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AlexPetrovich99:           (sssh.. log's being opened)

Baltak2:            ::sharpening his trident and checking armor for dmg.))

Tolmara:           It's been a week's travel since your timely departure from Jeroth's

Well.  Employ with Xavich's caravan seems to be a good thing, as the work is

light and very little has happened in the intervening days, apart from more

snow and

Tolmara:           inclement weather.  During that time, you've gotten to know the

company of your employers, including a somewhat reclusive porter who doesn't

talk much, by the name of Morifran.

Tolmara:           Xavick is quite personable to Shagath's gruffness, and Terth lapses

between the two extremes.

Tolmara:           Oftentimes, as you're traveling, Terth often can be persuaded to

cull from his considerable knowledge of stories and tales, to help alleviate

the boredom of travelling.

Tolmara:           A recurring favorite tale of his, that he's spun over the course of

the week, told in multiple parts, is a seemingly fantastical tale of a fox

and a monk.

AlexPetrovich99:           ::listens carefully to his tales, in the hopes of maybe

learning something new::

Tolmara:           The last portion of the story, told over a dinner of stewed red

beans, pork fatback, onions and lentils, was a recounting of the preparations

that the monk undertook before a journey into dreams.

Tolmara:           Terth is quite the dramatist, pausing from time to time, for

effect, and waving his arms in broad, sweeping gestures.  You get the sense

that he might have been an actor or player in a past life.

Tolmara:           Xavick:  "We're about a day's travel from Wintershivven.  We expect

to conduct a portion of our business in the city, which should take us a few

days.  In the meantime, feel free to do whatever you wish, keeping in mind


Tolmara:           departure time five days afterwards."

Baltak2:            "sounds like a plan to me"

Tolmara:           Shagath:  "Tonight, we're stopping at Hawk's Shadowrest, which is

an inn, off the main trade way.  I expect that you're looking forward to warm

beds, hot food and comfort.  I know I am."

AlexPetrovich99:           "Hmm.. like, I wonder what's there to really do.."

AlexPetrovich99:           :;looks up and eyes out the weather::

Baltak2:            "Looks like it's time to wrap our lips around a mug of ale"

AlexPetrovich99:           "I suppose"

Tolmara:           The weather's not been kind to you over the past few days, but

fortunately its stopped snowing since last night.

AlexPetrovich99:           ::drops to the ground::

AlexPetrovich99:           ::makes a snow angel::

AlexPetrovich99:           ::gets back up::

AlexPetrovich99:           ::chuckles,thinking back on his childhood::

AlexPetrovich99:           *sigh* "Let's keep it moving,hm?"

AlexPetrovich99:           ::keeps both ears and eyes open and alert for Orcs::

Tolmara:           ((sent map in advance))

Baltak2:            ::looks for inn to go get his ale::

AlexPetrovich99:           (time of day?)

Tolmara:           You don't reach the inn until shortly after moonrise ((ooc:  7

pm)).  The inn's heavy wooden door swings open, causing a gust of

hearth-warmed air to rush past you.

Tolmara:           ((description follows))

Tolmara:           The sounds of clanking pewter flagons and the dull murmur of

conversation drift through the smoky atmosphere.

Baltak2:            "now this is my kind of place!" ::goes to the barkeep for a beer::

Tolmara:           The tavern--filled roughly to capacity--holds crude furnishings,

obviously selected for their durability and craftsmanship.  Bolted to the

high rafters that span the arched ceiling is a collection of ornamental


Tolmara:           longswords, warhammers and a few spears.

Tolmara:           A rugged halfling with a scrunched face and a braided beard of

auburn curls hobbles through a maze of tables,. patrons, stools and benches

before sliding a tray of gravy-soaked meat in front of two solemn wayfarers.

AlexPetrovich99:           ::eying out the weaponry:: "Nice.but not the best for in a


Tolmara:           After finishing his delivery, the halfling wipes his greasy hands

on his spot-stained apron while navigating his way towards you.

Tolmara:           He bears a wide grin as he offers his hand in greeting.

AlexPetrovich99:           ::somewhat amused, offers my hand out in like::

Tolmara:           In a deep voice, he introduces himself.  "The name's Gan Tenook,

and this is my inn.  I regret to tell ye that dinner was an hour ago and I

just served up the last bit of leftovers.

Baltak2:            ::offers hand and greets::

Baltak2:            "Dantrag Skullsmasher here"

Tolmara:           Tell ye what, I've got some bread and gravy that might fill ye."

AlexPetrovich99:           "Damn cold out.. glad the snow's finally stopped for a

bit.. you may call me Je'rar"

AlexPetrovich99:           "Hmm.. is it hot?"

Tolmara:           Xavick:  "We three are merchants, on our way from Damrosil to

points south.  I'm Xavick, these are my colleagues Terth and Shagath, and our

porter, Morti.

AlexPetrovich99:           "oh.. and.. may my people forgive me but I can almost see

myself getting used to this~ do you have any rooms?"

AlexPetrovich99:           :looks about to see if there are any free tables near a


Tolmara:           Gan:  "Certainly, we do."  (glancing at Dantrag and the rest of

you) "You must be adventurers.  I used to be like you, but not before my

knees and back gave up on me."

Tolmara:           Gan:  "Follow me.  Rooms are 10 hawks ((ooc:  silver)) per person

per night, meals extra, stabling included."

AlexPetrovich99:           "Adventurer.. hmm.. more a nomadic wanderer am I"

Tolmara:           Gan:  "As a matter of fact, we have a suite of rooms just opened

up, for ye.  That'll be one lion ((ooc:  gold piece.  there are more ppl in

the party but absent PCs are in limbo.))

Tolmara:           Gan:  "Make yourselves at home, and I'll rustle up some trenchers

and gravy for ye."

Baltak2:            "Who's paying?::chuckles::"

Tolmara:           Gan:  "If ye like, we have a tage-eating contest later tonight."

Tolmara:           Xavick:  "With the money we've paid ye, ye can pay yer own way."

Baltak2:            ((ooc... assuming we know what tage is?))

Tolmara:           ((no))

Baltak2:            "I may be up fer that"

AlexPetrovich99:           (wilderness/nature lore to try and maybe figure out what he

was referring to?)

Tolmara:           Gan (glancing at the blank looks):  "Oh, I see ye've never heard of

it.  Tage is a spicy mustard, specialty of this part of Wylund.  We're famous

for making a tage that sets you on fire."

AlexPetrovich99:           ((n/m))

Baltak2:            "ahh a challenge sign me up!"

AlexPetrovich99:           "I love spicy foods.. I'd love to try some"

AlexPetrovich99:           "I suppose that's followed bby plenty of ale.."

AlexPetrovich99:           ::gives a sly grin at that::

Tolmara:           Gan:  "Ah very good.  We always like new blood."  He grins.  "All

ye have to do is swallow a bit of tage and remain standing longer than

e'eryone else to win the entire pot,

Baltak2:            "sounds a mite easy but why not... it's all in good fun"

Tolmara:           which last I checked was up to six and twenty golden lions.  My

mustard has some grit ye can take back to some dungeon.  This stuff will put

hair on the chest of an elf maiden!"

Baltak2:            "ahh then it serves a useful purpose... i'd pay many lions to see


AlexPetrovich99:           "Maybe even strong enough to make a dwarf's beard fall


Baltak2:            "By Kraanchar I find that unlikely Je'Rar"

AlexPetrovich99:           ::shoots a warm smile over at Dantrag::

AlexPetrovich99:           "Hahaha hey one never knows.. best not to overly tempt the


Baltak2:            "We do that whenever we enter combat Je'rar I have no fears"

Tolmara:           Drenla:  "W-w-well, there's a saying from the desert kingdoms I've

heard tell b-b-before.  Something about there being no fate unless you're


Tolmara:           Drenla:  "Myself, I don't really b-b-believe that.  You do whatever

needs doing, you make your own b-b-bed."

AlexPetrovich99:           "yes..either that, or find a good woman to do it for you"

AlexPetrovich99:           :laughs raucously at that::

Tolmara:           Gaylord:  "'E's a bit too bookish for that to 'appen."  (chuckles)

Baltak2:            "after ye rumple it first" ::<EG>::

Tolmara:           Gaylord:  "Course, one ne'er knows, does one."  (chuckles some


Tolmara:           Drenla blushes at that last.

Baltak2:            "Don't worry lassie... I likes me women bearded... ye humans are

too fragile for a dwarf"

AlexPetrovich99:           "Ahh.. now.. can you tell me more about these orcs.. and..

do they have any giant friends that you know of?"

AlexPetrovich99:           *to Gaylord

AlexPetrovich99:           "How far are we from where they've been pestering people?"

Baltak2:            "I miss the sound of me axe twhacking orc skulls... they split so


AlexPetrovich99:           "Orcs.. damn creatures are like rats.. they keep breeding

and serve no good purpose"

Baltak2:            "ceptin fer exercise ::chuckles::"

Tolmara:           Gaylord:  "Oh, that.  I'd say a good two to three weeks travel, at

least.  And since it's been snowing, about a week more."

AlexPetrovich99:           ::adopts a grim look:: "Aye..always that"

Tolmara:           Gaylord:  "Of course, horseback would cut that down.  I hadn't

heard of giantkin though."

Baltak2:            "bah they'll be holed up like rats till spring breedin... let em

make more and bring em on"::bangs empty ale mug and looking for more::

AlexPetrovich99:           "Okay then.. I wonder what that Gronazk is up to right


Baltak2:            "he's one i'd be needin a word with"

RSwiftblade:     "Or two, or three or more" ::laughs::

Baltak2:            "besides without the fightin friend Trayn here would get bored with

no one to patch up"

Tolmara:           The folk within the tavern consists mostly of woodsmen, traders and

fur trappers.  Apart from the halfling proprietor and waitstaff, your group

is the only group of outsiders in the common room....until a lithe human

woman in

VBJunkie:         Having been deep in thought... Trayn now looks around

AlexPetrovich99:           ::looks her over::

Tolmara:           sky-blue robes slowly descends the staircase from above.  At her

appearance, a hush falls over the room, and then resumes as patrons return to

normal conversation.  She moves gracefully and takes a seat at a table

opposite Drenla.

AlexPetrovich99:           (is she cute?)

Tolmara:           Her hair is pulled back in an elaborate ponytail, adorned with

eagle feathers and a single fireflower rose.  She takes no notice of the fact

that much, or in fact most of the inn's common room have taken an interest in

her and her

Baltak2:            ((afk fam))

Tolmara:           movements.

AlexPetrovich99:           "Greetings fair lady, may I offer you a meal.. a


Tolmara:           When she places an order for a goblet of Cathurian white, its as if

she's speaking with a voice of a hundred angelic choruses.

Tolmara:           "Alas, I have already eaten, but I thank you for your kind and

gracious offer, sir."

AlexPetrovich99:           "You're welcome"

AlexPetrovich99:           ::smiles::

VBJunkie:         Smiles at the diplomatic rebuff

RSwiftblade:     ::Turns to the rest of the party:: "What a beauty you are lass"

AlexPetrovich99:           ::fishes in his pocket for the coin to cover her drink::

AlexPetrovich99:           "By what title shall I call you, sweet lady?"

Baltak2:            "ahh she's cute for a human i guess"

VBJunkie:         "I doubt she appreciates being treated like a prize mare"

RSwiftblade:     ::stands up straight and tries to look larger in stature::

Tolmara:           She smiles demurely.  "I was named Rhian, and I have not been

Accepted yet.  Rhian will do nicely."

AlexPetrovich99:           "Look, with my people we talk to ladies like ladies"

VBJunkie:         "Certainly more courteous conversation should be stated"

AlexPetrovich99:           ""pleased to meet youRhian.. I am named Je'rar Ogrebane..

accepted? into what?"

VBJunkie:         Rolls his eyes

RSwiftblade:     "I guess I should keep my mouth shut, I haven't a chance with

such finery"

RSwiftblade:     ::goes back to hsi drink::

Baltak2:            "Don't let her beauty faze ye Reiner her beauty is as nothing to

our ways"

RSwiftblade:     his

AlexPetrovich99:           ::looks over to his side and mutters: "Funny how some

peolle think that just because I am from the open plains that I lack good


Baltak2:            "how would she fare in the open lands we love?"

AlexPetrovich99:           *some people

Tolmara:           Rhian:  "Accepted into the ranks of my sisters.  My pardons, sir, I

have travelled far and am unused to the ways and wherefores of this land."

AlexPetrovich99:           "I see.. I guess that means you want to be a priestess of

some kind?"

RSwiftblade:     "Aye but is is always better to have someone pleasing laying

next to you in the morning"  ::chuckles::

VBJunkie:         Gazes over her attire... (for religious symbols)

Tolmara:           Rhian (laughing demurely):  "Aye, you might say that."  (turning

around)  "Whom do I have the sincere pleasure of speaking with?"

Baltak2:            ::gazes into his ale mug thinking longing thoughts for stout dwarf


AlexPetrovich99:           "This.. is Reiner"

AlexPetrovich99:           :nods at the brute to my side:

AlexPetrovich99:           "The dwarf here is Dantrag"

Baltak2:            "pleasure youngling Rhian"

VBJunkie:         "I am Trayn... faithful follower of Solnor the shining"

AlexPetrovich99:           "And you are quite beautiful, but then I'm sure you

probably tire of hearing that"

AlexPetrovich99:           :)

Baltak2:            ((ooc no woman does ::snickers::))

VBJunkie:         "I am tired of hearing it...I'll tell you that"

RSwiftblade:     ::smiles slyly::

VBJunkie:         "A woman should be judged not on her appearance alone"

Tolmara:           Rhian (lifting her eyes to meet that of Je'rar):  "I thank you for

the compliment, young sir.  A word spoken sincerely is better than a word

spoken falsely."

Baltak2:            ::elbows Reiner and whispers::" now we watch the mighty Je'rar fall

on his face with no one to catch him hehe"

AlexPetrovich99:           "Ah yes.. true enough that.. but in Rhian here I sense a

kind and gentle soul"

RSwiftblade:     "I can speak fer meself!"

AlexPetrovich99:           "~..why, thank-you, Rhian"

VBJunkie:         "However poorly.." he says with minor contempt

AlexPetrovich99:           "I've no use for false words.. they only demean the man who

speaks them"

Tolmara:           She smiles.  "Whither are you bound?  It has been long since I saw

folk apart from the normal people of this land, traders and trappers all."

RSwiftblade:     "I am Reiner of the Swiftblade clan, loyal warrior and in the

service of the War Father"

AlexPetrovich99:           "Some town about a week away..Wintershivven or something"

RSwiftblade:     ::swallows after mustering enough courage to address her::

Tolmara:           Rhian:  "Wise words from one so fair, good Trayn.  A person should

not be judged by appearance alone, man or woman."

Baltak2:            "We're travelling as caravan guards for them in these dangerous


RSwiftblade:     "Yes we are guards..uh...caravan guards"

RSwiftblade:     "But also warriors"

RSwiftblade:     "Yes fierce warriors"

VBJunkie:         He nods... seeing she has wisdom beyond her youth

Baltak2:            "Strong hearty warriors friend Reiner!.. more ale for us hard

working folk!::bangs mug on table::"

AlexPetrovich99:           "I.. I am the son of my people's chief animal handler and

trainer, as was my father before him , and before him , and so on"

AlexPetrovich99:           "Proven myself in battle and the ways of the wild many

times over"

Tolmara:           Rhian:  "Ah, I see.  These are unknown and dangerous times, it

seems.  The orcs and cavefolk of the land walk in unity, so it is spoken.  I

am bound for Wintershivven and points south and west, to Tolmara.  This was

but a rest stop

Tolmara:           for me tonight."

Baltak2:            "If ye'd not mind waiting a few days our caravan travels in the

same direction"

AlexPetrovich99:           "Good lady..poerhaps you would care to accompany me as we

travel ?'Tis no place for a woman to be travelling alone"

Baltak2:            "I doubt they'd mind yer company Rhian"

VBJunkie:         Shakes his head...

RSwiftblade:     ::Raises an eyebrow at Je'rar's last comment::

Tolmara:           Rhian:  "Why indeed, I would be honored to be in the company of

warriors as strong and force of arms as great as you and yours."  She smiles


AlexPetrovich99:           ::smiles back:: "Good.. we leave in 5 days.."

RSwiftblade:     ::puffs out his chest::

RSwiftblade:     ::smiles::

Baltak2:            ((<=== gets the feelin she could be trouble ooc))

Baltak2:            ::looks to Trayn and whispers::"this could be trouble methinks but

not fair to let her travel alone either"

AlexPetrovich99:           (afk/brb)

RSwiftblade:     (what sort of body language is she exhibiting as she speaks


Lunauc:            ((wish I could stay and play along, but I'm off. See you guys next


VBJunkie:         ((c ya))

Baltak2:            ((bye lun))

Tolmara:           ((ooc:  Mike, you leave to Wintershivven tomorrow, and are there

for 5 days))

RSwiftblade:     ((tata))

Tolmara:           (Sense Motive check, Alfred)

AlexPetrovich99:           (oh.. oops.. hehe thanks)

OnlineHost:       RSwiftblade rolled 1 20-sided die:  10

AlexPetrovich99:           "err.. I meant, we leave tomorrow and are staying there for

five days.. "

RSwiftblade:     12

VBJunkie:         "yes... a much different scenario"

AlexPetrovich99:           "out on the plains, there usually isn't much need to keep

track of what day it is"

VBJunkie:         "so if you desire you could certainly come along... however I have

doubts you will be any safer"

RSwiftblade:     (12 stan)

AlexPetrovich99:           "Now Trayn.."

VBJunkie:         "of course the dangers are much different" he states with jest

AlexPetrovich99:           "Rhian, I pledge to keep my sword-arm ready to your


Baltak2:            ::smirks at Trayn's comment::

VBJunkie:         "and what of your other hand?"

RSwiftblade:     ::laughs::

AlexPetrovich99:           ::fights not to blush at Trayn's last statement::

Baltak2:            ::laughs::

AlexPetrovich99:           :SMirks at him:

RSwiftblade:     ""Je'rar, do not make pledges that you may not be able to keep"

AlexPetrovich99:           "I wied two weapons , or have you not noticed?"

AlexPetrovich99:           *wield

VBJunkie:         "It's not I that it matters to.. but your opponents"

Baltak2:            "he means ye no harm Je'rar ye just sound like a lovestruck teen

instead of a man with yer flowery language"

AlexPetrovich99:           "I find it rather easy to slash away with my sword as I

hammer away with my mace"

Baltak2:            "If the lady wishes to join us she may ask"

Tolmara:           She smiles demurely at your comments.  "The best defense or offense

is often that which comes unexpected."

AlexPetrovich99:           "Flowery? To let a lady know that I'll do what I can to

keep her safe from the dangers of the road?"

RSwiftblade:     "Aye, I have noticed"  ::smiles and then chuckles::

AlexPetrovich99:           "hmm.. maybe you're right at that"

Baltak2:            "We'll discuss it on the road me friend... take no offense"

AlexPetrovich99:           ::chuckles abruptly then stifles it almost as quickly::

Baltak2:            ::motions for the barkeep to bring Je'rar a big mug of ale::

Tolmara:           The waitress soon arrives and places a goblet near Rhian.

RSwiftblade:     ((stan, that comment just sent Reiner's uhoh alarm off))

Tolmara:           She pays with a large golden coin in the shape of a diamond with a

hole in the center.

Tolmara:           Rhian:  "A toast, then, to companionship shared on the road, in

good stead and to friendship eternal and loyal."

RSwiftblade:     "No offense, lass, I do not like surprises"

VBJunkie:         "I'll toast to loyalty"

Baltak2:            "aye"::toasts::

Tolmara:           Rhian:  "None taken, Master Swiftblade."

VBJunkie:         "to loyalty and sacrifice"

RSwiftblade:     "I am no one's master lass..."

Tolmara:           Rhian:  "Aye, to loyalty and sacrifice, whether of Art or life."

Baltak2:            ((ooc... around what time is it presently?))

Tolmara:           ((9:30 pm))

RSwiftblade:     "I am only master of my own domains"

Tolmara:           Rhian:  "I only meant that as an honorific, sirrah."

Baltak2:            ((ooc what time does the caravan leave for wintershivven?))

AlexPetrovich99:           "Hmm.. the hour grows late.. we'd bes et a good night's

rest before we set out in the morn"

Tolmara:           ((in the morning, around 9 am))

Baltak2:            "Je'rar we're not leaving till later in the morn.. we have time to

drink and be merry and enjoy the services of this place"

RSwiftblade:     ::Turns to Je'rar and whispers::  "What language is this, she

speaks with strange words and pays with strange coin?"

Baltak2:            "I say we take advantage of it since once back on the road we will

not see them again for a time"

Baltak2:            ::starts calling for another round::

Tolmara:           Presently, Gan walks to the center of the room, and says, "If

anyone would like to take part in the tage contest, stand up and present


Baltak2:            ::stands up with chest puffed out:: "Let me show ye silly humans

how this is done!"

RSwiftblade:     "What is tage, Je'rar?"

Baltak2:            ::staggering slightly::

Tolmara:           "The pot is currently at six and twenty golden lions, who shall

take it all?"

Baltak2:            "I shall do it!"

VBJunkie:         "hmmm

Baltak2:            "Who wishes to bet against me I could use the money"

RSwiftblade:     "I do not want to take yer money, so I will stay out"

Baltak2:            "It is a kind of spicy mustard Reiner"

VBJunkie:         "Gambling is a vice I've avoided so far"

Tolmara:           ((ooc:  its been mentioned above, ppl may have been afk when this

was mentioned, but tage is a spicy mustard that's a specialty of northern

Wylund.  apparently, the proprietors of the inn make a type that 'sets people

on fire'."

Tolmara:           ))

Baltak2:            ((bring it on heheh))

AlexPetrovich99:           "Hmm tage.. yes"

AlexPetrovich99:           ::stands up::

RSwiftblade:     "I have never had that before, can I try it?"

Baltak2:            ::finishes his present mug in a gulp::

Tolmara:           Dantrag, Reiner, and Je'rar are hoisted up to a table, along with

four burly fur trappers.  Gan disappears into the kitchen, only to return a

few moments later with several wooden spoons laden with a fiery golden


Baltak2:            "Give it a try Reiner... at the least it will be entertaining"

Tolmara:           The glop seems to glow as if lit inside by some unseen fire.

Baltak2:            ((uhoh))

Tolmara:           As Gan hands the spoons to you, he exclaims merrily, "Dun' worry.

If ye can't handle the tage, ye'll be out a'fore ye feel the heat."

RSwiftblade:     ::smirks:: "that looks tempting"

AlexPetrovich99:           "I look forward to this::

AlexPetrovich99:           "

Tolmara:           Rhian seems a bit amused.

Baltak2:            ::takes the spoon and gives it a whirl::

Baltak2:            ::nice big lipsmacking swallow::

Tolmara:           Drenla looks up from his notes and books after Gaylord nudges him

to pay attention.

AlexPetrovich99:           (MIL just popped in, so don't hold it against me if I'm a

bit afk-ish))

Tolmara:           ((k))

RSwiftblade:     "Allright, if you all insist, but don'y blame me if I fart all


Tolmara:           ((only to Je'rar, Reiner and Dantrag))

VBJunkie:         "Does that have any actual food value?"

Baltak2:            "like that would change regardless Reiner?"

VBJunkie:         provides a side (snide!) comment

Tolmara:           The tage mustard slides easily down your throat and tastes

surprisingly sweet.  You suddenly become aware that small drops of sweat have

beaded on your forehead.  You glance at the enrapt crowd standing in silence

as they await your

Tolmara:           final reaction.  Blinking repeatedly, in an attempt to clear your

vision, you find the room beginning to blur. 

Tolmara:           (Fort checks, the three of you pls)

OnlineHost:       Baltak2 rolled 1 20-sided die:  8

Baltak2:            ((14))

RSwiftblade:     (envokes birthsign)

OnlineHost:       RSwiftblade rolled 1 20-sided die:  2

Tolmara:           Blood rushes to your face just as the spices kick in.  It feels as

if swarms of angry stinging insects have been released in your mouth.  Your

center of gravity begins to wander about your feet, leaving you in a

desparate struggle

RSwiftblade:     15

Tolmara:           to keep up.

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 4 20-sided dice:  12 3 6 10

Tolmara:           (Je'rar?)

Tolmara:           (someone roll for him)

OnlineHost:       RSwiftblade rolled 1 20-sided die:  16

Baltak2:            ((sticvk with that one lol))

RSwiftblade:     ((can he take the 2?)

RSwiftblade:     ((LOL))

OnlineHost:       AlexPetrovich99 rolled 1 20-sided die:  11

Tolmara:           The crowd erupts in tumultous applause and cheers.  Gan:  "We have

two winners!" 

Tolmara:           ((only the three PCs))

AlexPetrovich99:           15

Tolmara:           "The dwarf could not muster enough courage!"

VBJunkie:         grins

Tolmara:           Everyone congratulates Reiner and Je'rar.

Baltak2:            ((damnit knew i was close))

RSwiftblade:     "This stuff is like Klach...from my homeland"

VBJunkie:         "all that bluster and he couldn't handle the mustard.."

AlexPetrovich99:           ::raises a fist in victory::

Tolmara:           The rest are soaked by buckets of ice cold water to awaken them

from their stupor.

Baltak2:            "by the forge... excellent friend Gan... very nice stuff... mayhap

i could buy some from ye"

AlexPetrovich99:           "well done Reiner..."

Baltak2:            "well done younglings"

RSwiftblade:     "Aye..."

Tolmara:           Rhian:  "Aye, well done indeed."  She smiles approvingly.

Baltak2:            ((failed a lousy 15 geez))

Baltak2:            ((hope combat rolls better lol))

AlexPetrovich99:           (lol if I wasn't 2nd lvl, I'd have failed)

Tolmara:           Rhian:  "Well, the morning will surely provide better excitement,

so methinks I should turn in for the evening.  Give you good eve, gentles


RSwiftblade:     "Before you go lass, where are ye from?"

VBJunkie:         Stands up

Baltak2:            "sleep well Rhian"

AlexPetrovich99:           "Goodnight fair lady" ::bows::

Baltak2:            ::grabs another ale::

RSwiftblade:     "I have never seen coin like that before?"

VBJunkie:         "May we meet again when Solnor rises"

Tolmara:           She stands, taking the goblet with her.  (to Reiner):  "Ah, from

lands to the east, young sir.  Where the mountains meet the plains."

RSwiftblade:     "Hmm...I see"

AlexPetrovich99:           "Oho! A most lovely view "

Tolmara:           Rhian:  "This is coin common to the land where I hail from."

RSwiftblade:     "What is that land called, for I am not familiar with it?"

AlexPetrovich99:           "To see those great peaks  along the open land.. when the

sun start to set..."

RSwiftblade:     ::turns and smirks at  Je'rar::

Tolmara:           Rhian (after a moment):  "Nith'Tar Valon, sir."

RSwiftblade:     "Call me Reiner, I am not a royal."

Tolmara:           Rhian:  "If that is all, I must rest as it has been a long day.

Give you good night."

RSwiftblade:     (What language is that in?)

Baltak2:            "well ye are a royal pain in the rear Reiner"::LOL::

Tolmara:           She takes the goblet with her, and leaves the room.

Baltak2:            "well gents maybe we should be thinking about retiring as well as

we are leaving in the morn:

RSwiftblade:     "Night, may the war father see that you wake another day"

VBJunkie:         sits down after she has gone

RSwiftblade:     ::eats some herbs to soothe any possible stomach problems that

may occur tonight and to curb flatulation::

AlexPetrovich99:           "Yes.now about the rooms.. I thought our 'employers' were

covering the costs?"

RSwiftblade:     ::goes over to the bookie boy npc::

Baltak2:            "I believe they said we were to procure our rooms with monies

already paid to us"

Tolmara:           ((ooc:  no, they said 1 golden lion per person, no charge for meals

or incidentals and coverage of sword and entrance taxes.  Incidentals doesn't

cover expenses you may incur along the way, like rooms at an inn.))

RSwiftblade:     "What did you think of her?  She is very odd."

AlexPetrovich99:           (ooc: hey, I tried,ok? :P )

Tolmara:           ((ooc:  or rather, as Gautam's character negotiated, 15 silver

hawks per person, per day.  my bad.))

AlexPetrovich99:           "She is a puzzle indeed.. but I like her"

RSwiftblade:     "Well, Je'rar and I should cover the rooms with part of our


Baltak2:            ((fair nuff)) "well let's get our rooms"

AlexPetrovich99:           "I agree"

RSwiftblade:     (Stan, is the npc mage still with us?)

VBJunkie:         Trayn helps as much as he can

Tolmara:           (Drenla and Gaylord are still with the party)

AlexPetrovich99:           ::motions for the halfling::

RSwiftblade:     (that question was addressed to Drenla)

Tolmara:           Gan comes over.  "And what can I do for ye?"

AlexPetrovich99:           "Rooms please"

RSwiftblade:     "not bad...your Kach...not bad"

Tolmara:           Gan:  "I've already shown you your rooms.  Perhaps the mustard got

to ye?"

AlexPetrovich99:           "Ah but i do not wish to cheat you .. I don't remember our

coin changing hands"

Baltak2:            "It got me ::chuckles::"

AlexPetrovich99:           "Oh..and your tage was delicious"

Tolmara:           Gan:  "But I do.  Earlier tonight."

Tolmara:           ((ooc:  you paid already.  scroll up.))

AlexPetrovich99:           "Perhaps I could purchase some for my travels? How long

does it keep?"

RSwiftblade:     "add some dill weed and blar pepper and you will have quite a


Tolmara:           Gan:  "Er....we don't really make it for sale.  But please spread

the word!"

Baltak2:            "I shall tell other dwarves and my clan when next we meet Gan...

excellent stuff"

VBJunkie:         "well I'm off to rest... I'll see you all at the dawn":

VBJunkie:         makes way to his sleeping quarters

Baltak2:            "I'll join ye Trayn... nite all"

RSwiftblade:     "Aye..sleep is good"

Baltak2:            ::bedtime for me::

Tolmara:           ((The following is ONLY for Je'rar, Dantrag and Reiner.))

RSwiftblade:     ::belches, then fats in fromt of the dwarf::

RSwiftblade:     farts

Tolmara:           ((description, please no interruptions until you see ((END)). ))

AlexPetrovich99:           "I se.. ah well.. I thought it would be easier to spread

the word if I let a few people actually try it.."

Tolmara:           This takes place during the evening, as you sleep.

RSwiftblade:     brb

Tolmara:           You are standing in the midst of a thick redwood forest.  The sun's

last rays cast a soft red-hued light on the leaves of a great oak tree.  From

the leafy branches of this tree hang many wind chimes that tinkle and rattle

in the

Tolmara:           breeze.  The body you occupy is not your own, yet somehow this

place seems perfectly logical.  On some dim detached level, you realize this

must be a dream.

Tolmara:           Stepping from behind the tree is a beautiful green-skinned woman,

and you feel a twinge of sadness and fear for her.  Having never seen this

woman before, you are

Tolmara:           uncertain as to the cause of your sorrow.  A delicate crown of

interwoven laurels rests atop the woman's chestnut brown hair.  Her delicate

fingers draw a rolled up parchment

Tolmara:           stamped with a seal of amber colored tree sap, from the folds of

her loose fitting robe.  She places the document in your hands and gives you

a bittersweet kiss on your cheek.  A sense of urgency permeates your

thoughts.  As you run

Tolmara:           off into the forest, you glance back one last time at the exotic

woman, sensing that this will be the last time you see her.

Tolmara:           Time passes in an instant.  The sun has set, leaving the forest

dark and eerily quiet.  Draped in the moonlight, the towering redwoods adopt

a much more menancing aura.

Tolmara:           On top of a large rise a few hundred yards ahead you can see the

southern flank of the Hawk's Shadowrest Inn.  Moving toward the inn, you

begin to see black shapes flit in and out of the trees' shadows, as the ferns

blanketing the

Tolmara:           forest floor seem to entangle themselves around your feet.  As you

fall hard to the ground, gnarled branches and roots begin to reach out,

Tolmara:           feeling for your prone body.  Terror seizes you as you are pinned

by the living foilage.  You lie there, held tightly to the damp forest floor,

listening only to the sound of your own heart.

Tolmara:           The silence is short lived, broken as a silhouetted humanoid

emerges from the darkness of the forest.  The figure appears dwarven, wearing

a kilt of matted vines.  Greenish sprigs are interwoven within his thick,

twisted hair. 

Tolmara:           In the daekness, his eyes glow with an unearthly yellow

luminescence that twinkles like firefly light.  His muscular body bears an

immense black tattoo of clinging ivy on his chest, torso and arms.

Tolmara:           The figure levels an oaken spear and lets a wry smile cross his

thick chapped lips before driving the cruel, fire-hardened point through your


Tolmara:           Suddenly, you find yourself sitting upright in bed, drenched in

sweat.  Although you are safely within the inn, back in your body, you cannot

shake the numbing fear.  Outside, the blizzard has begun again, and clouds

blanket the

Tolmara:           moon.  ((END))

Baltak2:            "what in the name of Kranchaar was that all about"::mumbles and

goes back to sleep::

AlexPetrovich99:           ::bolts out of bed and reaches for his gear,making sure its

all there::

RSwiftblade:     "ARGGGG!!!! Take this you silly little dwarf!"

RSwiftblade:     ::reaches for his sword and realizes that it was all a dream:::

Tolmara:           (Je'rar, its all there.)

RSwiftblade:     "It must be a sign from the war father, I must be careful in

the woods"

AlexPetrovich99:           (time?)

Baltak2:            ::starts snoring loudly::

Tolmara:           (2 am)

RSwiftblade:     ::farts and stinks up the whole room::

AlexPetrovich99:           (is there a window to the south I can look out of?)

Tolmara:           (yes)

AlexPetrovich99:           ::looks out a southward window::

RSwiftblade:     "Beware of green skinned women and redwood trees"

RSwiftblade:     "and dwarves with spears...yes it is an omen..."

RSwiftblade:     "But what does it all mean?"

RSwiftblade:     ::puts on his armor and weapons::

AlexPetrovich99:           ::runs back to his room adorns his gear and punds on

Reiner's door::

AlexPetrovich99:           "Wake UP! Trouble outside!"

AlexPetrovich99:           "Hurry you fool!"

RSwiftblade:     "I am up!"

AlexPetrovich99:           "Gett he others.. we gotta go outside"

AlexPetrovich99:           ::stomps down the stairs::

RSwiftblade:     ::kicks dwarf::"Get up we are needed"

RSwiftblade:     (not hard of course)

Baltak2:            ::gets up mumbling::

RSwiftblade:     ::goes down stairs::

VBJunkie:         ::gets up if and when a ruckus is heard::

Baltak2:            ::gets all his stuff together::"This better be good Reiner I ain't

one fer missin sleep"

Baltak2:            ::follows Reiner::

RSwiftblade:     "you can sleep another day"

AlexPetrovich99:           ::Bolts out of the door, goes to circle around the

others,employers included::

Tolmara:           As you head out your doors, you notice that the doors to the rooms

of everyone else lie open.

Tolmara:           (Listen check anyone.)

Baltak2:            ::curses::"young ones always in a hurry"

OnlineHost:       Baltak2 rolled 1 20-sided die:  10

Baltak2:            ((13 for me stan))

Tolmara:           (Dantrag:  The inn is deathly silent.)

Baltak2:            ::starts checking rooms to see why all is so quiet::

OnlineHost:       VBJunkie rolled 1 20-sided die:  8

RSwiftblade:     "Oh War Father give me the strength to do well in battle"

Tolmara:           (Je'rar:  people walk heedlessly on, ignoring you.)

VBJunkie:         (12)

Tolmara:           (Dantrag:  all of the rooms are empty, as if each room's inhabitant

just left.)

RSwiftblade:     "What is going on here?"

Baltak2:            "Something is wrong... it's the middle of the night and everyone

seems to have left"

Tolmara:           (ditto for Trayn:  you notice that the inn is silent.)

AlexPetrovich99:           (tries to remain out of their view, weapons bared, buckler

is on)

Baltak2:            "let's go downstairs and see what has happened"

Baltak2:            ::heads downstairs::

Tolmara:           (Je'rar:  the line of people shuffles slowly out of the inn's yard,

across the tradeway, into the forest.)

Baltak2:            ::draws battleaxe on the way::

VBJunkie:         "what is happening?"

Tolmara:           (Dantrag:  note that its snowing, although visibility is not

reduced to the extent it was at Jeroth's Well, the ground is frozen and


VBJunkie:         "first loud noises and now everyone is gone"

Tolmara:           Drenla:  "Wh-wh-what's going on?"

Baltak2:            "they're heading for the forest... i suggest we do the same and act

as they do"::winks::

VBJunkie:         (picks up his weapon and shield)

Tolmara:           Gaylord:  "This had better be good to waken us."

Baltak2:            "Trayn this reeks of magic we must find out what is happening to


RSwiftblade:     "I had a dream..there may be danger!"

VBJunkie:         "charming magic"

Baltak2:            "how else would we all have the same dream?"

VBJunkie:         "what dream... what mysticism is this?"

Baltak2:            "then i say we show them our charm"::<EG>::

VBJunkie:         "are you saying all the rest of the guests are in a trance?"

VBJunkie:         "and heading out to the woods... they will freeze to death!"

Baltak2:            "why else would they all get out of the inn in the middle of the

night in this foul weather?"

RSwiftblade:     "There is a green woman, a dwarf and binding trees"

Baltak2:            "I don't understand a dwarf in the trees but we must help them!"

AlexPetrovich99:           ::keeping his senses alert, watches the ground to see if it

bares resmblance to what I saw in my dream-vision::

VBJunkie:         "well lets get ready and follow... we aren't going to fool them

that we are under their spell"

Baltak2:            ::goes out into the night to follow the people... tries to get a

look at anyone's face going toward woods::

VBJunkie:         "if that is what it is"

Tolmara:           All of the people seem to be slack-jawed, and completely ignore any

effort to attract attention.

Baltak2:            "aye but if we at least attempt it we have nothing to lose and

mayhap throw off a casual observer?"

RSwiftblade:     ::grabs anyone who is in the trance and shakes them::

VBJunkie:         "and why would we be weaponed? its a dead give away unless you

want to go unarmed"

Tolmara:           No resistance is offered, or any reaction for that matter.  Yellow

drool escapes from Shagath's mouth.

VBJunkie:         states that as he grabs his chain shirt...pants and boots

Baltak2:            "ye speak truth... let's meet the charmers weapons bared then and

free these poor people"

RSwiftblade:     (detect poison)

OnlineHost:       RSwiftblade rolled 1 20-sided die:  16

AlexPetrovich99:           ::remains extra-wary of the vegetation::

RSwiftblade:     18

VBJunkie:         takes a minute or so to prepare and then ends up in the courtyard

AlexPetrovich99:           ::sneaking up towards the front of these people

(hiding/moving silently) ::

RSwiftblade:     "This is a poison...I am unfamiliar, but it is a poison"

Tolmara:           ((all right people, Je'rar is not in your vicinity, he's at the

head of the line of people, in the forest.  Everyone else is back at the inn,

near the rear of the line.  Remember its snowing and cold, so if you're not


Tolmara:           dressed, you might be subject to adverse conditions.))

RSwiftblade:     (How many people are there under the infulence of this poison?)

RSwiftblade:     ::studies it some more::

Tolmara:           (all of the inhabitants except for the party, Rhian, Drenla and


VBJunkie:         (is taking the time to get dressed properly)

AlexPetrovich99:           (thank-goodness I bought winter clothes when I started my

character off)

RSwiftblade:     "Rhian, have you ever seen such a poision?"

Baltak2:            ((equips properly as well))

RSwiftblade:     "I wonder if these people are already dead?"

RSwiftblade:     ::holds up holy symbol::

AlexPetrovich99:           ::keeps an eye out for the elven lass? and the dwarf::

Tolmara:           ((It takes four or five rounds to equip properly.  By the time that

you emerge into the courtyard, all of the inhabitants have left the inn.))

VBJunkie:         ::starts following their footsteps in the snow....::

VBJunkie:         : ))

VBJunkie:         "come lets find where they are going"

OnlineHost:       RSwiftblade rolled 1 20-sided die:  9

Baltak2:            ::follows as well::"aye"

AlexPetrovich99:           ::looks around the edge of the hillock::

RSwiftblade:     (10)

Tolmara:           Eventually, the party meets up with Je'rar, who observes the line

of people disappearing into a shimmering wall of light on the side of a

treeless hillock.

AlexPetrovich99:           "Guys.are we ready?"

VBJunkie:         "what is this" examining this phenom

VBJunkie:         ((spellcrafty check))

Baltak2:            "I'm as ready as I can be"

AlexPetrovich99:           ::crouches,peers over the top of the hillock::

RSwiftblade:     "What sort of magic is this?"

AlexPetrovich99:           "Reiner..hold onto me .."

Tolmara:           You emerge from the forest, into a clearing that is dominated by a

large, treeless hillock.  An immense turtle skull has been half-buried in the

side of the hillock.  Adjacent to the skull is a shimmering column of light,


RSwiftblade:     "Aye"

AlexPetrovich99:           ::goes to stick my face up to the shimmering wall of


Tolmara:           which the line of people walks.

Baltak2:            "Any ideas on this Trayn?"

AlexPetrovich99:           ::puuls my head back:: "Safe to go through it seems. I'm

going in ,act like a zombie or something"

AlexPetrovich99:           ::looks at the other people, walks dumb-like through the


VBJunkie:         "a transporting device... of some kind"

RSwiftblade:     "I don't like this one bit.  Magic is untrustworthy"

Baltak2:            "Well it obviously goes somewhere, ye only live once"::follows

Je'rar thru the light::

RSwiftblade:     ::follows reluctantly::

VBJunkie:         "be assured that going thru means leaving here.. possibly forever"

Tolmara:           As Je'rar steps up to the column, the column flickers out and


Baltak2:            "hmmm... that's strange"

VBJunkie:         "and unfortunate"

RSwiftblade:     "See as I said, now we have lost Je'rar"

AlexPetrovich99:           "The trees and land on the way here were exactly like that

in my dream.. be wary of a dwarf all in green and black"

AlexPetrovich99:           *w((whoa.. am I gone, or still weith the pary?))

VBJunkie:         ::checks Baltar's clothing::

AlexPetrovich99:           *with the party ?

Baltak2:            ((i don't think i'm wearing green and black dave lol))

VBJunkie:         ((never know!))

Baltak2:            ((LOL))

VBJunkie:         ((welcome to the world of racism dwarf....))

Tolmara:           (Je'rar is still with you.  The column disappeared before he

stepped through.)

AlexPetrovich99:           (guys. I'm still here with you))

VBJunkie:         "its shut down"

VBJunkie:         "either it senses we aren't like the others"

VBJunkie:         "or its duration ceased"

VBJunkie:         ::examines this turtle thing::

VBJunkie:         "this is all that is left"

VBJunkie:         "which is keenly out of place in my opinion"

AlexPetrovich99:           "The elven lass.. I bet she has what we need to save them"

Baltak2:            "Maybe"

AlexPetrovich99:           "If she does..."

RSwiftblade:     "One thing is for sure, they were all poisoned and were under

someone's control"

AlexPetrovich99:           "We may well be gone from this place for good.. unless in

my dream she disappears in exchange for our doing this deed.."

AlexPetrovich99:           "BAh! I say we find her and fast"

VBJunkie:         "how were they poisoned?" looking at the turtle skull

Baltak2:            "Well Je'rar we have to figure out what happened here... a lot of

people just vanished"

Tolmara:           As you examine the foot of the turtle shell, Rhian, Drenla and

Gaylord emerge into the clearing, huffing and puffing along.  The invoker

seems especially unsuited to extreme physical effort, as he tries to keep up

with Gaylord.

VBJunkie:         "what did they eat or drink that we did not?"

VBJunkie:         "you said you had dreams?"

VBJunkie:         "and you all ate the mustard too right?"

AlexPetrovich99:           "yes, as did several others who are now gone"

VBJunkie:         ::tries to put two and two together::

RSwiftblade:     "Dunno, but I can examine the drewel further for an answer"

Tolmara:           Rhian, for her part, walks almost effortlessly, clad in winter

travelling gear, in a sky-blue hooded robe and cowl, and with a gnarled


VBJunkie:         "and the tavern owner wouldn't sell the mustard"

Baltak2:            "Rhian if ye have any ideas feel free to speak them"

VBJunkie:         "and nobody who didn't eat the mustard had this dream.."

Tolmara:           Rhian:  "We came as soon as we could.  Your hunter friend was quite

adamant that we join you."

Baltak2:            "The mustard thing is odd but I ate it and passed out like others

who disappeared"

Baltak2:            "but it may mean something"

Tolmara:           ((ooc:  people who ate the mustard had the dream.))

VBJunkie:         "thats evidence of foul play enough for me"

VBJunkie:         "if we are thwarted here.. we may need to get some of that


RSwiftblade:     "Rhian this is the work of poison, have you any knowledge in

this realm?"

Tolmara:           Rhian:  "I have no ideas but I should add that I did not partake of

dinner, which was a large rack of roast lamb, with more of that mustard.  I

have special needs which I attend to myself."

VBJunkie:         "in addition to asking questions about it"

Tolmara:           Rhian:  "No."  She shakes her head firmly.

VBJunkie:         "i have more knowledge of curing poison that I do administering


Baltak2:            "Well we all had some dinner I believe ((not sure if everyone ate))

RSwiftblade:     "The War Father has told me that it is defenitely the work of

some poison"

RSwiftblade:     "I do not know any more"

VBJunkie:         "but it can be ingested, brought into contact or insinuated"

AlexPetrovich99:           "But not all of us ate the mustard, I think, and even so,

some of the guys in the contest ate soe and are also gone"

RSwiftblade:     "Well Trayn, take a look at this stuff"  ::points to drewel::

Baltak2:            "well standin here in the woods freezin won't do us any good...

let's search the area

Tolmara:           Rhian:  "I believe some of your companions were brought bread and

gravy by Gan, the halfling.  So one may surmise, that any who partook of the

inn's food, fell to this poison."

Baltak2:            for anything out of place"

VBJunkie:         ::looks at what he is directed to::

Tolmara:           Reiner indicates a patch of yellow drool which fell onto some snow.

AlexPetrovich99:           ::looks for any tracks or anything else tha might hint as

to where they went::

VBJunkie:         "hmmm"

Baltak2:            ::starts looking around in a general fashion for anything out of


VBJunkie:         ::pokes and sniffs it per investigating it as poison::

Tolmara:           Some footprints emerge from within an eyehole of the turtle skull.

The eyehole is filled with thorny vines and creepers.  Intermixed with the

vines and creepers is the gruesome corpse of a half-elf.

OnlineHost:       VBJunkie rolled 1 20-sided die:  9

Baltak2:            ((that qualifies as soemthing out of order lol))

AlexPetrovich99:           ::goes to search it further::

RSwiftblade:     ((yes indeed))

OnlineHost:       AlexPetrovich99 rolled 1 20-sided die:  12

AlexPetrovich99:           *search roll = 13

VBJunkie:         "oh no.... this is horrible"

RSwiftblade:     "What...?"

VBJunkie:         "this yellow goop comes from a monstrous plant"

AlexPetrovich99:           "Yes,Trayn?" ::goes over to him::

VBJunkie:         "and its the cause of this all"

VBJunkie:         "these people are in terrible trouble"

AlexPetrovich99:           "Find and kill the plant"

RSwiftblade:     "Ah"

AlexPetrovich99:           "I have some oil.. maybe we can burn it?"

Baltak2:            "Doggone it where did they go though!?!"

AlexPetrovich99:           "Maybe the plant sawallowed them up"

AlexPetrovich99:           *swallowed

RSwiftblade:     "A plant?"

VBJunkie:         "we need to get to them...with little delay"

RSwiftblade:     "Do you know this plant?"

VBJunkie:         ::renews his examination of the portal::

Baltak2:            "Let Trayn think Reiner" (damn we could use bookyboy right now))

VBJunkie:         "I know its affects... hypnosis thru spores... and the worse

part.. fungal transformation into a carrier"

VBJunkie:         "I'd guess its the tree in your dream"

RSwiftblade:     "I was an omen, a bad omen"

AlexPetrovich99:           ::tries to remember seeing a tree like that in my romp

through the forest::

Baltak2:            "Maybe we're infected by this thing?"::looks rather horrified::

Tolmara:           At the foot of the hillock lies the gruesome remains of a half-elf,

which appears to have been slain fairly recently.  Mixed in with its remains

are some equipment.

VBJunkie:         "you wouldnt be talking in somewhat rational thought if you were"

Tolmara:           The remains are approximately where the column of light were.

VBJunkie:         "this elf... must not have been affected"

VBJunkie:         "and " examines the elf and how he died

OnlineHost:       VBJunkie rolled 1 20-sided die:  20

RSwiftblade:     "I will follow your lead Trayn.  "

VBJunkie:         "perhaps he was a ranger...and tried to help"

AlexPetrovich99:           "Look!"::grabs the scrollcase::

VBJunkie:         "I dont think I recognize him... do any of you?"

Baltak2:            "maybe this is the clue we are searching for"

VBJunkie:         "I doubt it"

AlexPetrovich99:           :also reaches for the cloak and wraps it around myself::

Baltak2:            ::points to scrollcase::

RSwiftblade:     "Aye"

AlexPetrovich99:           "WHo here is as good with an arrow as I?"

Baltak2:            "I'm not one ta be hanging around with elves"

AlexPetrovich99:           ::takes the bow and the battleaxe along with the arrows::

AlexPetrovich99:           ::holds up the bow and compares it to my own::

Tolmara:           It is a well-made bow, light and seemingly weightless.

VBJunkie:         "lets keep on task"

AlexPetrovich99:           ::inspects the arrows::

VBJunkie:         "you can appraise your gains later"

AlexPetrovich99:           "I might need them before then"

Tolmara:           The arrows appear to be of masterwork quality, and are tipped with

either gold or silver points.

VBJunkie:         "weapons and teeth.... most likely spears and wolves"

VBJunkie:         "thats what caused these injuries"

AlexPetrovich99:           ::slings the bow over my shoulder,passes the axe to


Tolmara:           The scroll case is of fine make, not at all waterlogged, made of

leather and with intricate stitching.

Baltak2:            "silver and gold arrowpoints...that's odd"

AlexPetrovich99:           *quiver over myself too.. ::

AlexPetrovich99:           "I'm sure there is a reason"

VBJunkie:         "we must activate this portal... we need to get to the other side"

AlexPetrovich99:           "WHo else has a bow?"

RSwiftblade:     "No thanks, I have all I need here"

Baltak2:            "let me check those arrows out Je'rar" (stan can i make a weapsmith

check to see if these arrows are odd in any other way?))

AlexPetrovich99:           "and if its magical?I hear elves are good for carrying that

kinda stuff"

Tolmara:           ((sure))

Baltak2:            ::also goes to look at the elf's battleaxe::

OnlineHost:       Baltak2 rolled 1 20-sided die:  20

RSwiftblade:     "Trayn, I think you are right"

Baltak2:            ((25 on weaps check stan))

AlexPetrovich99:           ((is it a female half-elf?)

VBJunkie:         ((man are you a horn dog..))

AlexPetrovich99:           (no..wondering if it was the one from my vision)

Tolmara:           The turtle skull is covered with thorny vines and creepers.  At the

ceiling of each nostril socket (the sockets are large enough for an M sized

creature to enter) is inscribed a weird symbol.  (Knowledge check.))

Tolmara:           (male half-elf.)

OnlineHost:       Baltak2 rolled 1 20-sided die:  15

Baltak2:            ((20 on the axe stan))

Baltak2:            ((my rolls are improving lol))

RSwiftblade:     ((I see))

AlexPetrovich99:           "Hmm.. I wonder if there's a back exit in this thing.."

Baltak2:            "these arrows and axe are definitely the work of a master crafter

but there is nothing unusual i can see in them"

Baltak2:            "other than the odd choice of gold and silver points on the arrows

which to me would suggest lousy quality points"

Baltak2:            "or ceremonial kinds of weapons"

OnlineHost:       VBJunkie rolled 1 20-sided die:  14

AlexPetrovich99:           (brb..doorbell)

Baltak2:            ::takes the axe and tucks it away::

VBJunkie:         ::crawls in the nostril to see what can be seen::

VBJunkie:         "hmmm the forces of nature are behind this"

VBJunkie:         "in a plant, animal and now dietic sense"

Baltak2:            ::takes a look inside with Trayn::

VBJunkie:         "this symbol... is an evil nature spirits symbol"

AlexPetrovich99:           "Dantrag..use the axe and hack a path through the weeds and


VBJunkie:         "worshipped by evil fey"

Baltak2:            ((scratch above about arrows)) "these arrows are extremely well

made Je'rar use them sparingly"

VBJunkie:         "emmm"

OnlineHost:       VBJunkie rolled 1 20-sided die:  3

AlexPetrovich99:           "Oh I have no intention of just wasting them.. I'm sure

each one serves a certain purpose"

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 2 4-sided dice:  4 3

Baltak2:            "I can tell you they are definitely of elven make and made by a

fletcher who knows his craft well"

RSwiftblade:     ::Reiner stands guard and offers the shivering mage a sip of

warmth from his flask::

Baltak2:            "they may even be magical but I can't tell"

RSwiftblade:     "This will keep you a bit warmer"

VBJunkie:         "ahhhhhh"

AlexPetrovich99:           ::nods:: "Now are you going to use that axe to clear a path

to the back of this thing?"

VBJunkie:         ::he comes out of the nostril bleeding::

Tolmara:           As Trayn enters the nose socket, suddenly, you hear a whoosh as a

metallic blade drops from the ceiling of the socket and nearly beheads the


VBJunkie:         "Solnor save me"

Tolmara:           He dodges in time, to avoid the blade, but the blade manages to cut

him, opening a vein in his shoulder.  (6 points.)

RSwiftblade:     "Are ye all right?"

VBJunkie:         "no!"

AlexPetrovich99:           :rushes to apply healing on him::

Baltak2:            ::attempts to help Trayn stop the bleeding::

VBJunkie:         "the evil cursed thing"

VBJunkie:         "stay away from it"

AlexPetrovich99:           "allow me t o try and  tend to your wound"

OnlineHost:       AlexPetrovich99 rolled 1 20-sided die:  3

AlexPetrovich99:           hehe nope

RSwiftblade:     "I guess we really need a trap tender for this gate"

Baltak2:            ::takes a look to see if the trap reset itself:: (I can make a

disable device roll if you like stan))

Tolmara:           (sure.)

AlexPetrovich99:           "Ooo..looks pretty bad.. a bit beyond my ability..

sorry"::shakes his head::

Baltak2:            ::I'm taking a lot of caution and time on this one::

OnlineHost:       Baltak2 rolled 1 20-sided die:  11

Baltak2:            ((14 total))

RSwiftblade:     (cure minor wounds)

VBJunkie:         "Solnor shall cure me"

VBJunkie:         "I just thought I might have been dead"

VBJunkie:         ::casts a spell::

RSwiftblade:     "May the War Father give you health"  ::touches trayn::

RSwiftblade:     Trayn gets 2

AlexPetrovich99:           (nope; that spell only grants 1hp)

RSwiftblade:     (got healing as well)

AlexPetrovich99:           oh..sorry..never saw the roll.. but good deal)

RSwiftblade:     (healing 1, spell 1 = 2)

Baltak2:            "Trayn now that ye have triggered this device it looks as though it

cannot be tripped again"

VBJunkie:         "thanks" though in a unconvincing tone

Baltak2:            "So I suggest we enter and see what we may find"

RSwiftblade:     "Perhaps there are more?"

AlexPetrovich99:           "Dantrag..you've got the axe.. start chopping"

Baltak2:            "Well now I know what to look for... I will lead us through"::pulls

out the elf axe::

Baltak2:            ::starts into the nostril::

RSwiftblade:     "Dantag, are you able to dismantle traps?"

VBJunkie:         ::casts a series of small spells:: healing himself for 3 hps

Baltak2:            "I have a bit of skill with it ::winks::, I usually work with stone

trap sof my people

VBJunkie:         "stone or bone it seems"

Baltak2:            but ye humans have corrupted me  ::chuckles"

Tolmara:           Rhian observes quietly, leaning on her quarterstaff.

RSwiftblade:     (how are the npc's that are with us?)

VBJunkie:         "well... see if there is something more to be seen"

RSwiftblade:     "Rhian, can you wield that stick?"

Tolmara:           Rhian (smiling slightly):  "Aye."

Baltak2:            ::heads in to see what's in there"

RSwiftblade:     "Are there to be any surprises with any of you who use the

craft?  I want to know now so I can stay out of yer way"

RSwiftblade:     ::addressing all::

RSwiftblade:     "Drinla, I know about you:

RSwiftblade:     "

Tolmara:           Rhian:  "No, no surprises, unless you are untrained in the use of

the One Power, but then, none of you are."

VBJunkie:         "no surprises from me"

RSwiftblade:     "Aye, lets go then.  We fight for the War Father!"

Baltak2:            "Are we yappin out here in the cold all night or going in?!?!"

RSwiftblade:     "Doesn't that beard keep you warm enough?" ::laughs::

Baltak2:            ::shrugs and proceeds::

RSwiftblade:     "Lead on Dantag"

RSwiftblade:     (detect evil)

Baltak2:            ::doesn't wait for the others just assumes they follows and starts

walking in carefully::

RSwiftblade:     "Oh War Father show me the evil"

VBJunkie:         ::waits to see if someones head gets cut off::

Tolmara:           The interior of the nose socket might as well be a small cave,

because its large enough to accomodate you all.  However its filled to the

brim with thorny vines and creepers.

Tolmara:           To the rear of the cave is a door that's closed.

Baltak2:            ::starts chopping vines to make sure they're dead::"Someone check

that door out"

AlexPetrovich99:           "The only way I'll know if its trappe d is if I set it


VBJunkie:         "not me... it seems more suited to your talents"

AlexPetrovich99:           "hmmm..."

AlexPetrovich99:           ::takes some cut roots and throws them against the door

very hard::

Baltak2:            ::tosses the axe to Reiner::"fine I'll check it out"

Baltak2:            ::checks door for devices:: ((should i roll?))

RSwiftblade:     "Fine weapon"

Tolmara:           ((yes, a roll pls))

OnlineHost:       Baltak2 rolled 1 20-sided die:  19

Baltak2:            ((22))

Baltak2:            ::listens at door::

OnlineHost:       Baltak2 rolled 1 20-sided die:  11

VBJunkie:         "ware of everything beyond here... especially wolves and those

that wield spears..."

Baltak2:            ((14))

Baltak2:            ::opens door::

Baltak2:            ::takes a look around::

RSwiftblade:     "Aye"

Tolmara:           ((desc))

Tolmara:           As Dantrag opens the door, a wave of charnel, rank air escapes

through the crack, assaulting your nostrils.  A small lizard scurries through

the doorway

AlexPetrovich99:           ::takes a slash and a bash at it::

Tolmara:           and the temperature of your surroundings rises significantly.  It's

quite warm where Dantrag stands.

Tolmara:           ((end))

VBJunkie:         "lets proceed"

RSwiftblade:     "Aye"

Baltak2:            "aye"::enters new area::

AlexPetrovich99:           (did I get it?)

VBJunkie:         ::works his way in::

Baltak2:            ((leave the little guy alone mikey lol))

RSwiftblade:     "It is warmer, that is better"

Tolmara:           The interior of the room beyond is a chamber roughly about 50' x

60' although oval in shape.  It appears to be a medium-sized cavern, littered

with colossal bones and with a humid atmosphere.  The sounds of rushing water

can be

AlexPetrovich99:           ::also heads in::

Tolmara:           heard in the background.  The domed ceiling of the cavern is

covered with a coarse, yellowish fuzz.  The floor is quite muddy.

RSwiftblade:     ::looks at bones::

Baltak2:            ::advances toward the sound of the water::

VBJunkie:         "ware...."

VBJunkie:         ::enters::

VBJunkie:         "stay away from anything yellow"

AlexPetrovich99:           "Stay alert now.. for all we know there might be a water

beast in there"

RSwiftblade:     (wilderness lore to identify bones)

AlexPetrovich99:           (dangnabbit.. I was about to do the same :P )

OnlineHost:       RSwiftblade rolled 1 20-sided die:  5

AlexPetrovich99:           *wilderness lore to study the whole scene

AlexPetrovich99:           *and then the bones

OnlineHost:       AlexPetrovich99 rolled 1 20-sided die:  8

AlexPetrovich99:           15 as I study the scene

OnlineHost:       AlexPetrovich99 rolled 1 20-sided die:  16

AlexPetrovich99:           23 looking at the bones

RSwiftblade:     (12)

Baltak2:            ::makes sure axe is at the ready when checking out the sound of the


VBJunkie:         "this is just a room.. lets find the people"

Tolmara:           It takes you several minutes to navigate the floor of the cavern,

but in the distance, the sound of the rushing water increases in volume, as

does the humidity of the cavern.

RSwiftblade:     ::moistens his scarf with water from canteen and ties it around

mouth and nose::

Baltak2:            ::continues advancing::

Tolmara:           There is a small passage which leads into the interior of the

hillock that suddenly emerges into another cave, this time, one that

overlooks a deep chasm from which you can hear the sound of rushing water.

VBJunkie:         ::stays with the dwarf while drawing his weapon::

AlexPetrovich99:           ::carefully peers at the chasm::

Tolmara:           The chasm seems to be crossed by a flimsy rope bridge.  There is a

similarly sized cavern on the opposite side, with a corridor leading to the


RSwiftblade:     ::muffled:: "Do not want to breath in any of those spores"

Baltak2:            "who's the lightest here?"

AlexPetrovich99:           "Good point"

AlexPetrovich99:           ::covers his mouth and nose with his scarf as well::

Baltak2:            "I can tie a rope around someone willing to cross the bridge and

haul them up if the bridge is unsafe"

VBJunkie:         "she is...."

Baltak2:            ::holds up rope::"milady would ye be willing to test this bridge?"

AlexPetrovich99:           "Oh..and.. this so-called cavern is really what's left of a

gigantic turtle"

Baltak2:            ((how wide is chasm... or length of bridge please?))

Tolmara:           (20')

Tolmara:           (bridge is 5' wide)

Baltak2:            ((k))

Tolmara:           Rhian:  "No, not really."

Baltak2:            "Women!... how bout you Je'rar?"

RSwiftblade:     "I have silk rope strong enough to carry me and others if ye

need it"

VBJunkie:         "I will go then"

AlexPetrovich99:           "Look, someone has to go.. Dantrag.. you might be able to

spot any traps.. I'm strong enough as is Reiner to catch you if anything goes


Baltak2:            "let's test the bridge first Reiner"

VBJunkie:         "my gear is minimal"

VBJunkie:         ::steps forward::

Baltak2:            "ok Trayn... be careful..::ties rope around Trayn securely::"

VBJunkie:         "I shall"

RSwiftblade:     "I am almost 300 stones in weight"  ::laughs::

VBJunkie:         ::puts away his shield and mace::

Baltak2:            "at the least we are crossing this bridge one at a time and no one

goes without the rope"

VBJunkie:         ::proceeds slowly across the rope bridge when he is ready::

RSwiftblade:     ::holds on to rope::

RSwiftblade:     "I am a good anchor"

AlexPetrovich99:           ::also gains a solid grip on the rope::

AlexPetrovich99:           "and I am strong as the wild ox"

Baltak2:            "Give the bridge a good shake while on it Trayn as we will have to

cross it soon as well"

AlexPetrovich99:           "Yes..jump arund in the middle of it..,"

AlexPetrovich99:           "only joking"

Tolmara:           (ok, who is on the bridge at this time?)

AlexPetrovich99:           (justTrayn,far as I know)

Baltak2:            ((just Trayn))

RSwiftblade:     (Taryn)

Tolmara:           (Trayn, roll a d20)

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 1 20-sided die:  12

OnlineHost:       VBJunkie rolled 1 20-sided die:  15

VBJunkie:         if init thats a 16...

Tolmara:           As Trayn makes his way carefully, slowly across the bridge, there

is a loud, slurping and sucking sound as with great effort, three clumps of

yellowish, muck covered humanoids tear themselves free of the muck on the


Tolmara:           and shuffle forward, towards the rope bridge, blocking your way


Baltak2:            "pull him back now!"

VBJunkie:         "oh by all that is good"

VBJunkie:         (sickenend by this sight)

Baltak2:            ::pulls out crossbow:: ((let me know when i can fire))

VBJunkie:         "these were human once... but no longer"

RSwiftblade:     "What are they now?"

Tolmara:           The three walking humanoids, which vaguely look like dirt covered,

mud crusted orcs, slowly shuffle and shamble to the foot of the rope bridge

on the other side.

Baltak2:            "dangerous"

AlexPetrovich99:           "Back u to me now Trayn"

AlexPetrovich99:           *up

VBJunkie:         ::back up::

VBJunkie:         "missile fire now!" he spurts

VBJunkie:         "I'll guard the bridge"

Tolmara:           Drenla begins chanting, Gaylord unslings his bow, and Rhian seems

to sink inward.  Her eyes seem to become dreamy.

Tolmara:           (initiative folks.)

Tolmara:           (Trayn is not surprised.)

OnlineHost:       AlexPetrovich99 rolled 1 20-sided die:  9

OnlineHost:       Baltak2 rolled 1 20-sided die:  19

Baltak2:            ((22))

OnlineHost:       RSwiftblade rolled 1 20-sided die:  4

Tolmara:           ((ooc:  that d20 for Trayn was a surprise roll.))

AlexPetrovich99:           12

VBJunkie:         k

OnlineHost:       VBJunkie rolled 1 20-sided die:  3

RSwiftblade:     (7)

VBJunkie:         4 for init...

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 3 20-sided dice:  15 2 8

AlexPetrovich99:           "Reiner hold the line..I'm going down to help him"

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 1 20-sided die:  12

RSwiftblade:     "Aye"

Tolmara:           (22)

OnlineHost:       Baltak2 rolled 1 20-sided die:  6

RSwiftblade:     ::Draws two long swords::

Baltak2:            ((10 total))

AlexPetrovich99:           he(oh crap.. he let go of the line)

VBJunkie:         ((i dont think i got very far))

Tolmara:           (all right people, the bridge is only 5' wide, which means people

can only fight in single file.)

AlexPetrovich99:           "Back up Trayn and let me take the lead"

VBJunkie:         "just fire upon them from here"

VBJunkie:         "get that new bow out..."

Tolmara:           (if you need to rearrange yourselves, that will be one round spent)

Tolmara:           (18)

RSwiftblade:     ((did you mean hold the rope?))

AlexPetrovich99:           (too late.. you let go of it when you drew out your swrods)

Tolmara:           Gaylord fires a flight arrow at the lead corpse.

AlexPetrovich99:           *swords

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 1 20-sided die:  1

Tolmara:           His shot flies wide off the mark.

Tolmara:           (15)

Tolmara:           The humanoids advance onto the bridge, and shamble forward in

single file.  They seem to be fearless, and begin moaning loudly, their moans

echoing off the walls of the cavern.

Tolmara:           (12)

AlexPetrovich99:           ::whips out the elf-bow and goes to take a shot at one of

them with a regular arrow::

OnlineHost:       AlexPetrovich99 rolled 1 20-sided die:  10

AlexPetrovich99:           15

AlexPetrovich99:           + ???

RSwiftblade:     (steps on rope)

AlexPetrovich99:           did I hit?

Tolmara:           With a triumphant shout, (you notice that for once, Drenla doesn't

stutter), suddenly, two knights, clad in silver armor and with lances of pure

silver light, charge towards the lead humanoid.  On closer look, the knights

are about

Tolmara:           two inches high.

Tolmara:           (AC?)

AlexPetrovich99:           I'd hit a 15

Tolmara:           (marching order pls.  note that fighting on the bridge is single


OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 2 4-sided dice:  3 3

RSwiftblade:     brb

Tolmara:           The knights charge full headlong into the lead humanoid, and pierce

its breast, vanishing in twin implosions.

Tolmara:           (yes, hit)

OnlineHost:       AlexPetrovich99 rolled 1 8-sided die:  4

AlexPetrovich99:           4 pts

Baltak2:            ((I'm not on the bridge at all... sorta back and busy reloading my


Tolmara:           (Trayn?)

Tolmara:           As Je'rar strikes the lead humanoid, it totters forward and with a

sudden jerk, falls into the chasm, and is soon lost in the rushing water.

VBJunkie:         ::gets himself off the rope bridge... works on getting his shield

up after he is on solid ground::

VBJunkie:         (done)

AlexPetrovich99:           "Those things used to be orcs!"

Baltak2:            "well lets kill them again"

Tolmara:           As the first humanoid falls into the chasm, the one behind it

lunges suddenly at Je'rar and tries to assault him.

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 1 20-sided die:  14

Tolmara:           (AC 16_

VBJunkie:         "well better than human victims... though it matters not now"

RSwiftblade:     "Pretty impressive Drenla"

AlexPetrovich99:           haha missed me

AlexPetrovich99:           barely

Tolmara:           (7)

Tolmara:           (7, Alfred...)

RSwiftblade:     (on seven, Reiner sheathes swords and grabs rope)

Tolmara:           (4)

RSwiftblade:     (he is at the back)

VBJunkie:         (as above - thats my init)

Tolmara:           Also, at that second, Rhian wordlessly holds up her palm, as a

glowing ball of crimson flames explodes into being, whereupon she points with

her other hand at the lead humanoid.  The orb of fire speeds forth in respond

to her

Tolmara:           unspoken command, and buries itself in the thing's chest, bursting

out on the other side and directly plunging into the one behind, and then

bursting out in succession, before it implodes.

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 2 6-sided dice:  3 3

Tolmara:           (each takes 6)

Tolmara:           (22)

OnlineHost:       Baltak2 rolled 1 20-sided die:  14

Baltak2:            ((ac18))

OnlineHost:       Baltak2 rolled 1 10-sided die:  6

Baltak2:            ((6 dmg))

Baltak2:            ((assumin crossbows can hurt em))

Tolmara:           The zombie totters off the bridge and falls into the chasm.

Tolmara:           (18)

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 1 20-sided die:  8

Tolmara:           Gaylord misses again.

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 1 20-sided die:  15

Tolmara:           The last humanoid zombie lunges at Dantrag (AC 17).

AlexPetrovich99:           (they're in melee range now?)

Baltak2:            ((no dice...ac20...18 without shield))

Tolmara:           (they were in melee range.)

AlexPetrovich99:           lol

Tolmara:           (strike that, not Dantrag, it went after Je'rar.  my bad.)

Baltak2:            ((ok... was wonderin bout that))

Tolmara:           (if they're not in melee range, then there's no way Je'rar could've

landed a hit on one of them.)

VBJunkie:         ((pleads for OpenRPG soon...))  : ))

AlexPetrovich99:           ::slings the bow and opts for the two attacks..whips out

both sword and mace::

AlexPetrovich99:           NO!

AlexPetrovich99:           I can';t use openRPG

AlexPetrovich99:           ask zspook

AlexPetrovich99:           he knows all about it

Tolmara:           (7)

AlexPetrovich99:           umm.. yeah.. I guess I wouldnt be able to attack after

doing all that,hm ?

Tolmara:           (4)

VBJunkie:         ::attacks with his weapon stepping the short step to Je'rar and

attacking the creature::

OnlineHost:       VBJunkie rolled 1 20-sided die:  19

VBJunkie:         ac 22

OnlineHost:       VBJunkie rolled 1 8-sided die:  5

VBJunkie:         doing 8 hps damage...

VBJunkie:         "get away from us"

VBJunkie:         (his voice with extreme distaste)

VBJunkie:         (done)

Tolmara:           It complies, although its compliance has more to do with the fact

that Trayn's blow was its death knell, than free will on its part.

Tolmara:           It falls into the chasm.

VBJunkie:         "thank the sun for that"

Baltak2:            "what the hell were those things?"

VBJunkie:         "hopefully that will be the last of those and any other"

AlexPetrovich99:           "They used to be orcs"

RSwiftblade:     "Can I let go of this rope?"

VBJunkie:         "spore spawn of the yellow goop tree"

VBJunkie:         "the tree in the dream I fear"

Baltak2:            "I hope yer right Trayn... I"m thinking the bridge is safe if it

supported all of those things at the same time"

Baltak2:            "so let's move on"

AlexPetrovich99:           "Tie it to me.. I'll go first in case there's any more of

those things up ahead"

RSwiftblade:     ((the wife is calling again be back in 10 minutes))

Tolmara:           Rhian:  "In the company of folk such as you, I shouldn't have

feared for my safety, so I shall alight this bridge."

Baltak2:            ((guessing we all cross bridge in orderly fashion and continue


Tolmara:           So saying, she sets foot on the bridge, although with great

trepidation, and refusing to look down.

Baltak2:            ((brb))

Tolmara:           It's like watching a blind man walk forward.

Tolmara:           You eventually make your way off the bridge and set foot into the

opposite corridor/cavern.  The corridor eventually emerges into a larger

cave, the air growing warmer and staler as you progress.  The passage widens

into a domed

VBJunkie:         "within the shell... this will be it I think"

Tolmara:           chamber which is dominated by a huge, light green, climbing plant

bearing vivid yellow flowers streaked with purple.  Surrounding the plant in

irregular patches is a rough ring of briar, approximately four feet high. 

Tolmara:           There is a corridor to the SW of the cavern, leading out.

Tolmara:           The sound of rushing water is behind you.

VBJunkie:         ..

Baltak2:            "anyone with an idea what that thing is?"

VBJunkie:         "this is the creature that created the poison... stay away from

the flowers"

Baltak2:            ((IM stan))

Tolmara:           ((ooc:  if people think it best, we can stop here, or continue for

another hour.))

Tolmara:           ((Let me know.))

VBJunkie:         ((im fine))

AlexPetrovich99:           both are god by me

Baltak2:            ((I'm willing to press on.... nothing going on here but me cooking


Baltak2:            ((so if i answer slow guys it's just me fiddlin on the stove from

time to time))

Baltak2:            ((but making enchiladas so not something that takes huge time just

stove in kitchen not convenient to reach comp from ))

Tolmara:           ((so, let me know what you plan on doing.  The plant seems to be

docile for the most part.  However, it rotates one of its flowers towards the


VBJunkie:         ::moves forward::

VBJunkie:         "cut off the flower if it attacks"

VBJunkie:         "only thing I can think of"

Tolmara:           ((ok, hold on, let me get a map of the cavern to you so you have an

idea of what it is you're facing.))

Baltak2:            ::pulling out my axe for this bad boy as well::

Baltak2:            ((plan of action sounds good here))

Baltak2:            ((anyone have some weedkiller with them?))

Tolmara:           ((sent map))

Baltak2:            ((checking it now))

AlexPetrovich99:           (waiting for it to finish materializing)

Baltak2:            ((how wide is the cavern we're in?))

VBJunkie:         (do we see the opposite entrance from here?)

AlexPetrovich99:           "maybe we should approach from different angles"

Tolmara:           ((yes))

VBJunkie:         "we need to stay together"

Tolmara:           ((as stated above, 50' x 60' in an oval shape))

AlexPetrovich99:           "I know that.. but see those gaps in the hedges?"

Baltak2:            ((ok))

AlexPetrovich99:           "Maybe I should go through one while reiner takes another

and Dantrag yet another while the rest of you pepper it with whatever"

Baltak2:            ((I have a pretty good corssbow too Mike))

Baltak2:            ((crossbow even))

RSwiftblade:     "Here is my idea. Burn the thickets and chop down the tree"

VBJunkie:         "no... burning will kill us here"

VBJunkie:         "this place will fill up with smoke and we wont be able to see and

maybe breathe"

RSwiftblade:     "The axe is for chopping that thing down.

AlexPetrovich99:           "Yes.. the yellow stuff m,ight shoot out all over the place

if we light it afire"

RSwiftblade:     "No burn the thickets only, not the tree with the flowers"

AlexPetrovich99:           "But we can use the thickets for cover as we approach it"

RSwiftblade:     "I think the thickets protect the tree"

Baltak2:            ((anyone have some kind of wilderness lore to help here?))

AlexPetrovich99:           ah screw it. okay.. we chop down absolutely everything"

RSwiftblade:     "And what if the thckets animate like in our dreams?'

Tolmara:           Suddenly, the room becomes dark as night, with a darkness thicker

than pitch.

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 1 20-sided die:  6

AlexPetrovich99:           *wilderness/nature check to see if I know how to best

handle this tree/flower thing

Tolmara:           You can't see anything in front of you, not even your hands.

Tolmara:           (roll, Mike)

OnlineHost:       AlexPetrovich99 rolled 1 20-sided die:  17

AlexPetrovich99:           24

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 1 20-sided die:  11

AlexPetrovich99:           we need to hack and destroy the whole thing.. roots stems

and all"

VBJunkie:         "I can't see"

Tolmara:           (All of you are caught within the extent of the darkness.)

Tolmara:           (Initiative.)

OnlineHost:       VBJunkie rolled 1 20-sided die:  5

VBJunkie:         init = 6

OnlineHost:       RSwiftblade rolled 1 20-sided die:  14

OnlineHost:       AlexPetrovich99 rolled 1 20-sided die:  6

AlexPetrovich99:           9

AlexPetrovich99:           gah

RSwiftblade:     (17)

RSwiftblade:     (blind fighting)

OnlineHost:       Baltak2 rolled 1 20-sided die:  4

Tolmara:           (Indicate, using the map, how far you are from the hedge and the

corridor, in terms of feet and what direction.  Assume that north is the top

of the map.)

Baltak2:            ((7... does my darksight help stan?))

Tolmara:           (yes, Steve)

AlexPetrovich99:           "Mage I hope you have a light spell handy!"

Tolmara:           (Steve, what initiative?)

Baltak2:            ((7))

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 3 20-sided dice:  13 14 6

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 2 20-sided dice:  19 9

Baltak2:            ((10' from hedge on NE side facing the plant and chargin that SOB

with axe and shield ready::

Tolmara:           (Trayn, Reiner and Je'rar, positions?)

VBJunkie:         (figure I was @ #1)

Tolmara:           (Drenla and the other NPCs wii be, 20' from the hedge, north to

south, flanking the entrance corridor.

Tolmara:           (ok)

AlexPetrovich99:           edging towards se gap

RSwiftblade:     ::dear drenla::

AlexPetrovich99:           *near the 5 o'clock position

RSwiftblade:     near

AlexPetrovich99:           ::crouches really close to the floor, hping to use its own

hedges as partial cover::

RSwiftblade:     ::in fromt heading to the hedge::

RSwiftblade:     front

RSwiftblade:     "We need some light here"

RSwiftblade:     "I do not want to stop and cast it"

Tolmara:           Rhian:  So noted, now cease your complaints, Vashti!  I need to


RSwiftblade:     "Drenla, please remember I am in front of you"

Tolmara:           (19)

Tolmara:           Suddenly, there is a whoosh behind Trayn, as the sound of air being

sucked into a vortex issues forth, and dwarf with skin the color of  black

lotus (black with purple streaks), and massive shoulders, rushes forth from

the mouth of

Tolmara:           the entrance cavern and lunges at the priest, sword extended.

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 1 20-sided die:  15

RSwiftblade:     "I call on the War Father to grant me strength!"

Tolmara:           (AC 16, Trayn)

VBJunkie:         (hits im flatfooted)

VBJunkie:         (17 normally)

Tolmara:           (ok)

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 1 6-sided die:  3

Tolmara:           (4 points).  You see him faintly, as you're on the edge of the

darkness, and when you step back momentarily, light fills your vision,

clouding your sight temporarily.

Tolmara:           (17)

VBJunkie:         "yipes"

VBJunkie:         "I'm under attack! wait I see... darn"

RSwiftblade:     (holds attack until he can see)

Tolmara:           (15)

Tolmara:           Drenla begins chanting a long, complicated chant full of harsh

syllables, rising and falling.

Tolmara:           Gaylord holds his attack.

Tolmara:           (9)

AlexPetrovich99:           :heads for the plant and attacks:

OnlineHost:       AlexPetrovich99 rolled 2 20-sided dice:  11 8

AlexPetrovich99:           15 and 11

Tolmara:           (hold on, Mike)

AlexPetrovich99:           hm?

AlexPetrovich99:           ok..

Tolmara:           (unless you spend a round hacking through the hedge, you'll take 1

to 2 points damage because of the thorns)

AlexPetrovich99:           (but the map showed a big gap there)

Tolmara:           (the map isn't to scale.)

AlexPetrovich99:           (oh.. well that just sucks,hm? lol)

AlexPetrovich99:           ::hacks through the hedge::

Tolmara:           (I did say above the plant was surrounded by a hedge of thorns, 4'


AlexPetrovich99:           (stan, its not a problem, really)

RSwiftblade:     (Is there light yet?)

Tolmara:           (7)

Baltak2:            ((can i spend a round hacking hedge, workin up rage, and activate

birthsign abil?))

Tolmara:           Within a few moments, the globe of darkness is banished.  You spot

briefly, a globe of white light resting on Rhian's palm, although you're

unsure as to how it got there, for you heard no words of power or saw any


Tolmara:           Nonetheless, the darkness is banished from whence it came, at the

same time as the plant rotates a yellowish flower in Je'rar's direction and

issues forth a cloud of pollen.

RSwiftblade:     (with that Reiner takes his action)

Tolmara:           (Fort save, Je'rar)

OnlineHost:       AlexPetrovich99 rolled 1 20-sided die:  17

RSwiftblade:     (cool)

AlexPetrovich99:           21

Baltak2:            ((good job))

Tolmara:           (Reiner?)

RSwiftblade:     (do I have a clear shot with a throwing axe at the tree?)

Tolmara:           (if your axe can clear the 4' high hedges, then yes)

RSwiftblade:     (He's 6'6")

RSwiftblade:     "ARRRGGG!"

OnlineHost:       RSwiftblade rolled 1 20-sided die:  8

Baltak2:            ((arg is right lol))

RSwiftblade:     (17)  with strength sphere bonus

AlexPetrovich99:           ((no, it was arrrggg with 3 r's and 3 g's ))

OnlineHost:       RSwiftblade rolled 1 6-sided die:  3

RSwiftblade:     (10 dmg)

Tolmara:           (ok)

Tolmara:           (6)

Baltak2:            ((wait))

RSwiftblade:     ::you see Reiner pull out a shiny throwing axe of fine quality

and hurl it at the tree::

Baltak2:            ((on 7... can i hack the hedge, go berserk while doing it and

activate birthsign?))

Tolmara:           (yes)

Baltak2:            ((then that'd be my action))

Tolmara:           (ok)

Tolmara:           (6)

VBJunkie:         ::moves away from the attacks and pleads to his god for help

(casting a spell of healing on himself)::

OnlineHost:       VBJunkie rolled 1 8-sided die:  8

Tolmara:           (ok)

VBJunkie:         (curing himself to full - done)

RSwiftblade:     (good)

Tolmara:           (19)

Tolmara:           With a muttered curse, the strange dwarf hurls himself at Trayn,

slashing wildly.

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 1 20-sided die:  8

Tolmara:           (and misses)

Tolmara:           (17)

RSwiftblade:     On 17 Reiner lets the other axe fly

OnlineHost:       RSwiftblade rolled 1 20-sided die:  16

RSwiftblade:     (21)

OnlineHost:       RSwiftblade rolled 1 6-sided die:  6

RSwiftblade:     11pts dam

VBJunkie:         "jeez!"

AlexPetrovich99:           afk/brb and please don't let me lose my attack

Tolmara:           (critically wounded)

Tolmara:           (15)

RSwiftblade:     "Thank you my Father"

Tolmara:           Drenla's long, sonorous chant reaches a crescendo, as flames

explode all over his body, armoring him in plate mail....of fire.

RSwiftblade:     ((hope he does not burn Rhian  LOL))

Tolmara:           Gaylord:  "Fine lot that will do here.  Get it in your head, we

need firepower, not fire!"  He whips around, and charges the "dwarf".

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 1 20-sided die:  8

Tolmara:           (miss, yay)

Tolmara:           (9)

Baltak2:            ((that's mike's number))

Tolmara:           (skipping him, he can take it when he gets back)

Baltak2:            ((wanna skip to mine? and do his when he's back or wait?))

AlexPetrovich99:           ok

Baltak2:            ((go mike))

AlexPetrovich99:           preses forward to attack the plant

Tolmara:           (go ahead Mike)

OnlineHost:       AlexPetrovich99 rolled 2 20-sided dice:  6 12

AlexPetrovich99:           10 and 15

Tolmara:           (both miss)

AlexPetrovich99:           heh figures

Tolmara:           (7)

Baltak2:            ((charges plant))

OnlineHost:       Baltak2 rolled 1 20-sided die:  10

Baltak2:            ((21))

Tolmara:           The plant rotates five of its flower fronds in an attempt to catch

as many of you as possible

RSwiftblade:     (I am still wearing my scarf)

AlexPetrovich99:           (as am I)

Tolmara:           and issues several clouds of pollen.  (The following need to make

Fort saves:  Reiner, Dantrag, Je'rar, Drenla and Rhian)

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 2 20-sided dice:  6 6

RSwiftblade:     (does the scarf help at all?)

OnlineHost:       Baltak2 rolled 1 20-sided die:  6

Tolmara:           (using Karma)

OnlineHost:       AlexPetrovich99 rolled 1 20-sided die:  4

Tolmara:           (not really)

OnlineHost:       RSwiftblade rolled 1 20-sided die:  14

Baltak2:            ((14 on save for me))

AlexPetrovich99:           mega-fail

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 2 20-sided dice:  7 14

AlexPetrovich99:           7

RSwiftblade:     (fort?)

Tolmara:           (using Karma for Drenla)

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 1 20-sided die:  20

Tolmara:           (yes)

RSwiftblade:     (if fort 22)

Tolmara:           (Je'rar, unless you use a Karma point, you begin walking towards

the plant in a daze.)

Tolmara:           (Dantrag, that's a hit.)

AlexPetrovich99:           (do I?)

AlexPetrovich99:           *er.. lol may I ?

OnlineHost:       Baltak2 rolled 1 10-sided die:  4

Baltak2:            ((14 dmg.))

Tolmara:           The plant ceases movement, upon Dantrag's blow.  However, Je'rar is

still in a daze.

AlexPetrovich99:           if I have kharma to use, I'll use one

Tolmara:           (you should, you have at 8)

AlexPetrovich99:           sorry...Mikey peed himself bad.. brb

Tolmara:           (I don't keep track of them)

Baltak2:            ::starts moving toward "dwarf" that's attacking Trayn ignoring the

hedge and plowing through it::

RSwiftblade:     (intimidate) "You are next little dwarf"

RSwiftblade:     ::draws swords::

Baltak2:            ::roars in agreement::

AlexPetrovich99:           (well now that I know how many I have, I can keep track

<eg. )

Tolmara:           Rhian wordlessly extends her hand, and as she does so, a blade of

crimson fire comes into being, about 5' long with a deadly curve, as she

advances on the "dwarf".

Tolmara:           (6)

VBJunkie:         ::defends himself from this strange dwarf by attacking him::

OnlineHost:       VBJunkie rolled 1 20-sided die:  1

VBJunkie:         (done)

Tolmara:           (19)

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 1 20-sided die:  15

Tolmara:           (AC 17)

RSwiftblade:     ::advances on the dwarf::

Tolmara:           The creature's face is a mask of rage as it drives the point of its

shortsword home, into Trayn's shoulder.  (Or tries to.)

RSwiftblade:     ::Reiner has one long sword in each hand that shine in the

light with the name of his clan etched into the blade::

Tolmara:           (17)

RSwiftblade:     (Reiner attacks the dwarf)

OnlineHost:       RSwiftblade rolled 1 20-sided die:  7

RSwiftblade:     (15)

Tolmara:           (yes)

OnlineHost:       RSwiftblade rolled 1 8-sided die:  1

RSwiftblade:     (6)

Tolmara:           The creature collapses on the point of Reiner's blade.

RSwiftblade:     "you would run me with a spear...take that!"

RSwiftblade:     ::Reiner picks up the dwarf with the sword and slams him to the


AlexPetrovich99:           *now has 7 kharma points

RSwiftblade:     "Thank you War Father for letting me strike true, I fight for

your glory!"

RSwiftblade:     ::wipes his blade on the clothes of the slain dwarf::

Baltak2:            ((damn anything else to fight?))

VBJunkie:         "well done...it was very strange and I'm glad its dead"

RSwiftblade:     ::retireves the axes::

RSwiftblade:     retrieves

Tolmara:           As the strange dwarf expires, its flesh rapidly turns to dirt and

dust.  Its heart gradually transforms into a shiny, black seed.

Baltak2:            ::starts coolin off from the rage::

Lunauc:            ((bak))

AlexPetrovich99:           "We need to thoroughly uproot it and hack it to shreds,,

the whole thing or else it'll regenerate"

RSwiftblade:     "You fought well Dantag, I am proud to fight next to you"

AlexPetrovich99:           "Yes.. you did well.. for a dwarf"

Baltak2:            "thanks Reiner... "::proceeds to butcher the crap outta the plant::

AlexPetrovich99:           ::then starts to laugh, as its such a bad joke its not even

really funny::

RSwiftblade:     "Rhian, you are most powerful, my respect to you"

RSwiftblade:     "As you too Je'rar"

AlexPetrovich99:           ::goes to hack the whole thing to shreds, roots ,stems and


AlexPetrovich99:           "Thank-you,Reiner"

Tolmara:           Rhian:  "I?"  (chuckling softly)  "I am but an initiate, and not

Accepted yet."

AlexPetrovich99:           ::after we finish shredding the thing and getting its every

root, I go to pile the pieces up to set them afire when we leave::

Baltak2:            ((hope you guys like salad when the dwarf is done))

VBJunkie:         ::stays out of this::

AlexPetrovich99:           "Rhian.. do not sell yourself short; you displayed a more

than fair amount of courage this day"

RSwiftblade:     "As for you Drenla, fire is not always an asset.  Perhaps  you

should learn the way of the sword as well"

Tolmara:           Rhian (shrugging):  "A Sister is expected to do what is required.

I did what was required of me."

Tolmara:           Drenla:  "Er...I, er...erm....my staff works, t-th-thank you

ver-very-erm much."

AlexPetrovich99:           "and you did it quite well; I'd travel with you by my side


RSwiftblade:     "What now?"

Baltak2:            ::takes time to rest after rage::"i need to rest for a bit Reiner,

ye know what rage is like"

Baltak2:            "but i'll be ready to move on shortly"

RSwiftblade:     "Yes, I killed 20 orcs in a rage once"

Tolmara:           ((ooc:  its 6 am, btw.))

Baltak2:            "maybe we should rest here for awhile... we all could use some


Tolmara:           ((on this note, we'll stop, and resume in 2 weeks.  Lunauc's PC is

currently in player limbo as well.))

VBJunkie:         (ok)

AlexPetrovich99:           ((2 weeks?)

RSwiftblade:     (k)

Tolmara:           ((yes, 2 weeks.))

Baltak2:            ((ok))


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