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Lunauc:            (while taking a seat on the table, his hand strays near Dantrag's

whiskey, casts a small prestidigitation)

Lunauc:            "Ok then"

Lunauc:            ::Hold sup his cider:: "Onward to the kill, right?"

Baltak2:            "right and stay outta the fire young fool...i prefer you as a

jester not dead"

AlexPetrovich99:           "I'll go and sign that thing or whatever it is I have


Lunauc:            "Hai Hai!" :looks away and Downs his cider::

AlexPetrovich99:           I'd hate to discover that soe or anyof my people got hurt

by this thing which I could have helped put an end to"

AlexPetrovich99:           *that some or any

Lunauc:            ::strolls back to the bar, to ask trayn:: "So where do we go?"

Baltak2:            "aye let's kill the foul thing"

OnlineHost:       RSwiftblade rolled 1 20-sided die:  3

Tolmara:           You hear a scream of agony and a loud thunk from outside.

VBJunkie:         "the mayors hall"


Tolmara:           It sounded like Ehrendil.

AlexPetrovich99:           ::quickly grabs his shit and runs out the door::

RSwiftblade:     ::reiner comes running down::

Baltak2:            "What was that!?!?!?"

RSwiftblade:     ::checks to see if the elf is dead::

Tolmara:           Ehrendil lies crumpled on the ground outside the inn.

Lunauc:            "Huh?" ::Hops from his seat, grabs his crossbow off the bar and

follows out the door::

Baltak2:            ::goes outside to help look at the body::

Tolmara:           Everyone in the inn rushes outside to look.

AlexPetrovich99:           ::looks around for the assailant::

Lunauc:            ::looks to reiner:: "What did you do?"

RSwiftblade:     "Oh you poor soul, may the lady forgive you for your actions"

Tolmara:           "Damn wizardly sorcery."  Some of them look fearfully and pointedly

at Drenla and his stick.

AlexPetrovich99:           "Is he going to live?"

AlexPetrovich99:           *over my shoulder as I peer intently for the source of the


Tolmara:           "Call for the watch!"

RSwiftblade:     "He has passed on.  The victim of a bout of insanity.  I was

trying to cure him, but I was too late"

Tolmara:           "Call for the guards!"

Tolmara:           "Guards!"

VBJunkie:         ::moves to thi sound::

Baltak2:            "that's awfully strange Reiner"

RSwiftblade:     "He has taken his own life"

AlexPetrovich99:           (do I see anything at all?)

Lunauc:            :: looks thoughful, crouches by the guard:: "I guess I should've

sent up that potato sooner..."

Tolmara:           Drenla:  "I...I..er..."  (leaning on his stick)

Lunauc:            (guard>corpse)

Tolmara:           (no, just the dead elven priest)

Baltak2:            "Will ye fools shut up the poor deluded soul has taken his own

life!!!::screams at the bystanders::"

Lunauc:            (Dum mix up)

RSwiftblade:     ::starts to administer last rights::

Tolmara:           Arryn and Felwood definitely look frightened.  If they weren't

frightened before, they sure are now.  Both of them are pale white.

Redhouse9997: (david)

Lunauc:            (brb)

Tolmara:           Presently a watchtroop arrives and establishes order.

RSwiftblade:     ::whispering to the fighters:: "We need to talk, I need to know


Tolmara:           Guard:  "All right, move along folks.  What happened here?"

Tolmara:           Arryn (whispering to Dantrag):  "We told you everything but we'll

tell you again later."

Redhouse9997: ::looks confused and saddened

RSwiftblade:     "I am a priest of (insert the area's name for Dirgira) and

found this man going insane upstairs in the inn"

Baltak2:            "aye that'd be fine Arryn"

AlexPetrovich99:           "Not sure..heard a scream and ran outside to se what


Tolmara:           ((its Martreus))

RSwiftblade:     "Martreus had guided me to this tortured soul to heal him of

his insanity, but before I could help him he jumped out of the window


Redhouse9997: "what a loss.... and so empty too"

Tolmara:           Guard:  "Ah, I see.  Is this wizard a friend of yours?"  (to

Drenla)  "You'll have to come with us for questioning."

Lunauc:            "Huh? Whattid Drenla do?"

RSwiftblade:     "It is my duty, as you know to administer to those in need.

This wizard is in my care and is being taught the ways of Martreus, he is not

an issue here constable"

RSwiftblade:     "He will be a great warrior one day"

RSwiftblade:     ::shoots Drenla a look::

Tolmara:           Guard:  "There have been reports by many at this inn of seeing

activity by this wizard when this individual killed himself.  Some have said

that he cast a spell and is responsible.  Nonetheless he is clearly a wizard

and we must

Lunauc:            ::points out:: "I thought you said he was a weakling wizard?"

Tolmara:           take him in for questioning."

Tolmara:           Drenla:  "Er....uhm....Reiner is correct, I am a bloodmage in

service to the War Father, Sir."

AlexPetrovich99:           ::starts laughing very loudly::

AlexPetrovich99:           "Him? A wiazrad of power? Oh my..."

Lunauc:            : to drenla: "You are?"

AlexPetrovich99:           resumes laughing as hard as I can::

AlexPetrovich99:           *wizard of

Baltak2:            "wizard of power.... and i'm a girl"

RSwiftblade:     "Sometimes looks may be diseaving constable, he is meerly a


Tolmara:           Guard:  "Oh, is that so?  Well, I don't know where you come from,

Sir Bloodmage, but in this town, your kind aren't welcome here, or wanted to

be seen.  If I were you, I'd put away your stick or hide behind closed doors.

Out of

Tolmara:           sight and out of mind, as the saying goes."

Lunauc:            ::glances hard at Dantrag:: :-\

RSwiftblade:     "Give me your spear Drenla"

AlexPetrovich99:           "I-  I'm sorry constable,but this guy has fought by my

side, and if he had that much in him.. well then I'm the king of seven lands

and the prince of ten others.." "OhoHOPHO Ahahaha Ohhh.. heheheehhe"

Tolmara:           Guard:  "This is my only warning.  I'm letting you go.  Next

time...well there won't be a next time, eh?"

RSwiftblade:     ::shoots a look at Drenla::

Baltak2:            "we'll be responsible for his stupidity never fear me friend"

Tolmara:           Drenla:  "Aye, yes Sir."  He stands up straight and tries mightily

not to stutter.  "Very good, Sir Guard."

RSwiftblade:     "No there will be no more incidents, your honor"

Tolmara:           ::hands Dantrag his staff::

RSwiftblade:     "That is what you were going to make out that stick correct?"

Baltak2:            ::looks like Reiner is handing him a live viper::

OnlineHost:       Baltak2 rolled 1 20-sided die:  10

Baltak2:            ((17 total stan))

Tolmara:           Guard:  "Very good indeed.  And the name's Benedekar to you.  Now

run along like the good bloodmage that you are."

Lunauc:            ::taps reiner on the shoulder:: "I don't think he wants a spear, you

should stop forcing him."

RSwiftblade:     ::under breath with rage:: "Be silent Mortimer"

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 2 6-sided dice:  1 2

Lunauc:            :: groans:

OnlineHost:       RSwiftblade rolled 1 20-sided die:  3

Lunauc:            "You sure like telling people what to do."

RSwiftblade:     "Let us all go to the Mayor's Hall"

RSwiftblade:     "There is great evil at work here"

Baltak2:            ::grunts at gripping the staff::

Tolmara:           Benedekar:  "All right."  (to another guard) "Guard this corpse

until the deathmaster comes."  (to everyone else, including Drenla) "You, and

you, and YOU, disperse."

Lunauc:            :: crossing his arms:: "There you go again"

Baltak2:            "Reiner we need to have a word"

AlexPetrovich99:           "Ahh.. might as well do as benedar says"

RSwiftblade:     ::under his breath:: "you are welcome Drenla"

Tolmara:           Benedekar (to Drenla and Reiner):  "I'll be watching you like a

hawk.  Don't forget that."

RSwiftblade:     "Aye Dantrag?"

Baltak2:            "Relax Bene everything will be fine"

Baltak2:            "we need to give this back to her immediately this thing hurt

me"::whispers violently::

Tolmara:           Drenla:  "Er, erm....er...I---I, all right, thank you."

RSwiftblade:     "Drenla, come clean, what is in the staff?"

Baltak2:            "take this thing of foul magic back"::curse quietly at Drenla::

Tolmara:           Drenla (out of earshot of Benedekar):  "I told you, it was a gift

from the Master of the Citadel to me, for completion of the Test."

RSwiftblade:     "Did your master not tell you what it was?"

Tolmara:           Drenla:  "The ward prevents anyone from taking the staff unless

it's freely given without coercion."

Baltak2:            ::drops it in the dirt::"if ye want it take it"

Redhouse9997: ::waits till his services are needed::

Baltak2:            ::spits on it as well::

RSwiftblade:     "is that it?"

Tolmara:           Drenla (to the staff):  "Come."

Tolmara:           There is a loud pop, as the staff reappears in the invoker's hand.

Benedekar swivels his head in your direction and stares.

Tolmara:           The guard shakes his head and stomps off.

Lunauc:            ::seeing the staff come to Drenla, applauds:: "Wooowww... can you

make it dance too?"

Baltak2:            "probably...rub it on another stick and see if ye can make a fire

or soemthing useful"

AlexPetrovich99:           (door..brb)

RSwiftblade:     "Drenla, if I did not know any better, I would say you are not

being forthcoming with us...and don't do that again.  just pick it up.

Redhouse9997: "not the best ideas.. but its done"

Tolmara:           Drenla:  "No, I don't think so.  He said, 'You will find that this

staff responds to need.  When in need, ask of the Lady and you will receive.'

I could never figure out what he meant by that."

Lunauc:            "Really?"

Redhouse9997: "of the lady.. a religious statement?"

RSwiftblade:     "We need to find a temple of Martreus here now"  ::looks around

for the sign on bulidings::

Baltak2:            "well yer lady obviously doesn't care for me, don't hand that staff

to anyone else Reiner"

Lunauc:            ::Strolls over to Drenla, speaks at the staff:: "I need my potato."

Baltak2:            "we'd have a lot of explainin to do if she handed that to a guard

like Bene"

Baltak2:            "that thing shock me with it's magic"

Tolmara:           Drenla (looking defensive at Trayn's comment):  "Aye, well even

though we're wizards and mages all, we believe in SOME things too.  The Lady

provides as ever."

Baltak2:            *shock = shocked

RSwiftblade:     'Aye better you than the guard"

RSwiftblade:     "We would have all been cooked"

Tolmara:           Drenla (to Lunauc):  "Ah...ah..erm....wh-wh-why do you want a


Lunauc:            ::glances up at Drenla, head tilts:: "Potatos are good.. the war

father suggests"

Tolmara:           (this as you're walking to the Mayor's Hall)

Tolmara:           (Arryn and Felwood accompany you too)

RSwiftblade:     ::Reiner leads everyone into the temple of martreus::

Redhouse9997: ::points out the flyer with the info he stated before::

Tolmara:           Drenla:  "I prefer mine fried in goose fat, with bacon drippings

and served with fried onions and boar sausages."

Baltak2:            "stop yer main me stomach growl"

Tolmara:           (you notice he's not stuttering anymore)

Lunauc:            :-D "Hai hai... sounds good."

RSwiftblade:     "What happened to your stutter Drenla?"

Lunauc:            "I like mine with melted cheese and onions best"

Tolmara:           Drenla:  "Er...er...I've been working on it," he says ashamedly.

Redhouse9997: "can we dispense with the rat menu?"

Redhouse9997: "we need to be more focused... and right now that would be on

finding the Mayor's Hall"

RSwiftblade:     ::Greets the priest at the door and asks if he may find a room

in private::

Lunauc:            ::swiftly pats Drenla on the back:: "Good for you!"

Tolmara:           (You reach the Mayor's Hall in a few minutes.)

RSwiftblade:     "We need to talk first"

Tolmara:           ((wait folks))

Lunauc:            (except for reiner who went to a temple, and is speaking with us


AlexPetrovich99:           (ok)

Tolmara:           ((its either the Mayor's Hall or the Temple of Martreus, which is


Lunauc:            (why would we go to the temple?"

AlexPetrovich99:           (i say mayors so we can sign the sheets which should only

take a few seconds)

Redhouse9997: (Mayor's)

RSwiftblade:     ((I have been trying to get folks to come with me to talk...got

a lot to say and would like to do it where I know it is in provate)

RSwiftblade:     private))

Baltak2:            ((mayor for me))

Tolmara:           ((looks like you're outvoted Alfred))

RSwiftblade:     ((ok))

Lunauc:            (c ya when we get back from the mayor's place)

Tolmara:           Guard:  "So, you're here for the dispensation?  Come, follow me."

RSwiftblade:     ((allright, I'll go with you all))

Tolmara:           Guard:  "You're the fourth adventuring party to submit to this

process.  Wonder if we'll see some rest from these attacks."

Baltak2:            ((we can hit the temple afterward))

Baltak2:            "ye will when we finish the job"

Tolmara:           Guard:  "Of course, before you can sign the papers, each of you has

to be verified by a priest of Bralvanyr that you're of good moral character.

Shouldn't be difficult, eh?"

RSwiftblade:     "Aye..tis not a problem"

Tolmara:           Guard:  *Unlike the other three parties...that is."  He snickers.

Redhouse9997: "It shall not be"

Lunauc:            ::looks curiously at the guard:: "Does being a drunk or an idiot

keep you from being a good person?"

Redhouse9997: "Ive already been to the temple of Bralvanyr today"

Tolmara:           Guard:  "Oh, m'lord.  Didn't see you there.  Well, should be a

breeze then."

Baltak2:            "Mort are ye looking for me to test me axe on ye?"

Tolmara:           ((Basically, the priest casts know alignment and detect evil.  None

of you are evil, and your auras are duly noted.))

Redhouse9997: (exudes good moral character)

Lunauc:            "You mean the trident?"

RSwiftblade:     ::Reiner is quiet and stone faced::

Tolmara:           Priest:  "Very good.  Well, you've passed this test with ease.

What are your names and the name of your group, so I may note it for the


AlexPetrovich99:           ::goes to sign the paper::

Baltak2:            "Dantrag Skullsmasher"

Tolmara:           ((if you haven't settled on a name for the party, you can do this


AlexPetrovich99:           "I am Je'rar Ogrebane,of the plains"

RSwiftblade:     "I am Reiner of the Swiftblade Clan, I cannot sign"

AlexPetrovich99:           (a name for the party? eeek.. I remember the last time we

had to do that, we argued over it for weeks)

Lunauc:            "Morif.... Mortimar Boyle."

Tolmara:           ((like I said, you can do it later.))

AlexPetrovich99:           (Boyle..same name as my best man :P )

Tolmara:           Priest (smiling thinly):  "Well, if you don't sign, then I'm afraid

we will not be able to compensate you for your efforts."

RSwiftblade:     "I do not know how..."

Lunauc:            (Coincidence?)\

AlexPetrovich99:           "Perhaps you can scribble something?"

Redhouse9997: "Trayn Coulgen of Shining Sun of Solnor"

Tolmara:           Priest (sighing):  "Oh, I see.  You're one of those.  Oh, very

well, I'll note it myself.  What did you say your name was?"

Baltak2:            "and a longer winded priest ye shall never meet"::chuckles::

RSwiftblade:     "nor can I read what is written here"

AlexPetrovich99:           "Sir priest,if he doesn't know how to write,can he make

some kind of a mark?"

Lunauc:            ::To Reiner:: "I can right it for you."

RSwiftblade:     "I am Reiner of the Swiftblade Clan"

Lunauc:            "Read it too"

Lunauc:            :-D

Tolmara:           Priest (muttering):  "Solnor, bless this one when next you shine."

Redhouse9997: (The Shining Rays... our name)

Redhouse9997: /me nods with respect

RSwiftblade:     ::bows::

Tolmara:           Priest:  "Ah, brother.  May our Lord bless you in both heart and

spirit, for dark is the path you walk and darker still are your companions."

Baltak2:            "yeah thanks priest I kin write me own name"

Tolmara:           Priest:  "Very good.  Now as to the dispensation and reward."

RSwiftblade:     ::reiner bites his tongue::

Lunauc:            "We're getting the reward already?" :-D

Baltak2:            "make it good"

Redhouse9997: "Stop being foolish"

Redhouse9997: "And listen"

Lunauc:            ::shuts up, gives a nod and listens::

Tolmara:           "We will offer a reward in the amount of two thousand golden

crowns, payable upon completion of the task stated in the signbill that you

saw, namely

AlexPetrovich99:           "Is that the total,or per person that goes on this ..job?"

Tolmara:           the death of the creature that has already slain several of our

watchtroop and any other dangers that you may find within the tower of the

former wizard known as Asflag Stormgable.  Any items that you may find within

his tower

Tolmara:           are yours to keep and will not be subject to tax or fees or levies

that the town of Wintershivven may levy.  Also, as constables of the town of

Wintershivven, you are expected to comport yourselves in a manner befitting

your office.

Redhouse9997: Trayn seems to have no problem with these


Baltak2:            "sounds ok by me"

Tolmara:           Finally, you have a time limit of three days, starting at dawn

tomorrow, with which to fulfill this task.  Failure to do so after that time

and you forfeit office and reward."

Lunauc:            "Hai Hai..." :nods along in understanding:

Tolmara:           Priest:  "Now, if you should prove worthy of the office and the

reward, there may be a bonus as well as a further task that the Lord Mayor

may ask of you, but we can speak of that at a later time."

Baltak2:            "more crowns are always acceptable priest"

Redhouse9997: "Excellent... If I may inquire as to the directions to the

tower Sir"

Redhouse9997: "I'm not familiar with the terrain in this locale"

Tolmara:           (The priest sketches out a map of Wintershivven and hands it to


Redhouse9997: "thank you"

AlexPetrovich99:           "The stories I have heard say that you need magical weapons

to kill these things.. do you have one you can lend me?"

Tolmara:           ((Note from Stan:  I was supposed to e-mail a map and location key,

but its been busy at work lately.  Haven't been able to do it yet.))

Tolmara:           ((that is the map hasn't been created yet...))

Redhouse9997: "oh yes.... I have several I can loan you" states with clarity

that he is joking

RSwiftblade:     "How do you know this Je'rar?"

Redhouse9997: "he doesnt..."

Redhouse9997: "though many of the undead are difficult to kill"

Redhouse9997: "and possess immunities and protections that unlife provide"

RSwiftblade:     "Well let us all go to my temple for a few moments"

Baltak2:            "bah let em meet me axe"

Tolmara:           ((you go to the temple))

AlexPetrovich99:           "I don't know for sure,Reiner.. I mean, I never thought

that these things were any more than just stories to tell your kids.."

Tolmara:           Before leaving the Hall, the priest hands to Trayn a certificate

which states that your party is empowered to act as constables in the name of


Tolmara:           Priest:  "I'll be sure to let the Captain of the Watchtroop know.

Lord Magistrate Benedekar will be pleased to know that we have capable souls

working for the good of the town."

RSwiftblade:     ::after giving a donation and offering a prayer::"Greetings, I

would like a room where I and my associates may meet in private"

Lunauc:            (at the temple)::taps Reiner on the shoulder:: "What's this temple


RSwiftblade:     "This is the temple of the war father mortimer"

Lunauc:            :-)  "Really? Great!"

Redhouse9997: ((stores the certificate))

RSwiftblade:     "please be silent and respectful"

Lunauc:            "Think he's awake at this hour? I have a lotta stuff I wanna ask


Lunauc:            (..understands nothing of religion..)

RSwiftblade:     "silence, respect"

Baltak2:            ::looks at mort in stunned amazement::"it's a good thing he doesn't

drink who knows what our jester might see"

Baltak2:            "sorry Reiner his stupidity and ignorance overwhelm me...even for a

human he's a dolt"

RSwiftblade:     ((allright gonna tell y'all about what happened with the elf


RSwiftblade:     ))

Lunauc:            ::Shrugging off their words, scratches head thinking:: "Should've

brought him some cider and a potato"

Tolmara:           An acolyte greets you at the door and hastens to fulfill Reiner's

request, showing you into a map room in the rear of the temple.

Lunauc:            (well, he's only as dumb as he's allowed to be  :-))

RSwiftblade:     "Since we are now in a private and protected place, I must tell

you all what I heard and saw"

Lunauc:            ::takes a seat on the table, cross-legged and listens::

Baltak2:            "aye that would be useful"

RSwiftblade:     "This item that is in question is of great power, this pearl.

It actually was harming the elf through mind control I believe"

RSwiftblade:     "It offered honeyed suggestions to him but he was fighting it"

Lunauc:            ::tilts his head in consideration::

AlexPetrovich99:           "So we just smash it"

RSwiftblade:     In the end, it forced him to jump out the window and consumed

him from the inside"

RSwiftblade:     "As you saw, he was shriveled up and broken by the fall and the

power that it exerted on him.  I have heard of such stories and it is not to

be touched"

Baltak2:            "well when we find it we'll give it to the jester..mayhap it'll

give him his brain back"

RSwiftblade:     "Especially by those who wield the arcane"

RSwiftblade:     "Or rather control it"

Lunauc:            ::looks nervously to Dantrag aftter his suggestion. Sits fidgetting

a bit as they talk about mind control::

Baltak2:            "well let's rid the world of this thing"

RSwiftblade:     "We must keep our eyes open, I have never seen such a tortured

look on the face or any dead man" ::obviously stunned by the incident::

Redhouse9997: "Like I stated... touching the pearl is folly"

Redhouse9997: "listening to anything it says will most likely mean your


Baltak2:            "i had no intention of touching another wizard device anytime soon

believe me"

RSwiftblade:     "Now lets go out there and kill the evil beings and beware of

the enchanter.

Redhouse9997: "beware of everything"

RSwiftblade:     ::leaves the room and thanks the priest for his hospitality::

Baltak2:            "thanks priest"

RSwiftblade:     "What shall we do now folks?"

Baltak2:            "let's sack that tower... we on a time limit ye know"

Lunauc:            ::Follows out last, much quieter than he was a moment ago.::

Redhouse9997: "lets meet in the morning and take off.. I have the


Redhouse9997: "or we can head out now... either is fine with me"

Tolmara:           As you leave the temple, you notice a gnome with a large walking

stick, lounging by the entrance.  He perks up noticeably when the party


Redhouse9997: (dont know how much of the day is left)

Baltak2:            "prob late afternoon"

Tolmara:           "HEY!  HEY YOU!  I'M TALKING TO YOU!  YES, YOU BIG STUFF!"

Tolmara:           (to Trayn)

Baltak2:            "Ye referring to me with a nose bigger than yer shoes?!!?!?!"

Tolmara:           The gnome whacks on Dantrag's shin as he waddles up towards Trayn.



Redhouse9997: "what do you want?"

Tolmara:           "YES, I CAN!"

Redhouse9997: "and you would be...."

Lunauc:            ::to Trayn:: "Is he the gnome who wanted the dinner ware?"

Redhouse9997: (states this like he already knows)

Tolmara:           "MY NAME IS ENDOC.  ENDOC, otherwise known as the Short.  BUT ENDOC


Redhouse9997: "Mr Endoc then"

Baltak2:            "Well Endoc git yer hearin checked and yer eyes...the job be ours"

Baltak2:            "crawl back into a burrow and kiss a badger"



Redhouse9997: "please all" trying to reign in the conversation

Lunauc:            ::rolls his head back, thinking about something::

Redhouse9997: "Greed has little hold on me"

Redhouse9997: "I would defeat this acursed thing for free if need be"

AlexPetrovich99:           "And why would you be interested in giving us your coin?"

AlexPetrovich99:           :;stops down a little so as to be able to look at him


Baltak2:            ::looks at Trayn horrified::"SHUT UP Trayn i think the pearl has

addled yer brain!"

Redhouse9997: "The fact that I can finance a project of mine is satisfactory


Tolmara:           Endoc:  "BECAUSE I LIKE MAKING PEOPLE HAPPY."

Redhouse9997: "As do you I"

Tolmara:           Endoc:  "BUT I LIKE MAKING PEOPLE HAPPY."  He winks at you.

Redhouse9997: "The people... not just specific entities... such as yourself"

RSwiftblade:     "You sound like a camel salesman little one"

Baltak2:            "wow we have another deluded one like our jester"

Tolmara:           Endoc:  "YOU UNDERSTAND!"  He smiles and beams happily at Trayn,

like an idiot.

AlexPetrovich99:           "Ok..you like to make people happy. and if wee accept yor

money,what did you have in mind for us? "

AlexPetrovich99:           "I mean, we'd be honored to perform a task for you if we


Redhouse9997: "I understand completely..." gets irritated by all the talking

RSwiftblade:     "Is that a bribe sir, in front of the temple of my lord?"

Lunauc:            ::A little confused by the whole conversation, just tries to follow





Redhouse9997: "I don't remember asking for help in this conversation" he

states sternly

Baltak2:            "we don't fetch wizard devices we break em"

Tolmara:           Endoc (in much quieter tones):  "Bribe?  Call it a gift."

Redhouse9997: ::gives everyone an evil eye::

AlexPetrovich99:           "And if we do not see  it? What then?"

Baltak2:            "we find a nice pet for the jester"

Tolmara:           Endoc:  "Oh well, if you don't, then I was wrong about Asflag.  Oh

well.  At least he didn't make short jokes when he was around."

Lunauc:            ::Tilts his head down toward the gnome:: "Can we have some money

now? Trayn wants to make scrolls."

Tolmara:           Endoc:  "Now, if you want, I can give you some advice about his

manse.  Think about it."  He jingles some coins in his pocket as he speaks.

Lunauc:            "He said they'd help."

Redhouse9997: "I want to make this clear to you Mister Endoc... we have no

business arrangement and will not"

RSwiftblade:     "What happened to Asflag?"

Redhouse9997: "We are under contract for the city and cannot pursue another


AlexPetrovich99:           :lifts a hand towards Trayn,as I speak to Endoc

Baltak2:            "bah all this silly wizard talk... c'mon Reiner we got jewels to go


Tolmara:           Endoc:  "I don't know."  He winks at Reiner.  "But say yes to my

offer, and I just might remember, eh?"

AlexPetrovich99:           "I suppose you might have some magic weapons or tools that

would aid us if we accept?"

OnlineHost:       RSwiftblade rolled 1 20-sided die:  2

Tolmara:           Endoc:  "No, unfortunately."

Redhouse9997: ::gets more and more irritated by his companions::

RSwiftblade:     (Sense motive failed)

OnlineHost:       RSwiftblade rolled 1 20-sided die:  9

Tolmara:           Endoc:  "Oh well, I guess I'll see you around then.  Don't listen

to that bitch Mirimmessa or that slimebag Tullintot.  At least we all know

who's keeping Tullintot in curry."

Lunauc:            :: Looks to trayn, raises a brow::

AlexPetrovich99:           :goes off after the litle one:

RSwiftblade:     (18 intimidate)

Tolmara:           The gnome walks off in a huff, smacking a donkey in the shin as he

passes by.

AlexPetrovich99:           "I never said I wasn't interested"

RSwiftblade:     "You are a funny little man"

AlexPetrovich99:           "But, if I agree to do this thing for you, how do I know

you have honorable intent?Also, I want to know as much as I can so that I can

make a solid decision"

RSwiftblade:     "It is too bad my manticles are too large to fit you"

Baltak2:            "I say we go...let's check this place out"

Tolmara:           (this conversation is taking place away from the group and via IM

btw, Mike)

AlexPetrovich99:           "I don't want to turn you away when indeed it may be good

for both of us if I didhelp you"

Lunauc:            ::To Dantrag:: "What place?"

AlexPetrovich99:           (so he talked away from reiner and I and.. ?..?? )

Baltak2:            "a wizard's tower with toys for you"

RSwiftblade:     (what time is it in game time?)

Lunauc:            ::Scratching head:: "Toys?" :-\ "Oh the tower..."

OnlineHost:       AlexPetrovich99 rolled 1 20-sided die:  11

Tolmara:           (yes, late afternoon/early evening)

Redhouse9997: ((Trayn's attitude is going to slowly sour with most everyone


RSwiftblade:     "Trayn, why are you angry?"

Redhouse9997: "I'm not sure I can continue accompanying you"

RSwiftblade:     "How so?"

Redhouse9997: "it seems to be testing my reputation with a most disturbing


Baltak2:            "Trayn it's just the way we loosen before we enter battle...no one

is intentionally meaning ye harm"

Redhouse9997: "I need to stand for high moral character... not only for

myself but for everyone"

Baltak2:            "ye should relax more lad and try to take life a little looser"

Baltak2:            "how can ye expect morals of someone like friend Mortimer here?"

RSwiftblade:     "What is wrong with dispatching the little man as we did.  I

will not take a bribe from him"

Baltak2:            "not all believe as ye do"

Redhouse9997: "then why encourage him? even now one of us is doing so"

Lunauc:            ::Tilts head:: "I do something wrong?"

Baltak2:            "not yet mort lad but the days still goes on"

Redhouse9997: "im not sure some here wouldnt... and thats my problem"

Baltak2:            "i would take payment for services rendered but not an outright


Lunauc:            ::glances at dantrag, confused::

Lunauc:            "What's a bribe?"

RSwiftblade:     "It is without honor, but I cannot control others.  The only

control I can render is at the end of my sword."

RSwiftblade:     "I must have tolerance for that is a very final solution"

Baltak2:            "I only have honorable intentions I just see no reason ter be so

serious all of the time"

Baltak2:            "ye humans should enjoy life more as it is so short"

Redhouse9997: "I cannot control others... and if they continue to act in a

manner unbecoming of my standards... then I cannot abide them as companions"

Baltak2:            "one day i'll be walkin over all of yer graves still in the bloom

of good health"

RSwiftblade:     "Then ye need to learn to manage the situation in a better way"

Baltak2:            "if ye think that doesn't depress me ye don't know dwarves at all"

Lunauc:            ::Looking back to Trayn:: "I'm sorry... I'll try harder."

Redhouse9997: "I tried too... to no avail"

Redhouse9997: "honorable intentions should lead to honorable actions"

RSwiftblade:     "Well then that is all that you can do.  It is by fate that we

are together"

Baltak2:            "and please do not expect everyone to stick to yer code...in a

tribe like Reiner and I ye wouldn't last a day"

RSwiftblade:     "And intentions however honorable do not always lead to

honorable deeds, look at the stories in our history"

RSwiftblade:     "Ye do yer best and that is all ye can ask"

Baltak2:            "such wisdom from a human Reiner...some days ye surprise me lad"

Redhouse9997: "I will ask you to... and if you can't live up to it then I

shall have to leave"

Lunauc:            "Where will you go?"

RSwiftblade:     "I live up to the will of the War Father, he is my source of

light and my lord."

Baltak2:            "ye'll have to do as ye feel Trayn but i hope ye try to learn to

accept others for what they are"

RSwiftblade:     "I serve only him and his will"

Redhouse9997: "as I do Solnor's..."

Lunauc:            ::Looks back and forth between Trayn and Reiner::

RSwiftblade:     "Many of us see the light in our own ways, do not be blinded by

their different glows.  Ultimately they will all shine brightly"

Baltak2:            "even mort might be useful sometime.... ye humans are always full

of surprises"

Lunauc:            ::looks to Dantrag and thinks over the words for a second ::  :-D


Tolmara:           (I'm extending our play time by an hour, so will end at 10 pm

tonight instead, since we started so late.)

Baltak2:            "sure mort"  ((cool by me))

RSwiftblade:     ((gonna have to blast at 8)

Tolmara:           ((k))

AlexPetrovich99:           (ok)

Baltak2:            ((wife's at a baseball game no cares here))

RSwiftblade:     ((well what are we doing now?))

Redhouse9997: ((whining mostly))

Lunauc:            ::during pause:: "Soooo.... are we going after the Mummy, the pearl

or the dinnerware?"

Redhouse9997: "I shall have no hand in selling items to these various

spellmongers and decievers as I know them"

RSwiftblade:     "As will I"

Lunauc:            "Then don't sell them anything."

Redhouse9997: "I won't break my contract with the Town by making another"

AlexPetrovich99:           "I say we take care of the pearl on the way to the mummy"

Baltak2:            "well let's go hit the tower then"

Redhouse9997: "or have anything to do with anyone else that does likewise"

Lunauc:            "Ok, neither will I."

RSwiftblade:     ::scans the surrounding looking for anything unusual::

AlexPetrovich99:           "Have you ever stopped to consider that some things should

be retrieved to keep them out of the hands of those who would otherwise use

them to work ill?"

Redhouse9997: "ah.. you have returned"

Redhouse9997: "and what deal did you strike with the gnome?"

RSwiftblade:     "If that is the case then one needs to be upfront and not play


Redhouse9997: (the sore spot of his arguement...)

Redhouse9997: (sorest)

RSwiftblade:     ::still looking around for anything unusual and listening for

screams or the like::

RSwiftblade:     "These abominations will come out at night."

Baltak2:            "then the time is right for us to find them and destroy them"

Lunauc:            ::looks to Reiner:: "They will?"

AlexPetrovich99:           "I'm going to find this pearl and hold onto it until I'm

sure that whatever happens, it doesn't fall into the wrong hands"

Redhouse9997: "and did you get any information out of the gnome Je'rar?"

AlexPetrovich99:           "As for my sense of will, I am confident that the gods will

look over me"

Lunauc:            :-$ ::to Jer'ar:: "Shouldn't touch it...."

AlexPetrovich99:           "such as his wall being ..magically warded perhaps? Or that

he like guardians..maybe a few gargoyles?"

RSwiftblade:     "We shall see ranger, we shall see"

AlexPetrovich99:           *he liked

AlexPetrovich99:           "Morty..I do not plan to actually touch it"

Baltak2:            "well that could be tricky but not beyond our measure methinks"

RSwiftblade:     "comeon, let  us patrol this town amd find this thing"

Lunauc:            :-\ "Did the warriors touch it? Did the elf who killed himself?"

AlexPetrovich99:           "Also,watch what you say about anything..

RSwiftblade:     "That is why I asked for a secure room in my temple.  "

Baltak2:            "good precaution"

AlexPetrovich99:           apparently there's a not-so-nice wizard who has spies all

over the place,who wants that pearl.."


VBJunkie:         (afk but reading log later)


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