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(5) DM: (161) Delzoun: "No, I do not have any problems at all. But we do have another. The body of Ulthorn is missing."
(159) Thom: "Missing?"
(160) Morti: "Huh?" Didn't you just have him?"
(161) Delzoun: "Apparently it disappeared in the confusion after discovering Brorim's corpse."
(161) Beldar: "See for yourself." (gestures to where it was covered)
(160) Morti: "No one was looking this way?"
** (159) Thom smacks his head. "Of course, another murder would draw all attention away from the body." **
(157) Cael: "It could be that Brorim's death was merely a distraction, and their connection coincidental"
(161) Tormil: "We all rushed out -- at least some of us did -- when the other body was discovered."
(161) Beldar: "I'm afraid I've been lax in my duties."
(159) Thom: "Yes Cael. I am thinking that's the way of it now. Which is good news in and of itself, although there was likely something about the body that the murder did not want discovered. Something we all missed."
(159) Thom: "It is not your fault. No one could have expected this turn of events."
** (160) Morti looks around for tracks of blood trails on the floor leading from where the body was, given its mangled state **
** (161) Drenla whispers in your (Thom's) ear. **
** (159) Thom frowns slightly, thinking, but nods and quickly asks, "So, are there any rooms to be had?" **
(161) Delzoun: "Fortunately for you, we have rooms available. Three golden marks a night. Each room has enough for two people."
whispering to Lunauc, there are none
(160) Morti: "Somehow. I don't think sleeping will be so easy.
(159) Thom: "Excellent. We'll need three of them if you could." Thom steps forward to pay the man, and quietly says to him, "Might I suggest something to relax everyone? The killer has left, with the one body. Everyone staying on edge with weapons drawn in here will not help the mood. I understand grief, but nervousness asks for more problems."
(161) Dulgud: "Wise counsel, but this is more for our own protection. Most in the wayrest will soon leave for their own homes."
(161) Dulgud: "Oi myself will stay with my friend for tha' evening if Delzoun will give me leave."
(159) Thom: "Understood" Thom hands over some coin and moves back to the table with his companions.
** (161) Beldar nods at the hunter and lays a hand on his shoulder. "He will be missed by all." **
** (159) Thom directs Morti to sit as well, Thom leans forward and talks quietly with the little mage for a moment. **
(161) Delzoun: "Last roun' be soon if'n any want a fill. Tormil, send a horse to Ruairi in tha' morn." (looks at Thom) "Oi appreciate yer help. The god be with ye."
** (157) Cael sits uncomfortably at the table. **
** (159) Thom nods to Delzoun. **
** (161) Delzoun goes to the bar and stands watch, along with Beldar over the body. **
(159) Thom: "Something on your mind Cael?" Thom asks quietly.
(157) Cael: "I'm just thinking about something."
(159) Thom: "Care to share, or not yet?"
(157) Cael: "I've had a bad feeling about things since we picked up that mirror."
(159) Thom: "Anything more specific than that?"
(157) Cael: "The images it shows, a leaning crag, the death of a man taking place at the Leaning Stone, and 3 individuals. As I said before, I wish I knew why it shows the images it does."
(161) DM: People slowly trickle out of the wayrest. Some give the room, and you in particular, a long thoughtful look, as if to remember you for later.
(157) Cael: ( Not saying it showed the death... just the crag )
(159) Thom: "I agree, there is more to it. But unless you get a bad enough feeling to need to toss the mirror, let's keep it for now. If anything else strikes you, let us know. I don't know if you prefer staying indoors or outdoors for the evening, but there is a bed for you if you desire."
(157) Cael: "I'm curious, do we know for sure that the mirror is broken?"
(166) Atross: "Assuming it's not broken, we still don't know what the scenes mean."
(159) Thom: "Only that Morti said it was - and I don't know magicks enough to say he's wrong."
(157) Cael: "I'll be staying indoors tonight, if you don't mind, I'd like to be in the room with the mirror."
(159) Thom: "Very well. You and Morti can take one of the rooms. Now, it may be difficult - but we all need to rest some tonight. We might be facing this murderer before the end of tomorrow."
(166) Atross: "Agreed."
** (157) Cael stands and approaches Delzoun, "Would you perhaps have something I could write with and something I could write on?" **
(160) Morti: "WEll.. I only thought it might be broken... Like I said.. I'm not familiar with that kind of stuff."
(161) Delzoun: "Jelvarel might have something for you. He's a scribe from Pelham."
** (161) Delzoun looks around the room. "Strange, I thought he was here just a moment ago. No matter. I might have a sheaf of parchment in the back room." **
(157) Cael: "If not I'll make due with what I can gather."
(161) DM: You notice that his accent is less rustic.
** (159) Thom quietly asks, "Drenla, could you look at the mirror a little closer tonight? See if you notice anything else?" **
(161) Delzoun: "Oi'll be back."
(157) Cael: ( Wierd, I thought this was the character that I had buy parchment and such, but I can't find it anywhere. )
(159) Thom: .ooc less than the others - or less than it was earlier?
(161) Drenla: "Of course."
(159) Thom: (( less than the others - or less than it was earlier? ))
(161) DM: (it shifts in and out)
(161) DM: (less than earlier)
(159) Thom: "Cael, would you come?"
** (159) Thom gets up and follows Delzoun's path. **
** (157) Cael nods. **
** (161) Delzoun returns with a stack of parchment and writing implements. "If'n thar be anythin' else oi c'n get ye, jes let me know." **
** (159) Thom glances around the room. ((How many others are still here?)) **
(157) Cael: "That'll be all, thank you."
(161) DM: (at this point, just you, Dulgud, Guthal and the wayrest staff -- Beldar, Tormil, Jhaness, Laelee and Delzoun)
(161) DM: (and of course, Brorim's body)
** (157) Cael looks at Thom curiously. **
(161) DM: Dulgud and Guthal sit disconsolately next to the half-elf's corpse, and the others are cleaning up or standing vigil.
** (160) Morti returns to their table, to make sure the mirror is still where they left it. **
** (159) Thom stands next to Delzoun for a moment, looking at the back of the bar - not at Delzoun. He speaks very queitly, but just loud enough to make sure he can hear. "I have a more personal question for you. I can ask here, or away from the other locals. Your choice." **
(161) DM: (yup)
(161) Delzoun: "Oh?"
** (159) Thom glances at the man, showing him that he is serious. "Here?" **
(161) Delzoun: "Ask if'n you want. There are nae secrets here."
(159) Thom: "You may laugh and it may be nothing, but I couldn't help but notice your wavering accent. In my experience, that usually comes from someone pretending to be someone they are not."
(161) Delzoun: "Ye have a sharp ear fer a Wessener. Oi'm an eye fer tha' Tower. Your Aes Sedai friend knows tha' truth o' tha' matter."
(161) Delzoun: "And when there are stressful times, I tend to forget." (sighs)
** (157) Cael smirks and pats Thom's back as he heads back to the table. **
(161) Delzoun: "Tha' answer yer question?"
(159) Thom: "Very well. Surely you understand my concerns in that case, considering the events. Rest as well as you can, my friends and I will do our best to solve this."
(161) Delzoun: "My thanks, neighb'r."
(157) Cael: "Morti, do you think I could have your help in taking the mirror to our room?"
(160) Morti: :nods to Cael and moves to help.:
** (159) Thom nods to Delzoun and heads back to his table. "Well, that was slightly embarrassing." **

(8) Zane: Although she has a fair amount of power - even if she make herself pass out rather often.
(5) DM: (at the end of last session)
(8) Thom: (( so - we are preparing to rest up and head out in the morning for the crag. Anyone need to do anything before FFing to the morning? ))
(2) Cael: (( I'm taking care of that now. ))
(2) Cael: (( As long as Stash is cool with it, we can FF. ))
(14) Atross: ((Nothing of which I am aware.)
(5) DM: (in the morning...)
(5) DM: Brorim's body has been taken away by priests of Bralvanyr for burial in Ruairi.
** (8) Thom makes his way back to the commons room, having gotten some sleep - but not a full night's. Looking for a bartender, he orders someting to eat. **
(5) DM: The mood in the common room is somber, in contrast to the jovial atmosphere the night before.
** (2) Cael enters the common room with a disappointed look on his face, before taking a seat he returns any of the unused materials that he had borrowed the night prior. **
(5) Beldar: "Wha' can oi get fer ye this morn?"
(8) Thom: "Food, and something to help wake me up."
** (14) Atross rises early, still affected by the uneasy mood around the inn. **
** (5) Beldar finishes cleaning a few glasses. "Cook'll be settin' out a few plates in a bit." **
** (4) Daelan quietly enters the Inn having spent the night outside in the stables in meditation and on watch **
(5) Beldar: "Hm. Well, be it strong as a mule or for a young'un?"
(8) Thom: "Then I guess I'll wait." Thom takes a seat at a table, slumpng a bit in his seat.
** (5) Beldar calls out to Jhaness, telling her to hurry up. **
** (4) Daelan stops near the bartender," A platter of fresh bread,cheese,fruit and a pitch of water if you please.'' **
(8) Thom: "Oh, for me? Give me the mule's bit."
** (14) Atross heads down to the common room rather than pace around the confines of the rented room.. **
** (2) Cael sits studying a single sheet of paper, "Futile." **
(8) Thom: "What is Cael?"
** (5) Jhaness comes out of the kitchen with a tray of food, followed by her sister, and they begin setting up on the highboard. **
(2) Cael: "While most of you slept, I studied the images in the mirror, hoping to learn more."
(8) Thom: "And I take it you learned nothing?"
(2) Cael: "Precisely."
(2) Cael: "Nothing more than we already knew, it simply showed the same 5 images over and over, no changes at all."
(8) Thom: "Well, I don't know about the others - but my sleep wasn't all that much either. At least you tried to get something done."
(5) Jhaness: "'e've got fresh bread, field cheese, apple tarts, clabber'd cream, smallfry, pork sausage, ham and roast rabbit. Tarbean tea if'n ye like, or a pint of silver lightning if'n ye need somethin' stronger."
(5) Jhaness: "Help yerselves." (shuffles off to sit with her brother)
(2) Cael: "I'd hoped that the images would have at least given some clues, however, so far the only connection seems to by the crag."
(14) Atross: "Ordinarily, I wouldn't indulge, but considering the circumstances... I'll have one of your strongest."
** (8) Thom grabs some tarts and meat, along with some of the lightning. **
(16) Lunauc (enter): 22:12
(5) DM: The lightning is appropriately named.
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (16) Lunauc...
** (14) Atross poors himself a pint of the strong stuff. **
(8) Thom: "Well, we were planning on going to the crag anyway - so nothing to alter those plans."
(5) DM: (we just started a few min ago)
(16) Lunauc: (yo. sorry I'm late.)
(17) Greystache (enter): 22:12
(2) Cael: "I know, simply hoped that I could learn more so we could better be prepared, we have no idea what we'll be facing."
(2) Cael: (( I simply hoped... ))
** (5) Rhian comes down the stairs, followed by Drenla. Max seems to have taken a liking to the diminutive Aes Sedai. **
(5) Rhian: "Oh, food." (yawns)
** (8) Thom takes a sip of the silver lightning - and coughs a little at he barely manages to swallow it. **
** (16) Morti gives the elder casters a nod as they enter **
(17) Greystache (exit): 22:14
(8) Thom: "Well, I asked for something to wake me up..."
** (14) Atross chugs down the drink, perhaps unwisely, and manages to land the mug back on the table though he falls off his chair himself. **
(5) DM: She sets the tabby on the ground and shuffles off to the highboard, remarking, "You're up early."
** (2) Cael shakes his head at Atross before taking a cup of the tea, "Foolish." **
** (14) Atross announces from the floor, "Uuuhh... I do believe that deserves a stronger name than lightning," before climbing back up to his seat. **
(14) Atross: "At least I'll remember why I don't indulge."
(8) Thom: "He said it was designed to kick a mule - that should have warned you."
(5) Rhian: "Ah! Delzoun's famous apple tarts." (sighs)
** (14) Atross rubs the back of his head. "I needed something to take my mind off things." **
** (8) Thom muches on the tarts he took, along with sausage and ham. **
** (16) Morti sits with his short legs crossed on the chair, Moiraine in his lap as they eat. **
** (5) Rhian takes a bit of food, then steps over to you and eats, pausing every now and then to feed Max. **
(5) Rhian: "So, have you discovered anything new since yesterday regarding the mirror?"
(16) Morti: :speaks aside to the fat cat: "You know she doesn't have a spellbook,right?"
(2) Cael: "Nothing, other than it shows nothing but the same 5 images continuously."
** (5) Maximillian merely licks its lips, satisfied and purrs ever so slightly. **
(8) Thom: "Doesn't sound like it. Drenla, did you have a chance to look at it last night or did Cael horde it?"
(2) Cael: "Horde it?" :Cael looks at Thom questioningly.:
(5) Drenla: "It is of a curious craftsmanship. The design of the backing is of a type not seen since the beginning of the Third Age, shortly after the Devastation."
(8) Thom: "You said you were looking at it all night." Thom shrugs, "Don't know if Drenla even made it down to your room to check, I was just asking.
(5) Drenla: "The mirror is clearly a work of art, were it not for its other uses."
(2) Cael: "Are you able to confirm or deny Morti's thoughts that it is possibly broken?"
(5) Drenla: "However, it is clearly a device used to scry from afar but its enchantment seems to be awry. It takes great magicka to alter an item's functioning." (strokes his chin slowly)
** (8) Thom carefully sips on the silver lightning, preparing himself each time for the kick it comes with. **
(2) Cael: "So you do not believe it to simply be broken, but perhaps tampered with?"
(16) Morti: "Perhaps.. a death message..?"
** (2) Cael can't help but smile at Thom at his attempts at drinking. **
(16) Morti: "Could the apprentice have set it on this loop?"
(5) Drenla: "Nys, I do not think it is a death message. Something happened that changed the mirror's magicka but I am unable to determine exactly what."
(5) Drenla: "It might be possible. If we were able to ascertain his skill in magicka, it might be certain."
(16) Morti: "Could we determine possibly from the materials he keeps on his person?"
(16) Morti: "I mean.. different spells require different components."
(2) Cael: "Well, we know that Brorim'so murderer used some sort arcane magicka in order to kill him, or at least I can only assume as much..."
(8) Thom: "It seems the most likely cause."
(5) Drenla: "I do know one thing. There was a magus here last night who spirited the body away, but where he or she is, who this person is and why are questions I cannot answer."
(8) Thom: "I guess that's what we get to answer then."
(5) Drenla: "Perhaps, if we could have seen the body before it disappeared."
(16) Morti: "The trappers saw the body...."
** (8) Thom finishes off his breakfast, apparently feeling better than he did to begin with. **
(5) Drenla: "We all saw the body."
(16) Morti: "Maybe... he had more on him... before they brought him here..." :idally suggesting corpse robbing:
(5) Drenla: "But when most of you rushed outside, I thought I felt something but shrugged it off."
** (2) Cael sits with a thoughtful look on his face, dipping a piece of bread into his tea before eating it. **
** (5) Rhian picks at her food as she listens to you. **
(8) Thom: "It's alright Drenla. That's what we deserve for rushing off the way we did."
(5) Drenla: "Is it? Then ask Delzoun what he thinks of wizardry? There were mutterings in the crowd last night about fell sorcery."
(5) Drenla: "They're looking at us even now."
(2) Cael: "I can't say as I blame them, first our arrival, then the events of last night..."
(2) Cael: "Few people truly believe in coincidence."
(8) Thom: "Then we might as well leave as soon as we can. We'll want to get there as soon as we can anyway."
** (16) Morti gives a wary glance around to the anxious natives. shrinking a bit at the recognition **
** (5) Jhaness pats Beldar's hand gently as she looks askance at you, biting her lower lip, then turns to nurse a tankard of ale morosely. **
(8) Thom: "The sooner the better it seems." he adds softly.
** (4) Daelan sits by himself,eating his sparse breakfast,staring at the Humans that are in the eating room. **
(16) Morti: :nods, and mutters back meekly: "We shouldn't be bothering these people."
(5) Rhian: "No, we shouldn't. But Delzoun did ask our help last night, and I mean to see this through."
** (2) Cael nods in agreement with Rhian's statement. **
(16) Morti: :gives another weak nod to Rhian:
(16) Morti: (brb)
(5) Rhian: "Besides, one of your destinations lies near the Leaning Stone, correct?"
(8) Thom: "So we help - by finding out what's going on out at the crag. Everyone ready to pack up and head out?"
(14) Atross: "Exactly. I'm already through with my drink."
(16) Morti: "I'm ready to leave."
** (8) Thom stands up and goes to the bar, handing coin over to the barkeep for breakfast. "Thanks for the food, it was as good as I've been told." **
** (5) Rhian gets up and heads over to Beldar. The bartender gives her a bemused nod as she speaks to him softly. **
(16) Morti: :speaks in a timid voice, head bowed. Apparently very uncomfortable with the stares of the locals:
** (2) Cael heads back to the room he and Morti had occupied to pack up his things. (Mostly the mirror) **
(5) Rhian: "....this to Delzoun as payment for his trouble. You have my promise that we will see this through." (lays a small pouch on the counter, which clinks heavily)
** (16) Morti makes sure his belongings and the mirror get safely removed, along with Cael **
** (14) Atross makes sure to gather any belongings he left in his room, meeting the rest outside. **
** (8) Thom heads out to collect the horses after paying. **
** (5) Rhian leaves the wayrest along with Drenla as you bring your mounts out. **
** (2) Cael can Morti return later, carefully carrying the mirror. **
(2) Cael: (( and... ))
whispering to J.C., sorry, send that to me again pls
(2) Cael: (( Wrapped up of course. ))
(8) Thom: (( which makes us look even less conspicuous... ))
(2) Cael: (( Wrapped mirror or a mirror that shows images, one of which being the leaning crag, either way we're suspicious. ))
** (16) Morti makes sure to get the mirror securely fastened to a ount, before mounting himself to ride **
(8) Thom: (( true ))
** (4) Daelan watchs the others leave the Inn,as he finishes up his meal,offering some to his ferret,while tucking a few apples in his pack as he makes ready to leave after the others. **
** (8) Thom mounts up as the others arrive, preparing to head out. Once Daelan joins up, he ask the elf, "Daelan, can you keep an eye out for recent tracks heading the same direction as us while we go? **
(4) Daelan: " I always do Morti.''
(8) Thom: "Good, just wanted to make sure."
(4) Daelan: " I always do Thom.''
(16) Morti: o.0
(4) Daelan: " Cael do you wish to ride scout or in the rear?"
(20) Extrimis (enter): 22:52
(21) J.C. (enter): 22:52
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (21) J.C....
(5) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(2) J.C.' from room...
(2) J.C. (exit): 22:53
(4) Daelan: " Cael do you wish to ride scout or in the rear?"
(21) Cael: "I'll keep to the rear."
(4) Daelan: " As you wish,I will ride scout then.''
(8) Thom: "Alright, let's get moving." Thom starts out, slowly, to get the party moving.
** (16) Morti rides along silently, apparently fretful, as the mask exaggerates his expressions so, and glancing every once in a while to the mirror. **
** (4) Daelan knees his horse into a steady trot,keeping in front of the party,his eyes scanning the road in front of him. **
** (21) Cael keeps to the back of the group, still seemingly thinking, yet keeping an eye out from anyone coming up from behind. **
** (8) Thom rides point of the group, not counting Daelan's scouting route, keeping his eyes and ears open for danger as well. **
DM: On all sides of you trees stretch upwards towards the sky, which is lost to your view in their thick foiliage. It is fairly warm but damp. Moss grows thickly underfoot and all the tree-trunks in sight. All around the trail is knee- to waist-high undergrowth, shrubs, young trees, grass, and the rotting skeletons of long-fallen forest giants.

It is difficult to see far in this crowded, thickly-grown wood. Birds trill and squawk all around, and there are little rustlings in the green brush. You have rarely seen such a lush, verdant forest in your travels.

The trail winds away over moss and dead leaves like some sort of tunnel; branches intertwine overhead, and fresh scars upon them (matching the line of blaze-scars stretching away into the green dimness) show how fast the forest grows to reclaim cleared space. Vines cling to high limbs here and there, and pretty little flowers seem almost to glow in the gloom; toadstools and shelf fungus can be seen too. Mule dung, hoof marks, and the occasional wood chip or strip of bark testify to the busy logging traffic that passes along this narrow, winding trail -- but no other people are visible now except yourselves.

The woods seem to be waiting.

Waiting for something.

whispering to Daelan, send that to me again please
** (8) Thom keeps a hand tightly holding his reigns, while his right hand hovers near the hilt of Ringrist. **
** (21) Cael seems to have relaxed slightly, looking pleasingly at the growth, letting Rin'Umarth do more of the watching for him from the air. **
** (14) Atross keeps hold of his bow with one hand, eyeing the dense forest around him as they travel. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20] => [16] = (16)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d100] => [53] = (53)
** (4) Daelan continues to ride ahead,his eyes and ears taking in all the natural sounds,feeling almost at ease in the wooded area. **
(5) DM: Crashing noises can be heard in the distance.
** (16) Morti looks up to the ruckus. "Loggers..?" **
** (4) Daelan brings his horse to a halt as he listens. **
(5) DM: [1d6] => [1] = (1)
(21) Cael: "Probably." :Cael's previously pleasant attitude seems to change immediately.:
** (8) Thom stops as Daelan does, his hands grasping Ringrist. "No idea." he replies to Morti. **
** (4) Daelan moves his horse off to the side,giving the animals a wide area to move through. **
(4) Daelan: " Animals.''
** (21) Cael cocks an eyebrow at Daelan's comment, getting off his horse after moving to one side. **
(8) Thom: "Sounds like more than just field mice."
(16) Morti: "Big animals..."
** (8) Thom moves up right behind Daelan, looking for whatever he saw. **
(4) Daelan: " About 100 ' and closing.''
(4) Daelan: " Boar.''
(4) Daelan: " Better move off and give them a wide berth.''
(21) Cael: (( Here's hoping that Permanent Speak With Animals comes in handy... ))
(8) Thom: "Uh, shouldn't we get out of the way, like in a totally different direction?"
(4) Daelan: " They are not moving in search of something,they are moving away from something Thom.''
** (14) Atross following Daelan's advice gets off the path. **
(8) Thom: "And they are coming toward us, so they are running from something in the direction we are headed. Great."
(16) Morti: "What something..?"
(4) Daelan: " Get off the path,move to the left.''
** (21) Cael calls Rin out of the air, "Would you mind taking a look at what would be causing this commotion?" Tossing him back in the air. **
** (8) Thom is currently off the path, being immediatelly behind Daelan. **
** (16) Morti does as instructed, trying to move his mount off the path **
(4) Daelan: " One or two may notice us,but the main pack will pass right by us without giving us a heed,keep your weapons at the ready.''
** (8) Thom moves his hand off Ringrist and onto his rapier, drawing it out, getting ready, just in case. **
** (21) Cael stands off the path, eyes closed, apparently listening. **
** (14) Atross drops down off his horse, apparently on purpose this time, bringing up his bow just in case. **
** (21) Cael opens his eyes, "You won't need your weapons..." **
(8) Thom: "No offense, but I'll believe that when they all just run by."
(5) DM: After a few minutes, Rin descends from the sky, screeching in response.
** (16) Morti looks to Rin and Cael. "W-well..?" **
** (4) Daelan continues to move to the left of the path,keeping about 50 ft between himself and the boar herd,hoping the others follow his movements. **
** (8) Thom follows Daelan's movements. **
(21) Cael: "They run in fear, nearly an hour ago at least two of their number were eaten by a Green Mottled Worm, Rin tells me that he can't tell the boar's trail and that he hasn't seen the worm."
** (16) Morti groans. **
** (14) Atross follows the detour beside the path. **
(21) Cael: "Oh yes, and the crag is only a few hours out by horse from our current position.
(8) Thom: "As long as we don't find that worm."
(20) Beizer (exit): 23:22
(4) Daelan: " I do not believe that we would find the worm Thom,it would find us by the vibrations of our movement.''
(16) Morti: "Right.. we should hurry then."
(8) Thom: "Once the way is clear. Knowing our luck, it will attack those boar again right next to us."
(5) DM: Eventually you emerge onto a clearing, except this is no natural space. This is the result of extensive woodcutting, as can be seen by a litter of stumps, bark strips and wood chips. The ground is much churned by lumber that has been dragged about. A couple of barrels can be seen in the clearing, along with a shovel.
(5) DM: A trail leading to the west-northwest is on the other side of the clearing.
** (21) Cael growls as he enters the clearing. **
(14) Atross: "This would be loggers."
** (8) Thom relaxes slightly, now that he can see more." **
(5) DM: (you passed the boar herd by. I'm doing a mini-FF of sorts.)
(14) Atross: "If there is anybody following us, we're rather exposed out in this clearing."
** (4) Daelan brings his horse to a halt outside the clearing as he scans the area. **
(8) Thom: "Maybe, but we should be able to see them as well. Or, at least we won't be any less likely to see them. So we hurry across and go from there."
** (8) Thom pauses as Daelan does, following the elf's lead. **
** (16) Morti looks over the bared earth, groaning at the lifeless sight. "Terrible..." **
(4) Daelan: " We would do well to ride around the clearing,if you wish to stay away from the worm,the clearing would be a good place for it to be resting after having fed,since the boar trail does go through the clearing.''
(8) Thom: "Lead the way Daelan."
(5) DM: Indeed, the herd of boars passed through, trampling underbrush in their wake as can be seen by a number of fresh tracks in the dirt.
** (4) Daelan guides his horse along the outside of the clearing,keeping the clearing on his right as he rides. **
** (8) Thom follows Daelan, letting the elf get about 80 feet ahea of him before following. **
** (16) Morti follows Dael's path, watching the ground carefully **
** (4) Daelan rides slowly around the clearing,letting the horse pick it way though the underbrush **
** (21) Cael follows, eyeing the clearing continuously. **
(5) DM: Whomever was here was fairly recently
** (8) Thom continues to follow Daelan's path, keeping the same pace as the elf sets. **
** (14) Atross follows their path skirting the clearing agreeably. **
** (4) Daelan glances back smiling as he sees the others following his path. **
(23) Avzin (enter): 23:41
(23) Avzin (exit): 23:41
(5) DM: Birds flutter overhead, as a light breeze wafts from the southwest.
(8) Thom: "Just keep us moving forward," he says to Daelan.
** (4) Daelan tilts his head as the birds take off,he half closes his eyes as he breaths in the air from the breeze as he listens to the sounds around him. **
(5) DM: Songbirds apparently, their gentle tune in rhythm with the idyllic forest around you.
** (8) Thom keeps moving around, trying to get back to the trail. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d100] => [63] = (63)
** (4) Daelan continues to ride around the clearing until he comes out on the other side of the clearing and continues to head South. **
** (8) Thom speeds up a little as Daelan makes it back to the trail, ready to keep moving. **
(5) DM: The trees are no less packed on this side of the woods, though there is an ancient stillness in the air as if you have intruded.
** (8) Thom moves to catch up to Daelan once he gets to the trail. "Who do you think that was Daelan," he asks, nodding down the trail ahead of them. **
(4) Daelan: " Hard to say Thom,but these are ancient trees,they have seen more than even my kind.''
(8) Thom: "So, the trees move?"
(4) Daelan: " There are stories of trees that speak Thom.''
(16) Morti: "Really?" :seems to perk a bit from his worries at a mention of talking trees.:
** (4) Daelan continues to ride along the path,as he scans the area around him,listening to the sounds of nature. **
(8) Thom: "Ok, but I meant who was the figure moving through the trees up ahead? Gotta watch more than just the ground scout boy."
(5) Rhian: "These woods are famed for it."
(5) Rhian: "Talking trees, that is."
(16) Morti: :looks back to Rhian: "Do you think we'll meet any?"
** (21) Cael relaxes again, being away from the clearing, stretching his arms wide and breathing deep. **
(5) Rhian: "There is a legend told by the Arash that one of their goddesses, Brigit I believe it was, took the form of a tree-maiden and through her, taught them magicka and the speech of the fae."
(4) Daelan: " As I said Thom hard to say from this distance,but he too scouted the clearing as we did,and he rides well leaving little or no trace of his passing.''
(5) Rhian: "I wish I had remembered my studies in ancient lore instead of pranks underneath the Mistress' nose." (smiles faintly)
(16) Morti: "Hmmm... I wonder how you grow talking trees." :apparently lost in his own imagination at the moment:
(8) Thom: "Then what was... Never mind." Thom keeps his sight trained ahead, watching for any more movement from the figure.
DM: Ahead of you, you see a dark, man-like shape, almost invisible among the tightly-packed trees. It is motionless, and as you approach, you see that it is a man in dark maroon robes, watching you steadily.

He appears to be unarmed.

** (21) Cael stops his mount and gets off. **
** (8) Thom remains mounted, keeping a nice grip on his rapier, which lies across his lap. **
(8) Thom: "I guess we're about to get an answer to my question."
** (16) Morti looks to the robed man, blinking curiously **
(5) DM: He makes no move to approach you.
** (4) Daelan brings his horse to a halt as he watchs the cloaked figure in front of him. **
(21) Cael: "I am Cael, Druid of the Lalvas'Rhimm."
** (8) Thom moves past Daelan, nearing the man. "Wel met traveller." he says, pulling up short about 8 feet from the man. **
(16) Morti: (look anything like anyone in the images in the mirror?)
(5) DM: He seems almost invisible, against the trees, as if his robes were cut from the same cloth as the gloom that pervades the forest around you.
(5) DM: (nope)
(5) DM: He does not respond.
(16) Morti: :offers to the man.. oddly: "Nice robes."
(5) DM: Suddenly, he speaks.

"Know travellers, that once Baron Elkta-zar, he called the Axe-Lord, ruled these lands--and know too, that though death laid him low long years ago, he will rise again!"

(16) Morti: :then to Thom: "It's good to comment strangers, so they'll be more friendly."
(8) Thom: "Oh, did you know him well?"
(16) Morti: (Comment>compliment*)
(5) DM: He takes a step back and is gone from sight.
(16) Morti: "Um..." :seeing the man depart: "... huh?"
** (8) Thom shakes his head. "Why do we always get told the ominous warnings?" **
(4) Daelan: " Because your kind insist on seeking out things that have long been lost.''
** (21) Cael gets back on his horse, "Does anyone know anything of an 'Axe-Lord'?" **
** (8) Thom turns back to the party. "Anyone ever heard of this Elktazar?" **
(16) Morti: (history check for axelord)
(16) Morti: Knowledge: History Skill Check: [1d20+10] => [7,10] = (17)
(5) DM: (k)
(8) Thom: "Lost? We are heading after a murderer, how is that seeking out something long lost. And by the way, as I recall you are the one here that took an item from a long dead tomb, not any of my kind."
whispering to Lunauc, he was once a sorcerer-king who ruled these lands long before the Empire settled these lands
whispering to Lunauc, Mel'Cendia I mean. Although you might not hear Rhian say it, there are persistent rumors that this 'Baron' was a channeler well-versed in the One Power
(4) Daelan: " You would have taken it given the chance,it just seems that the hammer was meant to be held by one of the elder races Thom.''
(8) Thom: "I think not. I had no interest in that hammer."
whispering to Lunauc, one of the few who knew both traditional magicka and the One Power and could do both. he tried to use his abilities against the Aes Sedai and eventually lost.
(16) Morti: "Hasn't he been dead.. a while now...?" :looks back to Rhian to confirm:
(5) Rhian: "Who?" (seems lost in thought)
(16) Morti: "That Axe-Lord guy."
(5) Rhian: "He is....a known figure of note in this part of the world, ays."
(5) Rhian: "Why do you ask?"
(16) Morti: :blinks and points to where the robed man ran off: "The maroon man... he was talking about him returning."
(5) Rhian: "I saw him, ays. But there was something peculiar about him."
(4) Daelan: " He may have been a Aes Sedia at one time.''
(16) Morti: "Yeah.. who where's all maroon?"
** (5) Rhian simply glares at Daelan and says nothing. **
** (8) Thom smiles a little. **
(5) Rhian: "I would have thought you were leading us to the Stone, ays? But we have changed direction."
** (4) Daelan knees his horse into a slow but steady trot as he continues down the path. **
(5) Rhian: (after a while)
(8) Thom: "We have? Daelan - where are you taking us now?"
(4) Daelan: " To the leaning rock as you asked.''
(4) Daelan: " Even Caels bird stated that we were only a few hours of riding time away from it.''
(8) Thom: "Ok, then Rhian - what are you talking about?"
(5) Rhian: "The Stone lies to the west. Lost-Axe Lake is to the south, which is where we seem to be headed."
** (21) Cael looks up at Rhian's comment, having been lost in enjoying the scenery. **
** (8) Thom just shakes his head. "This is why I hate the wilderness." **
(21) Cael: "Are you sure Rhian?"
(4) Daelan: " At one time all this was wilderness Thom.''
** (4) Daelan closes his eyes for a moment as he concentrates. **
(4) Daelan: Intuit Direction Skill Check: [1d20+11] => [13,11] = (24)
(5) Rhian: "Now you're being pert, Cael. Hmph."
(8) Thom: "So it has become less and less wilderness - good. I'm a man of the future, not the past. Just everyone figure out which way to go."
(21) Cael: "I mean nothing by it, I simply wanted to be sure rather than doing something rash."
** (8) Thom waits until a direction is chosen and then follows along. ((Smoke break)) **
** (4) Daelan nudges his horse to the right as he begins to ride deeper into the forest. " If you wish to go to the leaning rock it is this way.'' **
(14) Atross: "Well, it looks like we have no choice. The path doesn't go all the way to this leaning rock place."
** (14) Atross follows the new path, though it takes them deeper into the thick forest. **
(5) DM: Time passes, and after riding for a bit longer, the trees thin out and you come to a brilliant lake whose water has a calming effect on most, if not you all. In the far distance, on the western shore, can be seen the Leaning Stone, and directly above it, the mountain of Dagdha's Thumb, so named because a rock outcropping atop its summit appears to be that of a gigantic closed fist.
(5) DM: (the oval thing is the lake, and the X is the Thumb. at the base of the X is the Stone.)
(16) Morti: "Almost there." :breathes out, as he looks out over the lake.: "Wish we could go fishing."
(5) DM: The lake is wreathed by a faint mist. Its waters seem to be clear however.
(4) Daelan: " Tis best not to disturb,that which has been quiet for centuries Morti.''
(16) Morti: "Hm?"
** (8) Thom glances back at Rhian, after seeing that Daelan was correct after all. **
** (5) Rhian concentrates instead on the journey ahead. **
** (21) Cael gets off his horse, stretches and looks up to Rin'Umarth circling in the air above. **
(5) DM: (reading ahead, sec)
** (8) Thom shakes his head a little and turns back to Daelan. "Well done Daelan, now let's get over there and see if we can't solve this murder." **
(4) Daelan: " Seems like a long way to travel to solve a murder.''
(8) Thom: "Maybe, but it's the only lead we have."
(16) Morti: "Besides.. I have to go there to return the mirror."
(5) DM: The Stone is in fact a 30' high pinnacle of weathered granite and rises out of the ground at an angle, leaning north. At its base is an arched opening that appears to have been shaped not by normal means, and in front of the opening can be seen a number of tracks.

Visible through the arch is small, darkened circular room.

(8) Thom: "And so we can visit Caer. So many reasons - one destination."
** (4) Daelan begins to lead the party around the lake towards the leaning rock. **
(5) DM: (am assuming you approach the Stone gradually)
** (21) Cael leads his horse, following on foot. **
(8) Thom: (( most likely ))
** (8) Thom follows Daelan's lead. **
** (16) Morti *follow follow follow* **
(5) DM: There are a number of tracks here. Perhaps the trappers from last night.
(5) DM: Something appears to have been dragged around. Most likely Brorim's corpse in the tent.
(8) Thom: "Well, looks like the trackers were telling the truth at least."
** (4) Daelan dismounts as he nears the leaning rock,as he moves around scanning the ground taking in all the tracks. **
** (16) Morti looks around nervously as they lead the horses to a safe spot to stop and approach the entrance **
** (8) Thom dismounts after a few moments, leaving the horse with the others. **
** (5) Rhian takes in her surroundings as does Drenla. **
** (8) Thom approaches the open entrance and looks it over for any traps. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+14] => [10,14] = (24)
(4) Daelan: " There were 6 Humans here at one time or another,3 within the last week,the others within 2 weeks."
** (14) Atross leaves his horse with the others and follows the rest as they approach the unusual arch in the stone. **
(8) Thom: "How many entered through here?"
(4) Daelan: " There are tracks of 3 large footed Humans,2 of medium footed humans and 1 small footed human.''
(5) DM: Through the arch can be seen a small, darkened circular chamber.
(8) Thom: "1 small footed? Like a child?"
** (16) Morti moves up behind Thom and Dael, stopping to make his own slight investigation(detect magic at the entrance and the surroundings, for active spells or trace residues.. if notable) **
whispering to Lunauc, there's an illusion
whispering to Lunauc, but you're not sure other than on the floor.
whispering to Lunauc, the entire place radiates magic however. except nondeterminate unless it's the floor
(16) Morti: Will save: [1d20+11] => [13,11] = (24)
(4) Daelan: " Or a woman.''
(16) Morti: "There was an image of a woman in the mirror." :notes morbidly:
** (8) Thom nods to Daelan. **
(8) Thom: "Speaking of which, don't forget the mirror."
** (8) Thom slowly enters the archway, checking for traps as he does. **
(16) Morti: :to thom: "Wait"
** (8) Thom stops at Morti's caution. "What?" **
(16) Morti: "There's an illusion.. covering the floor inside."
(4) Daelan: " I will wait out here,call out if you need my bow.''
** (21) Cael moves to the horse that the mirror is tied to, carefully removing it. **
** (16) Morti moves toward the arch, rising on his toes and giving a couple hops, trying to get high enough to look down... something. "It's a shaft.. of some kind." **
(8) Thom: "Hmm, neat little trick." Thom finds a fist sized rock, or something else similar. "Morti, you have that spell memorized that can make an item glow?"
(16) Morti: "Uh huh."
(8) Thom: "Then light this up if you would. Also, how far in is the shaft, and how wide?"
** (16) Morti utters a few odd words and touches the rock, settling a luminescent glow over it. **
(16) Morti: "You know.. if you can concentrate you could see through the illusion yourself, I'm sure."
** (8) Thom gives Morti an incredulous look, but tries anyway. He turns to look at the floor, concentrating on trying to see a shaft instead of the floor. **
** (16) Morti walks into the chamber stopping at the edge of the shaft and looking down. "It starts here." **
** (16) Morti uncaps his torch staff as he enters, for the added light **
(8) Thom: "Woah..." Thom mutters, staring at the floor. He walks up to Morti, stopping at the edge of the shaft as well. "That is kind of cool."
(16) Morti: Knowledge: Arcana Skill Check: [1d20+19] => [3,19] = (22)
(16) Morti: Spellcraft Skill Check: [1d20+19] => [8,19] = (27)
** (16) Morti nods, and suggests, drop the rock so we can see the bottom **
** (8) Thom drops the rock into the pit. **
(16) Morti: Knowledge: Arcana Skill Check: [1d20+19] => [5,19] = (24)
** (8) Thom watches it fall. **
** (16) Morti recaps his staff and stares down at the little twinkling lights floating in the shaft, as the rock falls past them. "They're pretty." **
(5) : It floats.
(5) DM: It floats down quite slowly actually.
(16) Morti: "Woah."
(8) Thom: "Yeah. Of course, it is still going down, as would any of us. But why? Why create a trap pit like this but have the floating occur?"
** (16) Morti looks up for any other doors in the chamber **
** (16) Morti grins, and watches the rock descend waiting for it to reach bottom. "I think, we go this way." **
(8) Thom: "So, the only way accross seems to be jumping, but that's a rather good jump. Unless you want to check out the shaft Morti, with your boots it should be an interesting sight."
(16) Morti: as in the spell?
** (21) Cael stands in the archway, having awkwardly moved the mirror from the horses to the cavern. **
** (16) Morti nods to Thom, and hops forward to fall down the shaft. **
(14) Atross: "I think it's supposed to be an entrance, actually."
(8) Thom: "Morti's about to find out. I'd rather know for sure before just jumping in."
(5) DM: He disappears (those of you who have disbelieved know otherwise).
** (8) Thom watches Morti descend. **
(21) Cael: (( AFK, need to relocate really quick, things just got loud. ))
** (8) Thom waits to see if Morti looks up - if so, Thom waves. **
** (16) Morti calls back up the shaft. A huge grin on his scarf face. "It's amazing. No one has seen things like these guys in so long! Come on down. It's great!" **
(21) Cael: "What is happening exactly?"
(8) Thom: "Let's go." Thom jumps forward into the shaft.
** (14) Atross edges his way forward, focusing on seeing where the shaft begins, to lower himself down into the shaft. **
** (21) Cael looks around as Thom disappears. **
(4) Daelan: " Apparently the Humans have decided to jump into a hole in the floor Cael.''
(5) DM: Those of you who decided to jump into the hole find that you begin to float gently down a shaft, about 20' in diameter and 100' deep. The shaft is filled with twinkling lights.
(14) Atross: "Morti said it's an illusion. The floor. Then dropped a rock into it."
(16) Morti: :down below, Morti is talking to... something. And having a one-sided conversation at that.: "Have you and your friends lived here all this time? Do you ever leave? Do you do anything but wait in a shaft? Do you have to eat in some manner?"
** (8) Thom looks down as he floats, wondering who, or what, Morti is talking to. **
(5) DM: As you float past the twinkling lights, it turns out that each light is in fact a pair of disembodied eyes.
(5) DM: The shaft is filled with literally hundreds of these creatures.
** (8) Thom frowns slightly, but keeps his fears to himself. **
** (21) Cael looks around the cave, "I don't see this supposed hole in the floor." **
(5) DM: And as each of you floats past, one pair attaches itself to each of you.
(21) Cael: (( Scratch that, I do see this supposed hole in the floor. ))
** (8) Thom looks at the eyes that attached to him, trying to figure out where they are looking. **
(21) Cael: "Ah, well, I see, and they just jumped in?"
(16) Morti: "Do you have a name?" :pause: "Hmm.. how about I call you Blinky?"
(8) Thom: "Hold on a moment guys," Thom calls up.
** (21) Cael moves to the edge of the hole looking down. "What is it?" **
** (8) Thom turns his focus back to the bottom, looking for Morti and what is happening. **
(5) DM: They're looking at you. Each of you. All over you.
(8) Thom: "Morti, any idea who finds us so interesting?
(5) DM: The shaft emerges into a circular chamber, 100' below the opening above. The room is empty, except for a door set in one wall that's closed.
(5) DM: (it's empty except for Morti and a pair of eyes, that is)
(5) DM: (and the door)
** (8) Thom lands softly on the ground. Seeing a door, he figures everything is not as bad as he feared. So, he calls back up. "Ok, it's clear. Just don't lash out at the eyes." **
(21) Cael: "What's going on down there Thom?"
(16) Morti: "Huh?" :looks up the shaft, apparently remembering the others are there, "Oh.. these lil guys are a type of creature. Isn't it amazing. They haven't been seen since the devastation. Drenla has to see this." :calls up the shaft: "Master Drenla, Prying Eyes! You have to see! Prying eyes!"
(25) J.C. (enter): 01:19
** (8) Thom moves away from where he landed, and with a glance at his own extra set of eyes says, "So, you want to see huh? I warn you - I've seen a lot that I don't care to see again, so you might not like what you get." **
** (16) Morti seems quiet happy about the whole thing. "They're attracting to magicks, which would include your carried items. And they also may be emplyed here as some type of security measure to watch for grave robbers. I'm not sure. I wish they had mouths to talk." **
(8) Thom: "I assume you told them we are here to return a mirror, and looking for someone that is defiling the tomb, right?"
(16) Morti: "Um... no...."
** (8) Thom moves into the circular chamber, checking for any traps. **
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (25) J.C....
(5) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(21) J.C.' from room...
** (14) Atross floats down after Thom. "Well, if they can hear, you've told them now." **
(21) J.C. (exit): 01:24
(8) Thom: "Well, I guess I just did then."
(8) Thom: "Ahh, glad you could join us Atross." Thom returns to searching the room for any traps, before moving to check the door out.
** (25) Cael moves the mirror to the hole and steps in himself. **
(5) : (btw, OOC note, there should be a door leading to 9 but because the map is 3-D, it doesn't show very well. similarly, there's a door leading to room 1 and one to room 4.)
** (4) Daelan watchs as the last member of the party decends into the earth. **
(8) Thom: (( k - I see the one out of room 1 to the hallway. I'm assuming room 1 is where we start and that door is the one you mentioned. ))
(5) Drenla: "What?"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+14] => [6,14] = (20)
** (8) Thom checks to see if the door out of the circular room is locked, or unlocked. **
(16) Morti: (Drenla come down yet, or is he calling down the shaft?)
(5) DM: (he's calling down the shaft)
(5) DM: (sec, reading)
** (25) Cael finally touches the floor and props the mirror against the wall. "There has to be an easier way to move that thing around." **
(16) Morti: :calls up to to Drenla: "Do you see them? The eyes..?"
(16) Morti: (how heavy is the mirror?)
(5) DM: (as heavy as a regular mirror in the real world of roughly 5' high and backed by wood)
(5) Drenla: "I see them." (warily)
(5) Drenla: "One has attached itself to me it seems."
(5) DM: As you emerge into the room...
(16) Morti: "Isn't it amazing?!" :doesn't seem worried at all by the possible implications.:
(8) Thom: "Yes, it did to each of us as well."
(5) DM: It appears that the chamber is not as empty as it appears...
(5) DM: At the bottom of the shaft lie the bones of a few small creatures, a broken wooden staff, a rusty dagger and a small brass box.

All of these items become visible as soon as Cael emerges into the room, along with the mirror.

(4) Daelan: " I do not like this,but Atross has gone into the Earth and it would not bode well if my Elendil were to fall.''
** (4) Daelan steps forward into the shaft and slowly begins to sink into the earth. **
(5) DM: (and so Daelan sees the twinkling lights and so forth....)
(5) DM: (and one of them attaches itself to him.)
(16) Morti: "Woah." :looks about at the new reveal by the mirror.:
(8) Thom: "Well, that mirror seems to be handy already." Thom heads back and picks up the box, studying it.
(4) Daelan: " I hope these things do not become a permanent part of my being,the sooner I get out of here the better I shall feel,so let us find out what is going on,fix it and leave.''
(5) DM: The box is made of brass and it seems to be latched. It contains a lock, also made of brass. Something jiggles inside.
(5) DM: A few small damp patches darken the floor of the chamber.
** (8) Thom checks the box for any traps. **
(16) Morti: :to Dale: "Relax. I think they're great. I wonder if they'll follow us when we leave."
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+14] => [8,14] = (22)
(4) Daelan: " You may wish to have more than two eyes Morti,I do not.''
(25) Cael: "So, what next?"
(16) Morti: :frowns a bit at Dael's annoyance, and but nods and turns to look about the room.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+21] => [12,21] = (33)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+21] => [10,21] = (31)
** (8) Thom carefully opens the box, seeing what it holds. **
(5) DM: Each of the disembodied eyes accompanying you looks curiously at you.
(5) DM: Within is a dusty, mildew-covered rag
** (16) Morti uncaps his staff torch, and kneels down, picking up a part of the broken staff. He looks it over thoughtfully, wondering if there is a way to discern a mage's staff from a mundane one. **
(5) DM: It seems to enclose something.
(5) DM: The staff is rotted through and through.
(25) Cael: "Thom?"
(8) Thom: "Yeah?"
** (25) Cael looks around at all the eyes, then the box Thom is holding before looking at Thom, "Be careful." **
(8) Thom: "I was planning on it." Thom then pulls out a dagger from his belt and uses the tip to move the rag aside, to see what is enclosed within it.
(4) Daelan: " Be careful? He is a human,they all just left the surface to come down here,even when told they would have some creepy eye attach itself to them,but that did not stop them,be careful is not something they listen to Cael.''
(5) DM: You expose a corked and wax-sealed glass vial containing a glowing clear blue-tinged liquid.
(16) Morti: :still holding the rotted wood, begins looking over the bones, wondering if any of them are humanoid.:
(16) Morti: :to Dael: "Um... you did too."
(8) Thom: "Morti, I got a vial of liquid here. Might be down your alley."
** (25) Cael looks at Daelan, "I wouldn't exactly consider you to be the most reasonable individual I've met." **
(16) Morti: "Hmmm?" :moves to Thom's side to see what he's talking about.
(16) Morti: "Yeah... that's liquid."
** (8) Thom hands the box with the vial over to Morti. "Watch out for the rag there, looks awfully moldy. Don't want to catch illness down here." **
(8) Thom: "Thanks Morti, I wasn't sure about that." he says with a smile.
** (16) Morti takes the bowx, careful of the mold, due to Thom's warning, and just stares back at the scout, unsure what else to say, "It's not like I can idendfy it here or anything." **
** (5) Drenla regards the prying eye curiously but with more than a hint of wariness. **
(8) Thom: "Oh, I wasn't sure. Might as well take it then, no one else around here is going to claim it."
(5) Drenla: "Not all creatures from before the Devastation were harmless, Morti."
(4) Daelan: " Only reason I am here is for Atross Morti.''
(5) Drenla: "Though these seem benign enough."
(8) Thom: "It's so nice to have your cheerful voice with us Daelan." Thom says as he crosses the room again to the door. Thom then begins working on unlocking the door.
(5) Drenla: "The question I have is why are they here, and how?"
** (16) Morti hands the box back to Thom, and nods to Drenla, "Know, but these guys seem friendly. I was thinking they might be guardians for the tomb. Watchiing anyone who enters." **
** (8) Thom takes the box and closes it, stashing it away for now. **
(14) Atross: "Maybe this isn't important to anybody else, but why did bringing the mirror down here seem to reveal things?"
(5) DM: Suddenly the images of three robed individuals appear in the room. A sneering woman, garbed in white, a hunchback in tattered brown clothing and a cowled and hooded figure, apparently a man with a muscular frame in maroon robes.
(5) DM: They're fighting each other and casting spells.
(16) Morti: "Wah!" :jumps at the sudden appearance of the trio. Taking him a moment to notice they fight one another:
** (8) Thom dodges and rolls off to the side at the first appearance of the trio. Once he realizes it's just an image, he stands up shaking his head. "I guess we can thank the mirror for that as well?" **
(5) DM: The woman hurls a ball of flames at the hunchback, who in turn spreads both of his hands and unleashes an intense barrage of sizzling blue missiles at both the female magus and the cowled figure. The third combatant on the other hand summons forth a flying cobra that proceeds to attack the woman. Each of you feels your lifeforce slipping away. (Fort and roll init)
(8) Thom: Fortitude: [1d20+7] => [11,7] = (18)
(25) Cael: Fortitude: [1d20+7+2] => [10,7,2] = (19)
(16) Morti: Fortitude save: [1d20+7] => [19,7] = (26)
(8) Thom: Initiative: [1d20+9] => [9,9] = (18)
(25) Cael: Initiative: [1d20+3+4] => [2,3,4] = (9)
(16) Morti: Init: [1d20+2] => [4,2] = (6)
(4) Daelan: Fortitude save: [1d20+12] => [18,12] = (30)
(5) DM: (Cael and Mort fail)
(4) Daelan: INIT: [1d20+2] => [3,2] = (5)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [2d4] => [1,1] = (2)
(16) Morti: (26 fails? ouch)
(5) DM: (lose 2 damage each)
(5) DM: (oops nm)
(25) Cael: (( Are you looking at Fort or Init? ))
(5) DM: (mistook the 6)
(5) DM: (never mind)
(16) Morti: (np)
(25) Cael: (( Understandable ))
(5) DM: (I need a fort save from Cael please)
(5) DM: (er...I mean Atross)
(8) Thom: (( he had a 19 ))
(5) DM: (I don't see the 19)
(8) Thom: hmm... is Donovan awake? Haven't heard anything for a while
(25) Cael: (( I think he meant me, not Atross. ))
(5) DM: (no, I meant Atross. he's here with you isn't he?)
(8) Thom: (( sorry the 19 was Cael. My comp is a little slower than usual tonight. ))
(16) Morti: Spellcraft Skill Check: [1d20+19] => [5,19] = (24)
(16) Morti: Spellcraft Skill Check: [1d20+19] => [9,19] = (28)
(16) Morti: Spellcraft Skill Check: [1d20+19] => [7,19] = (26)
(5) DM: (I'm sending his noide to you Zane, roll for him please)
(8) Atross: Fortitude: [1d20+11] => [4,11] = (15)
(3) Tanesh (exit): 02:03
(8) Atross: Initiative: [1d20+5] => [3,5] = (8)
(5) : (he loses 2 damage as well)
(5) : (a 15 fails)
(5) : (ok, give me a second to set things up)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+2] => [11,2] = (13)
whispering to Donovan, are you awake?
(5) DM: (might have to roll for Atr, Zane)
(8) Thom: (( I think he's back. ))
(5) : (Thom, 18)
(8) Thom: "Why do I feel this is more than just an image?" Thom moves over to the door and prepares to work on unlocking it.
(5) DM: (The chamber is about 40' in diameter for purposes of effect.)
(8) Thom: (( done ))
(5) DM: ((room isn't to scale obviously))
(5) DM: ((load minis))
(5) DM: ((I lost my mini loader so load another mini for me and entitle it "image" pls))
(25) Cael: (( Hm... does anyone see my mini? I loaded it but I can't see it.
(5) DM: ((not to me))
(5) DM: ((I'll improvise then))
(8) Thom: (( nope - don't see yours. What type of mini do you want Stash? ))
(5) DM: ((the X is the 'image'))
(5) DM: ((doesn't matter))
(8) Thom: (( k ))
(25) Cael: (( I'm gonna try something realy quick, if it doesn't work, I'll be improvising too it seems. ))
(5) DM: The three wizards begin a duel to the death. The female magus unleashes a lightning bolt at the cowled figure. The hunchback hurls a pair of chromatic orbs at both of his tormentors. The figure summons into being a shimmering ifrit and commands it to attack them both.
(25) Cael: Disconnecting from server...
(25) J.C. (exit): 02:16
(5) DM: As each wizard casts his or her spell, you feel something tug at yourselves. (Fort x3)
(16) Morti: Fortitude save: [1d20+7] => [4,7] = (11)
(16) Morti: Fortitude save: [1d20+7] => [12,7] = (19)
(16) Morti: Fortitude save: [1d20+7] => [14,7] = (21)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [2d4] => [3,1] = (4)
(26) J.C. (enter): 02:17
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (26) J.C....
whispering to J.C., need 3 Fort saves from you
(26) J.C.: Fortitude: [1d20+7+2] => [6,7,2] = (15)
(26) J.C.: Fortitude: [1d20+7+2] => [15,7,2] = (24)
(26) J.C.: Fortitude: [1d20+7+2] => [3,7,2] = (12)
** (16) Morti groans. "Yeah.. this isn't normal." **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [2d4] => [4,1] = (5),[2d4] => [3,4] = (7)
whispering to J.C., 11 damage
(8) Thom: Fortitude: [1d20+7] => [13,7] = (20)
(8) Thom: Fortitude: [1d20+7] => [15,7] = (22)
(8) Thom: Fortitude: [1d20+7] => [3,7] = (10)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [2d4] => [1,1] = (2)
(8) Thom: "Anyone who can stop them, please do it."
(5) DM: (Cael, 9)
(26) J.C.: (( Just a sec, checking what I missed. ))
(16) Morti: Spellcraft Skill Check: [1d20+19] => [4,19] = (23)
** (26) J.C. looks at the group of casters, falling on his hands as he begins to change into a Brown Bear. **
(26) J.C.: (( Done ))
(5) DM: (k. Atross, 8)
** (14) Atross steps closer to the wall, away from the image of the wizards and fires a few shots into the mirage, hoping to disrupt it. **
(14) Atross: ((One at each image.))
(14) Atross: Full Attack: First Shot:[1d20+10+5+2+2+1] => [18,10,5,2,2,1] = (38) Rapid Shot:[1d20+10+5+2+2+1] => [16,10,5,2,2,1] = (36)Second Shot:[1d20+5+5+2+2+1] => [2,5,5,2,2,1] = (17)
(16) Morti: :speaks to his following eyes: "You guys aren't doing this, are you?"
(27) No Name (enter): 02:27
(16) Morti: Will save: [1d20+11] => [2,11] = (13)
(5) DM: The eyes do not reply.
(16) Morti: "Are you trying to protect Alaghund's tomb?"
(14) Atross: Flaming Greatbow Damage: [1d10+3+2+2+1] => [4,3,2,2,1] = (12) Fire Damage: [1d6] => [3] = (3)
(14) Atross: Flaming Greatbow Damage: [1d10+3+2+2+1] => [8,3,2,2,1] = (16) Fire Damage: [1d6] => [5] = (5)
(5) DM: (sec)
(5) DM: There is no reply from the eyes.
(5) DM: (checking with Atross on something)
(5) DM: The images shriek with pain.
(5) DM: (Mort, 6)
(16) Morti: "Eh..?" :raises a brow as the images are injured:
(16) Morti: (how many can I hit with a lightning bolt?)
(5) DM: (probably all of them but remember that you might hit some of your fellows)
(16) Morti: (nah, he's got a clear shot to the otherwall)
(5) DM: (let it rip then)
** (16) Morti quickly draws out an amber rod, rubbing it briskly along the fu of his coat as he chants arcane words. Electricity gathers about the rod and sparks from his fingers, before he lets it loose in an azure stream across thre room and through the images. Lightning Bolt(rf 17): [8d6] => [3,5,3,1,5,4,1,3] = (25) **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+9] => [15,9] = (24)
(5) DM: The images scream with agony and disappear.
(27) No Name (exit): 02:41
(8) Thom: "Nicely done Morti."
** (4) Daelan stands and watches not sure of what has happened. **
** (8) Thom works on unlocking the door out of the room. **
** (16) Morti lets out a relieved breath at the disappearance. "Thanks Atross. Didn't think we could hurt them." **
(28) J.C. (enter): 02:42
** (16) Morti moves to the mirror to uncover it and see what images it shows now. **
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (28) J.C....
(5) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(26) J.C.' from room...
(26) J.C. (exit): 02:44
(5) DM: This time, it shows SIX images.
** (28) J.C. lets out a roar as he shifts back and moves towards Morti and the mirror. **
(5) DM: The Leaning Stone, the crystalline stair, the three wizards and a throne made of pure magicka.
(5) DM: (And on that note, we'll stop.)

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