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Lunauc:            (k

OnlineHost:       RSwiftblade rolled 1 20-sided die:  19

RSwiftblade:     22

Tolmara:           (22)

OnlineHost:       RSwiftblade rolled 1 20-sided die:  5

RSwiftblade:     (13)

Tolmara:           (miss)

Tolmara:           (20)

Baltak2:            ((yo mort that's you))

RSwiftblade:     "These cursed small snakes"

OnlineHost:       Lunauc rolled 1 20-sided die:  19

Lunauc:            sorry wasn't on)

OnlineHost:       Lunauc rolled 1 8-sided die:  1

Lunauc:            (crit and all I roll is 1)

Tolmara:           (k)

Tolmara:           (18)

VBJunkie:         ::Trayn attacks a snake from the psuedo-safety of the outside of

the circle of mechanical venom::

OnlineHost:       VBJunkie rolled 1 20-sided die:  5

VBJunkie:         misses with a poor strike

Baltak2:            ((raises a vote for tossin these dice into a fryolator))

VBJunkie:         "get them!"

VBJunkie:         he encourages..

Lunauc:            (brb)

Tolmara:           ((ooc:  house rule from the previous campaign folks, is if you role

a 19 or 20 and its not a crit, you do maximum damage))

Baltak2:            ((so mort did 8 then right?))

Baltak2:            ((crossbow crits on 19-20

Tolmara:           ((yes, in which case the "snake" disintegrates to brass dust))

Lunauc:            (WOOHOO)

Baltak2:            ((go mortay))

Tolmara:           (18)

Tolmara:           (er I mean 6)

Baltak2:            ((LOL))

OnlineHost:       Baltak2 rolled 1 20-sided die:  12

Baltak2:            ((18))

Tolmara:           (yes, a hit)

OnlineHost:       Baltak2 rolled 1 10-sided die:  8

Baltak2:            ((12dmg))

Tolmara:           The "snake" is destroyed and turns rapidly to dust, on your death

blow.  (5)

Tolmara:           (5...)

Lunauc:            (drenla's 5)

Tolmara:           Drenla whispers a word too low to hear, and in a moment's notice,

bursts into flames....or rather, a thin shell of flames surrounding his wispy

frame bursts into being, enshrouding his body with licks of scarlet fire.

Tolmara:           (1)

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 4 20-sided dice:  5 16 3 7

Tolmara:           (AC 16 on Reiner, all others miss.)

RSwiftblade:     "There he goes with the fire again"

RSwiftblade:     (miss)

Lunauc:            ::flinches at the sudden fires::

RSwiftblade:     "Is that all ye have ye beasties...taste the steel of my


Tolmara:           (22)

OnlineHost:       RSwiftblade rolled 1 20-sided die:  5

RSwiftblade:     (13)

Tolmara:           (miss)

Tolmara:           (20)

Lunauc:            ::steps back to reload his crossbow::

RSwiftblade:     "Aye, I missed again....stay still ye slithering beasts!"

Tolmara:           (18)

VBJunkie:         ::continues bashing with his mace::

OnlineHost:       VBJunkie rolled 1 20-sided die:  14

Lunauc:            "I don't think they'll take orders, sir."

VBJunkie:         (17)

RSwiftblade:     ((throws dice out...))

Tolmara:           ((after Trayn rolls damage, Lythar, go.))

OnlineHost:       VBJunkie rolled 1 8-sided die:  7

VBJunkie:         (10 total damage)

Tolmara:           ((3 snakes left, after Trayn strikes.))

VBJunkie:         "I got one!" he shouts happily

Baltak2:            "good job trayn"

Lunauc:            "Hai Hai!"

FenrysStar:       ((ok who are we fighting and why?))

VBJunkie:         ((mechanical snakes that fell from the ceiling))

Lunauc:            (brass snake things)

Lunauc:            (because they

VBJunkie:         ((and because they are trying to kill us))

Lunauc:            're dicks)

Lunauc:            (figuratively speaking)

RSwiftblade:     "These are an abomination of natue....may the war father wish

for your destruction!"

FenrysStar:       ::I have my bow out and will be using rapid shot to try and

shoot two of the snakes.::

RSwiftblade:     ::Reiner has a more determined look in his eyes as his face

starts to turn red with anger::

OnlineHost:       FenrysStar rolled 2 20-sided dice:  12 2

FenrysStar:       ((hits ACs 15 and 5 shooting at two target))

Tolmara:           (15 hits, other misses)

OnlineHost:       FenrysStar rolled 1 8-sided die:  3

FenrysStar:       ((6 damage))

Tolmara:           Somehow the dweomer binding the "snake" together fails when your

arrow pierces it, and it rapidly disintegrates to copper dust.

Tolmara:           (6)

OnlineHost:       Baltak2 rolled 1 20-sided die:  7

Baltak2:            ((damn 13..... hey batter batter...schwing batter))

Tolmara:           (5)

Lunauc:            (drenla)

Lunauc:            (hehe)

Tolmara:           Speaking softly, the wizard you met at Jeroth's Well seems for a

moment, not quite the nervous young mage you met, but rather the blood mage

he wishes to be.  Extending two fingers from beneath the folds of his robe,

Drenla hisses a

Tolmara:           series of words, and two fiery cobras take shape at the tip of his

staff, then leap out and with a pair of lightning strikes, snap off two of

the remaining snakes.

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 2 4-sided dice:  4 4

Lunauc:            (nice)

Tolmara:           causing both of them to disintegrate as before.  At the completion

of the spell, he sags backwards, drained.

Tolmara:           (1)

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 1 20-sided die:  2

Tolmara:           (on Trayn, miss)

Tolmara:           (22)

OnlineHost:       RSwiftblade rolled 1 20-sided die:  14

Lunauc:            (how many left?)

RSwiftblade:     (21)

Tolmara:           ((1 left))

RSwiftblade:     (not any more)

Tolmara:           (hit, of course)

OnlineHost:       RSwiftblade rolled 1 8-sided die:  8

RSwiftblade:     13

RSwiftblade:     "Take that ye abomination"

Lunauc:            ::staring at Reiner's work:: :-\ "Seems determined..."

Tolmara:           The snake disintegrates, leaving only copper dust in its memory.

RSwiftblade:     "Disgusting!"

FenrysStar:       ::sighs and shakes his head and checks his quiver.::

Lunauc:            :looking around at thedust:: "Yeah, we should probably clean it


VBJunkie:         "huh... strange creatures..." looks to where they come from

RSwiftblade:     ::cleans his sword and sheathes it::

Baltak2:            "foul wizard creations is me guess"

RSwiftblade:     "Come on, let's continue... and Drenla, there may be hope fer

you yet..."::smiles::

Tolmara:           Gazing upwards, the chandeliers sway in the ceiling and offer no


VBJunkie:         "yes... this is very disturbing"

Baltak2:            "well let's continue and get what we came here fer"

RSwiftblade:     "I would think this was a magical welcome to intruders"

Lunauc:            ::glancing at Dantrag:: "The dinnerware?"

Tolmara:           ((room recap:  30' x 120' room, door at the east end, pair of

closed double doors in the middle of the left wall, stairs to 2nd floor in

the rear.  room is covered with thick tapestries showing scenes of pastoral

images.  see map

Tolmara:           for exact dimensions.))

FenrysStar:       "Agreed, this place seems to have contructs as a defensive


RSwiftblade:     "Drenla are you alright?"

RSwiftblade:     ( are the images of note?)

RSwiftblade:     (are the tapestries low enough to conseal a door?)

VBJunkie:         "well then it wont be a surprise to see more"

Tolmara:           (typical images that you would expect from an artisan of mediocre


Tolmara:           (perhaps.)

Baltak2:            "I'm thinkin the double doors may lead to a more important area"

RSwiftblade:     "Lythar, ye are an elf...look over there...do ye see any hidden

doors behind the tapestries?"

Lunauc:            (lost connection for a sec)

VBJunkie:         "lets proceed forward in some direction"

OnlineHost:       FenrysStar rolled 1 20-sided die:  15

RSwiftblade:     "Yer kind are good at these things"

Lunauc:            "Couldn't we just lift the tapestries to see?"  :-\

FenrysStar:       ::goes over to the NW tapestries and pulls one aside.::

Tolmara:           Behind appears to be a blank wall.

FenrysStar:       "Humans, do they really think they can keep their secrets from

elven eyes?"

RSwiftblade:     "Hehe"

Lunauc:            "Huh?" :looks lythar:

FenrysStar:       :presses a stud in the wall that is not obvious to most but he

finds most easily::

RSwiftblade:     "It would seem that ye are correct Lythar"

RSwiftblade:     "Well, he have three doors and a stair case,  what shall it be


RSwiftblade:     we

FenrysStar:       "We're observant, our eyes catch things others miss"

Baltak2:            "the stairs sound fine to me"

Lunauc:            :Lythar: "Really? I'll keep that in mind."

Tolmara:           As Lythar does so, a panel slides back, an musty air flows into the

entrance hall.

VBJunkie:         "let check what is supposed to be hidden"

RSwiftblade:     "That is why yer kind make good storykin and drummers"

Baltak2:            "well they had ta be hidin somethin"

RSwiftblade:     "What is that smell?"

Lunauc:            (brb)

FenrysStar:       "We have our talents, that we do"

Tolmara:           Peering into the corridor beyond, you spot a door at the end of a

narrow corridor (10' x 60'), and another one at the far end of the corridor,

on the same side as the door that just opened.  ((see map.  map is not to


Lunauc:            (back)

RSwiftblade:     "I think I will stay back, I am not comfortable in such a

confined space."

Baltak2:            "i can go though i won't like it" ::pulls out a crossbow and cocks

it looking somewhat nervous::

Lunauc:            "I'll come"

FenrysStar:       :notches an arrow and goes through the revealed passageway::

"Now, what were we hiding?"

Lunauc:            ::follows through the passage, crossbow ready::

Tolmara:           The corridor appears to be empty, although a musty odor permeates

the space.  It smells of damp earth.

Tolmara:           ((Door on E wall and S wall, both closed.))

RSwiftblade:     "I will guard ye backs, until ye have cleared the space, it

smells like water in here...I will jam the door so it will not close on ye if

it is a trap"

Baltak2:            ::tries to open S door::

Baltak2:            "thanks Reiner"

Lunauc:            (s is where we came in)

VBJunkie:         "I still say we just go directly to our task"

Tolmara:           It opens quite easily.

RSwiftblade:     ::rams a steel spike into door jam"

VBJunkie:         "The mummy creature was seen upstairs"

VBJunkie:         "through the window... I would expect it to be there still"

RSwiftblade:     "Aye, but that may not be all the creatures plaguing the town"

Lunauc:            ::moves to closed east door and takes a listen to it::

Tolmara:           (Listen check, Lunauc.)

OnlineHost:       Lunauc rolled 1 20-sided die:  13

VBJunkie:         "running around in a mages tower invites unneccessary injury"

Baltak2:            "and we should make sure nothing else crawls in here to hurt this


RSwiftblade:     "Morti do not touch anything"

Lunauc:            ::looks to reiner:: "Okay okay"

Baltak2:            ((what do i see thru the south door?))

FenrysStar:       ::listens closely as he enters the corridor::

Tolmara:           (hold.)

Baltak2:            "this door looks like a waste...methinks it goes back down to the

trade entrance"

Baltak2:            ::closes S door::

RSwiftblade:     "To where?"

Lunauc:            ::still at e door:: "What about this one?"

RSwiftblade:     "Wait for the rest of the group Morti, we do things together


Lunauc:            ::holds up his hands:: "I didn't do anything"

FenrysStar:       ::opens the west door and takes a look and listen through it.::

Baltak2:            ((which one is the "secret door"?))

Lunauc:            (there's a west door?)

VBJunkie:         ::stays with the majority of the group regardless of their folly::

RSwiftblade:     ((there are two doors in the corridor))

Tolmara:           ((hold folks.))

Lunauc:            (holding)

Tolmara:           ((if you check the map, the secret door is the one with an "S"))

RSwiftblade:     ((8-) ok stan))

FenrysStar:       ((ok, BRB AFK))

Tolmara:           ((the secret door opens to the musty smelling corridor.  through

that door is a passage with a door to the E and one to the S))

Tolmara:           ((all clear?))

Lunauc:            (hai)

Baltak2:            ((gotcha...that's what i was thinkin but was unclear))

Tolmara:           ((Lunauc was listening to the other E door.  Dantrag peeked through

the S door.  sending new map.))

RSwiftblade:     "Well, all things are fine out here...no more snakes, beasts or


FenrysStar:       ((I'm going to check out the East Door then listening and then

going through posssibly))

Tolmara:           ((on the map, the stairs lead down.))

RSwiftblade:     ::starts to hum under his breath::

Baltak2:            ::opens E door::

Lunauc:            ::stands back for dantrag::

Tolmara:           The door opens to reveal a cloak room of some sort.  It's a rather

small chamber, with another door beyond.  The room is lined with a few pegs,

upon one of which is a tattered blue silk cloak.

RSwiftblade:     "I do not like these close quarters....give me a horse and a


RSwiftblade:     brb

Baltak2:            "there's a door down here...shall we check it out?"

Lunauc:            "Hai hai"

FenrysStar:       ::takes his knife out and checks out the cloak to see what it is

or what it was::

Baltak2:            ::moves and opens the door at end of cloakroom::

Lunauc:            ::follows behind Dantrag::

Tolmara:           The room beyond appears to be a huge ballroom with a fine,

wood-grained floor.  Chandeliers line the ceiling and a lectern stands at one

end of the hall.

VBJunkie:         "why are we wasting our time in a coat closit?"

VBJunkie:         "yes"

FenrysStar:       ::takes the cloak as something that may help them out later, or

as a gift or bribe if he can someone to repair it.::

VBJunkie:         "lets continue until we find our quarry"

Baltak2:            "we are checking out an area with a concealed door which could lead

to something trayn"

Baltak2:            "why else would anyone bother to conceal something as simple as a


Lunauc:            :looks around the ballroom:: "Wow... nice place"

Baltak2:            ::looks around ballroom as well::

Lunauc:            ::exams the chandeliers for more snakes::

RSwiftblade:     (back)

FenrysStar:       "People usually put in secret doors because they have things

they don't want others to see."

RSwiftblade:     "How's it going in there?"

RSwiftblade:     "Do ye need me yet?"

Lunauc:            "Yah can come in if you like."

Tolmara:           (hold for room description.)

Baltak2:            "it's fine Reiner...we've found a ballroom" 

Tolmara:           (desc)

Tolmara:           This is a huge ballroom (the map is not to scale, but it should be

along the lines of 100' x 110').  As you enter, the crystal chandeliers

illuminate suddenly, bathing the room in light as bright as the morning sun.

A conductor's

Tolmara:           podiumn rests on a raised dais at the end of the ballroom.  (This

is the lectern I mentioned earlier.)  Various wooden doors line the walls of

this room.  All of them appear to be closed.  (sending new map.)

Tolmara:           (end)

RSwiftblade:     ::Reiner makes sure that the door is jammed securely and

sprinkles some dried leaves on the floor to act as an alarm if something

follows them in::

RSwiftblade:     "Allright I'm coming in"

VBJunkie:         "I'm not here to dance...." entering as well

Lunauc:            0.0 "eh?" ::stares at the newly lit chandeliers:: 'Greeeaaattt..."

Tolmara:           ((see new map.  the room with all the doors is the ballroom.))

RSwiftblade:     "Boys, keep yer ears about you.  If any of ye hear the

crunching of leaves we have company"

Baltak2:            "i dont think that'll be a problem"::chuckles::

Lunauc:            "Leaves?" ::looks around susspiciously as he strolls into the room::

FenrysStar:       ::nods and closes his eyes briefly to take in the sounds around


OnlineHost:       FenrysStar rolled 1 20-sided die:  8

FenrysStar:       "Nothing at the moment but this may change."

Lunauc:            ::moves toward the podium to check it out::

RSwiftblade:     "since many have interest in this place, what is to stop those

who wish to take from here once we have cleared it of its evil"

Lunauc:            "I dunno."

RSwiftblade:     "And perhaps ambush us?"

FenrysStar:       ::meandering aimlessly and letting his eyes to a visual scan of

the area in case there is anything else possible hidden in the room.::

Lunauc:            :comes upon a violin and bow at the podium: "Musician?"

RSwiftblade:     "Rogues can be very dangerous from behind"

VBJunkie:         "I would touch as little as possible here and everywhere else in

this tower"

Lunauc:            ::eyeing the instrument curiously, picks it up::

RSwiftblade:     "I guess Asflag was a music lover"

Lunauc:            (being a fool, makes me nervous)

RSwiftblade:     "I guess these double doors are those we saw from the other


Tolmara:           Morti picks up the violin, but nothing happens as he does so.

Lunauc:            "Hehe.." ::lifts the fiddle into place and raises the bow, as if he

were about to play a fine piece::

VBJunkie:         ::shakes his head... wondering where the ship is for these fools::

RSwiftblade:     "Oh this is going to hurt"

Lunauc:            ::then scratches the bow along in a rather amateur and aggrevating


FenrysStar:       ::smirks and checks out the other door on the same wall as the

access to the cloak room.::

OnlineHost:       Lunauc rolled 1 20-sided die:  17

Lunauc:            (18)

Tolmara:           Mortimar begins playing frantically at a ceaseless rate.

Lunauc:            (sound any good?)

Tolmara:           (Everyone else, will save (-2 to your roll.))

RSwiftblade:     (which save?)

OnlineHost:       FenrysStar rolled 1 20-sided die:  1

OnlineHost:       Baltak2 rolled 1 20-sided die:  17

OnlineHost:       RSwiftblade rolled 1 20-sided die:  14

FenrysStar:       ((hell no))

Tolmara:           (Lythar, you get spell resistence 10 for this effect.)

Lunauc:            "didn't know I could play"

Baltak2:            ((may wanna karma that one adam lol))

RSwiftblade:     (17)

Lunauc:            "Uh.. can't stop playing"

Baltak2:            ((is this against will?))

RSwiftblade:     (will)

Tolmara:           ((anyone who rolls below a 13, IM me.))

Tolmara:           ((yes))

Baltak2:            ((18 for me))

Baltak2:            ((safe at the plate!))

RSwiftblade:     ::Reiner draws his dagger::

Lunauc:            (ain't easy being the fool)

OnlineHost:       VBJunkie rolled 1 20-sided die:  7

RSwiftblade:     ::goes to smash the violin with his dagger::

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 1 4-sided die:  3

VBJunkie:         (15-2=13)

OnlineHost:       RSwiftblade rolled 1 20-sided die:  14

RSwiftblade:     (21)

FenrysStar:       (using karma)

OnlineHost:       FenrysStar rolled 1 20-sided die:  17

Tolmara:           (k)

Tolmara:           As Reiner smashes the violin,

OnlineHost:       RSwiftblade rolled 1 20-sided die:  14

FenrysStar:       ((18 total without spell ressistance))

Tolmara:           he nicks Morti in his haste to do so.

Tolmara:           (dmg pls.)

OnlineHost:       RSwiftblade rolled 1 4-sided die:  1

RSwiftblade:     (5)

Baltak2:            ((i think ya better heal him afterward alf lol))

RSwiftblade:     "YE FOOL!"

Tolmara:           The violin immediately crumbles to dust.

RSwiftblade:     "Did I NOT say do not touch anything?"

Lunauc:            :falls back, holding his cut, trembles back ab it under Reiners'

scrutiny:: "I-I'm s-sorry..."

RSwiftblade:     "You would have been dead had I not saved you in this cursed

place...be more careful!"

RSwiftblade:     "Now give me your hand..."

Lunauc:            ::stares to the ground and stays quiet::

VBJunkie:         "you all better heed wise advice"

Lunauc:            ::offers his wounded hand::

VBJunkie:         "I shall not tolerate these shenannigans"

Lunauc:            ::still trembling::

Baltak2:            "Reiner be easy on the lad... sometimes we all act without


RSwiftblade:     "War father, give me the stregth to heal this man with your


VBJunkie:         "you are making the assumption that thinking would actually take


Lunauc:            (like I said, not easy being a fool)

FenrysStar:       ::mutters in sylvan about the stupidity of humans as he goes to

investigate the one door::

Baltak2:            "he has caused no true harm and methinks he shall learn wisdom in

his own way"

RSwiftblade:     "Forgive me lad, I sometimes lose my patients, it is a weakness

that I have"

Baltak2:            "and it be our duty to teach him"

Lunauc:            ::quietly nods back at Reiner::

RSwiftblade:     (3 hp)

Lunauc:            (7 hp then)

Lunauc:            (he'll live)

RSwiftblade:     "It was not my intent to strike you"

Lunauc:            ::Nods again:: "S'okay. I won't touch anything else. Promis"

Lunauc:            ::stands, eyes still lowered::

RSwiftblade:     ::in sylvan:: "As for you Lythar, we all have our

weaknesses...even your kind"

Baltak2:            "ye'll learn Mort as all ye humans must"

Baltak2:            "let's check one of these doors"

VBJunkie:         "when are we going to go upstairs?"

VBJunkie:         "I grow weary at what seems to be a treasure hunt here"

Lunauc:            ::nods to Dantrag and moves to follow, to the back::

RSwiftblade:     "Once we secure the downstairs we will work our way up.  Do not

want any surprises"

FenrysStar:       ((he said that largely to himself and in a very low voice,

unless your character has very sharp ears I doubt he even heard it"

Lunauc:            (and we still have the down downstairs to check)

Baltak2:            "Trayn do ye want something coming after our backs after we face

down a mummy?"

VBJunkie:         "the only surprises you will find are the unneeded to find kind"

FenrysStar:       ::listens at the door he's checking out::

OnlineHost:       FenrysStar rolled 1 20-sided die:  14

RSwiftblade:     ::hands morti something in a small gourd that looks gooey and

has powdered sugar on it::

VBJunkie:         "you weaken us with this plan"

Lunauc:            ::takes the gourd hesitantly and looks questioningly to Reiner::

VBJunkie:         "for our strength should be highest then"

RSwiftblade:     "Here, try this morti...perhaps it will take your mind away

from the pain"

Lunauc:            ::turns away and lifts his mask to take a taste::

FenrysStar:       ::tries the door cautiously, his long knife in hand just in


RSwiftblade:     (Reiner hands morti a paste that is like caramel with rose


RSwiftblade:     )

Baltak2:            "the largest threat weakens us as well.... let us take out the

lesser threats and decide if we needs take chances with large threat"

VBJunkie:         "that is most unwise"

Lunauc:            (wow, he gets candy for being stupid)

Lunauc:            :-D

Lunauc:            "Mmm.... thank you, sir."

Baltak2:            "as ye say trayn but methinks ye speak in black and white too often

and don't note the world around ye me friend"

RSwiftblade:     ::Reiner definetely feels bad that he sliced Morti's arm::

Lunauc:            (eh... he's use to it)

FenrysStar:       "Anyone need a drink? I found the bar"

RSwiftblade:     "A drink from this place? Bah!"

Tolmara:           (sent new map)

OnlineHost:       FenrysStar rolled 1 20-sided die:  8

Tolmara:           The room beyond holds a table with a long white cloth on top on

which are several dozen upturned wine glasses.

VBJunkie:         ((i think i need to change my diety to one who worships

adventures, jesters, fools and village idiots))

Tolmara:           All of the glasses are empty and covered with a light coating of


Tolmara:           The door opens to reveal a room with a bar of some kind.  Cabinets

with glass doors line the room, and a shelf with bottles and vials of liquid

sits in the back.

VBJunkie:         ((which god is that?))

Lunauc:            (ah, don't change on our account)

VBJunkie:         ((well playing in character... Trayn would ditch you all))

Lunauc:            (( :'( ))

VBJunkie:         ((or tolerate you long enough to accomplish some good dead and

then ditch))

VBJunkie:         ((deed))

Lunauc:            (I don't think we're THAT bad, are we?)

FenrysStar:       "My word, this man had exceptional taste in spirits!"

Baltak2:            "well pass the spirits Lythar"

VBJunkie:         ((i dont have to provide evidence))

Lunauc:            ::wraps up the to put in his pocket and notices the tearing in his

glove, shoves his hand in his pocket with the caramel as he waits behind the


VBJunkie:         ((it happens on a continual basis))

Lunauc:            (ah...)

RSwiftblade:     ::under his breath:: "War Father, I have been patient.  Please

help me find a way to work with this worshipper of the sun god."

RSwiftblade:     "He is unbending in his beliefs and insulting in his comments"

Lunauc:            (brb)

RSwiftblade:     "I fear our fate is to travel with him, but he does not have

tollerance for the others"

RSwiftblade:     "If it is your will, please commune with your compatriot of the

sun and let there be a sign to him"

Tolmara:           ((ok, what next?))

RSwiftblade:     "Lead the way Lythar"

FenrysStar:       ::going along that wall away from the way we came in to the next


RSwiftblade:     "you know, if you wish, I can tell you what is magical here and

what is not...just let me know my friends"

VBJunkie:         ::seems to stew in his own steam::

FenrysStar:       "I tend to want to if anything here is magical, those wines

especially now"

VBJunkie:         "I'm fine... lets continue"

RSwiftblade:     "I may also be able to find traps if you wish"

FenrysStar:       ::poking his head out that other door in the bar before he


Lunauc:            ::waits at the stage in the ballroom for the others to decide what

to do next::

RSwiftblade:     "Come on, let us proceed"

OnlineHost:       VBJunkie rolled 1 6-sided die:  3

Baltak2:            "aye let's go"

VBJunkie:         ::chooses a door and opens it::

VBJunkie:         ::opens the sw door:: (unknown where it goes per map)

FenrysStar:       ::listening at the door at the end of the bar before opening


OnlineHost:       FenrysStar rolled 1 20-sided die:  3

FenrysStar:       ((12 total))

VBJunkie:         ((door that opens south - between #7 & #8))

FenrysStar:       ((I'm in 8 and came in from 7 I'm moving through 8 to the door

on the other side))

AlexPetrovich99:           I'm with.. Dantrag and reiner.. lol

Lunauc:            (hoi)

FenrysStar:       ::opens the door with long knife still in hand as he looks to

see what lies beyond::

Tolmara:           (you mean the door that opens west from 8)

Baltak2:            ((LOL mikey was there any doubt?))

VBJunkie:         ((no the one below))

VBJunkie:         ((Trayn is making his own way)) unfortunately

AlexPetrovich99:           (no map steve-arino)

Lunauc:            (lythar's opening the west door in 8 and trayn's opening the sw door

in 7, right?)

VBJunkie:         ((correct))

AlexPetrovich99:           (omg..now I knmow we're in trouble)

Tolmara:           (ok)

AlexPetrovich99:           )opening two doors in different areas.. :(  )

Tolmara:           (ignore this new map then)

Lunauc:            ::watches Trayn go on his own, remembering what Reiner said about no

one going alone, he hesitantly moves to follow the priest::

RSwiftblade:     "Some do not learn, Morti"

Lunauc:            ::glances back at Reiner, and continues over near Trayn::

Baltak2:            ::moves over toward trayn and morti to cover their backs::

Tolmara:           (hold for room description)

Tolmara:           (desc)

Tolmara:           (room out of W door from 8)

Tolmara:           This is a corridor, with the same old musty smell/odor from the

other corridor, but in a different location.

Tolmara:           (room out of SW door from 7)

WyldElfRanger:             ((getting map from email box))

AlexPetrovich99:           (same here Wylde)

WyldElfRanger:             ((someone opened up the door to 10?))

RSwiftblade:     "Je'rar, I long to be out of this place and back outside"

AlexPetrovich99:           "As do I my brother,as do I"

Tolmara:           (screwed up on the map.  resending.  this is some sort of storage

room, with wooden boxes of what ostensibly contain instruments (they're

marked "instruments").  there is a burst kettle drum and a brass horn for


Tolmara:           (end)

Baltak2:            "i'm not one for these enclosed areas either"

Lunauc:            ::glares around at the musical instruments, not about to trust

another in this house::

WyldElfRanger:             ::taking a quick look around the storeroom before going back

out to look at the other door further down the corridor::

AlexPetrovich99:           "I still find that a hard thing to believe coming from a

dwarf, but then, I can understand where you're coming from"

Tolmara:           ((resent map.  room 10 is supposed to connect to room 7.  my bad.))

VBJunkie:         got it

AlexPetrovich99:           (throws wet overcooked spaghjetti at the DM))

Baltak2:            "ye get trapped in a few mines Je'rar and see how ye like

it"::looks embarassed at revealing a weakness::

AlexPetrovich99:           "II think , Dantrag,there's fewer places in the world I'd

rather be than that far underground,so far from the open skies.."

Lunauc:            ::considers the dwarf for a moment, and gives him a tentative pat on

the shoulder::

Lunauc:            (though 10 to the next room, then?)

WyldElfRanger:             ::listens to the door opposite room 7 in room 10 before

opening it.::

Baltak2:            ((sounds good to me))

OnlineHost:       WyldElfRanger rolled 1 20-sided die:  15

AlexPetrovich99:           ::stands alertly with sword and mace in hand,looking for

anything that threatens to jump out at us))

AlexPetrovich99:           *at us::

VBJunkie:         ::will open the other doors... to see what is in them::

WyldElfRanger:             ::keeps the long knife ready as he opens the door to

investigate the room.::

AlexPetrovich99:           (which other doors,vb?)

AlexPetrovich99:           ::goes to stop him from opening the other doors::

AlexPetrovich99:           "We act as one,and we keep our strength"

Tolmara:           (sending map of room 11)

VBJunkie:         "I'm done following..."

AlexPetrovich99:           "Ok..look at it like this:

VBJunkie:         ((the doors in room #7))

Tolmara:           This appears to be a smoking room of some sort.

AlexPetrovich99:           if you open the doors behind our backs and something jumps

out at us, we'll be caught nawares,and if the fighters die,chances are you

die too"

Lunauc:            ::follows behind trayn:: "Then is it ok, if I follow?"

Tolmara:           The room is furnished with oak panelling, leather armchairs and a

couch.  There are bookshelves and a fireplace.

Tolmara:           There is a bellrope attached to the ceiling in the far SE corner of

the room. 

AlexPetrovich99:           *caught unawares

VBJunkie:         "If I die it will be Solnor's decision"

Tolmara:           A small box lies on the mantlepiece of the fireplace.

Lunauc:            ::mumbles:: "Actually.. it'll probably be the mummie's decision."

Baltak2:            "well when yer life fire is extinguished ye'd better be ready to

meet solnor's grace"

AlexPetrovich99:           "If I die because of someone else being stupid, the great

sky will haunt you for the rest of your life,and I shall arise to give chase

to you even in your dreams"

Tolmara:           ((hm just caught Trayn's comment.  ok, here goes.))

WyldElfRanger:             ::cursory search of the bookshelves to see what periodicals

they have for perusal::

VBJunkie:         ((obviously if he is interupted then all of them wont get opened))

Lunauc:            (hai hai)

WyldElfRanger:             "Please do not touch the bell rope, we don't know what it

will summon"

RSwiftblade:     "Allright, I have had enough.  You may wish to leave the

decision to your own god, but we are here together and we must reach

concensus as a group, if not Trayn, you need to walk yer own path.  Surely

the sun god knows of the good

AlexPetrovich99:           "Lythar's right; it's bad enough we rang the doorbell.."

RSwiftblade:     of cooperation"

RSwiftblade:     "You cannot endanger the lives of the others in this group"

::looking angered::

Baltak2:            "Reiner methinks right now is not that time.... he needs time to

come to terms with life still"

OnlineHost:       WyldElfRanger rolled 1 20-sided die:  20

RSwiftblade:     "No this will not stand...he can do that after we are out of

this cursed place!"

VBJunkie:         "ringing the bell outside was the proper thing to do"

Baltak2:            "Ye humans have more than enuff foes why make foes of each other?"

VBJunkie:         "I'm not a burglar..."

Lunauc:            "and dead people don't answer doors"

WyldElfRanger:             "They are still children and children fight amongst


Baltak2:            ((gawd a dwarven mediator... here goes))

AlexPetrovich99:           "Hmm..let's see.. oh yes.. I have the answer now,Trayn"

Lunauc:            :Morti moves to the side as the others argue::

AlexPetrovich99:           "You should go outside and keep an eye out for the watch

and betray us all"

RSwiftblade:     "By the authority vested in the town we are hear to do our duty

and that includes the spoils if we desire.  It is believed that there is evil

here, we will deal with it"

Baltak2:            "ye should work together and accept yer differences... Kranchaar

knows i will walk on the graves of yer children so please stop being so


AlexPetrovich99:           ::glances at Dantrag:: "Aye"

Tolmara:           (not sending the map to anyone except to David's character since

he's peeked into them all.)

Lunauc:            (I followed after him, and I'm not sure he even satarted before

being stopped)

Tolmara:           (k)

Lunauc:            (started rather)

VBJunkie:         ((not stopped unless physically accosted))

WyldElfRanger:             "Now if I'm correctly guessing the pattern should be that the

one set of doors leads back to the ballroom."

AlexPetrovich99:           (hmm.. so I stopped him/nopt stopped him?)

Baltak2:            "and if please is not good enuff i will take any of ye to the

practice field and beat ye in to the ground to knock that point into ye"

RSwiftblade:     "I am sick of his self-riteous mouth"

Lunauc:            (okay then)

RSwiftblade:     (remember, he has a temper and is a barbarian)

WyldElfRanger:             ::and he's going to test that theory by opening the door near

the door to room 10 that has not been opened with knife in hand.::

RSwiftblade:     "He is going to get us all killed"

WyldElfRanger:             (afk a sec)

AlexPetrovich99:           "No,Reiner,he's going to get himself killed..and be careful

what you say.. he's holier than thou, and thou, and thou.."::looks at each

party member with each thou::

Baltak2:            "ye humans are so fiery... Reiner ye need not worry..our friend

Trayn has proved himself..even in combat"

Lunauc:            (besides, all the bickering would have alerted any enemies by now)

RSwiftblade:     ::laughs:: "there are many thing holy..."

Baltak2:            "his belief conflicts but his aims are the same"

RSwiftblade:     ::Reiner starts to settle down::

WyldElfRanger:             ::listening although he suspects the only living creature

here are the members of his own party at this point.::

OnlineHost:       WyldElfRanger rolled 1 20-sided die:  3

Baltak2:            "well trayn share yer knowledge..what have ye found?"

Tolmara:           (eventually you do manage to physically halt Trayn, but by then

he's already taken a look.)

RSwiftblade:     "We are going to have to agree on who will be the leader of the


VBJunkie:         "there is nothing here in these rooms"

VBJunkie:         (this after seeing the various doors and rooms off the ballroom)

VBJunkie:         "I search for a stairway up"

Baltak2:            "well we have seen nothing to fear let's do as trayn suggests"

Lunauc:            :wanders back down to room 14, and takes a quick look around the

library to see what books are there::

Baltak2:            "and if he is wrong then so be it"

Lunauc:            (still gotta check the cellar and there's the room east of 11)

Baltak2:            ((be right back....offline for a few))

RSwiftblade:     "Law is man made and not by the gods  Dantrag.   Good is in yer

heart and ye must judge the good ye do with yer heart, not law"

Lunauc:            ::hears the others are gonna look for the stairs and follows out of

the library after them:: "Later, later"

VBJunkie:         ::moves thru room 8 and then 9... and opens the doors there::

RSwiftblade:     "Well if this mad man wants to lead us, let him.  I will follow

for now"

VBJunkie:         ((eventually he will find room #5 and the stairs up))

Lunauc:            (stairs down in 5)

Tolmara:           ((ok, hold folks.  where exactly is the party?  don't say in the

main window.  IM me pls.))

AlexPetrovich99:           *whispers to Reiner: "If he wants to be the first to go

meet his Solnor,then let him,"

Lunauc:            :reiner: "Good, it seems to make him feel better"

Lunauc:            :-)

WyldElfRanger:             ::opens and the door and looks to see if his theory is


OnlineHost:       WyldElfRanger rolled 1 20-sided die:  3

RSwiftblade:     "Lythar, please help our lordship find his way around this


Lunauc:            (we're still heading down the stairs in 5, right?)

WyldElfRanger:             ::comes out of the library with a smile "A well informed

person this Asflag"

WyldElfRanger:             ::takes a listen at the SE door, knife behind his back::

OnlineHost:       WyldElfRanger rolled 1 20-sided die:  18

RSwiftblade:     ::addressing everyone:: "In haste, if we miss any of these

monsters, and one kills an innocent because of our haste, let it be on his

head that our duty was not completed"

Baltak2:            ((I'm sorry guys i have to bug out... wife's home...will catch you

all next seesion))

AlexPetrovich99:           "Anything gets by me, I'm giving chase until it is safely


AlexPetrovich99:           *dispatched

RSwiftblade:     ((take care))

AlexPetrovich99:           (here's to women >:o

AlexPetrovich99:           mine's the reason I'm late)

WyldElfRanger:             ((oh hush, I still want one))

AlexPetrovich99:           (nothing wrong with that; just don't marry her :P )

RSwiftblade:     ((allright, dave lead the way...LOL))

Lunauc:            (afk while I get something to eat)

VBJunkie:         ::stays at the top of the stairs::

VBJunkie:         "I'm looking to go up... not down"

AlexPetrovich99:           ((follows the 'train'))

RSwiftblade:     "Common, let's go upstairs"

AlexPetrovich99:           ::stays silent,trying to tune in better to his immediate


AlexPetrovich99:           ::starts for the stairs::

WyldElfRanger:             ::shrugs as he switches weapons and goes for the stairs::

VBJunkie:         ((will go up the stairs @ 3))

Tolmara:           ((so which stairs, 3 or 5?))

Tolmara:           ((ok))

VBJunkie:         ((wont go down @ 5))

VBJunkie:         "we've seen what there is  to see on this level"

VBJunkie:         "we can now go upstairs"

VBJunkie:         "thats what you wanted right?"

VBJunkie:         ((willing to roll a diplomacy check to influence the irritated))

AlexPetrovich99:           ::takes each step with a bit of tentativeness..and

continues upwards...::

Lunauc:            (aw, I wanted to go down there too)

VBJunkie:         ((waits for them @ #5 or leads them to #3))

Lunauc:            ::following along obediently::

Tolmara:           ((Let me know folks, before I e-mail the maps.))

WyldElfRanger:             ::Lythar is going to 3 since 5 seems to go back to the trad


VBJunkie:         ::goes with Lythar to #3::

VBJunkie:         ::takes the lead and heads up the stairs::

RSwiftblade:     (I think that it is safe to say that we all follow Trayn)

AlexPetrovich99:           "Even though I dislike his reasoning, I cannot let this man

go upwards alone"

Tolmara:           The stairs up lead to a spiral staircase that seems to be much

farther than dimensions would indicate.  For instance, although the tower's

2nd floor seems to be only 20' higher than street level, you ascended at

least 50'.

Tolmara:           After a bit of climbing, you come to a pair of stone double doors,

that are closed.

Tolmara:           The doors have brass handles.  (Left and right.)

Lunauc:            ::last one up, takes a look around the room, then to the stone


VBJunkie:         ::listens::

WyldElfRanger:             ::sighs and shakes his head as either is a good direction to

try at this point as he gives a listen at first the right set of doors then

the left.::

OnlineHost:       VBJunkie rolled 1 20-sided die:  5

OnlineHost:       WyldElfRanger rolled 1 20-sided die:  4

VBJunkie:         (9)

WyldElfRanger:             ((13 for the right))

OnlineHost:       WyldElfRanger rolled 1 20-sided die:  10

WyldElfRanger:             ((19 for the left))

RSwiftblade:     "You see morti, one must have reason and think of everyone in

your company.  It is better to follow the stubborn minded than let them

perish.  It is for the greater good."

VBJunkie:         "Hold on" ::tries to open the door::

Lunauc:            ::nods to reiner:: "Gotcha"

RSwiftblade:     "I have never in my life seen a more stubborn priest of the sun

god, but his motives are good so we follow for now"

Tolmara:           ((Just so we're clear, there's a pair of double doors at the end of

the staircase.  Both of the doors have brass handles.  The party is at the

top of the staircase and Lythar and Trayn are listening at the doors.))

Lunauc:            ::scratching his shoulder:: 'What sun god?"

RSwiftblade:     ::Reiner ties the end of a rope to the stair case and holds the

other end::

WyldElfRanger:             "We have company beyond these doors so look sharp, I heard

ripping and cursing"

VBJunkie:         "Solnor... the god of the shining sun"

RSwiftblade:     "Stay close to me"

Lunauc:            ::blinks at Trayn: "Oh..."

Lunauc:            "Who?"

OnlineHost:       VBJunkie rolled 1 20-sided die:  8

WyldElfRanger:             ::moves back with bow at the ready letting those with better

armor and less sense open the portal::

RSwiftblade:     ::readies weapons::

Lunauc:            ::readies crossbow::

RSwiftblade:     "Actually stay with Lythar"

RSwiftblade:     "If ye lose the stairway, be mindful that the rope is there"

Lunauc:            ::nods and moves back near Lythar, giving the elf a smile of his


Lunauc:            :-)

AlexPetrovich99:           :prepares to go in right on reiner's heels::

RSwiftblade:     ::prays to the war father::

RSwiftblade:     "Give me strenght War Father, I fight for your glory!"

VBJunkie:         ::works on the door some more::

RSwiftblade:     (strenght circle feat)

VBJunkie:         "its stuck or locked..."

OnlineHost:       VBJunkie rolled 1 20-sided die:  9

VBJunkie:         (doesnt look like he will be sucessful anytime soom)

RSwiftblade:     "Have ye checked if it is trapped?"

Lunauc:            "Sure it's not just too heavy for you?"

VBJunkie:         "Not a traps expert...and It may be"

OnlineHost:       VBJunkie rolled 1 20-sided die:  20

WyldElfRanger:             ::shakes his head and keeps a steady aim. letting the others

in front of him wear themselves out.::

VBJunkie:         ::gives it one more try::

Tolmara:           With a mighty heave, Trayn accomplishes a feat that most mortals

his size often dream of -- he opens by sheer force of will, the pair of stone

doors that seem to have barred your way just now. 

RSwiftblade:     "Impressive.."  ::laughs::

Lunauc:            (applauds, go padre)

AlexPetrovich99:           ::is in total disbelief.. my jaw drops::

Lunauc:            ::aims around Trayn, looking into the next room::

Lunauc:            "Strong..."

Tolmara:           With a forceful tug, he manages to get one of the doors open wide

enough to enable people to squeeze through.  The room beyond is a vast

circular chamber, and appears to be a vast library of sorts.  (hold for room


Tolmara:           The chamber beyond is filled with bookshelves and its vast size

inspires those of you who tend towards learning.  There is a strange humming,

buzzing noise that's not unlike the noise you heard when you were

investigating the

VBJunkie:         "gah.. I got it"

Lunauc:            "Congratulations Trayn, Sir."

Tolmara:           perimeter fence outside.  However, on entering the room, you also

hear a series of ripping sounds, a shouted oath or curse, and then a thud.

Tolmara:           "It has to be here somewhere!"

Lunauc:            :tenses as he looks to the others::

Tolmara:           "That wizard is by all accounts dead and gone, so where in the name

of the god is it?!?!"

Tolmara:           (end)

Tolmara:           (sending map.)

AlexPetrovich99:           ::motions for the others to stay silent::

Lunauc:            (yeah, bet the stone door opened real quiet)

RSwiftblade:     "And what are ye looking for?" ::tapping a sword on the


RSwiftblade:     "It appears to me that ye should not be here right?"

AlexPetrovich99:           ::shifts off to one side,looking for a spot to better

ambush the other voice[person]::

VBJunkie:         ::moves in... looking to address the owner of the voice::

Tolmara:           ((sent map))

Tolmara:           ((hold for description))

Tolmara:           ((desc))

Tolmara:           As you enter the room (see map for some sense of the room's

dimensions, which are 100' in diameter), the oaths seem more violent and

forceful.  Also, the humming noise grows somewhat louder.

Tolmara:           As you round a bookshelf, a humanoid figure in black and

silver-etched robes is hurriedly pillaging several bookshelves, ripping pages

out of books in a frantic search for something--you know not what.

Tolmara:           Also, as you round a bookshelf, the strange buzzing noise seems to

be emanating from a glowing, shimmering globe of light in the exact center of

the chamber.  The globe is bright enough that it hurts your eyes if you look

at it

Tolmara:           directly.  On the other side of the chamber is a flight of stairs

leading up.

Tolmara:           The figure does not seem to notice your approach, so intent in its

search is it that it has blocked out all other sounds....or so it seems.

Tolmara:           (end)

AlexPetrovich99:           ::tries to sneak behind a bookshelf,then make way to where

he is using the bookshelves as cover::

WyldElfRanger:             ::Aims his bow at the man and is tempted to fire a warning

shot::"Stop right now or I will shoot, books deserve a lot more respect than

you are giving them."

Tolmara:           The figure stops and straightens.  It chuckles.

AlexPetrovich99:           (the old shove the bookshelf on him thing just lkie in

scooby-doo..is that feasible with the layout being what it is?)

Lunauc:            ::glaring at the robed figure as he stands behin Reiner and Trayn::

Tolmara:           When it straightens, you can see that it's cowled.  The hood is up.

Tolmara:           (no)

Tolmara:           (roll initiative if you want.)

RSwiftblade:     "Well here we go, Lord Trayn speak for us"

OnlineHost:       WyldElfRanger rolled 1 20-sided die:  10

VBJunkie:         "I am no lord...."

AlexPetrovich99:           (ok..then I stand far to one side so as to not be clumped

with everyone else)

Tolmara:           "So, Asflag has sent his champions in his moment of need.  Well it

will avail you not!"

OnlineHost:       VBJunkie rolled 1 20-sided die:  19

OnlineHost:       AlexPetrovich99 rolled 1 20-sided die:  18

AlexPetrovich99:           25

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 1 20-sided die:  7

OnlineHost:       Lunauc rolled 1 10-sided die:  4

VBJunkie:         (20)

Lunauc:            (6)

RSwiftblade:     "Who are ye?"

WyldElfRanger:             ((13))

OnlineHost:       RSwiftblade rolled 1 20-sided die:  3

Lunauc:            "And what do you have against books?"

RSwiftblade:     (6)

Tolmara:           "Names are a powerful thing, if mage you be."

OnlineHost:       Lunauc rolled 1 20-sided die:  5

Lunauc:            (make that 7... wrong die)

VBJunkie:         ::steps into the room with his hand on his holy symbol::

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 1 20-sided die:  14

RSwiftblade:     "Do I look like a mage to you?"

RSwiftblade:     (birthsign power)

Tolmara:           (FYI, if you are attempting not to look at the globe of light, -1

to all attack rolls)

RSwiftblade:     "War father, give me your fortitude"

AlexPetrovich99:           (trying to move so that I can have the globe at my back)

Tolmara:           "Nor do you sound like one."  It chuckles some more.

VBJunkie:         ((a priest of solnor is not scared of the light))

AlexPetrovich99:           (much as possible anyway)

Tolmara:           (20)

AlexPetrovich99:           25

Tolmara:           (ok 25)

AlexPetrovich99:           ::goes to move where the globe isn't directed at me so


AlexPetrovich99:           and close,striking to subdue:

WyldElfRanger:             ((I'm more interested in the mage as he keeps his aim on


AlexPetrovich99:           "I do not wish to kill you,so prisoner you shall be"

OnlineHost:       AlexPetrovich99 rolled 2 20-sided dice:  4 11

AlexPetrovich99:           gah

Tolmara:           "And I do not wish to battle insects, so I think I will let the

guardian deal with ones such as you."

Tolmara:           *chuckling*

AlexPetrovich99:           miss, and an ..

AlexPetrovich99:           (as he says that I go to kill instead)

Tolmara:           "It is fitting that Asflag's guardian would deal with his

champions, eh?"

AlexPetrovich99:           (needs to look at the book for the final to hit roll)

WyldElfRanger:             ::aiming for this arrogant bastard::

Lunauc:            "why do you keep calling us champions of asflag...huh?" :surprised

by jer'ar's attack::

AlexPetrovich99:           and a 16

Tolmara:           (miss)

Tolmara:           (20)

AlexPetrovich99:           the 16 hit?

AlexPetrovich99:           damn

Tolmara:           (the 16 missed)

RSwiftblade:     "Hm"

Tolmara:           (20...)

VBJunkie:         "Stop it you fools..." to them "forgive them they are simple


VBJunkie:         to the being

VBJunkie:         (he wishes to open dialogue)

Tolmara:           "Ah, someone with more sense than a gnat."

VBJunkie:         ::steps forward::

VBJunkie:         "we came here to investigate the report of an undead creature"

Tolmara:           The figure chuckles some more.

RSwiftblade:     ::mutters somthing under his breath::

VBJunkie:         "it seems that you might have been the being reported as a mummy"

Tolmara:           It begins to guffaw.

VBJunkie:         "naturally the villagers were worried of such a thing"

Lunauc:            ::tilts his head at the creature:: "Is it really that funny...?"

Tolmara:           "The adherer is in the cellar, idiot."

Lunauc:            ( :-*)

Tolmara:           "I can see why it would be thought of as a mummy though.  Do *I*

look like a piece of blithering undead rot to you?"

Tolmara:           It guffaws some more.

WyldElfRanger:             ((knowledge check, Nature, Dungeoneering, whichever will


Lunauc:            "Maybe a little..."

Tolmara:           "You have entertained me, worm."

OnlineHost:       WyldElfRanger rolled 1 20-sided die:  11

VBJunkie:         "no you don't.. why I've brought words to bear and not weapons"

Tolmara:           Throughout all of this dialogue, you've noticed the figure is

careful not to face the globe of light.

Lunauc:            "Hmmmm...." ::scratches head and peers at the figure:: "Are you the

one who wanted the dinnerware?"

RSwiftblade:     ::Reiner starts to mumble again::

Lunauc:            ::glances curiously to reiner::

RSwiftblade:     "We would like to see you eye to eye"

WyldElfRanger:             "Not a mummy but something that can be easily confused for


Tolmara:           "Hm."

RSwiftblade:     "The light of the war father surrounds you"

WyldElfRanger:             "We rangers learn much of things that may become our prey"

Tolmara:           "I am needed elsewhere, it seems.  You, I will deal with, later."

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 1 20-sided die:  5

Tolmara:           "ACK!!!"

Tolmara:           (25)

RSwiftblade:     "He is evil and now we must attack"

OnlineHost:       RSwiftblade rolled 1 20-sided die:  3

WyldElfRanger:             ::takes careful aim at the mage and gets off a pair of


RSwiftblade:     (6)

AlexPetrovich99:           on 25?

AlexPetrovich99:           I need my IM answered

Tolmara:           (25 is Je'rar)

OnlineHost:       WyldElfRanger rolled 1 20-sided die:  2

OnlineHost:       WyldElfRanger rolled 1 20-sided die:  20

Lunauc:            "Huh?" :no idea how reiner knew he was evil::

Tolmara:           (roll for possible crit)

AlexPetrovich99:           ::seeing the globe is floating in the air,brings a leather

boot to it and kicks it at the figure while I then lunge with my weapons

OnlineHost:       WyldElfRanger rolled 1 20-sided die:  16

WyldElfRanger:             ((19))

Tolmara:           (damage)

WyldElfRanger:             ((confirmed crit?))

Tolmara:           ((yes))

OnlineHost:       WyldElfRanger rolled 3 8-sided dice:  1 8 6

WyldElfRanger:             ((18 damage))

VBJunkie:         ((reminder crits are just max damage))

AlexPetrovich99:           nix the kick the globe bit..things too damn big

AlexPetrovich99:           attacks

OnlineHost:       AlexPetrovich99 rolled 2 20-sided dice:  3 4

AlexPetrovich99:           (looks for a place to cry..)

Tolmara:           ((no, its either a crit or max damage.  if he rolls a 19 or 20 and

the 2nd roll is not a crit, then he does max dmg))

Lunauc:            (so if he hits the crit, does he get max + extra damage?)

Tolmara:           ((its either a crit or max dmg, no extra damage))

VBJunkie:         ((if you miss the crit you get max damage instead))

Tolmara:           ((we can talk about this after the game.))

AlexPetrovich99:           (methinks max should then be the minimum,as a crit could

then do less than a threat

RSwiftblade:     ((the bastard cannot cast this round))

WyldElfRanger:             ((I may have nicked something important))

Lunauc:            (so half the time not getting the crit is as good if not better)

AlexPetrovich99:           (that would be the logical conclusion based on that,yes)

Lunauc:            (hai hai, moving along?)

Tolmara:           (20)

VBJunkie:         ::moves forward and gets behind a bookcase (left of the entryway))

and draws his mace::

VBJunkie:         (done)

Tolmara:           (13)

RSwiftblade:     "He is pure evil Trayn"

VBJunkie:         "I hear you..."

Lunauc:            "You sure?"

Tolmara:           *mutter*

RSwiftblade:     ((we struck the mage right and he is blinded right?))

Tolmara:           ((he's acting like he is...))

Tolmara:           ((but you also hear muttering.))

RSwiftblade:     ((from where?))

Lunauc:            (oh, that's him... I thought you were just annoyed  :-D )

Tolmara:           Drenla:  "My other two spells are defensive in nature."  He frowns.

Tolmara:           (6)

RSwiftblade:     (Use your staff to attack"

OnlineHost:       RSwiftblade rolled 1 20-sided die:  5

RSwiftblade:     (13)

Lunauc:            (hey, skipped me.)

Tolmara:           Drenla:  "Uh...uh...uhm, th...th--that's wh..what you're here for,


RSwiftblade:     (wait)

Tolmara:           (no Mort, you're 6)

Lunauc:            (7)

Tolmara:           (oops)

RSwiftblade:     got the strength on so it is 15)

Tolmara:           (7 then)

Lunauc:            (I'll go after reiner)

Tolmara:           (15 then 7, pls tell me in the future so I don't skip you, k?)

Lunauc:            (hai hai)

Tolmara:           (ok)

OnlineHost:       RSwiftblade rolled 1 8-sided die:  5

RSwiftblade:     (12)

Tolmara:           "Slay me, and you slay the witch."

AlexPetrovich99:           "The who?"

Tolmara:           The figure coughs blood.  When it collapses to the floor, its cowl

is slipped back and you spot a bald, hairless head.

Lunauc:            ::holds his fire:: "Witch?"

Lunauc:            "Kill who?" ::looks nervously down at the figure::

Tolmara:           Dark blood wells up on the floor of the chamber.  The bald pink

head turns and you spot two eyes glazed over by a thin sheen of cartilage.

Tolmara:           "Ah, the gnats have some sense at least."

Tolmara:           *cough*

Tolmara:           "The witch."

Tolmara:           *cough*

Lunauc:            ::staring at him:: "What witch?"

Tolmara:           (6)

AlexPetrovich99:           "What witch? Witches are evil anyways,last I knew.."

RSwiftblade:     "You are a pawn, do not trifle with us!"

Tolmara:           "Kill me then.  One less Aes Sedai in the world serves my master

just the same."

Lunauc:            ::holds fire::

AlexPetrovich99:           ::hears that,pauses::

Lunauc:            ::looks to others:: "We can't kill him!"

AlexPetrovich99:           ":Talk quick and you may yet live: who is your master?"

Lunauc:            ".... not if it's gonna hurt someone we don't even know..."

RSwiftblade:     "It is you call Trayn, but I would take his head anyway!"

Tolmara:           The figure turns it's gaze on Je'rar.

Tolmara:           ((it has no eyes, yet it is clearly a human male.))

AlexPetrovich99:           (wb ddue)

AlexPetrovich99:           *dude

AlexPetrovich99:           "Well?"

VBJunkie:         ((let any of us know if we understand any of this jibberish))

Tolmara:           The creature smiles and begins to chuckle.

WyldElfRanger:             ((thank you, was our wizard friend miffed at the good shot I

got off?))

Tolmara:           It lunges for Je'rar.

AlexPetrovich99:           (amazingly,no)

RSwiftblade:     "Your fate is to die"

RSwiftblade:     ::stands to protect Je'rar"

RSwiftblade:     ((does it look like an attack?))

Tolmara:           The figure bites down hard and exhales at Je'rar

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 1 20-sided die:  19

AlexPetrovich99:           ac 150

AlexPetrovich99:           it missed

AlexPetrovich99:           rotfl

OnlineHost:       AlexPetrovich99 rolled 1 20-sided die:  12

AlexPetrovich99:           17

Tolmara:           The creature exhales on Je'rar, and collapses on the floor,


Lunauc:            ::gasps at the attack, and watches as the creature falls:: "I-is


AlexPetrovich99:           ::quickly performs healing::

AlexPetrovich99:           *checking for pulse,not expecting to find one::

RSwiftblade:     "What is happening here?"

AlexPetrovich99:           "It appears he killed himself as he went to bite me.. a

very potent poison.. I'm lucky to be alive "

AlexPetrovich99:           ::looking directly at Reiner:

Lunauc:            ::stares wide-eyed at the fallen figure::

AlexPetrovich99:           "Let's hear it for the warfather,eh?"

VBJunkie:         ::moves in ready to bash the creature.... but holds back seeing it

now laying on the floor doing nothing::

RSwiftblade:     "The war father is good, give praise to the war father"

Lunauc:            :timidly:: "W...what about the wich?"

RSwiftblade:     "May he have mercy on the soul of this evil one"

Tolmara:           After a moment, the creature rapidly disintegrates to ash, but not

before its belongings tumble to the floor, like worms from a corpse.

AlexPetrovich99:           "We must find and then save her"

AlexPetrovich99:           ::searches the belongings::

Lunauc:            ::looks to Jer'ar:: "And if she's already dead...? what if they were

bonded or something?"

RSwiftblade:     "If it is our fate then it will be done.  We are done here,

lets go downstairs and destroy that thing"

AlexPetrovich99:           "Let's hope they weren't"

WyldElfRanger:             ::looks over what drops::

Tolmara:           (a platinum ring of a snake eating its own tail, a small leather

pouch, a bone scroll case, and a silver dagger)

Lunauc:            (still haven't checked upstairs)\

RSwiftblade:     "Is that your will Trayn?"

VBJunkie:         "If she is here... we will talk to her"

AlexPetrovich99:           ::empties the puch on the floor::

AlexPetrovich99:           *pouch

VBJunkie:         "I would be wary of such an item of his"

OnlineHost:       VBJunkie rolled 1 20-sided die:  7

AlexPetrovich99:           "Drenla,care to check out this scroll case?"

Tolmara:           (Je'rar grabs the ring and the dagger.)

Lunauc:            ::nods along with the words of the others, taking the moment to look

around the library shelves::

VBJunkie:         "such that he would treasure could be dire indeed"

AlexPetrovich99:           "Or a great boon"

WyldElfRanger:             ::does a quick search of the library to peruse its


OnlineHost:       WyldElfRanger rolled 1 20-sided die:  12

RSwiftblade:     ::looks at Je'rar:: "Is that the wise thing to do Je'rar?"

VBJunkie:         "he said the creature was below"

AlexPetrovich99:           ::looks up at Lyhtar,ses what he's up to,and does the same

WyldElfRanger:             ((21 total on the search check))

OnlineHost:       AlexPetrovich99 rolled 1 20-sided die:  12

VBJunkie:         "called it an adherer"

AlexPetrovich99:           13

RSwiftblade:     "I agree with Trayn...let's go"

WyldElfRanger:             "Yes, supposedly fire is its bane."

Tolmara:           Drenla:  "It appears to be a message writtien in mage script."

Tolmara:           His brow furrows.

AlexPetrovich99:           "Sometimes life dangles by the slim fickleness of fate; if

the warfather wants me to live,then I shall live"

RSwiftblade:     "Aye...perhaps"

AlexPetrovich99:           ::looks about for torches::

VBJunkie:         "though now I worry that this witch is above"

Lunauc:            ::comes back to Drenla : "What's it say?"

RSwiftblade:     "Come on lets walk..."

WyldElfRanger:             ::nods:: "Magic and spells, I bid our our magi good luck"

VBJunkie:         "up the stairs to the next level"

RSwiftblade:     "So where is it boys?"

WyldElfRanger:             ::goes up the stairs to the next level to see what's there,

bow in hand and arrow notched."

RSwiftblade:     "guess up it is"

RSwiftblade:     ((gotta bolt at 8pm))

Tolmara:           A human male, dressed in spartan cut white robes with no insignia

on them, with a gray beard and intense penetrating green eyes appears next to

Trayn.  The figure glows with a similar light in brightness and intensity as

the globe.

VBJunkie:         "ho..."

Tolmara:           The figure:  "The blue points of light represent the Citadels of

Sorcery as of three centuries ago."

VBJunkie:         "yes I see them... the lights"

Lunauc:            ::stares at the glowing figure and strolls over to listen::

Lunauc:            ::nudges trayn, whispers:: "Who's he?"

RSwiftblade:     "hm"

Tolmara:           The figure:  "The crimson points of light represent the portals

that our colleagues have studied over the years, that have appeared at

various nexus points in the Pattern of Telluria.  These portals appear to

lead elsewhere, to some

Tolmara:           world away from our world of Andurin and Sul."

Tolmara:           The figure:  "We theorize that the portals could lead to other

worlds such as the elemental planes or even the planes of power, such as

Mount Celestia."

VBJunkie:         ::nods::

VBJunkie:         (seems to understand at least a bit of this)

Tolmara:           (of course, the rest of you just see a blazing globe of light)

Lunauc:            ::understands pretty much nothing::

Lunauc:            (ah....)

WyldElfRanger:             ::going up the stairs then to see what's there::

Lunauc:            (can we hear?)

RSwiftblade:     ::can see that Trayn is in some sort of communication::

Tolmara:           The figure:  "We are debating, as you most likely know, on

presenting our findings to the Circle of Truth, our priestly counterparts.

Of course, being that you are a wizard, you know that there are those who

think we are

Tolmara:           unbelievers of Truth, but there is not much we can do in the face

of zealots and fools."

Tolmara:           (yes you can hear)

Lunauc:            (right)

Lunauc:            ::sits scratching his head, listening to the talking light::

Tolmara:           The figure:  "Sadly, the globe is incomplete at present time.  As I

make this recording, I am endeavoring to discover exactly what it is that the

Aes Sedai wish to do, and why it is that they have taken an interest in His


Tolmara:           government of our country when they have not taken much interest in

the time they have been politically active, which I note has been


Tolmara:           With that, the image fades.

VBJunkie:         ::does nothing::

VBJunkie:         "oh thats it...."

Lunauc:            ::stares for a second:: "What was that?"

VBJunkie:         "was an illusion.."

RSwiftblade:     "Information my boy, information"

AlexPetrovich99:           "Bah! Wizards tricks"

Lunauc:            "Ooooohhhh..."

VBJunkie:         "of a past portion of knowledge"

Tolmara:           Drenla:  "It is some sort of message or instruction for the

creature we battled.  Its name was Irdas, and it was instructed to seek out

anything that might have aided

AlexPetrovich99:           "Oh okay.. maybe not , but still.."

Tolmara:           the wizard known as Asflag in his search for an item known as the

Orb of Truth."

RSwiftblade:     "How do you know this Drenla?"

Lunauc:            (he's reading the scroll)

Tolmara:           Drenla:  "I can barely make out the m...m..message."

Lunauc:            ::to drenla:: "Does it say anything about the Witch?"

AlexPetrovich99:           "Orb of Truth? What is this?"

RSwiftblade:     "I see, so now we may be considered as targets for this


Tolmara:           Drenla (more confidently):  "Y...yes.  That if it is slain in

battle, a pr..pr..certain amount of its injuries will damage the witch."

RSwiftblade:     "So she is damaged but not dead..."

Lunauc:            ::glares at jer'ar:: "SEE!?"

Tolmara:           Drenla:  "I d...d..don't know."

AlexPetrovich99:           "We must find this Aes Sedai and help her"

VBJunkie:         "well this is finished"

RSwiftblade:     "Aye that in due time"

RSwiftblade:     Let us get that creature now"

AlexPetrovich99:           ::looks at Morti in confusion::

AlexPetrovich99:           "hm?"

VBJunkie:         "yes"

Lunauc:            ::mopes a bit, and groans::

VBJunkie:         "lets find the creature and complete the major function of our


RSwiftblade:     gotta go...take care

Lunauc:            (bye)

RSwiftblade:     if you guys play late, maybe I'll be able to come back

AlexPetrovich99:           ((dangnabbit,, later on, brother)

RSwiftblade:     (take care)

WyldElfRanger:             ((good journey, friend))

Tolmara:           (breaking in 90 minutes.)

Lunauc:            (hai)

Tolmara:           After a few seconds, you hear a meowing.

Lunauc:            "Huh?" ::looks to the meowing::

VBJunkie:         "his familiar?"

AlexPetrovich99:           "nothing like a little pussy.."

AlexPetrovich99:           cat"

WyldElfRanger:             ::meowing causes him to reverse his tracks and come back down

to find the source::

VBJunkie:         "or perhaps Asflag's"

VBJunkie:         "or even the witch's"

VBJunkie:         "lets see if it will befriend us and lead us somewhere"

Lunauc:            ::looks around for the cat::

VBJunkie:         "don't scare it..."

VBJunkie:         "cats scare easily"

Lunauc:            "How can a cat lead you anywhere?"

VBJunkie:         "let me approach it"

Tolmara:           The meowing appears to be emanating from the center of the chamber,

on the other side of the globe.

VBJunkie:         "if it belongs to a mage... it may be special"

WyldElfRanger:             ::listens for the cat and will try to approach it with wild


Lunauc:            "Huh?"

Tolmara:           It's a small orange tabby.

AlexPetrovich99:           ::uses his animal empathy to attract the hapless animal::

Tolmara:           It arches its back and hisses at you.

AlexPetrovich99:           "it's ok kitty.. it's ok.. Je'rar won't hurt you..come here


Tolmara:           It continues hissing at you.  (Je'rar.)

Lunauc:            ::moving around to see the animal:: "Cute... my sister use to have a

cat like that. Different color. Ran away though.:

Lunauc:            "

AlexPetrovich99:           (roll to influence its behavior?)

Tolmara:           (sure)

OnlineHost:       AlexPetrovich99 rolled 1 20-sided die:  20

AlexPetrovich99:           26

WyldElfRanger:             ((Animal Empathy got changed to Wild Empathy in 3.5, you add

your class level and charisma to the roll))

OnlineHost:       WyldElfRanger rolled 1 20-sided die:  12

AlexPetrovich99:           *apparently,in 3.5, its a 29

WyldElfRanger:             ((17 for wild empathy))

Tolmara:           It's demeanor doesn't noticeably change, but at least it's no

longer hissing at you.

Tolmara:           It's back is still arched however.  And it remains considerably

away from you, at a distance.

Lunauc:            "Hmm..." :: moves to kneel down, taking the caraml Reiner gave him

out of his pocket. holds it out to the animal::

Lunauc:            "Want some?"

VBJunkie:         "ask it to find its master"

Tolmara:           The tabby cocks its head at Mortimar and instantly bounds towards


AlexPetrovich99:           "Where's your master? I want to help you get home safely"

Lunauc:            ::smirks at the animal letting it taste the caramel, while lightly

scratching at its head::

AlexPetrovich99:           ::sees it must be hungry,knows caramel isn't good for cats,

Lunauc:            "I don't think it can talk"

AlexPetrovich99:           takes a bit of a ration out for it::

Tolmara:           The tabby continues licking at the caramel.

Lunauc:            "Cute.."

Lunauc:            (so, are we gonna sit here petting the kitty?)

VBJunkie:         "well if it doesnt understand us then maybe its just a simple


Tolmara:           Suddenly, it bounds out of the room and past the stone doors.

Lunauc:            "Huh?"

Lunauc:            "wait up"

Lunauc:            ::runs after the cat::

VBJunkie:         "gah did anything scare it?"

AlexPetrovich99:           ::chases after it::

Tolmara:           Eventually you catch up to the tabby, at the foot of the stairs

leading down.  (area 5.)

Lunauc:            "Wait kitty. It's dangerous down their!"

VBJunkie:         "well we were coming here anyway"

VBJunkie:         ::after chasing down the stairs after everyone else::

Tolmara:           Its back is arched and its hissing like mad, but pointed at the

stairs below.

AlexPetrovich99:           "Guys, it appears we need to go this way"

AlexPetrovich99:           ::heads down the stairs::

Lunauc:            ::stops to kneel beside the cat, looking down the stairs::

Lunauc:            ::petting the animal:: "We know. We know."

VBJunkie:         "lets see what is down here::

WyldElfRanger:             ::smirks and thinks the budding sorceror may get a familiar

out of this::

VBJunkie:         ::moves downward::

Lunauc:            ::gives the cat a pat on thehead, and follows after them::

Tolmara:           it stays where it is, at the top of the stairs.

VBJunkie:         "see I told you it was a smart cat"

VBJunkie:         ::smirks::

Lunauc:            "Hai Hai"

Tolmara:           (sent map)

Lunauc:            :looks around the room and to the doors waiting to the east:

Tolmara:           The musty odor from earlier in the day is stronger than ever, here

in the chamber.

VBJunkie:         "hmmm well.. if a smell tells anything"

VBJunkie:         ::opens the left door::

Tolmara:           A series of dark stains mar the wooden floor and the staircase of

the room, heading towards the door on the right.

Lunauc:            :glad he wears a scarf over his nose:

AlexPetrovich99:           *listens at each door

AlexPetrovich99:           left,then right

OnlineHost:       AlexPetrovich99 rolled 2 20-sided dice:  2 17

AlexPetrovich99:           7;22

Lunauc:            (at least the one you missed is the one that's already being opened)

WyldElfRanger:             ((switching sns, aol is getting loopy again))

AlexPetrovich99:           "There's a large cat in there someplace.. I mean, these

stains look tiger size or better"

VBJunkie:         "alright..."

Lunauc:            "Maybe it's the little cat's mother."

AlexPetrovich99:           "No Morti..totally diferent species"

Lunauc:            ::shrug::

AlexPetrovich99:           *different

Tolmara:           (The door on the right is already open, btw.  Just not open far

enough though.)

AlexPetrovich99:           ok

Lunauc:            (what about the left door the trayn opened?)

Tolmara:           (what about it?)

Lunauc:            (what's in there?)

Tolmara:           (does Morti look?  O:-))

AlexPetrovich99:           (is it dark in these rooms far as I can tell?)

Lunauc:            (ah....point taken)

Tolmara:           (dark enough that torches would be needed)

FenrysStar:       ((grr aol is being a pain in the tail royally)

Tolmara:           ((unless you happen to be an elf, that is))

FenrysStar:       ::the elf is looking around to see what is here::

AlexPetrovich99:           I substitute my mace for a torch,knowing I can club with it

if needed

Lunauc:            (aohell is a rough and violent mistress)

FenrysStar:       ((spot check))

OnlineHost:       FenrysStar rolled 1 20-sided die:  14

AlexPetrovich99:           *lights said torch

FenrysStar:       ((23 on the spot check, low light vision is neat))

VBJunkie:         ::casts a spell of light on his shield::

AlexPetrovich99:           "anyone else want one?"

AlexPetrovich99:           "Fire can be a good weapon"

VBJunkie:         "its not needed yet"

Lunauc:            "Hmmm..." ::takes off his pack and rifles around inside for a

second, pulling out a filled flask::

Lunauc:            ::puts it in jacket pocket::

FenrysStar:       "I'll take one"

AlexPetrovich99:           ::hands Lythar a torch::

AlexPetrovich99:           ::lights it with my own::

Lunauc:            "We ready?"

Lunauc:            :-)

AlexPetrovich99:           "Ok..door to the left which has who knows, or door number

two where I know a really large cat is?"

AlexPetrovich99:           "What do you think, kitty-kitty?"

AlexPetrovich99:           ::looks at the kitty-cat::

Lunauc:            (cats upstairs, and doesn't trayn know what's in the left room?)

VBJunkie:         ((not tremendously))

Lunauc:            (gotcha)

Tolmara:           ((so which is it, guys?))

AlexPetrovich99:           "Ok..right door"

Tolmara:           ((the lady or the tiger?))

FenrysStar:       ::smiles and nods and goes of to the right::

AlexPetrovich99:           (could well be both for all we know))

Tolmara:           ((hold for room description and map))

Lunauc:            ::follows to right::

Tolmara:           The door from the kitchen has been smashed inwards, and as you peek

into the chamber, you see a medium-sized area (20' x 30' altho pls note map

is not to scale) lit by the flickering light of a fireplace.  A sink and a

work area

Tolmara:           rest against the north wall.  There is a noticeable absence of a

chimney.  Pots and pans sit on flagstones near the hearth, although some are

scattered about.  The tracks continue across the room and are visible

throughout the room,

Tolmara:           which is littered with spilled food, rotting meat and spices.  This

is the source of the musty odor, which truth be told, is a lot stronger and a

lot more odorous than just damp earth.

VBJunkie:         "hmmm where is the cat?"

Tolmara:           There is a door in the hall across from where you are, and a door

on the same side wall as the one you're peeking in.

Lunauc:            (upstairs still, right?)

Tolmara:           ((end))

Tolmara:           (yes)

Lunauc:            (can we see which one the trail leads to?)

AlexPetrovich99:           ::tracks::

Lunauc:            "Upstairs. It didn't want to come down"

Tolmara:           (the door on the same side as the one you're peeking in)

Lunauc:            ::to trayn:: "So what was in the otehr room?"

VBJunkie:         "I didnt see much"

VBJunkie:         "lets see where this leads"

VBJunkie:         ::moves accross teh room::

Lunauc:            ::shrugs to the response as he follows along the trail with the


Tolmara:           The door, like the other one, is smashed through, and the trail

continues inwards.

VBJunkie:         "yes... yes... carefully now"

VBJunkie:         ::continues forward::

FenrysStar:       ::following the others cautiously::

AlexPetrovich99:           ::still following the tracks,looking up now and then; after

a few mintes,stops to listen again

AlexPetrovich99:           *after a few minutes

Lunauc:            ::paces his walking with Jer'as, stopping when he does and

copying... more or less::

AlexPetrovich99:           ::inwardly smiles as he notices Morti aping his moves::

FenrysStar:       ::does his own traking and listening:

OnlineHost:       FenrysStar rolled 1 20-sided die:  8

Lunauc:            (he sees behind him?)

FenrysStar:       ((17 listen))

OnlineHost:       FenrysStar rolled 1 20-sided die:  19

AlexPetrovich99:           oh.. yeah.listen roll:

OnlineHost:       AlexPetrovich99 rolled 1 20-sided die:  9

Lunauc:            ::listening::

AlexPetrovich99:           14

OnlineHost:       Lunauc rolled 1 20-sided die:  19

FenrysStar:       ((26 track))

Lunauc:            (Oooooo)

AlexPetrovich99:           track:

OnlineHost:       AlexPetrovich99 rolled 1 20-sided die:  3

AlexPetrovich99:           12

Tolmara:           (hold on)

VBJunkie:         ...

Tolmara:           ((for the benefit of everyone, those who passed the Listen check,

you hear a faint purring, but louder and deeper than any cat you know of.))

Lunauc:            ::noticing the purring:: "That does sound big..."

Lunauc:            "Least it sounds content."

AlexPetrovich99:           ::thinks back HARD on everything he knows about cats::

AlexPetrovich99:           *knowldeg/wildenres check ?

FenrysStar:       ((knowledge: nature check))

OnlineHost:       FenrysStar rolled 1 20-sided die:  9

AlexPetrovich99:           wow what a typo that was... lol

OnlineHost:       AlexPetrovich99 rolled 1 20-sided die:  5

AlexPetrovich99:           heh

FenrysStar:       ((15 on the knowledge check))

AlexPetrovich99:           if wilderness applies too, then:

OnlineHost:       AlexPetrovich99 rolled 1 20-sided die:  10

AlexPetrovich99:           19

VBJunkie:         "well i think a cat wouldnt share space with another strange

creature... whatever this adherer is"

VBJunkie:         "perhaps we should leave it alone"

FenrysStar:       ((brb afk))

Lunauc:            "Maybe the cat's it's friend"

FenrysStar:       ((BAK))

Tolmara:           As you peer around the corner, you spy a LARGE cat-like creature,

except that it has six legs and glowing green eyes.  There are two muscular

tentacles growing from its shoulders.  It's pacing the room restlessly.  It

seems to be

Tolmara:           starving.

Lunauc:            (displacer beast....crap)

AlexPetrovich99:           ::motions everyone to back up..a lot::

Lunauc:            ::backs away slowly::

AlexPetrovich99:           barest of whispers.."Wizards,what kind of offensive spells

do you have fr something such as that?"

FenrysStar:       ::drops the torch and grabs his bow:: "Damn, monster, I'll put

you out of your misery"

AlexPetrovich99:           ::motions them to exit the room ::

Lunauc:            ::shrugs and whispers back:: "not much but I might have another

idea... uh oh"

Lunauc:            ::gapes at the elf::

AlexPetrovich99:           "Ah crap;this proably wasn't the best time .."

AlexPetrovich99:           *probably

Lunauc:            (aren't they suppose to be a smart race?)

AlexPetrovich99:           "What's your idea Morti?"

Lunauc:            (don't matter, if lythar's attacking)

VBJunkie:         "arggg!" he states in frustration

FenrysStar:       (displacer beasts are magical beasts and his favored enemy is

magical beasts)

AlexPetrovich99:           doh!

Lunauc:            (yes, but there's a difference between zealous and plain dumb)

AlexPetrovich99:           "We can come back for it; it isn't going anywheer"

AlexPetrovich99:           *anywhere

Lunauc:            (didn't it hear lythar though?)

Tolmara:           (now it did)

Tolmara:           (roll init)

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 1 20-sided die:  14

OnlineHost:       Lunauc rolled 1 20-sided die:  6

OnlineHost:       FenrysStar rolled 1 20-sided die:  6

Lunauc:            (8)

OnlineHost:       AlexPetrovich99 rolled 1 20-sided die:  4

AlexPetrovich99:           11

OnlineHost:       VBJunkie rolled 1 20-sided die:  7

VBJunkie:         (8)

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 1 20-sided die:  17

Tolmara:           (18)

FenrysStar:       (9)

Lunauc:            (and without our warriors too...)

AlexPetrovich99:           (wrong; you have two out of the four)

Lunauc:            (without our tanks rather)

AlexPetrovich99:           (ok, now that's a bit different :p )

Lunauc:            (time to pray)

Tolmara:           With a look of determination on his face, Drenla straightens and

levels his staff at the creature, shouting out an oath.

Lunauc:            (Trayn...)

VBJunkie:         ::backs up defensively::

Tolmara:           A stream of solid lava jets out of his wooden staff, which for the

moment has turned into a blazing incandescent pillar of flame, and a bolt of

lava strikes the creature in its chest.

VBJunkie:         (full defense)

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 2 4-sided dice:  1 4

Tolmara:           (7)

Lunauc:            (9, lythar's next)

Tolmara:           (oh, btw, Drenla is still enshrouded in a coat of flickering

crimson flames.)

VBJunkie:         ((ugg thought it was my turn... with my name called))

Tolmara:           (the spell hasn't expired yet.)

AlexPetrovich99:           as was I before him.. no matter

Tolmara:           (15)

FenrysStar:       ::glares at the beast and gets his bow ready to strike ignoring

everything but the monster as of right now::

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 2 20-sided dice:  5 17

Lunauc:            (oh, damage...hehe)

AlexPetrovich99:           tosses the torch at the cat and slashes with my sword

Tolmara:           (AC 22 on Lythar)

Lunauc:            (I'm gonna be quiet now)

Tolmara:           (12 and 22 on Lythar)

FenrysStar:       ((the 22 hits))

Tolmara:           The beast seems unsure of itself as the other tentacle flails about


OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 1 6-sided die:  6

Tolmara:           (11)

AlexPetrovich99:           *tosses the torch atthe cat and slashes at it with my sword

OnlineHost:       AlexPetrovich99 rolled 2 20-sided dice:  13 19

AlexPetrovich99:           17 and 24

AlexPetrovich99:           *thrat also

Tolmara:           (yes both)

AlexPetrovich99:           *threat

OnlineHost:       AlexPetrovich99 rolled 1 20-sided die:  10

AlexPetrovich99:           17

Tolmara:           (yes, crit)

AlexPetrovich99:           confirmed ?

AlexPetrovich99:           awesome

AlexPetrovich99:           what shall i roll for the torch?

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 1 20-sided die:  16

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 1 20-sided die:  16

Lunauc:            (double 16... what's the odds of that?)

AlexPetrovich99:           obviously quite good; he just rolled it :P

Lunauc:            (hai hai)

Tolmara:           (don't worry about the 16s.  <eg>)

Tolmara:           (roll for your crit)

AlexPetrovich99:           you already confirme it

Tolmara:           (I mean dmg)

AlexPetrovich99:           dmg for the torch ?

AlexPetrovich99:           d50 ?

Tolmara:           (d3 at most)

OnlineHost:       AlexPetrovich99 rolled 1 3-sided die:  3

AlexPetrovich99:           ok :) burning damage too maybe? lol

OnlineHost:       AlexPetrovich99 rolled 2 8-sided dice:  3 6

Tolmara:           (no)

Tolmara:           ((don't be greedy))

AlexPetrovich99:           *forgot,,add str mod once or twice?

Tolmara:           (once)

AlexPetrovich99:           13

Tolmara:           (8)

AlexPetrovich99:           (lol 1 pt  over the max normal damage)

VBJunkie:         ::grabs weapon out::

Lunauc:            ::pulls flask from his pocket:: (refocusing)

VBJunkie:         (done)

Lunauc:            "Jer'ar get back, I have something for it!"

VBJunkie:         (stays out of harms way)

FenrysStar:       ((Lyth is going to be firing two shots at the monster and

getting his Favored enemy bonus to boot, how close is this thing?))

Tolmara:           (melee range, or at least within 10' since it's tentacles got you)

FenrysStar:       ::getting a little farther away like say 15'-20' before


Tolmara:           (ok)

OnlineHost:       FenrysStar rolled 2 20-sided dice:  4 19

FenrysStar:       ((9 and 24 for AC))

AlexPetrovich99:           (he better damn well not put an arrow in my...)

FenrysStar:       ((no, I forgot point blank shot, 10 and 25 AC))

Tolmara:           (miss and hit -- wait for miss chance pls)

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 1 20-sided die:  10

Tolmara:           (hit)

OnlineHost:       FenrysStar rolled 1 8-sided die:  6

FenrysStar:       ((12 damage total))

VBJunkie:         ((anyone right on it?))

AlexPetrovich99:           (yep)

AlexPetrovich99:           (hiti t two times 8-) )

AlexPetrovich99:           *hit it

Tolmara:           (8, Morti and Trayn)

VBJunkie:         ((stays back))

Lunauc:            ::holds flask waiting for jer'ar to get clear, preparing to throw


Lunauc:            "Come on, come on..."

VBJunkie:         ::waits for a clear shot to throw a javelin at it::

Lunauc:            (melee does get in the way sometimes though...)

Tolmara:           (The creature isn't taking the bait guys.  =P)

Tolmara:           (18)

VBJunkie:         "Jer'ar... step back when you can"

Tolmara:           Drenla:  "I have one more spell I can channel, but I'd rather wait

to use it if absolutely necessary."  (He's not stuttering.)

Tolmara:           (15)

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 3 20-sided dice:  15 8 4

Tolmara:           (on Je'rar)

AlexPetrovich99:           darws out the mace ,takes a 5' move back and holds,pepared

to hack and bash away at it

Tolmara:           (AC 20, 15 and 8 on Je'rar)

AlexPetrovich99:           *whops..meant to not hit that enter key just then; sorry

AlexPetrovich99:           1 hit

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 1 6-sided die:  2

Tolmara:           (take 6)

Tolmara:           (11)

AlexPetrovich99:           ::gasps at the contact::

AlexPetrovich99:           "Now you're REALLY going to get it.. bad puddy-tat bad!"

Lunauc:            "move and get down!"

AlexPetrovich99:           ::draws out the mace,takes a 5' step back and holds


Lunauc:            (he clear stan?)

Tolmara:           (yes)

VBJunkie:         ::chucks his javelin::

Lunauc:            (can I go now oir my normal init, since I was waiting?)

OnlineHost:       VBJunkie rolled 1 20-sided die:  20

OnlineHost:       VBJunkie rolled 1 20-sided die:  11

VBJunkie:         (ac12 on the second hit)

FenrysStar:       ::gets stays back in PBS range waiting his turn again as he

glares at the cat::

VBJunkie:         (does 9 hps damage)

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 1 20-sided die:  4

Lunauc:            (nm)

VBJunkie:         (gah!)

Tolmara:           (miss, Trayn)

VBJunkie:         (thats a curse from the dice gods)

Tolmara:           (Mort, roll to see if your flask hit)

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 1 20-sided die:  4

Lunauc:            ::after waiting, and having focused the throw for a while finally

flings the flask, hoping

OnlineHost:       Lunauc rolled 1 20-sided die:  5

Tolmara:           (otoh, nm, it didn't even if it did)

Lunauc:            (7.... DAMN!)

Tolmara:           The flask hurls through the air and crashes into the opposite wall,


Lunauc:            (YOU SUCK DICE!!!)

Tolmara:           It completely misses the beast, but begins to set the place on


Tolmara:           (18)

AlexPetrovich99:           (oh crap..shoulda kept that for the mummy)

Lunauc:            (got another one)

Tolmara:           Drenla, seeing the place begin to blaze, focuses his remaining

spell into his staff.

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 2 4-sided dice:  2 1

Tolmara:           (5 on the creature)

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 3 20-sided dice:  2 20 12

Tolmara:           (on Je'rar)

AlexPetrovich99:           uh-boy

AlexPetrovich99:           i think I pissed it off)

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 1 20-sided die:  16

AlexPetrovich99:           ehehe

Tolmara:           (crit on the tentacle and AC 15 on the bite)

AlexPetrovich99:           1 hit

Lunauc:            (we're in very big trouble)

Tolmara:           (Je'rar, take 16)

AlexPetrovich99:           not as long as I'm still standing we're not

AlexPetrovich99:           OUCH!

Tolmara:           (11)

AlexPetrovich99:           is determined to make it pay for that blow

AlexPetrovich99:           with sword and mace

OnlineHost:       AlexPetrovich99 rolled 2 20-sided dice:  18 4

AlexPetrovich99:           ghit and miss

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 1 20-sided die:  7

Tolmara:           (that hit)

OnlineHost:       AlexPetrovich99 rolled 1 8-sided die:  3

AlexPetrovich99:           7

Tolmara:           It dies.

VBJunkie:         ::casts a spell and then moves up and heals Je'rar from behind::

AlexPetrovich99:           ::wobles alittle::

VBJunkie:         "By Solnor's will recieve this healing"

AlexPetrovich99:           *wobbles

OnlineHost:       VBJunkie rolled 1 8-sided die:  6

Lunauc:            ::groans as he slumps against the wall:: "Can't believe I missed..."

VBJunkie:         (8 pts of healing)

AlexPetrovich99:           ::looks around.. sees Trayn."Thanks.."

Lunauc:            "You okay jer'ar?"

Tolmara:           And no sooner does it die, as a table and several chairs that were

the targets of the alchemist's fire blaze

AlexPetrovich99:           "Damn near killed me with that shot.. never knew such

intense pain"

Lunauc:            ::noticing the fire:: "Uh oh...."

Tolmara:           ((we'll stop here.  next session, continue from here.  party needs

to find a way to put out the fire.))


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