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Tolmara:           ((correct me if I'm wrong, its been a while since I did this, chat

log will record everything but what does session log do?))

Baltak2:            I have no idea Stan.. you guys always did the logs

Tolmara:           ((RSwiftblade is Alfred))

NeoGameBrain:            Checking...

VBJunkie:         ((hey A))

AlexPetrovich99:           ((hi))

RSwiftblade:     ((greetings all))

Baltak2:            ::barbarian grunts gruffly::

NeoGameBrain:            ((Hmm... I don't know.))

VBJunkie:         ((think the dice may be the difference))

Tolmara:           ok, so who wants to go first?

Baltak2:            I'm already set so anyone else?

VBJunkie:         ...

VBJunkie:         ...

VBJunkie:         final color

AlexPetrovich99:           *has a lt of typing to do seeing as we're using the old


Baltak2:            ((4d6 6 times drop the lowest.... 7pts. to play with after raw

scores done))

VBJunkie:         maybe not

Tolmara:           David, did you create one?

VBJunkie:         mostly not

Tolmara:           ok, then let the good dice roll

OnlineHost:       VBJunkie rolled 4 6-sided dice:  4 5 5 5

OnlineHost:       VBJunkie rolled 4 6-sided dice:  6 5 6 6

Baltak2:            wow

OnlineHost:       VBJunkie rolled 4 6-sided dice:  6 1 3 4

OnlineHost:       VBJunkie rolled 4 6-sided dice:  5 2 1 3

OnlineHost:       VBJunkie rolled 4 6-sided dice:  1 5 5 2

OnlineHost:       VBJunkie rolled 4 6-sided dice:  4 3 5 2

Tolmara:           yeah the dice goddess is with him today

VBJunkie:         was doing well until Baltak jinxed me

VBJunkie:         : )

Baltak2:            sorry D lol.... didn't want anyone better off than me <EG>

NeoGameBrain:            Stop complaining.  You got a natural 18 and have 7 points to


Tolmara:           well he does have 7 coming to him

VBJunkie:         15, 18, 13, 10, 12, 12

Baltak2:            ((next victim/player))

Tolmara:           one player at a time folks

Baltak2:            ((sorry))

Tolmara:           David and everyone else:  rules for clerics in this game are as


Tolmara:           3 skill points per level, Wisdom as primary ability instead of


Tolmara:           most faiths are two domains, some have three domains

VBJunkie:         i have the 18 in wisdom

Tolmara:           each faith has a specialty priest prestige class in addition to the

other prestige classes available

VBJunkie:         i can't add any of the +7 in there correct?

Tolmara:           ((yes you can, no stat can be higher than 19 though, for starters))

VBJunkie:         Str 16 / Dex 12 / Con 14 / Int 12 / Wis 19 / Chr 14

VBJunkie:         might keep you all alive after all

VBJunkie:         : )

Tolmara:           choose birthsign and roll for sign powers when you can

VBJunkie:         ok

Tolmara:           I take it you're a human?  and if so, what type of human? 

Tolmara:           Melcendian Imperial, Fhaardfolk human or generic human?

VBJunkie:         generic

Tolmara:           1st level max hit points

VBJunkie:         10 hps

Tolmara:           social level 2 (but within the country of Wylund, you'd be social

level 3)

Tolmara:           starting money is as per the PH, select your equipment from the

equipment list using that money

VBJunkie:         thats easy

VBJunkie:         is there any constant to "the lady"

VBJunkie:         all i see are 1-3

VBJunkie:         no constant

VBJunkie:         i just some have the constant and others dont

VBJunkie:         i guess...

Tolmara:           yes, 6 of the powers have constant penalties and the other 6 don't

Tolmara:           er signs

VBJunkie:         ill go with the Lady... doesnt seem to hurt me

Tolmara:           so roll % then

Tolmara:           there will be a 10% chance you won't get anything

VBJunkie:         or course

VBJunkie:         maybe is should really pick Solnor

OnlineHost:       VBJunkie rolled 1 100-sided die:  98

Tolmara:           if you choose the Lord, there will be a 20% chance of not getting


VBJunkie:         nah that was just musing

Tolmara:           oh well, c'est la vie.  and 8 Karma, and you're set

Tolmara:           e-mail me the PC when you get a chance.  name?

Tolmara:           Alex, your turn.

VBJunkie:         (Trayn Coulgen)

AlexPetrovich99:           rolling the percentage die

Tolmara:           ok

VBJunkie:         (if peeps have last names)

Tolmara:           they can have whatever your little heart desires <g>

AlexPetrovich99:           ::crosses his fingers::

Baltak2:            ((i do))

OnlineHost:       AlexPetrovich99 rolled 1 100-sided die:  89

AlexPetrovich99:           whew

AlexPetrovich99:           almost had the big nada

VBJunkie:         ((so did i get the nada or the enchillada?))

AlexPetrovich99:           (Vb.. you got the enchillnada :P )

Baltak2:            ((de nada))

Tolmara:           you got the nada.

Tolmara:           Gautam, your turn if you haven't yet rolled anything.

NeoGameBrain:            Okay, here goes.

Tolmara:           we're on a roll.  I'll start in a few minutes.  hopefully Adam will

show soon.

OnlineHost:       NeoGameBrain rolled 4 6-sided dice:  3 3 2 4

OnlineHost:       NeoGameBrain rolled 4 6-sided dice:  5 6 1 2

OnlineHost:       NeoGameBrain rolled 4 6-sided dice:  5 6 3 3

OnlineHost:       NeoGameBrain rolled 4 6-sided dice:  1 6 1 4

OnlineHost:       NeoGameBrain rolled 4 6-sided dice:  1 4 2 1

OnlineHost:       NeoGameBrain rolled 4 6-sided dice:  1 5 5 6

NeoGameBrain:            Well those 7 are gonna come in handy.

Baltak2:            ((that's not bad Gau))

Baltak2:            ((put yer 7 in Cha like me and we can be annoying together lol))

NeoGameBrain:            We've got 10, 13, 14, 11, 7, 16

NeoGameBrain:            I think I know where my points are going.

NeoGameBrain:            I'm going generic human wiz.

NeoGameBrain:            so...

Tolmara:           Melcendian Imperial, Fhaardfolk human or generic human?

NeoGameBrain:            str 10/ dex 14/ con 13/ int 16/ wis 7/ cha 11      pre-points

NeoGameBrain:            generic.  Melcendian Imperial doesn't have a lot for me to


Tolmara:           ok

NeoGameBrain:            str 12 / dex 14 / con 13 / int 16/ wis 12 / cha 11    after


VBJunkie:         (ill be back in 2 mins)

NeoGameBrain:            For my birthsign, I'll pick the tower.

OnlineHost:       NeoGameBrain rolled 1 100-sided die:  70

NeoGameBrain:            Cool.  What do I get?

Tolmara:           detect enchantment

NeoGameBrain:            Whoo-hoo!

Baltak2:            ((not bad Gau))

AlexPetrovich99:           ((wb VB))

VBJunkie:         ((th))

NeoGameBrain:            Can I pick a familiar now, or was there some special rule

regarding that?  I forgot.

Tolmara:           ok, I think that's just about it.  8 Karma, 1st level max hp,

starting money and equip as per PH and I need both name and alignment

Tolmara:           that comes later.  it'

NeoGameBrain:            Aerith Scornfallow, Lawful Neutral

Tolmara:           it'll be an actual part of the game.  can't tell you when, but I

promise before you're 2nd level that you will have the opportunity to get one

Tolmara:           whether or not you get one is up to you of course

NeoGameBrain:            ((Yea.  I'm praying for a toad.))

OnlineHost:       RSwiftblade rolled 2 100-sided dice:  33 26

Tolmara:           ((ok, before we begin, if you're not happy with your PC, let me

know now if you want to regenerate from scratch, otherwise we'll start))

Baltak2:            ((my dude ready to rock and roll))

AlexPetrovich99:           rolls a d10 for hp, and that nifty d% die

Baltak2:            ((Dantrag Skullsmasher reporting for duty and no relation to

original Bal for the oldtimers))

OnlineHost:       AlexPetrovich99 rolled 1 10-sided die:  9

AlexPetrovich99:           awesome!

OnlineHost:       AlexPetrovich99 rolled 1 100-sided die:  77

AlexPetrovich99:           hmm.. ok.. Stan.. you tell me :P

RSwiftblade:     ((haven't rolled in some time...gonna thow a few))

OnlineHost:       RSwiftblade rolled 2 20-sided dice:  19 11

RSwiftblade:     \\roll-sides20die1

VBJunkie:          AOL Games - Dice Roller

RSwiftblade:     \\roll-sides20 dice1

RSwiftblade:     ((thanks))

OnlineHost:       RSwiftblade rolled 1 20-sided die:  12

OnlineHost:       NeoGameBrain rolled 3 4-sided dice:  4 1 4

OnlineHost:       RSwiftblade rolled 1 100-sided die:  68

RSwiftblade:     ((kewl all set))

Tolmara:           ok, brb in 5

RSwiftblade:     ((brb  ))

Baltak2:            ((so what is everyone's name/class so we can get it straight))

Baltak2:            ((Dantrag skullsmasher  level 1 dwarf barbarian))

VBJunkie:         ((Trayn Coulgen level 1 human priest))

NeoGameBrain:            ((Aerith Scornfallow    Lvl 1  hm wizard (diviner)  ))

NeoGameBrain:            Aerinth*

Baltak2:            ((mikey/alfred you awake?))

AlexPetrovich99:           yeah..typing stuff down on my sheet

AlexPetrovich99:           I can't type fast when I have tp put that much thought into

the creation process

AlexPetrovich99:           I've neevr beena cookie-cutter character maker :P

NeoGameBrain:            ((Y'know what? Let's take the 'e' outta there.  It doesn't

look so great w/o that special "ae" character))

Baltak2:            ((lol it's cool just wanna know what ya are is all duder))

VBJunkie:         ((so did anyone else try OpenRPG?))

AlexPetrovich99:           ((Je'rar Ogrebane  level 2 human plains nomad ranger

NeoGameBrain:            ((Arinth Scornfallow    Lvl 1  human wizard (diviner)  ))

VBJunkie:         ((would be way cool if I could get all of us on that chat/gaming


VBJunkie:         ((and convice Stan to do it...))

Baltak2:            ((didn't see that one... send me a link to it dave so i can check

it out later if you would))

VBJunkie:         openrpg.com

NeoGameBrain:            ((I guess he doesn't want the extra work of learning the

program and redoing maps.

NeoGameBrain:            ((I know I wouldn't if I were in his place.))

VBJunkie:         ((its nothing to learn though))

VBJunkie:         ((takes 5 mins))

VBJunkie:         ((5 mins to make the game 500% times better))

Baltak2:            ((maybe someday who knows?))

Tolmara:           ((I've been busy getting things off the ground to devote time to

learning the software, and what with work I haven't had time to do it

AlexPetrovich99:           ((and for us pretty pc illiterates?))

VBJunkie:         ((stops subverting Stan's will....for the time being))

Tolmara:           OpenRPG is on the table for this group.  eventually everyone WILL

be required to download the program

VBJunkie:         ((its pretty easy... even illiterates can figure it out))

VBJunkie:         ((like computers in general - you can learn what you need and

forget about the rest))

Tolmara:           David already knows things so he can teach it to me, I'll have to

learn it so I can at least run things, but eventually I hope to move the game

to that format))

Baltak2:            ((sounds cool by me... would be more than willing to learn it

anytime while i have the time lol))

Tolmara:           ((anyway, let's start))

Tolmara:           It's winter of the Year 3030, the Year of Ulharn's Dream

Tolmara:           In the first month, each of you have seen your funds run dry, and

with no where else to turn, you decided to form an adventuring group, in the

hopes of finding

Tolmara:           significant work, money, and hopefully enable you to make a name

for yourselves.

Tolmara:           The problem is, that very few people are willing to give a group

that's barely wet enough behind their brains any decent chance at proving

their own selves.

Tolmara:           It's been a rough cycle so far ((ooc:  cycle = month)), but

hopefully sometime soon, you'll manage.  ((OOC:  a few players aren't here,

so their PCs are in limbo at the moment))

AlexPetrovich99:           afk/brb guys

Tolmara:           When your funds ran dry ((OOC:  I'll leave the details to you guys

to hash out as far as getting together is concerned.  You'll need to account

for this in your background stories)), you took to travelling towards a

Tolmara:           more lived in area instead of the backwoods of the eastern Fhaard.

You had heard that certain mercenary companies were looking for able bodied

souls in the city of Wintershivven,

Tolmara:           in eastern Wylund.  It seems that merchant caravans, on the way

from Wintershivven to Tolmara, have been waylaid by roving bands of orcs and

other humanoids.  That's unusual, since

Tolmara:           the kingdom of Wylund has been relatively stable and at peace,

especially in the last 30 years, since the expulsion of the Kernin, and the

Great Plague.

Tolmara:           These orcs and woodland nasties have been sighted in the vicinity

of the Forest of Miir, a great enchanted woodland in the midst of the

Kingdom, the depths of which have not been explored overmuch.

Tolmara:           The Forest is rumored to contain various elven ruins from the days

when elves ruled much of the southern portion of Telluria, or so it is said.

Tolmara:           Hopefully you can find some work.  Any type of work.  Even if its

guarding the rear of some caravan.  Right now, you're just concerned with

finding food, shelter and a nice warm bed.  It's starting to snow, and the

wind's getting

Tolmara:           harsher and colder.  You've been on the road for three days, ever

since you left a plainshold in the Fhaard.  Fortunately, the treeline's

getting thicker, since you've crossed over into Wylund a day or so ago.

Tolmara:           In the evening of the third day after your departure from the

plainshold, you stumble across a small trading post that's threatening to be

buried under the now increasing snowfall.  It looks like a blizzard is about

to set in.

VBJunkie:         "Downright chilly if not miserable out tonite"

VBJunkie:         This is a man you may have come to respect...

VBJunkie:         He seems generous and forthright in his thoughts and actions.

VBJunkie:         And more importantly... he is a priest!

VBJunkie:         Something worth far more than gold in these dangerous lands and


VBJunkie:         "I think our travels have reached its end for today"

Baltak2:            "Yeah well ye need me to keep yer weapons sharp and yer armor

protecting ye priest"

VBJunkie:         "Taking shelter here... if we can... seems like a wise choice."

Baltak2:            "But yes it looks like a good idea"

VBJunkie:         "Well at present... I fear this snow and this cold>"

VBJunkie:         "Perhaps lessons on how to grow a beard would be in order"

VBJunkie:         "If shelter we find not"

VBJunkie:         ::approaches the shack/structure::

Baltak2:            "Heh won't help ye humans much... none of ye can stand the elements

like a dwarf"

NeoGameBrain:            "I agree.  This intolerable weather will end us all if we

don't hole up here for the night."

Baltak2:            ::goes to building::

VBJunkie:         He knocks on the door... causing a slight avalanche of snow to

fall from the roof::

VBJunkie:         "Greetings. Is there anyone there we can speak with"

VBJunkie:         "We seek shelter from the storm"

VBJunkie:         "We are honorable men and such"

VBJunkie:         "And will act accordingly"

VBJunkie:         ::He gazes around to the others as if saying this better be so.::

Baltak2:            ::takes a swig of liquid courage to ward off the cold::

NeoGameBrain:            ::nods, though it's difficult to distinguish from his


Baltak2:            ::grunts at the cleric::

Tolmara:           As you approach the structure, you notice that it seems to be some

sort of enclosed palisade with a couple of buildings inside.  The welcome

odor of woodsmoke wafts towards you.

AlexPetrovich99:           (ok..back.. got my new couch up the stairs :) )

Baltak2:            ::looks for the gate/entrance::

VBJunkie:         ::waits a good long time::

RSwiftblade:     "Smell like food burning"

VBJunkie:         ::and proceeds forward after he is certain no one will come::

VBJunkie:         (he hasn't been heard)

Tolmara:           The gate opens a crack and you hear, "Where do ye hail from?"

AlexPetrovich99:           ::shakes his head at these guys, being so used to life in

the wide open::

VBJunkie:         "Our travels have come from Fhaard"

VBJunkie:         "The eastern reaches of that land I believe"

Tolmara:           "Ah, on the road, ye've been.  Well met and be ye welcome to

Jeroth's Well.  We be the first sign of blood ye're to see in Wylund, here on

the frontier.

AlexPetrovich99:           ::mutely watches, j ust wanting something to do, someplace

to go and see.. feeling restless::

Tolmara:           Nasty weather this is.  Come in, come in!  And be welcome."

VBJunkie:         "Thank you you are very kind"

RSwiftblade:     "I am from Wylund"

Baltak2:            "well met"

RSwiftblade:     ::grunts::

Baltak2:            ::enters::

AlexPetrovich99:           "I.. am from all over.. where there is a clear sky and open

lands, I am home"

VBJunkie:         "The blessings of Solnor to you, your kin and your house for your


Tolmara:           The gate swings wide open, as a short, squat, slightly built human

with piggish eyes and mismatched leather armor waves you through.  He seems

to be a half-orc.

Baltak2:            "aye the open lands agree with me as well Je'rar"

Baltak2:            ::tries to be as nice as possible upon noticing his appearance as a

half orc::

VBJunkie:         "we hope to move on in the morning... weather permitting"

RSwiftblade:     ::eyes the man with slight contempt::

NeoGameBrain:            "Thank you..uhh  ::restrains his shock::  good sir."

Tolmara:           "Aye, well then, be ye welcome for the night, friends.  We're a

free post here, and hope ye find yer stay welcome indeed."  For a half-orc,

he seems....pleasant.

AlexPetrovich99:           ::looks him over somewhat distrustfully, and just moves on


Baltak2:            ::but doesn't meet his gaze while being nice enough::

VBJunkie:         ::Trayn will brook no insult to the man no matter what his


VBJunkie:         "Thanks again"

Baltak2:            ::starts lookin for something that will pass for an inn here::

Tolmara:           "Make yer way to the main building.  Jeroth is about to serve

supper.  'Tis a good thing ye came, I was about to bar the gate."

RSwiftblade:     ((Reiner Swiftblade is a pretty big man standing about 6'6" and

about 300lbs))

VBJunkie:         (when away from his earshot) "Mind your manners" to the narrowed

of eye

VBJunkie:         "Good then... we shall go there"

RSwiftblade:     "Why do you bar gate?"

Tolmara:           ((OOC:  going to describe things, pls no interruptions until you

see the word "end" in double parentheses))

Tolmara:           "Well, 'tis a nasty storm brewin'.  I put me ear to the ground, an'

it seems like a blizzard the likes of I hadn't seen in years."

NeoGameBrain:            ::takes a big whiff of the smells::  "'Tis a most welcome

scent to pass my nose in many a day."

RSwiftblade:     "It be ugly outside, Reiner likes inside and food"

Tolmara:           The trading post is composed of a palisade wall which encloses two

large wooden structures, as well as a stables.  A well is situated in the


AlexPetrovich99:           ::uses his nature lore to get a better idea of how bad the

storm's going to be::

AlexPetrovich99:           (sorry..)

Tolmara:           of the area.   There is also what appears to be a smithy located

nearby.  ((OOC:  will send a map of the area in a few minutes.))

NeoGameBrain:            ::is primarily concerned about food and a warm fire::

VBJunkie:         ::makes the most of his situation and looks to find food and


RSwiftblade:     ((he is carrying two longswords and two throwing axes that seem

to be of exceptional quality))

Tolmara:           ((sent map))

Tolmara:           The structure, which the half-orc points towards, seems to be a

small, squat wooden/stone building, about two stories tall, that sits in the

far corner of the fort.

VBJunkie:         ::heads off ot the left for the Inn::

VBJunkie:         "this is showing promise"

Tolmara:           A half-covered well is in the off center of the fort, while a

smaller structure to your right seems to be some sort of barracks, indicated

by the number of guards

Tolmara:           that stand in the vicinity.

Baltak2:            "Aye a good brew would hit the spot and chase the chill away"

RSwiftblade:     "I am with your"

RSwiftblade:     (you)

VBJunkie:         ::locates the latch and then opens the door and steps into the


Baltak2:            "A nice venison steak wouldn't be bad either"

VBJunkie:         (he appraises those within along with the structure once he is


Baltak2:            ::follows::

Tolmara:           ((description))

Tolmara:           As you enter the inn, you notice the following things:

Tolmara:           To your left is a roaring fireplace which emanates welcome warmth

that quickly melts the harsh cold from your skin.  Great bundles of wood are

stored under the stairs that lead to the inn's second floor

Tolmara:           with more and larger logs against the eastern wall.  Scattered

about the room are a number of roughly made wooden tables and chairs.

Tolmara:           The floor is covered with dirt, sawdust and rancid food.  The bar

is a large, heavy construction of thick oaken planks that have been rubbed

Tolmara:           smooth over the years by constant coming and going of customers.

Originally unfinished and unpainted, the bar is now covered in splotches of


Tolmara:           On the wall behind the bar is a large sign lettered in Common and

Orcish:  "No fighting.  No stealing.  Or else."

Tolmara:           Under the sign are several shelves loaded with mugs, tankards and

glasses of various sizes and shapes.

Tolmara:           There are several kegs, casks and bottles of liquid which adorn the

remainder of the shelf space.

Tolmara:           A large pot hangs in the fireplace, from which you can smell a

mouthwatering odor of what is probably stewed venison.  A large table sits in

the middle of the room, groaning under the weight of hunks of bread and

cheese, a platter

Tolmara:           of fruit and several bowls and dishes.  The room's inhabitants:

Tolmara:           A large half-orc that looks like a very dour and ugly human male,

he carries three knives, two strapped to his left side and the other on his


Tolmara:           You spy this as he walks behind the bar, washing a glass in his

hands with a washcloth and sizes the group up.

Tolmara:           Two hulking humans in furs and leather armor, they stink from not

having been washed (or so you think) in as much as a cycle or three.

Tolmara:           Three humans, overdressed some would say, in flea-filled bear furs,

this trio sits in the far corner of the room, opposite from the fireplace and

well away, you notice, from everyone else.  There is a small silver coffer on


Tolmara:           table next to one of them.

Tolmara:           A young-ish looking human with studded leather armor, a long bow

slung across his back, and a jagged hunting knife on the table, with a meal

of venison, salt pork and roasted potatoes.

Tolmara:           Seated next to him is a thin human man, with a sallow complexion

and straw-colored blonde hair, garbed in light blue robes, sipping a goblet

of steaming liquid.  He sniffles loudly, and fidgets with a slender willow


Tolmara:           A corpulent and thoroughly (if you can imagine that) unwashed orc,

flanked by two more, sits regally in front of the fireplace, basking in its

warmth, and ignoring the occasional glare that the rest of the room throws

his way.

VBJunkie:         (worries that the orcish element will tick some of his already

less than tolerant party)

Tolmara:           As you enter the room, everyone glances at you sideways,

conversation stops for a minute and then resumes.

Tolmara:           ((end))

VBJunkie:         "behave yourselves"

NeoGameBrain:            "Hmph.  Pleasant atmosphere."

Baltak2:            ::looks for an open space for seating::

RSwiftblade:     "I am hungry priest, shall we sit down to eat?"

Baltak2:            ((yes mommy lol))

RSwiftblade:     ::gives him a toothy smile::

Baltak2:            "keep yer thoughts to yerself Preacher Trayn"

AlexPetrovich99:           "behave? Hehe.. I just want some food in my belly and a

roof until this storm passes.."

Baltak2:            "the rules say no fightin so if no one fights me i fight no one"

VBJunkie:         "yes lets get some food and drink"

RSwiftblade:     "I could eat a bear"

Tolmara:           The half-orc behind the bar finishes washing the glass and says,

surlily, "Close the door behind ye, and mind yer manners."  He points to the

sign above the bar.

VBJunkie:         "my thoughts cannot be bottled up in a prison"

VBJunkie:         ::steps up the bar::

VBJunkie:         "you will get no trouble from me"

RSwiftblade:     ::flanks the priest::

Tolmara:           "There's food in the fireplace and on the table.  Pay up before ye

take a plate.  An' if yer stayin, we can talk coin."

Baltak2:            "much less in yer yappin hole"::grumbles::"can't live with em and

can't shut em up"

NeoGameBrain:            ::closes the door and heads up to the bar with hungry eyes::

Tolmara:           "I'm Jeroth, an' this is my inn an' post.  I'll take yer coin as

I'll take orc swill and spit."

RSwiftblade:     "How much?"

Baltak2:            "fill me belly and give me a good size mug of mead and we'll call

it even Jeroth"

VBJunkie:         ::shakes his head::

VBJunkie:         "we will be doing both"

VBJunkie:         "plate and shelter for the night"

Baltak2:            ((could be worse dave... they could have scorpions on the menu ;-)


RSwiftblade:     ((lol))

RSwiftblade:     "I ask how much?"

Tolmara:           "9 silvers per plate, all the seconds and thirds ye can eat."

Baltak2:            ::flips him a gp::"and I'll be wantin me change"

NeoGameBrain:            "Deal!" ::slams the money down on the table and grabs a


Baltak2:            ::moves to take a plate::

Tolmara:           "1 silver will net ye all the ale and rum ye can drink.  5 silver

per person for a room."

VBJunkie:         ::lets the uncouth rush for the goodies::

Baltak2:            "here's another gold coin and make that rum the good stuff"

RSwiftblade:     "Here is my money, now I eat and drink" ::puts 2 gold on the


Baltak2:            "and don't forget me change ye hard bargainer"

RSwiftblade:     "Ya have any women?"

Baltak2:            ::grabs a plate and goes for the pot::

Tolmara:           The half-orc grins sourly and bites into the coin.  "Ermph.  Yer

coin'll do."  He reaches under the bar, keeping an eye on you all all the

while and plunks down three bottles of pale green liquid.

VBJunkie:         ::the ravenous and hasty finished... he pays his way::

Tolmara:           "Cathurian Red, Cathurian Green and Tolmaran Blood."

Tolmara:           "I've ne'er seen anyone drink a glass o' the Blood without passin'


VBJunkie:         "here is your 15 silvers"

Baltak2:            ::the thirsty and cold start drinkin:: "Gimme the Tolmaran Bloodand

have another bottle ready"

RSwiftblade:     "I will drink blood"

Baltak2:            "ye never seen a dwarf drink before"

RSwiftblade:     brb

Tolmara:           "Nae, nae woman, unless ye count the wizzy there."  He points,

openly, to the sallow-faced youth in blue robes.  "I hear 'e's for free.

Kernin, 'e is."

VBJunkie:         ::sticks to the CAthurian Red::

Baltak2:            "If she ain't bearded I ain't touchin her... and if she's bearded

she better be me own height"

VBJunkie:         ::and starts to work on his plate... splashing the drink on the

food if it seems slightly foul::

Tolmara:           The two hulking behemoth humans glance nervously around the room

and sink deeper into their cups.

NeoGameBrain:            ::hungrily eats his food while the warm and reason work their

way back into him::

Baltak2:            ::with a mighty large plate and mug of Blood he gets to chowin


Tolmara:           One of the fur garbed humans opens the silver coffer, chuckles

softly, and closes the lid, then turns to his companions and murmurs softly.

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 1 100-sided die:  85

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 1 4-sided die:  2

Baltak2:            ((uh oh stan's throwin dice))

Tolmara:           Outside, the wind begins to howl with increasing fury and


Baltak2:            "Glad we're inside drinkin and eatin 'stead of out there"::thru a

mouthful of food::

Baltak2:            ::takes a big slug of Blood while he's at it::

Tolmara:           A second after that, the obese orc shifts position, lets out a lpud

burp and farts obnoxiously, heedless of the room's other inhabitants.

Tolmara:           loud*

Baltak2:            ::lets loose a bomb of his own::

Tolmara:           Picking his nose, he turns around, glances sideways and bellows,

"By the one-eyed lord of the wilderness, a dwarf!!!"

NeoGameBrain:            ::grimaces in disgust::

RSwiftblade:     ::laughs at the sound of the fart::

Baltak2:            "By all the gods a pig faced orc... hide the children!"::laughs and

takes a swill on his cup of Blood::

Tolmara:           "Who dares seek the presence of the mighty chief Tonazk

Troll-killer, ruler of the Kagazh clan, leader of the council of Nine Tribes

and Terror of the Trolls?!?!"

VBJunkie:         ::relocates to a fresher area... probably by the door::

Baltak2:            "I don't go out of me way to seek orcs no matter who they may be ye


Tolmara:           The orc stands, letting loose a stink bomb of mighty proportions in

the process (as the young human in leather wrinkles his nose) and spreads his


Baltak2:            ((prob outside in the wind lol))

NeoGameBrain:            "Annnd here we go again."

Tolmara:           "Louder, short bearded one, I didn't hear you!!!"

RSwiftblade:     "Dwarf, me thinks that is a sign of affection"

Tolmara:           The half-orc behind the bar tenses for a moment.

Baltak2:            "Darthag Skullsmasher seeks not the company of any orc!"::belches

at furious volume::

Baltak2:            ::then cuts loose another foul blast::

RSwiftblade:     "Settle down Darthag, there is a time and a place for


Tolmara:           "hmph, no, I haven't heard of any Skullsmashers, or killed any."

And with that, he sinks into his chair and guffaws, speaking to the two orcs

with a series of grunts.

Z SPOOK Z:    (Sorry I'm late guys.  Couldn't be avoided.)

Tolmara:           ((Adam, IM me pls.))

RSwiftblade:     "Waste not energy on the dirty one"

Baltak2:            "bah he's nothing but a bag of foul wind like all his race!"

VBJunkie:         "calm down...the liquor is getting the best of you"

RSwiftblade:     "ye are right, and they smell like pork when they roast on a


VBJunkie:         ::tries to settle things down or at least break up the animosity::

Baltak2:            "aye"::takes another swig of Blood looking somewhat mollified::

AlexPetrovich99:           ::hands a few silver for his meal::

RSwiftblade:     "Members of me clan hunt these creatures, but I have not the

stomach for their flesh"

RSwiftblade:     ::raises his glass and toasts to the dwarf"

NeoGameBrain:            ::passes Trayn as he goes for more food and drink::  "Now

y'see, this is why can't go to nice places anymore."

RSwiftblade:     ::

Baltak2:            ::grunts and staggers over to pot for more food::

NeoGameBrain:            "Just let them go, Trayn.  Sooner or later, one is bound to


VBJunkie:         "hopefully"

Baltak2:            ::looks at orc's necklace::"where did you get those?!?"

Baltak2:            ::starts looking very steady and absolutely livid::

Baltak2:            "Ye slimy scum ye need to be stuffed back into the foul bitch who

whelped ye!"

Tolmara:           "Ahhh, the one-legged short beard speaks!  Tonazk was beginning to

think it had no tongue or courage!"

Baltak2:            "Ye step outside and I'll show ye the measure of my courage ye foul

obnoxious thing!"

Tolmara:           "These pretties are trophies from my clan's last outing.  Just

something for our time."  The orc continues to snigger.

Baltak2:            "Or didn't yer mother teach ye respect for yer betters"

VBJunkie:         "that could easily be said of another" tiring of the shouting and


Baltak2:            "I see well mayhap ye need to see how battle is done instead of

fighting defenseless women and children

Baltak2:            as yer scum likes?!?"

Tolmara:           Just as Dantrag rejoins the orc, suddenly everyone in the room

bolts upright.  From upstairs comes such an anguished scream of agony and

terror that the very sound of it is painful to hear.

RSwiftblade:     "What is that?"

Tolmara:           The scream seems to echo for several minutes.  It makes your hair

stand on end and your flesh crawl.

Tolmara:           Then, just as suddenly as it began, it stops.

VBJunkie:         "what in the lower levels of hell is that?"

Baltak2:            "Ye all go upstairs while I deal with this fat fool!"

Tolmara:           Everyone is now standing, looking at the top of the stairs.  A

smashing crash, like the sound of glass and wood giving way all at once,

Tolmara:           is followed by the thud of something hitting the ground outside.

Then the only sounds are the crackling

Baltak2:            ::whips out waraxe and charges up there::"I be back to deal with ye

later Ton and look to yer life!"

Tolmara:           of the fire and the howling of the storm.  The two barbarians are

the first to shake off the paralyzing effect of the scream.,

RSwiftblade:     "Let's go dwarf"

Tolmara:           With a great shout of "Njal!  Njal!  We are coming!" the two

barbarians leap up the stairs.

VBJunkie:         "where fools charge in... dead fools are found"

Baltak2:            ::already upstairs ahead of reiner::

NeoGameBrain:            ::to Trayn::  "Check outside, I'll make sure the idiots don't

kill themselves."

Baltak2:            "and cowardly priests never get to help out because they never stop

yappin long enuff ta help anyone!"

VBJunkie:         ::steps outside to see if anything can be seen from below and


RSwiftblade:     "Come priest, someone may be hurt"

Tolmara:           (ok hold on)

AlexPetrovich99:           ::takes off after them::

Tolmara:           (who ever goes upstairs, IM me now)

VBJunkie:         (((Trayn is going outside and looking upstairs if windows are to

be had))

Tolmara:           (ok, dealing with David first, then the rest of you in turn)

AlexPetrovich99:           ok

Z SPOOK Z:    The quiet one also stands and darts outside to check on the sound

they all just heard.

RSwiftblade:     "Dwarf, it depends on the priest"

Baltak2:            "hey reiner me name's Dantrag... get it through that thick skull of


OnlineHost:       VBJunkie rolled 1 20-sided die:  1

RSwiftblade:     "done dantrig"

AlexPetrovich99:           ::as I run up the stairs is thinking never trust an orc::

Tolmara:           (elsewhere...)

Tolmara:           ((description))

Tolmara:           There are several people huddled around a doorway, attempting to

see into the room.  As you push your way to the front, you see the two

Tolmara:           barbarians standing grief stricken in the center of the room.  A

third barbarian, the one called Njal, is definitely dead.  His face is frozen

in a terrible

Tolmara:           mask of fear and pain.  Most horrible of all, his chest has

literally been ripped open and the room is awash in gore.  Whatever did this

deed left via the window.  There is a trail of blood from the corpse to the

window sill

Tolmara:           and the window has been smashed.  One wooden shutter is loose and

banging loudly in the wind.  The other shutter lies in the courtyard below.

The arctic wind is blowing ferociously through the opening and filling the

Tolmara:           room with ice-cold air and snow.

Tolmara:           Jeroth turns on the upstairs guard and demands, "What in the name

of Gruumsh One-Eye is happening here!!!"

AlexPetrovich99:           ::rushes to look out the window::

Tolmara:           The guard replies, "I gots no ideer.  I came runnoin'; when I heard

that awful scream.  I found the room jes like ye see it."

VBJunkie:         (may see Trayn outside... may not)

NeoGameBrain:            ::instinctively scans for magicka and looks out the window::

Tolmara:           The barbarians soon recover their composure and ask you to leave.

After gently stretching their friend out on the mattress,

Baltak2:            ::stands rather stunned at gruesome scene::

Tolmara:           they begin chanting softly in a low voice.

Baltak2:            ::chants with them::((if he knows their prayer otherwise will


Tolmara:           (Je'rar does see him tromping about in the snow, and eventually

re-enter the inn.)

Tolmara:           ((hmmm...))

AlexPetrovich99:           ::runs back downstairs and to the door::

AlexPetrovich99:           "If we hurry we can maybe find who did this"

AlexPetrovich99:           *to the guys in the party

AlexPetrovich99:           ::goes out the door and starts to look for the track::

AlexPetrovich99:           *tracks

Tolmara:           Je'rar:  You meet Trayn on your way outside.

OnlineHost:       RSwiftblade rolled 1 20-sided die:  9

AlexPetrovich99:           "The killer fled through the window"

VBJunkie:         "if they left by the window they are gone now"

VBJunkie:         "I saw nothing"

AlexPetrovich99:           ::still looking::

AlexPetrovich99:           "I can follow his tracks if he left any"

NeoGameBrain:            "Not even a trail of blood?"

AlexPetrovich99:           ::looks to see if the blood runs from the window outside to

the ground::

Z SPOOK Z:    "While I do agree it might be the right thing to do, might I

remind you there is one bad blizzard out there....."

AlexPetrovich99:           "its not like I'm going out into the middle of nowhere.. I

won't go too far as to risk getting lost"

Baltak2:            ::comes downstairs quickly:: "What in the name of Kranchaar was


AlexPetrovich99:           "And the killer will do the same..this is going to be a bad

storm.. maybe 3 days of it"

Baltak2:            "I've seen me share of murder but that was sheer brutality of a

kind seldom seen"

Tolmara:           (ok, folks, Je'rar is going outside, so be a minute.)

OnlineHost:       AlexPetrovich99 rolled 1 20-sided die:  13

AlexPetrovich99:           20

Z SPOOK Z:    He shakes his head and takes a seat again.

Baltak2:            "but I can't imagine trying to follow something outside in that


Baltak2:            ::goes back to his bottle of Blood and takes a long pull::

VBJunkie:         (keeps Je'rar in sight from the doorway)

NeoGameBrain:            ::gets a stiff drink as well::  "Unbelieveable, but what can

you expect in lands like these?"

RSwiftblade:     ::pulls out holy symbol and chants with the barbarians::

Baltak2:            "see what happens when durn orcs try to be civilized... they

attract all kinds of foulness and evil beasts"

Tolmara:           Inside, the half-orc Jeroth begins directing people, especially his

guards.  "Keep your eyes open!  Something unfriendly's loose."  He orders a

guard to board up the damaged window upstairs.

Baltak2:            "if only they didn't breed like stinkin rabbits me kind could wipe

their foulness from the earth"

RSwiftblade:     ::goes back to his drink and 5th helping of food::

Baltak2:            ::grumblin into his cup:: "Wonder where that stinker Ton went I

need a chat with his fat ass"

Tolmara:           (You see Je'rar heading to the barracks.)

Tolmara:           (Alfred, hold on)

NeoGameBrain:            "Watch your mouth, Skullslammer.  These orcs are on edge as it

is.  The last thing we need is them thinking we're involved."

Baltak2:            "Bah me axe is too good for their dirty hides... besides I don't

want to ruin it's edge on them, they're beneath me!"

VBJunkie:         ::follows Je'rar if he is getting out of sight::

Z SPOOK Z:    He manages a slight chuckle at that.

Z SPOOK Z:    "Heh.  Ya.  Something beneath a dwarf.....  Not much in this

world is that short....."

Baltak2:            "Although the half scum keeps a fine bar! ::tosses back last of the

bottle of blood in one shot::"

Baltak2:            "hey barkeep another bottle of Blood"::starts lookin just a bit


OnlineHost:       Z SPOOK Z rolled 3 100-sided dice:  80 96 40

OnlineHost:       Z SPOOK Z rolled 1 100-sided die:  32

Tolmara:           (folks, going to be splitting the party up.  Je'rar (Mike) and

Trayn (David) are with each other.  The barbarians are with Reinar (Alfred).

RSwiftblade:     "I will go with the grieving and will be back"

Baltak2:            ::sighs::"need me to join ye Reiner?"

Tolmara:           The barbarians tromp down the stairs with Reiner in tow.  They

indicate that they would like Reiner with them.

RSwiftblade:     "Aye that would be good"

Baltak2:            "If they accept me I go with ye::looks at barbarians:: what say


Tolmara:           (hold a minute, running with Mike and David.  Mike and David, reply

via the main window unless I say otherwise.)

Tolmara:           Je'rar knocks on the barracks door.

Tolmara:           The barracks door opens, and a guard peeks out, sleepily.

VBJunkie:         ::stands back 20' from Je'rar.. letting him do his thing::

AlexPetrovich99:           "Hey! wake up! A guy was just killed at the inn"

Tolmara:           "Aye, what'd ye want?"

Tolmara:           "Ahr, ye'r not dreamin', eh?"

AlexPetrovich99:           "He fled out the window ; did you seer anyone enter here?"

AlexPetrovich99:           *did you see

Tolmara:           "Nae, go back to bed, young 'un."

AlexPetrovich99:           "Thanks for the help!"

RSwiftblade:     ::as Reiner passes by Skullsmasher, he unsecures the sheaths

that carry two longswords::

Tolmara:           "Too cold to be blastin' about in the snow."

AlexPetrovich99:           ::bares his weapons and heads towards the storage area as I

yel out to him:

AlexPetrovich99:           "Nice to see you care about the people here"

Tolmara:           The guard slams the door.

AlexPetrovich99:           *memorizes his face so I can report him*

VBJunkie:         "well that wasn't productive.."

VBJunkie:         "the trail led here or somewhere else?"

AlexPetrovich99:           "Sometimes people don't care.. but i don't like the idea of

a killer running around, even if he did kill a damn stinking orc"

AlexPetrovich99:           "Too hard to be sure. the window faced this way, so I

figured I'd try and get some help.. what a waste that was,hm?"

AlexPetrovich99:           ::chuckles grimly::

Tolmara:           The two of you head to the storage area.

Tolmara:           (Back at the inn.  It will take a bit of time, trudging through the

snow to get there.)

Tolmara:           The barbarians have angry words with Jeroth because he refuses to

allow them into the cellar.  He points out to them he has just been in the

cellar and there

Tolmara:           is nothing there.  HE also demonstrates by opening a door, that if

anything had been in the cellar, they would have heard

Tolmara:           the clanking cowbell that you see attached to the back of the door.

Tolmara:           Finding nothing, they eventually return to their seats, sulking.

Z SPOOK Z:    He sighs.  "It couldn't just be a peaceful night could it?"

Tolmara:           Meanwhile, the other guests have been excitedly talking amongst

themselves.  Virtually everyone has made a thorough search upstairs.  Jeroth

summons you (meaning the PCs) to him.

RSwiftblade:     "Who was this brave warrior?"  :addressing the barbarians, "And

who would have will to murder him in cold blood?"

Tolmara:           Jeroth (addressing the PCs):  "I normally dun trust strangers like

ye, but ye seem honest folk, bein the first to help out, so I'll cut ye a


Tolmara:           All o' my services for free, if'n ye can solve this problem.  We

can talk about other work if'n we make it out alive."

RSwiftblade:     "Has this happened before here?"

Baltak2:            "That sounds like a deal to me"

Tolmara:           Guntra (to Reiner):  "This was Njal, brother of my blood and star

to my sun, may my brother eternal run with the spirit of the plains lion for

time eternal until the horse of night runs afield."

Tolmara:           Hlutwulf (to Reiner):  "He was a spirit kindred that shall never

know the ways of our people, the song that an axe can make as it hews flesh

from bone, or the spirit that battle can fill in the veins of a warrior.  May

Dirgira of

Tolmara:           the Red Sword put his spirit to rest amongst the rank of his

eternal horde."

RSwiftblade:     "Aye":  makes a ritual gesture::

Baltak2:            "well said"::copies reiner's gesture::

Tolmara:           Jeroth (to Dantrag): "I take it yer the leader o' yer band?"

RSwiftblade:     "He will be avenged brothers,may it be the will of Dirgira"

Baltak2:            "Nah we like to let Trayn here do all the jabberin since he'll

never shaddup anyways"

Tolmara:           Jeroth (to Dantrag):  "If'n yer the leader, then I hereby appoint

ye, by the power vested in me as laird of the Well, to act in my stead until

this be solved, may the One-Eyed Lord watch o'er ye."

Baltak2:            "Ye'd best be blessin him that way Jeroth... me kind don't look too

kindly on the one-eyed one"

Baltak2:            "but the gesture is appreciated if misguided"

Tolmara:           Jeroth (to Dantrag):  "Hermph."

Tolmara:           (Back at the storage area)

RSwiftblade:     "Arggg!"::Lets out a battle cry::

Tolmara:           You're in front of a small squat building, that's half covered in


NeoGameBrain:            ::chuckles:: "An orc leaving his inn to a dwarf.  This day has

been full of surprises."

RSwiftblade:     "Dantrag, one thing is war and one things is murder, murder us

without honor"

VBJunkie:         ::keeps an eye out...::

Baltak2:            "Aye let's deal with the murderous scum!"

AlexPetrovich99:           ::looks to see if it looks like anyone's been here.. and

will then try the door ::

Tolmara:           There doesn't seem to have been anything here recently.  Lots of

snow though, piled high in drifts.

Baltak2:            "Trayn can have it Aerinth"

AlexPetrovich99:           ::tries the door::

Tolmara:           This structure has five doors, left to right.  Its a small

building, about 15' x 25'.

RSwiftblade:     "Let us rejoin the rest of our group"

Tolmara:           (which door?  numbered from top to bottom, since the building's

bottom side is 15' and its 25' north to south, the top door is 1 and the

bottom door is 5)

RSwiftblade:     brb

AlexPetrovich99:           "Trayn"

Baltak2:            "let's try the top door?"

VBJunkie:         "yes"

Tolmara:           ((Steve, you're not there.))

Baltak2:            ((oops sorry)))

AlexPetrovich99:           "I'll take the first door, you look out for the other doors

that are here.. keep your weapons as ready as you keep your faith"

Tolmara:           ((Actually, the group has no idea where the two are, except that

they went outside.))

VBJunkie:         ::grabs his mace...::

Tolmara:           ((I'm including it here so that there's a record of their


VBJunkie:         ::moves to the other doors::

Tolmara:           The door opens easily enough.  Inside is a large pile of black

rocks, a pile of metal bars and pieces of iron, and various iron working


Tolmara:           The space within is about 5' wide x 15' deep.

AlexPetrovich99:           ::walks in warily::

Tolmara:           there doesn't seem to be anything inside the area.

AlexPetrovich99:           ::exits,shuts door, goes to the next one::

Tolmara:           The space appears to be empty.

AlexPetrovich99:           ::shuts the door and tries the next one, being sure to

leave no stone unturned::

Tolmara:           The space within appears to be empty.

AlexPetrovich99:           ::goes to the next one, knowing there's only one more


VBJunkie:         ::watches his back::

Tolmara:           It's locked.

AlexPetrovich99:           "Hmm.."

AlexPetrovich99:           (from the outside, or from the inside?)

Tolmara:           You're unsure.  Only that it's locked.

AlexPetrovich99:           ::walks to the next door, tells Trayn :

AlexPetrovich99:           "Trayn..that door was locked. keep an eye on it in case he

locked himself in"

AlexPetrovich99:           ::tries the last door::

VBJunkie:         "I will"

Tolmara:           The space within appears to be empty.

RSwiftblade:     ((aol sucks))

AlexPetrovich99:           ::goes to Trayn.. "

AlexPetrovich99:           wait here"

AlexPetrovich99:           (brb..gotta help wifey bring laundry up))

Tolmara:           (I'll take over Je'rar)

Tolmara:           (So what next Trayn?)

AlexPetrovich99:           (back)

AlexPetrovich99:           "I'm going to checkout the latrine and the well real fast"

Baltak2:            ::checking the well::

Tolmara:           You make your way to the latrine.

Tolmara:           ((Steve, again, you're not there.))

RSwiftblade:     ::Reiner heads to the door:: "Scullsmasher let's go look


VBJunkie:         ::just following his lead::

VBJunkie:         ::wont break down the locked door::

Tolmara:           You make your way to the latrine, noting that it took a blizzard to

make the stench go away because miraculously, there isn't a stench.

Z SPOOK Z:    "Gah!  There's a blizzard out there.  You'll catch your death of


AlexPetrovich99:           ehehe

RSwiftblade:     "Let's go Skullsmasher"

AlexPetrovich99:           ::looks inside real fast, if noone's here, goes to the


Z SPOOK Z:    "Besides, a dwarf won't be able to see over the snow drifts...."

Tolmara:           The latrine is housed inside a small, dank building made of wood

that's more or less been hastily constructed against the palisade wall and

pretty much consists of a building surrounding a deep pit.

Tolmara:           As you suspected, there's nothing or nothing that seems to be


AlexPetrovich99:           ::heads to the well::

RSwiftblade:     "He is a warrior and will clear his path."

Tolmara:           And you trudge to the well.  The well stands out against the

background of your surroundings....for one, its made of marble and its make

is incongruous compared to the immediate environment.

Z SPOOK Z:    "This I gotta see.   Besides, you'll need help to pull him out if

he gets stuck."

Tolmara:           Two, its filled with some sort of liquid that does not appear to be

affected by the snow or temperature around you.

Tolmara:           (Rest of the group:  It's snowing incredibly hard and its also

bitter cold.  Visibility is basically 5' in all directions.)

RSwiftblade:     "Fine, I will go alone"

AlexPetrovich99:           ::looks inside::

RSwiftblade:     ::goes out in the snow and sees the others by the well::

Tolmara:           (Je'rar and Trayn:  The well is about 30' deep, and inside, you can

see the interior is lit by some sort of phosphorescent moss.)

Tolmara:           ((Uh, Alfred, no.))

AlexPetrovich99:           (so nothing's hiding inside of it)

AlexPetrovich99:           ::heads over to check with Trayn real quick::

Tolmara:           (Mike, yes, nothing seems to be in there except liquid and moss.)

AlexPetrovich99:           "Nothing yet,right?"

AlexPetrovich99:           ::makes sure Trayn is ok::

Baltak2:            ::goes out and starts looking for Je'rar and Trayn::

VBJunkie:         "i see nothing here"

Z SPOOK Z:    He heads out behind the dwarf after wrapping himself tightly in

his cloak.

AlexPetrovich99:           "Ok.. I have only one other place to look..be right back,

you gonna be ok in this cold?"

VBJunkie:         "Ill be fine.. continue"

Tolmara:           (Rest of the group:  where do you go?)

Baltak2:            ((Can I see anyone out here?))

RSwiftblade:     ::follows the others::

Tolmara:           (Dantrag, not at present.)

Tolmara:           (no, except for your immediate surroundings)

Z SPOOK Z:    The young human mutters to himself about being far too cold

outside just for the chance of being amused at the sight of a dwarf burried

in the snow.

RSwiftblade:     "Trayn!  Where are you?"

Baltak2:            "Je'rar, Trayn where in blazes are ye!"

NeoGameBrain:            ::sorely wishes he was back at the inn, despite the wretched


RSwiftblade:     "Je'rar!  Call out!"

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 2 20-sided dice:  18 18

AlexPetrovich99:           (do I hear them?)

AlexPetrovich99:           "Over HERE!"

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 1 20-sided die:  1

VBJunkie:         "hey..."

AlexPetrovich99:           "Go to the well. I'll meet you theer!"

Baltak2:            ::tries to go to Je'rar:: ((if he hears him))

NeoGameBrain:            "We aren't mephits, dammit!  Come out already, before we all

freeze to death!"

VBJunkie:         ::goes to the voice::

AlexPetrovich99:           ::heads to the smithy real fast::

AlexPetrovich99:           "To

AlexPetrovich99:           The

AlexPetrovich99:           WELL!"

AlexPetrovich99:           ::uses his voice as a beacon::

Tolmara:           Trayn comes out of the snow and meets you.

RSwiftblade:     "Cummon guys let's go...to the well ...stay close to me


RSwiftblade:     ::grunts::

RSwiftblade:     "Trayn, what have you found?"

Baltak2:            ::if I'm near Reiner I follow him::

VBJunkie:         "nothing"

VBJunkie:         "Je'rar hasn't found a thing"

Tolmara:           (only Trayn hears this:  if'n yer the leader o' this band, then by

the power vested in me as laird o' the Well, I hereby appoint ye to act in my

stead until this problem is solved"

Z SPOOK Z:    He brings up the rear, letting the others cut a path through the

snow for him to walk through.

AlexPetrovich99:           (anything at the smithy and stables?)

NeoGameBrain:            ::keeps within staff's reach of the dwarf::

RSwiftblade:     "hm, how could that assasin just vanish?"

Baltak2:            "tis strange....dark forces at work here"

AlexPetrovich99:           :looks inside,then heads back to the well::

RSwiftblade:     "What are we going to find in this snow? Let us go back inside

and restart our search in the morning"

Baltak2:            "aye this sounds better than tromping about in this nonsense"

RSwiftblade:     "The well will still be hear tomorrow morning and we can search

it then under the sun's light"

Z SPOOK Z:    "You'll find no arguement with me."

Baltak2:            "truer words have not been spoken this foul eve"

RSwiftblade:     "For now we are cold, in the dark and sitting targets for

whatever killed that warrior"

Tolmara:           Je'rar comes out of the snow and meets you at the well.

AlexPetrovich99:           "Guys.. look, here's the deal: I looked at every building

here; the only place I didn't look into was one of the storage rooms..

AlexPetrovich99:           it was locked; whether from outside or in, I cannot say..

Baltak2:            "I think the room can survive without our presence till the morn


AlexPetrovich99:           I'm going to go up towards that door, call out to trayn

that I've found nothing, lets go bacl to the inn..

Tolmara:           (trayn is there with the group...)

AlexPetrovich99:           then I'm going to the rear and climb up onto the roof to

see if anything pops up after a few minutes"

Tolmara:           (strike that)

RSwiftblade:     "well you heard what the man said in the inn Skullsmasher, you

have been given authority, let's storm the storage room and then go back to

the inn

NeoGameBrain:            "I agree.  Searching now is pointless.  To the inn!"

RSwiftblade:     and resume tomorrow"

Tolmara:           You head back to the inn.  (Who goes up to the roof?)

AlexPetrovich99:           (I do)

Baltak2:            ((i'll go to roof))

Baltak2:            ((and have my crossbow cocked))

Tolmara:           (people who go to the roof, you must make a Dex check at -3 to your

roll each round or fall off and take falling damage due to the icy


RSwiftblade:     ::Reiner holds his head:: "why..why.. why...::

Baltak2:            ((I'll try and if i fall i'll smack mikey with my axe))

AlexPetrovich99:           (I'll stuf snow down yer shirt and pants..make a dwarven

snowball outta ya' )

RSwiftblade:     "These bookies never listen to a warrior, that is why so many

of them end up at the end of a sword"

Baltak2:            ((and bring him tumblin down with me))

AlexPetrovich99:           8-)

Baltak2:            :-X

Tolmara:           (so make your first check)

OnlineHost:       Baltak2 rolled 1 20-sided die:  2

OnlineHost:       AlexPetrovich99 rolled 1 20-sided die:  9

NeoGameBrain:            ((I ain't goin' on no roof.  My int is high for a reason,


Baltak2:            (i made that one pretty good)

AlexPetrovich99:           -3=6

RSwiftblade:     ((down he goes!))

AlexPetrovich99:           +3 for dex = 9

Baltak2:            ((my dex is better than 5 so i know i'm ok))

Baltak2:            ((if yer dex is better than 12 you should be alright mike))

Baltak2:            ((assumin we wanted to roll low of course))

AlexPetrovich99:           ok.. much higher than a 12

Tolmara:           (you may want to use Karma)

Tolmara:           (you want high)

AlexPetrovich99:           so the higher my dex the worse my roll is ?

Baltak2:            higher than our dex?))

AlexPetrovich99:           as steve said

Tolmara:           (you want over a DC, and you failed, Steve)

Baltak2:            ahhh ok

Baltak2:            ((blow a karma))

OnlineHost:       Baltak2 rolled 1 20-sided die:  19

Baltak2:            ((that good enuff?))

RSwiftblade:     ((much better))

Tolmara:           (LOL)

Tolmara:           (would it be better if I said Tumble check then?)

NeoGameBrain:            ::watches out the window for any falling bodies::

Baltak2:            ((then i stick my trident in the ice like a large piton... no prob

didn't know was a DC is all))

Tolmara:           No, but you can hear something on the roof, actually a couple of


AlexPetrovich99:           ::looks at the dwarf::

Baltak2:            ((umm mike you rollin?)) ::takes a look at the somethings with my

crossbow ready to fire

Tolmara:           Both Dantrag and Jer'rar scrabble around like cats on an icy pond,

on the roof.  There doesn't seem to be anything on the roof....though.

Z SPOOK Z:    He shakes his head and slips back inside to warm up again.

AlexPetrovich99:           "You want to try this the stealthy way, or just say to hel

with it and barge on in, maybe pay for a new door later?"

OnlineHost:       Baltak2 rolled 1 20-sided die:  9

NeoGameBrain:            ((They're a couple of somethings alright ;) ))

OnlineHost:       AlexPetrovich99 rolled 1 20-sided die:  12

AlexPetrovich99:           16

Tolmara:           the thin, sallow-faced human youth sniffles loudly and opens a

thick book, peering into its contents.

Baltak2:            ((9...10 if wis bonus counts))

AlexPetrovich99:           (yes,wis mod applies)

Tolmara:           The two barbarians listen intently, glancing around uneasily, hands

on hilts of their axes.

Tolmara:           You make it to the chimney.  (Another tumble check is in order.)

Baltak2:            "we're here let's barge in!"

OnlineHost:       Baltak2 rolled 1 20-sided die:  6

RSwiftblade:     ::puts hand on the hilts of his longswords::

AlexPetrovich99:           "yeah"

Baltak2:            ((if dex applies that's a 9))

AlexPetrovich99:           "But let's finish looking up here first, just to be sure"

OnlineHost:       AlexPetrovich99 rolled 1 20-sided die:  11

AlexPetrovich99:           *its a straight roll

Tolmara:           As you get to the chimney, in the howling wind and snow and bitter

cold that lashes your faces and turns Dantrag's beard into a frozen mess,

Baltak2:            ((geez i hope my attack rolls don't stay this lame))

AlexPetrovich99:           (Stan? We can't make tumble checks; its a you gotta h ave a

rank to use it skill)

Tolmara:           ((then treat as a Dex check.  its one or the other.))

AlexPetrovich99:           lo dex it is. the neg negates my mod , so its a straight up

roll :P

Baltak2:            ditto

Tolmara:           As you get to the chimney, you spot within its confines, sticking

to the sides of the chimney's interior, a grayish pink lump of quivering


Baltak2:            ((does it look alive?))

AlexPetrovich99:           ::holds my sword up at it..:: (how big.. people sized?)

Tolmara:           The lump of flesh seems to have grown two muscular forelimbs and a

long tail that whiplashes around in the wind.

AlexPetrovich99:           ::I strike at it::

Baltak2:            "What in the hells is that Je'rar?"

Tolmara:           It seems to look like an eyeless tadpole.

AlexPetrovich99:           "Danger" said grimly::

Tolmara:           It's sticking to the chimney's interior, warmed by the rising smoke

but not burned by it.

Baltak2:            ::whips out waraxe::

AlexPetrovich99:           (how far down is it?)

Baltak2:            ::actually my trident... prob easier to stab it than swing an axe::

Tolmara:           ((all right, initiative ONLY Dantrag and Je'rar))

OnlineHost:       AlexPetrovich99 rolled 1 20-sided die:  3

AlexPetrovich99:           6

OnlineHost:       Baltak2 rolled 1 20-sided die:  9

AlexPetrovich99:           wheee

Tolmara:           ((its within the lip of the chimney, so not far))

Baltak2:            12

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 1 20-sided die:  18

Baltak2:            (uhoh))

Tolmara:           (what happens?)

Baltak2:            ::I'm gonna try and stab it with a trident::

Tolmara:           then roll.

OnlineHost:       Baltak2 rolled 1 20-sided die:  13

Tolmara:           (12)

Baltak2:            18

Tolmara:           (damage)

OnlineHost:       Baltak2 rolled 1 8-sided die:  1

Baltak2:            5 dmg

Baltak2:            ((hopefully it looks bothered))

NeoGameBrain:            ((How big is this thing?))

Tolmara:           ((Gautam, you're not there...))

AlexPetrovich99:           umm.. who's next?

RSwiftblade:     ::Reiner climbs up::

AlexPetrovich99:           it, or me ?

OnlineHost:       RSwiftblade rolled 1 20-sided die:  2

Redhouse9997: (blech)

NeoGameBrain:            ((I know.  I'm just curious.))

Tolmara:           As Dantrag pierces the "tadpole" with his trident, the thing opens

its eyes, which for the most part as large as dinner plates and its maw,

which is full of needle sharp teeth, hundreds of them

Redhouse9997: ((is Trayn in disquise))

Tolmara:           It gurgles a high pitched scream, and lets go of the chimney as

black blood comes spurting out into the air in a steaming geyser, and drops

into the fire below

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 2 8-sided dice:  2 3

Tolmara:           (elsewhere)

Tolmara:           In the inn:

AlexPetrovich99:           ehehe

Baltak2:            ((here comes a surprise guys))

Tolmara:           In the inn, there is a loud thud as something drops into the fire

and bolts outwards through the room...

Tolmara:           Its a blur of flesh, speed and ichor.  You can't see what it is,

but it's there, coming for you.

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 1 20-sided die:  16

Z SPOOK Z:    "Gah!"

Tolmara:           (Everyone is flatfooted)

NeoGameBrain:            "What in the blazes?!!"

Baltak2:            ((well Gau you wanted to see it lol))

AlexPetrovich99:           ((Peek-a-BOO!))

RSwiftblade:     ::stops climb and draws weapons::

Tolmara:           The thing leaps to a window and crashes through, into the snow


Baltak2:            ((umm holds onto chimney so doesn't fall off roof::

Tolmara:           Everyone in the inn is too stunned to react for a couple of


RSwiftblade:     "What in the name of Digira is that?"

Baltak2:            "Everyone ok down there"::yells down chimney::

Z SPOOK Z:    "I....  I have no idea....."

Redhouse9997: "I don't know... but its the cause of this!"

NeoGameBrain:            "Your guess is as good as mine.  Should we go after it?"

RSwiftblade:     "Yes after it"

Redhouse9997: "yes we should... its our fate"

Tolmara:           Pandemonium breaks loose as the guests explode.  The mage begins


NeoGameBrain:            "It seems too fast for us to effectively fight out there."

NeoGameBrain:            ((spellcraft check))

Baltak2:            ::starts to get off roof as carefully as possible))

Z SPOOK Z:    He scowls at the sight of the mage.

OnlineHost:       NeoGameBrain rolled 1 20-sided die:  15

NeoGameBrain:            ((22))

RSwiftblade:     ::heads towards the pandemonium::

Tolmara:           (you're not sure, but it might be some sort of evocation spell)

Redhouse9997: ::follows divine inspiration to do the right thing::

RSwiftblade:     ::one longsword in each hand::

Tolmara:           ((who is Redhouse?))

Baltak2:            dave

NeoGameBrain:            ::sees everyone prepping for the hunt and shakes his head,

knowing they don't care about the odds::

Tolmara:           Jeroth:  "Everyone calm down, things are well in hand, my deputies

will lay this to rest, won't they?"

Baltak2:            ((let me know if i make it off roof descending carefully))

Tolmara:           He stares at you meaningfully, as the mage ceases casting and is

suddenly immolated in flickering sapphire flames....

RSwiftblade:     "Aye...it is time"

Tolmara:           At which the barbarians unsheath their axes and insist on joining

with you....

Redhouse9997: ::hopes this is true::

NeoGameBrain:            ::takes a quick swig, steels himself, and casts mage armor::

Tolmara:           At which the orcs, for their part, say that they won't be seen as

lily-livered cowards and insist on joining with the group

RSwiftblade:     "Are we ready to fight!"

RSwiftblade:     ::starts swingins swords::

Tolmara:           At which the three fur-garbed humans more or less start wailing

that the world is coming to an end and that they should have never come to

this rat infested hole

NeoGameBrain:            ::his body bathed in a purple glow for a moment, then is

surrounded a shimmering, barely visible aura::

Baltak2:            ((sounds like a big hunt is about to start))

Tolmara:           At which the human in leather armor shakes his head, as he observes

the hubbub around him.

NeoGameBrain:            "Let's go."

Tolmara:           Jeroth, for his part is looking miserable.

Z SPOOK Z:    He sighs.

RSwiftblade:     "Let's go!"

Tolmara:           (10 minute warning, folks)

NeoGameBrain:            ::looks at the man in leather and shrugs::  "If you can't beat



Tolmara:           The snow outside seems to have lessened slightly.

OnlineHost:       Tolmara rolled 1 100-sided die:  92

NeoGameBrain:            ::reluctantly follows::

RSwiftblade:     "taste this cold steel"  drags the swords through the snow to

cool them off::

Tolmara:           Evidently, not.

Z SPOOK Z:    He warps his cloak about himself tightly again and brings up the


RSwiftblade:     (when can we attack this thing?)

Baltak2:            ((ready to rock and roll))

Z SPOOK Z:    (When we find it again?)

Tolmara:           If anything, its snowing harder than ever.  The trail of footprints

(or is it clawprints?) fades off after a few yards, for the snow eventually

covers its tracks.

Baltak2:            ::tear off after it... there's enuff bodies out her to find the

little bugger))

Redhouse9997: "this isnt going to work"

RSwiftblade:     (It is dripping hot blood no?)

Redhouse9997: ::stops following::

Baltak2:            ((it got pricked a little but i doubt major dmg.))

AlexPetrovich99:           ::tries to find the sucker::

Tolmara:           ((ok, OOC:  I can stop here until next week, or I can continue for

another 2 hours, your choice.))

Redhouse9997: "this snow and this cold will kill us before we find it"

Baltak2:            ((not too good for me... wife will get peeved at me... she's home


Baltak2:            ((looks like a good cliffhanger though))

RSwiftblade:     ((gotta stop))

Z SPOOK Z:    (Ya.  I suppose we should stop for the week.)

Tolmara:           ((ok, then this is where we'll begin next week if the rest of the

group wants.  if more than 3 ppl leave, we have to stop))

Tolmara:           (closing log)

RSwiftblade:     ((bye))


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