's only decorations. A spartan cot takes up very little space here. There is a large stone door that hangs open, over the remains of a casting circle that was disrupted. A small hole is in the ceiling that provides egress to Qhyjanoth's retreat.
(3542) DM: The room where Morti is -- about 40' square, empty except for a sea of gore and three blood spattered chests, one of which is open.
** (3587) Trayn saves the day as necessary... **
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "That spear will not hold my weight"
(3542) DM: The mist eventually dissipates.
** (3582) Morti moves in cautiously to check the contents of the chest once the mist is gone. **
whispering to Morti, three velvet pouches.
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Morti, is there anything to tie the rope to that is more sturdy than that spear?"
(3582) Morti: "not really"
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): I assume Reiner's weight would dislodg the spear and he would not fit through the hole anyway
** (3582) Morti reaches in to inspect the pouches, carefully **
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, he could fit after a fashion, but you're right, too heavy
** (3587) Trayn waits patiently **
whispering to Morti, one seems to be filled with gems, another with rings, and a third with two blocks of a powdery substance.
(3582) Morti (whispering): do I know which chests Ken found traps on?
** (3580) Reiner Swiftblade loos around for secret doors and the like **
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: looks
whispering to Morti, only this one
whispering to Morti, not sure about the other two
(3579) Je'rar: waits for a beastie to pop out as I listen
(3579) Je'rar:
(3542) DM: You've already done that.
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): does everything look real here?
** (3582) Morti heads badk to the hole, calling down, "FOund three pouches in the first chest. Should I open the other two?" **
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, You believe that to be the case.
(3614) Tarl (enter): 16:17
(3614) Tarl (exit): 16:18
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): Reiner is hoping this was all a bad dream! LOL
(3579) Je'rar: "...."
(3615) Sarah (enter): 16:18
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, hah
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "I want to retrieve the book and be away from this forsaken place"
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "We have other business to attend to"
** (3582) Morti gives a weary nod to Reiner, "ok then... guess I'll open em..." **
(3579) Je'rar: "Yes, open them or better yet,bring them down"
(3542) Drenla: I would assume the book resides in the other two chests, so perhaps we should try to find some way of getting up there.
(2211) Mercenary (enter): 16:20
(3587) Trayn : "we need to be more productive"
** (3582) Morti stares back to the chests and swallows hard at the thought of what happened to Ken. "Can't one of you come up here too? :in a scared tone: **
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Aye, what do you suggest wizard?
(2211) Mercenary (exit): 16:21
(3579) Je'rar: : mutters: "dammit"
(3579) Je'rar: goes to climb up there
(3542) DM: (I'll assume you manage to do so.)
(3579) Je'rar: "Reiner..give me a boost?"
** (3580) Reiner Swiftblade does **
(3579) Je'rar: "Ok Morti..how about we lower the chests to the others,hm?"
(3582) Morti: (can I get the lid open with mage hand?)
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "That rope will not hold me"
(3579) Je'rar: "yes,but I bet it'll hold the echests as we lower them,hm?"
(3582) Morti: :to jer'ar: "wait... I might have a better idea"
(3579) Je'rar: "oh?"
(3582) Morti: "I might be able to open em from back here..."
(3579) Je'rar: "Well then do it and let's be done...time's a-wasting"
(3587) Trayn : ((check))
(3542) DM: (yes)
** (3582) Morti moves in as far from the chests as he can with his magick still reaching. Then pointing his hand toward the middle chest, he focuses his mind to bring the lid open **
(3542) DM: The lid opens...
(3542) DM: You hear a muiffled thud, and the sound of glass breaking, then billowing sickly greenish mist seeps out from the now open chest.
(3587) Trayn (exit): 16:26
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Drenla, what was that thing that was inprisoned here?"
** (3582) Morti quickly backs away fearing it may reach **
(3542) DM: Fortunately the mist does not move very far.
(3579) Je'rar: :holds his breath until the mist subsides:
(3542) Drenla: It was an abyssal spirit....I think.
** (3542) Drenla shudders **
** (3582) Morti after backing up onto the table, breathes a relieved sigh and climbs back down to open the last chest in the same manner **
(3542) Drenla: The same thing happens as before.
(3542) DM: And then dissipates.
** (3582) Morti waits for all the mist to dissipate before approaching **
** (3582) Morti grins at the trivial success, "That went well" **
** (3582) Morti moves in to inspect the chests **
(3542) TaliesinNYC: The second chest contains a silver scroll tube, a bone scroll case and a leatherbound scroll case.
(3625) Trayn (enter): 16:30
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "It seemed to be a powerful creature. It's evil was intense...what do you think was the reason your colleague had it here and what do we have o do to contain it if it returns"
(3542) DM: There is a small silver casket, a stout leather case and a small leather pouch
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (3625) Trayn ...
** (3542) Drenla whirls suddenly on Reiner. **
(3542) Drenla: He was not my colleague! He was a rogue mage who I have been commanded to hunt down and bring to justice! And he has been.
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Aye...pardon me"
(3542) Drenla: I know not his goals, he kept his own counsel. And I am not his keeper.
(3582) Morti: :grins through his scarf at Jer'ar: "So... you think any of these are the tome?"
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "My concern is with that spirit...have loosed it troubles me"
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: having
(3542) Drenla: Ays, it too concerns me.
** (3582) Morti begins collecting up the scrolls leaving the other things for jer'ar to collect as the sorcerer returns to the hole. "got some goodies to drop, someone ready to catch?" **
(3579) Je'rar (exit): 16:33
(3542) Drenla: However I am not a conjoiner nor a conjurer, so I cannot help you, try as I might.
(3627) Ron chkrs m8 (enter): 16:33
** (3580) Reiner Swiftblade has a very concerned look on his face" **
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (3627) Ron chkrs m8...
whispering to Ron chkrs m8, going to be a while before I can introduce you into the game
whispering to Ron chkrs m8, so relax
whispering to Ron chkrs m8, in the meantime, send me your character as a tree node
** (3580) Reiner Swiftblade whispers to Drenla **
(3625) Trayn (exit): 16:34
(3627) Ron chkrs m8 (whispering): i pray i did it correctly
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "thank you for your help."
(3627) Ron chkrs m8 has sent you a tree node...
(3627) Ron chkrs m8 (whispering): that work?
whispering to Ron chkrs m8, you also have a Karma of 5
whispering to Ron chkrs m8, social level 2
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "I sense these events will be with us for a long time Drenla"
whispering to Ron chkrs m8, what race? background?
(3627) Ron chkrs m8 (whispering): kk, i just put that in my notes?
(3627) Ron chkrs m8 (whispering): hes a Fighter
whispering to Ron chkrs m8, Race?
** (3582) Morti removes his jacket and wraps the scrolls up in them, tying the sleeves as a sling before climbing down the rope with them **
(3627) Ron chkrs m8 (whispering): er human i mean
whispering to Ron chkrs m8, where from?
whispering to Ron chkrs m8, birthsign?
(3627) Ron chkrs m8 (whispering): i just made this guy like 1 hour ago
(3627) Ron chkrs m8 (whispering): gimme sec i wrote all this down somewhere
** (3580) Reiner Swiftblade yells to those above **
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Did ye find the book?"
whispering to Ron chkrs m8, do you see why I prefer people to wait before joining the game? I don't see why there was a rush to play
(3630) Je'rar (enter): 16:38
(3582) Morti: :while sliding down the rope: "Found scorlls... could one of them be it?"
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (3630) Je'rar...
(3630) Je'rar (whispering): isp got "disconnected"
whispering to Je'rar, ok np
** (3580) Reiner Swiftblade is noticebly impatient **
(3542) Drenla: Patience, warrior. I'm sure he's trying his hardest.
(3627) Ron chkrs m8 (whispering): ima spunky person, most games i play were like fast action ones, but i really would like to play a good old regular
(3582) Morti: :reaching the bottom (I assume) heads over to the table to lay out his jacket and present the scrolls. Then looking to Drenla, asks: "Any of these it?"
whispering to Ron chkrs m8, right, well I hope you've thought out your character carefully, because this is not a game that's open for pickups or one shots. I wanted you to take the time to create an indepth character, not one in two days.
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "I am trying to be, however this place...." ::cuts himself off because he does not wish to be percieved as complaining::
(3542) Drenla: No, none of them are, I don;t think. Was there a third chest?
(3582) Morti: "Yeah, it had a little casket, a leather pouch and a leather case.... could be in the case maybe
(3627) Ron chkrs m8 (whispering): Yes this guy had a storyline well before his introduction into fast play
(3542) Drenla: Reiner, this place also tears at me. But we cannot leave without the tome. None of these look like the tome we came for.
(3627) Ron chkrs m8 (whispering): The scion is his birthsign
(3631) Meezel (enter): 16:43
** (3580) Reiner Swiftblade sits on the floor and begins to pray and meditate **
whispering to Ron chkrs m8, ok, it's going to be some time before you come into the game, so I'd just relax if I were you. when you get a chance, roll percentile dice to determine birthsign powers. And also, generic human or other type of human?
(3582) Morti: "hold on" :heads back up the rope to check on Jer'ar and the last chest: (if we can just fast forward to after we've got everything down)
(3627) Ron chkrs m8 (whispering): regular old human
(3542) DM: (yes, I'll ff)
whispering to Ron chkrs m8, ok.
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (3631) Trayn ...
(3582) Morti (whispering): curious... who's ron?
whispering to Ron chkrs m8, I changed your e-mail settings to individual e-mails. It is a requirement of joining the site that you set your settings to individual or daily digest.
whispering to Morti, new player
(3582) Morti (whispering): ah
(3542) DM: The third chest contains a sheathed short sword, a rose quartz crystalline vial (sealed with wax) and a volume bound in onyx drake hide.
(3627) Ron chkrs m8 (whispering): aight no prob
(3582) Morti: (ah... thought that other stuff was the contents of the third chest. My bad)
(3542) DM: There is, in addition to the drake-bound volume, an orizon with beaten mithril plates.
** (3582) Morti examines the black book curiously... so... that's it? **
(3542) Drenla: Perhaps. I would treat both of the tomes with care.
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Aye"
(3542) DM: The orizon is marked with a sigil that's faintly reminiscent of a burning eye.
(3582) Morti: (both?)
(3631) Trayn : "yes... if these are what we need lets bag them and take them to the proper authorities"
(3542) Drenla: I would imagine that sigil is the mark of Qhyjanoth. It certainly fits his ego.
** (3631) Trayn ponders his symbol **
(3542) Drenla: We have what we came for, if you would away.
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: ""Aye"
(3631) Trayn : "yes... let us be away"
(3582) Morti: "Good.. this place is starting to creep me out"
(3632) Eternal One (enter): 16:49
(3630) Je'rar: :hangs down and lets himself drop to the floor after making sure everythigni s accp8unted for
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "We must be careful, since Qhyjanoth partners may still want the book and may attack us to get it"
(3582) Morti: (uh.... wasn't this like a 40' cieling?)
(3542) DM: (yes)
(3630) Je'rar: (umm..uses the rope or something :P )
(3542) DM: (no, 20')
** (3582) Morti nods seriously to reiner. **
(3571) xiN (enter): 16:52
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "We may find that when we return to our horses, they may have been slain"
whispering to Ron chkrs m8, all right, where is your PC from?
** (3580) Reiner Swiftblade starts to lead the way back **
(3582) Morti: :suddenly upset: "the horses?"
(3571) xiN (exit): 16:52
(3631) Trayn : "thats troubling if so"
(3542) Drenla: That would make sense, but I think we shall be fine. Qhyjanoth was ever a loner if memory serves.
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "no telling what evil has been done"
(3631) Trayn : "the beasts served us well"
(3582) Morti (whispering): oh btw... the musical instruments on the south wall... is there a fiddle?
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "come on, let's go"
(3571) xiN (enter): 16:54
** (3582) Morti mutters worriedly about the horses being alright **
** (3631) Trayn collects himself and does so **
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "That thing may have eaten them"
(3627) Ron chkrs m8 (whispering): ironfyre
(3582) Morti: "Stop saying things like that"
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Morti, don' forget your cat"
(3582) Morti: "I know, she's back in the stinky room"
(3571) xiN (exit): 16:56
(3631) Trayn : .. so back at the ranch
whispering to Ron chkrs m8, a bit far, but manageable
(3582) Morti (whispering): if there was a fiddle on the wall, Morti will grab it before going
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Who holds the items?"
(3542) DM: When you emerge out into the clearing, you find your horses intact.
whispering to Morti, yes
(3631) Trayn : "I fear they contain evil and I don't wish to handle them"
(3635) Johnny (enter): 16:57
(3636) Silvin (enter): 16:57
(3631) Trayn : "however I will if that is necessary"
(3542) DM: But that's not all. There is also the remains of a slaughtered cow....with a note next to it.
** (3580) Reiner Swiftblade pets his horse **
(3627) Ron chkrs m8 (whispering): im sorry :-/ i jsut choose it due to the evil nearby, I destroy evil so I must live near it.
whispering to Ron chkrs m8, alignment?
** (3582) Morti sighs happily rushing over to pet the horses, with moiraine in his arm, "See, they're okay" **
(3627) Ron chkrs m8 (whispering): LG
whispering to Ron chkrs m8, all right.
(3635) Johnny (exit): 16:58
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "hm"
(3633) Kendar of the Lion (enter): 16:58
whispering to Ron chkrs m8, what god?
** (3582) Morti grimaces noticing the cow. **
(3627) Ron chkrs m8 (whispering): ill cross calss into a pally soon, but once I do I cant come backto fighter, thats why I wait alittle wile.
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Drenla, is that a gift from the evil spirit?"
whispering to Ron chkrs m8, you do understand the concept of an Aspect, right?
(3631) Trayn : "a foul sacrifice?"
whispering to Ron chkrs m8, would help you knew what god or Aspect
** (3580) Reiner Swiftblade shakes head **
** (3582) Morti gives an audible gulp. **
(3627) Ron chkrs m8 (whispering): hm? I choose a deity didnt I?
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "shall we find out?"
(3542) DM: The note reads: Dearest adventurers....thank ye from my black heart for freeing me. Here is one of countless ways I can think of as repayment.

In Gorgauth's dark name,


whispering to Ron chkrs m8, your sheet is a bit lacking in details
(3636) Silvin (exit): 17:00
(3631) Trayn : "gosh thats bad news"
(3582) Morti: :nervously: "I guess... that's .... good..... well not good but..... he seems to mean well."
** (3580) Reiner Swiftblade is shaken **
(3633) Kendar of the Lion (exit): 17:01
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "I expected something"
(3627) Ron chkrs m8 (whispering): Im workin on that right now.
whispering to Ron chkrs m8, use that sheet instead
(3627) Ron chkrs m8 (whispering): I gotta convert the whole lifestory over to this setting
whispering to Ron chkrs m8, fill it out and then send it back to me when you're done
(3627) Ron chkrs m8 (whispering): kk
whispering to Ron chkrs m8, e-mail me his lifestory
(3542) TaliesinNYC: as for your background, hold on
(3542) DM: strike that
whispering to Ron chkrs m8, as for your background, hold on
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Let us get back to town with haste"
(3630) Je'rar (exit): 17:02
(3639) Je'rar (enter): 17:03
(3639) Je'rar (whispering): got disconnected again
** (3582) Morti nods emphatically to Reiner **
** (3580) Reiner Swiftblade gets on his horse **
(3573) Kilgor (exit): 17:03
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Come, we ride"
** (3582) Morti climbs on his horse to follow Reiner's lead **
(3641) Je'rar (enter): 17:04
** (3580) Reiner Swiftblade starts towards town **
(3639) Je'rar (exit): 17:05
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (3641) Je'rar...
(3582) Morti (whispering): btw... besides the fiddle I also grab the dirty cloak that I found the amethyst in a while back, after casting a detect magic to see if it was the cloak or the gem wihich radiated magic)
(3641) Je'rar (whispering): got disconnected again :o(
(3645) Kilgor (enter): 17:07
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Drenla, what are these evil spirits known to do when they are free on our plane?"
whispering to Ron chkrs m8, this is a sample background that I expect you to create. this is the sort of thing that players who play in my games are expected to do. just fyi
(3631) Trayn : "I can tell you that"
whispering to Terl, that was fyi. a sample background, so make it as long and complex as you want. more in-depth the better
(3641) Je'rar: "yeah..tell us"
(3627) Ron chkrs m8 (whispering): yea im working on my stats
(3631) Trayn : "murder and taunt innocents"
whispering to Morti, remind me where the amethyst was found?
(3631) Trayn : "and inspire others to do so"
(3641) Je'rar: "oh..well then I gues we better kil them for good "
(3631) Trayn : "through lies and threats"
(3582) Morti (whispering): in a hanging cloak in the disgusting kitchen area
** (3580) Reiner Swiftblade becomes dour and unhappy and tightens hold on the reigns and kicks his horse to go faster **
(3542) Drenla: I don't know. All I know is they are relatively malicious spirits who aspire to greater forms of infernalness. I am just an invoker, O Great And Mighty Sword of Battle. Not a conjoiner or a conjurer.
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Come on, we must hurry back"
(3632) Eternal One (exit): 17:10
whispering to Morti, not magical
** (3582) Morti stares nervously down at Moiraine in his saddle at hearing the news, whispering to the cat, "This sounds bad" **
(3631) Trayn : "well if we are all settled.. lets make our way back"
(3582) Morti (whispering): the cloak or the amethyst?
(3631) Trayn : "hopefully we can atone for our mistake here another day"
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "I ask you for you have seen more than I...that is all...you are much wiser and knowledgable in he ways of the world than I"
(3542) Drenla: The priest is correct. The spirit will attempt to collect the greatest number of spirits and souls while it is loose on the mortal plane, before it returns from whence it came. I do not think we need fear it cloaking its tracks. It will leave signs enough for us to follow. (shuddering)
(3542) Drenla: (taken aback at Reiner's forthrightness)
(3542) Drenla: Well....I don't know what to say. Thank ye, I think. (thoughtful)
(3582) Morti: "Or it might follow us.... leaving presents..."
(3542) Drenla: Morti...don't be foolish.
(3542) Drenla: Your second lesson -- a gift is never given freely, never given without a price higher than the giving.
(3542) Drenla: Especially gifts of this nature.
(3582) Morti: :to drenla: "It gave us the cow.... and Quyjanoth."
(3631) Trayn : "it may be so in this case... but I disagree depending on the nature of the person Drenla"
(3582) Morti: :morti's scarf forms a furrowed and worried expression
(3542) Drenla: (muttering) Out of the mouths of babes.
** (3582) Morti rides along in nervous silence **
(3548) Terl (whispering): ok, thanks
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Morti, If ever there is a time again where we are asked to wish fer something, ye have to give it deeper thought. We could have wished it to return to its plane immediatly...although I do not know what good that would have been"
(3542) Drenla: I suggest we hie back to Aarhius. There will be time enough for thought and introspection later. (glances at the cow with worry)
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Ye need to ride hard"
(3582) Morti: :nods to reiner: "Right next time, I'll keep my mouth shut"
(3542) DM: You eventually do return to Aarhius. You notice no more signs of the spirit's passage...or so it is apparent.
(3648) Sora the Twinblade (enter): 17:17
(3542) Aarhius: Well, ye have returned. And ye have the book?
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "I think it best that you, Drenla explain to him"
(3641) Je'rar: :looks att he guy:
(3648) Sora the Twinblade (exit): 17:17
(3548) Terl (whispering): going to need to know which diety you want me worshiping. (even the thieves one, if I have to to make you happy)
(3542) Aarhius: Eh? (puzzled)
whispering to Terl, which do YOU want?
(3631) Trayn : "yes we do"
** (3580) Reiner Swiftblade bows head **
** (3582) Morti stays aside though listens intently, not really in the mood to explain anything **
(3631) Trayn : "where and when shall we divest itself of it?"
(3631) Trayn : (ourself)
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Ye are the best with words"
(3542) Drenla: Ays, we have the book ye asked for. And (nervously), we released by accident, a bound spirit.
(3542) Aarhius: (blanches)
(3542) Aarhius: Ye what?!?!!??
(3641) Je'rar: "Hey..you sholda told us it was there"
(3641) Je'rar: *shoulda
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Silence Je'rar"
(3627) Ron chkrs m8 (whispering): it doesnt contain feats for exalted
** (3582) Morti flinches at the Monks reaction **
(3542) Aarhius: Aaaaaaaaaagh!!!! (holds his head in his hands) This is worse news than if the book were surrendered by Qhyjanoth! How pray tell did this occur? Why?
(3548) Terl (whispering): Hurishta, or Illaenth would work out best. would slightly perfer Illaenth, but either would work within what I've found out so far
(3582) Morti: "Um.... it was an accident"
(3631) Trayn : "through ignorance it seems... but we have no excuse"
whispering to Terl, not Illaenth. there's a reason for that. Hurishta is prob better.
(3631) Trayn : "our actions are responsible"
** (3580) Reiner Swiftblade is unusually silent **
(3542) Aarhius: This is most dire. (grimly)
(3641) Je'rar: : is muttering on abot how do you kill a spirit...:
(3631) Trayn : "regretably so..."
(3548) Terl (whispering): then Hurishta. thanks
** (3580) Reiner Swiftblade does not lift his head **
(3542) Aarhius: Give me the book, and come with me. This location is not safe....for that, we must go to the temple or other holy ground.
(3631) Trayn : "I agree"
(3631) Trayn : "we shall go to the temple and then hand over the book"
(3542) Aarhius: (to Je'rar) Ye cannot with normal weapons. Ye can only kill a spirit with weapons of enchanted steel backed with the will to do good in the face of overwhelming evil. And I have just the person to assist ye.
(3641) Je'rar: "Good,because that being the case, I am your man"
whispering to Ron chkrs m8, what god do you want to worship again?
** (3582) Morti groans. **
(3641) Je'rar: "By all that I hold dear, I canot let such a menace to roam freely"
(3542) Aarhius: (to Je'rar) Perhaps. Perhaps not. I was speaking of a Chosen of the gods. A paladin aspirant.
** (3580) Reiner Swiftblade is still slient **
(3600) Beau (enter): 17:25
(3542) Aarhius: Come with me.
(3627) Ron chkrs m8: solstron or solston i believe
(3582) Morti: :ever ignorant: "Pala..wha?"
(3627) Ron chkrs m8 (whispering): how do i put down that I have those exalted feats?
** (3582) Morti follws the monk **
** (3580) Reiner Swiftblade breaks silence **
(3542) DM: The monk escorts you, impatiently, to the shrine of Oneiros that he callls home.
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "A holy warrior Morti"
whispering to Ron chkrs m8, what exalted feats?
(3582) Morti: :to reiner: "Like you?"
(3631) Trayn : "Hopefully of Solnor?"
(3631) Trayn : "Who else really..."
(3641) Je'rar: "Of the Warfather"
whispering to Ron chkrs m8, WHAT GOD DO YOU WANT TO WORSHIP?
(3631) Trayn : "If a holy warrior he be"
(3627) Ron chkrs m8 (whispering): Sanctify Matrial Strike, Nimbus of Light, and Holy Radiance
whispering to Ron chkrs m8, under feats of course
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Nein...one with the power to smite those of the abyss"
(3582) Morti: "Ah..."
(3627) Ron chkrs m8 (whispering): SOLNOR
whispering to Ron chkrs m8, main deity or Aspect?
(3627) Ron chkrs m8 (whispering): main
whispering to Ron chkrs m8, ok. sorry for the all caps, this is important because I'm introducing your character
** (3580) Reiner Swiftblade follows **
whispering to Ron chkrs m8, the rest is up to you
(3627) Ron chkrs m8 (whispering): im sorry, i said it like awile ago, maybe u didnt catch it my bad
whispering to Ron chkrs m8, no I didn't
(3641) Je'rar: *tags along*
(3542) Aarhius: Please forgive the spartanness of my home. It may be that ye are used to things differently.
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Thank you for allowing us to enter"
(3631) Trayn : "its fine... we have no expectations or needs beyond anything useful" (speaks for himself most likely)
** (3582) Morti takes in the room offering honestly, "It's better than I'm use to" **
(3641) Je'rar: :looks around..: "Seems ok to me"
(3582) Morti: :scratching moiraine's head, "So where's the Holy Smiter?"
(3542) Aarhius: His name is Ron, or he calls himself Ron Stalwart. I think 'tis a fine name for a personage so focused on an ideal unreachable by one such as I. (wryly) I am given to introspection about the laws and ways of the world we live in. He is given to act against those who would inflict harm and woe against the living. He came not a few days ago in search of food and shelter, weary of the road he has travelled, and in need of companionship. I told him to rest, that his fate would find him, for it is written in the book of the god, that we have no Fate but the Fate we are given.
(3631) Trayn : "and you think his Fate may be entwined with ours?"
(3582) Morti: :mutters curiously: "...Fate that we're given?"
(3542) Aarhius: Perhaps. Perhaps not. For though that is a truism in the Book of Truth, so is it also written that you have no Fate but the Fate you have made.
(3542) Aarhius: Now then, wait and refresh yourselves. (leads you into an antechamber) There is fresh water, cheese, bread and fruit. I shall return with the aspirant shortly. I believe ye and he are suitable for each other. (smiles gently)
(3605) Alka (enter): 17:35
** (3582) Morti takes a moment to think before giving a nod, and suggesting to the priest, "I like the second on better" **
** (3582) Morti looks passed the monk, grinning at the food. "Thank you, thank you" Heads over to dig in **
** (3631) Trayn partakes in the good that is given to be polite to their host **
(3631) Trayn : food
(3542) DM: He leads you into a small antechamber, in what seems to be the visiting chambers of the shrine, indicates seating (couches and a divan), a food laden table with pitchers of chilled water, then disappears behind a curtain of beads.
** (3580) Reiner Swiftblade does not eat **
(3641) Je'rar: :partakes of some norusihment:
(3641) Je'rar: *nourishment
** (3580) Reiner Swiftblade in thought **
(3542) DM: Eventually he returns, with a human youth in tow.
(3542) Aarhius: This is Ron. Ron, these are the adventurers I spoke to ye about.
whispering to Ron chkrs m8, there's your cue
(3627) Ron chkrs m8: 'Ello
(3654) Kendric Duncan (enter): 17:38
(3627) Ron chkrs m8 (whispering): wahts the action command thing?
whispering to Ron chkrs m8, be sure to describe your character
(3631) Trayn : "greetings warrior... I am Trayn... of Solnor"
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (3654) Kendric Duncan...
whispering to Kendric Duncan, yay, you're late
** (3582) Morti happily begins gobbling down the food, his back to the group so he can lower his scarf, while pouring out a bowl of water for moiraine and allowing her to pick as she pleases **
whispering to Kendric Duncan, we're ending at 10:30 EST today, possibly later
** (3631) Trayn inspects Ron for any religious affiliation, garb etc **
(3654) Kendric Duncan (whispering): :( I can't apologize enough, that's two weeks now
whispering to Kendric Duncan, didn't miss much, introducing a new player. a 7th player is joining next session
whispering to Kendric Duncan, np
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "I am Reiner of the Swiftblade Clan, I am of the War Father"
(3654) Kendric Duncan (whispering): Did we find the book then?
whispering to Kendric Duncan, yes, and spilled your guts out to Aarhius
whispering to Kendric Duncan, and a bunch of other stuff
(3641) Je'rar: "I am Je'rar Ogrebane, of the open plains"
** (3582) Morti quickly pulls up his mouth, the scarf moving with the chewing of his full mouth as he takes in the new initiate. Standing up he offers happily, "Gahm, Mrfvte" **
whispering to Kendric Duncan, oh and the spirit wants to show you its thanks. hahah
(3582) Morti: ...then remembers his mouth is full
(3627) Ron chkrs m8 (whispering): what is the action command thingy?
(3641) Je'rar: "He meant to say, his name is Morti"
(3641) Je'rar: :loks in Morti's direction and grins:
(3582) Morti: :swallows: "ahemph... I'm Morti"
(3627) Ron chkrs m8: Nice to meet ya'll.
whispering to Ron chkrs m8, what action command? "/me action"
(3627) Ron chkrs m8 (whispering): the one that shows your actions yea
whispering to Ron chkrs m8, type "/me action" I think
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "It signed its name with a J"
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "It's name begins with a J"
whispering to Kendric Duncan, they're with Aarhius
whispering to Kendric Duncan, you're with them
(3542) DM: (OC: Kendric pops out of player limbo)
(3631) Trayn : "and what do you think life has in store for you?"
(3582) Morti: (jumps in shock as the rogue pops into existance beside him)
(3542) Drenla: And I am Drenla, of the Order of the Crimson Flame, of the Circle of Sorcery.
(3654) Kendric Duncan: "Hello then... I am Kendric Duncan, I have been thinking much so I apologize for being quiet..."
(3631) Trayn : "our group is composed of those with various abilities if not motives"
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): Drenla...the fire that singes all accross the desert, the heat of the sand as it burns your toes...the flame....
(3631) Trayn : "however we are learning to respect each other and work in a sort of harmony these days"
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): LOL
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, lol
(3582) Morti: Perform Skill Check: [1d20+5] -> [9,5] = (14)
(3627) Ron chkrs m8: May I inquire a riddle?
(3582) Morti: (sorry bout that, fixing something)
(3631) Trayn : "certainly" he says unsure of this regardless of his words
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "A riddle? "
(3542) DM: (describe your characters' physical appearance when you get a chance, everyone)
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "A paladin with a sense of humor...ye are unusual"
(3582) Morti: "urgh.. more riddles, the doors confused me enough"
(3627) Ron chkrs m8: A metal neither black nor red As heavy as a man's golden greed What you do to stay ahead With friend or arrow or steed?
(3631) Trayn : Trayn is a strong strapping lad with deep green eyes and curly brown hair.
(3631) Trayn : Just under 6' tall, he is an imposing if not attractive human male.
** (3631) Trayn presently has very little impressive gear **
(3631) Trayn : and perhaps looks like a poor soldier
(3641) Je'rar: :is 6' , 185 lbs,with jet black hair and piercing brown eyes,muscles ripple and moves with a catlike grace
(3654) Kendric Duncan: ((Before you stands a human of average height. He has dark brown hair pulled back into a ponytail underneath a wide brimmed, brown hat. His eyes are grey and are always bright. His face has the look of one who smiles more than frowns. At his side is a short sword, on his back a shortbow. He has a cape. He has a suite of Leather armor on, and strapped to his left arm a very well made buckler. As you look him up and down you realize that he has already finished his inspection of you and smiles as you meet his gaze....))
(3641) Je'rar: :skin obviously weathered and tanned form a life outdoors
whispering to Sarah, btw, who is this? curious
(3582) Morti: The odd boy with the scarf masking his face... At only ten and five winters this frail and innocent boy is a walking mystery. Though, with a shy and gentle demeanor and a trick to his scarf making it act out his expression in rather comical exaggeration few people to no one would ever be concerened with him. A slender figure just over five feet tall is covered head to toe at all times. He wears a faded navy blue canvas jacket embroidered with thin, vine like, copper-color swirling patterns down the arms and joining on the back in a swirling vortex design. Its fastened by three buckles in the front and the cuffs end with three forks which reach over the back and sides of his gloved hands. That is worn over a plain, loose white linen tunic. His brown dark hide breeches are fitted and ornamented with the same copper embroidering in columns down the sides, and are tucked into knee high brown leather boots. His trademark is the checker pinstriped, white cloth scarf which thoroughly wraps his head, leaving only a sliver of copper tone skin visible around his kind dark blue eyes.
(3627) Ron chkrs m8: Ron is an older male human alittle above 6' weighing approx 210lbs. with blue eyes and brown hair wearing exotic equipment from places unknown.
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, and you?
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): did it in whisper
(3582) Morti: "Huh?" :confused by the paladin's riddle:
(3582) Morti: "lead?"
(3627) Ron chkrs m8: correct
(3582) Morti: "What about it?"
(3627) Ron chkrs m8: I like it
(3582) Morti: "Can we use lead to beat the fiend?"
** (3542) Aarhius takes a seat at a nearby couch, and a plate of fruit and cheese, listening as he eats. **
** (3580) Reiner Swiftblade takes a seat next to the monk **
(3627) Ron chkrs m8: I prefer using raw holy energy, it may work tho, uncertain, im not a demonologist if you can tell.
(3542) Aarhius: So, tell me everything about this spirit that ye released.
** (3580) Reiner Swiftblade discribes it in gory detail **
(3542) Drenla: (shuddering) It wants to show thanks for our releasing it.
** (3542) Aarhius grows thoughtful, stroking his chin as he listens. **
** (3654) Kendric Duncan looks at floor. then sighs "If I would have known... the damned door..." **
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "It singed a noted with a J."
(3582) Morti: "Yeah, he seems to like us. Maybe he'll sit and talk, decide not to be all evil..."
(3582) Morti: "maybe..."
(3542) Aarhius: And ye came straight here? Did ye enter the vault where it laid imprisoned?
(3542) Aarhius: Did ye mention your names? Names are important. Did it ask for your name? (looking directly with a penetrating stare at Morti)
(3582) Morti: "No."
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Aye, it was in a room with silver powder on the floor...no we did not"
(3654) Kendric Duncan: "It seemed more interested in granting a "wish" for us, than knowing who we were."
(3631) Trayn : "its diabolical designs i know nothing about"
(3542) Aarhius: Good. At least, fool that ye were, ye have that much wisdom on your side. I am afraid ye have little time to waste, now that the spirit is loose in the world. However, ye are not ready to banish it back to whence it came.
(3641) Je'rar: "Well then show us what we need to do"
(3582) Morti: "Eh?" :scratches his head:
(3542) Aarhius: Patience, patience, young one. Patience is a virtue where haste is not. Haste oft shows one the error of his ways, as ye have seen thus far. Haste, not patience, is the enemy of wise action.
(3542) Aarhius: I am ill suited to show ye where ye must go. However, I know of one who can speak your dreams, give voice to your questions and lead ye to answers provided ye are brave and courageous to face true evil.
(3582) Morti: "Eh?"
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "I face what my lord, wills me to face"
(3542) Aarhius: Go ye to Tolmara, city of the Citadel, and seek the counsel of the Oracle of Oneiros. Give a proper tithe at the entrance of the Shrine, and if ye are worthy, ye shall have the answer to this question.
(3582) Morti: "Great! So he'll tellus how to deal with J?"
(3542) Aarhius: Ye have thee tasks before ye, ere ye can banish this spirit to its infernal domain.
(3641) Je'rar: "What do you call a proper tithe?"
(3542) Aarhius: Ye must learn its name, for names have power.
(3542) Aarhius: Ye must grow in power, for power can only be fought with power.
(3582) Morti: :mutters wearily: "Always with the names..."
(3631) Trayn : "hmm well then we shall do this"
(3582) Morti: ""Question.... what can you do with a name?"
(3582) Morti: (something Morti's been itching to ask for a while)
(3641) Je'rar: "Make sure you're talking to the right person.. hehehe"
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Well, right now, I need to bathe and get these wounds looked at"
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Rest would also be good"
(3542) Aarhius: And ye must choose for good, for ill, or the balance -- your power and your name, for all that has ever been done, all that is now and all that shall ever be, is done for good, for ill, or for the balance.
(3631) Trayn : "yes that and maybe some spells of wracking"
(3656) Sora the Twinblade (enter): 18:08
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Aye, ye speak words of truth"
(3641) Je'rar: "Well that part is easy anyways.. I'm all for bettering my peoples.. for good,aye"
(3658) Thousanson (enter): 18:09
(3542) Aarhius: The absence of ill is not necessarily good. The absence of good is not necessarily ill. The absence of balance is necessarily neither.
(3658) Thousanson (exit): 18:10
(3641) Je'rar: "you speak in circles"
(3656) Sora the Twinblade (exit): 18:10
** (3631) Trayn ignores most of this philosophical banter **
(3582) Morti: :scratches his head, starting to understand some of what the monk says: "Um... okay"
(3582) Morti: (brb)
(3542) Aarhius: (to Morti) A name gives meaning to existence. It gives meaning to reality. A name is fraught with power, and to know the true name of a thing or a person is to have power over that thing or person's existence.
(3641) Je'rar: "That which causes ill must be overcome"
** (3580) Reiner Swiftblade is starting to get real tired and wants to go back to Asiana's inn **
(3542) Aarhius: (smiles gently) But, as the warrior says, I speak in circles. It is not given for you to understand now. But you will....you will.
(3627) Ron chkrs m8: Should there not be a spell to locate the true name of a man?
(3542) Aarhius: Stay for as long as ye wish. When ye return to the inn, ye shall find your payment. Remember, go to the city of the Citadel. Ye have no Fate but the Fate ye have made.
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: " or given"
** (3542) Aarhius bows low, then turns and leaves through the beaded curtain. **
** (3631) Trayn gladly ends this with no response **
(3631) Trayn : "well that was sort of informative"
(3654) Kendric Duncan: "Farewell Aarhius..." (as the monk exits) "Hmm, all that about names is a bit beyond me... I don't even pretend to understand what he was talking about."
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: does everyone want to go back to the inn?)
(3542) DM: (fast forwarding)
(3631) Trayn : (to the inn)
(3641) Je'rar (exit): 18:16
(3542) DM: It's the next morning. You're given the option of breakfast in bed, or in the common room.
(3582) Morti: (to ashiana.... I mean the inn!)
** (3582) Morti opts for breakfast in bed since it lets him eat with out bothering to cover his face, already up early and studying Asflag's books. **
** Sorry, don't understand what a /meets is...
(3627) Ron chkrs m8: :prefers the common room:
** (3631) Trayn eats in the common room as befits his frugal and non pretentious attitude **
(3654) Kendric Duncan: "Hmm, I think I will be dining in the common room, I don't much like the practice of eating in bed. It makes me feel a bit to lazy."
** (3542) Asianna Corsair meets you in the common room over breakfast. **
** (3580) Reiner Swiftblade wants breakfast in bed **
(3542) DM: Asianna is tall for a star elf, about 6'2", the length of a spear next to a human, with rich golden brown hair the color of teak, at waist length, and piercing sapphire blue eyes with golden flecks. Lithe and slender, she moves with a sinious grace that remiinds you of a panther.
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: (He is really sore)
(3582) Morti: (morti's never seen a panther....)
(3542) Asianna Corsair: I believe the monk wanted to give this to ye as payment for your services. (Hefts a jingling pouch)
(3654) Kendric Duncan: "Ah, thank you mi'lady. Trayn why don't you hold on to that we can decide what to do with it later."
(3631) Trayn : "ah yes... thank you for that Lady"
** (3631) Trayn takes the coins and puts them away **
(3654) Kendric Duncan: "Will you join us for breakfast, your presence will enhance the meal considerably..."
(3631) Trayn : "may we take these coins and put them to use in correcting our mistakes"
(3542) Asianna Corsair: Your horses are well watered and rested. If ye ride hard, ye can make it to Tolmara in a week. Stick to the roads, do not tarry through the Forest and ye shall make it in time.
(3542) Asianna Corsair: (glances at Trayn, at overhearing the word "mistakes")
(3542) Asianna Corsair: Ays?
** (3631) Trayn nods in his shame at this **
(3542) Drenla: Ays, love. We released an abyssal spirit by accident.
** (3542) Asianna Corsair nods. **
(3542) Asianna Corsair: Ah, no need to explain. I understand all too well.
(3654) Kendric Duncan: "I released it you mean." (Hangs head)
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): sitill in room for breakfast
(3542) Asianna Corsair: How many tales I could tell of Garath...
(3542) Asianna Corsair: (shakes her head)
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): LOL
(3645) Kilgor (exit): 18:26
(3542) Asianna Corsair: Ye will need help if ye mean to catch it.
(3654) Kendric Duncan: "Aye, so we have heard. We go to seek the wisdom of the Oracle of Oneiorus ((sorry for the spelling...)) in Tolmara...."
(3542) Asianna Corsair: I can offer ye none, I am sad to say, but I can at least offer ye words of advice and further your cause to others who may be of assistance, if ye will let me.
(3631) Trayn : "yes please do so"
(3654) Kendric Duncan: "Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, mi'lady." (looks around) "Hmm, where are Reiner and Morti I wonder."
(3542) Asianna Corsair: That is a good start. And ye will need to mask yourselves, for it shall seek to assume yourselves, to "thank" ye for your gift.
(3542) Asianna Corsair: By this, I mean, ye will need to fight hard, to prove your innocence when you least expect to. These spirits delight in mischief whilst they are loose in the land of the living.
(3672) Lepton (enter): 18:30
(3654) Kendric Duncan: "Hmm, that doesn't sound good at all."
(3672) Lepton (whispering): Hello, this start yet?
(3542) Asianna Corsair: Ays, 'tis not. Therefore, the best advice I can give ye is to seek a name for yourselves, and make yourselves famous, for reputation gives rise to fame and knowledge.
(3542) Asianna Corsair: When one speaks the name of Reiner the Fearless, one should speak it with awe and respect, not spite and hate. Ays?
whispering to Lepton, huh? who is this?
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): Reiner is not there
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, I know that
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): ok
(3631) Trayn : "fame is not what I seek"
(3672) Lepton (whispering): nevermind
(3672) Lepton (exit): 18:33
(3631) Trayn : "however if I am known for good deeds before I die it shall not surprise me"
(3542) Asianna Corsair: Not what ye seek, of course. But 'tis a way to combat a creature who delights in corrupting and perverting your identity.
(3654) Kendric Duncan: "That would indeed be a good thing. Being known to be good is of course bette than being known to be for ill."
(3582) Morti (whispering): As he reads through Asflag's journal looking for passages involving names, Morti asks of Moiraine, "I ownder what my true name is..."
(3542) Asianna Corsair: Now then, I must attend to my duties. If we do not speak again, I wish ye godspeed and fair luck.
whispering to Morti, mrrr, that is something only you can find for yourself, Morti.
(3654) Kendric Duncan: "Thank you mi'lady, perhaps when we have accomplished all our tasks we can return and tell you the tales."
whispering to Morti, the Test will enable you to discover that if you do not discover it for yourself first.
(3582) Morti (whispering): his head lulls as he considers it. "I like being Morti. It's simple, it's nice... but... Almeena named me Morifran for a reason.. right?"
(3542) DM: (fast forwarding if no one else has anything to do while in town)
(3654) Kendric Duncan: ((nothing for me))
(3582) Morti: (shrug, don't think so)
whispering to Morti, mrrr, it may be that she named you for her own reasons. when you have completed the Test, if you should wish it, you can take on a new name.
(3631) Trayn : (heal everyone to a more healthy state)
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): I was under the impression that someone would come get me
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, nope
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): LOL ok
(3654) Kendric Duncan (whispering): Oh, I should have asked this sooner any ill affects from the mist?
whispering to Kendric Duncan, nope
(3675) Sora the Twinblade (enter): 18:38
(3582) Morti: (I do eventually have to pick up a spellbook and what not when I reach wizard level, maybe Drenla could help me shop in Tolmara. hehe)
** (3580) Reiner Swiftblade hobbles down the stairs, looking a bit sore **
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "oh my word....that was some beating
(3654) Kendric Duncan: ((sorry afk for just a minute))
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: I took"
(3675) Sora the Twinblade (whispering): ( can you help me? my game tree is missing... )
(3582) Morti (whispering): "A new name...?" ponders the possibilies as he continues his studies(fastforwarding)
(3542) DM: Your travels to Tolmara are easier than your travels from the Fhaard, earlier. Of course the weather remains sunny and chilly for much of your ride, but at least you have no encounters with orcs, brigands or worse. The land becomes noticeably more and more farmed and settled as you ride closer to the city of the Citadel.
** (3580) Reiner Swiftblade has cut his long hair **
(3675) Sora the Twinblade (exit): 18:40
(3654) Kendric Duncan: ((back))
(3679) Epiphanis (enter): 18:41
(3582) Morti: (also, along the course of the travels, detect magic on the stuff we found in Quyjanoth's place, and work with Drenla in trying to identify some of the items
(3582) Morti: (more like learning from him how)
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "You know Drenla, she is beautiful...you are truly blessed"
** (3582) Morti glances up curiously at Reiner's statement to Drenla **
(3542) Drenla: Ays, I know. (dreamily)
(3582) Morti: :scarf quirks a brow:
(3631) Trayn : (everyone should be healed up unless i used a lot of my spells in absentia)
(3542) Drenla: Our marriage is to take place at next summer's solstice.
(3654) Kendric Duncan: "Ah, soon to be back in Tolmara. The sighs, the sounds, the people." (Gets a bit of a far away look for a moment.) "Learned all I know now there... hmm which hasn't been all that useful so far, but nevertheless, a great place."
(3582) Morti: "You're getting married?"
(3654) Kendric Duncan: "You are indeed a fortunate fellow Drenla."
(3542) Drenla: Sometimes I wonder if I could ever be worthy of one such as her. (smiles gently at Kendric)
(3542) DM: For a minute there, you spy a different Drenla, not the acerbic-tongued mage you've become accustomed to in the past.
** (3631) Trayn rides int the cold.. enjoying the solice of the ride **
(3542) DM: (brooding and introspective, falls silent)
(3582) Morti: "Sure you're worthy! I mean, yeah sometimes you can be kind of whiny and annoying..."
(3542) Drenla: Hmph.
(3654) Kendric Duncan: "Well, I would trust the lady's judgement Drenla... if she has chosen to marry you doesn't that say something in itself?"
(3542) Drenla: Well I'm sure ye and the Mighty Blade of the Wrath will put me in my place then.
(3582) Morti: "... and can say mean things sometimes and sit around doing nothing while everyone else is working, and you aren't that personable or good looking or..."
(3582) Morti: "uh...."
(3542) Drenla: Speaking of the Mighty Blade of Wrath, where is he, I wonder?
(3582) Morti: "... I like you." :offers a smile:
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: (in elvish) "may you share many solstices together"
(3654) Kendric Duncan: (smiles at Morti's comments, but trys to hide it from Drenla as best he can)
(3542) Drenla: (taken aback)
(3542) Drenla: Well, then. Perhaps I've misjudged ye after all. Trill your "R's" a bit more though.
** (3582) Morti rides ahead a bit from Drenla, sidling next to Ken, "So, you come from this city?" :pointing toward Tolmara: **
(3654) Kendric Duncan: "Not originally... it's where I ended up after my funds had run out."
(3548) Terl has sent you a tree node...
(3548) Terl (whispering): don't even bother trying to read that right now
(3542) DM: By the evening of the seventh day from Tolrindel, you spy the city of the Citadel on the horizon. It's a massively imposing sight, even from this distance. Castle Falconedge towers over the valley beyond, the light of its towers illuminating the night sky as if it were a holy, radiant beacon.
(3582) Morti: :scratches head: "Ah.... is it a big place?"
(3654) Kendric Duncan: "You could say that..." (points toward the city)
(3582) Morti: :awed: "Yeah... that's big..."
(3684) Ron chkrs m8 (enter): 18:53
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(3683) Elegard (enter): 18:53
(3542) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(3627) Ron chkrs m8' from room...
(3627) Ron chkrs m8 (exit): 18:53
** (3582) Morti rides along with the others toward the gates **
(3631) Trayn : "well this pleasant travel is over"
(3631) Trayn : "shall we find lodging and then visit the shrine of Onieros?"
** (3582) Morti nods to Trayn. **
(3683) Elegard (exit): 18:56
(3542) DM: (OC: although the map does not show it, Tolmara consists of two cities -- an inner, older one and an outer, newer city. The city underwent an unprecedented expansion in the last thirty years after the Kernin invasion. The Kernin invasion was the only time that the city had been breached by an enemy force in over five centuries.)
(3542) DM: (OC: a revised map of Tolmara is on the project front burner)
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): whispers to Drenla: My clan has fought to the aid of elvenkind and we were given this amulet...I think it connotes freindship...
(3631) Trayn : ((places a side order of back bacon on the front burner as well))
whispering to Trayn , hah
(3542) Drenla: We should. I believe we also have an appointment with a certain nobleman of the royal court, if ye remember what Rhian foretold.
(3631) Trayn : "I'm not sure I wish to enter another temple"
(3631) Trayn : "even though its more of an oracle than anything else"
(3542) Drenla: We have several things: to visit the Hall of the Witches of the Shawl, and to find out about our merchant friends.
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): are we still on for wed?
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, huh?
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, you mean Tues
(3582) Morti: "What are the witches of the shall?"
(3542) DM: (he means the Aes Sedai)
(3654) Kendric Duncan: "Ah yes, your "friends" who paid you in that cursed Kremin gold..."
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: Wed. eve is x-mas eve right?
(3582) Morti: (guessed as much)
(3542) Drenla: The Aes Sedai, Morti. They hold a hall in sight of the castle. An embassy of sorts, I believe.
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: (ignore that y'all)
(3631) Trayn : ((yes))
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, yup
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, but I was going to go with you on Tuesday, unless you're working Wed.
(3582) Morti: "Oh.... what about us ciders, do we have a hall?"
(3684) Ron chkrs m8 (whispering): how would I go about changing my status to my AC and hp?
whispering to Ron chkrs m8, click on Open RPG and then settings
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): l have to go in on Wed. BASTARDS!
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, oh well
(3542) Drenla: No, no hall, Morti. But we can get an inn room, if ye wish.
(3582) Morti: "Will THEY have cider?"
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): we still can do it tues. and you can hang out here
(3542) Drenla: Probably.
(3582) Morti: "Ok then"
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, sure, whatever works for you
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, we'll talk later
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): k
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Well lets go"
(3654) Kendric Duncan: "Ah, like returning home." (Kendric seems happier than he has been since releasing J) "So where shall we start then. A room?"
(3542) Drenla: So, either I can defer to Kendric, or myself, whatever ye wish. And Morti, if ye wish, ye can take your Test.
(3542) Drenla: As far as getting us an inn, I mean.
** (3582) Morti follows along as he stares off toward the citadel curiously **
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Wait, Ken do ye owe anyone anything here?
(3582) Morti: "Don't think I'm ready for that yet...."
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Do ye have any enemies?"
(3542) DM: The Citadel seems even more imposing than the Castle (which btw, consists of one central massive keep surrounded by towers and fortifications)
(3582) Morti: :refering to the test, while keeping his gaze on the citadel:
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Ken?"
(3542) DM: The Diamond Citadel is a bastion of wizards and sorcerers, and is named for its appearance -- which varies as if it were crafted from one massive, colossal piece of rough, uncut diamond, to a building studded with innumerable polished gemstones, all shining in the moonlight. By day, its brilliance is stunning to behold.
(3654) Kendric Duncan: "Not really. There is only one man I would rather not see and that can be avoided easily enough, nothing for you fellows to worry about though. Let's see... something in the Arcanus quarters perhaps? Considering our two wizardly companions."
(3582) Morti: :shaking his stare from the ominous structure, looks to ken: "Okay"
(3542) DM: The appearance of the Citadel changes magically, and never seems quite the same. It has no windows, and no apparent means of egress or entrance. Even the thieves of Tolmara keep well enough away from it.
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "No offense, Ken but I would rather Drenla's suggestion for an inn"
(3654) Kendric Duncan: (shrugs) "Up to you then, I was going to suggest the Unicorn's Horn... but I shall defer to master Drenla's decision..."
(3582) Morti: "I trust Ken"
(3631) Trayn : (mistress?)
(3684) Ron chkrs m8 (whispering): ill be back in abotu 5 minutes
** (3582) Morti slumps a bit in his saddle, obviously tired from travel and hungry **
(3684) Ron chkrs m8: Disconnecting from server...
(3684) Ron chkrs m8 (exit): 19:09
whispering to Morti, Mrrr, as inheritor of Asflag's holdings, ye do have a villa in the Rogue's Quarter.
** (3582) Morti speaks aloud to Moiraine, "I have a villa" **
(3582) Morti: "?"
(3654) Kendric Duncan: "Eh? Really?"
(3582) Morti (whispering): noticed it in the maps before, didn't figure I had any legal holding though. hehe
(3631) Trayn : "well if we can impose... lets stay there"
(3542) Drenla: We might go to Dragonhelm Hall, if ye wish. I know the proprietor, not as well as Asianna of course, but well enough to gain a room on short notice. Of course, we need to be well behaved (glaring at Reiner)
** (3631) Trayn states after hearing Morti speak **
** (3582) Morti looks up to Ken, "Moiraine says Asflag has a villa here" **
(3654) Kendric Duncan: "Hmm, the cat... oh right magic I forget... hmm well we could try that then..."
whispering to Morti, mrrr, yes. From when he resided in Tolmara, but before he became a member of the Court.
** (3542) Drenla shrugs. **
(3631) Trayn : "well wouldnt that be his heirs now?"
(3542) Drenla: Just as well. Like Kendric, I too have people I wish not to announce my presence to.
(3582) Morti (whispering): "Great!" :suddenly rethinking: "It's not full of monsters and traps is it?"
whispering to Morti, No. Not as expansive as the villa in Wintershivven, but sufficient for our purposes. (purrr)
(3582) Morti: "I guess if the house belongs to me.... we can stay there.... but where is it?"
whispering to Morti, at the edge of the Rogue's Quarter, near the Citadel.
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "That sounds good...nothing better than a home over an inn"
** (3582) Morti glances down to the kitten, then up to Ken and Drenla, "She says it's on the edge of the Rogue's Quarter, near the citadel. Think you can find it?" **
whispering to Morti, strike that. location 136 on the map
(3654) Kendric Duncan: "Ah, I think so. I don't think I ever visiited it personally but I know that area fairly well... and if I'm a bit rusty Drenla can give me a hand."
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Comfortable bed, no bother, privacy...yes that works for me"
(3654) Kendric Duncan: ((oh lookey it's on the key heh))
(3582) Morti: (correction. not near the citadel. it's 136 on the map)
whispering to Morti, Across the way from the Hall of the Grand Divider (temple to Tharnak), on the Street of the Gods
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Well let us hurry, I would like to get off this horse"
(3542) Drenla: hm, I know it. Near the temple district, I believe. Reclusive sort, this Asflag.
(3582) Morti: "She says it's across from the Hall of the Grand Divider"
(3542) Drenla: Ironic that it's near where we need to go. The workings of Fate, eh? (rolling his eyes)
(3582) Morti: "Reclusive... but generous"
(3542) Drenla: Lead the way then.
(3654) Kendric Duncan: "Oh... I know where it is then, I think I passed it quite a few times without noticing it much odd that. Hmm, fate... yes well then off we go..." (starts navigating his way to Asflag's villa)
** (3582) Morti follows a long happily, curious about the villa **
(3654) Kendric Duncan: (as we walk) "So Morti, do you have... you know a key of somekind for the villa?"
(3582) Morti: "Key?"
(3582) Morti: "Uh..... no"
(3542) DM: You arrive at the villa, and settle in after a bit.
(3654) Kendric Duncan: ((nevermind guess it was open :) ))
(3582) Morti: (who needs precautions? then again, his wards have probably all faded by now)
(3542) DM: (I'm dispensing with the details, but its part of what went on when Asflag beqeuathed his holdings to Morti.)
** (3582) Morti takes in the villa, awed by the notion of having some type of ownership over two large houses **
(3542) DM: (and yes, the wards have faded. the building is on the edge of neglect, having been abandoned for so long.)
(3582) Morti: "Guess we'll have to go out for food.... still though... wwwwooooooowwwwww...."
(3654) Kendric Duncan: "Hmm, i've stayed in much worse a new coat of paint it'll be looking brand new.... but that can wait we have many other things to attend to. What shall be first."
(3542) DM: On the other hand, when you arrive at the place, you notice that it's relatively free of the street rabble that seems so prodigious in Tolmara. Even street urchins dare not approach the place, giving you the once over as you arrive and settle in. Some glance at you curiously, then scatter.
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: brb
(3582) Morti: :to ken: "Dinner"
(3542) Drenla: We should take stock of what we need to do, but ays, dinner would be grand.
(3582) Morti: (what condition is the house in? is it just a mess, or is it falling apart?)
(3542) DM: Benign neglect, on the edge of true neglect.
(3582) Morti: :grins getting an agreement: "Great. Is there any place near here?"
(3542) DM: It's just this much from falling apart. You have the suspicion that the wards had much to do with that.
(3582) Morti: (eh... still a mansion to Morti)
(3542) Drenla: Well, we have two immediate choices. The Elfstone, an inn of extremely high quality with an attendant tavern and restaurant, and the Smiling Siren, which is known for more than the quality of its drinks.
(3582) Morti: :shrugs: either's fine by me"
** (3582) Morti looks to the others, "Any preference?" **
(3654) Kendric Duncan (whispering): I know anything about the prices at the Elfstone I imagine they're rather high?
(3542) Drenla: If ye were willing to travel a bit, we could go to the Clifftower, or to Galbranium's. Galbranium is suitable to the Lord Reiner, he of the bottomless stomach.
whispering to Kendric Duncan, oh yes
(3582) Morti: :showing a bit of trepidation at the word: "Travel?"
(3654) Kendric Duncan: "The Elfstone is a grand place... but as I recall the prices were as high as the quality."
(3542) Drenla: Well, walk or magick. 'Tis one and all to me.
(3542) Drenla: The Clifftower is an inn in the Wyndgate Quarter, near the noble villas. Safe as a lark in the spring rain, Morti. Galbranium is just as safe, but we had best hope to watch our purses on the way there.
(3542) Drenla: Tolmara is not the frontier town that Wintershivven is. The streets hold more potential danger than a forest full of orcs.
(3654) Kendric Duncan: "Aye..."
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: ah
(3654) Kendric Duncan: "Unseen and unheard until it's to late."
(3542) Drenla: Ays.
(3582) Morti: "um... okay.... guess we can go to Galbranium if that's where the most food is"
(3631) Trayn : "thats fine with me"
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "What is the penalty for cutting off a thief's hand?"
(3582) Morti: :smiles lopsided with his scarf:
(3582) Morti: "eh?" :turns suddenly to Reiner:
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Ken?"
(3654) Kendric Duncan: "The punishment for thievery is usually cutting of some fingers, even hands if serious enough. Though if you take justice into your own uh hands I don't know how the authorities would react."
(3542) Drenla: (grins wide) Oh ye and Reiner will have a grand time then. There is a drinking contest that begins at moonrise. The winner of the contest wins the right to eat at Galbranium's for free any night he or she chooses.
(3702) Sentinel (enter): 19:38
(3702) Sentinel (exit): 19:38
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Then I will meerly break it if I am pilfered"
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Sounds good to me Drenla"
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Will ye join the contest?
(3542) Drenla: (winks at Reiner) I shall not, but I shall cheer ye on and watch your cups. There are those who would win in ways not honorable, even so much as poison.
(3582) Morti: "All you can eat.. free?" :rubs his empty tummy:
(3542) Drenla: Ays, free.
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Let's go"
(3654) Kendric Duncan: "Indeed, let us be off then. Trayn why don't you stay infront of me so I can keep an extra watch on your purse, since you are carrying our reward."
** (3631) Trayn withholds his dissaprovement **
whispering to Trayn , yes Ms. Chaperone
(3631) Trayn : "yes well now that everyone knows" he chastizes
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): Reiner ties his purse to his underwear
(3631) Trayn : "I may have too"
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, you're not serious!!! omg lol
(3654) Kendric Duncan: ((hold on afk for just a sec on the phone))
** (3580) Reiner Swiftblade turns away from everybody and you notice him fiddling with his crotch **
** (3582) Morti stares curiously at Reiner. "Please do that out in the outhouse. I know the house isn't in great shape, but please..." **
(3654) Kendric Duncan: ((ok back sorry bout that I'm a popular guy what can I say :) ))
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Perhaps it is better to keep the reward in the hands of each of us instead of one person"
(3631) Trayn : "and maybe it is safer in my hands"
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Morti...I am securing my purse"
(3542) DM: Presently you leave the villa. Reiner seems to jingle a bit when he walks. The street seems to be deserted as you enter it. This being the Street of the Gods, the roadside is lined with priests and followers of various faiths, exhorting the passerby as they walk.
(3631) Trayn : "drinking contests and brawling tend to lighten ones purse"
** (3582) Morti gives Reiner a sideways glare. "I don't care what you call it." **
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Not if you cannot get drunk"
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): it does not jingle! LOL
(3542) Drenla: Galbranium's is within spitting distance of the Citadel. Makes for a heightened sense of security if you ask me.
whispering to Epiphanis, where in NYC?
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): I think it will be hard to find a person with a constitution of 23
** (3582) Morti groans a bit. "Is it much further? I'm starving" **
(3582) Morti: "Well... not starving, but... you get the idea"
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): obviously stan Reiner keeps enough in his puocket for the night but the rest is in his crotch
(3542) Drenla: You pass by the Shrine of the Oracle, a square block of black basalt that reminds you of a tomb more than a shrine. The building, a perfect cube with no windows, has a brazier in front of a pair of obsidian double doors, that seems to burn with no discernible source of fuel. This is the only edifice on the Street of the Gods that does not have ANY preachers or priests exhorting the rabble to follow a faith.
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, lol
(3631) Trayn : (ha)
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: That is odd...everything is silent
** (3582) Morti eyes the Shrine of the Oraclecautiously as they pass. "Uh... can we go their when it's light out?" **
(3654) Kendric Duncan: .
(3542) DM: Shortly before you turn into the Arcanus Quarter, the Silver Refectory comes into view. This is a gleaming temple dedicated to Bralvanyr (OC: LN Aspect of Solnor), and coincidentally the largest temple that you've seen yet while walking along the Street. No less than four armed warriors, paladin aspirants by the looks of them, stand guard at the entrance to the temple, relaxed yet vigilant for dangers that may come to their attention.
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Good evening gents..."
** (3580) Reiner Swiftblade nods **
(3542) DM: The Refectory is an impressive sight. A carved dome of sunrise marble caps the temple rotunda. Several celestial archons are carved to resemble pillars which hold the dome in place, as if the weight of the world rested on their shoulders.
(3615) Sarah (exit): 19:54
(3668) Gm-Bubba (enter): 19:54
(3542) DM: The paladins nod barely perceptibly, their eyes taking in everything and missing nothing.
(3668) Gm-Bubba (exit): 19:54
** (3580) Reiner Swiftblade continues on **
(3582) Morti: "That's an impressive building..."
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Can't wait to get a good elf ale "
(3542) DM: As you head into the Arcanus Quarter, the Citadel now becomes the focus of your vision and looms even larger than before. The scintillating gems that cover the walls of the structure sparkle iridescently in the light of the three moons above.
** (3631) Trayn walks like he belongs here **
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): Reiner looks around to see if the group is being followed
(3542) DM: Glowglobes dance up a magekeep's walls, their continual radiance shedding a soft pink light that illuminates the street for the benefit of passersby.
** (3582) Morti walks like an awed tourist **
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, not that you can determine
(3654) Kendric Duncan: "Ah, even I can feel the magic in this place. It's really amazing..."
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Aye, AYe, Aye...let's eat!"
(3582) Morti: :to reiner: "Aye!"
(3542) DM: As you turn the corner, a half-elf rushes around the bend and hastily bumps into Reiner.
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): checks his pocket
(3542) Corvaeil: Er...my apologies...
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, it's llighter than before
(3679) Epiphanis (exit): 20:01
(3542) Corvaeil: I'll be moving on now. (nervously)
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): picks him up off the ground
(3542) Corvaeil: G'day.
(3542) DM: (roll to hit)
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: [1d20+9] -> [16,9] = (25)
** (3582) Morti stares at the half-elf curiously **
(3542) Corvaeil: Ahh!!!
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Not until you give me back my gold lad"
(3542) Corvaeil: I dinna take it!
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Give it back and you can be on your way"
(3542) Corvaeil: Put me down this instant! (glances at Reiner and the rest of you and down the street)
(3582) Morti: (eewww... don't tell me he reached in for it)
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): pulls out old deputy badge
(3542) Corvaeil: (eyes widen)
(3582) Morti: "Uh.... Reiner... what are you doing?"
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Would you like to take a walk with me?"
(3542) Corvaeil: Oh, all right, all right! I'll never meet my quota now. (sullenly)
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Don't make me put you in manacles"
(3542) Corvaeil: (reaches in and tosses some gold at Reiner) Let me go, all right? (whines)
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Be on your way"
** (3654) Kendric Duncan watches the exchange with interest seeing how Reiner handels it **
(3631) Trayn : "hey stop right there thief!"
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Do not bother me again"
(3542) Corvaeil: Er...
(3542) Corvaeil: I'm not a thief... (runs away)
(3631) Trayn : ((ha the ole switcheroo... nice))
(3582) Morti: "Eh?"
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: ""Some things are better left unsaid...let us drink"
(3631) Trayn : "check your coins..."
(3542) DM: In his haste, he drops something that clatters on the cobblestones, not noticing his mistake.
(3631) Trayn : "make sure its not a pouch of coppers"
** (3580) Reiner Swiftblade picks it up **
(3654) Kendric Duncan: "Hmm, well what's this then."
(3542) DM: It gleams reddishly in the moonlight.
(3654) Kendric Duncan: "Oh dear, don't touch it..."
(3631) Trayn : "not those infernal red coins"
(3542) DM: It appears to be a blood-red gold coin. (Reiner, Will save.)
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, Alfred?
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: Will save: [1d20+5] -> [11,5] = (16)
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: 16
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, A strange compulsion seems to come over you, which you manage to shake off for the moment.
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, next time, whisper the result to me
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, The feeling intensifies as you hold the coin in your hand.
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): sorry was dealing with terry
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, s'ok, np
** (3580) Reiner Swiftblade drops the coins **
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, only one coin
(3654) Kendric Duncan: "Are you all right... you don't want more of them do you..."
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "no..."
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "poor lad"
(3582) Morti: "Should we follow him?"
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Naw...just a common urchin...he will have more to answer to" ::glance down the road::
(3542) DM: People in the street seem to not have noticed your exchange...or perhaps they have but have not bothered.
** (3542) Drenla strokes his beard **
(3619) Tarl (enter): 20:14
(3542) Drenla: This should be reported, as soon as humanly possible. I shall have to go to the Citadel come morning.
(3711) Sentinel (enter): 20:14
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "I have learned that one must not attract attention to oneself in larger towns, espeially if you look like me"
(3582) Morti: "Um... should we leave that there?" :pointing at the red coin:
(3654) Kendric Duncan: "Do you think someone is using that cursed gold to force people to steal to get their fix for the gold?"
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "How so Drenla...for the cursed gold?
(3542) Drenla: I wouldn't put it past our "friends". (grimly)
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): are there storm drains?
** (3582) Morti cocks his head toward Drenla **
(3722) Trayn (enter): 20:15
(3542) Drenla: They're slavers. And now, come to think of it, I think that one of them was a mage, although I'm unsure as to which one of them. And I can't tell or explain why I feel that way.
(3721) Dark_Flame (enter): 20:16
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (3721) Dark_Flame...
(3721) Dark_Flame: Disconnecting from server...
(3721) Dark_Flame (exit): 20:16
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (3722) Trayn ...
(3542) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(3631) Trayn ' from room...
(3631) Trayn (exit): 20:16
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, yes
(3711) Sentinel (exit): 20:16
(3654) Kendric Duncan: "Well back to Morti's question then, what do we do with the coin, put it in a bag or something and it should be all right to carry right?"
(3619) Tarl (exit): 20:17
(3722) Trayn : "we should dispose of it somehow"
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "kick it down the gutter"
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "in that storm drain there"
(3654) Kendric Duncan: "Leaving it out could eventually expose someone to it and I don't want that on my head..."
(3722) Trayn : "well someone may still find it..."
(3722) Trayn : "someone flick it into my sack"
** (3722) Trayn gets out his sack and puts it nearby **
(3582) Morti (whispering): great, downthe storm drain, maybe for some were rat to find it, and go crazy with greed
** (3722) Trayn looks for a dextrous rapier or dagger flick **
whispering to Morti, lol
** (3580) Reiner Swiftblade pulls out a small leather pouch **
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Put it in here"
** (3582) Morti takes out his dagger and follows trayn's instruction **
(3722) Trayn : "thank you"
(3654) Kendric Duncan: "Just don't forget it's in there..."
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "I still would put it in here. keep it separate and give it tio Drenla
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "He will know how to dispose of it"
(3542) Drenla: (takes the pouch)
(3582) Morti: :speaks up: "Can we eat now?"
(3600) Beau (exit): 20:21
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Yes..that would be nice"
(3542) Drenla: Galbranium's is there. (points to a marble edifice that seems to be a mimicry of a tavern)
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: Lets go folks...time is waisting
** (3582) Morti heads for galbranium **
(3542) Drenla: (smiles slyly) In order to gain entrance, ye have to pass a certain test. As a member of the Fraternity of Gluttony, I am automatically exempt. (smirks)
(3582) Morti: "Eh?"
(3542) Drenla: The doorman will explain. (smirks)
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "I see"
(3542) Drenla: I have no doubt ye'll pass. (giggles)
** (3582) Morti heads for the door **
** (3580) Reiner Swiftblade walks to the door **
(3654) Kendric Duncan: "Oh this should be fun..." looks at Reiner for a split second then head to the door...
(3542) DM: As you approach Galbranium's, the door swings open suddenly. A tall, dusky warrior steps out and strides off purposefully onto the street.
** (3580) Reiner Swiftblade sizes him up and smiles **
(3542) DM: The inn door starts to swing closed, and then slams back open, as a smaller, well-dressed young man rushes out after the first.
(3542) Blaine: Giles, ye can't do this!
** (3582) Morti stares at the two men while heading to the door **
(3542) Erwinson: I'm only the messenger, Lord Blaine. You'll have to take it up with His Majesty.
(3542) Blaine: I never asked for...
(3542) Erwinson: Take it up with His Majesty.
** (3580) Reiner Swiftblade stands in front watching the two **
(3542) Blaine: It's about his ward, isn't it? She never told me who she was, I swear! It's not my...
** (3654) Kendric Duncan looks curiously at the two men... **
** (3580) Reiner Swiftblade stares at the men and crosses his arms **
** (3542) Erwinson turns back, ignoring the pleading of the younger man, who runs after him, still babbling hysterically. **
** (3582) Morti ignores the arguement as he heads in looking for food **
(3542) DM: You approach the tavern, and the door siwngs open. Out steps a mischievously smiling corpulent dwarf.
(3736) Kessa / Azrael (enter): 20:28
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): m or f
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Drenla, are we at a circus?"
(3654) Kendric Duncan: "Hmm... greetings master dwarf."
(3736) Kessa / Azrael (exit): 20:29
** (3582) Morti eyes the round dwarf, giving him a brief poke, "Do you roll like a ball?" **
(3542) Teszter: Well met, gentles all. Certainly not like Lord Blaine there.
(3542) DM: (male)
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "what happened?"
(3582) Morti: :asks honestly and without insult... or intention to insult rather:
(3542) Teszter: Oh, a disagreement of sorts. (puckers his lip)
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "How so ?"
(3542) Teszter: Lord Blaine seems to be in a bit of hot water, for a young noble and his inheritance. (giggles)
(3542) Teszter: Aren't ye interested in eating?
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Aye but the story seems juicy"
** (3582) Morti brightens at the mention of eating. "Definately!" **
(3542) Teszter: Oh, he and she, they met when she shouldn't have, and now he's in a bit of trouble with no less than His Majesty. Don't go crossing the King, I always say, and ye'll live to see another day. What a popinjay, eh?
(3582) Morti: "Popin-wha?"
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "ah an age old predicament"
(3542) Teszter: Oh, it's you. (glances at Drenla) I suppose you know it's forbidden to tell the rules of the game to potential members of our fraternity, eh?
(3737) Ivan (enter): 20:33
** (3582) Morti glances back to Drenla, then to the fat dwarf. "Rules?" **
(3542) Drenla: I wouldn't miss it for the world. Pick the fat one. He likes it. (grins mischievously)
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "this is sounding unpleasant Drenla"
(3654) Kendric Duncan: "I think we've been set up here, Drenla knows something we deffinetly don't..."
(3582) Morti: :asks the dwarf: "Can we eat now?"
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Well, I am always up for a challenge"
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: Morti lets go eat
** (3580) Reiner Swiftblade walks in **
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): is this to be an orgy? LOL
** (3582) Morti grins as he follows the war priest **
(3542) Teszter: Very well then. In order to enter our fine establishment (opens the door a bit, from which you can smell a WONDROUS aroma that promises all sorts of fine gustatory entertainment for the evening to come), ye must choose one amongst your number to play an eating game. Choose your food, and eat more than the record in a certain amount of time. Prove that ye are truly gluttinous, and enter to your stomach's content....
** (3542) Teszter bars your way. **
(3668) Gm-Bubba (enter): 20:35
(3542) Teszter: Rules are rules. Tsk tsk tsk.
(3668) Gm-Bubba (whispering): need anymore players?
whispering to Gm-Bubba, no.
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "I guess that would be me"
(3582) Morti: "Reiner's fat, he'll do it!"
(3654) Kendric Duncan: "Hmm, well Reiner I think it's up to you then."
(3668) Gm-Bubba (exit): 20:36
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "I have not eaten well in a week! he he he"
(3542) Drenla: (grins widely)
(3542) Drenla: I think he likes mustard.
(3542) Drenla: Or carrots.
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Will I do?"
(3542) Teszter: Well, we don't have mustard here, but we do have carrots to spare, and other foodstuffs, like sausages and lamb pie. And then there's always summer pudding.
(3542) Teszter: (sizes Reiner up)
(3582) Morti: "Hmmm..." asks the dwarf: "What's summer pudding?"
(3542) Teszter: Oh yes, ye'll do nicely.
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Northern Lamb pie?"
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: (sucks in stomach)
(3542) Teszter: Summer pudding consists of bread, berries and date sugar. Mix berries and date sugar in a bowl, add bread or cake and prsss down for an entire day. Unmold and serve with cloudcream with a dash of Cathurian White.
** (3582) Morti seems to melt at the description **
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "I am partial to Northern Lamb Pie!"
(3542) Teszter: Lamb pie, well that's a huge pie with an entire lamb mixed in. The record is one pie in one hour. Never seen anyone eat more than one in one hour.
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Just one?"
(3542) Teszter: It's GIGANTIC.
(3542) Teszter: So, name your poison, and we'll begin the test.
(3542) Teszter: (grins mischievously)
(3582) Morti: "What's your record for eating live bugs?"
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "no poison, just lamb"
(3542) Teszter: Never had them.
(3542) Teszter: Oh, all right. (goes in)
(3582) Morti: "Bet I can eat more than you" :grins through his scarf"
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: I will have the lamb
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): reiner will envoke his birthsign power before eating
(3542) DM: After a short while, he comes out again, bearing a pie half the size of a horse. He staggers under the weight of the platter. Your jaws drop in amazement, then quickly realize that Teszter has help carrying the platter. It really is as large as half a horse.,
(3542) Teszter: Would ye like to eat this here, or in our vestibule?
(3582) Morti: "Uh... can you eat that much Reiner?"
(3654) Kendric Duncan: "Uh Reiner..."
(3542) Teszter: Three sturdy dwarven youths, each with potbellies as large as Teszter climb out from underneath the pie.
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: ::emphatically ::: "yes"
** (3580) Reiner Swiftblade lets out a belch **
(3582) Morti: :asks teszter: "Is he allowed to vomit midway?"
(3542) Teszter: (face lights up) Oh, no. No vomiting allowed.
** (3542) Teszter giggles. **
** (3542) Drenla chuckles **
** (3582) Morti looks worried **
** (3580) Reiner Swiftblade appears to be much sturdier than before **
** (3654) Kendric Duncan slaps Reiner on the back. "Well good luck then." **
whispering to Terl, whassamatter? still bored? lol
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): how much of a chance to I have to eat this? LOL
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, barely enough
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, make a Con check
(3582) Morti: asks dwarf: "Can we eat?"
(3548) Terl (whispering): at the moment, yes. I'd have asked what the record is for eating his fingernails, gotten a very small pice, adn claimed victory 1/2 hour ago.
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: [1d20+6] -> [15,6] = (21)
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, like I said, barely enough. lol
(3548) Terl (whispering): this isa rediculous waste of time now
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): 21
(3582) Morti: (did his stomache become a bag of holding? if not, we may have some problems)
whispering to Terl, not a time waster actually
(3542) DM: Now it's Teszter's turn to be amazed.
(3548) Terl (whispering): ok, I'll be patient,a dn watch. not in here yet to try to speed it up anyway.
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Mmm, this is good!"
(3542) Teszter: Uhm....
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: any more?
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: belches
(3542) Teszter: (glances at Drenla, who only shrugs, giggling)
(3542) Teszter: Of course! (beams) Come right on in!
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: Just want to break the record....
** (3582) Morti gawks at Reiner's display, then flashes a smile to the dwarf: "Finally!" **
(3542) Teszter: I think you broke the record. The truth is that no one's ever eaten an entire pie in an hour.
(3654) Kendric Duncan: "Reiner, I am quite amazed... I would have thought that impossible..where did you put it all...?"
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: don't know...
whispering to Terl, don't be such a crank. =P
** (3580) Reiner Swiftblade laughs **
(3582) Morti: (how did he fit the mass of half a horse in his stomache?)
(3654) Kendric Duncan: (( it's MAGIC! ))
(3542) Teszter: We'd be proud to have ye here as a member of the Fraternity of Gluttony. (beams)
(3548) Terl (whispering): heh
(3542) Teszter: (enters the tavern and clears his throat)
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: " I need to got to the water closet"
(3654) Kendric Duncan: "Well, now i'm hungry... but not quite that hungry."
(3542) Teszter: Ladies and gentlepersons all! May I present a barbarian of the wilds, who holds the current record of eating a northern lamb pie in under an hour! Our newest member of the Fraternity of Gluttony....(realizes he doesn't know his name)...the wondrous barbarian lord!!!!
(3542) Teszter: (whispers to Reiner) Er, what's your name?
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: I am known as ...the blade
(3542) Teszter: He is known as The Blade of Might and Glory!
(3542) Drenla: (chuckles silently, trying not to laugh out loud)
(3582) Morti: :asks teszter: "Does that make us Fraternity members too?"
(3542) DM: The entire tavern looks up for a moment, and applauds your entrance. Whistles, cheers and jests fly at you.
(3542) Teszter: No, but if ye are in his company, ye may enter as his guests.
(3654) Kendric Duncan: "Well, you picked a good tavern Drenla... Reiner does indeed seem to fit in well." "Ah that's good news then."
** (3580) Reiner Swiftblade heads to the bathroom **
(3582) Morti: :disappointer"Awwww.... I wanna be a member too." :looks to Drenla: "You said you were a member, you aren't as heavy as Reiner. How'd you do it?"
(3542) DM: Indeed, several buxom women stand in adoration of Reiner. One, a particularly statuesque valkyrie with braided brown ponytails nods rapidly at Reiner, then sits back down behind a table laden with roast goose and vegetables.
** (3580) Reiner Swiftblade smiles **
(3542) Drenla: Oh, that's easy, but that would be telliing. (smiles slyly)
(3542) Drenla: Suffice to say it's a spell that my master taught to me -- something to do with Matilda, a famous mage.
(3582) Morti: "Hmmm...." :grins devilishly: "What's the worst tasting thing on the menu, that would have the lowest record for taste alone?"
** (3580) Reiner Swiftblade enters bathroom **
(3542) Drenla: I think earthworm wine.
(3542) Drenla: Might have to check.
(3542) Drenla: (to Teszter) Table for five, please.
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): tell them that a few minutes later, people start running out on account of the smell
whispering to Terl, I could introduce you if you want, but I need statistics.
whispering to Terl, at the very least I need a node
** (3580) Reiner Swiftblade is still in the bathroom **
(3582) Morti: :nods to Drenla and asks Teszter: "What has the lowest record in here, probably from the taste of it?"
(3548) Terl (whispering): all I have is a background. no character up at all. no clue how you want her rolled, or point buy.
whispering to Terl, did you read the threads on the site?
(3737) Ivan (exit): 21:00
whispering to TaliesinNYC, one of the threads mentions how to generate a PC
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: /me is still in the bathroom
(3548) Terl (whispering): not all of them, stuill trying to.
(3542) DM: Suddenly, the door to the water closet opens and a halfling runs out, pinching his nose.
(3654) Kendric Duncan: (laughs) "Oh the poor fellow, Reiner must be in there..."
(3542) DM: Moments later, the door opens and streams of people run out gasping for air.
(3722) Trayn : "this is base humor at best"
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): rofl
(3761) Girg (enter): 21:02
(3542) Drenla: Come with me, if ye wish. I've reserved us a table near the fireplace.
(3542) Drenla: Ignore the fat man behind the bathroom door.
(3761) Girg (exit): 21:02
** (3580) Reiner Swiftblade still in there **
(3654) Kendric Duncan: "Ah, lead on Drenla."
(3542) DM: As you seat yourselves, the dejected nobleman enters the tavern room door and heads over in your direction, but stops at an empty table one table over and slumps down wit his head in his hands, glumly staring at a half-filled tankard.
** (3582) Morti waits for the dwarf's answer before following **
(3542) DM: A waitress comes over, trying to entice him in a platter full of desserts, and he thoroughly ignores her.
** (3580) Reiner Swiftblade exits the water closet and heads towars the rest of the party **
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Wow, that was some pie"
** (3542) Blaine glances up as Reiner passes by, and then slumps back down, staring morosely at a haunch of roast venison being carved for a table of six merry dwarves. **
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "When we have fesitvals on the plains, we can eat like that for days!
(3542) Drenla: Order anything you want. The bill of fare is on me. (smiles)
(3542) Drenla: So, I recommend (as the waitress heads away) that we settle on what we need to do whilst we are here.
(3542) DM: (you place your orders)
** (3582) Morti joins to the table, after getting no answer from the dwarf **
(3542) Drenla: In the morning, I must away to the Citadel, Morti, you are welcome to come with me.
(3542) Drenla: There is the matter of the Shrine.
** (3582) Morti smiles to Drenla. "Great, I'd love to go there!" **
(3542) Drenla: There is the matter of Rhian's sisters. And then, the matter of the Court.
(3582) Morti: "Don't want to go there"
(3582) Morti: "Court?"
(3654) Kendric Duncan: "Ah so much to do and so little time to do it in, the way of the world."
(3605) Alka (exit): 21:10
(3542) Drenla: Ays, Rhian foretold of a meeting with a member of the royal Court. I know not his name however.
(3542) Drenla: Or her name.
(3770) Scourge (enter): 21:10
(3582) Morti: "What's the royal court?"
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "hi little man, I hear you have some troubles
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, huh?
(3654) Kendric Duncan: "You don't suppose it'd be that fellow there..." (glances to the nobleman at the table) "Or whoever the women was he was involved with..."
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): to lord blaine
(3582) Morti: "Eh?"
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, ok
(3770) Scourge (exit): 21:12
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "can I buy you a drink?"
** (3542) Blaine sits up slowly with sullen eyes. **
** (3582) Morti glances to the young nobleman and Reiner **
(3542) Blaine: (shrugging) Suit yourself.
(3582) Morti: "Let's find out"
(3542) DM: His tankard is still half full.
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "All things pass"
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "What are ye drinking?"
(3542) Blaine: Oh? Is it always the case? My life is ruined even before it begins.
** (3582) Morti stands and walks over to plop in a seat alongside Reiner and Blaine, asking the latter, "Do you have a connection to the royal court?" **
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "How so?"
(3542) Blaine: Red mash.
(3542) Blaine: (glances at Morti) In a manner of speaking.
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Wench! two Red mash here!"
(3582) Morti: :calls over to the others: "Hey he says he is!"
(3542) Blaine: (slumps down, holding his head in his hands)
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "ah ah sit up like a man!"
(3542) Blaine: Why? I'm ruined.
(3548) Terl (whispering): found it, it was hideing in saturday's group on how to roll characters. 4d6 drop one. +7 raw points. let me know when you want me to roll.
** (3654) Kendric Duncan shakes head at Morti's bluntness **
whispering to Terl, end of the session
** (3582) Morti lowers his head level with Blaine, offering a pat on the shoulder, "Aw.. what's wrong?" **
(3548) Terl (whispering): that's what I thought.
whispering to Terl, I hope you'rte at least enjoying this
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Ye are still alive and do not have a sword run through yer gut! That means you are ok"
whispering to Terl, because if you're not, it might not be a good idea heheh
(3548) Terl (whispering): yes. very much.
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "What happened?"
(3542) Blaine: (glances at Morti again) Everything and nothing...(sigh)
(3582) Morti: "Coul....could you be more specific?"
(3542) Blaine: I've recently come into an inheritance....and well, I sought to impress a young lady. Turns out she's the ward of the King. (groans)
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Morti, this is not the time ,boy"
(3542) Blaine: We had relations.
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Well that is a human thing"
(3542) Blaine: Well, that's not the whole of it.
(3582) Morti: "Hey, I recently came into an inheritence too..... and what's wrong with impressing a girl?"
** (3580) Reiner Swiftblade shakes his head **
** (3580) Reiner Swiftblade glares at morti **
(3542) Blaine: His Majesty has demanded, or rather, the justicars have demanded that I deliver my debts in full within the span of a week.
(3654) Kendric Duncan: "Morti, how about you come back over here and have something to eat..."
(3582) Morti: "Well.... aren't you suppose to pay debts?"
(3542) Blaine: My problem is that I am penniless. Except for my inheritance. And that resides somewhere in my ancestral home. And there's the matter of it being haunted.
(3582) Morti: :to ken: "I'll wait here til the food comes, thanks"
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "He must be very angry."
(3542) Blaine: And the fact that not a soul here will go near the manor, not even if they were dragged by wild horses.
(3582) Morti: :confused: "But what's the king angry about?"
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "MORTI"
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): intimidation on morti
** (3582) Morti flinches at Reiner's call. going silent, afraid he may have done something wrong. **
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: Intimidate Skill Check: [1d20+9] -> [5,9] = (14)
(3542) Blaine: Oh, he probably doesn't even know about this. The justicars have demanded it. I've tried pleading in Court, but to no avail.
(3542) DM: Reiner glowers, pulling himself to his full height. Blaine continues, not even noticing the exchange.
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: I was about to say that this does not seem like the stories my grandfather told me about the king
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: hm sounds like you have a big problem
** (3582) Morti stays silent, lowering his gaze to the table, barely moving **
(3542) Corvaeil: ...I tried entering the manse, and all was fine until I turned the corner. There scrawled in blood, on a table, were the words, "Soon, dear cousin, I come for you."
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: It is here in town?
(3542) Blaine: I can remember those words as clearly as if I had seen them yesterday. Crimson blood, as bright as the petals of a rose on a spring morning. "Soon, dear cousin, I come for you."
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: dear cousin
(3542) Blaine: Nay, 'tis one day ride east of the city.
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: your cousin haunts the house as a ghost?
(3542) Blaine: I rushed out of the room, to the doors, and 'twas then that I saw on the floor a second message. "I shall not rest, ere my kin rest with me." Wjat manner of demon or spirit is this?!?
(3542) Blaine: I fled those doors and have not been to the manse since.
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Are you in love with her or was it just an encounter...the king's ward?
(3542) Blaine: (glances at Reiner) Ah, both. I think. I'm not sure. (slumps)
(3542) Blaine: (glances at Trayn and the rest) I'm not sure even the light of Solnor can bring me back from my pit of despair.
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: Now ye must think, would ye marry this girl...ye are a nobleman right?
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: The king, would demand ye marry her if there were relations.
(3542) Blaine: I would, but then I would need proof of my title and inheritance and I do not even possess a single coin....well I do...a bit, but not enough. Could you help me, please? (seizing Reiner's collar suddenly) PLEASE?!!?
(3542) Blaine: I'll pay whatever ye want, even down to my last coin. I beg of you. Please. I have no one else to turn to.
** (3580) Reiner Swiftblade looks around uncomfortably **
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: sit up...
(3542) Blaine: Please? My life is ruined. Immeasurably.
** (3582) Morti looks up cautiously for Reiner's reply to the plea, but meeting the war priest's eye quickly returns his scared gaze down to the table top. **
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: show no sign of weakness understand?
(3542) Blaine: (doesn't seem to listen, instead slumping dejectedly)
** (3580) Reiner Swiftblade calls Trayn over **
(3542) Blaine: please? I'll never find enough to pay them.
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): falconedge is a paladin of solnor right?
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, yes
(3654) Kendric Duncan: (quietly to Drenla) "I'd say this is the fellow your friend Rhian was talking about wouldn't you?"
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Trayn, we have an opportunity to help this young man out"
(3542) Drenla: (peers at Blaine) Hmph. A bit spineless, perhaps.
(3542) Drenla: Perhaps. I hope not though.
(3542) Drenla: (quietly)
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Desperation can make you spineless"
(3722) Trayn : "but should we..."
(3542) DM: (Alfred, you're not at the same table and he was repeating that quietly)
(3722) Trayn : "his poor judgement has put himself in this position"
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: Blaine, what is your first name
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: (oh ok)
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: Does this girl love you?
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: ((being mr. goo priest here))
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: good
(3542) Blaine: Blaine IS my first name. My title is "Viscount Whitestone", seventeenth viscount of the Fendian Plains, not that it matters because I have no land, no dowry and no manse to lay claim to!
(3542) Blaine: I don't know. Perhaps. Or not.
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: Blaine you need to find out.
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: If not all we can ask for is mercy
(3542) Blaine: And I need you to help me reclaim my manse. Please? I beg of ye. I shall do my best here in the city, but my manse is my life.
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: Are you a follower of the church of solnor?
(3542) Blaine: Nay, but now I am!
** (3722) Trayn harrumphs **
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): detect evil
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, not evil
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: I sense that you are not an evil man ...perhaps misguided but not evil...ye need to mend your ways and follow the teaching of the light.
(3542) Blaine: (stopping at 10:30, folks)
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: for that you need to speak to brother trayn here
(3542) DM: (strike that. forgot to switch. heheh)
(3542) Blaine: (nods vigorously)
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Brother Trayn, can you speak to this young man?
(3722) Trayn : "I can"
(3542) Blaine: (to Trayn) What must I do to redeem myself in the eyes of the Lord of Light?
(3722) Trayn : "lets see.. what must you do?"
(3722) Trayn : pulls the old shrink trick on him
** (3580) Reiner Swiftblade tells trayn the whole story **
(3722) Trayn : (send the question back at him)
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: I think since King Falconedge is a Paladin of the Lord of Light, he may have the ear of head preist of Solnor here in town.
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: and visa versa
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: perhaps you can go around the court and get to the king via the priests...this is not only a social matter it is also one of belief
(3722) Trayn : "well that would be taking advantage of my position"
(3722) Trayn : "with possible embarrasing events"
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: yes, that is what the priesthood is for correct?
(3722) Trayn : "for guidance and healing"
(3722) Trayn : "and justice"
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: guidance- helping guide these two young people to marriage
(3722) Trayn : (haahahaa)
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: healing- healing the wounds that occurred to all egos involved
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: justice- bringing an equitable solution to the problem at hand
(3722) Trayn : "I can maybe get him an audience with someone that can help him"
(3722) Trayn : "but he will have to do his own talking"
(3542) Blaine: Ays, justice. Would ye help me recover my title and manse?
(3722) Trayn : "and own problem solving"
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "That is a start
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: Helping you recover your title and manse is up to the group, not me. Trayn is the leader on these matters.
(3542) Blaine: We have a week's time in which to fulfill the justicar's demands.
(3542) Blaine: Please, Master Trayn? I beg you.
(3722) Trayn : "we can try if he joins us"
(3542) DM: A few of the tavern patrons glance at you and go back to their cups.
(3542) Blaine: (face lightens immediately) Oh, splendid! You are indeed saviors! Oh, how shallI ever repay ye!
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: Blaine, our friend morti here has a few questions to ask you...go ahead morti
(3542) Blaine: I am not proficient in the way of the sword, but I can try.
(3542) Blaine: Eh? Morti?
** (3582) Morti has and still remains a silent, tense statue of himself, staring fearfully down at the table **
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: Ye must swear an oath to do good in this world and to others....give charity....help the sick
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: Relax morti, go ahead ask your questions
** (3582) Morti timidly looks up to Reiner and gives a weak shake of his head, "That's alright..." :barely a whisper: "I don't have any questions" **
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: well, I must have scared the heck out of you, maybe you thought I was gonna eat ya
(3542) Blaine: Very well, then. Yes, in response to your earlier question, Morti, I am a courtier in the Court of His Majesty, King Falconedge. A minor courtier however.
(3542) Blaine: A title-less courtier. One with no future...until ye came along! (smiles briefly)
** (3582) Morti stays stoic and silent to Reiner's joke and Blaine's explanation **
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: what do ye do Blaine other than date the king's ward?
(3799) No Name (enter): 21:55
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: Wench?
(3542) Blaine: That is all, my friend. 'Twas just a night ill spent.
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): orders some desert for morti
(3722) Trayn : "hmmm not very respectable are you"
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: excuse me blaine, what was that?
(3542) DM: A wench arrives. "Summer pudding for ye, eh? Very well."
(3542) DM: (to Morti)
(3542) Blaine: Aye, we had relations. (straightens) But I am prepared to do my part to make amends.
** (3582) Morti gives the wench a weak nod **
(3542) DM: The wench comes back bearing a platter topped with a mound of ruby red cake, oozing with compressed berries and a bowl filled with cloudcream.
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "I don't know Trayn, do you think he is strong enough to follow the path of light?
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): oh that sounds good!
(3542) DM: She places the platter in front of Morti, cuts him a generous wedge, and tops the wedge with cream. "Enjoy, lad." Then flounces off.
** (3582) Morti grins a bit at the sight of the pastry in spite of him self and offers the woman a meek, "Thank you" **
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, yup. English berry pudding. heheh
** (3580) Reiner Swiftblade eyes the valkyrie **
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, its a diabetic's nightmare. but fucking amazingly good
** (3582) Morti offhandedly swats her in the ass as she leaves(a la Jer'ar) taking it as a customary action **
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, just butter, sugar, bread and strawberries
(3722) Trayn : "today I would say no"
(3722) Trayn : "but that may change in the future"
(3582) Morti: (couldn't help it)
(3542) the wench: Ooooh.
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "It is your call...he needs the help"
(3801) Dirkar (enter): 22:01
** (3582) Morti quietly begins to eat his pie as he listens to the others **
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: Plus we would be helping to rid the world of evil
(3654) Kendric Duncan: (( Damn sorry for not having said anything for about 20 minutes but I have a somewhat major problem, my basement is flooding))
(3654) Kendric Duncan: ((Am going to shut off power so I don't fry anything, sorry guys damn pipes))
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: ((ya need a bilge pump?))
(3654) Kendric Duncan: ((Aye))
(3582) Morti: (can you float a boat down there yet?)
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: Do we do it Trayn?
(3654) Kendric Duncan: ((going to go down and find the water main and get it off, almost... sorry I vote yes for helping him btw if it matters ))
whispering to Kendric Duncan, ok
(3722) Trayn : "i think we will"
(3654) Kendric Duncan: Disconnecting from server...
(3654) Kendric Duncan (exit): 22:03
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Aye we will help you blaine...but ye must agree to live yer life from this point forward in the way we discussed

(3582) Morti: sweet. in that case I havta get a speel book, I'm taking my wizard level
Attempting to assign the role of LURKER to (3548) Terl...
(3542) DM: What about the valkyrie? She's making goo goo eyes at Reiner.
(3542) Blaine: Thank ye soooo much! Ye won't regret this, I promise ye.
Attempting to ENABLE moderation in the current room...
Server Administrator-> This channel is now moderated
** (3582) Morti continues to eat his pie, quietly, as he glances up to the excited noble **
(3582) Morti: heheh....I think Reiner's still afk
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): when I didn't smack the shit out of him
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: We shall see Blaine.....we shall see
** (3580) Reiner Swiftblade looks over at her way **
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: Blaine, who is the female warrior over there
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): the thief
** (3582) Morti chances a look toward the valkyrie on Reiner's questioning **
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: she looks...hearty
** (3582) Morti seems about to make a comment on Reiner's words, but quickly returns to his pie. **
(3548) Terl (whispering): ok.
(3841) Sarah (enter): 23:02
(3542) Blaine: Um, oh ye must mean Tristessa. She's a Cyradian. They're famous for being the ancestors of the barbarian clans. (takes in Reiner for the first time.)
** (3722) Trayn mulls over the situation before him **
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: What does she do here in town?
(3542) Blaine: They're known as sword dancers, and valued as battle-seasoned warriors. Their values are somewhat...unique.
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: how so Blaine?
(3542) Blaine: Oh, um...she's a mercenary I think. I'm not really sure.
(3542) Blaine: (vaguely)
(3722) Trayn : "someone who risks their life for money"
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: I need a good sword teacher...always willing to learn new techniques
(3722) Trayn : "a lack of conviction... a shame"
(3841) Sarah (exit): 23:05
(3542) Blaine: Well...'tis rumored that a Cyradian will sell herself to the highest bidder in order to get married. Marriage is a contract between a wife and her husband, except that she has the right to withdraw at any time and take her dowry back.
(3542) Blaine: Not for me, thank ye.
** (3580) Reiner Swiftblade taps morti on the shoulder **
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: Talk to him...
** (3582) Morti looks up to Reiner and raises a scarf brow. **
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: I am going to take a walk around the bar
** (3580) Reiner Swiftblade walks away from trayn blaine and morti **
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "morti you can ask him now
** (3582) Morti nods to Reiner and turns to Blaine, trying unsurely, "So... um.... do you have any family left?" **
** (3580) Reiner Swiftblade starts to stroll around the bar **
(3542) Blaine: eh? Oh, nay. I have no relatives left.
(3542) Blaine: And you? (absent-mindedly)
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): describe who is around her and what the bar looks like and who is watching us
** (3582) Morti grimaces. "I don't have them with me... but I think I still have them at least...." **
(3582) Morti: "What happened to your family?"
** (3582) Morti forks a bit of pie up under his scarf as he awaits the answer **
(3835) Warsor (enter): 23:11
(3835) Warsor (exit): 23:11
(3542) Blaine: (picks at his food) What do ye want to know?
(3582) Morti: :shrugs: "Just curious how you lost your relatives... from one stray to another... so to speak"
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: ((who is Trisstessa with and are we being watched))
(3542) Blaine: We were once a wealthy family, and famed throughout the land. But a long while ago, many years ago, tragedy struck my house and our reputations have been tarnished since.
(3582) Morti: "Of course... if you don't want to talk about it..."
(3542) DM: ((Alfred, hush))
(3582) Morti: :scarf twisting sorrowfully: "What kind of tragedy?"
(3542) Blaine: The rumor is, from stories my gran told me when I was a child, that she slew her loved ones and then in remorse, slew herself.
(3542) Blaine: Another legend tells of the wealth of my ancestors, locked away in a secret vault, somewhere within the manse, but we've never discovered where.
(3582) Morti: "Is that why the manse is haunted?"
(3542) Blaine: Shortly after the incident, my ancestors moved from our lands and resettled in Tolmara. However, our name and our lands have been tainted since. I am the last of my line, and ye are my hope for my future.
(3542) Blaine: I think so. I don't know. We've never been able to discover what happened then, or where their bodies are buried.
(3542) Blaine: All we know is that when venturers have tried to investigate the manse, that no one has ever returned. The manse has an evil reputation, from words that ye may hear.
(3858) Omega Supreme (enter): 23:18
(3582) Morti: "I hope we can help... though...." :he quiets and gives him self a shake, trying to brighten his mood from this funk: "Lets stop talking of all this bad stuff..."
(3858) Omega Supreme (exit): 23:18
(3582) Morti: "The girl you aren't sure if you love... what's her name?" :asks while forking more pie under his scarf:
(3542) DM: Tristessa sees your approach and nods coolly in Reiner's direction. She orders a tankard from a passing wench in response. Her table is empty. Nearby, or rather surrounding her are three tables filled with boisterous farmers and vineworkers.
(3542) Blaine: Iliandra. Iliandra, of Verith.
(3582) Morti: "Pretty name. How long have you known her?"
(3542) Blaine: A star, lost over the horizon, with eyes that shine in the pale light of the sapphire moon. (sigh)
(3582) Morti: "uh.... alright"
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): what is her charisma?
(3542) Blaine: We met at the time of the royal celebrations. Four weeks ago, at the Grand Ball. I was her third dance partner.
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, huh?
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, you're unsure
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): is she good looking...
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, not really. above-average. she looks like she could wrestle a horse.
(3582) Morti: :scarf gives a grin: "I've seen a Ball before... don't dance though..." :stares off for a second before asking affably: "How often have you seen her since?"
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: to Tistessa: " do you always drink alone?" ::smiles
(3542) Blaine: From that night, I hadn't met her until a week ago. She was travelling incognito to the Citadel, but I knew it was her. I waited for her to come out, followed her, and well....managed to come into contact with her. Ye get the idea.
** (3582) Morti nods along before admitting, "No." **
(3542) Tristessa: Nay. (smiles sweetly at Reiner) And only when there are none my match.
(3548) Terl (whispering): open is crashing, brb
(3548) Terl: Disconnecting from server...
(3548) Terl (exit): 23:26
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: You are a Cyradian right? I am of the swiftblade clan...what are you drinking?
(3542) Tristessa: How did ye know that?
(3582) Morti: ("your curves spoke to me")
(3542) Tristessa: Who have ye been talking to? (eyes narrow at Reiner)
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: I have a gift for these things...
(3542) Tristessa: Indeed.
(3542) DM: Her manner changes abruptly. (warm and friendly, now cold as ice.)
(3542) Tristessa: If ye will excuse me, I have personal business to take care of. Until swords meet.
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): I guess that is a bad thing?
** (3542) Tristessa gets up, abruptly knocking over her chair into the rear of a halfling drinking, which causes him to choke. **
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: I hope not...for I would be on the losing end
(3869) Sin (enter): 23:29
(3869) Sin (exit): 23:29
** (3542) Tristessa doesn't apologize and turns swiftly on her heel, leaving. **
(3871) Terl (enter): 23:29
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (3871) Terl...
** (3582) Morti turns to look at the clamor caused by the sturdy woman **
** (3580) Reiner Swiftblade picks the halfling up **
(3582) Morti: :returns to conversing with Blaine: "anyway... what's wrong with you seeing this girl
(3542) DM: You notice her whisper something into the ear of a star elf, who turns and glances at Reiner with hard eyes. The pair leave the eating hall, nearly knocking over a human warrior entering the tavern on their way out.
whispering to Terl, your cue.
whispering to Terl, make up a story as to why you're here
whispering to Terl, this is your intro to the party.
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "oh well Reiner, you always know exactly what to say with the ladies"
(3542) Blaine: Nothing. I don't know why, but apparently, His Majesty does. (shrugs) I do hope ye can settle this. I shall do my part, Father Trayn.
(3542) Blaine: Consider me your first disciple. (smiles)
(3722) Trayn : "That can pass"
(3582) Morti: "Didn't you say the king doesn't even know?"
(3542) Blaine: He probably doesn't. Frankly, I don't see what could possibly be so just as to drive a penniless soul into debt. (shakes his head)
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Well, boys I think I have scared the damsel away with my charm"
whispering to Terl, hello?
(3582) Morti: "well... if you go broke... who gets the manse with the supposed hidden vault?"
(3871) Terl (whispering): hi
(3542) Blaine: I believe the manse reverts to the Crown. The lands are after all, the King's to bestow.
(3871) Terl (whispering): was haveing a cig, sorry
whispering to Terl, ok
whispering to Terl, you're that human warrior that got knocked over by the Cyradian and the star elf
(3582) Morti: "Isn't it the King's men who are driving you broke?" :trying to figure something out:
(3542) Blaine: I'm already penniless. Well, not quite, but almost. And the justicars have decreed the sentence. Not His Majesty himself.
** (3580) Reiner Swiftblade orders another drink **
(3722) Trayn : Disconnecting from server...
(3722) Trayn (exit): 23:38
(3582) Morti: "Maybe the King doesn't know. Maybe it's just these justicar guys that want the treasure"
(3580) Reiner Swiftblade: "Well boys do you want to walk back to the house?"
(3542) DM: (ok, we can stop here then)
(3582) Morti: :to reiner: "Okay"

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