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Tolmara:           ((Steve, Myles and David won't be here today.  Alfred will show in

90 minutes.))

Tolmara:           ((Log is open.  Starting off where we left off last time.  The

party was about to go look for the "tadpole" after it crashed out the


WyldElfRanger:             ((reading the log now, I'm on page 9 so while I'm reading

I'll prepare to make my entrance))

Tolmara:           ((he's with the party.  make your entrance at any time.  describe

him the first chance you get.))

AlexPetrovich99:           ::on the horse,looks for the critter::

WyldElfRanger:             ((alright, Lythar is a tall elf with green eyes and hair to

match and wears studded leather armor, he should have his bow out and ready

to fire))

Tolmara:           ((Mike, remember you're still in the inn, and its snowing


NeoGameBrain:            ::follows behind, using his staff to help through the snow::

NeoGameBrain:            ((strike that then))

WyldElfRanger:             ::wondering what manner of beast this could be::

AlexPetrovich99:           (hm? I thought I'd already ran out to the stables and

jumped on a horse..?)

WyldElfRanger:             ((some sort of check as to what it could be?))

AlexPetrovich99:           (I guess we ended just before I could finish that action...


Tolmara:           As you step outside the inn, Je'rar clambers down off the side of

the building and rejoins you on the ground, shaking snow off his clothes.

AlexPetrovich99:           ::thinks back upon the many tales and stories he's heard

about all the starnge animals his people have encountered, trying to think of

the right name for this beast::

Tolmara:           ((um no, Steve's character pricked the tadpole, which dropped down

the chimney and out the fireplace, then surprised the guests inside the inn

as it crashed through the window and fled the inn.))

Tolmara:           ((we ended as the party and half the inn decided to brave the snow

looking for the creature.))

NeoGameBrain:            ::to Je'rar:: "What was that thing?"

AlexPetrovich99:           "I'm thinking.."

AlexPetrovich99:           (wilderness or nature lore check?)

Tolmara:           ((and pls remember its 5' visibility in all directions, in harsh

winds and blowing snow.))

Tolmara:           (either.)

AlexPetrovich99:           *wilderness

OnlineHost:       AlexPetrovich99 rolled 1 20-sided die:  20

AlexPetrovich99:           27

OnlineHost:       WyldElfRanger rolled 1 20-sided die:  16

WyldElfRanger:             23

AlexPetrovich99:           "I'm thinking its a most unnatural beast.... judging by its

appearance, I'd have to guess it might be from some sort of swamp maybe.."

AlexPetrovich99:           ::chuckles softly for a second::

NeoGameBrain:            "What is it doing in a place like this.  It doesn't look like

any swamp I've seen."

NeoGameBrain:            "What?"

AlexPetrovich99:           "I wonder if that guy in the barracks will believe me noe

.. what a fool.. he's not derving of his job"

AlexPetrovich99:           *not deserving

WyldElfRanger:             "We'll find it and try to bring it down, it's wounded and

can't get too far

AlexPetrovich99:           "Yes,but if you haven't noticed.. we'll be lucky to even

see our own feet out there"::points to the land beyond the village::

AlexPetrovich99:           ::or,more accurately, where the land would be if it weren't

for that all we can see is snow and yet even more snow::

AlexPetrovich99:           "This storm's going to last for at least another day, maybe

even two"

AlexPetrovich99:           "I looked for it within the village, but if you want to go

out into the beyond and turn into ice-statue..go ahead"

NeoGameBrain:            "Well I'd just like to state that this is a very bad idea."

Tolmara:           Tonazk (the orc chieftain):  "It would be foolish, young humans, to

go out into the night and look for a creature as fearless as that, without a

sense of where to look."

AlexPetrovich99:           ::nods towards Tonazk:: "Like he said.."

WyldElfRanger:             ::Lythar is going to start looking for any sort of tracks and

thanking the Goddess she gave him low light vision."

Tolmara:           Tonazk:  "However, if you wish to pursue this course of action, we

will join you in your quest, ill-timed and ill-thought as it may be.  Bahgtru

aked kerkzan!"

AlexPetrovich99:           ::goes back inside,knowing there's little he can do right


AlexPetrovich99:           "Better luck in the morning" I call out ver my shoulder::

NeoGameBrain:            "Yes, we're in a hostile environment with low visibility,

tracking what is obviously a very dangerous and very fast creature."

OnlineHost:       WyldElfRanger rolled 1 20-sided die:  5

WyldElfRanger:             8 total

AlexPetrovich99:           ::looks at he barkeep::

AlexPetrovich99:           "How much did you say the room was?"

WyldElfRanger:             "By morning the tracks will have been erased by snow!

AlexPetrovich99:           "Hey~ want to hear something funny?"

NeoGameBrain:            "Maybe. But we are completely out of our element out there.

We'll be at its mercy."

Tolmara:           Jeroth:  "1 gold fer a room, but since yer actin' in my stead, ye

can stay fer half that."

NeoGameBrain:            "If we stay here, we'll have a better position should the

creature return."

AlexPetrovich99:           "One of the guys thinks he'l be able to track that thing..

even though its snowing so hard out that any tracks it might have made are

probably already gone.. " ::chuckles loudly at the thought::

AlexPetrovich99:           ::hands him a gp and waits for his change::

WyldElfRanger:             ::growls at the storm and sighs as he shakes his head.

Checking his sack he looks to see how much gold he has left.

OnlineHost:       WyldElfRanger rolled 2 4-sided dice:  4 2

Tolmara:           Jeroth hands you your change.  "May Bahgtru watch o'er ye and yer


Tolmara:           Jeroth:  "Up the stairs and to the back end o' the hall.  'Ere's

the key."

WyldElfRanger:             ::Goes back into the inn and looks about to see who and what

is about. He tries to inquire discreetly about a room.::

AlexPetrovich99:           "I ..thank-you" ::is left wondering who Bahgtru is,but

figures its a blessing,and takes it for whatever its worth::

AlexPetrovich99:           ::grabs the key::

Tolmara:           The half-orc barkeep hands you a large black iron key.

AlexPetrovich99:           "Thank-you"

AlexPetrovich99:           ((is evrybody else awake?))

WyldElfRanger:             "Damn snow is falling too fast, it erases whatever traces the

beast may have left as it falls. I'll try again in the morning but by then it

may be too late. But I will help you should it return."

AlexPetrovich99:           ::heads to his room and contemplates the days' eevnts::

AlexPetrovich99:           *events

Tolmara:           The inn's guests slowly turn in, yet remain tense and watchful for

whatever might happen.

NeoGameBrain:            ::hangs around to make conversation::

AlexPetrovich99:           ::removes his heavy winter clothing and beats the snow out

of it, and spreads it out so that it will dry faster::

NeoGameBrain:            ((or not))

AlexPetrovich99:           (time of day?)

Tolmara:           (...evening, about 7 pm)

RSwiftblade:     ((Howdy All))

WyldElfRanger:             ((Hello))

AlexPetrovich99:           (Hiya :)  ))

Tolmara:           A few stragglers remain however, in the common room, almost

unwilling to go to sleep....the human in leather armor, his studious looking

companion in blue robes, and the three humans in furs.

AlexPetrovich99:           ::after taking care of my things, I head back downstairs::

Tolmara:           The trio of humans resume their whispered conversation.  One of

them closes the silver coffer which had been lying open all this time during

the excitement, and pockets it carefully.

AlexPetrovich99:           ::goes to the bar and asks for.. something::

WyldElfRanger:             ::heads over to the barkeep to enquire about a place to rest

for a few hours::

RSwiftblade:     ::straggles behind them::

Tolmara:           The mage gestures his hands, and his armor of flames flickers out.

Tolmara:           Jeroth:  "Are ye wi' the human barbarian?  Calls himself Je'rar?

NeoGameBrain:            ::goes to talk with the leather-clad warrior and the mage::

RSwiftblade:     ::follows him::

Tolmara:           "Ye ken stay wi' him.  Unless ye want to pay extra."  The half-orc

leers at you, pig tusks a charred yellow.

WyldElfRanger:             "Not especially although I may be traveling with him soon

enough to take care of the thing that was here.

RSwiftblade:     "Wizard, do you know what it was that we were fighting?"

Tolmara:           The ranger:  "Next time, try to think before you cast!  We're lucky

those orcs didn't split our hides open!"  He hisses this to the mage as you


AlexPetrovich99:           ::looks over at the elf::

AlexPetrovich99:           "I take it you dislike my ..company"

AlexPetrovich99:           ::eeys him coldly, and waits for something to drink::

Tolmara:           The mage:  "S-so-sorry.  J-just nerves, you know."  He sneezes


AlexPetrovich99:           *eeys

AlexPetrovich99:           **eyes

WyldElfRanger:             "No although if I am to gather his other inclinations...well,

let's just say I don't swing that way and leave it at that"

NeoGameBrain:            "I suppose your friend is right, it was rather foolish of us

to cast so openly.

RSwiftblade:     "I asked you a question mage, do you know what that thing was?

AlexPetrovich99:           ::at that,turns around and looks this elf right in the


AlexPetrovich99:           "If you have something to say to mke, say it to my face,and

not behind my back"

AlexPetrovich99:           *say to me

Tolmara:           The wizard reddens slightly.  "Wh-wh-where I come from, people

intro-intro-introduce themselves first."

AlexPetrovich99:           "Jeroth..?"

AlexPetrovich99:           A drink please"

RSwiftblade:     ::approaches the mage::

WyldElfRanger:             "I meant no offence, human, unless we know each other well,

if I am to share my room with any but my own kind I would much prefer they

have a gender opposite my own."

NeoGameBrain:            "Forgive my friend.  My name is Arinth Scornfallow of


AlexPetrovich99:           "My name, is Je'rar Ogrebane.. and just who are you?"

RSwiftblade:     "I am Reiner of the norther clan of Miir"

RSwiftblade:     northern

Tolmara:           The barkeep hands over a mug, after you pay him.

AlexPetrovich99:           ::hands over 5 silver..:: " this enough?"

NeoGameBrain:            I guess we're all a bit on edge after that."

Tolmara:           The ranger:  "Gaylord Hightor and this is my friend, Drenla of the

Diamond Citadel.  We're adventurers, for hire."

Tolmara:           Jeroth:  "More than enough."  He snorts, chuckling. 

WyldElfRanger:             "I am Lythar, a ranger and huntsman serving Elantra"

NeoGameBrain:            "Always nice to meet a fellow professional."

RSwiftblade:     "My blades usually speak for me, for I am a loyal subject of

the War Father"

Tolmara:           Gaylord:  "We'd be glad to hire ourselves on, if ye'd be willing to

take us.  Drenla is a bit...strung, but a good mage of worthy skill."

RSwiftblade:     "Drenla huh?"  ::chuckles::

WyldElfRanger:             "Arcane weavers tend to be high strung their lack of divine

guindance perhaps"

Tolmara:           Drenla:  "Aye, m-my name.  Wh-wh-what so funny?"

AlexPetrovich99:           "then it should be enoguh to cover for my next one as


RSwiftblade:     "I suppose when magic is involved, one must fight magic with


NeoGameBrain:            "We'll consider it, though I doubt this job will pay much."

AlexPetrovich99:           "I see.. well-met,Lythar.. I am from the open plains.. all

the land is my home"

Tolmara:           Drenla:  "T-t-true."  He visibly relaxes.  "Th-th-that was no

or-or-ordinary creature."  He furrows his brow.  "I'm sure of it."

NeoGameBrain:            "What brings you to these parts?"

AlexPetrovich99:           ::walks over to the others::

RSwiftblade:     ::chuckles again::  " No offense but where I am from, that is a

woman's name"

AlexPetrovich99:           "Arinth.. I see we have some new friends,hm?"

WyldElfRanger:             "Hunting mainly I am just meandering about looking for things

to do"

RSwiftblade:     "You" ::looking at the humans wearing the skins:: "What is your


Tolmara:           Gaylord:  "We had heard there was work to be had near or around the

city of Wintershivven, and we were on our way there, when the storm overtook


NeoGameBrain:            "Something like that.  This is Gaylord Hightor and Drenla of

the Diamond Citadel."

Tolmara:           Drenla:  "Aye, aye.  It w-w-was just luck that we managed to spot

t-t-the Well in time."

AlexPetrovich99:           ::nods::

RSwiftblade:     "You shake Drenla, are you still cold?"

Tolmara:           Human #1:  (coughs)  "We're merchants, Fhaardling."

NeoGameBrain:            "Isn't that a coincidence?  We came here by same


AlexPetrovich99:           "Hi.. I am Je'rar Ogrebane.. the plains are my home..I too

have been in search of adventure. maybe someday return as a mighty ruler of

my people.."

NeoGameBrain:            "This night has been full of all sorts of luck."

Tolmara:           "I am Shagath, this is Terth and my friend here is Xavick.  We were

on our way to Wintershivven, but overstayed ourselves apparently.  I told you

(to Xavick) we should have left before first light!"

AlexPetrovich99:           "Fhaardling.. hmph.. as I said, call me by my name, or not

at all"

Tolmara:           "Very well, barbarian."

AlexPetrovich99:           "Shagath,terth..and..Xavick..did I get that right? .. this

storms' going to last for at least another day,maybe even two"

AlexPetrovich99:           "barbarian.. "::eyebrows go up, and then starts to let out

a genuine laugh::

Tolmara:           "Aye, so it will.  And the sooner it ends, the sooner we can away."

RSwiftblade:     "That is on the way to my clan.

AlexPetrovich99:           "No, I can't lay claim to being of those peoples.. although

i guess I can understand how some people may be unable to tell the


AlexPetrovich99:           "Although there are some of my people who enter the

batlle-rage, I am not one of them"

AlexPetrovich99:           *battle-rage

OnlineHost:       RSwiftblade rolled 1 20-sided die:  5

Tolmara:           Terth:  "Pardon my uncouth friend here, but he has never liked the

folk of the plains ever since his family was the subject of a raid.  'Tis not

your fault, but for circumstance bringing you both here."

WyldElfRanger:             ::Lythar just smirks and listens, part of him looks for a

good place to go into reverie if he can't get some thing more private.::

RSwiftblade:     (11 intimidate) ::in Human#1's face:: "I am Reiner...do not


Tolmara:           (that would be a room upstairs that Jeroth procures at the last


AlexPetrovich99:           "Ah yes.. ::shrugs:: I see.. well for you it is that you

weren't subkected to the two giants that nearly killed my father,along with a

number of our men.. I'll never forget that day"

AlexPetrovich99:           *subjected

Tolmara:           Shagath pales and swallows audibly.  "Indeed, Master Reiner, I

shan't."  Turning to Terth and Xavick, "I think we should retire, eh?"

Tolmara:           As the trader gets up, he hastily knocks over his wine goblet,

spilling the contents on the table. 

NeoGameBrain:            "So, Drenla was it?  What school do you study?"

AlexPetrovich99:           ::downs the rest of his drink, goes to get a re-fill,as the

5 silver was .. more than enough::

Tolmara:           "My apologies, friends."  So saying, he walks quickly to the stairs

and ascends.

RSwiftblade:     "I need more food this cauldron is empty!"

AlexPetrovich99:           (any chance of my catching it for him?)

Tolmara:           (Dex)

OnlineHost:       AlexPetrovich99 rolled 1 20-sided die:  4

AlexPetrovich99:           maybe not

RSwiftblade:     ((LOL))

Tolmara:           Drenla:  "Erm, um, ev-ev-flames and fire."

AlexPetrovich99:           ::looks and smiles.. barely utters aloud the word:


Tolmara:           (Reflex, I mean)

Tolmara:           Drenla:  "Ye know, things that go boom."

AlexPetrovich99:           (yep; unless dc was less than a 7.. rotfl)

RSwiftblade:     "Drenla, relax.  You need a drink"  ::passes him his drink::

Tolmara:           Drenla:  "An' if magic does not work, there's always this..."  He

points to his staff.

Tolmara:           Drenla:  "Erm, er, I c-c-can't.  Bad for the sin-sin-nose."

Tolmara:           He sneezes.

RSwiftblade:     "Or this" ::slides both swords halfway out of their sheaths::

NeoGameBrain:            "Evocation, then?  Strange.  Usually evokers tend to have


RSwiftblade:     "Ah I see" 

OnlineHost:       RSwiftblade rolled 1 20-sided die:  9

Tolmara:           Gaylord (muttering):  "That is, if he doesn't kill us both first

with some damned spell at the wrong time."

AlexPetrovich99:           ::gives a barely perceptible shake of his head at Reiner's

actions,and goes to finish his other drink before going to his room::

RSwiftblade:     (healing 14) "Chew on some of these herbs, good for what ales

you"  ::hands him some really foul herbs::

AlexPetrovich99:           "mmm" *glug*

Tolmara:           ((phone))

AlexPetrovich99:           ::goes to call it a night::

NeoGameBrain:            "I personally don't have much use for such flash.  I prefer a

more subtle touch."

RSwiftblade:     ::starts to sharpen his throwing axe::

WyldElfRanger:             ::sighs and shakes his head as he heads for the stables to

find a place to hide and be undisturbed for a few hours.::

NeoGameBrain:            "My specialty is in divinations, discovering the truth about


AlexPetrovich99:           (upstairs) :

AlexPetrovich99:           "zzzzzz"

RSwiftblade:     ::grunts::

RSwiftblade:     "Hocus pokus, I guess it has its place"

RSwiftblade:     ::yanks out a hair from his chest and slices it accross his


NeoGameBrain:            ::stares hard at Drenla with smirk:: "And I mean anything."

RSwiftblade:     "That will do"

Tolmara:           Drenla (takes the herbs):  "I'll t-t-try them, thank you.  (to the

diviner) M-m-my problem is-is...isn't ordinary.  I have nightmares of

th-th-the Test.  I'll fail."

RSwiftblade:     ::pulls out another axe and does same::

Tolmara:           Drenla:  "It's n-n-not time for me to take it yet, b-b-but if I

don't pass, th-th-then, I'd rather die."

RSwiftblade:     "You need some meat on those bones, ofcouse you'll not pass any

tests if ye are not strong!"

Tolmara:           Drenla (whispering):  "Is he always like that?"

RSwiftblade:     ::starts to sing a song about courage and strength under his


NeoGameBrain:            "Incessantly so, but he has a point."

Tolmara:           Gaylord:  "Perhaps you can teach my friend the value of patience, a

quality he has in short supply."

RSwiftblade:     ::As he pulls out his dagger to sharpen::

NeoGameBrain:            "Oh?"

Tolmara:           Gaylord:  "Aye, I can't tell you the number of times he's almost

caused our deaths from an ill-timed spell or action."

RSwiftblade:     ::learing at Drenla:: "Whatever ye do you must do with

conviction, or it is not worth it, so sayeth the will of the War Father"

RSwiftblade:     "Aye Gaylord, but ye are still alive right?"  ::laughs::

Tolmara:           Drenla (coughing):  "Ack, ahhhk, erm, aye."

NeoGameBrain:            "You know, I hear black pepper does wonderful things for

sinuses.  You really should try it"

Tolmara:           Gaylord:  "For now.  I warned him earlier that Tonazk was from the

Burning Blade clan, and those orcs have a reputation for distrusting mojokan,

especially since their own mojoka don't survive long."

Tolmara:           Gaylord:  "The fool cast an armor spell when it wasn't necessary.

We didn't have time to act against the creature that surprised us.  We're

lucky we still have our heads."

RSwiftblade:     "HAHA, that must seem funny to you now and even more funny in

years to come"

NeoGameBrain:            "True, but better that than a fireball spell."

WyldElfRanger:             ::Lyth went to the stables or outside to find a place to

sleep where he won't be disturbed for the few hours he needs::

Tolmara:           (Muttering) Gaylord:  "Very good then, if Tonazk or his orcs decide

to sharpen their axes on our necks, I'll defer to your superior skills."

WyldElfRanger:             ((well not sleep per se but reverie))

Tolmara:           (ok)

Tolmara:           ((running things separately with Lythar, pls try to remember where

you are, ok?  You won't be able to react.))

RSwiftblade:     "Drenla"::touches him on the shoulder:: "The War Father can

give you strenth.  You must find your own first"

Tolmara:           As Lythar enters the stables, he (you) hears the sound of loud


NeoGameBrain:            "I doubt we're in much danger.  They seem to be dependant on

our skills.  Even if that weren't so, orcs are nothing new to me."

Tolmara:           (the stables):  There is a LOUD RRRRRIP, and more munching.

Tolmara:           (the stables):  SLURP, MUNCH, SLURP

RSwiftblade:     "Where is that food"

WyldElfRanger:             ::quirks an eyebrow and takes out his club not that he's

worried but he going to investigate the sound::

RSwiftblade:     (not in stable)

Tolmara:           Ubbi, the orc cook, walks into the main room and refills the


WyldElfRanger:             ((search check?))

Tolmara:           (if you want)

OnlineHost:       WyldElfRanger rolled 1 20-sided die:  4

WyldElfRanger:             (13 total)

RSwiftblade:     "Thank you Ubbi, I fear you will have to return"

Tolmara:           Gaylord sighs.  "I just wish that he were more patient and didn't

worry so much.  There's still time for him to prepare for this Test of his.

It won't kill him, will it?"

NeoGameBrain:            ::suddenly cocks his head as he gets one of his feelings, but

shakes his head and dismisses it::

Tolmara:           "It won't kill him not to worry so much, I mean.  I don't think

that's so much to ask.  Just to think before he acts.  Not the other way


RSwiftblade:     "In my clan they strap you to an anthill oven the night and if

you live you are a man"

NeoGameBrain:            "Yes, Hurishta and the Circle do encourage the practice of

restraint above all else."

RSwiftblade:     That is the only test that I know! "::laughs::

RSwiftblade:     ::mouth gurgling with blood::

NeoGameBrain:            "Magic is supposed to be a last resort, though I admit I tend

to be rather dependent on it."

RSwiftblade:     "Ye have ye dagger no, most wizards carry a dagger"  ::Laughs::

Tolmara:           (A roll wasn't necessary, because Lythar sees the following when he

rounds the corner...)

Tolmara:           In the middle of the room, lie two pack mules, their necks slashed

open, and half eaten.  The "tadpole" is busy feeding on their carcass.

Tolmara:           Drenla:  "I thought a staff would be more im-im-worthy looking.  I

never co-could pay much att-att-attention to physical class."

WyldElfRanger:             ::suddenly wishes he has something larger and throws his club

at the tadpole before drawing his knife::

Tolmara:           (Lythar, ONLY Lythar, initiative)

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 1 20-sided die:  17

OnlineHost:       WyldElfRanger rolled 1 20-sided die:  13

WyldElfRanger:             (init 16)

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 1 20-sided die:  19

Tolmara:           The "tadpole" looks up, and momentarily, you can spot its eyes

open, as large as dinner plates.  Its maw, which you hadn't seen before is

quite fang filled.

Tolmara:           Rows and rows of needle sharp teeth fill its toothy maw.

Tolmara:           Suddenly, it slithers back, using its tail to propel itself, and

tenses, waiting for your move.

WyldElfRanger:             ::growls and throws his club at it hoping to stun it as he

goes for his long knife::

Tolmara:           (roll)

OnlineHost:       WyldElfRanger rolled 1 20-sided die:  5

WyldElfRanger:             (+4 which makes for a total of 9)

NeoGameBrain:            "I think I know what you're problem is, Drenla.  You're too

enamored with the image of a mage."

Tolmara:           The "tadpole" neatly sidesteps the thrown weapon (it missed

anyway), and slithers back further, waiting.

RSwiftblade:     ::laughs:: "So was I in Tolmara, Masha was her name"

RSwiftblade:     "Her image was quite nice"

NeoGameBrain:            "Being a wizard, it's not about position or respect or raw

power.  It's about knowledge and understanding."

RSwiftblade:     "She sure had knowledge and understanding"

RSwiftblade:     ::Laughs::

NeoGameBrain:            ::smacking Reiner in the back of the head:: "It's about

dipping your head in the lake to see what's there."

Tolmara:           Gaylord chuckles.  Even the wizard manages to smile at that one.

"M-m-my teacher k-kept hinting at a sp-spell once.  Something about fingers."

RSwiftblade:     "Dipping what?"

WyldElfRanger:             ::readies his knife (picture a slashing short sword or a

bowie knife of steroids) and prepares to attack::

Tolmara:           Drenla:  "But I could never understand what he was talking about."

Tolmara:           The "tadpole" rushes forward, claws at the ready and lunges at


OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 3 20-sided dice:  7 10 11

RSwiftblade:     "She certainly let my fingers do the walking if you know what I


WyldElfRanger:             ::smirks as he's able to dodge all of its attacks::

NeoGameBrain:            ::sighs::  "I give up."

RSwiftblade:     "Yes we took a dip in the lake and saw what was there"

AlexPetrovich99:           ((yippee..my red Sox beat the yankees))

RSwiftblade:     :P

Tolmara:           (AC 11, 14 and 15)

NeoGameBrain:            ::looks around::  "Wonder where Je'rar and that elf went?"

WyldElfRanger:             ((you just missed with the 15))

Tolmara:           (next round)

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 1 20-sided die:  17

OnlineHost:       WyldElfRanger rolled 1 20-sided die:  8

Tolmara:           (it was holding its action)

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 3 20-sided dice:  16 5 20

Tolmara:           (AC 20, miss and possible crit)

RSwiftblade:     "No seriously, I do not know much about magekraft, but may the

War Father send you virtue"  ::touches Drenla on the shoulder::

WyldElfRanger:             ((I just got an 11 for init))

Tolmara:           The "tadpole" extends one forelimb and rakes the side of Lythar's

thigh, lunges with its other claw and misses as the elf nimbly sidesteps


OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 1 20-sided die:  1

Tolmara:           (not a crit, full damage though)

Tolmara:           and then closes in with a vicious bite to his shield arm (7 dmg)

RSwiftblade:     "Yeah, where are the others?  I guess it is my charming

personality that drove them away"

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 1 2-sided die:  2

Tolmara:           (total 9)

WyldElfRanger:             ::grimaces as he gives a slash with his knife as he tries to

back off::

Tolmara:           The "tadpole", sensing an advantage, does not back off, but


Tolmara:           (roll)

OnlineHost:       WyldElfRanger rolled 1 20-sided die:  14

WyldElfRanger:             (18 total unless this is a magical beast)

Tolmara:           (hit)

OnlineHost:       WyldElfRanger rolled 1 6-sided die:  5

NeoGameBrain:            ::asks the barkeep about his missing companions::

Tolmara:           It shrieks, as a spray of black blood jets out of its wound and

splatters all over the stables.

WyldElfRanger:             (8 points of damage)

Tolmara:           The mules in the structure, what little there remains, cower in


Tolmara:           The "tadpole" shrieks with rage, and slithers back, recoiling as it

does.  As it withdraws, you can see wounds on its back, from where Dantrag

pierced it with his trident, and also burn marks

Tolmara:           from where it landed in the fireplace.  The wounds seem to have

healed some.

WyldElfRanger:             ::calls out to Elantra as he sheathes his knife and takes out

his bow.::

Tolmara:           Jeroth:  "I believe your barbarian friend went upstairs to sleep.

Your elf decided to sleep in the stables.  Unusual for an elf."

Tolmara:           He chuckles, continuing to wipe a glass with a dirty rag.

Tolmara:           Drenla bows to Reiner:  "Thank you, friend.  I've never heard

anything so funny in my life."  He smiles faintly.

RSwiftblade:     "Well I am tired and must have my strength if we are to slay

this thing tomorrow."

AlexPetrovich99:           ((I'm wondering if the others are afk))

Tolmara:           Drenla:  "I sh-shall take what I've heard tonight and th-think on

it, Arinth.  Th-thank you for the ad-ad-advice."

AlexPetrovich99:           ((lol o k.. at least one's still here :P  ))

NeoGameBrain:            "The stables?  What a strange thing."

Tolmara:           Gaylord:  "Well, we're turning in.  Let's go, Dren."

RSwiftblade:     "Do not worry. Good night"

Tolmara:           (new round)

NeoGameBrain:            "Oh yes, anything for a fellow scholar."

OnlineHost:       WyldElfRanger rolled 1 20-sided die:  2

WyldElfRanger:             ((oh good grief these dice roll worse than the ones on


RSwiftblade:     ::Reiner starts to head up the stairs looking out at the

blizzard as he passes any windows::

AlexPetrovich99:           ((its a tough life there,Charlie Brown :P  ))

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 1 20-sided die:  19

RSwiftblade:     ::he lets out a fart on the way up::

RSwiftblade:     "good meal"

WyldElfRanger:             ((holding action till the beginning of the the next round

beyond backing up and switching weapons he is doing nothing else))

Tolmara:           The creature cocks its head suddenly, and emboldened by your

(Lythar's) weakened condition, suddenly rushes the elf, a blur of motion.

NeoGameBrain:            ::decides to check on the elf::

Tolmara:           It rushes past you (Lythar) as it tries to flee the stables.

WyldElfRanger:             ((do I need to roll something for the invocation of the


NeoGameBrain:            ::wraps his cloak tightly around him and heads to the stable::

Tolmara:           (no, its at will)

WyldElfRanger:             ((AOO?))

Tolmara:           (you have an AoO as the "tadpole" rushes past you, if you want)

OnlineHost:       WyldElfRanger rolled 1 20-sided die:  17

Tolmara:           (hit)

OnlineHost:       WyldElfRanger rolled 1 8-sided die:  2

AlexPetrovich99:           ((clubbing it with your bow?))

WyldElfRanger:             ((6 damage total))

WyldElfRanger:             ((remember Legolas and Cave Troll in Fellowship?))

Tolmara:           The creature gurgles as more blood comes spurting out, and still it

continues on, although weaker than before.  It's moving slower, although its

still a blur.  You sense that you have a very short window to act before the

snow hides

Tolmara:           its progress once again.

Tolmara:           (new round)

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 1 20-sided die:  3

WyldElfRanger:             ::chasing after it, hoping the powers granted to him by his

goddess help him::

OnlineHost:       WyldElfRanger rolled 1 20-sided die:  15

WyldElfRanger:             (18 init)

Tolmara:           (Arinth, it'll take you 3 rounds to get to the stable)

Tolmara:           (your move Lythar)

Tolmara:           Drenla and Gaylord head upstairs.

RSwiftblade:     ::farts again:

WyldElfRanger:             ::shooting it again with his bow(within 30 ft.?))

RSwiftblade:     "really good meal"

Tolmara:           (yes, -2 due to poor visibility)

OnlineHost:       WyldElfRanger rolled 1 20-sided die:  19

WyldElfRanger:             (22 total)

Tolmara:           Drenla wrinkles his nose but says nothing.

Tolmara:           (hit)

Tolmara:           (damage?)

OnlineHost:       WyldElfRanger rolled 1 8-sided die:  8

Z SPOOK Z:    "Must you really do that constantly?"

WyldElfRanger:             (12 total that time)

Tolmara:           The creature gurgles and topples over, dead.

AlexPetrovich99:           (hm? how'd he get a +4 with an arrow?)

AlexPetrovich99:           (if there's a neat trick to that, I wanna know for my guy

:P )

WyldElfRanger:             (Point Blank Shot +1 damage and +3 for Str, I took cheap

melee weapons to afford a good bow))

AlexPetrovich99:           (oh. a mighty bow +3.. that's a helluva lot of money)

Tolmara:           Eventually, Arinth gets to the stables.

Tolmara:           You see the "tadpole", collapsed on the snow, bleeding black ichor

all over the grounds.

WyldElfRanger:             ::checking to see what it is that I killed and whether it was

some sort of aberration or magical beast::

Tolmara:           You've never seen a creature like this before....at least in the

natural world.

WyldElfRanger:             (PBS pads both damage and attack in 3.5 I think they came to

that conclusion after watching Fellowship again)

WyldElfRanger:             "What in the world is this?"

Tolmara:           (Arinth, you're there, by now.)

Tolmara:           (back at the inn...)

NeoGameBrain:            "What in the world"

WyldElfRanger:             "I just killed it"

NeoGameBrain:            "So this is the beast we've been chasing."

NeoGameBrain:            ((can I use a knowledge arcana check to ID it?))

NeoGameBrain:            ::as he studies the strange creature::  "Are you all right?"

NeoGameBrain:            ::speaking to the elf::

Tolmara:           ((sure))

WyldElfRanger:             "I've been better, it almost killed me"

OnlineHost:       NeoGameBrain rolled 1 20-sided die:  9

NeoGameBrain:            ((16))

NeoGameBrain:            ::takes a look at the elf::  "So I see.  You're certainly

hearty for an elf."

RSwiftblade:     ::prays to Digira before going to bed::

WyldElfRanger:             "My birth sign is Elantra's she takes care of her children."

WyldElfRanger:             ::looks for a place to rest undisturbed::

AlexPetrovich99:           ((afk..one of my wife's aunts just pulled up..bad timing, I


Tolmara:           (sure, np dude.)

WyldElfRanger:             ::after recovering his club of couse::

NeoGameBrain:            "Come with me inside. We'll get you patched up."

Tolmara:           (brb in 10)

WyldElfRanger:             ((OK, we can wait of course))

Tolmara:           ((back))

Tolmara:           (Where do Arinth and Lythar go?)

WyldElfRanger:             ((WB))

AlexPetrovich99:           (ok)

WyldElfRanger:             ::uses Wild Empathy to try and calm the animals in the

stables before looking for a nice shadowwy corner to rest::

Tolmara:           (roll if needed)

NeoGameBrain:            ((the inn would be preferable))

OnlineHost:       WyldElfRanger rolled 1 20-sided die:  6

WyldElfRanger:             (total of 10 for the result)

Tolmara:           (success)

NeoGameBrain:            "You're going to stay in the stables?"

RSwiftblade:     ((got booted off sorry))

WyldElfRanger:             "I'm an elf I don't need that much rest and besides I think

the animals need me more than the humans, it may comfort them to know I am


RSwiftblade:     "what is going on?"

WyldElfRanger:             ::and with that I meditate and wait for the effect to wear


RSwiftblade:     "you look hurt"

NeoGameBrain:            "But you're injured.  At least come to the inn for healing."

WyldElfRanger:             ::smiles and nods:: "I can't deny that I need some healing"

AlexPetrovich99:           ((Grrr.. now my dad's stopping by.. lol)

RSwiftblade:     ((ok, jumped the gun))

NeoGameBrain:            ::smiles:: "Good."  ::looks at the creature::  "We should

bring that in too.  I might be able to identify it if I study it more."

AlexPetrovich99:           (lol ok..maybe not.. one of the boota's friend's downstairs

has a similar car)

RSwiftblade:     ((allright fellas, let's get moving here))

Tolmara:           ((it's a little difficult to move if everyone keeps leaving.))

NeoGameBrain:            ::drags the carcass back to the inn (with Lythar

NeoGameBrain:            Lythar's help?))::

WyldElfRanger:             ((Grrr AOL is a pain in the tail, royally))

Tolmara:           When you enter the inn, the tension breaks palpably.  Jeroth almost

fires a crossbow at you, but relaxes when he realizes its you.

Tolmara:           "It's that creature that rushed out at us!"

WyldElfRanger:             "The beast is dead, all hail the conquering heroes!"

NeoGameBrain:            "Correction.  It was the creature that rushed out at us."

Tolmara:           Unfortunately, there isn't much of a welcome, since most of the

inn's guests are asleep.

Tolmara:           Jeroth:  "Well, I suppose I'll have to give thanks ye did such a

fine job.  Have yer stay free, courtesy o' me."

NeoGameBrain:            ::to Jeroth::  "I don't want the body disturbed at all, you

hear me."

Tolmara:           He looks almost crestfallen, but brightens a bit.  "Say, now that

this is o'er, I'll be able to git business.  Hmmm!"

Tolmara:           Jeroth nods rapidly at you.  "Anything ye want, young master, ye'll


Tolmara:           "Well, within reason."

WyldElfRanger:             "That will be good, I need time to heal and reverie although

I also would like someone to identify the carcass"

NeoGameBrain:            "I need to study the body until I can figure out what it

is...and if there'll be more of the infernal things."

AlexPetrovich99:           "zzzZzz"

AlexPetrovich99:           ((afk))

NeoGameBrain:            "Right now, I believe this is the only one, but best to keep

on guard just in case."

RSwiftblade:     "ZZZ"

WyldElfRanger:             ::Lythar smirks and takes a seat somewhere, going into a bit

a trance as he slips from conciousness::

NeoGameBrain:            ((any healers in our party?))

Tolmara:           ((none atm.  Trayn but he's in limbo land.))

NeoGameBrain:            ((right David))

Tolmara:           ((and Alfred's PC, who's a barb/cleric.  correct, Alfred?))

RSwiftblade:     ((yup))

NeoGameBrain:            ::goes up to his group's room to wake his companions::

RSwiftblade:     (how do you wake Reiner up?)

NeoGameBrain:            ::shakes Reiner::  "Reiner. Reiner, wake up!"

OnlineHost:       RSwiftblade rolled 1 20-sided die:  5

RSwiftblade:     (12)  ::Reiner puts a dagger at your throat but realizes that

you are not a foe and draws it away::

RSwiftblade:     "Uh... sorry, why do you wake me?"

NeoGameBrain:            "Nice to see you too.  Come on, someone needs some healing."

RSwiftblade:     What happened?"

RSwiftblade:     ::throws his pants on::

NeoGameBrain:            "The elf came across the creature in the stables and killed

it.  He's cut up a good bit."

RSwiftblade:     ::starts to walk down with him::

RSwiftblade:     "Glorious, The War Father will be proud"

RSwiftblade:     I will help him as well as I can"

RSwiftblade:     ::goes down stairs::

RSwiftblade:     "Where is he?"

NeoGameBrain:            ::points to the elf in the chair::  "I think he's only

sleeping, or whatever it is that elves do."

RSwiftblade:     ::loudly:: "Lythar are you awake?"

NeoGameBrain:            "And that's the creature over there."

RSwiftblade:     "We should burn it as an offering to the War Father"

RSwiftblade:     "Lythar!"

NeoGameBrain:            "No, I need to find out what it is first."

RSwiftblade:     "Then we can offer it"

RSwiftblade:     "He must be unconscious"

NeoGameBrain:            "Later.  All I can tell so far is that it isn't from this


WyldElfRanger:             ((yeah, he's in reverie and having a vision at the moment))

RSwiftblade:     "Hmm...magic"

NeoGameBrain:            "I need to study it further.  Find out where it came from and

whether these things come in packs.""

NeoGameBrain:            "Until then, not one speck of this thing's hide is to be


WyldElfRanger:             ((grrr, I'm being forced off-line for dinner, I really need

to start looking for my own place soon))

RSwiftblade:     ::reiner waves some stuff under his nose to wake him up from

his healing pack::

RSwiftblade:     ((oh well))

Tolmara:           Presently, Lythar wakes from his reverie.

RSwiftblade:     "Well then, I am going back to bed and next time mage, just

call my name"

RSwiftblade:     "Ah you are back"

RSwiftblade:     "Fine job, the war father would be proud! Here, I am not going

to lie.  This is going to hurt ...a lot."

Tolmara:           (we'll stop shortly since people aren't here, and I don't want to

continue without a complement of people.)

Tolmara:           (in 15 minutes.)

Tolmara:           (XP after this session.)

RSwiftblade:     ::rubs some herbs in his wounds and takes out some gut to seal

the slashes in his flesh::

Tolmara:           (Lythar is in limbo land, that is I won't be running him, but you

can do what you want to him, within reason.  LOL))

RSwiftblade:     "May the War Father grant you health"

RSwiftblade:     ::Lythar gains 3 hp::

RSwiftblade:     "Good night, see you in the morning"

Tolmara:           (Morning comes.)

RSwiftblade:     (what is it like outside?)

RSwiftblade:     ((who is still here?)

RSwiftblade:     )

NeoGameBrain:            ::studiously takes notes, make sketches and draws diagrams of

the creature::

Tolmara:           The snow has stopped, or at least lessened over the course of the

evening.  As the dawn light comes, the guests of the inn waken and find

themselves in tense spirits, watchful for what might pass, until Jeroth

passes out the good ne

NeoGameBrain:            ::has been studying and what little research he can since


Tolmara:           news, that you're heroes and the creature is slain.  The mood in

the inn visibly relaxes.

Tolmara:           Even the orcs are impressed, with Tonazk clapping Lythar on the

back in good humor and exclaiming "Zedek nka lazd, kararka."

AlexPetrovich99:           (sorry about that)

NeoGameBrain:            ((meaning?))

RSwiftblade:     ::farts:: "What in the abyssal planes was in that food?"

AlexPetrovich99:           (my youngest has 2 birthday parties coming up,one on the

3rd, and one on the 9th)

Tolmara:           ((OOC:  You fought well, warrior.))

AlexPetrovich99:           (one of her uncles can't make it so he stopped by today)

NeoGameBrain:            ((hopefully, Jeroth was kind enough to make my wishes clear

that the body be left alone until I'm done with it))

AlexPetrovich99:           ((*hopes we won't stop too soon, as I'd really like to grab

some more RP and xp )

RSwiftblade:     "Aye that he did"

AlexPetrovich99:           ::awakens,adorns his armor and gear, heads downstairs::

AlexPetrovich99:           "Ok.. what's all the noise about?"

Tolmara:           From what you've been able to gather, (you meaning Arinth), the

creature is an otherworldly creature but you have no idea as to its name or

where it came from.

AlexPetrovich99:           "I see.. nothing .. heh"

NeoGameBrain:            ::ignores the hubub as documents the creature and tries to

remember his lessons on the planes::

AlexPetrovich99:           ::goes outside to start looking for the critter::

RSwiftblade:     ::Reiner's face gimmaces::

NeoGameBrain:            ((so no recheck on knowledge arcana then?))

Tolmara:           It seemed to be a youngling of its kind, and there are indications

that it was preparing to change or transform, since it was in the act of

feeding when Lythar discovered it.  It had finished two mules in less than 10

minutes and

Tolmara:           would have started on the horses.

Tolmara:           ((if you want.))

OnlineHost:       NeoGameBrain rolled 1 20-sided die:  9

RSwiftblade:     "Come on warrior, let us check the compound and see what is out

there in daylight"

NeoGameBrain:            ((mmrrmbmmbffff.  Same result))

Tolmara:           Shagath:  "Well, now that the storm has passed momentarily and it

looks safe enough since the creature is slain, we'll be on our way."

AlexPetrovich99:           ::looks for any hints of the creature's return::

RSwiftblade:     "There must be some sort of entrance or gate within this place

for that thing to enter, what do you mages call them?"

Tolmara:           "We'd take you along if you want, as caravan guards..."

AlexPetrovich99:           (do I find anything?)

NeoGameBrain:            "A gate.  Sometimes a portal."

AlexPetrovich99:           ::keeps searching::

Tolmara:           (If Je'rar is searching, he's not in the inn.)

RSwiftblade:     "we will return in a short while"

AlexPetrovich99:           (that is correct)

NeoGameBrain:            ::finally gets up from his work::  "You can dispose of the

body now if you wish.  I'm done here."

RSwiftblade:     "The only place that I can think of that may go elsewher is

that strage well

RSwiftblade:     "

Tolmara:           Jeroth and Ubbi prepare to chop it up.  "Good because it was

starting to stink here."

RSwiftblade:     "Jeroth ...burn it"

Tolmara:           "Whjat?!?  And let perfectly fine meat go to waste?  We'll cook it

thank you very much."

AlexPetrovich99:           ::ses the snow has lessened a good bit. goes to the stables

to get a horse::

RSwiftblade:     ::looking angrily:: "BURN IT!"

AlexPetrovich99:           *::sees the snow has

Tolmara:           "Ubbi, ignore the oaf.  Should be delicious, stuffed with onions

and garlic."

RSwiftblade:     "unless you care to perhaps  poison your guests"

RSwiftblade:     "Who will then seek revenge on your hides"

Tolmara:           Jeroth stops for a moment and considers.  "On second thought, he

does have a point.  But then, Ubbi is notorious for sickening people with his


RSwiftblade:     "Yes I know"

RSwiftblade:     ::farts again::

Tolmara:           Ubbi:  "grunt"

Tolmara:           Jeroth:  *sigh*.  "We'll have to burn it, I suppose."

RSwiftblade:     "Don't say I did not warn you"

RSwiftblade:     "Caravan guides?"

RSwiftblade:     "We shall see"

NeoGameBrain:            ::to Jeroth::  Perhaps its for the best.  ::quietly::  Between

you and me, it might be best to increase the watch around here.  Whatever

this thing is, it comes in groups.  What we killed was only a youngling."

RSwiftblade:     ::goes to the well::

Tolmara:           Terth (looking up from breakfast):  "Why yes, caravan guides.  We

have a ways to go, about a week's worth of travel between now and

Wintershivven.  Actually, we're on our way to Griffonsmere.  We're passing

through Tolrindel and

AlexPetrovich99:           ::enters the stables::

Tolmara:           Tolmara, but you don't have to come along with us."

AlexPetrovich99:           [chat lag] :(

Tolmara:           Jeroth nods sagely.  "Good advice, and thank ye, mojoka."

RSwiftblade:     ::looks at well closely::  "This just does not fit here... "

Tolmara:           The well, after which Jeroth's Well is named, is a pool of crystal

clear water, sitting serenely in a chamber of marble lined with

phosphorescent moss.

RSwiftblade:     (searches the well for clues)

Tolmara:           The temperature of the water is at odds with the snow outside.

Tolmara:           The well itself is 40' deep.

Tolmara:           It's not even freezing or frozen inside the well.

Tolmara:           On the contrary, it's "room temperature".

RSwiftblade:     (casts light on the inside of the well to see down the shaft)

AlexPetrovich99:           ::sei9ng nothing amiss,gets on a horse and exits the


Tolmara:           The bottom can clearly be seen.

RSwiftblade:     "That is odd..the water is not icy"

AlexPetrovich99:           OOC: Je'rar doesn't know that its dead yet

RSwiftblade:     "Je'rar"

AlexPetrovich99:           ::rides towards ..Reiner::

RSwiftblade:     "Touch the water, what is wrong here?"

AlexPetrovich99:           "Yes.. I'm going to go hunting for that thing before it

causes any more mischief"

AlexPetrovich99:           "The water? Why?"

RSwiftblade:     "It is dead, but there may be more"

AlexPetrovich99:           ::dismounts::

AlexPetrovich99:           "Its what?"

RSwiftblade:     "What is wrong here?"

AlexPetrovich99:           "You mean the critter's dead? What happened ?"

RSwiftblade:     "It's dead...again what is wrong here?

RSwiftblade:     "It was slain last night"

RSwiftblade:     "touch the water"

NeoGameBrain:            "So, this caravan guard.  How much does it pay?

AlexPetrovich99:           ::looks at the well. rather obvious,isn't it? Its got to be

magical.. because there's no way water wouldn't turn icy-solid in this


RSwiftblade:     "Right"

AlexPetrovich99:           "Last night? While I was in my room? Why didn't somebody

call for me?"

RSwiftblade:     Go get our booky boy"

AlexPetrovich99:           ::looks hurt::

RSwiftblade:     "I too was asleep"

RSwiftblade:     "And grab that half orc as well"

AlexPetrovich99:           "Well that's just great.. here I was looking forward to

hunting this thing, and then next thing I know I'm no longer needed.."

RSwiftblade:     "Ah well...I will do it"

AlexPetrovich99:           "Half-orc and booky boy? which orc? Jeroth ?"

RSwiftblade:     ::with a scowl:: Yes Jeroth"

RSwiftblade:     and our mage

RSwiftblade:     "

RSwiftblade:     ::starts to walk in the direction of the inn

Tolmara:           Terth:  "Well, I can't say it'll be free from danger.  I mean,

there's been reports of orcs (lowering his voice a bit) rushing forth from

the Forest of Miir, on raids

RSwiftblade:     ::slams door open::

AlexPetrovich99:           ::sees reiner go back to the inn.. takes the horse back to

the stables and then jogs over to the inn as well::

Tolmara:           and pillaging in the outlying villages, driven by some unknown

force or personage.  This is unusual because things've been peaceful for many

many years.  In fact, I suspect those heads on Tonazk's necklace came from a

recent raid,

RSwiftblade:     "Jeroth, please step outside with me for a moment?"

RSwiftblade:     "I need your help"

Tolmara:           but you didn't hear that from me.  (raising his voice again)  Why,

I think we'd pay a rate of 1 gold per person per day, with no charge for

meals or incidentals and anything you find from battles and whatnot

Tolmara:           is yours to keep.  We'll even cover you for the sword and entrance

taxes as you enter cities if you accompany us all the way to Griffonsmere."

RSwiftblade:     "Jeroth?"

AlexPetrovich99:           ::approaches Reiner and Jeroth::

AlexPetrovich99:           "So what's going on?"

RSwiftblade:     "He knows more than he is saying...I can feel it"

Tolmara:           Jeroth:  "I'm a bit busy.  Can't it wait?  Someone's got to keep

house around here."  He continues wiping down the bar.

AlexPetrovich99:           *tries to sense motive as reiner is telling me this*

AlexPetrovich99:           *Sense Jeroth's motive,that is

Tolmara:           (roll)

OnlineHost:       AlexPetrovich99 rolled 1 20-sided die:  6

AlexPetrovich99:           8

AlexPetrovich99:           whooho whatta roll !

AlexPetrovich99:           lmao

Tolmara:           ((lol))

AlexPetrovich99:           ::glares at Jeroth::

NeoGameBrain:            ::glances at Tonazk for a moment:: "Yes, that sounds fair

enough .  We were heading that way anyhow.  I shall talk it over with my


RSwiftblade:     "It cannot wait and I would like your company now"

AlexPetrovich99:           "UI've been very nice to you..more-so than I ever thought

I'd be to any of your kind.. is this true?" *attempts to strike an

intimidating posture

AlexPetrovich99:           *"I've

Tolmara:           Xavick (he sounds VERY nasal):  "Don't think too long, boyo, we're

leaving soon in a few hours."

OnlineHost:       RSwiftblade rolled 1 20-sided die:  4

AlexPetrovich99:           (Intimidation check?)

Tolmara:           Jeroth:  "Well, 'twill have to wait, cuz I haven't eaten yet.  Shut

yer trap, human."

RSwiftblade:     (10) intimidate

OnlineHost:       AlexPetrovich99 rolled 1 20-sided die:  6

AlexPetrovich99:           lol n/m my rolling for now,hm?

RSwiftblade:     "No, I must insist that we take a walk outside"

Tolmara:           Jeroth guffaws.  "If that's the best ye can do, 'warrior', I'll eat

my boots."

AlexPetrovich99:           "Jeroth.. I'll cover the bar for you, if thats your only


Tolmara:           Jeroth:  "Bahgtru na kerarka!  I insist on having my breakfast!"

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 1 20-sided die:  15

AlexPetrovich99:           "Hm?"

AlexPetrovich99:           ::looks at Reiner:

Tolmara:           His body language seems to indicate that he won't be pushed.

AlexPetrovich99:           "Umm.. he's got a point there,actually.. I'd be a bit pissy

if someone tried to stop me from morning-meal too"

AlexPetrovich99:           ::looking at Jeroth:: "Like..sorry; I didn't realize you

haven't eaten at all yet"

Tolmara:           "Harrumph."  He continues wiping the bar down, albeit a little more


NeoGameBrain:            ::gives Xavick an odd look and walks over to Je'rar::

AlexPetrovich99:           ::turns my head::

AlexPetrovich99:           "Yes,Arinth?"

AlexPetrovich99:           "..oh.. by the way.. do you have any idea why that well

won't freeze? I'm guessing it takes powerful magic for that kinda stuff"

NeoGameBrain:            "Have you spoken to those merchants?  They offering to pay us

to go the way we were already headed."

AlexPetrovich99:           ::my eyebrows arch a little:: "Really? How very


AlexPetrovich99:           ::walks over to the merchants::

Tolmara:           ((pls clarify for me who Je'rar is talking to when he asks why the

well won't freeze))

Tolmara:           ((IM me with a response))

AlexPetrovich99:           (I was continuing talking to Arinth; thought you caught


Tolmara:           ((ok))

NeoGameBrain:            "Hmm?  I wouldn't think so.  It would only take a wizard of

moderate skill to do that.  There could also be natural causes as well."

RSwiftblade:     "You make a point, please eat your breakfast and then come with


AlexPetrovich99:           "Excuse me.. Arinth said you might be interested in hiring

us to travel with you aways ?"

Tolmara:           Jeroth:  "I normally don't eat breakfast until late in the morning

after Ubbi has started preparing lunch.  It'll be a long wait, human."

NeoGameBrain:            "What's so important about the well?  A body of water that

deep never freezes completely."

NeoGameBrain:            "Just the surface."

Tolmara:           Xavick:  "Yes, the offer that Terth made was 1 gold per person, per

day, from here to Griffonsmere.  No charge for meals or incidentals, and

coverage of sword and entrance taxes as you enter cities with us."

RSwiftblade:     "Not even at the surface?"

Tolmara:           "We can't and won't provide money for board at an inn, that you'll

have to pay your own way."

Tolmara:           "And it might be dangerous (lowering his voice) since there are

rumors of orcs and worse, rampaging from the Forest of Miir."

NeoGameBrain:            "Hmm? What do you mean?"

RSwiftblade:     "Come to the well with me"

AlexPetrovich99:           "Hmm.. I can only speak for myself, but it sounds good"

Tolmara:           Xavick:  "Shagath, Terth and I suspect that Tonazk, the peaceful

orc here, is in league with the other orcs because of his necklace.  One week

ago, the dwarfhold of Stonebrook was slaughtered, and not a stone dwarf was


Tolmara:           untouched or alive.  A bit of a coincidence, eh?  Take a look at

the heads next time.  They're stone dwarvish heads."

AlexPetrovich99:           "hat somehow just doesn't surprise me..Tonazk that is.. I

never heard of a peaceful orc in my life"

AlexPetrovich99:           *"That somehow

AlexPetrovich99:           "Maybe we should invite them too.. so we can keep a closer

eye on him?"

RSwiftblade:     ::under his breath:: "Keep an eye on Jeroth, I don't trust him"

AlexPetrovich99:           ::adopts a sly smile::

Tolmara:           Shagath (overhears):  "Eh, no.  I don't think so.  We want to get

to the south ALIVE, not dead!"  He gives Xavick an odd look and marches


RSwiftblade:     "Let's go to the well my friend"  ::looks at the mage::

NeoGameBrain:            ::follows Reiner::  "You say that about every orc we come


Tolmara:           Guntra and Hlutwulf for their part, begin making preparations for

burying Njal in a cairn outside the hold.

AlexPetrovich99:           "For what its worth, I'm good on a horse, and know my way

around quite well in the wild, oh and yes, I've always been good at wielding

a weapon.. matter of fact, I usually use two at a time.. it coes..naturally

to me"

AlexPetrovich99:           *it comes naturally

NeoGameBrain:            ::glancing back at the gruff orc::  "He seems nice enough.

Your typical barkeep for the most part."

Tolmara:           Terth:  "Well, we've made our offer, and it stands.  We're also

leaving in a few hours, as soon as we can.  So, if you're coming, that's

wonderful, and if you're not, we're sorry."

AlexPetrovich99:           "I'll tell the others time is running short then"

RSwiftblade:     "Oh War Father, please give me the insight to see if there is

magic here" ::(detect magic)

AlexPetrovich99:           ::abruptly turns about and goes up to Reiner and Arinth::

RSwiftblade:     ::waves his hands over the well::

AlexPetrovich99:           "They are leaving in a couple of hours if we're going to

join them"

RSwiftblade:     ::Reiner stumbles::

NeoGameBrain:            ::helps Reiner back up::  "What happened"

RSwiftblade:     "The war father has told me that there is intense magic afoot

here, I know nothing else"

RSwiftblade:     "Of colossal perportions"

RSwiftblade:     "It is almost overwhelming"

RSwiftblade:     "Can you tell me more?"

NeoGameBrain:            ::looks at the water curiously and dips his fingers in the

water, detecting enchantments as he does so::

NeoGameBrain:            ::is taken aback as his eyes grow wide, but tries to maintain

his focus and learn more.

OnlineHost:       NeoGameBrain rolled 1 20-sided die:  8

NeoGameBrain:            ((15 spellcraft check))

NeoGameBrain:            ::blinks as he steps back and rubs his forehead::

NeoGameBrain:            "Wow...."

RSwiftblade:     "see?"

RSwiftblade:     "Reiner does not lie"

RSwiftblade:     "He knows more"

NeoGameBrain:            "You were right.  The magical aura of this well is blinding.


NeoGameBrain:            "I...I saw a face..."

AlexPetrovich99:           "yes,and??"

RSwiftblade:     "A face of what?"

AlexPetrovich99:           "Oh.."::looks troubled by that. sovery unnatural::

NeoGameBrain:            "A beautiful elven face.  It was only for a moment."

NeoGameBrain:            "We may have to pass on that caravan job after all."

AlexPetrovich99:           "Why?"

RSwiftblade:     "Reiner has a headache"

AlexPetrovich99:           "Looks like a plum job for doing something we were going to

do anyway.. besides which,Tonazk is mixed up in it"

RSwiftblade:     "I say we drag that barkeep out here and throw him in"

NeoGameBrain:            "There is definitely something wrong here.  Something very


AlexPetrovich99:           "The orcs from Miir have been raiding villages and a

dwarven stronghold was recently attacked.. all the stone dwarves were

killed.. and if you take a good look you'll see that..

AlexPetrovich99:           his necklace is made of stone dwarves heads"

RSwiftblade:     "Have you ever noticed that Jaroth has actually never left the


NeoGameBrain:            "True.  But that could mean anything."

AlexPetrovich99:           "Maybe.. but I think we'd be doing the peoples of this area

a good turn if we check it out"

NeoGameBrain:            My question is, why would an elven face appear magically at an

orc trading post.

RSwiftblade:     "Perhaps he is not who he appears to be, with all this magic


NeoGameBrain:            "Magical creatures from other planes, an elvan face in a

magical well, and a overabundance of nose problems.  There's too many

coincidences here.

Tolmara:           Namarie elessil, friends of the Light, and welcome.

NeoGameBrain:            "I don't know about you, but my curiosity won't let me rest


NeoGameBrain:            "Did you just hear that?"

Tolmara:           As the voice speaks, which is faint on the sound of the wind and

can barely be heard, you glance around and with a start,

Tolmara:           see that you're standing next to a pool of water in the middle of a

snowy plain, in a clearing.  There is no inn, there is no hold, and the road

is near.

AlexPetrovich99:           ::is rapt by this strange ..thing::

AlexPetrovich99:           ::checks to make sure he has all his gear::

Tolmara:           I am a spirit of the Land and it is difficult for me to take form

of flesh as I explained to your friend, the elf childe.

Tolmara:           This is the true form of Jeroth's Well, as you see it.  The

inhabitants of the inn are real, but save for the non-orcs, trapped.

Tolmara:           The orc Tonazk, decided to pollute my waters with his clan

warriors.  They defiled the land, and so I lured them into a spirit prison,

where they are trapped until I decide to free them, which may never be.

Tolmara:           The inn, is a safehold, which is a physical manifestation of

myself, as is the well and the waters within.  If one who is injured comes,

he or she may drink and be refreshed.  This was known in ancient times, but

is not known any

Tolmara:           more.

Tolmara:           As I came to your friend, I reveal myself to you.  And because you

were instrumental in cleansing the Land of the creature of Shadow, I bequeath

a boon and make a request.

RSwiftblade:     ((uhuh))

NeoGameBrain:            "What request is that?"

Tolmara:           As to the boon, when next you are within Teleute's grasp, speak

aloud the name of Lalven Tathothaun and you shall be delivered from Death's


AlexPetrovich99:           "Teleute? "

Tolmara:           As to the request, there is an initiate of the White Jura, of the

Aes Sedai, who would be freed.  She is needed in the coming days against the

Shadow.  She has  made a plea of the gods, and must have an answer.

Tolmara:           Teleute is the name mortals have given to the Aspect of Oneiros who

comes for them when they are ready to pass on.

Tolmara:           ((ooc:  in other words, when you're about to die))

RSwiftblade:     ((get out of death free card))

AlexPetrovich99:           ((aka the big WHOOHOOOO))

Tolmara:           It has taken me a great deal of Will, to focus myself in this, one

of my true forms.  I would have an answer, but you may take your time.  When

you have decided,

Tolmara:           speak aloud my name, which is Eracuril Quentatharn, and let your

fate be sealed, for you have no Fate but the Fate you are given.

RSwiftblade:     brb

NeoGameBrain:            "Tell us, these creatures of the Shadow.   Are there more?  Is

this only the beginning?

Tolmara:           The creature, who calls itself a slaad, was only one, which came

within the body of the barbarian Njal.  He and his companions had been

looking for a Sword, near the eastern portion of Miir, when they came

Tolmara:           upon a band of such creatures.  They slew a number of them, but not

before one creature injected an egg into Njal's breast.  The egg hatched, and

in the fullness of time, gave birth to a foundling who was eating the

barbarian from

Tolmara:           within.  These creatures serve the Shadow in their own unthinking

ways.  There are more of them, numberless hordes, ready to pierce the

boundary that separates this world from the planes.

Tolmara:           There is none left here in the land of the Well.  None I can sense

in any event.

Tolmara:           Is this the beginning?  It is well past the beginning.  The

beginning was of old, a long time ago.  In fact, it is near the end, or an

end of sorts.

Tolmara:           And now, I must take my leave of you, friends and warriors of

Light.  Alaquenta val'athelil.  May we meet again when leaves are put forth

and buds have blossomed.

Tolmara:           The voice fades, as the inn and the hold slowly manifest once more,

and you're back in the snow-filled yard of Jeroth's Well.

AlexPetrovich99:           ((wow Stan.. that was totally awesome!))

RSwiftblade:     "We know our course gentlemen, correct?"

NeoGameBrain:            Yes, we have to find the Aes Sendai.  But where can we find


RSwiftblade:     ::starts to walk back to the inn::

AlexPetrovich99:           "Presyumably on our way withthe caravan"

AlexPetrovich99:           *Presumably

RSwiftblade:     ::opens the door::

Tolmara:           Jeroth looks up, from a breakfast of sausage, cheese, bread and

wine.  The three orcs sit in front of the fireplace, basking in its warmth

and playing a game of knucklebones.

Tolmara:           Tonazk's necklace has been taken apart and is being used as wager


AlexPetrovich99:           ::trails after::

Tolmara:           The three fur traders descend from their rooms and look around with

some distaste.  Xavick glances over to you and brightens.  "Are you ready to

leave, boyos?"

Tolmara:           Gaylord and Drenla trail behind the three fur traders.

AlexPetrovich99:           ::looks to the others::

AlexPetrovich99:           "Well guys, what do you say? Shall we?"

NeoGameBrain:            "Yes, but the price has gone up. 15 silver a day."

NeoGameBrain:            "If we're going anywhere near the Miir, we'll have more than

orcs to worry about.

Tolmara:           "Deal. We'll take what we can get, even though we don't like the


RSwiftblade:     ::looks at Jaroth with a bit of satisfaction::

AlexPetrovich99:           :"Well then,now that that's settled.. let's gear up and go"

RSwiftblade:     "Enjoy your stay at the inn, I hear you will be staying a


NeoGameBrain:            "Yes, to Griffensmere."

Tolmara:           Jeroth:  "I own this place."  He looks at you strangely.

NeoGameBrain:            ::grabs Reiner::  "Let's not push our luck shall we?"

Tolmara:           Jeroth:  "Now what is it you wanted me to see?  I've got time."

AlexPetrovich99:           "Reiner..you confuse me sometimes"

AlexPetrovich99:           ::softly:

AlexPetrovich99:           "ssh.. don't tip our hat "

RSwiftblade:     "And may you own it for a long time. The question has been been

settled.  Have a good day"

NeoGameBrain:            "Nothing.  It no longer matters."

RSwiftblade:     "Do we leave now?"

Tolmara:           Jeroth:  "Oh?  All right, humans vex me all the time.  Always

impatient, never content to slow down."

RSwiftblade:     ((gotta go))

Tolmara:           "Tonazk!  I'll be done with breakfast in a minute.  Don't lose

before I join you, you no good son of a three-legged goat!"

Tolmara:           (ok, on this note, closing the log)


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