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Allowed Classes (READ THIS FIRST!)
Basically, if you don't see a class in this list, then it's not allowed.

General: Barbarian, Bard, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Monk, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, Sorcerer, Wizard (generalist/specialist)

DMG Prestige Classes: Arcane Archer, Arcane Trickster, Archmage*, Duelist, Dwarven Defender, Eldritch Knight**, Hierophant, Loremaster**, Mystic Theurge**, Shadowdancer, Thaumaturgist**

Wheel of Time: Algai'd'siswai, Armsman, Dai'dore, Wanderer, Wilder, Woodsman.

It is not possible for a PC to become an initiate or be inducted into one of the four traditions at this time.

Arabian Adventures: Askar, Barber, Beggar-thief, Cleric of the Faith Ethical, Cleric of the Faith Moral, Cleric of the Faith Pragmatic, Corsair, Desert Rider, Elemental Mage, Faris, Ghul Lord, Hakima, Kahin, Mercenary Barbarian, Mystic, Rawun, Saher, Sa'luk, Sha'ir

Oriental Adventures: Bushi, Kensai, Monk, Samurai, Shugenja, Sohei, Wu Jen, Yakuza

Complete Warrior: Swashbuckler, Hexblade, Samurai
Complete Divine: Spirit Shaman, Shugenja
Complete Arcane: Warmage, Wu Jen
Complete Adventurer: Scout, Spellthief

Since there are quite a few PrCls in each of the Complete books, I haven't listed them all. If you want your character to belong to a specific PrCl, let me know which one and I'll consider it.


*Requires a minimum social level of 6, and character must have taken the Test. The Test will be RPed out.
**Character must have taken the Test. The Test will be RPed out.

There may be a possibility in the far future that psionics WILL BE allowed (without restriction), but I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for it at this time.

Remaining links in this sub-menu of the Rules block will be prestige classes available to players in any game that takes place in this campaign setting.
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