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Server Administrator-> This channel is now moderated
(333) TaliesinNYC: so when last we left off, you were engaging in a sort of conversation with Artonn
(329) Zane: Strange as that was - yes.
(337) Roanth (enter): 21:28
(333) DM: (145) Voice: "I am Artonn. I speak to the glory of Elktazar the Magnificent. I bear witness to Elktazar the Great. I record the doings of the realms that are of Elktazar. What would you?"
** (144) Morti moves in to look over the mural with interest **
** (133) Cael stops once he hears the voice. **
(145) DM: The voice seems to be coming from the "head" on the plinth. Its eyes snap open as Thom approaches.
(132) Sevis Goloens: "What would we what?" ** answers as he walks away from the two secret doors **
(145) Artonn: "What would you here?"
** (133) Cael looks away from the mural towards the head. **
(132) Sevis Goloens: "I would hear the meaning of life."
(140) Thom: "We seek to return an item to the resting place of Alaghund."
(145) Artonn: "If you would ask me a question, I will gladly answer."
(140) Thom: "I see." Thom looks around for any one who has a question, starting with Morti.
** (132) Sevis Goloens shakes his head and walks away to let Thom deal with the confused talking head **
** (133) Cael moves towards Thom and the others. "What can you tell us of the one known as the 'Axe-Lord'?" **
** (139) Daelan leans against the wall and listens to the questions being asked. **
(145) Artonn: "It is the thirteenth year of the Baron Elktazar's reign in this
land of Siobharen, and it is the thirty-eighth year of his life. The Axe-Lord is called thus for his favorite weapon and for his heraldic badge, for he has recently adopted the double-bladed axe as his own."
(145) Artonn: "Who holds power in these lands about?"
(140) Thom: "They still talk of the Axe-lord."
** (145) Artonn seems satisfied and blinks once. **
(140) Thom: "None holds power of this area as he did."
(140) Thom: "What is the purpose of these eyes that have found us?"
** (140) Thom is sure to unducate the pair of eyes still attached to him. **
(140) Thom: (( *indicate even ))
(145) Artonn: "The eyes that have found you are creatures who thrive on magicka and who come from the Stair to Nowhere."
(145) Artonn: "They are the remnants of mages long past who have given their lives to magicka."
(144) Morti: "Ah.. the endless Stairs..?"
(145) Artonn: "Who are you that speak to me, your names and professions?"
(144) Morti: "Oh, Sorry, Artonn, sir." :bows: "I am Magus Mortimar Boyle. Pleased to meet you."
(133) Cael: "I am Cael, Druid of the Lalvas'Rhimm."
(140) Thom: We are the Travellers Eight from the East. Wilderness guides and workers of the magic arts, we strive to return lost items to where they belong."
** (132) Sevis Goloens remains quiet since he has not asked a question yet **
(140) Thom: Bluff: [1d20+6] => [8,6] = (14) => [5,6] => (5, 6) = (11)
(144) Morti: :glances with some amazement to Thom: "Oooo.. that sounded nice."
(145) DM: The head falls silent.
** (133) Cael looks at Thom and raises an eyebrow. **
(144) Morti: :speaks up: "Um... Artonn, sir, is the Mage, Alaghund laid to rest in this place?"
(145) Artonn: "I have not heard of this personage. What strive you towards, in your various lives?"
(140) Thom: "All beings move only toward death."
(144) Morti: :sighs and mutters: "Maybe it's the Endless stair then."
** (143) Atross purposely lets Thom do the talking. **
(140) Thom: "If anyone else has a question, speak now. Otherwise, we leave Artonn here alone until the Axe-lord returns."
(141) Arun: "How can we make these eyes stop following us?
** (144) Morti scratches his head in throught for a moment before answering the statued man, "Well... right now we're trying to stop a crazy woman, who calls herself Tempest from ruining the future. She's way powerful and evil and all kinds of crazy. Before that though, I want to return this mirror to my benfactor's master's tomb. After that though, I'd like to focus on finding my family, who have been lost to me for a long time. But I also want to spend time properly studying magicks at the citadels, so I can be a respected Magus like Drenla and Asflag and Alaghund." :keeps talking and listing off things.: **
(145) Artonn: "A prying eye cannot exist without the force that created it. If you travel to a place that contains a great deal of magicka or a place with no magicka, it shall then abandon you."
(144) Morti: "It would be great if I could get a membership to that food club the Magister brought us to that one time. That place was great. Though I would like to travel around and eat all kinds of food from different places. I might be able to do that once I figure out long distance teleportation."
** (133) Cael moves back to observing the mural, still listening to the questions and answers. **
(140) Thom: "That is enough little one," Thom says over his shoulder to Morti.
(145) Artonn: "Are these laudable goals; why pursue you them?"
(144) Morti: "I've never been to a fancy dance or masquerade party befo-" :stops at thom's advise:
** (144) Morti shrugs. "Cause... I want to..?" **
(140) Thom: "They lie ahead on the path of life. And they are things that must be done, so we do them."
** (133) Cael calls back to the head, "What does this mural signify?" **
(145) Artonn: "This mural depicts the triumph of the Baron Elktazar over the primitive plainsmen that arrived in this realm of Siobharan in the last two centuries. A gate to an unknown world had opened some distance to the east of here, in the City of the Gods. By his triumph over the plainsmen, the Axe-Lord imposed order over chaos."
** (133) Cael nods after hearing the explanation. "Thank you." **
(144) Morti: "Wow.. he must have been really strong."
(145) Artonn: "Shortly after the Battle of 'Athaq, the Axe-Lord entered into a pact with the elves of Lalvensalenil, that he would refrain from encroaching on the great wood and in return, the elves would honor the memory of the Axe-Lord's ancestors who came from a place called Arator."
** (133) Cael looks back at the mention of the elves. "You mean, he had a pact with my people?" **
(144) Morti: "Ooooh." :glances back to Dael and Cael, "They still do that?"
(145) Artonn: "Why do you seek to return an item to the resting place of Algahund?"
(140) Thom: "It was his in life, and is the honorable thing to do."
(144) Morti: "Because.. it belongs to him."
(139) Daelan: " No pact was made with my people.''
(133) Cael: "Morti, Daelan is from a different tribe than myself. However, if the pact he speaks of is what I think of, this occured over four thousand years ago."
(144) Morti: :to Cael: "Ah... would you still honor that then?"
(133) Cael: "I believe that the pact is still in effect, though only for the descendants of the Baron, and I'm not sure who they are."
(140) Thom: "Artonn, how many others have been before you in recent memory?"
(145) Artonn: "It is common for honorable individuals to keep their promises. Such is the definition of honor."
** (133) Cael looks back to the mural again with new interest. **
(145) Artonn: "Six others have been before me."
(144) Morti: "Were these people any of those six?" :points out the images in the mirror:

(333) DM: (continuing from Morti's question)
(333) Artonn: "Three of those six have been here before."
(330) Lunauc: "Really?! Do you know who they are?"
(330) Morti: "Really?! Do you know who they are?"
(333) Artonn: "Lathkoon, Shaleen and Zelzund, so they call themselves."
(330) Morti: "Were they also students of Alaghund?"
(333) Artonn: "They each claim to be an apprentice to the magist Alaghund."
(330) Morti: :nods: "Did they come here together or separately? and what did they seek?"
** (329) Thom smiles slightly as Morti takes over with constant questioning. **
(333) Artonn: "Each came separately and each seeks entrance to the place wherein the Throne of the Cheiromar sits."
(330) Morti: Cheiromar...? From the woman's scroll..." :looks up to the statue man desperately: "Is that the Throne of Magick in the mirror?"
(333) Artonn: "There exists a legend that a throne of magicka was once the invention of the magist Alaghund, that would enable he who sat within to perform great and wondrous acts including the ability to foretell the future. That may be the Throne."
** (335) Sevis Goloens heads ovet to one of the secret doors he found erlier ((To 14)) and attempts to open it **
** (330) Morti 's clothen brow furrows with some worry, as he ponders, "And what happens if one of those three reach that throne?" **
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, you hear a soft click
(333) Artonn: "Each has expressed a desire to seize the magicka which is rightfully his or hers."
** (328) Tanesh leans against a wall, quietly watching Morti question the talking head. **
** (328) Arun leans against a wall, quietly watching Morti question the talking head.* **
** (335) Sevis Goloens opens the door hoping the click he heard wasnt a trap **
(330) Morti: "How long ago did they pass through here?"
** (329) Thom remains standing in front of the statue, watching it as Morti converses. **
** (326) Cael turns from the mural, "What do you mean, rightfully theirs? Do they hold some claim to the throne?" **
(333) Artonn: "Each came to this place in the space of two weeks long past."
(329) Thom: "If they were students of the creator, they likely think that they are the most worthy to use his creation. Now please, not so many questions at once."
(333) Artonn: "The doings of the magist Alaghund are not known to me."
(329) Thom: "Artonn, who and what guards the door to the Throne?"
(333) Artonn: "It is said that the Throne lies within a place known only to he who passes the tests posed by the Endless Stair."
(330) Morti: :groans: "They'd be there by now... if the others knew the way." :suddenly looks up: "Asflag! H-has a student of Alaghund named Asflag come through here as well?"
** (329) Thom does an additional [4d6] => [1,4,6,1] = (12) sneak attack damage. **
(332) Daelan: " It seems to me,that all who study magic would be wanting to sit upon that throne,so I would have to say that all the Aes Sadia would lay claim to the throne.''
(329) Thom: (( sorry... ))
(333) Artonn: "The magist Asflag has been here as well."
(330) Morti: "Before or after the others?"
(333) Artonn: "Before the others arrived, and never to return."
(329) Thom: "He is fine Morti, do not worry yourself with him at this time."
(330) Morti: "Hmmm.. maybe he reached it before them." :looks down to moiraine in his pocket: "What do you think?"
** (333) Moiraine meows. **
(329) Thom: "Artonn, what do you know of the testspoised by the Endless Stair?"
(330) Morti: :asks the cat: "Did Asflag ever mention a throne like that?"
whispering to Lunauc, yes
** (333) Moiraine simply meows. **
(330) Morti: :brow perks: "Did he mention finding it?"
(333) Artonn: "Three hundred steps to nowhere, a hand that guards beckons. Whither to battle or to doom, only Fate knows for certain."
(339) skeleton (enter): 21:47
(339) skeleton (exit): 21:47
(333) Artonn: "Best the hand that beckons, reach the gate that awaits and within lies the Throne of the Cheiromar, within the heavenly gate."
whispering to Lunauc, yes, and best that it be left hidden for great power demands great responsibility
whispering to Lunauc, or so he said often
(332) Daelan: " So only one can go Morti?"
(333) DM: The tabby purrs contentedly.
** (330) Morti pets moiraine and shrugs to Dael, "I don't know. But I don't think we should allow people like them to reach it." **
(332) Daelan: " Well all we have to do is find this endless stairway,beat the hand that beckons and we get to go to the throne.''
(332) Daelan: " And once we get there,which one of you magi get to sit on the throne?"
(330) Morti: :shakes his head: "I don't wanna go to the throne, if I don't have to. I just don't want them to find it."
(329) Thom: "If there is any way to stop them Morti, they have been here a while."
(329) Thom: "Since it seems we are done here, let's get moving."
** (330) Morti looks up to Thom, offering a brief nod. "Hopefully, Asflag reached it first and stopped the others. But... just to be sure.. I'd like to go." **
(332) Daelan: " So we are now looking for 3 magi ?"
(329) Thom: "Very well, but remember why we are here as well - the murder." Thom gets an idea and turns to Artonn. "Artonn, which visitor is capable of killing a man without leaving a mark on the body?"
(332) Daelan: " What do we do when and if we find them?"
(333) Artonn: "Each of the three possesses the ability to do so."
(332) Daelan: " Anyone with a good knowledge of herbs can kill a person without leaving a mark Thom.''
** (330) Morti shrugs to Dael. "I don't know yet. Maybe they don't know where the throne is or how to reach it. Maybe... they didn't survive the tests." **
(333) Artonn: "Each of the four possesses the ability to do so." *
(333) DM: (is what he meant to say)
(329) Thom: "Well, it was worth asking. And yes Dael, that is true - but not with the radience of necromancy that one body had, and I doubt as quickly either."
(333) Artonn: "Deaths by unknown causes are, by definition, magic. Disease or other natural causes may be involved, or such deliberate causes such as poison. Your question does not contain sufficient information. I know too little to say."
(329) Thom: "Which of the four dealt with necromancy?" Thom asks Artonn.
(337) Roanth (exit): 21:58
(341) Swammeyjoe (enter): 22:01
(330) Morti: "They all might."
(333) Artonn: "The magist Lathkoon."
(330) Morti: "Is that the hunchback?"
(333) Artonn: "Correct."
(341) Swammeyjoe (exit): 22:01
(330) Morti: :nods:
(329) Thom: "Ok, there is our prime suspect then. Artoon, after coming down the well, did we have to pass by the Endless Stairs to reach this point and tak with you?"
(333) Artonn: "The Stair to Nowhere lies to the northwest of this place, near the mountain Dagdha's Thumb wherein the seer Caer resides."
(329) Thom: (( *talk ))
(330) Morti: :to Thom: "It's on the map."
(329) Thom: "Hmm, maybe it's not where I thought then. It was worth double checking."
** (332) Daelan steps forward,holding out his crystal hammer,showing it to Artonn," Alright,I have a question,what is the history of this hammer?" **
(329) Thom: "I thought that maybe Shaleen had found a path to the stairs from down here."
(330) Morti: :shrugs to Thom:
** (326) Cael turns from the conversation, moving to investigate more of the area. ( To 13 ) **
** (329) Thom steps back to let Dael ask his question. **
whispering to Daelan, remind me again where you found that?
(333) DM: (sec)
(342) Spiritmarked (enter): 22:12
(333) Artonn: "The Hammer of Annoras. Forged by the dwarven thane Annoras of Derome-denen in the second thousandth fortieth year of the Second Age and blessed by priests of elves, dwarves and Men. Lost for a time and now in your hands by a miracle it seems."
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (342) Spiritmarked...
Attempting to assign the role of LURKER to (342) Spiritmarked...
(332) Daelan: " Perhaps it just needed one of the elder races to recover it.''
(330) Morti: "Wow... you sure know a lot."
(332) Daelan: " So what good is it? I prefer my bow to the use of this hammer.''
(333) Artonn: "I was made to be witness-taker to events and to record information asked of me and that I ask of others. It is why I was made."
** (332) Daelan " They.'' waving his arm at the others," Are the front line fighters,I am the archer.'' **
(333) Artonn: "The Hammer is a symbol to many and is not thought of as a weapon, though there are stories that in the right hands, it contains a power unmatched by any made of mortal hands."
** (329) Thom starts to interrupt Daelan, but lets him continue instead. **
(329) Thom: "Guess it's not in the right hands yet."
(332) Daelan: " And whose hand is the right one?"
(330) Morti: "Maybe you're supposed to do something else with it then." :scratches his head: "Are you any good ad forging?"
(330) Morti: "er.. smithing?"
(330) Morti: "Ooo! Or maybe you could use it to build something.. like a house or a cart."
(333) Artonn: "Whose indeed?"
(330) Morti: "It could at least open walnuts."
(329) Thom: "Speaking of times long gone, what do you know of those called the Forsaken?"
(332) Daelan: " Great,I wait all this time to find out about this hammer that I have been carrying,only to find nothing out about it,so much for knowing all.''
** (332) Daelan turns and leaves the room **
(330) Morti: :tries to console Dael: "Well, he didn't say he could see the future."
(329) Thom: "Daelan don't... actually, never mind."
(333) Artonn: "There is much to speak of those who call themselves the Forsaken. Who would you like to know of?"
(329) Thom: "Numbers, abilities, weaknesses. If one was to have to face them, anything that could help."
(333) Artonn: "There are thirteen such individuals who call themselves 'The Forsaken'. Each wields a type of magicka that is not used with great frequency and are not individuals to be trifled with."
(333) Artonn: "Their names were once known to many but have long since fallen into disuse. It is certainly possible that now each calls him or herself differently."
(329) Thom: "And they can sense the use of the One Power from a great distance?"
(333) Artonn: "Ishar Marrad Chuain was a renowned druid and Aes Sedai. His strength in the One Power is considerable, second only to the Forsaken Ishamael. He is the one responsible for creation of such creatures as Trollocs, darkhounds, gholam and grey men. He is known by the name Aginor. His skin is like thin parchment, his ears like old leather, his teeth yellowed and his eyes sunken. He has no fingernails."
** (330) Morti frets over his own body, at Artonn's description, though he happily points out at the end. "I have fingernails." **
(330) Morti: "Sorta..."
(335) Sevis Goloens: "Had to be a very twisted Druid to create such creatures
(333) Artonn: "Jor Addam Nesossin, a famous bard and poet during the Second Age, he swore fealty to the Lord of the Dark so that he could spend eternity perfecting his craft, and he used his dark powers to destroy his rivals. As a sign of his loyalty to the Dark Lord, he destroyed a museum of art and all the people within it when he became a darkfriend. He is known by the name Asmodean. He is marked by a deformity on his back and he sometimes walks with a stoop."
** (326) Cael grimaces at the mention of Aginor, peering into the room before him ( 13 ) to be sure there wasn't any immediate danger before walking in. **
(333) Artonn: "Eval Ramman was a historian who focused on vanished civilizations. Although a good scholar, he had a much seedier alter-ego. He would fraternize with criminals in taverns, and was extremely reckless with a short temper. He swore fealty to the Dark Lord and was thence known as the Forsaken Balthamel. His face is completely disfigured and his tongue has long since withered away. He is known for his vanity."
(333) Artonn: "Duram Ladeel Cham was a famed warrior during the later First Age, a skilled sword master and originally a good friend of the elves. In the war during which part of the elves became ilythi'iri, he became the Forsaken Belial. Little is known of him compared to the others."
** (330) Morti quickly gets out a notebook and a pen, hurrying to take notes. **
(332) Daelan: " He was not always twisted Sevis,he wished power,just like the others,the only thing is that when they swore to serve the dark lord he gave them the power they wished,but with each wish there is a price to be paid.''
(333) Artonn: "Barid Bel Medar was a gambler and a general, who played the odds with strategic vision and tactical flair. He turned to the Shadow in the years after the Invoked Devastation after witnessing the fall of his beloved land, the First Empire. He took the name Demandred. I do not have any information as to his whereabouts."
(335) Sevis Goloens: "Reguardless of who you swear your life to you have to have something twisted inside you if you can create creatures such as Trollocs, and still sleep at night."
(333) Artonn: "Born Ared Mosinel, the Forsaken named Rahvin loved power and was envious of anyone who held more than him. A diplomat of great skill, Rahvin is known for using power to compel and manipulate. His whereabouts are currently unknown."
(332) Daelan: " Trust me Sevis,he no longer sleeps.''
(335) Sevis Goloens: "You have met him?"
** (332) Daelan smiles at Sevis," No,I have not met him,had I,there would be one less name being mentioned this day.'' **
(333) Artonn: "Elan Morin Tedronai was originally a philosopher and theologian during the Second Age, when the Empire of Thae was still in existence. He was in the prime of maturity: good looking with fine cut clothes and dark, penetrating eyes and a commanding presence; his voice had the air of both reason and command. He was often too esoteric for popular appeal. He wrote many books including "Analysis of Perceived Meaning," "Reality and the Absence of Meaning" and "Disassembly of Reason". He turned to the Dark One shortly before the Invoked Devastation, convinced of the supremacy of the Dark Lord against the Aes Sedai. He is spoken by many to be quite insane. His hair is completely white and his pupils are silver with gold flecks. He speaks with a faint whisper and he has no shadow. He has last been seen in the Empire of Mel'Cendia though this was spoken of by Lathkoon."
(332) Daelan: " He has turned all that once was good and green into an abomination,making it all dark and twisted,just as he is.''
(330) Morti: "Were his books any good?"
(333) Artonn: "Tel Janin Aellinsar had blue eyes and blond hair with a neat square trimmed beard. Compact, solid and seemingly large he was above average in looks except for a large poker like scar down his face from hair to jaw.He had a quick stride and an abrupt manner. He liked to dupe his enemies into thinking they can catch him by surprise. A very good military man, he preferred to defend his ground rather than attack. If he did attack, he liked to do it with large armies and a certainty of victory. He finds it difficult to think in other ways than straight lines. During the Second Age, he was a world-renowned sportsman, with archery and swords. He turned to the Shadow so that he could defeat his rivals so utterly as to enslave them forever. He is known by the name Sammael, and he has a penchant for collecting magical items that make use of magicka and the One Power."
(332) Daelan: " Ishar Marrad Chuain now called Aginor and Duram Ladeel Cham now called Belial are known to my people Sevis as are some of the others that are going to be mentioned.''
** (335) Sevis Goloens nods **
(333) Artonn: "Makarile Maradim Nindar was once a respected cleric of Solnor. Though strong in her faith, her true fame came from her insight in inner self, and she was well-versed in melding healing with psionics. She was also a distinct ascetic, living an unadorned life. She is widely acknowledged as being extremely intelligent and perceptive. Her downfall came in her perfectionism. She was highly critical in person and no one could live up her standards because they were simply too high. Disappointed of her subjects, she turned to the Shadow, becoming the third Forsaken to swear her soul in allegiance to the Dark One. She took the name Graendal and is now one of the most physically beautiful women to have ever walked the world. She habitually wears extremely revealing clothing and extensive jewelry. She appreciates beauty in all its forms. Likewise, she detests ugliness in any form save her own. She is well-versed in intrigue and plotting and frequently uses her powe to compel."
(332) Daelan: " Tel Janin Aellinsar now called Sammael is one we called the right hand of the Dark Lord.''
** (332) Daelan looks over at Thom,'' He would be most interested in the sword you carry.'' **
(333) Artonn: "Of the Forsaken known as Lanfear, not much is known. Mierin Eronaile was an Aes Sedai in the later Second Age. She is exquisitely beautiful, her hair is long and black and her eyes large and dark. Her skin is milky white. She has been known to use the name Selene. She is well-versed in both the One Power and psionics."
** (329) Thom glares at Daelan with a VERY sharp look. **
(332) Daelan: " That is a name we know.''
(333) Artonn: "Saine Tarasind is dreamy, with large blue eyes and dark hair. She has a voice like silver chimes and is taller than most women. She likes to wear an appearance of being just short of her middle years.

"Shortly after the Invoked Devastation, she founded schools for refugees fleeing the First Empire. These schools were designed to immerse children in the teachings of the Dark One, in the hope of making them faithful servants. The children were taught to spy on each other and on their parents, and to report any illegal activity. Mobs of these children burned down museums, libraries and research facilities -- anything that detracted from the Dark One. People of all ages were tried before courts entirely made of children, then executed.

"She is fond of the name Mesaana and is the Forsaken most feared."

** (330) Morti groans **
(332) Daelan: " A name you know Morti?"
(330) Morti: :shakes his head. "No.. it's just... nevermind."
(333) Artonn: "Born Nemene Damendar Boann, this Forsaken is taller than most men and has well-proportioned slender fingers. She is graceful and calm with dark eyes and dark skin. She enjoys the simple pleasure of needlework.

"Nemene was an extremely skilled healer and a Yellow Aes Sedai. In the process of healing her patients, however, she would torture them for entertainment, enjoying their screams. She was soon discovered by her sisters and cast out of the Tower, whereupon she turned to the Dark and became the Forsaken Semirhage.

"Semirhage takes enormous pleasure in cruelty and anguish, having once tortured an entire city and forced its citizens to break each other until all died. She also once made a man scream every waking moment for five years and kept him sane, although his heart finally failed. A prisoner being told they were being handed to Semirhage would try to commit suicide. Semirhage considers death as an escape (which, for anyone in her hands, is probably true.) Also, Semirhage's reputation was such that the one time she was captured, she frightened her jailers so thoroughly that they smuggled her to freedom, and then committed suicide.

"Her whereabouts are currently unknown, although she has recently taken the name Darenne."

** (329) Thom nods slightly at the mention of "Darenne", **
(333) Artonn: "The last Forsaken that I am aware of is the rogue Lillen Moiral, also known as Moghedien. Her name means 'the spider' in the Old Tongue. Moghedien takes no risks, is always cautious and lurks in the shadows until someone displays weakness whereupon she strikes. She is sturdily handsome with large dark eyes and hair to her shoulders. She has a child-like face and an innocent air.

"She is fond of using the name Rowena. Her last known whereabouts is the Grand Duchy of Kern."

(333) Artonn: "Each of the Forsaken is aware of the use of the One Power, though not all of them are equal in strength or skill."
(335) Sevis Goloens: "Do you know if one of the Forsaken are currently calling themselves Zarenna or Illana?"
(329) Thom: "Most formidable indeed, let us hope we never meet one."
(333) Artonn: "I do not have any information regarding either of these individuals."
(329) Thom: "Are there any items that the Forsaken are known to fear?"
(333) Artonn: "There are a few. The sword Ringrist and the wand Backbiter."
(330) Morti: "Backbiter...? Weird name."
(329) Thom: "Interesting. What do you know of these two items?"
(332) Daelan: " They may even fear this hammer I carry,that is if it were in the right hand.''
(333) Artonn: "Forged of fire in ways of Light,
Where Dark shall never come,
The One that cuts to deepest core,
The evil is undone.

"From rivers fast came quenching thirst
To hiss and spit and boil,
In deepest fires the En'nil smiths
Worked in endless toil.

"Ringrist was forged that eve of death
To rally and to fight,
That which had gone, has come again,
A Dark and evil might.

"A blade so bright and filled with Light,
And forged of living rock,
A blade that glows where coldness flows,
To fight and never stop."

(330) Morti: "Well.. it's a lovely poem."
(335) Sevis Goloens: "And about the wand Backbiter?"
(333) Artonn: "Forged in a hallowed temple deep within Derome-denen by the same smith who crafted the Hammer of Annoras, the sword was made to cut deep into the core of evil and darkness and to undo magicka that created the evil things and creatures that it is used against.

"It is imbued with powers to rally the hearts of those around it against darkness, as well as powers against the Darkness.

"The sword is made of living rock, the very flesh of Andurin woven into it. It is infused with divine power and sealed with the One Power.

"In the presence of evil, it glows powerfully, and also in the presence of the One Power. It grants its wielder the ability to use the One Power in certain cases and provides him or her with magical protections against their foes.

"Because it has the ability to grant use of the One Power, it also exposes its wielder to the perils inherent in the Power. If its wielder is a man, that peril also includes the taint of the Dark One.

"Its power grows along with that of its wielder. It makes its true strength known only if it judges its wielder worthy."

(330) Morti: "Taint..?" :glances to thom:
** (329) Thom just watches the statue passively, as though he was listening to the tales being told as a good story. **
(332) Daelan: " All it means is that if the blade were to be used for evil,then soon he would become a Forsaken.''
(333) Artonn: "The wand Backbiter was created by an Red Aes Sedai in the early Second Age. It is a wand made of obsidian and contains the ability to transform into an a'dam. Its whereabouts are currently unknown due to the Invoked Devastation."
(335) Sevis Goloens: " Daelan thats not what it means, there is a oilyness in the Male half of the One Power. I have felt it when I meditate and try and reach it. A'dam?"
(333) Artonn: "An a'dam is an item created by individuals who wish to enslave those who can master the One Power. It allows a nonchanneler the ability to use the Power as if he or she were a channeler."
(330) Morti: "That doesn't sound healthy."
(333) Artonn: "An a'dam consists of a collar attached to a chain and a leash. The one enslaved wears the collar which can only be removed by the leashholder."
(333) Artonn: "Who wears the collar feels what the leashholder feels, except by a factor of one hundred."
(333) Artonn: "There are some a'dam that contain the ability to turn its wearers to the Dark."
(335) Sevis Goloens: "Interesting form of enslavement. And no the oilyness does not sound or feel healthy. I suspect it is what causes maddness in male Channelers like Rhian said."
(333) DM: ((OOC: such as what happened to Drenla in the first part of the campaign))
(329) Thom: "Hmm, that Ringrist sounds quite powerful, is there anything that could make it even more powerful? Besides being in the right hands of course."
(333) Artonn: "I do not possess such information."
(329) Thom: "So - only a couple things that these Forsaken fear. We should be sure to avoid them. Of course, I doubt we would be worthy their attention."
(329) Thom: "Anyone else have any questions?"
(335) Sevis Goloens: "Whats behind the two secret doors in here?"
(333) Artonn: "I do not possess such information."
(332) Daelan: " How do you leave here?"
(331) Atross: "No questions from me. Nothing he could answer anyway."
(333) Artonn: "I am unable to answer that question."
(332) Daelan: " I just want to know how to get out of here.''
** (335) Sevis Goloens enters the room behind the door he opened eirlier ((To 14)) **
** (329) Thom looks to Morti, Arun, and Cael. **
** (328) Arun shakes his head at Thom, and follows Sevis into the other room. **
** (330) Morti finishes his scribing, and tucks his book away. Standing up, he looks to Artonn, offering, "You've been very helpful, Sir. Is there anything we can do to thank you?" **
(326) Cael: (( Cael is in 13 ))
(333) Artonn: "The concept of gratitude is foreign to one such as I."
(329) Thom: "Well, you have served your function well. Return to rest until the next visitor stumbles by here."
(330) Morti: "Oh.." :explains: "Gratitude is voluntary repayment for the kindness of others.. or something like that."
(333) DM: The chamber (14) is quite dark, and the odor of vinegar assails your nostrils.
(335) Sevis Goloens: "Obviously not since you know what the concept is." ** calls back as he enters the room **
** (335) Sevis Goloens holds out his hand and a small light appears over it **
** (330) Morti stands before the statue man for a moment in serious thought, before offering, "I could polish you." **
** (329) Thom turns from Artonn and to Sevis. "You said that you found some secret doors?" **
** (335) Sevis Goloens looks around the room and tosses the ball of light into the middle of the room **
(333) DM: This large chamber contains seven oak chests and two large casks arranged in a semi-circle. The room is a grisly dusty mess. There is a skeleton of a horse, along with two rotting lances, a pair of tangled banners browned with mold and mildew and rotted leather barding.
(329) Thom: "Horses? But, how?"
(333) DM: Artonn does not reply to Morti.
(335) Sevis Goloens: "Anyone know the Nobility of there area want to try and identify the Banners?"
** (330) Morti scratches his head, as he stands before Artonn, while the others search. **
** (329) Thom enters the room Sevis found (room 14), carefully looking over the chests and casks for any traps, and to see if they are marked with any emblems. **
** (328) Arun tries to open one of the chests. **
** (332) Daelan stays in the room with Morti. **
(332) Daelan: " You would do well to stay with the others Morti.''
(330) Morti: "Eh?" :glances back to Dael, and points toward 14: "There just in there."
(332) Daelan: " Yes and if you left here alone,while we would be in there,you could be killed out here.''
** (335) Sevis Goloens remains by the door keeping the light hovering in the middle of the room **
(330) Morti: "B-by Artonn?" :looks to the statue curiously:
(329) Thom: "We can do without it Sevis, I can get light in a safer manner."
(332) Daelan: " Perhaps not by him,but remember there is one we seek who can kill without leaving a mark Morti.''
(335) Sevis Goloens: "Rhian, is this Channeling?" ** nods toward the ball of light ** "Since this is this first time I have tried to form something with the power found while meditating."
** (333) Rhian shrugs. **
(333) Rhian: "If it is, I was not able to sense it."
(329) Thom: "It looks like what I did before, while you were gone. The sword started allowing some interesting experiences..."
(329) Thom: "Hold it for a second, I have an idea."
(333) DM: The chests are all open.
(333) DM: ...and appear to be be empty.
** (329) Thom moves so that he is confident Artonn can not see him, and he draws out Ringrist. **
(329) Thom: (( any glow? ))
** (335) Sevis Goloens swings the light over and has it touch the tip of the sword to see if anything happens **
(333) DM: ((nope))
(333) DM: It starts to glow a faint silver.
** (335) Sevis Goloens moves the light back to the middle of the room "Silver is the One Power?" **
** (329) Thom looks over at Sevis, as if staring through him for a second. ((Weavesight to ID)) **
(329) Thom: Weavesight: [1d20+11] => [7,11] = (18)
(330) Morti: "Oh.." :knocks on Artonn's head: "Excuse me.. I wanted to ask about the Prying Eyes. Is this the only place they still survive?"
(333) DM: [1d4] => [3] = (3)
(329) Thom: "That's what I believe, and all experience is pointing that way. And not only can I feel your drawing, I can see how you did it. This is most interesting indeed."
(333) DM: [1d100] => [87] = (87)
** (335) Sevis Goloens walks in and looks in all the open chests "Well I guess I figured out how to Channel, now I just need to keep from going Mad like Rhian thinks will happen." **
** (329) Thom puts Ringrist away and loks back to Sevis. "Hmm, now nothing. Confirms my suspicions - it's the sword's abilities, I can just tap into them a bit." **
(335) Sevis Goloens: "Can I see the sword? If it gives you the ability to Channel, I wonder what it will do for someone who already can."
** (332) Daelan slings his bow and studies the hammer more closely," So the one who forged Ringuist also forged this,one of rock the other of crystal,both from the earth,I wonder if that has something to do with it.'' **
(329) Thom: "Aye, I don't plan to use it anymore. After all, we had a strange visit after I did the last time."
(329) Thom: "Sure, see what happens." Thom hands over Ringrist. "Just don't break it or stab youself, ok?"
** (335) Sevis Goloens nods as he takes the sword **
** (329) Thom watches Sevis for any signs of changes. **
(333) DM: Nothing seems to happen.
(329) Thom: "Feel anything?"
** (326) Cael reenters the main room, moving towards the chamber (14) when he notices light coming from it. **
(326) Cael: "Rhian, I have something you may like to see, I'm not entirely sure what to make of it myself."
** (335) Sevis Goloens swings the sword a bit then shakes his head "Noda, maybe it doesnt like me, or it cannot boos someones ability only grant to to someone lacking." **
(335) Sevis Goloens: (( *boot ))
(335) Sevis Goloens: (( *boost ))
** (333) Rhian nods and follows Cael to the other chamber. **
(329) Thom: "And it maybe because I have slain with it, you have not. Too many questions still."
(330) Morti: "Hello.. Artonn..?"
** (329) Thom holds out a hand for Ringrist. **
(326) Cael: "Morti, perhaps you'd like to see this too, as long as you can keep your hands clear, it bites."
(330) Morti: "But I think Artonn's broken."
** (333) Artonn does not reply. **
** (326) Cael shakes his head as he continues back to the other room. **
(329) Thom: "Well, I did tell him he could rest until more found there way down here. Once we stop, we may not be able to ask more of him."
** (335) Sevis Goloens hands the sword back and heads out of the room if the chests dont contain anything **
** (329) Thom resheathes Ringrist and moves to follow to the back room. **
** (330) Morti looks back to Thom, scratches his head and follows Cael, glancing back in worry to the now silent statue. **
** (326) Cael motions towards the sphere. "I'm not entirely sure what it is. If I can trust its reply, it is a prison of some sort. When I barely touched it, it felt like bread dough, and the inhabitant attempted to bite me." **
** (332) Daelan follows Morti,only until he comes to the area where room 14 is,then he enters it after the others have left,takes the hammer and places it in his right hand. **
(333) DM: There is a 1' diameter glass sphere that glows with a soft white radiance on a carved granite plinth. The sphere appears to contain a miniature scene of an iridescent drake lying coiled about a mound of treasure.

The room is otherwise empty.

(326) Cael: "What do you think?"
(330) Morti: "Eh?" :goes wide-eyed at the sight, and hurries to view closer, stopping just short of touching the sphere.: "Woah... you said it talks?"
(326) Cael: "It hasn't talked, only motioned, careful of it."
(330) Morti: "Motioned..?"
** (331) Atross lets the obviously interested Morti investigate this sphere, hanging out in the room where Artonn now seems to be sleeping instead. **
(326) Cael: "Nods and shrugs."
(333) DM: There is a loud cracking sound in the other room.
** (329) Thom spins to see what is happening. **
(330) Morti: "What was that?"
(333) DM: (it's coming from the room you just left)
** (329) Thom moves back to where the sound came from, quickly **
** (326) Cael looks from the sphere to the entryway before moving back to the other room. **
(329) Thom: "What's going on," he asks as soon as he reaches the room.
** (329) Thom sighs. "Daelan, what are you doing?" **
** (331) Atross looks around for the cause of the noise. **
(332) Daelan: " Hmm,oh nothing,just testing the hammer is all.''
(330) Morti: :looks to Cael: "Shou;d we be worried?"
(329) Thom: "It's a hammer, you had to test to see if it could smash some old wodden chest?"
** (326) Cael shakes his head and moves back into the room. **
(332) Daelan: " Well it is crystal too,had to see if could withstand a blow too.''
(326) Cael: "I'm sorry Morti, what were you asking?
(332) Daelan: " Figured easier to test it on something that was worthless like these chests.''
(330) Morti: "Um.. nevermind."
** (330) Morti looks back to the drake in the sphere, trying to identify its species. **
(329) Thom: "Very well. Good luck with the smashing then." Thom turns and returns to the others at the crystal. "Daelan is just smashing those chests."
(326) Cael: "Rhian, what do you think it is?"
** (335) Sevis Goloens goes and stands infront of the other hidden door **
(333) Rhian: "Whatever it is is not an item created by the Power."
(333) Rhian: "But interesting." (peers at the sphere)
(326) Cael: "Morti, can you sense anythin from it?"
(333) DM: More cracking sounds from where Daelan is.
** (329) Thom reaches to his neck, but grabbing the amulet there now, stops. He frowns neeply and turns away from the crystal, letting those with a better understanding mess with it. **
(330) Morti: "It's obviously magicka... powerful. Unless it's just an illusion." :takes a moment to focus on the orb(detect magic)
(326) Cael: "It harmed my, I don't think it is a simple illusion."
(326) Cael: (( me* ))
** (328) Arun stares at the dragon in the sphere. "Could it be some kind of trap or weapon perhaps? Maybe if the sphere is broken, the dragon returns to it's normal size." **
** (329) Thom moves to stand with Sevis for now. "Didn't you say there were two doors?" **
(330) Morti: "Even an illusion can harm."
** (335) Sevis Goloens nods at the wall and outlines the door **
(326) Cael: "Then I suggest we not break it."
(329) Thom: "Ah," Thom searches over the door for any traps and works to locate how to open it.
(330) Morti: Spellcraft Skill Check: [1d20+19] => [13,19] = (32)
(329) Thom: " So Sevis, did it serve anything to go rushing off to Nith'Tar Valon as you did?" Thom casually asks while working on the outlined door.
** (328) Arun shrugs, leaving the room, commenting "Maguses make the strangest things..." as he approaches the secret door Thom is working on. **
(330) Morti: "Woah... that's a lot of magicka."
(333) Artonn: "I do not have information sufficient to answer that question."
(335) Sevis Goloens: "Yes, I discovered that the Twoer had under gone a coup before Rhian was trapped there."
** (329) Thom pauses, and looks to see who is near Artonn. **
(333) DM: There isn't.
(329) Thom: "Maybe... hold that thought for a moment. Artonn, were you answering my question?"
** (330) Morti tries speaking to the sealed drake, "Escuse me, can you hear me in there?" **
(333) Artonn: "It appears that I was."
(333) DM: The drake nods.
(329) Thom: "And why did you not asnwer my companion's question a few moments ago?"
(333) Artonn: "I did not have sufficient information to answer that question."
(330) Morti: :eyes and smile go wide on his cloth mask at the slight nod: "Really? Great! Um... can you speak back?"
(333) DM: It paws at its treasure mound and shrugs.
(330) Morti: "Oh... no?"
(333) DM: It just looks at you with wide eyes.
(330) Morti: "Were you sealed in there to guard that treasure?"
(333) DM: It nods.
(330) Morti: "By the Axe-Lord?"
(333) DM: It nods.
(330) Morti: "That's cruel."
(333) DM: It shrugs.
(330) Morti: "Is there any way out?"
(326) Cael: "Is that why you harmed me, you thought I was trying to take the treasure?"
(333) DM: It paws at its treasure mound and scratches out a question mark in the dirt below.
(329) Thom: "You don't know... nevermind, I'm not asking anything." Thom just turns back to the hidden door and continues to work on checking for traps.
(333) DM: It nods (at Cael's question).
(326) Cael: "My apologies, that was not my intention."
(330) Morti: "Oh.. you can write in the treasure! In that case, what's your name? It's a bit rude to be just calling you drake. I'm Morti, by the way."
(333) DM: It scratches 'Phelzaron'.
** (329) Thom presses a button in the wall near the hidden door. **
(330) Morti: :grins: "Nice to meet you, Phelzaron." :bows: "Um... how did you get- I mean.. were you set to guard this treasure voluntarily? Or were you forced into the sphere?"
** (329) Thom glances to the back room, making sure Rhian is focused on the crystal before quietly asking Sevis, "Do you think that the One Power is really as dangerous as she makes it out to be?" **
(333) DM: The door slides back and a triple crossbow fies!
(333) DM: (fires)
(333) DM: (Reflex for Thom and Sevis)
(329) Thom: Reflex vs traps: [1d20+16] => [10,16] = (26)
(333) DM: The drake shrugs.
(330) Morti: "You don't remember?"
(333) Artonn: "It has been said that the force known as the One Power exhibits qualities dangerous to those not trained in its use."
(329) Thom: "So much for asking quietly..."
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [2d4+2] => [3,4,2] = (9)
(333) DM: The drake shrugs.
(330) Morti: "That's terrible. Do you know if there was something important you were protecting?"
(335) Sevis Goloens: [1d20+11] => [2,11] = (13)
(333) DM: It nods.
(330) Morti: "One certain piece of treasure?"
(333) DM: It nods.
(330) Morti: :grimaces: "A lot of mage types have been coming through here it seems. Have any of them harassed you for what your guard?"
(333) DM: It nods vigorously.
(330) Morti: "Have any succeeded?"
(333) DM: It shakes its head.
(330) Morti: "Phew. That's a sunrise drake for you. Nice work!"
(333) DM: It blinks and stretches like a cat.
(330) Morti: "Hmm... still though.. I wish we had a way to get you out of this sphere. Do you think Artonn would know?"
(333) DM: It shrugs.
(330) Morti: "Hold on. We'll check."
** (330) Morti rushes back to the statue. "Artonn, are you awake again?" **
(329) Thom: "He is Morti. At least, he was."
(333) Artonn: "I am Artonn the Witness-Taker. What would you?"
** (335) Sevis Goloens pulls the bolt out of his chest "I doubt it is as dangerous as she makes it out to be. if used wisly anyways." **
(330) Morti: "Hello again, Artonn. I was wondering about the drake sealed in the sphere over there. Is there a way to free him?"
(333) Artonn: "I do not have sufficient information to answer that question."
(330) Morti: :groans: "Too bad. Do you at least know why he's in there?"
(333) Artonn: "I do not have sufficient information to answer that question."
(330) Morti: "Oh.. you weren't allowed to know either?"
(329) Thom: "Aye. There was a sickness to it, but I don't feel worse for wear from it." Thom smiles slightly, "And the power it offers, such strength."
(333) Artonn: "It is not given for me to answer that question."
(330) Morti: "Does that mean you know but you won't say?"
(333) Artonn: "There is something that must happen first before I am able to answer such a question."
(330) Morti: "So.. you do want me to polish you?
** (333) Artonn does not reply. **
** (332) Daelan steps out of room 14 seeing everyone gathered in room 12 once more. **
(330) Morti: "Um... okay... so what has to happen first?"
** (329) Thom speaks to Artonn. "We would have you answer some questions." **
** (335) Sevis Goloens moves his light into room 15 since shot him he may as well see whats in there **
(332) Daelan: " Again with more questions? What happened to finding the one who killed the Humans and bringing them to justice?"
(329) Thom: "You don't like it Daelan, you can always shut up."
(333) Artonn: "With six hands of Loring the Lost upon the Wheel of Time, at the moment Bazel mounts his Chariot to do battle with the Seven Daughters, the Dead King shall rise to seize the Triad with hands that cannot grasp and eyes that cannot see. All wards broken and the mystic barriers pierced with mating swords, three sinners and saints will struggle in the dust, both and neither to triumph, and while the sundered earth spews forth the dregs of centuries, a new Order shall come upon the Land."
(332) Daelan: " You would do well to heed your own advise Edain.''
(333) Artonn: "This prophecy must come to pass before I may answer any questions relating to the wizard Phelzaron."
(330) Morti: "That long..? Wizard..? He's not a drake?"
(333) Artonn: "Correct. He is a wizard, once magist to the Axe-Lord Elktazar."
** (329) Thom just smirks at Daelan, not responding in any other way. **
(330) Morti: "Heh.. then you already answered a question for me." :sticks out his tongue:
(330) Morti: "Was he imprisoned as an evil-doer?"
** (329) Thom turns back to look into the room he opened (room 15), keeping an ear on the conversation in the main room. **
(333) Artonn: "It is not given for me to answer such a question."
(329) Thom: (( quick smoke break - brb ))
(330) Morti: "Alright fine.. Can you answer about the prying eyes then? I was curious if they still lived in other places or just here."
(333) Artonn: "They are creatures that were once common on Andurin before the Devastation."
(330) Morti: "But they were thought to be extinct. Was it the Axe-lord who preserved them here?"
(333) Artonn: "It is not given for me to answer such a question."
(330) Morti: "Well.. do you know if they still live anywhere else?"
(333) Artonn: "It is said that they reside on the Stair to Nowhere, in the Hall of the Throne and in the tower of the wizard Ishcabeble."
(330) Morti: "Are there any other such creatures, thought to be extinct but still living?"
(333) Artonn: "An eater-of-magicka and a thief-of-hate are creatures that are derived from a prying eye. There are rumors that each resides in the Hall of the Throne and on the Plain of Kings, in Damrosil."
** (330) Morti nods. "Maybe I'll meet them someday. Thank you." **
** (333) Artonn does not reply. **
(330) Morti: :looks back to the others: "Um.. am I holding us up?"
(329) Thom: "Not if you are getting anything useful, no."
(330) Morti: :scratches his head: "Well.. shall we go then?"
(329) Thom: "Very well." Thom heads back out (heading for room 11, passing through room 10, to 8).
** (326) Cael follows. **
** (328) Arun follows as well **
** (330) Morti hurries back to the sphere first, assuring the drake within. "I don't know how right now. But I promise I'll return to free you, as soon as I know how... as long as you don't turn out to be evil." **
(333) DM: It shrugs and goes back to sleep.
** (330) Morti offers a bow and rushes over to rejoin the group. **
** (332) Daelan brings up the rear **
** (331) Atross follows along, serving to usher Morti along as well. **
** (329) Thom pauses upon reaching the archway, and then continues down the path not yet travelled (to 9). **
(333) DM: Here the passage ends in stairs -- six steps each dropping a foot. The room beyond is quite dark and chilly. Water can be heard dripping nearby.
** (329) Thom slows down, checking the stairs for traps before descending each one. **
** (328) Arun ignites his swords for light. **
** (329) Thom suddenly has a soft light on his right hand, the light allowing him to see better. **
(333) DM: Through an archway is a flooded room, and in the center are three stone caskets. The room is awash in debris and mud.
** (329) Thom continues down the stairs, and peers into the room. **
(329) Thom: "Hmm, anyone got a way to deal with standing water?"
** (330) Morti follows slowly, stopping at the stairs to watch Thom's work. "Doesn't water usually just lay there?" **
(331) Atross: "Besides standing in it, you mean?"
(329) Thom: "Yes, besides that. I'd rather have it not there."
(330) Morti: "Um... no.. not really."
(326) Cael: "My apologies, I didn't prepare for this. About the best I could do currently is add to the water, which wouldn't really solve anything."
(332) Daelan: " Only way to walk on water is to freeze it.''
(329) Thom: "Then wait here. I want to see if there is anything on the caskets quickly. But no matter what, I don't currently see another way out, so this is not our route."
(330) Morti: "Could be a sunken route."
** (329) Thom enters the room, moving toward the caskets. He holds his hand out to shed light on them, looking for any identifying marks. **
(329) Thom: "Maybe, but that fits under a way I don't currently see."
(330) Morti: "I read about that once in a book. Where the heroes had to escape a villain's lair by swimming through an underwater tunnel to the river outside. Of course... that was in a cave. And I'm not much of a swimmer."
** (329) Thom makes his way back to the stairs, climbing out of the water. "Axe-lord symbols, nothing to do with Algahund it seems." **
** (329) Thom moves back to the archway, moving back to where they saw the image of the woman talking to a door (area 6ish). **
** (330) Morti follows after Thom. **
** (329) Thom heads to the door to the right (to 4), checking it over for any traps and unlocking it, if necessary. **
** (331) Atross shrugs, and follws Thom as he backtracks some more. **
(333) DM: The image is gone by the way.
(330) Morti: afk a min
** (329) Thom looks back, to ensure that the group is together. **
** (328) Arun is still with Thom **
** (332) Daelan brings up the rear **
(329) Thom: (( making sure everyone is still awake. :-P ))
** (326) Cael looks at Thom, waiting. **
** (331) Atross is ready. **
** (329) Thom opens the door to see what lies beyond. **
** (330) Morti is.... Morti.. **
(333) DM: This chamber is empty, save for a solid stone block, roughly 7' long, 4' high and wide.
(329) Thom: "Well, nothing here either. Who's got the mirror?"
** (330) Morti points back to his unseen servant, still carrying it. **
(329) Thom: "Hae it brought in this room, just to make sure there's nothing. That mirror tends to show things..."
(329) Thom: (( *Have ))
(330) Morti: "Okay.." :instructs his servant into the room:
(333) DM: (k)
(333) DM: (ok, well the mirror is there)
(329) Thom: (( no change then? ))
(333) DM: (correct)
(330) Morti: "Now what?"
(329) Thom: "Well, it was worth a shot. Guess we head to the hall of the Seat of Power." Thom turns to the remaining door, checking it for traps a couple times - just to be sure.
** (330) Morti scratches his head as he moves into the room.. looking the altar over curiously. **
(330) Morti: "Hmm?" :moves closer, hovering a hand over the altar a moment.
** (329) Thom kneels down and starts to unlock the door. **
** (332) Daelan watches Morti from outside the room **
(330) Morti: "Hey.. there's something strange about this altar."
(326) Cael: "What is it?"
** (330) Morti looks about the floor for prints in the dust. **
(330) Morti: "Well.. it's radiating pretty strong magick, and the two hand prints in the dust are kinda creepy."
** (326) Cael looks at the handprints after approaching the altar. "Daelan, perhaps you could take a look at these prints, you may be able to glean more from them than I." **
(330) Morti: "ER.. three hand prints rather."
** (332) Daelan steps into the room,walking over to where Ceal and Morti are,kneels down and studies the handprints **
(332) Daelan: " Two men and one woman were in here.''
(330) Morti: "Looks like the three baddies each touched the stone. Thin we should?"
(330) Morti: "They seem to know more about this place than we do."
(332) Daelan: " They were here about three weeks ago.''
(326) Cael: "Is there any sign of their leaving this room by foot, I know it will be more difficult because of our traffic, however..."
(332) Daelan: " About the same time the murder took place at the leaning stone.''
** (329) Thom opens the doorand peers beyond. **
(332) Daelan: " The tracks do not leave this room.''
(332) Daelan: " I would not touch the alter Morti,no telling what will happen,but do as you wish.''
** (329) Thom leaves the door open and turns back to the others. "What did you all find?" **
(330) Morti: "Well.. the stone does radiate conjuration... it may be a teleportation device. But... perhaps we should exhaust other options before toying with it."
(332) Daelan: " Two men and a woman were in the altar room,about three weeks ago,the tracks do not leave,Morti says the altar is magikal.''
(329) Thom: "Consider them exhausted Morti. Only remaining option is the way we came in. That last doorway leads to a stairway - that is completely blocked with rubble."
** (330) Morti nods, and calls over his servant with the mirror. "Okay.. I-I'll go first then." **
(329) Thom: "Be careful, and don't wander."
** (330) Morti takes hold of the mirror, draws a deep breath and reaches down to touch the stone with his four fingered left hand. **
(332) Daelan: " Better one of us goes first Morti.''
** (332) Daelan steps forward,placing his right hand upon the altar before Morti **
** (331) Atross watches, waiting to see what happens. **
(333) DM: As he does so, there is a tremendous burst of wind as the door leading to the well room blows open. A horde of twinkling lights rushes forward -- and on closer inspection, it is in fact ALL of the prying eyes in the well shaft. They surround Morti and completely envelop him as a voice cries out, "The Cheiromar rests not here, but has been laid to rest where in life he strove, and where in death he is safe from those who would rob and destroy. If you seek the power that was his, and have knowledge enough to take and leave what is right, seek the Endless Stair."

There is a loud explosion, and Morti, his servant and the mirror disappear.

(333) DM: The prying eyes vanish.
(329) Thom: (( All of them, even the ones on us? ))
(333) DM: Daelan vanishes as well.
(333) DM: ((all of them))
(329) Thom: "Everyone else, get together. And let us hope that we can still follow. They went at the same time, we will all try to go at one time."
** (326) Cael nods in agreement. **
** (328) Arun hesitantly nods, and approaches the altar. **
(329) Thom: "I'll count to three, and then everyone lay their hand on the alter. Got it?"
(331) Atross: "Agreed."
** (326) Cael takes a position near the altar, hand readied. **
** (331) Atross joins the remaining group in setting hand to the stone of the altar. **
(329) Thom: (( going to assume that even those silent (Drenla, Rhian, and Sevis) are going to do this as well. ))
(329) Thom: "One, Two, Three." Thom then places his hand on the alter.
** (326) Cael does the same **
** (328) Arun touches the altar. **
(333) DM: You vanish and reappear in a clearing, presumably far from the Leaning Crag. In the midst of the clearing are Morti, Daelan and the (invisible) servant carrying the mirror. Also is a crystalline stair that ascends into the sky. At the base of the crystal staircase is a pile of bones and skeletons, apparently from those unfortunate souls who tried to climb the Stair and fell to their deaths.
(333) DM: All is peaceful, birds sing in the trees. It is late afternoon.
(329) Thom: "Whew, I was a little worried there."
(329) Thom: (( oh, and sign of the prying eyes? ))
(329) Thom: (( *any ))
(333) DM: ((none))
(330) Morti: :scratches his head: "Well.. that was an interesting ride. Everyone okay?"
** (332) Daelan searches the pile of bones. **
** (329) Thom rejoins Morti and Daelan. "I think so. At least, everything feels like it's in the right place." **
(333) DM: (we should stop here because I need to prepare the next section and read up on things)
(330) Morti: :nods and glances back over his shoulder to find a vacant space. Hanging his face he groans miserably: "Blinky..."
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(329) Thom: "They all disappeared with you and Daelan Morti. Drawn by the magic or something."
(330) Morti: (ok)
(329) Thom: (( k ))
(329) Zane: Next week is Mel Nethra, right?

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