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(651) DM: You've been hired by a monk of Oneiros to recover a book stolen by a rogue monk/wizard by the name of Qhyjanoth

(651) DM: You've been hired by a monk of Oneiros to recover a book stolen by a rogue monk/wizard by the name of Qhyjanoth.
(651) DM: The book is a manual of golems that allows the owner to create special types of puppets that are animated by malignant spirits.
(651) DM: Qhyjanoth plans to give the book to creatures from the infernal planes in exchange for power of some sort. Aarhius, the monk who hired you made it especially clear that time was of the essence.
(651) DM: Since entering Qhyjanoth's lair, you've come into contact with two types of puppets, a few which have nearly slain you.
(651) DM: These are no ordinary puppets clearly.
(635) Morti: "Ok, I'm not going to anymore puppet shows for a while"
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: "We need to keep gong men...onward!"
(651) DM: As you entered the long corridor, two puppets came out of the stone door on the left hand side of the corridor, down the hall. These puppets, when they struck you, managed to stun you so that you'd move slowly and react slowly in battle.
(635) Morti: (you mean the boxing dwarves, right?)
(655) Kendric Duncan: "Watch out for that pressure plate..." (points it out by the door to south) "Which door should we try?"
(651) DM: yes
(633) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): where shound you be?
(635) Morti: "Well, if that door's trapped so well, there might be something in there"
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, That's good
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: "point them out ken"
(655) Kendric Duncan: "All the pressure plate did, as far as I could tell, was ring the bell and send the dwarf puppets at us. They came from this one north. The other one is east at the end of the corridor."
(645) Je'rar: "Wel then that means something is in there that we should probably go and get"
(635) Morti: "COuld ringing the bell again hurt?"
(655) Kendric Duncan: "Let me see if I can rig the plate not to ring the bell, then we can try the southern door."
(645) Je'rar: "ok"
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, Back by the southern door if yah please.
(645) Je'rar: "No..not the b ell.."
(655) Kendric Duncan: "ah excuse me Morti, let me take a look at this please."
whispering to TaliesinNYC, Disable device?
(633) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): there?
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, Aye
(651) TaliesinNYC (whispering): on what?
whispering to TaliesinNYC, The pressure plate so nobody sets it off again, or uh did it just stay down lol woops
(651) TaliesinNYC (whispering): stayed down
(655) Kendric Duncan: "Oh... it didn't reset itself. "
(655) Kendric Duncan: "Ok, let's try this door then..." (opens the door)
(651) DM: which?
(655) Kendric Duncan: ((the south one I'm at))
(651) DM: The odor of dried garlic seeps forward from the door, and as you open it a crack, a necklace of garlic falls to the floor.
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: "oh oh.... I don't klike that"
(655) Kendric Duncan: "Uh... interesting."
(645) Je'rar: "Pick up the garlic..it might be some kind of protective ward or something..."
** (635) Morti raises a brow as he sniffs at the garlic... "The kitchen?" **
(655) Kendric Duncan: (shrugs, picks up the garlic necklace and puts it into pack, then peers into the door...)
(651) DM: As you peer in the door, you spy a narrow room stuffed to the gills with boxes and crates and containers. A massive side of dried beef hangs from a hook on the ceiling.
(655) Kendric Duncan: "Storage it seems.... We can check after we take care of the monk..."
(635) Morti: "Hmmm... hopefully it's edible, I'm starvin"
** (655) Kendric Duncan closes the door. **
(655) Kendric Duncan: "Well, North then?"
** (655) Kendric Duncan moves to north doorway **
(633) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): there?
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, Yep, you can be my legs anytime :)
** (655) Kendric Duncan looks into the room ((I think the door's still open from the Dwarf puppets ?)) **
(651) DM: It appears to be a workroom of some kind.
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: "Perhaps the book is in here?"
(655) Kendric Duncan: "Hmm, must be where he puts them together.... well then gents it looks like we have one more door to follow."
(651) DM: (forgot to include the double doors to the south)
(645) Je'rar: "Well why can't it be in the room where he makes them?"
(655) Kendric Duncan: "I would think he would keep it on him, let's take a quick look."
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, north 2 squares please
** (655) Kendric Duncan looks around for anything like a book **
(645) Je'rar: **also looks
** (633) Reiner Swiftblade keeps guard **
** (635) Morti listens to his comrades talk over the possibilities a he moves into the wokroom door way and focuses his energies again to scan the area(detect magic around room) **
(651) DM: This chamber is bare except for a single rosewood table, some scattered chairs and a very long workbench set against the middle of the north wall. The bench contains bolts of heavy cloth, several ingots of metal, earthenware jugs and hand tools. A door to the east stands slightly ajar.
(660) f (enter): 14:57
(645) Je'rar: "check the door kendrick?"
(660) f (exit): 14:58
(660) f (enter): 14:58
(660) f (exit): 14:58
(655) Kendric Duncan: "Nothing much in here, but another door east, looks open slightly..." /me goes to door and tries to get a look inside
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: "Ya see anything in there boys?"
** (645) Je'rar follows Kendrick **
** (635) Morti turns round to feel out to the eastern door and double doors to the south if the spell lasts long enough **
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: "Well ken anything?"
** (645) Je'rar holds his weapons firmly,ready for..whatever **
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: "Gents what do you see?"
(645) Je'rar: ?
(655) Kendric Duncan: ((ooc I dunno Stan hasn't told us...))
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: "Well, I will take this time to heal those who need it"
(666) Thousanson (enter): 15:07
** (633) Reiner Swiftblade rubs his hands together and chants a short phrase and touches Morti **
(666) Thousanson (exit): 15:07
** (633) Reiner Swiftblade gives morti 3 hp **
** (635) Morti stares hard at the eastern door, flinching suddenly at Reiner's touch **
(667) f (enter): 15:09
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: ((a sense of warmth fills Morti as Reiner touches him. His wounds quickly close))
** (635) Morti gives a grin as he feels suddenly, better, smiling to the war priest before pointing to the eastern door, I feel more magic there" **
(667) f (exit): 15:10
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: "Aye that is why we must be in good health to tackle what lies beyond"
** (633) Reiner Swiftblade chants again, a bit longer and touches himself **
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: [1d8] -> [4] = (4)
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: "ok"
** (635) Morti asks Drenla, "The door seems like it has an illusion, on... or... near it or.... something... what do you think?" **
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: "Does anyone need any healing here?"
** (633) Reiner Swiftblade applies his healing skill to himself **
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: "We must hurry men"
(645) Je'rar: ((can only go as fast as the DM lmao))
(651) DM: Which room folks?
(655) Kendric Duncan: ((The east from the workroom))
(633) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): is he drawing the map?
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, Dunno, mabey
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: ((where kendric is))
(635) Morti: (I think I was scanning the one in the hall, Kendric is checking the east door in the workroom)
(651) DM: scroll up to find out what it looks like
(655) Kendric Duncan: ((those are stairs down yeah?))
(651) DM: (yes)
(633) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): ok I'm lost
(655) Kendric Duncan: "Hmm, more stairs down. Looks like a set of doors at the bottom of those."
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, Scroll the map up
(645) Je'rar: "Well what are we waiting for then?"
(633) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): where do I stick you?
(635) Morti: (and we're comig through the top of the three western doors, right?)
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, Top of the stairs to the north
(651) DM: You see a large sized room with a pair of open double doors at the far end. Two sets of stairs lead down to a slightly lowered corridor from where you are. Two other doors, which presumably lead to the corridor and room to the south stand closed, on the west wall of this room. The room appears to be otherwise empty.
(651) DM: yes
(655) Kendric Duncan: "The south door must just look back to here, let's head down the stairs... be careful now though things always get worse the deeper down you go."
(655) Kendric Duncan: ((look=loop))
(645) Je'rar: "Lead the way trap-finder"
** (645) Je'rar smiles **
** (655) Kendric Duncan starts down the northern set of stairs toward the doors... looking for tripwires this time. **
(651) DM: As you set foot on the first set of stairs, several things happen...
(651) DM: (roll initiative)
(655) Kendric Duncan: ((d'oh...))
(645) Je'rar: [1d20] -> [10] = (10)
(655) Kendric Duncan: Initiative [1d20+4] -> [2,4] = (6)
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: [1d20+3] -> [11,3] = (14)
(635) Morti: [1d20+2] -> [8,2] = (10)
(645) Je'rar: 17
(651) TaliesinNYC: [1d100] -> [25] = (25)
(651) DM: whoops
(645) Je'rar: lol
(651) DM: You hear chanting....and suddenly, hail descends from the ceiling, a hail of frozen rock shards that appears out of nowhere...
(651) DM: As that occurs, you see a shimmering blue sphere pop into existence in front of the double doors, and within that sphere, a bald headed man in robes. (each square = 10' btw on the map)
(672) f (enter): 15:29
(651) DM: (Each of you needs to make a Fort save as you're caught in the hail of shards.
** (645) Je'rar bellows out in rage **
(635) Morti: Fortitude save: [1d20+4] -> [7,4] = (11)
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: Fortitude save: [1d20+9] -> [12,9] = (21)
(645) Je'rar: [1d20+5] -> [10,5] = (15)
(672) f (exit): 15:30
(655) Kendric Duncan: Fortitude save: [1d20+0] -> [12,0] = (12)
(655) Kendric Duncan: ((this could hurt...))
(635) Morti: (definitely)
(651) DM: (Reiner and Je'rar take 7, all else take 15)
(651) DM: (Reiner, 14)
(655) Kendric Duncan: "Ugh..." (falls down...)
** (635) Morti shrinks back under the hail storm, cradling his body in around moiraine **
** (633) Reiner Swiftblade holds attack until he can reach the mage **
** (645) Je'rar goes to press in his attack at this coward **
(651) DM: (10, Je'rar)
(645) Je'rar: (Reiner..10' square means we can both reach him)
(645) Je'rar: Longsword [1d20+5] -> [7,5] = (12) DMG [1d8+4] -> [6,4] = (10)
(645) Je'rar: Mace, Light [1d20+5] -> [1,5] = (6) DMG [1d6+4] -> [6,4] = (10)
** (635) Morti crumbles to the floor in a ball as the cold stings him to his limit **
(651) DM: (miss x2)
(635) Morti: (where's drenla and his big firey aura when we need it?)
(651) DM: (19, Qhyjanoth)
** (651) Drenla concentrates, holding the staff as the air crackles with power and you hear a distinct humming **
(651) DM: The mage's battered body moves stiffly, from the battering he took from the storm of shards, as if he's unsure of himself.
(651) DM: (1, then instead of Qhyjanoth)
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: "Ye are doomed by the power of good and the strength of the War Father!"
** (633) Reiner Swiftblade waves hand as he says these words **
** (633) Reiner Swiftblade releases an aura of light that strikes at the wizard **
(651) Qhyjanoth: I think not, fool!
(651) Qhyjanoth: Your faith is weak, and your magick is meaningless.
(675) Elegard (enter): 15:40
(651) DM: Even as he utters these words, the air around him seems to drink the aura of light that you send forth against him, and he seems a bit unsure of himself.
(651) DM: (19, Qhyjanoth)
(675) Elegard (exit): 15:41
(651) Drenla: I on the other hand am not a priest. (grins)
(651) Drenla: Holding forth the staff, Drenla unleashes a torrent of hail, similar to that which struck you, except that these bolts are of pure light and emanate from the mage's eyes which transfer themselves to the staff which then sprays the bolts in a cone-shaped hail towards Qhyjanoth. The blue field flares when the lights strike the field, absorbing some, but a few manage to get through.
(651) Qhyjanoth: (lightly wounded)
(651) Qhyjanoth: (flees through the double doors)
** (645) Je'rar gives chase **
(645) Je'rar: AoO ?
(651) DM: (no AoO)
** (645) Je'rar gives chase **
(651) DM: (you guys are going to hate me but I have to redraw the map)
(645) Je'rar: (but we already hate you..not lmao)
(655) Kendric Duncan: ((need to scale it for 5 ft?))
(651) DM: (remember that Morti is at 0 hp atm, and Kendric I have no clue what his hp total is.)
(655) Kendric Duncan: ((-3, check when I stop typing it's over there))
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: "oh boy....morti, I am here to help you...::chants and give morti 3 hp and applies healing for an additional 1 hp for a total of 4::
(651) DM: (load your minis when you get a chance)
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: ((we need dave today))
(655) Kendric Duncan: ((He's usually really good about not missing a game wonder where he is))
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: ((we need nmorti))
** (635) Morti gives a groan as his mind swims back into reality, and the pains of the mage's assault accaust him **
** (633) Reiner Swiftblade is leaning over morti's body **
(635) Morti: "MMrrrrmmm....Moiraaaiiine?"
(677) Vrondard (enter): 15:51
(655) Kendric Duncan: ((nice timing dave, even if you are a bit late))
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: "Come in little man, Trayn will have to tend to your wounds now"
(677) Trayn : .
(651) Moiraine: mrr, (harsh gasps)
(677) Trayn : ((usually of the mind that the game starts @ 1 pst my time))
(651) DM: (brief recap, they're in combat vs. Qhyjanoth. The monk has fled.)
(655) Kendric Duncan: ((i be bleeding a wee bit...))
** (635) Morti sits up tentatively, with some help from reiner, giving a weak grin and nod, before opening his own coat to check on the young tabby **
(645) Je'rar: ??
(677) Trayn : "darnit"
** (645) Je'rar goes *poof* like the mage **
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: ((goes to Ken))
(677) Trayn : "let me look at your injuries"
(651) TaliesinNYC: [1d6] -> [3] = (3)
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: (aples healing and a minor spell and he gains 4)
** (677) Trayn improves Morti's condition with a spell from the grace of Solnor **
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: "Trayn will have to heal you further Ken"
(677) Trayn : 1st-Cure Light Wounds: Touch / Creature Touched / [1d8+4] -> [3,4] = (7) Hps Healing
(655) Kendric Duncan: "Thanks much Reiner... where did he go?"
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: "He escaped, but your lives are more important"
(677) Trayn : "hmmm most of the time that is true"
(645) Je'rar: "Grrrrr"
(655) Kendric Duncan: "wow, thanks...what about Je'rar?"
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: "Trayn, we have more injured here" :: points to ken::
(677) Trayn : "Yes I can see..."
(645) Je'rar: "Yeah..I could use a touch of that as well"
** (677) Trayn heals Kendric as well **
(677) Trayn : 1st-Cure Light Wounds: Touch / Creature Touched / [1d8+4] -> [1,4] = (5) Hps Healing
(645) Je'rar: "Check this out.. I ran after him, and the bastard actually ran right through a stone wall"
(677) Trayn : Kenny seems unworthy of Solnor's blessing
** (635) Morti begins to breath much easier as Solnor's blessing is granted to him. "THanks Trayn, thanks Reiner." **
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: "A stone wall is not always a stone wall my son"
(677) Trayn : "the vagaries of magic"
(655) Kendric Duncan: "Thank you Trayn, Reiner. A wall? Well hmm that's a mage for you..."
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: ((gives Je'rar 4))
(645) Je'rar: "A stone wall is a stone wall when you run right into it"
** (645) Je'rar points at the bump he got from the stone wall **
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: "Trayn that is all I can do here...we need your grace to heal him further"
(655) Kendric Duncan: "Well... uhmm, how do we follow him through walls?"
(677) Trayn : ((i have no idea how injured Je'rar is))
(677) Trayn : "It seem's I've miscast my spells..."
(677) Trayn : "I'll beg your forgiveness Kendric"
(655) Kendric Duncan: "I feel fine...Just a bit tired, it's fine."
(677) Trayn : "The spell I cast now I should have cast upon you"
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: ::looks at his own wounds but does not cast a spell but heals himself through a healing art::
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: ::slightly::
(645) Je'rar: "I guess we can rest if we have to..."
(655) Kendric Duncan: "Well, we have to hurry before he gets away... Where's the wall mabey there's a way to get past it without magic."
** (677) Trayn casts a spell on Je'rar... a more powerful one of healing [2d8+4] -> [1,5,4] = (10) on Je'rar **
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: "We must not..."
(645) Je'rar: "without magic you get a headache like I just did"
(645) Je'rar: "follow me..."
(677) Trayn : "It would be good to harry him"
(635) Morti: "Huh?"
** (655) Kendric Duncan follows morti to the wall in question... **
** (645) Je'rar searcges for a secret door or something **
(645) Je'rar: *searches
** (633) Reiner Swiftblade binds the dripping blood from his wounds **
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, Can you move me down to where Je'rar is? Thanks much.
(651) DM: You see a stone wall.
** (677) Trayn casts 3 minor spells... healing Kendric 3 hps further (and is done casting) **
(655) Kendric Duncan: "Hmm... uh, ok mabey you're right."
** (645) Je'rar turns to one side,as if to say I told you so **
** (655) Kendric Duncan examines the wall more closely for any evidence of a door... **
** (635) Morti follows theothers into the hall way, cradling moiraine as he heads toward the wall in question **
(651) DM: It seems to be fairly solid...for a wall.
(635) Morti: "um.... whatcha guys looking for?"
(655) Kendric Duncan: (Shrug) "Damn, where did he go... back upstairs?"
** (635) Morti has no idea what's going on, having been knocke out the whole time **
** (645) Je'rar looks again just to be sure there's no secret swdoor or some such foolishness **
(645) Je'rar: [1d20+1] -> [19,1] = (20)
(651) DM: You don't see anything immediately out of the ordinary. Just a solid stone wall.
(655) Kendric Duncan: "Nothing we can do here then, should we head back upstairs?"
(645) Je'rar: ?me mutters aloud"damnation"
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: Will save: [1d20+5] -> [10,5] = (15)
(645) Je'rar: "Its real wall alright..I ran right into it thinking I'd go roight through it seeing as he awas able to..."
** (635) Morti getting curious what was so important about the wall, Morti once more trains his mind for a detect magic **
(677) Trayn : "did anyone see him cast a spell?"
(677) Trayn : "that woudl explain it"
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: "Or perhaps he was an illusion"
(645) Je'rar: "he never had the time to as I was hot on nhis heels"
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: "Let us hget out of here"
(677) Trayn : "well then the wall is magic if that is true"
** (633) Reiner Swiftblade walks towards the wall **
(655) Kendric Duncan: "Bit odd this layout don't you think? Two staircases down to a door that doesn't go anywhere but a really short hallway?"
(677) Trayn : "or he has a special item upon him"
** (633) Reiner Swiftblade puts hand through wall **
(645) Je'rar: "Of course its odd..magic...bah!"
(651) DM: You see Reiner's hand go through the wall.
(645) Je'rar: "oh..um..sorry Morti"
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: "Come lads"
(655) Kendric Duncan: "Uhm..."
(655) Kendric Duncan: "Thata way..."
(645) Je'rar: wtf ?
(635) Morti: "for what?"
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: "I have a score to settle"
(655) Kendric Duncan: (shrugs) "lead on Reiner."
(645) Je'rar: I totally don't get it; he sticks his hand through easy enough; I run right into it figuring it's not real as the mage was able to go through it too..
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: "The weave works in very strange ways, ye must have strong will when ye are against it"
(635) Morti: "huh?"
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: "Ken, check the floor and the doors for traps"
** (677) Trayn tries to put his hand thru the wall himself (when he gets the chance) **
(655) Kendric Duncan: "So just go through the wall then?"
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: "Trayn, ya still have those healing potions that we were given?"
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: "There is no wall"
(655) Kendric Duncan: "Ah... right sorry, Illusions make my head hurt..."
(677) Trayn : ((not seeing them on my sheet but i do remember them))
** (635) Morti walks over to try sticking his hand through the wall too **
(677) Trayn : "yes we should have distributed them"
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: "I sense we will need them handy...I have but one healing spell left and that is one for me"
(651) DM: (Will save, for all but Reiner)
** (645) Je'rar runs through the wall again,even though he already kinda knew it wasn't really real" **
(677) Trayn : Saving Throws: Will Save [1d20+3+4+2] -> [1,3,4,2] = (10)
(635) Morti: Will save: [1d20+2] -> [5,2] = (7)
(655) Kendric Duncan: Will save: [1d20+1] -> [8,1] = (9)
(677) Trayn : (jeez)
(645) Je'rar: [1d20+3] -> [18,3] = (21)
(635) Morti: (uh oh... that never works out for me)
** (645) Je'rar ,weapons bared, look murderously for the mage **
(677) Trayn : ((i have little patience for this crap today))
** (633) Reiner Swiftblade grabs others by the hands and pulls them through **
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: "c'mon, we do not have the time"
(651) DM: The wall dissolves before your eyes, and reveals the rest of the corridor.
** (635) Morti groans as he's pulled into a solid wall by a large sweaty guy **
(655) Kendric Duncan: "Ok, now I'll check hte floor to the door and then the door itself, give me a second."
(677) Trayn : "hmmm that is strange"
** (655) Kendric Duncan searches the floor to the door for traps and then the door itself **
(655) Kendric Duncan: Search Skill Check: [1d20+9] -> [10,9] = (19)
(655) Kendric Duncan: Search Skill Check: [1d20+9] -> [4,9] = (13)
(651) TaliesinNYC (whispering): the door: yes. the floor: none that you can determine
(655) Kendric Duncan: "There's something not right with this door, let me see if I can disarm it... stand back a few feet..."
** (677) Trayn does as instructed **
** (635) Morti gets back **
(677) Trayn : "If there is no exit from here"
(677) Trayn : "we have him trapped"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, Do I know how it's trapped at all or is it just not right?
(677) Trayn : "we could rest... and renew our fight"
(635) Morti: :to trayn: "What if that door just loops back up to those double doors we never checked upstairs though?"
(645) Je'rar: "We have little time, remember ?"
(671) GM- BUbba (enter): 16:22
(651) TaliesinNYC (whispering): you know its trapped
whispering to TaliesinNYC, I try to disarm it, you roll that or I ?
(651) TaliesinNYC (whispering): but there's something strange about the door as well that you can't determine
(651) TaliesinNYC (whispering): I do
whispering to TaliesinNYC, Roll really high then...
(651) TaliesinNYC (whispering): you hear a click when you attempt to disarm the door
(655) Kendric Duncan: "Ack..."
(651) DM: You hear a click as Kendric pores over the door.
(635) Morti: (pores... in what way?)
(655) Kendric Duncan: ((good click or bad one...))
(671) GM- BUbba (exit): 16:24
(651) DM: hah
(655) Kendric Duncan: "Hmm, there's still something odd about this door... Morti do you have any more of those detect magic spells?"
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: "Drenla, can you get us all out of here if this becomes a trap?"
(635) Morti: :to ken: "yeah, hold on"
(677) Trayn : "becomes a trap? what was that click?"
** (635) Morti moves up and casts detect magic to the door **
(655) Kendric Duncan: "Well, we didn't die, so that would be the trap disarming...." (With a bit to much confidence...)
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: "Not that I doubt your abilities Ken"
(651) Drenla: No, I can't. (flatly.) Isn't that what your quick wits and sword arm are for?
(635) Morti: "Um... nope, no magic"
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: "Truth be told, these sorts of corridors are unsettling to me"
(655) Kendric Duncan: (shrugs) "Hmm, well I guess the test of one's work is using it eh? I'll open the door."
(645) Je'rar: "Let's keep moving,hm?"
** (655) Kendric Duncan opens the door. **
whispering to Trayn , THis would be where you find a new rogue... booom lol
(651) Drenla: As you open the door, the faint aroma of almond cinnamon cookies wafts through the entryway.
(651) DM: (That was supposed to be me, not Drenla speaking. )
(655) Kendric Duncan: "er... does anyone else smell cookies? Or have I lost it..."
(651) DM: Fort save. (all)
** (635) Morti sniffs the air, suddenly wondering what kind of evil arcane monk bakes cookies **
(655) Kendric Duncan: Fortitude save: [1d20+0] -> [20,0] = (20)
(635) Morti: Fortitude save: [1d20+4] -> [7,4] = (11)
(677) Trayn : "yes I smell cinnamon and almonds"
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: Fortitude save: [1d20+9] -> [3,9] = (12)
(645) Je'rar: "All I'm hungy for right now is to see that bastard on the floor,bleeding"
(677) Trayn : Saving Throws: Fortitude Save [1d20+3+2] -> [20,3,2] = (25)
(645) Je'rar: [1d20+5] -> [10,5] = (15)
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: "Poison"
(651) DM: If you rolled over a 15, lose half your hp. If you rolled under a 15, lose half your hp and you lose 1 each of Str, Dex and Con (from poison)
(651) DM: (15 and over, only half your hp)
(635) Morti: (half present hp, or half total hp?)
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: "ugh!"
(677) Trayn : ((what about us 20 rollers... we want a free pass!))
(651) DM: (half current hit points)
(655) Kendric Duncan: "Damn! This guy is starting to make me mad...."
(635) Morti: (rounded up...?)
** (677) Trayn chokes a bit.. coughing up some blood **
(655) Kendric Duncan: ((down, always down))
(677) Trayn : (DnD... always round down))
** (655) Kendric Duncan coughs feeling weaker. **
(651) DM: As you double over, the door reveals an empty-seeming room except for a shaft leading down into the ground. You hear a whirring noise coming from the shaft.
(648) Village Idiot Persona (enter): 16:35
(655) Kendric Duncan: "I don't think I even want to know what's down there..."
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: :/me reiner takes a potion of healing
** (635) Morti begins to choke as he shifts Moiraine backinto his coat **
(677) Trayn : "lets regroup or move on.. but lets get out of here
(655) Kendric Duncan: "Well, there's only down from here.... I suppose we have to look what's down there."
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: ""Trayn I have taken one of the potions, I must be in better shape to fight"
(635) Morti: .me looks up pitifully to the others. "Moiraine's really bad off. what should I do?"
(645) Je'rar: "no idea Morti.."
(651) Drenla: I think we should cut our losses for now and regroup elsewhere, rest and recuperate.
(635) Morti: Str check: [1d20-1] -> [11,-1] = (10)
(651) Drenla: But, I defer to the wise judgment of our esteemed warrior-priest who nearly got us killed this time.
(677) Trayn : "as do I... to continue is folly"
** (633) Reiner Swiftblade reiner applies healing to the cat "stick this in her mouth" (she gets 1 hp) **
(655) Kendric Duncan: (Sighs) "wouldn't do much good to get ourselves killed, that wouldn't get the book back."
(645) Je'rar: "Yeah..I gues this is as god a place as any to rest in..Reiner and I can take turns keeping watch
(645) Je'rar: *good a place
(651) Drenla: Tell me, Reiner, is it the philosophy of your god to go blindly where no fool has gone before?
** (677) Trayn looks at the hole **
(635) Morti: (uh... probably shouldn't rest in the room full of poison vapors...)
(677) Trayn : "I dissagree...we should retreat... this hole is dangerous"
(677) Trayn : "and may hold worse dangers below"
(677) Trayn : "I say we rest in the room we were in before... behind the safety of a door"
(651) Drenla: (says this as he walks back) Anyone who wishes to jojn me in the ogre barracks room can come along unless he wishes to die.
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: "We have but little time, but I will defer to the will of the group. What do you suggest Drenla, do we let him escape? Or is there something that you know that you care to share with me"
(655) Kendric Duncan: "It is my fault, I must have set off the trap instead of disarming it, it just led inward instead of outward." (looks to the ground) "But let us get out of here, this isn't the place to rest. The bunkroom is our best bet,w e can blockade the door and keep a watch."
** (677) Trayn joins Drenla **
** (635) Morti nods to Drenla, having to get Moiraine some place to rest, as well as himself **
(648) Village Idiot Persona (exit): 16:41
** (645) Je'rar goes as well,not wishing to split our forces in this place **
** (655) Kendric Duncan closes the doors behind us **
(635) Morti: (did anyone happen to catch if he was carrying around a demon book before he seemingly jumped into the dark evil abyss?)
(651) Drenla: I? I am merely a humble mage. I have no wisdom but the wisdom of a coward. I like living. Not dying.
(677) Trayn : ((certainly not i))
(651) DM: Not that you saw.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, Which day of the 3 days until the bigger evil arrives is this, sorry but I lost track. This is the first?
(651) TaliesinNYC (whispering): this is the second
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: Angrily to Drenla:: "You have a scathing tongue for one who we saved by blindly going into where no fools have gone before. Ye would have never seen your love (Asiana) again were it not for our blindness."
(651) TaliesinNYC (whispering): took you 1 day to get here
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: "Ye may have never had the ability to seek your power, if it were not for us...fools as you put it."
(651) DM: I have a scathing tongue reserved for priests and fools such as you. Now, if ye wish to pursue that monk, by all means I shall not stop ye. However, I have little magick left to my name save for the staff and I shall NOT use that ere there is a reason to.
(677) Trayn : "and so we fight among ourselves instead of our true enemy"
(651) DM: Now then, if ye wish to continue talking, ye may do so but I would like to replenish my spells and get some rest. Do what ye must.
(677) Trayn : "that alone shall lead to our defeat"
(651) DM: (ack need to pay attention more heheh)
** (677) Trayn gives the arguers a shameful look **
** (635) Morti pays the others arguement little no mind, as he dotes protectively over the kitten **
** (645) Je'rar waits impatiently so that we may get this errand over with **
(651) Drenla: Trayn has the right of things. What do ye wish to do, O Mighty One?
(635) Morti: (weren't we already on our way back to the room to rest?)
(651) DM: (I assume so, Drenla was being sarcastic)
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: "If you think that I will stand here and be insulted by a many who's only sorce of power is not his own, but taken from the weave, a whore to its wims, ye are mistaken. Ye cannot stand here and insult me and my Lord without reproach"
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: *man*
** (651) Drenla ignores you, as he walks back to the ogre room, muttering. **
** (677) Trayn has moved to the other room **
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: ::Reiner follows::
(651) DM: (fast forwarding 8 hours)
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: "Ye are like a bloated cosntable, take off the badge and ye are nothing, lose your magic and ye are surely dead."
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: ((ok done))
** (677) Trayn would have cast a spell on himself [2d8+4] -> [3,6,4] = (13) **
** (651) Drenla pointedly ignores Reiner throughout the course of the evening. **
(635) Morti: (shall I assume we get natural healing effects from the rest?)
(677) Trayn : and a cure minor on Kendric (1hp)
(655) Kendric Duncan: "Well, let us hurry. Some bit of healing for the injured then we can get that damn monk."
(651) DM: (yes)
** (635) Morti carefully looks over moiraine once more, asking her condition. **
(645) Je'rar: "Healing here please"
(677) Trayn : "I'm not an unexaustible source of healing"
(645) Je'rar: "But I thought.. oh nevermind"
(677) Trayn : "I have had only one spell left and it wasn't healing from yesterday"
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: "Come here Je'rar"
(645) Je'rar: "I'll take him on even if I do feel like I'm only half the man I am"
(645) Je'rar: "hm?"
** (645) Je'rar sidles over towards Reiner **
(651) DM: (You're back at the room with the hole in the ground. The whirring noise continues. No aroma of cinnamon almond this time.)
** (633) Reiner Swiftblade heals je'rar for three points **
(677) Trayn : ((was our 8 hours ... an 8+ hour sleeping event to get us to the next day))
(655) Kendric Duncan: ((yes))
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: [1d8+3] -> [1,3] = (4)
** (635) Morti leaves Moiraine hidden under the blankets back in the ogre room so she can rest and is out of harms way **
** (677) Trayn arises in the morning and prays for new spells... **
(651) DM: When you wake up, you spy Drenla uncorking a ceramic jar and applying a salve all over his wounds, then stoppers it shut.
(677) Trayn : afterwhich... he looks to heal his comrades
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: gives another 4 to Je'rar
** (677) Trayn heals Morti first... **
(677) Trayn : [1d8+4] -> [4,4] = (8) to Morti
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: ::Reiner prays for his spells when he rises::
(645) Je'rar: "Thank-you my brother..I still ache,but at least I feel beter than I was..."
(651) DM: (In any event, you're back at the room, when all is said and done)
(635) Morti: (oo, perfect, with natural healing that'll bring me to a full 15)
** (677) Trayn heals Kendric 3 minors for 3 hps... **
(677) Trayn : and heals Je'rar for [2d8+4] -> [6,8,4] = (18)
(655) Kendric Duncan: "Thank you, that's enough I'm fine help someone else..."
(677) Trayn : ((we healed naturally overnight as well?))
(635) Morti: (uh huh)
(677) Trayn : ((usually takes a full 24 hours rest))
(645) Je'rar: "Wow..hey,thanks trayn"
** (635) Morti scowls into the hole in the floor. "So, you think he's still down there?" **
(645) Je'rar: ::bounces up and down,feeling like new all over"
(645) Je'rar: *over::
whispering to Trayn , I think that's full bed rest, natural healing is every 8 hours of rest...
(677) Trayn : "lets continue... how are we getting down this hole?"
** (645) Je'rar looks into the hole,tries to determine how deep it is **
** (677) Trayn listens for the sounds that were there before **
** (633) Reiner Swiftblade is noticbly silent the whole morning **
(651) DM: ((no, only 8 hours))
(645) Je'rar: "oh Warfather..grant me some insight"
** (645) Je'rar grimly surveys the situation **
(651) DM: The hole appears to be about 30' deep, but halfway through the hole you spot a metallic flash, too quick to determine what it is....
(651) DM: It is from that flash that the whirring sound emanates...
(645) Je'rar: "hmmm..."
** (651) Drenla mutters an incantation and vanishes from sight. **
(677) Trayn : "hey Drenla has dissapeared..."
(655) Kendric Duncan: "Er... "
(645) Je'rar: "he wha-"
(635) Morti: "heh?" :looks up to wehere Drenla was a second ago:
(645) Je'rar: "why that little..."
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: "Self preservation:
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: "
(651) DM: You hear a "shting!!!" sound and then eventually after a second, a "thunk" as the coin hits the ground.
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: "There is a blade in there"
(645) Je'rar: "I thought as much.."
(651) DM: The room is empty (describing the room with the hole again) except for a hole in the middle of the floor, about 10' wide, from which you can hear a whirring noise.
** (677) Trayn looks around for anything that looks like a level and button (most likely finding a dust bunny at best) **
(651) Drenla: I'm still here. I thought you'd like me to remove myself from your sight as much as I'd like not to have to deal with the sight of ye.
(651) DM: (his voice speaking from the empty air)
(677) Trayn : "oh... well that is not true of me"
(655) Kendric Duncan: "Ah... that'll take awhile to get used to..."
(651) Drenla's voice: I was speaking really to that windbag you call a priestly whore, I mean a warrior.
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: [1d20+1] -> [2,1] = (3)
(677) Trayn : "we need to deal with the blade..."
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: "Ken, check to see if there are any secret doors"
(655) Kendric Duncan: "Hmm, well then you want to tempt fait it's up to you..." "So is the theory that there's some way to shut off whatever is in the hole and then we can get down safely?"
(635) Morti: "Drenla, you're not being very mature" (and that from Morti)
(645) Je'rar: "Drop Drenla in after that comment..he's so ful of crap he oughta stop it dead in its tracks"
(677) Trayn : "what about throwing a few of the ogres in armor down there... might gum up the works"
(677) Trayn : "a bit gruesome I know... I appologize"
(645) Je'rar: "yeah that too..same difference"
(651) Drenla's voice: I'm not the problem. Now, if ye will excuse me.
** (635) Morti casts detect magic at the flashy object in the wall to determine what kind of magic it may hold **
(677) Trayn : "what of their weapons?"
(655) Kendric Duncan: "Ok, I'll check the walls. Then around the hole."
(651) Drenla's voice: (chanting)
(677) Trayn : "they were sizeable"
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: (chanting)
(677) Trayn : "and we need to be sure we can get back up too.."
(677) Trayn : "always the trick with going down"
(677) Trayn : "is getting back up again"
(651) Drenla's voice: Ast tarak mzior shan drelnu!
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: "Drenla is down there"
(655) Kendric Duncan: "What? How'd he... oh... mages bah!"
** (635) Morti looks down the hole for Drenla, upon Reiner's declartion **
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: "He turned himself into a vapor and went down there"
(635) Morti: (afk, brb)
(677) Trayn : "well how are we going to get down?"
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: "much what like what a vampire might do"
(677) Trayn : "who has some rope... and we need a stout board or something"
(651) DM: You hear shouted chanting and then a massive explosion rocks the complex.
(655) Kendric Duncan: "Bloody hell..."
** (655) Kendric Duncan looks down the hole... **
(700) TaliesinNYC (enter): 17:19
(677) Trayn : ((explosion blew the dm out of the room))
(655) Kendric Duncan: ((woops, blew himself right out of hte room))
(700) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(651) TaliesinNYC' from room...
(651) TaliesinNYC (exit): 17:19
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: how far down is the blade
(677) Trayn : (ok someone should save the log for the DM)
(677) Trayn : (i would but i wasnt here for the beginning)
(700) DM: (Someone is going to have to save the log and then e-mail it to me when we're done because I crashed.)
(645) Je'rar: uh-boy
(655) Kendric Duncan: ((I'll save a copy for yah))
(677) Trayn : (click the DISK on the bottom right hand corner and save as appropriate name you would remmber)
(700) DM: (thanks)
** (655) Kendric Duncan looks down the hole once the ground stops shaking **
(677) Trayn : "Drenla?" he semi-shouts down
(700) DM: In fact, as you glance down the hole, the tunnel is alight in flames as suddenly a pillar of fire shoots up the hole, immolating it in flames and causing the whirring noise to cease. The flames shoot out of the hole, nearly singeing Kendric in the process.
(655) Kendric Duncan: "Yaaaahoow... that was a bit to close..."
(700) DM: You hear the sound of combat below.
(655) Kendric Duncan: Quick... how do we get down without breaking our necks?
(677) Trayn : "we need to get down there"
(677) Trayn : "who has some rope?"
(700) DM: Drenla's voice continues to chant, stronger and more resonant than ever.
** (677) Trayn states the obvious **
** (633) Reiner Swiftblade reiner produces a silk rope **
(677) Trayn : "tie it to the door"
(655) Kendric Duncan: "Uh... tie it to the door? t
(655) Kendric Duncan: ((great minds eh?))
** (633) Reiner Swiftblade ties it to the door **
** (677) Trayn prepares to go down the hole **
(700) Qhyjanoth: ...a pity I shall have to kill you now.
** (645) Je'rar goes to beat Trayn down the rope **
(700) Drenla's voice: Save your pitiful insults for someone like a windbag.
(645) Je'rar: "Reiner?"
(655) Kendric Duncan: "Reiner first, Je'rar Then Trayn, Me and Morti."
(655) Kendric Duncan: "Quick..."
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: Climb Skill Check: [1d20+8] -> [16,8] = (24)
** (635) Morti stares down the hole, crossbow in hand, looking for sight of either magic user as the rope is prepared **
(700) Drenla's voice: (chanting)
(645) Je'rar: "If ..well.. if things don't go well, see you in the next life, brother"
** (645) Je'rar descends **
** (633) Reiner Swiftblade slides down the rope **
(635) Morti: (do we still suffer the ability deductions from the poison?)
** (655) Kendric Duncan climbs down the rope as fast as safely possible..." **
(700) DM: You spy the blades which have stopped in mid-motion, all melted from the flames. (have 1' of clearance as you climb down the hole. Take 1 hp in the process from nicking yourself with the blades.)
(700) DM: (yes Reiner. No deductions, Morti.)
(645) Je'rar: [1d20+4] -> [5,4] = (9)
(645) Je'rar: fk
(655) Kendric Duncan: Climb Skill Check: [1d20+1] -> [8,1] = (9)
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: (what is on the bottom)
(635) Morti: Climb Skill Check: [1d20-1] -> [2,-1] = (1)
(700) DM: (phone, gimme a minute)
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: ((morti is going to fall on me LOL))
(635) Morti: (and morti falls to his death)
(691) Thousanson (enter): 17:28
(645) Je'rar: (he might be taking both Trayn and myself with him, as we also didn't roll all that well
(691) Thousanson (exit): 17:28
(645) Je'rar: *er..me and Kendrick rather
(635) Morti: (morti hovers in the air for a mometn cartoon-style while the DM takes a call, before falling to his death)
** (677) Trayn climbs down [1d20+3-2] -> [17,3,-2] = (18) **
(655) Kendric Duncan: ((oh sure the guy in scale does fine...))
(677) Trayn : ((blessed by a higher power at moment))
(700) DM: As you descend the hole you hear more chanting.
(700) Qhyjanoth: ....we could have made a great team, you and I....
(700) Drenla's voice: For someone who failed his Test, you're pretty brave yourself.
(700) Drenla's voice: Ast marak emelior baykalu!
(700) Qhyjanoth: (scream) (hurried footsteps)
(700) DM: (door slam)
(700) DM: And when you enter the room....(I assume Je'rar is first?)
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: (no reiner)
(645) Je'rar: yeah..last i knew
(635) Morti: (depends he falls the fastest)
(700) DM: (all right, redrawing map)
(655) Kendric Duncan: ((Reiner, Je'rar, Trayn, Me, Morti was the order the climb checks were in a different order though))
(645) Je'rar: (hehehe lunauc)
(677) Trayn : ((feel like im in a sanitarium with white tiled floors))
(645) Je'rar: ((that's because you are :P ))
(635) Morti: (it's nice and clean though)
(677) Trayn : ((which seems somewhat appropriate at this point))
(700) DM: When you enter the room, dropping down on the ground, you smell the odor of charred flesh. The room is littered with zombie corpses, worms emerging from holes within their skin and burnt to a crisp. The room is otherwise empty. A door hangs on its hinges, blasted outwards. Drenla stands in one corner, wreathed in an armor of crimson flames, staff in hand, crackling with purple lightning.
(635) Morti: (show off)
(655) Kendric Duncan: "You could have SAID you were going to do that... some warning would have been nice."
(700) Drenla: And spoil my advantage? Oh, I see you brought the windbag with you.
(655) Kendric Duncan: "Er... now I don't think is the time, which way did the monk go?"
(700) Drenla: I'll just hide behind Trayn for the remainder of our stay.
** (633) Reiner Swiftblade does not respond to the whore's remarks **
** (677) Trayn shakes his head sadly **
(700) Drenla: He fled, through the door in the other room. (to Morti) When you pass the Test, when and not if, you'll have the power of the Pattern at your beck and command.
(677) Trayn : and sighs
** (635) Morti cocks his head at Drenla, not entirely sure why the mage pointed that out, but he gives him an even nod **
(700) Drenla: I have made my choice, Lady. We truly have no Fate but the Fate we are given. (looking directly at Morti.)
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: "let's finish him off now"
(677) Trayn : "lets continue... we have our quarry on the run thanks to Drenla"
(700) Drenla: Your first lesson begins now. Next time, leave your familiar behind where it can do no harm to you.
** (677) Trayn is annoyed by being cut but ignores it **
** (677) Trayn puts his shield in place... and seems ready to continue **
(677) Trayn : "shall we?"
** (635) Morti strolls near drenla, nodding in understanding to the advice, though makes sure not to be left behind as the others ready to follow their target **
(700) Drenla: As for you, I have taken care of the snake guardians in the next room, however there remain the minotaur knights in the room beyond. And you'll have to deal with his remaining puppets.
(655) Kendric Duncan: "Minitouars? Hmm, that'll be fun."
** (633) Reiner Swiftblade puts manacles back in pouch "was going to bring him back alive, but now this is personal, he will meet his maker" **
(635) Morti: "What's a minotaur knight?"
(645) Je'rar: "Reiner..gonna rage our way thrugh thses things,and let our blades sing their song?"
(645) Je'rar: *through these
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: "A fierce monster of legends"
(700) Drenla: I must conserve my energies. The magick has taken its toll on me. He has trapped the door with a number of enchantments, some trivial, others deadly. So prepare yourselves. Morti, you would be best advised to leave your familiar here, where it shall not be endangered. It has bonded to ye and should she die, ye shall die or be harmed.
(645) Je'rar: "Morti..I hope you got some good offensive spells,because we're gonna need them"
** (677) Trayn has heard enough and decides to lead them onward **
(645) Je'rar: "Hey..you got something that can increase my fighting prowess? "
(635) Morti: (uh... I left moiraine back upstairs in the ogr room to rest.... remember?)
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: "WAR FATHER, give me the gifts of my birthright, and the gift of stength!"
(645) Je'rar: ^ to Morti
(677) Trayn : "I go forth... let us all do so"
(635) Morti: "Uh.... actually I can only do a couple of spells... and nothing powerful..."
** (677) Trayn opens the door **
(645) Je'rar: "What can you do Morti?"
(700) Drenla: And Trayn -- if ye must, slay him. But the Circle would like him brought to justice, for being a rogue wizard. 'Tis my responsibility to bring him to face the Lady's justice.
** (633) Reiner Swiftblade seems to be stronger and hardier and is looking more intimidating **
(707) Thousanson (enter): 17:46
(707) Thousanson (exit): 17:46
(645) Je'rar: "Be quick Morti..what can you cast?"
(635) Morti: "That fire sheet thing(burning hands) and color spray...)
(645) Je'rar: "ok..save the burning thing for if they try to close in on you"
(677) Trayn : "then it shall be as justice deserves"
(645) Je'rar: "and then,only if I can't jump in the way to help you out"
** (633) Reiner Swiftblade starts towards the door **
** (635) Morti readies his crossbow and moves in behind his comrades, trying to steel himself for one last moment before they press on **
** (645) Je'rar utters a quick prayer to the WarfFather for success and valor in battle **
** (655) Kendric Duncan holds his short sword in front of him as he follows into the next room... **
** (645) Je'rar wielding his twin weapons,he prepares to meet his foe **
(700) DM: (30 minute warning -- have to take a shower and get dressed, so if we stop in the middle of combat, it'll have to wait until next session)
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: "Bless all of you comrades in arms
(645) Je'rar: "Aye"
** (635) Morti nods to jer'ar's orders, then gives a quick glance back to Drenla before following the others into the next room **
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: +1 attacks, +1 vs fear to all
(700) DM: The room beyond is blasted beyond recognition. Hundreds of poisonous snakes and cobras lie dead on the ground, burnt to a crisp. A door lies closed to the north and to the west.
(635) Morti: "Well.... evil minotaurs in the next room, right? so which room?"
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: "Lets get that minotaur"
(645) Je'rar: "Minotaurs" nods grimly
(700) Drenla: (wheezing) Only two that I saw. The door beyond. (indicates the north door)
** (645) Je'rar heads for the north fdoor **
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: "It is not trapped?"
(645) Je'rar: "Reiner..let the others get in their ranged attacks and then we close in on them?"
(677) Trayn : ((hurries up before minataurs get their bath robes on))
(700) Drenla: I thought you didn't listen to whores. Ays, the door is trapped. Don't be a fool.
(655) Kendric Duncan: "Well, let me see what I can do about it though if it's magical it is more Morti's area i would think."
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: "Ken work your magic"
** (655) Kendric Duncan goes to door and tries to disable the trap on it... **
(635) Morti: (is it to heavy a door for me to use mage hand to open it?)
(700) Drenla: As Kendric pores over the door, a flaming eye bursts into view on the door, and quickly extinguishes itself.
(700) DM: (too heavy)
(655) Kendric Duncan: "You know, I'm starting to dislike evil mages..."
(677) Trayn : "very strange..."
** (645) Je'rar looks at reiner" the Dantrag key..." **
** (645) Je'rar chuckles **
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: "Once the trap is disarmned, we will open it by force"
(635) Morti: (how's about if we throw some snake guard corpses at the door?)
(655) Kendric Duncan: (shrugs) "Well I don't know what to do to the thing....Nobody has a nice ten foor pole on them I suppose."
(655) Kendric Duncan: *toot
(655) Kendric Duncan: ((foot, damn typing is hard))
(700) DM: (sure if you want)
** (677) Trayn waits patiently... **
(635) Morti: (the door open in or out?)
** (645) Je'rar takes a handful of dead snakes and hurls them at the door from 15' away after calling out to the others to stand clear **
** (655) Kendric Duncan steps back to the rest of the group. **
(700) DM: (out)
(645) Je'rar: *hurl*
(700) DM: As the snakes strike the door, the following things occur...
(700) DM: Some snakes are transformed to mice, which drop to the ground, dead.
(700) DM: Some snake corpses are disintegrated.
(700) DM: Some snake corpses vanish.
(677) Trayn : "how disturbing"
(645) Je'rar: "oo...not nice"
(655) Kendric Duncan: "Yeah, I'm glad I didn't touch the door..."
(700) DM: A hail of darts sprays outwards in all directions.
(700) DM: (Kendric, Reflex)
(655) Kendric Duncan: Reflex save: [1d20+7] -> [15,7] = (22)
(700) DM: (that's it)
(700) DM: (no effect)
(645) Je'rar: "Maybe I should throw more in case it works more than once?"
(635) Morti: "ok"
(655) Kendric Duncan: "Hold on... let's step back a few more feet uh please?"
(645) Je'rar: "Kendrick..stand further back this time,hm?"
(677) Trayn : "it would be prudent to do so"
** (635) Morti casts detect magic at the door to see if there are any more wards **
** (633) Reiner Swiftblade concentrates on the door **
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, Back me up to infront of morti please, thanks
** (645) Je'rar repeats the action **
** (633) Reiner Swiftblade kicks in the door **
(700) DM: Nothing else occurs.
(635) Morti: "I think it's clear now..."
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: [1d20+11] -> [8,11] = (19)
(700) DM: Roll initiative. (The room beyond is bathed in darkness.)
(655) Kendric Duncan: Initiative [1d20+4] -> [1,4] = (5)
** (645) Je'rar kicks in the door qwith the dantrag key **
(635) Morti: [1d20+2] -> [1,2] = (3)
(645) Je'rar: [1d20+4] -> [17,4] = (21)
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: [1d20+4] -> [18,4] = (22)
(677) Trayn : Initiative: [1d20+1] -> [14,1] = (15)
(645) Je'rar: umm..that was at +7..my bad=25
(655) Kendric Duncan: ((least someone will get to go before hell freezes over))
(645) Je'rar: *er..24 rather
(700) DM: (Kendric?)
(655) Kendric Duncan: ((hmm, sorry just comenting on my initative))
(677) Trayn : K is at 5
** (635) Morti casts dancing light as soon as he's able. **
(635) Morti: :four torch sized orbs to reach into the darkness ahead:
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: "Come on, knight, face me!"
(635) Morti: (wasn't it knights plural?)
(645) Je'rar: "Here here you walking piles of bullshit"
(645) Je'rar: "c'mon cowface"
(700) DM: Not knowing how large the room is (irrespective of the map above), stepping beyond is probably not a good idea if you can't fight in darkness.
(700) DM: You hear grunting and heavy breathing in the darkness beyond.
(700) DM: (and chanting)
(645) Je'rar: "Mooo"
** (677) Trayn bangs his mace against his shield **
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: "They are casting spells, careful"
(677) Trayn : "back up...quickly"
(677) Trayn : "make the spell be wasted by your absence"
** (635) Morti backs up from the door as commanded **
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: can reiner hear where the chantiing is coming from?
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: [1d20+8] -> [19,8] = (27)
** (633) Reiner Swiftblade chucks a trhowing axe to where the voice is chanting **
(700) DM: (clatter, thud)
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: [1d6+8] -> [5,8] = (13)
(700) DM: Charging straight out of the darkness, a lumbering form bursts into the room where you are.
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: 13 pts
** (635) Morti gulps... "I think you made him angry..." **
(677) Trayn : "ah said minotaur..."
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: (with an axe imbedded in its head)
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: LOL
(700) DM: No axe embedded in its head, although ITS' axe is glowing crimson as it arcs down in a vicious swipe at Reiner's head.
(700) DM: (and on that note, take note of your initiatives. next session we're starting with combat.)
(725) Breathless Dragon (enter): 18:21
(655) Kendric Duncan: ((here I'll write them out then they'll be the last thing in the log
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: ()damn!))
(700) DM: (also take note, next weekend we don't have a game.)
(725) Breathless Dragon (exit): 18:21
(700) DM: Thanks for showing, folks. See you in two weeks.
(635) Morti: (freeze frame with reiner's head about to be smashed in twain..... "Same Battime, Same Batchannel!")
(645) Je'rar: uh great
(645) Je'rar: it's snowing about 3" N HOUR RIGHT NOW
(645) Je'rar: 8'o(
(700) DM: yay. I have a dinner reservation in 1 hour.
(700) DM: and if I don't show, its $60 on my credit card I don't need.
(645) Je'rar: drive safe buddy
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: call them and see it they are even op
(700) DM: across the street. =)
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: en
(635) Morti: Have fun Stan, try to avoid food poisening
(645) Je'rar: oof that's pretty harsh
(700) DM: they're open. hah,
(700) DM: bye folks
(655) Kendric Duncan: Initatives: Je'rar- 24 Reiner-21 Trayn-15 Kendric- 5 Morti-3
(677) Trayn : ok see everyone in 2 weeks
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: tke care
(645) Je'rar: yep..always open to take your hard-earned cash
(700) TaliesinNYC: e-mail me the log, someone, ok? thanks
(700) TaliesinNYC: Disconnecting from server...
(700) TaliesinNYC (exit): 18:23
(633) Reiner Swiftblade: Disconnecting from server...
(633) Reiner Swiftblade (exit): 18:23

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