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(145) TaliesinNYC: gimme 2 min

(145) TaliesinNYC: gimme 2 min
(145) TaliesinNYC: Rhian is with the group
(145) TaliesinNYC: she's not returning to NTV
(145) TaliesinNYC: now that Elaida is Amyrlin
(147) Hevnen (enter): 21:34
(145) TaliesinNYC: (5) DM: It appears that the chamber is not as empty as it appears...
(5) DM: At the bottom of the shaft lie the bones of a few small creatures, a broken wooden staff, a rusty dagger and a small brass box.

All of these items become visible as soon as Cael emerges into the room, along with the mirror.
(4) Daelan: " I do not like this,but Atross has gone into the Earth and it would not bode well if my Elendil were to fall.''
** (4) Daelan steps forward into the shaft and slowly begins to sink into the earth. **
(5) DM: (and so Daelan sees the twinkling lights and so forth....)
(5) DM: (and one of them attaches itself to him.)
(16) Morti: "Woah." :looks about at the new reveal by the mirror.:
(8) Thom: "Well, that mirror seems to be handy already." Thom heads back and picks up the box, studying it.
(4) Daelan: " I hope these things do not become a permanent part of my being,the sooner I get out of here the better I shall feel,so let us find out what is going on,fix it and leave.''
(5) DM: The box is made of brass and it seems to be latched. It contains a lock, also made of brass. Something jiggles inside.
(5) DM: A few small damp patches darken the floor of the chamber.
** (8) Thom checks the box for any traps. **
(16) Morti: :to Dale: "Relax. I think they're great. I wonder if they'll follow us when we leave."
(4) Daelan: " You may wish to have more than two eyes Morti,I do not.''
(25) Cael: "So, what next?"
(16) Morti: :frowns a bit at Dael's annoyance, and but nods and turns to look about the room.
** (8) Thom carefully opens the box, seeing what it holds. **
(5) DM: Each of the disembodied eyes accompanying you looks curiously at you.
(5) DM: Within is a dusty, mildew-covered rag
** (16) Morti uncaps his staff torch, and kneels down, picking up a part of the broken staff. He looks it over thoughtfully, wondering if there is a way to discern a mage's staff from a mundane one. **
(5) DM: It seems to enclose something.
(5) DM: The staff is rotted through and through.
(25) Cael: "Thom?"
(8) Thom: "Yeah?"
** (25) Cael looks around at all the eyes, then the box Thom is holding before looking at Thom, "Be careful." **
(8) Thom: "I was planning on it." Thom then pulls out a dagger from his belt and uses the tip to move the rag aside, to see what is enclosed within it.
(4) Daelan: " Be careful? He is a human,they all just left the surface to come down here,even when told they would have some creepy eye attach itself to them,but that did not stop them,be careful is not something they listen to Cael.''
(5) DM: You expose a corked and wax-sealed glass vial containing a glowing clear blue-tinged liquid.
(16) Morti: :still holding the rotted wood, begins looking over the bones, wondering if any of them are humanoid.:
(16) Morti: :to Dael: "Um... you did too."
(8) Thom: "Morti, I got a vial of liquid here. Might be down your alley."
** (25) Cael looks at Daelan, "I wouldn't exactly consider you to be the most reasonable individual I've met." **
(16) Morti: "Hmmm?" :moves to Thom's side to see what he's talking about.
(16) Morti: "Yeah... that's liquid."
** (8) Thom hands the box with the vial over to Morti. "Watch out for the rag there, looks awfully moldy. Don't want to catch illness down here." **
(8) Thom: "Thanks Morti, I wasn't sure about that." he says with a smile.
** (16) Morti takes the bowx, careful of the mold, due to Thom's warning, and just stares back at the scout, unsure what else to say, "It's not like I can idendfy it here or anything." **
** (5) Drenla regards the prying eye curiously but with more than a hint of wariness. **
(8) Thom: "Oh, I wasn't sure. Might as well take it then, no one else around here is going to claim it."
(5) Drenla: "Not all creatures from before the Devastation were harmless, Morti."
(4) Daelan: " Only reason I am here is for Atross Morti.''
(5) Drenla: "Though these seem benign enough."
(8) Thom: "It's so nice to have your cheerful voice with us Daelan." Thom says as he crosses the room again to the door. Thom then begins working on unlocking the door.
(5) Drenla: "The question I have is why are they here, and how?"
** (16) Morti hands the box back to Thom, and nods to Drenla, "Know, but these guys seem friendly. I was thinking they might be guardians for the tomb. Watchiing anyone who enters." **
** (8) Thom takes the box and closes it, stashing it away for now. **
(14) Atross: "Maybe this isn't important to anybody else, but why did bringing the mirror down here seem to reveal things?"
(5) DM: Suddenly the images of three robed individuals appear in the room. A sneering woman, garbed in white, a hunchback in tattered brown clothing and a cowled and hooded figure, apparently a man with a muscular frame in maroon robes.
(5) DM: They're fighting each other and casting spells.
(16) Morti: "Wah!" :jumps at the sudden appearance of the trio. Taking him a moment to notice they fight one another:
** (8) Thom dodges and rolls off to the side at the first appearance of the trio. Once he realizes it's just an image, he stands up shaking his head. "I guess we can thank the mirror for that as well?" **
(5) DM: The woman hurls a ball of flames at the hunchback, who in turn spreads both of his hands and unleashes an intense barrage of sizzling blue missiles at both the female magus and the cowled figure. The third combatant on the other hand summons forth a flying cobra that proceeds to attack the woman. Each of you feels your lifeforce slipping away. (Fort and roll init)
(8) Thom: Fortitude: [1d20+7] => [18,7] = (25) => [11,7] => (11, 7) = (18)
(25) Cael: Fortitude: [1d20+7+2] => [4,7,2] = (13) => [10,7,2] => (10, 7, 2) = (19)
(16) Morti: Fortitude save: [1d20+7] => [8,7] = (15) => [19,7] => (19, 7) = (26)
(8) Thom: Initiative: [1d20+9] => [13,9] = (22) => [9,9] => (9, 9) = (18)
(25) Cael: Initiative: [1d20+3+4] => [17,3,4] = (24) => [2,3,4] => (2, 3, 4) = (9)
(16) Morti: Init: [1d20+2] => [14,2] = (16) => [4,2] => (4, 2) = (6)
(4) Daelan: Fortitude save: [1d20+12] => [10,12] = (22) => [18,12] => (18, 12) = (30)
(5) DM: (Cael and Mort fail)
(4) Daelan: INIT: [1d20+2] => [4,2] = (6) => [3,2] => (3, 2) = (5)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [2d4] => [3,2] = (5) => [1,1] => (1, 1) = (2)
(8) Thom: hmm... is Donovan awake? Haven't heard anything for a while
(25) Cael: (( I think he meant me, not Atross. ))
(5) DM: (no, I meant Atross. he's here with you isn't he?)
(8) Thom: (( sorry the 19 was Cael. My comp is a little slower than usual tonight. ))
(16) Morti: Spellcraft Skill Check: [1d20+19] => [12,19] = (31) => [5,19] => (5, 19) = (24)
(16) Morti: Spellcraft Skill Check: [1d20+19] => [5,19] = (24) => [9,19] => (9, 19) = (28)
(16) Morti: Spellcraft Skill Check: [1d20+19] => [13,19] = (32) => [7,19] => (7, 19) = (26)
(5) DM: (I'm sending his noide to you Zane, roll for him please)
(8) Atross: Fortitude: [1d20+11] => [16,11] = (27) => [4,11] => (4, 11) = (15)
(3) Tanesh (exit): 02:03
(8) Atross: Initiative: [1d20+5] => [7,5] = (12) => [3,5] => (3, 5) = (8)
(5) : (he loses 2 damage as well)
(5) : (a 15 fails)
(5) : (ok, give me a second to set things up)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+2] => [2,2] = (4) => [11,2] => (11, 2) = (13)
whispering to Donovan, are you awake?
(5) DM: (might have to roll for Atr, Zane)
(8) Thom: (( I think he's back. ))
(5) : (Thom, 18)
(8) Thom: "Why do I feel this is more than just an image?" Thom moves over to the door and prepares to work on unlocking it.
(5) DM: (The chamber is about 40' in diameter for purposes of effect.)
(8) Thom: (( done ))
(5) DM: ((room isn't to scale obviously))
(5) DM: ((load minis))
(5) DM: ((I lost my mini loader so load another mini for me and entitle it "image" pls))
(25) Cael: (( Hm... does anyone see my mini? I loaded it but I can't see it.
(5) DM: ((not to me))
(5) DM: ((I'll improvise then))
(8) Thom: (( nope - don't see yours. What type of mini do you want Stash? ))
(5) DM: ((the X is the 'image'))
(5) DM: ((doesn't matter))
(8) Thom: (( k ))
(25) Cael: (( I'm gonna try something realy quick, if it doesn't work, I'll be improvising too it seems. ))
(5) DM: The three wizards begin a duel to the death. The female magus unleashes a lightning bolt at the cowled figure. The hunchback hurls a pair of chromatic orbs at both of his tormentors. The figure summons into being a shimmering ifrit and commands it to attack them both.
(25) Cael: Disconnecting from server...
(25) J.C. (exit): 02:16
(5) DM: As each wizard casts his or her spell, you feel something tug at yourselves. (Fort x3)
(16) Morti: Fortitude save: [1d20+7] => [15,7] => (15, 7) = (22) => [4,7] => (4, 7) = (11)
(16) Morti: Fortitude save: [1d20+7] => [9,7] = (16) => [12,7] => (12, 7) = (19)
(16) Morti: Fortitude save: [1d20+7] => [20,7] = (27) => [14,7] => (14, 7) = (21)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [2d4] => [4,4] = (8) => [3,1] => (3, 1) = (4)
(26) J.C. (enter): 02:17
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (26) J.C....
whispering to J.C., need 3 Fort saves from you
(26) J.C.: Fortitude: [1d20+7+2] => [4,7,2] = (13) => [6,7,2] => (6, 7, 2) = (15)
(26) J.C.: Fortitude: [1d20+7+2] => [6,7,2] = (15) => [15,7,2] => (15, 7, 2) = (24)
(26) J.C.: Fortitude: [1d20+7+2] => [2,7,2] = (11) => [3,7,2] => (3, 7, 2) = (12)
** (16) Morti groans. "Yeah.. this isn't normal." **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [2d4] => [4,3] = (7) => [4,1] => (4, 1) = (5),[2d4] => [2,3] = (5) => [3,4] => (3, 4) = (7)
whispering to J.C., 11 damage
(8) Thom: Fortitude: [1d20+7] => [20,7] = (27) => [13,7] => (13, 7) = (20)
(8) Thom: Fortitude: [1d20+7] => [7,7] = (14) => [15,7] = (22)
(8) Thom: Fortitude: [1d20+7] => [11,7] = (18) => [3,7] => (3, 7) = (10)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [2d4] => [1,4] = (5) => [1,1] => (1, 1) = (2)
(8) Thom: "Anyone who can stop them, please do it."
(5) DM: (Cael, 9)
(26) J.C.: (( Just a sec, checking what I missed. ))
(16) Morti: Spellcraft Skill Check: [1d20+19] => [14,19] = (33) => [4,19] => (4, 19) = (23)
** (26) J.C. looks at the group of casters, falling on his hands as he begins to change into a Brown Bear. **
(26) J.C.: (( Done ))
(5) DM: (k. Atross, 8)
** (14) Atross steps closer to the wall, away from the image of the wizards and fires a few shots into the mirage, hoping to disrupt it. **
(14) Atross: ((One at each image.))
(14) Atross: Full Attack: First Shot:[1d20+10+5+2+2+1] => [2,10,5,2,2,1] = (22) => [18,10,5,2,2,1] => (18, 10, 5, 2, 2, 1) = (38) Rapid Shot:[1d20+10+5+2+2+1] => [16,10,5,2,2,1] => (16, 10, 5, 2, 2, 1) = (36) => [16,10,5,2,2,1] = (36)Second Shot:[1d20+5+5+2+2+1] => [5,5,5,2,2,1] = (20) => [2,5,5,2,2,1] => (2, 5, 5, 2, 2, 1) = (17)
(16) Morti: :speaks to his following eyes: "You guys aren't doing this, are you?"
(27) No Name (enter): 02:27
(16) Morti: Will save: [1d20+11] => [20,11] = (31) => [2,11] => (2, 11) = (13)
(5) DM: The eyes do not reply.
(16) Morti: "Are you trying to protect Alaghund's tomb?"
(14) Atross: Flaming Greatbow Damage: [1d10+3+2+2+1] => [9,3,2,2,1] = (17) => [4,3,2,2,1] => (4, 3, 2, 2, 1) = (12) Fire Damage: [1d6] => [1] = (1) => [3] => 3 = (3)
(14) Atross: Flaming Greatbow Damage: [1d10+3+2+2+1] => [4,3,2,2,1] = (12) => [8,3,2,2,1] => (8, 3, 2, 2, 1) = (16) Fire Damage: [1d6] => [6] = (6) => [5] => 5 = (5)
(5) DM: (sec)
(5) DM: There is no reply from the eyes.
(5) DM: (checking with Atross on something)
(5) DM: The images shriek with pain.
(5) DM: (Mort, 6)
(16) Morti: "Eh..?" :raises a brow as the images are injured:
(16) Morti: (how many can I hit with a lightning bolt?)
(5) DM: (probably all of them but remember that you might hit some of your fellows)
(16) Morti: (nah, he's got a clear shot to the otherwall)
(5) DM: (let it rip then)
** (16) Morti quickly draws out an amber rod, rubbing it briskly along the fu of his coat as he chants arcane words. Electricity gathers about the rod and sparks from his fingers, before he lets it loose in an azure stream across thre room and through the images. Lightning Bolt(rf 17): [8d6] => [1,2,5,3,5,5,4,4] = (29) => [3,5,3,1,5,4,1,3] => (3, 5, 3, 1, 5, 4, 1, 3) = (25) **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+9] => [11,9] = (20) => [15,9] => (15, 9) = (24)
(5) DM: The images scream with agony and disappear.
(27) No Name (exit): 02:41
(8) Thom: "Nicely done Morti."
** (4) Daelan stands and watches not sure of what has happened. **
** (8) Thom works on unlocking the door out of the room. **
** (16) Morti lets out a relieved breath at the disappearance. "Thanks Atross. Didn't think we could hurt them." **
(28) J.C. (enter): 02:42
** (16) Morti moves to the mirror to uncover it and see what images it shows now. **
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (28) J.C....
(5) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(26) J.C.' from room...
(26) J.C. (exit): 02:44
(5) DM: This time, it shows SIX images.
** (28) J.C. lets out a roar as he shifts back and moves towards Morti and the mirror. **
(5) DM: The Leaning Stone, the crystalline stair, the three wizards and a throne made of pure magicka.

(145) DM: (close of last session)
Attempting to ENABLE moderation in the current room...
Server Administrator-> This channel is now moderated
(145) DM: (party is in room 1)
** (140) Thom is at the door, working to get it unlocked. **
(144) Lunauc: "HHrrrmmmm..." :stares at the mirrorthoughtfully
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+21] => [2,21] = (23)
(147) Hevnen (exit): 21:37
whispering to Zane, barely able to get it open
Attempting to assign the role of LURKER to (142) Spiritmarked...
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, I need you to send me Sevis' node. I seem to have lost it
(132) Dj Gilcrease has sent you a tree node...
(133) Cael: "So, do you think that the new image was triggered by its being here or by what just happened?"
(144) Lunauc: :shrugs: "Dunno. Maybe the mirror just wanted us to see what happened before."
** (140) Thom slips his tools back into a pocket and opens the door. "It showed after Morti took care of those freaks, so I'd say by what happened." **
(133) Cael: "We can't be sure, it was wrapped up until after they were dealed with."
(145) DM: It's a dark corridor beyond the door. And quite dusty too, as if it hasn't been disturbed in ages.
(139) Daelan: " Perhaps the mirror is nothing more that a vessel to see what has happened,like in this room.''
(133) Cael: "I meant to check it again before entering, but things happened a little fast for my liking."
(144) Lunauc: :nods: "Maybe if it is in this place it doesn't matter if it's covered... or... maybe it was something else." :glances back at the eyes floating over his shoulder
(140) Thom: "Well, let's make sure someone keeps on eye on it now. Who knows when part three will be?
(145) DM: (Sevis has a "prying eye" as well.)
** (139) Daelan glances down the hallway," Well atleast there has not been anyone down here for quite some time.'' **
(132) Sevis Goloens: (( ? ))
** (140) Thom draws out his rapier and with a thought, ignites it. He starts looking for traps in the next hallway, using his rapier for light. **
** (144) Lunauc nods to Thom and stands to follow **
(145) DM: (tell him in the group OOC channel)
** (144) Morti nods to Thom and stands to follow **
(132) Sevis Goloens: "Why not just break the mirror? If you already explained why I appologize, my mind has been occupied with the events of Nith Tar Valon."
(144) Morti: "Because it's Alaghund's mirror. We don't have a right to break it. We have to return it."
** (132) Sevis Goloens looks down the coridor, then back at the eye "Drenla, could these eyes survive since the third age if they were left here?" **
(145) Drenla: "Prying eyes live on magicka. It's what sustains them. There would need to be a sufficient source of magicka nearby if that's the case. You're talking three millenia."
** (139) Daelan breaths in the stale air as he follows the others,'' Death has been down here along time Thom.'' **
(140) Thom: "That's the normal state for a tomb."
(144) Morti: "Then.. maybe it's something about this place. Perhaps it's why Alaghund chose it as well."
(132) Sevis Goloens: "They feed on magic, so are they draining the magic from our equipment by hanging around?"
(149) Zoolin (enter): 21:50
(144) Morti: :scratches his head: "Hmmm.... dunno. Not sure these little guys could eat too much." :to drenla: "Could they?"
(141) Arun: "That may be why they are following us."
(144) Morti: "Besides... if they were all hungry, I think we'd have more than one a piece on us, no?"
** (132) Sevis Goloens starts down the coridor as they talk **
(145) Drenla: "It's possible. I don't know much about these creatures. Much knowledge was lost in the years after the Devastation."
(149) Zoolin (exit): 21:53
(144) Morti: "I wonder if there are any other lost things down here?" :asks while scratching his neck and smiling through his scarf
(132) Sevis Goloens: "Morti or Drenla can you make an area where magic does not work?"
(143) Donovan: "I don't think they would be able to do such a thing. Unless that was part of their created function."
(143) Atross: "I don't think they would be able to do such a thing. Unless that was part of their created function."
(144) Morti: "Some what..." :offers unsurely:
** (141) Arun ignites his scimitars, holding them at his sides, and moves to catch up to Thom and Sevis. **
(145) Drenla: "I do not have that spell memorized, if you are referring to a void sphere."
** (140) Thom continues to move down the hallway, checking first one branch than the other, leaving the next door for last. **
(132) Sevis Goloens: "I dont know much about magic, just thought that if these eyes feed on magic, an area that magic did not work would get rid of them, or kill them."
** (144) Morti glares at Sevis, "Why would you want to kill them?" **
(145) DM: In this chamber (2) lies an aged skeleton. In one hand is a bone scroll tube. Scattered a few feet away from the skeleton is a silver-bladed dagger, a tattered robe, a pair of worm-eaten boots and a backpack.
(132) Sevis Goloens: "Well if they are feeding off the magic in our items, thus weekening them, they could prove harmfull."
** (140) Thom collects the tube up, looking it over for any traps. **
(145) DM: It's sealed with wax.
** (139) Daelan stops behind Thom,his eyes scanning the room carefully **
(144) Morti: :groans: "Even if that is true, it's not their fault. It's just what they do to survive."
** (141) Arun picks up the backpack, and looks inside. **
** (132) Sevis Goloens goes and picks up the dagger and examines it **
(140) Thom: "Morti, got what appears to be a scroll tube here. You interested?"
(145) DM: Within is a large book covered with emerald drake hide. A prominent sigil is stamped on the cover, that of an eye wreathed in flames. Runes are below.
(144) Morti: "Eh...?" :glances out the door toward Thom's voice
(143) Atross: "Looks like something has scattered around the remains here already."
(140) Thom: "Could be, or could be the after effects of whatever killed him."
(145) DM: The chamber is otherwise empty.
** (144) Morti picks up the mirror and heads out the door to follow after Thom. "What did ya want?" **
** (141) Arun removes the book from the pack, inspects it for a moment, then holds it up for Morti to see. "Any idea what these runes might mean?" **
(140) Thom: "I found what looks to be a sealed scroll tube and thought you might be interested. If not, I can hold onto it just as easily."
whispering to Lunauc, It's a really old form of Common
** (132) Sevis Goloens slips the dagger into his belt and looks over the robe and boots to see if there is anything in them **
(145) DM: The clothing is quite tattered.
(139) Daelan: " It appears he was a mage,and his remains were scattered after he was killed.''
** (133) Cael stands watching his companions while keeping an eye open for any danger. **
(144) Morti: "Ah..." :puts down the mirror and holds his hand out for the scroll: "Did you check for traps on the case?"
(140) Thom: "Sure did, it was clear." Thom says, handing the scroll tube over.
** (144) Morti glances to Arun and the book, while taking the scroll... leaning in to peer closely at the runes on the cover (comprehend language spell like ability) **
(144) Morti: "It's some kind of common... old though."
** (140) Thom moves over to the door (towards 5), checking it for any traps. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+21] => [1,21] = (22)
** (143) Atross follows Thom back towards the door, waiting at the intersection of corridors to get a wider view. **
(139) Daelan: " Were I you,I would keep that book well hidden,we do have a Drake working for us at the moment,and it may not take kindly to someone having a book covered in the hide of a Drake.''
(144) Morti: "It says it belongs to Evren."
(144) Morti: Knowledge: History Skill Check: [1d20+10] => [10,10] = (20)
(144) Morti: Knowledge: Arcana Skill Check: [1d20+19] => [3,19] = (22)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+14] => [2,14] = (16)
** (141) Arun passes the book to Morti. **
** (144) Morti takes the book, with a deep frown, as he looks over the macabre covering **
(144) Morti: "Do ya think he was one of the three from the battle?"
(143) Atross: "That would mean the battle took place a long time ago then."
(144) Morti: "Maybe..."
** (141) Arun shrugs, and noticing that Atross and Thom have gone ahead, goes back along the hallway to lean against the wall adjacent to it, watching Thom work. **
** (144) Morti kneels down, settling the book in his lap and opens the scroll tube to check its contents, while speaking upward: "Have you ever heard of an Evren, Magus Drenla?" **
(141) Arun: ("it" being the door)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+21] => [10,21] = (31)
** (145) Drenla shrugs. **
(145) Drenla: "Your guess is as good as mine."
** (140) Thom works on checking the door, pulls out his tools again, making short work of the lock. **
** (144) Morti stares into the tube, thinking a moment, before uttering a few arcane words into the tube (mending to strengthen paper). Then he carefully tries to draw the old scroll from the tube. **
** (144) Morti grins to his own success and gently unfurls the scroll to see what he's found. **
(140) Thom: "Nice try," he mutters, as he stands and returns his picks to a pocket. He opens the door and peers into what is beyond.
** (133) Cael moves towards the now open door to see what's beyond. **
(145) Drenla: A darkened corridor lies beyond, and dust.
(145) DM: A darkened corridor lies beyond, and dust.
** (144) Morti performance another little ritual(read magic) then scans the contents of the scroll, before replacing it in the tube and pocketing it. He then opens the book... away from himself and begins skimming through it's pages **
** (140) Thom holds his ignited rapier forth to light up the hallway. **
** (143) Atross turns from peering down corridors to look beyond Thom and the door to find yet another corridor. "I guess that wasn't very surprising." **
(140) Thom: "Darkness and dust. Although, it's better than that purple haze in my mind."
** (141) Arun follows suit with his scimitars, further illuminating the dusty corridor, before calling over his shoulder to the others. "The door is open." **
(145) DM: A passage proceeds further into this strange tomb, lined with cobwebs and dust. From the look of the corridor, the roll of the years has passed this place by.
** (140) Thom continues to move down the passage slowly, checking for traps. **
(145) DM: An iron-banded door lies closed to your left, midway down the hall, along with another at the far end.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+14] => [15,14] = (29)
** (132) Sevis Goloens follows along quietly **
(145) DM: Shortly after Thom enters the corridor, an image of the sneering woman appears in the middle of the passage in front of the door on the left. She appears to be engaged in an intense argument with someone unseen.
** (140) Thom passes the doors and heads down the open hallway. **
** (143) Atross hangs back at the door until finally bringing up the rear position. **
(144) Morti: "EH...?" :perks a bit at Arun's call, and stands to follow, still reading the book. In after thought, he stops to cast on more spell (unseen servant), and instructs apparently to thin air, "PLease bring that mirror along, and be very careful."
(140) Thom: (( or not yet... ))
** (140) Thom moves back from the image of the woman, wanting to be away from her if she starts casting. ((Is she the same woman as before?)) **
** (141) Arun regards the image warily, adjusting his grip on his swords. **
** (144) Morti stops behind the halted group, his nose still buried in the book. "Huh?" **
(145) DM: ((yes))
(145) DM: She appears to be engaged in an argument with someone unseen, repeatedly pointing to someone...or something.
(143) Atross: "It's another apparition up ahead."
** (140) Thom moves around, trying to read the woman's lips. **
(139) Daelan: " Morti,perhaps you may want to look at the mirror now.''
** (144) Morti rises up on his tippy-toes to see over the shoulders of the others, to see the woman.(she have prying eyes too?) **
(145) DM: (no)
(144) Morti: :nods to Dael and glances back to the mirror, now carried by his servant
(144) Morti: "It's the same."
(140) Thom: "Feel free to keep watching, but she's repeating herself." Thom moves away from the image and down the open hallway (6), checking for traps.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+14] => [7,14] = (21)
** (141) Arun edges past the image, to continue down the hall after Thom. **
(144) Morti: "Hmph?" :approaches the image curiously, watching the 'show':
** (133) Cael follows the group, wary of the image while he is near it. **
** (143) Atross pulls out an arrow to wave through the image experimentally as he passes the show. **
** (144) Morti instructs the servant to move the mirror near the image of the woman to compare the two images. **
(145) DM: There seems to be no variance between this newest apparition and the image in the mirror.
(144) Morti: "Weird... "
(143) Atross: "At least this one isn't dangerous."
(144) Morti: (does she say anything?)
(139) Daelan: " It is not nice to make fun of the dead Atross,they at times take offense to such things.''
(145) DM: (the image in the mirror? no. the one in the corridor? she's saying something but you can't really make it out.)
(143) Atross: "This one has already been offensive, however."
** (144) Morti stares at the woman's mouth, trying to read her lips **
** (144) Morti looks down the hall, she was talking down, then backs up, keeping in her line of sight, and tries to decipher if the person she was talking to was taller or shorter than her, by the position of her eyes. (was the hunchback shorter for his deformity?) **
(145) DM: (yes)
** (140) Thom emerges from the hallway, "Morti - what are you doing?" **
** (144) Morti shrugs: "Trying to see how tall the person she was talking to was." **
(140) Thom: "Ahh. Well, unless we want to get to this hall of the Seat of Power, we can come back later. Besides - her skeleton is down this hallway, clutching a brittle piece of parchment."
(144) Morti: "Hmmm.. but who was she talking to? I don't think it was one of the other two."
** (144) Morti scratches his head in some frustration **
(139) Daelan: " How can you be sure it is the remains of this woman Thom?"
(144) Morti: :follows after Thom to the remains:
(140) Thom: "The same way you are certain that all humans deserve death." Thom shows Morti to the skeleton.
(139) Daelan: " I never said all Edain should die Thom,I said most should.''
** (132) Sevis Goloens follows Thom **
** (139) Daelan follows behind Thom **
(145) DM: This second skeleton appears to be that of a woman. She's clutching a rusted dagger in one hand and a scrap of parchment in the other. A smudge of white powder can be seen nearby, along with a cracked slate.
(140) Thom: "Yeah, because that's so much better Daelan."
** (143) Atross brings up the rear as everyone moves on down the corridor. **
** (144) Morti kneels down, trying to examine the parchment.. seeing if it can be read. **
** (141) Arun keeps an eye on the archway ahead while the others inspect the corpse. **
(139) Daelan: " Then we are in agreement Thom.''
(140) Thom: "You'll have to take it out to read it Morti - I tried already."
(140) Thom: "No Daelan, we are not. Not on this."
** (140) Thom sees that the party has moved down the hallway, "Be careful, the roof doesn't seem to be as stable as t once was." he tells the group as he returns to the archway ahead, carefully looking it over for traps. **
(139) Daelan: " You just said the it is better that most die instead of all.''
(140) Thom: "Words, yes. Intent - no."
(139) Daelan: " I have no intention on killing all Edain that I encounter Thom,most of them perhaps,but not all.''
(140) Thom: "Then I have to inform you that you will not fullfil that intention while I am around."
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+14] => [8,14] = (22)
(143) Atross: "Most people would rather leave well enough alone, as long as you don't bother them first."
(143) Atross: "Therefore, hardly most people should be killed, Daelan. Some are different though."
** (140) Thom heads through the archway, looking each way, using his rapier to light his path. **
(139) Daelan: " Well a balance must be maintained Atross,those that are good should live,those that are evil should not.''
(133) Cael: "Is that what you see as balance?"
** (144) Morti ignores Dael's homicidal tendencies, and forcuses on the corpse. Carefully, he reaches down to the death gripping hand on the scroll, focuses his mind and pours his magic into the limb, to loosen the dead tendons and make the m soft enough to let go of the paper.(prestidigtation) "PLease let go." Gently he tries to pull away the hand and leave the sroll to read. **
** (140) Thom hesitates for a moment, but then turns to the right (towards 10), checking for traps as he heads down the hallway. **
** (132) Sevis Goloens follows Thom absently **
(139) Daelan: " That is not how I see balance,that is balance Cael,there is more evil than good,one has to maintain a balance.''
** (141) Arun continues along with Sevis and Thom. **
(133) Cael: "Yes, but by your words, you wish for good to outnumber evil, while I don't disagree with that statement, it is not a balance.
** (144) Morti groans strangely as he kneels, reading the old parchment **
(139) Daelan: " Trust me Cael,good will never outnumber evil,evil is to compelling for these Edain.''
(133) Cael: "And as long as that is how you see it, things will never change."
** (133) Cael turns from Daelan moving down the path towards the direction Thom took. **
(139) Daelan: " For a Calen you have a strange outlook towards the Edain Cael.''
(144) Morti: "You mean kind?"
(143) Atross: "More people will choose good than you claim, Daelan. We have more allies in this conflict than you believe."
whispering to J.C., the passage branches at (8). tracks indicate he turned right here (to 10).
** (144) Morti takes a moment to strengthen the parchment (mending) then picks it up. **
** (133) Cael turning to look at Daelan, "No, my tribe merely looks for the good in these Edain, not the evil." Turning back again he walks down the path. (Towards 10) **
** (144) Morti then shifts over to the cracked slate by the body to examine **
(139) Daelan: " He is not being kind Morti,he is following his own misguided beliefs,he has his own convictions as I have my own,each must follow their own path in life,he has chosen poorly.''
** (144) Morti frowns at Dael. "If being hopeful is misguided then what is right?" **
** (140) Thom pulls up short at the next archway, looking back to make sure everyone is together. **
(139) Daelan: " My way.''
** (144) Morti blinks, then offers, "I think I'd rather be wrong." :then looks back down to the slate.: **
(140) Thom: "Where's Daelan and Morti, still back in that hallway?"
(139) Daelan: " You are an Edain,how could you be anything but Morti.''
(133) Cael: "Daelan was being, well, himself, and Morti was still looking at the corpse last I knew."
** (144) Morti shrugs, "That's okay. I like being me? Can you say the same?" **
(144) Morti: (like being me .(period))
(139) Daelan: " Of course,I was lucky enough to be born a Quessir.''
(144) Morti: "Hey! A map!" :smiles as he picks up the slate and strolls past Dael after thom to show what he found
(140) Thom: "Well, let's keep everyone together. I'd rather have that mirror Morti wanted to bring down here close by as well."
whispering to Tanesh, Zane, (GW): since the two of you are together, we need to communicate this way
** (139) Daelan follows along behind Morti,making sure everyone is together. **
whispering to Tanesh, Zane, (GW): see the node, so Arun sees what Thom sees
(140) Thom: (( yay - finally getting everyone together again. ))
** (144) Morti and his mirror toting servant blow past the elf, and the mage hurries over to Thom to hold out the stone slate. "I think it's a map of this place." **
(143) Atross: "Yeah, it's back here still. I'll keep an eye on this end for you."
** (140) Thom takes the parchment from Morti and looks it over. **
(144) Morti: :and holds out the parchment: "And this has a map showing someplace called the Endless stair, near Caer."
(140) Thom: (( oh, whoops. Thom takes the stone slate, not the parchment. ))
(140) Thom: "Interesting. We;ve seen most of this, but I believe... Yes, this should be the room right in front of us. Good job Morti."
(144) Morti: :grins for the praise.:
** (140) Thom takes the offered parchment as well. "And most likely we will be at these Stairs at some point, so this will likely prove quite useful. But first, let's see what's in here." **
** (140) Thom turns and enters the next room, passing through the archway. he moves slowly, making sure there are no traps awaiting them. **
(144) Morti: :nods: "Right.. what now?"
(140) Thom: (( entering room 10 ))
(145) DM: Inside this chamber are three iron-bound wooden chests resting within a pentagram on the floor. The chamber is otherwise empty and does not appear to contain another exit.
(140) Thom: "Oh, that looks quite friendly."
** (140) Thom avoids the pentagram, moving around to the left. He takes out the slate again, looks at it, and starts searching an area of the wall of the room. **
(144) Morti: "Hmmm..?" :steps in after Thom, eyeing the pentagram and chests. He takes a moment to reach out with his magical senses to scan the room (detect magic)
** (140) Thom stops in front of the wall, but frowns, and continues searching. **
(144) Morti: Spellcraft Skill Check: [1d20+19] => [9,19] = (28)
(144) Morti: Spellcraft Skill Check: [1d20+19] => [10,19] = (29)
(144) Morti: Spellcraft Skill Check: [1d20+19] => [17,19] = (36)
(144) Morti: Spellcraft Skill Check: [1d20+19] => [11,19] = (30)
(144) Morti: Spellcraft Skill Check: [1d20+19] => [14,19] = (33)
** (139) Daelan walks over near Thom,'' May I ask what you are looking for? Perhaps you should check those chests in the center of the room.'' **
(140) Thom: "There's a door here, so I'm trying to figure out how to open it. And as far as those chests, I'd rather not walk into a symbol of evil thank you very much."
(144) Morti: :offers as he scans the chests: "Well.. there is somekind of magick on that wall you were checking"
(140) Thom: "Makes sense, I'm not finding any mechanical latch to open the door. So, that leaves magical, likely tied in to the chests and/or pentagram.
** (143) Atross trails in after the rest once again. **
(143) Atross: "It certainly has a sinister aspect to it. Looks like some kind of ritual."
** (141) Arun walks over to the spot where Thom said there was a door, and taps it with the tip of his boot experimentally. **
** (140) Thom glances back at the chests. "Seems like no other option." Thom moves to the center of the room, walking around the pentagram, looking it over, seeing if it appears to be broken anywhere or not. **
(144) Morti: "Wait."
(140) Thom: "Not touching it yet. What did you find Morti?"
(144) Morti: "The pentagram has a bunch of magicks on it.. I was gonna try dispelling it.. just to be safe."
(140) Thom: "Go for it."
** (144) Morti draws a breath and focuses on the circle. He begins his incantations, congealing his trademark mini-morti head of mana, which rasps at the intended area. (area dispel on the circle, chest and wall. how many rolls?) **
** (140) Thom moves himself to the far corner of the room, just in case. **
** (133) Cael stands in the doorway, watching Morti. **
(144) Morti: Dispel: [1d20+8] => [10,8] = (18)
(145) DM: Nothing happens.
(140) Thom: (( brb while Morti works ))
(141) Arun: "Did it work?"
(139) Daelan: " I have no idea.''
** (141) Arun reaches into a pouch on his belt, producing a caltrop. He flicks it into the pentagram, aiming to bounce it off one of the chests. **
(144) Morti: Dispel: [1d20+8] => [8,8] = (16)
(145) DM: (sec)
(144) Morti: Dispel: [1d20+8] => [15,8] = (23)
(144) Morti: Dispel: [1d20+8] => [11,8] = (19)
(144) Morti: Dispel: [1d20+8] => [1,8] = (9)
(144) Morti: Dispel: [1d20+8] => [9,8] = (17)
(145) DM: There is flash of light as the roar of thunder fills the chamber.
(145) DM: Nothing else seems to occur.
** (144) Morti sighs and hangs his head. "Nevermind.. I'm not stong enough to take it down." **
** (133) Cael flinches and looks around at the sudden noise. **
** (132) Sevis Goloens snaps into a combat stance at the sudden sound **
(141) Arun: (Was that in responce to the attempted dispel, or the caltrop?)
** (143) Atross shields his eyes as the light flares up, looking a bit confused at hte apparent lack of followup. **
(139) Daelan: " Well if that does not rouse the dead nothing will.''
(145) DM: (heh. *whistles*)
(140) Thom: "Didn't you do somethng there Morti?"
(144) Morti: "I think I got one.. BUt that's it. I could try again... but I don't think it'll help much."
(140) Thom: "One's more than anyone else got."
(144) Morti: "Hmmm... I could try sending my servant in to set off any traps. Not sure if these are spells it can set off though."
(140) Thom: "If not, then no harm, right? Feel free."
** (144) Morti nods and heads back into the hall, taking the mirror from the servant, "We should probably vacate the room. just in case." **
** (141) Arun steps outside the archway. **
** (140) Thom exits the room, making sure everyone also leaves. **
** (132) Sevis Goloens vacates the area **
** (133) Cael steps back. **
** (143) Atross steps out of the archway and to one side so he's out of sight from the room. **
** (140) Thom remains on the other side of the archway from Arun, so he can still watch. **
** (144) Morti waits until everyone is out and safely around the corner, before instructing the servant to enter the pentagram. **
(145) DM: (seC)
(140) Thom: "Have it open the chests, one at a time so we can see what happens. Unless this wipes us all off the face of the world."
(144) Morti: "I can try.. but if the chests are locked he won't be able to."
(140) Thom: "True, but then we would also know that."
(144) Morti: "Ah.. right."
(145) DM: As it enters the pentagram, there is a brilliant flash of sickly green light and another thunderous roar.
(145) DM: Nothing else occurs.
(140) Thom: "One more down?"
(143) Atross: "Hopefully."
** (144) Morti glances around the corner, to check on his servant's condition, and calls, "If you're still there try to open the closest chest to you." **
(140) Thom: "Thos furthest away, keep an eye for anything coming at this racket. It's been so quite for so long down here, but that means anything that comes is likely undead."
(140) Thom: (( *Those ))
** (140) Thom watches the room, to see if any of the chests open. **
(145) DM: It opens.
** (132) Sevis Goloens nods and turn to watch the hall to ensure nothing sneeks up on them **
(144) Morti: "Oh.. it worked..." :sounds shocked:
(144) Morti: "Uh.. try opening another one."
(140) Thom: "What do you know? Good idea Morti, have him keep going."
(145) DM: A second chest opens.
** (144) Morti smirks: "And the last one." **
(144) Morti: "Erm.. open the last chest, that is"
(140) Thom: (( nothing? ))
(145) DM: (I'm checking something.)
(145) DM: The last chest opens.
(140) Thom: (( k - just checking since you were so quick with the other ones. :-P ))
(140) Thom: "Hmm, it's like Daelan. The words are what is heard, not the intent."
(144) Morti: "Wow.. That worked better than I thought it would."
** (140) Thom enters the room, moving up to the pentagram. Still not at ease with crossing it, he tries to peer into the chests. **
** (133) Cael retakes his position leaning in the archway. **
** (144) Morti strolls in after Thom, calling the servant to approaching, and offering the mindless invisible puppet, "Good job, Cleary. High five!" :holds up his hand for the ritual victory gesture: **
(145) DM: The odor of rotting eggs fills the chamber.
** (141) Arun re-enters the room, keeping his distance from the pentagram. **
** (139) Daelan steps back into the room,his nose crinkles at the smell,'' Sulfur.'' **
(140) Thom: "Oh, pretty..."
(141) Arun: "Hm?" Arun tries to look into the boxes without getting too close to the circle.
** (140) Thom glanes over to the wall where he believes there is a door, checking to see if opening the chests somehow opened the wall. **
(133) Cael: "Finding anything Thom?"
(140) Thom: "Coin, coin, and more coin. Oh, and there appears to be a sword."
(144) Morti: "Oh.. just coins..?" :sounds disappointed:
** (140) Thom steps one foot into the pentagram, and waits for a moment to see if anything happens. **
** (133) Cael stiffins when Thom enters the pentagram. **
(140) Thom: "Gold and Plat both, but I am more interested in any catches to open that door."
** (143) Atross leans around the corner to watch Thom's experimental probing. **
** (132) Sevis Goloens remains in the hall acting as rear guard **
(145) DM: Nothing happens....
** (140) Thom continues stepping into the pentagram, and pauses. **
** (141) Arun cocks his head to the side, a confused look in his eyes. **
** (144) Morti heads over to the wall, while Thom plays in the circle. Poking at the wall and trying to estimate by the detection earlier, he tries to figure out what magick is on the wall. (spellcraft to identify after examination) **
(144) Morti: Spellcraft Skill Check: [1d20+19] => [11,19] = (30)
(140) Thom: (( still no trouble for Thom, at least that he could be aware of? ))
** (145) DM whistles **
(144) Morti: "Hmmm... anyone have a sledge?"
** (140) Thom let's out the breath he was holding and starts examing the chests. **
(145) DM: (getting food brb)
** (141) Arun nods to his swords, saying to Morti "These can cut stone." **
** (144) Morti nods to Arun and points to the wall. "Go to it then, please." **
** (133) Cael holds his staff in front of him, inspecting the unfinished carvings, then, taking a small knife from his belt, begins work, continuing the carvings towards the unfinished end. **
** (141) Arun shrugs, and approaches the "secret" door, winds up, and begins hacking at the stone wall with his adamantine scimitars in swift, broad slashes. **
(145) DM: As soon as that happens, Thom is thrown clear across the room and a golden sword clatters on the ground, which immediately begins changing shape.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [3d6] => [3,1,5] = (9)
** (141) Arun stops attacking the wall, whirling to face Thom. **
(144) Morti: "EH..?!" :spinds rounds suddenly as Thom goes flying:
** (140) Thom looks up from his spot against the wall. "What the?" **
** (133) Cael jerks at the sudden commotion, sliding his knife back into his belt and readying his staff for enemies. **
** (140) Thom slowly stands up from where he was tossed, watching the sword transform. "What now?" **
(145) DM: In a flash, there is a thunderous explosion as the "sword" suddenly becomes a 10' tall skeletal creature, covered with a glistening metallic hide. Three long tongues made out of fire slither forth from its tooth-filled maw. Its bony hands end in six-inch long razor sharp claws. It has three eyes which radiate hatred as it screeches in fury.
(145) DM: (init)
** (143) Atross steps clear into the room as he smoothly draws up his bow, pointing it the creature. **
(143) Atross: Initiative: [1d20+5] => [17,5] = (22)
(145) Drenla: "Look away! It's an eater-of-souls!"
(132) Sevis Goloens: INIT: [1d20+10] => [1,10] = (11)
(133) Cael: Initiative: [1d20+3+4] => [20,3,4] = (27)
(144) Morti: init: [1d20+2] => [12,2] = (14)
(139) Daelan: INIT: [1d20+2] => [18,2] = (20)
(141) Arun: Initiative: [1d20+6] => [20,6] = (26)
(145) DM: (all, Will save)
(144) Morti: (how wide is the doorway?)
(133) Cael: Will: [1d20+7+2] => [8,7,2] = (17)
(145) DM: (10')
(144) Morti: Will save: [1d20+11] => [4,11] = (15)
(139) Daelan: Will save: [1d20+6] => [9,6] = (15)
(132) Sevis Goloens: (( Sevis is out in the hall, he need a will save too? ))
(143) Atross: Will: [1d20+9] => [14,9] = (23)
(140) Thom: Initiative: [1d20+9] => [1,9] = (10)
(145) DM: (if you're in the room, you need to roll a save)
(140) Thom: Will: [1d20+6] => [8,6] = (14)
(141) Arun: Will save: [1d20+5] => [7,5] = (12)
whispering to Daelan, failure
(145) DM: If I whispered "failure" to you, you're at -2 on attack rolls, damage rolls and saving throws due to being afflicted with terror by its fearsome visage.
(145) DM: (setting up init, sec)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+2] => [16,2] = (18)
(145) DM: (Cael, 27)
(143) Atross: "Drenla, since you know what this is, any other warnings?"
** (133) Cael warily moves towards the enemy, striking at it with his quarterstaff. **
(133) Cael: Quarterstaff: [1d20+9-2] => [14,9,-2] = (21) ==> DAMAGE [1d6+2-2] => [6,2,-2] = (6)
(145) Drenla: "I only know what it is from having read about it. It's also resistant to magicka."
(145) DM: (hit)
(145) DM: (+ on staff?)
(144) Morti: Knowledge: Arcana Skill Check: [1d20+19] => [14,19] = (33)
(133) Cael: (( Er... sorry, forgot to erase that part in my changes, 4 damage. ))
(145) DM: (Jonathon?)
(145) DM: It doesn't seem to be damaged in the least.
(145) DM: (Arun, 26)
** (141) Arun rushes at the creature, acrobatically circling it, swords whirling. (Starting Dervish Dance, full attack while moving to circle around it, to end my movement 5 feet away from it. Taking 10 on tumble to move through threatened space without AoOs.) **
(141) Arun: +1 Flaming Adamantine Scimitar Attack Roll: [1d20+19-2] => [14,19,-2] = (31) Damage: [2d6+8-2] => [4,2,8,-2] = (12)
(141) Arun: +1 Flaming Adamantine Scimitar 2nd Attack Roll: [1d20+14-2] => [16,14,-2] = (28) Damage: [2d6+8-2] => [1,2,8,-2] = (9)
(141) Arun: +1 Flaming Adamantine Scimitar Attack Roll: [1d20+19-2] => [10,19,-2] = (27) Damage: [2d6+8-2] => [6,4,8,-2] = (16)
(141) Arun: +1 Flaming Adamantine Scimitar 2nd Attack Roll: [1d20+14-2] => [14,14,-2] = (26) Damage: [2d6+8-2] => [2,1,8,-2] = (9)
(145) DM: It's barely scratched by your attack.
(145) DM: (Atr, 22)
** (143) Atross draws back arrow after arrow as he fires at the creature towering in the center of the room. **
(143) Atross: Full Attack: First Shot:[1d20+10+5+2+2+1+1] => [1,10,5,2,2,1,1] = (22) Rapid Shot:[1d20+10+5+2+2+1+1] => [9,10,5,2,2,1,1] = (30)Second Shot:[1d20+5+5+2+2+1+1] => [14,5,5,2,2,1,1] = (30)
(143) Atross: Flaming Greatbow Damage: [1d10+3+2+2+1+1] => [8,3,2,2,1,1] = (17) Fire Damage: [1d6] => [6] = (6)
(143) Atross: Flaming Greatbow Damage: [1d10+3+2+2+1+1] => [2,3,2,2,1,1] = (11) Fire Damage: [1d6] => [4] = (4)
(145) DM: Your attack isn't as effective as you'd hoped.
(145) DM: (Dael, 20)
(145) DM: (Daelan?)
(139) Daelan: Longbow, composite+3 (+2 Flaming Burst) Attack Roll: [1d20+19] => [6,19] = (25) ===> Damage: [1d8+3+1d6+0] => [5,3,1,0] = (9)
(139) Daelan: Longbow, composite+3 (+2 Flaming Burst) Attack Roll: [1d20+14] => [13,14] = (27) ===> Damage: [1d8+3+1d6+0] => [7,3,3,0] = (13)
(139) Daelan: Longbow, composite+3 (+2 Flaming Burst) Attack Roll: [1d20+19] => [15,19] = (34) ===> Damage: [1d8+3+1d6+0] => [3,3,1,0] = (7)
(145) DM: (all 3 hit)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+16] => [19,16] = (35),[1d20+16] => [6,16] = (22)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+16] => [20,16] = (36)
(145) DM: The creature seizes upon Arun and slices into his side in an upwards vicious stroke, then jerks its talons back in a corkscrew motion. (AC 35 and 22; threat and critical on the 35)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d6+5] => [6,5] = (11)
(141) Arun: (That's a crit.)
(145) DM: (Mor, 14)
** (144) Morti groans as Arun is attacked, and tries what he can, quickly incanting a spell and firing four azure bolts at the creature. caster check: [1d20+8] => [17,8] = (25) **
** (141) Arun gasps in pain as the creature's claws tear his flesh. **
(144) Morti: magic missile: [4d4+4] => [4,1,1,2,4] = (12)
(144) Morti: (done)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+23] => [10,23] = (33)
(145) DM: It shrieks in fury as eldritch blasts of energy sink into its flesh. (Sev, 11)
(144) Morti: "Wow... that actually connected..?" :surprised himself.. again:
(132) Sevis Goloens: "Sure, leave me as rear guard and get in a fight in here!" ** calls out as he comes running into the room, leaping over Morti to strike at the foes chest **
** (132) Sevis Goloens throws a high kick into the face of his foe **
(145) DM: (that provokes an AOO)
(132) Sevis Goloens: (( ya ))
(144) Morti: :flinches as he's made into a hurdle, though he'd applaud if he weren't terrified:
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+11] => [11,11] = (22)
(145) DM: It attempts to lash at your face with one of its fiery tongues. (AC 22, touch attack)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d6] => [6] = (6)
** (132) Sevis Goloens tips his head to the side as it lases causing it to miss **
(132) Sevis Goloens: (( *lashes ))
(145) DM: (Thm, 10)
(140) Thom: "Yeah, like I wanted to get thrown across the room." Thom replies to Sevis as he drops his rapier and moves to the creature, drawing out Ringrist and positioning himself on the opposte side from, well - somebody. "Which was not a nice way to say hi." he says to the creature, as he strikes out with Ringrist.
(140) Thom: Ringrist attack (terrified, but flanking): [1d20+15-2+2] => [5,15,-2,2] = (20) ==> DAMAGE [1d6+5-2] => [4,5,-2] = (7)
(145) DM: It takes a step back as if your assault was unexpected, and clutches its side as if injured.
(140) Thom: (( if hits - also sneak attack, if applicable. ))
(145) DM: (it is)
** (140) Thom does an addition [4d6] => [6,1,3,5] = (15) sneak attack damage. **
(145) DM: (Cael, 27)
(144) Morti: (brb)
** (133) Cael looks at Arun, he moves around the creature towards him, laying a hand on his shoulder. **
(133) Cael: Cure: Seorsa, lavamin i'val fallan i'harwa e'sina quenat. (( Cure Moderate Wounds ==> [2d8+10] => [1,4,10] = (15) ))
(145) DM: (Arun, 26)
** (141) Arun instinctively flinches at the touch, but as he feels his wound begin to close, he nods his thanks, not taking his eyes off his opponent. **
(145) DM: (I'm skipping you if you're not going to do anything.)
** (141) Arun continues his blade-dance. His blades begin to whirl defensively between attacks, in an attempt to fend off the beast as he dances and tumbles in a circle around it, stopping on the opposite side of it from Thom. (Same as last round, but using combat expertise… and dodge. +6 to AC makes a total of 31) **
(141) Arun: +1 Flaming Adamantine Scimitar Attack Roll: [1d20+19-2-5] => [8,19,-2,-5] = (20) Damage: [2d6+8-2] => [1,5,8,-2] = (12)
(141) Arun: +1 Flaming Adamantine Scimitar Attack Roll: [1d20+19-2-5] => [15,19,-2,-5] = (27) Damage: [2d6+8-2] => [1,6,8,-2] = (13)
(141) Arun: +1 Flaming Adamantine Scimitar 2nd Attack Roll: [1d20+14-2-5] => [20,14,-2,-5] = (27) Damage: [2d6+8-2] => [4,6,8,-2] = (16)
(141) Arun: +1 Flaming Adamantine Scimitar 2nd Attack Roll: [1d20+14-2-5] => [16,14,-2,-5] = (23) Damage: [2d6+8-2] => [6,3,8,-2] = (15)
(141) Arun: (Sorry. I'm slow.)
(145) DM: (np. just can't tell if you're doing anything because the typing message doesn't show.) Your attack wasn't as effective as you'd hoped.
(145) DM: (Atr, 22)
** (143) Atross not waiting longer for advice takes the initiative to experiment on his own and draws arrows from his special quivers, on the chance he has something more effective.(using one each of my cold iron and silvered supplies, then whatever was most effective for the third.) **
(143) Atross: Full Attack: First Shot:[1d20+10+5+2+2+1+1] => [11,10,5,2,2,1,1] = (32) Rapid Shot:[1d20+10+5+2+2+1+1] => [14,10,5,2,2,1,1] = (35)Second Shot:[1d20+5+5+2+2+1+1] => [16,5,5,2,2,1,1] = (32)
(143) Atross: Flaming Greatbow Damage: [1d10+3+2+2+1+1] => [4,3,2,2,1,1] = (13) Fire Damage: [1d6] => [5] = (5)
(143) Atross: Flaming Greatbow Damage: [1d10+3+2+2+1+1-1] => [2,3,2,2,1,1,-1] = (10) Fire Damage: [1d6] => [4] = (4)
(145) DM: While your arrows strike its hide, they don't seem to have inflicted as much harm on the creature as you'd hoped.
(143) Atross: Flaming Greatbow Damage: [1d10+3+2+2+1+1] => [2,3,2,2,1,1] = (11) Fire Damage: [1d6] => [2] = (2)
(143) Atross: ((And done.))
(145) DM: In response, it spreads its talons wide and hisses. A cloud of sickly gray mist spreads outwards in all directions and blankets the air with its tendrils.
(145) DM: (Anyone in the room is affected by the mist. Fort save please.)
(143) Atross: Fortitude: [1d20+11] => [18,11] = (29)
(133) Cael: Fortitude: [1d20+7+2] => [8,7,2] = (17)
(141) Arun: Fortitude save: [1d20+8] => [3,8] = (11)
(139) Daelan: Fortitude save: [1d20+12] => [2,12] = (14)
(144) Morti: Fortitude save: [1d20+7] => [11,7] = (18)
whispering to Daelan, failure
(143) Atross: "No option for me but to keep whittling and chipping away at it."
(144) Morti: (21 if it is spell based)
(140) Thom: Fortitude: [1d20+7] => [2,7] = (9)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [5d8] => [5,6,7,4,4] = (26)
(145) DM: (if I whispered "failure" to you, you take 26 spiritual damage from the greasy mist and are sickened (-2 to all rolls))
(145) DM: (this effect stacks in addition to any penalty you might have suffered if you were affected by its fear aura)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [4d6] => [5,5,1,3] = (14)
(145) DM: (Mor, 14)
(141) Arun: Will save: [1d20+5] => [9,5] = (14)
** (144) Morti gets out a bit of butter from his pocket and begins a quickly spewed incantation to complete a spell covering the floor beneath the monster in a slick sheen (grease, ref dc 16) **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+10] => [20,10] = (30)
(145) DM: It's unaffected.
(145) DM: (Sev, 11)
(144) Morti: "Che... Whatever you do.. don't die!"
(145) DM: (Sev, Will save please, forgot when you entered the room)
(155) No Name (enter): 01:27
(155) No Name (exit): 01:27
** (132) Sevis Goloens throws a high kick into the face of his foe **
** (132) Sevis Goloens uses the momentum from his kick to swing him into a spinning back kick **
** (132) Sevis Goloens throws out a quick left handed punch to reduce his spining momentum **
** (132) Sevis Goloens finishes his up with a right handed punch **
(145) DM: It collapses to the ground and disappears in a cloud of sulphur. As it does so, you hear a distinct "click".
(145) DM: The greasy mist remains however.
** (144) Morti flinches at the click **
** (143) Atross backs out of the doorway to let people clear out if they need to. **
** (132) Sevis Goloens coughs "anyone have something strong tasting so I can get that smell and taste out of my mouth?" **
(156) mc ex (enter): 01:29
** (140) Thom resists the urge to fall to one knee and moves towards the wall where the secret door was hidden, and works to see if it opens now. **
** (133) Cael moves towards the archway, coughing. "Anyone in need of healing?" **
(144) Morti: "I have some left overs from the inn." :pulls a geasy, wrappe handkerchief from his pocket:
** (141) Arun jogs out of the room into the (comparatively) fresh air outside, panting, and clutching his chest, and his mostly-healed wound. **
(139) Daelan: " Other than feeling a little ill,I did not suffer all that much from the creature.''
** (140) Thom throws the secret door open and stumbles past the doorway out of the mist. **
** (132) Sevis Goloens follows Thom to get out of the mist **
(143) Atross: "I'm still going strong here."
(156) Beizer (exit): 01:33
(144) Morti: "Hm?" :watches the others retreat and shrugs, unwrapping the handkerchief to have some ill-preserved food.:
** (140) Thom slides on a ring and it soon after starts glowing softly. "That, was not nice." he mutters to Sevis, as he tries to catch his breath. **
** (133) Cael lays a hand on his own chest. ( Cure Moderate Wounds [2d8+10] => [4,8,10] = (22) ) **
** (144) Morti follws after Thom and Sevis, into the next room, while he chews. **
(145) DM: The secret door opened to reveal a rather small chamber beyond. It's empty (well, mostly) except for a twisted, headless skeleton lying in the middle of the floor, atop a rusted skeleton.
(144) Morti: :picks up Thom's rapier on the way, handing it to him on entering. "Alright?"
(132) Sevis Goloens: "No it wasnt, that geassy mist left a sour taste in my mouth"
** (141) Arun catches his breath, and follows the group through the secret door. **
(145) DM: A wooden door stands closed, opposite.
** (133) Cael moves towards the rest of the group, examining them for any obvious wounds. **
(140) Thom: "Aye. And I would guess that we have managed to find our hunchback as well."
** (144) Morti puts away his pocket snack and kneels down to look over the skeletons, looking for deformities on the back or spine. **
** (144) Morti shakes his head. "I don't think it's him." **
(144) Morti: :rummages through the remains, respectfully as possible:
** (140) Thom coughs a little more, trying to get the mist out of his lungs. He takes a few clear breaths before holding his breath and reentering the pentagram room to retireve the rapier he dropped. **
** (140) Thom quickly returns to the small secret room. **
** (133) Cael rests a hand on Thom's back. ( Cure Serious Wounds [3d8+10] => [8,5,2,10] = (25) ) **
** (143) Atross skirts the room, boxes, pentagram and all, to head straight through into the secret chamber after them. **
** (140) Thom repositions his weapons on his body as he feels Cael's spell flow thrugh him. "Ahh, my thanks Cael." **
** (133) Cael nods to Thom before moving around to the rest of the group, asking if they need any healing. **
(141) Arun: "I could use some more."
(140) Thom: "Maybe not Morti, but I thought it would make sense. Maybe just another poor adventurer."
(132) Sevis Goloens: (( AFK for a smoke ))
** (133) Cael moves over to Arun, again putting a hand on his shoulder. ( Cure Serious Wounds [3d8+10] => [2,1,2,10] = (15) ) **
** (140) Thom kneels at the door, checking it over for traps before getting it unlocked. (brb) **
(141) Arun: "Thanks."
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+14] => [20,14] = (34)
** (144) Morti offers his customary prayer over the bodies of the departed while Thom works at the door. **
** (140) Thom moves back over to where the skeleton's are, digging through the remains. **
** (144) Morti finishes his prayers and heads back to fetch his servant from the hall, glancing in the chests on the way to see if the coin is still there. **
** (140) Thom seems to not find what he's looking for and turns back to the door. Then he slowly looks up at the dark ceiling. **
(140) Thom: "Arun, you said those swords of yours can cut through stone, right?"
** (141) Arun nods. **
(140) Thom: "Then I have a job for you. There is a chain attached to this door, that leads up there." He points to the ceiling, which is shrouded in darkness. "I'd like to sever the chain. Think you can do it?"
(141) Arun: "Provided it is a normal chain. Yes. Easily."
** (141) Arun takes a swing at the chain with a scimitar. **
(140) Thom: "Let's find out, shall we?" Thom points out the chain to Arun so he knows what he's after and then steps back to give him room to work.
** (132) Sevis Goloens moves well away from the chain just incase something falls when it breaks **
** (133) Cael moves back towards Thom, watching carefully. **
(145) DM: (who is in the room besides Arun?)
(140) Thom: (( Thom, Cael, Sevis I believe. ))
(140) Thom: (( not sure about Daelan ))
(145) DM: ((those PCs must make a Reflex save then))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [4d8] => [8,8,6,6] = (28)
(133) Cael: Reflex: [1d20+3+3] => [15,3,3] = (21)
(140) Thom: Reflex vs traps: [1d20+16] => [10,16] = (26)
(141) Arun: Reflex save: [1d20+11] => [5,11] = (16)
(139) Daelan: ( no did not enter the room)
(145) DM: A metallic grate composed of sharpened, rusty spear points slams down to the floor and neatly impales Arun, though two of you manage to leap aside.
(140) Thom: "Damn, and that was what I was trying to avoid."
(145) DM: Attached to one of the points is a skull.
(141) Arun: "GAAAH!" Arun writhes on the ground.
(144) Morti: [1d6] => [4] = (4)
** (144) Morti calls from the outside hall, "What was that?!" **
(145) DM: (make that three of you leap aside. forgot to include Sevis.)
(140) Thom: "A trap." Thom tries to help Cael find a way to get Arun out.
** (132) Sevis Goloens tumbles out of the way as the gate crashes down **
(133) Cael: "Do you think it possible to simply lift it off him?"
** (141) Arun strains to try and lift the grate off of him. **
(132) Sevis Goloens: "I wouldnt call that a trap since you had to activly break the chain"
(144) Morti: :hurries back: "Everyone alright?"
(141) Arun: Str check: [1d20+4] => [7,4] = (11)
(141) Arun: (That's not gonna do it.)
(140) Thom: "Let's do it. Sevis, help me."
** (132) Sevis Goloens goes to help lift the gate off Arun **
** (143) Atross comes around the corner after hearing the crash. **
(140) Thom: Strength: [1d20+2] => [18,2] = (20)
** (143) Atross helps lift the gate up. **
(143) Atross: Strength: [1d20+3] => [8,3] = (11)
(143) Atross: "Heave ho!"
(145) DM: ((the 20 does it))
** (133) Cael helps Arun to move out from under the grate. **
** (141) Arun awkwardly slides out from under the grate, leaving a streak of blood behind him. **
** (140) Thom holds the grate up while Cael get Arun out, and then once everyone is clear, drops it back to the ground. **
** (133) Cael begins to check Arun's wounds. **
** (141) Arun squints his eyes shut as he bears the pain. "I'm going to lie here for a minute, if you all don't mind." **
(140) Thom: "Sorry Arun, I thought that would happen on opening the door, not before. Let's leave your blades to only battle enemies that move."
(140) Thom: "Please rest." Thom looks around to make sure everyone else is still around. He then goes over to check the chest that the gold sword had been in, suddenly curious about what would have been left in there.
(133) Cael: "I don't think I've ever had to heal one individual as much as I've had to heal you in such as short amount of time." ( Cure Critical Wounds [4d8+10] => [1,8,1,5,10] = (25) )
(141) Arun: "Ungh. I'll be up in a minute, don't worry."
(141) Arun: "Careful not to touch the skin." Arun warns.
** (141) Arun carefully sits up, as the wounds in his torso become more shallow, though still rather painful. **
(133) Cael: "Was it poisoned?" ( Heal Check [1d20+11] => [4,11] = (15) )
(141) Arun: "Can't tell. I don't think so."
(133) Cael: "It doesn't appear to be, just take it slow... and don't do any more favors for Thom." :Cael grins:
** (132) Sevis Goloens laughs **
** (141) Arun carefully rises to his feet, grunting. "What are we going to do about that portcullis? It's blocking our path." **
(132) Sevis Goloens: "List it and go under"
(132) Sevis Goloens: (( lift ))
** (140) Thom spends a few moments in the center of the room before returning to the door to the side room. "Is it?" Thom moves past and looks in, figuring out the easiest way to get through the room. **
** (141) Arun rolls his eyes. "I could try cutting the bars... What are the odds that they would put a trap on their traps?" **
(140) Thom: "Nah, we know it can be lifted if need be. Besides, I think we can just step over it and still get through the door."
(143) Atross: "I had that thought about that briefly, actually, but it's probably not worth the trouble."
(141) Arun: (Step over it? I thought it extended from roof to floor.)
(132) Sevis Goloens: "If you make the gate too light by cutting bars, then the chain will fall back down on top of you."
** (140) Thom enters the small room, stepping over the grates bars and makes his way to the door, which he works on opening. **
(145) DM: (it's a horizontal grate)
** (132) Sevis Goloens crosses to the door with Thom" **
(145) DM: (not vertical)
(141) Arun: (Got it. Disregard the stuff Arun said that makes no sense)
(145) DM: The door opens easily enough, into a rather large chamber.
(133) Cael: "Morti, we are moving." :Cael calls back:
(140) Thom: "Door's open" he calls back as he steps into the room beyond.
** (144) Morti nods and follows along, the mirror apparently floating behind him **
** (133) Cael moves over the grate and through the door. **
** (141) Arun follows the group into the next room. **
** (140) Thom holds his fist before him, with it's glowing ring, to light up the area. **
** (132) Sevis Goloens follows Thom though the door and starts wandering around the room, giving it a cursory once over **
(145) DM: The west wall has been carefully carved into a relief of armored men on horseback, hacking and slashing at each other in battle. Foremost among them is a warrior head and shoulders above the rest, who is in the act of raising a handaxe over his head in triumph. In the center of this otherwise empty room is a four foot high stone plinth with a head on it that is cast in platinum and resembles a human.
(145) DM: An opening in the far side of the chamber leads to another room to the south.
(140) Thom: "Think we found the Axe-lord"
** (139) Daelan heads off following the others. **
** (143) Atross still brings up the rear. **
(140) Thom: "Or at least, a mural to him."
** (140) Thom looks over the olinth in the center of the room for traps before heading to the back room. **
(140) Thom: (( *plinth ))
(132) Sevis Goloens: "Two doors down here." ** points south **
** (133) Cael examines the mural on the wall. **
(145) Voice: "I am Artonn. I speak to the glory of Elktazar the Magnificent. I bear witness to Elktazar the Great. I record the doings of the realms that are of Elktazar. What would you?"
** (144) Morti moves in to look over the mural with interest **
** (133) Cael stops once he hears the voice. **
(145) DM: The voice seems to be coming from the "head" on the plinth. Its eyes snap open as Thom approaches.
(132) Sevis Goloens: "What would we what?" ** answers as he walks away from the two secret doors **
(145) Artonn: "What would you here?"
** (133) Cael looks away from the mural towards the head. **
(132) Sevis Goloens: "I would hear the meaning of life."
(140) Thom: "We seek to return an item to the resting place of Alaghund."
(145) Artonn: "If you would ask me a question, I will gladly answer."
(140) Thom: "I see." Thom looks around for any one who has a question, starting with Morti.
** (132) Sevis Goloens shakes his head and walks away to let Thom deal with the confused talking head **
** (133) Cael moves towards Thom and the others. "What can you tell us of the one known as the 'Axe-Lord'?" **
** (139) Daelan leans against the wall and listens to the questions being asked. **
(145) Artonn: "It is the thirteenth year of the Baron Elktazar's reign in this land of Siobharen, and it is the thirty-eighth year of his life. The Axe-Lord is called thus for his favorite weapon and for his heraldic badge, for he has recently adopted the double-bladed axe as his own."
(145) Artonn: "Who holds power in these lands about?"
(140) Thom: "They still talk of the Axe-lord."
** (145) Artonn seems satisfied and blinks once. **
(140) Thom: "None holds power of this area as he did."
(140) Thom: "What is the purpose of these eyes that have found us?"
** (140) Thom is sure to unducate the pair of eyes still attached to him. **
(140) Thom: (( *indicate even ))
(145) Artonn: "The eyes that have found you are creatures who thrive on magicka and who come from the Stair to Nowhere."
(145) Artonn: "They are the remnants of mages long past who have given their lives to magicka."
(144) Morti: "Ah.. the endless Stairs..?"
(145) Artonn: "Who are you that speak to me, your names and professions?"
(144) Morti: "Oh, Sorry, Artonn, sir." :bows: "I am Magus Mortimar Boyle. Pleased to meet you."
(133) Cael: "I am Cael, Druid of the Lalvas'Rhimm."
(140) Thom: We are the Travellers Eight from the East. Wilderness guides and workers of the magic arts, we strive to return lost items to where they belong."
** (132) Sevis Goloens remains quiet since he has not asked a question yet **
(140) Thom: Bluff: [1d20+6] => [5,6] = (11)
(144) Morti: :glances with some amazement to Thom: "Oooo.. that sounded nice."
(145) DM: The head falls silent.
** (133) Cael looks at Thom and raises an eyebrow. **
(144) Morti: :speaks up: "Um... Artonn, sir, is the Mage, Alaghund laid to rest in this place?"
(145) Artonn: "I have not heard of this personage. What strive you towards, in your various lives?"
(140) Thom: "All beings move only toward death."
(144) Morti: :sighs and mutters: "Maybe it's the Endless stair then."
** (143) Atross purposely lets Thom do the talking. **
(140) Thom: "If anyone else has a question, speak now. Otherwise, we leave Artonn here alone until the Axe-lord returns."
(141) Arun: "How can we make these eyes stop following us?
** (144) Morti scratches his head in throught for a moment before answering the statued man, "Well... right now we're trying to stop a crazy woman, who calls herself Tempest from ruining the future. She's way powerful and evil and all kinds of crazy. Before that though, I want to return this mirror to my benfactor's master's tomb. After that though, I'd like to focus on finding my family, who have been lost to me for a long time. But I also want to spend time properly studying magicks at the citadels, so I can be a respected Magus like Drenla and Asflag and Alaghund." :keeps talking and listing off things.: **
(145) Artonn: "A prying eye cannot exist without the force that created it. If you travel to a place that contains a great deal of magicka or a place with no magicka, it shall then abandon you."
(144) Morti: "It would be great if I could get a membership to that food club the Magister brought us to that one time. That place was great. Though I would like to travel around and eat all kinds of food from different places. I might be able to do that once I figure out long distance teleportation."
** (133) Cael moves back to observing the mural, still listening to the questions and answers. **
(140) Thom: "That is enough little one," Thom says over his shoulder to Morti.
(145) Artonn: "Are these laudable goals; why pursue you them?"
(144) Morti: "I've never been to a fancy dance or masquerade party befo-" :stops at thom's advise:
** (144) Morti shrugs. "Cause... I want to..?" **
(140) Thom: "They lie ahead on the path of life. And they are things that must be done, so we do them."
** (133) Cael calls back to the head, "What does this mural signify?" **
(145) Artonn: "This mural depicts the triumph of the Baron Elktazar over the primitive plainsmen that arrived in this realm of Siobharan in the last two centuries. A gate to an unknown world had opened some distance to the east of here, in the City of the Gods. By his triumph over the plainsmen, the Axe-Lord imposed order over chaos."
** (133) Cael nods after hearing the explanation. "Thank you." **
(144) Morti: "Wow.. he must have been really strong."
(145) Artonn: "Shortly after the Battle of 'Athaq, the Axe-Lord entered into a pact with the elves of Lalvensalenil, that he would refrain from encroaching on the great wood and in return, the elves would honor the memory of the Axe-Lord's ancestors who came from a place called Arator."
** (133) Cael looks back at the mention of the elves. "You mean, he had a pact with my people?" **
(144) Morti: "Ooooh." :glances back to Dael and Cael, "They still do that?"
(145) Artonn: "Why do you seek to return an item to the resting place of Algahund?"
(140) Thom: "It was his in life, and is the honorable thing to do."
(144) Morti: "Because.. it belongs to him."
(139) Daelan: " No pact was made with my people.''
(133) Cael: "Morti, Daelan is from a different tribe than myself. However, if the pact he speaks of is what I think of, this occured over four thousand years ago."
(144) Morti: :to Cael: "Ah... would you still honor that then?"
(133) Cael: "I believe that the pact is still in effect, though only for the descendants of the Baron, and I'm not sure who they are."
(140) Thom: "Artonn, how many others have been before you in recent memory?"
(145) Artonn: "It is common for honorable individuals to keep their promises. Such is the definition of honor."
** (133) Cael looks back to the mural again with new interest. **
(145) Artonn: "Six others have been before me."
(144) Morti: "Were these people any of those six?" :points out the images in the mirror:
(145) DM: (and on this note, we'll stop)
(140) Zane: Interesting place to stop....

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