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The Tangled Web
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 Saterday Game: 9pm - 3am EST

Read This For Details
This campaign uses the 3.5 D&D ruleset and has been running since August 2003. We have an opening for one player.
Admittedly, the Saturday game is the most complex of the three games that I run but is, in my opinion, the most satisfying. Players who make it through the extensive screening process tend to stay on for quite a while. Two of the players have been with me since the very beginning.
There are two parallel campaigns in the Saturday game. PCs in the Damrosil game are 10th level. PCs in the Mel Nethra game are 16th level. The campaigns are linked both conceptually and storyline-wise. You can't join one without playing in the other.
If you would like more information, please feel free to send me an e-mail to SobaAddict70 at gmail dot com or by using one of the instant messaging services above. If you send an e-mail, please be sure to put "Andurin" in the subject line, otherwise I might treat it as spam.


(157) J.C. (enter): 21:23
(159) Zane (enter): 21:23
(160) Lunauc (enter): 21:23
(159) Zane: There he be.
Attempting to assign the role of GM to (161) TaliesinNYC...
(161) TaliesinNYC: I had to do a complete reinstall
(161) TaliesinNYC: so I've lost everything
(159) Zane: ouch
(159) Zane has sent you a tree node...
(159) Zane has sent you a tree node...
(159) Zane has sent you a tree node...
(159) Zane: Just sent my char nodes (Fri and Sat)
(161) TaliesinNYC: can someone send me an alias library please?
(161) TaliesinNYC: and a monster roller
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (160) Lunauc...
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (159) Zane...
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (157) J.C....
(161) TaliesinNYC: where is everyone?
(157) J.C.: Back, I was in the bathroom
(157) J.C.: As for everyone else, I don't know
(159) Zane: No idea - and I don't have a monster roller
(157) J.C.: Me either on the roller
(160) Lunauc: sorry, was afk. yo stash
(160) Lunauc: .. monster roller..?
(161) TaliesinNYC: something that adds monster minis from a web site
(161) TaliesinNYC: I'll wait till DJ gets back
(161) TaliesinNYC: I'll also wait 15-20 minutes before calling it if no one shows up
(160) Lunauc: ok
(166) Donovan (enter): 21:32
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (166) Donovan...
(159) Zane: There's one
(161) TaliesinNYC: yes but since y'all decided to split up
(161) TaliesinNYC: that means we can't really begin right?
(166) Donovan: I wonder if I missed a week; there was a day I thought we were on for but I couldn't find anyone
(161) TaliesinNYC: we haven't
(161) TaliesinNYC: the last time we met, you split the group up and Morti/Drenla and someone else went to take a boat to Nith'Tar Valon
(159) Zane: not sure - depends on what Atross, Cael, and the others were doing while Morti, Thom, and Drenla went after Sevis. As I recall, you didn't really want to do much of the rescue of Sevis on screen - since it was 98% or so of Drenla and other NPCs talking.
(161) TaliesinNYC: I think Thom
(161) TaliesinNYC: there was a wishing well
(161) TaliesinNYC: right
(161) TaliesinNYC: and since Atross and Cael are here, I'd really rather have Daelan be here
(161) TaliesinNYC: otherwise it's not worth proceeding
(159) Zane: So - if nothing really happened, we *could* FF to where Morti, Thom, Drenla, andSevis remeat the group. And then - we are all together again.
(161) TaliesinNYC: we could do that
(161) TaliesinNYC: but Sevis isn't here
(159) Zane: Or, we could give Drew another 10 minutes or so, since he never shows up on time.
(161) TaliesinNYC: anyway, what did you want to do?
(161) TaliesinNYC: I need Atross' node since I lost it
(159) Zane: Entire group - head to Cael next. The group that did not go after Sevis - can't remember.
(160) Lunauc has sent you a tree node...
(159) Zane: Not Cael - Cear.
(166) Donovan has sent you a tree node...
(160) Lunauc has sent you a tree node...
(166) Donovan: I'll send you an update of all my character nodes after the game too, then.
(160) Lunauc has sent you a tree node...
(157) J.C.: Do you want Cael's node too?
(161) TaliesinNYC: yes please
(161) TaliesinNYC: don't send me Garret's node
(161) TaliesinNYC: or any Mel Neth PC
(161) TaliesinNYC: or any Tolmara PC
(157) J.C. has sent you a tree node...
(159) Zane: Whoops - already did, sorry
(157) J.C.: All right, you should have it now.
(161) TaliesinNYC: I'll still need them, I just don't want to have to look for them
(159) Zane: k
(161) TaliesinNYC: ok so gimme a couple sec
(161) TaliesinNYC: feel free to start RPing in the meantime
(161) TaliesinNYC: you're on the road to Caer, which leads close to the elven forest but doesn't go through it
** (159) Zane rides along with the group, keeping an eye on the forest, trying to take in all that has happened recently. (As in - we are talking OOC) **
** (159) Thom rides along with the group, keeping an eye on the forest, trying to take in all that has happened recently. (As in - we are talking OOC) **
** (160) Morti rides along with the others... but looks around a bit confused... as if he can't remember how he got here. Eventually he shrugs it off and moves along. **
(160) Morti: (hmmm.. can anyone else not think of something to do on the road to Caer? 0.o)
** (166) Atross rides along distractedly -- an unusual sight -- as ponders what could await them upon meeting Caer. **
(161) DM: (talk about recent events? not what you did while FFing naturally since we'll never know what occurred)
(161) DM: (I'm redownloading some modules in the meantime)
(159) Thom: (( Yeah - but questions about that time and questions for Sevis are all I got right now... hmm... ))
(160) Morti: ("What happens in Nith'tar Valon stays in Nith'tar Valon")
(161) DM: (easy way to do that is to write out in plain English your questions and e-mail them to me, and I'll do my best to answer them, but not IC unless necessary)
(161) DM: (questions to Sevis should be e-mailed directly to DJ and copy me)
(159) Thom: (( true - but doesn't help us right now. Ahh, I got something. ))
** (159) Thom turns to Cael, "Cael - how much do you know about your cousin or his neighbors in Ruiari?" **
** (157) Cael looks at Thom with a slightly confused expression. "What exactly do you mean? **
(159) Thom: "Do you think that they will be able to overcome what they faced there?"
(157) Cael: "Well, I haven't had much contact with my cousin until this recent incident, however, from what I do remember of him, and from what I know of your race, they will overcome this. It is all a matter of time."
(159) Thom: "That is good, I was a little troubled. To be taken in by an imposter, who takes over control like she did - not everyone can deal with that treachery. If Ruiari can deal..."
(157) Cael: "I'm sure they will be fine. Once weeds have been removed, the crops can grow as they are meant to."
(159) Thom: "Hmm.. Regarless of the size of the garden?"
(159) Thom: (( *Regardless ))
(157) Cael: "We can only hope that the garden has been tended well enough."
** (160) Morti listens on, though he slumps weakly forward in his saddle, practically laying atop the horse, while Moiraine balances on his back, effectively riding him. **
(157) Cael: "It is up to the citizens of Ruiari to restore things to where they were, we've done what we can."
(170) Chuckie D (enter): 22:14
(159) Thom: "I just hadn't thought about the after effects of removing an evil lie from a position of power. We didn't stay around after the werewolf's death long enough to see the after effects. Highkeep should do well I guess. If Ruiari can make it, Highkeep can deal. Although, the Tempest will have been there a lot longer..."
(170) Chuckie D: Disconnecting from server...
(170) Chuckie D (exit): 22:16
(157) Cael: "We have done our part, we can only hope that they take care of themselves."
(159) Thom: "Yes... take care of themselves..."
(157) Cael: "It is no different in nature. Once the source of an unnatural corruption is removed, there is little more that can be done to restore things to the way they were. Nature must then care for itseld."
(159) Thom: "But that's nature - how can you be so sure that a city, or even a small town, will behave the same way?"
** (160) Morti crosses his arms at the horses neck, lets a out a long yawn and settles down to rest as his mount follows alone. **
(157) Cael: "Because, it is in the nature of all living things to heal and to restore themselves to their former self. A cut in the busy, when cleaned and left alone will heal. That is the same for a community."
(157) Cael: (... body... not busy*)
** (160) Morti takes a long pause, before asking up from his lazy position, "Then why are there so many ruins of abandoned cities around?" **
(157) Cael: "Simple, the wound wasn't clean and was left to fester."
(159) Thom: "That just seems too simple a view for the way of life of a true city. A small town like Ruiari - maybe, they are still farmers. But in a city, there are so many individuals, and so many groups, that would seek to fill in for the missing piece, I just can't see it being that easy."
(160) Morti: :gives a fretful groan: "Did we remember to "clean the wound"? What does that mean anyway? Should we have cleaned the temple?"
(166) Atross: "Unfortunately, if it is well-placed, even a single wound will prove fatal, even if infections do not set in."
(160) Morti: :more worried, looks up to Atross: "It was fatal?"
(166) Atross: "I don't know about that."
(157) Cael: "I don't believe so. I believe that the village will survive."
(166) Atross: "There seem to be some sturdy folks still left in Ruiari
(159) Thom: "But that is the question - isn't it? The tempest made the wound, we removed the blade, but was the attack from her too much?"
** (160) Morti lets his head sag back down to her crossed arms, "So confusing..." **
(157) Cael: "Seeing those in that village that were willing to assist us makes me believe that it wasn't too much."
(159) Thom: "And when allowed to attack for 30 years time, will removing the Tempest bring a city to ruins?"
(157) Cael: "Her weapon was fear. They will be slow to trust for a time, but I believe things will change in time, for the better."
(157) Cael: "Of your adventures so far, have you heard anything from those you have helped?"
(160) Morti: "Not really.. I mean.. we usually just keep moving. We've never really looked back before."
(159) Thom: "Most of those I've helped so far are in other worlds, or were already dead. Well, except for Wysos I guess."
(157) Cael: "Do you trust that those that you helped are still safe? That what you did was enough?"
** (160) Morti just shrugs **
(159) Thom: "Well - usually we did what we needed to keep ourslves moving, and what seemed right to do. And in Wysos, we really only helkped one individual."
(157) Cael: "Regardless of your reason, do you believe that are safe?"
(160) Morti: "I hope so."
(172) ZardoZ (enter): 22:40
(157) Cael: (they are safe)
(172) ZardoZ: Disconnecting from server...
(172) ZardoZ (exit): 22:42
(159) Thom: "It would seem to defeat the point of doing good if we thought they weren't safe. But there is a difference between people being safe, and a city not being able to come together again."
(157) Cael: "I ask you this Thom, do you believe that you did enough in Ruairi for them to be able to come together again?"
(159) Thom: "I did all I could. Whether that was enough or not - that was my original question."
** (157) Cael shakes his head, "Do you believe it was enough? From what you learned of those people in our short time there, do you believe they can use what you gave them to survive?" **
(159) Thom: "I want to think so, but I wonder. And worry a little."
(157) Cael: "You have to have faith in yourself, and in your actions before you can have faith in others."
(157) Cael: "Which is why I ask if you believe you did enough."
(159) Thom: "There was no more I could do. The few that would deal with outsiders - we talked to and gave them what we could. But most of the population is so scared of outsiders.." Thom can only shrug in response.
(157) Cael: "Then all you can do now is trust that Ruairi will survive."
(159) Thom: "I guess I see what you mean."
(159) Thom: (( well - it seems we are good to FF again, once Stash is ready... ))
(157) Cael: ( Aye )
(161) DM: A glint of sunlight can be seen in the distance down the road.
** (159) Thom continues to scan the area around the road - keeping watch for any surprises. **
(166) Atross: "What do you suppose that is? Could be we've spotted the river at last."
** (160) Morti seems to have fallen asleep on his horse at this point **
(159) Thom: "It's sunlght. I doubt it's anything special. If it is, we'll see when we get closer."
** (159) Thom looks a little closer at the glint though, regardless of what he said, trying to see if he can tell anything more than something that relfected sunlight. (I.e. moving, size, distance, etc) **
(166) Atross: "At the risk of being obvious, sunlight typically comes from above the horizon, not below it."
(159) Thom: "We're outside city walls - stranger things have happened."
(161) DM: As you round the bend, some distance down the road can be seen an ornate mirror, propped against an oak stump. This is the source of the glint you spotted earlier. There seems to be a faint glow surrounding the frame.
(161) DM: (that's to Thom who I assume will relay the info to the PCs)
** (159) Thom nudges Morti awake. "Morti, you might want to see this." Speaking to everyone - he tells them of the glowing mirror. **
(160) Morti: "Weh..." :as he's nudged awake, he fidgets to come to... and falls off the horse.: "OOf....... ooooowwooowooowowww...."
(166) Atross: "Morti..."
** (159) Thom quickly grabs Morti's shirt as the small man starts to fall. **
(159) Thom: Reflex: [1d20+14] => [1,14] = (15)
(159) Thom: (( or not... ))
** (166) Atross shifts around in line to help Morti back up. **
** (160) Morti lethargically pushes up to a seat on the groun, rubbing his masked head and looking around, "Whah happenhed..." **
** (159) Thom looks at his hand, certain that he should have grabbed Morti before he fell. "Uh, sorry Morti. There's a glowing mirror ahead." **
** (157) Cael shakes his head and chuckles as he looks to Rin'Umarth, "Rin, would you mind flying ahead to check things out?" The bird leaps off the elf's arm and heads in that direction. **
(160) Morti: "Huh..?" :rises to a shaky stance, as he looks around their surroundings.: "Mirror...?"
(159) Thom: "Yep. You want to go check it out?"
(159) Thom: "Looks like it could be rather ornate, and since it is glowing - possibly magical."
** (160) Morti looks around for the mirror in question. (how far is it from us?) **
(157) Cael: "Which makes me think perhaps we should be cautious."
(159) Thom: "Yes, I was going to approach it first, but I saw that you sent your friend in - which was a good diea."
(161) DM: (some distance down the forest road, about 60-70')
(161) DM: (it appears to be propped up against an oak stump. all is idyllic however.)
(160) Morti: (is it set up to catch anyone coming straight down the path?)
(161) DM: (nope)
(160) Morti: "Yeah... that's a mirror..."
(159) Thom: "Wait here, I'll see what I can tell about it first." Thom dismounts, handing the reins to Atross. He moves over to the tree line and makes his way toward the mirror, moving to be sure to approach it from behind, or at least from the side.
(160) Morti: "Hmmmm..." :groans mildly as he stumbles over to his horse:
whispering to J.C., Rin tells you it seems to be a mirror, roughly man-sized. scenes of various natures can be seen within the mirror. a leaning crag. a spiral staircase. a hooded and cloaked figure, possibly human? a woman with raven-black hair and smooth alabaster white skin. a hunchback in tattered blue robes.)
(161) DM: From what you can determine, it appears to be a rather large, man-sized mirror of antique or ornate make. Someone or something dragged it out here and propped it against a decayed stump.
(161) DM: A faint glow surrounds it and shifting scenes can be seen within the glass.
(160) Morti: :calls to Thom: "Cover it with a cloak or something for now, if you can."
(159) Thom: (( I recogonize the scenes as anything? ))
** (159) Thom removes his cloak as he checks over the mirror, without ever getting in front of it. **
(161) DM: A leaning crag. A spiral staircase made of crystal and jewels. A hooded and cloaked figure, possibly a man? A woman with raven-black hair and smooth alabaster skin, sneering. A hunchback in tattered blue robes, clutching a bronze staff.
(161) DM: The scenes in the mirror shift constantly.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+14] => [17,14] = (31)
** (159) Thom covers the mirror with his cloak and waves the others over. **
** (157) Cael begins towards Thom. **
(157) Cael: "Any clue what it is Morti?"
** (160) Morti waits until Thom has the mirror covered before he approaches. As he comes into range, he reaches out to get a sense of what they're dealing with. (Detect magic, spellcraft for school and strength) **
(160) Morti: Spellcraft Skill Check: [1d20+19] => [14,19] = (33)
** (159) Thom tells the others the few flashes he saw once they get close. "And I didn't find any traps on it, so it should be safe to touch 0 if necessary." **
(157) Cael: "Rin told me of the same images."
(159) Thom: (( *touch - if necessary ))
whispering to Lunauc, it seems to be a device that enables its owner to scry distant locations, except something is apparently wrong with it.
(160) Morti: "But why is it here?"
(166) Atross: "Even so, I'll happily keep it further than arm's length."
(159) Thom: "So, definately magical. But what do they mean, and why was it left here?"
** (160) Morti draws a steady breath, as he kneals down, and lifts the cloak to look into the mirror. "It's some kind of scrying device... but I think it's busted." **
(159) Thom: "Which would explain why it was left here."
(160) Morti: "Strange place to dump magical garbage.
(159) Thom: "It's on the road to Nith'Tar Valon."
(159) Thom: "Maybe it fell from a wagon and was busted that way."
(160) Morti: "Then how did it get propped up on the stump?"
(159) Thom: "Well, the wagon driver knew it fell and stopped. But since it was now busted, left it here instead of taking it anywhere."
(160) Morti: (is it just the same images replayed over and over?)
(157) Cael: ( Survival/Track check to see if it was placed here recently, what direction they came from, where they went, etc... )
(157) Cael: Survival: [1d20+4+10] => [7,4,10] = (21)
(159) Thom: "I don't know, but it kinda makes sense to me. The question we need to asnwer is - can it be fixed?"
whispering to Lunauc, yes
(160) Morti: "I dunno. I don't have any experience with magick item crafting."
whispering to Lunauc, detect magic (STRONG, divination)
(159) Thom: "If not - we might as well leave it here as well."
(157) Cael: "From the north..."
(166) Atross: "I think we're xpeculating ahead of ourselves here. We really don't know enough to say why it was left here and by whom. Even being the road to Nith'Tar Valon, this path hasn't seen much traffic recently."
(166) Atross: "But anyone who does come this way will have to have spotted it as well."
(160) Morti: "Think we were supposed to find it?"
(159) Thom: "I admit Atross, I'm making it up as I go. I have no idea what happened."
(161) DM: Some runes can be seen at the bottom of the mirror's frame.
** (159) Thom gets an idea and draws out Ringrist, standing close to the mirror. **
(161) DM: Nothing happens.
** (159) Thom puts Ringrist away. **
** (160) Morti sits watching the scenes in the mirror, wondering if they are connected, in a single area or if there are any notable symbols or if he can identify any of the places or faces. (knowledge checks?) **
(161) DM: (if you like)
(160) Morti: (history?)
(161) DM: (or local)
(160) Morti: Knowledge: History Skill Check: [1d20+10] => [15,10] = (25)
(159) Thom: "Do you know those runes Morti? Or Drenla, Rhian?"
(161) DM: A name pops into mind: Algahund, but where or how, you're uncertain.
(160) Morti: (and either read magic or comprehend language to read runes)
** (161) Drenla lets out a low whistle and looks a bit uncomfortably at Morti. **
(161) Drenla: "Property of Algahund, Magus Supreme."
(161) Drenla: "Algahund is...er was, a famous wizard in the history of the Southern Kingdoms and Asflag's master."
** (161) Rhian shrugs her shoulders. "I've never heard of the name." **
(160) Morti: "Really..?" :raises a curious brow: "What was he.. or she like?"
(159) Thom: "Somehow I doubt that he would toss out one of his own items, even if it was busted. A Magus Supreme would be able to get it fized, I'd imagine."
(161) Drenla: "I only knew him by reputation. He was powerful in his own right and had several apprentices, some who respected him and others who feared him. He used magicka wisely and well. He was the Magister preceding Garath's predecessor."
(160) Morti: "Wow... I never knew that. Do you know if he lived around here?"
(161) Drenla: "Actually, yes he did. And is buried near here as well."
(160) Morti: "Oh... he's... oh.. how long ago?"
(161) Drenla: "His tomb is said to reside near the mountain known as Dagda's Thumb, inside the Leaning Stone."
** (159) Thom looks around. "I wonder if this mirror might be a marker for his grave then." **
(161) Drenla: "I believe he would have died a century ago if memory serves."
(159) Thom: "Or not." he mutters, as Drenla continues.
(160) Morti: "Leaning stone...?" :lifts the cloak and waits for the leaning crag image to cycle past again: "That it?"
(161) Drenla: "That might be it."
(159) Thom: "Well - we are heading to Dagda's Thumb."
** (161) Drenla looks at the mirror curiously. **
(160) Morti: "Huh...Is it far off course from our path?"
** (159) Thom collects his cloak from the mirror, placing it back over his shoulders. **
(159) Thom: "Not sure Morti, but we can keep an eye out for that leaning crag."
(160) Morti: :nods, speaking idly: "We should return it."
(159) Thom: "Are you going to carry it?"
(160) Morti: "I was kinda figuring the horse would?"
(159) Thom: "If you can load it up, I don't see why you can't take it to return to his tomb."
(160) Morti: :nods: "I wonder who the people in the pictures are though."
(159) Thom: "Old friends?"
(157) Cael: "I'm curious, I realize that it is probably broken, but is there any reason it would display the images it has?"
(160) Morti: :shrugs: "Can I borrow a rope?"
(161) Rhian: "We might be able to get a better sense of direction at Delzoun's Rest. It's a wayrest that lies near here, and famed for its spiced potatoes."
(159) Thom: "Sure." Thom pulls a rope out of his pack, holding it until Morti gets the mirror to his horse. Once he does, Thom will help Morti secure the mirror, but lets Morti do most the work.
(160) Morti: "Sounds tasty."
** (160) Morti gets out his blanket and wraps it around the mirror for cushioning with the rope, and with Thom's aid, he secures the mirror to his horse's saddle, hagging down it's side. **
** (157) Cael seems to be lost in thought. **
** (161) Rhian nods and settles in her saddle as you make preparations to continue. **
(159) Thom: "It's a magic mirror Cael, I wouldn't think on it that hard - I doubt it's worth it."
(160) Morti: "Uh.. I think that'll hold."
** (159) Thom looks over Morti's knots, checking them. **
(159) Thom: Use Rope: [1d20+5] => [20,5] = (25)
** (159) Thom secures a few knots a little more. "That should hold a little better." **
(157) Cael: "That may be, but I have trouble believing in random coincidence."
(166) Atross: "Maybe it's cursed and the person who tried to take it from the tomb left it behind to avoid the curse."
(159) Thom: "Oh, I'm sure there is a reason - I just don't believe that we will figure it out by just sitting here and thinking."
** (166) Atross adds quickly, "It's just an example." **
(159) Thom: "Won't be the first time I'm cursed for grabbing something then Atross."
(160) Morti: "Cursed..? Maybe..." :looks up in thought, pausing a moment, before shrugging and saddling up.
** (157) Cael nods, still partially trying to piece things together. **
(159) Thom: "Although last time it wasn't technically me, yet it was..."
** (159) Thom saddles up as well and leads the way back down the road, keeping his eyes open for dangers from the sides. **
(159) Thom: (( grabbing a quick smoke. ))
(160) Morti: :Apparently already forgotten curse worries, looks to Rhian: "Do you know what's in the potatoes?"
(160) Morti: [1d12] => [6] = (6)
(160) Morti: (eh... ignore that)
(161) DM: You arrive at the wayrest a few hours later, just as the sun is about to set on the horizon. The innkeeper, Delzoun, welcomes Rhian with open arms and shows her to a table near a granite fireplace, fawning over her all the while. The common room is packed and a hush descends for a moment on spying the dimunitive Aes Sedai, but then continues. Aromas of food and drink fill the taproom and bar.
(161) Rhian: "Slow-fried onions, parsley and garlic and a couple of herbs I can't identify."
** (160) Morti insists on bringing the mirror inside, rather than leave it outside to be stolen. "Can I get a hand?" **
(161) Rhian: "Now, now Delzoun, you know that I'm of the people. I'm not royalty."
(161) Delzoun: "Oi, ays, mistress, but we've missed ye all this time. An' ye 'ave guests oi see."
** (159) Thom helps Morti with the mirror, also offering his cloak again to keep it covered. **
(161) Delzoun: "Sit anywhere ye like. Dinner served soon."
(160) Morti: (should still be blanket wrapped)
** (160) Morti looks for a safe place to rest the mirror against the wall. "Thanks Thom." **
(161) DM: People glance curiously at your bundle as you lug it inside.
(159) Thom: (( that works for me. ))
** (159) Thom takes a seat next to Morti, keeping the wrapped mirror between the two of them. **
** (160) Morti moves to take a seat at Rhian's tabel, smiling through his mask to the innkeeper, "Hello, can I have a spiced potato?" **
** (157) Cael takes a position leaning against a wall near Rhian's table, staring at the bundle. **
(161) Jhaness: "Sure, hun. A platter of fried potatoes coming right up. An' yer friends? What'll it be?"
** (166) Atross takes a seat at the table as well, choosing to be the last one to enter. **
(160) Morti: "And do you have any cider?"
(161) Jhaness: "We've got turtle soup, fried river crabs, roast chicken, baked ham, three daggers duck, mash, cheese and and sausages. Cook has a rhubarb pie for dessert."
(161) Jhaness: "Plum or apple cider, hun?"
(160) Morti: "Hmmmm.... apple. And I'll have the river crab and rhubarb pie."
** (157) Cael looks up at Jhaness with a slightly lost look, "I'll take some of the Plum Cider and the potatoes will be enough for me." **
(161) Jhaness: "Ye cam eat a lot oi see." (smiles and moves to take the other orders)
(159) Thom: "Bring a plate of everything for us all, and I'll take an ale to drink."
(161) Jhaness: "Coming right up then."
(159) Thom: "Might as well sample it all." Thom explains.
** (161) Jhaness turns to leave for the kitchen and passes a middle-aged, weathered trapper on the way there, who slaps her on her bum. **
(161) DM: She giggles.
(160) Morti: :nods in agreement to Thom, and turns to the Aes Sedia who led them here:"She seems nice. Do you come here a lot, Miss Rhian?"
(161) Rhian: "I'm known to some of the folk here, ays."
(161) Rhian: "And after our adventures in Ruairi, I thought it might be best to come to a friendlier place."
(159) Thom: "It is indeed a nice change of atmosphere."
(160) Morti: "True, thanks for bringing us."
(161) Rhian: "You won't find a safer place in all of the lowlands. Delzoun is an accomplished fighter -- not a Warder -- but he can hold his own if necessary. His hands (points them out to you) -- Beldar and Tormil -- are able warriors and not above knocking sense if need be."
(159) Thom: "Sounds like good people. Maybe we can actually pass though a spot without our aid being needed."
(161) Rhian: "That would be nice, wouldn't it?"
(159) Thom: "Quite nice."
(159) Thom: (( Hint hint. :-P ))
** (161) Leelae comes out of the kitchen, skirts flouncing, along with her sister as trays of food begin arriving at your table. **
(161) Leelae: "A platter of everything fer ye." (winks)
** (161) Leelae sets a plate of lettuce leaves next to Morti and a dish filled with melted butter, and another with hot mustard. **
(159) Thom: "Ahh, and it looks almost as good as those bringing it out." Thom replies back, with a smile and a wink for the serving girls.
(161) Leelae: "That's for the crabs. Fold a crab inside a lettuce leaf, dip in butter and mustard, then eat."
** (157) Cael finally breaks his concentration on the bundle and takes a seat at the table. **
** (160) Morti smiles wide as the food starts to materialize on the table. "Ah... thank, thank you. Fold, wrap dip." **
(161) Guthal: "Oi've ne'er seen anyone eat as much as yer about to."
(160) Morti: "Well.. I fell off a horse." :as if that explains anything...:
(161) DM: A middle-aged, weathered trapper raises his tankard to you from a couple of stools over.
** (159) Thom raises his ale back to the trapper (assuming he's gotten it). **
** (166) Atross begins sampling dishes as they are still being set out, clearly not wasting any time. **
(161) Guthal: "Fell off a horse?" (chuckles) "What didye do? Get up offa th' wrong bed?"
** (159) Thom starts sampling as well, leaving the potatoes and crab for those who desired them more. **
** (160) Morti raises his cup in return to the trapper, then digs in, loading food up under his mask. "The horse was the bed... *munch*" **
** (157) Cael dishes out his food, avoiding any of the dishes containing meat. **
(161) Guthal: "Well I be." (roars with laughter) "Didja hear that, Dulgud?" (chuckles)
(161) Guthal: "Oi'm Guthal. This 'ere is Dulgud, a good-fer-nothing hunter but one o' tha' best fishers aroun' 'ere."
(161) Dulgud: "Oi'm guid all right, Guthal. Guid at wenching an' drinking ye unner tha' table!"
** (160) Morti looks askew to the old trappers, his chewing exaggerated by his shifting mask. *gulp* "Fishing...? I used to fish.. when I was little." **
** (159) Thom laughs a little. "Well met to both of you." Thom introduces the group, using first names only. **
(161) Dulgud: "An' yer from? Oi'd swear yer from tha' west but can't place yer tongue."
(159) Thom: "Many places actually, we've kinda just gathered together for safer travel."
** (160) Morti nods, "Uh huh.. I'm originally from eastern Kern." :shovels another crab wrap up under his mask. **
(161) Dulgud: "Tha's Brorim. A 'cutter and skilled ranger." (gestures to a weathered and tanned half-elf who sits against the bar smoking from a clay pipe)
(161) Guthal: "Eassern Kern. Ye don' say? Long way from there." (drinks)
(160) Morti: :nods as he finishes chewing and swallows. "Yeah.. but I left a long time ago."
(161) Jhaness: "Don't mind Guthal, friends. 'E's a busyworm, 'e is, but means best. More cider?"
(160) Morti: "Yes, please."
** (160) Morti starts digging into the potato. **
** (161) Jhaness pours some more, then places the pitcher on the table. "Help yerselves, friends." **
(160) Morti: :gulp: "Thank you, ma'am
(161) Dulgud: "Eassern Kern. We neber have anyyun from there. Jes' Aes Sedai, the odd occasional elf or trader."
** (159) Thom enjoys the food and drink, and most of all the enjoyable atmosphere. **
** (161) Dulgud tips his tankard at Rhian with a respectful nod. "Ma'am." **
(160) Morti: "Well.. this is my first time here.. so we're even."
** (161) Rhian smiles. "Peace be your sword, Dulgud." **
(159) Thom: "Everyone is from somewhere, aren't they? Besides - do you actually ask every single person you meet where they are from?" Thom asks, his voice still pleasent, enjoying a casual conversation.
** (161) Dulgud shrugs. "Somethin' tae make note of, if'n ye mind. We like tae know who 'ere talkin' to." **
** (160) Morti maintains a steady pace of nonstop eating between speech, sampling a bit of everything. **
(161) Dulgud: "'Tisn't often we get folk from not 'ere."
** (157) Cael eats slowly, seeming to get more enjoyment from the interaction than from the food. **
(161) DM: There's a stir out front as three trappers come into the bar, followed by Delzoun. They're loaded with furs and pelts, and they walk into the rear of the wayrest, and lock themselves in a rear chamber.
(159) Thom: "I can understand that, there are unfortunately a number of undesirable people out there. Ahh, but with food this good, we might have to find ourselves over this way more often."
(160) Morti: :gulp: "Makes sense. I remember when I was a kid, we'd alwasy follow around knew strangers in our village."
(161) Guthal: "Delzoun's cook is one o' tha' best in the lands." (sighs contentedly)
(159) Thom: "I can believe that." Thom takes another mouthful of food.
(161) DM: After a while, one of the trappers throws open the door and lugs in a covered tent into the taproom.
(161) DM: He clears his throat to get attention and unfurls a flap of the tent.
** (157) Cael looks up at the man. **
** (159) Thom raises an eye to note the man's actions, while he also keeps an eye on the reactions of the locals. **
(161) DM: Within is the corpse of a middle-aged man clad in robes and a cloak, wearing a gold finger-ring and a gold cloak pin inscribed with a rune.
(161) Delmaster: "Anyone know this man or seen him 'afore?"
** (160) Morti chokes on his mouthdul as the corpse spills onto the floor. **
** (159) Thom says nothing, and scans the faces of the locals for any signs that they do recogonize him. **
(161) Delmaster: Everyone crowds arond to look. Some say, "Looks like a wizard!" while others exclaim at the opulence of jewelry ("Look at the gold!") but there seem to be no recognition immediately.
** (160) Morti beats his chest a few times to dislodge the food from his throat, spitting up on the plate and coughing for air. **
(161) Delmaster: Everyone crowds arond to look. Some say, "Looks like a wizard!" while others exclaim at the opulence of jewelry ("Look at the gold!") but there seem to be no recognition immediately.
(161) DM: Everyone crowds arond to look. Some say, "Looks like a wizard!" while others exclaim at the opulence of jewelry ("Look at the gold!") but there seem to be no recognition immediately.
** (166) Atross looks around the room for the reaction, quietly adding to those nearby, a morbidly familiar scene. **
** (161) Rhian sighs. "You don't have to get involved if you don't want to." (softly) **
(159) Thom: Thom whispers quietly, "Rhian - you or Drenla want to see if you recogonize the pin?"
(161) Rhian: "I've never seen that man."
(161) Drenla: "If you want me to."
(159) Thom: "Fine with me." he whispers back, eating another bite of food.
(161) DM: One of the woodcutters gasps. It's Brorim, the half-elf.
** (160) Morti groans as he recovers from his choking fit and begrudgingly looks over to the unfortunate robed figure, making sure it is no one he knows. **
(161) Brorim: "Storms strike me! It's Ulthorn!"
(161) DM: Silence falls, except for people grunting, "Who?"
** (157) Cael looks around the crowd watching facial expressions. **
** (161) Brorim looks around the room, waving his pipe. "Ulthorn he called himself; said he was once an apprentice to Algahund himself!" **
whispering to Lunauc, you've never seen him
(160) Morti: "Alaghund..?"
** (159) Thom stops eating, taking a nice long drink of ale. **
** (157) Cael shakes his head, "Of course he is..." **
(159) Thom: "Every single time..." he mutters under his breath.
(161) Delzoun: "Algahund, a magus who lived 'afore my time."
(161) Delzoun: (to Brorim) "When was this?"
(161) Brorim: "Not two days gone by. I met him in the woods on the other side of Lost Axe Lake, just walking, and we shared some o' my rabbit for the evening. He had some good black moonwine with him too. He told me he was bound for the Cheiromar's tomb, to find all his magicka -- an' he tol' me that he'd only just learned tha' spells he'd need to get in....seems he hadn't got 'em right after all. Where'd you find him?"
(161) Delmaster: "Well, 'twas at the foot of the Stone we found him, all right -- lying in a doorway that's never been there 'afore as far as oi know. Not a mark on him anywhere that we could see, but 'e's dead. And there's this..."
** (161) Delmaster bends over and touches the cloak pin with one finger. **
** (160) Morti raises from his seat to look over to the pin in question **
(161) Voice: "Danger! Turn back Shaleen...my beloved....Irimael was waiting at the Leaning Stone....found the tomb...Halazar built across the tomb of the Baron...walled it up again...but someone has...'ware Irimael! She waits! Turn back--and live!"
(161) DM: A raspy baritone voice fills the taproom and as it speaks, the assemblage looks about in fear and unease, muttering amongst themselves.
** (160) Morti wonders where the voice is coming from, nervously glancing to the mirror. **
** (161) Brorim shakes his head. "Oi'm goin' tae tha' jakes. Strange magicka no doubt." **
(161) Delzoun: "Tormil, cover the body. Oi would nae want it catchin' cold. Beldar, stand guard while oi sit an' think."
(160) Morti: (any idea where the voice came from?)
whispering to Lunauc, probably from the pin
(161) DM: People talk excitedly amongst themselves. You hear snippets of conversation.
** (159) Thom leans forward to his companions, and quickly and quietly mutters, "At least we are heading that direction anyway." **
(160) Morti: :quirks a brow to Thom: "Is that a good thing?"
(166) Atross: "There seems to be something in the neighborhood, wherever we go. It's the times we live in though. Well, right now."
(159) Thom: "It's not a trip to another world. But I don't see a need to get involved either, since it seems to have nothing to do with us directly. Of course, we have to gather power before going home."
** (161) Brorim shuffles from the taproom and heads to the outhouse. **
** (161) Beldar stands guard near the body while a burly, muscular warrior covers the wizard's corpse with a sheet. **
(160) Morti: "Hmm... think this means someone else is at Alaghund's tomb?"
(161) Dulgud: "It could be." (drinks) "Most o' us know tae stay away from tha' tomb o' tha' Cheiromar. A powerful mage 'e was, who 'tis said, was buried by one o' his kind, who then went away on a flying horse."
(159) Thom: "Could mean that..." Thom leans back, taking another drink of his ale. "I know that we are time sensitive, but I can't imagine that someone else using his tomb is good either."
(160) Morti: :furrows his cloth brow deeply.: "So.. someone might be muching around in the tomb of Asflag's master...?" :seems serious:
(161) Guthal: "Ays. In my time, oi heard tha' he raised nine wonders, each more strange than tha' last an' all not heard of an' seen in tha' land since. Tha' 'e was a male Aes Sedai" (glances at Rhian who ignores him) "but tha' 'e kept tae himself an' paid none any mind."
(161) Dulgud: "An 'e had many 'pprentices though all were sent on many an errand. Nine in number, though I cannae name 'em all. Asflag the Brown was one o' them. A lover of animals an' who had some elfblood in hsself."
(160) Morti: "Do you know if the tomb is far from here?"
** (159) Thom glances at Rhian, "Sounds like Morti's ready to go at least." **
(161) Guthal: "About a day's travel, half that or less if by horse. We use tha' Stone as a mark, ye know, tae meet people or fer a high view. Tha' tomb is s'posed to be in tha' Stone but none know where 'tis."
** (160) Morti looks to Thom, offering shy bow of his head, "I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking. It's just... I owe Asflag. So.. if someone is disgracing his master's resting place..." **
(159) Thom: "Then it sounds like we go. After all - what trip would it be for us if there wasn't something?" Thom adds a smile and pops another bite of chicken into his mouth.
(166) Atross: "It is still in the right direction, at least."
(160) Morti: "Thank you."
** (157) Cael takes a long draw off his cider and nods in agreement. **
** (160) Morti offers a full bow to the group **
(159) Thom: "Just remember - this one is yours. No moping about travelling to dark and musty dungeons for you this time." Thom smiles at the small mage.
(160) Morti: :nods firmly: "Yes, sir."
(160) Morti: :looks up to the trapper: "Um... would it be alright if I search Ulthorn's body? He may have something on him to suggest what he expected in the tomb."
(161) DM: Suddenly, an ear-splitting scream can be heard outside the wayrest.
(160) Morti: :flinches with the scream:
** (159) Thom leaps from his chair and rushes outside. **
** (157) Cael bolts up and towards the door. **
** (159) Thom rests his hand on Ringrist, not drawing it quite yet. **
** (161) Delzoun rushes out the door, only to run into Jhaness. She's crying hysterically. "He's dead!!!" **
** (160) Morti quickly shakes off the shock and chases after his friends **
(157) Cael: "Who?"
(161) DM: Various people hurry after.
(161) Jhaness: "Brorim! He's dead, without a mark on his body! I was taking a bucket to the well when I saw his body."
(159) Thom: "Rhian Sedai, Cael, come with. Jhaness, please show us where."
** (161) Jhaness holds up a fist to her mouth as if to stifle herself, her face as white as a sheet. **
(159) Thom: "Or point us in the right direction."
** (161) Rhian nods grimly as she follows you to the outhouse. **
** (161) Jhaness points in the direction of the outhouse. "There...." **
(161) Delzoun: "Now, Jhaness, there....take hold of yourself." (looks at Thom) "Any help ye can offer would be best."
** (159) Thom nods to Jhaness and goes out. "Cael, can you check for any tracks? Rhian, no marks might indicate your magicks, can you sense any?" **
** (161) Delzoun embraces his daughter and comforts her. "Everythin' will be allright, love." **
** (157) Cael begins to head towards the outhouse. **
(161) Rhian: "I will need to see the body."
** (159) Thom gets out to the outhouse and once alone with his companions, draws out Ringrist. "Ok Ringrist, let's see what you know." **
** (160) Morti follows along with the others, gripping his staff and watching the surroundings for a killer **
(157) Cael: ( Survival Check for tracks, etc... [1d20+14] => [19,14] = (33) )
(161) DM: Folk watch you warily as the sword is unsheathed. Nothing seems to happen.
** (166) Atross keeps a lookout on the surroundings, but doesn't expect any killer to stand out so readily. **
** (159) Thom looks around with Ringrist drawn, as though he was looking for any attackers. **
(161) Rhian: "Whomever or whatever slew him did so without using the Power."
(157) Cael: "I can't make out anything distinctive, there's been too much traffic through here to know for sure who is who."
(157) Cael: ( Heal Check for cause of death? )
(160) Morti: (pushed too hard.. popped a blood vessel in his brain. it happens)
** (159) Thom relaxes visably and sheathes Ringrist. He moves near Cael, also looking for any clues as to the cause of death. **
(157) Cael: Heal: [1d20+4+6+1] => [17,4,6,1] = (28)
(159) Thom: "Sorry for draggin you out here then Rhian, I was hyoping for an easy answer I guess."
** (160) Morti looks over Cael's shoulder, awaiting the druid's findings **
(157) Cael: "It was some sort of spell, arcane if I'm not mistaken."
(159) Thom: "Hmm, any ideas Morti?"
** (157) Cael looks at Morti with a questioning look. "Perhaps you could find out? **
(157) Cael: "
(160) Morti: "Not really... maybe something necromantic. To kill without leavign a mark.. would have to attack the life force in someway. But why kill him?"
(159) Thom: "Same reason as killing the mage? Same thing - dead but no marks."
(160) Morti: "He said he met Ulthorn and they shared a meal, right? Where was that again?"
(159) Thom: "In the woods, near a lake. Can't be more than a day's travel out."
(157) Cael: "It was near the foot of the Leaning Stone"
(160) Morti: "So... what did he know that he had to die for?"
(157) Cael: "Well, the only connection we know that they had was their brief meeting."
(159) Thom: (( foot of the stone is where they found the mage's body - but the meal the two shared was not there. ))
(157) Cael: "And the location."
(159) Thom: "And possibly the way they died."
(157) Cael: ( I don't know, I got a message from Stash saying "at the foot of the leaning stone" )
(159) Thom: (( I chould have misread as well. Anyway... ))
(157) Cael: ( It was 'on the other side of Lost Axe Lake. )
(161) DM: (I misread the question)
(160) Morti: :looks back to the door to the inn. "Do you think the others are at risk, for finding the body?"
(159) Thom: "Possibly, but not if we find the murderer quickly. I think we need to rest tonight and head out first thing in the morning."
(161) DM: Folk look at each other and at you uneasily, and one by one, drift back into the wayrest.
(157) Cael: "We have no evidence currently that the connection is with the body, I think the connection was with the person."
(159) Thom: "Either way, nothing else we can do about it right now. Let's get back inside for now."
(160) Morti: "Um.. shouldn't we do something for Brorim first?"
(161) DM: Delzoun and his bar "hands" seem to have armed themselves as if expecting something. The mood in the taproom has turned from jovial to somber.
(161) Delzoun: "Did you find anything?"
(159) Thom: "I'd leave it to his friends, they would know the proper burial rites better."
(160) Morti: "Right."
(161) DM: (he will ask you that when you return inside. sorry.)
(159) Thom: "Unfortunately, nothing conclusive. We believe that whoever did it has left, but the only way to get answers will be elsewhere. We will head out in the morning to see what we can find. As far as Brorim, we leave him to his friends to bury in your manner."
(159) Thom: "I believe Brorim's death is tied in with his meeting with Ulthorn - so solving one will solve both murders. That is of course, if you all have no problems with outsiders looking into these deaths."
(159) Thom: (( to Delzoun ))
(161) Delzoun: "No, I do not have any problems at all. But we do have another. The body of Ulthorn is missing."
(159) Thom: "Missing?"
(160) Morti: "Huh?" Didn't you just have him?"
(161) Delzoun: "Apparently it disappeared in the confusion after discovering Brorim's corpse."
(161) Beldar: "See for yourself." (gestures to where it was covered)
(160) Morti: "No one was looking this way?"
** (159) Thom smacks his head. "Of course, another murder would draw all attention away from the body." **
(157) Cael: "It could be that Brorim's death was merely a distraction, and their connection coincidental"
(175) Beizer (enter): 01:52
(161) Tormil: "We all rushed out -- at least some of us did -- when the other body was discovered."
(161) Beldar: "I'm afraid I've been lax in my duties."
(159) Thom: "Yes Cael. I am thinking that's the way of it now. Which is good news in and of itself, although there was likely something about the body that the murder did not want discovered. Something we all missed."
(159) Thom: "It is not your fault. No one could have expected this turn of events."
** (160) Morti looks around for tracks of blood trails on the floor leading from where the body was, given its mangled state **
** (161) Drenla whispers in your (Thom's) ear. **
** (159) Thom frowns slightly, thinking, but nods and quickly asks, "So, are there any rooms to be had **
(159) Thom: (( *add a question mark on the end there... ))
(161) Delzoun: "Fortunately for you, we have rooms available. Three golden marks a night. Each room has enough for two people."
whispering to Lunauc, there are none
(160) Morti: "Somehow. I don't think sleeping will be so easy.
(159) Thom: "Excellent. We'll need three of them if you could." Thom steps forward to pay the man, and quietly says to him, "Might I suggest something to relax everyone? The killer has left, with the one body. Everyone staying on edge with weapons drawn in here will not help the mood. I understand grief, but nervousness asks for more problems."
(161) Dulgud: "Wise counsel, but this is more for our own protection. Most in the wayrest will soon leave for their own homes."
(161) Dulgud: "Oi myself will stay with my friend for tha' evening if Delzoun will give me leave."
(159) Thom: "Understood" Thom hands over some coin and moves back to the table with his companions.
** (161) Beldar nods at the hunter and lays a hand on his shoulder. "He will be missed by all." **
** (159) Thom directs Morti to sit as well, Thom leans forward and talks quietly with the little mage for a moment. **
(161) Delzoun: "Last roun' be soon if'n any want a fill. Tormil, send a horse to Ruairi in tha' morn." (looks at Thom) "Oi appreciate yer help. The god be with ye."
** (157) Cael sits uncomfortably at the table. **
** (159) Thom nods to Delzoun. **
** (161) Delzoun goes to the bar and stands watch, along with Beldar over the body. **
(159) Thom: "Something on your mind Cael?" Thom asks quietly.
(157) Cael: "I'm just thinking about something."
(159) Thom: "Care to share, or not yet?"
(157) Cael: "I've had a bad feeling about things since we picked up that mirror."
(159) Thom: "Anything more specific than that?"
(157) Cael: "The images it shows, a leaning crag, the death of a man taking place at the Leaning Stone, and 3 individuals. As I said before, I wish I knew why it shows the images it does."
(161) DM: People slowly trickle out of the wayrest. Some give the room, and you in particular, a long thoughtful look, as if to remember you for later.
(157) Cael: ( Not saying it showed the death... just the crag )
(159) Thom: "I agree, there is more to it. But unless you get a bad enough feeling to need to toss the mirror, let's keep it for now. If anything else strikes you, let us know. I don't know if you prefer staying indoors or outdoors for the evening, but there is a bed for you if you desire."
(160) Morti: (afk a min)
(157) Cael: "I'm curious, do we know for sure that the mirror is broken?"
(166) Atross: "Assuming it's not broken, we still don't know what the scenes mean."
(159) Thom: "Only that Morti said it was - and I don't know magicks enough to say he's wrong."
(157) Cael: "I'll be staying indoors tonight, if you don't mind, I'd like to be in the room with the mirror."
(159) Thom: "Very well. You and Morti can take one of the rooms. Now, it may be difficult - but we all need to rest some tonight. We might be facing this murderer before the end of tomorrow."
(166) Atross: "Agreed."
(160) Morti: (bak)
** (157) Cael stands and approaches Delzoun, "Would you perhaps have something I could write with and something I could write on, would you?" **
(160) Morti: "WEll.. I only thought it might be broken... Like I said.. I'm not familiar with that kind of stuff."
(157) Cael: ( ... scratch that second "would you" )
(161) Delzoun: "Jelvarel might have something for you. He's a scribe from Pelham."
** (161) Delzoun looks around the room. "Strange, I thought he was here just a moment ago. No matter. I might have a sheaf of parchment in the back room." **
(157) Cael: "If not I'll make due with what I can gather."
(161) DM: You notice that his accent is less rustic.
** (159) Thom quietly asks, "Drenla, could you look at the mirror a little closer tonight? See if you notice anything else?" **
(161) Delzoun: "Oi'll be back."
(157) Cael: ( Wierd, I thought this was the character that I had buy parchment and such, but I can't find it anywhere. )
(159) Thom: .ooc less than the others - or less than it was earlier?
(161) Drenla: "Of course."
(159) Thom: (( less than the others - or less than it was earlier? ))
(161) DM: (it shifts in and out)
(161) DM: (less than earlier)
(159) Thom: "Cael, would you come?"
** (159) Thom gets up and follows Delzoun's path. **
** (157) Cael nods. **
** (161) Delzoun returns with a stack of parchment and writing implements. "If'n thar be anythin' else oi c'n get ye, jes let me know." **
** (159) Thom glances around the room. ((How many others are still here?)) **
(157) Cael: "That'll be all, thank you."
(161) DM: (at this point, just you, Dulgud, Guthal and the wayrest staff -- Beldar, Tormil, Jhaness, Laelee and Delzoun)
(161) DM: (and of course, Brorim's body)
** (157) Cael looks at Thom curiously. **
(161) DM: Dulgud and Guthal sit disconsolately next to the half-elf's corpse, and the others are cleaning up or standing vigil.
** (160) Morti returns to their table, to make sure the mirror is still where they left it. **
** (159) Thom stands next to Delzoun for a moment, looking at the back of the bar - not at Delzoun. He speaks very queitly, but just loud enough to make sure he can hear. "I have a more personal question for you. I can ask here, or away from the other locals. Your choice." **
(161) DM: (yup)
(161) Delzoun: "Oh?"
** (159) Thom glances at the man, showing him that he is serious. "Here?" **
(161) Delzoun: "Ask if'n you want. There are nae secrets here."
(159) Thom: "You may laugh and it may be nothing, but I couldn't help but notice your wavering accent. In my experience, that usually comes from someone pretending to be someone they are not."
(161) Delzoun: "Ye have a sharp ear fer a Wessener. Oi'm an eye fer tha' Tower. Your Aes Sedai friend knows tha' truth o' tha' matter."
(161) Delzoun: "And when there are stressful times, I tend to forget." (sighs)
** (157) Cael smirks and pats Thom's back as he heads back to the table. **
(161) Delzoun: "Tha' answer yer question?"
(159) Thom: "Very well. Surely you understand my concerns in that case, considering the events. Rest as well as you can, my friends and I will do our best to solve this."
(161) Delzoun: "My thanks, neighb'r."
(157) Cael: "Morti, do you think I could have your help in taking the mirror to our room?"
(160) Morti: :nods to Cael and moves to help.:
** (159) Thom nods to Delzoun and heads back to his table. "Well, that was slightly embarrassing." **
(161) DM: (and on that note, we'll stop)
(159) Zane: End it with an embarrassed Thom - thanks. :-)
(161) DM: heh
(157) J.C.: Heh
(161) DM: ok, you have one of two choices
(160) Morti: pepsi or coke?
(159) Zane: Only two choices? We must be slacking.
(160) Morti: 0.o
(161) DM: we can continue next time with Mel Nethra or do an alternating thing with Damrosil/Mel Neth every other week
(161) DM: I think Zane had alternating months
(161) DM: up to you
(159) Zane: wouldn't doing Mel Nethra next week BE alternating weeks?

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